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					                                                                                               April 2nd-4th 2009

                                                                                               Garda Exhibition Centre
                                                                                               Montichiari - Brescia - Italy


       January February 2009

                   PHOTOVOLTAIC                                                            SCRAP REMAINS A RESOURCE
                AT METALRICICLO 2009
                                                                                                                        Message from the press conference
    MDM Solar-Logima to the service of car wreckers                                                                           presenting Metalriciclo 2009

    MDM Solar, company based in Molinetto di Mazzano,                        On 22nd January, a meet-               year they col-                                                   of the non-ferrous met-
    near Brescia, and working in the photovoltaic system                     ing was held at the Mi-                lect around 16                                                   al sector in Italy: “The
    sector, will participate to Metalriciclo 2009 where it                   lan Press Circle, entitled             million tonnes                                                   whole sector numbers a
    will have a booth exceeding 100 sq to be shared with
                                                                             "Scrap as a resource for               of scrap iron”.                                                  thousand or so compa-
    its partner Logima (lo-
                                                                             sustainable metallurgy:                This is how                                                      nies, directly employing
    gistic and warehouse
    services).                                                               the protagonists speak".               Romano Pezzo-                                                    a staff of 42,000. The non-
    The partnership will                                                     The following partici-                 tti opened his                                                   ferrous metal industry is
    display a new eco-                                                       pated: Aristide Peli, vice-            speech, adding                                                   hard at work developing
    compatible product,                                                      president and council-                 that these same                                                  strategies to operate with
    a cantilever for car                                                                                                                                 negative experiences.
                                                                             lor for production of the              operators “Play an im-                                           a view to sustainable de-
    wrecking with photo-
                                                                             province of Brescia; Ro-               portant economic, and                We need to stop funding     velopment, by minimis-
    voltaic cover for the
    production of clean
                                                                             mano Pezzotti, president               social, role and one that            without rules. We need      ing emissions, discharg-
    energy. By means of                                                      of the Rottami-Assofer-                must not be threatened               greater control of finan-   es and the production of
    forklift trucks, these                                                   met division; Ruggero                  by market volatility”.               cial markets and respect    waste, by rationalising
    special structures are                                                   Alocci, vice-president of              Ruggero Alocci strove for            for savings and inves-      use of natural resources
    fit for storing large                                                    Ferrous Board-BIR; Gino                optimism: “We need to                tors. Less and better use   such as water, fuels and
    pieces such as cars destined to scrapping.
                                                                             Schiona, general man-                  be optimistic, but at the            of the resources we have    raw materials, and by
    Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the structure
                                                                             ager for CiAl; Orazio Zoc-             same time must apply                 available on our planet,    using efficient technol-
    covering surface in order to produce clean power to
    serve the car wreckers.                                                  colan, Assomet environ-                cautious reason to this              and greater respect for     ogy to recover and re-
    Moreover, Brescia’s district is the national leader as for               mental manager.                        optimism. The economic               the environment”.           cycle metals. This sector
    solar energy production and number of photovoltaic                                                              crisis is a misfortune,                                          boasts various strengths:
    systems installed (958), and it ranks third as for power                 Beyond the crisis, on                  but could also become                Eco-compatible indus-       a large domestic market
    installed.                                                               the wave of change                     a wonderful opportuni-               try: yes, we can            that is greatly integrated
    The Region Lombardy is the first in Italy as for number
                                                                             "Recycling is in the op-               ty for change, if we can             Orazio Zoccolan summed
    of systems and power installed.                                                                                                                                                       continued on page 2
                                                                             erator’s DNA, as each                  just capitalise on past              up the current situation

                                                                                                                                                                   THE EXHIBITORS LIST
                                                                                                                                                              OF METALRICICLO 2009 IS ONLINE

                                                                                                                                                                         The list of the exhibitors
                                                                                                                                                                     for the 2009 edition is available
                                                                                                                                                                on the website

Official publication of

International Exhibition of Technologies for the Recovery and Recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals, Environmental Quality and Energy Efficiency
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                                                                                                                                      Why exhibit
with Europe, excellent
know-how, the capacity
to innovate and the op-
                                                                    sustainable material
                                                                                                                                  at Metalriciclo 2009
portunity to operate on                           The durability of copper allows for its complete recy-
foreign markets through                           cling at the end of life of the products containing it, with      "In a difficult time like       Minelli, Officine Minelli).      the production process"
the mechanical chain. On                          no loss of performance. In fact, the metal contained in           the present, we have de-        "It is with great satisfac-      (Marcello Ranzella, Grup-
                                                  the products totally keeps its chemical-physical proper-
the other hand, there are                                                                                           cided not to waste time         tion that we have decid-         po Cosema-Tecnofirst RS
                                                  ties and can be entirely recycled becoming a new re-
various problems to be                                                                                              or money in low profile,        ed to participate in Met-        Engineering).
                                                  source with considerable advantages for more efficient
overcome, namely the                              management of the world’s natural resources. It is esti-
                                                                                                                    generic and low calibre         alriciclo 2009 which, with       These are just two of the
great competition, the                            mated that approximately 80% of the copper extracted              exhibition initiatives. We      the broadening of the            many comments gath-
high cost of environmen-                          so far by humanity is still in use after being remelted           have chosen to support          thematic areas to include        ered from among the
tal and energy policies,                          and reworked many times with obvious advantages in                those who have organ-           the treatment of chips,          more than 100 operators
and choices made with                             terms of non-aggressive exploitation of the potentially           ized events dedicated to        gives a sign of great far-       that as of today have
                                                  available mining resources. To highlight the importance
regards to climate chang-                                                                                           scrap and the technolo-                                              decided to exhibit
                                                  of recycling a series of aspects like those mentioned
es, and scarcity of do-                                                                                             gies applied to metals                                               at Metalriciclo 2009,
                                                  below should be remembered.
mestic resources of raw                           • Copper is a 100% recyclable metal. The current or-              in general in a serious                                              leading companies of
materials”.                                       ganization for the recycling of copper products (having           manner for years. Sup-                                               the recovery and recy-
Today, our country boasts                         a widespread network of collection points), along with            port given to those able                                             cling of metals indus-
a leading role in Europe,                         the high value of the recycled material, contributes to           to organize high profile                                             try which from 2 to
shared with Germany,                                                                  a successful collection       specialized events which                                             4 April will exhibit at
                                                                                      and reuse of copper,
in the industry of alu-                                                                                             can guarantee the neces-                                             the Garda Exhibition
                                                                                      which is among the
minium recycling. Gino                                                                                              sary visibility at an inter-                                         Centre in Montichi-
                                                                                      most recycled metals
Schiona declares: “On a                                                               in absolute terms. In         national level. Therefore       sightedness and extreme          ari the most advanced
worldwide level, this po-                                                             Europe, the percentage        from 2 to 4 April 2009          attention to the market          technologies, machinery,
sition leaves us in a well-                                                           of copper recovered           we will be at Metalrici-        dynamics. The recovery           systems and equipment
earned 3rd place to Amer-                                                             from used products at         clo, the only exhibition        and recycling of metal           for the recovery and recy-
ica and Japan. Thanks to                                                              their end of life and         really and completely           chips are in fact an im-         cling of metal, including
                                                                                      used in the production
the recycling of 39,000                                                                                             focused on the recovery         portant activity, that allow     the chips resulting from
                                                    Source: Zingerlemetal             of new goods is ap-
tonnes of aluminium                                                                                                 and recycling of ferrous        transformers - foundries         machining. Operators
                                                                                      proximately 70% of the
packaging materials, we                           total potentially available.                                      and non ferrous metals,         and mechanical work-             that have chosen the best
have avoided the release                          • Recycled copper has the same chemical-physical and              and which has made              shops - to quickly and di-       opportunity for visibility.
of 400,000 tonnes of Co2                          technological properties as primary copper, therefore it          the specialization its          rectly recover and reuse         The list of exhibitors is on
greenhouse gases, and                             is not subjected to limitations of use or value and does          greatest virtue" (William       the scrap created during
saved a total of 146,000                          not have to be subjected to special treatment before
                                                  its reuse.
TOE energy”.
                                                  • An average of 50% of the entire European production
                                                  of copper semifinished products comes from recycling.
                                                                                                                             Blades for multi-material recycling and recovery
An event consolidat-                              Scrap constitutes a critical component for the produc-
ing leadership                                    tion of semifinished products: excluding wire rods,                 Established in 1968 by the initiative of the four Bailotti siblings, in the last 5 years
The event naturally pro-                          the average weight of recycled material used for the                L.U.P. di Bailotti s.n.c. has added to its traditional production of blades for wood and
vided the best possible                           production of semifinished products is comparable to                                                                           metal processing a wide range
                                                  that of primary material (cathodes), around 50%, but in                                                                        of blades for the recycling and
opportunity to present
                                                  some fields it is much higher and in the case of brass                                                                         recovery of any type of mate-
the 2009 edition of Met-
                                                  bars, it can be up to 80-90% of the total material used                                                                        rial. The search for the best
alriciclo, the only trade                         for production.                                                                                                                steel alloys for its customers’
fair that, thanks to its                          • Scrap is an energy bank. Recycling copper means sav-                                                                         multiple requirements and the
highly specialised nature,                        ing 85% of the energy necessary to produce the same                                                                            development of new process-
is acknowledged as the                            quantity of primary metal (source: Bureau of Interna-                                                                          ing techniques give the tools
event of reference for the                        tional Recycling).                                                                                                             developed by L.U.P. high qual-
chain of scrap recycling                                                                                              ity return both in terms of cutting and stress resistance. The company was UNI EN ISO
                                                  Note: Many thanks to KME Italy Spa for the information provided     9001:2000 certified by Tüv Italia.
and recovery.

 Mario Conserva

 Roberta Bordiga (
 Federica Zaccaria (

 Paging up
 Elia Campagnari (


 Carolina Holzhaker (

 Leda Ariceto (
 Barbara Porta (

 Nancy Ghandour (
 Matteo Bellini (

 Subscription office
 Elena Massetti (


 daniele Conserva (
 Lombardia (Bg, Bs, Co, Cr, Lc, Lo, Mi, Mn, Pv, So, Va)

 Enrico di Amario (
 Liguria (Ge, Sv, Im, Sp), Valle d’Aosta, Piemonte (To, Al, Vc, At, Cn, No, Vb, Bi)
 Lombardia (Co, Lc, Lo, Mi, Pv, So, Va)

 Maurizio Valentini (
 Emilia Romagna, Toscana e Marche

 Michele Valentini (
 Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto

         Hazardous                                                     Perhaps you don't
                                                                          know that…
                                                                                                        Shredding and separating
       goods control                                                 In 2007, 563,000 tonnes                  with Seram
                                                                     of steel packaging prod-
                                                                     ucts were introduced to
Saphymo Italia is spe-          services including con-              the market, a quantity         Thanks to its 35 years       dling sector with
cialized in the design and      sulting, design and re-              equal to the weight of         of experience and know-      its    Equilibrium
manufacturing of instru-        alization of systems on              4,692 locomotives. Of          how, the Seram Group         Crane system. The
ments for the monitoring        specification, customisa-                                           offers a complete range      Seram       Group’s
and detection of radio-         tion, installation, train-                                          of products for the sepa-    shredders (see fig-
activity.                       ing, on-site maintenance                                            ration of materials and      ure above) reduce
The Saphymo group is a          and repair operations at                                            waste revaluation: cranes    the size of the
partner of the main play-       its facilities. The compa-                                          for the handling of ma-      shredded pieces
ers of the nuclear indus-       ny (that in Italy is head-                                          terials, compactors, con-    and separate them from
try in Europe and in nu-        quartered in Genoa) is                                              veyers and shredders.        the others, two opera-
merous international en-        able to supply all kinds                                            The fields of applica-       tions that require resist-
vironmental protec-                                                                                 tion are the following:      ant and very reliable ma-
tion projects thanks                                                                                cutting and transport of     chinery as well as a high
to its know-how,                                                                                    wood, concrete factories,    level of efficiency for cost
which guarantees                                                                                    port handling, ferrous       effectiveness and profit-
efficiency, perform-                                                                                and non ferrous metals,      ability. The separating        feasibility study through
ance and reliability.                                                  Source: Arvedi               scrap feeding systems        unit (see figure below) is     to the construction of the
The product line                                                                                    for shearing and shred-      also interesting: all waste    system, considering the
                                                                     those, 411,000 tonnes
spans a wide range                                                                                  ding machines, mate-         must be separated after        possible production evo-
                                                                     (56 times the weight of
of applications, for                                                 the Eiffel Tower) were         rial handling and indus-     its collection. It is possi-   lution of the customer (in-
example personal                                                     collected and 391,000          trial waste. The group       ble to recycle any type of     put/output increase, etc.).
dosimetry, verifica-                                                 tons (equal to the ton-        designs and produces         waste. In fact, consumer       The group offers custom-
tion of contamina-                                                   nage of 30 Garibaldi           its machines thanks to       products and their rela-       ized solutions, attentive
                                                                     aircraft carriers) were
tion, environmental                                                                                 three factories located in   tive packaging and ma-         selection of components,
monitoring, detection of        of portable instruments                                             France and one in Wales.     terials are not the only       a team that collaborates
radioactivity and radon         or stationary equipment              - 10/15 cans you can ob-
                                                                                                    The company’s Research       materials that can be re-      with the customer, fol-
measurement. In addi-           for the detection and                tain a fencing sword           & Development depart-        cycled. Seram Group is         low-up and continuous
tion, the Saphymo group         measurement of radio-                - 100/200 crown caps an        ment has revolutionized      able to design separat-        support for maintenance
has been successful im-         activity, as well as satel-          adjustable wrench              the entire material han-     ing units starting from a      operations.
plementing barrier con-         lite tracking systems for            - 300/350 drums a chas-
                                                                     sis of a Fiat 500
trol systems for vehicles       hazardous merchandise
                                                                     - 900/1,000 aerosol cans
and pedestrians. Relying        (radioactive wastes, ex-
                                                                     a park bench
on the knowledge accu-          plosives, chemical sub-              - 1,000/1,500 tuna fish
mulated by the Saphymo          stances, etc.) and for the           cans the frame of a bi-
SA group in more than           management of trans-                 cycle.
40 years of experience,         port on vehicles and/or              Data: National Steel Consor-

Saphymo Italia provides         wagons.                              tium

     BIR: symbolic contribution in reducing CO2 emissions

  On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), the
  worldwide federation of recycling industries, has sponsored the plantation of 3,500 oak
  trees in Sonien forest, a forest of 4,420 hectares along the south-east side of Brussels,
  In the presence of President of BIR, Dominique Maguin, of the former treasurer Antony
  P. Bird and of his successor Björn Grufman, and also of the General Director Francis
                                                          Veys, the local authorities in Brus-
                                                          sels have revealed a plate with the
                                                          inscription “Oaks for generations
                                                          to come”.
                                                          This symbolic gesture reflects the
                                                          mission of the BIR to promote the
                                                          great contribution that the recycling
                                                          industry is offering in reducing CO2
                                                          emissions. According to a study
                                                          currently conducted by the Bureau,
                                                          through the recycling materials are
                                                          saved 551 million tons of emissions
                                                          from fossil fuels, which corresponds
  to a 1.8% of the emissions of fossil fuels on the planet. This study - which will be pub-
  lished shortly - is the first of its kind and aims to draw up an assessment of carbon sav-
  ings through recycling of ferrous and non ferrous metals and paper.

  In 2008, 44,100 tons of aluminum
                                                              From UC Rusal, an innovative waste
        packaging recovered
                                                                     treatment process
Up to now, CiAl encouraged the activation of differen-
tial collection of packaging in aluminum in over 5,500     UC Rusal has developed        when the washing cells        lessen the environmen-      mental modernisation
municipalities in Italy (80% of those appointed to the     a unique process for re-      are disconnected for          tal impact of aluminium     program at BrAZ, which
Consortium) and the participation of 44 million people
                                                           cycling waste.                maintenance. Statistics       operations. Furthermore,    is a program that plans to
(90% of those directly involved).
                                                           This new technology is                                                                  reduce dangerous emis-
That positive result was obtained through the close
and daily collaboration with a network of 300 affiliated
                                                           applied at the company’s                                                                sions by 40%. The pro-
operators, distributed throughout the country.             smelting operations in                                                                  gram includes installing
In late 2008, the recovery rate of aluminum packaging      Bratsk (BrAZ) and per-                                                                  aluminium feed points at
is estimated to be 63% of what comes into market.          mits a savings of more                                                                  each smelter work cell;
Translated into absolute figures, this percentage is       than 2 million dollars per                                                              the commissioning of 24
equivalent        to
                                                           year.                                                                                   dry gas scrubbers that
44,100 tons of re-
                                                           This technology helps re-                                                               will ensure that the maxi-
covered material,
39,200 of which                                            duce the amount of solid                                                                mum technically possi-
are recycled. The                                          waste that is stored in                                                                 ble fluoride filtration co-
                                                                                          Source: Rusal
recycling of pack-                                         the plant’s disposal areas                                                              efficient possible (up to
aging in alumi-                                            (5,500 tons less).            show that each year, the      this technology does not    99%) is reached.
num of 56% is ac-                                          This innovation is based      aluminium industry as         release ammonia, which      In addition, each pot-
tually grown over
                                                           on continuous process-        a whole generates five        improves the health and     room will be equipped
the two past years
                                                           ing and the return of         million tons of so-called     safety of the potrooms.     with a modern ventila-
with 12.0%.
During this year,                                          fluorine rich salt slag to    ‘black’ or salt waste slag.   The work for implement-     tion system, new electri-
in addition to the                                         the productive process.       The introduction of this      ing this new technology     cal equipment and auto-
collection, have                                           This waste is formed          new technology will           is part of the environ-     mated control systems.
emerged        new
methods of re-
covery of alumi-
num in treatment
waste plants for
                                                                         Series 650 and 700:
                                                                   new Colmar industrial loader line
the production of
waste fuels, and
plants for the re-
covery of waste
by incineration.                                           For years, Colmar has of-     shears for compacting         trial loader line,
It has been estab-
                                                           fered a complete range        and cutting ferrous scrap     650 and 700 se-
lished a collabo-
                                                           of recycling machines.        in order to complete its      ries, which are
ration with 25 alu-
minum foundries,                                           By taking advantage of        offer. Thanks to experi-      distinguished
or 100% of Italian                                         the success and knowl-        ence it gained every day      by long arms,
recycling produc-                                          edge acquired in the          in the field, customer        15 and 17 me-
tion capacity. To-                                         road-rail loader indus-       suggestions and the in-       tres     respec-
day, our country
                                                           try, Colmar entered the       volvement of the best         tively, Rexroth
is the leader in
                                                           world of recycling at the     suppliers in the world        hydraulics, an
Europe, together
with Germany, in the recycling of aluminum.
                                                           beginning of the 90’s         market, Colmar has been       electronically controlled   reflect the requirements
Worldwide, this record puts us in 3rd place after the      with its own industrial       able to complete many         Load Sensing system,        of reliability, speed,
United States and Japan.                                   loader series.                development projects          186 KW Perkins 3-step       power, balance and pre-
Through recycling of 39,200 tons of aluminum packag-       Subsequently, during          for its own products over     motors and a maximum        cision, which have been
ing were avoided greenhouse emissions by 400,000           the mid 90’s, it started to   the past years. One result    lifting capacity of 25      requested by our cus-
tons of CO2 and saved energy equivalent to 146,000
                                                           produce different mod-        from this constant inno-      tonnes.                     tomers who particularly
toes (tons oil equivalent).
                                                           els of presses and press-     vation is the new indus-      The 650 and 700 series      appreciate the quietness
                                                                                                                                                   and fluidity of the move-
                                                                                                                                                   These features have a
                                                                                                                                                   considerable impact on
                                                                                                                                                   the operator’s comfort
                                                                                                                                                   and make the machines
                                                                                                                                                   pleasant to use, also for
                                                                                                                                                   an extended period of
                                                                                                                                                   With its own loader line,
                                                                                                                                                   Colmar can satisfy all
                                                                                                                                                   types of needs in a wide
                                                                                                                                                   range of industries: from
                                                                                                                                                   textiles to wood, from
                                                                                                                                                   paper to scraps, from
                                                                                                                                                   leather goods to waste.

    Machines for sorting and recovering                                                                                                    Car wrecking
         mechanical work scrap                                                                                                                by law
A market that is in contin-      reuse the scraps generat-         types of waste. We are          aluminium and brass),           Iris-Mec is active in pro-    tors, tanks, oil collection
uous evolution, such as          ed during the productive          speaking about the Gauss        the NFT series will crush       ducing machines and           arm;
today’s market, requires         process. Considering this         NFT magnetic equipment          the chips using a high          equipment for car wreck-      - mobile lift bridge spe-
a complete vision of the         topic, Gauss Magneti of           versions that make it           powered ‘shearing-grind-        ing, which makes it pos-      cifically designed for car
productive process that          Brescia, which has been           possible for the user to        ing’ system. Then, with         sible to recover and recy-    wreckers;
can no longer be based                                                                                  the help of magnetic       cle material from end of      - glass cutter, this new
on the simple premise                                                                                   poles (TM), the fer-       life vehicles.                device was specifically
of “raw material less                                                                                   rous material is ex-       The company has been          created to cut the front
waste equals produced                                                                                   tracted and moved          able to understand the        car windshield;
quantity”. Rather, it must                                                                              directly to a specific     needs of car wreck-           - control unit with shear
focus on each aspect of                                                                                 container and the          ers to work quickly, in       for cutting mechanical
the items that identify the                                                                             non-ferrous mate-          complete safety, and us-      parts and catalysts;
process itself.                                                                                         rial is separated by       ing standard compliant        - Residual Gas burner, an
The famous principle of                                                                                 means of the princi-       equipment. The products       automatic computerised
flexibility is also based on                                                                            pal of eddy current,
this, on reassessing what                                                                               or Foucault’s princi-
in the past was considered                                                                              ple (ECS) generated
as being ‘waste’ and not                                                                                by a rotating mag-
as a potential resource.                                                                                netic field. The latter,
Today, considering the           an important player in            maximise results while          in fact, create repulsive
continuous and uncertain         the magnetic separation           minimising the invest-          forces that in turn case
downturn in markets, the         and handling market for           ment value, which makes         the material to ‘jump’,
recycling and recovery           many years, has directed          it fit in perfectly with        that is, they are ejected
of chips have become an          its technical team toward         any mechanical work-            into containers that will
important business that          this argument, planning           ing environment. When           be collected. At the end
permits transformers -           and implementing a new            looked at in detail, once       of the process, a quantity      are simple and practical      machine for recovering
foundries and mechani-           generation of mechanical          the mixed turning unit          of perfectly sorted chips       and, in addition to com-      LPG and methane;
cal workshops - to quickly       work scrap sorting and            loading phase is com-           is obtained, without dis-       plying with community         - car tipper for safe and
and directly recover and         recovery machines for all         plete (such as for iron,        persion, that is, ready to      environmental protection      quick dismantling of me-
                                                                                                   be directly transformed         laws, they aim to create a    chanical parts;
                                                                                                   into new raw material.          comfortable and efficient     - Air-Bag deactivator;
                            Faip: 40 years of cleaning                                             The modular structure of        working environment. Iris     - radio system for check-
                                                                                                   these machines should           Mec will present its prod-    ing storage and meas-
  Faip was established in 1969 and immediately concentrated its efforts to the production          be pointed out, as it per-      ucts at the 2009 edition      urement tank levels.
  of high pressure water jet cleaners. It grew as a result of the strong drive of the industrial   mits them to be adapted         of the Metalriciclo trade     Supportes of Made in
  cleaning machinery market and is currently distributing a complete range of professional         during the constructive         fair (pavilion 8 - stand      Itay, the company designs
  machines and equipment for cleaning. Thanks to its research, its particular attention to         phase to different sepa-        E02-E03):                     and assembles all of its
  ergonomics and constant attention to market trends, Faip produces and markets efficient
                                                                                                   ration needs. Therefore         - automatic wheel press-      products at its own facili-
  machines that are safe to use and completely equipped, and also provides assistance and
                                                                                                   they can be allocated to        er to separate the tyre       ties in Boretto di Reggio
  consultancy for any type of technical problem, breakdown or repair. Certified pursuant to
  UnI En ISO 9001:2000, this company in Brescia works in the following areas:                      functionality for ferrous       from the rim;                 Emilia. This makes it pos-
                                 - high pressure water jet cleaners: more than 40 models           material or to the conver-      - a computerised or pneu-     sible to personally follow
                                 including hobby and professional versions;                        sion of alloy and inert         matic drainage cell for       the process of production
                                 - sweepers: a range of more than 60 models for demand-            material.                       drawing liquids from end      and obtain the advantage
                                 ing and continuous work;                                                                          of life vehicles, including   of a design marked by
                                 - washer-driers: semi-industrial or industrial for cleaning
                                                                                                                  A. Lussignoli    suction pumps, perfora-       customer needs.
                                 and drying in one step;
                                 - dust-oil-chip vacuum devices: suitable both for domestic
                                 use as well as in large industrial spaces;
                                 - professional carpet shampooers and carpet cleaners;
  - cleaning equipment such as accessorised trolleys, mops, glass cleaning equipment;
  - products and detergents suitable for all cleaning needs;
  - hot air generators, compressors, nebulisers, dehumidifiers.
  The 100 Elite sweeper (in the photo) is equipped with a powerful traditional filtration
  system that is able to block fine particles above PM 3.

             New Anci-Conai
                                                                              An Eiffel Tower                                                           IPPC directive
                                                                                                                                                       and BRef revision
          Framework Agreement
                                                                             of aluminium cans                                                       The proposal to revise
                                                                                                                                                     the IPPC (Directive on
A new Anci-Conai framework agreement was signed in
                                                                                                                                                     the Integrated Pollution
December, which was created to provide momentum
                                                             The whole world is con-                                        of dedicated people      Prevention and Control)
to urban collection and foresees that the municipali-
                                                             cerned about the current                                       who are strongly con-    and BRef, the document
ties that sign Conai-Consortia system contracts will be
                                                             ecological situation and                                       vinced that an im-       of reference for the non
recognized and guaranteed economic compensation
                                                                                                                                                     ferrous metal industry
over time based upon the quantity and quality of the         the desire to participate                                      proved environment
                                                                                                                                                     related to the integrated
collected urban waste. Steel, aluminium, paper, wood,        actively in improving en-                                      starts with personal
                                                                                                                                                     prevention and control
plastic and glass packaging waste will be given to the       vironmental conditions                                         initiative.              of pollution.
Consortia system, which will send it for recycling to        is becoming more wide-                                         The tower (12 m high     Although        Assomet
specific centres in the territory. This new Agreement,
                                                             spread.                                                        and with a 1.6 t steel   shares in the objective
which is valid for 5 years starting from 1 January 2009,
                                                             To view this change to-       ganisations have crated       structure) was inaugurat-   of increasing the level
foresees that the economic compensation recognised
                                                             ward growing environ-         an ecological landmark,       ed in September 2008 in     of environmental pro-
by the Consortia system for packaging waste collected
                                                                                                                                                     tection and simplifying
by Public Administrations will be revaluated yearly at       mental awareness EAI,         a copy of the famous          the central square of the
                                                                                                                                                     existing legislature on
2/3 of the national consumer price index. In addition,       the Hungarian soft drink      Eiffel Tower that is fully    ‘Hungarian aluminium
                                                                                                                                                     industrial emissions, it
to support the improved quality of the sent mate-            can recycling initiative,     covered in used alumini-      capital’, Székesféhervar,   believes that the pro-
rial, new qualitative limits will be defined starting from   Oko-PANNON, the Hun-          um soft drink cans.           with the participation      posed      modifications
1 April 2009 for the plas-
                                                             garian organisation for       It offers a modern image      of the Mayor, the Vice      and the compromise
tic chain and from 1 July
                                                             packaging waste and the       of the monument, which                                    amendments could pro-
2009 for other material. The
                                                             European       Aluminium      with the 15,000 cans of                                   foundly transform the
purpose is to increasingly
                                                                                                                                                     directive, challenging its
stimulate the adoption of                                    Association (EAA) have        used aluminium ready to
                                                                                                                                                     very basis.
organisational methods for                                   launched a program that       be recycled offers a com-
                                                                                                                                                     Whereas there are no
the service of separate col-                                 symbolises this commit-       pletely new environmen-                                   proven benefits to the
lection of packaging waste                                   ment well.                    tal message that sym-                                     environment and health.
that permit a growth in the
                                                             With the help of hun-         bolically represents the                                  Even the BRef update
amount, but also in the quality, of the collected waste.
                                                             dreds of volunteers, the      change in thought with                                    process appears to be
The agreement foresees that also in the case that the
                                                                                           regard to the customary                                   premature, considering
objectives indicated in the General Program of packag-       support of the Technical
                                                                                                                                                     the difficulties found in
ing and packaging waste prevention and management            University of Budapest        use of natural resources.
                                                                                                                                                     applying the first ver-
will be exceeded, Conai, through the Consortia chain,        and the support of some       The used soft drink cans      Mayor and Edit Herczog,     sion and the unsuccess-
will guarantee in any case that the collected packaging      local businesses that are     used for building the tow-    a Hungarian member          ful depreciation of the
waste will be collected at the agreed upon economic          active in the can recy-       er were collected thanks      of the European parlia-     investments allocated
                                                             cling sector, the three or-   to the help of hundreds       ment.                       up until now.
                                                                                                                                                     For this reason, As-
                                                                                                                                                     somet has sent its own
                                                                                                    'ENd OF LIFE VEHICLES':                          observations to the In-
                                                                                                A CONFERENCE AT METALRICICLO                         stitute for Prospective
                                                                                                                                                     Technological Studies in
                                                                                                  The 'ELV - Framework agreement on the              Seville, which is prepar-
                                                                                               management of end of life vehicles’ will be held      ing the revision.
                                                                                               on Friday 3 April, in which Fiat Group Automobiles,
                                                                                                    Unrae, Assofermet and Aira will take part        Source: Assomet News 2

                     dry type gas                                                                  Fond Metalli
                                                                                                                             Bernardi Recycling
                   cleaning system                                                          Fond Metalli Conveyors,                Plants
                                                                                            a leading company in
                                                                                            sector of belt conveyors
When designing and             nologies are not                                             and conveyor units for           Bernardi Recycling Plants                other pollutants, pyrolytic
managing          sintering    able to comply with                                          scrap, will have its own         customers mainly include                 oil extraction, degreas-
plants, the environmental      the limits that are                                          stand at Metalriciclo            secondary aluminium,                     ing and paint stripping
                                                                                            2009. Established in the
aspect is already consid-      currently imposed,                                                                            copper, brass and lead                   systems prior to smelting
                                                                                            60’s in the metalworking
ered a decisive criteria.      without consider-                                                                             refining foundries, start-               in the furnace (thereby
                                                                                            and mechanical engi-
In many urban areas, it        ing, what is more,                                           neering district of Lecco,       ing from the recovery of                 making simple smelting
has become obligatory          the continuously                                             today the company has            scraps (example: engine                  in furnaces less demand-
that permission is only        increasing require-                                          two productive units,            blocks and heads, me-                    ing as fusion loss and
given for installing new       ments that can be                                            one in Monte Marenzo             chanical manufacturing                   slag production, as well
sinter plants or for enlarg-   expected in the short and   developed together with          (province of Lecco) and          chips, shearing scraps,                  as environmental pol-
                                                                                            another in Colico near
ing existing structures if     medium term. Siemens        the Austrian steel pro-                                           door and window dis-                     lution, are reduced dra-
                                                                                            Padua. What are the
                                   VAI, one of the main    ducer Voestalpine Stahl),                                         mantling waste profiles,                 matically). Downstream
                                                                                            leading products? Metal
                                   builders of plants      in addition to a new dry         conveyor belts, convey-          offset printing plates, sec-             of the melting process,
                                   for the metallurgic     type gas cleaning sys-           or lines and equipment,          ond and third category                   the company implements
                                   industry, has there-    tem, known as Meros              diversified, customised          copper scraps, pipe sec-                 sophisticated recovery
                                   fore developed and      and developed by Sie-            and automated materi-            tions, run-down lead bat-                processes for slag, both
                                   implemented      new    mens VAI. Both of these          als handling lines and           teries, lead pipes).                     salt and otherwise, where
                                                                                            equipment, special com-
                                   technologies that re-   processes are currently                                           The following is offered                 each component is allo-
                                                                                            ponents for the glass
                                   duce environmental      implemented at sinter                                             to these customers: lines                cated to its proper use
                                                                                            industry, industrial wire
                                   emissions connected     plant no. 5 of Voestalpine       mesh filters.                    for crushing, deiron-                    and nothing is sent to the
                                   to sintering, making    Stahl, where the envi-                                            ing and separating from                  waste disposal site.
                                   it possible to reach    ronmental benefits have
                                   levels never obtained   amply exceeded expec-
                                                                                                                                 LEAd BATTERIES

                                   before.                 tations.
there is a guarantee that      This has become possi-                                                        230,000,000 batteries collected since 1991 until today
severe environmental           ble thanks to the intro-    A more detailed article on                              1,558,440 tons of recovered lead and metal
emission values will be        duction of a sinter off-    this subject is available on-              99.99% of run-down batteries recovered (also in extreme conditions)
obeyed.                        gas recirculation system    line at
                                                                                                                    Cobat Data (Consorzio Obbligatorio Batterie Esauste)
Often, conventional tech-      (known as ‘eposint’ and     ('info' section).


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