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					                                                              Research and Technology Needs for Deepwater Development
                                                                 Addressing Oil Recovery and Effective Cleanup of Spills
                                                                                 The Woodlands, Texas
                                                                                     July 22, 2010

       Last Name          First Name                                     Title                                                             Company

Aggarwal           Rajiv               Chief Technical Advisor                                              Granherne, Inc./KBR

Anderson           Greg                President                                                            Moody International

Arellano           Mike                Marine Industry Manager                                              ImpactWeather

Arensdorf          Joseph              Deepwater Technology Team ‐ Flow Assurance                           Baker Hughes

Armengol           Mariano             Pipelines Leader                                                     Tenaris

Batton             Bonnie              Consultant                                                           M&H Energy Services

Beach              Steve               Director of Corporate Affairs                                        RPSEA

Benwell            Tom                 VP Business Development                                              Athens Group

Berta              Dom                 Technology Manager                                                   ConocoPhillips

Biltonen           Eric                Environmental Economist                                              Houston Advanced Research Center

Blizzard           Gary                Business Development Director                                        Alcoa Oil and Gas

Bourgoyne          Darryl              Director                                                             Louisiana State University

Bourgoyne          Dwayne              Assistant Professor                                                  Colorado School of Mines

Box                Damon               Director  Corporate Development                                      Halliburton

Boyd               James               Associate Professor                                                  Texas A&M University

Brown              Lloyd               Principal Process, Flow Assurance Engineer                           ConocoPhillips

Brown              Robert              Director ‐ Strategic Business Development                            HIMA Americas

Buckingham         Chris               Manager                                                              Southwest Research Institute

Burnett            Dave                Director of Technology ‐ GPRI                                        Texas A&M University

Cadwallader        Matt                Business Development Manager                                         Horizon Marine

Carr               Peter               Integrity Management                                                 Peritus International

Cheatham           Curtis              Consulting Drilling Engineer                                         Weatherford

Cooper             Cort                Chevron Fellow ‐ Metocean Specialist                                 Chevron

Cortez             Mike                Technical Manager-Alternative Response Technology                    BP America

Crouch             Joe                 Manager Marine Structures & Engineering                              Southwest Research Institute

Dahi               Arash               Assistant Professor                                                  Louisiana State University

Daulton            Dan                 US Technical Marketing Manager                                       BJ Services Company

Dawson             Bill                HARC Fellow                                                          Houston Advanced Research Center

Dietrich           David               President                                                            AcuSea

Doctor             Romil               R&D Engineer                                                         National Oilwell Varco

Dokken             Quenton             Executive Director                                                   Gulf of Mexico Foundation

Doucette           Paul                Global Leader, Public Policy & Funding                               GE Oil & Gas

Driver             David               Metocean Technical Authority                                         BP America

Dwyer              James               VP Region Engineering                                                Baker Hughes

Fincher            Roger               Special Projects                                                     Baker Hughes

Finley             Ray                 National Security Apps Manager                                       Sandia National Labs
                                                            Research and Technology Needs for Deepwater Development
                                                               Addressing Oil Recovery and Effective Cleanup of Spills
                                                                               The Woodlands, Texas
                                                                                   July 22, 2010

      Last Name         First Name                                     Title                                                                Company

Gama              Fernando           Senior Drilling Engineer                                             Petrobras America

Gauntt            Randy              Manager                                                              Sandia National Labs

Geehan            Thomas             Senior Advisor Science and Technology                                M‐I SWACO

Granhaug          Otto               Project Manager                                                      Nexen Petroleum U.S.A.

Grigoriadis       Karolos            Professor  Mechanical Engineering                                    University of Houston

Grillot           Larry              Dean                                                                 The University of Oklahoma

Grossweiler       Philip             Principal Consultant                                                 M&H Energy Services

Hallman           John               Manager  Strategic Technology                                        Weatherford

Hanrahan          Fiona              Environmental Team Leader                                            Chevron

Harriss           Bob                President                                                            Houston Advanced Research Center

Haut              Rich               Senior Research Scientist                                            Houston Advanced Research Center

Hinds             Aston              Senior Manager  Environmental Affairs                                Port of Houston Authority

Holditch          Steve              Department Head, Petroleum Engineering                               Texas A&M University

Holicek           Robert             Deepwater Theme Manager                                              Schlumberger

Holley            Thomas             Director of Petroleum Engineering                                    University of Houston

Horn              Chuck              Engineering Manager ‐ Subsea Processing                              Technip

Hughes            Richard            Associate Professor                                                  Louisiana State University

Jacobson          John               Principle                                                            BlueWave Services

Jahn              Ginny              Administrative Assistant                                             Houston Advanced Research Center

Jan               Karim              Manager                                                              Subsea Riser Products

Johnson           Brett              Principal Consultant                                                 M&H Energy Services

Johnson           Shannon            Marketing Executive                                                  HIMA Americas

Kanocz            Kathy              VP HSE                                                               Statoil

Kapila            Mukesh             Director of Technology                                               M‐I SWACO

Kjelaas           Anton              Program Director DEMO2000                                            The Research Council of Norway

Kozicz            John               Technology manager                                                   Transocean

Kulish            Kevin              Construction Manager                                                 Arena Offshore

Kurtin            Terry              Programs Coordinator                                                 Houston Advanced Research Center

Kwan              Jonathan           Project Manager                                                      Kinder Morgan CO2

Latour            Allen              Principal Consultant                                                 M&H Energy Services

Lindgren          Orley              Co‐Founding Executive Officer                                        Entropy Management Limited/Risk Management Technol

Long              Roy                Technology Manager                                                   DOE/NETL

Marrelli          Jack               Research Associate Advanced Production Technology                    Chevron

Martin            Paul               Petroleum Engineer (retired)                                         MMS (retired)

Martinez          Chuck              Vice President of Innovation Services                                The Research Valley Partnership

McHardy           Charles            Director of Operations Maritime Gulf District                        DNV
                                                            Research and Technology Needs for Deepwater Development
                                                               Addressing Oil Recovery and Effective Cleanup of Spills
                                                                               The Woodlands, Texas
                                                                                   July 22, 2010

       Last Name         First Name                                       Title                                                        Company

McLean             Alan               VP Deepwater Strategy and Development                               M‐I SWACO

Medina‐Cetina      Zenon              Assistant Professor, Stochastic Geomechanics                        Texas A&M University

Menard             Chase              Associate Professor                                                 Louisiana State University

Mournian           Tim                Business Development Manager                                        MesoCoat  Inc.

Mozisek            Danette            Communications                                                      RPSEA

Noynaert           Sam                Lecturer                                                            Texas A&M University

Olatona            Olatunde           Product Development Mgr ‐ Deepwater                                 Schlumberger

Orellana           Samuel             Structural ‐ Ocean Engineer                                         FPS

Overton            Ed                 Professor Emeritus Environmental Sciences                           Louisiana State University

Paganie            David              Press                                                               Offshore

Pappas             James              Vice President Technical Programs                                   RPSEA

Pierce             Reid               Location Manager                                                    Halliburton

Pike               William            Managing Consultant ‐ Energy Programs                               NETL

Pilko              Bob                Strategic Relationships Director                                    Blade Energy Partners

Poole              Gary               Completions Fluids Business Development Manager                     BJ Services Company

Prescott           Neal               Technology Manager                                                  Fluor

Preston            Kathy              Senior Product Manager                                              Nalco Company

Price              Liz                Research Associate                                                  Houston Advanced Research Center

Quinn              Terrence           Senior Formation Evaluation Advisor                                 Baker Hughes

Radtke             Bob                President                                                           Technology International

Rees               Dave               Vice President Marketing & Business Development                     Knowledge Reservoir

Rhyne              Lee                Senior Staff Scientist Flow Assurance                               Chevron

Rich               Laurie             Special Advisor, Higher Education                                   Office of the Governor

Richter            Buddy              Senior Petroleum Engineer                                           PGH Engineers

Riffe              Chris              Manager Offshore Operations                                         Horizon Marine

Robertson          Becky              Administrative Assistant                                            Houston Advanced Research Center

Rougeau            Don                HSE Operations Supervisor                                           Petrobras America

Schroeder          Art                Technology Commercialization Manager UDW                            RPSEA

Schubert           Jerome             Assistant Professor                                                 Texas A&M University

Schwartz           Paula              General Manager Business Development                                Moody International

Seeley             Rachel             Press                                                               Oil Daily

Shafer             Don                Chief Technology Officer                                            Athens Group

Sharma             Namrata            Policy & Funding Analyst                                            GE Oil & Gas

Shaw               Caitlin            Director Market Research                                            Quest Offshore Resources

Sommer             Ross               GM Operations & Facilities                                          Nexen Petroleum U.S.A.

Stasa              Cam                Director Recruiting                                                 M&H Energy Services
                                                           Research and Technology Needs for Deepwater Development
                                                              Addressing Oil Recovery and Effective Cleanup of Spills
                                                                              The Woodlands, Texas
                                                                                  July 22, 2010

    Last Name          First Name                                    Title                                                            Company

Stephens        Sarah               District Director                                                    Congressman Kevin Brady

Summers         Angela              President                                                            SIS‐TECH Solutions

Sweatman        Ronald              Chief Technical Professional                                         Halliburton

Toskey          Eric                Vice President ‐ Exploration & Production                            Letton‐Hall Group

Tyagi           Mayank              Assistant Professor                                                  Louisiana State University

Velez           Peter               Upstream Global Emergency Response Manager                           Shell

Venosa          Albert              Director  Land Remediation and Pollution Control                     U.S. EPA

Viteri          Martha              Senior Engineer Technology Qualification                             DNV

Volk            Michael             VP of Research and Technology Development                            The University of Tulsa

Ward            Skip                Associate Director offshore Technology Research Center               Texas A&M University

Whatley         William             Product Line Manager                                                 Baker Hughes

Whitfill        Donald              Global Technical Advisor                                             Halliburton

Williams        Tom                 Managing Director & President                                        Nautilus International

Wilson          Meridith            EHS Specialist                                                       Apache Corporation

Wodehouse       Jim                 VP Marketing FPSO                                                    SBM Offshore

Wolfe           Christopher         Senior Geomechanics Engineer                                         Baker Hughes

Yadav           Manoj               Production Engineer                                                  Shell  

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