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					                                                                                                                                Spring 2010: NY Workshop

                    B R O O K LY N - R O T T E R DA M
                    WATERFRONT                                                     EXCHANGE NEWS
                                                                                          NEW BLUE/GREEN LIFE
                                                                                                         in SW Brooklyn
                                                                                       by Angela Licata, Tjitte Nauta and Alan Cohn
                                                                                   Environmental sustainability          "green network," or water with
                                                                                 became a common ideal underly-          land. In the heyday of the maritime
                                                                                 ing the themes of economic devel-       industry, the area was defined by
                                                                                 opment, transportation, and land        this link to the water. However, as
                                                Green Tech Brooklyn Map by       and water use planning at the           the shipping activity that once
                                                the Regional Economy Team        Brooklyn-Rotterdam Waterfront           crowded the harbor shifted away,
                                                                                 Exchange.                               parts of the waterfront were left to
                                                                                   Linking the blue and the green        dilapidate.
  GREEN TECH                                  New Vision for                     networks: A shared vision quickly         The opportunity that lies ahead is
                                              Transportation                     emerged from the team of expert         to once again connect blue and
   BROOKLYN                                      is Key to
                                                                                 environmental professionals,
                                                                                 including engineers, planners and
                                                                                                                         green; to create a welcoming
                                                                                                                         waterfront to bring residents and
       by Bill Ellis,                                                            architects that environmental sus-      visitors back to the water.
                                               Development                       tainability along the SW Brooklyn         In order to achieve this goal, the
    Hans Scheepmaker,
                                                                                 waterfront will be achieved by link-    environmental quality of the land
     and Luc Vrolijks                             by Lou Venech
                                                                                 ing the "blue network" with the                            continued on page 4
  At its New York Workshop, the            The most important insight of the
Brooklyn-Rotterdam Waterfront            transportation team came during
Exchange proposed to focus on            the first hour, when Dutch partici-
"Green Tech Brooklyn" as the main        pants stressed that success in
economic proposition for the future      implementing a sustainable vision
development of the SW Brooklyn           for waterfront redevelopment
waterfront. The three-part proposal      depended largely on starting with a
would combine clean, green tech          multi-modal transportation program
research firms and a new, innova-        as the foundation for redevelop-
tive R&D/academic campus in Red          ment planning.
Hook with production facilities for        "What transportation program
clean recycling ("cleancycling")         was envisioned for the area?," Pex
and renewable energy industries          Langenberg of the Dutch Ministry
along the Sunset Park waterfront.        of Transportation, Public Works,         Integrated Plan For Land and Water Access
                                         and Water Management wanted to           Diagram by Transforming Waterfront Uses
The waterfront north of Red Hook                                                  and Connecting Communities Team.
would become more of a residen-          know. New York team members
tial/recreational area as well as an     explained that many projects and
attractive destination to visitors for
tourism and recreation coupled
                                         plans were underway, but that
                                         transportation agencies typically
                                                                                             WATERFRONT GEMS
                                         found themselves following, rather
with the development of Governors
Island. Sunset Park would benefit        than leading, decisions about                      Linking Six “Pearls” to form
from the innovative "Green Tech"         major development plans in the                     Brooklyn's Maritime Gateway
manufacturing and improved mar-          United States.
itime facilities on its waterfront         "In the Netherlands, we develop                                by Michiel de Jong
because it will deliver new jobs         the strategic transportation frame-
and training opportunities for Sun-      work with or even ahead of the spe-       The task assigned to one of the       ing handes cruise liner passen-
set Park residents, without com-         cific development plans," according     teams during the New York Work-         gers, but offers not much more.
                                                                                 shop was to develop a holistic          There is no appealing program
                  continued on page 2                      continued on page 6
                                                                                 proposition for the transformation      connected to the cruise terminal,
                                                                                 of waterfront uses in SW Brooklyn.      nor are there additional functions
                                                                                 The team identified six 'pearls' as     that introduce activities at the ter-
                                                                                 high-potential locations along the      minal building when no ship is
                                                                                 SW Brooklyn waterfront.                 along the quay.
                                                                                   The six nodes represent opportu-         The cruise terminal is a home
                                                                                 nities to develop as focal points of    port facility, meaning people start
Red Hook with Manhattan in the background (photo by Luc Vrolijks)                the waterfront, but just as important   or finish their cruise here. Since not
                                                                                 is the 'necklace' connecting the        everybody arrives just in time, and

WATERPROOFING BROOKLYN                                                           pearls and creating an integrated
                                                                                 waterfront with a variety of func-
                                                                                                                         people often take extra time to visit
                                                                                                                         the city, home port cruise visitors
                                                                                 tions and uses. One of the 'pearls'     tend to spend quite a large amount
        First Climate Resilient Waterfront                                       identified as a key development         of cash during their stay, and
                                                                                 node on the SW Brooklyn water-          should be encouraged to spend it.
           Community in SW Brooklyn                                              front is Atlantic Basin and its sur-      Bars, souvenir shops, tax/duty
                                                                                 roundings. Currently the location is    free shops, restaurants, art shops
                     by Susanne DesRoches,                                       an underutilized port area (as          and galleries, museums and hotels
                  Piet Dircke, and Robin Schlaff                                 shown on the photos of the site).       are all amenities that serve cruise
                                                                                   Part of the area comprises a new      passengers, crew and interested
  Plans were announced yesterday         of Water. Now New York City will        cruise terminal facility, developed                        continued on page 3
at a town hall meeting by a trans-       join that initiative and SW Brooklyn    to provide additional capacity to the
Atlantic team for the first scalable     will be the first waterfront area in    Manhattan cruise terminal and
model of a climate resilient com-        the country to gain that designa-                                                  I     N     S     I    D      E
                                                                                 catering to large vessels that are
munity as part of a global "City of      tion.                                   unable to call at the Manhattan           2 Container Port to Cleancycling
Water" initiative. Port cities across      Cities at risk have become cities     facility. The location of the cruise        Dutch Urban Solution
the globe, including Singapore,          of opportunity, and that's what's       terminal directly opposite Gover-         3 Sustainability at Erie Basin
Shanghai and Rotterdam have dis-         happening in SW Brooklyn. Cli-          nors Island is outstanding and            6 Multi-Modal Mobility
covered their new, water-related         mate change is providing this                                                     7 Op-Eds
                                                                                 allows for unobstructed views
identity and are leading the way         opportunity.                                                                      7 Clean Tech Delta
                                                                                 towards downtown Manhattan.               8 About the Exchange
towards future 21st Century Cities                         continued on page 5     Unfortunately, the terminal build-
2 : DEVELOPING THE REGIONAL ECONOMY                                                                                                         Spring 2010: NY Workshop

      BROOKLYN-ROTTERDAM                                                            WATERFRONT                             EXCHANGE                         NEWS

       GREEN TECH                                                                                                                      that an economic proposition in the
                                                                                                                                       form of "Green Tech Brooklyn" had
          continued from page 1
                                                                                                                                       the best chance to deliver a viable
promising the planned Bush Termi-                                                                                                      economic future for the area and
nal Pier Park.                                                                                                                         its surrounding neighborhoods.
  In this proposed development                                                                                                         Green Tech Brooklyn would
framework, Red Hook will become                                                                                                        address New York's regional future
the hinge point between the resi-                                                                                                      needs including clean energy,
dential Brooklyn waterfront and the                                                                                                    dealing with climate change and,
more industrial 'working harbor' in                                                                                                    most importantly, the need to recy-
Sunset Park. The proposal is in                                                                                                        cle and reuse waste. The team
part based on experiences with the                                                                                                     emphasized the need to enhance
Rotterdam "Clean Tech Delta," an                                                                                                       transportation infrastructure (in
innovative collaboration between                                                                                                       particular, water-in/water-out*) and
                                             Road Map Clean Tech Brooklyn (adapted from City of Rotterdam)
government, research companies                                                                                                         highlighted opportunities for using
and institutions in the Rotterdam-
Delft area. In this proposition, Red
                                                  From Container Port to Cleancycling                                                  available commercial space and
                                                                                                                                       sites as commercial incubators
Hook would become a research                                         by Bill Ellis and Luc Vrolijks                                    and start-up spaces, including for
and innovation hub. The area may                                                                                                       light manufacturing and creative
accommodate university research                The Regional Economic Team                       reviewed many potential                industries.
facilities, innovative start-up firms        was tasked with the job of identify-               approaches to the future of the          In terms of the Road Map for
in research and development of               ing economic development oppor-                    area. The main directions consid-      implementation of the economic
cleancycling and energy technolo-            tunities that would be relevant and                ered were prospects for large-         proposition, the team discussed
gy, and the research facilities of           beneficial to the SW Brooklyn                      scale container shipping, develop-     the need to build partnerships
large energy and recycling compa-            waterfront and its adjacent com-                   ment potential for creative indus-     across the whole platform of stake-
nies. This will be combined with             munities.                                          tries, and require-                                  holders. Government
residences, artist lofts and other             The team's deliberations started                 ments for a possible                                 organizations at city,
innovative businesses. The result            by looking at SW Brooklyn's assets                 innovative green and                                 state and federal lev-
would be a vibrant urban district,           and identifying its strengths. It con-             clean recycling and                                  els have to work with
where development of knowledge,              cluded that the key asset of the                   energy infrastruc-                                   community leaders,
innovation, creativity, and residen-         area is SW Brooklyn's location at                  ture. The team felt                                  technical innovators,
tial quality go hand-in-hand.                the heart of a great metropolis,                   that all three devel-                                private companies,
  For the Sunset Park waterfront,            surrounded by a vibrant and                        opment directions                                    and educational insti-
the Workshop envisions a cleancy-            diverse regional economy with sig-                 could be beneficial                                  tutions. From the 'les-
cling economic proposition in                nificant construction, commerce,                   for the surrounding neighborhoods      sons learned' in Rotterdam, the
which       innovative   companies           retail, tourism and entertainment                  as well as the larger New York         team suggests building an organi-
would use the waterfront location            sectors. Other strengths are its                   area. But the team was unsure if       zation that is small, flexible and
as a key asset for water-in/water-           residentail communities, many                      the infrastructure of the area would   strategic. The team also considers
out cleancycling businesses. The             huge warehouses, affordable                        be able to support large-scale con-    it important to start early with the
basic synergy would be that the              space, and good marine and rail                    tainer handling.                       implementation of pilot projects; it
innovative approaches developed              freight handling facilities. While                   Guided by the experiences of         encourages the involved parties
in Red Hook would start being test-          these are significant strengths                    Rotterdam, in particular in the        not to wait until all problems are
ed, implemented and "scaled up"              indeed, their potential has not                    recent development at Stad-            resolved, but to develop and test
in Sunset Park. This will deliver            been fully realized.                               shavens where the formation of         prototypes almost from Day One.
new jobs for the area, and estab-              The team held extensive discus-                  "Clean Tech Delta" kick-started the      * "Water-in/water-out" means bringing
lish the role of Sunset Park as a            sions about what direction to follow               transformation of the Vierhaven        goods in and shipping them out by water,
major cleancycling facility for the          for the economic proposition and                   harbor area, the team concluded        rather than by rail or truck.
greater New York area. The clean-
cycling industry would combine
well with the innovative industries
                                                               Dutch Urban Solution for a Brooklyn Waterfront
already established in the area and                                                                          by Luc Vrolijks
would deliver new business oppor-
tunities for both the waterfront and            As a Dutch urban designer who is               them as a huge potential for their      broadened, also addressing the
adjacent communities.                        based in New York, I have always                  cities, almost as a promise that        need to deliver jobs and to inno-
                                             had a keen interest in the SW                     new and better futures lie within the   vate the urban economy. That is a
  Bill Ellis is Assistant Director of Port   Brooklyn waterfront. I got to know                boundary of the cities. We came up      positive development, and one that
Planning & Development, Port Com-            New York through bicycle trips, and               with a proposition that is rather       also fits the SW Brooklyn context.
merce Department at the Port Authority       it was on one of those trips that I               close to the Rotterdam Stad-               The second reason I think that
of New York & New Jersey; Hans
Scheepmaker is Deputy Director and
                                             ended up in the area, first in Red                shavens "Clean Tech Delta" con-         "Green Tech Brooklyn" will be good
Area Development Manager for Stad-           Hook and later in Sunset Park. I                  cept. It is for a working waterfront,   for New York is that it is an eco-
shaven Rotterdam; Luc Vrolijks is the        liked the wide-open views - “low                  focusing on innovation for clean        nomic proposition that looks for-
principal of Urban Progress offices in       skies” we say in Dutch - the mas-                 recycling and clean and renewable       ward rather than backward. One of
both Amsterdam and New York.                 sive waterfront buildings, the clear              energy for 21st century New York.       the key lessons the Dutch harbor
                                             skies and the occasional view of                  We termed it "Green Tech Brook-         regeneration specialists have
                                             Manhattan in the background, so                   lyn" and the proposal suggests that     learned over the last decade is that
     DEVELOPING THE                          close and yet so far. And I was sur-              Red Hook develops into innovative       most attempts at keeping ailing
    REGIONAL ECONOMY                         prised how underutilized the water-               mixed-use urban research lab and        industries alive against the eco-
                                             front was. Despite the big chunky                 that the Sunset Park waterfront         nomic tide can only be successful if
          Team Leaders:                      buildings suitable for just about                 becomes the New York center for         the industries transform thoroughly.
           William Ellis                     every use, not very much seemed                   'cleancycling.'                         I was surprised about the insis-
        Hans Scheepmaker                     to be happening in the area. Even                   To me, "Green Tech Brooklyn"          tence in some of the discussions to
                                             now that I understand the complex-                may well be the right direction for     try to keep distribution logistics in
                                             ities of New York waterfront devel-               two main reasons. First, I think that   the area, although the scale of the
           Team Members:
                                             opment better, I am surprised at                  it is good for this particular water-   area - and the employment bene-
            Andrew Genn
                                             how little of the potential of the                front to move away from a reliance      fits for that matter - are clearly lim-
            Stewart Mann
                                             area is as yet realized.                          on residential development as the       ited. It seems to me that proposing
            Stephan Raes
                                                So I was very keen to be part of a             'savior' for waterfronts. In the case   large scale logistics as a future for
             Arie Van Tol
                                             Dutch-American team to think                      of the Netherlands, particularly in     the area would be looking the
             Luc Vrolijks
                                             about the area's future. In my                    Amsterdam and Rotterdam, regen-         wrong way. "Green Tech Brooklyn"
                                             Dutch planning practice I have                    eration used to consist primarily of    is the more viable option; it looks
             Alex Jordan                     always worked on the regeneration                 the conversion of industrial harbor     ahead delivering business opportu-
           Dennis Lombardi                   of waterfronts, and industrial not-               areas into prime waterfront real        nities and jobs that suit the area
           Gerry Stoughton                   working-so-well-anymore water-                    estate for residences. It took a        and its future.
                                             fronts are my favorite places. I see              while, but recent proposals have
3 : TRANSFORMING WATERFRONT USES & CONNECTING COMMUNITIES                                                                         Spring 2010: NY Workshop

      BROOKLYN-ROTTERDAM                                                  WATERFRONT                             EXCHANGE                       NEWS

                                                                                       Waterfront Gems                      and small restaurants.
                                                                                                                              On the northern side of Atlantic
                                                                                            continued from page 1
                                                                                                                            Basin, currently the premises of
                                                                                    visitors and are especially conven-     the Red Hook Container Terminal,
                                                                                    ient when in close proximity to the     new facilities can eventually be
                                                                                    terminal.                               established. A potential new use is
                                                                                      Convenient transportation to and      the extension of the cruise terminal
                                                                                    from the city is a prerequisite.        with another berth and terminal
                                                                                    Taxis are a major means of trans-       building, potentially focusing more
                                                                                    port, as well as tour buses trans-      on port-of-call services to large
                                                                                    ferring cruise passengers to and        cruise liners, including transporta-
                                                                                    from Manhattan mainly. However          tion facilities and passenger
                                                                                    in this specific case, where road       amenities. The remainder of the
                                                                                    and rail access are not particularly    area can be developed in a flexible
                                                                                    abundant, the opportunity to devel-     way, tailored to the needs and situ-
                                                                                    op a passenger boat hub in              ation. Hotels for cruise passengers
Rendering of potential development in Erie Basin by Waterstudio.NL
                                                                                    Atlantic Basin is worthwhile explor-    and also related to the new R&D
                                                                                    ing. The added value of waterfront      initiatives and educational and
             FLOATING AN IDEA:                                                      locations is to use the water as an     recreational facilities on Governors
     Erie Basin Showcases Sustainability                                            amenity. Water taxi shuttles could
                                                                                    connect to other parts of Brooklyn,
                                                                                                                            Island is an option; residential and
                                                                                                                            park developments could comple-
                              by Rolf Peters                                        carrying employees of the facilities    ment this setting.
  Erie Basin is a unique area of            Floating developments could con-
some 90 acres (36.4 hectares) of          sist of walkways, parking garages
water situated at a key location in       and even roads, ranging in total
SW Brooklyn between Red Hook              size from 500,000 to approximately
and Sunset Park. With the skyline         2,000,000 ft2 (185,806 m2). On top
of Manhattan and downtown                 of these structures apartment
Brooklyn as a backdrop, it offers         buildings, single houses, offices,
one-of-a-kind possibilities for           and leisure up to 5 stories high can
attractive     developments        that   be realized, all exactly the same
respond to both the city's housing        way as usual in Brooklyn and
needs, as well as promoting public        according to actual demand. All
awareness by showcasing New               designed based on technology that
York City's sustainable policy.           is tested and approved by certifica-
  Due to the unpredictability of the      tion institutions on Marine Safety
effects of climate change, normal         with guaranteed insurance and
land use or landfill programs are         mortgage possibilities.
hardly sustainable solutions to             Currently, the world's largest
guarantee that New York "keeps its        development of this kind is the proj-
feet dry," as the Dutch say. Raising      ect called "The New Water" in a for-
houses by constructing on stilts          mer greenhouse area near Rotter-          The Atlantic Basin Pearl Location in the New York harbor (Image by DHV Consul-
may seem a logical adaptation to          dam, the Netherlands. In this high        tancy and Engineering based on Google Earth)
avoid the problem, but living 10ft        level development, a total of 1,200       and other commuters to and from           As a conclusion, it is clear that
above the water certainly spoils the      houses will be built within 2 to 8        their nearby homes. Water taxis         there is high potential for the
special attraction that contact with      years, of which some 600 will be          and ferry services could also con-      development of the Atlantic Basin
the water has in terms of living          floating. Going even another step         nect to Governors Island, where a       area, with a focus on tourism, both
quality. Direct experience of the         further, the Erie Basin project could     large-scale educational facility        international and local. The com-
water is a potential waiting to be        be fully self-supporting, meaning         may be developed and to Manhat-         petitive edge of this area is the
utilized: boating, canoeing, and          that all power, clean water and cli-      tan, for cruise passengers and          opportunity to use the water at the
lounging on a terrace at the water-       mate control utilities are fully pro-     crews. Berthing of sightseeing          waterfront and the beautiful views
side. Using the water could provide       vided for within the developments         boats with itineraries such as Har-     from the site, providing a "Door to
unique selling points for branding                                                  bor Cruise or Statue of Liberty/Ellis   Brooklyn" and a gateway to New
the Erie Basin development.                                                         Island as part of the cruise pack-      York.
  The true significance of such a                                                   age could also be accomplished in         Michiel de Jong is a Senior Project
floating development, however,                                                      Atlantic Basin.                         Manager at DHV Consultancy and Engi-
would be its educational potential.                                                   The Atlantic Basin has sufficient
                                                                                                                            neering and teaches at Delft University
Imagine a floating development                                                                                              of Technology.
                                                                                    capacity and provides excellent
where school buses from all over                                                    protection from wind and wake
the country would come to see
                                                                                    waves and thus can additionally               WATERFRONT USES
about climate change and NY's             Floating apartment complex in "The        serve as a marina for visiting
solutions to deal with that change.       New Water" (Design & image by Water-                                                     & CONNECTING
                                                                                    yachts that can berth in a con-
People would come to learn about          studio.NL)                                                                                COMMUNITIES
                                                                                    trolled environment where visitors
taking responsibilities for prevent-      themselves, without needing addi-         have easy access to facilities and
ing climate change by seeing the          tional external resources. Electrical                                                       Team Leaders:
necessity of adapting our built envi-     power can be generated using tidal                                                          Michiel de Jong
                                                                                      Another potential water use can
ronment to rising water levels, as        energy; heating and cooling by                                                               Wilbur Woods
                                                                                    be a floating program for a few
well as solutions to do so. And all       means of heat exchanging systems          larger vessels that are used for
of this is outside with the water right   using the surrounding water; and                                                            Team Members:
                                                                                    various purposes, for instance as
there at your fingertips, not framed      potable water can be made on the                                                             Robert Balder
                                                                                    part of a museum, educational pro-
in a slideshow under the protective       spot by desalination.                                                                        Sandra Dixon
                                                                                    gram or as restaurant. These ves-                   Rolf Peters
roofs of a dusty museum.                    By combining the living quality of      sels can have semi-permanent
                                          the waterfront with the latest envi-                                                        Jennifer Posner
                                                                                    berths in Atlantic Basin, and con-                Matthew Seybert
                                          ronmentally-friendly technologies,        nect to the building program on
                                          Erie Basin could be a world leading                                                          Laura Shabe
                                                                                    land.                                              Walter de Vrie
                                          education center demonstrating              This building program comprises
                                          sustainable solutions for adapting        restoration of some of the port                      Resources:
                                          to climate change, as well as             industrial sheds around Atlantic                    Jeroen Aerts
                                          actively contributing to preventing       Basin, characteristic for the hey-                Ellen Cavanaugh
                                          further climate change.                                                                     Dennis Lombardi
Java Island in Amsterdam is an example
                                                                                    days of the Port of New York and                  Jessica Pavone
                                            Rolf Peters is a partner at Waterstu-
of how Erie Basin could look and feel     dio.NL,,         refurbishing them for use as small                    Rob Pirani
(Photo by Waterstudio.NL)                                                           commercial spaces, art galleries,
4 : SUSTAINING THE ENVIRONMENT                                                                                                    Spring 2010: NY Workshop

     BROOKLYN-ROTTERDAM                                                 WATERFRONT                              EXCHANGE                         NEWS

    New Blue/Green Life in SW Brooklyn
                            continued from page 1
and water must be restored. Res-        which may impact the waterfront
idential and recreational opportuni-    more frequently as climate change
ties will need to be created in for-    increases vulnerability to sea level
merly industrial areas while            rise and extreme weather.
spurring innovation and jobs in           Easing the transition from land
existing and new industrial facili-     to water: Traditionally, New York
ties.                                   City has created "hard" shorelines,
   Water quality has improved con-      such as bulkheads, at the water-
siderably in recent decades and         front in order to protect buildings
will continue to improve with added     and infrastructure from storm-
New York City Department of Envi-       induced flooding. This new "soft"
ronmental Protection (NYCDEP)           approach creates a more natural
investments to reduce sewage            buffer between land and water.
flows along the waterfront and          Additional buffering will be created
assist with remediation of the          along the waterfront by enhancing
heavily polluted Gowanus Canal.         the land's capacity to absorb and                  Artist impression of piles in substrate (by RWS South Holland)
Remedial activities will also allow     drain water. Areas that are often
new land uses where pollution           covered with impervious surfaces,         vide ample space for agriculture          waterfront, this maritime center,
from industrial activities still        such as parking lots, roads, and          and aquaculture while using elec-         nestled within the sustainable
lingers, such as the Bush Terminal      trails, can become permeable with         tricity and heat from local sources.      technology and climate innovation
Piers, some of which are proposed       the use of innovative materials and       These environments can even be            lab, will become a launching point
to become a new waterfront park.        design techniques. Trees, shrubs,         used to generate algae for biofuel        for a day at the water's edge.
   Creating new habitat for plants      and grasses can also absorb water         and oysters that can be transplant-         The proposed Brooklyn Water-
and animals: In addition to current     as they enhance the appearance            ed to the Harbor.                         front Greenway will provide a link
and planned remediation, restoring      of the shoreline and provides addi-         To capture the maritime past,           from neighboring communities to
the natural ecological functions of     tional wildlife habitat.                  present, and future of SW Brook-          each other and to the water, and
the waterfront can be achieved            These features can gradually            lyn and attract more residents and        create a network of destinations
through eco-engineering concepts        transition to the aquatic vegetation      visitors, the waterfront will be lined    ranging from parks to historical
introducing new plant and animal                                                                                            sites to sustainability demonstra-
life. Species can be introduced to                                                                                          tion projects. Co-locating a net-
improve water quality and provide                                                                                           work of permeable surfaces and
habitat for the rich biodiversity of                                                                                        vegetation along the Greenway will
the New York harbor between and                                                                                             help capture stormwater and make
under piers, and attached to quay                                                                                           it more green and enjoyable. In
walls or other structures. A shal-                                                                                          addition, roads to and from SW
low area just south of Red Hook                                                                                             Brooklyn can utilize similar prac-
and west of Sunset Park, known                                                                                              tices to absorb water and create
as the Bay Ridge Flats, may also                                                                                            greenery. Visitors coming by water
provide a base for creation of a                                                                                            can also arrive in an environmen-
new reef. "Floating wetlands" can                                                                                           tally sustainable fashion using
provide an additional platform for                                                                                          boats powered by renewable ener-
wetland growth at the surface of                                                                                            gy sources.
the water, supplementing new                                                                                                  Ultimately, SW Brooklyn can
growth below. Recent initiatives                                                                                            embrace its past while becoming a
also provide opportunities for new                                                                                          showcase of sustainability for New
livelihood programs making use of                                                                                           York City and for the world. In
recycled materials.                                                                                                         keeping with the region's maritime
   The restored areas and ecologi-                                                                                          history, the water can once again
cal initiatives will become an                                                                                              become a part of the land and life
attraction, beckoning people to the     Adapting green building concepts to Sunset Park (Artist impression by DSA and JA    of SW Brooklyn.
waterfront for wildlife viewing and
onto the water for an even closer       along the waterfront and in the           with educational features that high-        Angela Licata is Deputy Commission-
perspective by canoe or kayak.          water by introducing plant species        light the area's history as well as       er of Environmental Planning & Assess-
                                                                                                                            ment at the New York City Department
These new offshore habitats have        that will be resilient to salinity from   the vision for a sustainable future.      of Environmental Protection; Tjitte
the added benefit of providing pro-     occasional storm and tidal flood-         Visitors will be guided to sites of       Nauta is an environmental planner at
tection to landward areas from the      ing. By blurring distinctions             historical significance and descrip-      Deltares; Alan Cohn is Director of Cli-
direct effects of storm waves,          between land and water, flood             tions of the restoration work that        mate Change Planning at the New York
                                                                                                                            City Department of Environmental Pro-
                                        waters will more easily recede.           brought new life and prosperity. In
        SUSTAINING                      Any development in the flood zone         addition to markers along the
     THE ENVIRONMENT                    should be built or retrofitted to
                                        withstand occasional flooding
         Team Leaders:                  while minimizing impacts on the
         Angela Licata                  surrounding environment when the
          Tjitte Nauta                  water recedes.
                                          Bringing people to the revital-
        Team Members:                   ized waterfront: Development in
         Doug Greeley                   SW Brooklyn will complement the
         Sandy Hornick                  region's sustainability goals. By
            Yong Kim                    generating wind, solar, and geo-
         Rubi Rajbanshi                 thermal power onsite, industry can
         Bert Smolders                  move toward achieving carbon
        Christopher Streb               neutrality. There are numerous
            Nico Tillie                 opportunities for energy efficiency,
                                        including capturing heat generated
           Resources:                   by industry for use in residences
            Alan Cohn                   and even swimming pools. Fur-
         Susannah Drake                 thermore, the community can gen-
         Dennis Lombardi                erate its own food in greenhouses
         John McLaughlin
                                        and fish farms; the large ware-
            Julie Stein
                                        houses of SW Brooklyn can pro-            Industrial heat for recreational use (Image by DeUrbansten, Gemeenteweken en APPM)
5 : BEING PROACTIVE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE                                                                                           Spring 2010: NY Workshop

     BROOKLYN-ROTTERDAM                                                 WATERFRONT                              EXCHANGE                           NEWS

        continued from page 1
  By proactively redeveloping SW
Brooklyn's waterfront into climate-
resilient communities, this green
innovation will also stimulate the
local economy. These climate
resilient communities will be able
                                             Climate Innovation Lab Logo
to recover quickly from climate            (design by Susanne DesRoches)
impacts while maintaining their
economic and social viability.          Superfund National Priorities List
  Within SW Brooklyn, three             site. The opportunities for climate
remarkable areas can be distin-         change adaptation include a small
guished: Gowanus Canal, Red             flood barrier (vertical lifting gate
Hook and Sunset Park. These             type), suitable also as a bridge at
areas were the maritime port            the mouth of the canal, which can
industrial backbone of the greater      be an important connection
                                                                                 Red Hook Waterfront (Photo by Nautilus International Development Consulting, Inc.)
New York area throughout the 19th       between the Gowanus and Sunset
and 20th centuries. Containerized       Park communities. The green              storm water storage areas that              a barrier but an important connec-
shipping has resulted in a funda-       spaces along the Canal can be            double as ornamental water parks            tion between two areas and invites
mental shift to these areas’            formed as a linear park and will         and provide environmental educa-            residents and tourists alike to walk
economies, making them the per-         serve as a neighborhood-friendly         tion to youngsters in the area.             along its crest and enjoy the views
fect place to integrate a green         storm water retention and treat-           In Rotterdam, a similar innova-           of the skyline.
industry into the existing fabric of    ment facility. Due to the low eleva-     tion lab has been created to revi-            In Rotterdam, these strategies for
the neighborhoods.                      tion of the area surrounding the         talize the local community at the           climate resilience are already
  The climate vulnerabilities in Red    Canal, the existing housing stock        RDM Campus in Stadshavens, or               under construction or in place.
Hook, Gowanus and Sunset Park           will be retrofitted and flood-           City Harbors, a redeveloped, for-           People from the local community
include increased precipitation and     proofed.                                 mer dock area. RDM now stands               at the RDM campus and other
temperature, and flooding due to          Red Hook: The Red Hook area's          for "Research, Design and Manu-             nearby waterfronts study there,
sea level rise and storm surge. Of      vulnerability to flooding creates a      facturing." Rotterdam University            have their jobs here, enjoy the
                                                                                 for Applied Sciences is developing          waterfront, use new public water
                                                                                 RDM, with support from the City of          transport, and visit recreational
                                                                                 Rotterdam and the Port of Rotter-           facilities in the lively surroundings
                                                                                 dam, as an innovation lab for               of the campus that attract restau-
                                                                                 "moving, powering and building" in          rants, bars and other facilities.
                                                                                 cooperation with innovative, young            In Brooklyn, a similar transforma-
                                                                                 and small companies. Workforce              tion can happen where water
                                                                                 education for "blue collar" scholars        retention basins are now water
                                                                                 can contribute to innovations, from         parks, superlevees connect resi-
                                                                                 new innovative water transport,             dents to the waterfront, and float-
                                                                                 floating homes and hydrogen-driv-           ing apartments have become the
                                                                                 en, green racing cars in the recon-         hottest real estate. Through knowl-
                                                                                 structed old warehouses and dock            edge sharing between Rotterdam
                                                                                 buildings. In Red Hook, a compa-            and SW Brooklyn, these effective
                                                                                 rable campus, the heart of the Cli-         strategies can be integrated into a
                                                                                 mate Innovation Lab, could be               planning effort that will protect
Canal greenway example for the Gowanus Area (Photo from Deltalinqs )             developed.                                  against the inevitable effects of cli-
particular concern is toxic runoff      unique opportunity for the Climate          Sunset Park: Sunset Park, with           mate change while preserving and
when industrial neighborhoods are       Innovation Lab, a showcase for cli-      its existing industrial infrastructure,     stimulating viable communities.
flooded. Flooding can also cause        mate-resilient strategies. Through       is an ideal location to provide man-        Proponents of this plan hope to
considerable damage to existing         engagement with the community,           ufacturing support for the Climate          show how SW Brooklyn can
housing stock and industrial build-     especially local urban youth, this       Innovation Lab. Additionally, this          become the first planned water-
ings and infrastructure. Additional-    educational lab will develop and         neighborhood could benefit from             front climate resilient community.
ly, portions of the waterfront are on   implement climate resilient onsite       the existing highway becoming a              Susanne DesRoches is Sustainable
landfill, and flooding may cause        retrofitting and other innovative        superlevee to protect the neighbor-         Design Manager, Engineering Depart-
                                                                                                                             ment, at the Port Authority of New York
increased degradation of water-         strategies. The lab will offer both      hood from flooding. This super-             & New Jersey; Piet Dircke is Director,
front infrastructure. Increased rain-   green education and job develop-         levee with the highway hidden               Global Water Management, Arcadis
fall intensity can impact stormwa-      ment in an emerging industry             inside could provide needed green           Netherlands, & Professor, Rotterdam
ter systems and cause additional        where job opportunities are likely.      space and, acting like a bridge,            University of Applied Sciences; and
                                                                                                                             Robin Schlaff is Director of the Sea
sustained flooding following a rain     The neighborhood will also benefit       would allow safer access to the
                                                                                                                             Level Rise Task Force, New York State
event. With higher temperatures,        from showcase projects such as           waterfront for neighborhood resi-           Department of Environmental Conser-
these neighborhoods will experi-        safe, clean and child-friendly urban     dents and visitors. The levee is not        vation.
ence increased heat stressors due
to heat island effect and lack of                                                                                                BEING PROACTIVE
green space.                                                                                                                   ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE
  Each area of SW Brooklyn pro-
vides different and unique opportu-                                                                                                      Team Leaders
nities for climate resilience and                                                                                                         Piet Dircke
showcasing and producing strate-                                                                                                         Robin Schlaff
gies for adaptation. These details
are discussed below. Representa-                                                                                                      Team Members
tives from the Netherlands brought                                                                                                  Susanne Des Roches
their expertise and real life experi-                                                                                                   Adam Freed
ences on how climate adaptation                                                                                                       Corjan Gebraad
can transform neighborhoods.                                                                                                          Rutger de Graaf
  Gowanus Area: This area
divides two residential neighbor-                                                                                                          Resources
hoods and is defined by its water-                                                                                                         Alan Cohn
way, the Gowanus Canal, which                                                                                                          Dennis Lombardi
has recently become an EPA                                                                                                             Christopher Zeppie
                                        Superlevee example for Sunset Park (Source: Rotterdam Climate Initiative)
6 : INVESTING IN MULTI-MODAL TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS                                                                                                               Spring 2010: NY Workshop

      BROOKLYN-ROTTERDAM                                                                  WATERFRONT                                         EXCHANGE                            NEWS

          Multi-Modal Mobility                         by Lou Venech                                   multi-modal framework also provides
                                                                                                       more alternatives to auto and truck
                                                                                                                                                            pedestrian and local-transit access for
                                                                                                                                                            residents working at industrial and
  Achieving a successful and sustain-       ing the major transportation and                           dependence than most parts of the                    waterfront job sites. Bush Terminal
able future for the SW Brooklyn water-      development agencies. This inter-                          region.                                              Pier Park also requires new pedestri-
front depends on developing improved        agency group would provide a forum                            Supporting the Overall SW Brook-                  an and bus transit links to help resi-
and carefully integrated multi-modal        to coordinate mobility and develop-                        lyn Vision: Many details remain to be                dents safely across the transportation
transportation connections. Trans-          ment strategies involving government                       addressed, but the transportation                    corridors and commercial zone
portation decision-makers must step         decision-makers for zoning, economic                       team agreed that its conceptual strat-               between the community and the park.
up current efforts to coordinate plan-      development, and transportation. An                        egy offered the capacity and flexibility               Most ambitious is a potential oppor-
ning on separate projects and work          organized process also would foster                        to support the ambitious goals for eco-              tunity for an innovative transportation
together to create an areawide strate-      effective community input and help                         nomic and community benefits, sus-                   project in Sunset Park that also would
gic framework to support and guide          attract private investors.                                 tainability, and management of cli-                  address the long-term risk of storm
the proposed redevelopment effort.            Building on Historic Assets: SW                          mate-change impacts.                                 surges and sea level rise. Planners
  Reflecting the Dutch experience, the      Brooklyn presents an exciting combi-                          The major transportation corridors to             anticipate the eventual replacement of
Multi-Modal Transportation team             nation of revitalizing communities,                        and through the area are overlaid                    the existing elevated Gowanus
reported that a comprehensive mobili-       diverse local businesses, historic                         here. Black lines highlight the primary              Expressway. Ongoing reconstruction
ty strategy would include standards for     working-waterfronts, and industrial                        vehicular routes as well as the rail car             is expected to extend the life of the
sustainable transportation and ade-         properties that can be adapted for a                       float link and Bay Ridge rail line                   structure for only another 20-25 years.
quate multi-modal capacity to move          wide range of uses. The area's trans-                      extending into Brooklyn. Red lines                   Inspired by ideas from the Nether-
people and goods. This in turn would        portation assets include facilities vital                  show the main routes for internal cir-               lands, the team explored the concept
help define the scope and limits of         to local and regional transportation                       culation parallel to the waterfront,                 of combining this essential highway
redevelopment plans and support             today, and infrastructure that provides                    including improved connections for                   replacement with a climate change
phased implementation of improve-           a head start in creating a more inte-                      the Red Hook redevelopment area.                     strategy by moving the replacement
ments through the next 20 years.            grated and sustainable mobility net-                       Red dashed lines show ferry links at                 highway one avenue closer to the
  This is as much an institutional chal-    work for the future.                                       Brooklyn Bridge Park and Bush Termi-                 water, and constructing it above-grade
lenge as a planning problem. Trans-           Team members and resource people                         nal Park with Governors Island and                   within a berm. The replacement high-
portation agencies and others plan-         saw an extraordinarily complex,                            other recreational sites in the harbor,              way could provide improved regional
ning projects in SW Brooklyn include        somewhat disconnected mix of legacy                        and along the Brooklyn waterfront                    mobility and local flood protection.
multiple divisions of both the New York     infrastructure, programmed rehabilita-                     itself.                                              This concept could incorporate bike-
State and City transportation depart-       tion projects, and fragmented but                             Rail freight transfer at the car float            ped access on top of the covered
ments, as well as the NYC Economic          ambitious visions for the future. Out-                     facility, highlighted in brown, links the            highway. The roadway structure also
Development Corporation and City            moded and congested, the Gowanus                           cross-harbor barge service with trans-               could be flanked on the waterside with
Planning Department, Port Authority         Expressway/BQE is a vital link for                         fer inland as well as along the existing             buildings for light-manufacturing and
of New York and New Jersey, Metro-          local access and regional commuter-                        First Avenue rail freight line to support            distribution, designed at their base to
politan Transportation Authority, and       bus and truck traffic. NYSDOT is                           the working waterfront. The planned                  anticipate rising waters.
Empire State Development Corpora-           investing in essential near-term recon-                    Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway route                     Finally, an areawide mobility plan
tion.                                       struction and considering replacement                      promises attractive bicycle and pedes-               could foster maximum use of non-pol-
  Several national government agen-         of some segments as a long term                            trian access throughout the area.                    luting transportation equipment with
cies also play roles that generally         goal.                                                         By deploying this range of trans-                 recharging facilities, ample bicycle
emphasize compliance with various             Other key transportation improve-                        portation options across SW Brooklyn,                storage, flexible infrastructure for
federal laws rather than implementa-        ments include extension of a "green-                       it becomes possible to support a more                waterborne access, and other envi-
tion of development projects. Sepa-         way" for cyclists through the entire                       intense and varied range of uses.                    ronment-friendly transportation con-
rate divisions of the US Department of      study area, modernization of freight                       Within the study area, transportation                cepts. Innovative vehicle types for
Transportation are sources of essen-        rail car float service for cross-harbor                    plans for each redevelopment zone                    moving people and goods within the
tial funding support used to improve        shipments and enhanced public                              would depend on the access needs of                  zone could mitigate the demand to
local transportation facilities and serv-   access to working waterfront sites in                      the uses prioritized for each sub-area.              bring larger vehicles into the area, and
ices, also bound by regulation and          Sunset Park. Plans to attract more                         For example, the vision emphasizes                   could make the pedestrian environ-
funding limits. In contrast, the national   diverse activities to the dense mix of                     recreational uses at Brooklyn Bridge                 ment safer and more attractive for res-
government in the Netherlands takes         uses already in SW Brooklyn present                        Park and nearby waterfront sites, sup-               idents, workers, and visitors.
a more active role in directing and         real challenges to transportation                          ported with bikeway and pedestrian
supporting waterfront development           agencies in safely and efficiently man-                    access and ferry connections. To
projects, though strict environmental       aging auto, truck, bus transit, bicycle,                   serve the educational complex and
                                                                                                       innovative manufacturing incubators
                                                                                                                                                            New Vision from page 1
standards and local agencies are part       and pedestrian needs.
of the process.                               The overall workshop's vision for                        in Red Hook, the network must deliver                to Michiel Couperus, a transportation
  SW Brooklyn Transportation:               SW Brooklyn requires a transforma-                         improved local circulation and                       planner for Rotterdam's city govern-
Achieving System-Level Coordina-            tive strategy for mobility of people and                   enhanced regional access by road,                    ment. "Look at the economic, environ-
tion: Coordination among the trans-         goods - introducing services that                          transit, and water. That should include              mental, and community development
portation and planning agencies serv-       encourage shifting to a more sustain-                      more direct vehicular connections to                 goals set out for this Workshop; an
ing SW Brooklyn tends to focus on           able mix of modes for commuter,                            the BQE/Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel.                     integrated and multi-modal transporta-
specific projects and their intersection    recreational, and freight transporta-                         To support manufacturing and work-                tion system is essential to achieve any
with others' jurisdictions. Chronic         tion.                                                      ing waterfront uses in Sunset Park,                  of them, especially to meet standards
budget constraints hinder efforts to          The team identified four main layers                     the mobility plan calls for enhanced                 of sustainability."
integrate the scope and schedule for        for the mobility strategy (see Dia-                        access to the highway network, better                   The team worked together from this
transportation improvements.                gram). Each of these layers can pro-                       truck routing through local streets, and             starting point. Key steps included an
  An essential early step towards a         vide both internal circulation within                      expanded rail and waterborne goods                   inventory of the existing transportation
SW Brooklyn mobility plan would be          SW Brooklyn, and external or regional                      movement to reduce truck depend-                     assets serving the area and several
creating an interagency group includ-       connectivity to and from the area. This                    ence. Sunset Park needs improved                     important - but largely uncoordinated -
                                                                                                                                                            plans to upgrade them. How they
         INVESTING IN                                                                                                                                       might be integrated to serve different
         MULTI-MODAL                                                                                                                                        needs and minimize circulation con-
       TRANSPORTATION                                                                                                                                       flicts was considered, and the most
                                                                                                                                                            sustainable options available to pro-
                                                                                                                                                            vide access for people and goods to
                                                                                                                                                            this area was discussed.
          Team Leaders:                                                                                                                                        In parallel with the other teams, a
         Michiel Couperus                                                                                                                                   conceptual plan was developed for
           Larry Malsam                                                                                                                                     coordinated multi-modal transporta-
                                                                                                                                                            tion serving the SW Brooklyn water-
         Team Members:                                                                                                                                      front that could deliver the services
       Manju Chandrasekhar                                                                                                                                  most critical to support the preferred
         Leon Goodman                                                                                                                                       mix of land uses and community
         Pex Langenberg                                                                                                                                     needs at each location. The conceptu-
         Kevin Rutkowsky                                                                                                                                    al transportation plan also builds in
                                                                                                                                                            flexibility to evolve as new land uses
           Lou Venech
                                                                                                                                                            and new opportunities for improved
             Resources:                                                                                                                                     regional access unfold over the next
            Rich Barone                     BLACK: The roadway network including the                   RED: The waterway network, for commuter and          20-30 years.
                                            Gowanus Expressway/BQE and local streets;                  recreational ferries, and potential new waterborne
          Dennis Lombardi                                                                              freight services;
           Joshua Nelson                    DARK RED: The freight rail network, linking Sun-                                                                 Lou Venech is the General Manager,
                                            set Park with cross-harbor and inland Long Island          GREEN: The greenway, providing a safe, continu-
          Theodore Wright                                                                              ous cycling route area and new pedestrian ameni-
                                                                                                                                                            Regional Transportation, at the Port
                                            distribution, as well as rail freight service to working
                                            waterfront sites;                                          ties.                                                Authority of New York & New Jersey.
7:OPINIONS                                 OPINIONS                                OPINIONS                                      OPINIONS                               Spring 2010: NY Workshop

      BROOKLYN-ROTTERDAM                                                                  WATERFRONT                                              EXCHANGE                              NEWS

       Global Solutions /                            Economies of Scales                                                                                          Future of the South West
       Local Innovations                                    by Michiel de Jong                                                                                      Brooklyn Waterfront
        by Hans Scheepmaker                                                                                                                                              by "Born in Brooklyn"
                                                    Waterfronts appear in all shapes and
   If we look at things from a wide perspec-     sizes. This is particularly true in 'old'                                                                          I was born in Brooklyn in 1949
tive, it might be justified to assume that the   waterfront cities and makes modern day                                                                           and my Mom was born in Brooklyn
impact of the challenges facing us is so         waterfront development a complex mat-                                                                            in 1925. My grandfather ran his
enormous, that no country can solve these        ter. Decision-makers and planners need                                                                           medical practice on the first floor of
on its own. The climate and energy issues        to balance all the claims put on the
are global challenges. They present a par-                                                                                                                        his home, as was a common prac-
                                                 waterfront, from large-scale port propos-                                                                        tice by "family doctors" in those
adigm shift in human society that needs          als and commercial developments to
global solutions.                                                                                                                                                 days. My uncle worked in the
                                                 public parks. The right scale of develop-
   But these solutions have to be invented
                                                 ment needs to be applied to each water-                                                                          Brooklyn Navy Yard and many of
and implemented locally. This implies that                                                                                                                        his friends, and my grandfather's
collaboration between deltas with main-          front. Not to try to fit everything in the
ports might be of great value in securing        plan, but to dare to choose. In that                                                                             patients, worked on the docks han-
our futures. We face the same challenges;        respect, the following might be conclud-                                                                         dling cargo, as did many Brooklyn
and we could greatly benefit from joining        ed for the SW Brooklyn Waterfront:                                                                               residents in those days. Most of
forces by working together on finding the           The current scale of port functions in                                                                        them walked to work. Life was
right solutions.                                 SW Brooklyn is modest, compared to                                                                               much simpler and a return to the
   There's no doubt that the combination of      modern-day container port facilities. For                                                                        simplicity of those days is a nice
global warming and the shortage in energy        instance, a modern post-Panamax con-
supply will drastically change the way our                                                                                                                        thing to dream about. But these are
                                                 tainer terminal with 2.5M TEU throughput                                                                         not "the dreams that stuff is made
society is organized. Currently our econo-       generally requires 4,000' of berth length
my is completely dependent on fossil                                                                                                                              from."
                                                 at 2,000' width (8M sf or 180 acres/575
fuels: to generate electricity, to manufac-
ture products, to transport products and         M2 or 75 hectares). In fact, such a devel-
                                                 opment would use a large piece of the                 Visualization of a 4,000' x 1,750' container terminal at     There has been much talk over
people, etc.
   If we want to reduce the effects of cli-      current Sunset Park waterfront and                    Sunset Park (Source: DHV based on Google Earth)            the last decade of trying to recreate
mate change to manageable levels, we             require significant investments for creat-                                                                       this glorious past by building a
                                                                                                        One such niche was identified during
will have to fundamentally restructure our       ing deep draft quay walls, extensive                 the New York Workshop: the "cleancy-
                                                                                                                                                                  mega-containerport in SW Brook-
economic system: reduction of CO2 emis-          earth works, and transport infrastructure.           cling" industry. This is an industry with                   lyn. It's good to have a vision for
sions based on the existing industrial infra-    The aerial photograph overlays a visuali-                                                                        the future, to give people hope and
structure may not be effective enough in                                                              relatively high numbers of employees.
                                                 zation of the Suez Canal Container Ter-              Facilities can be fed mostly by barge or                    something to strive for. But, let's
the long run.                                    minal and shows how it would impact the
   So we will need to implement renewable                                                             rail carts. Products are processed and                      face it folks, this is one vision that is
                                                 Sunset Park waterfront.                              produced in modern industrial facilities                    not likely to happen. Too much has
energy sources on a much larger scale,              Anticipating that such a terminal would
use low carbon (building) materials, create
                                                 employ up to 700 people, its effective-
                                                                                                      with low carbon footprint. Output prod-                     changed over the past 50 years,
energy efficient and smart products,                                                                  ucts are delivered to customers both by                     economically and structurally, in the
design climate proof constructions, and          ness in terms of social-economic devel-              truck, rail and barge. A similar niche
                                                 opment is limited and provides few bene-                                                                         shipping, inland transportation, and
establish clean transportation systems.                                                               could be the biotech industry connecting
These are some of the important areas            fits for the adjacent community. Such a                                                                          the distribution/logistics industries.
                                                                                                      the Brooklyn Army Terminal with Luther-
where a socially and economically sustain-       terminal is often involved in transship-                                                                         Times have changed. Our streets,
                                                                                                      an Medical Center.
able future will take shape. In order to         ment of containers to smaller vessels,                 Environmental legislation regarding
                                                                                                                                                                  our roads, our schools and our
make this happen we will have to make            rather than adding value to the contents             the proposed port facilities will be impor-                 neighborhoods are already too con-
the deliberate choice to innovate on a           of the container. When containers leave                                                                          gested. We don't need 5,000 more
grand scale.                                                                                          tant due to their close interaction at the
                                                 the terminal, thousands of trucks clog the           SW Brooklyn waterfront with the resi-                       trucks a day trying to get in or out
   Rotterdam has set an ambition to be           upland routes. Here those are adjacent
ahead of this development. The impor-                                                                 dential community, This applies both to                     of South Brooklyn. There is no
                                                 to a low-scale residential community and             impacts on the marine environment (due                      more chance of bringing back an
tance of our mainport for the Dutch econo-       not suited to receive such volumes. This
my requires decisive action to maintain our
                                                 alone will reduce the competitiveness of
                                                                                                      to reclamation and dredging) as well as                     army of family doctors' practices to
economic competitiveness. This urgency                                                                the community (noise, air pollution,                        the South Brooklyn neighborhood,
is shared by the business community,             the terminal: other terminals in the port            views, light, etc.). This issue is one of
                                                 with better transportation connections                                                                           than there is to bring back the huge
knowledge institutes, and the local and                                                               the major show-stoppers of port devel-
national government.                             will be able to operate more efficiently.                                                                        flow of ocean-borne cargo that once
                                                                                                      opment in general and needs to be con-
   Therefore we have combined our                   Finding niche segments along the                                                                              crossed our docks.
                                                                                                      sidered with care, and from the start.
resources and have jointly set up the            waterfront would therefore be a more                   As a conclusion, economies of scale
Clean Tech Delta: a new green deal for           suitable approach, for the following rea-            need to be applied in their appropriate                       Both of these things might be
innovation and clean technology in the           sons:                                                                                                            physically possible, yes. It's just
Rotterdam region. Our objective is to                                                                 context: large-scale operations in areas
                                                    1. Smaller volumes, smaller area                  with ample space that are less impacted                     that they are not economically pos-
design and apply clean tech innovations in       requirements, less impact: fitting the
the fields of energy, water, mobility and                                                             by the operations / small-scale niche                       sible in today's competitive world
materials to create a sustainable and                                                                 operations in areas with limited space,                     that focuses on speed, efficiency,
                                                    2. Niche markets generally require
resilient delta.
                                                 larger numbers of skilled and dedicated
                                                                                                      significant available workforce and close                   and cost. We need a new dream
   The Clean Tech Delta aims to invigorate                                                            proximity to other waterfront users and                     and vision for SW Brooklyn. One
the region economically and socially, while      labor than large container terminals                 urban activities.
                                                    3. Value-added activities often comple-                                                                       that does not try to recreate the glo-
offering solutions on an international level.                                                           For New York and New Jersey ports,
The lowest lying industrialized delta in         ment niche terminals                                                                                             rious days of past generations, but
                                                                                                      the advice is to create an integrated
Europe is perhaps the ideal place for the           4. Opportunities for joint use of the                                                                         one that can create a new glorious
                                                                                                      master plan covering at least a 20-year
development and realization of clean tech        waterfront, including public access, open            period in which holistic planning of future                 future for our future generations.
solutions: if it works here, it will work any-   space, and tailored combinations of                  functions and optimized layouts can be                      The "Green Tech Brooklyn" devel-
where.                                           industry and urban/leisure functions,                                                                            opment concept that emerged at
   Rotterdam has the space available to                                                               developed and benchmarked against the
                                                 since the waterfront area is not claimed             competition. I am confident that the con-                   the recent Dutch Exchange Pro-
make this happen: Stadshavens (City Har-         by large-scale port facilities; and
bors) is a 4,000 acres (1,600 hectares)                                                               clusions of that study would show an                        gram sponsored by the Port Author-
                                                    5. Diversification of port activities,
transition area that will be employed as a                                                            interesting result for the development                      ity of New York and New Jersey,
                                                 including cargo commodities and indus-
testing ground for the application of clean
                                                 trial activities, calls for more than con-
                                                                                                      proposition of SW Brooklyn.                                 City of Rotterdam and Dutch Gov-
tech innovations and will be made into a                                                                Michiel de Jong is Senior Project Manag-                  ernment, provides one such dream
paragon of sustainable & climate proof           tainer terminals alone. SW Brooklyn,
                                                 due to its position in the port and city             er, DHV Delta Development, and teaches                      that some "real stuff" could be
urban delta.
   Of course we realize that we cannot do        network, could offer this diversification.           at Delft University of Technology.                          made of in the future.
this on our own. The exchange of expert-
ise with other cities & regions throughout
the world with similar ambitions is manda-                                       CLEAN TECH DELTA : Innovation in the Rotterdam-Delft Region
tory if we want to be successful. Finding            Clean Tech Delta delivers innovative solutions to climate and energy challenges. It is the New Green Deal for innovation and
the right solutions will require the collabo-      clean technology in the Rotterdam-Delft region; a collaboration of trade and industry, education and government to stimulate inno-
ration of many other local initiatives. SW
                                                   vation and clean technology - and then implement it.Clean Tech stands for clean technologies, i.e. technologies which optimize the
Brooklyn might be one of these.
   The workshops have confirmed that               use of natural resources and minimize negative environmental impact. To achieve this, it is essential to combine increased eco-
there is a common agenda and that there            nomic value with environmental benefit. Furthermore, the Clean Tech Delta focuses on innovative, future-proof solutions in the low-
are many similarities between Stad-                land river delta.
shavens and SW Brooklyn. This has
resulted in an economic proposition for              Clean Tech market sectors are:
SW Brooklyn that is comparable to the                Energy efficiency                                  Water and deltatechnology                                  Sustainable energy generation
Clean Tech Delta. The workshops have
                                                     Sustainable mobility                               Efficiency of materials                                    Waste disposal and recycling.
proposed the term "Green Tech Brooklyn".
This concept is explained further in this
                                                     Trade and industry, education and government are convinced that the Rotterdam-Delft corridor is becoming increasingly impor-
newspaper on page 1.
   It is important that New Yorkers have           tant to the reinforcement of the socio-economic structure. They need each other to achieve their ambitions and form a coalition to
acknowledged that clean tech innovation            set an example at both national and international levels. They have shaken hands and agreed on the New Green Deal, so that they
might be a necessary first step in securing        can form associations, speed up processes and make things happen. Their aim is to develop new solutions in relation to energy
a sustainable future for the city. To coin a       and quality of life, which will have a direct effect on the region itself, as well as creating a much sought-after international export
phrase that was used during the work-              product with significant economic value.
shops: "New York City runs on cheap oil              Innovation and clean technology in the Delft-Rotterdam region are creating sustainable solutions that can be applied at both
and cheap oil is running out". The limitless       regional and international levels. The situation and conditions of the region are ideal: a port/industrial complex and a densely pop-
energy and vitality of New York are per-
haps its greatest strengths, but in order to       ulated urban environment, with the necessary space and technological potential. Furthermore, the region Rotterdam-Delft is situ-
sustain them the City will have to come up         ated in the heart of the Dutch Delta. Development and implementation of innovations for city water management and delta tech-
with new and innovative approaches to              nology create the Clean Tech Delta that is an inspiring example for other delta cities in the world.
their sources.                                        Clean Tech Delta is a collaboration of trade and industry, education and government to stimulate innovation and clean technology and then implement it.
   Hans Scheepmaker is Deputy Director                     Supporters include ARCADIS, Delft City Council, Delft University of Technology, Deltalinqs, Rotterdam City Council, and Rotterdam University.
and Area Development Manager for Stad-                                                                     Source: compiled from
shaven Rotterdam.
BROOKLYN-ROTTERDAM WATERFRONT EXCHANGE NEWS                                                                                             Spring 2010: NY Workshop

     BROOKLYN-ROTTERDAM                                                    WATERFRONT                               EXCHANGE                           NEWS


         Team Leaders:
        Richard Friedman
        Bonnie A. Harken
                                                B R O O K LY N - R O T T E R D A M WAT E R F R O N T E X C H A N G E :
         Tineke de Vries                        An exchange of waterfront expertise about redeveloping
                                                p o r t a r e a s i n N e w Yo r k a n d t h e N e t h e r l a n d s
          Team Members:
         Marcia M. Brewster
            Ivo Demmers
           Avery E. Harken                        Sponsors:
         Femke J. M. Smeets                       City of Rotterdam
         Adam A. Szlachetka
                                                  Empire State Development Corporation
What is the                                       Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
                                                  Netherlands Water Partnership
                                                  Stadshavens, Rotterdam
Waterfront Exchange?
                                                  The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
  During this time of urgent global
economic and environmental chal-
lenges, a central question facing
many port cities is how to combine
                                                  City of Rotterdam
economic development with environ-                Empire State Development Corporation
mental sustainability - a question with           Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
many facets from modernization of                 The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
industry and innovations in interna-
tional shipping to reconfiguration of
transportation systems and mitigation             Additional Contributors:
of climate change. In response to this            Embassy and Consulate-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
need, the City of Rotterdam, the Port             Netherlands Water Partnership
Authority of New York & New Jersey,
                                                  Stadshavens, Rotterdam
and Dutch Government jointly agreed
to structure a cross-Atlantic coopera-
tion to exchange waterfront expertise.
                                                  Exchange Consultant:
  The Brooklyn-Rotterdam Waterfront            Nautilus International Development Consulting, Inc.
Exchange is a forum for American
and Dutch leaders and experts to
share experiences, innovative solu-
tions, new strategies, development
models, and best practices about the
potential of redeveloping port areas
for new life. Some of the most strate-
gically positioned waterfronts in many
port cities are undergoing redevelop-
ment. Among these districts in Brook-
lyn’s southwestern waterfront, located
in the mouth of the New York harbor,
and Rotterdam’s Stadshavens (City
Harbors), being redeveloped as
newer port areas move farther west into the North Sea.
   The Exchange is taking place in both New York and Rotterdam and started with a 3½-day professional workshop from April 14 to 17, 2010 in New York. The first
Workshop examined waterfront development in the context of SW Brooklyn with the goal of bringing together and growing cross-disciplinary knowledge about key
challenges for port-related areas and applying international best practices to long-range decisions for SW Brooklyn. In June, policy-makers will spend 2½ days vis-
iting the Netherlands to share expertise about public policies that have been instrumental in implementing innovative solutions in both cities. Stadshavens in Rot-
terdam will provide the counterpoint case study.
  The ideas, images and materials generated by the New York Workshop are summarized in this edition of the newspaper. A similar newspaper will be produced
after the Rotterdam Workshop and both will be edited into a publication in October or November 2010. The ultimate goal is to uncover concepts and solutions that
result in world-class redevelopment of port-related areas in both New York and the Netherlands.
  Along the way, we are generating a fresh and lively dialogue and helping forge international business relationships that will grow into meaningful long-term part-
nerships. The New York delegation in the first Workshop included representatives of both New York City and State public agencies that play major roles in shap-
ing the waterfront - from the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, Empire State Development Corporation and New York State Department of Environmental
Conservation to the New York City Departments of City Planning, Economic Development, and Environmental Protection. In addition, there were leaders from SW
Brooklyn, prominent New York non-profit organizations, and top professional consulting firms. From the Netherlands, we were honored to be joined by members
of the Dutch Embassy, national government and City of Rotterdam, as well as civic leaders and professionals in architecture, landscape architecture, water man-
agement, civil engineering, transportation, and urban planning.
 Together, we are exploring how the reshaping of outdated port-related areas can contribute to the economic prosperity and environmental sustainability of the
surrounding metropolitan regions.
Bonnie A. Harken, AIA                                                                                                                                          May 2010

Bonnie A. Harken, AIA, is President of Nautilus International Development Consulting, Inc. (,
which is the consultant to the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey on the Brooklyn-Rotterdam Waterfront Exchange.

                                                                                      SW Brooklyn Waterfront (photo by Nautilus International Development Consulting, Inc.)

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