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									Red Fox Flier
                                                                No. 87
                                                        November/December 2008
 Mountain Empire Community College’s student publication

                      Let’s Get Physical!
    The College’s new Fitness Center on the first
floor of Godwin Hall has 15 pieces of Body Masters
weight-lifting equipment and 6 TRUE cardio pieces,

                                                         The Fitness Center is available to students and
                                                      employees. To use the equipment, everyone must

which includes two treadmills, two ellipticals, and                                    Continued on Page 2
two bicycles.
                                                                   The Inside Scoop
                                                      Fitness Cont., Paramedics, Important Dates   Page 2
                                                      Evolving Healthcare Design                   Page 3
                                                      Ink It!, BCM/Hearts of Faith                 Page 4
                                                      Slemp Gallery                                Page 5
                                                      Veterans Visit MECC                          Page 6
                                                      Lindsey Wilson College                       Page 7
                                                      Have You Thought About Welding?              Page 8
                                                      Student Spotlight, Faculty Spotlight         Page 9
                                                      MECC Bookstore                               Page 10
                                                      Rockin’ Back To School                       Page 11
                                                      Transfer Day 2009, Planning to Transfer?     Page 12
                                                      AmeriCorps                                   Page 13
                                                      AmeriCorps continued                         Page 14
                                                      Fox Chow                                     Page 15
                                                      Around Campus                                Page 16
Appreciating Diversity • Seeking Unity
Continued from Page 1                                  take a class or attend an orientation session on the
                                                       proper use of the equipment.
                                                           Funds to equip the Fitness Center were provided
                                                       through the MECC Foundation’s Annual Fund Drive
                                                       with contributions by employees, the Charles L. Dan-
                                                       iels Communicy Development Fund, and matching
                                                       funds by the MECC Bookstore.
                                                           For more information about the Fitness Center,
                                                       contact Carolyn Sumpter at ext. 319 or csumpter@

                                                            No Classes
                                                          November 26-28
                                                        Thanksgiving Holiday

                                                                 Exams are
                                                               December 15-18
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                                                       Dr. Sharon Fisher                  Lana Kennedy

                                                       Student Writers for November/December Issue
                                                       Brea Gibson               Brad Hall
                                                       Kristy Harmon             Megan Herron
                                                       Laken Garrett             Jamaal Phillips
                                                       Britanee Stacy            Jennifer Williams

                                                       Beth Boggs                   Crystal Cole
                                                       Jim Collie                   Penny Dockery
                                                       Kim Dorton                   Dr. Sharon Fisher
MECC paramedic faculty and students manned             Sue Graham                   Carolyn Helms
a first aid station for the Special Olympics Big       Lana Kennedy                 Roger Thompson
      Blow-Out event held at Bullitt Park.             Neka Wilson
       Evolving Healthcare Design
           By Jennifer Williams                                to make their space
      MECC Respiratory Therapy Student                         more home-like and
                                                               personalized. Facili-
     Patient room design is an important healthcare            ties are skillfully in-
issue, even though it is sometimes over looked or              corporating soothing
placed on the back burner. A well designed patient             elements like natural light, color, sound and texture
room has been found to serve as an effective com-              to create a calm atmosphere for patients and their
ponent in the healing process, especially when it              families.
provides accommodations for visiting families.                     Providing a healthcare environment that includes
     Most of us have been inside a hospital room,              families in the healing process can lessen the stress
whether as a patient, visitor, or overnight guest.             of illness, speed up recovery time, and enhance the
Generally, the room includes a bed, nightstand,                overall level of satisfaction for patients. The positive
chair, and privacy curtain. Although the typical               impact that loved ones can have on patients is causing
patient room provides a place for people to receive            hospitals to offer more amenities to accommodate
medical care, it often fails to provide a relaxing and         families. A prime example is the transformation of
pleasant setting for healing to take place. Therefore,         waiting rooms. The design inclinations for these
it is essential for the healthcare industry to make a          spaces have shifted from bench seating or a row of
conscious effort to foster an environment that is both         chairs against the wall, to a variety of different styles
technically functional and psychologically comfort-            of chairs or loungers. It is not at all unusual to see a
ing for patients.                                              coffee pot, microwave, recliner, or computer work-
     Consequently, patient room design is evolv-               space in a waiting room. Healthcare design is also
ing. A sense of personal privacy and individuality             changing to give family members access to spaces
is being stressed in patient care. Our parents and             away from patients. These separate areas may include
grandparents tell us of open multi-bed wards, which            docking stations for computers, video games, work
are now replaced by private or semi-private rooms.             areas, and some sleep areas.
It is widely accepted that symptom perception can                  A number of changes in demographics, economy
be improved by positive distraction. Positive mental           and other factors in our society have affected the
states can be generated by the use of color and access         development of families’ participation in patient
to natural light. Some healthcare facilities have taken        care. The population of our nation is becoming more
positive distractions beyond a few framed prints by            diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual. As the
installing serene art galleries. Gone are the days of          nation’s population continues to diversify, hospitals
starchy white attire gracing the hallways of a hospital.       are also making accommodations for cultural and
You will now often see employees in bright colorful            religious differences. They are going beyond the
scrubs and brilliant colors on the floors and walls.           traditional chapel and installing prayer rooms, creat-
You may even awaken from surgery to hear gentle                ing alcoves for Islamic families, meditation rooms
music playing in the background or lullabies playing           and prayer closets.
in the nursery. Some hospitals may bring in musi-                  Just as the healthcare facility continues to
cians, comedians and other types of performers.                evolve to meet the needs of the patient, so does the
     Impersonalization and coldness in clinical de-            healthcare design. Healthcare designers are working
sign may foster fear and intimidation in patients.             alongside product designers and manufacturers to
Healthcare design is also trending toward a more               further refine the hospital setting. A practical hospital
humanistic, holistic approach to healing. Efforts are          room design conveys to all involved, that the facility
being taken to move away from a purely functional              has a progressive and responsive attitude towards
perspective to provide a space that is both thera-             patients’ needs.
peutic and calming. Patients are being encouraged
   By Laken Garrett                                                                    Ink It!
   Time is battered                                             My mind turns counter clockwise
   I feel no change                                             I just don’t feel the same
   My mind is shattered                                         I know it shows within my eyes
   Confused, Deranged                                           A face within my name

   I lay my soul                                                My words twist into another
   On the checkered lot                                         My thoughts form no shape
   I tried to let it go                                         This is when I run for cover
   I tried to make it stop                                      I feel it’s time for escape

   One imprint is fine                                          A whirlwind of words engulf us
   Two will break my heart                                      Turning and burning down towers
   I tried to walk the line                                     Taking what’s left of the best of us
   I wasn’t sure where to start                                 Although, they aren’t ours

   One word from you is enough                                  A futile mind is shallow
   I cannot process my thoughts                                 So lies the key to hell
   Perhaps, it is too much                                      So turns a mind so hallowed
   Alone, I am distraught                                       Locked within itself.

                     BCM & Hearts of Faith News
     The orderlies roll the gurney down the hospital         studying and praying
hall past the nurse’s station. Suddenly the patient          and planning.
sits up and smiles and says, “Would you sing me a                 Our study topic this
song?” Is this ER? Is this SCRUBS? Is this General           semester is communi-
Hospital? It’s BCM/Hearts of Faith visiting the Vet-         cations and our study
erans Hospital! We had a wonderful time on Friday,           guide is The Five Love
October 18, as five students and three MECC staff            Languages for Singles
members took gifts, smiles, and songs to some folks          by Christian psycholo-
who are fast becoming our friends.                           gist Dr. Gary Chapman.
     And we’re going again in December. Put Friday,          Join us to discover your
December 19, on your calendar for what could be the          “love language” and
best Christmas Party of the season. You are invited          to learn how better to
to join BCM/Hearts of Faith for sharing, caring, sing-       communicate in each of these important ways. The
ing, eating, and…dancing as we say “Thank You” to            study guides are free. Everyone is welcome.
our hospitalized veterans at the Christmas season.                Remember, we meet every Thursday so we are
     Each Thursday during Activity Hour (12:15 –             available when you are.
1:00) you’ll find us in Godwin 228 encouraging,                   Submitted by Jim Collie.

                                                                   Slemp Gallery
                                                                   Nov. 4 - Dec. 19
                                                             Come by the Slemp Gallery in the Wampler Li-
                                                         brary to view the works of Linda Weatherly.
                                                             “A diagnosis of breast cancer changes your life;
                                                         how you feel, act, relate, and yes, even how you cre-
                                                         ate art. You question everything. My title “Exposure”
                                                         reflects how my body and psyche felt as well as the
                                                         emotional struggle of coming to terms with feeling
                                                         less-than-whole as a single-breasted woman. Defini-
                                                         tions of expose are: to lay open, to view, not shielded
                                                         or protected. Yes, I felt physically bare, singled out
                                                         and unprotected. I also identified with other nuances
                                                         of expose: to unmask, to bring to light as something
                                                         shameful. Yes, I felt a terrible sense of shame and vul-
nerability. What bad thing had I done to cause this cancer? And yes, there was unmasked OUTRAGE. The
fact that society wants me to pretend that I’m still “whole” by wearing a prosthesis or getting reconstruction
surgery! What is wrong with the way I am? Despite the chaotic impact, I found this singular stage in my life
to be a catalyst for new images and insights. My creative response galvanized the healing process which
has left me stronger, more together and self-actualized
                                            than ever. I am
                                            very thankful
                                            to the Spirit
                                            within me that
                                            has sustained
                                            me in times of
                                            pain and fear,
                                            and also for
                                            the collective
                                            prayers of my
                                            friends     and
                                            family which
                                            have amazed
                                            me and been
                                            real      suste-

                                Veterans Visit MECC
    The dictionary defines a veteran as someone                still alive. His book, Out of the Depths, gives full
who has served in the military, especially one who             details of the sinking as well as the Navy cover-up
has fought in a war. The word veteran comes from,              that led to the court-martial and later exoneration of
among other places, the Latin word veteranus, mean-            the ship’s captain.
ing “old.” One of the definitions of old is “belonging              Among the audience were nine local veterans,
to the past.”                                                  including fellow survivor U.S. Navy S2 James W.
    The veterans attending the recent Living Legends           Smith Sr. from Johnson City, TN. Also attending
Series at MECC certainly don’t belong simply in the            was U.S. Marine Corporal Paul Bobrosky of Keo-
past. They are as much a part of today and the future          kee, U.S. Marine Sergeant Henry Ecker of Virginia,
as they were of the past. They are a living history            U.S. Navy Lieutenant John H. White of Kingsport,
lesson and an inspiration for everyone to truly ap-            Army T5 Pete Ramey of Big Stone Gap, Staff Ser-
preciate what you have today and to strive for the             geant Jerry Robbins of Big Stone Gap, U.S. Army
same or better for the future.                                 and U.S. Marine veteran Floyd Taylor of Big Stone
    Marine survivor Edgar Harrell gave the standing            Gap, U.S. Army 1st Lieutenant Harry Strouth of
room only audience a small glimpse into his crew’s             Clintwood, and U.S. Army D5 Douglas Sensabough
heart-wrenching struggle to survive the greatest               of Mt. Carmel, TN.
catastrophe at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy:                 Not only can these men tell you true stories that
the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. He told of the            are far more fascinating than any motion picture,
horrors of being lost at sea for four days with no rafts       but Corporal Bobrosky will follow up with a few
or supplies, and how after days of dealing with the            jokes that will leave you rolling. If you ever get the
sharks, dehydration, hunger, injuries, and exposure,           pleasure of talking with him, be sure to ask him about
only 317 of the 900 who made it into the water were            the Marine doing disco!

  (l to r) John H. White, Pete Ramey, Jerry Robbins, James W. Smith, Sr., Douglas Sensabough,
  Paul Bobrosky, Floyd Taylor, Henry Ecker, and Harry Strouth with Edgar Harrell (on stage).
                                                                    LINDSEY WILSON COLLEGE
                                                                School of Professional Counseling
                                                               Mountain Empire Community College
                                                                 Since 2002, Lindsey Wilson College’s School of Professional Counseling has
                                                               partnered with area community and technical colleges to bring expanded high-
                                                                   er-education offerings to this region’s citizens. Lindsey Wilson’s nationally
                                                                  accredited undergraduate and graduate programs in human services and
                                                                counseling allow area residents to enter the growing mental-health profession
                                                                            – which will enhance their communities’ quality of life.
     The programs were introduced to help address a critical shortage of
                mental-health professionals in Appalachia.
           You can earn a degree in
       Lindsey Wilson College offers a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services
       and Counseling and a Master of Education in Counseling and Human
            Development at Mountain Empire Community College
              Students in the bachelor’s program must have earned at least
           60 credit hours to be accepted; 20 hours of additional credits can be
                                 completed while enrolled.

  The master of education is a 2-year program with 60 credit hours to complete.
 Must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. No GRE is required.
             Obtain your licensure upon completion of the program.

                             Convenient Schedule and Support
 All School of Professional Counseling courses are offered on Friday evening and Saturday in a co-
hort format to allow busy and ambitious working adults to balance the demands of work and family.
                     Classes are taught on-site by Lindsey Wilson College faculty
           with a coordinator available full-time at Mountain Empire Community College.

Lindsey Wilson’s human services program is considered by                       For more information contact
mental-health professionals to be among the best in the                        Beth Boggs, Graduate Student
nation. It is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of                Mountain Empire Community College
Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP) –                         3441 Mountain Empire Road
                                                                                 Big Stone Gap, Va. 24219
the accrediting arm of the American Counseling                                     Office: (276) 523-2400
                                                                                    CTO by SCHEV

              Have You Thought About Welding?
    Over 600 new jobs in the welding, carpentry, pipefitting, and electrical construction trades are coming
to southwest Virginia at Virginia Dominion Power’s $1.8 bllion coal-fired power plant being constructed
by The Shaw Group. Shaw has teamed up with MECC to help provide this trained workforce.
    MECC’s Welding program has added afternoon sections to the welding schedule. The Welding pro-
gram has also received a grant to expand the pipefitting/welding section of our program. New welding
machines and pipe preparation tools will be available for Spring Semester.
    Enroll in classes soon.

                                                               Paul Gilley, Welding Instructor

                                                         Several MECC Faculty, Administrators and
                                                        Students visited with Shaw Representatives at
                                                                      the new plant site.

                                  Student Spotlight
    MECC Paralegal graduates Tom Baty, Jennifer Vaughn, and Karen Ferguson recently passed the Certi-
fied Paralegal examination.


          Tom Baty                          Jennifer Vaughn                        Karen Ferguson

                                   Faculty Spotlight
    MECC faculty Wendell Fowler, Jerry Ramey, Paul Gilley, and Roger Greene have recently received
training and certification through the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NC-
CER). NCCER is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3) education foundation created in 1996 to develop standardized
construction, maintenance, and pipeline curricula with portable credentials and help address the critical
skilled workforce shortage. NCCER’s training process of accreditation, instructor certification, standard-
ized curriculum, national registry, assessment, and certification is a key component in the industry’s work-
force development efforts. NCCER also drives multiple initiatives to enhance career development and
recruitment efforts for the industry. MECC Faculty, as well as Student Services Vice President Richard
Phillips and Industrial Technology and Health Sciences Interim Dean Robert England are all scheduled to
receive the same training soon.

                                                                                      (l to r) Wendell
                                                                                   Fowler, Jerry Ramey,
                                                                                   Paul Gilley, and Roger
Rockin’ Back To School

                                 Transfer Day 2009
    MECC will be hosting its annual Transfer Day on Monday, February 2, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. until
1:00 p.m. in the Student Center in Holton Hall.
    Approximately 25 colleges and universities from around the state and region will attend, including
Carson-Newman, ETSU, Emory & Henry, Milligan, ODU Teletechnet, Radford, University of Virginia’s
College at Wise, Virginia Intermont and Virginia Tech. Admissions representatives will hand out literature
and applications and answer questions concerning admissions requirements, majors available, scholarships
and financial aid opportunities, and relevant deadline dates.
    A complete list of participating schools will be available in January and the list will be posted on col-
lege bulletin boards. For more information in the meantime, please see Carolyn Helms in Student Services
in Holton Hall.

Planning to Transfer? Check out the Guaranteed
             Admissions Agreement
    MECC and the Virginia Community College System have developed numerous guaranteed admissions
agreements with four-year colleges and universities. The purpose of these agreements is to make it easier
for students to transfer to such colleges as Old Dominion University, Radford, UVA’s College at Wise, and
Virginia Tech’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The Guaranteed Admissions Program agreement
between MECC and the University of Virginia’s College at Wise is just one example. This agreement
provides the following benefits to MECC students:

   •   Students will be admitted to UVA’s College at Wise with junior standing.

   •   Students will be deemed to have met lower division general education requirements at
       UVA’s College at Wise, except for 6 hours in foreign language, unless satisfied at MECC.
       (Students planning to pursue teacher licensure in Elementary Education PreK-6 or Special
       Education K-12 will be required to complete additional general education courses required for
       the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts and Sciences.)

   •   Students will not be required to submit high school transcripts or SAT/ACT scores.

   •   The application fee for admission to UVA’s College at Wise will be waived.

   Typically, students must graduate from MECC with an associate’s degree in Arts & Sciences in order to
qualify for guaranteed admissions. There may also be a minimum grade point average requirement. For
more information, go to MECC’s transfer page at You
may also check with your advisor or Carolyn Helms, transfer counselor, in the Student Services depart-
ment in Holton Hall.
                     MECC AmeriCorps                                                             or
                                                                                                             ome Cr
                                                                                                    ps at H as great
                                                                                         AmeriC            It w
 By Kristy Harmon, Jamaal Phillips, Brittanee                          Serv  ing with ly rewarding.           ng in o
                                                                             as  extreme p the very you ry proj-
  Stacy, Brad Hall, Megan Herron, and Brea                         Days w          to sign
                                                                                                      tion Lib
                    Gibson                                         to b  e able             eI magina ldren I helped
                                                                                  y with th            chi                -
         MECC AmeriCorps Members                                    co mmunit owing that the e books is fan
                                                                               st  kn             ing  fre           lw ay
                                                                    ect. Ju              e receiv            onderfu
                                                                               ll will b hat this is a w racy skills.
    MECC AmeriCorps is recruiting for members                        to enro elieve t
                                                                                Ib                     and lite ember of
to serve as literacy tutors for children in grades                    tastic!                reading
                                                                                       early             e as a m           o
Kindergarten to 3rd grade. If you want to serve in                     to  promote honor to serv king forward t
                                                                                   h an              m   loo
MECC AmeriCorps, complete and submit your ap-                           It is suc eriCorps. I a
                                                                                   Am                                    bson
plication as soon as possible. For more information                      MECC jects.                            Brea Gi
call 523-2400 ext. 365.                                                  future p
    Volunteers from MECC AmeriCorps helped
promote Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library project
during the Fall Fling in Wise and Home Craft Days
on our campus. Here are some of their thoughts
about that and about AmeriCorps:

                                              n MEC
                                had  so far i clean-
                      es I’ve               ping
    Th e ex perienc en great. Hel               at Duff-
          orps   have be e playgrounds elping
AmeriC aighten-up th                    ly good
up an  d str              me f eel real
                y made               ing.                g-
 ield Primar r for kids play                    the Ima
            it s afe             g up  kids for       art in
  to make is great signin I have had a p                   g.
       It also              owing                satisfyin         Ashley Cvetnich, proud dad enrolling his child
             Libr  ary. Kn ding books is             ent site
   ination            and rea into my placem                          in Imagination Library, and Jill Varner.
    kids rec             ed to ge
               lly excit                              Phillips
    I am rea utoring.                        Jamaal
              rt t
     and sta

                                                                                                               been a
                                                                                                   or ps has           I
                                                                                         AmeriC it so much and
                                                                             nvo lved in        njo y                out
                                                                    Being i ce. I already e long. Helping e!
                                                                          perien           ber for               esom
                                                                 great ex en been a mem ry has been aw sign
                                                                                    tion Lib
                                                                                             ra                le to
                                                                                                       et peop ary. I
                                                                            Imagina side when I g           n Libr
                                                                  with the y good in              aginatio ildren get-
                                                                           all                 Im
                                                                  I feel re children in the art in the ch
                                                                           ir                   p
                                                                   up the ng that I had a
                                                                             wi                                     e Stacy
                                                                   like kno ooks.                          Brittane
                                                                    ting fre
 Jamaal Phillips serving at Home Craft Days.                                                     Continued on Page 14
Continued from Page 13
                          meri   Corps        ols,
                   year A             ry scho
             econd           l ementa        gram
     As a s of our local e           our pro
         at  one        lie ve that       lives. I
serving honored. I be            hildren’s uggles
          ly             ese c
 I am tru ifference in th with their str
            d             n                    ve in
  makes a elp the childre e them to belie tle
             h             ag                   lit
  not only racy, I encour e children get
           lite              th                  It is
   toward s. Sometimes, ide of school.
            ve                ts                  e do
    themsel ouragement ou to know that w
             nc                n                  er. I
     or no e for the childre rn and be bett
              nt               ea
     importa want them to l
      care an ork we do.                         armon
                 w                     Kristy H
      love the                                                 Sheldon Collins and Brittanee Stacy in their
                                                                        new AmeriCorps gear.
                                                                                                         ing wit
                                                                                            r i n work thing I
                                                                                   e so fa nt from any
                                                                My ex    perienc        differe             icipated
                                                                      orps h   as been . Today I part CC’s
                                                             AmeriC involved with                              E
                                                                                                    ject at M
                                                             have b  een               ibr ary pro t Fall Fling
                                                                              nation L            his a
                                                              in th e Imagi ays. We did t ng with other
                                                                         raft D              ing alo          ry child
                                                               Home C s well. Work                    get eve
                                                                           a                  est to               free
                                                               in Wise we did our b up to receive a til
                                                                          s,                   d                   un
                                                                member age of 5 signe nth of the year ow
                                                                         he                     o                  kn
                                                                under t ook, for each m ood feeling to
                                                                             b                   g                  d.
                                                                 monthly birthday. It’s a n begin to rea all
                                                                           th                   dre             Brad H
                                                                  their fif re helping chil
                                                                   that you
  Brittanee Stacy with AmeriCorps alum Mary
  Chandler and daughter Emily at Home Craft
                                                  e privi-
                                     ys, I had th ation
                           raft Da              agin
          ring   Home C n up for the Im or chil-
     Du                     re                    f
                  ng child               gram is them a
lege    of signi wonderful pro                  ds
                 his                    and sen             y.
 Lib  rary. T e age of five, eir 5th birthda
              der th               ntil th             - and
 dren un every month u gift of books
               k                    he                     an-
  free boo helping give t                ny kids
                                                 . I am e                Upcoming Project: National Family Volunteer
                                       a                   us
   I  enjoyed ing - to so m (Oct. 22) beca o                        Day – Saturday, Nov. 22nd --Be An Incredible Fam-
                read                  eek          ent site
    I hope, this coming w                  placem h trying
                                                                    ily Volunteer! There will be service projects set up
     ti cipating t tutoring at m y year wit                     s for Saturday, Nov 22nd at several area schools. De-
      I ge  t to star         rugg le ever         Am eriCorp       tails will be announced. Check out this website:
                   ldren st               e as an              in
       m  any chi ead. As I serv itive difference          
                   to r                  pos
        to learn pe to make a
         tutor, I
                   ho                                     Herron
                    ’s lives .                    Megan                            Be with us for this!
Fox Chow                            Chestnuts
                                                            presidency to John McCain and the senate to Mark
                                                            Warner. The majority did not vote straight party. Most
                                     Politics               voted for both a republican and a democrat.

                               BRRR. Is it just me or
                           did we go from summer
                           to winter? I haven’t even
   By The Red Fox          gotten my good winter fur
                           yet. I want summer back!!
    Of course, it is nice to curl up by a fire with a hot
cup of cocoa. The songs say to roast chestnuts, but
the closest I’ve come is popcorn. How do you even
roast chestnuts on an open fire? Do you spear them
and do it like a marshmallow? Do you put them in
a pan and hold them over the fire (hope that method
doesn’t take long)? I’ll have to do some research on
that one. If any of you know or have done it, let me             You have to give these politicians credit. They
know.                                                       have been the butt of many jokes, and have taken it
    Is everyone ready for the holidays? Are you             in stride (sometimes even coming back with a joke
planning to go to the Black Friday sales this year? I       or two of their own).
think I have figured out why the Monday after Black              Speaking of butts, there are ash cans all over
Friday is such a huge Internet sales day: people            campus. Most even have a bench next to them.
are layed up in bed with their laptop recovering            Please explain to me why some people can’t seem
from injuries received from the stampede on Black           to use these ash cans. I’ve witnessed time and again
Friday! Why do people do this? Most of the time the         people standing, sitting, or walking beside an ash
sales aren’t that great to begin with. In fact, many        can, and still throw their cigarettes on the ground.
times I’ve seen items on sale for a price higher than       It’s no wonder that a lot of businesses are banning
the original price (at least what the price was in          smoking in and around their property. Who wants
October).                                                   to have to clean up hundreds of cigarette butts. With
    I hope you got a chance to participate in the mock      all the dead leaves that have fallen, it also becomes
election held during the Back To School Barbecue            a major danger as well. Most everyone knows it
on September 17. The results were unveiled October          doesn’t take much to get a dead leaf to burn. Please
22 and were very interesting. The final tally gave the      be considerate and glad MECC doesn’t have the same
                                                            rules as ETSU. At ETSU you can only smoke in your
                                                            personal vehicle. I don’t know the exact footage of
                                                            their parking lots, but it looks to me like you would
                                                            be walking the proverbial mile every time you wanted
                                                            a cigarette. I’ve heard many say they are unsure of
                                                            how far 20 feet is (no smoking within 20 feet from
                                                            doorways). I have a simple solution to this dilemma.
                                                            Look for an ash can and stand beside it (and use it!).
                                                            All ash cans are at least 20 feet from doorways.
                                                                 Would you like to see your writing published?
                                                            Send us your articles, poetry, essays, etc. The dead-
                                                            line for the January issue is December 15.

               AROUND CAMPUS
  Application Deadlines Fall 08 Graduation
    January 15th is the deadline to apply for the            Students who are completing program require-
competitive admission programs of physical thera-        ments for graduation at the end of Fall 2008 semes-
py assistant, medical laboratory technology, radiog-     ter should apply for Fall Graduation. The applica-
raphy, and occupational therapy assistant.               tion period for Fall 2008 graduation is October 2
    Applications should be submitted to Wytheville       – November 10, 2008. Applications not received
Community College for Fall 2009 admission for            by the designated deadline may not be processing
physical therapy assistant and medical laboratory        until the following term.
technology. Applications for Summer 2009 ra-                 Fall Application for Graduation packets are
diography admission and Fall 2009 occupational           located in the racks beside the window in Enroll-
therapy admission should be submitted to South-          ment Services/Registrar (Godwin Hall, Room 161).
west Virginia Community College. All supporting          Packets will be available through the November 10,
documentation should be included. For more in-           2008 deadline.
formation or an advising appointment, contact Kim            Applications for Spring/Summer 2009 gradua-
Dorton at                           tion will not be available until February 2, 2009.

              ‘I’ Grades                                            MEGA News
    Students who received a grade of ‘I’ in any            MEGA (Mountain Empire Group for the Arts)
course during Spring or Summer 2008 semester           will be taking orders for Kimberlies Kandles, for a
must have their course work completed and sub-         delivery before Thanksgiving break.
mitted to their instructor by Friday, November 21,         The candles will be $8.00 each. These are 16 oz
2008.                                                  jar candles which are long burning, highly scented,
    Failure to comply with the November 21 dead-       lead free and burn time is approximately 80-100
line may result in the grade converting to a grade     hours. They are hand poured in Jonesborough, TN
of ‘F.’                                                by Kimberlie’s Kandles. Some of the more popular

                                                       fragrances available are: Pumpkin Pie Spice, Christ-
                                                       mas Splendor, Mulberry, Cin-
                                                       namon Stick, Hot Baked Apple
    Using double-sided copying, reusing single-        Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake,
sided paper, using electronic mail, and circulating    French Vanilla, Hot Apple
documents with routing slips, an organization can      Cider, Honeysuckle, Love
save a significant amount of energy and natural re-    Spell Type, Sugar Cookie, and
sources. One ton of waste paper saves enough en-       Black Cherry. Please watch
ergy to power an average home for 6 months not         for our signs and emails with
to mention the monetary savings from buying less       the exact fragrances.
paper.                                                     Place your order with any
    One ton of recycled paper uses: 64% less en-       of the following club members: Kaitlyn Shortt,
ergy, 50% less water, 74% less air pollution, saves    Ashley Hall, Carmen Davis, Stan Fleming, Travis
17 trees and creates 5 times more jobs than one ton    Deel, Candace Miller, Kayla Gibson, Megan Varner
of paper products from virgin wood pulp.               and Emily Rimer. You can also contact either Al-
    Purchase paper products containing post-con-       ice Harrington (ext. 247) or Misty Stratton for more
sumer recycled paper.                                  information.

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