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					                                                                                        Rove Mobile Admin ProPlus

Feature Summary                               Security Features                              System Requirements
Manage Microsoft Windows, Active              Data encryption options include TDES
                                                                                             Mobile Admin Server
Directory, Exchange, IIS, SQL Server,         or AES on the BlackBerry network, and
                                                                                             The server can be installed on a system/VM
DHCP, DNS, Cluster Server, System             VPN or HTTPS encryption by default.
                                                                                             with the following specifications:
Center Operations Manager and System
Center Mobile Device Manager, RSA,            Authentication options include Windows
                                                                                             • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008
Lotus Domino, Novell, Oracle, BlackBerry      username and password, Mobile Admin-
                                              specific username and password, device-        • Intel Pentium 4 CPU or equivalent
Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Enterprise
Server 5, Citrix, HP iLO, Symantec Backup     level password and RSA SecurID / RADIUS        • 1 GB RAM

Exec and NetBackup, VMware Virtual            authentication.                                • 20 GB available disk space
Infrastructure servers, Nagios, BMC                                                            recommended
Remedy Service Desk, BMC Performance
                                              Windows Administration Features                Mobile Admin Client
Manager Portal, CA Service Desk,
Microsoft Hyper-V and create SSH/Telnet       General                                        Android Devices
and RDP/VNC connections from your             • Use the command prompt, Windows              • OS version 2.2 or higher
wireless handheld device or any computer.       PowerShell, dial-up connections,
                                                                                             Apple Devices
                                                and NSLookup
Critical information delivered directly to                                                   • iPhone and iPad platforms version 3.2
                                              • View and clear event logs
mobile devices. Aggregates a customizable                                                      and higher
                                              • Run programs
set of notifications, incidents, change                                                      BlackBerry Smartphones
                                              • Restart or shutdown servers and
requests and alerts from 3rd party systems
                                                computers                                    • BlackBerry Smartphones with v.4.2.1 OS
in addition to Rove’s Monitors. Alerts
                                              • Ping IP addresses                              (or higher)
users and presents events directly on
                                                                                             Web Interface
device screen, enabling users to drill into   • Trace routes
                                              • View and kill processes                      • Accessible from any computer,
host/service reporting a problem, obtain
                                                                                               laptop or smartphone with an Internet
information and begin diagnosis. Events       • View system and performance data
aggregated from the following:                  such as available memory, disk space,
                                                CPU usage, and hardware information
• Rove Windows Performance Monitor            • Use Net Send to send a pop-up
• Rove Ping Response, Website Uptime,           message
  Email Server and Windows Service
                                              File Explorer
                                              • Manage drives, folders and files
• VMWare alarm, event and task
  notficiations                               • View drive, file or folder properties

• Nagios                                      • View disk space usage

• Microsoft System Center Operations          • Browse or delete files and folders
  Manager                                     • Create new folders
• BMC Performance Manager Portal              • View or change permissions
• BMC Remedy Service Desk                     • Add or remove trustees
• CA Service Desk                             • FTP, email, copy, and move files
  (Service Requests and Change Orders)        • View image files, view and edit text files
• Symantec Backup Exec

                                              122 Clarence Street                            Telephone: 613 789 1818                                Ottawa, ON K1N 5P6 Canada                      Toll free (North America): 888 482 3646
                                                                                      Rove Mobile Admin ProPlus

Printers                                     • Delete queues or messages                    Telnet/SSH Features
• View printers and print jobs               • Enumerate messages                           Manage Unix and Linux, AS/400, iSeries,
• Cancel print jobs, pause and resume        • View, create, delete, or move mailboxes      Novell Netware, IBM mainframes, routers,
  printers                                   • Create email addresses                       switches, and other network devices or

                                             • Set primary addresses                        applications.
Scheduled Tasks and Services

• View, create, edit and delete tasks        • Edit delivery restrictions, storage limits
                                                                                            Use Telnet, SSH1, SSH2 and VT100 to
                                               or forwarding settings
• View, start and stop services                                                             connect to a wide range of network devices
                                             • Perform system health and mailflow tests
• Pause, resume and restart services                                                        including Unix and Linux servers, Cisco
                                             • Test Exchange services                       routers and switches, and Novell Netware
• Change the startup mode for services
                                             • Disable, disconnect and reconnect            servers.
Shared Folders                                 mailboxes
• View or edit shared folders and drives                                                    • Telnet – access to any network device
                                             IIS Administration Features
• Share or stop sharing folders or drives                                                     or server
                                             • Restart or restore IIS
• Change permissions, maximum users                                                         • SSH1 and SSH2 – for secure access
                                             • View lists of websites, FTP sites, virtual
  and trustees                                                                              • SSH2 public key authentication
                                               directories and subdirectories
                                                                                              – for enhanced security
Users and Groups                             • Stop, start, pause and resume websites
                                                                                            • VT100 terminal emulation – run any
• View, create, and rename users and           and FTP sites
                                                                                              Unix or Linux program such as Pine,
  groups                                     • View or edit website descriptions, virtual     VI, Emacs or Top
• Reset user passwords and edit settings       directory properties and document
                                                                                            • Novell support – Telnet to Netware
• Add and remove users from groups             settings
                                                                                              servers to control the Console,
                                             • Point virtual directories to network           send commands and run programs
Active Directory Administration Features
                                               shares, local directories or URLs              such as inetcfg and monitor
• Browse the Active Directory tree
                                             • Restart IIS Application Pools                • User-definable macro keys
• View, create, edit, delete users and
                                             System Center Operations Manager               • Copy and paste details
• Reset user passwords                       • View alert details                           AS/400 and iSeries Features

• Add or remove users from groups            • Manage and resolve alerts
                                                                                            Use IBM 5250 terminal emulation to con-
• Disable, enable and unlock users           • View computers and computer health
                                                                                            nect to your AS/400 and iSeries servers:
• Create or delete group email addresses                                                    • IBM 5250 terminal access using TN5250
                                             • Resolve computer health states
• View, add and delete computers                                                            • Support for 5250 special keys
                                             • Put a computer into maintenance mode
• Edit profiles, home folders, dial-up and                                                  • Access AS/400 and iSeries applications
  VPN permissions                            System Center Mobile Device Manager
                                                                                            • User-definable macro keys
Exchange Administration Features             • View devices and device details
                                                                                            IBM Mainframe Features
• Support for Exchange 2003, 2007            • Create pre-enrollment, view pending
                                               enrollments, and cancel enrollments          Use IBM 3270 terminal emulation to
  and 2010
                                             • Block/unblock devices                        manage to your IBM mainframes from
• Change default delivery settings
                                                                                            your wireless handheld.
• View and edit store properties             • View recent wipes and recent wipe
                                               details, and cancel wipes
• View, force, freeze and unfreeze queues                                                   • IBM 3270 terminal emulation

                                             122 Clarence Street                            Telephone: 613 789 1818                               Ottawa, ON K1N 5P6 Canada                      Toll free (North America): 888 482 3646
                                                                                      Rove Mobile Admin ProPlus

• Support for 3270 special keys              • View or kill processes                        • Take groups and resources online and
• User-definable macro keys                  • View, edit, or delete jobs                      offline

                                             • Start or stop the SQL Agent and jobs          • Move groups, change failback
RDP / VNC Features                                                                             and failover settings
                                             • View or clear job histories
Use your wireless handheld to view the                                                       • Change resource groups, remove
                                             • View or delete subscriptions
screen and even control the keyboard or                                                        dependencies, initiate failures
                                             • Start or stop synchronizations
mouse of your remote computers. Create
                                             • View or clear the replication job histories   Lotus Domino
connections to almost any operating
                                             • View, create, edit and delete logins          Administration Features
system, including Windows, Mac OS X,
Linux, Solaris, QNX and OS/2.                • View, start, stop replication monitor         • Send Domino Console commands
                                               agents, view or edit agent profiles           • View and delete mail from mailboxes
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a             and view agent histories                      • View, add, edit, delete and search
communications protocol that allows you      • Reset passwords                                 for people and groups
to connect securely to any computer that                                                     • View and edit mail settings for people
is running Microsoft Terminal Services or    DHCP Administration Features
                                                                                             • View, add and remove group members
Remote Desktop. Mobile Admin uses RDP        • View DHCP scopes and superscopes
                                                                                             • Reset Internet passwords and password
to act as a Terminal Services or Remote      • Create, delete, deactivate and activate         digests
Desktop client on your wireless handheld,      superscopes and scopes
                                                                                             • Force password changes, edit change
to process keyboard and mouse data from      • Add or remove scopes from                       intervals and force or disable password
the remote computer.                           superscopes                                     checks
                                             • Edit scope properties                         • Lockout user IDs
VNC is a client-server protocol. A VNC
                                             • View and edit scope reservations              • View, accept or reject admin requests
client connects to a VNC server to receive
screen updates and to process keyboard       • View, create and delete scope exclusions      • View, start, stop, restart and send
and mouse movements. For VNC                                                                   tell commands to server tasks
connections, Mobile Admin acts as a          DNS Administration Features                     • Stop or restart ports
VNC client on your wireless handheld.        • Clear server caches
                                                                                             • View server logs
You must install a VNC server on the         • Scavenge stale resource records
                                                                                             • View and edit server documents
computer you want to access.                 • View lists of forward and reverse lookup
                                                                                             • View, compact, fixup and delete
                                               zones, subdomains and resource
                                                                                               databases and templates
                                               records within zones or subdomains
*VNC not available on iOS.
                                             • Reload, pause and resume zones                Novell Administration Features
                                             • View, add and edit records                    • Log into Novell servers
SQL Server Administration Features
                                                                                             • Re-authenticate Novell servers
• View, start and stop instances             Cluster Server
                                             Administration Features                         • View organizations and properties
• Authenticate credentials
                                             • View lists of nodes, network interfaces,      • Create, view, edit, rename, search
• View databases, table layouts, table
                                               active groups, resources, dependencies          for and delete users, groups and
  data, views and properties
                                                                                               organizational units
• View, create and edit stored procedures    • View node, group, resource properties
                                                                                             • Change user password settings
• Run SQL queries                            • Node, group, resource descriptions
                                                                                               and logon scripts
• View, add, delete and resize database      • View, add and remove group preferred
                                                                                             • Add and remove users from groups
  data files and log files                     owners
                                                                                             • Use SSL connections to manage

                                             122 Clarence Street                             Telephone: 613 789 1818                               Ottawa, ON K1N 5P6 Canada                       Toll free (North America): 888 482 3646
                                                                                        Rove Mobile Admin ProPlus

   Novell LDAP servers                          • Disable BlackBerry services for a user      • Lookup status codes
                                                                                              • Sort list based on status, type, state
Oracle Administration Features                  Citrix Administration Features                • Start, stop, view details of services
• Run SQL queries                               • Reset Sessions                                executing on NetBackup server
• Add and delete databases                      • Log out and disconnect users                • View status of NetBackup processes
• View instance configurations and              • View user session information               • Run and view problem reports
  session information                           • View and terminate user processes           • Run and view summary reports
• Kill sessions                                 • View Citrix Licenses and license usage
• View, create, edit and remove schema                                                        VMware Infrastructure
  views, sequences and stored procedures        HP iLO Administration Features                • View hosts/clusters and VI server
• View columns and statistics                   • Turn host power on or off                   • Find VMs
• Remove tables                                 • Turn UID on or off                          • View VM properties / edit VM settings
• View, create, edit and remove users,          • View user information, global and           • View events and event details
  roles, system privileges and profiles           network settings, logs and power
                                                                                              • View triggered alarm and triggered
• Reset passwords                                 information
                                                                                                alarm details
• Edit profile password policies                • Enter or change authentication details
                                                                                              • View host summaries and manage host
• View, create, edit and remove
                                                Backup Exec Administration Features
  tablespaces and datafiles                                                                   RSA Administration Features
                                                • Run or delete jobs
                                                                                              • Reset RSA SecurID tokens to New
BlackBerry Enterprise Server                    • Unlock libraries                              PIN mode
Administration Features                         • Start or stop Backup Exec services          • Enable and disable tokens
• Stop, start, restart, enable and disable
                                                • View job properties, selections and lists   • View user and token information
  Mobile Data Service (MDS)
                                                • View details for job monitors, stand-
• View, add, search for, and delete users
                                                  alone drives, robotic library devices,      Nagios Monitoring
• Clear user statistics                           backup-to-disk folders and media            • Acknowledge service problems
• Lock or kill handhelds                        • Respond to active alerts                    • View service details
• Set new passwords, activation                 • Create erase, eject and inventory drive     • View service state information
  passwords, and owner information                jobs
                                                                                              • Schedule or delete service downtime
                                                • Erase, label and inventory tapes
BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5                                                                • Sort service details by status or service
                                                • Eject a tape carousel, clean a carousel
• Enable/disable BES dispatcher                                                               • View service problems
• Add, list, view details of search for more,                                                 • View unhandled service problems
                                                • Change authentication settings
  and delete users                                                                            • View, add and delete comments about
                                                • View the current status and version
• Lock/kill handhelds, cancel kills                                                             the service

• Set new passwords, activation                                                               • Search hosts
                                                NetBackup Administration Features
  passwords and owner information                                                             • View host details
                                                • View activity monitor, view jobs
• Set IT policies and software                                                                • View host state information
                                                • View detailed status of individual job
  configuration                                                                               • Manage the host machine
                                                • Cancel, restart, suspend, resume job
                                                                                              • Schedule host downtime
                                                • Obtain detailed status for any run

                                                122 Clarence Street                           Telephone: 613 789 1818                                  Ottawa, ON K1N 5P6 Canada                     Toll free (North America): 888 482 3646
                                                                                  Rove Mobile Admin ProPlus

• Delete scheduled host downtime                Admin
• View host problems
                                             Rove Windows Performance Monitor            VMware Events, Tasks and Alarms
• Acknowledge Host problems
                                             • Monitor any Windows machine
• View unhandled host problems
                                               discoverable by the Mobile Admin Server   • Monitor VMware ESX and vCenter Server
• View, add and delete comments
                                             • Quick and simple set-up                   • Notification sent for new Tasks, Events
  about the host machine
                                                                                           and Alarms
                                             • Monitor CPU, memory and local disk
                                               utilization based on configurable         • Alerts set directly to device
BMC Remedy Service Desk
• Add Mobile Admin Dashboard feeds
  for real-time alerts to critical tickets   • Alerts sent directly to device

• Search, edit, close and re-assign
                                             Rove Ping Response Monitor
                                             • Monitor anything with an IP address
• View, create and edit work details
                                             • Quick and simple set-up
• View incident relationships
                                             • Monitor response time based on
• View and update incident dates and
                                               configurable thresholds
                                             • Alerts sent directly to device
BMC Performance Manager Portal
                                             Rove Website Uptime Monitor
• View system status at the group and
  element levels                             • Monitor any web erver URL

• View system status at the application      • Notification sent when a web server is
  or parameter levels                          not responding
                                             • Alerts sent directly to device
CA Service Desk
• Create new service request, create         Rove Mail Server Monitor
  new change orders                          • Monitor IMAP and POP3 on any Email
• Update status, escalate, transfer,           Server
  log comment                                • Notification sent when a web server is
• View activity logs                           not responding
• Search service requests and change         • Alerts sent directly to device
• View My Queue                              Rove Windows Services Monitor
                                             • Monitor any Windows Services
Microsoft Hyper-V                              discoverable by the Mobile Admin Server

• List VMs                                   • Notification sent when a when a
                                               Windows Service changes running state
• Show/configure VM settings (CPU, RAM)
                                             • Alerts sent directly to device
• Show thumbnail of VM screen
• View/change VM state (enable, disable,
  reboot, reset, pause)
• Restore, create and delete snapshots
• Manage VM OS directly from Mobile

                                             122 Clarence Street                         Telephone: 613 789 1818                               Ottawa, ON K1N 5P6 Canada                   Toll free (North America): 888 482 3646

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