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Alexandra Haynes: I have no doubt that every professor, whether or not I have them in
class or not, or have had them, knows who I am and what I’m about and what I hope to
do in my future.

Sheritha Brace: The professors would actually ask you if you’re OK. If you don’t
understand anything, you can come to them. You go and they really explain things to

Daniel Mukena: You are not a number.

Alexandra Haynes: It’s a really unique program; there are not very many schools that are
like it.

Joshua Mike: Other programs have very standardized curriculums, but this program has
the ability to be manipulated and tailored the way you see fit for the career direction that
you want to take.

Daniel Mukena: You can do different majors. You have a lot of traveling opportunities.
You don’t have to do your program in 18 months straight. You can stop if you have an
internship, if you have a job offer, and still come back and finish.

Andrea Welker: It’s very unique. It’s one of the things that drew me to UK Law in the
first place was that I could do a joint degree program with the Patterson School

Major Michael Rush: One of the primary considerations for me to ATTEND the
Patterson School was the opportunity to continue to serve on active duty while studying
within the Patterson School in a field that I think will be relevant to my future service.


Daniel Mukena: I grew up in West Africa, in Ivory Coast. It was very important for me
to go back there eventually after I had the proper training and education I can eventually
go back and contribute to the development of Africa. I mean That’s really a desire in my
heart. I think the Patterson School really helps you do that

Major Rush: The urge to come to a place like the Patterson School – where we can serve
within the State Department, or within the Department of Defense, or really within the
government at all – it’s a higher calling that many of us really come to this program for.

Alexandra Haynes: I would love for people to know my name in twenty years and think
that I did something great. But right now I think just working to help the people of the
world understand each other, and build relationships within government and out of
government, I think that’s what I would really enjoy to do
Sheritha Brace: I know it sounds really ambitious, Like, how can one person make a
difference. But it’s better to start from somewhere. So, I hope that, if I am able to make a
difference, people – other younger people – may follow and gradually we will get there.


Andrea Welker: It’s very hands on. You participate in activities like the crisis
simulation; several networking opportunities, negotiations These are things that are
actually applicable to the real world, as opposed to just reading about them out of a

Daniel Mukena: The best aspect is the experience that the faculty brings.

Major Mike Rush: The professors are very passionate about what they do because they
are not just professors here at the university. They are also recent practitioners of what
they work on, and that gives us all the ability to go to them for their expertise.

David Kaluba: We have the ambassador, we have the diplomats, we have people who
have served in public office, in intelligence.

Alexandra Haynes: The professors, and particularly the Director Ambassador Cavanaugh,
has a lot of connections in Washington and around the world. He really works to exploit
those connections and use them to bring more people here.

Joshua Mike: Despite the small size of the school, there is a lot of outside interaction.
We take trips to different companies around the area. We have a lot of guest speakers
that are brought in courtesy of the contacts that our faculty has established

David Kaluba: To understand the world better, being at the Patterson School, you know
probably better than anywhere else. Years from now we will still remain proud as
graduates of the Patterson School. And, that makes me proud.



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