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Measurable Annual Goals: Guidance for School Redesign
Grant Applicants (FY11 and FY12 Fund Code 511/767)

A district applying for School Redesign funds must describe ambitious-yet-attainable measurable annual
goals for student achievement on the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests in
both English language arts and mathematics that it has established in order to monitor the performance
of schools in which it will implement an intervention model. Additionally, while the following are not
required by ESE as outcome measures in school plans, ESE will collect data at the end of each year of the
grant on these indicators to meet federal reporting requirements:

    1. Number of minutes within the school year

    2. Distribution of teachers by performance level on the district’s teacher evaluation system

    3. Teacher attendance rate

Districts may establish measurable annual goals using other assessments or in other areas of school
performance to measure the success the implementation of the Redesign Plan

Student Achievement on MCAS
In setting measurable annual goals, applicants may choose to use the measures and methodology
developed by ESE and required for Level 4 schools:

        1. Increase the Composite Performance Index (CPI)

        2. Decrease the percentage of students scoring Warning / Failing

        3. Achieve and maintain a specified median student growth percentile

NOTES: ESE has developed a simple Microsoft Excel calculator that applicants may use to set goals for
the first two indicators, available at

(For the third indicator, ESE requires Level 4 schools to achieve and maintain a median student growth
percentile (SGP) of 40 or higher in ELA and mathematics in the within three years.) For detailed
information on the rationale and methodology underlying the selection of measurable annual goals for
Level 4 schools, please see the Level 4 Exit Criteria Guidance and Methodology here:

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Other Measures
To receive higher than the minimum score of 3 required for grant approval, applicants must include
multiple measures of student performance in addition to MCAS measures. Applicants may select one or
more of the following measures, or identify other measures, particularly if they address key priorities in
school plans. Examples include:

    1. Student Rates

            a. Student attendance, dismissal rates, and exclusion rates

            b. Student safety and discipline

            c. Student promotion and dropout rates

    2. College Readiness and School Culture

            a. Student acquisition and mastery of twenty-first century skills

            b. Development of college readiness, including at the elementary and middle school levels

            c. Parent and family engagement

            d. Building a culture of academic success among students

            e. Building a culture of student support and success among school faculty and staff

            f.   Developmentally appropriate child assessments from pre-kindergarten through third

NOTES: Applicants may wish to consult the Level Measurable Annual Goals Template (with Sample
Measures) at; however,
applicants are not required to use this template for submission. Applicants interested in using surveys to
may wish to consult the Stakeholder Perception Survey Data Resource Guide at

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Sample Measurable Annual Goals Template
Districts may use a template similar to the following for documenting Measurable Annual Goals:

Goal Statement                                            Baseline               Year 1 Goal     Year 2 Goal              Year 3 Goal

Example: Increase the Composite Performance
Index (CPI) in English language arts (ELA) over a
three-year period comparable to the
improvement that the top 30 percent of                    54.3                      59            63.7                      68.4
improving schools made statewide between 2006
and 2009.

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