Advertising Media Trial Balance


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									[COMPANY NAME]
                                        Trial Balance

                  Account                      Type           Debit       Credit

Checking Account                    Bank                              -
Petty Cash                          Bank                              -
Accounts Receivable                 Accounts Receivable               -
Grants Receivable                   Accounts Receivable               -
Prepaid Insurance                   Other Current Asset               -
Employee Advances                   Other Current Asset               -
Audio/ Digital Inventory            Other Current Asset               -
Furniture and Equipment             Fixed Asset                       -
Accumulated Depreciation            Fixed Asset                                    -
Computer and Projection Equipment   Fixed Asset                       -
Accumulated Depreciation            Fixed Asset                                    -
Vehicles                            Fixed Asset                       -
Accumulated Depreciation            Fixed Asset                                    -
Buildings/ Studio Space             Fixed Asset                       -
Accumulated Depreciation            Fixed Asset                                    -
Land                                Fixed Asset                       -
Security Deposits                   Intangible Asset                  -
Accounts Payable                    Accounts Payable                               -
Business Credit Cards               Credit Card                                    -
Advance Customer Payments           Other Current Liability                        -
Sales Tax Payable                   Other Current Liability                        -
Payroll Liabilities                 Other Current Liability                        -
Car Loan Payable                    Long Term Liability                            -
Equipment Leases                    Long Term Liability                            -
Shareholder's Loan                  Long Term Liability                            -
Opening Balance Equity              Equity                                         -
Capital Stock                       Equity                                         -
Dividends Paid                      Equity                                         -
Owners Draw                         Equity                                         -
Retained Earnings                   Equity                                         -
Operating Income                    Income                                         -
Commission Income                   Income                                         -
Grants Awarded                      Other Income                                   -
Royalties                           Other Income                                   -
Interest Income                     Other Income                                   -
Direct Labor                        Cost of Sales                     -
Subcontractors                      Cost of Sales                     -
Sales Commissions                   Cost of Sales                     -
Media Purchased for Clients         Cost of Sales                     -
Property Rental/ Permits            Cost of Sales                     -
Direct Travel Costs                 Cost of Sales                     -
                                             [COMPANY NAME]
                                                Trial Balance

                  Account                             Type          Debit           Credit

Advertising and Promotion                   Expense                         -
Automobile Expense                          Expense                         -
Bank Service Charges                        Expense                         -
Business Licenses and Permits               Expense                         -
Charitable Contributions                    Expense                         -
Computer and Internet Expenses              Expense                         -
Continuing Education                        Expense                         -
Depreciation Expense                        Expense                         -
Dues and Subscriptions                      Expense                         -
Foreign Exchange Gain or Loss               Expense                         -
Insurance Expense                           Expense                         -
Interest Expense                            Expense                         -
Meals and Entertainment                     Expense                         -
Miscellaneous Expense                       Expense                         -
Networking/ Bus. Development                Expense                         -
Office Supplies                             Expense                         -
Payroll Expenses                            Expense                         -
Postage and Delivery                        Expense                         -
Printing and Reproduction                   Expense                         -
Professional Services (Legal, Accounting)   Expense                         -
Property Tax                                Expense                         -
Rent Expense                                Expense                         -
Repairs and Maintenance                     Expense
Telephone Expense                           Expense                         -
Travel Expense                              Expense                         -
Utilities                                   Expense                         -
Website Development                         Expense                         -

                                                                $           -   $            -
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