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									Angela H. Hooper
7844 E Colgate PL ▪ Denver, CO 80231 ▪ (720) 375-1913 mobile ▪ angela.hooper@gmail.com

Client-Focused IT Professional with 8 years experience in Business Intelligence value delivery, Oracle administration, SQL
development and ERP implementations. Recognized for ability to research, diagnose and resolve technical issues. Excellent
decision-making and problem-solving skills developed while meeting the challenge of constantly fluctuating environments.

Technical Skills Summary
Primary Development in: SQL, PL/SQL, TSQL
Database Administration: Oracle 8i-11g on Win/Linux/Unix, SQL Server, DB/2 (AS/400)
ETL & Data Modeling Tools: Cognos DataManager, Decision Stream, Cognos Framework Manager, Cognos Transformer.
Informatica, DataMirror, Oracle Warehouse Builder.
Reporting Tools: Cognos 8 & 10 BI, Impromptu, PowerPlay, Crystal Reports
ERP Software: SunGard Higher Education Banner 8.x, Ivara Asset Management, Oracle Manufacturing, Visual Manufacturing
Lilly Software, J.D.Edwards

Work Experience
Senior Business Intelligence Consultant – Infolink Consulting                                           September 2010 – Present
Infolink Consulting specializes in providing solutions for information delivery and analysis that are as unique as the organizations
we serve. As a senior consultant, Angela provides a range of business intelligence services related to data integration, metadata
modeling and reporting. Her expertise includes Cognos 8 and 10 BI suite and BI Program Management.
Client work includes but not limited to:
      Metropolitan State College of Denver, Technical training on Cognos 10 Metadata modeling and Query Studio.
      University of Oregon, BI Program Management and technical lead on Campus wide reporting initiative with Cognos 10.
      Wake Forest University, Data Modeler for Student and Admissions related areas using Cognos 8.4 Framework Manager.
      Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, Data Manager ETL consulting, installation and training.
      Colorado Health Foundation, Data warehousing business analyst for state assessment on technical needs related to HIE.
      Policy Studies, Inc, Cognos 8 Data Modeling, advanced report development and Business analysis for key areas.

Manager of Business Intelligence – Colorado Community College System                            November 2007 –September 2010
Serving as both Manager and technical lead, Angela is responsible for developing BI best practices and delivery standards for the
Colorado Community College System (CCCS). Technologies used in the organization include Cognos 8 BI Suite, ETL products
such as Cognos Data Manager /Decision Stream, Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle 10g PL/SQL stored procedures. Angela
also facilitates user meetings, requirements gathering and project scope definitions while managing a team of four developers and
up to two contractors or consultants.
      Cognos8 BI administrator maintaining a two tiered distributed server environment running on Linux RH4 and Windows
          Server 2000 OS’s and HP hardware serving over 900 named users and 250 report authors . Tasks include performing
          upgrades, patch installation and general application and server troubleshooting. Recently “upgraded” from 8.1 to 8.3 MR2
          and tested nine cube structures and twenty-five production reporting packages and corresponding reports for
      Designed and implemented a Finance Transaction History Data mart sourcing the State of Colorado’s COFRS financial
          system and CCCS’s ERP for the purpose of reconciliation reporting between the two chart of account structures.
      Created a “fund accounting” based financial statement system off of the OLTP Database. Technologies include Oracle’s
          Logical Stand by database, PL/SQL Stored procedures returning weakly defined reference cursors and Cognos framework
          manager data modeling. Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Direct and Indirect Cash Flows were developed with
          Cognos Report Studio utilizing drill-thrus and cross tabs.
      Rewrote Legacy Student warehouse from a “wedding cake approach” in Decision Stream to Oracle PL/SQL Stored
          procedures. Redesigned dimensional elements and encapsulated business logic into central locations. Reduced
          development cycle from months to less than two weeks in key star areas.
        Project Manager for implementation of SunGard Operational Data Store and Enterprise Data Warehouse. This solution
         includes 66 new ODS reporting packages and 16 Cognos transformer cubes over four main business areas.

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Oracle Database Administrator - Tyler Junior College                                         September 2005 – November 2007
As the Database administrator and Technical Lead, Angela oversaw design and maintenance of all data driven environments at
Tyler Junior College. Responsibilities included support for Oracle and SQL Server database solutions, application and database
upgrades, patch maintenance and integration with vendor software on OAS10gR2 on a NT platform. Lead up to 5 team members
on application and web development projects.
        Oracle administration included installing software, creating databases, performing upgrades and patches, managing the
         database's storage structures, and schema objects, proactively monitoring the database's health and taking preventive or
         corrective action as required, monitoring and tuning performance.
        Generated and tested backup and disaster recovery strategies utilizing Oracle’s RMAN, OEM products, Snapview and
         SAN technologies. Implemented and built out the development and testing tiers for the primary ERP environments on
        Performed upgrades, installs and patches as the Cognos8 BI administrator. Developed complex financials using Report
         Studio and rolled out campus wide toolset and report training.
        Extended the ODS and EDW Business Intelligence systems using Oracle Warehouse Builder for ETL processing and data
         modeling with Cognos Framework Manager PL/SQL Stored Procedures.

Data and Reporting Senior Specialist - Merrill Lynch Capital                                      March 2005 – September 2005
Part of a high performance team that provided analysis, reporting and data solutions to business partners and internal business
units. Day-to-day responsibilities included general maintenance and support of SQL Server data warehouse and data mart, ETL
issue investigation, and enhancements.
        Modeled and designed functional, performance effective, minimally redundant data bases for data warehouse systems that
         were internally facing to the organization.
        Primary developer for the Real Estate Capital Lending business units. Responsibilities included developing and tuning
         ETL procedures using TSQL and DTS packages.
        Added new dimension and fact elements to the mart areas using Erwin for logical and physical database modeling and
         Cognos Framework Manager for front end presentation.
        Complex report development using Cognos Report Net 1.1 and the Cognos SDK to burst reports to users and to integrate
         a single sign on through the newly designed corporate intranet

Information Systems Analyst and Jr. Oracle DBA - Tempel Steel Company                                March 2003 – March 2005
Responsibilities included Oracle and SQL Server performance tuning and administration, enterprise wide operational and
analytical reporting, software and application life cycle development and testing, maintaining software vendor relations as well as
contract negotiations.
        Oracle administration included installing software, creating databases, performing upgrades and patches, managing the
         database's storage structures, and schema objects. RMAN backups, catalog maintenance and creation, cloning and
         recovery when necessary, proactively monitoring the database's health and taking preventive or corrective action as
         required, monitoring and tuning performance
        Lead developer and reporting project manager during ERP implementation in Toronto. Solution consisted of PL/SQL
         stored procedures against highly normalized OLTP data structures with a Crystal Reports front end. Real time reporting
         against Visual Manufacturing Lilly Software included financial statements, inventory balances, purchasing & ordering
         reports, and production schedules
        Cognos Impromptu report and catalog development for a time and leave data mart running on a SQL Server database
        Developer and data modeler for the Sales and Production data marts. Implemented and maintained marts using
         DataMirror for DB2, DTS, SQL Server 2000 replication and TSQL stored procedures.
        Developer for the financial data mart. Responsibilities included modifying and troubleshooting complex TSQL stored
         procedures and minor Actuate Analytics development.

Enterprise Engineer - Headstrong Consulting                                                         August 2002 – February 2003
Entry level consultant providing support work under the Business Intelligence practice area. Assisted with business development
and RFPs. Project work included:

                                                 Angela Hooper Resume - Page 2
       Worked with a team to provide analysis of a not-for-profit business model and design of a data warehouse system.
        Identified the scope of the project and developed conceptual process and data models for the client. Managed the project
        implementation plan, constructed the physical data warehouse system, and developed the user interface.
       Worked on a team that designed and implemented components for a Key Performance Indicators web site for a major
        energy provider. Primary responsibilities included ASP .NET , and SQL Development on a MSSQL Server 2000
       Developed a Balanced Scorecard System for a Regional Hospital. Created documentation and reporting protocols for
        KPI’s. Evaluated Balanced Scorecard software packages such as PB Views, CoreVu, and others.
       Primary QA tester for a Chemical Data Collection Application. Worked with client to develop test plans and
        communicated issues with developers.

New Technology Developer – CitiGroup                                                                   May 2001 – August 2002
Financial Services Web Developer for the CitiFinancial Branch Office and home office intranet site development teams. Worked
with team members to transform business requirements into technical solutions using application and web development.
       Developed key marketing area of home office intranet site using Perl, DHTML, SQL Server 7.0 and PHP
       Designed and implemented Access 2000 Bug Tracking System created to record Management Issues and bugs.

Training & Education
B.B.A., Management Information Systems, University of Notre Dame, 2002
Teradata Certified Professional – 01/2003
Administering a SQL Server 2000 Database, Productivity Point – 07/2004
Programming a SQL Server 2000 Database, Productivity Point – 01/2005
Application Development and Tuning for Oracle Databases, Learning Tree International – 02/2004
Cognos ReportNet 1.1 – Report Studio Part 1 – 07/2005
Cognos ReportNet 1.1 – Metadata Modeling Part 1 – 07/2005
Cognos ReportNet 1.1 – Metadata Modeling Part 2 – 07/2005
SunGard Banner System Administration – 01/2006
SunGard Banner Oracle Application Server Administration – 01/2007
Cognos 8 BI Report Studio I, II – 02/2007
Cognos 8 BI Data Manager/Decision Stream - 01/2008

Professional Affiliations
TDWI – Denver Chapter
CGHE - Rocky Mountain Region Cognos Users Group, Presenter and Facilitator 2009 - 2011
BUMS – Banner Users of the Mountain States, Presenter 2008,2009
SETA – SunGard Higher Education Technology Association, Presenter

Volunteer Activities
Active Member, Junior League of Denver, Web site Chair and Technical advisor 2008 - present
Provisional Class, Junior League of Tyler, Texas 2007
P.A.T.H (People Attempting to Help) 2007-2008 - Coordinated data gathering, analysis and reporting using Microsoft Office and
Crystal Reports XI. Angela provided data that fueled grant writing and gap analysis of homeless needs in the community.

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