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									                     Anderson High School
 7560 Forest Rd. Cincinnati, Ohio ~ A monthly publication of the Anderson PTA ~ August 2007

                        FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S PEN
                                School Improvement Plan 2007-08

Anderson High School has had many successes during the past. However, we must not be
complacent about our future. The parents, students, teachers and administration are continually
searching for ways to make Anderson a better school. Each year we study the problems of the school
and search for ways to improve. That work develops the school improvement plan. Again, this year we
have identified 16 initiatives.

   1. Develop a plan to reduce student tardiness to school and class.
   2. Reduce student distractions by implementing a plan to consistently enforce the “articles not
       allowed in school” rule stated in the student/parent handbook.
   3. Develop a strategic plan in each department to increase achievement on the OGT.
   4. Expand the TABLET program to further integrate technology into the curriculum to foster
       development of 21st century skills for all students.
   5. Increase staff awareness and the ability to respond effectively in the event of an emergency.
       (i.e. knowledge of fire alarm and extinguisher locations, AED locations and use, appropriate
       recognition of 911 situations, etc.)
   6. Improve environmental awareness by expanding our commitment to a recycling program.
   7. Create a building wellness committee to promote and meet the guidelines established in the
       district wellness plan.
   8. Improve the utilization of staff meeting time for professional development activities.
   9. Expand initiatives to promote awareness of student achievement and talents in the school and
       the community.
   10. Establish a committee to evaluate the community service requirements.
   11. Increase the awareness of the appropriate protocols for patriotic and school songs and pledges.
       (i.e. Pledge of Allegiance, Alma Mater, National Anthem, etc.)
   12. Post inspirational messages throughout the building to encourage the qualities of good
   13. Foster and improve the consistency in implementation of homeroom programs.
   14. Complete the installation of the memorial to honor alumni who are veterans who died in service
       to our country.
   15. Educate students on the definition of plagiarism/cheating.
   16. Educate and promote the district facilities plan as it relates to Anderson High School to all
       stakeholders. (i.e. parents, booster organizations, PTA, students, etc.)

These 16 areas were developed through a study conducted by the Effective School Committee. Input
was also given by the PTA, faculty, advisory committee and the North Central steering committee. If
you have any questions regarding any of the initiatives, please call me at 232-2772.

Diana L. Carter
Principal                                                              Submissions for September’s newsletter
                                                                       are due September 4 . Send to Ginger
                                                                       Johnson, Editor @ gjohnson36@fuse.net.
     Welcome Back AHS Parents . . .Welcome New Freshman parents!
Whether you know it or not – you are part of a tradition of excellence through
AHS PTA. And this year, the tradition continues! Join us and become a part of the most
vital, largest high school PTA in the state of OHIO! Because of the combined talents of
hundreds of parents, AHS PTA provides support and enrichment to Anderson High School
that touch the lives of ALL students.
    • The first step is . . . JOIN! Membership form is included in this newsletter.
    • The second step is . . . contribute your own special talents. Whether you are a
         “worker bee”, a decision maker, a fundraiser, a work from home contributor, a
         donator of food or funds . . .TOGETHER we get the job done.

                                   WE ARE YOUR PTA!
By this time you are probably settling into a routine with your high school student(s). My
hope is that your summer has left you refreshed, renewed and ready for the support role
parents play in their children’s education. Thanks for all the help parents provided this
summer and start-up of school including: Summer Packet stuffing; schedule pick-up;
freshman orientations; picture day; and the staff luncheon. Many parents were (and are)
working behind the scenes to prepare for various programs and services through PTA. You
know who you are . . .Thank You to for your Generous Spirit. You are the heart and soul
of PTA.
New This Year:
    • PTA has some new fundraisers . . .including our Kroger Card program. This is a
       “painless” fundraiser where PTA received 4% of all purchases at Kroger. Potentially
       this can be our MOST effective fundraiser. Details are included in this newsletter.
What’s ahead?
    • August 27th – First PTA meeting. Stay “In the Know” by being a regular attendee at
       our monthly meetings. Reports are given at each meeting from the principal, teacher
       rep. and parent committee chairmen.
                Next PTA meeting . . . Oct. 1st, 7:15 PM in the Media Center
    • Look for PTA’s Magazine drive envelope in your US mail.
    • Encourage your child to submit their art/dance/literature/music, photography or film
       entry in the PTA Reflections Competition. Entree forms are located outside the
       Student Service Center. The deadline for submission is generally late October. This
       is wonderful way for students to receive accolades for their talents in various areas.
       Anderson High School is known for having some of the most talented student!
We are off to what will prove to be . . . A GREAT YEAR at AHS!
                              Tracy Pierson, AHS PTA624-6801
  Last year, PTA provided over $15,000 in student scholarships, teacher mini-grants, special projects and
                                 additional materials for OUR students.

    After Prom, Book fair, Daily Bookstore, A Day for Today’s Woman, Craft Fair, Teen Dress Shop, Staff
    Appreciation, Senior Breakfast & Awards Night, Monthly Newsletter and the Student Directory are all
                                       provided through the AHS PTA.

  Remember, PTA Members will receive one FREE AHS Student Directory per
     Stay in touch through the newsletter! Become involved as a parent
              volunteer! Continue the tradition… JOIN AHS PTA
  PLEASE PRINT. (One form per family!)

  Parents(s)/Guardian(s) first and last


  Ph.__________________2nd Ph.(optional)____________Parent Email*________________________
   *This is an easy way to reach parents with last minute information regarding parent volunteer needs or date/time changes. The email chain** is
used sparingly.

  OPTIONAL: Second Listing for Parents (for parents who do not share the same address but would like both sets of
  information to be listed)

  Parent first & Last Name ______________________Parent Email ____________________________


  Please list the name(s) of your AHS student(s) as would like them to appear in the AHS Student
  LAST NAME                                PREFERRED FIRST NAME                              GRADE

  ___ I would like to join AHS PTA.
  ___ I would like to join AHS PTA, but prefer not to have the above information included in the AHS
  Student Directory.
  ___ I would like the information listed above to be included in the AHS Student Directory, but I prefer
  not to join PTA.
  ___**I would like to be part of the email chain, but do not want my email address published in the AHS
  Student        Directory.
  ___I would like to order extra AHS Directories(PTA members receive one free directory per family)
  Make check payable to: AHS PTA and mail to: AHS PTA, 7560 Forest Rd. 45330; Attn: Membership

  $_________ PTA Membership: Family ($15) –or - Single ($10)
  $_________ Extra AHS Student Directory ($2 each)

  $_________ TOTAL
                                            Any Questions or Comments:
                       Please contact, Regina Germano, 474-5838 or Linda DelCore, 624-0923
                                     JUST A REMINDER!!!

The annual magazine drive kicks off September 17th and runs until October
12th. Look for packets to be mailed to homes soon. For questions or more
information, please contact Beth Johnson at 231-0945 or e-mail

                       ATTENTION KROGER SHOPPERS!
                 Make money for your AHS PTA by doing what you do naturally –
                                     Shopping at Kroger!

 Purchase a Kroger Gift Card from AHS PTA for $1, and reload the card with additional value when you
shop. These cards are so easy to reload (via cash, check, debit or credit) and they can be used in the
checkout lanes, pharmacy, fueling center, and at all Kroger Affiliated Stores throughout the U.S. Order
an extra card for your teen driver. Anderson PTA automatically receives 4 percent of all sales!
Proceeds will be used to fund PTA programs and services such as After Prom, Evening for the Arts,
Teacher Mini-Grants, Staff Appreciation, and many more. It’s the easiest way ever to support your
                                     Kroger Gift Card Order Form


Address ________________________________________________________________

Phone__________________________ E-mail___________________________________

#____________Kroger Gift Cards @ $1.00 per Card = $______________total

Send in cash or check in an envelope marked AHS PTA – Attn. Kroger Gift Cards to Anderson High
School. Make checks out to “AHS PTA”.
You will receive your $1 “pre-loaded” Kroger Gift Card(s) along with complete details through the mail.
Contact Kim Loseff @ 624-0664 or sloseff@cinci.rr.com with any questions.
                                 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!
                       GET’EM WHILE THEY LAST!
                          Recipe book order form
#______________(2 or more) @ $9 per book = ________
#______________(1) @ $10 per book = ____________________
Make checks payable and return to Anderson High School PTA, 7560 Forest
Road, Cincinnati, OH 45255

                                                SAVE THE DATE!

                                       Anderson Craft Fair
                 Anderson High School          Saturday, Nov. 10, 2007           9 A.M. – 3 P.M

    Floral Arrangements, Holiday Decorations, Baskets, Wood Crafts, Purses, Scarves, Pottery,
                   Painted Furniture, Stained Glass, Jewelry, and much MORE!

                        RAFFLES, LUNCH AND BAKE SALE
                    For more information, call Kathy Benassi (513) 474-0920
                                     percussion feature Life at the
                                     Faire and the mysterious Merlin.
                                     The ballad, Guinevere: Two
                                     Hearts, One Choice follows with
                                     the exciting conclusion, Lancelot
                                     “The Champion of Battle”. We
                                     hope to see you at every
                                     Anderson football game and at
Anderson “Pride of AHS” Bands        our competitions this fall:

The Anderson High School
“Pride of AHS” Marching Band is
off to a SUPERIOR 2007
Marching Band season!          The
band started practicing with new
members at the beginning of
August,       began    twice-a-day             Next event:
rehearsals on August 6th, and
finally finished their camps with           September 15th
13-14 hour rehearsal days at the        Tipp City Marching Band
luxurious lodgings of Camp                     Invitational
Crescendo, outside Louisville,                   ~AND~
KY!                                     Western Brown Mid-States
This year, the Anderson High
School Marching Band will be
performing a show entitled
Excalibur, with music inspired by
the legend of King Arthur. This
original music portrays the life
and spirit of historic Camelot
figures. The show begins with
Arthur – King of Legend.        It
continues with a colorguard &
Just in time for Homecoming

Saturday, September 15
McNicholas High School

This is your chance to buy and sell
gently used formal dresses, shoes and accessories.
                                                                              Dress Drop-Off: 9-10 am
                                                                       (Please bring dresses on hangers)
                                                                                     Sale: 10 am – 1 pm
                                                                   Money/Dress Pick-up: 1:30 – 2:30 pm
                                                                           THIS IS A CASH ONLY SALE

                   Anderson, McNicholas and Turpin PTAs offer this non-
                 profit, consignment shopping. Questions? Call Angel Riley @ 474-1353

FHIMA Wants You!
Deb Dietrichson,
FHIMA Coupon Book/Membership Representative

Have you sent in your FHIMA membership form yet?
Why are you waiting? We want anyone and
                                                            “Make a Difference”
everyone who loves music to become a Forest Hills
Instrumental Music Association member. A copy of            with PTA Reflections
the membership form was enclosed in the packet
distributed in July. Even if your child is not presently    The theme for the 2007-08 PTA
participating in band or orchestra, he or she benefits      Reflections contest is: I can
from the support of this program; our bands and
orchestras, perform for their fellow students, as well      make a difference by. . .
as for parents and the community.
                                                            As you get settled in your routine, think
Buy It in Anderson coupon books can be ordered              about how you can create an entry for
now for October delivery. Monies raised from its sale       one or more of the following categories:
support the Forest Hills Instrumental Music                    Literature
Association. Redeem the coupons at the many                    Musical Composition
Anderson businesses. Free items, and buy one-get               Photography
one free as well as numerous discounts, are yours
                                                               Visual Arts
as a coupon book owner! Coupon books are $25. If
you order your coupon book before October 1, you               Dance Choreography
will receive a free FUNd Card, a $10 value.                    Film/Video Production
                                                            Copies of the rules and entry form will be
To order a coupon book, send cash or check (made            available at the Student Service Center at
payable to FHIMA) in an envelope with the form              AHS. Contact: Beth Hoogland
(found in this newsletter). Mail the form or return it to   hilandfling@fuse.net 474-3723
AHS office in an envelope marked “FHIMA”. Coupon
books will be delivered by your school’s FHIMA rep.
Please help us create beautiful music throughout
the Forest Hills Schools.
  PCN’s Goal: Keeping Kids Safe
The Parent Communication Network (PCN) is a
group of parents dedicated toward the goal of
encouraging children to enjoy life without the use
of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Parents who join
                                                          Eliminate the
PCN work together to voice their commitment               Hassle
toward the common goal of keeping our children
                                                          Shop for your student's reading and
safe and drug and alcohol free.
                                                          school supply needs at the AHS
PCN, in cooperation with the Forest Hills Council         Bookstore.
of PTAs, works to support parents by adopting
guidelines, which are uniform in our community            Anderson PTA Bookstore has copies of the
and by setting standards for our children. Parents        required reading books in stock, as well
need to be involved in the lives of their children…       as basic school supplies. The bookstore,
at home, at school and in the community.                  located outside the cafeteria, is open
                                                          every day during lunch. Purchases may
By following four simple steps, parents can help          be made with cash or a check to “AHS
their children grow and develop positively and be
better prepared for those situations where they
will need to make “a choice”.
1. Teach your child to assert themselves at               The Bookstore PTA Chairs work closely
    home. Help them develop their reasoning               with AHS Staff to ensure that all
    skills; rather than saying “no” when your child       upcoming required reading is available.
    asks to do something, have a conversation,
    discuss positive/negative points to the request.
    By learning to negotiate a more acceptable
    plan, your child will learn skills that can be
    used with friends when a difficult situation                       Adopt an AHS
    comes up.
2. Know your child’s friends. Watch and listen                        Landscape Plot
    to how they interact. Discuss with your child
    any negative things your become aware of and
    what the effects might be. Use even the               Please seriously consider adopting an
    smallest thing as a teachable moment to talk          area of Anderson High School’s landscape
    with your child. You can never have too many          to help maintain or improve. Days and
    of those talks.
                                                          times are very flexible: whenever you feel
3. Get your child involved in at least one
    activity. Positive activities build confidence        it is necessary to spruce up your area.
    and will put all children in contact with others to   Feel free to contact committee chairmen:
    provide a positive influence.                         Hannah Phero:
4. Keep your focus on the family. Plan parent-            hphero@yahoo.com; 232-7742
    child activities often to show your child that                            - or -
    their lives can be much richer that just their        Ellen Leavy:
    group of friends.                                     eleavy@zoomtown.com; 474-3564.
             from Womansday.com, September 2007

Please contact the PCN rep, Sandy Goheen, at
AHS if you have questions or want to get
involved. Watch this newsletter each month for
more PCN information.
             Forest Hills Instrumental Music
                          Be a supporting member of FHIMA in 2007 – 2008!
Parents of instrumental music students are encouraged to become active, supporting
members of FHIMA by making an annual contribution of $10 or more. You may further
support FHIMA by purchasing a “Buy It In Anderson” Coupon Book or Fund Card.

Name(s) of
Phone #__________________ E-Mail _____________________________________
Tell us the instrumental music students you are supporting:
Student’s Name________________________School ____________Grade_____

Membership Donation Levels                                             Amount Enclosed
Family Membership                 $ 10.00                               $_____________

VIP Gifts*: Bronze VIP                          $ 25.00                 $____________

                Silver VIP                      $ 50.00                  $____________
                Gold VIP                        $ 75.00                  $_____________
                Platinum VIP                    $100.00                  $_____________
*VIP Gift donors will receive special recognition in the FHIMA newsletter.
 (Please note that the above contributions may be tax deductible.)
Additional Purchases:
“Buy It In Anderson” Coupon Book                      $25.00              $_____________
“Buy It In Anderson” Fund Card                        $10.00**            $_____________
      TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED                                               $_____________
**If you are purchasing a Coupon Book before Oct. 1, you will receive a free Fund Card
with your Coupon Book purchase and do not need to send an additional $10!

Please make check payable to “FHIMA”. You may combine payment for your membership and
Coupon Book/Fund Card purchase in one check. Please be aware that checks returned by your
bank for nonpayment will be subject to a fee of up to $35.

Please fill in the following information for us to deliver your Coupon Book/Fund
Card order:
Student name_________________________ School____________ Grade____
RETURN TODAY TO: Debbie Dietrichson, 2264 Spinningwheel Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45244
You may also return it to your school office in an envelope marked “FHIMA”.
   Forest Hills Instrumental Music Association

FHIMA provides services to the district’s instrumental music program, such as the care and
purchase of uniforms for our high school musicians; scholarships for students in the elementary,
middle, and high schools, and for graduating seniors; school representatives that act as liaisons
between FHIMA and the directors; and four newsletters each year to keep the parents of instrumental
music students informed. FHIMA’s fundraisers to support these services include the All Sports
Programs sold at sporting events, popcorn sales at Anderson H.S. football games, the sale of “Buy It
In Anderson” Coupon Books and Fund Cards, and events such as Band Expo and the Spaghetti
Dinner/Silent Auction.

These fundraisers are run and staffed by parent volunteers. We need your help to make them
successful! Volunteering is fun and a great way to meet other parents of band and orchestra
students. Please complete this form to let us know how you are willing to help!

Parent/Guardian Name(s)__________________________________________
Phone #:________________ E-Mail Address:___________________________
(Please circle “Phone #” or “E-Mail” to indicate your preferred method of contact.)
Child(ren) in the school district’s instrumental music program:
Name_____________________________ School__________________Grade____
Name_____________________________ School__________________Grade____
Name_____________________________ School__________________Grade____

Please check the areas in which you are willing to help:

_____Band Expo (Oct. 20th)            _____Selling Coupon Books at Events

_____Spaghetti Dinner                  _____Silent Auction           (March 15, 2008)

_____School Representative for __________________________(name of school)

_____Popcorn Sales @ Anderson High School football games in the fall

_____Publicity (contributing photos of music events for newspaper publication)
If you have any questions about the above committees, please contact Allison Essinger by
phone at 474-0808 or by e-mail at alessinger@cinci.rr.com.

We would like you to choose how you wish to get this information to us:
       Mail this form to: Allison Essinger, 749 St. Thomas Ct., Cincinnati, OH 45230
       Return this form to your school office in an envelope marked “FHIMA”.
       E-mail your contact information and volunteer choices to Allison Essinger at
       alessinger@cinci.rr.com (please put “FHIMA” in the subject line of your e-mail)

We look forward to working with you during the 2007-2008 school year!
                              It’s that time
                     Celebrate a new school year
                  Here is a way to say “we were here.”

                   BUY A BRICK!
                       Sponsored by Anderson High School PTA
     Each 4” by 8” brick can be engraved up to 3 lines, 14 characters each (spaces between
         words count as characters but periods and commas do not).
     Common wording includes:
         Individual and/or family name
         Company name
         “Class of xxxx” (year of graduation)
         “In memory of”
         “In honor of”
                     ***The PTA reserves the right to review all orders.***
     Bricks sell for $45 each. The order form and check made payable to “Anderson High
         School PTA” should be submitted in an envelope addressed as follows:
                                      AHS Bricks
                                      Anderson High School
                                      7560 Forest Road
                                      Cincinnati, OH 45255

      Any questions please call: Ann Hayden 232-7745


     BRICK #1
     __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

     __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

     __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

Name _______________________________               Telephone _________________________
Address _________________________________________ Amount Enclosed $_______
       Anderson High School Counseling Department Presents

  Getting It Together for College Admissions and Financial Aid

                        For Juniors, Seniors and Their Parents

                                            September 18, 2007

                                                    Titus Auditorium

          Admissions Criteria at Colleges Most Often Attended by Forest Hills Students

6:30- 7:15 PM               Break 7:15 – 7:30 PM                  Repeats 7:30- 8:15 PM

                     University of Cincinnati                       Northern Kentucky University

                    Miami University              Ohio State University                  Xavier University
                                                        Media Center

                       The Financial Aid Process for Public and Private Colleges

6:30 -7:15 PM               Break 7:15 – 7:30 PM                  Repeats 7:30 – 8:15 PM

Paul Calme, Financial Aid Director, Xavier University
      513-745-3142           calme@xavier.edu

Penny Asalon, Financial Aid Officer, Northern Kentucky University
      859-572-6435          asalonp@nku.edu

Parents and students are invited to visit the College/Career Center (CCC) in the Student Services
center during the break or after the panel presentations.

Questions: Contact Charles.Woodward@foresthills.edu 513.232.2772 ex. 2985
                            FROM THE COUNSELOR’S

Looking for SAT/ACT
registration information?
Need help preparing for a
college admission test?             October 1, 2007 7:00-8:30 PM
Want to know when the Miami         Forest Hills School District at
University representative will be   Turpin High School
visiting Anderson High School?
The College/Career Center,          October 2, 2007 6:30-8:30 PM
located in the Student Service      Cincinnati Hills Christian
Center, is the place to find the    Academy
answers to these questions and
many more! We are up and            October 3, 2007 7:00-8:30 PM
running and anxious to start the    Oak Hills High School
year assisting students and
parents!! We have information       October 4, 2007 7:00-8:30 PM
pertaining to college visits,       Regional Suburban College
college searches, financial aid,    Fair at Cincinnati Country Day
careers and so much more.           School
Please come in to check out
books, research careers, or sit     October 7, 2007 1:00-4:00 PM
down to search the web for          NACAC National College Fair
colleges.                           at Duke Energy (Convention)

College Fairs for 2007-2008         October 25, 2007 6:00-8:30 PM
                                    Eastgate Mall
September 27, 2007 6:00-8:00
PM                                  March 30, 2008 1:00-3:00 PM
Northern Kentucky Regional          Xavier University Spring
College Fair at Thomas More         College Fair at Cintas Center

                   (Continued on next page…)
               Important Sophomore and Junior Testing Information
                            Don’t Forget to Sign Up!

                                           The PSAT:
Registration Dates: September 4th –
10th                                       Registration Dates: September 4th –
Test Date: November 6th & 7th (both
days are mandatory)                        Test Date: October 17th

☺      Intended for all sophomores.        ☺     Intended for all juniors
                                                 intending to go to college
☺      Great way to prepare for the              directly after graduation.
       ACT; covers the same subjects
       and gives you an estimated          ☺     Lets you compare your ability to
       score.                                    do college work with the abilities
                                                 of other college-bound students.
☺      Students who take it score
       higher on the ACT than students     ☺     Sophomores who have done
       who don’t.                                advance work on subjects
                                                 covered by the test can take the
☺      Helps you know that you are on            test during their sophomore year.
       track for college, and connects
       you with colleges that may be       ☺     Gives you practice for taking the
       interested in you.                        SAT I because both tests have
                                                 the same kinds of questions and
☺      Points out your strengths and             similar scores.
       areas you may want to work on.
                                           ☺     For juniors taking the
☺      Helps you find careers that               PSAT/NMSQT this is the first
       match your interests.                     step in entering the scholarship
                                                 programs conducted by the
                                                 National Merit Scholarship

                                           ☺     Information from selected
                                                 colleges and universities will be
                                                 mailed to you.

                                           ☺     Scores are not reported to
                                                 colleges to which you may

                 AHS Calendar of Events –
                 August/September 2007
Mon. Aug. 27…………………………………………………………..PTA meeting 7:15pm

Mon. Sept. 3……………………………………………………… Labor Day—NO SCHOOL

Sat. Sept. 15………………………………Teen Dress Shop @ McNick 10:00am-1:00pm

Mon. Sept. 17……………………………………………………Open House 7:00-9:00 pm

Tues. Sept 18……………………………………………….College Night 6:30pm-8:15pm

Wed. Sept. 19…………………………………………………. Early dismissal @ 1:15pm

Fri. Sept. 28………………………………………………….1st qtr. Interim reports mailed

Sat. Sept. 29………………………………………… Homecoming Dance 9-12 midnight

Mon. Oct. 1………………………………………. . …………………..PTA meeting 7:15pm

Mon. Sept.17-Fri. Oct. 12…………. ………………………………….PTA Magazine Drive

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