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Quarterly Accounting Checklist


The Quarterly Accounting Checklist provides business owners with a detailed list of accounting functions to be completed on a quarterly basis, such as sales tax returns, processing payroll liabilities, etc. Company management should supply this list of tasks to the appropriate accounting officer(s) and managers should also list a target date for completion. This spreadsheet can be customized to fit the needs of the any company and, depending on the business and/or industry, items may be omitted or additional responsibilities may be added.

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									Quarterly Accounting Checklist
[COMPANY NAME]                                           Company Year End Date:
Our goal is to complete the Fiscal Year End by:
Tasks to be included:                                           Target Date: Initials:   Initials:
1) Review 'Clearing Account'; ensure all General Ledger ('GL')
transactions are complete
2) Analyze General & Administration expenses and reallocate any
applicable costs to Cost of Goods Sold
3) Assign categories to all unallocated sales in the Sales GL
4) Capitalize all new asset purchases over $1,000
5) Review Shareholder's Equity and discuss dividends schedule
6) Write Off Bad Debts - Accounts Receivable that won't pay
7) Expense all cleared prepaid expenses and advances; input
remaining employee expenses for the quarter
8) Inventory count of capital assets/ equipment/ merchandise/
inventory, document their physical location and valuate
9) Generate purchase orders for inventory quantity near or
below reorder point

10) Review outstanding loans; calculate interest owed to lenders
11) Complete all bank reconciliations statements
12) Complete all credit card reconciliations
13) Enter all invoices/ purchase orders and process the Accounts
Payable aged report for management review
14) Enter all contracts/ client invoices and process Accounts
Receivable aged report for management review
15) Enter all Revenue Accruals and Deferrals
16) Process and pay outstanding quarterly payroll liabilities and
ensure they coincide with the cumulative payroll totals
17) Prepare all sales tax returns for the fiscal quarter
18) Ensure all inter-corporate transactions balance; ensure all
foreign accounts are converted to the quarter end exchange %
19) Compare actual revenues and expenses with the corporate
budget; make adjustments to the rolling budget
20) Produce Financial Statements for Management review
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