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									                                                                     The Berry

        Town Crier

 New Years Eve

                                               PO Box 202 Berry NSW 2535

Family Fireworks                                                                     Forum
                                                                                   There will be another Forum to
           BERRY SHOWGROUND                                                        update the Berry community on
                                                                                 the progress on the upgrade of the
     A fun night jam packed full                                                  Princes Highway around the Berry
 of entertainment for the whole family                                                 THURSDAY 16TH
                   COMMENCING AT 5PM
                                                                                     DECEMBER - 7:30PM
 Kids games, hot rods display, sausage sizzle & other food stalls,
     market day variety stalls & a NSW Fire Brigade display.
                                                                                        AT THE BERRY
The sky will light up at 9pm with a magnificent fireworks display
          Entry: Adult $5, Children $2, Family Pass $10                          Berry Alliance Forums are open to
                                                                                  residents in the Berry area, come
    Proudly presented by the Berry Gerringong Rotary Club
                                                                                 along, and hear the latest status on
                 See page 5 for further details                                    the highway and have your say.

                                                                                             For further details
                                                                                             please see page 3

                                                                                          Inside this
                                                                                       Christmas Edition

                                                                                 Carols in the Park 5
                                                                                 Show Society Ball 6
                                                                                 Great Community Spirit .......................................... page 18
                                                                                 The Joy of Giving ....................................................... page 33
                                                                                 Introducing our Business of the month ............ page 36
                         The Berry                                                   Swim safe in the Shoalhaven
                                                                                     With summer approaching, it is time to make                 Find the flags and swim between them - the red
                                                                                     sure our backyard pools comply with safety                  and yellow flags mark the safest place to swim
                                                                                     laws and that residents and visitors are aware              at the beach.
                                                                                     of safety measures on and around our beaches                Look at the safety signs - they help you identify

                           Alliance                                                  and waterways.
                                                                                     Unfortunately many in Australia die each year
                                                                                                                                                 potential dangers and daily conditions
                                                                                                                                                 Ask a surf lifesaver for some good advice - surf
                                                                                     as a result of drowning, but there are steps that           conditions can change quickly so talk to a surf

    The Town Crier
                                                                                     can be taken to avoid such tragedies.                       lifesaver or lifeguard before entering the water
                                                                                                                                                 Get a friend to swim with you - so you can
                                                                                     SWIMMING POOLS                                              look out for each other’s safety and get help if
                                                                                     With over 300,000 backyard swimming pools                   needed. Children should always be supervised
      INFORMATION                                                                    in NSW, an understanding of swimming pool
                                                                                     safety is imperative.
                                                                                                                                                 by an adult
                                                                                                                                                 Stick your hand up for help - if you get into
    The Town Crier is produced by the                                                Under the Swimming Pools Act 1992, there are                trouble in the water, stay calm, and raise your
           Berry Alliance, Inc.                                                      conditions that must be adhered to. The law                 arm to signal for help. Float with a current or rip
 The purpose of this publication is to                                               states that if you are the owner of a swimming              - don’t try and swim against it
     communicate to the people of                                                    pool you must;                                              And remember –
Berry about community activities and to
    generate a small income for the                                                  • Ensure that the pool is at all times surrounded           Never swim at unpatrolled beaches
        Berry Alliance to cover                                                        by a child resistant barrier which is no less than        Never ever swim at night
         administrative costs.                                                         1.2 metres in height (1.8 metres if a boundary            Never swim under the influence of alcohol
                                                                                       fence or house wall)                                      Never run and dive into the water
     Membership of the Berry Alliance                                                                                                            Never swim directly after a meal
                costs $10 pa.                                                        • Keep all fences and gates secured and in good
        It aims to share information                                                   condition.                                                The following Shoalhaven Beaches are
     amongst community groups and                                                                                                                patrolled during the holiday period;
      individuals, and to ensure that                                                • Display a prominently placed warning sign in              South Mollymook Beach / 6/12/10 – 25/2/11
           Berry continues to be a                                                     the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool.
                                                                                                                                                 Crookhaven Heads Beach / 18/12/10 – 28/1/11
       community we are proud of.                                                      This sign gives a supervision warning and
                                                                                       resuscitation techniques.                                 Tilbury Cove Beach / 18/12/10 – 28/1/11
     Membership is open to Berry
   community groups and individuals.                                                 Non-Compliance of these and other regulations               Shoalhaven Heads Beach / 20/12/10 – 28/1/11
                                                                                     will result in serious penalties ranging from               Warrain Beach / 20/12/10 – 28/1/11
    To join the Berry Alliance, write to
        P.O. Box 202, Berry 2535.                                                    $550- $5,500.                                               Cudmirrah Beach / 20/12/10 – 28/1/11
                                                                                                                                                 Narawallee Beach / 20/12/10 – 28/1/11
           EDITOR: 0428 037 572                                                      To check if your pool meets all of the requirements
                                                                                     set down in the Act and Regulations you can                 North Mollymook Beach / 20/12/10 – 28/1/11
     Alliance Secretary: 0449 569 059                                                access these and Australian Standard AS1926.1-              Shoalhaven City Mayor , Clr. Paul Green said
     Email:                                                2007 Swimming Pool Safety Pt 1 “Safety Barriers             “ We always look forward to the holiday period
     Post Office Box 202, Berry 2535                                                  for Swimming Pools at Council’s libraries”    .             and long warm days spent at the beach, but
                                                                                                                                                 I urge all residents and visitors to be aware of
                   BERRY ALLIANCE
                                                                                                                                                 beach conditions and other safety measures
                   EDITORIAL BOARD                                                       BEACHES, LAKES AND RIVERS                               prior to heading into the water. Weather they
                      Rick Gainford
                                                                                     Summer in the Shoalhaven is not complete                    are swimming in pools, rivers, lakes or beaches,
                    Jennifer Clapham
                                                                                     without visiting one of the 109 pristine beaches            we want everyone to have a fun but more
                      Kate Bramley                                                                                                               importantly, safe experience in the Shoalhaven
                      Sharon Dunn                                                    in the area.
                                                                                                                                                 over the summer period.”
      Contributors are those from the Berry                                          It is vitally important though to ensure that all
                   community                                                         swimmers are aware of weather conditions and                Many of council’s pools and leisure centres run
       who have news or views relating to                                                                                                        learn to swim programs all year round. For more
                                                                                     can swim confidently in open waters. The royal
              residents of the area.                                                                                                             information on swimming programs contact
                                                                                     life saving society has these important tips to             Councils Aquatics section on 4429 3153 or visit
     The opinions expressed in the                                                   remember.
Town Crier are not necessarily those of the                                                                                                      the website at
      Berry Alliance or the Editor.
         The Town Crier is published every
         month, with a circulation of 2200.

  I would like to subscribe to the
   Berry Alliance Town Crier for
                                                                                      Season Passes reduced
                                                                                        Since our November issue the Shoalhaven council has resolved to reduce the season
          twelve months.                                                                       pass fees, this is due to the reduction of the summer swimming season.
                                                                                      Following are the correct fees for the 2010/2011 season:
                                                                                     Adult...................................................................................................... $3.30
NAME: ...................................................................
                                                                                     Child/Concession.............................................................................. $2.50
                                                                                     Family (2 adults + 3 children) .....................................................$10.80
ADDRESS: ............................................................
                                                                                     Spectator/Child 2 & under ...............................................................Free

PHONE: ..................................................................            Village Pool Season Pass
                     RETURN TO:
 PO Drop Box or PO Box 202, Berry NSW 2535                                           Adult....................................................................................................$72.00
  Printed by                 Berry Printers                                          Child / Concession .........................................................................$55.00
                                                                                     Family (2 adults + 3 children) ...................................................$127.00

   Editor’s final message for 2010
        Is it just me or did this year go really fast!                                                             Editor’s Note...
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with                  only happen through revenue generated                      Please note: there is no January 2011
the community of Berry in 2010 and I now                from our advertising. So in recognition
have a true appreciation of how vibrant and             of the support of our advertisers, we are                   issue of the Town Crier. The closing
active our small community is. Thank you                introducing a new column titled “Business                    date for our February issue will be
and well done to all our community groups               of the Month.” Taking part in this promotion
for the many 100’s of hours service you give            is free of charge to our regular advertisers
                                                                                                                       Wednesday 12th January 2011
to the Berry community throughout the                   who have advertised with us for a period of                Please submit prior to this date if it is your first submission.
year, I hope you all take a well earned break           12 months or more. Business names will be                            Material can be submitted via
over the Christmas period before we do it all           drawn out of a hat and contacted by myself                    e-mail to:
again in 2011.                                          with every business given the opportunity                         or drop box in the Berry Post Office
                                                        to take part. I would like to thank John and                             PO Box 202 Berry 2535
On a personal note thank you to all of the
community group representatives who
                                                        Sue Smith from Rural Bitumen Services for                              Phone 0428 037 572
                                                        working with me in starting up this column.
came along to our get together on the 18th                                                                                  Sharon Dunn - BERRY TOWN CRIER
November, it was great to meet you all and
I have now gained a greater understanding               I hope you all have a safe and
of the community groups you represented.
I am very proud that the Town Crier is
                                                        happy Christmas break                                      Berry Alliance Forum
delivered free of charge to 2,200 homes and
businesses in the Berry Township. This can
                                                        Kind Regards
                                                        Sharon Dunn                                                 16th December 2010
                                                                                                                     Princes Highway
          Community Forum                                                                                          Upgrade around Berry
            Forum on Proposed use of part of showground for                                                        The Berry Alliance will be holding a
                48 short-term caravan sites (DA10/2186)                                                            forum at 7.30pm on 16th December
This Forum was held on Thursday 18th November           • Income from the camp sites went towards the              in the Berry Courthouse to report on
and there were approximately 40 community               upkeep and improvements to the Showground – not            progress on the upgrade of the Princes
members present.                                        to Council.                                                Highway around Berry Township.
Council staff presented details of the Application      • Traffic issues where campers are entering from
and explained the zonings and process. They also        Albany Street and travelling around. The entrance          Now the date for construction of the
said that the Showground in Berry had been used         is from Alexandra Street and there will be signage         section from Mt Pleasant to Toolijooa
for this purpose for decades but Council now find        to this effect. If this is not complied with they will     Road has been announced the focus
that a Development Approval is required and this        consider closing the gates on Albany Street entrance
                                                                                                                   is on the design of the section around
was formalizing what is already occurring.              to restrict drive through traffic.
                                                                                                                   Berry Township. The Alliance has been
The Application is for a maximum of 48 sites and        • Noise was an issue raised and it was stated that there
                                                                                                                   in discussion with the RTA in relation
that all 48 sites will be for short term camping with   is a full time manager living on-site who has already
                                                        reduced the amount of vandalism and disruption.
                                                                                                                   to issues of concern to residents and
a maximum stay of 14 nights. The sites would all
be in the same area at the southern end of the          Management Committee agreed to put up a sign on            there is some good news and some
Showground near the horse stables.                      the fence with the Caretakers telephone number for         bad news with respect to the impact of
                                                        community members with noise and other issues.             the upgrade on the town of Berry.
The procedure is that because the land is Crown
Land and managed by Council then the decision           • Suggestion made that they should reduce the max
on whether consent is given or not will rest with       number to 24 and increase the tariff – this would          Come along and hear the latest status
a vote of elected Councillors (not Council staff).      reduce noise and other impacts and not require             on the highway upgrade and have
Council staff present were confident that the            additional work on the amenities block. Management         your say.
Councillors would approve the D. A.                     Committee responded saying that they did not feel
                                                        that charging more than the current charge of $15
A number of questions were put to the Council
                                                        per night per site was viable.
staff and there were also a number of community
members present who are, and were on the                • Asked if the DA is denied would this mean that there
Management Committee for the Showground                 would be no camping ground at this showground –
who also assisted by answering some of the              the answer was yes, if denied then camping there
questions.                                              would be illegal and should cease.
Some of the questions and points raised included:       Chairman of the Trust thanked the Alliance for
                                                        holding the Forum and invited any community
                                                                                                                    The Berry Alliance and
                                                                                                                     the Berry Town Crier
• The application is for max 48 sites and for a max
                                                        member with questions, suggestions or input to
stay of 14 days – the Management Committee said
                                                        attend any Management Committee meetings, they
                                                                                                                      wish each and every
that their policy was for a max stay of 7 days but
                                                        would be welcome. They only need to telephone the
were applying for 14 for those very few occasions
                                                        Committee (see listing for the Berry Showground
                                                                                                                     community member a
when an emergency or an extraordinary
                                                        Management Committee in the Town Crier).
circumstance meant that a camper may need

                                                                                                                   happy, healthy and safe
to stay a couple of days longer. They also stated       Community members have until at least the middle
that they did not want to have anywhere near the        of December to make any further

                                                                                                                   Christmas and New Year
maximum 48 sites occupied for the majority of the       submissions to Council on this DA.
time. 48 was to cover those special occasions and
large groups of campers.                                Berry Alliance Executive.

 Great Southern Hotel
                Ph 4464 1009

  Changing Bistro Menu
  Mon to Thurs—Lunch & Dinner
 $12.95* incl. a Beer, Wine or Soft Drink
  Live Music                               Free Entry
                                        Cash Joker Draw
    on the Deck                          Friday Nights
                                    Win cash just by making
  **************                    a purchase from the Bar
Saturday Afternoons                 or Bistro on Wednesday
                                     or Friday from 5-7 pm.
 2.00 — 6.00 pm                     Win $3300 or more unless won prior

Ensuite Motel Rooms at Reasonable Prices
                               Seems like it can
  Live Music                   happen here too!
 Friday Nights
******************      Proud Major sponsor of
                           The Berry Public School Food & Wine
******************         Fair
      Children’s           The Annual Berry Show which will
     Playground            be held on Friday & Saturday
                           4-5th February, 2011
  In the Courtyard

              New Years Eve Family                                                                                      Around Town
               Fireworks On Again
The Rotary Club of Berry-Gerringong has
been successful in once again gaining
                                                            Clearing Sale Success                                       Footpaths and
funding support from the Shoalhaven City
Council to stage a fireworks display at Berry
                                                             During November the Clu
                                                            successful community fundra
                                                                                               b held another
                                                                                              ising event at the
Showground on New Years Eve.                                Berry Showground with the                                 Both the Berry Alliance (Tracks to the
                                                                                              staging of a farm
                                                            clearing sale and trash, trinkets                         Future) and Rotary (footpath to David
Following last year’s successful fireworks night                                                and treasure sale.
and positive feedback from the community the               The Club wishes to thank the                               Berry Hospital) have made applications
                                                                                             following sponsors
Club will be organizing a similar family oriented          for their kind donation of priz                            through the State Member, Matt Brown
                                                                                              es for a guessing
night.                                                    competition raffle and advise
                                                                                            the winners.              for funds in the current round of the
Commencing at 5pm on New Years Eve the Berry              Prize 1: Nova Patio Heater don
                                                                                               ated by Bishops        Community Building Partnership grants
Showground is sure to be another family fun               won by J Gregory
                                                                                                                      program. This program may well be
night with lots of entertainment, kid’s games,            Prize 2: Hereford Hide donated
hot rods on display, sausage sizzle and other                                                  by Tanned Hides        able to assist us in getting a good kick
                                                         won by N Hartwell
food stalls, market day variety stalls and a NSW                                                                      start on our plans for better footpaths
                                                         Prize 3: Petrol Trimmer donated
Fire Brigade display. Then, at 9pm the night skies                                            by Nowra 4WD &          and cycleways in Berry that have been
                                                         Outdoor Products won by G Wei
will light up with a fireworks display that last year                                         r                        discussed and planned following a
was best described as simply magnificent.                 Prize 4: Thomas Cook Unisex
                                                                                             Pioneer Raincoat         Community Forum on the issue earlier
                                                        donated by Europa Saddlery
There will be plenty of good old fashioned games                                         won by G Sweeney             this year.
for the kids to play including gum boot tossing,        Prize 5: Onsite Veterinary Con
                                                                                             sult donated by
catch the water balloon, throw the broom, knock         Berry Vet Clinic won by J Moffi
                                                                                                                      Rotary have some great plans for the
down the cans and many more.                            Prize 6: $100 Gift Voucher don                                footpath to the Hospital and already
                                                                                         ated by Glen Henry
This is an alcohol free event. Families are             Motor Cycles won by W Bourke                                  have some State Government funds
encouraged to bring a rug and make                                                                                    and the additional funds applied for,
a real picnic night of it and enjoy                                                                                   if successful, will see the work funded
the beautiful surrounds of the Berry                                                                                  and commenced. The Berry Alliance has
Showground. Entry is $5 adults, $2
                                                                                                                      supported Rotary with this application
children or $10 families. Proceeds of
the night go towards the community                                                                                    and at the same time made a good
activities of the Rotary Club of Berry-                                                                               case for funding through the same
Gerringong.                                                                                                           program for a grant to assist in the other
For further information:                                                                                              footpaths that are on the Tracks to the
Contact David Clark Ph: 4448 7738                                                                                     Future priority list.
                                                                                                                      This grant funding last year assisted a
                                                                                                                      number of Berry Community groups and
                                                                                                                      we are hopeful of some additional funds
                                          Jan Monaghan, wife of Berry-Gerringong Rotary Club President Phi Monaghan
                                                                                                                      in this round.
                                          checks out the list of items at the clearing sale registration counter.

                                                                                                             The Town Crier - Page 5
        Berry Show Society will be opening the Show and presenting the
        2011 Showgirl entrants at its Show Ball.

        Place:             ‘The Pavilion’ – Berry Showground
        Date:              Saturday 22nd January 2011
        Time:              7:00pm for 7:30pm
        Cost:              $35 per person
        Food & Drinks:     Hot/Cold Supper provided
                           BYO Drinks
        Dress:             Black Tie/Lounge Suit
        Bookings:          Berry Pharmacy from Wednesday 29th December
                           2010 to Monday 17th 2011

                           TABLES OF EIGHT ONLY

                            As always we are justifiably proud
                            of our Showgirls and look forward
                            to their involvement in all our 2011
                            Show activities.
                           Hannah Mitchell
                           Miss Berry Showgirl 2010

We would like to thank the following sponsors:          •   Pure Hair & Beauty
•   Waddell Family                                      •   Coolangatta Estate
•   South Coast Register                                •   Knickerboxes
•   Nowra Mazda                                         •   The Posthouse
•   Berry Pharmacy                                      •   The Berry Hotel
•   Haven & Space                                       •   The Sourdough Café
•   Silos                                               •   The Great Southern Hotel

    It is really good to be back in my area after a considerable       through the window. Between 12/11 and 13/11 It’s Berry
    time away conducting other duties. For those that                  Necessary had it’s glass front door smashed and a number
    saw the news reports regarding the fate of Berry and               of items stolen. The alarm was activated at 11:50pm but
    Kangaroo Valley Stations it appears that all is well and           no offenders were located. It appears like a crime wave
    the stations will remain open at this stage. Thanks to             when all these incidents are listed one after the other. It
    those who voiced their support for Berry Station, it is            serves to highlight that Berry is still a target for mainly
    certainly appreciated by myself and noted by people                property offences and is seen as a desirable place to visit
    up the line. I know your local station is not open all the         to steal. During this month Shoalhaven Heads had 20 cars
    time but my view is that it is important to have an officer         broken into on the same weekend. All these vehicles were
    who is in regular touch with the local community and can           unlocked with the thieves simply opening the car doors
    put time and effort into following up jobs for the Berry           and taking whatever that can and leaving the doors open.
    community. I have had to rely on computer reports for              Other areas in the Shoalhaven have had similar problems
    the month of October regarding crime in the Berry area.            so Berry could be next. Some people think that if you
    Between the 6th and 7th of October Bupa Care Services              leave the car open it prevents getting a broken window.
    from 10 Victoria Street had a staggering 24 plasma TVs             This may be so but the thieves will also go through every
    stolen. The TVs were still in boxes and brand new, valued          car in your driveway, your neighbours and the street
    at over $13,000.00. It is most likely that all the TVs were        without much chance of detection. My advice is to lock
    taken from the area but if anyone is in the area offering          up everything and make the thieves make noise to get
    cheap TVs please let me know. On 7/10 electrical fencing           to your property. Leaving even a small amount of cash in
    valued at over $1000.00 was stolen from a property on              your car is also an incentive for the thieves, other items
    Beach Road. Between 9/10 and 10/10 Berry Inn had a                 stolen include mobile phones, bags etc. Anyway looking
    rear window smashed by a bottle. On the 12/10 a house              forward to working in the area again and if you have any
    on 25 acres in Thompson’s Rd Broughton Village was                 enquires please do not hesitate to pop in to the station or
    broken into and property stolen. More stealing on Queen            leave me a message and I will get back to you.
    Street on 28/10 when a table and bench were stolen in
                                                                       Senior Constable Paul Nancekivell
    broad daylight off a person’s veranda. On 3/11 a car was
    damaged at the rear of the Berry Hotel with a brick thrown

                                                                           Berry Police: 4464 1404

                            Justin Lill Wines
                                              ‘it’s the taste that’ll get ya’
      Why drive elsewhere for your Xmas orders when you can get some of the cheapest, great
                        quality beers wines and spirits right here in Berry!

SUPERB QUALITY CLEAN SKINS from $3.99 each by the dozen
All prices valid till the end of December 2010 or until stocks last.

 112a Queen Street Berry                                     Phone: 44 641 052                         Mobile: 0439 782 465
      Your local family club                                    IN TOUCH
                                                                With Berry Bowling Club

 SUPER DECEMBER RAFFLES                                        Berry    Bowling     Club
                                                               Presentation and BBQ Day
                                                               will be held on Saturday
 Sunday 5th: 23 BBQ PACKS + 4 x
                                 1/2 Hams                      11th December. Tickets are
Friday 10th: 30 x 1/2 Hams                                     available from the Bar at
                                                               $15.00 each.
Sunday 12th: 23 BBQ PACKS + 4 x
                                1/2 Hams
                                                               It is also a good time
                                                               to thank and show our
Sunday 19th: 23 BBQ PACKS + 4 x                                appreciation     to    the
                                1/2 Hams                       number of volunteers
                                 AW                            that give many hours of
             $1000 worth of vouchers                           their time doing the tasks
             Plus $500 GIFT DRAW                               that assist the club in its
                                                               continuing success.

                                                               Wishing all our members

N                                                              and guests a very Merry
                                                               Christmas and a Happy

  AT THE CienUsB
          L                                                    New Year.

          Gather your fr                                            BOWLS
         together for the party                                 Ladies : Tuesday and Thursday
                                                                           9.00 am.

 Lunch - Wednesday Sunday - 12.00 noon to 2.00pm
                                                                  Men: Wednesday 1.00pm.
                                                                  Mixed: Saturday 1.00pm.
   Dinner -Wednesday to Sunday - 5.30pm to 8.30pm
    Berry Bowling Club is proud to                                  their
 TELEPHONE: 4464 2388 - For Bookings and announce the opening of 2995 new
                                                        Berry Bowling Club
                                          Take-Away       (02) the
    bistro. Come along Wednesday to Sunday and meet 4464 new team.
    Great food. Great service. Great atmosphere. Great company.
                                                         Arch Mackinnon
 BERRY BOWLING CLUB                                             President Men’s Bowling Club
                                                                      (02) 4464 3457
   On the first Sunday of the                                     Win great Berry Shopping
 140 Princes Highway
   month, while away the winter                                   Vouchers in the Friday and
   afternoons with a wonderful
                                                                        Peg Rutledge
 Berry NSW Fathers Day,
   blues band. This
                                                                  Sunday night raffles from
                                                               President Women’s Bowling Club
                                                                  7pm or meat trays at the
 Phone: 2nd September, Tony
            4464 2995
   Dad to an afternoon with
                            treat                                      (02) 4464 Thursday
                                                                  Fisho’s raffle3400
                                                                  nights from 6pm.
     Jaggers from 2 until 5.
                                            is in a ‘pantomime’ style and is very
                                            colourful and full of whacky humour!
                                            We are putting another performance
                                                                                           Around Town
                                            of ‘The Night Before Christmas’ on at
                                            the School of Arts Berry on Saturday
                                            18th December @ 2.30pm. Tickets will
                                            be available at the door from 2pm. So if
                                                                                             Parking in
                                            you missed it the first time around, come
                                            along and get into the Christmas Spirit
                                            and have a few laughs along the way!
                                                                                         Council is re-considering using the
                                            We will also be having a reading of          Princess Street Park area for angle
                                            some Christopher Durang One Act Plays
                                                                                         parking. Both the Berry Alliance and
                                            which we are looking at performing in
                                            April of next year. So if you are a member   the Chamber of Commerce hold the
                                            or interested in coming along for the        opinion that parking would be better
The Berry Drama Group has had so much       reading it will be after the committee       if provided near the Showground’s
fun with ‘The Night Before Christmas’       meeting on Wednesday 8th December            (and the toilets there) or on North
production! For the first time we have       @ 8pm in the upstairs room of the
                                                                                         Street near the playing fields and a
taken a performance into our local          School of Arts. We are always looking
                                            for new members and it might just be         wide, well lit footpath be provided to
schools and it has been hugely satisfying
entertaining the children. The production   the right time for you to come along         connect these parking areas to town.
                                                    and see what’s going on in your      Parking provided in these two areas
                                                    community drama group.               would have a lot of additional benefits
                                                                                         for the Showground, the CWA and the
                                                   On behalf of the Berry Drama
                                                                                         Presbyterian Church and the many
                                                   Group Committee and all of our
                                                   members I would like to thank         sporting groups using the playing
                                                   the Berry Community for its           fields and horse facilities on North
                                                   support with our productions          Street.
                                                   - especially in this year which
                                                   celebrates 10 years of the Berry      The Alliance had some further
                                                   Drama Group. We wish you a safe       discussions with senior Council staff
                                                   and happy holiday season and          in November and we are hopeful that
                                                   hope to see you at one of our         we will be able to stop Princess Street
                                                   productions in the near future.
                                                                                         next to the park / playground from
                                                   For any further information on
                                                   the Berry Drama Group, please         being used for angle parking. It is too
                                                   call Rosie on Ph: 44 643 550.         narrow and too close
                                                                                         to a toddler’s park
                                                   Rosie Smith                           and playground in our
                                                   President                             opinion.

                                                                                            As the cold weather
                                                                                            approaches come
                                                                                            in and check
                                                                                            out our range of
                                                                                            waterproof jackets.
    “Here for your best

         Vet on premises at all times                                                       Warm baths still
         Reliable 24hr emergency service                                                    $10 and grooming
         Puppy pre-school                                                                   continuing over
         10% seniors discount                                                               winter for the style
         house-calls available at no extra charge                                           conscious.

PRINCES HIGHWAY GERRINGONG                                                                         Around Town
   UPGRADE MOVING CLOSER                                                                           Painting of the Pavillion
The Gerringong upgrade of the Princes        Printed copies are available for viewing           The Berry Alliance has been asked “Can you please
Highway between Mt Pleasant and              at the following locations:                        advise what is happening with the painting of the
Toolijooa Road has been approved and                                                            Pavillion at the Showground?”
registrations of interest for contractors    • Project office: Shop 3/113 Queen                  “The work has ceased with the external East wall
to design and build the project are now        Street, Berry, open Fridays 10am to              cleaned back and in some places to the bare material.
open.                                          5pm
                                                                                                The added on section used for displaying fruit and veg
                                             • Roads and Traffic Authority office:
“With the project now approved the RTA                                                          at the Show has not been touched at all.”
                                               Level 4, 90 Crown Street, Wollongong
has started the process of short listing                                                        We have asked Council what is happening
applicants that will be invited to submit    “These are key milestones in a very                here and will report the
tenders by mid 2011,” Matt Brown said.       important upgrade that will significantly           outcome in the next Town Crier.
                                             improve safety and traffic efficiency on             Let’s hope it is completed before
“This is good news for our growing           the highway,” Mr Brown said.                       the next Annual Show.
community and provides certainty for
the future with building expected to         The Gerringong upgrade will include:
begin in 2012”.
In June 2010 the RTA displayed a review
                                             • Around 7.5km of new four-lane                    Town Crier Costume
                                                                                                Free to Hire
                                               divided road with a 100km/h speed
of environmental factors (REF) to show
                                               limit and central median between
the potential environmental and social
                                               Mount Pleasant and Toolijooa Road.               The Town Crier Costume has
impacts associated with the upgrade.
                                                                                                played a role in many of Berry’s
The community was invited to provide
                                             • An interchange at Belinda Street
                                               with a service road connecting to                community festivities over the last ten years and has
feedback and 72 submissions were                                                                also been worn by a few big names around town!
                                               Willowvale Road
received in response to the exhibition of                                                       This costume can be hired by any of Berry’s registered
the REF.                                     • An interchange at Rose Valley Road               community groups free of charge on condition that
                                               and service road connecting to Fern              the costume is dry cleaned upon return.
Since the display of the REF the RTA has
refined the project design in response                                                           The Town Crier costume was designed and sewn
to issues raised in submissions and          • An overbridge replacing the railway              by Julee Jones for the Berry Courthouse when the
feedback from the community.                   level crossing in Fern Street                    Courthouse was first saved by the community from
                                                                                                development – over 10 years ago now. Recently the
The issues raised and responses to each      • An additional third northbound lane              Courthouse Committee very kindly donated the
issue are provided in the submissions          from Rose Valley Road to Mount                   Town Crier uniform to the Berry Alliance as they felt
report which has now been published.           Pleasant                                         it was very appropriate given the name of our local
The submissions report is now available                                                         paper and that the Alliance could look after it.
                                             • Improved flood immunity on the
for viewing or downloading on the              Highway.                                         For information on hiring please contact Rick on
project website at                                                 

                                                                                                 Shop 1/78 Albert Street Berry NSW 2535
                                                                                                    Dr Stephen Henry BVSc MACVS(med)
                                                                                                                          Brittany Adams
                                                                                                                          Hayley Warden
                                                                                                                            Megan Byrne
                                albert street veterinary clinic Mon-Fri 8.00am-12.00pm
                                  Along with our sister practice in Shoalhaven Heads, Albert Street
                                  Veterinary Clinic is an exclusive small animal practice which offers the
                                                                                                                              3pm - 5.00pm
                                  following                                                                            Sat 9.00am-12.30pm
 Pet of the month                                  preventative medicine including vaccinations,                           Phone 44643986
                                                   wellness exams and senior care
                                                   a wide range of medical and surgical procedures
                                                   post-operative care and pain management
                                                   in house pathology and blood tests
                                                   x-ray, ultrasound and ECG facilities
                                                   video microscopy
                                                   video otoscopy
                                                   puppy preschool
                                                   specialist referral
                                                   Australian Quarantine Accreditation
                                                   native wildlife treatment
                                                   24 hour emergency service
                                                   Free pick up and delivery

 Pet of the Month is Bobby Hamilton.
 Bobby has unfortunately been the victim
 of two separate dog attacks in recent
                                                            ****SPECIAL OF THEand walking restraints
 times. He has, however, recovered well
                                                      25% off Kramar and Halti car
 both times with plenty of TLC from his
 owners!                                             **********************************
Leprosy Mission                               Broughton Vale Berry Rural Fire Brigade
Over the past month we have held our
                                             Don’t Forget your Fire PERMIT
Annual General meeting and we are
                                             From the 1st of September everyone in      Be aware that even with a permit, the
pleased to announce that incoming
                                             the Rural Fire Service Area is required    lighting of fires is prohibited and the
committee are as follows President
                                             to have a permit to light a fire. An        permit is automatically suspended, on
Noel Windsor Vice President Margaret
                                             inspection, of what is to be burnt, is     Total Fire Ban Days, days of Extreme
Binks and Trish Nicholson Secretary /
                                             required before a permit can be issued.    Fire Danger, or when the Environment
                                             Permits can be issued for up to 21 days,   Protection Authority declares a “No
At this meeting we were also pleased         depending on the circumstances at the      Burn Day.”
to be able to give the NSW state             time. Everyone is required to give 24
director Ron Dawes another cheque            hours notice, before lighting fires, to     Please contact one of the following
to go towards the following projects         adjoining properties and Shoalhaven        permit officers to organise fire permits
in Nigeria that is to provide 20 people      Fire Control - open 8am to 5pm, Monday     John Milne - Captain
with specialized boots similar to ugg        to Friday on Ph 4424 4424.                 Mobile: 0427 641 445
boots.                                       Permit issuing officers are volunteers      Neil Percival- Senior- Deputy Captain
In the Congo we have provided                so please give them as much notice as      Mobile: 0412 352 937
schooling of 75 children, as well as         possible. A mutually convenient time
                                                                                        Jeff Fahl - Deputy
assisted with an animal breeding             for the inspection will need be arranged
                                                                                        Mobile: 0419 280 673
programme always assisting people            and in most cases permits will not be
to be come more self sufficient, it is        able to be issued on the day of first       Brian Coulthart – Deputy Captain
always rewarding when we can hear            contact with the officers. NO COST is       Mobile: 0417 428 284
of the projects that we have worked          involved in obtaining a permit but it
towards and to learn of the outcomes,        does stop local RFS brigades being
we look forward to continuing this           called out to false alarms.
work into the years to come and look         During the warmer months, 2 or 3
forward to your ongoing support.             brigades can be called out to respond
As many groups in our area we are            to an incidence, only to find out it is
always looking for new members and           someone burning a pile of sticks or
would welcome your input so please           the like that is under control and not
come along and assist us with the            causing any problems. Permits can
                                             alleviate these problems and save time     Permits and further information can
work of Leprosy mission.                                                                 also be obtained from the RFS Fire
                                             and money. Please keep our region
Trish Nicholson: 44646193 or                 safe and organise for a fire permit this          Control Centre in Nowra                      season.                                             Ph: 44 244 424.

Berry Merry Christmas
            7th year                          • ALL SIZE LAWNS
                                              • ALL SIZE GARDENS
                                              • ALL SIZE HEDGES
                                              • PLANT SALES
          Sponsored by the                    • ADVICE
    Berry Chamber of Commerce
            Coordinators:                     • QUALIFIED HORTICULTURIST
    Jean Sorensen - Berry Shoes,
     Katrina Owen – Simply Red                • OVER 20 YEARS EXPERIENCE
        Ken Hutt – Berry Jetz
   Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
                                              Based in Broughton Village we service Berry and Surrounding Areas
  To one and all thank you for coming,
   participating and supporting this
       fabulous Christmas event.                                  Call Lawrie Hathaway
A special thank you to Peter Lampen, EEPS,
   Berry for installing the Berry Banners                   0411 888 333 A/H : 42 342 900
             Around Town                                                                    NETBALL
Works on Queen Street have now
commenced. They were due to
                                            The works are mainly on the Southern
                                            side of Queen Street from the NAB down
                                                                                           Berry Netball
commence on Monday 1-12-2010 but
were a little delayed - no doubt due to
                                            to the Prince Alfred Street corner and
                                            on the opposite side of Queen Street as
                                            well. It involves:
                                                                                            Club needs
the rain.
Council contacted the Berry Alliance
                                            • paving where there is currently
                                               bitumen,                                     our support
following some discussions and              • quite a few street trees and small
variations to the original plans to say        surrounding garden beds,                   Berry Netball Club is holding an
that work was due to commence on            • new garbage bins (in the same bin            Extraordinary Meeting on the
                                               surrounds as we have already),
1-12-2010 and outlined the works to                                                       6th Decmeber, 7:30pm at Berry
be completed. The Alliance emailed a        • restoration and replacement of the
                                               heritage sandstone kerbing                   Public School Library in an
copy and notification to the Chamber of
Commerce requesting they inform their
                                            • more street benches                                  effort to Save
members of what was about to happen.        The work was approved for Queen Street              Berry Netball Club.
We also put a notice on the Notice          for the Federal Government funding
                                            and Council are saying that they should         Committee Nominations fell short
Board in Broughton Walk (outside                                                            of requirements at the AGM and if
                                            have sufficient funding to also put a
the Pharmacy) along with the planes         pavement from Queen Street down                we cannot get sufficient committee
Council provided us.                        Alexandra Street to Princess Street.            numbers we will have to fold Berry
The Alliance was told that the work was     Council’s landscape architect Kay Murray      Netball Club. Nominations are called for
due to commence on Monday 1-11-             has described the additional work in an               the following positions:
2010. The press release from Council        email to the Alliance as:
(below) gives more detail and there         Funding is also allowing for some paving
                                            works in Alexandra St including:                          Vice President
have been articles about it in the last 2   1. Path on the western side from Queen
Town criers but essentially it is Federal                                                                Secretary
                                               St to Princess St. This will include the
Government Stimulus money allocated            removal of two/possibly 3 trees and                       Treasurer
that has to be spent by Council before         replaced with 4 x Elaeocarpus (one                         Registrar
31-12-2010, (Council first announced            replacement).
                                            2. Infill paving adjacent to 14 Alexandra St             Umpire Convenor
                 the funding late last
                  year – but there is       Importantly, Council says that work is                Nominations forms are
                    now a great hurry to    planned to be concluded before the                    available by contacting
                    get the work done).     busy Xmas period.                                 the secretary on 0414482999.

                   REMEDIAL MASSAGE
                  REMEDIAL MASSAGE
          For Deep & Thorough Remedial Therapy
      Deep Tissue Massage                               Energy Healing
    Manual Lymphatic Drainage                               Reike
         Sport Massage                                   Reflexology

                      GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE
                        ATMS Accredited - Health Fund Rebates
                      In Clinic & Mobile Massage
                            Berry & Beyond
                               4464 3035 page 25 for photos
                 4/84 QUEEN ST ( Above Vet & Physio)
   Community input sought –
Broughton Creek Floodplain Risk                       DAVID BERRY HOSPITAL
  Management Study and Plan
Council is seeking the community’s input in the
development of a Floodplain Risk Management
Study and Plan for Broughton Creek.                   Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,           It was great news at our State
The project is being conducted on behalf of           safe and jolly Christmas Holidays          Conference this year in October when
Shoalhaven City Council by a team of consultants      to all our Members of David Berry          we where told that the State UHA
specialising in floodplain management.                 Hospital Auxiliary, Teresa and her staff   (United Hospital Auxiliaries) raised
The Study will look at various options to reduce      at the Hospital and all our wonderful      $9,205,749.37 with over 901,459 hours
the risks and damages caused by flooding.                                                         worked.
                                                      Community who helped us during this
The Study’s recommendations will be brought
                                                      past year reach our goals.                 In the Illawarra, which we are in, from
together in the Broughton Creek Floodplain Risk
Management Study and Plan which will guide                                                       Bulli in the North to Milton in the South
                                                      Our Last Street Stall for 2010 is on
Council in managing the flood prone lands now                                                     and Bowral Hospital raised $557,177.68
and into the future.
                                                      Saturday 11th December, think of
                                                                                                 with 97684 hours worked.
                                                      Christmas with craft, cooking, jams,
Landowners, residents and businesses are invited
                                                      pickles chutney etc.                       How lucky are our Hospitals to have
to participate in the Study by expressing their
views and providing comment on flooding issues         Inviting all Town Crier readers to come    such hard working Auxiliaries.
by filling in a survey on council’s website or via     along and support us on this day.          We have a few TRESSLE TABLES which
                                                      A wonderful raffle will be drawn at 12      we would like to give away if you are
In the coming month, resident surveys will be         noon tickets on sale from 8.30am $1.00     interested please ring Jenny ph:44 642
distributed to all properties located within the
Broughton Creek floodplain. The survey will also       each.                                      563 they are very old and heavy, too
be made available at the local post office and                                                    heavy for Members to move.
                                                      Now is the time before Christmas to
online at
                                                      clean out your bookcases ready for         Members don’t forget our Christmas
Further opportunity for comment will be provided                                                 Lunch at next meeting 13 December
via a series of community forums and during the       Santa’s new books. Ring Marilyn for
public exhibition period which will be advertised     pick up 44 485 703                         at 1pm after a short meeting at 12.30
on Council’s website and in the local press.                                                     please ring Moira if you need more
                                                      Our big purchase for this year was TV’s    information.
Director of Strategic Planning and Infrastructure
Peter Adams said, “We are looking forward to          for 14 beds which should be all up
                                                                                                 If you wish to join, we are a Fund raising
getting public comment on the study and plan          and running by the New Year. Looking
                                                                                                 group of members who meet 2nd
and can use this information to assist us in moving   forward to supplying new garden
ahead with the project” .                                                                        Monday of each Month at 12.30 for a
                                                      furniture as our new big project.          light lunch and then our meeting at
For more information on the Broughton Creek
Floodplain Risk Management Study please               Don’t forget to come and wave to us as     1p.m we have a lot of fun doing what
contact Matthew Apolo, Project Design Engineer,       we will be in the Berry Merry Christmas    we enjoy.
Shoalhaven City Council on (02) 4429 3145             Parade on Wednesday 1st December at        Please ring Moira Harris President for
CONTACT: Manager Natural Resources and                5.30p.m.                                   more information. 44 642 776
Floodplain Isabelle Ghetti (02) 4429 3300

                                                                        Serving Berry & Surounds for 8 years
                                                           PROUD SUPPORTER OF B.S.H.R.L.F.C & JUNIOR TOUCH FOOTBALL
                                                                  - Treatment for acute & chronic conditions
                                                                  - Pilates & exercise programs
                                                                  - Foot analysis for orthotics using Gaitscan
                                                                    up to date technology
                                                                  - Using mobilisation, myofascial work and acupuncture
                                                                  - Home visits
                                                                                     Mary Pentecost
                                                         Suite 4, 84                                                  Ph: 4464 2874
                                                         Queen Street, Berry                                          Fax: 4464 2874

  Berry Garden Club
My November article mentioned the
gardens featured in this year’s Berry
                                                 tree will grow to approximately 10 m,
                                                 narrow when young but spreads with age.
                                                                                                  glycinoides, very similar, the latter prefers
                                                                                                  more shade. No doubt many people
Gardens Festival; what a great success. At       The flowers are attractive to a variety of        have seen these climbers when walking
the Club’s November meeting cheques              honeyeaters. Melaleucas are commonly             in bushland in spring. Clematis aristata
were presented to representatives of             called paperbarks; the generic name was          has a few common names, probably the
the following organisations - A Taste of         given by early botanists. A descriptive term     best known is Traveller’s Joy; it provides
Paradise, Berry Public School, Broughton         mel = black, leuca = white; many trees were      a valuable nesting site for birds as the
Vale/Berry Rural Fire Brigade, Chesalon          seen with the lower trunk burned, but            nature of the vine prevents predators from
Care, Noah’s Ark Centre of Shoalhaven,           higher branches remained white.                  climbing or supporting their weight and
Nowra/Bomaderry Meals on Wheels and              Commonly called Snow in summer it is             the dense foliage is a protective cover. The
Shoalhaven Kids in Need. Money has also          native to swamp and creek bed edges in           ripe seed is carried by wind.
been set aside for Beautification of Berry. I     eastern Australia.
                                                                                                  The non-climber is C. gentianoides,
will write a few words regarding the use of      Colour blue was much in evidence at our          endemic to Tasmania; a rockery plant
the Beautification of Berry money when a          November meeting, the first Hydrangeas            growing to 50 cm. All Australian species
decision has been made.                          of the season making their debut, Salvia,        have creamy-white flowers.
And the town is certainly looking beautiful      Campanula, Clematis, Iris and many ‘cottage
at present, the frequent rainfalls have                                                           The Garden Club’s final meeting of the year
                                                 garden plants’ - Forget-me-not, both the
greened the countryside and our gardens.                                                          will be a Christmas Party, a break in January,
                                                 common low growing pale blue and the
I think of this time of the year as the Blue                                                      meetings re-commence February; the third
                                                 taller Chinese variety of a deeper colour,
Period, no doubt due principally to the                                                           Tuesday evening at Berry Masonic Village.
                                                 Cornflower, Love-in-a-Mist, Scabiosa; the
wonderful Jacaranda; a feature of many                                                            The Club welcomed many new members
                                                 tables looked wonderful and provided a
temperate areas of the world.                                                                     in 2010, looking forward to more in 2011.
                                                 great foreground for the photograph of
Native to Brazil and northern Argentina,         cheque recipients
                                                                                                  On behalf of Club members I wish Berry
other species have white or pink flowers but      Clematis on display were specimens of            residents a very Happy Christmas.
these are rarely seen, although the white        the large flowering exotic hybrids, native
variety is easily obtained. When travelling to   to Europe, Asia and North America. Of the        Hazel King
Dorrigo some years ago I saw two very large      approximately 200 species, eight are native
pink specimens in a private town garden.         to Australia, seven of these are climbers, and
Many Sydney residents and visitors spend         their climbing mechanism is a petiole. Two
a November day on the harbour enjoying           species are native to the Sydney Region,
Jacarandas planted along its shores. The         a botanic area stretching from Newcastle
creamy-white fluffy flowers of Melaleuca           west to Rylstone, south to Taralga, east
linariifolia are also much in evidence; this     to Nowra; Clematis aristata and Clematis

Merry Christmas                                                                                                                    Alex Cochrane

and a Safe New Year!
                                                                                                                                    0412 081 600

Well, it’s come around very quickly this year, and the staff at Raine & Horne Berry would
like to wish all their vendors, purchasers, landlords and tenants a very happy and relaxing
Christmas, followed by a prosperous New Year.                                                                                        Penni Wildi
                                                                                                                                    0411 756 602
In our first 12 months in Berry, while people have said it’s been a tough year we have
enjoyed more than our share of success in property sales.
We thank the community for their support and we look
forward to a fantastic year in 2011.
                                                                                                                                    Patrick Tynan
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!                                                                                             0418 603 980
From: Penni, Hayley, Alex & Patrick.

 2/65 Queen Street, Berry                  Ph: (02) 4464 1300                     Fax: (02) 4464 2111

  Around Town                              The Probus
  POLICE                                  Club of Berry
                                      The Probus Club of Berry continues       Denise Jones from the Department
PRESENCE                              to be an active and involving
                                      organisation. Of recent months
                                                                               of Fair Trading told us about the
                                                                               rights of consumers and who to
                                                                               contact to establish the bone fides
                                      our members have participated in
IN BERRY?                             a couple of theatre outings, a trip
                                      to the Jewish Museum in Sydney,
                                                                               of tradesmen and vendors. Given
                                                                               that there have been a few shonky
                                                                               operators in our area of late, this
There has been some discussion        a coach tour to visit a peach
                                      orchard in Araluen (including lunch      was most timely.
and rumour recently about the                                                  Members were also enlightened by
                                      at the Araluen Hotel), our 23rd.
Police presence in Berry. There                                                Dr. Alison Wicks, who urged us to
                                      Anniversary Dinner at Gabby’s
was a period recently where our       Restaurant, lunches at various           be active with both our brains and
local policeman, Paul Nancekivell     culinary establishments with the         bodies in order to remain young.
was attached for a time to Nowra.     Kitchen and Cellar Group and             She was probably preaching to the
He is back with us now and there      of course, our regular monthly           converted, given the energy and
was never any suggestion that                                                  vitality displayed by the majority of
                                      meetings at the Berry Masonic
                                                                               our members.
the Berry Police Station was to be    Village, on the second Tuesday of
closed. In fact, we understand that   each month.
                                                                               Probus is all about fellowship and
Shoalhaven has just been allocated                                             fun and our Club demonstrates this
6 additional officers – 4 detectives   Our      members       have      been
                                                                               each and every month. If you are a
and 2 General Duties police.          entertained and educated by
                                                                               male, retired, or semi retired and
                                      our guest speakers, which have           would like to make new friends,
We take this opportunity to wish      included Dusty Jones (the Snake          be entertained, and educated and
Paul a very happy and incident free   Man) who showed us the sort of           participate in interesting activities,
Christmas and holiday period.         snakes we are likely to find in our       the Berry Probus Club would love
                                      gardens and how to deal with them.       to meet you.
We know how popular he is             Our President even volunteered
with our younger                      to be bitten, so that we could see       Enquiries should be directed to
members of the                        first hand how quickly a snake can        either the Secretary, Paul Kirk, on
community and in                      strike. He’s alive and well, but we’re   4464 3525 or the President, Bruce
fact all of us in Berry.              not too sure about the snake.            Spender, on 4421 4669

                      A Summer of                                                       BERRY MASONIC
                     Show Jumping                                                        AUXILIARY INC
Before our summer of show jumping         Geriatric Cup. Fun, laughter and lots of      President Mackinnon welcomed those
commences there was the Pink Ribbon       cheering will help the geriatric riders
                                          shine in this prestigious event.
                                                                                        attending with the good news that the
Horse Festival. A huge success!
The number of riders doubled from                                                       response for tickets for the Grand Quilt
                                          Shortly after Christmas, show jumping
the previous year, many sponsors came                                                   Draw was going very well.
                                          resumes with Twilight Jumping
on board and the showground was           happening each Sunday evening during
pink! pink! pink! Heartfelt thanks to
                                                                                        We now look forward to the Hostel
                                          the summer months. Avoiding the
the wonderful sponsors and the many       hottest part of the day twilight jumping is
                                                                                        Residents’ Christmas Party to be held
participants. Judging from the large      proving to be a very enjoyable time to be     on 8th December which will start at 2
number positive comments received the     out with family and friends. Don’t forget     p.m. At this time the Quilt Draw will
Pink Ribbon Horse Festival will be even   spectators are most welcome. Venue:           take place and will be made by our
bigger next year!                         Club Grounds, Berry Sporting Complex,
                                          North St Berry.4.30pm onwards.
                                                                                        long-time faithful supporter and Hon
Berry Riding Club now enters a                                                          Member, Joe Miller.
“Summer of Show Jumping.” Saturday        If you would like to know more about
18th December will see the “oldies”       Berry Riding Club give club secretary         Karen attended today’s meeting
competing for the hotly contested         Judy Sweeney a call on 4464 1143.             and expressed her thanks for the
                                                                                        refurbishment of more of the Respite
                                                                                        rooms with new bedspreads, table
                                                                                        lamps and pictures.
                                                                                        The next Meeting will convene at 10
                                                                                        a.m. on Wednesday 15th December
                                                                                        and will be followed by luncheon at
                                                                                        The Berry Hotel.
                                                                                        We send our best wishes for the festive
                                                                                        Season to the Staff, Hostel Residents
                                                                                        and to all our friends who help us in
                                                                                        our endeavours.
                                                                                        Jean Sealy
                                                                                        Publicity Officer - 4464 3585


  Great Community Spirit
The annual Berry Community Groups Get               Town Crier can assist groups with their        Berry Community Pre-School; Berry
Together was a huge success this year. It           recruitment and publicity. There was also      Computers for Seniors; Berry Courthouse
was held on Thursday 18th November at               a folder with all the necessary details as a   Conservation Committee; Berry Drama
the Berry Courthouse. With record numbers           hand out.                                      Group; Berry Landcare; Berry Leprosy
attending Community Group leaders took                                                             Mission, Berry Masonic Village; Berry
the opportunity to network, talk about their        A representative from all those community      Mens Shed; Berry Riding Club; Berry
group, their plans and aspirations, their needs     groups present then took it in turns to        Show Society; Berry Show Society
and their services available.                       outline some information about their           Ladies Auxiliary; Berry Showground
                                                    group and some called for assistance and       Management Committee; Clean Up
We started with a small function on arrival
                                                    others offered assistance. The feedback we     Australia; David Berry Hospital Auxiliary;
but soon got on with the important business
                                                    received after the meeting was that people     Hands Across NSW; Knit With Love; Meal
of the day. President of the Berry Alliance, Rick
                                                    couldn’t believe the number of active and      on Wheels; Probus Club; Rotary Club;
Gainford addressed the leaders and described
                                                    energetic community groups that there          Shoalhaven Poultry Group; Zonta Club;
what the Berry Alliance can do to assist and
                                                    were.                                          Berry Netball Club and the Berry Alliance.
some guidelines and opportunities available
to the Berry Community groups present.              Community Groups represented on the
                                                    night were:                                    Thank you to all those leaders who
Editor of the Berry Town Crier, Sharon Dunn                                                        took the time to come along and
                                                    ADFAS; Berry and District Garden Club;
then outlined to those present how the                                                             participate and once again showing their
                                                    Berry & District Historical Society;
                                                                                                   commitment to the Berry community.

                          SHOALHAVEN CITY COUNCIL
The following Development Applications, Development                    The Berry Alliance is the Community Consultative Body in Berry and
Determinations and other items have been notified through the           we advertise all items that we are advised of by council so community
month and in accordance with Berry Alliance policy they have been      members can have their say.
placed on the Berry Alliance Notice Board in the window of the Post    Please Note: Council now have DA Tracking available on their web
Office, posted on our web site and printed     site where all details including submissions are displayed for your
                                                                       information. Go to: and go to DA
in the next available issue of the Town Crier.

Applications Received
                                                                       DA10/2215        New Dwelling - Two Storey with loft in roof space
DA10/2355         Dwelling additions and garage (4.0m high to eaves)
                                                                                        12 Boran Pl, BERRY – 9 Nov 2010 - Approved
                  71 Victoria St, BERRY – 28 Oct 2010
                                                                       DA10/2296        Alterations & Additions to existing Dwelling 5
DA10/2344         Proposed conversion of one dual-occupancy                             Jennings Lane, BOLONG – 8 Nov 2010 - Approved
                  dwelling to Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
                  193 Devitts Lane, MEROO MEADOW – 26 Oct 2010

Applications Determined                                                Applications are advertised in accordance with Council’s Community
DA10/2171         New Dwelling - Single Storey St Andrews Way,         Consultation Policy for Subdivision and Development Applications
                  COOLANGATTA - 26 Oct 2010 - Approved                 and the Formulation of Development Guidelines and Policies.
SF10169           Rural Boundary Adjustment - SEPP 1 Objection         Please note, however, that not all applications on this list will be
                  182-184 Croziers Rd, JASPERS BRUSH 28 Oct 2010 -     advertised and that advertising may not commence immediately,
                  Approved                                             particularly if important documentation has been omitted from the
DA10/2165         Alterations and Additions to Existing Dwelling       application. If an application is required to be advertised, the relevant
                  Including a New Deck at First Floor Level and a      community associations will be separately notified of the advertising
                  Detached Carport which stands 1.0m From the          period and the closing date for xreceipt of submissions.
                  Western Boundary. 722 Kangaroo Valley Rd,
                  BELLAWONGARAH – 3 Nov 2010 - Approved                Enquiries
                                                                       If an application on this report is of particular interest to your
DA10/1908         Proposed alterations to existing dwelling new        Association, or you would like to enquire if the application has been
                  workshop and new detached second dwelling            or will be advertised, please contact Council on: (02) 4429 3111.
                  52 Queen St, BERRY – 1 Nov 2010 - Approved
                                                                       The development and subdivisions applications may be viewed on
DA10/2140         New Dwelling - Single Storey 19 Boran Pl, BERRY      Council Website (DA Tracking)
                  10 Nov 2010 - Approved

THE ONE YOU’VE BEEN                  MAGNIFICENT 50 ACRES              “LILLY PILLY”                        A HIDDEN TREASURE
LOOKING FOR!                         50 acres of 1st class farmland    Unique 5 acres of natural            Positioned on an acre this
Set on nearly 6 acres with           protected and bounded by          sanctuary, totally private from      brick and tiled 3 bedroom,
established forest where you         National Park, only a couple of   the road. 2 generous 5m x 5m         option of a fourth bedroom
can meander down the                 minutes to the beautiful          bedrooms, library/study and          (currently used as a study), 2
pathway and enjoy your own           oceanfront at Seven Mile          an upstairs timber lined attic       bathroom home has warmth
private eden. The cottage            Beach. A perfect home site        with dorma windows this could        & charm. There is a double
currently features 1 bedroom         exists with North East views to   be a third bedroom great             garage, one side is drive
plus sleep out, high ceilings,       the mountain range that           space for a parents retreat or       through to a covered
timber flooring and front            surrounds Berry. The farm has     artist's studio 6"Blackbutt          workshop/greenhouse area
verandah enjoying aspect             an existing stockyard and         timber floorboards, 6'cast iron      or room for a small boat to
towards the mountains.               ramp & has a large dam.           bath & slow combustion fire.         be parked.
             TH                                    TH
AUCTION 12 DECEMBER                  AUCTION 12 DECEMBER               PRICE: $1,450,000                    PRICE: $785,000
WEB ID: NSW5177298                   WEB ID: NSW5177304                WEB ID: NSW5177256                   WEB ID: NSW5177222

   Advertising Rates
Calendar of Events page
1 issue   $60
6 issues $276 ($46 each issue)          DECEMBER 2010
12 issues $504 ($42 each issue)         1st December – Wednesday – Berry Merry Christmas Shopping Spree, shops open from 10am till
                                        late, Santa parade from 5:45pm Come along and paint the town red.
      One box, no changes,
                                        All enquiries:
    one invoice paid up front
      Contact the Editor on             1st December - Wednesday – Berry Computers for Seniors meets in the Uniting Church Hall,
  0428 037 572 For more details         69 Albert Street, Berry To assist the mature aged members of our community to use and enjoy
                                        the benefits of computer technology. Phone Kevin Watson 4448 6267 to add your name to our
                                        waiting list.
                                        4th December – Saturday- CWA Christmas Street Stall from 8.30am in Broughton Court, items
                                        for sale include craft, cakes and preserves – Be early open to grab a bargain, further enquiries to
                                        Marcia ph: 44 643 187
                                        25th December - Sunday – Berry Country Fair at the Berry Showgrounds Enquiries to 4464 1476
                                        on Thursdays and Fridays 10am – 3.30pm

                                        8th December- Wednesday – Berry Drama Group Reading of Christopher Durang one act plays
                                        at 8pm - upstairs room, School of Arts, Berry All enquiries to Rosie ph:44 642 700

                                        10th December – Friday - Berry CWA meeting at CWA rooms, Victoria Street, Berry at 1pm
                                        Enquires Marcia 4464 3187.
• Household & Commercial Storage
• Climate Controlled Wine Storage       11th December – Saturday – David Berry Hospital Auxiliary final street stall for 2010 in Broughton
• Units individually alarmed            Court - lots of goodies for sale – with Christmas craft, cooking, jams, pickles, chutney and a whole
• Boxes & Transportation Arranged       lot more All enquiries to Moira Harris on ph: 44 642 776
• Free Move in Service
                                        12th December - Sunday - A bicycle ride is held meeting outside the Sour Dough Bakery at
      Ph:   4422 1955                   8.00am Enquiries to Will Armitage ph: 44 64 2241.

    Cnr Meroo Rd & Victa Way            15th December - Wednesday – Berry Computers for Seniors meets in the Uniting Church Hall,
           Bomaderry                    69 Albert Street, Berry To assist the mature aged members of our community to use and enjoy
                                        the benefits of computer technology. Phone Kevin Watson 4448 6267 to add your name to our
                                        waiting list.

                                        16h December – Thursday - Berry Alliance Community Forum at 7.30pm at the Berry Courthouse
                                        to report the progress on the upgrade of the Princes Highway around the Berry Township All
                                        Berry community members are welcome to attend.
                                        All enquiries 0449 569 059 or

                                        18th December – Saturday – Berry Drama Group presents “The Night before Christmas” at the
                                        Berry School of Arts doors open at 2pm for a 2.30pm show, tickets available at the door Adults
                                        $10/ Children $5 All enquires to Rosie ph 44642700

                                        24th December – Friday – The Christian Churches of Berry present Carols in the Park 7pm – 8pm
                                        Apex Park, Berry. All enquires to George Waddell ph: 0410 025 702
 The Emporium Food Company is
 a gourmet deli and café, sourcing
                                        25th December – Saturday Gabbys at Berry, Christmas Day Lunch, Live Music Fully Air conditioned
gourmet fare from all over the globe.
                                        $95 per adult Buffet Style Menu & Drinks included. All enquiries to Carolyn ph: 44642349
If there is something you can’t find
      we will source it for you.        31st December – Friday – Berry Gerringong Rotary Club present - New Years Eve Family
 Or you can sit in-store and enjoy      Fireworks at the Berry Showground, gates open from 5pm, a family fun night with lots of kids
 a light lunch with Grinders coffee.    entertainment. This is an alcohol free event, entry $5 Adult/ $2 Child or $10 per family. All
                                        enquiries to David Clark ph: 444 877 38
127B Queen Street Berry NSW 2535
   T: 4464 1570 F: 4464 3291

JANUARY                                                                                                     BERRY
22nd January – Saturday – The Berry Show Society Show Ball 2011, The Pavilion – Berry
Showground, 7pm for 7.30pm, $35 per head, tickets can be purchased from the 29th December
at the Berry Pharmacy.
                                                                                                         The second running of the Berry
                                                                                                         Criterium was held on the afternoon of
FUTURE DATES                                                                                             Saturday 14th November on a “hot dog”
                                                                                                         course along North St and provided
Friday 4th & Saturday 5th February – 123rd Annual Berry Show at the Berry Showground All                 for fast finishes, aggressive attacks, a
enquires to Showground Office ph: 44 641 567 or email:                       rider protest and some falls on slippery
                                                                                                         corners. The weather was also hot and
                                                                                                         humid with a short shower to make for
   The Calendar of Events page is on the Web                                                             added challenges.
   See this page at – see the latest edition of                                 The race was organized and run by
                                                                           the Town Crier or go to
   Calendar of Events on the home page. Just $30 (inc. GST) or a display ad                              the Nowra Velo cycling club and Berry
                                                                             gets you a listing in the
   Town Crier and on our Web site, please request at Calender entry at the                               Alliance and over 70 entries were
                                                                           time of booking your ad.
                                                                                                         received coming from as wide afield as
   For advertising enquiries:                                                                            Canberra, Orange and Sydney as well
  call the Editor on 0428 037 572 or                                 as many riders from the Shoalhaven
  Free listing for Berry community groups - must be registered with the Berry                            and Illawarra. We were grateful for
                                                                              Alliance and provide       Strongbuild’s sponsorship and Jamie
  a contact name and number to be listed.
                                                                                                         Strong was on hand to make the
  Berry’s Calendar of Events is constantly being updated. Information
                                                                          given here is provided         presentations.
  by event organisers. The Berry Alliance does not accept responsibility
                                                                          for errors, alterations or
  omissions.                                                                                             The five races had winners from five
                                                                                                         different clubs.
                                                                                                         Division 1 - Rene Kolbach, Macarthur
                                                                                                                      Collegians CC

         RECYCLING COLLECTION FOR BERRY                                                                  Division 2 - Sam Arnold, Illawarra CC
                                                                                                         Division 3 - Andrew Rutty, Nowra Velo
                             1, 15, 29 December                                                          Division 4 - Hans Visch, Eastern Suburbs CC
                            & 12, 26 January 2011                                                        Junior U17 - Luke Williams, St. George CC

                                                                                                         The Berry Mens shed provided their
                                                                                                         popular sausage sizzle and as the
                                                                                                         afternoon progressed there was a heavy

     Fire Permits in Rural Areas
                                                                                                         demand for cold drinks. We would also
                                                                                                         like to thank the residents of North
                                                                                                         Street for their co-operation in the
                                                                                                         staging of this event.
                                            the Shoalhaven on
     The Bush Fire Danger Period begins in
           1st September, 2010. All fires lit in the
                  from this date require a permit.
                                          (Captain) - 0427 641 445, Neil Percival
     Permits can be issued by John Milne
                                            , Jeff Fahl (Deputy Captain) - 0419 280
     (Senior Deputy Captain) - 0412 352 937
                                               ) - 0417 428 284. Permits and further
     673 and Brian Coulthart (Deputy Captain
                                           the RFS Fire Control Centre in Nowra –
     information can also be obtained from
      4424 4424.

                                            lighting of fires is prohibited and the
     Be aware that even with a permit, the
                                           Total Fire Ban Days, days of Extreme Fire
     permit is automatically suspended, on
                                              on Authority declares a “No Burn Day.”
     Danger, or when the Environment Protecti

                                                      4 4472.
                    State Emergency Services Nowra 442

Berry Community Groups                                                                                     If your Berry Community Group is not listed here please return the form
                                                                                                           sent out or contact the Berry Alliance for the form to complete to register.

Berry Alliance Inc.                                                        0449 569 059                        SPONSORED BY
P O Box 202 Berry 2535                         3rd Thursday Monthly 6.30pm Courthouse                     Berry Silver Band (est. 1897)                                                    4464 1250
                                                                                                    6 Clarence Street Berry 2535
Berry Alliance Town Crier                                             0428 037 572                  Meet Monday evenings 7.30-9.30pm, Agricultural Hall, Berry Showground
P O Box 202 Berry 2535
                                                                                                    Berry Spinners and Weavers                                                        4446 5813
Berry Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Inc.                                             4464 3122      P O Box 377 Berry 2535 Thursdays 10-12noon at Berry Showground Hall
P O Box 216 Berry 2535          
                                                                                                    Crickadero                               4464 1816 or 0405 782 738
Australian Labor Party Berry Shoalhaven Heads Branch                                 4464 3660      P O Box 95 Berry 2535         
                                                                                                    Brogers Creek Landcare                                                           4465 1482
4th Monday Monthly, Hotel Berry, 6:30pm Dinner & 7:30 Meeting starts
                                                                                                    Last Saturday of each month 2.30-4.30pm.
Australian Red Cross                                                         4464 2612              Broughton Vale / Berry Rural Fire Brigade                                       4464 1522
P O Box 249 Berry 2535      1st Wednesday each month at 1.30pm, Berry School of Arts                82 Albert Street Berry 2535
                                                                                                    Last Tuesday monthly at 7:30pm
Berry Alcoholics Anonymous                                              1300 903 392
Meet Thursday Nights at 7.30pm 34 Alexander Street Berry -                  Country Women’s Association – Berry Branch                                       4464 3187
                                                                                                    P O Box 321 Berry 2535 -
Berry Al Anon Family Group                                                   Irene 4448 8231        Second Friday each month at 1pm in the CWA Rooms.
Meet every Monday at 7.30 CWA Rooms - Victoria Street, Berry
                                                                                                    David Berry Hospital Auxiliary                                            4448 5703
Berry Apex Club Inc.                                                                4464 2399       P O Box 285 Berry 2535 -
P O Box 16 Berry 2535                                            Second Monday Monthly at 12.30pm at the David Berry Hospital Conference Room.
Wednesdays fortnightly – 7pm Hotel Berry
                                                                                                    Four Seasons Sustainable Housing Forums                       4464 1620
Berry Bridge Club INC                                                       4464 2742               C/- 76 Borrowdale Close, Berry 2535
PO Box 366 Berry NSW 2535       Saturdays 1pm - 4:30pm at Masonic Lodge Community Hall              Knit with Love                                                       4464 1058 - Leanne
Berry Community Activities Centre Inc.                               4464 1476/4422 1794            At St Lukes Anglican church hall every Friday, 1pm - 3pm.‘Come along & knit squares for rugs,
P O Box 244 Berry 2535                                            & other items for the needy of the world. ‘All welcome.’
First Monday Monthly, 5pm School of Arts. Office open Thurs and Fri 10am till 3pm.                   Masonic Lodge Broughton 131                                         4464 3894 or 4464 1798
Berry Computers for Seniors                                                         4448 6267       Lodge Broughton Masonic Rooms Cnr Albany & Victoria Sts
P O Box 103 Berry 2535                                                  7.30 on 1st Wednesday each month except Jan and Feb when 2nd Wednesday.
10am on the first and third Wednesday of the month at Uniting Church Hall, 69 Albert Street Berry.   Natures Child Playgroup                                                4464 1876 - 4234 4860
                                                                                                    c/- 35 Croziers Rd Jaspers Brush 2535     Wed, Thurs, Fri 9.30-11.30am
Berry Courthouse Conservation Committee                                             4464 1365       Old Council Chambers, Alexandra St, Berry
PO Box 218 Berry 2535 - 3rd Monday every 2nd Month at 5pm
                                                                                                    Penwood Rail Road Inc.                                                  4464 1201
Berry & District Garden Club                                           (02) 4464 2009               215 Princes Highway Jaspers Brush NSW 2535.
P O Box 122 Berry 2535                                             Monthly running day - 1st Sunday monthly - visitors welcome - Third Tuesday Monthly, 7.30 Masonic Village Community Room
                                                                                                    Probus Club of Berry                                      4421 4669 - 4464 3525
Berry Drama group                                                                   4464 2700       PO Box 68 Berry 2535            Second Tuesday each month, 9.30am Meeting Hall at
C/- PO Box 423 Berry NSW 2535                                                                       Berry Masonic Retirement Village, Albany Lane
Meet first Wednesday of each Month at 7.00pm at the Berry School of Arts
(except Jan & Dec)                                              Slow Food Saddleback                                                          0410 289 539
                                                                                                    PO Box 435 Gerringong 2534
Berry Evening VIEW Club                                                             4464 1236
94 North Street, Berry 2535                                           Shoalhaven Poultry Group                                                    0410 548 704
Third Wednesday Monthly, 7pm Berry Bowling Club                                                     165 Kangaroo Valley Road First Tuesday each month
                                                                                                    St Vincent de Paul Society                                                       4464 2038
Berry & District Historical Society Inc.                                            4464 3097       PO Box 77 Berry               
P O Box 153 Berry 2535     
Third Monday Monthly, 10am at the Berry Museum                                                      The Zonta Club of Berry Inc.                                  4446 1001, 4232 2881
                                                                                                    P O Box 302 Berry 2535 -
Berry-Gerringong Rotary Club                                                        4464 2167       Meet 4th Tuesday at 6.30pm Coachhouse Restaurant, Berry Hotel
PO Box 81 Berry 2535       
Thursday 6pm for 6.30pm at Bowling Club
Hands Across NSW Inc               ph/fax: 4446 0567 e:                  SPORTING GROUPS
PO Box 162 Cambewarra NSW 2540            w:
meet: Quarterly Jan, Arpi, Jul, Oct at Broughton Lodge, Berry Agriculture Hall                      Berry Boules and Petanque Club                                              4464 2446
                                                                                                    78 Woodhill Mountain Rd Berry                     
Berry Landcare                                                            4464 3391, 4464 3241      1st and 3rd Sunday Monthly at 5pm
c/- 35 Houston Place Berry 2535 - 3rd Saturday monthly and last Sunday monthly (Bundewallah)
                                                                                                    Berry Hockey Club                                                                4464 1992
Berry Leprosy Mission Auxiliary                                                     4464 1693       13 Windsor Drive Berry 2535   
17 Gwenda Avenue Berry 2535  
3rd Thursday Bi-Monthly (June, Aug etc.) 1.30pm                                                     Berry Junior Mixed Touch Football                       4448 6027 or 4464 1609
                                                                                                    9 Ford Street Berry       Play Term 4- Thursdays 4-6pm at Berry Sporting Complex
Berry Masonic Village Auxilliary Inc.                                               4464 3457       Berry Netball Club                                                           0414 482 999
PO Box 435 Berry 2535              3rd Wednesday monthly at 9:30am                                  PO Box 280 Berry
Berry Meals on Wheels Inc.                                                          4464 1604       Berry Pony Club                                                            0414 832 100
PO Box 221 Berry 2535                    3rd Monday monthly at 9am                                  P O Box 227 Berry 2535                                
                                                                                                    2nd & 4th Sunday each month, 9am.                     
Berry Men’s Shed                                                              4464 2619
PO Box 103 Berry 2535                                       e:           Berry Riding Club                                                                4464 1143
Tuesdays and Thursdays 10 - 4, North Street      w:                        445 Coolangatta Road Berry 2535
Berry Musicale                                    w:              4464 2629
                                                                                                    Berry Shoalhaven Heads Junior League                                           4464 1896
Berry Playgroup                                                                 0411 383 573        43 Prince Alfred Street Berry   
PO Box 185 Berry NSW 2535                                       4th Wednesday Monthly, 7.30pm at the Berry Bowling Club
Friday mornings at St Lukes Hall, via Victoria St
                                                                                                    Berry Tennis Club                                                            4421 3568
Berry Community Pre-school                                                          4464 1764       PO Box 133 Berry 2535                              
P O Box 143 Berry 2535                                           1st Thursday - Bi-Monthly at tennis clubhouse                                                                          Berry Men’s Bowling Club                                                   4464 2995
                                                                                                    140 Princes Hwy Berry                                   2nd Wednesday monthly at 5.00pm
Berry RSL Sub Branch                                         4423 1960, 4421 4981
PO Box 3307 North Nowra 2541 -                                      Berry Women’s Bowling Club                                                    4464 2995
1st Tuesday Monthly at 10.30am                                                                      140 Princes Hwy Berry                                
                                                                                                    3rd Tuesday monthly at 12.15pm at Bowling Club
Berry School of Arts                                                                4422 1794
(See Berry Community Activities Centre Inc.)             Thursdays & Fridays        4464 1476       Shoalhaven Showjumping Club Inc.                                           4232 2338
                                                                                                    25 Gwinganna Avenue, Kiama NSW 2533                Email:
Berry Show Society Inc.                                                   4464 1567
P O Box 173 Berry 2535 -
Meet 1st Tuesday monthly at Committee Rooms at the Showground
Berry Show Society - Ladies Auxillary Committee                                 4464 1191
c/-59 Woodhill Mtn Road Berry - Meet 1st Tuesday Jan, Mar, May, Sep, Nov 7:30 at Committee
                                                                                                    EMERGENCY 000
Rooms at the Showground                                                                             Police Assistance Line (non-urgent Police reports) 131 444
Berry Showground Management Committee                                               4448 6053       Berry Police 4464 2175 - Berry Fire Brigade 4464 1008 or 000
60 Strongs Road Jaspers Brush 2535                                              Rural Fire Brigade (Broughton Vale) 4464 1522

Living Each Moment at
The Arbour, Berry

Homes From $595,000

Private Freestanding Homes
Large North Facing Courtyards
Low-maintenance Lifestyle

Freecall 1300 727 034

10 Victoria Street, Berry

BERRY MUSEUM                                          The Berry Blokes’ Book Club
                                                            “ME CHEETA, THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY” BY JAMES LEVER.
                                                             The Life of Cheeta the Chimp’ in the Tarzan Movies.

                                                      This is a book that has many layers.First it is   awfully like their name sakes - Bogie,
 A NEW EXHIBITION is on display                       a love story of a chimpanzee for a human          Chaplin, Dietrich, Dolores del Rio and
                                                      vis. Cheeta for Johnny Weissmuller better         lots more. The boundary between fact
     from December 2010.                              known as Tarzan. It is also a revelation          and fiction is blurred. Lots of innuendos
 “MONUMENTS AND                                       of the way humans and animals                     follow statements of how some star was
                                                      interact. Cheeta sees his incarceration           “a very special human being but…” and
MEMORIALS OF BERRY”                                   as rehabilitation. The humans vary from           then it’s revealed that they are drunken,
  Have you ever wondered about the                    sadistic to well meaning animal lovers.           pederastic, vain, oversexed drug addicts.
  Drinking Fountain on the corner of                  Cheeta is somewhat dismissive of us.              A clever conceit is the omission of the
                                                      Dr Goodall’s “No Reel Apes” campaign is           eighth chapter for legal reasons. Chapter
  Queen and Prince Alfred Streets or
                                                      meaningless to him. He feels that he has          8 still features in the index where, under
  the Horse Trough in Apex Park This
                                                      not been hard done by.                            “Williams, Esther” are many sub notes
 exhibition will tell you all about them
                                                      It is a parody of the ghost written               that reveal the general thrust of Williams’
   and all the other monuments and
                                                      celebrity autobiography such as David             nature and life style that was in the
   memorials in Berry and why they
                                                      Niven’s “The Moon’s a Balloon” or Peter           missing chapter.
 are there? Explore some of the most
  memorable parts of Berry’s History.                                     .
                                                      Ustinov’s “Dear Me” It is a satire of the         The book had a mixed reception by the
                                                      cult of the celebrity and a revelation of         club readers. Those not familiar with
    135 Queen Street, Berry -                         the Hollywood Studio system of the 40’s           the “Stars of the Silver Screen” from
          44643097                                    and 50’s.                                         the Golden Years of Hollywood were                       The writing is somewhat studied but               not taken in. Others including myself                         when you consider it is written by a              enjoyed it. The last meeting between
                                                      chimpanzee, the style fits the genre. It           Cheeta and Johnny is very moving. Some
               Opening hours:                                                                           readers admit to tears. ‘Me Cheeta’ was
   Saturday 11am to 2pm - Sunday 11am to 3pm
                                                      is somewhat repetitive in the middle
                                                      section where the shenanigans of stars            on the long list
Remember also that the museum is open Mon to Fri in
        School Holidays from 11am to 2pm.             seem to go on for ever. All of them,              for the 2009 Man
                                                      as we read in the Publisher’s (Fourth             Booker Prize. It is
 SO CONSIDER A VISIT TO THE MUSEUM AS A SPECIAL       Estate) Page are fictional characters and          a very enjoyable
            EVENT FOR YOUR GROUP.                     “any resemblance to actual persons                read.
 If you wish to become a member of the                                .
                                                      is coincidental” However they seem                HB.
    Historical Society and support your
     town’s museum please contact us.                                           Sponsored By: HARVEY BLUE

                                                                                                              Opening times
                                                                                                              Mon - Sat for
                                                                                                              Lunch & Dinner
                                                                                                              Sunday Lunch only

                                                                                                              Christmas Day
                                                                                                              Lunch Special
                                                                                                              $95 per person
                                                                  $25 Lunch                                   Set 3 course menu
                                                                                                              book by 15th December
                                            Lunch menu item & glass of Silos wine
                                                                                                              Please note: We will be closed on all
                                  Ph 4448 6160 •                                             other public holidays in December

                                                                 The following businesses have provided Vouchers for the Berry Alliance
BERRY RESTAURANTS                                                to provide to Berry Community groups to use for fundraising purposes
& CAFES, FUNCTIONS                                               or prizes. If you would like your business listed here (and on the web site)
                                                                 please contact Rick Gainford, Secretary Berry Alliance on 0449 569 059
& CATERING GUIDE                                                 or email

      Restaurants & Cafes                                               The Cake Store
                                                                        39A Kinghorne Street Nowra 2541 - t 4423 0063 -
Berrylicious Café                                                       Monday to Friday 6.30am to 5.00pm, Saturday 8.00am to 1.00pm
Shop 2, 89 Queen Street Berry - t 4464 3880                             Closed Sunday
Open 7 days – 8.00am to 5pm
Berry Jetz Café                                                            Functions & Catering
1/94 Queen Street Berry - t 4464 3320
7 days – 8am to 5pm                                                     Berry Courthouse
Berry Sourdough Bakery and Café                                         Corner Victoria and Albany Streets, Berry - t 4464 2446
23 Prince Alfred Street Berry – t 4464 1617                             Functions, weddings, meetings inside and in gardens.
Open Wednesday to Sunday – 8am – 4pm.                         , email:
Hedgehogs Coffee Shop                                                   Berry Jetz Café
4/98 Queen Street, Berry - t 4464 3051                                  1/94 Queen Street Berry - t 4464 3320
7 days – 8am to 4pm                                           
Hungry Duck                                                             Catering and Functions available
85 Queen Street Berry 2535 - t 4464 2323                                Berrylicious Café                                                   Shop 2, 89 Queen Street, Berry t: 4464 3880
Wednesday to Sunday dinner from 6pm                                     Open 7 days – 8am – 5pm.
Just Delicious
                                                                        Broughton Mill Farm Guesthouse Berry
Shop 3 / 62 Albert Street Berry – t 4464 3650
                                                                        78 Woodhill Mountain Road Berry - t 4464 2446
Open 7 days – 9am – 5pm.
                                                                        Weddings, functions and conferences hosted and catered for on site.
Pavillion Restaurant                                          
72 Queen Street Berry - t 4464 1074                           
7 days – 7.30am to 9.30am (10am on weekends)
Tuesday to Saturday - Dinner from 6pm                                   Garnish Creative Catering
                                                                        t 0432 559 078
The Berry Tea Shop
                                                                        Catering and Functions
Shop 1, 66 Albert Street, Berry - t 4464 1218
Open 7 days: 10am to 5pm
The Silos Restaurant                                                    Table Talk Café
Princess Hwy Jaspers Brush –t 4448 6160                                 6 / 97-99 Queen Street Berry
Lunch: Open 7 Days from 12 noon.                                        t 4464 2420
Dinner: Monday to Saturday inclusive.                  Catering and Functions available
Table Talk Café
6 / 97-99 Queen Street Berry - t 4464 2420
7 days – 9am to 4pm

                                                                                                                ◆                     ◆

                                                                                                                      ◆           ◆

                                                                                                                          ◆   ◆

                                                                                                                          ◆   ◆

Red Cross                                                              BERRY MENS SHED                                                       A project of Berry
                                                                                                            Uniting Church
During October the members of Berry Branch
were surprised to hear we had been nominated
and awarded the ‘Margaret Waddell Country              We are very pleased to announce that Shoalhaven    thanks to all members who assisted on the day.
Achievement Cup’, being an annual state-wide           Council has approved our Development               This is the second group to visit us recently and
award given by Red Cross for fundraising and           Application for the new Men’s Shed. Strongbuild    we feel that what we are doing in our Shed is
community service. Members of the Berry                has already arrived on site with their container   seen as a template for other Sheds.
community may remember the Australian                  and will be commencing construction of the new     The work at the David Berry Memorial Park is
Army Band Concert last year at the Shoalhaven          Shed within weeks. We are about to enter a new     well underway, this is an unusual project for the
Entertainment Centre. The purpose of the concert       phase in the history of the Berry Men’s Shed       Shed to undertake, however Gordon’s team has
was to raise funds for ‘drought relief’ in NSW and                                                                     made great headway, all posts
this fundraising effort was deemed worthy of the                                                                       have been straightened, fence
above award for 2010. The Cup will be housed on                                                                        palings requiring replacement
                                                                                                                       are under construction and the
display by the NAB.
                                                                                                                       remainder have been stream
Margaret Waddell was invited to join Red                                                                               cleaned. We even cleaned the
                                                                                                                       memorial statue of David Berry
Cross in 1952 as an Honorary Director with the
                                                                                                                       in the park. The next major
responsibility of co-ordinating and organising                                                                         undertaking is the painting of
the branches in NSW. After 22yrs in this position                                                                      the entire fence.
she was elected as NSW Chairman. On retiring in
1981 Margaret donated 2 Cups, city and country.                                                                          The Men’s Shed held a BBQ
Our members are proud to be winners of the                                                                               on Saturday 13th November in
Country Cup for 2010.                                                                                                    conjunction with the annual
                                                                                                                         Berry Criterium. The event raised
A second garage sale was also held in November                                                                           several hundreds of dollars
to complete our fundraising for the Red Cross          This week to celebrate this important milestone    which will be used towards the cost of the
Pakistan Flood Appeal 2010. Having conducted           we invited Matt Brown our local member to          panelling of the internal walls of the new Shed.
a variety of fundraisers, in total $3,676.95 was       participate in a sod turning ceremony. A number
                                                       of members of the Uniting Church congregation      Peter Johnstone advises that the wooden
raised. Thanks again to our members and the                                                               frames for the new windows in the Shed have
community of Berry.                                    along with members of the Shed attended this
                                                       significant event in the Shed’s history             been finished and that we are now awaiting the
                                                                                                          arrival of the glass to complete this project.
On Dec 1 we meet for the last time this year. We       Earlier in the month we played host to 18
meet again in Feb, same time same place, 1st Wed       members of the Batemans Bay Men’s Shed.            On Thursday we received an unusual donation
each Month at Berry School of Arts, 1.30pm. New        We were pleased to show them through our           of approximately 130,000 marbles. At this stage
members are always welcomed. Red Cross wishes          Shed, discuss our projects, organization and       we are trying to come up with a fundraising
you a happy and safe Christmas and we will see         show them plans of the new Shed. We also had       opportunity. All suggestions are welcome.
you in the New Year.’                                  pleasure in providing them with lunch which        Richard Wiseman
                                                       gave all our members the opportunity to mingle     Information Officer
Sandra Eldridge                                        with our friends from down south. A special        4464 2619
Hon Secretary.
Red Cross-Berry Branch
Phone: 44 64 2612                                          

                                                                                 The personal
                                                                                 approach to care
 The Bupa Berry Team welcomes you to our new home. Berry’s new residential care home is
 designed to promote health and wellbeing.
 Passionate People                        Personal Care                            Environment                            Peace of Mind
 We actively put the resident at the      We explore our resident’s history        We focus on providing a positive       We provide guidance and a
 centre of everything we do to            and preferences to truly personalise     and stimulating environment for        helping hand for friends
 ensure your needs are understood.        our care.                                residents, families and staff          and family.

 If you would like to find out more about Bupa Berry
 or to arrange a visit, please call 4429 6100

  Pepper Farm Drive 10 Victoria Street, Berry

As another fund raising year draws to a close,
we, the members of Zonta, Berry, reflect on
                                                                   who have recently undergone Breast surgery.
                                                                   Nowra Women’s Refuge
what a successful year 2010 has been.
                                                                   Members responsible for purchase of basic
In March we hosted a Huge Garage Sale.                             household items plus a few luxuries packed
                                                                   in `Welcoming Baskets’ and delivered on
In May we hosted another Barefoot Bowls Day                        request. Hairdressing vouchers, clothing, and
at Berry Bowling Club.                                             vouchers for children’s school requisites are               One of our projects this year has been to send little
In June we held our first Street Stall which                        also available on request.                                  knitted and crocheted bonnets to LAMB Hospital
was instrumental in raising funds to purchase                      Sponsorships                                                in North West Bangladesh. Over 45,000 babies die
Birthing Kits.                                                     Sponsoring a young woman in the YWCA-                       a year in Bangladesh from conditions relating to
In July we hosted The Australian Girls Choir in                    Y Quest Leadership Program focusing                         premature birth. (Dhaka Mirror, 14 Nov 2010) The
Bomaderry.                                                         on nurturing a young woman in the future                    relatively young age of many first-time mothers
                                                                   through training and mentoring.                             increases the problems and risks. The bonnets help
In October we hosted our first Trivia Night.                                                                                    in the survival of these little ones. Five hundred
                                                                   High School Bursaries
All these events are necessary to raise funds to                                                                               was our final count for the year.
                                                                   We continue to assist Year 10-12 students
support our on going financial commitments                          from three local High Schools by offering
to local needs, endorsing our advocacy to                          sponsorships to help with their studies and, in
improve the status of women and girls                              particular, costed activities, which they might
In September we were extremely proud                               otherwise miss out on.
to purchase and organise the assembly of                           All appeals for financial support from local
2000 Birthing Kits. Successful fund raising                        residents are considered and given where
days plus the generosity of the community,                         ever possible and we remain open to future
both financially and physically made this                           requests.
day possible. The cost of each Birthing Kit is                     Christmas Break
$2.50 and next year it is our hope and aim to                      The next Zonta dinner meeting will be held
assemble 4000 kits. The month of assembly                          on Tues. 22nd February 2011. Bookings and
will depend largely on funds raised throughout                     information from Pat Collins on 4446 1001
the year but we would gratefully welcome any
donations from individuals or clubs to help us                     Merry Christmas and safe and Happy
to raise the $10,000 needed for this lifesaving                    holidays to all members of Zonta, Berry,                    In addition, we have sent many knitted garments,
project.                                                           their families and friends and to all                       toys and rugs off to the poor and needy in other
For any information about this project please
                                                                   members of the community who have in                        countries.
contact Mary Seelis on 4464 1191
                                                                   any way given help during the year to our                   The group is always ready to receive donations
Much of the monies raised throughout the year                      organisation enabling us to uphold our
are utilised for local projects which you, the                                                                                 of 4, 5 or 8 ply yarn (not white) and new knitters
readers, may like to know about.                                   advocacy to improve the status of women                     are always welcome. Knit with Love group will
                                                                   and girls locally and internationally.                      be having a well-earned break over December /
Breast Cushion and Drainage Bag covers                                                                                         January and will restart on Friday 11th Feb at 1pm
Made by Zonta members and friends at regular                                                                                   in St Luke’s Anglican Church Hall.
working bees and donated to Hospitals in the                       Jan Chambers
Shoalhaven and Wollongong to assist women                          PR and Communications Committee                             Contact person: Lyn Oades (4464 3651)

At Last a Local Grower                                                                                                          Matt Brown MP
at the Berry Country Fair                                                                                                              Working for
                                                                                                                                        Berry and
just near the North West Gate                                                                                                       Shoalhaven Heads
Fresh local Vegetables grown by Greengold Vegies at 62 Millbank Rd Terara
                                                                                                                                       MEMBER FOR KIAMA
Also Available at the Shoalhaven Heads Hotel Fresh Food Fair
every Saturday Morning from 8.00am to 11.30am, Rain, Hail, Wind or Sunshine.
Currently Growing
Beetroot / Cabbages / Leeks / Sweet Corn/ Pumpkins/ Cucumbers/ Zucchini/ Beans / Rhubarb / Spinach / Herbs / Free Range Eggs
                                                                                                                                 CAN I HELP?
We also purchase Vegetables and a full range for Fruit direct from the Sydney Markets and this is also available:               I will be available 10.15am until 11am
Bananas / Strawberries / Spuds/ Lettuce/ Avocados / Tomatoes and seasonal Fruit such as Peaches and Nectarines                 on Monday 6th December in Broughton
                                                                                                                                 Court Berry (outside the pharmacy).
Don’t forget our farm gate shop at 62 Millbank Rd Terara is open Monday to Friday 9.00am-
5.00pm Saturday until 3.00pm                                                                                                             Please contact me at
We are just past the Terara Primary School approx 4kms east of Nowra                                                                     125 Terralong Street
                                                                                                                                             Kiama 2533
Fruit by the box is available eg apples, oranges etc. Order by Wednesda
                                                                                                                                         Telephone 4232 1082
Phone 4421 2096 or 0413 205 437                                                                                                          Facsimile 4232 3577

   Berry                             Berry RSL Sub-Branch
  Meals on
                                     Remembrance Day was observed            was concluded by the playing of the
                                     by the Berry Community on               Australian National Anthem.
We are very lucky to have
                                     Thursday 11th November with a           Excellent light refreshments were
a great team, that all work          good attendance at the Memorial         served at the Sub-Branch Hall by the
together so well in whatever         Park. With Alan Mulley as MC, Bob       RSL Women’s Auxiliary, to complete
job that needs to be done.190        Creighton led those gathered in         the morning’s activity for members,
meals were delivered in              the opening prayer. In his address,     guests and the Berry community.
October to 13 clients. All clients   Sub Branch President Dick Birds
at present are in the town           theme this year was on the Western      As a footnote, a reminder to all of the
                                     Front of WWI, and the continued         Christmas BBQ which will be held
centre making delivery time
                                     service of the men and women of         at the Sub-Branch Hall on Saturday
quicker and more accessible          Australia in subsequent conflicts.       12th December commencing at
We would like to thank the           He concluded by speaking briefly         6.00pm.
Masonic Village for cooking          on the current deployment to
                                     Afghanistan where 21 Australian         Regards
the meals and trying hard to                                                 Stuart Christmas
                                     soldiers have lost their lives.
please our clients, we have
very few complaints.                 The Berry School Captains, Mitchell     Ph: 44231960 or
                                     Bourke, Gabbie Bamber, Oscar            email:
If anyone would like some            Douglas-Make, and Leila Marsh
information on becoming a            recited the Remembrance Poem.
client or a delivery person          The wreaths were laid during which
please contact John McLeod           piper John Morrison played The
                                     Lament. The Last Post was sounded
on ph 44 641 604.
                                     to the lowering of the Flag, one
With thoughts to you all for         minutes silence observed, and
the busy festive time ahead          reveille sounded
                                     Dick Bird thanked those whose
Val Ison                             efforts had contributed to making
Publicity Officer                     a successful service, and the service


                                                           From green to clean
                                                       A sparkling clear pond could be yours,
     Make up artist available                                with the right kind of help,
                                                                 Just call Rob Packer
                                                       your pond, pump & filtration specialist.
                                          Also available, repairs, cleaning and on going maintenance

                                     Southern Elements
                                     Fountains & Sculpture
                                     0409 550 741









                                                           UNDERCOVER BOSS

        Bill, the boss, was concerned that his    before this encounter, seemed to be              not be afraid. I bring you good news of
        employees weren’t giving him enough
        respect, so he tried and old fashioned    We

                                                  somebody that neither knew them by
                                                  name, knew what they did, nor knew
                                                                                                   great joy that will be for all the people.
                                                                                                   Today in the town of David a Savoir has
        method of persuasion: He brought in a     some of their story; and was sitting far         been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.

 in a
        sign that said “I’m the Boss” and taped
        it to his door. After lunch, he noticed
                                                  away in a different location doing boss
                                                                                                   This will be a sign to you: You will find a
                                                                                                   baby wrapped in cloths and lying
        somebody had taped another note
        under his: “Your wife called. She wants
                                                  That last sentence is a picture that people
                                                                                                   manger” [Luke 2:10-12 (NIV)].                                                                         

                                                  sometimes wrongly carry of what God is           It is a good news story because it shows
                                                  like. Yet at Christmas
 we remember the
        her sign back!”
                                                                                                   us more fully the character and heart
        Well obviously there are helpful and      birth of Jesus, the first ‘Undercover Boss’, of God for us. And it leads about 33

                                     to foster a
        unhelpful ways of trying Mobile:

                                                  and he shatters that unhelpful picture           years later to another dramatic event
        culture of respect within a workplace! I  in so many ways. He is not distant, nor          that shows even more profoundly the
        have seen a few episodes on TV of the     unknown. The bible puts it like this - The
ACT lengths that the ‘Undercover Boss’ was  

        show ‘Undercover Boss’. An interesting    Word [God] became flesh and blood, willing to go to secure friendship with
        lesson for bosses to see what their       and moved into the neighbourhood. us.









                     actually do and admire       We saw the glory with our own eyes,
        their work ethic. But I suspect the       the one-of-a-kind glory, like Father, like
        biggest benefit is the fact that they are Son, Generous inside
 and out, true from         God bless from Brendan at Berry
        no longer just faceless people filling a  start to finish [John 1:14 (TM)]. In other       Community Church…see advert for
        role but they have now become real        words if you want to know more about             details.
        people with real stories.                 the character and way God works, then
                                                  look at Jesus.
        For the employees what I find
        interesting is the look on their faces    I encourage you to ponder afresh this
        when they realise the man or woman        Christmas season the true ‘Undercover
        doing the most menial work was in         Boss’. The bible puts the birth of Jesus
        fact the ‘Undercover Boss’. The boss, like this - But the angel said to them, “Do                                                           Choosing Life




                                                                                           Specialising in: in:
                                                                                                                                                         Specialising in: in:

                                                                                                                                                    Accounting & Financial Services
                                                                                                                                                            Specialising & Financial Services
                                                                                                                                                         Accounting & Financial Services
                                                                                                                                                     Taxation ServicesFinancial Services
                                                                                                                                                            Accounting &
                                                                                                                    Taxation Services
                                                                                                                                                         Taxation Services
                                                                                                                                                            Taxation Services
                                                                                                                                                     Self Managed Superannuation Funds
                                                                                        Self Managed Superannuation Funds
                                                                                                                                                         Self Managed Superannuation Funds
                                                                                                                                                            Preparation Superannuation
                                                                                                                                                     BAS Self Managed& Lodgement Funds
                                                                                                                                                             BAS Preparation & Lodgement
                                                                                                                                                         BAS Preparation & Lodgement
                                                                                                                                                     GST BAS Preparation & Lodgement

                                                                                   GST Advice
                                                                                                                                                            GST Advice
                                                                                                                                                         GST Advice
                                                                                                                                                             Business Advice
                                                                                                                                                            Business Advice
                                                                                                                                                         Business Advice
                                                                                                                                                     Company Secretarial Services
                                                                                                                                                             Company Secretarial Services

                                                                                   Company Secretarial Services
                                                                                                                                                         your compliance Services
                                                                                                                                                     All Company Secretarial needs
                                                                                                                                                             youryour compliance needs
                                                                                                                                                         AllAll your compliance needs
                                                                                                                                                     Melissa compliance needs
                                                                                                                            Melissa 488Salway
                                                                                                                               Melissa Salway
                                                                                                                       Ph. 0407Salway                 583
                                                                    Ph. 0407 488 583
                                                                                                                                    0407 488 488
                                                                                                                            Ph.Ph. 0407583 583

                                                                                                                            Email: 1175 Nowra NSW 2541
                                                                                                                       PO BoxBox 1175 Nowra NSW 2541
                                                                                                                            PO PO Box 1175 Nowra NSW 2541
                                                                                                                                  Box 1175 Nowra NSW 2541










DECEMBER 2010                                                                                                                                  The Town Crier - Page 29

                                                                     Berry CWA News
  People needed urgently to play
                                                                   No doubt you will be thinking “Where
                                                                   has this year gone?” and “What have I
                                                                                                                        DECEMBER 2010
                                                                                                                    The Berry CWA Christmas street stall
                                                                                                                    will be held on Saturday December 4th
                                                                                                                    Broughton Court. There will be craft, that
    People needed urgently to play                                 But when you reflect back on 2010 you note        special gift, cakes and preserves. Be an
      brass instruments in                                         that you’ve cared for your family, tended
                                                                                                                    early bird at 8.30 am. to pick the cream of
         brass instruments in                                      both outside and inside your dwelling
                                                                                                                    the crop.
          Berry Silver Band
        Berry Silver Band                                          place, entertained friends and visitors, and
                                                                   so on. What a year we have had! So much          ‘10’s milestone we’ve passed along the way
                       (est. 1897)
                        (est. 1897)
                                                                   to tell!
                                                                                                                    and the trip’s been fun for our CWA
                                                                   Recently members of our Berry CWA had a          with friendship, food, and many a friend
                                                                   very successful coup in the Land Cookery         we didn’t want this year to end.
    Tuition & instruments available in exchange                    competition, both at local and group levels.     With stalls, craft, and sundry competition
                                                                   Congratulations to the winners! And Well
        players participate in band activities                     done and thank you to all who contributed
                                                                                                                    we’ve done it all -we didn’t sit wishin’.
                                                                                                                    Thanks, kindest folks, for your support
                                                                   to the overall presentation of cakes, biscuits
                                                                                                                    Why don’t you join us? You really ought-
                                                                   and sauces!
We need :
                                                                   Plans are well under way for the annual State    May I, on behalf of the Berry CWA wish
                                                                   CWA Conference in May. We are thrilled           you all a Happy Christmas and a New Year
  baritone, trombone, cornet, euphonium, tenor                     that it is to be held in our heartland, the      that is filled with love, laughter and happy
          horn players & ass. drummer                              Shoalhaven, at the Nowra Entertainment           anticipations.
                                                                   Centre. Can you imagine the buzz as many
                                                                   hundreds of women from all over the State
                                                                   get together to discuss and debate issues        I close with the first two lines of our CWA
                                                                   that may arise and be put forward to the         anthem:
Come & enjoy our friendly band. We perform regularly at                                                             Proudly we stand in love to serve,
                                                                   gathered delegates?
Garden Festivals, Xmas, Anzac Day, Kangaroo Valley Show,
                                                                   On Wednesday 17th November in the Berry          Filling the needs of others where they lie.
parties & memorials.
                                                                   CWA rooms some ladies had a cosmetic
                                                                   “makeover,” but the improvement was only         For further information contact Marcia
We practice Monday nights 7.30—9.30 pm at Berry Agriculture Hall   nominal because they were near perfect           on 44643187, Marie on 44232164, or visit
                Showground. Guests welcome.                        to start with, and how can you improve on        the CWA web site at www.cwaofnsw.
                                                                   perfect? It was a great morning of laughter, or write to Secretary, PO Box 321,
                     Contact Band Master                           pampering with fellow bon vivants The Ali
            Col Escott BH 44641911 AH 44641495 or                                                                   Berry 2535.
                                                                   Hamylton demonstration was a resounding
                   Kaye Johnston 44651240                          success!
                                    10% of sales were donated to the charity of      Jean Stanfield
                                                                   our Branch’s choice.                             Publicity Officer

  Berry                                                                                                               BERRY COURTHOUSE

 Church                               Albert Street
           Minister: John Brentnall
              Phone: 4464 1034
            Mobile: 0410 650 045

                                                                                                                       OFFICE SPACE
  Email: minister@berry.uniting
          Sunday Celebrations: 10.30am
             Groups & activities:
              Bible study groups
             Community Garden
              Fellowship groups
                                                                                                                         TO RENT
                Prayer groups                                                                                            In wonderful historic Berry
                  Men’s Shed                                                                                              Courthouse with pleasant
              Social Craft Group
             Primary Drama Club                                                                                        gardens and excellent parking.
            Computers for seniors                                                                                         Please telephone Rick on
      “To know Christ & make him known”                                                                                    4464 2446 for details or                                                                                              inspection.

                                  MATE AGAINST MATE
I really love going to Touch Football on Thursday
afternoons at the Berry Sporting Complex.
                                                             to say who we beat, as they are also Berry friends.
                                                             Now I’m older, I’m able to be a referee for the                   Shoalhaven Branch
Touch is different from playing cricket or Rugby             Mini’s. That’s for children ages 5-7. Mum took
League for Berry. What I enjoy about Touch is                a picture of my friend Lloyd and me, after we                     of CanAssist opens
not only playing in team with my friends from                refereed on Thursday. Lloyd’s Mum and Dad,
Berry, but every week I also get to play against
other friends from Berry on other teams.
                                                             Jenny and Brett Herron organise Berry Touch. It’s
                                                             a lot of work and they do such a great job, I’m
                                                                                                                                     at last!
Berry Touch has 3 different age divisions. The               really thankful they organise the competition
                                                                                                                               CanAssist is a network of rural
Minis, the Mods and the Seniors. This is my                  because I just love going to Touch.
first year in the seniors. This year I am in a team
                                                                                                                               and regional support for cancer
                                                             By Daniel Ball
sponsored by Bedroom Bliss, yes! That’s the team                                                                               patients and their families. The
                                                             Sports Reporter
with the nice pink shirts. Our Team manager is               Berry Touch Football                                              charity provides practical and
Glen Edwards, Oscar and Bianca’s dad. Last week                                                                                financial help where needed. All
was our best game. We won 13 to 4. I don’t want                                                                                funds raised locally are distributed
                                                                                                                               to local people, and last year the
                                                                                                                               organisation provided $5.5 million
                                                                                                                               in support to patients and families
                                                                                                                               in NSW.
                                                                                                                               In our area, volunteers and
                                                                                                                               businesses have already begun to
                                                                                                                               raise funds, and requests for help
                                                                                                                               such as lawn mowing, grocery
                                                                                                                               shopping, and for financial support
                                                                                                         Lloyd Herron          are coming in. CanAssist does not
                                                                                        aniel Ball and
                                                                       Junior Refs: D                                          duplicate services which already
                                                               Editors Note:                                                   exist in the community; rather, it
                                                                                                   this column, his team
                                                               Thanks Daniel for taking part in                                aims to fill the gaps in services we
                                                                                                               be drawn at
                                                               will now  go in the draw to win $100. This will
                                                               the end of March 2011     ; the money can be used towards       all know there are.
                                                                                                    nt or an end of season
                                                               purchasing new sporting equipme
                                                                celebration for  his team.                                     If you know of someone in need, or
                                                                                                    clubs are interested in
Team Photo: Left to Right Standing: Milly, Noah, Josh, Tom      If any other Berry junior sporting                             you feel you could help (in any way)
                                                                                                               the Editor on
and Daniel Kneeling: Amy, Bianca, Oscar and Jack.               participa ting in this column please contact                   Please call 0401 253 259
                                                                0428 037 572.

                                                                                                                               Berry Books
                                                                                                                                    “Berry’s Secret Bookshop”

                                                                                                                                      We buy and sell
    Afternoon at the Winery                                                                                                     quality-second hand books
                             Sunday 12th December
                                 2:30pm to 6pm
                 We are excited to be hosted for the afternoon by
               Mountain Ridge Wines, Coolangatta Rd!
Come along and taste the wines, buy a bottle in support of CanAssist,
              and enjoy some local musical talent.
             Mountain Ridge are kindly donating a door prize and
                         the children are welcome
                           Gold Coin Donation
              For further information, call 0401 253 259                                                                                Ph. 44642260
    Welcome again
   to Berry Evening
   VIEW Club News
Our speaker at our last meeting on 20th
October was Tracy Smith from The Smith
                                                    BERRY LANDCARE
                                                    The Berry Landcare Annual General          Sunday (Broughton Vale on December
Family. Tracy is the coordinator for the Learning   Meeting will be held on Monday 13          12 at 3 pm); Bong Bong Rd, each 2nd
for Life programme for our area. Learning for       December at 7 pm, 35 Housten Place         Sunday of every month 9-11 am;
Life is a concept of The Smith Family to assist
                                                    Berry. We will review the years work       Moeyan Hill and David Berry Hospital
families in the education of their children.
Each Club sponsors a child for their education      discuss our plans and aspirations          Rainforest alternate each 3rd Saturday
giving them an opportunity to further their         for the next year. These include our       (David Berry Hospital Rainforest 3 pm
studies which they may not have the previous        commitment to promoting the                on December 18,); Bundewallah the
to do so without out help.                          planting of locally indigenous species     last Sunday of each month at 3pm. The
At our meeting in November, we welcome 3            and the realisation of green corridors     Coolangatta Mountain group meets the
new members. Beth Muller, Lyn Host, and Sue         around Berry, along with the ongoing
                                                                                               1st Saturday and the 3rd Sunday of each
Creamer. We hope you enjoy your time with us.       work of the group in weed control at
                                                                                               month at 1 pm (With daylight saving,
Our Roving Lunch on 23rd October was a great
                                                    our different sites and the ongoing
                                                                                               some afternoon working bees shift their
success and very much enjoyed by all. Thank         engagement of the local community.
                                                                                               starting time to 3 pm.)
you to Jean Corlett and Jill Healy for having us    We are also always on the lookout for
in your homes. We appreciate you hospitality                                                   Berry Landcare has a new e-mail address
very much.                                          new volunteers, especially younger
                                                    ones. One opportunity might be a           at
We do have some invitations for Christmas           mapping project in which we will work
functions at various Clubs. Firstly, Nowra
                                                                                               For further information:
                                                    with Landcare groups in Milton and         Kim Dove (4464 3391) for David Berry
Evening on 23rd November, Culburra Beach on
1st December and Dapto on 16th December.            Bomaderry to explore the use of “spatial   Hospital site; Will Armitage (4464 2241) for
Then we have our Jamberoo Illawarra Fly Tree        mapping” to document our work and          Bundewallah; Julia Woinarski (4464 2084) for
Top Walk on 23rd November. Please join us at        help us to plan more strategically. We     Bong Bong Rd; Bill Pigott (4464 3241 or at
any of these functions and you will be most         started this using a paper map but
welcome and guaranteed of some fun. To book
                                                                                      for Moeyan Hill
                                                    are now offered the opportunity to
please ring Jill on ph: 44 641 813.                                                            and information on locally indigenous trees;
                                                    computerise this and learn how to
                                                                                               Harvey Blue (4464 1880) for Tindalls Lane;
A few of our members, Elaine Kellett and Betty      use GPS equipment and computer
Gumley are not well at the moment and we                                                       Philip Thorniley (4464 2198) for Broughton
                                                    mapping. This may be of interest to
wish them all the best.                             volunteers who might otherwise not be      Vale; Ian Parker (4448 6359) for Strongs Rd;
                                                    so keen on just pulling weeds! You can     and Myke Cunningham (0418 297 435) for
Our meeting on 16th. December will be our
Christmas function. We are having a buffet          sign up at any of our working bees or      Coolangatta Mountain. Information can also
meal with entertainment by Yolanda & Co.            through contacts listed below.             be found at Berry Landcare on Face book
“You’ve got Talent” We do wonder what to
expect but we wait in anticipation Please ring      Berry Landcare/Bushcare regular
Jill if you would like to join us.
Jean Rolfe - Publicity Officer.
                                                    working bees: Tindalls Lane and
                                                    Broughton Vale alternate each 2nd          BERRY LANDCARE
        Final Days                                                  Wishing Everyone a
                                                                   Very Merry Christmas
 Simply Red                                            And extending sincere thanks for your enthusiastic support and patronage

                                                          The store is a riot of colour, brimming with gorgeous gift inspirations,
                                                                distinctive fashion and jewellery, eclectic accessories and
          will no longer                                               decorative desirables from around the world.
     be a stockist of Pandora
   from the end of December                                     Gift vouchers available and complimentary gift wrapping
      Loyalty Card Holders –
         use your pro-rata                                      NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
            credit now                                                     Cnr Alexandra and Princess Sts. Berry
     Telephone – 4464 3088                                                            T: 4464 3367
                   A Christmas gift that will keep on giving
                  As the school year draws to a close, Berry       A portion of the money will also be used to purchase a
                  Public School was proud to present a             water tank. “Fresh water will provide a healthier and safer
     cheque for $1,100 to Major Karen Ross and Major Gary          environment for local communities. This also means that
Craig for the Salvation Army’s International Development           children will no longer have to drink from the same water
Program.                                                           they wash in and clean water can be used when cooking. As
                                                                   a result, the overall spread of diseases caused by drinking
As part of the schools Sesquicentenary celebrations, each          unclean water will be greatly diminished” Major Karen Ross
class studied a ‘decade in education’. According to Judy           of the Salvation Army explained in her thankyou speech at
Sweeney, long standing teacher at Berry Public, “My class          the whole school assembly.
really enjoyed dressing up to resemble students of the past
in their study of school life in the 1860’s. And thanks to the
creative skills and dedication of one of our parents, Johanna
Todd-Wilson, these memories were captured on film and
eagerly snapped up by the children’s proud parents.”

                                                                       Mrs Sweeney’s class and Johanna Todd-Wilson present a
                                                                       cheque for $1100 to Major Karen Ross and Major Gary
                                                                       Craig of the Salvation Army

                                                                   This is a wonderful Christmas gift for some of our most needy
                                                                   communities in third world countries for further information
                                                                   about the Salvation Army’s International Development
                                                                   program go to:

           Mrs Sweeney’s class step back in time                   A very big thankyou to the Berry community for supporting
                                                                   the schools Sesquicentenary celebrations in 2010, the school
                                                                   will report on the completion of another successful sesqui
The money raised will be used towards the purchase                 project, the engraved pavers, in a later edition of the Town
of 50 chickens in one of the many needy communities                Crier.
of Mozambique, Tanzania, or Kenya. “As part of my class
discussions on the purchase of the chicken’s one of my
students asked

Can we make sure they buy some
roosters too, so they can get more baby

It certainly was wonderful to see the children embracing
this program and offering their own insight into how we
could maximise its success. The vision of a gift that keeps on
giving is also the title of the Salvation Army’s Gift Catalogue,
and was the inspiration for our fundraising” Judy explained.
This worthwhile project involves not only the purchase of
chickens, but also the construction of chicken coups and the
training of the local community in poultry breeding, health,
and vaccinations.

All the Glitz                                   The preschool’s family barbecue and
                                                Christmas Party will be held on Friday,
                                                December 3 from 5.30pm to 8pm at
                                                                                             The end of the
                                                                                             year brings with
                                                                                             it a few thank

and Glamour
The Berry School of Arts sparkled as
                                                Apex Park, Berry. The preschool will
                                                provide all plates, cutlery, sausages, and
                                                bread, but all families are asked to bring
                                                a salad or dessert. This will be the only
                                                                                             First a big thanks to our wonderful,
                                                                                             hardworking trainee Sally who will
                                                                                             be missed immensely. Thanks also
parents and friends celebrated a night with     Christmas celebration for the preschool      to Brad Page who will be stepping
the stars.                                                                                   down as president at the AGM on
                                                so we hope everyone can fit this into
                                                                                             Tuesday, December 7. A reminder the
Congratulations to Cath Philpott, Lee           their busy December schedules.
                                                                                             meeting will be followed by dinner
Healey and their helpers for creating an
                                                There are many businesses that               at the Silos. Finally enormous thanks
amazing atmosphere to rival any post-
                                                support the preschool and among              to Janelle, Jenny, Nicky, and Megan,
Oscars party. A wonderful night was had
                                                them is Nelsons Meats who regularly          for keeping the preschool running so
by all, including Snow White, Marilyn, Elvis,
                                                                                             smoothly and creating a wonderful
Miss Piggy, Lindsay Lohan of course our         donate their award winning sausages
                                                                                             environment for our children to learn
four Audrey Hepburn’s. We were extremely        for many of the preschool’s events and       and grow.
fortunate to have many businesses               excursions.
supporting the night. Thanks to Bed Bugz                                                     Berry Preschool is a non-profit
for sponsoring the event as well as Hungry      December is a busy time of year with         community based centre always
Duck, Skindependent, Berry Barn and             the older children having a number of        grateful for the support of the Berry
Bedroom Bliss for providing prizes.             visits to school in preparation for next     community. For more information
Congratulations to the fundraising team         year.                                        please contact 4464 1764
on a stellar year.

                                                 e to Berry
                          all when Hollywood cam
 A great night was had by
                 for the annual fun draiser.
                                                                                               The Audreys

                                                                                                           some award w
The Hollywood stars turned out in force for                                                 lers queue for
                                            this year’s Berry                Berry preschoo                       ts.
                                                                                                       elsons Mea
                      Preschool Ball.                                                   sausages at N

                                                                                                                       LANE COMPLEX
                                                                                                                       E S TA B L I S H E D 1 8 9 5
                                                                                                                       OLD CREAMERY LANE • BERRY

                                                 Custom made rugs to ensure
                                                      that “Snug Rug”
                                                      fit for your horse.                                                  MANY PRODUCTS MADE RIGHT HERE ON PREMISES
                                                       All rug and leather repairs. New                                    • Gift Box chocolates, rocky road, marshmallow
                                                 and used saddlery and a range of horse                                • Honey, preserved fruits in liquor • Over 50 varieties of
                                                         and rider accessories.                                        jam conserves, chutneys, pickles, vinegars and sauces.
                                                     UNIT 5, OLD CREAMERY LANE                                                          OPEN 7 DAYS
                                                        PHONE 4464 2999                                                     OLD CREAMERY LANE - PHONE 4464             1112
     We stock a comprehensive range

                                                        SAVE $$
    of Gardening Products, Hardware,
    Agricultural Products, Stockfeed’s,
   Hard Yakka Clothing, Rossi & Baxter
       Boots, Wet Weather Gear and
       Electrical Fence Equipment.                Berry Rural Co-op
                                                                                                                        Fully Equipped Fitness Studio,
                                                    Self Storage                                                         Right In The Heart Of Berry!!
                                                          ALL GARAGE SIZES                                              •   Personal Training
Wild Bird Mix 20Kg                                         Phone us last for                                            •   Supervised Gym Memberships
Pool Chlorine Liquid 20Lt                                   the best price                                              •   Seniors Programs
Layer Pellets 20Kg                                                                                                      •   High School & Uni Student Concessions

                                                          4464 1209
                                                                                                                        •   Modern facilities, Brand New Equipment!
Sulphate of Ammonia 25kg
Banana Special 20kg                                                                                                               BERRY CO-OP COMPLEX
Gypsum 25kg
                                                          Old Creamery Lane Berry                                                           4464 3800
Pool Salt 25kg
Pool Chlorine Granular 4kg
                                                                                                                        Berry Automotive
Snail Pellets 1kg                                                                                                       Repairs
Coprice working dog 20kg                                                                                                Phone: 4464 3999
Shavings Pine 18kg                                                                                                      Mobile: 0417 251 205
Parrot Mix 20kg                                                                                                         2c Old Creamery Lane Berry
Ocean Blue Laundry Detergent 8kg                                                                                        CARS - 4WDS - TRUCKS
Potting Mix 30litre                                                                                                     • Late Model & Fuel
Sugarcane Mulch 240L
Katek Standard Pellets Fertiliser 35kg
                                                           THE VILLAGE FORGE                                              Injected Vehicles
                                                                                                                        • Brakes, Steering
Mushroom Compost 30litre                                                                                                  and Suspension
                                                                   PHONE FAX 02 4464 3333 MOBILE 0402 418 888
                                              PHONE FAX 02 4464 3333 MOBILE 0402 418 888
                                                          WEB EMAIL    • Servicing, Repairs
Pure & Healthy Honey 250g, 500g,1kg
                                            WEB EMAIL                    & Registration Inspections
Straw hats
Sudden Impact Rose 10kg
Sudden Impact Lawn 10kg
Assorted Coloured TUBS 40L                                                                                                                       Keep it
Now stocking Green Line poly pipe and
fittings plus blue line pressure pipe and
          OPEN: MON-FRI                                                                                                                         buy South
       AND SAT 8.00AM-NOON                                                                                                                      Coast Milk
     PHONE 4464 1209
Business: Rural Bitumen Services
Owners Name: John and Sue Smith
Time in Business: 6 years
What does your business offer?
    Rural Bitumen is a local business employing local men and using local
    materials and services where possible. We specialise in hot bitumen
    spray sealing on the South Coast, Southern Highlands, and Illawarra
    providing construction through to the finished surface on rural roads
    driveways car parks and subdivisions. We also Subcontract to Civil
    Contractors on major works.
What are your particular strengths or philosophies?
    John has over 30 years experience in road construction in the Berry
    area and can offer expert advice on all aspects of road construction            Editors Note:
    and sealing                                                                     Thanks John & Sue for kicking off our Business of the
Why customers choose to use your business:                                          Month promotion.
    Rural Bitumen provides a genuine certified product with a service                This promotion will be offered to our regular advertisers
                                                                                    who have supported the Town Crier with their ongoing
    driven approach to every job.
                                                                                    advertising for more than 12 months. Participation
Message to your customers:                                                          in the promotion is free and a great opportunity
    Rural Bitumen prides itself on quality workmanship.                             to provide potential customers with additional
    Always obtain a written quote- don’t accept sub standard work for               information on the services you offer. A business will be
    immediate payment from “bitumen bandits “who knock on your door                 randomly selected each month and contacted by the
    and often frequent the area.                                                    Editor.
                                                                                    Please note: Allocation of space may change per issue;
      Please refer to page 39 of this issue for                                     the Editor reserves the right to reduce information
      Rural Bitumen Services contact details.                                       provided to accommodate space in the paper.

BERRY COURTHOUSE                                 Advertising Rates
                                                 Trades & Services
                                                       1 box is $48 for 1 issue
                                                   6 issues for $198 ($33 each)
                                                  12 issues for $363 ($30.25each)
Wedding Ceremonies and other functions both in
       the beautiful gardens or inside.          No changes permitted, one invoice
                                                          paid up front
Call Rick on 4464 2446 or email functions@
                      Contact the Editor on                 0428 037 572 for more details

               PR K9 Behaviour & Training
               Positive Reinforcement
               Behaviour Management &
               Training for dogs
     Professional, high quality, one-on-one
    consultation. Tailor made behaviour and
   obedience training programs. Exercise and
    enrichment programs are also available
                  Dog walking.
    Please call Cara on 0457 262 603

                                                                        TRADES & SERVICES
                                                                                                                             berry physiotherapy
                                                                                                                                     dr chambers’ practice
                                                                                                                                      alexandra st, berry
                                                                                                                                         belinda henry
                                                                                                                                          mark burns
                                                                     Dip Pharm(NZ) ND DBM DRM Dip Hom JP • MPS MATMS MNHAA            branch practice of
                                                                                                                                   gerringong physiotherapy
                                                                                                                                        ph 4234 4666

         COW HIDES
      PROFESSIONALLY TANNED HIDES AVAILABLE                                                                                        Z e l i n d a Tu r k
                                                                                                                                C H I R O P R A C T O R
                YOUR HIDE OR CHOOSE                                                                                                 ~ Specialising in gentle,
                  FROM OUR RANGE                                                                                                    low force techniques ~
                                                                                                                                  SAFE, EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR:

         0409 444 081                                                 M: 0401 571 228                                                                                                           EFTPOS available
                                                                                                                                    Health fund / DVA registered
                                                                                                0409 517 430

                                                                     Ian’s Interior Linings
                                                                                       ★ All plasterboard &
                                                                                           fibrous plastering                 SERVICE & REPAIR ALL MAKES AND MODELS CARS
    Architecturally Designed                                                                                                       NEW VEHICLE LOG BOOK SERVICING

Extensions/Alteration/Renovation                                                       ★ Commercial & Domestic                        TYRES & WHEEL ALIGNMENTS
                                                                                                                                     TRACTORS & FARM MACHINERY
   Pergolas/Decks/Bathrooms                                                                                                   LAWNMOWERS, CHAINSAWS & BRUSHCUTTERS
                                                                                        M: 0418 220 751                                WATER& IRRIGATION PUMPS
 Paul Morrow 0413 887 042                                                                                                                  PHONE MICK ON
                       Lic: 141931c                                                     E:

Sacred Funerals Nowra
 Blue Ladies Funerals
                                                                      Handyman                                               W.P. King Carpentry
                                                                         HONEST - RELIABLE - INSURED
    Affordable, personal, caring service                            Specialising in: Painting, Plastering.                   Extensions, renovations, decks,
       Family owned and operated                                    Home Maintenance, Pressure                                   pergolas, maintenance.
               Member of                                            Cleaning, Flyscreen Replacement
 National Funeral Directors Association                             Selling or renovating your home?
                                                                                                                               28 yrs experience. L/N 69526C
            24 hours, 7 days

               Phone: 4421 6009
                                                                    Good Advice & Free Quotes

                                                                    CALL COL WHITEHURST
                                                                                                                                   ☎ Wayne 0411639233
                                                                                                                                          or 42342948
              Mobile: 0410 664 799                                         0411 251 098

                                                                                                                               SPACE AVAILABLE
  • ALL SIZE LAWNS                                                                                                                   contact editor
                                                                                                                                0428 037 572
Based in Broughton Village we service Berry and Surrounding Areas                                                                         or
                 Call Lawrie Hathaway
          0411 888 333 A/H : 42 342 900                                                                            
                                    TRADES & SERVICES
                           Painless                                                                                         HERE IS HOW TO GET THE BEST KITCHEN,
                           Window                                                                                           VANITY, FURNITURE, TIMBER WINDOWS,
                           Cleaning                                                                                         DOORS, FLYSCREENS AND JOINERY
                            Family Business
                            Since 1982                                                                                      Rybrook Joinery
                            Ph: 42 344 141                                                                                         CALL SCOTT OR MICHAEL
                            Mob: 0404 473 314
                                                                                                                                     4422 4600
                                                                                                                              Roo Valley Mowing &
                                                                                                                             Property Maintenance
                                                                                                                          Servicing Kangaroo Valley & surrounds
                                                                                                                         • Brush cutting           • Lawn mowing
                                                                                                                         • Garden cleanup          • Small tree lopping
                                                                                                                         • Hedge trimming          • Odd jobs
                                                                                                                                Let us take the hard work out
                                                                                                                                      of your yard work
                                                       LOCAL • COUNTRY • INTERSTATE
                                                                                                                            Commercial – Rural – Residential
                                                       Experience a New Level of Professionalism
                                                          Phone 04 2864 3557 or 4464 3557                                 Call Warren: 44 652 342 or 0438 418 198

N Hartman Bookeeping
 N Hartman Bookeeping                                                                                                      Ian McLean
•   Payroll                                                                                                              Home Handyman
•   Creditors
•   Debtors
•   BAS & IAS
•   Finance Reports
•   Computerised or manual
•   Reasonable rates
Nerida: 0427 488 447
e:                                                                                                  Tel: 4464 3267 Mob: 0427 643 267

    our Legged
                           PET FEEDING
                           SERVICE                      TERMITES!
                                                       ▼ Pre purchase termite inspections and reports
For Horses, Dogs, Cats, Birds                          ▼ Termite barriers new & existing buildings, council approved
& all other domestic pets                              ▼ Thermal imaging and microwave inspection tools
                                                       ▼ Termite Baiting Systems
Megan White
dip in animal care                                                     FREE QUOTES Call
Ph. 4464 2472 / 0407 407 328                             TERMITE SOLUTIONS-
Established: 1995
                                                                       4448 5444
                                                                        termite experts
         GARDEN • MAIL • GARBAGE                                   Fully Licensed, Accredited & Insured                               Family Business with over 20 years experience

-TAXI-  Berry Shoalhaven
                                                                        P. O. Box 301 Berry NSW 2535
                                                                    Electrical Contractor
                                                             Integral Energy Authorised Level 2 Service Provider
          Prestige Taxis
        Owed and operated by LOCAL People.
                                                                 Domestic + Commercial + Industrial Design
                                                                    + Installation + Repair + Maintenance
                                                       Smoke Detectors                              Safety Switches
                                                                                                                                   Floor Sanding
The original business handed down through the Town.    Test + Tag                                   Hot Water Systems      SPECIALISING IN OLD & NEW FLOORS
                                                       Fuel Dispenser Repairs                       Stove Repairs
 We are on your doorstep and only a phone call away.
                                                                                Free Quotes
                                                                                                                              FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE
        7 DAYS/ 24 Hours Bookings                      Contact Peter
                                                       Mob: 0412594907                                                        PHONE GLEN    4448 7932
          0488 644 344                                 Tel: 44641993
                                                       Fax: 44641940                                   Lic No. 133674C
                              Charlie Bobcat                                                     R & J WOTTON
                                                                                                 Painting, Decorating
                                                                  Just In Trees                  & General Repairs
                                                                  Justin Van Hoven
                                                                                                 Giving you good quality, professional &
All Earthworks                                                    Arborist, Horticulturist       reliable workmanship. Experienced in
Landscaping                                                                                      federation colours and new works
Driveways                                      Specialist climber, difficult access, crown        • Pension Rates
Rural Roads                                                                                      • No job too small
                                               shaping and thinning.
                                                                                                 • Over 40 years experience
Charlie      0418 429 740
                                                            0419386550                           Ph: 44 64 2488       Mobile: 0421 931 246
Brendan      0408 429 740                                                                        ABN: 87214396156         Lic. No: 220018C

                                                 Country Quilts,
                                                Curtains & Blinds                                        $140.00
                                                  Shop 4, 97 Queen St Berry
                                                        (entrance in Alexandra Street)
                                                 All window fashions and soft furnishings
                                                     Drapes, Pelmets, Tracks and Rods
                                                       Blinds: Timber, Roller, Roman
                                                          Free measure and quote
                                                    Open Wed to Saturday 10am-3pm
                                                Ph: 4464 3776 – Mob: 0414 983 757

                                                                   Tree Service
                                                                   • Qualified Arborist
                                                                   • Qualified Horticulturist
                                                                   • Tree care and maintenance
                                                                   • Expert trimming and tree
                                                                     removal in confined areas
                                                                   • Chipper      • Mulch
                                                                   • Advice on replacments
                                                Paul Gillen        • Stump Grinding
                                                                   • Fully Insured
                                               Ph/Fax 4464 2822 • Mobile 0407 405 968

            LOOK                               HAMILTON EARTHMOVERS
        GREG LYNCH                              Bobcat
     MOBILE FARM SERVICE                        12 Tonne Tipper
                                                Cut & Fill
                                                Auger Drills
     MECHANICS THAT COME TO YOU!!!              Rock Grabs             Ph: 4464 1531
           0414 800 359                         Rubbish Removal            Wayne
                                                Road Bases             0424 399 094

                                                 Berry Horse Motel
 rural bitumen services pty ltd
                                                     Berry Showground
  Specializing in Private Road Construction
              & Bitumen Seal.                           Vicki & Tony Pye
              • Driveways
              • Carparks
              • Decorative driveways               Clean, safe, independently locked,
              • Fully Insured                         enclosed stables and yards.
      Contact Office (02) 44 641 555                     Long or short term hire.
                 John 0408 160 428                 Horse Washing, Farrier & Vet Bay.

                 THE BERRY HOTEL
                             120 QUEEN STREET
                          BERRY 4464 1011 - Fax 4464 2142
                                 RESPONSIBLE SERVICE OF ALCOHOL AND GAMBLING

                                                           3rd ...................................
                                                                                                                  . Woody
                                                           4th ..................................................
                                                           10th................................... Ronnie
                                                                                                                    d Steve
                                                           11th....................................Matt an
                                                                                                                    Ab Fab
                                                                                                                     ct One
                                                                                                                   rts Mum
                                                            Boxing Day .......................... Gilbe

Everyone at The Hotel Berry would like to wish you all a
Very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!

 In 2010 we were honoured                                                  Christmas Take
   to sponsor and support                                                  Away Specials
      these local groups                                                       Stella Atrois - 6 Pack $11.50
                                                                                        Case $44.00
 - Berry Hockey Club
 -Berry Shoalhaven Heads Cricket Club                                       Carlton Natural - $35 Case
 -Zonta                                                                 Carlton Premium Dry - $37.99 Case
 -Berry Women’s Touch                                                          XXXX Gold - $32.99
 -Noah’s Ark Centre
                                                                                 Corona - $47.99
 -Berry Public School P&C
 -Berry Pre School
 -Jumping Jellybeans Childhood Centre                                      Congratulations
                                                                         to the Berry Race Day Organisers
 -Berry First National’s Girls Night In
                                                                              Raising over $22000 for
 -Berry Drama Group                                                              Noah’s Ark Centre

     - WINE TOUR
                                                                                   it can onlen here
    ACCOMMODATION                                                                       happ
                 Website: - Email:
        Off-street parking for patrons at the rear of the hotel.

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