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                         HOLOCAUST POWER POINT : Multimedia Project

  Teacher Name: Ms. McMeen

  Student Name:         ________________________________________

    CATEGORY       17 - 102 EXCELLENT              15 - 90 GOOD             13 - 80 FAIR
Content MINIMUM 10 Covers topic in-depth           Includes essential       Includes essential
                   with details and                knowledge about the      information about the
                   examples. Subject               topic. Subject           topic but there are 1-
                   knowledge is                    knowledge appears        2 factual errors. 4-6
                   excellent. 10+ slides           to be good. 7-9 slides   slides used.
                   used.                           used.
Mechanics          No misspellings or              Three or fewer           Four misspellings
                   grammatical errors.             misspellings and/or      and/or grammatical
                                                   mechanical errors.       errors.
Pictures/Images           Uses AT LEAST            Uses 8-9 images          Uses 5-7 images
MINIMUM 10                10(or more)images
                          which add to overall
OriginalityCreativity     Product shows a          Product shows some       Uses other people's
                          large amount of          original thought.        ideas (giving them
                          unique, original         Work shows new           credit), but there is
                          thought. Ideas are       ideas and insights.      little evidence of
                          creative and inventive   Most ideas were          original thinking. Few
                          with direct quotes       restated in own          ideas restated in own
                          about appropriate        words.                   words.

Organization/Element Content is well               Uses headings or         Content is logically
s of design          organized using               bulleted lists to        organized for the
                     headings or bulleted          organize, but the        most part. Some
                     lists to group related        overall organization     evidence of a plan for
                     material. Clear               of topics appears        a clear, varied
                     evidence of a plan for        flawed. Adequate         presentation. Slides
                     clear, varied                 evidence of a plan for   are easy to
                     presentation. Slides          a clear, varied          understand.
                     are easy to                   presentation. Slides
                     understand. Effects,          are easy to
                     backgrounds,                  understand. Some
                     graphics enhance the          effects are used.
Sounds MINIMUM 5     Uses at least 5         Uses 3,4 sounds that   Uses 1,2 sounds that
                     sounds that add to      add to the             enhance presenation;
                     presentation; they do   presentation; do not   do not annoy or
                     not annoy or distract   annoy or distract      distract

Date Created: October 20, 2003
Date Last Modified: January 22, 2004
ia Project

         10 - 60 POOR
         Content is minimal
         OR there are several
         factual errors. 3 or
         less slides used.

         More than 4 errors in
         spelling or grammar.

         Use 4 or less images

         Uses other people's
         ideas, but does not
         give them credit. No
         evidence of any
         unique presentation
         quality or new
         thought. Did not put
         research in own
         There was no clear
         or logical
         structure, just lots of
         facts. No evidence of
         a plan for clear,
         varied presentation.
Uses no sounds OR
most sounds used
annoy or distract

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