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Millions of snowflakes


									              CHALLENGING WORDS



How many snowflakes can you count? Hundreds, thousands or
      even millions? Discover the joy in snowflakes.
                 --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Explain what the story is about.
(Answer)    Snow; snowflakes and the fun you can have.
(Follow Up)   Tell who the characters of the story are.

(2)   Imagine you are the little boy in the story, how would the
      snow make you feel?
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Explain what kinds of things you would do in the snow.

(3) Guess how the snowflakes might have tasted on his tongue.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Tell how snowflakes feel when you catch them on your

(4) Reminisce about a time when you played in the snow.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Did it make you feel happy? Why or why not.

(5) Define softly.
(Answer)    Mild; not sharp; gentle.
(Follow Up)    Use softly in a sentence.

(6) Name where one little snowflake fell.
(Answer)    On his nose.
(Follow Up)   Describe how he shivered.

(7)   Tell what he did when he caught the three snowflakes on his
(Answer)     Ate them up.
(Follow Up)     Name what the snowflakes tickled.

(8) List what he did in the snow.
(Answer)    Laugh, jump, run and spin.
(Follow Up)   How many snowflakes did he catch in his hand.

(9)   Look on page 23, describe what he’s doing.
(Answer)    Lying in the snow making a snow angel.
(Follow Up)    Have you ever made one?

(10) Search for how many snowflakes were in her hair.
(Answer)    Millions.
(Follow Up)    Name the season when it snows.

1.   Take white construction paper and cut out a snowflake.

2.   Draw a picture of yourself outside on a snowy day. In two or
     three sentences describe what you are doing.

3.   Write a paragraph about a time when you played out in the
     snow. Add details describing the experience.

4.   List the four seasons. Circle your favorite. In one or two
     sentences tell why it’s your favorite.


1. Have a picture of a snowy day. Say, “Does this remind you of a
   time when you have played in the snow? Today we’re going to
   read “Millions of Snowflakes.”

2. Have a hat, mittens and a scarf. Ask, “Why do you think you
   would wear these items? Today we’re going to read “Millions of
   Snowflakes” and find out why you might.”

3. Have a snowman figurine. Ask, “When do we make snowmen?
   Our story today is about snow. Let’s read and see what else we
   can do.”

Book Title: Millions of Snowflakes
Author: Mary McKenna Siddals                    Illustrator: Elizabeth Sayles
ISBN:                                           # of Text Pages: 25     AR: .8 LEX: BR
                                  Building Oral Vocabulary
 6           surprise           8               tongue            11           tickle
                                    Prediction Questions
 7  Where do you think a snowflake will fall next?
13 What will he do next?
17 Guess what happens to his hand?

This resource is provided by THE LEARNING CORPS—Barren County Board of Education, an AmeriCorps project funded in part by the
      Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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