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									                            Quick Information Sheet:
                                ACL Injuries:

    UK Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine, Center for Cartilage Repair and Restoration
                            Christian Lattermann, MD
                            Tears of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) often result from low
Mechanism of Injury:        velocity, non-contact twisting injuries to the knee. A valgus –external
                            rotation trauma or a hyperextension of the knee is a typical mechanism.
                            ACL tears can also happen with seemingly minor injuries such as pivoting
                            maneuvers or missing a step while turning. Women have a higher risk to
                            tear their ACL than men.

Subjective symptoms:        Acutely:                             Sub-acutly:
                               • Pain                               • Complaint of instability
                               • Swelling                           • Painful giving-way
                               • Inability to weight bear           • Pain often if other structures
                               • Hearing a pop                         are injured (i.e. meniscus,
                                                                       articular cartilage)
Objective findings:         Physical Exam:                       Imaging:
                               • +Lachman test                      • Plain x-rays
                               • + Pivot-shift                      • MRI
                               • + anterior drawer if
                                    associated meniscus injury
                               • KT-1000 > 5mm difference
Natural History:            Low demand patient:                  High demand patient:
                            can often compensate by activity     almost always develops
                            modification and PT                  symptomatic instability. Has 20%
                                                                 risk per year of catastrophic
                                                                 meniscal damage
Non-operative Treatment:       • PT
                               • Activity modification
Operative Treatment:        ACL reconstruction with:
                               • Hamstring autograft
                               • Bone-Patellar-Tendon-Bone autograft
                               • Allograft
                               • Pre-op PT for restoration of ROM and strength
                               • Post-op PT
                            Non-operative:                      Operative:

Time off from work:         0-4 weeks depending on work type     0-4 weeks depending on work type

Return to activities:       4-6 weeks depending on symptoms      2-6 weeks: normal walking
                                                                 12 weeks: light jogging
                                                                 3-6 months: running, cutting
                                                                 6 months – 1year: contact sports

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