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									                                                           University of Kentucky
                                                              GLUCK EQUINE
                                                        Research & Service Report
                                   V O L U M E    1 ,   I S S U E   I                                 S P R I N G   2 0 0 9

                                Troedsson joins faculty as Gluck Center Director
Features                          Dr. Mats Troedsson is                                       is in the area of equine
                               the new Director of the                                        reproduction and his re-
A letter from                  Gluck Equine Research                                          search interests are uter-
the Director, p. 3             Center and Chair of the                                        ine infection in mares,
                               Department of Veterinary                                       mating-induced      endo-
Interview with Dr.             Science. Mats came to the                                      metritis and ultrasonic
Timoney, p. 4                  University of Kentucky in                                      evaluation of equine pla-
                               summer 2008 from the                                           centa by transrectal and
Visiting scientist Dr.         University of Florida.           Dr. Mats Troedsson recently   transabdominal approach.
Nielsen, p. 5                  From 2002 to 2008,               became the new Director of    His more recent studies
                               Troedsson served as Pro-         the Gluck Equine Research     have evaluated the role of
Shapiro                        fessor and Service Chief         Center and Chair of the       seminal plasma in post-
Endowment, p. 5                for Reproduction in the          Department of Veterinary      breeding uterine inflam-
                               Department of Large Ani-         Science                       mation. He will be men-
Remembering                    mal Clinical Sciences,                                         toring and advising the
                               College of Veterinary            at the University of Min-     faculty in the Department
Dr. Allen, p. 6                                                 nesota. He obtained his
                               Medicine, University of                                        of Veterinary Science,
                               Florida. Prior to his ten-       veterinary degree in Swe-     providing direction and
Facilities                                                      den and his Ph.D. at the
                               ure at the University of                                       vision for the department
Update, p. 7-8                 Florida, he worked in the        University of California—     and establishing a re-
                               Department of Clinical           Davis.                        search program in equine
Clay Chair, p. 8               and Population Sciences             Troedsson‘s expertise      reproduction.

Card, p. 8                     Squires named Executive Director of Gluck Foundation
New Gluck                                           Dr. Ed         Dr. Ed Squires joined      University (CSU). He
Foundation Board                                    Squires     the Gluck Equine Re-          became interested in the
                                                    joined      search Center in October      University of Kentucky
Members, p. 9-10
                                                    Gluck       2008 as the Executive         during the fall of 2007
                                                    Equine      Director of the Gluck         when he came to UK to
                                                    Re-         Equine Research Founda-       be inducted into the
Events, p. 11                                                                                 Equine Research Hall of
                                                    search      tion, Director of Develop-
                                                    Foun-       ment and Industry Rela-       Fame. It was at that time
                                                     dation     tions and as a research       that he and Dr. Nancy
                               recently as the Executive        scientist.                    Cox, Associate Dean for
                               Director, Director of               Squires came to the        Research in the College of
                               Development and Industry         Gluck Center after spend-     Agriculture, initiated a
                               Relations and as a research      ing 33 years on the fac-      discussion regarding the
                               scientist                        ulty at Colorado State        possible position at the
                                                                                                     Continued on page 4
About Gluck Equine Research Foundation

  BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                         GLUCK EQUINE
     UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY                                  RESEARCH
        Dr. Walter W. Zent, Chair
       Tom Goncharoff, Vice Chair                            FOR MORE
      Dr. Lee T. Todd, Jr., President                        INFORMATION
      Dr. Kumble R. Subbaswamy,                              CONTACT:
             Vice President
                                                             Dr. Ed Squires
      Dr. M. Scott Smith, Secretary                          Executive Director
                                                             Gluck Equine Research Foundation
                Bruce Addington                              108 Gluck Equine Research Center
                 John H. Adger                               Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0099
              Mrs. Jerry Amerman                             Phone: (859) 257-4757, ext. 81176
                   Alan Balch                                Fax: (859) 257-8963
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                  Jane Beshear
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                 Ginny Grulke
             Lucy Young Hamilton                             GLUCK EQUINE RESEARCH &
              Dr. Jamie MacLeod                              SERVICE REPORT
                                                                The UK Gluck Equine Research & Ser-
                Nick Nicholson                               vice Report is produced by UKGERF and
                  Debby Oxley                                the Department of Veterinary Science.
                 Dan Rosenberg                                  It is published twice a year on behalf of
                Dr. Robert Stout                             all equine researchers and veterinarians
                                                             and others in the horse industry who are
                 David Switzer                               committed to the continued improvements
                 Naoya Yoshida                               in equine research and technology.
               F.E. ―Butch‖ Wise                                Research material is meant to be shared.
                   Art Zubrod                                However, materials are copyrighted and
                                                             require reprint permission from UKGERF.
               Dr. Stephen Reed                                 The Gluck Equine Research & Service
                 Dr. Nancy Cox                               Report is available online at:
              Dr. Mats Troedsson                   
             Dr. Everett McCorvey
         The mission of the Gluck Equine Research Center is scientific discovery, education
         and dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of the health and welfare of horses.
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                                                  A Letter From the Director

    It is my pleasure to introduce the first Gluck Equine Research Foundation newsletter since I became
 Department Chairman and Director of the Gluck Equine Research Center at the University of Kentucky.
    A few additions and modifications that are part of the future of the center have been implemented over the
 last year. First, we were able to recruit Dr. Ed Squires from Colorado State University as Executive Director
 of the Gluck Equine Research Foundation and Director of Industry Relations. The creation of this position
 recognizes the importance of maintaining and further building on a longstanding tradition of relationship
 between the Gluck Equine Research Center and the equine industry. Dr. Squires is off to a great start in his
 new job and we are looking forward to his future contributions. Another modification is that the research
 activities at the Gluck Equine Research Center have been grouped into programmatic research endeavors.
 These include infectious disease and immunology, genetics and genomics, musculoskeletal science, parasi-
 tology, pharmacology/toxicology, pathology and reproduction. It is the intent to have researchers working as
 a team in each of these programs.
    Other significant activities include the restructuring of the Equine Blood Typing Research Laboratory into
 the Animal Genetic Testing and Research Laboratory. The facility is now housed at the Gluck Equine Re-
 search Center and provides many services to the equine industry. New genetic tests are being developed for
 animals and embryos that will meet future needs from horse owners and breeders.
    Another goal that we are working on is to provide a balance between basic and clinical science within the
 Gluck Center. This includes providing research that directly relates to clinical and industry issues through
 collaboration between basic and clinical scientists. This could in the future evolve into a partnership between
 area veterinary practices and the University of Kentucky‘s Department of Veterinary Science.
    An additional goal that we are currently working on is to develop a plan on prevention and response to
 emerging diseases. The emerging plan will be a development between the state veterinarian, the Gluck
 Equine Research Center and the Livestock Diagnostic Disease Center (LDDC).
    Although these are tough economic times, we are fortunate to have two privately endowed positions that
 will be filled in the next few months. This includes the new positions of the Albert G. Clay Chair in Equine
 Reproduction and the Jes E. and Clementine M. Schlaikjer Chair in Equine Infectious Diseases. These two
 positions will enhance the programs of reproduction and infectious diseases.
    We anticipate publishing the foundation newsletter twice a year -– in the spring and fall – which will be
 accompanied by a monthly electronic newsletter on research conducted in the College of Agriculture. The
 electronic newsletter will be available online through The website is also in the process of a
 redesign, so look for that in the near future.
    We look forward to the rest of the year and sharing future developments at Gluck Equine Research Center.

 Dr. Mats Troedsson
 Gluck Equine Research Center Director
 and Department of Veterinary Science Chair

GLUCK    EQUINE      RESEARCH         FOUNDATION                                                         PAGE      3
Gluck Equine Research Center News

      Squires named Executive Director of Gluck Foundation, continued
 Center and the Gluck Equine Re-        the horse industry to support this      and a graduate of West Virginia
 search Foundation.                     program.                                University, Squires is enjoying
    Squires brings years of experi-        Squires‘ goals are to promote        being close to some of his family
 ence in fundraising, industry rela-    the activities of the Gluck Equine      that still live in West Virginia. He
 tions and research. Many of the        Research Center to the horse in-        is ―thrilled with the opportunity to
 reproductive techniques that are       dustry and veterinary profession.       live in the ‗Horse Capital of the
 now used in the equine industry        He will serve as the liaison be-        World‘ and work at a world-class
 were developed under his leader-       tween the research scientists at the    research facility for horses.‖ He
 ship at CSU. He developed a pro-       Gluck Center and the horse indus-       has published over 260 papers in
 gram      in     1998      entitled    try. Acquiring funds for research       refereed journals and an equal
 ―Preservation of Equine Genet-         as well as for facilities is also one   number in non-refereed publica-
 ics,‖ which was an umbrella re-        of his top priorities. He will also     tions. In addition, he has written
 search program to develop as-          be part of a research team that         30 book chapters and has pub-
 sisted reproductive techniques for     studies reproductive problems in        lished 14 textbooks. He continues
 mares and stallions. Several mil-      both mares and stallions.               to be a popular speaker on equine
 lion dollars were acquired from           Being a native of West Virginia      reproduction, both nationally and

        Interview with former Gluck Center Director Dr. Peter Timoney
   Last year, Dr. Peter Timoney                             Dr. Peter           is, ―Oh yes, we know Peter Ti-
stepped down from his long-time role                        Timoney             money.‖ Certainly Dr. Timoney is
as Chair of the Department of Veteri-                       recently            an icon in the area of infectious dis-
nary Sciences and Director of the                           stepped down
                                                                                ease research, particularly for
Gluck Equine Research Center. I sat                                             Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) and
                                                            as Chair of the
down recently to talk with Timoney                                              Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM).
about his new role as a full-time re-                       Department of          I asked Dr. Timoney what he felt
searcher, how he was handling the                           Veterinary          was his greatest accomplishments
transition and his reflections on the                       Sciences and        during the time he served as Chair
past as well as his goals for the fu-                       Director of the     of the Department and Director of
ture.                                   Gluck Equine Research Center            the Gluck Equine Research Center.
   Prior to coming to the Gluck                                                 They included securing gifts and
Equine Research Center in 1983, Ti-     for three terms and recently, in        matching endowments for recruiting
money spent two years at Cornell        2008, stepped down as the director      additional faculty as well as support
University (1979-1981) and two          of the Gluck Equine Research            for graduate students, post-doctoral
years as Scientific Director of the     Center. Since 1988 he has filled        scholars and visiting scientists. Cer-
Irish Equine Center (1981-1983).        the Van Lennep Chair in Equine          tainly the Gluck Equine Research
From 1987 to 1989, he was associate     Veterinary Science.                     Center is unique in its number of
chair of the Department of Veterinary      It is interesting that, when you     endowed faculty members and
Sciences. He became the acting Chair    ask veterinarians, horsemen and         scholarships for graduate students
of the department in 1989. He re-       scientists if they know about the       and post-docs.
mained in these leadership positions    Gluck Center, their first response                         Continued on page 6

GLUCK     EQUINE      RESEARCH          FOUNDATION                                                         PAGE        4
                                       Gluck Equine Research Center News

      Dr. Nielsen spends six months as visiting scientist at Gluck Center
   Dr. Martin Nielsen was a visit-                                             by the Young Elite Scientist
ing scientist at the Gluck Equine                                              Award from the Danish Research
Research Center for six months.                                                Council in Denmark. His re-
He is an Assistant Professor in                                                search focused on the develop-
the Department of Large Animal                                                 ment of diagnostic tools to better
Sciences, Faculty of Life Sci-                                                 detect and measure parasite in-
ences, University of Copenhagen,                                               fection. He was the first to de-
Denmark. Nielsen earned his                                                    velop a quantitative real-time
D.V.M. degree from the Royal                                                   PCR assay targeting the equine
Veterinary and Agriculture Uni-                                                nematode pathogen Strongylus
versity in Denmark in 2001. He                                                 vulgaris.
then spent three years in equine                                                  In addition, while at UK, he
veterinary practice before enter-                                              worked with Dr. Gene Lyons on
ing graduate school in 2004. He                                                anthelmintic resistance in equine
received his Ph.D. in Equine                                                   strongyle nematodes. Nielsen‘s
                                       Dr. Martin Nielsen recently spent
Parasitology from the University                                               research has resulted in 30 peer-
                                       six months as a visiting scientist at
of Copenhagen in 2007.                                                         reviewed abstracts for presenta-
                                       Gluck Equine Research Center.
   In 2006, Nielsen received a                                                 tions at conferences and meet-
                                       Nielsen returned to Denmark at
Young Scientist Award from the                                                 ings, 10 peer-reviewed publica-
                                       the beginning of May
Danish Society for Parasitology                                                tions, 12 popular articles and one
and the Danish Society for Tropi-                                              book chapter. He also
cal Medicine and Internal Health.     Kentucky Gluck Equine Research           collaborated with Dr. Dan Howe
He also received an award from        Center. This sponsored his first         in developing a PCR test for
the American Association of Vet-      visit to the Gluck Equine Re-            detection of strongyle infection.
erinary Parasitologists in 2006.      search Center and allowed him to            We certainly have enjoying his
In 2008, he was awarded the Al-       initiate his studies.                    interaction with the Gluck faculty
bert and Lorraine Clay Research          During the past six months at         and are impressed with his com-
Fellowship by the University of       UK, Nielsen‘s visit was funded           mitment to equine research.

                     Hildegard Rosa Shapiro Endowment Received
   Hildegard Rosa Shapiro was a       approximately $500,000 was re-           enced an outbreak of Contagious
horse owner in Virginia who was       ceived from the sale. An effort is       Equine Metritis (CEM) on a farm
very fond of Dr. Peter Timoney‘s      being made to obtain matching            in Lexington. There are many
work and desired to leave her         funds from the state for this en-        questions that still need to be an-
estate to the Gluck Equine Re-        dowment.                                 swered with regard to CEM as
search Center. Her request was           The proceeds from the endow-          well as questions regarding
that the funds from the sale of her   ment will be used to support a           Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA).
estate be used for ―studies of the    graduate student for studies of             This endowment will provide
reproductive system of infected       infectious diseases in stallions.        continuing funds for studies in
stallions.‖                           This is extremely timely since           reproduction in stallions for
   The estate has been sold and       Kentucky has recently experi-            many years.

GLUCK    EQUINE       RESEARCH        FOUNDATION                                                           PAGE      5
Gluck Equine Foundation News

                    Interview with Dr. Peter Timoney, continued
Timoney also mentioned that one      infectious disease research for 35     the duties of administration. He
of the greatest challenges is to     years and there is a continuing        indicated that he is looking for-
maintain funding for operating       need for studies in this area. Part    ward to devoting all of his time to
costs and to acquire outside fund-   of the increased incidence of in-      research. He loves the horse in-
ing to offset the decrease in sup-   fectious disease has to do with the    dustry and the veterinary profes-
port from the state. Timoney‘s       increased movement of horses and       sion and wants to continue work-
philosophy on research is that,      the acceptance of new technolo-        ing with those industries. He plans
regardless of one‘s credentials or   gies in the horse industry such as     to continue to facilitate the ex-
research interests, ―at the end of   artificial insemination, shipped       change of information from the
the day, there must be an applica-   semen and embryo transfer. He          scientist to the veterinarian and
tion of significance to the indus-   feels it is the Gluck Center‘s re-     horseman.
try.‖                                sponsibility to provide the indus-        Furthermore, his goal is to con-
   Timoney spends many hours on      try with information that can be       tinue providing a base of new in-
the phone graciously communicat-     used to safeguard against disease      formation in the areas of
ing to the industry the results of   outbreaks. He also feels that we       herpesvirus, EVA and CEM
his research and solving problems    should be ready to answer ques-        research.
for the horseman and veterinarian.   tions regarding any emerging dis-         We are truly pleased that
He certainly typifies the type of    eases. Without question, Timoney       Timoney has decided to continue
faculty member that should be part   has established an international       working as a full-time research
of a land-grant university.          reputation in the area of infectious   scientist and personally, I look
   I also asked Timoney to reflect   diseases.                              forward to working with him on
on his research career. He indi-        My last question concerned his      some collaborative studies regard-
cated that he has been involved in   future now that he no longer has       ing EVA and CEM.

           Remembering longtime faculty member Dr. George Allen
                         On April    virus infections in the horse, Allen   overseas and many colleagues and
                      6,     2008,   had served as an internationally       friends from Kentucky and else-
                      Gluck          designated specialist on equine        where.
                      Equine         rhinopneumonitis by the World             The evening was a wonderful
                      Research       Organization for Animal Health.        celebration of Allen‘s life accom-
                      Center lost       In recognition of the signifi-      plishments. A highlight of the
                      one of its     cance of his contributions to our      commemorative program was an
                      most distin-   knowledge of this complex and          inspiring presentation by Dr. Julia
  Dr. George Allen
                      guished        economically important equine          Kydd, the University of Notting-
                      researchers    disease, a commemorative event         ham, U.K., a close colleague of
with the death of Dr. George Al-     was held at Spindletop Hall, Lex-      Allen‘s for many years, who
len, professor and faculty member    ington, Ky., on Nov. 21, 2008, to      spoke of the significant milestones
in the Department of Veterinary      recognize and honor his life and       of his long and highly productive
Science since 1979. Widely ac-       research accomplishments. More         research career. A special thanks
knowledged by the scientific com-    than 100 people attended, includ-      are due to Ft. Dodge Animal
munity as one of the world‘s fore-   ing members of Allen‘s immediate       Health, who generously sponsored
most authorities on equine herpes-   family, distinguished guests from      the event.

GLUCK   EQUINE      RESEARCH         FOUNDATION                                                       PAGE        6
                                          Gluck Equine Research Center News

 BSL1 Infectious Disease Barn                 Interior of BSL1 Facility              BSL1 Facility Paddock

              Facilities Update — Infectious Disease Research Barns
    Major construction projects are       well as an one-acre paddock.         other animal containment facility
 ongoing at the Maine Chance                 Phase I of the animal contain-    with 12 additional stalls. This
 Equine Campus. A 15,000 square           ment facility is complete. It con-   center section will have a labora-
 foot barn has been constructed for       tains 12 individual stalls with a    tory facility, storage area, rest-
 studies on the infectious disease        16-foot alleyway. The building is    rooms with showers and a break
 strangles. This will enable scien-       temperature-controlled and the       room for the workers.
 tists to learn more about this dis-      doors and windows are screened          This facility, when completed,
 ease and work toward develop-            to prevent movement of insects.      will enhance the equine disease
 ment of a more effective vaccine.        The walls in the stalls have epoxy   research program at the Gluck
    The facility will include interior    paint, which allows for easy dis-    Equine Research Center. It will
 stalls to house research horses and      infection. Each stall drains into    be an animal biosafety level two
 state of the art technology for safe     one of two 1500 tanks which,         containment facility designed to
 waste removal. The interior of the       when full, are pumped and the        contain some agents that pose
 100‘ by 150‘ concrete block barn         debris removed. The mechanical       minimal risk to human health.
 will contain portable stocks for         system for this facility is set up      Approximately $1.2 million
 evaluation of animals as well as         on an alarm system. The stalls       has been spent on the first barn
 portable stalls and pens in which        have rubber-sealed mats that al-     and an additional $1.7 million is
 animals can commingle. In addi-          low for easy disinfection.           needed to complete the center lab
 tion, there will be three two-acre          The goal is to have a center      and the second animal contain-
 paddocks surrounding the barn as         section that       connects to an-   ment barn.

             BSL2 Barn                          Interior of BSL2 Barn               Alleyway in BSL2 Barn

GLUCK    EQUINE       RESEARCH           FOUNDATION                                                      PAGE       7
Gluck Equine Research Center News

                         Facilities Update — Reproduction Facilities
                                      Kentucky is considered one of the      ratory for handling semen, embryos,
                                   major breeding areas for horses. Ap-      oocytes (eggs), blood, and other re-
                                   proximately 22,000 Thoroughbred           productive tissues. This facility will
                                   mares were bred in central Kentucky       also contain areas for students to
                                   in 2008. In addition, over 600 Quar-      have office space as well as a con-
                                   ter Horse stallions were bred or in-      ference room for lab meetings, bath-
                                   seminated to nearly 11,000 mares in       rooms, showers, and locker rooms.
                                   2008. Foals were also produced               The second barn will be remod-
                                   from nearly 1500 Standardbred             eled into a stallion and semen facil-
                                   mares and approximately 1,000             ity. It will include an area for natu-
                                   Saddlebred mares.                         ral mating as well as an area for se-
         Mare Facility                Two barns at the Maine Chance          men collection. Laboratories will be
                                   Equine Campus are being remod-            available for handling fresh, cooled,
                                   eled for studies on equine reproduc-      and frozen-thawed sperm. Addi-
                                   tion at a cost of approximately $1.2      tional laboratories will be available
                                   million. The mare facility will have      for more detailed evaluation of
                                   15 individual stalls and some hold-       sperm. This facility also contains a
                                   ing pens for groups of mares inside       reception area for guests as well as a
                                   the barn. Several pens on the side of     conference room for lectures and
                                   the barn will allow horses to be          meetings.
                                   sorted and then directed into the            It is the intent of the reproductive
                                   barn, moved down a chute, and into        group to hold continuing education
                                   stocks for examination with palpa-        sessions for veterinarians and
  Stallion and Semen Facility      tion and ultrasonagraphy. The barn        breeders in the area of equine repro-
                                   also will have a state-of-the-art labo-   duction.

Search for Clay Chair in Equine Reproduction                 Horseman’s Card Agreement Renewed
                                                                               The University of Kentucky Gluck
   Albert G. Clay and his family have graciously pro-                          Equine Research Foundation has re-
vided the Department of Veterinary Science with an                             newed a partnership agreement with
endowment for a faculty member in equine reproduc-                             the Horseman‘s Card Visa Enhance-
tion. This endowment has been accumulating funds                               ment Partner Program. This credit card
over the years and will now be used to support a new                           is designed specifically for the horse-
faculty member in reproduction. The committee has                              man. The card provides exclusive dis-
evaluated the applicants and selected four finalists for   counts for purchases of clothing, groceries, gasoline and
interview. These interviews took place during the          horse supplies.
                                                              By using the card, one can also support the health of the
months of February and March and an offer has been
                                                           horse since, at no extra cost, a contribution will be made to
made to one of the candidates. We hope to have this
                                                           the Maxwell H. Gluck Equine Research Center every time
additional faculty member on board by fall 2009. With      a purchase is made on the Horseman‘s Platinum card.
this faculty position, there will now be five faculty         To sign up for the Horseman‘s Visa and support the
members focused on equine reproduction at the Gluck        Gluck Equine Research Center, visit

GLUCK     EQUINE      RESEARCH         FOUNDATION                                                           PAGE       8
                            New Gluck Foundation Board Members

  Gluck Equine Research Foundation recently welcomed six new board members at its
April meeting. New board members include Bruce Addington, Jane Beshear, Ginny
Grulke, Dan Rosenberg, David Switzer and Butch Wise. Profiles on each of the new board
members follows.

 Bruce Addington                              Foundation Board, which will host the
    Bruce‘s story about getting into the      World Games at the Kentucky Horse Park
 horse business is one that I have heard      in September 2010. She has also served
 many times. ―We purchased our first          on the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation
 Rocky Mountain Horse for our daughter,       board for over 20 years.
 Julie, and we all know the rest of the
 story.‖ Bruce owns Fairwinds Farm on
 Bryan Station Road in Lexington. He is a
 founding member of the United Mountain       Ginny Grulke
 Horse (UMH), created to promote the            Since January 2007, Ginny has been the
 Mountain Horse through shows and exhi-       Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse
 bitions. Bruce and his wife, Myra, are       Council. She is a Morgan Horse owner
 very involved with Mountain Horses and       and trail ride enthusiast. As Kentucky
 enjoy their farm in eastern Clark County.    Horse Council Executive Director, her
                                              activities include advocacy for the
 Jane Beshear                                 non-race equine economy and interactions
    The first lady of Kentucky is a busi-     with the Kentucky Department of
 nesswoman, educator and community            Agriculture, regional tourism districts,
 leader. She was raised in Bowling Green,     federal and state land managers,
 Ky., and attended the University of Ken-     Kentucky Equine Education Program
 tucky. Mrs. Beshear competes with her        (KEEP), the UK Equine Initiative and
 Thoroughbred mare, Big Time Magic, in        other equine groups in the state. She is a
 horse shows throughout the area. She         graduate of VPI and previously owned a
 serves on the board of directors of Eques-   website development company
 trian Events, Inc., which organizes the      specializing in equine websites.
 Kentucky Rolex Three-Day Event, as
 well as the FEI World Equestrian Games

GLUCK   EQUINE    RESEARCH     FOUNDATION                                        PAGE      9
               New Board Members
New Gluck FoundationGluck Foundation Board Members

  New board members include Bruce Addington, Jane Beshear, Ginny Grulke, Dan
Rosenberg, David Switzer and Butch Wise. Profiles on each of the new board members
continues below.
Dan Rosenberg                                    the Kentucky Thoroughbred industry. David
   Dan Rosenberg was General Manager of          has previously served on the UK Gluck
Three Chimneys Farm from 1978 to 2001 and        Equine Research Foundation board as well as
President and Chief Operating Officer of         the Kentucky Agriculture Research and De-
Three Chimneys Farm from 2001 to 2007. He        velopment Authority, United Way of the
currently has a Thoroughbred consulting busi-    Bluegrass, Lexington Arts and Cultural Coun-
ness. Dan is past president of the Kentucky      cil, National Thoroughbred Racing Associa-
Thoroughbred Farm Managers Club and for-         tion‘s Industry Council, American Horse
mer director of the Thoroughbred Club of         Council Racing Advisory Committee, Thor-
America. He is also past Vice President and      oughbred Club of America and Kentucky
has served on the Board of Directors for the     Horse Council.
Kentucky Equine Institute. Dan was Kentucky
Farm Managers‘ 1992 Farm Manager of the          Butch Wise
Year. He has been involved with numerous ad-        Wise is a bloodstock agent, stallion farm
visory boards and nonprofit organizations.       management consultant and manager of Lazy
Recently he has served as Director of Industry   E Ranch in Guthrie, Okla. He also owns
Relations for the Gluck Equine Research          Wise Sales Company and Stones Chase Sta-
Foundation and has been influential in acquir-   bles. Butch is an American Quarter Horse
ing funds for new facilities at the UK Maine     Association (AQHA) life member and an
Chance Farm.                                     AQHA director for Oklahoma. He currently
                                                 serves on the Stud Book Registration Com-
 David Switzer                                   mittee of AQHA and previously served on
   David is the Executive Director of the Ken-   AQHA‘s Racing Council and as president of
 tucky Thoroughbred Association and the          the AQHA Racing and Graded Stakes Com-
 Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breed-         mittee. He is past president of the Oklahoma
 ers Association. He is a 1968 graduate of UK    Quarter Horse Racing Association and serves
 with a bachelor‘s degree in Animal Science.     on the organization‘s board of directors. He
 He has been associated with the Thor-           also serves as a member of the advisory
 oughbred industry since 1958, working in        board of Tarelton University‘s equine educa-
 both the breeding and racing areas. From        tion program. In 2004, Butch was named the
 1979 to 1992, he owned an equine insurance      Oklahoma State University Animal Science
 and bloodstock agency. His duties as Execu-     Graduate of Distinction. Butch lives in El
 tive Director include lobbying and promoting    Reno, Okla.

GLUCK    EQUINE    RESEARCH      FOUNDATION                                        PAGE   10
                              New Gluck Equine Research Center Logo

    The New Gluck Equine Research Center logo was
                                                      The University of Kentucky Gluck Equine
    created by the University of Kentucky’s
                                                      Research Foundation logo will still be used. The
    Agriculture Communications Department to help
                                                      logo will appear on letterhead, mailings and other
    with promotions and branding of the Gluck
                                                      printed material.
    Center. The goal of the new logo it to create a
    recognizable image throughout the equine

                         Gluck Equine Foundation Upcoming Events

                             Upcoming Educational Opportunities
                          Central Kentucky Equine Practitioners meeting
                            Fasig-Tipton Company, Inc., Lexington, KY
                                         June 22-23, 2009

                                      2009 Equine Field Day
                       University of Kentucky Maine Chance Equine Campus
                                           June 27, 2009

                                  Stud Managers’ Short Course
                       University of Kentucky Maine Chance Equine Campus
                                           January 2010

                    10th International Symposium on Equine Reproduction
                                         Lexington, KY
                                        July 25-30, 2010

GLUCK   EQUINE      RESEARCH          FOUNDATION                                                PAGE       11
                                UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY
                           GLUCK EQUINE RESEARCH FOUNDATION
     The Gluck Equine Research Center encompasses faculty members that conduct equine research full time in the areas of
  infectious disease and immunology, genetics and genomics, musculoskeletal science, parasitology, pharmacology/
  toxicology, pathology and reproduction.
     Gifts to the Gluck Equine Research Center are used to support research, build facilities, purchase equipment, provide
  scholarships for graduate students, create educational material and provide continuing education programs for Veterinarians
  and Horsemen.

  Enclosed is my/our gift of $_________________                      My contribution is in the memory of:
  (Payable to UKGERF)
                                                                    Please charge this gift in the amount of $_______ to my:
  Spouse‘s/Partner‘s Full Name _______________________                   Visa      MasterCard         American Express

  Address_________________________________________                        _________________________________________
                                                                          Print Name
  State_________________________ ZIP_______________                       Card Number               Exp. Date (mm/yy)

  Phone (_____) ___________________________________
  E-Mail__________________________________________                        Signature

                                           Please return this form with your gift to:
  Gluck Equine Research Foundation, 108 Gluck Equine Research Center, Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0099

Gluck Equine Research Foundation
108 Gluck Equine Research Center
Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0099

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