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Jaylyn Ducati New Electro Star


New Dance Singer to hit the scene.

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									                     Jaylyn Ducati New Electro Star
Jaylyn Ducati is quickly turning into one of the most popular Pop/Dance acts in New York
City. Jaylyn Ducati is a 23 year old Singer, performer, and model who has been wowing
people across the board with her incredible voice. Jaylyn’s iconic voice over a unique blend
of Electro, dance, and Pop music, seems to be the new popular Sound.

                                          When it comes to adding visuals to her
                                          performance, Jaylyn Ducati knows what she’s
                                          doing, and is quite prolific about it. So far, Jaylyn
                                          has produced a slew of music videos that are
                                          being aired on MTV2, Fuse, YouTube, and on fan
                                          pages that her followers have created. Looking at
                                          the videos , it’s easy to see that Jaylyn and her
                                          Sirens know how to dance, strut their stuff. It’s
                                          also very easy to see that Jaylyn Ducati stays
                                          true to her New Yorker roots by combining the
                                          fast paced, pulse pounding beats with her
                                          uniquely beautiful voice. Visuals in the videos
                                          include a lot of the things that inspire Jaylyn
                                          while she performs – the glitz, the glamour, and
                                          the fun of the New York City club scene.

Jaylyn Ducati is a music prodigy whose Fans are always wondering what this spunky
brunette will do next. She has a great amount of Social media followers. Considering some
of the concerts that she’s already booked for the years of 2011 and 2012, it seems like
Ducati will be very busy performing for her fans. She has already played at 103.5 KTU’s
Beatstock 2011 to to Kick it off. You will all so be able to catch her at numerous
events/clubs around the U.S.A. including WMC.

But what’s in store for the future?

On Halloween night, she will be appearing live at
New York City’s own Halloween Parade with the
legendary DJ Skribble. Not in NY? You can catch
it live on any of the major networks nationwide!
Future concerts are going to be announced soon,
and fans can’t wait to find out where Ducati will be singing next. Right now, there are
rumors that Ducati is working with DJ Skrillex on a set of songs that will be sure to impress
everyone and anyone who hears them. Want to hear her upcoming single? Her latest single

Overdrive Productions @ 2011
is going to be released in 2012 by Robbins Ent, so hold tight. Considering the amount of
talent that is going into that album, you can bet that it will be worth the wait.

You can find her at!/JaylynDucati

Also find more at

                                          By :- Jim Carroll at Robbins Entertainment LLC

Overdrive Productions @ 2011

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