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									                             PollyDee P. Goltche
                              One Ravine Road
                          Great Neck, New York 11023
                  516-474-4481 * autumnflower3@hotmail.com
April 12, 2011

Dear Sir or Madam:
I respectfully submit my resume in response to your posting for a Lead Teacher.

As a graduate of Columbia University with a Master’s degree as a Reading Specialist,
I have extensive knowledge of the Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop. During my time
at Teachers College, I had the opportunity to work in New York City on scholarship
as a Reading Specialist; as well, I completed my clinical work as at the Clinic for
Psychological and Educational Services at Columbia. I also hold a Master’s degree in
Elementary Education.

Presently, I am serving as a Reading Specialist at a charter school in New York City.
My work includes literacy coaching for teachers as well as teaching students in both
pull-out and push-in models in Kindergarten through 5th grade. I also serve as
administrative coordinator for the Balanced Literacy Program, where I am
responsible for lesson planning, enrichment curriculum writing, student
assessment, data collection and interpretation. This past summer, I led professional
development and curriculum planning groups for teachers at The Ross School in the

Immediately prior to my present job, I served as a Professional Literacy Developer
for Children’s Literacy Initiative in both the White Plains and Newark school
districts. In this role, I worked in 6 individual schools, and coached 22 teachers on
the Readers and Writers Workshop models, providing literacy support, professional
educational materials, and collaborative assessment in both regular classrooms as
well as Dual Language Models (English/Spanish). This job required excellent
collaborative and evaluative skills, along with diplomacy in the support of teachers
and their respective instructional and management skills.

Significantly, as a Professional Developer myself, I was required to attend many
hours of Professional Development in all areas of Balanced Literacy. In addition, my
present employment provides weekly PD, as well as a full week of summer study
prior to the opening of school. Also, as a holder of New York State Professional
Certification, I am required to maintain 180 hours of PD every 5 years, and to that
end, avail myself of as many opportunities as possible.

On my attached resume, you will note that my teaching experience has been in very
diverse settings. This, I believe, has provided me with a great advantage in terms of
learning about people from many different backgrounds and perspectives. I have
had the fortune to both teach and learn from my students and their families, and this
has provided me with both professional skills as well as invaluable lessons in
culture and life in general.

At present, I am also a contributing writer to Examiner.com, where I write weekly
articles in the area of Literacy, with a focus on the New York City metropolitan area.
This practice has provided me with excellent experience in editing skills and writing
processes within the online publishing market.

As for my personal attributes, I am an extremely organized, detail-oriented
individual- a perfectionist, when it comes to the work I produce and the results that
I expect. More importantly, I have a true passion for teaching. In addition, I am an
intuitive person, both on a pragmatic level, as well as an interpersonal one. This
helps me to deal congenially and fairly with others, and I think I am perceived this
way. I am a very responsible, patient and nurturing individual, qualities that are
vital in dealing with students of all ages.

My philosophy of education is that I believe that it is incumbent upon us educators
to seek each student’s personal best, each student’s “inner fire”, and to ignite that
unique path that will optimize that person’s education. We must inspire each
learner to rise to his own potential, to facilitate a love of learning and of succeeding,
not just academically, but in all areas of his life.

In terms of lesson planning, as a student at Columbia University, I was schooled in
Best Practices. All of my lessons are based upon one teaching point, or objective, to
the end of achieving a broader goal, which is determined when the lesson plan is
written. Procedures for my lessons are clearly outlined, although as flexibility is
imperative, continual assessment of my instruction as well as the students’
interaction allow for spontaneous changes in my plans. My lessons take into
account the multiple intelligences, and the need for differentiation and multi-
sensory approaches to instruction. I keep precise records of each lesson, and each
student’s performance, and use assessment and student data at all times to drive
future planning and instruction.

With respect to behavior management, I have always believed that positive
reinforcement is preferable to negative, and I always try to adhere to that
philosophy. I have often chosen my most difficult and resistant students to be
“special helpers” in settings where they might otherwise completely derail my
lessons. For the most part, I have found success in this practice, and believe my
students sense my passion for teaching, the genuine concern I have for each
individual, and my natural ability to connect to each learner.

I believe I may be a strong candidate for your consideration, and look forward to
hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

Very truly yours,
PollyDee P. Goltche

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