iPad 3 rumors versus iPad 2 Sales

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iPad 3 rumors versus iPad 2 Sales

The iPad 3 Buzz that Never Ends

        We all know that the iPad has triggered quite a stir in the lives of Apple fanatics. As one of the
greatest innovations of the decade, it created a buzz which nobody, especially an electrodork and tech-
savvy alike, can refute. As the very first electronic product to ignite the fierce war of the tablet market,
people find it hard to suppress the uproar about what's going to be the new and latest technological trends.
Will Apple still emerge triumphant in the battle for bringing out the next 'big-thing ?'

         The iPad 2 was released March 1, 2011. It is now five months old. We have been talking about
technological developments being too swift, but how about this fact standing in the way of Apple's
allegedly upward sales of iPad 2: Last we heard, the gossip about iPad 3 has taken a great punch on iPad
2 sales. I just don't know if Steve Jobs is happy to hear that sort of news .

        An article by Maddy Rowe on onlinesocialmedia.net boldly describes and predicts what the iPad
3 will look like and how new functionalities would fare once it has been unveiled. But these valiant
assertions have prompted many surprising and unforeseen effects: People wanted to wait for the release of
iPad 3 rather than spend hundreds of money now on an iPad 2.

        Okay, I know it's merely a rumor. It isn't unfeasible for Apple to be releasing a brand new
product, but isn't this quite popmpous for people to generate so many waves about iPad 3 when Apple
hasn't even made an official announcement about it yet? Not to mention, Apple thought that providing
temptation to people would lead to astounding iPad sales. Now it is wrecked. Word-of-mouth isn't always
the best promotional technique. Sometimes, it can go out of control. Out of Apple's benefit.

         Let's face it: who would dare fritter away a hundred dollars for an iPad 2 when iPad 3 is soon to
arrive? And with more sophisticated features like a higher-resolution camera plus a retina display. For all
we know, Apple will maintain its usual product launch schedule (which is one year after the latest product
release), but will it break that record just for the sake of being competitive ?

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