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					MIT Center for Work, Family & Personal Life
presentation to the MIT Working Group on Support Staff Issues

          New Center Initiatives

                 Kathy Simons, Co-Manager
          Krista D’Agostino, Administrative Assistant

                        April 14, 2011
The MIT Center for Work, Family and Personal Life
              Our Mission                      Location: Building 16, Room 151.

   The MIT Center for Work, Family &           Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am—5 pm.
 Personal Life fosters a welcoming and
   supportive environment for all the
   diverse people who live, work, and
                                               Phone: 617-253-1592
study at MIT—and for their families as         Email:
 well. Our policy and advocacy work at         Web:
  the Institute is a catalyst for change,
 bringing MIT such innovations as the
adoption benefit, state-of-the-art child
care facilities, job flexibility guidelines,
and special reports on teens and young

Our work not only improves the quality
 of life here—it has made MIT a role
 model for organizations around the
                        MIT Human Resources

    The Center is part of
 Organization and Employee
 Development, within MIT’s
   department of Human
   Resources, working “to
advance a vibrant and diverse
   work community where
individuals and groups thrive
   and contribute to MIT's
         excellence.”           •   Great managers / Great leaders
                                •   Job-related learning and training
                                •   Career and performance development
                                •   Collaborative communities
                                •   Work-life / Wellness
                                  Our Services
The MIT Center for Work,             Service Areas
Family & Personal Life offers a
range of direct services and
spearheads projects that             • Child care and parenting, including
enhance the quality of life for        • Technology Children’s Centers
the MIT community.
                                       • Parents in a Pinch
Services are available at no
cost to:                             • Teens and young adults
• MIT students
• Staff                              • Elders
• Faculty
• Partners and families
                                     • Balancing work and personal life
                       What’s New?

We’ll focus today on        • New resources to support
two relatively new          breastfeeding mothers
Center initiatives:

                            • New consultation and
                            referral program: Work-Life
                            Resources 24/7
                       Lactation Support at MIT

MIT was again recognized by the
                                   • Ten (10) lactation rooms across
  Massachusetts Breastfeeding      campus, and several more in planning
      Coalition in 2010 as a
 Employer" for "improving the
  health of the Commonwealth       • New guidelines for nursing mothers
through excellence in supporting
   breastfeeding mothers and
                                   and their supervisors: private space
             babies."              and adequate break time will be
                                   made available for pumping

                                   • New website offering information,
                                   tips, and resources within and
                                   outside MIT
                                  Breastfeeding Website
                                            For Mothers
                                            •   Tips on Returning to Work
                                            •   Tips on Pumping
                                            •   Tips on Storing Milk
 MIT Breastfeeding Support:                 •   Resources
     parenting/breastfeeding-support        For Employers and Supervisors
                                            • Tips for Employee/Supervisor Discussions
                                            • MIT Lactation Support Guidelines for Nursing
                                             Mothers and Their Supervisors
                                            • Guide to Job Flexibility at MIT (PDF)

                                            MIT Lactation Rooms
                                            •   Lactation Room Requirements
                                            •   MIT Campus Lactation Rooms
                                            •   User and Coordinator Responsibilities
                                            •   Door Sign
Overview of MIT’s New Work-Life Service
What does Work-Life Resources 24/7 offer?
                Work-Life Resources 24/7 Services include
                • Consultation with a Work-Life professional
                • Referral to local providers and national services
                • Comprehensive resource library of materials
                • An easy-to-use website
                • Information on MIT-specific benefits and services

                Work-Life Resources 24/7 Services are
                • Confidential
                • Available around-the-clock every day of the year
                • Free for MIT Faculty, Staff, Post-Doctoral Fellows and
                  Graduate Students as well as their spouses, partners
                  and dependents
                • Accessible by
                   - Toll-free telephone: 877.847.4523
                   - On-line:
What does Work-Life Resources 24/7 offer?
                • Access to Work-Life experts for advice and referral
                    - by Telephone
                    - by LiveConnectsm - web-based instant messaging
                    - by Assisted Search - web-based intake
                • Available in 150 languages with an instant translation
                • International access available by phone or on-line

                • Confirmed and matched to the user’s needs. Each
                  provider is called to confirm services and vacancies
                • Detailed information on services offered and fees
                • Delivered, on average, within 12 business hours -
                  6 business hours for emergency requests
                • Delivered by email, fax, mail or phone – User’s choice
                • Educational materials also provided
MIT’s On-line Gateway
Family – Child Care

      Consultation and Referrals for:
      • Child Care Centers
      • Family Day Care Centers
      • Back-Up Care
      • Sick-Child Care
      • Nannies
      • Lactation Support
      • Summer Camps
      • Adoption
      • Babysitters
      …and much more
Family – Elder Care

       Consultation and Referrals for:
       • Assisted Living Facilities
       • Nursing Homes
       • Adult Day Care Programs
       • Care Giver Support
       • Retirement Communities
       • Estate Planning
       • Elder Driving
       • Geriatric Care Managers
       • Hospice
       …and much more
Schools & Education

       Consultation and Referrals for:
       • Public and Private Schools K-12
       • Special Needs
       • Tutors
       • Colleges and Universities
       • Technical Schools
       • Financial Aid
       • Adult Education
       …and much more
Daily Living

    Consultation and Referrals for:
    • Pet Sitters
    • Apartment Rentals
    • Relocation Support
    • Home-buying
    • Employment for spouses and partners
    • Home Repair
    • Funeral Homes
    …and much more
Legal Assist
    Legal Assist provides access to qualified
    legal advice and council, either by phone
    or in-person, as determined by your need.

    • Consultations are free, half-hour phone or
      in-person sessions with an attorney qualified to
      handle your issue
    • There is no limit to the number of times
      you can use the service for different issues
    • Coverage is available in all 50 states
    • You receive a 25% discount from your referred
      in-person attorney’s hourly fee if you require
      his or her representation
    • Telephonic attorneys cannot self-refer, so you
      are assured unbiased advice
    Valuable legal forms and resources can be located
    online at
Financial Assist
      Financial Assist provides access, either by
      phone or in-person, to qualified financial
      advisors to help you with your need.

      • Counselors address issues via a toll-free
        information line, and follow-up by mailing
        supporting educational materials
      • Additionally, advisors are available without
        an appointment Monday through Friday, or
        through pre-scheduled Saturday sessions
      • Advice is objective and pressure-free
      • ID Recovery advice is also available
      • All counselors are knowledgeable in a wide range
        of financial topics
      Financial resources can be located online at
Care Coach
   Care Coach provides a way to hold a
   telephonic “family meeting” with a
   qualified Geriatric Care Manager (GCM),
   who conducts a detailed interview of
   family members, and helps establish
   a geriatric care plan that family members
   can agree upon.

   • All interested family members are invited to
     join the care conference by way of a special
     toll-free conference call-in number
   • The GCM conducts a series of assessments to
     identify challenges, and to determine which
     available resources can be of help
   • All aspects of the elder family member’s
     current condition are discussed
   • The GCM creates a care plan document for the
     family members to follow
                                  Contact Us
                                     Our programs are developed in
Work-Life Resources 24/7
                                   response to community need. We
                                    encourage you to contact us, and
             CALL                     we welcome your feedback.

               WEB                  MIT Center for Work, Family &               Personal Life
                                             Room 16-151

                                             THANK YOU

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