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									                                       ARTICLES OF FAITH
                Points to Ponder                                              2011 Council                            Inside this Issue:
                from Elaine Chapman                          The congregational Annual Meeting elected three          Faithful Assistants
                      Examples                               new people to the Faith Church Council: Barb             Flowers               2
                                                             Fishback, Karen Sibert, and Rob Sweatman. They           from Pastor John      3
     This past year three dear members of our                join returning members John Demien, David
congregation of Faith left the confines of life among us     Erickson, Lillian Korous, Larry Noble, Kim Streib, and   Ministries of Faith   4
and joined that great cloud of witnesses in heaven.          Pastor John.          This council then elected          Youth Events
What examples these folks were to all of us, and how         congregational officers for 2011: Larry Noble,           & Youth Calendar      5
blessed we are to have had them in our midst. Think          president; Pastor John, vice president; Lillian          Thank You             6
of the ways in which Eileen Noble, Hal Scarbrough,           Korous, secretary; Ken Finkle, treasurer; and Janet      Calendar              7
and Jack Kilver used their many abilities to serve God       Koepp, financial secretary. (The treasurer and
and touch the lives of our congregation and                                                                           Food Center           8
                                                             financial secretary do not have to be members of the
community. Let’s see … Sunday School teacher,                Church Council.)
musician,     lawn      mower,       food       deliverer,
groundskeeper, Toys for Tots director, Council
member, meal server, greeter, usher, visitor to the                       End-of-Year Giving
homebound, community volunteer, pray-er for others,          ―To God alone be the glory.‖ Offerings to our
and the list goes on. Many of you can, no doubt,             congregation over the course of 2010 were so
recall other examples of the servant leadership              generous that we are able, again, to give more of it
practiced by these three saints. Moved by their faith        away to missions beyond our walls when the year
in Jesus Christ, they inspired us with their dedication,     has ended. At the Annual Meeting, the congregation
kindness, and helpfulness. How can we honor the              voted $4,500 to go to missions and ministries yet to
memory of these folks? Let’s step up and follow their        be determined. As in the past, the Parish Outreach
examples of love and service to our Lord and our             Committee will administer this giving.          The
                                                                                                                           Our Staff:
                                                             committee would like to receive suggestions for
                                                                                                                       S. John Roth, Pastor
  I Corinthians 12: 4-7. Now there are varieties of          recipients from the congregation. Please submit
  gifts, but the same Spirit; and there are varieties        your suggestion to the church office. A recipient            Ron Moorman,
  of service, but the same Lord; and there are               organization or ministry must be a recognized            Regular Guest Pastor
  varieties of working, but it is the same God who           501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.                        Larry Noble, President
  inspires them all in every one. To each is given                                                                         Linda Strader,
  the manifestation of the Spirit for the common
  good.                                                                                                      Director of Youth
                                                                                                                       & Family Ministries
                                                                                                                           Violet Hutton,
                                                                                                                            Director of
                                      A simple solution: Fair Trade                                                       Lay Ministries
       Coffee is big business — it’s one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world. But for the
  majority of small-scale coffee farmers, the benefits are few. One answer for small-scale farmers is Fair                Bonnie Wallace,
  Trade. Fair Trade shares the bounty of the coffee trade with those who grow the crop, helping them build a               Parish Nurse
  better future for themselves and their communities.                                                                     Andrew Salyer,
       By working together and pooling their resources to form a cooperative, farmers can sell their coffee              Music Associate
  directly to international buyers without relying on middlemen. Through Fair Trade, farmers receive a fair price            Erin Heise
  that covers their cost of production and guarantees them a living wage for their labors.                              & Shelley Heitbrink,
       Fair Trade far surpasses the temporary assistance provided to farmers through charity. Instead, the                Sunday School
  ongoing business of Fair Trade consistently contributes to the living conditions of farmers, their families, and       Superintendents
  their communities. Cooperatives use profits from Fair Trade coffee sales in establishing community                         Kris Roth,
  improvement programs such as training in organic farming, leadership development, schools, and health clinics.         Parish Secretary
       At Faith, we use fairly-traded coffee every Sunday during fellowship, and we provide members and
  friends of Faith with the opportunity to purchase fairly-traded coffee and tea for use in their own homes.
Articles of Faith – February 2011                                                                                  page 2
                                      February Faithful Assistants
         READERS                                              CHANCEL COMMITTEE – Helen Driver
February 6 Vi Hutton                                          HOMEBOUND VISITOR – Marilyn Smith
February 13 David Fitz
February 20 Bob Koepp
February 27 Janet Koepp
                                                                      FAITH AMBASSADORS
                                                               8:15 am: Jill Waggener
                                                              10:30 am: Larry Kuster
Feb. 6   8:15 am   Jansen & Gilbert Joehl
        10:30 am   Robert Jokisch & Larry Sweatman
Feb. 13 8:15 am    Larry Noble & Steve Radliff                         COFFEE HOSTESS/HOST
        10:30 am   Bob Koepp & Larry Kuster                   February 6 Krystal & Ciara Sweatman
Feb. 20 8:15 am    2 volunteers                               February 13 Janet Koepp
        10:30 am   Rand Burnette & Vi Hutton                  February 20 Tina Freeman
Feb. 27 8:15 am    Karen, Laura, & David Sibert               February 27 Ken & Liddy Stark
        10:30 am   Robert Jokisch & Rob Sweatman

                                                                      COMMUNION ASSISTANTS
          NURSERY ATTENDANTS                                  February 6 8:15 am Pam Devlin
Feb. 6     8:15 am Jill Waggener                                          10:30 am Linda Strader
          10:30 am Cindy Weger                                February 13 8:15 am Lynne Philpott
Feb. 13    8:15 am Ann Erickson                                           10:30 am Vi Hutton
          10:30 am Ciara Sweatman                             February 20 8:15 am Ken Devlin
Feb. 20    8:15 am Stacy McQueen                                          10:30 am Ken Finkle
          10:30 am Laura Sweatman                             February 27 8:15 am Bob Krueger
Feb. 27    8:15 am Amanda Demien                                          10:30 am Tom Stevens
          10:30 am Kris Roth

                                                                      FLOWERS ($12.50 per vase)
         FINANCIAL ASSISTANTS                                 Feb. 6 By Carol Rollefson Rauen in loving memory of
February 6 John Demien & Barb Fishback                                Gladys Cox
February 13 Karen Sibert & Kim Streib                               & Open for donation
February 20 Dave Erickson & Larry Noble                       Feb. 13 By Carol Rollefson Rauen in loving memory of
February 27 Lillian Korous & Rob Sweatman                             Shirley Guse
                                                                    & Open for donation
                                                              Feb. 20 By Kris, Pastor John, Maria, Laura, & Sam in memory
         ASL INTERPRETER (8:15 a.m.)                                  of dad and grampa, Sam Roth
                 (American Sign Language)                           & Open for donation
February 6 Debbie Radliff                                     Feb. 27 Open for donation
February 13 Erin Heise                                              & Open for donation
February 20 Carole Hack
February 27 Marilyn Smith

    A friendly request: PLEASE take a moment to sign up                                  
    to be an usher, reader, coffee host/hostess, to donate
    flowers, and/or to be a Faith Ambassador for this year.                      Ladies Project Day
    The Sign-Up Sheets are located on the ―Sign Up‖                              February 24 – 9:00 a.m.
    bulletin board in the gathering area. Thanks!
                                                                                         
Articles of Faith – February 2011                                                                                                page 3

                       Planning Ahead                                                    Advent Allegro Recap
                                                   – from Pastor John        It was another terrific season of our mini-concerts and light
                                                                        lunches on Wednesdays in Advent. The performances were
     Just before Christmas, I went with paper in hand to visit Jack
                                                                        outstanding: Rudolf Zuiderveld, organist; Addie Gramelspacher,
and Annette Kilver. Jack had asked that I bring over the funeral
                                                                        soprano, accompanied by Garrett Allman; Andrew Salyer, violinist,
planning form that I had on file for him. Jack had a good memory;
                                                                        accompanied by Mathilda Edge; and the Jacksonville High School
he had filled out that form on January 31st, 1991. Yes, it had been
                                                                        Madrigal Singers, directed by Christine Smith.
in the file drawer for almost 20 years.
                                                                             Our thanks to the numerous people who helped set up the
     Jack looked over the preferences he had indicated. He and
                                                                        dining area, prepared food, and served the lunches.
Annette made a couple of small additions to the service. But for
the most part, the things Jack had planned back in 1991 were still           The community response to Advent Allegro was very good.
his wishes now.                                                         Attendance at each concert was between 25 and 40 people (not
                                                                        including the performers), and roughly half of those took advantage
     That funeral planning form he used was printed on one side of
                                                                        of the lunch before or after the concert.
a newsletter article. On the other side of the page, I had invited
members of our church to do this planning that Jack did. I renew
that invitation now, with the planning form inserted into this
newsletter:                                                               Inaugural Named Lecture at Illinois College
    Your funeral or memorial service can be a testimony to              Bob Koepp, long a professor of English at Illinois College and
    your Christian faith and hope if you give a little thought to it    recently named the Frances McReynolds Smith Professor of
    beforehand. Also, a little advance planning is immensely            International Understanding, is giving a talk at IC on Thursday
    helpful to me and to friends and relatives who want to carry        evening, February 17th, at 7:00 p.m. in the new media room of
    out your wishes after you are dead. I invite you to fill out        Schewe Library, and invites members of Faith to attend. The
    the form and return it to me, or, if you would like, we can         occasion is the inaugural Frances McReynolds Smith Lecture on
    go over the form together. I have extra forms so that each          International Understanding, an event to honor this alumna,
    person in your household can fill one out.                          trustee, and long-time benefactor of the College. Bob’s address is
                                                                        entitled “Much have I travell’d in the realms of gold”: Reflections
     ―If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the     on Exploring the World and Seeking International Understanding.
    Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are            There will be a public reception following the talk.
    the Lord’s‖ (Romans 14:8).
      Jack’s funeral was a glowing testimony to his Christian faith.
Certainly, when he thought about his funeral back in 1991, Jack
was not expecting to die in the near future – and he didn’t.                              Adult Sunday School
Planning for one’s funeral does not hasten its arrival. In fact,        Please join us for Adult Sunday School – 9:15 a.m. on Sunday
Jack’s was not the last funeral planning form from 1991 still in the    mornings. David Fitz is currently leading a study of The Minor
file.                                                                   Prophets. If you want to suggest a topic to discuss or if you are
                                                                        interested in leading a class, please contact Vi Hutton (472-5201).
      As you do your planning, considering things such as Scripture     The class meets in the room off the narthex, just south of the
readings, hymns and other music, whether or not to include Holy         sanctuary by the ushers’ table.
Communion in the service, and the like, please envision the cosmic
scope of your funeral. In the words of Thomas Long (Accompany
Them With Singing -- The Christian Funeral, pp. 145, 190) ―Part of
the power of a Christian funeral is that we do not do this alone; the
funeral is not just a ceremony for a single family, to which guests
are invited. It is a service of worship involving the whole church—
indeed involving the entire communion of saints….A Christian
funeral is a visible enactment of the gospel claim that death cannot
finally sever the ties that bind, that the feeling of isolation and
abandonment that death brings is, in the deepest sense, an

                          Thank You
  Kris, Maria, Laura, Sam, and I would like to thank you for your
  generous congregational Christmas gift. We are wonderfully
  graced by the support and affection we receive at Faith.
  THANK YOU!!                                   -- Pastor John
Articles of Faith – February 2011                                                                                                Page 4

                         FROSTBITE                                                         Ministries of Faith
              From Bonnie Wallace, Parish Nurse                                  HEART OF JACKSONVILLE UPDATE
    Frostbite occurs when the skin tissue freezes. Most often                     From Vi Hutton, Director of Lay Ministries
damage occurs to the nose, fingers, ears, toes, etc. People at
most risk include:                                                           Please sign up to help serve meals from 12:30 – 1:30 pm
  1. People who spend a long time outdoors such as hunters,            on February 20th at the Heart of Jacksonville Event. We hope
     homeless persons, hikers.                                         to get enough volunteers from Faith to cover this time slot at
  2. People intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol.             one location. I am uncertain of the location at this time -- it will
  3. The elderly who do not have good beds, food, or shelter.          be either the K of C, Am Vets, or the building that used to be
  4. People who are exhausted and or dehydrated.                       City’s. Volunteer check will begin for the 12:30 shift at noon. I
  5. The mentally ill.                                                 will let you know the time and the place as soon as I find out.
  6. People who take medication which decreases the flow of            The sign-up sheet will be on the table at Faith by the Food
     blood to the skin (Beta Blockers).                                donation box for the Heart of Jacksonville event.
                                                                             Please check the list on the Heart of Jacksonville Food
     The first symptoms are a ―pins and needles‖ sensation
                                                                       donation box if you are interested in donating food items for
followed by numbness. There may be an early throbbing or
                                                                       the food baskets to be given away on the day of the event.
aching, but later on the affected part becomes insensate (feels
like a block of wood). Frostbitten skin is hard, pale, cold, and             If you have any questions or would like to volunteer more
has no feeling. When skin has thawed out, it becomes red and           time, please contact Vi Hutton (472-5201). There are many
painful. With more severe frostbite, the skin may appear white         volunteer opportunities available.
and numb. Very severe frostbite may cause blisters,                          Thank you for your consideration and time. This is a
gangrene, and damage to deep structures such as tendons,               wonderful opportunity to help our community.
muscles, nerves, and bone.
                            FIRST AID
     Get to a warm place and remove all jewelry and wet                                       MTO Schedule
clothing. Wrap areas in sterile dressings and go to emergency
                                                                                   (Moms’/Women’s Time Out Group)
room. If you are unable to go to an emergency room, soak the
                                                                       MTO usually meets on the 2nd Monday evening of each month
areas in warm (not hot) water for 20-30 minutes. Move thawed
                                                                       – but, in February, please join us on Monday evening,
areas very little, and never rub or massage. If the frostbite is
                                                                       February 7 at Leo’s Pizza (6:00 p.m.). Women of all ages
extensive, give warm drinks to replace lost fluids. Always get
                                                                       are welcome – being a mom is not a requirement! Bring your
help if there is severe frostbite or if tissue color does not return
promptly after home treatment or if you notice any new
symptoms such as fever, malaise, discoloration, or drainage.
    Be aware of factors that can contribute to frostbite, such                        Contribution Statements
as extreme cold, wet clothes, high winds, and poor circulation.        Contribution Statements for 2010 are available on a table in
Wear suitable clothing, and wear mittens (not gloves), wind-           the gathering area at Faith.
proof, water-resistant, layered clothing, two pairs of socks, and
hats and scarves that cover the ears. Do not drink alcohol or
smoke. Get plenty of rest and food.
    We still have a lot of winter left, so be careful and seek                               Inquirers Class
medical attention any time you are uncertain if your symptoms               Interested in Faith Lutheran? Twice a year we offer an
might be from frostbite.                                               Inquirers Class. In the Inquirers Class, we survey the basics of
                                                                       Christian faith and life, as well as introduce Lutheranism in
                                                                       general and our church in particular. Participating in the
                                                                       Inquirers Class is the route everyone takes to join our
                                                                       congregation. However, attending the Inquirers Class does
                                                                       not commit you to joining, so please feel welcome even if you
        Blood Pressure Screening                                       are only curious.
               Sunday, February 20
                  after both services                                      The class will meet for six (6) Sundays, beginning March
                                                                       6, during the 9:15 a.m. education hour. For more information,
                                                                       please talk with Pastor John.
Articles of Faith – February 2011                                                                                               page 5
                                          Youth & Family Ministries
                   Youth Mission Trip
                                                                                     Sunday, February 6 – 11:30 a.m.
Once again, Faith Lutheran will partner with First Lutheran Church                  Youth Prayer Ministry Team Meeting
(Plano, IL) volunteering with the Franciscans for the Poor in         Any interested adult is welcome to join us in the Faith library (at
Cincinnati, Ohio. The group will spend the week of July 17-22          the top of the ramp) as we pray for our young people and their
leading a simple lifestyle in Christian community. Volunteer          families. Members of the team also commit themselves to daily
opportunities will include soup kitchens, food pantries, day care                       prayer throughout the month.
centers, and housing rehabilitation.
                                                                      Soup-er Bowl of Caring: 2:30 – 4:00 p.m. (Grades 7 & up)
There is room for up to 10 young people and three or four adult        We’ll meet at Faith and then split into two teams to go to the
chaperones. In the event that more than ten young people wish        homes of members and friends of Faith to collect soup and other
to make the trip, preference will be given to members of Faith         non-perishables to donate to the Jacksonville Food Center.
entering grades 9-12 who have not made the trip before.                Members of the team that collects the most food items (to be
To secure a spot on the trip, please submit a covenant form and a       measured in yards) will be awarded ―Soup-er Bowl’ rings.
$50.00 deposit by March 15. Checks should be made out to Faith              Come join in the fun, and be home in time to catch
Lutheran Church with ―youth mission trip‖ written on the memo                          the kick-off of the big game!!
line. Please give the deposit to Linda Strader. Questions? See
Linda or give her a call (245-0718).                                                 Monday, February 7: 6:00 p.m.
                                                                                     **ONE WEEK EARLY IN FEBRUARY**
                                                                          MTO (Moms’/Women's Time Out) Meet at Leo’s Pizza
                                                                      to enjoy delicious food and lively conversation. ALL women of
                                                                        Faith and their friends are invited to attend – being a mom
                                                                                            is not a requirement!

                                                                                Thursday, February 10: 6:45 – 8:30 p.m.
                                                                                   “Visions” Ministry (Grades 7 & Up)
                                                                       This is a chance for our youth to interact with teenagers with
                                                                      visual impairments, some of whom have additional disabilities.
                                                                      We will meet at Illinois School for the Visually Impaired (658 E.
                                                                       State) where we will visit the Teen Center to play games (air
                                                                       hockey, arcade games, Bingo, etc.) or just hang out with the
                                                                         students. Refreshments will be available for sale, as well.
                                                                          Need a ride? Call or text Linda Strader (217-883-1096).
IN FEBRUARY we will be hearing stories about Jacob. Come join
us and learn about Jacob and Esau and Jacob’s dream. We will                       Friday, February 25: 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
also have snacks, make a craft, and maybe even play a game!                             Chili Supper at ISVI (all ages)
                                                                      The students we work with at the Illinois School for the Visually
DURING MARCH we will talk a little about Joseph and a lot about       Impaired have had their athletic travel funding eliminated. The
Moses. Moses was a busy man. Come hear about all of his              school and its students are raising funds in order to attend athletic
adventures! Do you remember what God turned Moses’ staff               and speech competitions at other state schools for the visually
into? Why did Moses have to take his shoes off when he came              impaired. We can show our support for these students by
close to a burning bush? What is a plague? Frogs, lice, and flies            selling/purchasing tickets and attending this event.
– oh my! Find out the answers to these questions and more this          Please let Linda Strader know if you would like to sell tickets,
month at Sunday School!                                                           purchase tickets, and/or attend this event.
                                                                             If you would like to attend with a group from Faith,
                                                                                we will meet in the Faith parking lot at 5:30 pm
                                                                                            and carpool from there.
                                                                                      Let Linda know if you need a ride.
Articles of Faith – February 2011                                                                                   page 6

                         In Sympathy                                    from the Underground Railroad‖ in the Marian Chase
Our sympathy goes out to Annette Kilver and family at the death         Schaeffer Studio Theatre.
of Jack on December 25. A memorial service was held on
December 29 at Faith, and Jack was buried at Union Cemetery
near Pisgah.

                         

                  We Need Your Soles!
In cooperation with Salem Connects, a service/outreach ministry
of Salem Lutheran Church, we at Faith are again asking the
congregation to collect used shoes during January and February.
To fund his Kenya clean water initiative, George "The Shoeman"
Hutchings collects used shoes and sells them to a local recycler
who ships the shoes to South America's used shoe market. With
the shoe sales proceeds, he purchases water drilling equipment
used to provide clean water for Kenyans. Check out this amazing
project at <>. So, do some sole
searching, and tell your friends to do the same, as we continue to
collect shoes in February. Look for the red container in the
gathering area to put your soles in!             -- Pat Glyshaw

                         

                        Donate Blood
           Please bring a photo ID with date of birth.
     Tues., Feb. 1 Passavant Hospital 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
     Tues., Feb. 8 Passavant Hospital 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
       Tues., Feb. 8 Illinois College 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
     Mon., Feb. 21 Jacksonville Walgreens 3:00 – 6:00 pm
      Wed., Feb. 23 MacMurray College 12:00 – 6:00 pm
             Schedule a time to give by calling Mindy
               (1-866-GIVE-BLD, x 136) to sign up
                   or online at
                        Walk-ins welcome!

       MacMurray College Fine Arts Series
Take a look at the line up of events in the MacMurray Fine Arts
Series – ―Celebrating the Arts‖; a list is posted on a bulletin board
in the gathering area. Coming up in February:
   Thursday, February 3:
   6:00 p.m. – Bryce Speed, Painter: ―Peaceable Kingdom,‖ in
   the Applebee Gallery, Putnam Center for the Arts
   7:30 p.m. – Kathryn M. Harris, award-winning historian,
   actress, and re-enactor: ―Being Harriet Tubman: Stories
                        Thank You
My sincere thanks for all your prayers, calls, cards, food, and
especially for the carolers who were enjoyed, not only by me, but
by the other patients and personnel in the hospital. I continue to
improve, but it is slow.             – Elizabeth Beranek

Dear Faith Family,
     Thank you for the Christmas gift card – I really appreciate it
and the support of the congregation. – Bonnie Wallace

Dear Members of Faith,
      Thank you so much for the gift card you gave me for
Christmas. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and wish you
all a Blessed New Year!              – Connie Braner

Dear Faith Friends,
     Thank you very much for the Christmas gift card. You are all
a great blessing to my family and me.
                                      – Elaine Chapman

Dear Faith Family,
     Mary and I want to thank you for your prayers, calls, cards,
and concern for us. We feel very blessed to experience Christ’s
love through our Faith family. We especially appreciate Pastor
John’s help and support.            – Larry & Mary Kuster

Dear Faith Members,
    Thank you for all the prayers, cards, food, flowers,
memorials, and support during Jack Kilver’s memorial service.
We are grateful for all our church friends. God bless,
                                        – Annette Kilver & Family

Thank you everyone who assisted in any way with the meal
following the service for Jack Kilver.
                              – Bonnie Wallace, Parish Nurse

Dear Faith Family,
    Thank you to everyone for the cards and visits after my move
to Knollwood, and especially to Pastor John for his visits. I am
enjoying my new home.               – Betty Mosley

Dear Mr. Radliff and Congregation,
     I would like to share our sincere gratitude for your generosity
and support this Christmas season. During these tough economic
times, it is great to know that people think about other children in
need. It is a blessing to see the happy faces of the children as
they open their gifts, a blessing that would not have been possible
without your thoughtfulness.
     Your efforts and dedication to our agency and the community
is a testament of your good will. Again, thank you so much for
caring about these children.
           Sincerely, Neil McCutchan & the Entire
              Lutheran Child & Family Services Child Welfare Staff
          Worship Schedule                        Our Jacksonville Journal-Courier newspaper prints many articles about the
                                             poor and the increase in numbers of those needing help. This month, article
     8:15 a.m. Contemporary Service          descriptions included ―YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED WHO IS POOR‖, and ―FOOD
          with ASL Interpretation            STAMP, FOOD PANTRY USE INCREASES IN ILLINOIS‖.
   9:15 a.m. Sunday School for all ages           The Jacksonville Area Community Food Center is serving 25 new families this
          10:30 a.m. Traditional             month.
   Evangelical Lutheran Worship-based             Faith Lutheran Church supports the Jacksonville Area Community Food Center
                 Service                     by collecting on the first Sunday of each month. You can place your food items in
    Holy Communion in both services          the grocery cart or plastic box in the gathering area at any time. Cash donations
                                             can be placed in the trucker’s wallet attached to the grocery cart.
                                                  If you donate by check, please make the check payable to Faith Lutheran
                                             church with a notation that the donation is for the Food Center. Faith Lutheran
                                             donated $67.50 in food and $255.10 in money in December. Thank you for all your
                                             help. The Food Center is very appreciative of our kindness and support!

                                                                     Suggested Menu for February:
                                                                 canned meat, dry milk, canned potatoes,
                                                                    shampoo, powdered laundry soap

             FOOD CENTER
                By Lillian Korous

Faith Lutheran Church                                                                     Nonprofit Organization
1385 W. Walnut                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE
Jacksonville, IL 62650                                                                           PAID
(217) 245-8919 voice and fax                                                              Jacksonville, IL 62650                                                                      Permit No. 300

      For Your Information:
This edition of the Articles of Faith
 was brought to the Post Office
     on January 27, 2011

                                        FLIP THE RETURN ADDRESS
                                                              Easter Breakfast
     The congregation is invited to attend the Easter Breakfast to be held in the Sunday School area from 9:15-10:30 a.m. on April 4. The
youth will be coordinating this event. There is no cost to attend the breakfast, but a free-will offering will be collected to help offset the cost of
the youth mission trip to Cincinnati.
     Anyone willing to donate a coffee cake, breakfast bread, muffins, milk, juice, or cut-up fruit is asked to use the sign-up sheet in the
gathering area on the Youth Table. Youth and their parents are asked to sign up to help with set up Sunday evening, March 28 and/or to
help serve and clean up on Easter Sunday morning, April 4. THANK YOU!

                                                    A simple solution: Fair Trade
Coffee is big business — it’s one of the most heavily traded commodities in the world. But for the majority of small-scale coffee farmers, the
benefits are few. One answer for small-scale farmers is Fair Trade. Fair Trade shares the bounty of the coffee trade with those who grow the
crop, helping them build a better future for themselves and their communities.
By working together and pooling their resources to form a cooperative, farmers can sell their coffee directly to international buyers without
relying on middlemen. Through Fair Trade, farmers receive a fair price that covers their cost of production and guarantees them a living wage
for their labors.
Fair Trade far surpasses the temporary assistance provided to farmers through charity. Instead, the ongoing business of Fair Trade
consistently contributes to the living conditions of farmers, their families, and their communities. Cooperatives use profits from Fair Trade
coffee sales in establishing community improvement programs such as training in organic farming, leadership development, schools, and
health clinics.
At Faith, we use fairly-traded coffee every Sunday during fellowship, and we provide members and friends of Faith with the opportunity to
purchase fairly-traded coffee and tea for use in their own homes. As the holiday season approaches, please consider picking up some extra
coffee to give as Christmas gifts, to use as hostess gifts, and to serve with your holiday meals.

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