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					                                                                                           March/April 2009

                            CREW NETWORK PRESIDENT SMITH
                            PROCLAIMS 2009 YEAR OF THE MEMBER
                            By Denise Kahler, CREW Network Marketing and Communications Director
                            Edited by Tracy Ruff

                               While 2009 will no doubt be one of the toughest economic years many of us has
                            every experienced, know that CREW Network is putting all of its energy towards one
                            priority: your success. 2009 is the Year of the Member. Stay strong. Stay committed.
                                                       CREW Network is here for you.

                            During the recent Winter Meeting held in San Diego on January 30, 2009 CREW
  BOARD MEMBERS             Network President Jane Snoddy Smith asked CREW Network Delegates to take back
                            one message to their chapters: “There is never a cold call in CREW Network. “ And
                            with that simple message, Smith proclaimed 2009 the Year of the Member.
   Patricia Marais          With members facing one of the most difficult years in decades, CREW Network is
Commonwealth Architects     working harder than ever to provide chapters and members with the tools, programs
     President-Elect/       and services they need to be successful. President Smith’s goal is for every CREW
    National Delegate       Network member to be able to point to ways in which CREW Network, through its
Mary Katherine McGetrick    programs, services and training, was able to make a difference in their individual
     Williams Mullen        careers and lives.
                            Delegates were reminded about the many programs currently offered through CREW
    Melissa Canavos
    Old Republic Title      Network including Chapter Visits that are available to chapters free of charge every
                            third year. Also in support of its chapter success, CREW Network hosts monthly
        Treasurer           Board Hosted Best Practices Calls that address leadership development, membership,
     Andrea Harlow          programs, sponsorship and more.
     Williams Mullen
Immediate Past President/   CREW Network supports its members’ success through services such as the CREW
   National Delegate        Network Career Center, which provides members with access to positions with more
    Brett McNamee           than 4,700 of the industry’s premier real estate employers. Additionally, the Career
   Divaris Real Estate      Center allows members to manage job searches, post resumes and more.
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   RoseMarie Bundy
   Evolve Architecture
       Karen Frye
       Fulton Bank
        Tracy Ruff
      Timmons Group                                         ** Notice **
     Jodie Strum                                    Items Needed for
  John B Levy Co., Inc.                  Silent Auction to support Flagler Home
       Laura Vtipil                                   See page 13 for information
 Va. Commonwealth Univ.
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                                        P ag e 2

(Continued from page 1)                                    research that supports the careers of women in com-
                                                           mercial real estate and serves as a catalyst for positive
New this year, CREW Network will launch its 20th An-       change in the industry.
niversary Professional Lecture Series. These monthly
presentations, delivered as either teleconferences or      One session focused on “Meeting Leadership Chal-
webinars, will focus on leadership strategies and timely   lenges in Uncertain Economic Times.” 2009 CREW
industry issues that provide key insights to help mem-     Network Board members provided brief presentations
bers stay competitive.                                     on:

Also new for 2009, CREW Network will roll out its              Business Networking: Networking to show the
eMentoring program; an email-based program designed                business value for your chapter and members.
to provide mentoring support to college age students           Selecting good leaders: Identifying the right skills
and women considering a career change to commercial                to build a strong leadership
real estate. Delegates were also introduced to CREW            Membership: Strategies for continued growth to
Network’s newest networking tool called CREWnet.                   support your chapter’s good health
                                                               Sponsorship: Tips for encouraging local companies
Delegates were reminded about CREW Network’s ag-                   to see your value?
gressive industry research initiative. To date, CREW
Network has published its first benchmarking study in
                                                           A compilation of Best Practices collected from this sec-
2005 of the status and achievement of women in the
                                                           tion are posted on the CREW Network Web site in the
industry and is gearing up for its second study to be
published in 2010; a follow-up report titled “Minding      Chapter Resources Section. Go to http://
the Gap,” that provides strategies for women to close for the full article and addi-
the gap on the advancement and compensation dispari-       tional information on useful services and tools avail-
ties that exist within the industry; a 2008 white paper    able to CREW members.
providing an introduction to compensation in commer-
cial real estate; and a preview of CREW Network’s           “You can count on CREW Network to make your job
most recent white paper (to be published in April 2009)                     easier this year.”
titled “Repositioning Your Career to Succeed in an Era
of Change.” CREW Network is committed to funding

                                           SAVE THE DATE:
                          2009 CREW Network Convention & Marketplace
             It is time to start thinking about the convention so you can book early to get
            great deals on flights for the event happening from September 30 - October 3,
                     2009 in Boston, Massachusetts at the Hynes Convention Center.
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                               P ag e 3


Watkins Centre is a 640-acre mixed-use develop-
ment located at the intersection of Routes 288 and
60 in western Chesterfield County. State Senator
John Watkins and his family from Powhatan
County have owned the property since 1876. It is
the former site of Watkins Nursery which relo-
cated to Amelia County. When completed, Wat-
kins Centre will feature office, retail, light indus-
trial and residential components.
Westchester Commons is a retail component of
Watkins Centre. Sitting on 150 acres and slated to
boast approximately 1,000,000 square feet of retail
space, it is one of the largest retail developments in
the Richmond area. After much anticipation, sev-
eral stores have opened for business including Jo-       Rob Hargett of Rebkee and Carey Euwer, Presi-
Ann Fabric and Crafts and Target which headlined         dent and CEO of Metropolitan Partnership are
the first week in March. Other doors slated to open      coming to speak regarding their roles and the par-
throughout March and April include Regal Cin-            ticulars about the development of this monumental
ema, Gold’s Gym, PETCO and OfficeMax. Ac-                project. Please mark your calendars and plan to
cording to Zaremba Group LLC, the developer of           attend our meeting on Wednesday, April 15, 2009.
Westchester Commons, the center is currently 76
percent leased.
Another component of the Watkins Centre project
is the Shoppes at Westchester developed by
Rebkee. This is adjacent to Westchester Commons
and features 185,000 square feet of retail and             DATE:          April 15, 2009
60,000 square feet of office space. Some of the            TIME:          11:30 am—1:00 pm
current tenants are SunTrust, CVS, and BB&T.               PLACE:         SunTrust Dining Room
Rebkee’s corporate office has moved to this loca-          SPEAKERS:      Rob Hargett & Cary Euwer
tion as well as Balzer & Associates, Gregg & Bai-
ley, Main Street Homes and Julian W. Black &
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                                P ag e 4

M AY M E E T I N G P R E V I E W : B U I L D I N G             THE     N E W V M FA

We’ve changed our normal meeting date for a very       Mr. Woodward has served as the Museum’s
special presentation! Join us on May 12th for an       founding curator of African Art, a collection that is
update by Richard Woodward on the extensive            one of the most comprehensive in the United
construction to remodel and expand the Virginia        States and which will be installed in new, more
Museum of Fine Arts. Following a groundbreak-          spacious galleries in late 2010 as part of the over-
ing in 2005 to add 165,000 square feet to the exist-   all expansion project. He has held senior adminis-
ing space, construction has progressed towards         trative positions in the Museum and is a frequent
anticipated completion in 2010. The goals of the       speaker at arts organizations throughout the state.
expansion include creating a more welcoming
presence, opening the campus to Boulevard and          Don’t miss this update on one of Richmond’s most
improving visitor amenities including a parking        ambitious expansion projects.
deck that will double available parking at the Mu-
                                                         DATE:           May 12, 2009
Mr. Woodward is the Senior Deputy Director for           TIME:           11:30 am—1:00 pm
Architecture and Design, responsible for the over-       PLACE:          SunTrust Dining Room
sight of architectural planning, exhibition design       SPEAKER:        Richard Woodward
and production for the VFMA. His responsibilities
include the expansion project and upcoming rein-
stallation of the Museum’s collections. Since 1977,

C R E W F O U N D AT I O N : L I V E              THE    VISION—8,000 STRONG

CREW Foundation was started in 1988 to support         ness regarding the value of giving to the Founda-
women in the commercial real estate field through      tion to support “women today and opening doors
education and charitable programs. After 10 years,     for women tomorrow.” They ask for each member
they continue to be a priority of CREW Network.        to donate to CREW Foundation to create a mo-
They have set up many tools to assist their mem-       mentous step towards the support of women in the
bers such as CREW and CREW              commercial real estate field. If you wish, you are
Careers. According to their website, since 1998,       able to designate which initiative you wish your
more than $710,000 in grants has been awarded.         donation be applied to. A letter from CREW Foun-
CREW Foundation continues to be strong in their        dation is at the end of the newsletter for your refer-
endeavor but need the generosity of the members        ence. If you would like additional information,
to help it remain sustainable.                         please go to

The Crew Foundation Message is simple this year:
Live the Vision and become one of 8,000.
Through the campaign they are increasing aware-
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                                P ag e 5


Costos Canavos, Community Housing Officer with          son Ward valued at $24.3 million, of which $6 mil-
Virginia Housing Development Authority and Ron          lion was completed in 2008. Plans are in place to
Stallings, founder and President of Walker Row          start or complete projects totaling $14 million in
Partnership, spoke at the February CREW lunch-          2009-2010. Phase I has been completed on ‘Jackson
eon to update us on the progress to restore the         Commons’ at Jackson and Leigh Streets that will
“Heart of the Ward.” Costos provided an overview        comprise 82 single and multifamily homes at com-
of the activities of the REACH Team and their im-       pletion.
pact on the revitalization of Richmond properties.
REACH (Resources Enabling Affordable Commu-             The Hippodrome Theatre and Elks Lodge Project in
nity Housing in Virginia) is VHDA’s initiative to       the 500 block of Second Street will provide the criti-
serve the housing needs of Virginia’s diverse com-      cal mass to create a destination location and will, as
munities. At the core of the initiative is a new team   Stallings says “drive a historic entertainment renais-
of associates who have an array of skills and ex-       sance” in the area. The theater will have flexible
perience within the housing and community devel-        seating to accommodate different venues – 1,000
opment industry.                                        standing general admission, 700 theater-style seats
                                                        or tables with chairs seating 450 patrons. Operating
 A self-described “excited developer,” Stallings is     the renovated theater will be the renowned ‘B.B.
enthusiastic about the projects completed over the      King Blues Club & Grill’ organization. The Elks
last eight years and those currently underway in a      Lodge is next door to the theatre and will be a com-
historic part of the City of Richmond, known as         bination of neighborhood restaurant featuring live
Jackson Ward. His father was born in Jackson            music every day with residential space on the third
Ward, bought his first property in the area in the      floor. Stallings believes that this format will provide
1940s and eventually owned 110 properties in the        much needed support to the Convention Center by
area. His goal was to provide decent housing and        offering adjacent entertainment options to their pa-
he believed that the buildings in Jackson Ward          trons. His goal is to leverage cultural tourism with
were “minor monuments to the people and lives           history and food to create a dynamic entertainment
that came before.” Stallings’ vision for Jackson        district with a strong residential connection.
Ward follows in the direction of his father’s goal.
It includes creating a destination ‘Cultural Historic   This $12 million project will consist of 54% residen-
Neighborhood and Second Street Cultural Enter-          tial space and 46% commercial space; generate 130
tainment District’ that will foster historic tourism.   construction jobs and 82 direct jobs in the Theatre
                                                        and Elks Lodge facilities. VHDA provided the per-
Jackson Ward was known as the ‘Harlem of the            manent financing through their SPARC and REACH
South’ in the 1930’s and is considered to be the        programs while SunTrust lead the banking consor-
‘Birthplace of Black Capitalism.’ ‘The Deuce’, as       tium to finance the construction. Stallings anticipates
Second Street was known, was the cultural heart of      completing the legal and loan documents in the next
Jackson Ward, and the first chartered Black-owned       sixty days with construction to take twelve months
bank in the world was opened in the W.W Browne          with completion in early 2010. He is proud to con-
House. Since starting Walker Row Partnership in         tinue “what my father started so long ago in Jackson
2000, Stallings has completed 54 projects in Jack-      Ward.”

    Thank you to our sponsors — VHDA andSimmons, Rockecharlie & Prince, Inc.
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                             P ag e 6

MARCH MEETING RECAP: LAURA POSEY—SELLING                                                   IN A

How are we to succeed in our jobs in this econ-        people make
omy? It is a tough question which we all have          up 15% of
probably asked many times to ourselves and others      the buyers.
lately. If you attended our March meeting you          The second
were lucky enough to find out that you can still       group is the
succeed in this economy. What do you need? The         Consequence
right amount of common sense and hard work. On         Avoiders.
March 18, we had the pleasure of hearing Laura         These people
Posey, Vice President of Dancing Elephants             are moti-
Achievement Group, present “Selling in a Slow          vated by fear
Market.” Laura’s main topic was “How to Combat         and make up the other 85% of the buyers. Conse-
the Recession Mindset.” In 30 minutes she was          quence Avoiders think, “How do I not lose what I
able to show us the five basic motivations of our      have gained over the years.” No matter how hard
buyers.                                                you try, you will never get a Consequence Avoider
                                                       to become an Opportunity Seeker. Therefore, we
1. Achievement – people who like change, new           need to just focus on the 15% of the people and
things, more money, bigger is better, want to be       seek the people group that most matches our per-
more successful.                                       sonalities. Can you imagine being an achievement
2. Recognition – people who like to be noticed,        opportunity seeker working with a control conse-
like flash, want their name on the building, love      quence avoider client? Yikes, the horror!!!! But
signage and are looking for “A-Class” space.           we do this every day for years and wonder why we
                                                       aren’t moving forward as well as we had hoped.
3. Control – people who are small business own-
ers, don’t want to work for anyone but themselves,
                                                       Laura ended her presentation with three strategies
like to be in charge, very organized, are in control
                                                       to be able to sell more in any economy. First, fo-
of their time.
                                                       cus more. Find opportunity seekers whose person-
4. Affiliation – people who like to make other         alities match yours. Define your business and
people happy. These people join groups, clubs,         don’t waver. Remember that it’s easier to work
and organizations.                                     with people when you have something in common.
5. Altruism – people who work solely for the           Second, change your message. Tell people who
good of others. They donate anonymously. As            your prospects are and who you work with. This
you can imagine, these people are hard to find.        can quickly lead to referrals. Lastly, find new
                                                       tools. Where do your focus groups hang out? Find
Laura spoke about how every buyer motivation           out and then JOIN IN!!!! Sites, such as Facebook,
group could be narrowed even further into two de-      Twitter, and LinkedIn can be great sites for net-
fined groups. The first group is the Opportunity       working. I think everyone in attendance left feel-
Seekers. These people are seeking to gain some-        ing both motivated to network and also feeling
thing. They look at today’s economy and think it’s     more confident to sell and be successful in this
a wonderful time to invest, buy and spend. These       economy.

        Thank you to our sponsors — Dominion Due Diligence and Fulton Bank
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                                      P ag e 7


Ten CREW members attended this Year’s Go Red                  portance of
for Women Luncheon at the Marriott Hotel on                   diet in main-
February 19, 2009. The Luncheon was preceded                  taining a
by a well-stocked silent auction. Jane Sper won a             healthy heart.
restaurant package for dining in the Fan and a                She told us of
$250 gift certificate for Puritan Cleaners. Patricia          her father’s
Marais won an Annual Family Membership to                     premature
CMOR (Children’s Museum of Richmond). The                     death from
Program was emceed by Daphne Maxwell Reid,                    heart disease
co-founder of New Millenium Studios in Peters-                and how it
burg and television actress. Virginia’s First Lady            motivated her to eat healthy herself and to go on a
Anne Holton was the Honorary Chair and Anne                   mission to make sure everyone else had this vital
Marie Whittemore of McGuire Woods was the                     health information.
Luncheon Chair of the event.
                                                              Everyone agreed that it was a good idea to bring so
Tami Hulcher, CNC a/k/a “The Queen of Health,”                many women together to focus on this important
was a speaker. Ms. Hulcher entertained the large              health topic. It was also good fun.
group while presenting a brief program on the im-

                    2009 CREW RICHMOND MEMBERSHIP

                              Marketing, Econ.
                             Dev., Undeclared,
                      Title/Escrow 11%                     Architecture, 5% Brokerage/Institutio
                                                                             nal Lending, 9%
                     Services, 3%
                   Sales, 6%                                                              Construction,
                                                                                        Development, 11%

           Property Mgmt/                                                                  Consulting, 6%
            Leasing, 16%                                                                Corporate Real
                                                                                         Estate, 3%
                               Law, 9%                                           Environmental, 9%
                                         Interior/ Space      Finance, 9%
                                           Design, 3%

    CREW Richmond currently has 66 members. Our membership is distributed across various real
    estate professions as shown by the chart by the professional specialty. This number reflects only
    the current members with their 2009 dues paid in full.
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                                P ag e 8


As part of CREW Richmond’s ongoing support of           is also a member of Rho-Epsilon Real Estate Fra-
the Real Estate Program at VCU, Ashley Williams         ternity and The International Honor Society Beta
was selected as the recipient of ‘The Marcy Hand-       Gamma Sigma.
shaw Memorial Scholarship.’ Ashley is a senior
majoring in Real Estate and has worked at               With a 3.6 GPA, this dean’s list student is focused
Randolph-Macon College as a Communications              on finding a challenging position in the real estate
Officer since 2006. She acts as a dispatcher for the    world after graduation. CREW Richmond is proud
Campus Security Office, processes student ID            to support such a deserving young woman on her
cards and reacts to emergency requests from the         road to success!
college community and outside callers.
                                                        A note from Ashley is attached. Please seek her
When asked about her hobbies, Ashley responded          out at future meetings to introduce yourself and
that she doesn’t really have time for extracurricular   make her feel welcome.
activities with her studies and work schedule. In
addition to the demands of college and work, she


The deadline to submit an application for the           ited real estate program, but where the applicant is
CREW Network Scholarship has been extended to           enrolled in business, finance, architecture, engi-
April 30, 2009. This is your chance to encourage        neering, or other related field of study where it is
the next generation of leaders in commercial real       the applicant's intent to pursue a career in commer-
estate. CREW Network will award up to ten               cial real estate. The applicant must be of junior or
$10,000 scholarships in 2009 based on academic          senior standing during the 2009/2010 academic
excellence to help finance the educational endeav-      year. The applicant must have maintained a mini-
ors of female undergraduate students enrolled in        mum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.
accredited real estate programs. Each scholarship
recipient will also be provided a paid internship at    Please forward this scholarship information to any
a commercial brokerage firm.                            of your colleagues and associates who might know
                                                        of qualified applicants. We will now be accepting
Eligibility Requirements: The ideal candidate will      applications until Thursday, April 30, 2009.
be a female enrolled as a full-time undergraduate       More detailed information about the scholarship
student at a college or university with an accred-      requirements can be found on our web page: http://
ited real estate program. Applications will also be
considered if the applicant is a female enrolled as a
full-time undergraduate student at an accredited
college or university that does not have an accred-
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                              P ag e 9

Kim is the Director of Business Development at          Kim is involved with the
HKS, Inc, a large international architecture firm.      Greater Richmond Chamber
She leads the Mid-Atlantic States effort in tracking    of Commerce - Chairman’s
project opportunities, coordinating HKS global          Circle Member, Society of
resources, and nurturing client relationships for the   College and University Plan-
mid-Atlantic region including the Richmond, VA          ners, Virginia Economic De-
and Washington, DC offices. Her market sectors          velopment Association, and
include government, commercial mixed use, cor-          is a board member of Henrico
porate, hospitality, sports and entertainment,          County SEAC (Special Edu-
healthcare, and education. Over the last eighteen       cation Advisory Committee).
years as an interior designer, she has designed and     She enjoys playing volleyball
managed project for corporations, local and state       at RVC riding roller coasters with her husband and
government, higher education, and historic renova-      two daughters, playing golf, and chocolate.

Kathy Ivins has been named to the “Most Influen-
tial Women of Virginia” List. Virginia Lawyers
Weekly recognizes professional women in Vir-
ginia for outstanding achievements and leadership
in all fields, including law, business, health care,
and education. A celebration will be held in May
at the Jefferson to honor those women chosen who
are making notable contributions.

                      H A P P Y 5 T H A N N I V E R S A RY
                                  WI TH      CREW RICHMOND

                                                                Susan Jones
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                                P ag e 1 0

C O M M U N I T Y S E R V I C E N E W S : S I L E N T AU C T I O N I T E M S

This year CREW Richmond is teaming again with GRACRE in a Joint Social that will be held in June. It
has always been well attended and enjoyed by all. This event will be the main CREW Richmond fundraiser
for the Flagler Home. In the past we have simply held a raffle for a David Yurman bracelet. This year we
wanted to step it up a bit so we have decided to have a raffle and a silent auction at the event.

We are currently soliciting contributions for the silent auction. If you have or know someone who has
items or services which can be donated, i.e. architectural services, sporting events, restaurant certificates,
legal work, artwork, getaways, jewelry, etc., please contact them and see if they would be willing to donate
it to a wonderful cause. They can get some advertising exposure since the company and contact names will
be listed at the function and sent out to the various groups when bidding opens. A full wish list of items
and already contributed items is included at the end of the newsletter. We have also included information
to help you explain who the auction is supporting and a form to fill out for the contributor and for our re-
cords. Please go out drum up some great donations and be creative. Pick-up of an item can be arranged
through the committee. Please contact anyone on the committee if you have any questions.

We will again be doing the back-to-school backpacks in August and the stockings in December for the
Flagler children. Kimberly Tucker, the director of the Flagler program, indicated that in years past what
CREW Richmond has done in the way of contributions was a blessing and not counted on in their budgets.
Unfortunately with the current economy, a lot of their funding has been cut or reduced and they will need
our contributions to continue to succeed and assist their families in need.

Community Service Members:
                  Meaghan O’Brien (VHB) –
                  Debbie Reading, chair (Dunlap Partners) –
                  Allison Domson (Williams Mullins) –
                  Bridget Goggins (Taylor Long) –
                  Connie Jordan Nielsen – / 804-697-3569
                  René Shepperson (SunTrust) –

                                     INFORMATION WANTED:
       We are looking for interesting features for the newsletter. Are you working on a project or
       have a change in position that you would like to share with the rest of the members? Please
       contact DeAnn Pangburn ( or Tracy Ruff
       ( if you have an idea or would like to submit an article.
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                        P ag e 1 1


                        Thank you to our Vendor Sponsors:

                   Thank you to our 2009 Program Sponsors:

                           Dominion Due Diligence
                                  Fulton Bank
                            Highwoods Properties
                                HKS Architects
                      Simmons, Rockecharlie, & Prince, Inc.
                                Timmons Group
                               Williams Mullen

          For more information about sponsorship, please contact Karen Frye, Fulton Bank at
         (804) 565-4422 / or Kristen Heckman, Fulton Hill Properties
                       at (804) 226-4555 /
C R E W R i ch m o n d                                                                         P ag e 1 2

                                     Monthly Luncheon Program: Westchester Commons,
                                     Watkins Centre—Wednesday, April 15, 11:30 am—1:00
                                     Location: SunTrust Dining Room

                                     MAY—Special Date
         2009 Committees
                                     Monthly Luncheon Program: Building a New VMFA with
                                     Richard Woodward—Tuesday, May 12, 11:30 am—1:00
         Communications              pm
       DeAnn Pangburn, Chair         Location: SunTrust Dining Room
                                     Membership Social: Thursday, May 28, 5:00 —7:00 pm
                                     Location: Legends
        Community Service
       Debbie Reading, Chair
                                     JUNE       Joint Social, Information TBA

            Membership               JULY
      Sandy Whitehead, Chair         Dine Around: Wednesday, July 15—closed meeting
                                     Locations: TBA
                                     Monthly Luncheon Program: TBA, Wednesday, August
     Lala Korall-Kadycz, Co-Chair    19, 11:30 am—1:00 pm
        Location: SunTrust Dining Room
    Christina Roeschell, Co-Chair
                                     Monthly Luncheon Program: Forest City with Deddie
                                     Ratner Salzberg, Wednesday, September 16, 11:30 am—
           Sponsorship               1:00 pm
      Kristen Heckman, Chair         Location: SunTrust Dining Room
                                     SEPTEMBER 30—OCTOBER 3
                                     2009 CREW Network Convention & Marketplace       Location: Boston, Massachusetts

          E-mail address:            To help with or provide information for the Newsletter, please              contact DeAnn Pangburn at (804) 545-7544 /
                              Silent Auction Donations for Flagler Home

CREW Richmond is holding a Silent Auction to raise money for Flagler Home. The auction will take place
in June at the Joint Social held with GRACRE and SOIR. This will be our major fundraiser for the Flagler
                                          Home for the year.

    Flagler Home is located at St. Joseph’s Villa on Brook Road in Richmond, Virginia. It was the first
transitional housing program of its kind in Virginia. It includes a comprehensive program that successfully
empowers and transitions homeless families with children into permanent housing. It is achieved by direct
    delivery of individualized education, developmental and psychological services through on-campus
   residential and off-campus services. The program provides services to more than 60 adults and 100
 children at any given time, this relates to 26 families on and 24 off campus. The home has served more
 than 600 families which includes more than 590 mothers and 1,200 children since its inception in 1989.

      Please fill out the information below if you have an item you wish to donate. All items are tax
 deductible . The company and contact names will be listed at the event as a contributor. If you have any
                 questions, please contact Debbie Reading at dreading@dunlappartners.

                         Thank you for your donation and support of the Flagler Home.

 CREW Silent Auction Item/ Service Donation              CREW Silent Auction Item/ Service Donation
             for Flagler Home                                        for Flagler Home
Company:                                                Company:
Contact:                                                Contact:
Address:                                                Address:

Phone:                                                  Phone:
Email:                                                  Email:

Donation:                                               Donation:
Retail Value:                                           Retail Value:

Pick Up Date:                                           Pick Up Date:
Specific Information/ Instructions:                     Specific Information/ Instructions:

Member Initials:                      Date:             Member Initials:                      Date:
                                                        Member Pick Up:                       Date:
                     Donator's Receipt                                        CREW Receipt

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