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   Founding Director Gregg Lambert, Dean’s Professor of the Humanities, Mellon CNY Humanities Corridor Principal Investigator

                                               HUMANITIES CENTER

Facts & Figures
•   Founded in June 2008 after 5-year planning study by the College A&S
    Humanities Council
•   Anchor Programs: Syracuse Symposium, Mellon CNY Humanities
    Corridor, HC Interdisciplinary Research & Fellowship Programs,
    Jeanette K. Watson Visiting Collaborator Program (2010-)
•   Over 52 major conferences, symposia, lectures, performances, and
    exhibits since its inception.
•   2009 total budget of $650,000 for all programs & activities.
                                                 HUMANITIES CENTER

The Mission of the SU Humanities Center...
•To temporarily shelter disciplinary research in a time of institutional
•To provide a location for new forms of inquiry and new research
topics that cannot be readily accommodated in existing disciplinary
frameworks or curricula (always keeping the need for new models of
assessment in mind);
•To actively construct a nexus of connectivity between the local
university culture, the surrounding community, and local cultural
institutions, bridging the divide between creation and analysis in the arts
and humanities.
• To visibly network the physical location of the Humanities Center to
regional, national, and international sites realizing the continued
importance of conferences and colloquia, even in new digital formats.
                                                       HUMANITIES CENTER
Three Models of Research:

Considering humanistic inquiry as having three models that are not
   mutually exclusive and maintain a flexible approach conditioned by
   initiative and by user:

 Disciplinary research—sometimes viewed as pure, disciplinary, homogeneous,
  expert-led, hierarchical, peer-reviewed, and almost exclusively university-based
  (i.e., the trickle down theory of use).
 Transdisciplinary research vs. static inter-disciplinarity, transforms disciplinary
  frameworks and assumptions in the process of knowledge production (e.g.
  Perpetual Peace, TdMS)
 Publically engaged research (“scholarship in action”) integrates knowledge
  production with community needs in order to create the capacity to solve
  increasingly complex human problems; introduces user as an active participant
  in the creation of new research agendas (e.g. Mellon IA Forum on Public
                                              HUMANITIES CENTER

E.S. Bird Library: Collaborations
Participating Faculty: Sean Quimby (HC-FAB, Mellon PI)

Sponsored Programs:
 Howard Bond Exhibit (Symposium 2009)
 Alan Wallach Lecture (Symposium 2009)
 Belfer Sound Collection Analysis (Mellon 2009)
 Symposium on Copyright Issues (Mellon 2010)

Total 2009-2010 sponsorships: $34,000

Grants Submitted: NEH/IMLS Digital Humanities Start-up Grants
  Program, SU Humanities Center: Digitizing Humanistic Practices,
  Transforming Culture (Lambert and Quimby, PI‘s)—not awarded.
                                              HUMANITIES CENTER

School of Architecture: Collaborations

Participating Faculty: Jon Yoder (Mellon PI), Mark Linder, Brian
  Lonsway, Jonathan Massey (TdMS)

Sponsored Programs:
 Into the Open: Positioning Practice (Mellon 2009)
 Trans-Disciplinary Media Studio (Chancellors Award)
 Plastic Modernities (TdMS/HC Symposium)
 ―HUM 500: Plastic Theory‖ (Lambert)

2009 sponsorships: $12,000
2009 income: $8,000
                                                HUMANITIES CENTER
College of Visual & Performing Arts: Collaborations

Participating Faculty: Kendall Phillips (Mellon PI), Owen Shapiro, Laura
  Heyman (HC-FAB), Bradford Vivian (HC-FAB), Andrew Waggoner (Mellon
  PI), Anne Demo (Mellon PI)

Sponsored programs:
 Key-words in Visual Culture (Mellon 2009)
 Ensembles in Residency: Sequitur, Lark Quartet, Brave New Works (Mellon
 Symposium on Music and Sound (Mellon 2009)
 Lectures: W.J.T. Mitchell, Richard Dyer, Deborah Wills, Carrie Mae Weems
  (Symposium 2009)
 Visible Memory conference (Mellon 2008)
 HC Dissertation/Project Fellowship
 HC Internal Faculty Fellow

2008-AY2010 sponsorships: $186,000
                                         HUMANITIES CENTER

S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications:

Participating Faculty:
Tula Goenka (HRFF/Symposium)
Richard Breyer (HC-FAB)

Sponsored programs:
 Human Rights Film Festival (Symposium 2009)

2009-2010 Sponsorships: $16,000
                                          HUMANITIES CENTER

School of Education: Collaborations

Participating Faculty:
Sari Biklin (HC-FAB)
Emily Robertson (Mellon PI)

Sponsored programs:
 Symposium on Philosophy of Education (Mellon 2009)
 Lynn Manning : ―Weights‖ (Symposium 2009)
 NEH: ‗Enduring Questions‘ proposal 2009 : What Does It Mean
  to Be an Educated Person?‖ Multi-Perspectivism on 21st Century
  American Life:

2008-AY2010 sponsorships: $23,000
                                             HUMANITIES CENTER
School of Law: Collaborations

Participating Faculty: William Banks (INSCT, Perpetual Peace,
  Mellon PI), Tucker Culbertson, Evan Criddle

Sponsored programs:
 The Role of Islam in International Humanitarian Law (Mellon 2009)
 The Spring 2010 Angela Cooney Colloquium on Law and the
  Humanities: ―What is Post-humanism” Cary Wolfe, Rice
  University Law Symposium & Mini-Seminar (HC co-sponsor)

2009-2010 sponsorships: $30,000
                                              HUMANITIES CENTER

Other SU Collaborations: Maxwell, English, History

Maxwell School of Citizenship:
 Participating Faculty: Richard Rubenstein (HC-FAB), Elizabeth
  Cohen (HC Internal Faculty Fellow)
 Sponsored programs: Internal Faculty Fellow S2010: Elizabeth
  Cohen, Book Project: Citizenship, Naturalization and Jus Soli in
  Calvin’s Case

English Department:
 Regional CNY Victorian Reading Group breakfast
 Raymond Carver Lecture Series: Edwidge Danticat
 Carol Fadda-Conrey, Mohja Kahf, September 17

History Department:
 Paul Hagenloh, Associate Professor, travel Stanford workshop
                                            HUMANITIES CENTER

S.U. Art Gallery & Light Work Gallery: Collaborations

Participating Faculty: H. Frieser (HC-FAB), David Prince (SUART
  Associate Director, David Tatham (Emeritus Professor)

Sponsored programs:

 Winslow Homer‘s Empire State: Houghton Farm and Beyond
  (Symposium 2009)
 Mellon Symposium on Winslow Homer (Mellon 2009)
 Barry Anderson: Exhibit & Lecture (Symposium 2009)
 A Conversation: Posing Beauty (Symposium 2009)
 Lecture: Alan Wallach (Symposium 2009)

2009-2010 sponsorships: $25,000
                                           HUMANITIES CENTER

Office of Provost/Academic Affairs: Collaborations

Participating Faculty: Carol Brzozowski (SU Arts Presenter),
Esther Gray (University Lectures)

Sponsored programs:
 Shen Wei Dance Co. (Symposium 2009)
 University Lectures (Symposium 2009-2010)
   o Ira Glass
   o Marian Wright Edelman
   o Khaled Hosseini (mini-seminar)
   o Firoozeh Dumas (mini-seminar)

Total 2009-2010 sponsorships: $20,000
                                       HUMANITIES CENTER

SUNY Upstate Medical Humanities: Collaboration

Participating Faculty: Amy Campbell (Mellon PI)

Sponsored programs:

 Conference on Disability (Mellon 2009)

2009 sponsorships: $27,000
                                     HUMANITIES CENTER

       Cumulative 2008-2009 Sponsorships

Total HC contribution to programs and activities in
  other divisions of SU:

 2009 Symposium sponsorships: $77,000
 2008-2009 Mellon sponsorships: $271,000
 Other HC and College A&S sponsorships: $ 17,000

             Total Contributions: $365,000
                                              HUMANITIES CENTER

Other External Initiatives:

 Imagining America National Conference, New Orleans, Oct. 2009
 Auburn University Moving Beyond the Rhetoric of Crisis in the
Humanities, Invited Presentation, Jan 2010
 Humanities Directors Consortium, convening at SU Humanities
Center, (Northeastern, University of Florida, Auburn) April 2010
 Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU), Seoul Korea, Distinguished
Scholar Intensive Class Series, January 9 – 23, 2010
                                                       HUMANITIES CENTER

2010 Research Initiatives
Sponsored programs:
   HC S2010 Mini-Seminars: Gabriele Schwab, Gerhard Richter, Cary Wolfe…
   Ingebord Bachmann: Writing Against War (Symposium 2010)
   African Literature 50 Years After (HC Conference)
   Music, Peace and Reconciliation (Ray Smith-Mellon-Symposium)
   Point of Contact Exhibition (HC Co-sponsor)
   University Lectures (2010 Symposium)
   KJ Rawson, Queer Memory, seminar, March 2010
   John Singleton, Religion in Scholarship, April 2010

Total 2010 Symposium sponsorships: $62,000
Total s2010 Mellon sponsorships: $46,000
Est F2010 Mellon sponsorships: $40,000
Other HC sponsorships: $9,000
Watson Visiting Collaborator-Mellon Program: $50,000

Total Estimate for SU Programming: $207,000
                                    HUMANITIES CENTER

      Other 2010 Research Initiatives

          Perpetual Peace Project

Partner Institutions: United Nations University,
   International Peace Institute, European Union
 Institute of Culture, Slought Foundation, Austrian
                                                HUMANITIES CENTER
Humanities Center Research Fellow Programs

HC Dissertation/Thesis Fellowship
 College A&S Model: University Fellowship or equivalent awarded
  to student in participating division (stipend, benefits, credit hours)
 One-year residency plus funds for research provided by HC
  restricted account for activity or conference

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