Our mission is to support County Boards of DD in providing
          services and supports to individuals with disabilities.

                                                                                                UPCOMING EVENTS
                                                                                             OPAC/DD GOLF OCT. 8
                                                                                                 The Golf Club of Dublin will
                                                                                             once again be the site of the
                                                                                             annual OPAC/DD Golf Outing.
                                                                                             This year, the event will be
                                                                                             Thursday, October 8.
                                                                                                 This    is   the    largest
                                                                                             fundraiser for this political ac-
                                                                                             tion committee, which allows
                                                                                             contributions to legislators
                                                                                             helping to make a difference
                                                                                             for people with developmental
                                                                                             disabilities statewide. Please
                                                                                             plan on attending, or making
                                                                                             a donation to this important
Malachi McDaniel, a consumer with the Washington County Board of Developmental               event.
Disabilities, works with glass that will be transformed into a beautiful piece of jewelry.
                                                                                             ANNUAL CONVENTION
                                                                                                 Mark your calendars today,
Ohio Consumers Creating Their                                                                and plan on attending the 26th
                                                                                             A NNUAL C ONVENTION to be held
Own Employment Opportunities                                                                 December 2-4. Once again,
  Throughout the United States, people       everything from ceramics to jewelry to          this event will be at the beau-
are hard at work, contributing to soci-      picnic tables to tiles for ceilings and         tiful Hilton at Easton.
ety and paying taxes. In October, we         walls. Most importantly, everything in              You spoke and we listened.
honor people with developmental dis-         the store is made by consumers of               You said you enjoyed the con-
abilities who are in the work place with     County Boards of Developmental Dis-             vention more in December
National Disability Employment               abilities.                                      than October, so we are back
month.                                         Almost six months ago, Washington             in December. We know many
  In Ohio, people with developmental         County’s non-profit agency opened the           of you take advantage of the
disabilities can be seen working at fast     store in downtown Marietta, just two and        wonderful shopping opportuni-
food restaurants, major discount depart-     a half blocks from the historic LaFayette       ties that Easton affords. For
ment stores, schools and just about ev-      Hotel and the conflux of the Ohio and           more information about regis-
ery place in between.                        Muskingum rivers.                               tration or programs, contact
  On a recent trip to Marietta, visitors                                                     Ann Neu at
from Georgia spent some time brows-                   See “Employment”
ing in Heart To Art, a store that sells              Continued on Page 7

73 East Wilson Bridge Road, Suite B-1 • Worthington, Ohio 43085 • 614-431-0616 • Fax: 614-431-6457
                        VOLUME 10                                                          OCTOBER 2009
Spotlight On Gabe DeSantis
In an effort to become better acquainted with the volunteers who serve on the OACB’s Board of
Trustees, we will be profiling County Board of Developmental Disabilities’ Board Members who                     Richland
are appointed to trustee positions. The first person to be profiled is Gabe DeSantis.
How long have you been a Richland One thing I would like to accomplish:
County Board of Developmental Dis- Break 80 for 18 holes of golf – but that
abilities Board Member? Eight Years. may be wishful thinking!
How long have you served as a             People would be surprised to know
trustee on the OACB? Four Years.          that: With the size of today’s football
My family: Wife of 52 years: Carol players, people might be surprised to
Louise; Children: Sharon Panico, know that I played quarterback at Ohio
Marylouise Murphy, David DeSantis, and University. That was when you played
Thomas DeSantis; Grandchildren: Maria both offense and defense and had only
Panico, Elisa Panico, John Gabriel Panico one bar on your helmet.
and Michaela Gabrielle Murphy.            My favorite thing to do is: Talk with
Occupation? Retired educator.             my grandchildren at family outings.
Education? Bachelor of Science in My favorite snack food is: Pretzels
Education, Ohio University, Master of or Fritos (The Original kind).
Science in Education, Akron University.
                                        This irritates me: We take our coun-
Proudest moment as a Board Mem- try for granted. Voter turnout is usually
                                                                                                   Gabe DeSantis
ber? Budget testimony when so many not what it should be, and we elect our
                                                                                       kind ever get it right?
showed up wearing our 40-year pin, leaders on information from 30 second
showing support for OACB.               sound bites. Democracy requires                My favorite movie is: Don’t know that
                                                                                       I have a favorite. The last movie I
Three people (living or dead) you thoughtful participation!
                                                                                       waited in line to see was the “Godfa-
would like to have dinner with? Poli-
                                        Last book I read was: Last two books:          ther.” We watch movies via Netflix
tics, Zbigniew Breseinski; Sports, Ti-
                                        “The Shack”, a book about forgiveness,         now, and I recently enjoyed “The Great-
ger Woods; Health, my cardiologist Dr.
                                        and “Wired For War”, a book about high         est Game Ever Played,” about Frances
                                        tech killing. What a contrast! Will man-       Ouimet winning the 1913 U.S. Open.

Special Olympic Plate Heads For Vote
  A bill to allow the creation of li-      it. HB38 is now out of committee and
cense plates that would help generate      is waiting to be scheduled for a vote.
funds for Special Olympics appears
                                             With each plate that is sold, the Spe-
headed for a full vote by the Ohio
                                           cial Olympics Ohio program will re-
House of Representatives.
                                           ceive $15. Special Olympics funds
  House Bill 157 was introduced by
                                           are all received through donations or
Representative Allan Sayre to create
a new specialty plate for Special
Olympics Ohio.                               Representative Sayre is asking ev-
  This bill was then attached to           eryone to contact their State Repre-
House Bill 38, which also has other        sentative and ask them for a “yes”
license plate naming bills attached to     vote on this legislation.

                                                            Page 2
Senate Bill 79 Kicks In This Week
   Tuesday, October 6, can’t come soon
enough for people with developmental
disabilities in Ohio. It is on Tuesday that
Senate Bill 79 kicks in, officially taking
the words “mental retardation” out of the
titles of the Ohio Department of Devel-
opmental Disabilities and County Boards
of Developmental Disabilities.
   The entire process for the name change
began about two years ago when a small
group of individuals with developmental
disabilities approached the Athens County
Board of MRDD and said they did not
like being called “retarded”.
   Their personal stories touched the
Board Members and then Representative
Jimmy Stewart so intensely that the board
immediately changed its named to Ath-
ens County Board of Developmental Dis-
abilities, and Representative Stewart be-       It was a day to celebrate, and people with developmental disabilities from through Ohio
gan the process of introducing legislation      were on hand to watch the ceremonial bill signing of Senate Bill 79 by Governor Ted
to change the names of the Ohio Depart-         Strickland. The bill strikes the words “mental retardation” from the name of the Depart-
                                                ment of Developmental Disabilities, as well as from all County Boards of Developmental
ment of MRDD and all County Boards of           Disabilities. Above, Todd Mebane of Montgomery County and Mike Groleau of Pickaway
MRDD.                                           County were all smiles in anticipation of the signing.
   “After listening to my constituents, I de-
cided to sponsor this legislation because       bill was introduced by Representative        ground on this issue decades ago. In No-
I knew in my heart it was the right thing       Debbie Phillips and Representative           vember 1990, the Delaware County
to do,” said Stewart, who is now a mem-         Deborah Newcomb.                             Board of DD dropped “mental retarda-
ber of the Ohio Senate.                           While Athens County Board of Devel-        tion” from its name and began doing busi-
   In June, both the House of Representa-       opmental Disabilities took the lead on the   ness as a County Board of DD. Just a
tives and the Ohio Senate unanimously           statewide change, other County Boards        couple of months later, Fulton County
passed the bill. The House version of the       of Developmental Disabilities broke          followed suit.
                                                                                                In the past 20 years, nine of Ohio’s 88
                                                                                             counties made the change to doing business
                                                                                             as County Boards of DD. State law required
         Governor Ted Strickland                                                             that they officially remain County Boards of
             graciously posed for                                                            MRDD, so that is the name voters would
          hundreds of photos on
                                                                                             recognize on the ballot.
          the day of the ceremo-
             nial bill signing, and                                                             Many other County Boards of MRDD
            even wrote a note for                                                            also wanted to drop “mental retardation,”
                 one young man,                                                              but were prohibited by their prosecutors,
         explaining why he would                                                             who interpreted the OHIO REVISED CODE
               be late for school.
                                                                                             in a way that would not allow County
                                                                                             Boards of MRDD to do business under
                                                                                             any name other than the state-sanctioned
                                                                                             title. That is why a statewide name change
                                                                                             was necessary.

                                                                 Page 3
Law Represents Empowering Evolution
By Dan Ohler                                   President Bob Milliken and I had the           vices that are available, it all comes back
Executive Director, OACB                       honor of being in the Governor’s Cabi-         to people. As long as we put people first,
dohler@oacbdd.org                              net Room on August 28th to witness the         we never will have to worry about the
                                               Governor put his signature on the bill.        existence of our respective agencies and
   Tuesday, October 6, 2009 will mark a        Several self advocates from Athens             organizations. Is it scary to think about
historic day in the State of Ohio. Spe-        County were there, along with Superin-         “rebranding”? Perhaps. It also provides
cifically, Senate Bill                         tendent Jody Harris. They pushed Sena-         an opportunity to educate our communi-
79 will take effect                            tor Stewart on this bill, and the pride they   ties about what we really do, the people
and the words “men-                            felt from their accomplishment was over-       that we serve, and the role we play in the
tal retardation” will                          flowing! Several individuals from              county (or counties) where we operate.
no longer be part of                           Franklin County were there right next to          On December 2, 2009, the Delegate
the official name of                           the Governor as well; Superintendent Jed       Assembly of the OACB will convene its
the state cabinet                              Morison was clearly pleased to watch           annual meeting and consider adoption of
agency or 88 county                            them take part in this historic event. Also    a new name; specifically, the Ohio As-
boards. This na-                               in attendance was a young man from             sociation of County Boards Serving
tional trend started                           Union County who went through the              People with Developmental Disabilities.
                              Dan Ohler
several years ago; in                          Early Intervention program at the Harold       Perhaps you have already seen our new
fact, Ohio is one of the last states to make   Lewis Center. The experience there             logo (it appears on page 1 of this news-
the change in their state law.                 changed his life, to the point he asked        letter). The Board of Trustees and Staff
   There was much discussion from              the Union County Board to “drop the            of the OACB are united in that the new
within our service system over the past        MR,” and then took his message to leg-         name needs to reflect what the service
couple of years about whether this was         islators and the Governor. (There is a Su-     system is all about – serving people with
the right thing to do, or the right time to    perintendent and a Children’s Services         developmental disabilities. That is one
do it. But when the issue came before          Director in Union County still moved to        of the reasons we started an Affiliate
132 members of the 128th General As-           tears remembering the process.) Indi-          Member program (please see the article
sembly, there was not a single dissenting      viduals from People First, families with       about one of our first Affiliate Members
vote – not even one. To have a piece of        ARCOhio – they were all there and their        on page 5 of this newsletter). That is
legislation move through a split party         presence was powerful!                         why we will continue to reach out and
General Assembly with not so much as              The service system we are all fortu-        work with all stakeholders for the bet-
one dissenting vote is unheard of on           nate to be a part of is evolving. Let us       terment of our system. There is power
Capital Square.                                hope and pray it continues to evolve, for      in this service system, but it is power that
   But in this case, it was easy for legis-    that which fails to evolve ultimately fails    resides in the people the system serves.
lators. It was easy because it was about       to exist. What were originally County          Regardless of whether you are associated
people. I had the pleasure of being at         Boards of Mental Retardation became            with a Board, an affiliate organization or
the 2008 Self Determination Association        County Boards of Mental Retardation &          just an interested party reading this ar-
CONFERENCE when then Representatives           Developmental Disabilities, then just          ticle, please join me in celebrating this
Jimmy Stewart and Fred Strahorn (now           County Boards of MRDD. No matter the           historic achievement for people with
both members of the Ohio Senate) pub-          name, the mission should remain the            developmental disabilities. This is their
licly announced the introduction of this       same: To enhance the lives of individu-        bill, this was their moment, and it was
bill. The reaction of approximately 300        als with developmental disabilities. That      powerful!
individuals with developmental disabili-       really is what it is all about for County
ties to this announcement was powerful         Boards of Developmental Disabili-
– not just moving, but powerful!               ties, for the Department of Develop-
   Self-advocates came forth to the State-     mental Disabilities and for provider
house and testified to Committees of both      agencies and advocacy organizations
the House and the Senate; their messages       as well. No matter the name of the
were clear and powerful. OACB Board            agency, no matter the programs and ser-

                                                                 Page 4
Passion, Fun Foundation For Midwest Success
  The OACB recently began offering
Affiliate Memberships to people and
companies that enhance the lives of
people with developmental disabili-
ties. In an effort to become better ac-
quainted with our Affiliate Members,
we will be showcasing an Affiliate
Member in our newsletter.
  A first-time visitor with Tom
Rickels and Joe Knetzer will imme-
diately notice a couple things. First,
Rickels and Knetzer are passionate
about working with people with de-
velopmental disabilities. The second
thing – they like to have a good time,
and make no apologies for it.
  Rickels, Knetzer and Knetzer’s wife
Kristine – a registered nurse who is
certified to work with people with de-
velopmental disabilities - founded
                                           Tom Rickels and Joe Knetzer take a break from working with individuals with develop-
Midwest Innovations, Midwest Health        mental disabilities at Midwest Innovations.
and Midwest Community. Midwest
Health was founded eight years ago,        that made sense, it made sense. If it      we still paid them minimum wage. It
and provides residential supports          didn’t, we challenged it,” Rickels         didn’t matter,” he said.
(mostly Level One and Individual           said.                                        Why? “We think it is really impor-
Options waiver services), while Mid-         Like any business, the hardest part      tant to give our clients economic free-
west Innovations began two years ago,      was getting started and finding people     dom. You need to be able to have that
and is a day program.                      who had the same thought processes         to experience the decision-making
  Midwest Community began seven            and motivation.                            process,” Tom explained.
years ago, and includes three ICFMR          “We assembled a group of people            It doesn’t take long to figure out that
facilities. Joe, 47, is President of the   who are passionate about what they         Rickels-Knetzer think and do things
organization; Tom, 51, is the Chief        are doing,” Joe said.                      a little differently than others might.
Executive Officer.                           Today, the entrepreneurs serve           “We’re not a status quo agency. We
  Both Tom and Joe have more than          about 200 people in the health field       are solely here because of the people
25 years of experience and have held       and in the community, and another          we serve,” Joe said.
various County Board of Develop-           100 in the Innovations day program.          Interested in becoming an OACB
mental Disabilities positions. “We         They are headquartered in Massillon,       Affiliate Member? Contact Lisa
were both used to working 24 hour          but also serve Wayne, Holmes, Knox,        Brewer at lbrewer@oacbdd.org or
days meeting the needs of people,”         Licking, Muskingum and Stark coun-         614-431-0616.
Rickels said.                              ties.                                                OUR MISSION:
  As their careers progressed, they de-      Tom is proud of the fact that when
                                                                                       To support County Boards of
cided to step out on their own.            they began Midwest, they agreed that
                                                                                       Developmental Disabilities in
  “We were really outspoken about          individuals with developmental dis-
                                                                                       providing services and supports
what we wanted to do, and didn’t al-       abilities would be paid minimum
                                                                                       to individuals with disabilities.
ways agree with the people we              wage. “We had some people who were
worked for. If people said something       doing hand-over-hand shredding, but             www.oacbdd.org
                                                           Page 5
OACB Issues Statewide Challenge

Morrow County Needs Our Help On Nov. 1
  If you have plans for Sunday, Novem-      weakest link, and right now, that is         ON THE BALLOT NOV. 3
ber 1, change them. There is something      Morrow County,” said Linda Oda,
important that all of us need to be will-   OACB Director of Communication.             Other County Boards of Develop-
ing to do, and that is to spend a few       “We need to create a buzz and a media       mental Disabilities on the Novem-
hours in Morrow County to help people       event so that we can get this county the    ber 3 ballot include:
with developmental disabilities.            exposure it needs to pass this levy,” she      Brown County – to combine
  Through a series of events that are not   said.                                       two .5-mil continuing levies into
a reflection of the practices of current      Already, leaders across the state have    one as a replacement. Neither
Superintendent Jerry Manuel, the Board      said they will support Morrow County        has been replaced in 31 years.
or members of his staff, voters in Mor-     on November 1, including Franklin
row County thought money was not            County Superintendent Jed Morison;             Crawford - 1.5 mill new levy
being spent wisely. It was not so much      Preble County Superintendent Diane             Hocking County – (2) 1.5 mill
a fact as a perception that was perpetu-    Knupp; Washington County Superin-           replacements
ated by circumstances.                      tendent Mary Ann Chamberlain and
  Superintendent Manuel and his staff       Hancock County Superintendent                  Holmes County - 2.5 mill re-
have worked tirelessly to overcome          Connie Ament. OACB Board of Trust-          placement
those perceptions. Elected officials are    ees members, including President Bob           Hamilton – 3.62 mill renewal
now on board. But the fact remains –        Milliken and Blaine Brockman, will be       plus .51 mill increase for a total of
the Morrow County Board of Develop-         walking, as well as OACB Executive          4.13 mills.
mental Disabilities has seen their levy     Director Dan Ohler and his staff.
fail 22 straight times.                       Walking or driving lists will be pro-        Pike County – 1 mil renewal
  The OACB is declaring November 1          vided to individuals, who are asked to         Union County – 2.4 mill re-
“Morrow County Board of Develop-            meet at Whetstone Industries at 1 p.m.      newal
mental Disabilities Day,” and is encour-    It is hoped that if every county partici-
aging each county that does not have a      pates, the entire county can be covered     *If you have a levy on the Nov. 3
ballot issue in November to send at least   in about two hours.                         ballot and are not listed here,
three individuals to disseminate litera-      To register for the walk, please con-     please send information to Linda
ture in a door-to-door campaign.            tact Linda Oda at loda@oacbdd.org or        Oda at loda@oacbmrdd.org
  “Truly, we are only as strong as our      513-218-4851.

                                                            Page 6
Employment (From Page 1)                                                                    Consumer
  It is a spacious store, and people from    through Friday.
Wasco, the non-profit branch of the
Washington County Board of Develop-
                                                They use Dichroic glass, and the re-
                                             sult is unusually vibrant colors that
mental Disabilities, quickly realized        make quality necklaces and earrings.
that in order to get a wider range of
people shopping Heart To Art, they
                                                “We invite customers to come back
                                             and watch the jewelry being made,” said        Available
needed to offer a wider variety of prod-     Kim Cowman, a Wasco associate who              This month, we are adding a new re-
ucts. They graciously offered to sell        is employed at Heart To Art.                   source to County Boards of Develop-
products created by people with devel-          “Our consumers love to have people          mental Disabilities. The following is a
opmental disabilities from throughout        watch them work. It makes them feel            list of products that has been created
the state for a nominal fee.                 important. The jewelry is beautiful, but       by consumers from Ohio County
  Today, you can purchase beaded neck-       it is the story of who makes it that sells     Boards of Developmental Disabilities.
laces from Licking County, pottery from      it,” Kim said.                                 This is not a complete list of products.
Summit County, and wood furniture               Potential customers are surprised to        Rather, this is a list of County Boards
from Jefferson County. Artwork that is       see a visually impaired man who makes          of Developmental Disabilities who
for sale adorns the walls in Heart To        meticulous jewelry, judging beauty by          chose to participate in this advertise-
Art, and that artwork was created by         the shape and size of glass pieces. A          ment effective September 1, 2009. To
individuals in Athens, Carroll, Stark and    woman who has limited use of her arms          participate in this listing, send a one
Washington counties.                         and hands has learned to scoot one piece       paragraph summary to Linda Oda at
  At Heart To Art, they don’t talk about     of glass over top of another, creating a       loda@oacbmrdd.org.
ways to employ people with develop-          type of jewelry that is exclusively hers.      Adams County: Adult program Ven-
ment disabilities; it is an everyday prac-      Heart To Art and many other artists         ture Productions Inc. sells reusable
tice that generates cash for the artists     from across the state will be bringing their   shopping bags for $15 each. Venture
who participate. Every day, artists travel   work to the OACB CONVENTION’S annual           also sells bundles of camping firewood
from the Washington County Board of          art show and sale on Wednesday, Decem-         for $2 a bundle. Contact Superintendent
Developmental Disabilities to the store      ber 2 at the Easton Hotel.                     Scott Amen at 937-544-2574.
on the main drag in Marietta.                   Please make it a point to not only fa-      Clinton County: Nike Center adults
  In the back of the store, but in full      miliarize yourself with the creative talent    are marketing multi-purpose cleaning
view of shoppers, consumers carefully        in Ohio, but to make purchases to sup-         rags to business and retail customers.
construct beautiful pieces of jewelry        port these talented individuals with de-       Businesses may place orders for sev-
that are then baked in a kiln to prepare     velopmental disabilities.                      eral hundred or more rags while retail
them for sale. In all, about 35 consum-        For a listing of artwork that is available   customers can purchase bundles of 25
ers work on the jewelry Monday               statewide, click here.                         rags. Contact Superintendent Kyle
                                                                                            Lewis at 937-382-7519.
                                                                                            Darke County has custom, made to
  Does your agency offer paper shredding? How about fall cleanup                            order, polymer clay bracelets. They are
  or gardening enclaves? The OACB would like to compile and                                 in the Hallmark store in Greenville and
  distribute a list of services offered to the public by County Boards                      have been sold to local school districts.
                                                                                            They are professionally manufactured
  of Developmental Disabilities. Please send us one paragraph                               and the cost is $4.
  outlining available services, as well as contact information, and                         Contact Jeff or Beth for more infor-
  we will not only get it on our website, but we hope to partner with                       mation at jeffm@darkemrdd.org or
  Chamber of Commerces throughout the state to find work for                                bethj@darkemrdd.org.
  people with developmental disabilities! Email information to Linda
  Oda at loda@oacbdd.org.                                                                            See “Products”
                                                                                                   Continued on Page 8

                                                               Page 7
Wood, Athens Counties Clean Up At APSE Awards
  Kristen Fisher of Wood County was           Lane since 1991 and has held nearly ev-
awarded the “supported employment             ery position in the employment services
employee of the year” at the annual APSE      realm, including job coach, follow along
awards September 24 in Worthington.           specialist, and job developer.
Several others from Wood County also            The “small employer of the year” award
won awards.                                   went to the Bowling Green Recycling
  Kristen is the Wood County Board of De-     Center in Wood County, which has em-
velopmental Disabilities switchboard opera-   ployed an individual with a developmen-
tor and handles all incoming calls for the    tal disability for more than 20 years. In
agency.As a full-time employee, she is Wood   addition, the Center also employs an en-
Lane’s welcoming voice and greeter to call-   clave.
ers and visitors, according to Liz Sheets,      The “best practices award” was earned
spokeswoman for Wood County Board of          by Jeanne Novak, an assistant professor
Developmental Disabilities.                                                                    Kristen Fisher and Vic Gable
                                              at Bowling Green State University.
  The winner of the Rebecca McDonald            The “supported employment em-             won the “supported employment pro-
Award was given to Vic Gable, the Em-         ployee of the year” award was given to      fessional of the year.”
ployment Services Coordinator for Wood        Elaine Inlow of Athens County, while        (Information, photo submitted by Liz
Lane. Gable has been employed at Wood         Stephanie Howell of Athens County           Sheets of Wood County)

Products (From Page 7)
Fairfield County: Blue Shoe Arts is a studio/gallery where
many different artists work independently in a variety of
mediums. They specialize in acrylic painting on canvas, pa-
per and wood, but also offer some fabric art, dolls, found
object sculpture and mixed-media. Prices of original art-
work range from $8-100. We also offer note cards ($10 for
pack of 8), prints ($5 - $10), T-shirts ($12), pewter jewelry
($15-$20), jewelry ($15) and our new Blue Shoe Butterflies
($60 for hanging version, $65 with yard stake). Visit
www.blueshoearts.org. Contact Cheryl Fey at
cheryl@blueshoearts.org or call 740-756-7874
Huron County: At Artists’ Open Studio, they print blank            Pendants available through Hearts To Art.
all-occasion note cards and holiday notes. Cost $5-$10 per
package. They do our own custom printing, so notes can be          recently formed a partnership with a national trade organi-
prepared with personal messages. Artists’ Open Studio of-          zation to work with college bookstores across the nation.
fers an e-mailed pdf of design choices and will quote quan-        Contact Superintendent Nancy Neely at 740-349-6588.
tity prices for custom color printing on eco-friendly Xerox        Miami County: RT Industries, an affiliate of the Miami
printer. Contact: stonehammrdd@accnorwalk.com                      County Board of DD, is selling wreaths made out of greet-
Jefferson County: They produce picnic tables, a whole line         ing cards. There are two sizes, and are available for a dona-
of lawn furniture-gliders, chairs, park benches, end tables,       tion by contacting Sharon Emerick at (937) 440-3005. The
porch swings, lounge chair, and tete-tete. They also pro-          suggested donation is $5 for a small wreath and $10 for a
duce a children’s line of the same pieces which are splashed       large wreath.
painted. For more information, contact Superintendent Mike         Stark County: The Workshops have everything from soap
Mihalik at mikem@jcdd.com or 740-264-7176.                         to customized cornhole games, and everything in between.
Licking County: LICCO Inc. offers a variety of jewelry             Visit their website www.theworkshopsinc.com or contact
and other items, including customized memory boxes with            Tim Casper, Manager of Work and Job Development, at 330-
a velvet-line interior, greeting cards, and puzzles. LICCO         479-7899.
                                                              Page 8
Educators, Students Honored With Awards
  Students and teachers from across        County Board of Developmental Disabili-    Lakeside High School; R.A. Horn
Ohio recently were honored for their       ties.. Franklin B. Walter was a longtime   Outstanding Achievement Award for a
achievements by a collaborative group      educational leader in Ohio, and a former   Student.
of educators.                              superintendent of the Ohio Department        Deborah Cardaman,
  Statewide organizations consisting of    of Education.                              Ashtabula CBDD/Geneva High
the Ohio Coalition for the Education of       The award recipients included:          School; Franklin B. Walter Outstand-
Children with Disabilities, Buckeye As-      Martha Davis, Hancock CBDD/              ing Educator Award
sociation of School Administrators, Ohio   Blanchard Valley School; Franklin B.         Christopher Notman, Stark CBDD/
Educational Service Center Association,    Walter Outstanding Educator                Rebecca Stallman Southgate School;
Ohio School Boards Association and the     Award                                      R.A. Horn Outstanding Achievement
Ohio Association of County Boards spon-      Ryan Dudley, Lake CBDD/                  Award for a Student
sored the “Horn Walter Outstanding         Broadmoor; R.A. Horn Outstanding             Kimm Luckring, Stark CBDD/
Achievement in Special Education           Achievement Award for a Stu-               Rebecca Stallman Southgate School;
Awards.”                                   dent                                       Franklin B. Walter Outstanding
  The award is named after Dr. Raymond       Marsha Horne, Geauga CBDD/               Educator Award
A. Horn, who was a respected leader in     Metzenbaum Center; Franklin B.               Harriett Eakins, Franklin CBDD/
the field of education of children with    Walter Outstanding Educator                Central Crossing High School;
disabilities, and a former member of the   Award                                      Franklin B. Walter Outstanding
OACB Board of Trustees and the Franklin      Megan Bailey, Ashtabula CBDD/            Educator Award

Across Ohio - DD News In A Nutshell
In an effort to provide news about all 88 County Boards of Developmental Dis-       Brown: There are 26 children en-
abilities, the OACB offers “News In A Nutshell.” We asked superintendents from    rolled in the Brown County Board of
all 88 County Boards of Developmental Disabilities to send a sentence or two      Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-
about something happening in their county.                                        vention program.
                                                                                    Butler: Completed a marketing sur-
   Adams: The Adams County Early enrolled in the Ashtabula County Board vey and are re-branding in conjunction
Intervention program has been ap- of Developmental Disabilities’ Early with the name change. They will have
proved as an accredited site by Read- Intervention program.                       a new logo to go with their new name
ing is Fundamental, a national non-        Athens: There are 19 children en- and plans for re-educating the public.
profit organization which promotes lit- rolled in the Athens County Board of Butler also has developing a new stra-
eracy. Adams County Board of Devel- Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter- tegic plan.
opmental Disabilities was able to se- vention program.                              Carroll: The Board has been collabo-
cure grant funds from General Electric     Auglaize: On September 18, rating with local agencies and devel-
to promote early literacy with the fami- Auglaize Industries held its annual oped a Locally Coordinated Transpor-
lies served by Early Intervention and “Summer Blast”. The theme this year tation Action Plan for Carroll
Adams County Help Me Grow.               was racing. Events include golf cart County. They are searching for a Direc-
   Allen: There are 56 children enrolled rides, racing games with medals being tor of Educational Services.
in the Allen County Board of Develop- awarded to the winners, and a great           Champaign: Champaign County is
mental Disabilities’ Early Intervention homemade summer picnic lunch. Kent joining in the RSC Pathways Transition
program.                                 Walters, a driver from Eldora Speed- Grant and will be developing a depart-
   Ashland: There are 57 children en- way, was on hand with his sprint car.       ment specifically for transitional youth.
rolled in the Ashland County Board of      Belmont: There are 28 children en-       Clark: The 2nd Annual Kenton Caper
Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter- rolled in the Belmont County Board of Bike tour was held September 19 to
vention program.                         Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-
                                                                                                See “News”
   Ashtabula: There are 26 children vention program.
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News In A Nutshell                            (From Page 9)
                                                                                        Gallia: There are 20 children enrolled
support Clark County Special Olympics      Graphite brushings are used in the        in the Gallia County Board of Devel-
and the Clark County Board of Devel-       Kitchen Aid mixers and W.I. has com-      opmental Disabilities’ Early Interven-
opmental Disabilities Levy Fund.           pleted more than 800,000. They also       tion program.
  Clermont: There are 199 children         completed 9 jobs for the Midmark Cor-        Geauga: Geauga County has begun
enrolled in the Clermont County Board      poration in Versailles.                   its 5-year strategic planning for 2010-
of Developmental Disabilities’ Early         Defiance: There are 41 children en-     2014. Anyone interested in participat-
Intervention program.                      rolled in the Defiance County Board       ing can contact the administrative of-
  Clinton: The adults at the Nike Cen-     of Developmental Disabilities’ Early      fice at (440) 729-9406.
ter in Clinton County are marketing        Intervention program.                        Greene: Greene, Inc., the Greene
multi-purpose cleaning rags to business      Delaware: Focus on Abilities held       County Developmental Disabilities Ser-
and retail customers. Businesses may       a talent show on August 19. Holly-        vices’ Adult Services division, recently
place orders for 100-plus rags while       wood Nights was a huge success as         was awarded a large federal document-
retail customers can purchase bundles      13 acts gave award winning perfor-        destruction contract through Ability One
of 25 rags from a display at the           mances to the sold-out crowd. People      (formerly NISH). This is Greene, Inc.’s
Wilmington Kroger store. Kroger has        with disabilities wowed friends and       largest shredding contract to date, and
been a terrific partner to the consumers   family with songs, dance, signing,        will position Greene, Inc. as the largest
of the Nike Center and actually offered    comedy, impressions and an original       shredding operation among nonprofit
to serve as a retail outlet before being   song performed on the piano. Focus        organizations in Ohio.
asked.                                     on Abilities promotes positive images        Guernsey: Dr. Michelle Dayton from
  Columbiana: There are 67 children        of people with disabilities and raises    SEORMC participated in a medical
enrolled in the Columbiana County          funds for future levies.                  mission’s trip to Honduras. To assist
Board of Developmental Disabilities’         Erie: There are 95 children enrolled    with the mission, staff and enrollees
Early Intervention program.                in the Erie County Board of Develop-      participated in a Band-Aid drive to help
  Coshocton: The Coshocton County          mental Disabilities’ Early Interven-      her with much needed supplies and col-
Board of DD took over Help Me Grow         tion program.                             lected enough to fill a suitcase to send
effective September 1. Help Me Grow          Fairfield: There are 111 children       with her.
Staff moved into the office with the       enrolled in the Fairfield County             Hamilton: There are 873 children en-
therapists, Service Coordinators and       Board of Developmental Disabilities’      rolled in the Hamilton County Board
Early Intervention Specialist and have     Early Intervention program.               of Developmental Disabilities’ Early In-
a wonderful collaboration in place.          Fayette: Their summer preschool         tervention program.
  Crawford: In July the Crawford           pilot project was a huge                     Hancock: The Hancock County
County Board of DD voted to place a        success. There were 16 children with      Board of Developmental Disabilities in
new 1.5 mil levy on the November 3         the most severe needs enrolled. Par-      collaboration with the Allen, Auglaize,
general election. The levy campaign        ents are thrilled.                        and Logan County Boards of DD and
committee, ” Citizens for Fairway/           Franklin: Franklin County is hon-       Goodwill-Easter Seals of Miami Valley
Waycraft” are gearing up for an active     ored to collaborate with Union, Lick-     has received a Pathways Grant from the
and vibrant campaign. This is the first    ing, Hocking and Fairfield Counties       Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commis-
additional new money request since         on the RSC Pathways contract serv-        sion to provide job training and job
1996.                                      ing youth in paid internships that lead   preparation services for individuals
  Cuyahoga: There are 1,227 children       to employment.                            with disabilities. The total grant is
enrolled in the Cuyahoga County Board        Fulton: They recently shared some       $935,352; Hancock’s County’s portion
of Developmental Disabilities’ Early       quotes from clients, staff and fami-      is $119,830.
Intervention program.                      lies about the state name change as          Hardin: There are 22 children en-
  Darke: The Adult Services Program        part of our agency display at the         rolled in the Hardin County Board of
Wayne Industries is a busy place. They     county fair. Several members of the       Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-
have a new contract with the Whirlpool     Seniors Group won ribbons for their
Corporation that has everyone busy.        crafts at the fair as well.                          See “News”
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News In A Nutshell                             (From Page 10)                          annual Ohio Center for Autism and Low
                                                                                       Incidence conference. This conference
vention program.                            less than 100 employees. Building on       is considered “the nation’s premier
  Harrison: There are 19 children en-       the statewide awareness theme, they        event in Autism, Assistive Technology
rolled in the Harrison County Board of      walked the track in supersized glasses     and Low-Incidence Disabilities.” The
Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-    and their banner stating “Just Like You    Murray Ridge group, comprised of a
vention program.                            - Looking for a Cure”.                     teacher, speech therapist, and two su-
  Henry: The Henry County Board of            Jefferson: The Jefferson County          pervisors, will be presenting an over-
Developmental Disabilities, HOPE Ser-       Board of Developmental Disabilities        view of their use of the Ziggurat model
vices, participated in the Tomato Festi-    had a ribbon cutting ceremony for the      (an innovative framework for design-
val/Henry County Fair Annual Parade.        opening of the Jefferson Regional Spec-    ing comprehensive interventions for
In spite of temperatures in the upper       trum Center. The Spectrum Center is a      students on the Autism spectrum).
90’s, about 30 board employees, 20          joint effort between the school            OCALI has characterized the Lorain
consumers, and various family mem-          districts of Jefferson and Harrison        County Board of DD Autism Program
bers made the mile long march. The          Counties and the Jefferson County          as “exemplary.”
theme for the parade, “50 Years of Pag-     Board of Developmental Disabilities.         Lucas: Lucas County Board of De-
eantry,” gave the Henry County Board        The Center will serve up to 24 students    velopmental Disabilities has entered
of DD the opportunity to showcase the       with      autism. Director        John     into a partnership with the University
numerous program components of the          Martin spoke at the ceremony in front      of Toledo and the Ability Center of
Board, as well as program participants      of about 60 people.                        Greater Toledo developing Options for
from preschool to senior citizens.            Knox: The Ohio Coordinating Cen-         Tomorrow. This is a program to help
  Highland: Superintendent Chuck            ter of Excellence (CCOE) recently rec-     families avoid having to react to a cri-
Biggert is happy to announce that Bryan     ognized the Knox County Dual Diag-         sis by planning early and making in-
Miller is his new Business Manager.         nosis Intervention Team (DDIT) as a        formed decisions. Caregivers are pro-
  Hocking: Received word they have          model in Ohio for system’s collabora-      vided assistance with decisions regard-
been CARF accredited for three years        tion and cooperation, citing meticulous    ing finances, community resources, ad-
for the first time. Also, they are work-    planning process, community develop-       vance care, insurance, guardianship,
ing hard on a levy request for Novem-       ment of systems working together, edu-     and housing options.
ber.                                        cation efforts and ongoing systemic in-      Madison: Received notification from
  Holmes: The booth at the County Fair      terventions.                               ODODD that they will be awarded a 5-
was a big success. Lynn Hope Indus-           Lake: There are 160 children enrolled    year Accreditation, which includes
tries donated a picnic table to give away   in the Lake County Board of Develop-       ODODD’s areas of excellence.
and children lined up to spin the wheel     mental Disabilities’ Early Intervention      Mahoning: Mahoning County Board
and answer a question about the Train-      program.                                   of DD just concluded its 2009 Summer
ing Center to win a prize.                    Lawrence: There are 87 children en-      Enrichment Program in which 117 pre-
  Huron: Was awarded an ODODD               rolled in the Lawrence County Board        school and school-age students with
grant in collaboration with CMS to          of Developmental Disabilities’ Early       special needs were able to participate
implement creative employment solu-         Intervention program.                      in the 6-week long summer day pro-
tions for “Three Guys Named Mow,”             Licking: There are 145 children en-      gram. This is the third consecutive year
a green venture in landscaping utiliz-      rolled in the Licking County Board of      in which program participation has in-
ing manual/electric equipment to mow        Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-   creased. The camp is operated by the
and trim yards in Huron County, em-         vention program.                           Educational Service Center under a
ploying six individuals.                      Logan: There are 52 children en-         contract from the Mahoning County
  Jackson: The J-Vac Amy’s                  rolled in the Logan County Board of        Board of DD.
Aktioneers Team raised more than            Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-     Marion: There are 8 children enrolled
$2,300 for the American Cancer Soci-        vention program.                           in the Marion County Board of Devel-
ety Jackson County Relay For Life             Lorain: Representatives from the         opmental Disabilities’ Early Interven-
event and received a third place award      Murray Ridge School Autism Program
                                                                                                  See “News”
for monies raised by companies with         are preparing to again present at the
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                                                                                         had to expand their playground in the
News In A Nutshell                              (From Page 11)                           process.
tion program.                                nual Whetstone Country Festival is be-         Portage: The Portage County Board
  Medina: There are 102 children en-         ing held on Saturday, October 17, and       of Developmental Disabilities is
rolled in the Medina County Board of         the 4th annual “Two Dime Dinner” will       pleased to announce the appointment of
Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-     be held on Thursday, October 29. The        Bill Whitacre as Director of Adult Ser-
vention program.                             dinner will be held at the Board’s Adult    vices. Bill has been with the Board for
  Meigs: There are 4 children enrolled       Sheltered Workshop, Whetstone Indus-        18 years, beginning in the Adult Ser-
in the Meigs County Board of Devel-          tries, 440 Douglas Street, Mt. Gilead,      vices Program. Bill also has worked as
opmental Disabilities’ Early Interven-       and guided tours of the workshop are        a Case Manager and most recently as
tion program.                                available following dinner.                 the Board’s Investigative Agent.
  Mercer: Completed the fourth annual          Muskingum: There are 66 children             Preble: Preble County’s A.S.K. Play-
Summer Program for young adults, a           enrolled in the Muskingum County            ground Committee is busy raising funds
ten-week program designed to provide         Board of Developmental Disabilities’        to build a handicapped accessible play-
the 15 oldest youth still in school with     Early Intervention program.                 ground. To date, more than $40,000 has
experiences                             in     Noble: There are 31 children enrolled     been raised and we are gearing up to
the Adult Services Program. They are         in the Noble County Board of Develop-       break ground for the swing set phase of
able to experience all divisions of the      mental Disabilities’ Early Intervention     the project. The goal is more than
Adult program, including work.               program.                                    $150,000 for the project, which will
  Miami: The Miami County Board of             Ottawa: The Ottawa County Board           include five-foot ramps and a poured-
DD was pleased with the success of its       of DD hosted the Oak Harbor Chamber         in-place rubber surface.
9th annual fundraiser for “Friends For       of Commerce Business After Hours. It           Putnam: On September 25,
Riverside” selling 1,100 chicken din-        was a great opportunity to promote our      Brookhill sponsored an open house to
ners throughout the area. Also the           name change and to show off the Board       commemorate the removal of the label
Board’s Adult Services department is         offices. Additionally, the Board is host-   ‘mental retardation’ from their name.
hosting two Brown Bag Lunch open             ing a Name Change Celebration in con-       Consumers were eager to take an ac-
houses to showcase it programs and           junction with People First Ottawa           tive role in this day and express their
services.                                    County on October 1.                        appreciation for the name change.
  Monroe: There are 12 children en-            Pauling: There are 41 children en-           Richland: Richland Newhope pre-
rolled in the Monroe County Board of         rolled in the Paulding County Board of      sented a four-hour awareness program
Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-     Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-    as part of the Mansfield Salvation
vention program.                             vention program.                            Army’s summer camp for 3rd through 6th
  Montgomery: The board authorized             Perry: On October 9, Perry County         graders. Activities ranged from a ver-
the creation of one full-time recreation     Board of Developmental Disabilities         sion of “Family Feud” featuring disabil-
assistant and 14 additional recreation       will host Oktoberfest (formerly known       ity-related questions to a scavenger hunt
aides to support the new children’s rec-     as County Cup) at PerCo Inc. This is        seeking letters in Braille and American
reation program beginning in January,        the 11th year that community members,       Sign Language that spelled the aware-
2010. Bill Green, Assistant Superinten-      family, and friends have been invited       ness theme “Just Like You.”
dent for Program Services, (937) 837-        to spend the day with the staff and en-        Ross: There are 58 children enrolled
9205 is the point of contact for addi-       rollees. The event is well attended and     in the Ross County Board of Develop-
tional information.                          successful in making the community          mental Disabilities’ Early Intervention
  Morgan: There are 8 children en-           aware of services provided within the       program.
rolled in the Morgan County Board of         program                                        Sandusky: The Sandusky County
Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter-       Pickaway: Haiku Pickaway.                 Board of DD received an RSC Path-
vention program.                                     New Name, same supports             ways II grant to provide vocational re-
  Morrow: In an effort to raise aware-             More Waivers reduce wait lists        habilitation counseling and services to
ness of its programs, the Morrow                     School starts, districts pay        students in transition from school to
County Board of Developmental Dis-             Pike: Pike County Board of Devel-
abilities is holding two of its most popu-   opmental Disabilities has started a new               See “News”
lar events during October. The 14th an-      classroom for children with autism and            Continued on Page 13

                                                             Page 12
                                                                                  Cincinnati Reds ball players such as
News In A Nutshell                           (From Page 12)                       Aaron Harang, Tom Browning, George
work.                                     the       entire    program        and Foster and of course, the Reds mascot,
  Scioto: There are 54 children enrolled www.fairhavenind.com for our Adult Gapper. The first pitch was caught by
in the Scioto County Board of Devel- Services not -for- profit industry board. former Reds player Sean Casey.
opmental Disabilities’ Early Interven- I would emphasize they are a work in         Washington: There are 93 children en-
tion program.                             progress and will welcome comments      rolled in the Washington County Board of
  Seneca: The Seneca County Self Ad- and constructive criticism.                  Developmental Disabilities’ Early Interven-
vocates are gearing up for their 13 an-     Tuscarawas: Tuscarawas County tion program.
nual Unity conference. The Unity con- Board of Developmental Disabilities           Wayne: There are 66 children enrolled in
ference is an annual conference that is was recognized by the Ohio Partnership the Wayne County Board of Developmental
organized and planned by Seneca for Excellence for completing the Ad- Disabilities’ Early Intervention program.
County Self Advocates. This year ap- vising and Partnering stages of the            Williams: There are 72 children enrolled
proximately 160 self advocates and sup- Baldridge assessment process which is in the Williams County Board of Develop-
port staff will be attending the confer- the national benchmark for improving mental Disabilities’ Early Intervention pro-
ence.                                     organizational performance. They are gram.
  Shelby: Twelve eligible adults worked one of only two Ohio businesses being       Wood: The Ohio Department of Devel-
recently on updating the logo for the recognized at the Partnering level of the opment has awarded Wood Lane in partner-
Shelby County Board of Developmental quality journey.                             ship with the Wood County Commissioners,
Disabilities. They were instrumental in     Union: WorkNet participated in the a grant to purchase five new wheelchair ac-
the design and creation of the new logo, rigorous two-day survey by CARF In- cessible buses that will run on liquid pro-
successfully removing the words “men- ternational. As a provider of rehabili- pane. The $390,600 grant was one of 16
tal retardation” while maintaining the tation services for people eligible to awards given statewide through is Diesel
overall theme of the original logo. We receive assistance through the Union Emissions Reduction Grant program.
are grateful for their help in implement- County Board of Developmental Dis-        Wyandot: The Wyandot County Board
ing this positive change.                 abilities, WorkNet has been awarded a of DD held its annual 2-day inservice train-
  Stark: Stark County Board of DD, in three-year accreditation for Community ing in August. In addition to our state train-
sponsorship with the Plain Township Employment Services; Job Develop- ing requirements, we had the pleasure of
Rotary and other local businesses, will ment, Community Employment Ser- hosting two keynote presentations: Positive
sponsor the 12th Annual Great Pump- vices; Job Supports and Community Behavior Culture (Melanie Stretchbery and
kin Race on October 31. Runners com- Employment Services; and Job-Site Brent Baier) and “Autism Spectrum Disor-
pete in the popular Subway® Challenge Training.                                   der: Supporting Families in the Commu-
Series in either a 4-mile run or a 1-mile   Van Wert: There are 45 children en- nity” (Denise Sawan Caruso, NW Ohio Au-
fun walk/run. All proceeds benefit the rolled in the Van Wert County Board of tism Council).
Stark County Special Olympics. Run- Developmental Disabilities’ Early Inter- (NOTE: The Early Intervention counts were
ners can register online at vention program.                                      provided by the Ohio Department of DD and
www.ohiochallengeseries.com                 Vinton: There are 9 children enrolled were based on 2008 data.)
  Summit: The Summit County Board in the Vinton County Board of Devel-
of DD has implemented a new, com- opmental Disabilities’ Early Interven-
puterized customer feedback system to tion program.
track concerns and suggestions. The         Warren: The Miracle League Park
system is designed as an improvement Complex, in part sponsored by the War-
identified during the Board’s recent ren County Board of Developmental
Baldrige Quality review and will aggre- Disabilities, celebrated the opening of
gate common complaints and issues to the ballpark September 19. The ribbon
allow for system-wide corrections.        cutting ceremony included an honor
  Trumbull: The Trumbull County guard and band from Springboro High
Board of DD has launched two revised School, the choir Voices of Warren
websites. www.fairhavenpgm.com for County, and several past and present

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