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					                MIT Parents News
                             A publication to inform parents of MIT activities and programs

Vol. XVI, Issue # 1           Published by the MIT Parents Association and the MIT Alumni Association                               Fall 2006

Family Weekend 2006
Join us at Family Weekend, October 13-15,                                                            Students present their work during
to experience the depth and breadth of MIT                                                           Department Receptions at Family
firsthand. MIT’s prominent professors and                                                             Weekend 2005.

                                                                                                                                                Photos by Ming Tai Huh ’03
researchers will be featured at Family Weekend
favorites such as the Nobel Laureate Luncheon,
the Keynote Address and Special Lecture
Series. Professors Tonegawa, Armstrong,
Barnett, Kanwisher and Lauffenburger will
present on topics ranging from Neuroscience,
Bioengineering and Aviation Safety to MIT’s
new Energy Initiative.                           Chamber Chorus. Meet the MIT president,
                                                 Dr. Susan Hockfield, and top administrators
Visit the Open Classes and Department            at the Community Meeting, and learn about
Receptions and get to know the professors        their vision for MIT. Root for the Engineers at
“up front and personally.” Enjoy the artistic    one of the MIT home games. It’s also a great
side of MIT by attending the Friday night        opportunity to spend time with your student
Wind and Jazz concert featuring the MIT          and explore his or her world at MIT.

Global Ambitions: the New Dean of Undergraduate Education
By Alycen Ashburn, MIT Parents Association

                                                 On January 1, 2006, Daniel (Dan)                  “I’ve been teaching classes, both
                                                 Hastings AA ’80 assumed his newest role at        undergraduate and graduate. I’ve had a
                                                 MIT: Dean of Undergraduate Education.             number of administrative positions. I’ve run
                                                 With thirty years of MIT experience               educational programming. I’ve served as the
                                                 behind him and holding multiple                   associate department head of a department
                                                 advisory positions, most within the federal       (and then the) department head of a
                                                 government, Hastings is well prepared for         department. All those things prepared me
                                                 the challenges ahead.                             for how you deal with faculty, how you deal
                                                                                                   with students, how you deal with budgets,”
                                                 Hastings first arrived at MIT in September
                                                                                                   replied Hastings when asked about his prior
                                                 of 1976 as a graduate student. After
                                                 earning his masters degree in Aerospace
                                                 Engineering, Hastings remained at the             One cannot doubt that Hastings has a
                                                 Institute to obtain his doctorate. Following      solid history of Institute involvement,
                                                 this, he left to do research “out in the          but what does he have planned for the
Hastings as the Director of the Engineering
Systems Division at the ESD Community            world,” as he puts it, but returned soon after    future? Somewhere amid his days full
barbeque last fall. Photo by Lois Slavin, ESD    as an assistant professor in 1985. It seems as    of meetings with undergraduate offices;
Communications Director.                         though he’s been here ever since.                 senior administration; faculty; and students
                                                                                                                          (Continued on next page)
   seeking resources, Hastings finds time to          the students to take away from those            Word travels quickly in the Cambridge area,
   tackle broader issues affecting the Institute.     experiences.”                                   and after the Dean’s endorsement, the Legal
                                                                                                     Sea Foods in Kendall Square was pleased to
   “We want to make the MIT educational            • Generating a cultural shift within MIT
                                                                                                     extend the following offer.
   experience the most sought after educational      — the change of focus from teaching to
   experience in the world, nothing less than        learning: As Hastings clarifies, “Teaching
                                                                                                      Welcome all parents and
   that,” Hastings summarized when asked             is the input; learning is the output.”
                                                                                                      students of MIT.
   about his aspirations. Realizing that this
                                                   • Exploring ways to further diversify              Present this article
   ultimate goal must be focused into smaller,                                                        or a valid MIT ID
                                                     the student body: “We’ve been actually
   attainable parts, a strategic planning                                                             during your next meal
                                                     quite successful in the undergraduate            at our Kendall Square
   committee has now decided upon six
                                                     population, but our graduate population          location, and we’ll treat your party to a
   themes to examine:                                                                                 complimentary cup of our famous New
                                                     lags behind fairly substantially,” Hastings      England Clam Chowder!*
   • Catalyzing the Undergraduate                    informs. He goes on to say that the
                                                                                                               *Kendall Square location only. One
     Commons, the core educational                   planning committee is concentrating on                     cup per person with purchase of meal.
     components all undergraduates must              how MIT can better prepare students,
     fulfill: Hastings emphasizes that his            especially underrepresented minorities, for
     department must “understand and orient          the transition to graduate school.
     and energize                                                                                    Housing @ MIT
     what we give as                                                                                 By Robin Smedick, Assistant Director of
     the core of our    “We aim to give students                                                     Undergraduate, Summer, & Guest Housing
     education to all
                           a deeply analytical education.”                                           The MIT Undergraduate Housing System
     as opposed to                                                                                   offers students flexibility and the satisfaction
     what they get in the departments.”            While Hastings and his committees                 of making informed decisions throughout
                                                   reevaluate and tailor modern education            their undergraduate stay. Since student
   • Incorporating information technology
                                                   to best benefit the students, what can             housing contentment is often vital to how
     in a way that enables—as opposed to
                                                   parents do to help their offspring at MIT?         students perform in other areas of college
     complicates or interferes with—students’
                                                   Hastings offers this advice: “We’re here to        life, a system has been developed that fosters
     ability to learn
                                                   give (students) the best possible education       the ability to make housing choices.
   • Understanding how to develop a student        we can. This education, we think, is very
     holistically: Hastings explains this as       good, but it’s also hard. Parents need to be      Our goal of enhancing student satisfaction
     “understanding how to build up self-          appropriately supportive of their sons and        begins with the distribution of information
     confidence and leadership skills in our        daughters.”                                       well before the scheduled arrival of
     students.”                                                                                      incoming freshmen for Orientation in
                                                   Hastings urges parents to encourage their
                                                                                                     August. Many students are happy with
   • Determining what kind of experiences          children to take advantage of all that the
                                                                                                     the building selected for them during the
     MIT should provide for its students           Institute has to offer. He added, “Don’t
                                                                                                     Freshmen Summer Lottery in July and
     to prepare them to be competitive in          encourage them to do everything because
                                                                                                     continue to live there after Orientation.
     the global economy: A faculty/staff            you can’t do everything and do it well. It’s an
                                                                                                     However, not all freshmen are content
     committee is currently reviewing              issue of time management.”
                                                                                                     with this assignment and are given the
     available MIT opportunities like Study                                                          opportunity to enter an Adjustment Lottery
                                                   Finally, knowing what a treat it is for
     Abroad, the Undergraduate Research                                                              where, if successful, they can move to a
                                                   students to be taken out to dinner by
     Opportunities Program (UROP), summer                                                            preferable environment before classes start.
                                                   their parents during a visit, the Parents
     internships, externships in January during
                                                   Association asked Hastings to recommend a
     the Independent Activities Period, and                                                          Housing choice continues to be valued and
                                                   local restaurant. His reply: “In Cambridge,
     potential classes to be offered. Hastings                                                        encouraged throughout a student’s career
                                                   probably the place I go to more than
     is “expecting this faculty/staff committee                                                       at MIT. Students often wish to change
                                                   anything else is Legal Sea Foods. They have
     to come back with (ideas of ) how we                                                            residences from year to year, as well as mid-
                                                   very good food there. Take ‘em there.”
     can put together all these different                                                             semester. It is for this reason that we have
     opportunities in a way that’s coherent.”      For more about the Undergraduate                  developed a housing change process for all
     He goes on to say, “We’re looking at what     Educational Commons, please visit: http://        MIT undergraduates. Students can submit
     we can actually teach and what we expect
2 MIT Parents Association                                                            
                           a Housing Request Form online at any time         Physical Intelligence: Athletics 2.0
                                                                             By Cynthia Stanton
                           application.html. They will have the option
                                                                             Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (DAPER)
                           to select up to four buildings on this form,
                           as well as list any special circumstances that    During a Physical Education class in the         in climate create seasonal opportunities
                           may impact their housing request. Once a          beginning of her freshman year at the            as well: outdoor hiking, sailing, skiing,
                           student has submitted a form, he or she is        Institute, Carol Matsuzaki ’96 picked up         snowboarding, and ice-skating among these.
                           added to a waiting list for a housing switch.     a tennis racquet for the first time. By her
                           Students on this waiting list are served          senior year, she had captained the tennis        The faculty hopes that students will include
                           strictly in the order of their application, and   team three times. After studying Biology         exercise in their daily routine as they
                           for fairness and consistency, no preferential     and Literature at MIT, she completed a           balance the demands of life after MIT.
                           treatment is given based on the seniority         graduate degree in Sports                                        This pioneering construct to
                           of a student. Emails are sent throughout          Psychology from Boston                                           educate the whole student,
                           the year with offers for a potential housing       University in 1997 and                                           mind and body, is part of
                           switch, and students can also participate         returned to the Institute.                                       a wider collaboration with
                           in two housing switch lotteries, one held         She would never have                                             the Dean of Undergraduate
                           in December and the other in April. A             guessed that she would                                           Education, the Dean of
                           detailed description of the housing processes     become Head Coach of                                             Student Life, and MIT
                           can be found at               the MIT Women’s Tennis                                           Medical. Almost one-third of
                           housing/undergrad/process.html.                   Team and a three-time                                            DAPER faculty instructors,
                                                                             New England Women’s                                              including Matsuzaki, serve as
                           We hope students find that our system                                                                               Freshman Advisors. Coaches
                                                                             and Men’s Athletic
                           meets their needs and always welcome                                                                               fill the traditional advising
                                                                             Conference (NEWMAC)             Carol Matsuzaki ’96
                           feedback. The office is available to assist                                                                          role, and more than twenty
                                                                             Coach of the Year. In
                           and answer questions on the housing change                                                         MIT faculty members mentor our varsity
                                                                             addition to her coaching duties, Matsuzaki
                           process and can be emailed at residence@                                                           athletes.
                                                                             offers tennis classes for those working to
                                                                             meet their Physical Education requirement
                                                                                                                              Physical Education courses complement
                                                                             and also a class aptly called Ropes Adventure.
                                                                                                                              the academic offerings at the Institute, as
                           A sampling of                                     While Matsuzaki’s story may be unusual,          well. Noah Riskin, who coaches gymnastics,
                           athletics offered                                                                                   continues to develop his expertise in
                                                                             her participation in Physical Education
                           through MIT:                                                                                       Physical Intelligence, which considers the
                           (top to bottom)                                   classes is an experience shared by all MIT
                                                                             undergraduates. As part of the General           body “the very basis of our experience in
                           archery, and                                      Institute Requirements, each student must        the world, the very foundation on which
                           soccer.                                           earn eight points through Physical Education cognitive intelligence is built.” He also
                                                                             classes and meet the swim requirement. The       states that, “Though we appear to move
Photos provided by DAPER

                                                                             six-week schedule of classes allows a student    beyond such physical learning early in life,
                                                                             to try two classes per term. Approximately       our thinking, learning and understanding
                                                                             4,000 registrants take a total of 350 sections   are constantly referencing this experiential
                                                                             each year. The goal for students is to develop base.” For further details regarding Physical
                                                                             basic skills and instill confidence in an         Intelligence, visit
                                                                             activity for a lifetime of enjoyment.            www/core_syllabus.html.

                                                                             Far from the stereotypical gym classes of the    True to the mission of Physical Education,
                                                                             past, each Physical Education course teaches     Matsuzaki and Riskin put their
                                                                             heath and wellness concepts as well as           curricula online as part of the Institute’s
                                                                             specific instruction skills. Each quarter, the    OpenCourseWare initiative. View their work
                                                                             full-time faculty coaches and certified part-     and information from other instructors, at
                                                                             time instructors offer more than 25 courses
                                                                             — everything from beginning swimming to
                                                                             SCUBA, tennis, squash, basketball, martial       For more information, contact DAPER:
                                                                             arts, pistol, yoga, and dancing. The changes or 617-253-4291.

3 MIT Parents Association                                                                                 
   Parents Association: UPDATE
                                                                                    Send your MIT-related questions to the Parents Association via this
                                                                                    email address, and one of our staff members will answer your question
                                                                                    or forward it to the appropriate department.

                                                                                    Parent Connectors
                                                                                    We have a core of dedicated volunteers called Parent Connectors who
                                                                                    serve as a resource for MIT parents and parents of prospective students
                                                                                    who may have questions about MIT. These volunteers answer questions
                                                                                    submitted through the Parent Connector Web site (
                                                                                    parents/connectors/) and attend events on campus and in their regions.

                                                                                   Get Involved
   Meet the Team!
                                                                                   If you are interested in becoming a Parent Connector or learning more about
   (L-R) Front: Michelle T (Family Weekend), Lauren McLean
                                                                                   ways you can become involved with the MIT community, please fill out our
   (Student Programs); Middle: Tish Callanan (Parents Association), Katie
                                                                                   online interest form:
   Casey (Student Programs); Back: Alycen Ashburn (Parents Association)
   and our new Director, Jamie Brogioli.

   Summer Send-Off Events
                                                                                                                                         Thanks to all the Parents
                                                                                                                                         who hosted or assisted with
                                                                                                                                         a Summer Send-Off event.
                                                                                                                                         There were 56 events this
                                                                                                                                         summer located in venues
                                                                                                                                         across the globe.
                                                                                                                                         If you are interested in
                                                                                                                                         helping with or hosting an
                                                                                                                                         event next summer, please
                               Hillsborough, CA                                                  Oklahoma City, OK                       contact

   Parents Fund                                     Total MIT

   Fantastic News! The Parents
                                                    Parent Support
                                                    for 2006 Fiscal Year
                                                                                               Honor with Books Opens to All
   Fund has set a new bar by raising                                                           All parents are now invited to celebrate their
                                                                                                                                                   MIT PARENTS ASSOCIATION

   $977,572 from 2,747 donors!                                    Alumni Parents*
                                                                  432 (14%)                    student’s achievements by participating in Honor       H    O      N
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                                                                                               with Books.                                            B     O      O
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                                                                                                                                                                            K   S

   Thanks to all donors for your                                                                                                                          Jane Smith ’07

   incredible support of the Parents                                                           For each $100 donation, a bookplate bearing the
   Fund. It truly makes a difference.                                                          name of your student will be placed in a newly
                                                                                               purchased book for the MIT Libraries’ collection.
   If you would like to contribute,
   please visit:                                                                               For more information and an online donation
                                                   Non-Alumni Parents
                                                                                               form, visit:                         2,673 (86%)
                                                                                                   MIT LIBRARIES

                                                *Alumni parents of current students only

4 MIT Parents Association                                                                           
  Class of 2010: Welcome                                 
   For incoming students, the “First Year” Web site is a                       For parents of MIT students, the Parents Association
   wonderful resource, providing locations and descriptions                    Web site should be a favorite bookmark in your Internet
   for everything from the academic calendar to The Writing                    browser. It directs you to the latest information on
   Center, Student Services Center, Careers Office, and more.                    Family Weekend and Commencement; connects you
   The Parents Association also encourages parents to visit                    with parent volunteers; and even lists the best places to
   this frequently updated site to access the information most                 contact should you wish to order a birthday cake for
   pertinent to students throughout their first year.                           your student.

     CLASS PROFILE                                    Gender:
                                                                                    QUICK REFERENCE
                                                      •    55% male                 Academic calendar
     •    71% attended public school                  •    45% female
                                                                                    MIT Medical
     •    29% attended private, religious, or         Geography:
          foreign schools                             •    49 states
     •    <1% were home schooled                      •    49 countries             TechCash

     Did you know that The Princeton Review’s “Best 361 Colleges - 2007 Edition”    Housing
     ranked MIT #1 in their list of the“Ten Toughest Schools to Get Into?”

   Class of 2007                                                                    Events Calendar

   Countdown to Commencement                                                Photos by Donna Coveny and L. Barry Hetherington; MIT News Office

  Commencement will be held on the morning of
  June 8, 2007 in Killian Court.

  Details will be available in January at:

  The Web site above will include information such
  as ticket allotments per graduate, ticket distribution
  dates, renting or purchasing of regalia (cap & gown),
  accommodations, parking, and more.

   Photos at right from Commencement 2006. Far right: Aerial view
   of graduates in Killian Court. Left column: Graduates and alums
   alike show their individuality with creative headwear.

5 MIT Parents Association                                                    
                          MIT Parents Association
                          77 Massachusetts Avenue, Building W59-200
                          Cambridge, MA 02139-4307

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