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14th Anniversary Issue


									                                                                                                                       $ +!) ,%*'
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2       JUNE 2011 •     
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         Chesapeake Angler Magazine, L.L.C.
                                                                                                                           FISHING REPORTS
                                                                                                                           5    Va saltwater ......................................capt. rick lockhart
                                                                                                                           28   mD saltwater and Freshwater ....................keith kaufman
                                                                                                                           16   Va Freshwater ..................................................missy Fike
                                                                                                                           32   Nc offshore ................................................Jay kavahagh
                                                                                                                           32   Va offshore ....................................................ric Burnley

                                                                                                                           SPECIAL SECTIONS
                                                                                                                           7-11   charter Boats and guides
Lara Brady Kelley            Karen Jett              Carol Bradley
 Owner-Publisher           Owner-Publisher             Production                                                          18     recipe: croaker with herb mayonnaise
                                                                                                                           25     photos from our readers
                                                                                                                           26     Upcoming Events
                                                                     sam Fisher, herschel walker and David Nova.           38     classified ads BoaTs For salE
                                                                                                                           39     clip-N-save charter Boat Directory
                                                                      Kyle Petty Charity Ride
                                                                      Across America Went From                             FISHING ON THE CHESAPEAKE BAY
                                                                                                                           6      Fishing Tidewater....................................Don lancaster
           Beth Synowiec
                                          Max King
                                    Sponsored Captain
                                                                      “Wheels” to “Reels”                                  12     compton’s comments....................capt. Dave compton
                                                                                                                           18     capt. Bob’s Fish Talk: Va ......................capt. Bob reed
                                                                      The Kyle Petty Charity Ride group of 175 made        20     Freshwater Discussion ............................chris Jenkins
Email ads:                                      their way to the Northern Neck on Monday             22     Bass Fishing ................................................ken penrod
                                                                      evening, May 9th for a two night stay at Tides       23     spring kayak Fishing ..................................kayak kevin
Email articles:
                                                                                                                           26     maryland Fishing ......................................Tim sherman
Email photos:                                   Inn in Irvington, VA. A group of seven including     30     Va Beach & offshore Fishing ..........................ken Neill
                                                                      former NFL star and Heisman Trophy winner            34     outer Banks surf Fishing: Nc ........................Joe malat
                                                                      Herschel Walker, traded their wheels for reels,      36     calm water Fishing ......................................ric Burnley
WRITERS                                                               for a day of fishing on the Chesapeake Bay.
Ken Neill                             Whitey Schmidt
                                                                      The fish team “Fountain/Mercury” captains             HUNTING
Eric Burnley                          Tim Sherman                                                                          14     summer plots for game ..................................mark Fike
Brandon White                         Beau Beasley                    Sammy Fisher and David Nova had the privilege
Capt. Dave Compton                    Chris Jenkins                   of escorting the group for a successful day of       NEWS
Mark Fike                             Captain Rick Lockhart           striper fishing on the Chesapeake.                    4      rod N reel Tournament results
Missy Fike                            Kayak Kevin Whitley                                                                  18     mssa spring Tournament results
Keith Kaufman                         Ken Penrod                      Team “Fountain/Mercury” donated the cost of a        19     VcBa Youth Fishing adventure
Joe Malat                             Don Lancaster                   fishing trip back to the charity ride which goes
Capt. Bob Reed                                                        to “Victory Junction” camp. Victory Junction was     On the cover June, 2011:                   The neighbor, a former charter cap-
                                                                                                                                                                      tain in his younger years, was de-
                                                                      founded by Kyle and his wife Pattie, to honor                                                   lighted by the catch that she
                                                                                                                           Bob Manus of Ark, Virginia is holding
                                                                      their son Adam, who was killed on the racetrack      one of the flounder he caught on a          managed on May 12, 2011 off of the
                                                                      in 2000. The camp opened its doors in 2004 to        recent fishing trip.                        Fisherman’s Island area. She used a
                                                                                                                                                                      3/4 ounce bucktail with a 6 inch char-
                                                                      enrich the lives of children with chronic or life-
                                                                      threatening illnesses by creating camping expe-      Beth Synowiec of Virginia Beach, VA        treuse tail. Beth works for the Chesa-
                                                                                                                           proudly holds a 39 inch rockfish that       peake Angler Magazine.
Chesapeake Angler Magazine is pub-                                    riences that are memorable, fun, empowering,
                                                                                                                           she caught one early morning for a

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lished monthly. A 12-Month subscription                               physically safe and medically sound. For more        neighbor who had just been diag-           The black drum photo was sent in by
is $24.00.                                                            information about the Kyle Petty Charity Ride        nosed with a gluten and lactose al-        Capt. Drew Payne of Worm Charters
See page 36 for order form.                                           Across America or to make a contribution, visit      lergy. She went out to catch the fish       in Chesapeake Beach , MD.
                                                                                     in hopes of cheering her neighbor up.

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                                                                                                                           • JUNE 2011                                     3
                                                                                 Rod ‘N’ Reel 2011
                                                                                 Tournament Results
                                                                                  The 2011 tournament was won by angler Andre Bassett aboard the char-
                                                                                  ter boat “Miss Demeanor” with Captain John P. Murphy at the helm. The
                                                                                  big fish, a 47 inch 45.18 pound monster, grabbed a white parachute lure
                                                                                  trimmed with a white 9 inch shad on a planer board line set back 60 feet.
                                                                                       Friday April 29,2011          Saturday April 30            Sunday, May 1
                                                                                 1) 124 No Name              43.85   143 Backdraft       38.64    030 Fantasea          40.33
                                                                                 2) 105 Semper Fidelis III   43.50   080 Time Out        38.44    181 Straight Fishin   36.64
                                                                                 3) 003 Miss Linda           40.86   030 Fantasea        35.66    073 Three V’s         36.02
                                                                                 4) 189 Triple Threat        40.44   173 Kyran Lynn      35.16    088 Marcy Lynn        35.74
                                                                                 5) 107 Miss Demeanor        37.96   122 Just One More   35.14    162 Island            35.40
                                                                                 6) 182 Squat n Gobble       36.78   150 Search & Seazure 34.82   050 Salty Dawg        35.12
                                                                                 7) 098 Plumb Crazy          36.30   088 Marcy Lynn      33.90    073 Three V’s         34.92
                                                                                 8) 095 Roosters 2           35.34   176 Lexianna        33.70    159 Skirt Chaser      34.54
                                                                                 9) 012 Zinfandel            34.46   073 Three V’s       31.98    141 Playmate          34.18
                                                                                 10) 001 Performance Cat     34.18   054 Dash Four       31.82    060 Scout             34.04

           *                                     .!! %)( ( # $)& # ,( $&     &

                                                                                 aBoVE: The winning fish is shown here with the entire crew from left to right: that’s
                                                               %                 captain John p. murphy, Brian payne, andre Bassett, Bruce Dantley, mate John r. mur-
                                                                                 phy, Tim christian and Tony garcia. BElow: other participants.
           $       !!             % "            !                 #    %!

      )            $ (        '' $# -$)& + - ($ (            ' #       &$)# '
    '' (       #         "!         '( $ (           $' "$#( $         ,( $#


                              !     !        !

4   JUNE 2011 • 
By Capt. Rick Lockhart                   ginia’s best, and reports from the
                                         South say that this year will be even
May has gotten off to a good start,      better. Andy caught his first fish
at least for those of us in the North-   late in May last year, so June could
ern Neck. Striped bass were numer-       and should be outstanding.
ous and croaker have already
started to show. Spot can’t be too       Middle Peninsula
far behind, and who knows, maybe
there will be a keeper trout this        Capt. Tom Blatt (804-370-4620) will
year. To the south of us, area cap-      fish for red and black drum, cobia,
tains will be searching for flounder,    and flounder. Capt. Robert Green
spadefish, red and black drum, blue-     (804-694-9902) will be fishing pri-
fish, Spanish mackerel, and cobia.
Offshore, amberjack, tilefish, sea
                                         marily for croaker and spot in the
                                         Rappahannock. Capt. Don Bannis-            Docks - Lifts
bass, and yellowfin tuna will be the
main targets.
                                         ter (804-776-0629) says that any-
                                         thing and everything will be biting
                                                                                    Bulk Heads!
                                         both inside and outside of the Rap-          We will prepare
Eastern Shore                            pahannock River and encourages                 and file your
                                         everyone to go fishing. You have to                 PERMIT!
Capt. Charlie Koski (757-336-3528)       applaud Don’s enthusiasm.
says that cloudy water has ham-
pered fishing to this point; however,    Northern Neck
when clear, they are catching really
nice flounder. He also expects the       Striped bass fishing will dominate
northern whiting to start showing in     the first half of the month. North-
regularity any day now. Capt. Bob        ern Neck charter captains and
Walter (410-957-1664) will be light      recreational fishermen will be pri-
tackle fishing for spotted trout and     marily chumming for the schoolie
striped bass.                            fish. All will target Striped bass until
                                         creel limits are met. Most will then
Tidewater                                leave the chumming grounds and
                                         start looking for large croakers.
Capt. Nolan Agner (757-200-0200)
says that June is the big month          Capt. Ferrell McLain (804-453-9069)
along the coast. Nolan will be fish-     will be among those chumming,
ing both inshore and offshore. In-       then croaker fishing. Capt. Rick
shore, he will fish for spadefish,       Lockhart (804-435-6907) will con-
striped bass, spanish mackerel,          tinue to fish for stripers in the Po-
bluefish, sharks, red drum, and
black drum. Offshore, yellowfin
                                         tomac and Maryland waters once
                                         Virginia’s season ends on the 15th.
tuna, dolphin, and amberjack will be     June is the start of summer. The
targeted. Capt. John Fleet (757-         charter boaters of the Virginia Char-
482-1644) will be fishing the Vir-       ter Boat Association will be happy
ginia Beach coastline in the same        to help make your summer fishing
fashion as Nolan.                        the best it can be. Most can be
                                         found at
Capt. Stan Gold (757-686-2443) will
fish for flounder, spadefish, Spanish    Don’t hesitate to contact any of us
mackerel, and both verities of drum      to help with your fishing needs.
inshore, while fishing for black sea     With gas prices being what they are,
bass, tilefish, grouper, and shark       it may be cheaper to charter than to
offshore. Capt. Andy Martel (804-        fish from your own boat. In either
687-9093) and Capt. Jorj Head (757-      case, let us trust that June will be an
898-9870) will be sight casting to       even better month for fishing than
cobia. Last season was one of Vir-       May.
                                                                                    • JUNE 2011   5
                                                FISHING TIDEWATER

For most of the spring fishing sea-           were a ton of eels purchased that     way up to Massachusetts reported       ounce specimen.
son, anglers plying the waters of            had to be released or kept in         on anglers, both recreational and      Tautog
Chesapeake Bay, were having the              cages in the hopes that the big       charter captains being cited for       With the current surface water
greatest amount of “fishing rather            fish bonanza would still occur.        catching stripers outside the 3-       temperature reading in the low
than catching” that I have                                                         mile limit.                            60’s, the Chesapeake Bay resi-
recorded in the last 10 years. The           Charter captains and the rest of      Speckled Trout                         dents are up and running. Before
early portion of October saw the             the recreational gang frothed the     While some anglers chased the big      the season closed (May 1 – June
school sized stripers providing the          waters along the Virginia Beach       stripers, a goodly majority began      24), tautog action was the most
majority of the action for both the          shoreline down to the Carolina to     to seek out the feisty speckled        consistent. Tog reports were
kayak gang and the anglers work-             find that the really big fish had       trout. After receiving an invitation   coming from all the nearshore
ing the structure around the                 settled down in Carolina territory    to fish the Dominion Power hot          wrecks and the reefs inside the
Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel                 and that meant the Virginia folks     water discharge canal and getting      bay. Fiddler crabs, and cut hard
(CBBT) and area bridges and in               had to ensure they had Carolina li-   the “speck fever”, I made several      crabs were the baits of choice.
most of the creeks.                          censes to pursue their prey. The      trips with Louis Glaser, and found     The current VSWFT leader is Neal
                                             stories and the videos coming         that his methods for catching          Taylor of Virginia Beach, with a
The surface water temperatures               from that area were living proof      specks, greatly mirrored those I       hefty 16 pound, 1 ounce brute.
around the CBBT ranged from 55               that the late winter and early        use in catching largemouth bass.
degrees the first of December to              spring striper fishery was, for all    Louis, his partner New Smith, and      Red Drum
37 degrees the 31st of December.             practical matters, a bust.            I used the same tactics each trip      As the stormy weather and high
The 55 degree reading was the                                                      we made.                               winds depart the Tidewater area,
highest for the month while the              Many boats, traveling across the                                             the red drum arrived just as pre-
27, 28, 29, & 30th registered 36 de-         state line, followed the fish out      Louis and Ned used the new             dicted, around the last of April.
grees. A few lucky anglers man-              into the Exclusive Economic Zone      Mirro-lure, model M-14 and             Once the first report of fish being
aged to catch a few of the big               (EEZ) where the taking of striped     casted the channel edges, flats         caught around Fisherman’s Island
cows as they moved southward                 bass is illegal. Fishing news re-     and structure, while I used a 1/8      was received, each day that the
toward N. Carolina, but there                ports from North Carolina all the     ounce un-painted lead head jig,        weather allowed, both surf an-
                                                                                   tipped with a Berkley gulp 4-inch      glers, kayakers, and everyone else
                                                                                   mud minnow. On several of the          (including Jet-Ski Brian Lockwood)
                                                                                   trips we made, as we were an-          tried their luck. With the size limit
                                                                                   chored casting, I would tie on a       on reds being 18 – 26 inches, any-

         1 Month Free
           Month                        *                              *           popping cork, over a 3-1/2 – 4
                                                                                   foot leader, and a 1/8 ounce jig
                                                                                   head tipped with a 4-inch paddle
                                                                                   tailed shad.
                                                                                                                          thing over the maximum length
                                                                                                                          must be released.

                                                                                                                          The size limit for a release citation
       1 Month Free Boat Storage with a 12-Month Contract                                                                 is a minimum length of 46-inches.
                          New Customers Only. Expires 6/30/2011.                    I caught enough fish with the          There is no weight citation for red
                                                                                   popping cork, so I tried a baby        drum. As the month of May ar-
                                                                                   Zorra Spook and didn’t get as          rived, reports from both surf an-
                                                                                   many hits as the crank bait guys       glers, kayakers, and recreational
         Gwynn’s Island                                                            did, but light tackle and an eager     boat anglers all reported catching
         P.O. Box 219                                                              speckled trout made for some           red drum, with a few small black
      249 Mill Point Road                                                          great fishing. The Speckled Trout       drum thrown in.
      Hudgins, VA 23076                                                            leader in the 2011 Virginia Salt
        804-384-9664                                                               Water Fishing Tournament               Flounder
                                                                                   (VSWFT) contest is Michael Whit-       With the size limit shortened to
                                                                                   taker of Chesapeake who regis-         17-1/2 inches for 2011, the fever
                                                                                   tered a beautiful 12 pound, 9          has been rising, but the fishing re-

6    JUNE 2011 •
ports have been numerous, but           Chickahominy Lake
the catch re[ports slim. The first       With the water temperature re-
reported legal sized keeper was a       ported to be from the low to mid
23-1/2-inch 3 pound plus beauty,        70’s, largemouth bass are the top
caught from the Buckroe Fishing         catch, with fish weighing up to 7
Pier. A keeper or two has been          pounds being weighed. Crappie,
taken around the 3rd and 4th is-        bream and chain pickerel round
lands of the CBBT, and an uncon-        out the catch reports.
firmed report of one angler                                                             #                  &         &           #           %!
catching a limit (4 fish). The num-      Lake Maury (Mariner’s Museum)              ) !          !        #$          ) #&       !            $        ) !(           $
ber of flounder anglers is growing       Being open only on Saturday and            ) &%#            #$                  ) #&    !! #             $    ) (       $
each day. Tautog season is closed       Sunday, from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. limits        ) &$%!                     %   $%$ ) &       !( #$                 ) &%!      $%!# % !
through June 24 and upon re-            the overall number of anglers who          )        #       !& %$            )          ! #     !( #$         ) #      % %&#
opening, reports of flounder, tau-       fish there. With the water tem-             )       !"$                #   !"$ )        # #      $                        %           !#
tog and sheepshead should               perature reported to be in the
develop.                                mid-60’s, customers are reporting
                                        goodly numbers of bass, weighing
Fresh Water Fishing News                up to 5 pounds, crappie, measur-                            #'                  %#              #!           !& $% #
The fresh water scene is develop-       ing up to 13-inches, and the occa-
ing in the expected manner. That        sional break or shellcracker.
is most of the reporting Lakes and
Reservoirs indicate that the large-     Waller Mill
mouth bass have finished spawn-          With the water temperature re-
ing, and both the large females         ported to be 74 degrees, small
and the smaller male fish are ac-        bass, weighing up to 3 pounds
tively hitting top water lures, spin-   have been taken. The crappie re-
nerbaits, crank baits, and about        port takes top billing as of this
any soft plastic lure presented to      writing. Several anglers caught
them. The crappie are more ac-          double digit stringers of this tasty
tive, as May rolls along and the        delight.                               !
many species of bream or sunfish
are thrilling many of the local         Lee Hall Reservoir
youngsters who have talked mom          Water temperatures are reported
and dad to take them, fishing. All       in the low 70’s and due to the ex-
of my fresh water reporting sta-        cessive amount of shoreline
tions are located around the            weeds, anglers are having a diffi-
Peninsula and the respective re-        cult time. As the temperature
ports are:                              rises, and the weeds die out, ac-
                                        tion should return to normal.
Beaverdam Reservoir, with a                                                                                                                                              !
water temperature of 76 degrees,        I’ll give a rundown on the Salt
reports the largemouth bass pop-        Water Fishing Tournament leaders                                                            "$("&"! &          ( '%     & !               ' "!
ulation is slowly moving into their     in next month’s column. Be safe
summer haunts. Panfish action is         on the water, have a designated
good from the floating pier, and         driver, wear your PFD’s (especially                                                                              "#
the anglers seeking catfish are         the young folks) and have a won-                                                                             "# # % $ $ ! "#
having moderate success.                derful summer.                                                                                       !           '   $ "&!%$

                                                                                       • JUNE 2011                                                    7
LOCAL FISHING KNOWLEDGE                               be a part of the excitement!                              members for adventures in local waters. Most
                                                                                                                clubs have fishing partners programs. Get out on
                                                      You can have a great day trolling for trophy rock-        the water with an experienced local.
Are you new to the area, to Tidewater fishing, or     fish; live-lining for school stripers; light tackle an-
just want to improve your catch rate? Our             gling for spot, croaker and sea mullet; high speed        A great way to learn the area and have a confi-
Chesapeake Bay produces a great variety of fin-       dragging for blues and Spanish mackerel; floating         dence building fishing experience is to charter a
fish and tremendous fishing action and you can        bait and free-lining for powerful spade fish; jig-        boat. Find out about the Captain’s specialties
                                                      ging, trolling and drifting for fat flounder and          and select the Captain who best meets your
                                                      spoon feeding beautiful red drum. Also chum-              needs. Pay close attention to what the Captain
                                                      ming and sight casting for cobia; drifting with           uses and where he is going. Make it a learning
                                                      soft shells or fish-finding black drum with clams;        trip. Check this publication to select a Captain or
                                                      casting into the shallows for the hard fighting           check the Virginia Charter Boat website at
                                                      spotted trout and hooking-up with the delec-     Get going now on learning the
                                                      table tautog.                                             local knowledge.

                                                      How do you get experience and knowledge                   Experience wonderful days in our
                                                      about these wide-open fisheries? You need to              beautiful local waters.
                                                      seek out local knowledge. Visit your local tackle
                                                      shops and get to know the owners and staff who            It’s a great time to go. The trophy rockfish sea-
                                                      fish. Find out who knows what’s going on and              son was fantastic this spring both in Maryland
                                                      where they are hiding and the tackle you need to          and Virginia when the winds cooperated. We are
                                                      be successful.                                            looking to have a very good rockfish chumming
                                                                                                                and live-lining season. The croaker are in!
                                                      Look into joining a local fishing club. In Maryland
                                                      seek out the Maryland Saltwater Fishing Associa-          When you acquire your local knowledge just get
                                                      tion (MSSA ). In Virginia connect with a group in         out and do it and do it often! Plan time to get
                                                      your area such as the Northern Neck Anglers As-           out on the beautiful and bountiful waters of the
                                                      sociation, the Central Virginia Anglers, or one of        Chesapeake and its tributaries. Pick your days
                                                      the many tidewater angler associations in the             carefully and avoid the open bay when seas are
                                                      lower Peninsula and Norfolk/Virginia Beach area.          white capping. Fishing is about having a fun and
                                                                                                                relaxing day with nature. Be safe and just do it!
                                                      These groups hold monthly meetings which fea-
                                                      ture talks by local professional guides and char-         Please do everything you can to help clean up
                                                      ter boat captains and experienced members.                the Chesapeake and keep it a great place to fish
                                                      Vital up-to-date information is provided about            and recreate and to enjoy its spectacular beauty
                                                      where to go, what to use and what techniques              for generations to come.
                                                      you need to be successful. Hook-up with fellow

                                                $,# $+"$($ 2,
                                                $ &     0 (
                                            $-, +$ .- +$ , /$-#
                                             *- $( $ % ) %# +-
                                           ) +       +& # +- +,
                  $ , & *)/ +
                !))&             & %!$(              *)+-!$,# +' (
            1      &$ (,      ' +                      (
         &&              )+ ' $& +& # +-            +, #)-' $& )'
       $,$- /// +& # +- +, )' !)+ & (                + (       $-$)( &
      $(!)+' -$)( $( &. $(" , ,)(, (                &) -$)( )! ) -

8    JUNE 2011 •
                                                                           Contender Boat              Authorized Service
                                                                          Sales and Service

                                                                        New and Used Boats For SALE
Trolling                                                        Rock
           32’ Fishinglass Deadrise, Most Modern Equipment
                                                                             CAPTAIN MAX KING’S MARINE
                                                                Blues       Fishing Charters and Boat Rentals
                                                                           Located at 2100 Marina Shores Drive, VA Beach
                                                                                    Call Captain Max King
Chunking                          Capt. Hub McNeal           Spanish
                                  Experienced USCG Captain

  Lower Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay • (804) 366-6186


                                                                            • JUNE 2011   9

                                                                                                       $% "                       %#$ ) #                                         &
                                                                                                                      (' #             ''         %              %"
         Check Daily Fishing Reports on web site!
                                                                                                           &$#%' & " * &          '&   " * '#(%" ! "'           %' %& * (& " &&       %' %&
            • 50-foot inspected vessel
                                                                                                                  ! %              #                        "
                                                    DAY NIGHT & EVENING CHARTERS
                                                                                                                                                                                  " $ #

        • Licensed to carry 1-49 people
                                                                                                            $     '                '        !# !" %                     #      # % $#'
                                                    All B le
                                                                                                                          !   "                   !%        "               #!       # !'

      • Operating out of Smith Point, VA            & Ta
                • Licensed captain
                                                         ishe                                                   $' " #'' "                            % *
                                                    Furn                                                                                               &&&       $!" $"#          !# !"

     Call Capt. Ryan Rogers (804) 453-5812

 R E D D RU M • T U N A • A M B E R JAC K • S PA D E F I S H • C R OA K E R
   • S T R I P E D BA S S • B LU E S • S P OT • S PA N I S H M AC K E R E L

                                                                                                                                                      Solomons, MD

                                                                  '       "& !   #! !    !#
                                                          "                       #    !
                                                              !                  ! & %

     !$ !*     )',( )        **   % )" #
       ()!&      ,%% )
                                               $#   $                 #
 $ +)!        $* - !$ $ $ * % # ) * )- +!'&*        "#                      %    $
              )$. *# ',+ $# & $!*+
                                                                                              #   "!       # $
                                                                                                       &              !                       !                             %

10       JUNE 2011 •
                                                      Book Your Charter the Easy Way--
                                                             Go to the Virginia Charter Boat
                                                                     Association website:

                                                                                                                    Virginia Charter Boat Association

                                                                                                                    Welcome all Captains, please go to website.

                                                                                                               Northern Neck                 Middle Peninsula
                                                                                                                 Light Tackle and Fly Fishing        Shallow Water
                                                                                                      Specks                                                             Stripers
                                             1 # *, * ( , /$,#         *"      $' '          ,#*((&
                                     0                                                                Flounder                                                               Blues
                                     0                                                                Croaker                                                       Puppy Drum
                                         %     + .$+$, (-* / +$, ,( .$ / +(& )$ ,-* + (! *
                                             , # + , /// &$++ %% # *, *+ (&
                                                                                              ',                            Capt. Ed Lawrence
                                                                                                              804-693-5673                             P.O. Box 262
                                                !                                                                   Gloucester, VA 23061
                                                                   !                    !
                                                                                                            USCG Licensed and Insured

                                                                                                                 “TemplCe                    M”
                                                                                                       Rockfishing through January 09
                                                                                                       Book for Maryland Spring Trophy Season!

                                                                                                                                        HARTERB          OAT FISHING
                                                                                                                            Fishing the Chesapeake Bay & Potomac. Out of Ridge, MD
                                                                    Lower Potomac River

                                                                                                                             Near Point Lookout Area •Certified Divers •46’ Fiberglass
                                                                                                                                   Boats •Captain C.G. Lic. up to 25 passengers
                                                                                                                                   Call Captain Greg Madjeski at 301-872-4215
            + /0   1 .! (& "*/"! #+. 0+     , //"*$"./
                  6 1(( 0&)" ."/&!"*0 $1&!"/

  6  + 0/ 0+ /".2" 5+1 "00". 3&0% ( 0"/0 "(" 0.+*& "-1&,)"*0

6 +1. 0 % #&(("0"! 6 +! .""(/ & "      &0 0 '(" #1"( ,.+2&!"!

                                                                                                            • JUNE 2011                          11
The Fabulous Fish-off
PART 3 - DAY 2                                                                  the hectic flailing and beating of the   he withdrew from fishing in embar-
                                       The contestants would be fishing         water around them during the             rassed disgust.
The second day of the Fabulous         the upper stretch of Wakki Fork          morning.
Fish-Off dawned bright, sunny and      which passes through the Wakki                                                    That left only the portly old Santa
warm. The West Wakkiville Fishin’,     Widow’s North Forty. This section        Stepping up to the plate for the East    Von Kringle on the waters for the
Huntin’, Deuces Wild and Mountain      is prime trout water and the most        Wakkis this afternoon was saintly        West Wakki team. When Santa
Dew Club had been busy at the          coveted stream in the county. It         Elmo Cainbreak, the preeminent           started out on his stretch of the
Wakki Shack preparing their Day 2      lies entirely on private property up     sportsman in the Association.            stream, he had a bag full of night
fishermen to get them ready for the    to the point where it comes tum-         When it came to fishing, St. Elmo’s      crawlers in one packet and a left
awesome contest. The Shack was a       bling out of the National Forest         fire shown like a beacon in the          over lunch Brat in a bag in the other
one room clapboard frame building      foothills into an ardent valley floor.   night. Elmo was, however, no             pocket. The Brat would be his
with a homemade poker table and        The water in this free stone stream      purist. He used any means at his         snack in case he got hungry. Our in-
bunks at one end and a washboard,      section is clear, cold and fertile.      disposal to catch a wily trout, but      trepid angler stumbled his way up
sink and a cast iron cook stove on     Trout grow big and sassy there be-       he loved fly casting the best. With      the stream until he came to a swift
the other end.                         cause fishing is limited to the an-      all good intentions, Elmo embarked       riffle. Believing it would be a good
                                       nual winners of the Fabulous             on his afternoon quest with a fly        idea to put on a fresh worm, he
In the middle was a big wooden         Fish-Off.                                rod in hand.                             reached into his pocket to draw out
table and chairs for seating. The                                                                                        the worm bag. Unluckily, it slipped
privy was located 42 paces from the    Hound Ears Hannigan, a gimcrack          Along his way up the stream, Elmo        out of his grasp, floated swiftly
back door. The ground around the       house decorator, moseyed over to         came across the stump of an old          down the riffle and disappeared
shack was nearly the only solid spot   the edge of the first pool in the        water logged dead fall on the oppo-      into the pool below.
in the whole West Forty. Most of       stretch. He cast in a double hook        site bank that was almost com-
the rest of the ground was what        rig with meal worms on one hook          pletely submerged in the water. It       Santa couldn’t bear the thought of
you might call soggy. It was over-     and a red wiggler worm on the            looked like a good trout hiding          giving up so easily and pondered
run with green briars, brambles and    other. As the rig slowly drifted         place, so Elmo cast his size 14          what to do next. Finally, he
scrub laurel bushes.                   down stream he noticed a tug on          Adams over by and above the old          dragged the Brat out of his pocket
                                       the line. Setting the hook quickly       snag. It floated merrily over the        and bit off a big chunk. While
One of West Wakki’s Day 2 contest-     and reeling like mad, he was able to     stump and nothing happened. He           chewing on the Brat, Santa came up
ants was Hound Ears Hannigan,          derrick a nice brookie out of the        tried it again, and still nothing hap-   with a brilliant idea. He bit off an-
who looked more like a beagle than     water and onto the bank. Encour-         pened. Sensing that trickery would       other piece of the Brat, impaled it
a man and smelled like one, too.       aged by that experience, he contin-      be required here, he waded out of        on his hook and waddled up to the
He was up for the morning rise.        ued the tactic with the limited          the stream and slipped into the          next pool. He cast the Brat into the
The other contestant was Klaus Von     success of only two more fish the        nearby woods.                            pool and immediately had a thun-
Kringle, an inexperienced and          rest of the morning.                                                              derous strike. He was so shocked
chubby old German immigrant who                                                 He emerged from the woods with a         that he jerked back mightily on the
could barely speak English and who     Prof. Weathers’ fishing skill was        big, juicy, green inchworm in his fin-   rod and was into a bruiser trout. It
they playfully called “Santa” was up   about as good as his forecasting         gers. He impaled it on his hook and      surged up and down the pool in
for the afternoon bite.                ability, which is to say it was mostly   waded back out by the snag. He           wild attempts to dislodge the hook,
                                       unreliable. Casting about wildly         cast the worm above the dead fall        but to no avail. At the end of the
The East Wakkiville Angling, Fowl-     with his battered Muddler Minnow,        and this time the bait sank under        fight Santa lifted up his gift of a six
ing, Billiards and Bloody Mary Asso-   he was only able to foul hook one        the old snag. He felt a tug and set      pound hook jawed brown trout.
ciation’s contestant for the morning   keeper brookie and catch a chub. It      the hook. Minutes later, he was
rise was Professor Emeritus, Dr.       was, you might say, not his best         holding a shiny big brookie up in the    Later that evening at the poor
Jonathan Weathers, who retired         day.                                     air while shouting, “I got him, boys,    widow’s shanty, the contestants
from the University’s Meterology                                                and it’s a sure winner.” Unfortu-        again laid their respective catches
Department. Professional guide         After the lunch break, the Wakki         nately, while he was trying to put       on the table. It was obvious that
and fishing guru, Elmo Cainbreak,      Fork combatants were ready again         the trout in his creel, it flopped out   there was really no contest when
their only true outdoorsman, would     to do battle on the stream. By then      of his hands back into the water         Santa laid his big brownie on the
carry the baton for their anchor leg   the fishy occupants in the Wakki         and in an instant it was gone. Elmo      table. The delighted widow in-
during the evening bite.               Fork waters had settled down from        was so horrified by his blunder that     quired of Santa how he managed to

12    JUNE 2011 •
                                                                                                                         +2)", ."%   &12 .*-2
                                                                                                                       .++ 0&&
            7       $.32 /.02'*1)
    -+6 .-& .4-&0 +"0(& *-13+"2&% '*1)#.5
   ./ 1/&&% *- 2)& ,*% '.02*&1 2"-%&,
  "+3,*-3, 20"*+&0 !",")"        4*2) .-+6
       &-(*-& ).301
       !                            !

catch such a wonderful fish. His an-    Author’s Epilogue
swer was, “Zis ish unn brounz           I hope, dear readers, that you en-
troutz. Zey kummin frum Jurmany         joyed reading this Wakki tale as
und zey likken zair Bratsvirst, yah?”   much as I did writing it. All of the
With that the poor widow handed         characters and events are fictitious
over the fishing permission to the      except one. St. Elmo was crafty like
West Wakkiville Fishin’, Huntin’,       me because l used the inchworm
Deuces Wild and Mountain Dew            trick in almost identical circum-
Club for the year and the Fabulous      stances on a New Jersey stream
Fish-Off was thus ended.                named Flat Brook. l caught a 15-
                                        inch brookie that way and won the                 *!), * . ('++"& *'"$
Back at the Wakki Shack Hammer          Overlook Fish and Game Club’s big              ("& ') ! ) -'' %,$ !
Head Hardy uncorked a jug of his        fish of the day award. It was over           ! & "&    *# +* . $'- ) ('+*
latest batch and the boys each cele-    sixty years ago and fortunately, I              * *.           %'- )*
brated their good fortune with a big    didn’t lose my fish.
swig of Old Lightning Bolt.                                                    $)(    &# ( ( ' $$% & (!*   #   !   &
                                        Capt. Dave

                                                                                            • JUNE 2011      13
                                                                                                                      MARK FIKE

Summer Plots for Game
                                                   landowners.                                        spinach and deer love them.

                                                   I spoke with Ron Wisnewski of USDA in Fred-        The problem is that they are better planted
                                                   ericksburg about my property and some              so that they will mature at about the time
                                                   summer plantings. I have some small open           your area gets its first frost. Deer will leave
                                                   areas and I also have a series of skidder trails   them alone for the most part until a frost
                                                   from a timber job years ago. I needed some-        hits them and sweetens them up. A frost in
                                                   thing that would stand some shade from             much of our readership area also coincides
                                                   nearby trees and something that the turkey,        with archery or muzzeloader season so the
                                                   dove, songbirds, and of course deer, would         timing is perfect.
                                                                                                      Oats, such as Plotspike’s Forage Oats, will
                                                                                   Wisnewski          grow well in most areas. Simply disc up the
                                                                                   suggested          ground, sow the oats and lightly cover them.
 Forage oats are great to plant on trails or
                                                                                   native plant-      I don’t have access to regular farm equip-
 partial shade. Turkey bug in them and deer                                        ings for sev-      ment so I use an ATV and a Groundhog MAX
 will eat them all summer and into fall.
                                                                                   eral reasons.      or a pull behind flip disk to do the job. I disc
                                                                                   First, they        up the ground, spread the oats and then run
Planting plots has become very                                                     are native         it over with the disc once more and I get ex-
popular with deer hunters over                                                     and not ex-        cellent results on all my skidder trails.
the past decade. Some hunters                                                      otic or inva-
go all out and could qualify as                                                    sive. Second,      This saved me last season when deer had
small time farmers with their ef-                                                  often the na-      plenty to eat in the woods for all the acorns
forts. Others make time to                                                         tive grasses       lying around. I had one good trail of nice
scratch up a little dirt and throw                                                 such as            green oats during archery season. Several
down some seed and hope it                                                         switchgrass        deer were visiting the plot and nibbling on
grows to draw in a few deer.                                                       or partridge       them. I was able to take a nice doe with my
                                                                                   pea are able       crossbow to put some fresh meat on the
Whatever your reason and effort                                                    to grow with       table after only a half hour in the treestand.
there is no doubt that if done                                                     little or no       Some bucks also posed for the camera at
properly (ALWAYS do a soil test                                                    added effort.      night over those oat plots too. As a bonus,
first!) and with a little planning,                                                In other           oats planted now will provide bugging areas
planting a plot can pay off with more game         words, they adapted to the soils at your geo-      for wild turkey and some areas for songbirds
seen and possibly harvested. In Virginia,          graphical area and won’t need fertilizer or        to eat too.
plots are not illegal but baiting is and feeding   added watering for that reason. This is a plus
deer is illegal from September 1 to January.       for hunters that don’t have a lot of time or       Speaking of songbirds, don’t rule out using
                                                   money. They often will naturally reseed and        sunflowers, which should be planted any-
Many hunters like to put plots in so that they     come back year after year as well.                 time in June. If you enjoy a dove hunt you
are ready for the fall hunting season. Why                                                            can plant them to coincide with the opener.
not put in a summer plot to help wildlife and      Should you want to plant something else in         They grow very easily and don’t require
then replant a different crop for the fall?        addition to native plants to supplement your       much except protection from deer. Deer
There are some good summer plantings that          hunting or wildlife plots, consider oats and       love to eat the plants before they go to seed
will help feed and attract wildlife for most       sunflowers for summer plantings vs a bras-         head. Plant plenty and you might get some
                                                   sica. Brassicas are greens such as turnips or      deer in the area, goldfinches and other song-
14    JUNE 2011 •
                                                                                                                                            +2)", ."%    &12 .*-2
                                                                                                                                          .++ 0&&
   )*1   &-2&0 .-1.+& *1 " '*1)&0,"-1
 %0&", ."%&% 4*2) ",&-*2*&1 '.0 2)& 1&0*.31
 '*1)&0,"- .4&0&% #6 " !",")"         4*2)
 .-+6   ).301 +1. *-$+3%&% *1 " 2"-%&, "5+&
 "+3,*-3, 20"*+&0

     !                            !

                                                                                                         MARK FIKE

 sunflowers are excellent summer choices for birds,
 turkey and deer. Deer will eat them even before they                      birds and doves too!
 mature in permitted.

                                                                           In summary, plan and plant now to at-
                                                                           tract game and non-game animals and
                                                                           those same animals will stick around for
                                                                           the fall when you replant. I have taken
                                                                           several deer this way and I am con-
                                                                           vinced the turkey keep checking for
                                                                           some groceries too. Summer is not too                             $      #    $ !
                                                                           early to begin planting and even plan-
                                                                           ning for fall. Finally, put up some trail
                                                                           cameras to see what is eating at your

                                                                           If you need some ideas on what natives to plant
                                                                           see the following websites for your

             R.W.’S SPORT
                         Located in Callao, VA on Rt. 360
                      NEAR THE POTOMAC & CHESAPEAKE BAY
         •Charter Fishing Service •Rod & Reel Repair •Fishing & Hunting Equipment •Bait •Ice •Licenses                                     (804) 529-5634
                                                                                                         !       (#   '      " ( %"   &      ''' #%" #     $$
“L ARGEST TACKLE S HOP I N T HE N ORTHERN N ECK ”                                                                     #&     %" !          #&

                                                                                                             • JUNE 2011         15
In June a lot of the fish in the area     spawn is over this month so the fish
start settling into their summer         are hungry. The feeder creeks or
feeding pattern. So, remember a          rivers such as Occoquan, Aquia, and
good time to hit the water will be       Potomac Creek are all good places
early mornings and in the evenings.      to fish.
When the bugs are at their worst
the fishing is generally at their best.   Hit the grass in the main waters and
                                         the wood in the headwaters.
Upper Rivers                             Buzzbaits in low light and high tide
                                         over the grass is a good tactic. Cat-
June is one of the best times to float    fish are everywhere but the biggest
the upper rivers such as the Shenan-     fish are found in deeper holes and
doah, Potomac, Rapidan or Rappa-         ledges where the bait can be hit in
hannock. It’s a relaxing way to spend    nearby shallows. Creek mouths are
time casting to smallmouth, sunfish       such good places.
and the occasional largemouth on
these rivers.                            Tidal Rapp

The Shenandoah and Potomac are           The tidal Rapp is overrun with small
also good places for catfish, musky      catfish. Catch all you can and take
and even some walleye in the mix.        some home and your neighbors. If
Use live bait for the best fishing for    bottom fishing is not really active,
any of the species. Fresh caught         then switch to float fishing the
river minnows, crayfish and hell-         shoreline with a stick float and 18
grammites are really good choices to     inches of line.
use this month. Most of the fish
have finished spawning with the ex-       Bass anglers are hitting creeks hard
ception of the panfish. Eddies, pool      this month. Ease into them on high
headwaters and sunken cover under        tide and probe woody structure
shady trees on hot days are dyna-        when you can cast to it. Plastics and
mite spots.                              spinnerbaits are good during the
                                         day. Cranks work in deeper sections
Curtis Lake, Motts Run                   but topwater action in the shallow
and Hunting Run                          bays and mouths of the creeks at
                                         twilight is great.
These three reservoirs are great des-
tinations for bass. Try fishing the       Lake Anna                               Earnest seamster sent in this photo of an 8 pound 7 ounce largemouth bass caught in a
                                                                                 private pond in middlesex county, Va.
points early and late with topwater
lures and buzzbaits to get into some     Many times the June bass bite at
exciting action. Points with cover or    Anna is a mixed bag. Try deeper
grassy areas are usually good spots      docks, ledges off points, and boul-
to cast.                                 ders uplake if you can find them on
                                         your fish finder. Shallow areas with
The bream bite is hot with crickets      an old creek or river channel cutting
this month. Find a bed and fill a         through are good spots to watch
stringer! Once the heat pours on be      your finder too. As it gets hotter the
sure to go deeper with cranks and        fish will suspend more in deeper          GAS • DIESEL                                        Buy PREPAID here!
plastics. Junebug and motor oil have     water.
been favorites in years past. A good
                                                                                  PROPANE TANK EXCHANGE
time to fish will be mornings and         The striper action will be centered      BRAND NAME GROCERIES
evenings as the temperatures heat        on bait as usual. The bait should be     INSIDE DELI -
up.                                      midlake for the most part but can be                                                                        Pre-Paid Mastercard
                                                                                  PIZZA AND FRIED CHICKEN                               *Other Pre-paid Products Available
                                         found downlake in pockets. Find bait
Tidal Potomac                            and find striped bass! The best an-
                                         gling will be early. Use live bait on
                                                                                                   EASY IN AND OUT!
Bass anglers find that the grass mats     the fish. Look out for the catfish if
are great for green fish. You will        you put your bait down too deep.          Kilmarnock
need to probe deep though for the        They are all too willing at Anna.         Lottsburg                    Cobbs Creek                   Glenns
bass. Jigs or drop shotted Senkos                                                  Lively                       Montross                      Colonial Beach
have been popular in the past. The

16    JUNE 2011 •
                             !                      !                                     !                    "                      #
                                                             & $$$ %                                    #
Chickahominy River                                 well as top water lures, spinner baits, and
                                                   pumpkin seed color grubs. The flathead catfish
Fish liven up after coming off the beds. The        are hitting well on live bait. Cut bait work well
largemouth bass bite well on artificial worms,      for the channel and blue cats.
small minnows and crankbaits. They like struc-
tures like duck blinds, cypress roots, brush       Buggs Island
piles and the lily pads.
                                                   Largemouth bass will be moving to the shal-
The bream and bluegill hit really well on night    lows. They will be biting well on spinner baits,
crawlers. Pan size catfish in the 2 lb. – 5 lb.    plastic worms and grubs. The crappie will be in
range hit well on night crawlers. The large cat-   the shallows on brush piles and will respond
fish continue to respond well to chicken liver,     well to small minnows. The blue catfish like cut
minnows and night crawlers.                        bait and the flatheads tend to like live bait.

James, Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers               Smith Mountain Lake

June tends to be “top water” month. The            The bass will be coming off their beds and
largemouth bass will be off their spawning          might be sluggish at the beginning of the
beds and hitting well on top water baits in        month. Entice them with jerk baits, jigs, lizards
James, Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers.              and Carolina rigs work well. Mid June the bass
Mornings are generally the better time to go       will transition to their summer pattern and top
fishing through this month.                         water lures will work best. The catfish bite will
                                                   pick up and they will hit well on chicken liver,
The crappie will be hitting on small to medium     eels and goldfish. The crappie will continue bit-
minnows or small jigs. The big catfish will be     ing on small minnows and jigs. Striper will be
biting very good using cut bait and eels. The      biting on the lake trolling bucktails and flukes.
                                                                                                       Noah smith, the grandson of chesapeake angler writer Dave comp-
smallmouth will be biting well on small                                                                ton, caught a catfish at the Virginia anglers club outing for children in
crankbaits that look like perch or crawfish as                                                          may. The club was fishing at Boy scout camp Brady saunders.

                                                                                          • JUNE 2011                                    17
                                                                 Croaker with Herb Mayonaise
                                                                 1/2 cup mayonnaise
                                                                 1/4 cup chopped chives                 Heat a large nonstick pan or
                                                                 1/4 cup chopped parsley
                                                                 2 tablespoons lemon juice
                                                                                                        griddle over medium-high
                                                                 1 teaspoon chopped lemon zest          heat. Brush croaker fillets with
                                                                 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt               remaining herb mayonnaise.
                                                                 dash of Tabasco sauce                  Place each piece (coated side
                                                                 1 -1 1/5 pounds Virginia croaker fil-   down) into the preheated
                                                                                                        pan, and cook for 2-3 minutes
                                                                 Directions                             until golden. Turn and brown
                                                                 In a small mixing bowl, whisk          on remaining side for another
                                                                 together mayonnaise, chives,           1-2 minutes.
                                                                 parsley, lemon juice, zest, salt
                                                                 and Tabasco sauce. Transfer            Transfer cooked fillets onto
                                                                 half of the mixture into a sep-        serving plate and top each
                                                                 arate bowl, cover, refrigerate         portion with approximately 1
                                                                 and set aside.                         1/2 tablespoons of reserved

                                 Call us                                                                herb mayonnaise. Serves 4.

                                 for your
                                 boat                          MSSA 28th Annual Spring
                                 insurance                     Tournament Results
                                                               Apr 29, 2011 to May 1, 2011
                                                               1. $10,000 Clifton T. Disney, Jr. - MD (#9)
                                                               2. $5,000 Daniel L. Rohleder - (#7)
                                                               3. $1,500 William Kratz, III - (#251)
                                                               4. $1,000 Emerson Williams - (#161)
                                  Burgess, VA (804) 453-4060   5. $950 John W. Weber - (#228)
                                  Warsaw, VA (804) 333-4013    6. $900 Mike Schmidt II - MD (#298)
                                                               7. $850 Joseph John Kapral,Jr.-MD(#80)   
                                                               8. $825 Murray Demuth - (#329)
                                                               9. $775 Tyler Watson - MD (#138)
                                                               10.$750 George Gavrilis - MD (#363)

                                                                                                                           clifton T.
                                                                                                                           Disney, Jr.
                                                                                                                           won the
                                                                                                                           with a

18   JUNE 2011 •
The Virginia Charter Boat Association Youth
Fishing Adventure Scheduled                                                             $                                                          %
(VCBA), an organization of over 100 charter captains who fish the Chesa-
peake Bay and Virginia coast, will be sponsoring their fourth annual Youth
Fishing Adventure on Saturday, August 27, 2011. Thus far they have spon-
sored this event in different locations on the Chesapeake Bay. This year                                           *    % !&    ! "     $   ($!
                                                                                                                       ! $"'& $ "" '#% ! &("$ !
they will be running out of the Hampton City Piers.
                                                                                                                   *        %&   "%& !   !   % !
The VCBA Youth Fishing Adventure is a bit different that other youth fishing
                                                                                     $%     $       (! $
programs in that they choose to educate Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts while         ((( !! " #'& $%" '& "!% "         * !) " % $" ' ! &("$ '
fishing on a charter boat. They choose scouts because these young people                                             !   % ! &" % #   $ # $%
have made a commitment to themselves and to their communities by
being active in scouting.

The VCBA feels that they can make a greater impact as to the value of our
water ways by actually getting them out on the water. Many of these
scouts have never been on a boat. VCBA captains have enjoyed the excite-

                                                                                          We will protect
ment and awe of a first-timer while taking the opportunity to touch their

                                                                                                          your data
hearts as to the importance of our treasured water ways in Virginia.

                                                                                             while you go Fis
Make no mistake; this is not a ‘free ride’ for these kids. They will write a
200 word essay titled: “How an Army of One Can Help Save the Bay” and
they will complete the scout merit badge requirements for fishing.

Each scout will be presented with a fishing rod and he/she will learn how to
use their rod from a charter captain while on the trip. They will learn about

                                                                                     P r o v i d i ng I T S e r v i c e s
marine environment protection, safety on the water, fishing regulations,
chart plotting, basic first aid, and how to call for help on a VHF, just to

                                                                                           a nd S o l u t i o ns
name a few life time tools (refer to the Scout Merit Badge Requirements at ).

                                                                                Experts in Data Protection and
                                                                                      Network Security
This year the VCBA will continue to partner with the VMRC through their
Virginia Saltwater Recreational Fishing Development but have added VIMS
                                                                                7462 Old Hickory Drive, Mechanicsville, VA
and the City of Hampton Parks & Recreation Department as additional

partners. VCBA charter boats (who will be donating their day of chartering)
will gather at the Hampton City Docks. They will take out over 200 Boy and
Girl Scouts and their chaperones for day of fishing on the Chesapeake.
When they return, the City of Hampton will host the participants with a
cook-out and prizes and awards will be handed out including free passes
for the Buckroe Fishing Pier for each scout.

  VCBA Captains
   Kathy Tylman
 and Joe Shelton
teach girl scouts
 how to fish dur-
    ing the VCBA
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                                                                                                      CLIMATE CONTROL
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                                                                                      • JUNE 2011                   19
Big Cats in the City
By Chris Jenkins                                       and pursue those of another feather. I          comes a time when we move on to test       Personally I am smit-
                                                       think it’s fair to assume that we have all      our skills against a more formidable ad-   ten over largemouth bass, but when I
Show me a big fish, and I will chase it.                threaded a night crawler on a hook at           versary. That is to say that most of us    started seeing photographs of giant
As fisherman, most of us have a pre-                    some point and done battle with a cat-          do. Some on the other hand are born        blue catfish emerging from the James
ferred species to target. However,                     fish or two.                                     to tangle with these creatures of the      River a decade ago, I could not ignore
when the species happens to be really                                                                  deep.                                      the calling. It was roughly the year of
big, we can be swayed to cinch the knot                Rarely do we remember, but there                                                           2003 when I called Chris Eberwien of
                                                                                                                                                  Eberwien’s Catfishing to book a guided
                                                                                                                                                  trip. I still remember that hot steamy
                                                                                                                                                  night in July when I landed my first cat-
                                                                                                                                                  fish in access of fifty pounds.

     We Know the                                                                                                                                  Over the years Chris and I caught and
                                                                                                                                                  released many more blue cats on the

                  Neighborhood.                                                                                                                   James River that dwarfed that initial
                                                                                                                                                  fifty pound mark. It quickly became ap-
                                                                                                                                                  parent to me that Chris is one of those
                                                                                                                                                  people that have a “sixth sense” when
                                                                                                                                                  it comes to finding these obese eating

                                                                                                                                                  Just like The Big Bass Posse in Califor-
                                                                                                                                                  nia, I noticed Chris had a tight knit
                                                                                                                                                  group of fellow anglers that would
                                                                                                                                                  communicate their success only be-
                                                                                                                                                  tween one another. This tight lipped
                                                                                                                                                  oath allowed them to not only monitor
                                                                                                                                                  and stay on big fish, but also provide
                                                                                                                                                  clients with the thrill of a lifetime.

                                                                                                                                                  Today, fifty pounds will not even turn
                                                                                                                                                  an anglers head when it comes to blue
                                                                                                                                                  cats in the Hopewell area. In fact, the
                                                                                                                                                  City of Hopewell and surrounding areas
                                                                                                                                                  became the infamous launch points
                                                                                                                                                  into big cat city. In 2006 when a 95.11
                                                                                                                                                  pound blue cat became the new state
                                                                                                                                                  record, it was obvious to everyone that
                                                                                                                                                  the one hundred pound mark was up
                                                                                                                                                  for grabs.

                                                                                                                                                  Unlike most sports, anyone can hold a
                                                                                                                                                  record when it comes to fishing. Let’s
                                                                                                                                                  face it, you or I will never surpass the
                                                                                                                                                  likes of Hank Aaron or Michel Jordan,
                                                                                                                                                  but it is certainly conceivable that we
     Unique. at’s a word often used to describe life in the Northern Neck. And it’s a                                                             could make the right cast to the right
     quality we understand because this is our home too. Since 1930, we’ve been helping                                                           spot at the right time. Well on
     people buy property, build homes, establish businesses and put down roots here.                                                              5/20/2009 Tim Wilson made that cast.
     We’ve earned their trust and respect, as well as the trust and respect of the communities                                                    In doing so he hauled in a 102.4 pound
     we are privileged to serve. And we’ve made a lot of good friends. at’s why it makes                                                          Blue Catfish that further solidified the
     sense to turn to Bank of Lancaster in the Northern Neck. We know the neighborhood.
                                                                                                                                                  James River’s title as The King of the
     Give us a call or drop in today at one of our convenient offices, and let us help you find
     your special place in this special community. We want to be your banker.

                                                                                                                                                  Like the old saying goes, if you build it,
                                                                                                                                                  they will come. People came from sev-
                                                                                                                                                  eral states away to drag big chunks of
                                          804-435-1171     800-435-1140

20       JUNE 2011 •  
                                                                                              rd A
                                                                                               d      l
                                                                                             3rd Annual                                           Lancaster County Little League
                                                                                                                                                    ish   ckere
                                                                                                                                                Spanish Mack el
cut bait on the James in an attempt to
do battle with, and possibly partake in a
                                             rent state record is 67.1 pounds, and
                                             the fish was caught on 3/23/08.
                                                                                                                 urna e t
                                                                                                                 ur   ent
                                                                                                               Tou ament
                                                                                        Proceeds to
new state record. Unfortunately, sea-
                                                                                        Lancaster Co.
soned veterans like Chris Eberwien and       When I inquired as to the average life     Little League &
the rest of the Big Cat Posse starting       span of the blue cat, he directed the       outh Club of
                                                                                        Lancaster County
seeing the ill effects of all of the un-      question to Catherine Lim who stated
wanted fishing pressure brought on due
to the James’s notoriety. It was dis-
                                             that the oldest blue she had encoun-
                                             tered was twenty four years old.
                                                                                            sored By
cussed among the guides and agreed
upon that the James needed a rest.           Judging from my conversation with
                                                                                                            Weigh In
                                                                                                            Station                        Augus
                                                                                                                                           August 20, 2011
                                             these three fisheries personnel, and a
The Potomac River: Attention was then        few reputable guides, the Potomac
turned upon the Potomac River to fulfill      River is undoubtedly your best chance
the needs of their paying customers          for not only a trophy, but a potential
and keep their businesses afloat. Learn-      record.
ing a new river system can be challeng-                                                                $2,500
ing, especially when the river is as large   If you decide to tangle with these big                         Second Prize

as the Potomac. When very little verbal      cats, it is recommended that you use a                       ,
                                                                                                        $1 000
information is attainable, a good map        stiff seven foot rod, and a sturdy reel                          Third Prize

becomes our best friend and saves us         that is capable of holding at least two                       $750
valuable time on the water and poten-        hundred yards of twenty pound plus                             Fourth Prize
tially from hazardous situations.            test monofilament. Due to the fish’s                            $500
                                             abrasive mouth, it is also recommended                             f
                                                                                                              Fifth Prize
It’s also possible to use our resources      to use at least a forty pound test                            $250                                              804-724-9279
and contact the men and women that           leader.                                                        Ba
                                                                                                            Based on 60 boats
maintain and protect our waters. That’s
exactly what I did by placing a call to       I also noticed these guides using flat
John Odenkirk of the Virginia Depart-        weights on their rigs. The reason being
ment of Game and Inland Fisheries.           is that they will lay flat on the bottom
John said the Potomac River is literally     as opposed to rolling in the strong cur-
exploding with big blues. He said the        rent. Unanimously, all the guides I
population growth curve is about two         spoke to agreed that indigenous, and
decades behind the likes of the James        preferable fresh bait was the key to
River, but with a larger and more pro-       success. However, these fish rarely pass
ductive watershed and forage base, the       up an easy meal. Whether incoming or
Potomac is well on its way to record         out going, fish a moving tide when                                                                                                                  )"100
status. I also asked John about potential    these cats are most actively looking for                                                                                                         -$. !, 0
“Hot Spots” for that the average angler      food.
might target for these giants.
                                             During the months of May and June                                                                                                                        4

He stated that these fish can tolerate        blues can be fickle at times due to the
fairly strong salinities, and locating       spawn, but once that’s complete it’s                                                                                                   0,  - * 2$(&' (+ !3 !, 0 ,.
                                                                                                                                                                                  !3 ., #
them down to, and even past the Colo-        game on! Typically night fishing proves                                                                                                     -0 (+/     .($%(+&
                                                                                                                                                                                      .(# 3   1&1/0       0'   0,   -*
nial Beach should not be a problem.          to be better during the summer
                                                                                                                                                                                      2 .#/        01.# 3       0   -*
However, he went on to say that sam-         months, and is also easier on the angler
ples the D.G.I F. have been in on sug-       as well. So either from a boat or from
gest that anglers need only venture          shore, it could be your name in the
down river as far as the deeper bends        record books the next time you choose
near Marshall Hall, and Mattawoman to        to Tangle with the Big Cats of the City.
find big fish. He said that even the
bridge abutments in the D.C. area har-       Chris Eberwien’s Catfishing Guide serv-
                                                                                                       ),1+#$.       ,1.+ *$+0            , 0     +0.3       ,.*
bor some real monsters.                      ice can be reached at (804)449-6134            %/) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$      +10)                         )..
                                                                                            ((3)44 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$     ,59 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ #           $$$$$$$$$$$

Fish stories are just that, so for an ac-    If you have any questions feel free to         1%5   %/) 13 92) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    /%,. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                                                                                            0*.)34   $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$   )0,13 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
tual Potomac River record I turned to        contact Chris Jenkins at                   "165+ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ %(9 $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

the assistant director of fisheries serv-                     %9                 +)'- $$$$$$$$$$$$$$       %4+ $$$$$$$$$$$$$

ice, Don Cosden. He stated that the cur-                                                    ,*0%563)$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
                                                                                             %-) '+)'-4 2%9%&.) 51
                                                                                             %5+)74 194 %0( ,3.4 .6& 18       %5+)74 !

                                                                                                            • JUNE 2011                                                               21
Kayaking for Flounder
                                                                                 the water temps warm up in the
                                                                                 summer time, flounder start to            Over under water structure like the
                                                                                 hang in the deeper water. Targeting      rocks of any of the bridge tunnel is-
                                                                                 flounder from a kayak this time of        lands’, jigging vertically in the rocks
                                                                                 year isn’t as easy as in the spring      not only get the bait to the flounder
                                                                                 when they are shallow, but totally       but helps you keep your jig heads
                                                                                 doable from kayaks.                      from snagging. When walking the
                                                                                                                          jig up and down the rocks you can
                                                                                 When flounder are deep, they are          control your kayak by using the one
                                                                                 around hard structure. In the spring     arm paddling technique. This is not
                                                                                 they will ambush bait around shal-       the simplest paddling trick to do
                                                                                 low sand bars, in the summer they        and can put a lot of strain on your
                                                                                 like to blend in with rocks and wait     joints.
                                                                                 for baitfish to swim by.                 The key is to always use a point on
                                                                                                                          your body to push the paddle with.
                                                                                 When I’m fishing in the shallow           For example, with the paddle in my
                                                                                 water, a half an ounce jig head and      right hand, to move forward I press
                                                                                 a Berkley Gulp body works for            the paddle shaft with my PFD (life-
                                                                                 flounder. In the summer when they         jacket) while I pull the paddle blade
                                                                                 are deep I like to use a 2 or more       through the water with my right
                                                                                 ounce jig head and a larger Gulp.        hand. What will hurt your wrist is
                                                                                 There are plenty of small fish that       trying to control the paddle with
                                                                                 are going to nip at the gulp baits. I    your hand by itself. Always have a
                                                                                 like to use tough body Gulp bait         fulcrum point when one arm pad-
                                                                                 when croaker, spot, pinfish, pigfish       dling.
                                                                                 and small black sea bass attack the
                                                                                 Gulp baits. Gulp Jerk shads, Shrimp,     When using the Gulp and jig head
By Kayak Kevin Whitley                   dollars and hours are spent hunting
                                                                                 and the new Ripple mullet can with-      combos you don’t have to wait to
                                         these fish. Early in the season as the
                                                                                 stand the small fish attacks com-         set the hook, when you fell that the
Flounder is one of the main tar-         water temps are warming from the
                                                                                 pared to the curly tail Gulps.           flounder has it set the hook and get
geted species of fish in the Bay.         winter cold, flounder are first
                                                                                                                          em up. Flounder are notorious
Neck and neck with stripers, many        caught in the shallow waters. When
                                                                                 One very distinct advantage for the      about getting off the hook at the
                                                                                 kayaker is the ability to get close to   side of the boat or kayak. I use the
                                                                                 out-of-the-water structure. Not          leg scoop to land them in my kayak.
                                                                                 only can we get close but can bang       With the fish kayak side I keep pres-
                                                                                 into bridge pilings without thou-        sure on the fish w and grab the
                                                                                 sands of dollars of damage to our        leader. With my leg in the water, I
                                                                                 boats or risk damage to the bridge.      leader the fish between my leg and
                                                                                 The sand at the base of every pilling    the kayak, with one fluid motion, I
                                                                                 is always dug out from the wash of       lift with my leg and the leader and
                                                                                 the current.                             “scoop” the flounder into the
                                                                                 This indention in the sand is a great
                                                                                 position for a flounder to hide the       Flounder are always a fun and pro-
                                                                                 current sweeps disorientated bait-       ductive fish to target from a kayak,
                                                                                 fish by the piling and the current        and with a little practice and the
                                                                                 eddy behind the pilling can trap         one arm paddling technique kayak
                                                                                 baitfish. When the current isn’t to      anglers can GET ON’EM!
                                                                                 strong I like to slip my kayak into
                    !               /                                            the eddy. The reversing current in        Check out for more pictures,
                                                                                 the eddy can hold my kayak in posi-      videos, weekly kayak reports and
                                                                                 tion. Then I drop the jig down to the    info on kayak fishing DVDs.
                                                                                 bottom and give it a few bounces.
22    JUNE 2011 •
                                             %##!,- !' *(!
                                 ! $ 0! '' 2*/, *""-$*,!          -/++'%!-
                                                                                          *'           !'
                                            !*,#!   -$%)#.*) !(     12                         ! '!,
                                     %')   ,!!& !).!, 3 (%'! *""


                                                     "                       !
     &               $ !   # !             "$ ,%     $ %&              %     "'$!              !&
")       +       !    &*
             +                                     (((       &     $ ! # ! "
                                                • JUNE 2011          23
A. Ken Neill, Wes Blow, Roger Burnley and Steve Martin had a successful day of
   fishing during the re-opening of Virginia’s sea bass season on May 22. They
   caught a nice class of bass with a number pushing the 5-pound mark.

B.    Josh Monroe caught a largemouth bass in Pungo, Virginia Beach on April 2011.
      The fish weighed 8 pounds and was 21 inches long.

C.    Brent Smith caught this bass while fishing a mill pond near Tappahannock.
      The fish weighed 5 ½ pounds and was the biggest one Brent has ever caught.

D. Pete and Barbara Kauneckas of Kilmarnock, VA along with their son Philip of
   Danville, VA are holding up one of the 18 sailfish they caught on a two day
   fishing trip to Isla Mujeres in March 2011.

E.    Roger Burnley is holding a golden tilefish caught at the Norfolk Canyon while
      fishing on the Healthy Grin.

F.    This big red drum was caught in the breakers at Fisherman’s Island Inlet while
      fishing on the “Get Anet” with Capt. Rick Wineman. The angler is Rick’s
      brother, David Wineman.

G. (L-R) Steven Tigpen, Sam Fisher, Roland Martin, and Chuck O’Bier had suc-
   cessful hunting during the last week of turkey season. For more info on the trip
   you can reach Chuck at

 24      JUNE 2011 •
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                                                                              Captains, Route Extension From Inland to Near Coastal,
                                                                               Assistance Towing, Auxiliary Sail and First Aid/CPR.
                                                                              Original Issue, Upgrade or Renewal of Current License.
                                                                                            All Testing Done On-Site.

                                                                            Call 1-800-642-CMTI
                                                                 Application assistance, physical examinations, drug screens
                                                               and other services available. Give our license consultants a call!
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                                                        JUNE 9 – 11, 2011                           COMMONWEALTH COBIA CHALLENGE at
 +" ++1 ) ,.( ,1+03     0#.2 3/ ))' +!# +!              28TH ANNUAL REEDVILLE FISHING DERBY         BACKRIVER OUTFITTERS
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'+   .'4#    ,+#3
                                                                                                    AUGUST 8 – 12, 2011
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                                                        FLOUNDER BOWL, DARE MARINA YORK-            OCEAN CITY, MD, 410-289-9229
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            01." 3        1%                            JULY 12, 2011
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                                     '+#/ +
                                     #'%& +

                                          '!+'! $,.
                                   )) - .0'!'- +0/
                                     '**#"' 0#)3
                      ,1.+ *#+0 ,-#. 0#/ $.,*
                                 .#   .'+                   #
                                ,.(0,2+                                                   0
                                1)#/ +" #+0.3 $,.*/ 0                           /// "&#.!-#!(#$'.&'+%"&!))#+%# ",*
                 222 3,.(!,1+032 0#.2 3/ ))' +!# !,*                               #                                 ""!

                                                                 • JUNE 2011                              25
Bass Basics - Crankbaits
By Tim Sherman                              Some crankbaits are stout-bod-        gles downward from the front of          crankbait. It has a multiple pur-
                                         ied while others are thin. Typically     the bait will produce a wider wob-       poses, but shines when retrieved
   Earlier this year, I was asked to     the wider the lure’s body the wider      ble. The first picture shows lures on     through open water with sporadic
elaborate further on one of my arti-     the wobble the lure will have. A few     the market today that work the           cover. A coffin bill crankbait usually
cles while it was in the preproduc-      other factors also play into the         water column shallow to deep, top        has a slender body. These two de-
tion stage at Chesapeake Angler.         lure’s motion.                           to bottom respectively.                  sign qualities afford the lure a tight
The article was written as such that                                                                                       wiggle that is more appealing to
most bass anglers would under-                                                                                             bass in cold water. The corners of
stand. Yet, if someone new to fish-                                                                                         the lip make the lure bump off of
ing would have read it, they would                                                                                         cover at strange angles, and can
have been left wondering. This                                                                                             provoke reaction strikes from
sparked an idea between the edito-                                                                                         lethargic bass. The square bill bait is
rial staff and me to write articles                                                                                         often cast to sunken wood along
about the basics of fishing from                                                                                            banks, and around piers. The lip is
time to time.                                                                                                              positioned downward, helping
                                                                                                                           guard the front treble hook from
   In fishing, there are numerous
                                                                                                                           becoming snagged. Like the coffin
lures to cast to entice largemouth
                                                                                                                           bill, it deflects at odd angles. Most
and smallmouth bass. Many of their
                                                                                                                           square bill baits are designed to
names end in “bait”. There are
                                                                                                                           work at depths down to five feet.
swim baits, spinnerbaits, chatter
baits, jerkbaits, buzzbaits, etc.                                                                                          COLORS
One of the most common lures                                                                                                   Crankbaits on tackle shop dis-
you’ll hear about is a crankbait. The                                                                                      plays cover the entire spectrum of
name is derived from the presenta-                                                                                         color. Some hues are designed to
tion — cast the lure out and crank it                                                                                      catch fishermen more than bass,
back in (if only it was that simple).                                                                                      but having several colors on hand is
The lure’s best quality is that it al-                                                                                     a must. One commonly uttered say-
lows you to cover great expanses of                                                                                        ing is, “If the water is cold, give ‘em
the water quickly. As with the many                                                                                        gold.” Black back gold lures do, in-
varieties of lures, a novice angler                                                                                        deed, work very well in late fall and
can find choosing a crankbait to be                                                                                         early spring. As waters begin to
quite a dilemma. For this article                                                                                          warm, the trend is to cast cranks
we’ll be discussing floating models                                                                                         with brown and/or chartreuse as
because they are the most widely                                                                                           the main tone. Brown crawfish and
used.                                                                                                                      fire tiger patterns are good choices.
                                                                                                                           These tones also work well in dingy
                                                                                                                           colored water. I find that natural
   Crankbaits are made from either                                                                                         hues work best in summer.
plastic or wood, with cedar and          Notice, too, that a crankbait has a         Along with different length and        Silver/black, shad, and bluegill color
balsa the most common woods              clear plastic protrusion sticking out    angles, the lip of a crankbait will be   schemes are what I will cast. These
used. Wooden lures are more buoy-        from its face. This is referred to as    either round, square, or coffin            colors closely match the forage that
ant than plastic ones. They will float    the lure’s lip or bill. The longer the   shaped. Each has its particular use,     bass feed on in our brackish waters.
up faster through the water column       lip extends from the face of the         yet they can be productive in sev-
                                                                                                                              Across the country, you will find
when you stop retrieving the lure.       lure, the deeper it will dive. The       eral different scenarios. The second
                                                                                                                           a specific color is dominant on a
Most crankbaits are designed to re-      angle at which the lip protrudes         picture shows an example of each
                                                                                                                           particular lake. On Lake High Rock
semble fish — a shad, a perch, or a       also determines the lure’s action. A     type of lip, left to right — square,
                                                                                                                           where I fish with my brother, a
bluegill. A few are made to mimic        bill that comes straight ahead will      coffin, and round. The most com-
                                                                                                                           crankbait with chartreuse sides and
crawfish.                                 have a tighter wiggle. A bill that an-   mon of the three is the round bill
26    JUNE 2011 •
a green or blue back seems to get        need to make contact with under-
more strikes that a standard shad        water objects to get the best re-
pattern. Bass pro Randy Yarnall, has     sults. Bump a stump, knock a rock,
also found that certain lakes have a     or tick the top of underwater vege-
fingerprint. On the Finger Lakes of       tation. When glancing off of a rock
New York, he finds that the sexy          or tree, stop your retrieve momen-
shad scheme works well. On certain       tarily to allow the lure to flow up.
Florida lakes, bass favor crankbaits     When ticking the grass, quickly
with a brown and yellow color pair-      twitch the rod tip. These actions
ing. Randy also knows that he            often make bass react to the lure.
should carry lures in the emerald
shiner pattern when fishing Lake              Check your line often when fish-
Champlain.                               ing with crankbaits. Line is easily
                                         chaffed when fishing around rock                              OUTFISHES LIVE BAIT
TUNING, TECHNIQUES, AND TIPS             and wood cover. I choose 10-pound                           Gulp!Alive! has a powerful attractant that acts like a
                                         test line for most of my cranking.                          blood trail in the water. And just by placing it back in the
    Often you will find that a            Many manufacturers use this                                 attractant, you can recharge and reuse it. Gulp!Alive!
crankbait will not track true. It will   weight of line as their standard for                        outfishes and outlasts live bait.
run off to one side or the other. This    achieving the depth a lure is esti-                                                       
is known as a crankbait that is out      mated to dive. When casting square
of tune. Should you have a mis-          bills into shoreline wood I opt for
tuned lure, use needle nose pliers       stronger 14-pound test. No matter                oceans East 2 - 757-464-6544 - Va Beach, Va
to lightly bend the line tie to the      what the line is, I’ll always run my
center of the bait. This should make     fingernail down the line after a              anglers sport center - 410-757-3442 - annapolis, mD
it track directly back to you. Yarnall   dozen casts to check for nicks.
has found that leaving too much of
                                                                                  Dance’s sporting goods - 804-526-8399 - colonial heights, Va
a tag end from your knot will also           It’s hard to summarize crankbaits
throw the lure out of tune.              in just one article. Entire books have
                                                                                    princess anne Distributing- 757-428-1000 - Va Beach, Va
                                         been written about fishing this lure.
   As mentioned earlier, merely          However, this basic knowledge
casting and winding in a crankbait                                                 green Top sporting goods - 804-550-2188 - glenn allen, Va
                                         should give you a start into catching
will not catch many bass. Some an-       with crankbaits.
gler intervention is required. You’ll                                               surfside Bait & Tackle - 804-730-2238 - mechanicsville, Va

                                                                                     • JUNE 2011                                 27
By Keith Kaufman                           410.967.1664)                               Up Publications; 401.798.6503,           crankbaits, and Case Magic Stiks. On
                                                                                                       the tidal Potomac River, Ken’s guides
Anglers with Captain Walt at Light         Captain Sonney Forrest at Reel Relief                                                and their anglers have caught small-
Tackle Charters enjoyed exciting shal-     Charters said recent rockfish trolling      Ken Penrod at Life Outdoors Unlim-       mouth bass on the shorelines above
low-water striped bass action out of       has been good for anglers who have          ited provided us with reports for both   Three Sisters with tubes and Rapala
Crisfield in May. Walt said they were      downsized their lures and have been         the upper Potomac River and tidal        crankbaits. Smallmouth and large-
actually targeting speckled trout in       fishing them deeper (than during the        Potomac River. At Lander on the          mouth bass have been hooked at
the shallows, but when 30-inch             spring trophy season). In early June,       upper Potomac, Ken said productive       Long Bridge, Key Bridge, Pentagon La-
striped bass hit the baits instead, no     Captain Sonney expects flounder to          locations have included deeper holes     goon, Washington Channel and Blue
one complained. “During a falling tide     be on the channel edges across from         adjacent to Catocin Creek, Sawbuck       Plains, primarily on crankbaits, plastic
has been the best time and best baits      Solomons, Cove Point and the points         Ledges, the Wall grass-beds, holes       tubes, and spinnerbaits.
                                                     in the Patuxent River. Small      and ledges below Fence Creek, and
                                                     live spot and squid are good      holes below Burkhart’s Riffle. At        Hot spots in the Woodrow Wilson
                                                     flounder baits, “just put in      Whites and Edwards Ferry, Ken rec-       Bridge area have included the coves
                                                     the time. Try a falling tide      ommended the ledges near Edwards,        near Belle Haven, barges and grass-
                                                     and wind drift that will          the mouth of Goose Creek, wood           beds in Broad Creek, the southern
                                                     move your boat up or down         cover near the power line on the         shore of Swan Creek, and coves in
                                                     the edge.”                        Maryland side, and Balls Cliff.          Piscataway Creek. In Mattawoman
                                                                                                                                Creek, the back half of the creek has
                                                     Captain Sonney also re-           Smallmouth bass in these locations       provided bass action on falling water
                                                     ported spot on the oyster         have been attacking Campground           on spinnerbaits.
                                                     bars and very good action         Special teaser tubes, Rapala DT4
                                                     with croaker in the

                                                                                               Marine Construction
                                                     evenings. “Black drum will

                                                                                                and Landscaping
                                                     be passing through this
                                                     area in June and the
                                                     ‘boomers’ will be a targeted
                                                     fish.” (Captain Sonney For-

                                                                                                              Specializing in custom piers
                                                     rest at Reel Relief Charters;
                                                                                                                     and boat lifts
                                                     443.532.0836, or www.cap-
                                                                                                                   to fit your needs.

                                                         Poor water conditions (high
                                                         and muddy) resulted in
                                                                                               BOATLIFTS     PERMITS     BULKHEAD       DECKS      LANDSCAPE

                                                                                                           DOCK MASTERS
                                                         slow striped bass trolling
                                                         for many anglers during the
                                                         early part of the season.
                                                         Hopefully, conditions will
This black drum was the first caught this season,
aboard the charter boat “worm,” which departs from       improve and the trolling
chesapeake Beach, mD.                                    bite will come on strong in
                                                         June. According to Lenny
                                                         Rudow at Geared Up Publi-
have been jigheads tipped with a
                                              cations, “Stripers have been hitting
white, chartreuse or pink Assassin or
                                              chunked bunker off Hackett’s since
twister tail.” According to Walt,
                                              early May, which should be a really
“Chesapeake Bay shallow-water fish-
                                              good sign for the June
ing is also a lot of fun with 7-weight
                                              chumming/chunking bite in the mid-
fly gear and flashy Deceivers.”
                                              dle bay.” In other news, “June is also
Walt will continue to fish for skinny-        shark month out of Ocean City, so

                                                                                                       Andy Thorndike
water speckled trout and striped              those with an adventurous streak and
bass. He’s also running trips on the          a trailer boat may want to head to OC
ocean, sight-fishing for cobia and off- and run to the Fingers, Jackspot, or                     804-580-3625 or 804-761-4025

                                                                                                  The Northern Neck
shore casting for dolphin. (Captain           similar inshore lumps to take a shot
Walt at Light Tackle Charters;                at a mako.” (Lenny Rudow at Geared

28     JUNE 2011 •                                       S
            -- & ++,"(                             &$/0$.                            $)0 2'))$
           ..$006/   .'+    +"                  1%%$#    .'+$                       .,3+/    .'+$

            ..$00/* .'+ ",*                    1%%$#* .'+$ ",*                    .,3+/* .'+$ ",*

     /&) +#                            $)0 2'))$                       .+& *                            $$#2'))$
,,-$.6/    .'+$ +"                 '**$.* +     .'+$ 0            &$) +6/   .'+                     $006/   .'+$   +"
                                      ,.2'$3   .'+
",,-$./* .'+$ +$0                                                3&$) +/* .'+ ",*                   $00/* .'+$ ",*
                                  5'**$.* +* .'+$ ",*

             '"&*,+#                               ,.(0,3+                            ),1"$/0$.
                                                                                  4/0$. ,2$ , 03,.(/
          ,10&$ /0$.+      .'+$                     .$   .'+
                                                                                  4/0$.",2$!, 03,.(/ ",
       10&$ /0$.+* .'+$ +$0                        .$* .'+ ",*

                                                             • JUNE 2011             29
W i n n i n g F l o u n d e r S t r at e g i e s
Each summer, hundreds of Virginia’s
finest flounder fishermen gather to-         These structures include the wrecks
gether to compete against each other      and artificial reefs inside and near the
in the Flounder Bowl. Winning this        mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Some
tournament is not a “fluke”. These         of the most productive structures are
anglers are not drifting around out       the Cape Henry Wreck, Back River
there, with their minnow and squid        Reef, and the Cell, though any of the
baits, hoping for a big flounder. They     wrecks and reefs can produce large
will be fishing particular areas, using    flounder. What they all have in com-
specialized techniques designed to        mon is that they concentrate forage,
target the largest of the Old Domin-      provide current breaks and provide
ion’s flatfish. We are going to explore    good ambush points for a hungry
some of these tournament-winning          flounder. You will find depressions,
strategies.                               next to these structures, caused by
                                          current washout. Flounder will stack
Structure is King                         up in these areas and wait for food to
                                          be brought to them.
The overriding theme to all of the
winning strategies is that the largest    The largest piece of flounder struc-
flounder are very structure oriented.      ture in the bay is the Chesapeake Bay
These trophy flounder anglers will         Bridge Tunnel. Large flounder can be
target specific pieces of structure and    found all along this structure but cer-    as a super highway and large flounder      larger flounder? The answer is yes.
at times, very small areas. It is amaz-   tain areas are known for producing         will be caught all along it.              You will find that many of the tourna-
ing how many large flounder will           the largest flounder. The four rock is-                                               ment anglers have left the minnows
crowd into a small area when the          lands of the CBBT are all good floun-       The channel edge is good but we           behind in favor of larger live baits for
conditions are right.                     der areas. Specifically, the washout        need something more to concentrate        flounder. Live spot has become the
                                          areas at the ends of the islands, both     large fish for us. Areas of live or        prime bait for doormat flounder.
                                          the tunnel and bridge end. The curve,      rough bottom near the channel is          Other live fish like small croaker, mul-
                                          near the third island has a lot of bot-    prime. You will find bottom like this in   let, and perch all make excellent baits
                                          tom structure.                             the buoy 42 area of the Baltimore         for large flounder. If you do not have
                                                                                     Channel. Near buoy 36A, of the North      live fish, strips of cut fish work just
                                          A very good area can be found past         Channel, is another area to find live      fine.
                                          the forth island as you are heading        bottom. Both the buoy 42 and 36A
                                          towards the Eastern Shore. The first        areas are well known for producing        Again, the theme is large baits for
                                          “pull off” area of the old (seaside)        large flounder.                            large flounder. The length of your
                                          span, where the bridge goes from                                                     strips is often based on the size of the
                                          three pilings to four has a lot of rock    Big Bait, Big Fish                        fish you get them from. Bluefish,
                                          on the bottom. There is a span of          If you can use a minnow to catch a        flounder, cobia belly, and false alba-
                                          about four piling sets that will hold      flounder, will a larger minnow catch a     core are all used to make strip baits
                                          large flounder in all of that structure.
                                          Further down the span, the pilings
                                          near the high-rise section have a lot
                                          of rubble around them that big floun-
                                          der like to hang out next to.
                                          So far, we have talked about hard
                                          structures. There is another type of
                                          structure that anglers will fish for tro-
                                          phy flounder and that’s channel
                                          edges. The Baltimore Channel is the
                                          main channel coming into the Chesa-
                                          peake Bay. Big flounder will use this
                                                                                                                                                        Flounder rig

30    JUNE 2011 •
 Bluefish strip.

from. Any fish that you have access to      give the bait action. You can use strip
can be used to make strip baits.           baits (and live baits) while drifting,
The basic terminal tackle for flounder      but you will often find the serious
is a 3-way swivel with a short leader      flounder sharpies slow trolling their
to a sinker and another leader to your     strip baits over productive bottom.
hook. The Kahle style hook is used by
most flounder fishermen. It is typi-         You will see them with smaller mo-
cally a plain hook when using live fish     tors for trolling or dragging, some-
as bait. When strip baits are used, the    times elaborate, drift sock setups to
hook will be dressed up with colorful      slow their trolling speed down. When
bucktails, spinners, or other attrac-      they find a small area holding floun-
tors.                                      der, they will work it hard, not relying
                                           on current and wind to drift them
Another productive way to target           over the same area again. This is a fa-
large flounder is to get rid of this 3-     vorite technique around the buoy 42
way swivel rig and just use a jig to fish   area.
the bottom structure. The jig hook
can be baited with a cut fish strip or      Almost all flounder anglers are using
use an artificial bait like the Gulp        braided fishing line now. Exceptions
baits.                                     to this are those trolling for flounder
                                           around hard structures. Here, wire-
Techniques                                 line offers protection from abrasion.
                                           Wire-line trolling can be used any-
The actual fishing technique will vary      where but it is at the CBBT where you
with the structure and the bait being      will find this technique used the most.
used. While fishing live bait around        The rig is the regular flounder 3-way
the hard structures, the captain can       swivel setup with a much longer
use the boat engine to hold the an-        leader to your hook.
glers over the productive bottom.
This is done a lot at the CBBT. Jigs can   Here, the “hook” is typically a bucktail
also be used to probe the bottom           jig dressed with a strip bait. These
around the structure while the cap-        trophy flounder hunters will slowly
tain keeps the boat in the sweet spot.     troll along the up-current side of the
Some anglers will anchor on the            structure while keeping their sinker in
structure when using live bait. Cast       contact with the bottom. The current
your bottom rig up current and let it      sweeps the light bucktail jig towards
be swept down the structure to a           the structure where the flounder are
waiting flounder.                           waiting. Wire-line trolling is not done
                                           as much now that fishing with live
This technique is typically used on the    spot has become so popular. It is still
wrecks and artificial reefs. When           a very productive technique for those
using live baits, the angler relies on     who are good at it and I would not be
the bait to provide the action to en-      at all surprised to see a wire-liner
tice a big flounder to bite. With strip     holding this year’s Flounder Bowl Tro-
baits, there needs to be movement to       phy.
                                                                             • JUNE 2011   31
North Carolina Offshore Report
By Captain Jay Kavanagh of Bite Me Charters                                                                                                                       Bite Me

Spring fishing continues on the outer banks for        baiting big mahi stacked up behind the Bite Me!
dolphin, tuna, wahoo, billfish and some cobia
too.                                                   The Oregon Inlet boats have been mostly fishing
                                                       down our way off Hatteras, and closer to home
Offshore of Morehead City / Beaufort / Atlantic        catching mixed bags as well.
Beach they are catching lots of blackfin tuna. A       As I write this report, we are in the middle of the
few wahoo are in the box as well. Dolphin are          Hatteras Village Offshore Open. Yesterday was
starting to make a good showing too.                   the first fishing day and there was some pretty
Down in Morehead City big thanks goes out to           good action. Blue Marlin were released by Sea
Richard Montana and all of his volunteers of the       Striker, Outlaw, Wired Up, Release, Outer Limits,
Reelin for Research Tournament. They raised an         Cat Baby, and the Endorfin. Wired Up also re-
unbelievable amount of money for The Chil-             leased a white marlin to put him in first place. A
dren’s Promise. Chain Link came in first, with         big blue marlin was brought to the dock by the
Dancin Outlaw in second. The big winner was            crew of the Low Profile.
Children’s Cancer Research. A check was pre-
sented for $98,500 to the Children’s Promise di-       Captain Darrin Callahan and crew weighed in a
rector, who stated that because of their               511 pound blue marlin to put them on the board
research, over 85% of the children diagnosed           in second place! The tournament continues
with cancer ARE CURED!                                 through Saturday. Check out for
                                                       tournament coverage. Good Luck to everyone.
Offshore from Hatteras, we are also having
some great meat fishin. Tuna, dolphin, wahoo, a        We will be fishing a lot of tournaments this sum-
few mako sharks, and a few marlins are being           mer, starting with the Hatteras Marlin Club Invi-
caught.                                                tational in June. We are really excited about it.
                                                       Check out for the entire
We are doing a little bit of fishing with the kite     scoop on fishin on the Bite Me. Stay tuned to
for tuna. It is really exciting way to catch tunas     see what’s bitin. Give me a shout and let’s go
when they won’t bite the trolling stuff. It is a re-   fishing!
ally cool bite seeing the tuna jump out of the
water for the bait!                                    Captain Jay Kavanagh
                                                       Bite Me Sportfishing Charters
Gaffer sized dolphin are showin up in good num- - 252-996-0295
bers too. Talk about action, nothing like pitch

                                              Virginia Offshore Report                                                    By Ric Burnley

                                             By Ric Burnley                               This is a good time to employ vertical    chunks of squid will catch them two-at-
                                                                                          jigs, too. When you mark a concentra-     a-time, but a Lucanus jig on a Tescata
                                             Finally, after a long boring winter, off-     tion of bluefin, use a heavy action jig-   rod and Calcutta reel will make catching
                                             shore fishing should be going off this         ging rod to drop a 250 gram jig to the    sea bass fast and fun.
                                             month. June begins with bluefin tuna          fish. By mid may, yellowfin tuna will
                                             at Hot Dog, Cigar, Fingers, 26 Mile Hill,    ride warm water eddies inshore from       Grouper and tiles should also be avail-
                                             and the Crotch.                              the Gulf Stream.                          able on the live bottom along the 50
                        !                                                                                                           fathom curve. Chunks of squid or cut
                                             For bluefin key in on bait, so when you        Look for the fish in 70 to 76 degree      fish on beefed up 100 pound test bot-
                                             mark squid, anchovies, or sand eels on       that crosses the 100 fathom curve, Nor-   tom rig with an 8/0 hook and a 16
                                             the fishfinder, look for bluefinto be           folk, or Washington Canyon.               ounce sinker will catch these fish – as
                                             near.                                                                                  will a heavier Lucanus jig or a 250 gram
                                                                                          Wahoo and dolphin may join the yel-       vertical jig.
                                             Troll the area with Ilanders rigged with     lowfin. With any luck, sea bass season
                                             large ballyhoo. The trick to fooling         may reopen in May. If this happens,       By the end of the month, billfish – es-
                                             bluefin is fishing the baits far behind        offshore anglers will be doubly blessed.   pecially blue marlin – will be a good
                                             the boat. If that doesn’t trick them into    The deepwater wrecks past 50 fathoms      possibility. Then, it will officially be
                                             biting, try using 200 to 100 pound fluo-      should hold good numbers of fat sea       summer. Finally!
                                             rocarbon leader.                             bass. A 2-hook bottomrig baited with

32     JUNE 2011 •
                    % #                                                    "                    %
                                   ' &* $" ' &%
                              !                    ! '                 &
                                && !& "! &"                   &
               $" %% "!                 "$             !% # !                &
                      )# $ !                 ! "!%&$' & "!

          (((                         % "                          % "                                    "
                               %) # '          !       # #&(!      #                                              "
                                   $%' %#          $     % #

                                     *&' - % )                         &+( $& #)
                                                         (-       ##       !, #-
                             &% -           (! -                                   *+( -
                            $ !#         ) &$ ) "                 ## (& &$

       Pride of Virginia Seafood Products                                                                                                                 2"--&2 2*6&
                                                                                                    7/ #&%2//- /.& #"4)             31 '4 $/4        &"4)36*,,&

                    A DIVISION OF C.W. O’BIER & SON, INC.                                               4"(& /. 3-",, $/6& 7*4) "$$&33 4/
                                                                                                     /4/-"$ *6&2 ".% 4)& "8 9 ,/2*%": 480&
                                                                                                                                                     5%8 !&##    2*.$*0", 2/+&2
                       2980 Mundy Point Road Callao, VA 22435                                                2//- /. 2&"2 7*4) %&$+                   &,,
                             Phone (804) 529-7350                                                    $/--5.*48 "-&.*4*&3 *.$,5%& 0//, #/"4
                                                                                                                                                    &-"*, -&2*4 2&",48 8")// $/-
                                                                                                            2"-0 #&"$)
                Fax (804) 529-7070 In Reedville: (804) 453-6191
   For your convenience BAIT, CHUM, LIVE SPOT & ICE will be sold at Reedville Steamboat Wharf
                         next to Sea Products located across from Pride of VA                                                                     6&2    "$2& ,&6&, ,/4 7*4) 3&04*$
                                                                                                                                                  "002 $&.42", 7"4&2 "6"*, .*$&

Layers of bottom paint slowing you down?                                                                                                         6*&7 /' /4/-"$ *. 35#%*6 7*4)
                                                                                                                                                0//, #&"$) #/"4 2"-0 ".% $)"..&,
         Blast them off with gel coat friendly,                                                                                                         4/ /4/-"$ "8
          environmentally safe baking soda!
      Boat Bottoms • Auto restoration • Fire restoration • Graffiti
               Blasting all of Hampton Roads with our mobile unit!
                           C a l l ( 7 5 7 ) 3 4 3 -9 9 3 2

                                                                                                          Please send fishing or hunting photos to
                                                                                                        Please include information! (Who, What, Where, When and How)
                                                                                                             • JUNE 2011                           33
                          Surfcasting The Outer Banks of North Carolina
                          by Joe Malat

                        Cast Nets for the Surfcaster
                                                             From time to time I receive       how large the pie will be. A     gallon bucket with a lid. I
mac currin with a load of mullet
he caught in his cast net from
                                                             requests to write about spe-      four-foot radius net will        currently have three Betts
the beach at cape hatteras.                                  cific topics that relate to surf   have a diameter of eight         nets that have seen more
photo by Joe malat.                                          fishing and a request I hear       feet when fully opened.          than 15 years of hard use
                                                             frequently is how to select                                        and are in great shape.
                                                             and use cast nets. In my          It makes sense that the          Observe a dozen anglers
                                                             opinion, a cast net should be     biggest net will catch the       who throw a cast net and
                                                             a “must have” piece of gear       most fish with the fewest         you are liable to observe
                                                             for anyone who fishes the          number of throws. In ideal       twelve different techniques.
                                                             surf. There’s absolutely no       conditions that is true, but     If you purchase your net at
                                                             substitute for very fresh bait    let’s consider a practical “on   any one of the local Outer
                                                             and that’s why I always have      the beach” situation. During     Banks tackle shops, most of
                                                             a cast net in my beach vehi-      the fall on the Outer Banks,     the shop operators will be
                                                             cle.                              some of the best runs of         glad to give you some basic
                                                                                               mullet occur when the wind       instruction. Practice makes
                                                             Mullet is one of the most ef-     is blowing into the thrower’s    perfect.
                                                             fective natural baits used by     face and it’s tough to throw
                                                             Outer Banks surfcasters. In       a large cast net any great       On the beach a pair of polar-
                                                             early September huge              distance into a brisk wind. A    ized sunglasses and a cap
                                                             schools of finger mullet are       five-footer can be thrown         will enable you to see the
                                                             in the surf with speckled         easily into the wind.            skittish mullets before they
                                                             trout, bluefish, flounder and                                        see you. Don’t walk into the
                                                             drum in hot pursuit. Beach        Sometimes the mullet are         water to try to get close to
                                                             anglers can easily catch their    cruising in the breaking         the cruising mullets as they
                                                             own bait with a cast net. For     waves, about 15 to 20 feet       move along the shoreline.
                                                             the price of a few dozen fin-      from shore. It’s tough to
                                                             ger mullet you can buy a net      throw a big net that far. A      They will see you and head
                                                             that will provide you with        few, well-placed throws          for deeper water (just be-
                                                             fresh bait for years to come.     with a five-foot net will         yond the range of your net!)
                                                                                               catch anyone enough mullet       as they approach. Stand a
                                                             A cast net is a simple circular   for a full day’s fishing.         few feet back from the
                                                             net with weights at the bot-                                       water’s edge, and throw the
                                                             tom. After the net is thrown      I own cast nets in several ra-   net on a low, straight trajec-
                                                             over a school of fish, it set-     dius sizes, from three feet to   tory. A high toss allows
                                                             tles to the bottom, covers        eight feet, but the net I use    them enough time to franti-
                                                             the fish and traps them until      most frequently from the         cally scoot out from under
                                                             the thrower retrieves and         beach is my five-footer. You      the approaching net, and
                                                             opens the net.                    can buy a good net with          they will do that in a heart-
                                                                                               enough weight to settle fast     beat.
                                                             Cast nets are measured by         enough to trap the speedi-
                                                             mesh size and radius length.      est of mullets for around        Go ahead and put a cast net
                                                             The ideal size mesh for all-      fifty dollars. I’ve used Betts    in with your surf fishing
                                                             purpose bait gathering along      Cast nets for decades. They      gear, learn to throw it well
                                                             the Outer Banks is 3/8-inch.      make a quality product at a      and you will be ready for the
                                                             Ideally, the open net will        fair price.                      fall fishing season. A cast
                                                             look like a round pie (not a                                       net will not only get you the
                                                             slice of pie) when it hits the    After every use, I rinse my      freshest bait possible, they
                                                             water and the radius length,      net in fresh water and hang      are fun to throw!
                                                             which is half the diameter of     it out of the sun. After the
                                                             the open net, determines          net dries it goes into a five-

34     JUNE 2011 •
                                 Joe Malat’s

                                                                                             # &"          #     %) #                    # &%
Fish Identification • Rods & Reels • Reading The Beach                                                 "        ( &#$
 Lures & Bait • Knot Tying • Terminal Tackle • Casting                                                           &
    Beginners will “get their feet wet” with this interesting
 and exciting introduction to surf fishing. Experienced anglers
        can learn tips and techniques from the pros.
The instructors are surf fishing
experts Joe Malat and Mac                        2011 SCHEDULE:
                                                 2008 SCHEDULE
Currin. Both are experienced
surf anglers and skilled “hands-                          APRIL 17-20
on” teachers who offer personal                  October 13-16
                                                  OCTOBER 9-12
instruction in a comfortable,
relaxed atmosphere.                                  2011
   Each school includes classroom and on-the-beach instruction, surf fishing sessions,
classroom materials and an autographed copy of Joe Malat’s popular book, “Surf Fishing.”

                     More Information Contact:
                 ForFor More Information Contact:
  Joe Malat (252) 202-4189 or Mac Currin (919) 881-0049
JOE MALAT (252) 441-4767 or MAC CURRIN (919) 881-0049
         visit our web site at:
      or or visit our website at:                                                                        &                    &%
                                                                                                                              ! ) (% #
                                                                                                                     #!         !      " $ '    '
      B      PS
      BOAT TOPS                                                                                                               " !

  HOUSE RAILINGS / CUSTOM SIGNS / WAKEBOARD TOWERS / AWNINGS                                 &         #$       # &%
                                                                                                     $ #         # !"
                                                                                                   "# !#    #


        ERS                                                                                ''' & "&              # &"               #    % #!

                                                                                        • JUNE 2011              35
Calm Water Fishing
By Ric Burnley                          wake zone, killing two birds with         ing water – literally. After some       We let the wind blow us out of Lake
                                        one stone can often produce blues,        joking, Blake assured us that the       Rudee and into the turning basin.
On Saturday, I suffered a terrible       trout, and puppy drum.                    weather would be calm. We               We bounced our jigs from the inlet
beating while fishing for blue marlin                                              thought about taking refuge in Big      entrance to the metal wall to the
off Hatteras. On Wednesday, I took       Our first stop was the Rudee Inlet         Sam’s – a restaurant within casting     rocks and back. Meanwhile the
a brutal but kicking while chasing      Bridge. Blake dropped the anchor          distance – but decided that our         clouds continued to gather. The
red drum off Eastern Shore. By           outside the boating channel and we        prospects were better with the fish.     wind switched and died. We were
Wednesday, I was ready for some         each started fan casting a 4-inch                                                 sure Blake was going to have to re-
nice weather and easy fishing.           chartreuse Gulp! Minnows on ½             So we kept on fishing and catching.      deem his guarantee, but the
That’s when Captain Blake Hayden        ounce DOA jig heads. After a half         After we had determined that a big-     weather remained calm.
called up and invited me to go fish-     dozen casts, Blake got a bump. He         ger class of fish wasn’t mixed in
ing. “Guaranteed calm water,” he        set the hook and brought in a small       with these dinks, and that the rain     The anglers lining the rock wall
promised. I was in.                     flounder.                                  wasn’t going to break the guaran-       along the inlet weren’t concerned
                                                                                  tee, we moved on in search of           with the impending rain, either.
My brother Roger and I met Blake        Now we had their number. Every            something bigger.                       They were too busy catching sea
at the newly renovated Owl Creek        cast to the same area produced a                                                  mullet, spot, and croaker. Every an-
Launch Ramp off General Booth            similar sized flounder. While the          With the tide flooding and the wind      gler who cast a two hook bottom rig
Blvd in Virginia Beach early in the     fish weren’t big, they were fun. The       still blowing out of the south, we      baited with fresh or artificial blood-
afternoon. Even though the wind         light tap, feed it, another tap and       decided to start at the back of Lake    worm was rewarded with a brace of
was blowing 20 knots, there was         wait for it. Then tap, tap, tap, tug      Rudee and work our way out.             pan fish. This rig is easy to make.
hardly a ripple on the surface of the   and FISH ON!                                                                      Simply take an arm’s length of 40
water – so far Blake’s guarantee                                                  We cast our jigs at every rockpile,     pound mono filament and tie a sur-
was solid.                              Before long, we were catching fish         dock piling, and grass patch. This      geon’s loop at each end. In the
                                        so fast and having so much fun, that      area often holds speckled trout,        middle, tie two 3-inch dropper
With the tide dead low, there           we didn’t notice dark clouds form-        puppy drum and bluefish. Blake           loops about 5 inches apart.
wasn’t much water to fish in the         ing to the west until Roger’s cell        likes to use a “Knocker Rig” consist-
back of the creek so we headed to-      phone rang. It was his friend warn-       ing of a 9/0 hook tied to a few         Loop a sinker to the bottom loop
wards Rudee Inlet.                      ing us about the impending storm.         inches of 50 pound mono leader.         and a No.1 long shank hook to each
                                        “He says hail is falling at his house,”   He slides a 1/4 ounce eggsinker on      of the dropper loops. Clip the top
While on the way, we dropped two        Roger told us. Sure enough, pink          the leader and baits the hook with a    loop to a snap swivel tied to a 7
swimming plugs – a RatLtrap and a       and purple clouds were spraying           strip of cut mullet. This way, the      foot spinning rod spooled with 30
Windcheater – 50 yards behind the       sheets of grey rain over the horizon.     egg sinker knocks against the hook      pound braided line. Anglers can
boat and slow trolled down the                                                    and calls in the fish.                   fish the shore from the bridge to
creek. Since the whole area is a no-    Blake’s guarantee seemed to be los-                                               the end of the sidewalk where the
                                                                                                                          jetty starts. On this day, the guys
                                                                                                                          on the bank were far out catching
                                                                                                                          the guys in our boat.
                                                                                                                          I was tempted to switch to a bot-
                                                                                                                          tom rig and join the fun, but stuck
                                                                                                                          to my jig and hopes of a keeper
                                                                                                                          flounder, puppy drum, or trout.
                                                                                                                          From the turning basin, we tempted
                                                                                                                          the growing storm by heading out
                                                                                                                          into the inlet. We cast to the rocks
                                                                                                                          on both sides of the inlet and
                                                                                                                          drifted across the mouth bouncing
                                                                                                                          our jigs off the bottom. Besides a
                                                                                                                          couple of bluefish, we couldn’t in-
                                                                                                                          terest anything interesting. Blues
                                                                                                                          can be a blast at the mouth of the
                                                                                                                          inlet for anyone casting a GotCha
                                                                                                                          plug; we were only able to donate
                                                                                                                          jig tails to the blue terror.
                                                                                                                                 After covering the inlet, we
                                                                                                                          continued up Owl Creek towards
                                                                                                                          the ramp and the storm clouds. We
                                                                                                                          anchored at the tip of the narrow

36    JUNE 2011 •
grass island that runs down the mid-
dle of the creek. A few casts to the
                                          a 20 inch puppy drum. Then it
                                          started to rain. Lightly at first, then   12 Month Subscription $24.00
edge of the grass produced our first       big drops coming straight down.            PLEASE PRINT
keeper. We let the fish go.                Action was so good, we whipped
                                          out our rain gear and kept fishing.         YOUR NAME:_____________________________________________
Then we worked the edge of the is-
land, moved over to the edge of the       We continued to probe the edge of          ADDRESS:_______________________________________________
marsh grass, and continued casting        the creek, the drop off that runs           CITY: _____________________________STATE:_______ZIP:________
and catching all the way to the Po-       down the middle of the creek, and
lice Docks. We worked the base of         the pilings of the Virginia Aquarium.      * PHONE NUMBER:_____________________________(WE DO NOT SELL)
the pilings and the rocks wall until      This is a good area to find reds,
                                                                                     EMAIL:_______________________________________(WE DO NOT SELL)
we were at the point across from          specks, and flounder along with big
the Virginia Aquarium.                    blues.                                     Credit Card Number_________________________________________________________

                                                                                     Expiration Date______________________ VCode on back__________________________
That’s where Blake got a different         By the time the sun was sinking, we
                                                                                      Charge my card $24.00 for one 12-month subscriptions
bite. Instead of the tap, tap, tap of a   had fished the whole of Rudee Inlet
flounder, Blakes jig was slammed by        and caught a mess of fish. Despite          ____________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                     * Please include your phone number in case we cannot read your writing or have trouble with your credit
an angry fish that ripped line off his      the wind and the rain, we never            card number. We will not sell your number or call to solicit anything.
reel. After an intense battle on light    missed a beat. Calm weather –
tackle, Blake produced the culprit –      guaranteed.                              Mail payment and address information to Chesapeake Angler Magazine,PO Box 233, Burgess, VA
                                                                                   22432 FAX to 804-453-4009

                                                                                                              "                                             " "

                                                                                       !! " , ) -$*' $ ) ( $, %'                                                        &*$) (
                                                                  captain Blake
                                                                  hayden knows
                                                                  that red drum
                                                                  are a blast to

                                                                                    " !
                                                                                     *%               "(# $"

  roger shows
                                                                                        ,,,                       ' )$%( -                            '" #                  $"
    on of many                                                                          $#+ # #)!- !$             )     $' $' ) ' #           ' #      $*'     " #*) (
flounder which                                                                               ($*) $                   ( # )$# #                # (+ !!     ' #
were caught in

                                                                                             • JUNE 2011                                                    37
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38   JUNE 2011 •

                                                                             CLASSIFIED ADS
454 MARINE BLOCK, XR CODE, 1979 7.4   454, 400, 350/327, AUTO BEAR BLOCKS,
BLOCKS, CAMS AVAILABLE 804-787-       TRADES WELCOME. 804-787-0297           with PHOTO add $5
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                                                                             YOUR NAME:_____________________________________________
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                                                                             PER MONTH for _________number of months.



                                                                             Phone Number____________________________________________________________________

                                                                             * Please include your phone number in case we cannot read your writing or have
                                                                             trouble with your credit card number. We will not sell your phone number or call
                                                                             Print your ad on a separate paper and mail to:
                                                                             Chesapeake Angler Magazine
                                                                             PO Box 233, Burgess, VA 22432

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         $( (&'           &' %         %!+    $(                         $( $ $'                    '$      &' %          $(
(          &   "          #'          ! "% "       !                     (  $                            ! "% "            !
(       !    ! "%"      !     !       "      ! % "                            (  #                  "

                    !             "     "               !   !" "             "      !"      !   &     " ! "% "        !
    "     ! %   !        ! % "                   #! !         ! !#    ! !"          !!      !       $ ''    %"   #"

    #    $( '   &''          *        & ' $%   !! '              %#          &$(%   &    $"" && $# '

         *** "% ) % #      $)                                                '$ %          &' % $#! #
              $%   !! '$!! % • JUNE 2011   41
42   JUNE 2011 • • JUNE 2011   43
44   JUNE 2011 •
                              Run Online
                              & in Paper • JUNE 2011      45
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