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									                                         EAF Department Doctoral and Certification Student Procedures. Please print this out. This
                                         document is subject to change, it is for Doctoral Exam and Dissertation Assistance and not
                                         meant to replace official documents from departments within ISU. This is not an official list,
                                         just a guideline based upon experiences and discussions from current and former doctoral
                                         Kelly Peiffer ( is in charge of student records in EAF. All links are from the
                                         Grad School, EAF, and ISU.
Suggested    Check off in   Put        Tasks to be addressed or completed: For Certification only students, please
time to      this column    estimated  read the entire checklist, but note that you are required complete tasks that
complete     when done-     date of    begin with “Certification Students”
task:        This is not    completion
Beginning,   an official     in this
Middle, or   list.          column
End of

Beginning                                Doctoral Students must attend the Doctoral Orientation
Beginning                                All Doctoral Students and Certification Students must Review and Complete a
                                         Plan of Study (PofS) PofS for Ph.D. & Ed.D. and tie to goals of you program.

                                         FORM Link:

Beginning                                All Doctoral Students and Certification Students: Give completed PofS to your
                                         advisor. Follow up that the PofS was sent to the Grad School and the Grad school
                                         sent a copy with the required signatures back to EAF and a copy was placed in your
Beginning                                All Doctoral Students and Certification Students: Make sure all Transfer course
                                         and official transcripts are sent to Kelly Peiffer in EAF with a notice of the purpose
                                         of the transcripts.
Beginning                                All Doctoral Students and Certification Students: Review 8 year time limit [6 year
                                         for Cert Only] see Grad School Form page
                                for more info

Beginning                                Review and Complete Residency form: Residency form procedures and ask that the form be
                                         completed BEFORE first residency semester. Can be changed later.

                                         FORM Link:

Beginning                                Make sure that you are continuously enrolled, which means you must register for at
                                         least one semester EVERY year. 3-year projections located on EAF website under
                                         Current Students.
Beginning                                Prepare an unofficial [and not required] course timeline of courses that you will take,
                                         based on your PofS and based upon the 3-year projections located on the EAF
                                         website under Current Students.
Beginning                                Devise a plan of how you are going to organize your work from your classes. You
                                         will use much of your class work in your Doctoral Exam and maybe, Dissertation.
                                         Have established back up practices for your work.
Beginning                                Familiarize yourself with Endnote, NVivo and visit Milner library and meet with the
                                         library staff on how best to utilize their resources.

Beginning     Certification Students must upload standards related artifacts from their courses
              throughout their entire program to the Supt/CSBO WebCT site. Begin the habit of
              uploading and taking self-assessments now.
Beginning     It is suggested that you start saving money for research costs, paper, ink, printers,
              computer costs, travel, formatting, transcribing, editing and all other costs associated
              with completing this program and earning your degree.
Middle        Certification Students Must complete and file the Intent to File for Certification or
              the Application for Graduate Level Certification. Follow all instructions and send in
              fees with the form.
Middle        [EAF] Talk with your advisor and identify a Dissertation Chair
Middle        Meet with your advisor and/or dissertation chair about dissertation issues and topics,
              possible committee members, communication expectancies, etc.
Beginning -   Certification Students must upload standards related artifacts from their courses
Middle        throughout their entire program to the Supt/CSBO WebCT site. Make sure that you
              continuously upload as you complete classes and take all assessments.

Middle-End    Certification Students arrange to take State exams. Make sure to have testing
              service report scores to ISU EAF.
End           Certification Students: Have the Certification Office re-evaluate your Application for
              Graduate Level Certification.

End           Certification Students: Make sure all WebCT requirements have been met.
              All Doctoral Students must complete the EAF Dept Student Exit Survey found in
End           Supt WebCT Site and/or the Doctoral WebCT site.
End           Meet with advisor and/or Dissertation Chair to prepare your doctoral exam questions
              and finalize committee members.
End           Meet with your advisor and/or Dissertation Chair about the doctoral exam dates and
End           [EAF] Take Doctoral Exam
End           Review your PofS and Residency Forms with advisor and amend as necessary. Go to
              the Grad School website for proper forms:

End           First two weeks of the semester of anticipated graduation/completion, submit your
              Plan of Study and the Application for Completion of Graduate Degree ($30) to the
              Graduate School.

End           All Doctoral Students and Certification Students: If a student is going to go beyond
              the 8-year limit, the advisor and student complete the Extension of Time form.
              Apply for scholarships found on the EAF website.
End           Begin work on your Dissertation Proposal. (Expect to pass your Doc Exam, it could
              take a several weeks to find out if you passed or not.)

Check Grad http://www.g                   Doctoral Student must be continuously enrolled in fall and spring semesters.
School for                 Can enroll for one hour after first dissertation hour has been taken.
dates      thesis_disser

                                          In creating a Dissertation Timeline, work backwards from the date you wish to
                                          graduate. Using a calendar, use the last week to SUBMIT Dissertation for Format
                                          Check to the Grad School as your drop dead date. Work backwards on the calendar,
                                          allowing for: holidays, professor travel to conferences, and your own workload.
                                          Include the pertinent dates found on this help page when creating your timeline, as
                                          well as, an allowance of time for editorial review of your work.

                                          Students keep in regular contact with advisor on dissertation progress. It is also a
                                          good idea to keep in regular contact with your committee, and especially your
                                          methodologist. Discuss communication preferences with your Chair.

                                          Arrange for an editor to review your work throughout the writing process. It will
                                          save you and your chair enormous amounts of time if you are able to hand your chair
                                          a grammatically correct copy.

About 1       Grad School http://ww The advisor schedules the Proposal Hearing and a room through Kelly Peiffer. The
month         for Exact   w.grad.ilst date suggested from the Doc Student who has contacted committee members and
before        Dates secured a date.
desired                   s_dissertat
10 days                     http://ww     Submit your proposal to your committee 10 days prior to hearing. It is not required,
prior to                    w.grad.ilst   but it is suggested that you prepare the first three chapters of your dissertation for
hearing              your proposal, but know that it will change greatly after your hearing.
Suggested                   ion/          IRB paperwork filled out and given to Chair-Chair will sign and forward to
to complete                               appropriate EAF Research authorizer.
at or about
the same
time of
IRB                                       The IRB protocol number must be on the Proposal Approval Form.*Proposal
                                          Approval form can NOT be forwarded to the Grad School until proposal receives
                                          IRB approval (if applicable).

Suggested                                 The Proposal Approval Form – Entire Committee signs and Advisor turns into Grad
to complete                               School Office- This form must be turned in the first two weeks of semester in which
at the same                               you plan to graduate. Email Kelly Peiffer two weeks in advance with your
time of                                   information and she will create the Form and give to your Chair.
IRB                                       Students may request IRB approval before the hearing; however, if the committee
                                          changes the research questions, survey, or interview protocol, the advisor and student
                                          will need to submit a request for modification.

At the                                     The advisor checks student records to see if student took EAF 594. A Change of
Proposal                                   Grade Form should be filled out if necessary for EAF 594 (from DE to the actual
Hearing.                                   grade.)
Dissertation                               Suggestions for Dissertation Completion--Tasks listed below are in NO
                                           particular order of importance and each Chair works differently. Below is a
                                           suggested framework .
7 days                                     Two copies of your dissertation must be on file in the Grad Office and one copy must
before                                     be turned into EAF – Kelly Peiffer so that interested faculty can review your work.
Latest day –                               Dissertation Hearing- Defense-Oral Exam-whatever it is you want to call it, the last
last week                                  day to have the hearing is usually the last week before semester exams.
before start                     
of exams.
Latest day –                               Last date for DISSERTATION FILING is the day after the last possible day for
last week                                  Dissertation Defense. It is not recommended to have your hearing on one day and file
before start                               on the deadline.
of exams.
Call or meet                  Try to       RIGHT TO DEFEND,Meet with Pat Schnitker in the Grad office. She is in charge
with her the                  meet         of format checks, and graduation paperwork. YOU can have your formatter meet
first time                    w/her        with her, but it is strongly suggested that you drive to campus and meet with her at
about 4                       while        least once. Also, follow up to make sure that she has received all of your paperwork
weeks                                      that is required for graduation and for dissertation work. Inquire about your
before your                                paperwork status, and any questions that you have regarding formats and graduation.
Defense.                                   You must get a RIGHT TO DEFEND, ask her when you can get that. You must have
                              is reading   that for your defense.
2 weeks                                    Final Format Check- latest possible day to submit is about 2 weeks before exams
before                                     begin- or 10 days before Defense-
exams begin                      
               not required                Order Cap and Gown and announcements
                                           Dissertation chair emails Kelly Peiffer requesting the conference room to be
                                           scheduled.This date is based upon Doctoral Student securing an available date for all
                                           committee members.
                                           Student provides a final formatted copy of disseration to each member of committee
                                           two weeks prior to Defense date.
                                           Student provides Pat Schnitker with a formatted copy of the dissertation 10 days
                                           prior to the defense.
                                           Student provides the Department with a hard copy of the dissertation 10 days
                                           prior to the defense to be made available for the faculty to review, along with
                                           a copy for then takes the signed paperwork to Pat Schnitker in the Grad School.
                                           The studenteach committee member.

                                           Have multiple copies of your dissertation bound. You are required to give one to
                                           EAF and it is suggested that you give one to your Chair. ISU Milner Library will
                                           bind for $10 per copy, and you must bring in the copies.
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