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Méribel Unplugged Top 3 -Valley Lunchtime Venues Of Last Season.

                                  There is far more to the mountains than just skiing/riding. So, assuming you can read
                                  a piste map (That wet crumpled thing stuck in your back pocket); here is the list of our top
                                  3-Valley lunchtime venues of the 2009/10 season. Plus this season we have also added
                                  in some useful info on skiing in the 3 valleys, a menu translation guide, plus some very
                                  useful wine info for novices.

                                  All prices and menu samples are from 2009/10, so expect some small changes. We are
                                  not loaded so the price in each restaurant review is a rough guide as to what 2 of us
                                  would each pay, based on one main course each and sharing a bottle of wine. Your bill
                                  could be less or indeed much higher. Always reserve! Try for about 2pm if possible, espe-
Rob Smart-editor                  cially high season. Then ski through the busy lunchtime period on empty slopes & receive
Méribel & 3 valleys: 1988-2011    a relaxed table service afterwards.
Our reviews are independent, and based totally on last season’s experiences. There are no negative reviews. If a restau-
rant is not deemed to be good value we just exclude it. Choose any of the restaurants (over 30) featured for this season
and you should come away contented
& without too much damage to your wal- Restaurant index
let. Note: You will find no Lloyd Grossman Courchevel 1850...............22,23 Méribel - Chaudanne ..........12,32
terminology in our reviews. Just simple
                                            Courchevel 1650...............23,24 Méribel - Village .....................12,20
phraseology easily translated in to “good
food & good value”. Please note: Not ALL
                                            La Tania...........................20,21,22 Méribel - Les Allues......................16
mountain restaurants accept credit cards! Les Menuires.................25,26,27 Méribel - Mottaret..........17,18,19
                                                  Méribel - Saulire...2,3,14,15,16 St Martin De Belleville..28,29,30
Bon appetite                                      Méribel - Tougnète..................13 Val Thorens .....................................30
Rob Smart & the unplugged team.


  L’Adray Telebar

  04 79 08 60 26 Lunch: 12.00 - Non-stop
  Rough Guide: €30 - €50 p.p.
  This is a truly outstanding, upmarket, family restau-
  rant. Excellent value, VERY popular. with a beautiful
  sun terrace & traditional interior with log fire. The food
  and service is first class. The A La Carte menu is exten-
  sive and includes a “fish of the day”, accompanied by
  a good choice of wines. You will adore this restaurant.
  Find it at the start of the Adret chair lift, Rond Point
  area. Reservations are strongly advised.
  Some Menu samples:
  Potage à la Tomate et toast au fromage 15 €
  (tomato soup with cheese on toast)
  Escalope de Veau à la crème et champignons 27 €                     Sample wines:
  (absolutely delicious)                                              Chignin Bergeron 2007, (white)                                26 €
  Pavé de Bison, jus de cerises                       25 €            Pinot de Savoie 2007, (red)                                   27 €
  (Buffalo with cherry sauce)                                         Côtes Rotie 2005, (rose)                                      39 €

2                                                                                                                  3
                                                                                                              Côtes du Rhône Villages:   Medium bodied, fruity, spicy
                                                                                                              Hermitage:                 Strong full bodied red
This is my very own homemade “Smart Guide” to many of the wine terms and actual                               Crozes Hermitage:          Fruity aromatic red, less strong
                                                                                                              Châteauneuf du Pape:       Extremely full bodied red, rich in colour
wines you will find in the lunch restaurants of the 3 valleys. Enjoy your meal!                               Gigondas.:                 Alternative choice to Châteauneuf du Pape but cheaper
                                                                                                              Vacqueyras:                Cousin of both Gigondas and Châteauneuf du Pape. A great choice at a lower price.

• Appellation Contrôlée (AC or AOC, French) Part of French law that guarantees that a wine comes from where
  the label says it does, that it is made from specific grapes and that it is produced in a certain way.
                                                                                                              Bordeaux Wines
• Blanc - White
                                                                                                              Produced in the regions surrounding the city of Bordeaux. The main regions are Medoc, Graves, St Julien,
• Bouquet - The scent of a wine that develops as it ages and matures.
                                                                                                              Margaux, Saint Emilion, Pomerol, Bourg & Blaye.
• Château - Term given to a wine-growing property.
• Cuvée - A blended wine or a special selection.
                                                                                                              Médoc:                     Full bodied & often oak-age reds. Delicate, medium coloured & smooth tasting.
• Grand Cru - Term used for top-quality wines in Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne.
                                                                                                              Haut Medoc:                Medium-bodied red
• Mis en bouteille au château - The wine was bottled where it was made.
                                                                                                              Saint-Julien:              Very good quality, full bodied, rich, smooth red wines.
                                                                                                              Graves (white):            Among the best in Bordeaux, medium to full bodied, fruity and dry.
• Premier cru (First growth- very high quality)
                                                                                                              Graves (red):              Medium to full-bodied, & earthy.
• Rouge - Red
                                                                                                              Pauillac:                  Full-bodied red with a strong fruity bouquet.
• Sec - Dry
                                                                                                              Pomerol:                   Small high quality wine label in the region.
• Vin de pays - Country wine of a level higher than table wine.
                                                                                                              Pomerol - Pétrus:          A full bodied red of extremely high quality. (600€ + a bottle!)
• Vin de table - Table wine. Lower quality wine.
                                                                                                              St-Emilion:                Soft medium – bodied & deep coloured full bodied reds of very good reputation.
• Vin ordinaire - Basic wine not subject to any regulations.

                                                                                                              Burgundy Wines
Local Savoie Wines
                                                                                                              Produced in the Burgandy regions, stretching from Auxerre in the north down to Mâcon & Lyon in the south.
 Like the whites, the red wines of Savoie are fairly simple,
 light bodied and fruity. 90% of all Savoie wines are                                                         Chablis:                   Good quality, white, crisp, fresh, fruity, and very dry.
 drunk by the locals, assisted greatly by the British.                                                        Beaujolais:                A light perfumed red made in North Burgandy from the Gamay grape.
 The best known villages producing wine in Savoie are:                                                        Beaujolais Villages:       Separate regions in Burgandy producing superior reds.
                                                                                                              Cru Beaujolais:            A superior Beaujolais found in Brouilly, Côte de Brouilly, Morgon, Chénas,
 Apremont – Chignin – Chautagne – Arbin                                                                                                  Chiroubles, Fleurie, Juliénas, Moulin à Vent, Régnié and Saint Amour.

 Chignin Bergeron:   Better quality local white wine,                                                         Côtes de Provence (Rose)
                     fresh and fruity                                                                         From the sunny area of Côte d’Azur. The best rose wines to be found in Méribel
 Chignin:            White & dry, very pleasant
 Pinot Gris:         Nice white wine, slightly spicy                                                          Loire Wines
 Gamay de Jongieux:  Red wine with very fruity fragrance                                                      Produced since ancient times in the Loire Valley from the Muscadet region near the Atlantic to Sancerre
 Gamay de Chautagne: Red wine, also fruity and slightly spicy                                                 & Pouilly Fumé near the city of Orléans.
 Mondeuse Red:       Full bodied and fruity
 Mondeuse d’Arbin:   Better quality red wine for meat & cheese                                                Muscadet:                  Light white, Slightly tangy & sparkly.
 Pinot Noir:         Lively & full bodied red that improves with age                                          Sancerre:                  Racy, pungent, dry soft whites.
                                                                                                              Pouilly Fumé:              Dry white wines with a strong flavor of musk and smoked.

Côtes du Rhône Wines
 Produced in the Rhône valley, (on both sides of the river) since Roman times.
 Côtes du Rhône begins just south of Lyon and finishes south of Avignon.

4                                                                                                                                                                                                                        5
               MÉRIBEL                                                                                                                                                                                                      LUNCH GUIDE

FREN CH TO ENG LIS H : B EGIN N E R S M E N U G UIDE                                                                                  Médaillon:        round piece or slice    Pommes De Terre:             Potatoes     CHEESE - FROMAGE
                                                                                                                                                                                Ail:                             garlic
                                                                                                                                      Pave:                           steak     Champignons:              mushrooms       Chèvre:                   goat cheese
MENU (LA CARTE) USEFUL                                                                                                                Pintade:                  guinea fowl     Cèpes: Large, meaty wild mushroom         Fondue & Raclette: melted cheese
TERMS GENERAL                                                                                                                         Pot-au-feu:          boiled beef with     Morille:    Fabulous tasty wild morel     Fromage Blanc:         smooth low-fat
                                                                                                                                                                 vegetables                               mushrooms         cheese, similar to cottage cheese or
Apéritif:      cocktail, pre-dinner drink                                                                                                                                       Échalotes:     shallots (onion family)                                   yogurt
Assiette:                             plate                                                                                           Poulet rôti:           roast chicken      Flageolets:          small, pale green
Chaud(e):                   hot (or warm)                                                                                             Poulet fermier: free-range chicken                         kidney-shaped beans      ASKING FOR DRINKS
Digestif:              after-dinner drink                                                                                             Sanglier:                  wild boar      Épinard:                      spinach
Entrée:                        first course                                                                                           Saucisse:       small fresh sausage       Haricot (verte):        Beans (green)     1 Glass:                   Une Verre
Frais, fraiche:                        fresh                                                                                          Saucisson:      large dried sausage                                                 1 Bottle:               Une Bouteille
Froid(e):                               cold                                                                                          Souris d’Agneau:       Lamb Shanks        FRUIT & SWEETS                            Large:                        Grand
Fumé(e):                           smoked                                                                                             Hache:     Minced beef. (hamburger)                                                 Small:                         Petit
Garni(e):                       garnished                                                                                             Tartare:                  Raw steak       Amande:                     Almond
Grand:                                 large                                                                                          Veau:                           veal      Ananas:                   Pineapple       DRINKS
Gratuit and 0ffert: both mean “free                                                                                                                                             Citron:                       lemon       White Wine:                 Vin blanc
La Formule: Fixed price menu. 2 or                                                                                                    COOKING YOUR MEAT                         Creme brulé:           caramelized        Red Wine:                   Vin rouge
                            more courses.       The Bill please.  L’ddition sil voo        VIANDE: MEAT                                                                         Fraise:                  strawberry       More Wine Please:      (Plu du vin sil
Hors-d’oeuvre:                   appetizer                                     play                                                   V/Rare:                   bleu (blu)      Framboise:                raspberry                                   voo play)
Le Menu:         Fixed price menu. 2 or         Thank You Very Much:         Merci         Andouillette:         smaller sausage      Rare:   saignent, rose (senor - rose)     Glace:                    ice cream       Beer:                            Biere
                            more courses.                 boucoup (mercy bookoo)           Agneau:                            lamb    Medium:                     medium        Myrtille:         type of blueberry       Another Beer Please:       (une autre
Mélange:                mixture or blend                                                   Bavette:     skirt steak - usually with    Well Done:        bien cuit. (Kuwee)      Noisette:                  hazelnut                       bière s’il vous plaît)
Menu dégustation:           tasting menu        FOOD ON THE MENU                                          shallots (onion family)                                               Noix:                   walnut, nut       Draught Beer:         Biere pression
Pain:                                 bread                                                Bifteck:      steak (ordinary/cheap)       FISH & SHELL FISH                         Pamplemousse:             grapefruit      Coffee With Cream:        café crème
Poive:                              pepper      Escargot:                          snail   Canard:                             duck                                             Pêche:                        peach       Coffee With Hot Milk: café au lait
Parmentier:          dish with potatoes         Croque-monsieur: toasted ham and           Confit de Canard: Cooked slowly in         Poisson:                           fish   Poire:                          pear
Petit:                     Small or Little.                          cheese sandwich                                  it’s own fat.   Anchois:                      anchovy     Tarte:                           pie
Plat Du Jour:             Dish of the day       Cuisses de grenouille:        frog legs    Canette:           young female duck       Coquille St Jacques:          scallops    Tart Tatin:            caramelized
Le Plat:                        Main Dish       Foie gras:    liver of fattened goose      Carré d’agneau:          rack or loin of   Daurade:         dorade or sea bream                   upside-down apple pie
Prix net:                service included       Forestière:             garnish of wild                                       lamb    Fruits De Mer:                seafood
Purée:                 mashed potatoes               mushrooms, bacon and potatoes         Charcuterie: cold slices of sausage,       Gambas:                  large prawns
Sel:                                     salt   Galette: round, flat pastry, pancake                            terrine, pâtés, etc   Huitre:                         oyster
Sucre:                                sugar                  or cake; sweet or savory      Charolais:           High-quality beef     Homard:                        lobster
Suprême:            a boneless breast of        Jambon:                            ham     Civet: stew of game thickened with         Moules Marinière: mussels cooked in
                poultry or a fillet of fish     Jambon cru:         usually salt cured                                        blood   white wine, shallots, butter and herbs
Tournédos:        center portion of beef         or smoked ham that has been aged          Coq au vin: chicken stewed in wine         Saumon Fumé:           smoked salmon
        filet, usually grilled or sautéed                              but not cooked      Cotelette:          thin chop or cutlet    Truite:                          trout
Tournédos rossini:                 sauteed      Jus:                               juice   Côte d’agneau:               lamb chop     Thon:                            tuna
   tournedos garnished with foie gras           Lardons:               cubes of bacon      Côte de boeuf:         Large Rib Steak
                              and truffles      Lyonnaise (à la):        in the style of                     (similar to T - Bone)    SOUPS & SAUCES & CAS-
Service compris:         Service included          Lyon, often garnished with onions       Côte de veau:                 veal chop
 (Just standard on most menus – still                                                      Dinde:                            turkey
                                                Miel:                            honey
                      nice to leave a tip)      Moutarde:                      mustard     Émincé: thin slice, usually of meat
                                                                                                                                      Cassoulet: casserole of white beans,
                                                Oeuf:                               egg    Entrecôte:               beef rib steak
                                                                                                                                                   including various meats
ORDERING & PAYING                               Pommes lyonnaises:            potatoes     Entrecôte mâitre d’hotel: with herb
                                                                                                                                      Chasseur:                  sauce with
(+ simple pronounciations)                                       sautéed with onions                                         butter
                                                                                                                                          white wine, shallots, mushrooms,
                                                Riz:                                rice   Faux-filet:                sirloin steak
                                                                                                                                                           tomatoes, herbs
I would like a:        zhur Voodray une         Pain:                             Bread    Filet mignon:         Tenderloin steak
Couteau:                            knife       Polenta:                    boiled corn    Feu de bois (au):        cooked over a
                                                Potage:                            soup                                   wood fire   VEGETABLES – LÉGUMES
Fourchette:                           fork
Tasse:                                cup       Salade:                         lettuce
                                                                                           Gigot: leg (usually Lamb -d’agneau)        Chou:                       cabbage
Thé:                                   tea
                                                                                           Lapin:                          rabbit     Frites:                        chips
Tranche:                             slice
                                                                                           Magret de canard (d’oie): breast of        Gratin Dauphinois: baked casserole
Repas:                              meal
                                                                                                        fattened duck (or goose)      of sliced potatoes w/cream & cheese
Please:                      Sil voo play

 6                                                                                                                                                               7
      Skiing Meribel for New Skiers
      (Absolute Beginners should be in Ski School!)
      (MOST skiing tips also apply equally to Snowboarding)
1) Have a good breakfast! Do a few stretching            So, I am assuming you have had enough instruction           Mottaret: Tougnete / Plattieres Side:                   Courchevel. 1850. (3 Valley extension needed):
excercises.                                              and practice to ski / ride with others out of ski school.   Good area for beginners is between Plattieres 1 and 2   Fabulous area for even nervous beginners. Take a
                                                         The following areas are good for 1st-2nd week be-           on Sitelle & Rossignol blue pistes. Take the Gondola    gondola to top of Saulire, then walk up to the giant
2) Make sure your hands, (mittens are best) and your     ginner practice.                                            back down until confident. Last part of Martre blue     Saulire cable car. Take it down and there you will
boots are warm and comfortable. Wear a hat but                                                                       can be very poor late morning and afternoon.. Very      find beautiful wide gentle slopes. Come back same
                                                         Meribel. Saulire Side:                                                                                              route, using the cable car and then down in one of
good sun cream also. The sun is VERY powerful up                                                                     busy + icy or slushy, depending on time of season.
                                                         Take Rhodos Gondola to the Altiport Area. Many                                                                      the Meribel/Mottaret bubbles. Please give feedback
here, especially late season.                                                                                        However this area is fab at 9am ! If you catch the
                                                         blues just above this area too. The very top of Sau-                                                                to us at if this advice
                                                                                                                     first bubble.
                                                         lire2 Gondola is a little steep for beginners , so leave                                                            was helpful.
3) Catch the very first lifts (9am) for the best
                                                         it till you get confident. Mid station is ok. Take blue
groomed velvet pistes which are on Tougnète side in
                                                         pistes leading down to Altiport area.
spring, but anywhere in the early cold season. Saulire
                                                         Lapin piste down to Meribel Village is also a nice
side in spring however can be very icy first thing.
                                                         run through the trees.
(till 10.30-11am)
                                                         From top of Altiport area down to Chaudanne can
                                                         get worn and icy at times later in day. Take Rhodos
                                                         bubble down if nervous.

                                                                                                                     Saulire/Pas Du Lac Side:
                                                                                                                     Use this route to ski over to
                                                                    Meribel Tougnete:                                Méribel, by jumping out at
                                                                    Take Plan De l’Homme Chair or Tougnete           mid station. Do not return via
                                                                    1, then Tougnete 2 chair to top. Then            Aigle (RED) if at all possible,
                                                                    follow Cretes blue till it joins Choucas.        especially late mornings or
                                                                    Practice here, using the Cherferie drag lift.    afternoons. Generally speak-
                                                                     If nervous do not take Gelinotte blue. Can      ing I would advise nervous
                                                                     get very icy and quite steep in places.         beginners to avoid the last
                                                                     Take Caves drag lift..then ski down to          descent in to Mottaret from
                                                                     Meribel via Mottaret direction: Take Per-       both Plattieres and Pas du
                                                                      drix then Combe Laitelet and Truite.           lac Gondolas in the busy

 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                           9
                     Skiing / Boarding Guide                                                                              St Martin De Belleville: 1400m
                                                                                                                          A beautiful old village with 2 lovely reds, Jerusalem &
                                                                                                                                                                                       VT valley. Another choice is to head up to the top of
                                                                                                                                                                                       Tougnète then head straight down to Les Menuires
                                                                                                                                                                                       & Reberty Village via the Gros Tougne pathway. Then
                             (For intermediates & advanced)                                                               Pramint. We can beat the locals to the top (Tougnète)        catch Les Bruyeres gondola to the same entry point for
                                                                                                                          so first tracks are possible every morning! Make sure        VT. As you enter Val Thorens you have a very short
Definitely buy a 3-valley pass. You have an unbeliev-        Mottaret: 1750m                                              you visit one day for lunch. Highly recommended.             black run Goitschel, which is quite easy early morn-
able area of over 600km of pisted runs to explore with-                                                                                                                                ing in good snow conditions, but very icy later. This
                                                             “Lac de la Chambre & Venturon are 2 superb runs              Les Menuires: 1850m
out even taking your skis / snowboard off.                   down from Mont de la Chambre, which is reached                                                                            joins Plein Sud for the easy trip down to VT centre. The
                                                                                                                          It takes only 35 minutes to get to Les Menuires              alternative, depending on your desired destination
Méribel Tougnète: 2434m                                      by the Cote Brune chair lift. Both keep superb snow          center. Catch the Tougnète gondola to the top then           is to take the long Pluviometre run down but take
                                                             till late season, as do the 2 excellent long cruising reds   follow Gros Tougne all the way down. From Mot-
 In the early mornings you are better off skiing the Toug-                                                                                                                             note that this piste ends up far below the centre.
 nète (2434m) side of Méribel. It catches the morning        from the top of Mont Vallon.                                 taret catch Plattieres gondola to and then take Al-          You will then have to walk 100m up to Cascades
 sun. If you find a long queue for the Gondola take the                                                                   lamands. Then Grandes Combes & La Violette. Al-              chair and/or Peclet Funitel or take the Plein Sud
                                                             Courchevel.                                                  ternatively take the Combes Chair then Roc de Tougne         chairlift if you want to ski the far left side of the
 Plan de L’Homme chair. Its fast and quicker to the mid
 stage of Tougnète. Then take the new 2nd stage chairlift.   1850–1650–1550 -1300                                         double drag lift. Ski Pramint and join Gros Tougne.          valley. However this blue route does whisk you
 Just make sure you are one of the first to the top. It’s    From the top of Saulire                                                 Les Menuires resort centre is ugly, but           down to the Caron Gondola which connects with
truly well worth the effort. You can also take the Roc       you have the popu-                                                                  this area has some really su-         the Cime de Caron cable car. If it is your first trip
De Fer & Olympic chair to the top of La Face, which          lar Combe Saulire the                                                                 perb skiing, especially over        to VT then be sure to take a trip up to the Cime
although black is more like a red when nicely groomed        long north-facing run                                                                  on La Masse. At the top            de Caron. Ski the Col De L’audzin, a wonderful
at 09.00. In fresh powder get yourself on to the 9am Plan    direct to 1850 centre.                                                                   you have two excellent           long run all the way down to the cable car base.
de L’Homme chair lift. The Eterlou run alongside the         As you ski down,                                                                          pistes: Crêtes and Co-          Also the Combe-de-Caron, although black, is not
Moon Park is usually left ungroomed so you can enjoy         look up to your left                                                                       vili Fred. Also behind         actually too steep for confident intermediates. All
powder practice for about 45 minutes before it’s totally     and you will see the infa-                                                                   La Masse is one of           the snow on this section is usually in excellent
skied out.                                                   mous Courchevel Couloirs. The Grand                                                           the best itinerar-          condition. There is also now also a superb long
                                                             Couloir is a black which is not actually too                                              ies in all 3 valleys.           black run over the other side in the 4th val-
Méribel Saulire: 2700m                                       bad. Although it develops large moguls the                                           It is not too difficult, usu-        ley. The Combe Rosael, that used
All the runs here are usually excellent early                snow condition is usually very good. The nar-                ally      well     worn and easy to find. It follows         to be strictly off piste,
morning during the cold early season but are                 row ridge you have to traverse to get                        a route that brings you back round to the front of           now drops
in the shade. With a fall of fresh powder there is lots      to it is more frightening than the run it-                   the mountain ending alongside the lake (Lac Du
of safe off piste to the side of the main blue pistes        self. The others are strictly off piste with a               Lou). On our side of Les Menuires the reds below
as all the slopes here are not steep enough to trig-         guide (and a rope!). It’s not a good idea to                 Mont de la Chambre are also usually fairly quiet
ger avalanches. (apart from those directly above             ski all the way down to the 1850 centre. This                and make excellent cruising especially the 4 Vents
and below the Boulevard De Loze, which DO                    is where you often find heavy conges-                        & David Douillet.
avalanche!) The off piste under the Adret Chairlift is       tion, just like Chaudanne in Méribel.
particularly good in new deep fresh snow. Be sure to         An alternative run from Méribel Saulire                      Val Thorens: 2300m
ski Mauduit, which is a long run (over 1000m ) and                        is the superb Creux. Ski right over             (Note: Usually very cold)                                                                             down        to
used to host the Méribel men’s downhill.                                     to 1650 via Chanrossa chair. At              There are two main routes over to Val Thorens                                          join Mauriennaise for
Pic Noir from the top of Col                                                    09.15 on a sunny day this run             from Méribel. The most popular and the quick-                          the final route to Orelle (900m). So a
de la Loze is a very                                                               is one of the best ski runs            est route means starting from Mottaret so if you             full 2300m descent in one go! Another excellent
                                                                                      in the 3 Valleys. (approx           are in Méribel jump on Tougnète gondola to the first         choice is to take the Funitel Grand Fond and drop
                                                                                     45 minutes). Try it. Also            stage, or Plan de l’Homme fast chair.Then ski                in to the 4th valley for a full 2100m run down to
                                                                                    be sure to ski “Indians”               down to Mottaret centre. Take Plattieres gondola            Orelle on the Mauriennaise. Also for another ex-
                                                                                   in 1650, especially if you              to the 2nd stage then take Bouvreuil or go to the 3rd and   cellent red run. Take the Boismint chair then ski
                                                                                  have kids with you. It has an            top stage and take Alouette. Both are excellent runs        the piste of the same name. It’s long ,fast and we
                                                                                authentic “American Indian”                that catch the morning sun and will take you direct         have never known it to be really busy. VT really is
                                                                               camp set up. 1650 area is very              down to Cote Brune Chair.              This long cold       an such an excellent place to ski ! and loads more
                                                                              quiet and full of easy blue runs.            chair will in due course get                                of the good stuff is to be found at the far left end of
                                                                   VERY relaxing over here, In good snow only              you to the top of Mont                                       the valley. Leave plenty of time for the 8km run
                                                             be sure to ski Jockeys and Jean Blanc down to La              de la Chambre                                                    home. (approx 1- 1.5hrs) (Careful not to stay
                                      challenging            Praz 1300. Folyeres rollercoaster is also superb              (2860m) and                                                          too long the giant après ski party at La
                           blue if the snow is good          in the mornings down to La Tania.                             in to the                                                                Folie Douce on your way home! You
             be sure to give this beautiful run                                                                                                                                                          have been warned)
      through the trees a try.

    10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                11
           MÉRIBEL                                                                                                               LUNCH ON MÉRIBEL’S TOUGNÈTE SECTION
                                                            Le Plantin (Méribel Village)
                                                            04 79 04 12 11
                                                            Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00 Rough Guide: €35 - €50
                                                            This old, famous farmhouse restaurant was com-
                                                                                                                                       LES CRêTES
                                                            pletely re-built in 2006/7. It is now regarded by all
                                                            in Méribel as one of the top gourmet restaurants in                             Reservations: 06 09 40 51 04
                                                            the 3 valleys, with really magnificent food and excel-
                                                            lent service. Some of the clients even arrive here by
                                                            their own helicopter! The run down to it from the
                                                                                                                                                Lunch: 12.00 - 15.30
                                                            Altiport is a fun off piste route through the forest.
                                                            Not too steep but for better skiers only. There is a
                                                            special skiers menu here at lunch(great value). Rob-
                                                            ert, the owner of Le Plantin, will also give you a free
                                                            minibus ride back to Méribel Village chairlift when
                                                            you are ready to leave.

Evolution (Méribel Chaudanne)
04 79 00 44 26 Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00
Rough Guide: €15 - €30 p.p. Child’s menu: Yes
Evolution has become, in its very original style of cui-
                                                                                                                        This is a truly magnificent little log cabin restaurant and we would never eat
sine, one of Méribel’s favourite restaurants for a morn-                                                                anywhere else on this side of Méribel. Find it at the top of the new Tougnète
ing coffee, full English breakfast, lunch or dinner. The                                                              chairlift. The “Entrecôte Steaks “are very special here and the plat du jour always
mainly British staff are very friendly and the food is                                                                    delicious, especially the Coq au Vin & Rabbit. Prices vary daily according
superb, especially the Fish & Chips (Fridays) & the Sun-                                                                          to the dish. Fabulous wine list too! (75 cl: 13.50€ – 1970.00€!)
day roast. The Plat du jour is always recommended,                                                                                   Please note: Credit Cards are not accepted here.
but if you fancy a gigantic steak burger, try the Evolu-
tion “Bad Boy”. Just a short walk across from the piste
at Chaudanne it’s very convenient for meeting non-ski-
ing friends. On the sun terrace or inside we love it here
with great choice of world wines, + internet/free Wi-Fi.

                                                             Jack’s Bar (Méribel Chaudanne)
                                                             04 79 00 30 94 Lunch: 12 - 24.00 Non Stop
                                                             Rough Guide: Food €8 - €14
                                                             Famous for it’s après ski, this popular bar is also
                                                             a great option for anyone looking to have a quick
                                                             and affordable lunch. Generously topped pizzas,
                                                             nachos, sandwiches and tortilla wraps are what
                                                             are on offer here. Less than a minutes walk from
                                                             the bottom of the piste at La Chaudanne this is an
                                                             ideal stop for anyone wanting to make the most of                                    Menu saMples
                                                             their time on the slopes. However, be warned, with
                                                             the friendly staff and comfy surroundings (and           Starters:              6.20€ - 12.80€    Pormoniers: (vegetarian sausages)
                                                             with a little help from a vin chaud or two!) you may     Main courses:          9.80€ - 27.50€    +potatoes & crozets                  14.00€
                                                             still find yourself here once the lift are shut, which   Desserts:                       7.20€    Tartiflette: (potatoes, smoked bacon, reblochon)
                                                             is when this place really comes alive! Happy hour        Entrecôte: (rib steak)+frites 16.50€     +raw ham & green salad               19.00€
                                                             and live music from 4pm. Take-away available.                                          Wine Samples 75CL:
                                                                                                                                 Côtes du Rhône from 13.50€      AOC St Julian from 26.50€
12                                                                                                   AOC St Emilion from 42.90€      AOC Pomerol from 73.00€              13
     This is a lovely traditional mountain restaurant serving top class food. The owners,
     Lawrence & Gilles Chardonett aided by their renowned chef have transformed this restaurant
     over the past 2 seasons. Find it right by the middle station of the Pad Du Lac gondola.
     With a wonderful sun terrace and a charming interior, Le Chardonett serves some of the most
     enjoyable lunches in the valley .You will love it here.

     Menu Samples
     La Coupe Cocktail Marie Rose La Coupe Cocktail Marie Rose                              13.50 €
     (Salad - Lettuce, Pawns, Cocktail Sauce, Tomato)
     Le Plat du Jour | Dish of the day                                                      17.00 €
     Gratin de Lasagne maison cuit au four | Homemade Lasagne                               15.50 €
     Cuisse de Canard confite, Pommes Sarladaise | Leg of duck with salardaise
     style potatoes                                                                         17.00 €
     L’Entrecôte sauce au Poivre vert 0u Sauce Béarnaise | Rib steak with green pepper
     or Béanraise sauce                                                                     18.50 €
     Dos de Saumon grillé sauce Béarnaise - Pommes frites | Grilled salmon served
     with French fries                                                                      20.00 €
   Wine samples: ( Over 30+) from 19.00€ – 89.00€
   Gamay (red)                                                                             20, 00 €
   Crozes – Hermitage 2008 (red)                                                           29, 00 €
14 Apremont (white)                                                                        19, 00 €   15
   Rosé de Savoie (rose)                                                                   19, 00 €


                                                     Rond Point (see page 3)
                                                     04 79 00 37 51 Lunch: 11.30 - 15.30pm
                                                     Rough Guide: €30 - €40
                                                     This is superb spot for lunch: friendly, gigantic
                                                     sun terrace, plus wonderful food with an inter-
                                                     national flavour. A favourite spot of ours for an
                                                     early coffee on cold mornings. When the sun
                                                                                                                 MOTTARET - CHATELET
                                                     comes out , this terrace is the most social venue
                                                     in the 3 valleys. After lunch at about 15.30 the            Reservations:                          04 79 00 47 40
                                                     “Ronny” gradually starts to transform. It has               Lunch:                                     12 – 14:30
now become one of the world’s top 10 après ski venues, with many of the top live bands in the
Alps playing here daily 17.00 – 19.00. Ski direct on to the terrace or the free Meribus bus stops right
                                                                                                                 Dinner:                                 19:00 – 22:00
outside. Advance reservations are highly advised.                                                                Rough Guide:                                15€ – 20€
                                                                                                                 Child’s Menu:                                      8€
MÉ R I B E L 16 0 0
Aux Petits Oignons                                                                                               Le Zig Zag has been for many years one of the best value
04 79 08 64 62 Open: 12-14.00 (14.00 last orders                                                                 restaurants in the 3 Valleys, and another favorite of ours.
& closed Sundays) Rough Guide: €15 - €20                                                                         With new owners this year Annette & Didier, they are con-
Aux Petits Oignons, already famous as a high qual-                                                               tinuing the tradition with a good value lunch menu (which
ity dinner venue is now open for simple lunches,
offering salads, great tasty burgers, and a fabu-
                                                                                                                 will change each day) plus a traditional Savoyard dinner
lous 3 course menu for just €14! (kid’s menu €8)                                                                 menu. A great lunch stopover on your way back from
Note that the restaurant is a few minutes walk                                                                   Mont Vallon, as you can ski right down to the terrace!
from the Doron piste but definitely well worth it                                                                Plus a charming interior for a lovely evening meal.
if you are on a family budget or having half a day
off? The free bus stops right outside so easy for
non skiing friends to meet up with you. In the later
season it has a super little sun terrace, while in cold
                                                                                                                 Lunch Menu Samples         Dinner or Lunch Menu Samples
winter months relax inside by the log fire.                                                                      Play Du Jour    10.50€     Cheese Fondue           18€
                                                                                                                 Skier’s Menu    13.00€     Raclette                20€
MÉ R I B E L LES A LLU ES V I LLAG E                                                                             (Main Course & Dessert)    Pierre Chaude           25€
                                                                                                                 Lasagne          9.50€     Cote de Boeuf           25€
                                                          La Croix Jean-Claude
                                                          04 79 08 61 05 Lunch: 12.00 - 13.45                    Fish Dishes        15€     Entrecote (Large 300gr) 22€
                                                          Rough Guide: €25 - €30                                 Vegetarian Dish 11.50€     Red Meat Dishes         13€
                                                          Child’s menu: Yes
                                                          This is a high quality hotel restaurant in the         WINE SAMPLES
                                                          main street of Les Allues. It has the most charm-      House wine: ½ l   5.00€    Savoie Rose (Rose)         16€
                                                          ing little sun terrace and a beautiful interior. The
                                                                                                                 Gamay (Red)         16€    Beaujolais (Red)           18€
                                                          food is excellent and last season we had a deli-
                                                          cious plat du jour, accompanied by a bottle of         Mondeuse (Red)      18€    Chignin (White)            18€
                                                          Beaujolais and our bill came to just €25 p.p. This
                                                          was with first class service, in lovely surround-
                                                          ings. If you get the chance ski down for lunch on
                                                          the villages blue run do so. You will love it here.

16                                                                                                                                                 17
Lunch 12:00 – 15:00 Après Ski &Tapas 4pm – 7pm Dinner 19:00 – 22:00

Le Rastro, famous for its warm welcome to the Brits for many years,
now features live music for Après Ski, serving Tapas non-stop.
Great if you missed lunch!

The new lunch menu has an international flavor, (Spanish, Italian,
Thai dishes) plus all the regular Savoyarde favorites.

It has become a popular après ski meeting point for all skiers including      Open non-stop (lunch and dinner)
Telemarkers, (beginners and champions) with the world cup winner’s            from 11h00 to 21h00
trophies of the 3 “Rastro Brothers” adorning the walls.                       Reservations: 04 79 00 53 90                             Rough Guide             15€ – 25€ pp
Le Rastro has a very warm atmosphere for dinner, with it’s unique
& rustic surroundings. In addition to the established and regular fondues,    A beautiful little restaurant over at the far side       MENU SAMPLES            From 5€ to 26€
Wednesday night is now a special evening of additional specialities,          of Mottaret at Chatelet, just past Plattieres            SKier’s Special Menu
including, Couscous, Pot Au Feu. Frogs Legs, and African dishes.              Lift Station. A perfect venue for lunch on the way       (A Starter + Main Course) 14,50€
A fabulous dinner venue for those looking for something a little different.                                                            Plat du Jour              10€
                                                                              back from skiing Mont Vallon or the other valleys,
                                                                              with very friendly service.                              Home Made Soup            5€
                                                                                                                                       Entrecote Steak           18€
Rough Guide for 2 with house wine               15 - 25€ (Lunch)              Bell Savoie is also a delightful little restaurant
                                                                                                                                       Local Specialites         From 18€
                                                25 - 35€ (Dinner)             for dinner too, and so easy to get to from Méribel.
                                                                                                                                       Children’s Menu           9€
                                                                              (5 minutes by free bus)                                  House Wine (75cl),
Lunch Menu Samples                                                            All the local Specialites are served at both lunch       Red, Rose, White          9€
Plat Du Jour                     11€
                                                                              and dinner: Fondue, Raclette, Tartiflette, Diots,
Skier’s Menu                     15€
(Starter + main Course + Coffee)                                              Potées Savoyardes.
                                                                              For bad weather La Bell Savoie also has a covered
Réservations: Tel: 04 79 00 41 51                                             terrace with large blankets and outdoor heaters.

                                                                                 La Sitelle
                                                                                 (Nr Plattieres Gondola 1st Station)
                                                                                 04 79 00 43 48 Lunch: 12.00 - 15.00
                                                                                 Rough Guide: €15 - €25
                                                                                 Situated on the blue Martre piste this is an in-
                                                                                 expensive family self-service venue for those
                                                                                 at the Snow Park, or on the way down to Mot-
                                                                                 taret. It has a lovely sun terrace but be sure to
                                                                                 also take your children upstairs with a camera,
                                                                                 for the colourful exhibition of stuffed wild moun-
                                                                                 tain animals.

  18                                                                                                                         19


 Le Ski Lodge Pub
 04 79 08 81 49
 Lunch: 12:00 – 15:30 (Snacks all day)
 Rough Guide: € 15 – € 20 p.p.
 Main course: € 7.50 – € 14.50
 Plat du jour: € 10.50
 Child’s menu: € 7.50
 Wine (75cl): € 12 – € 40
 Be sure to visit the “Ski Lodge”. It’s fun, famous and a perfect place for a great pub lunch, whatever
 the weather. Super food & friendly service. Pukka pies, BBQ spare ribs, famous homemade burgers,
 veggie dishes, English breakfasts on Saturday + Sunday roasts.
 All at the very best prices in the 3 valleys. Find us at the end of the blue Folyères piste, La Tania.
 Hang left at the Draglift.
 Menu Samples:                                        Wine Samples:
 Chicken Wings                          €6            Mondeuse (red)                         € 16
 Salad Niçoise (tuna, Green beans,                    Pinto Grigio (white)                   € 17
 olives, anchovies, egg)                €9            Provence (rose)                        € 14
 Vegetarian burger and fries            € 10.50       + Pichets (0.5l) of House Wine
 Steak (200g) (served with fries,                     (red-rose-white)                       € 6.50
 salad and onions rings)                € 12.90


 Lodge Du Village
 04 79 01 03 55

                                                                                                                                      Lunch: 12:00 - 14:30
 Lunch 12:00 – 14:30 (snacks all day)
 Rough Guide: € 15 – € 25
 Main courses: € 9 – € 17
 Plat Du Jour: € 10.90 Desserts: € 2.50 – € 7
 Child’s menu: € 9 Wine (30+): From € 15                                                                  Just behind the hotel Montana in La Tania,              For a special lunch give this one some serious
 An excellent, very reasonably priced Italian style restaurant with a cool upstairs bar (wifi) plus       Le Taiga is a hidden gem. This chalet restaurant        attention. Ski into La Tania and cross the main
 a super new “giant sized sun terrace” with its own private balcony & winter heaters.                     & cocktail bar is upmarket, stylish, with a log fire,   road by the bus stop.
 English owned by Tim & Debbie wall of the Ski Lodge Pub - La Tania, the staff are as friendly here       heated terrace and fantastic views of the valley.
 as they are over there. Freshly made pizzas, pastas, & meat dishes (inc our personal favourite here
 - Lamb Shanks with mashed potatoes). Ski down from the Altiport on the blue lapin piste to meet
 non-skiing friends for lunch. (Free bus from Méribel stops outside)                                             Rough guide: 25€ - 35€      3-couRse skieRs Lunch: 18.50€         chiLd’s 2-couRse menu: 12€
 Menu Samples:                                        Wine Samples:                                       A few Menu samples                        Fresh Rack of Lamb with
                                                                                                                                                    creamed garlic and gratin
                                                                                                                                                                                        Filet of Venison with a fruity
                                                                                                                                                                                      gravy sauce and gratin potatoes
 Home-made soup of the day               € 6.50       GAMAY 75 cl (red)                      € 15,00          Salad with Tiger prawns,                    potatoes 22,00€                          20,50€
 Pizzas (13 choices) from                € 9.00       APREMONT 75 cl (white)                 € 16,00      Scallops, Red Mullet and Smoked
                                                                                                                Salmon toasts 16,50€              Fillet Steak with green pepper                Wine Samples
 Lasagnes                               € 11.50       LE ROSÉ DU MAYNE 75 cl (rose)          € 19,00                                            sauce and gratin potatoes 23,50€
 Souris d’Agneau                        € 16.50       + Pichets (0.5l) of inexpensive house wine           Snails with garlic and parsley                                                  Gamay 75cl (red) 18€
 Filet de Bœuf 200 g                    € 17.00                                                                     butter 13,00€                 or served with an escalope of          Chgnon 75cl (white) 18€
                                                                                                                                                 Duck liver Rossini style 26,50€         Provence 75cl (rose) 18€

                                                                                                                                             04 79 08 80 33                                                      21
          MÉRIBEL                                                                                                                                                                           LUNCH GUIDE

LA TAN I A – C O U RC HEV EL 1 8 50 - COL DU LOZE ( M É R IBE L)                                                                                                                               COURCHEVEL 1850

                                                       Le Bouc Blanc                                                                                                 Le Pilatus
                                                       04 79 08 80 26 Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00                                                                           04 79 08 20 49 Lunch: 12 - 15.30pm Non Stop
                                                       Rough Guide: €20 - €25 Child’s menu: Yes                                                                      Rough Guide: €30 - €40 Child’s menu: Yes
                                                       We don’t feature many large mountain restau-                                                                  This is a superb restaurant, and in comparison with
                                                       rants but this one is really exceptional, with won-                                                           some others in this valley, very reasonable in price.
                                                       derful food and incredible fast efficient service,                                                            The owners are extremely friendly, the menu has
                                                       even when it looks absolutely full! It sits at the top                                                        an extensive choice of dishes, and the food is won-
                                                       of the La Tania bubble with a gigantic sun terrace,                                                           derful. Situated right by the Courchevel Altiport, it
                                                       and lovely interior with log fire. Over 8 seasons now                                                         has a beautiful interior and a fabulous large sun
                                                       we have been eating here regularly as prices are                                                              terrace. The plat du jour last season was €18, (al-
                                                       so reasonable. Every single meal has always been                                                              ways delicious here) so with a bottle of nice local
                                                       excellent. Plus just two chair lifts pop you back in                                                          wine (from €24) a lovely lunch can be had for about
                                                       to the Méribel valley. Extremely convenient if you                                                            €30 per person. In Courchevel 1850 this takes
                                                       drink too much wine!                                                                                          some beating for a restaurant of this standard.

Les Chenus                                                                                                      La Soucoupe
04 79 08 06 84 Lunch: 11:30 - 16:00                                                                             04 79 08 21 34 Lunch: 12 - 15.30
Rough Guide: €15 - €20 Child’s menu: Yes                                                                        Rough Guide: €30 - €40 Child’s menu: Yes
Just below the Col De La Loze, Le Chenus can be                                                                 This is a wonderful, up market restaurant, full of
reached by the Coqs chair or the Chenus bubble.                                                                 class but without pretence. Here at unplugged
It’s a very attractive, fast self-service restaurant                                                            we have received e-mails lavishing praise on the
with a giant sun terrace and magnificent views.                                                                 lovely hostess here, and the quality of food. Our
The menu included Onion soup, Tartiflette,                                                                      own, very first visit here, was during mid season,
Entrecôte Grill, a wide choice of salads, plus vari-                                                            eating in the upstairs restaurant by the log fire.
ous other choices. For Méribel skiers this is a very                                                            I chose Pot Au Feu (25 €), fast becoming one of
convenient stop for a late lunch on your way                                                                    my favourite dishes. It was absolutely superb. The
back home. The one short chair lift situated just                                                               food and setting here are both extremely special
below the restaurant, pops you directly back in to                                                              and a perfect choice for a really top quality lunch,
the your own valley.                                                                                            without breaking the bank. Find Soucoupe by Coqs or Plantrey chairs, Chenus bubble or Loze draglifts.

                                                        Le Roc (Tania)                                                                                              Le Bel Air
                                                        04 79 08 32 34 Lunch: 11:30 - 16:00                                                                         04 79 08 00 93 Lunch: 12:00 - 15:30
                                                        Rough Guide: €25 - €35 Child’s menu: Yes                                                                    Rough Guide: €25 - €35
                                                        Le Roc has lovely food, 1st class service and                                                               The Bel Air is extremely highly regarded and has
                                                        a superb location right at the top of Col de la                                                             a wonderful reputation for excellent food, fast
                                                        Loze. Last spring, we had a fabulous delicious                                                              & friendly service and very fair prices. It has a
                                                        lunch (steak & frites) and then spent 3 hours                                                               fabulous south-facing terrace and warm inviting
                                                        on the sun terrace!                                                                                         interior with a blazing log fire in cold weather.
                                                        If you want a relaxing lunch on the Saulire                                                                 Our recommendation here is the plat du jour
                                                        side of the mountain with a fabulous view,                                                                  (€23.50) or the succulent BBQ’ lamb chops (3 for
                                                        then this is it. Take the Loze chair from the                                                               €26.50) Both also include a tasty salad as starter.
                                                        Altiport or stop off on your way home from                                                                  For lunch on a mountain terrace in 1650, the Bel
                                                        Courchevel. It is perfect for a late lunch as you       Air just cannot be beaten. It can also be reached on foot by the Ariondaz gondola from 1650 centre.
                                                        can ski directly back to Méribel.                       Reservations very strongly advised.

22                                                                                                                              23
                                                                                                               Le Grand Lac Restaurant
                                                                                                         Reservations: Tel +33(0)4 79 08 25 78
                                                                                                         This is a beautiful restaurant, and the owners, Pascal & Anne Laure are
                                                                                                         most friendly and charming. On one of the routes to St Martin, Les Menuires
                                                                                                         or Val Thorens, it is situated at the base of the fast 6 man Grange chairlift.
                                                                                                         Perfect stop over for an early morning coffee or a delicious excellent value
                                                                                                                         lunch. This is another of our real favorites.

                                                                                                         The Grand Lac has a fabulous sun terrace, and beautiful interior with log
                                                                                                         fire. The “plat du jour” here is always wonderful value, and usually our 1st
                                                                                                         choice, but the pasta dishes are also excellent. From Tougnète, take the Gros
                                                                                                                    Tougne blue piste, or from Mottaret the Grand Lac blue.

                                                                                                                  (It is also worth a mention that The Grand Lac has really
                                                                                                                                  immaculate, 5 star toilets!)

                                                                                                                                                      Rough Guide                          20€ - 25€ p.p.
                                                                                                                                                      Some Menu Samples
                                                                                                                                                      Plat Du Jour                                 11,00€
                                                                                                                                                      Child’s Menu                                  8,50€
                                                                                                                                                      Entrecôte grillée                            17,30€
                                                                                                                                                      (Rib Steak grilled)
                                                                                                                                                      Pave De Salmon Sauvage a L’oseille           15,80€
                                                                                                                                                      (Wild Salmon steak with sorrel)
                                                                                                                                                      Diots Au Vin Blanc Crozets                   13,20€
                                                                                                                                                      (Local sausages in white wine ,crozets pasta)

                                                                                                                                                                                  Some wine samples (20+)
                                                                                                                                                                                  Beaujolais (red) 14,60€
                                                                                                                                                                                  Apremont          14,90€
Le Petit Savoyard. Courchevel 1650                    MENU SAMPLES:                                                                                                               (Savoie – white)
centre.(just a 2 min stroll from the piste)           STARTERS:
                                                                                                                                                                                  Cep D’or          16,30€
                                                      Hot goats cheese salad                   14.50€
04 79 08 27 44                                        Carpacccio of beef with basil, parmesan 17.50€                                                                              (Provence - Rose)
Lunch 12:00 – 14:00                                   MAIN COURSES:
Rough Guide 20€ - 30€ p.p                             Plat du jour                             12.00€
This is an excellent, charming restaurant             Grilled sirloin steak with pepper sauce 18.50€
and all the food here is wonderful. There is no sun   Grilled duck with honey/berries sauce 26.00€
terrace but it has a beautiful rustic interior. We    Lasagne (homemade)                        17.50€
usually choose the plat du jour (12€) & with          Cod steak with herbs crust               26.00€
a bottle of very palatable house wine expect          Frogs’ legs with parsley & garlic        26.50€
to pay about 20 € - 25 € pp. The owners               Pizzas & pastas (23!)               from 12.00€
here are very friendly and welcoming to the           Children’s 2 course menu                  13.50€
Brits. You really MUST search this one out.           Some wine samples 75cl
Find it approx 100m to the right of the Arion-        (18 from 20.00€ – 58.00€)
daz gondola station- walk through the gap by          Gamay Grand Reserve (red)               20.00€
the Portetta Hotel, then cross the street at 45       Vacqueyras (red)                        34.00€
degrees to your right and there it is, tucked         St Joseph (red)                         43.00€     Visit us at
in the far corner. I promise you will love it         Apremont (Savoie white)                  18.50€
here. Reservations are strongly advised.              Chignin Bergeron ( Savoie white)        32.00€
    24                                                St Tropez (Provence rose)                21.00€                                                                                                 25
                                                                                                                        L’Ours BLanc                                                                            LUNCH GUIDE

                                                                                                                        L’Ours Blanc is one of the true hidden gems of the 3 Valleys. The owners Margaret (your host) and Pascal (the chef)
LE S M E N U I R ES & REB ERT Y VILLAG E                                                                                           are extremely friendly. Table service here is impeccable, and the food is absolutely wonderful.
                                                                                                                        All dishes , from soups & terrines to pastries are made fresh by Pascal on the premises. This beautiful restaurant,
                                                          Chalet 2000
                                                                                                                       with it’s peaceful and secluded panoramic terrace , enjoys breathtaking views over “La Masse”. In bad weather enjoy
                                                          04 79 00 60 57 Lunch: 12-15.00
                                                          Rough Guide: €20 - €30 Child’s menu: €8.00
                                                                                                                                                                      the roaring log fire inside.
                                                          This truly exceptional & popular family restaurant is         We recommend that you seek out this restaurant as soon as possible , for a super high quality lunch, at incredibly
                                                          to be found just below the Club Med hotel, between                                                              reasonable prices!
                                                          Les Menuires and Reberty. (directly under the Doron         You will find L’Ours Blanc directly under the Doron chairlift, on your far left as you ski down towards Les Menuires centre.
                                                          chairlift). It is one of the finest restaurants in all 3
                                                          valleys! The food is really superb. All of it! We usually   Rough Guide                        20€ - 25€ p.p.
                                                          choose plat du jour (€12) as it is such great value, but
                                                          the steaks (€20) & lamb chops (€23) here are also
                                                                                                                      A Few Menu Samples
                                                          highly recommended. Chalet 2000 is well worth find-
                                                                                                                      Grilled rib of beef, 500g                     20€
                                                          ing with it’s wonderful hidden sun terrace with those
                                                                                                                      Chicken Cesar salad                           11€
                                                          magnificent views to VT, or log fire for cold days.
                                                                                                                      Child’s dish                                  10€
                                                                                                                      Vegetarian Salad                            9.50€
                                                                                                                      Home-made pizzas from                      11.50€
La Ferme                                                                                                              Home-made pasta dishes from                   11€
04 79 00 77 01 Lunch: 12-16.00                                                                                        Home-made desserts from                     5.50€
Rough Guide: €15 - €20 Child’s menu: Yes
Another brilliant choice for lunch with giant sun
                                                                                                                      Wine Samples
terrace, plus beautiful mountain views towards
                                                                                                                      Gamay de Savoie (red)                         19€
Val Thorens. The food here is delicious. Plat du
                                                                                                                      Mondeuse (rose)                               20€
jour is always outstanding value. (3 course kids                                                                      Apremont Vieilles Vignes (white)              23€
menu the same). Service is extremely friendly.
From the a la carte menu we usually choose Ba-                                                                                                   rEsErVaTIOn TEL: 04 79 00 61 66
vette (steak) in onion sauce. It always arrives as
a giant portion with chips & salad. With ½ litre
of house wine a tasty very inexpensive lunch. La
Ferme is located just below the top of the Doron
chair lift in the new attractive Reberty village.

                                                           Restaurant Le Medz’éry
                                                           04 79 08 16 74 Lunch: 11:45 - 14:30
                                                           Rough Guide: €20 - €30 Child’s menu: €9.80
                                                           This is a most charming little restaurant, (pronounced
                                                           Mud ah ree = Patois for “eat and laugh” Medz’éry is
                                                           well worth seeking out. With their friendly service, &
                                                           great food it will become one of your favorites. We
                                                           chose an unusual shark steak in spices here last sea-
                                                           son (16.80€), Delicious & highly recommended for
                                                           fish lovers. With pizzas from 9.80€, salads from 11€,
                                                           prime rib of beef at 18 €, + local specialties you have
a good choice at very fair prices. A nice bottle of quality wine can be had from around 18€. Directions: ski
right through the centre of Les Menuires, towards the chairlift TORTOLET then keep right. When you reach a
restaurant called La Ruade on your left, take the slope on your right towards BETTEX. There you will find it after
a few yards up on your right side with a lovely sun terrace.

26                                                                                                                                               27
                                                                                                                                                                    LUNCH GUIDE

                                                                                 ST MARTIN DE BELLEVILLE (Hang a sharp right under the small tunnel for the “old village”)
                               St Martin De Belleville (Old Village)
                                                                                Le Montagnard 04 79 01 08 40
          Tel.: 04 79 08 91 48            Lunch 12:00 -15:00                    Lunch 12:00 -15:00 Rough Guide €20 - €30p.p.
          Rough Guide 20.00 € - 30.00 € Starters 6.50 € - 15.80 €               Starters €5.10 - €18.90 Menu €16.50 - €32.50
       Main courses 9.00 € - 26.80 € Plat du jour (+dessert!) 15.00 €           Plat du jour €13.90 Child’s menu €12 Desserts €5.70 - €14.20 Wine 75cl. €18.50 - €95
                                                                                This is a unique venue for a truly splendid lunch. (but please note: no sun terrace). The food is magnificent, with
                     Child’s menu 8.50 € Desserts 3.80 € - 7.50 €
                                                                                breathtaking presentation. We usually choose the Plat du jour and with a pichet of house wine. (The desserts
                                       Wine 75cl 15.00 € - 55.00 €              are also exceptionally tempting here!) As you ski down to the OLD village stop 3/4 way down on the far right
                                                                                side of the piste. There it is, tucked in between the row of ancient buildings. It’s a little gem so be sure to find
                                                                                it, but make sure you reserve well in advance. The interior is quaint & very small so it’s usually full for lunch.
                                                                                Menu Samples
                                                                                Pot-au-Feu (delicious)                             €17.50
                                                                                (beef, vegetables and stock hotpot)
                                                                                Beef filet with wild mushrooms
                                                                                sage sauce, herb mashed potatoes                   €32.50
                                                                                Daurade Royal (Fish)                               €23.00
                                                                                A sample of the quality wines (75cl)
                                                                                Pinot (red)                                        €20.00
                                                                                St- Joseph (red)                                   €42.00
                                                                                Chignin Bergeron (white)                           €36.00

                                                                               Le Dahlia
                                                                               04 79 00 28 27 Lunch: Open all day
                                                                               Rough Guide: €15 - €20 p.p. Child’s menu: Yes
                                                                               This restaurant is in the new complex just across
                                                                               from the gondola that takes you home. Le Dahlia
                                                  A fabulous ancient barn      has become renowned for great pub style food
                                       restaurant in the village square op-    and an extremely friendly welcome from the
                                  posite the church. Sun terrace & beau-       young Dutch owners. Highly recommended for
                         tiful interior. La Voute’s chef is famous for his     Vegetarians, as the restaurant’s chef is also
                             mouthwatering Duckling’s Leg Confit with          one! His veggie dishes are an inspiration. All the other homemade dishes here are excellent inc the giant
                         garlic potatoes (15.50 €), possibly the best in all   burgers! This is high quality pub grub, with good cold beer and great lunchtime music.
                          3 valleys. ALL the food here is excellent and        Note: Le Dahlia also has a most enticing selection of flavoured vodkas (about 30!!!).
                                this restaurant comes highly recommended.
                                   Having eaten here for 20 years, every                                                                   L’Eterlou
                                      occasion has been a true pleasure..                                                                  04 79 08 94 07 Open: all day
                                                        Menu Samples                                                                       Rough Guide: €15 - €25 p.p. Child’s menu: Yes
                        King prawns flambéed in cognac 14.80 €                                                                             Another very charming little restaurant, situated
                                             Pizza Vegetarian 10.50 €                                                                      by the start of the old village draglift. The very ob-
                          Rump steak with mushrooms 21.50 €                                                                                vious and convenient position has not stopped this
                                 Pig’s trotter in garlic butter 15.00 €                                                                    establishment serving really good food at a very
                   Sea bass served with virgin oil & pine                                                                                  agreeable price. The food here was splendid and
                                               kennel dressing 18.00 €                                                                     excellent value. Our favourites: Sirloin steak with
                                                                                                                                           onions and the moules in white wine. A Lovely little
                                                          Sample wines
                                                                                                                                           suntrap terrace too with very friendly service.
     Côtes du Rhône (red) 17 € Beaujolais Villages (red) 17 €
28   Nuits St Georges (red) 55 €                  Provence (rose) 20 €                                                            29
          Apremont (white) 16 €                    Chablis (white) 31 €
                                                                                                               Accident Emergency Numbers:
                                                                                                                                                       Les Menuires 04 79 00 64 47
                                                                                                               Meribel         04 79 08 65 32          St Martin    04 79 00 64 47                         TEL
          MÉRIBEL                                                                                              Courchevel      04 79 08 99 00          Val Thorens 04 79 00 01 80              DIRECTORY

LU N CH I N S t MA RT IN D E B ELLE VILLE                                                                       COURCHEVEL 1850                                    MOTTARET VILLAGE
                                                                                                                Courcheneige                    04 79 08 02 59     Au Temps Perdu                 04 79 00 36 64
                                                                                                                L’Altibar-Le Pilatus            04 79 08 20 49     Côte Brune                     04 79 00 40 97
                                                      Corbelys Restaurant                                       La Bergerie                     04 79 08 24 70     La Belle Savoie                04 79 00 53 90
                                                      04 79 08 95 31 Lunch: Open all day                        La Casserole                    04 79 08 06 35     La Brizolee                    04 79 00 46 70
                                                      Rough Guide: €15 - €25 p.p.                               La Soucoupe                     04 79 08 21 34     Lac De Tueda                   04 79 01 07 51
                                                      A wonderful little family restaurant with rustic          Le Cap Horn                     04 79 08 39 25     Le Grain De Sel                04 79 00 30 82
                                                                                                                Le Chabichou                    04 79 08 00 55     Le Grenier                     04 79 00 44 33
                                                      interior and a very charming sun terrace. Conve-
                                                                                                                Le Chalet de Pierres            04 79 08 18 61     Le’Hermine                     04 79 00 40 40
                                                      niently situated at the St Martin 2 chairlift, this is    Le Kalico                       04 79 08 20 28     Le Rastro                      04 79 00 41 51
                                                      a super spot for an inexpensive mountain lunch            Le Panoramic                    04 79 08 00 88     Le Schuss                      04 79 00 44 00
                                                      with Plat du Jour at 12,30€, Specialties of the           Le Tremplin                     04 79 08 06 19     Pizzeria du Mottaret           04 79 00 40 50
                                                      house from 9,90€ to 16,00€ and Savoie wines               Les Chenus                      04 79 08 06 84     Zig Zag                        04 79 00 47 40
                                                      (75cl) from just 12€to 26€.                               Les Verdons                     04 79 08 38 04
                                                                                                                                                                   MOTTARET VALLEY (TOUGNETE SIDE)
                                                                                                                COURCHEVEL 1650                                    Chalet Togniat               04 79 00 45 11
LU N CH I N VA L T H O RENS                                                                                     Le Eterlou                      04 79 08 25 45     La Sittelle                  04 79 00 43 48
                                                                                                                L’Ours Blanc                    04 79 00 93 93     Plan des Mains (Mont Vallon) 04 79 07 31 06
Le Chalet De La Marine                                                                                          Le Bel Air                      04 79 08 00 93
                                                                                                                Le Petit Savoyard               04 79 08 27 44     LES MENUIRES
04 79 00 03 12 Lunch: 12:00 - 15:00
                                                                                                                                                                   Chalet 2000                    04 79 00 60 57
Rough Guide: €30 - €50                                                                                          COURCHEVEL 1550                                    Chalet Du Neige                04 79 00 60 55
Chalet De La Marine has long been a favourite of                                                                Le Caveau                       04 79 01 08 32     Le Ferme                       04 79 00 77 01
Méribel visitors. Set high on the Dalles piste, the                                                             L’oeil de Boeuf                 04 79 98 22 10     Le Grand Lac                   04 79 08 25 78
food nowadays is truly fabulous. The A La Carte                                                                                                                    L’Ours Blanc                   04 79 00 61 66
menu & wine list here would not be out of place                                                                 LA TANIA                                           Medz’é-ry Restaurant           04 79 08 16 74
in a 5 star restaurant in London or Paris. If you                                                               La Taiga                        04 79 08 80 33
want a FIRST CLASS meal in Val Thorens head                                                                     Le Bouc Blanc                   04 79 08 80 26     ST MARTIN DE BELLVILLE
straight for Chalet La Marine. On a budget? Try                                                                 Le Farcon                       04 79 08 80 34     Corbelys                       04 79 98 95 31
                                                                                                                Le Roc                          04 79 08 32 34     Etoile du Neige                04 79 08 92 80
the downstairs takeaway buffet. Lasagne, Pizzas
                                                                                                                Pub Le Ski Lodge                04 79 08 81 49     Ferme Auberge
etc from around €11 or so. Take Cascades chairlift                                                                                                                 Chantacoucou                   04 79 08 91 95
from VT centre , drop off to your right, and ski to                                                             COURCHEVEL LE PRAZ                                 La Bouitte (St Marcel)         04 79 08 96 77
the sun terrace. You will love it.                                                                              Bistro Du Praz                  04 79 08 41 33     Le Ferme de la Chaumette       04 79 40 00 42
                                                                                                                Le Table De Mon Grand-Pè        04 79 08 41 47     La Voute                       04 79 08 91 48
                                                                                                                                                                   L’Eterlou                      04 79 08 94 07
                                                      La Chaumiere                                              MERIBEL SAULIRE SIDE                               Le Lachenal                    04 79 08 96 29
                                                      04 79 00 01 13 Lunch: 12 - 14.30                          La Cava                         04 79 00 31 29     Le Montagnard                  04 79 01 08 40
                                                      Rough Guide: €15 - €20 Child’s menu: Yes                  L’Adray Telebar                 04 79 08 60 26     Transhumance
                                                      This is a wonderful little family restaurant with a       Le Choucas                      04 79 00 58 31     (Beranger Village)             04 79 08 94 03
                                                                                                                Le Rond Point                   04 79 00 37 51
                                                      very small sun terrace and beautiful large interior.
                                                                                                                Le Blanchot                     04 79 00 55 78     VAL THORENS
                                                      Ski over the two bridges in to VT centre station          Les Pierre Plates               04 79 00 42 38     Aguilles de Pec let            04 79 00 03 76
                                                      then turn to your right. Just 30m past the tour-                                                             Chalet du Caron                04 79 00 01 71
                                                      ist office you will find it, snuggled in the corner.      MERIBEL VALLEY (TOUGNETE SIDE)                     Chalet Le Caribou              06 11 18 06 71
                                                      The food here is really first-rate and great value.       Arpasson                     04 79 08 54 79        Chalet de la Marine            04 79 00 03 12
                                                      Lunch here with a nice house red wine will set            Les Castors                  04 79 08 52 79        Chalet Des 2 Ours              04 79 01 14 09
                                                      you back only about €15-€20. It has become one            Les Cretes                   06 09 40 51 04        Chalet des 2 Lacs              04 79 00 28 54
                                                                                                                                                                   La Chaumiere                   04 79 00 01 13
                                                      of our all time favourites and is definitely worth
                                                                                                                MOTTARET VALLEY (SAULIRE SIDE)                     La Folie Douce /Fruitiere      04 79 00 04 27
                                                      seeking out.                                              Altiport Hotel                04 79 00 52 32       Fitz Roy Hotel                 04 79 00 04 78
                                                                                                                Côte 2000                     04 79 00 55 40       Le Galoubet                    04 79 00 00 48
   Now a bonus: Show this magazine and they will happily offer all of your party                                Crystal (Le Coeur)            04 79 22 46 09       Les Chalets Du Thorens         04 79 00 02 80
                                                                                                                Le Chardonnet                 04 79 00 44 81       L’Oxalys                       04 79 00 12 00
   a complimentary aperitif.
                                                                                                                Rhodos                        04 79 00 50 92       Paillote                       04 79 00 02 34

30                                                                                                                          31

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