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									                                                                         HONOR ROLL OF DONORS
                                                                                Giving the Gift of Education

                   uni v e rs

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                                         SAC R A M E N TO S TAT E 2009 2010
                                 ra me



                   1947 •
    Message from the President
    Destination 2010 has come to a successful               This passion for giving back to areas that match a
    close, and we have many reasons to celebrate at         lifelong interest is one of Sacramento State’s greatest
    Sacramento State.                                       qualities. We have a proud tradition of creating
                                                            leaders who have developed a lasting connection to
    Our University has transformed into a top destination
                                                            a purpose or cause that bene ts the community.
    campus, and we are well-prepared to tackle the
    challenges to come in the 21st century. Students and    Destination 2010 was designed to lift that inspiring
    their parents seek us out because of the excellent      cycle of support to its full potential. It is heartwarming
    academic opportunities we provide. Visitors nd a        for all of us to see how it has bene ted our students.
    dynamic, welcoming campus, bustling with events.
                                                            We are already working on the next phase of
    And people, businesses and government agencies in
                                                            improvement for Sacramento State, and I can promise
    the region see us as a valuable resource and partner.
                                                            that the best is yet to come for our University.
    Each of you has played an important part in this
                                                            Thank you very much for your continuing generosity
    success. Over the last seven years, we have raised
                                                            and support.
    nearly $92.5 million in private support. These funds
    have made it possible for students to study in never-
    before-seen programs and allowed us to help those
    who would not have otherwise had the opportunity
                                                            Alexander Gonzalez
    to attend college.

    This year’s Honor Roll of Donors highlights the
    multitude of ways our friends in the community
    support our students.

                                                                                                           c s u s . e d u /d10

                                                                                                                                  O ce of
Message from the                                                                                                                 University
Vice President for University Advancement                                                                                       Advancement
                                                                                                                                      Carole Hayashino
         Of all the elements of our successful Destination 2010        Program and the One Book Program, as well to            Vice President for Advancement
         initiative, perhaps the one that has been the most            promote the Destination 2010 initiative.                         (916) 278-7043
         inspiring has been the growth in community support.
                                                                      • Alumnus Angelo K. Tsakopoulos and wife Sofia made        Alumni Relations
         Each year, we’ve seen an outpouring of private giving
                                                                        their annual $25,000 gift to fund the Anthony J. and
         from alumni and friends of the University.                                                                                   Jennifer Barber
                                                                        Soula Leones Scholarship program, which bene ts             Executive Director
         As you will see in the pages of this Honor Roll, again         25 low-income, rst-generation and farmworker-               of Alumni Relations
                                                                                                                                       (916) 278-6295
         thousands of individuals, foundations and organizations        family students each year.
         have made generous contributions to the University.
         These gifts have allowed us to increase the value of
                                                                      • The Department of Computer Science in the College           Development
                                                                        of Engineering and Computer Science received a                 Vince A. Sales
         a Sacramento State education by establishing new
                                                                        $34,676 gift-in-kind from Intel Corporation.              Associate Vice President
         academic initiatives and augmenting existing ones.
                                                                                                                                     for Development
         We’ve also been able to assist students in their e orts to   • The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation provided              (916) 278-6989
         obtain a degree, even in these tough economic times,           $250,000 in funding to support the Institute for
         by o ering hundreds of student scholarships.                   Higher Education Leadership and Policy, and more                                        3

         Among the highlights of this year’s private gifts are:
                                                                        than $400,000 for the Brokers of Enterprise project    University Marketing
                                                                        with the California Department of Education. Since               Terry Veiga
                                                                        2006, the foundation has given nearly $2 million to           Interim Director
         • The largest estate gift in University history—$2.6
                                                                        the University.                                                (916) 278-4383
           million from the David B. Steinberg Family Trust—will
           support the Voula Steinberg Memorial Mathematics           On behalf of our students, faculty and sta , I would
           Programs Fund in the College of Natural Sciences           like to o er my sincere appreciation for your generous     California State University,
           and Mathematics, which encourages students to              support of the University. By giving the gift of                  Sacramento
           pursue careers teaching mathematics.                       education you help us provide our students with             University Advancement
                                                                      life-changing opportunities that will prepare them                6000 J Street
         • A $500,000 gift from The Frank M. and Gertrude
                                                                      to become leaders in their elds and communities.              Sacramento Hall 162
           R. Doyle Foundation will fund state-of-the-art
                                                                      We look forward to having you as part of the campus       Sacramento, CA 95819-6026
           technology for the Division of Nursing’s expansion
                                                                      community for many years to come.                                (916) 278-7043
           and relocation to Folsom Hall.
                                                                                                                                     (916) 278-3966 fax
                                                                      Sincerely,                                                        csus.edu/ua
         • The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation contributed
           more than $180,000 to fund several Sacramento
           State programs, including the Guardian Scholars
           program for former foster youth, the Honors                Carole Hayashino
                        SACRAMENTO STATE DONOR:

                        Edward Jones
                        Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at
                        Sacramento State. Jones is responsible for student
                        organizations and leadership, student conduct,
                        housing and residential life, the Multi-Cultural
                        Center, the Women’s Resource Center and the
                        PRIDE Center. Jones also serves as the President’s
                        designee on the Associated Students Inc. board of
                        directors. “I am committed to advancing student
                        leadership and cultural pluralism on campus.”

                        PROGRAM SUPPORTED:
                        The President’s Circle. Jones wants to support the
                        mission of the University and help students. “I am
                        excited about the projects and programs that are
                        taking place on campus,” he says.
   Edward Jones
                        Why I Give:
        “During the     “I donate to a number of agencies and I believe
                        that the institution I work for should be one
   past four years,     of them,” Jones says, citing Destination 2010

    I have seen how     as one of the reasons he came to Sacramento
                        State. “During the past four years, I have seen
      the University    how the University has grown and transformed
                        in very positive ways.”
     has grown and
transformed in very
      positive ways.”

      e President’s Circle                                                                            CURRENT MEMBERS:

                                                                                                      Jack and Clee Bertolucci

                                                                                                      Amador and Rosalie Bustos
The President ’s Circle is a diverse group of leadership donors                                       Bill and Margie Campbell
who share a common dedication to Sacramento State. These alumni,                                      C.C. Myers, Inc. — Linda Cli ord
friends, faculty, staff and business and community leaders provide                                    George and Linda Crandell

crucial support to the University.                                                                    Phillip and Carol Ensley

                                                                                                      Phil and Marlene Garcia
Gifts to the President’s Circle help President Alexander Gonzalez devote
                                                                                                      Stephen and Yolanda Garcia
resources to the areas where they are needed most. They expand                                        Larry and Marilyn Gilbert

opportunities for students, enhance the quality of a Sacramento State                                 Alexander and Gloria Gonzalez

education and build upon the accomplishments of our faculty.                                          Jay and Karen Halverson                           5

                                                                                                      Edward and Gloria Jones
Membership in the President’s Circle signals a commitment to the                                      Joseph and Shirley Mohamed
University and its students. Members provide advice and assistance                                    Elaine A. Myer

to President Gonzalez in achieving goals—and the financial support                                    Majid and Maryam Rahimian

to realize them. Individuals and corporations become members of                                       Teichert, Inc. — Fred Teichert

                                                                                                      Unger Construction Co. —
the President’s Circle through a tax-deductible annual gift. Annual
                                                                                                      Scott Maxwell
giving levels for individuals start at $1,500, corporations at $5,000. For                            Roger and Marie Valine

information on how to join, please call (916) 278-4912.                                               VSP

                                                                             S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
                                                                                      PHOTO BY MARY WEIKERT
Legacy Circle
The Legacy Circle recognizes the thoughtful generosity of individuals
who have provided support for the University in their estate plans
through wills, life income gifts, retirement plans, life insurance
designations and other planned giving vehicles. For information on
joining the Legacy Circle, please call (916) 278-6989.

Anonymous (6)                            Georgia B. Larson
Jack and Clee Bertolucci                 Kelvin and Shirley Lee
Jan and Patti Blankenship                James D. Mercer
Marcia Ann Boden                         Stacie A. Meyer
Joan and Neal V. Boyd                    Phillip L. Moncrief
Colette and Jerry Coleman                Gary Montgomery and
                                          Tracy Stein
Diane Cordero de Noriega and
 Carlos E. Noriega                       Margo Murray
Herbert W. Drummond, Jr.                 Elaine A. Myer
Linda I. Erickson                        Michelle C. Myers
Dennis and Denice Gardemeyer             Susan E. O’Brien
Roy Gersten                              Craig and Ann Perez
President Emeritus and                   Alice Marie Plymell
  Mrs. Donald R. Gerth
                                         Margaret Mary Reuter
Cecilia D. Gray
                                         Cirenio Rodriguez
Christine R. Hall
                                         Nadeen T. Ruiz and
Donald and Sharon Hallberg                Robert J. Thiele
Jay and Karen Halverson                  T. A. Ryan
Sheila Hard                              Tony William Shukle
Leslie and Anita Harper                  Jerry Smith
Ronald L. Herbold                        Hristo S. Svatovski
Ronald A. Holloway                       Chris von Saltza and
                                          Robert T. Olmstead
John B. Kelly
Eugene and Chung (Sue) Kim

                                                                        Tony Shukle
S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E D O N O R :                              » Sacramento State’s new recreation and
                                                                      wellness center, the WELL, opened its

Tony Shukle
                                                                      doors this fall

(’71, Biological Sciences)

Retired Atwater Elementary School District science teacher

The Tony Shukle Science Teacher Preparation Endowment Fund.
As a member of the Legacy Circle, Shukle has pledged to name
Sacramento State as the bene ciary of his estate. Upon his death,
the Science Teacher Preparation program will provide support
and encouragement for students preparing to become science
teachers, preferably at the middle- and secondary-school level.

“It will make scholarships for future science teachers available
and allow them to attend teaching conferences such as the
California Science Teachers Association annual conference,”                                                                                                                                                7
says Jill Trainer, Dean of the College of Natural Sciences and
Mathematics. “The funding will also provide increased advising
support for students seeking to enter a credential program and
give students more opportunities to work directly with area
teachers in their classrooms.”

Why I Give:
Shukle says he is worried about the future of science
education and is concerned that education majors may
pass on teaching science because it can take many years
                                                                                                   Estate Donors
to complete the necessary science degree and teaching                                               Estate of Thomas L. Gentry                     Estate of Luella M. Steil
credential. “(School) budgets are being cut. Science
                                                                                                    Estate of John Grattan Fitz Gibbon, Sr.        Estate of David B. Steinberg
positions are not always lled with quali ed teachers.
I want future Sac State science students, who are truly                                             Estate of Lucille C. Hood                      Estate of Marion Josephine Van Ess
interested in teaching to be able to pursue their
                                                                                                    Estate of Joseph A. Paduana
dreams with fewer worries about money issues.”

                                                                                                                                S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Why an                                                        Organizations
                                                                                                                                     Chris Weisel Estate Company        Filter Farms, Inc.
                                                                                                                                     CIMS, Inc.                         First Bank
                                                                                                                                     ClearChannel Worldwide             Five Star Bank

Honor Roll?                                                   Acco Engineered Systems             Bank of America Foundation
                                                                                                                                     Clinic of Champions
                                                                                                                                     Club 2-Me
                                                                                                                                     Community Housing
                                                                                                                                                                        Fleege & Associates
                                                                                                                                                                        Follett Higher Education Group
                                                                                                                                                                        Foster Youth Fund
                                                              American Council of                 Bank of Sacramento
Sacramento State’s annual                                                                                                            Construction Employers’            Frank Fat Properties
                                                               Engineering Companies - CA,        Barney, Ltd.
Honor Roll of Donors is far                                    Sierra Chapter                                                         Association                       Frank H. and Eva B. Buck
                                                                                                  Basalite Concrete Products LLC     Cook For Assembly 2010              Foundation
more than just a list of names.                               Association of California School
                                                                                                  Beavers Charitable Trust           Cool Hand Luke’s                   Frank M. Doyle Foundation
                                                               Administrators - Capital Charter
This publication showcases the                                The Actor’s Workshop Theatre
                                                                                                  Bennett Engineering Services       Corporate Design Foundation        Fresh Choice
various ways donors and their                                                                     Blackburn Consulting               Cosentino Winery                   Friends of Dan Logue for
                                                              AECOM Technology Corp.
                                                                                                  Blue Oak Energy, Inc.              Cosmic Perspective Foundation       Assemby 2010
gifts have made an important                                  Aerojet
                                                                                                  Borrego Professional Corp.         Council on Library & Information   Friends of Je Miller for Assembly
                                                              AF Advisors Inc.
di erence for the University and                                                                  Brook eld Natomas LLC               Resources                          2010
                                                              A liates
our students. The Honor Roll also                                                                 Brown, Fink, Boyce & Astle LLP     Creative Arts League of            Friends of Jimmie Yee
                                                              Associated General Contractors
                                                                                                  Burnett & Company LLP               Sacramento                        Friends of Mimi Walters for
shows how vital private support                                Construction Education
                                                                                                                                                                         Senate 2012
                                                               Foundation                         Business Replication & Print       Crick Engineering
is to Sacramento State, now more                                                                                                     Crystal Basin Cellars              Friends of Susan Heredia
                                                              Airco Mechanical                    Bustos Asset Management LLC
than ever. We use this publication                            Aldo Pineschi Consulting            Bustos Lopez Family Fund           CS Enterprises Team Sports         Future Ford, Inc.
to recognize special donors,                                  Alleghany Properties LLC             of the Sacramento Region           Distribution                      Gabriel Management LLC
                                                                                                   Community Foundation              Cunningham & Van Santen            Gaines for Assembly 2010
new programs and exceptional                                  Alliant International University
                                                                                                  C.C. Myers, Inc.                   Damore, Hamric & Schneider, Inc.   Gallina LLP
                                                              Allied Strategy Group, Inc.
students and faculty, and we                                                                      California Dental Association      Dana Point Development Corp.       Garolbi’s Hot City Pizza
                                                              Alphabet Soup Childcare
hope these stories will inspire                                                                   California Lectures, Inc.          Daughters of the Nile              GenCorp Foundation
                                                              American Chemical Society
                                                                                                  California Molded Products, Inc.   David Evans and Associates, Inc.   Genovese Burford & Brothers
others to give to the University.                             American Council for Jean
                                                               Monnet Studies                     California Moving Systems          De Pauw Farms                      GEOCON Consultants, Inc.
                                                              American Family for Je Bieber       California Pizza Kitchen           Deloitte                           Gilbert Associates, Inc.
Our goal with the Honor Roll of
                                                              The American Gift Fund              California Retired Teachers        Deloitte Services LP               Gilmore for Assembly 2010
Donors—and with all of our print                                                                   Association                       DeSilva Gates Construction         The Gilmour-Jirgens Fund
                                                              American Public Works Associ-
publications—is high quality at                                ation Sacramento Chapter           California Transportation          Robert S. Dinsmore Foundation      Golden Bear Physical Therapy
                                                               Education Endowment Fund            Foundation
low expense. We strive to be as                                                                   Campaign for College
                                                                                                                                     DKS Associates                     Golden Valley Industries
                                                              American River Bank                                                    DLA Piper LLP (US)                 Goldman Sachs Philanthropy
“green and lean” as possible in our                           American Society of Civil
                                                                                                                                     Dokken Engineering, Inc.            Fund
printing process.                                              Engineers - Nolte Associates,      Capital City Management
                                                                                                                                     Dorine Wiese Interiors, ASID       GR Trucking LLC
                                                               Inc.                               Casque Wines
                                                                                                                                     Eco:Logic Engineering, Inc.        Greenhaven Soccer Club
If you prefer not to receive                                  American Society of Profes-         Catholic Health Initiatives
                                                               sional Estimators                                                     EDF Resource Capital, Inc.         Groundwater Resources
                                                                                                  Cavalier Family LLC                                                    Association
future Honor Rolls, please                                    American Swiss Foundation           CB Richard Ellis, Inc.             El Dorado Hills Youth Baseball
                                                                                                                                      Club                              Group of Thirty
contact us at (916) 278-6989.                                 Archbishop Lakovos Library          CFA Society of Sacramento
                                                                                                                                     El Dorado Savings Bank             Gurdwara Sri Sachkhand Sahib
We will be happy to honor your                                Ardor Consulting Corporation        California Faculty Association -
                                                                                                                                     El Patron Bar & Grill              Hannibal’s Catering
                                                              Association for Computing            Capitol Chapter
wishes. And last but not least,                                Machinery                                                             Emeritus Association of CSUS       Elliott Family Foundation
                                                                                                  Channi LLC
please recycle this report when                               AT&T                                                                   Enterprise Holdings Foundation     Harry H. Lawrence, DDS
                                                                                                  Chapter LY, PEO Sisterhood
                                                              Axenia BioLogix                                                        Ernst & Young LLP                  HDR Engineering, Inc.
you are nished with it.                                                                           Charles Krug Winery
                                      PHOTO BY CRAIG KOSCHO

                                                              Baker Art Foundry &                                                    Eskaton                            Healthcare Management
                                                                                                  Chevalier Winery                                                       Composite, Inc.
                                                               Pewterworks                                                           Foundation for Agency
                                                                                                  Chevron                                                               The Hearing Advantage
                                                              Bank of America                                                         Management Excellence, Inc.
                                                                                                  Chevron Products Company                                              Hefner, Stark & Marois
                                                                                                                                     Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC


» Nursing students attend to a “patient” during a simulation lab exercise

S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E D O N O R :           The Frank M. and Gertrude R. Doyle Foundation, Inc.
PROGRAM SUPPORTED:                                                          live humans—will be key in educating the highly quali ed      in California as well as scholarships for students from
The Division of Nursing’s expansion to new facilities in                    nursing graduates necessary to meet the region’s healthcare   northern Nevada and southern California. In awarding
Folsom Hall, the former CalSTRS building                                    needs. The University Foundation at Sacramento State Board    the gift to Sacramento State, the Doyle Foundation
                                                                            of Directors has pledged to match the Doyle gift.             praised the Division of Nursing for its “dedication to the
WHAT THE GIFT WILL PROVIDE:                                                                                                               life-altering potential of learning that balances a liberal
A $500,000 grant from the Nevada-based foundation
will equip and furnish a clinical simulation lab in Folsom
                                                                            Why They Gave:                                                arts education with depth of knowledge in a discipline.”

Hall. The new lab—featuring state-of-the-art patient                        The Frank M. and Gertrude R. Doyle Foundation, Inc.
simulators that mimic the symptoms and mannerisms of                        has a history of supporting nursing education programs

                                                                                                                                          S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Organizations                                continued
                                                                      Norm Gold Associates
                                                                      Northrop Grumman
                                                                      Oates Family Foundation
                                                                                                        The Sacramento Ballet
                                                                                                        Sacramento Bee
                                                                                                        Sacramento Consolidated
                                                                                                                                      Sacramento Statistical
                                                                                                                                      Sacramento Valley Risk and
                                                                                                                                                                         Sikh Temple Sacramento
                                                                                                                                                                         Silicon Valley Community
                                                                                                         Charities                     Insurance Management              Silverado Bank
 Henningsen Cold Storage Co.       Lohse Ranch                        Oculus Innovative Sciences,
                                                                                                                                       Society Chapter
 Hogue & Associates                Lucchetti Ranch                     Inc.                             Sacramento Construction                                          Singer and Associates Law
                                                                                                         Management Education         Samford University Library          O ce
 Holdrege & Kull                   M.E. Charitable Foundation         Oriental Institute
                                                                                                         Foundation                   Sanders & Associates               Six Hands Winery
 Independent Bene t                Macias Gini & O’Connell LLP        Paci c Institute for Research &
                                                                       Evaluation                       Sacramento District Postal    Scanavino Insurance Services       Sleep Train
  Supporters                       Magnus Paci c Corporation                                             Employees Credit Union
                                                                      Paesano’s Pizza                                                 Schools Financial Credit Union     Sockolov & Sockolov
 Institute of Internal Auditors    Mark Thomas & Co., Inc.                                              SMUD
                                                                      Parsons Brinckerho , Inc.                                       Schwab Charitable Fund             Spencer Building Maintenance,
 Intel Corporation                 Markstein Beverage Co.                                               Sacramento Region Sports
                                                                      Pedroncelli Winery                                              Shasta Critical Care Specialists    Inc.
 Intel Foundation                  Marlea Lipka Photography                                              Education Foundation
                                                                      Pension Consultants, Inc.                                       Sierra Health Foundation           Steinberg for Senate 2010
 Intel Volunteer Grant Program     Martorana & Anderson                                                 Sacramento Rendering
                                                                      PG&E Corporation                                                Sierra Vista Winery                Steltzner Vineyards
 InterWest Insurance Services,     MBK Engineers                                                         Company
  Inc.                                                                Philippine National Day                                         Sikh Missionary Center             Sterling Asset Management Co.
                                   McCarthy Building Companies,        Association
 J & R United Family, Inc.          Inc.
 J.C. Construction and Son, Inc.                                      Pier 39
                                   McCarthy Chiropractic

                                                                                                                                                          GenCorp Foundation
 J.R. Filanc Construction                                             Poolmaster, Inc.
                                   McNair Scholars Program
 J.W. Backhoe & Construction                                          Praxair Distribution, Inc.                SACRAMENTO STATE DONOR:
                                   Meline Engineering Corp.
 James E. Clary Land Co.                                              PremierWest Bank
                                   Mellow Me Out, Inc.
 James Irvine Foundation                                              PricewaterhouseCoopers
                                   Merchants National Bank
 JAMS Foundation                                                      Progressive Insurance
                                   Michael J. Sullivan & Associates    Company                                  PROGRAM SUPPORTED:                           Statistics show that up to 50 percent
 Janice Daniels Physical           Micron
  Therapy, Inc.                                                       Que-Andrada Foundation                    The Academic Success Center                  of engineering students drop out of
                                   Miyamoto International, Inc.       Quest Media and Supplies, Inc.
 John E. Fetzer Memorial Trust                                                                                  in the College of Engineering                their programs after their rst year in
                                   Mobley Physical Therapy, PC        Quincy Engineering, Inc.
 Jonathan & Patricia England
                                   Morgan Family Foundation                                                     and Computer Science. The new                the major. Sacramento State o cials
  Family Foundation                                                   RCA Community Fund of
                                   Morgan Stanley Smith Barney         the Sacramento Region                    engineering hub was created to               and donors expect the new center
 JR Hanson Consulting LLC
 K.O.O. Construction, Inc.
                                   Moss Adams Foundation               Community Foundation                     support student success through              will help curb those numbers.
                                   Moss Adams LLP                     Radiological Associates                   academic and peer support.
 Kaiser Permanente
                                                                      Raging Wire Enterprise
 Kaplan Education Centers
 Kelvin H. Kawano, D.D.S.
                                   NACME - National Action
                                    Council for Minorities in
                                                                      Rahimian Family Foundation
                                                                                                                Engineering majors can access the
                                                                                                                new center 24 hours a day including
                                                                                                                                                             Why They Gave:
 Kentriko Israelitiko Symvoulio     Engineering                       Rail Bridge Cellars                       weekends. All the essentials of a            Linda Beech Cutler, chair of the
  tes Heelados
                                   National Articulation Transfer     Raley’s                                   study hall are available including           GenCorp Foundation, says the
 Kevin Jeffries for Assembly         Network
  2010                                                                Ravenswood                                white boards, tables and chairs and          national engineering hiring pool
                                   National Association of Social     Relles Company
 Kiewit Pacific Co.                  Workers                                                                     a meeting area, along with creature          is not keeping up with demand.
 Kleinfelder West, Inc.                                               Renaissance Charitable
                                   National Guard - FLW College        Foundation, Inc.                         comforts like comfy couches and              “We’ve had a long-standing
 KPMG                               Fishing
                                                                      Reznick Group                             free WiFi.                                   relationship with Sac State and want
 Lake Natoma Rowing                National String Project
  Association                       Consortium                        River City Gun Exchange, Inc.                                                          to support its e orts to increase
 Lamar Brothers Tire Service,      National Student Speech            River Rock Dental O ce                    WHAT THE GIFT WILL                           the number of local engineering
  Inc.                              Language and Hearing Assoc.       Robbie Waters for City Council            PROVIDE:                                     graduates,” she says. She is
 Land Park Soccer Club             Navigenics                         Rochioli Vineyard & Winery LLC            GenCorp’s $20,000 gift will ensure           con dent the center will improve
 Lehman Levi Pappas & Sadler       Neary Landscape, Inc.              Ruth’s Chris Steak House                  the new center—which was
 Mark Leno for Senate              Nehemiah Corp. of America          S & L Dryers, Inc.                                                                     engineering retention. GenCorp’s
                                                                                                                successfully piloted last year—stays         parent company Aerojet currently
 The Liberace Foundation           Nesheim’s Needles                  SACFIT - Sacramento Friends in
 Liberty Mutual                    Nor-Cal Embroidery &                Training                                 open whenever students need it.              employs 184 Sac State alums.
 Lincoln Law School                 Specialties                       Sacramento Asian-Paci c
                                                                       Chamber Foundation

StrataScale                       Teichert Foundation           Travelers Companies               United Technologies             Visual and Performing Arts         Western Nevada Supply Co.
Strategy & Communications         Teichert, Inc.                 Foundation, Inc.                  Corporation                     Foundation                        Whitmer Plumbing

 Consultants                      Tel-Com, Inc.                 Tri D Associated Builders, Inc.   United Way California Capital   Voula Steinberg Memorial           William and Flora Hewlett
Stuart Foundation                                               Trinity Episcopal Altar Guild      Region                          Mathematics Scholarship            Foundation
                                  Law O ces of Gregory T.
                                                                                                  University of Nevada             of the Sacramento Region
Sunrise Roo ng                     Thatch                       Truong Dental Care                                                                                   William D. James Foundation
                                                                                                                                   Community Foundation
Sweetwater Bar & Grill            Law O ces of Tina A. Thomas   Tsakopoulos Hellenic              University of Nevada, Reno                                         Williams & Paddon, Architects
                                                                                                   Center for Basque Studies      VSP
SYF                               Three Points Star Motors       Foundation                                                                                          Wilmax Farms, Inc.
                                                                                                  USS-POSCO Industries            W. H. Brugmann & Son
Taipei Economic & Cultural        Thursday Ladies Club          Twisted Roots Wine LLC                                                                               Wing and Chee Fat Scholarship
                                                                                                  Valley Industrial Claims        Wachovia Foundation, Inc.
 O ce in San Francisco            Ticket to Dream Foundation    U.S. Bank                                                                                             Fund of the Sacramento Region
                                                                                                   Association                    Wachovia Wells Fargo                Community Foundation
Target Corporation                Tim Sullivan Engineering      UA Plumbers & Pipefitters #447
                                                                                                  Vanguard Charitable              Foundation
Tarts & Tru es                                                  Ueltzen & Company LLP                                                                                Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation
                                  Trader Joe’s                                                     Endowment                      Warren G. Bender Co.
Tau Beta Pi, Inc.                                               Unger Construction                                                                                   Young Construction
                                  Trainor Fairbrook                                               Velocity Venture Capital        Wells Fargo
Taxpayers for Dave Cox -                                        Union Bank of California                                                                             ZD Wines
                                  Travelers                                                       Verizon                         Wells Fargo Foundation
 Senate 2008                                                     Foundation


 » Engineering and computer science students study
    in the College’s new Academic Success Center

                                                                                                                                        S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
                                                              McLeod Bethel-Thompson
        e Quarterback Club
 Members of the   Quarterback Club are among
 the most devoted of Hornet football boosters. Gifts to the

 Quarterback Club help Intercollegiate Athletics and Coach

 Marshall Sperbeck provide an added layer of support

 to further the football program’s chances for success in

 the Big Sky Conference and beyond. Members join the

 Quarterback Club by making an annual contribution of

 $1,000 or more to the Football Fund, which entitles them

 to season tickets and invitations to events including the

 weekly Quarterback Club luncheons. For more information

 on joining the Quarterback Club, contact the Stinger

 Athletic Association at (916) 278-4263.

                                                              CURRENT MEMBERS OF THE QUARTERBACK CLUB:

                                                              John Albanese             Jim Hirschmann                     Richard and Anne Pelfanio
                                                              Rob Awalt                 Je and Elly Hoever                 Dean and Laura Peterson
                                                              Tom and Norma             Gene Hume                          Ray and Shannon Phillips
SAC STATE STUDENT:                                                                      Bob and Ingrid Johnson             Gary and Judy Quattrin
                                                              Frank and Sylvia Bouza
McLeod Bethel-Thompson                                        John Breckenridge
                                                                                        Greg and Starla Knapp              Scott Rasmussen
                                                                                        Michael Koewler                    Gary Ravel
MAJOR: History                                                Craig Calkin
                                                                                        Brian and Jennifer                 Donald Reinmuth
EXPECTED GRADUATION DATE: Fall 2010                           Dan and Gloria Carmazzi    Lagomarsino
                                                                                                                           Harry Rotz
                                                              Bill Collard              Paul Lagomarsino
SCHOLARSHIP: Athletics Department
                                                              Don and Shar Cortez                                          Sam Samms
Football Scholarship                                                                    Jim Lawson
                                                              Maurice Costa                                                Leo Schuering
GOAL: Bethel-Thompson, a senior, took advantage                                         Craig Livaich
of Sacramento State’s location in the heart of state          Tony and Margaret Curry                                      Jim and Cindy Schutz
                                                                                        Rick Martinez
government by participating a summer internship               Steve and Johanna                                            George Separovich
program at the State Capitol. Next semester, he plans to                                Doug and Jennifer Mattos                                                    13
                                                               Da Prato
                                                                                                                           Bill and Debbie Sherman
go to law school.                                                                       John and Louise McKeon
                                                              Phil, Ron and Susan
                                                                                                                           Kevin and Darla Smith
HORNET HIGHLIGHT:                                              DePauw                   Kathleen McNamara
Quarterback Bethel-Thompson transferred to Sacramento         Desmond, Nolan, Livaich                                      Lloyd Snelson
                                                                                        Chuck Mier
State as a junior. His most memorable play came during        & Cunningham                                                 Dr. Ron Sockolov
                                                                                        Bob Miller
last year’s Causeway Classic when he came o the bench
                                                              Ralph Dinwiddie                                              Dick and Helen Sperbeck
to lead the team’s come-from-behind e ort against the                                   Jerry Miller
UC Davis Aggies. With 20 seconds remaining, Bethel-           Dain Domich
                                                                                        Bob and Toni Ann Mitsch            Steve Stanich
Thompson tossed the winning touchdown pass, putting           Michael Elorduy
the Hornets up 31-28.                                                                   Kirk Murphy                        John and Myrna Stremple
                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Jay Erhart
                                                              (SYF)                     Don and Sue Pach                   Mike Sullivan
During that Classic game, as a tribute the entire team wore   Fontes Family             Joe and Masami Pach                Je Tokunaga
jerseys bearing the name of former Hornet quarterback,                                                                     Lora Trinchero
                                                              Dan Ford                  David Padgham
Robert “Coach” Mattos. Intercollegiate Athletics has
established The Bob Mattos Fund in memory of the long-        John Frisch               Ralph Palumbo                      Roger Trinchero
time coach who passed away in March. For information on       Greg and Linda Grant      Mike Paris                         George & Lana Trovao
how to contribute to the fund, call (916) 278- 6481.
                                                              Walt and Barbara Harcos   Lonie Paxton                       Patrick Vogeli

                                                                                         S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                                                            Donna Armstrong
                                                                             James M. Armstrong
                                                                             Michael P. Armstrong
                                                                              and Dawn M. Beam
                                                                                                     Hazel A. Baeza
                                                                                                     Janet Louise Bafus
                                                                                                     Mary K. Baganoff
                                                                                                     Mehrdad Baghaie
                                                                                                                              Carole Barnes
                                                                                                                              Loretta A. Barnes
                                                                                                                              Jodie O. Barnett III
                                                                                                                              Kenneth J. Barnett
                                                                                                                                                         Jean-Pierre Bayard
                                                                                                                                                         Donna A. Bays
                                                                                                                                                         Janice C. Bazan
                                                                                                                                                         David G. Beahm
                                                                                                                                                                                 Michael A. Bennett
                                                                                                                                                                                 Orin and Claire
                                                                                                                                                                                 Richard and Myra
 Robert A. Aaberg          Janice S. Akamine        Pamela J. Andersen       Sue Armstrong           Beatrice T. Bailey       Maria Souza Barnett        Andrew and Kimberly
 Talat A. Abbasi           P. M. Akamine            Chris H. and Joni B.     Brigham A. Arnold ✦                                                          Beal                   Rosa L. Bennett
                                                                                                     Louise R. Bailey         Teresa L. Barnett
 John G. Abbott            William W. Akers, Jr.     Anderson                Florence E. Arnoldy                                                         Warren F. Beam          Stephen C. Bennett
                                                                                                     Amanjot S. Bains         Mr. and Mrs. John C.
 Terry Ann Abernathy       Kristy L. Akins          Cli ord E. Anderson      Paula P. Aron                                     Barney                    Tanya L. Beard          Karen Benson
                                                                                                     Brent K. Baird
 Bob J. Achermann          John Albanese            David J. Anderson        P. Nikki Aronhalt                                Jeffrey K. Barnhart         Nora A. Beardsley       Vanessa M. Bentley
                                                                                                     Peter J. Baird
 Albert and Eleanor        Lawrence and Judith      Duane K. Anderson        Larry B. Aronson                                 Ayub G. Barquet            Carolyn J. Beatty       Deborah K. Bentz
                                                                                                     Louis E. Baiz
  Ackerman                  Alberts                 Duane L. Anderson        Fred Arredondo                                   Ruth A. Barr               Arnold T. Beck, Jr.     Brian W. Berger
                                                                                                     Carl and Suzon Baker
 Donald Ackerman           Barbara Lorraine         Kenneth W. Anderson      Frank E. Arriaga                                 Facundo A. Barragan        Gary P. Beck            Charley J. Berger
                                                                                                     Janet R. Baker
 Meagan T. Ackerman         Albright                Loral J. Anderson        Richard Lee Arrowood                             Chrystal Barranti          Robert C. Beck          Christopher T. Berger
                                                                                                     Janice B. Baker
 Robert and Jaqulyn        Thomas E. Alden          Melissa J. Anderson      Estelle R. Arroyo                                Juanita Barrena            Susan A. Beckwith       Keith W. Bergevin
                                                                                                     Lynne M. Baker
  Ackerman                 John and June            Peter M. Anderson        Gary and Cindy                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin A.      Linda M.                Elizabeth Bergman
                            Aldridge                                                                 Martinique M. Baker
 Bob and Betty Ackley                               Robert L. Anderson        Arstein-Kerslake                                 Barrick                    Bedford-Brehove        Margaret L. Bernicke
                           Jaime M. Alexander                                                        Naomi M. Baker
 Mr. and Mrs. Charles                               Roger D. Anderson        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas                              Christina M.               William L. Bedzyk       Irene A.
  S. Adam                  Lillie C. Alexander                                                       Tamara L. Baker
                                                    Sandy M. Anderson         Arts                                             Barrington                Mariane Mehlha            Bersola-Nguyen
 Chester J. Adamick, Jr.   Priscilla M. Alexander                                                    William F. Baker
                                                    Joyce N.                 Takashi Asano                                    Kathryn M. Bartel           Beeman                 Stefanie A. Bertelsen
 Cli ord Adams and         Kenneth W. Alger, Jr.                                                     Fred and Robin Baldini
                                                     Anderson-Ormond         Patricia L. Asher                                Verle L. Bartels           Nancy Beers             Joy A. Bertinuson
  Ann Amioka               Linda L. Alger                                                            Gary L. Baldwin
                                                    Perfecto and Fortune     Bernadine J. Astesana                            Blanton H. Bartlett        Marilyn Beeson          Catherine M. Bertolani
 Dean L. Adams             David J. Aliotti          Andrada                                         Trudi A. Balestreri
                                                                             Don Aston                                        Lynn P. Bartlett           Martha Beetley          Mr. and Mrs. Jack H.
 Desiree L. Adams          Vincent B. Alit          Brian M. Andrade                                 Peter S. Balfour                                                              Bertolucci
                                                                             Herb H. Aston                                    Michael L. Barton          Eva Begley
 George W. Adams           Mary E. Allegoren        John H. Andrew                                   Stacey E. Ballard                                                           Mechelle A.
                                                                             Larry and Suzie                                  Carol Bascherini           John Behring and
 Harlene Adams             Adina Allen              Gus Angelidis             Augusta                Barbara J. Ballif                                    Shari Tarver-Behring     Bertoluccicerce
                                                                                                                              Lyle and Verrill Bassett
 Linda Jean Adams          Linda Susan Allen        Charles Angyal           Robin Aurelius and      Michael S. Balog                                    Morteza Behvand         Sharen L. Bertrando
                                                                                                                              Andy S. Bassi
 Patricia A. Adams         Matthew E. Allen         Anonymous                 Mary Lynne McGrath     Diane R. Banchero                                   Andrew M. Bein          Kirsten N. Beseda
                                                                                                                              Antonella Bassi-Savrot
 Randee S. Adams           Michelle S. Allen        Earl W. Ansley           Cynthia A. Austin       Kimberly M. Bancroft                                Joseph A. Belcastro     Felicia A. Bessent
                                                                                                                              John D. Basta
 Jane Adamson              Mr. and Mrs. William     Jude M. Antonyappan      Debra B. Austin         Dale L. Banducci                                    Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H.   Janet M. Best
                                                                                                                              Pamela A. Basurto
 Judith R. Adcock           Allen                   Gabriel L. Apgar         Edward T. Austin        Anne C. Bandy                                        Belden                 Dennis and Patricia
                                                                                                                              Eric B. Bates
 Professors John and       James E. Allington                                Karen B. Austin         Joseph and Barbara                                  Elaine A. Beldin-Reed     Bettencourt
                                                    Pamela J. Appel                                                           James and Mayrene
  Margaret Addicott        Lindsey R. Allred                                 Donald J. Avery          Bania                                              Douglas T. Bell         Dolores M. Betti
                                                    Ronald J. Applegate                                                        Bates
 Melisa R. Addison         Cheryl L. Alpert                                  Lil A. Ayala            Teiahsha Bankhead                                   Mary Bellamy            Tanya H. Beverley
                                                    Bena Arao                                                                 Dianna L. Batt
 John C. Adolphson         Ayad Al-Qazzaz                                    Ruth A. Ayala           Beth W. Banks                                       Louis R. Below          Pradeep Bhukhen
                                                    Kristen Arata                                                             Fred Batt
 Ravin Agah and            Shannon M. Alten                                  Gri ths R. Ayitey o     George W. Banks                                     Judith Beltrano         Alison D. Biagioni
                                                    Julie A. Arbogast                                                         Beverly A. Battaglia
  Roshanak Mozafar                                                           Louis M. Ayres          Sebastian Barajas                                   Laura J. Bemis          Nancy A. Bialek
                           David and Colleen        Michelle L. Archbold                                                      Richard J. Battistessa
 Anne-Therese Ageson        Alter                                            Laura L. Azevedo        Edward T. Barakatt                                  Christopher M.          Al W. Biancani
                                                    Stephen T. Archer                                                         Martin A. Bauer
 Lucien L. Agosta          Gary V. Amado                                     Susan A. Azevedo        Lucille Barba                                        Bencken                Christopher Biddle
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Steven S.                                                    Martin Bauman
 Ricardo Aguilar           Ben Amata                                                                 Melody J. Barbara                                   Erin Bender               and Kimberly
                                                     Archibald               Michael F. Baad                                  Karena M. Baumgart
 Sandro Aguilar                                                                                                                                                                    Gordon-Biddle
                           Sandra D. Ambro          Delia P. Ardema          Peggy J. Babazadeh      Carol J. Barbee                                     Patricia Anne Bender
                                                                                                                              Stephanie S.                                       Denise E. Bieber
 Cesar A.                  Leonard B. Amick, Jr.                             Margot S. Bach          Terry J. Barber           Baumgartner               Mayra A.
                                                    Michael and Cheryl                                                                                                           Phillip V. Bielz
  Aguilar-Barajas                                                                                    Olivia S. Barcenas                                   Benitez-Jaimes
                           Robert J. Anchor          Argentine               William and Barbara                              Julius D. Bautista
 Emily P. Aguilera                                                                                                                                       Jennifer Benner         Jerry L. Biggs
                           Kristen M. Anderegg      Rowena B. Aris            Bachmann               Diane M. Barclay         Rachel F. Baver
 Alicia L. Aguirre                                                                                                                                       Beth Bennett            Bruce Bikle
                           Benjamin T. Anders       Surrinder S. Arman       Jennifer L. Bacon       Robert H. Barker         Elizabeth C. Baxter
 Julia A. Ahlquist                                                                                                                                       Claudia J. Bennett      Angela M. Biletniko
                           David R. Andersen        Cynthia Armenta          Dennis J. Badzik        Madonna Barlow           Fran Baxter-Guigli and
 Shaekia J. Aiken                                                                                                                                        Helena Dower            Cameron Billeci
                           Mark Andersen and        Dianne L. Armstrong      Susan R. Baer           Susan Rea Barnard         Jim Guigli
 Dan Airola                 Geraldine Jimenez                                                                                                             Bennett                Karen Anne Billeci

Peter D. Billeter          James H. Bondeson        Evelyn M.               David Brooks and
Anita Nogaj Bird           Tracy E. Bondi            Bradley-Owens           Patricia Walker
Mary J. Bisharat           Brian A. Bonner          Darrell R. Bradshaw     John H. Brooks
Iaine L. Bisig             Marguerite Lee           Kathryn G. Bradshaw     Linda Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W.        Bonner                  Catherine M. Brady      Sara F. Brooks
 Bissett                   Elaine D.                Debra S. Brady          Martha R. Brookshire
Lynne V. Bitno              Bonnet-Hourigan         Thomas and              Ronald M. Brothers
Dorothy L. Bizzini         Michelle D.               Rosalinda Brady        Donna M. Brougher
                            Booher-Poggi            Scott W. Braly
Donald C. Blachly                                                           George C. Brouillard
                           Bobby G. Boozer          Gary A. Bramon
David J. Black                                                              Alan E. Brown
                           Bruce F. Boraas          Duncan Brand
Robert G. Black                                                             Belva A. Brown
                           Margaret F. Borges       Malinda M. Brann
Kathy A. Blackburn                                                          Carl “Beau” and Adria
                           Patricia Wu Borges       Russell and Janet        Brown
Gordon J. Blackwood
                           Frank Borgia              Branson                Stanley and Christine
Cathy R. Blair
                           Jess Borjon              Parminder S. Brar        Brown
David M. Blair
                           Barbara J. Borkowski     Martha J. Brashear      Craig L. Brown
Gary A. Blaisdell
                           Walter and Elizabeth     Karen S. Brashears      Daniel L. Brown
Jerry L. Blake
                            Borland                 George J. Braun         Ethel J. Brown
Kenneth E. Blake
                           Byron and Karen          Joyce L. Bray           Gary N. Brown
Bethany Blakley             Borman
                                                    Michael E. Brazauskas   Gregory A. Brown
William G. Blakley
Mr. and Mrs. Todd R.
                           James S. Bosco
                           Manjul Bose
                                                    John C. Breckenridge
                                                    Blanca M. Breeze
                                                                            James Brown
                                                                            Jane E. Brown
                                                                                                                                                                     Teresa Crews
                           Linda C. Boswell
Rebbecca J. Blasko                                  Susan P. Brekle         Janice K. Brown
                           Chad V. Bosworth                                                                                                                                                                15
Stephen Y. Blauvelt, Jr.                            Michael J. Brenner      Jean H. Brown

                                                                                                                                          Teresa Crews
                           Susan L. Boucher
Dolores E. Bleekman                                 Carolyn F. Bridges      Lakeshia Y. Brown
                           Dolores Boughton
                                                    Helen Grace Bridges
                                                                                                    SACRAMENTO STATE STUDENT:
Jill B. Blodget                                                             Lataushia D. Brown
                           Lois K. Boulgarides
Brian and Rita                                      Jack C. Brier, Jr.      Mark B. Brown
                           Prosper W. Bousley
                                                    Samuel J. Brinkhuis     Mary J. Brown           MAJOR: Child Development                        teachers can have a tremendous impact
                           Delores L. Bousliman                                                                                                     on a student’s sense of identity and
Mr. and Mrs. Jon I.                                 Thomas L. Brinkhuis     Megan M. Brown
 Bluemel                   Frank Bouza
                                                    Garland L. Brinkley     Duane and Pat Brown     EXPECTED GRADUATION DATE:                       con dence prior to entering junior high.
Peter M. Boam              Brian L. Bowen                                                           Winter 2010. Crews is already enrolled
                                                    Donald J. Brinkman      Toni Brown                                                              It only takes one great teacher to make
Mary Jo                    Sylvester G. Bowie
                                                    Janine M. Brinkman      Donne Brownsey          in the three-semester teacher credential        a life-changing impact on a child, and I
 Boeheim-Hartshorn         John C. Bowman
                                                    Kevin L. Brisco         Brenda A. Brozek        program.
Virginia Benita            Judy A. Boyce                                                                                                            hope to make that impact for that child.”
                                                    Kathi D. Bristow        Phillip F. Brozek and
 Bogdono                   Dennis R. Boyd
                                                    Jay B. Broadbent         Carla Salido
Evelyn J. Boggs                                                                                     SCHOLARSHIP: Nancy Pierce Owens
Heidi A. Boitano
                           Mr. and Mrs. Neal V.
                                                    Donald B. Broadley
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen
                                                                            Sharon L. Brunberg
                                                                            Michael T. Brunelle     Memorial Scholarship, named for                 Appreciation:
David J. Boland            John S. Boyd                                                             alumnus Nancy Owens (’58, Education),
                                                     E. Brock               Alice Bruns                                                             “I’ve had to work hard to support myself
Cli ord D. Bolden          Franklin M. Boyden
                                                    Harry W. Bronson        Robert W. Brunst        who left her entire estate to fund
Thomas and Karen           Christopher R. Boyer                                                                                                     in college. To be awarded a scholarship is
                                                    Kim E. Bronson          Dana E. Bruzzone        student scholarships in the College of
 Bolinger                  Mary M. Boyer                                                                                                            an answered prayer, ensuring that I can
                                                    Robert and Hattie       Cynthia D. Bryan        Education.
Tawnya N. Bollinger        Professor and Mrs. Cal    Bronson                Judy L. Bryant                                                            nish my education without constant
Svetlana Bolsun             Boyes
                                                    Louis Bronson ✦         Marjorie E. Bryant                                                        nancial pressure as a distraction from
Ronald P. Boltz            Jerald E. Boysen          and Thelma Bronson                             GOAL: After she completes her
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas        Arthur L. Braden
                                                                            Mark W. Bryant
                                                                                                    credential, Crews wants to teach on a           my studies.”
                                                    William B. Bronson
 Bommarito                                                                  Rebecca A. Bryant
                           Jo Anna Bradford         Carla M. Brooks                                 U.S. military base, preferably the sixth
Jean Bonar                                                                  Vicki W. Bryant
                           Lori A. Bradford
                                                                                                    grade because “that is an age at which
                                                                                       ✦ Deceased

                                                                                                                                S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                   continued
                                                   Craig Calkin
                                                   Patrick G. Callahan
                                                   Terry Callahan
                                                                                                                                                   » Music Professor Lorna Peters
                                                                                                                                                      works with students at the Music
                                                                                                                                                      department’s Bösendorfer piano,
                                                                                                                                                      which was also a gift from a donor
 Dennis G. Bryerton       Wesley R. Busby          Michelle L. Callejas
 Brad O. Buchanan         Noel J. Bush             Michael J. Calosso
 Flora M. Buchanan        Dean E. Busick           Timothy H. Calvert
 Phyllis W. Buchanan      Elizabeth H. Busick      Thomas H. Calvin
 Gwendolyn Margaret       Amador and Rosalie       Camanch Camacho
  Buchholz                 Bustos                  Enio Camara
 Bob G. Buckles, Jr.      Caitlin Butler           Frederick C. Camarillo
 Robert A. Buckley        Jane H. Butler           Karen A. Cambra
 Kati Z. Buehler          Leigh A. Butler          James F. Caminata
 Bianca B.                Terese A. Butler         Brian and Ernestina
  Buenaventura            Susan Butler-Siler        Campbell
 Lamont Bu ord            Glynis G. Butler-Stone   Dolores L. Campbell
 David J. Bugatto         Everett D. Butts         George and Lillie
 Adrienne L. Buhaco       Patricia Seward Byard     Campbell
 Laura L. Bullard         LaDonna T. Byers         Jerome R. Campbell
 James R. Bullinger       William S.               Mary L. Campbell
 Sandra M. Bunch           Byford-Brown            Bill and Margie
 Diana Bun ll             Aradath S. Byles          Campbell
 Lee L. Bun ll            Florencio B. Caballero   David Cole Campos
 Janet H. Bunje           Laurena Rojas            Steven A. Canada
                           Cabanero                William C. Canady
                                                                                                                The Estate of Thomas L. Gentry
 Charles and Katherine
  Burcham                 Wayne S. Cable           Ledy S. Canales          SACRAMENTO STATE DONOR:
 John and Valerie         Joseph A. Cabral         Ginger Can eld
  Burgess                 Pedro Diaz and Ester     Fred Canillo
 Shirley M. Burgess        Cabrera                 Lacy J. Cannon
 Garry and Candace
                          Richard E. Caddy
                          Paul and Valerie
                                                   Patrick G. Cannon
                                                   Patrick J. Cannon
                                                                            CONNECTION TO THE UNIVERSITY:
                                                                            Gentry was a professor in the Department of
                                                                                                                                   Why He Gave:
 Gregory M. Burke          Cadrett                                                                                                 Gentry was interested in drawing the best
                                                   Cecil E. Canton          Music for more than 30 years. He was known
 Angela D. Burling        Daphne Cagle
                                                   Joseph and Debra         as a gifted pianist and as a demanding piano           students possible to Sacramento State, and the
 Sumner Wesley            Daniel G. Cain            Caputo
  Burmeister                                                                teacher who expected much from his students            scholarship program is an extension of that
                          Andonia Cakouros         Janice Caravantes
 Catherine M. Burnett     Timothy E. Calaway                                but also looked out for their interests.               desire, says Ernie Hills, chair of the Department
                                                   Orlando and Carmen
 Nicholas F. Burnett      Barbara Calcagno          Caraveo                                                                        of Music. “He believed that strong students
 Christina L. Burnie      Nadine M. Calder         Joseph and Antoi-        PROGRAM SUPPORTED:                                     become strong graduates. Piano was his
 Barbara J. Burns         Mary C. Calderon          nette Carbone           The Gentry Piano Scholarship to support piano          passion, and he wanted to bene t the piano
 Michael R. Burns         Laura                    Dan A. Cardoza
                                                                            majors in the Department of Music. Gentry’s gift,      program speci cally.” Emeritus cello professor
 Scott M. Burns            Calderon-Garnica        Darryl and Maureen
 Robert J. Burress        Loretta A. Caldwell       Cardoza                 when combined with a previous endowment                Wallace Rushkin, adds, “He was a tough teacher,
 Joyce A. Burris          David Calhoon ✦          Amara Carey              gift, will provide more than $300,000 to fund          but he was also a good-hearted fellow. He
 Mr. and Mrs. Dudley J.    and Sally Worthing      Deborah M. Carey         scholarships. It is the largest-ever donation to the   always thought about students and what was
  Burton                  David Calhoun, Jr.       Barbara L. Carl          music program at Sacramento State.                     best for them.”
 Robert J. Burton, Jr.    Marian L. Calhoun        David M. Carlisle
 Bill O. Busath           Richard and Janet        Dale R. Carlsen
 Charles E. Busath         Calinsky

                                                             ✦ Deceased

Albert Magnus             Pamela V. Castillo    Quon F. Chen             Kathleen M. Clare         Michael S. Collins         Craig and Joyce          Sasha E. Covington          Paula Lee Crowther
  Carlson                 Richard and           Xiaochun Chen            Bonnie M. Clark           Lois I. Collinsworth        Copelan                 Geni Cowan                  Robin and Jennifer
Eric Carlson               Jacqueline Castle    Xiaohong Chen            Mr. and Mrs. Byron        Matthew and                Larry G. Copland         Je rey P. Cowan              Crowton
Gretchen L. Carlson       Mr. and Mrs. Harry    Cheuk W. Cheng            Clark                      Christine Cologna        John F. Copley           Cory J. Cowden              Robert S. Crump
Janice Ann Carlson         Caston                                        Dixiana Clark             Diana Lee Combs            George T. Coppin                                     Jessica Phoebe F. Cruz
                                                Chorting A. Cheng                                                                                      Thomas and Candace
Daniel and Gloria         Mr. and Mrs. Je L.                             Joan Lee Clark            Louis Compoginn            Terry and Virginia        Cox                        Mary G. Cruz
                                                Jen-Yu Cheng
  Carmazzi                 Caton                                                                                               Coppin
                                                Lewis Cheng              Larry R. Clark            Charles A. Comstock, Jr.                            Carla Cox                   Richard H. Cuenca
Ralph C. Carmona          Gerald N. Caudle                                                                                    Thelma D. Coppin
                                                Harold D. Cherney        Norris W. Clark           Timothy F. Comstock                                 Carla J. Cox                Virginia Tatiana Cullen
Kathleen P. Carney        Peggy J. Cavaghan                                                                                   Virginia G. Corbin
                                                Adam B. Cherrix          Sally A. Clark            Charles B. Condy                                    Cherie E. Cox               Diane T. Cummings
Shelley H. Carney         Joseph and Janet                                                                                    Kevin T. Corcoran
                                                Cindy L. Chesbro         Patricia A. Clark-Ellis   William and Linda                                   Davin B. Cox                Tenishia R. Cummings
Debra J. Carollo                                                         Patricia Lynn               Conklin                  Michael V. Corcoran      George L. Cox, Jr.          James C. Cuneo
                          Kerin E. Cavallero    Anthony Cheung
Cassandra M.                                                              Clark-Gray               David E. Conklin           Michael V. Cordano       Gloria R. Cox               Phillip M. Cunningham
                          Rodolfo Ceballos      Jeanette Chevalier
  Carpenter                                                              Wendy Clawson-            Crystal L. Conley          Bartley A. Corfee                                    Marianne Curcio
                                                Alvin Chew                                                                                             James H. Cox
Gary E. Carpenter         Nancy Cecil                                     Demattes                 Jay Ace Conner             Theresa V. Coria         Kenneth W. Cox              Patricia A. Curley
                          Rudy Cedre            Dan S. Chi
Jacqueline J. Carpenter                                                  Gay Clayson               Lawrence M. Conner         Charles L. Corley II
                                                Jenny J. Chiang                                                                                        Gregory L. Coyne            James C. Curran
Donald L. Carper          Je ry M. Ceremony                              Louis O. Clayson          Randy A. Conner            Christopher S. Cormier   Warren Cozby                Megan Anne Curran
                          Garry L. Chaban       Connie L. Chiechi
Lorna B. Carr                                                            David H. Clegg            Anne M. Connolly           Patricia J. Cornelius
                                                William Chilcott and                                                                                   Larry R. Crabbe             Brian K. Currier
Jaime A. Carranza         Merick Cha ee                                  Donald J. Cli ord
                                                  Judith Robertson                                 Elizabeth Connolly         Ronald W. Cornell        George S. Craft             James R. Currier
Illene Joan Carroll       Charles K. Chak                                Linda J. Cli ord
                                                Vanessa M. Child                                   John and Joan Connor       John R. Corning          Mr. and Mrs. Jack           Robert and Chi-Ming
Michael P. Carroll        Mr. and Mrs. Dan                               Yvonne R. Clinton
                                                Bruce Chin                                         Ann A. Conradsen           Carrie Cornwell           Craighead                   Curry
Patrick T. Carroll                                                       Alexander I. Clontz       Brett A. Constable         William E. Corrie        Jamie L. Craighead          Laurie A. Curry
                          Craig and Joyce       Paul J. Chin
Deborah L. Carruthers                                                    Richard M. Clowdus        Dave L. Contreras          Je rey T. Corrigan       Michael R. Crain            Tony and Margaret
                           Chamberlain          Maria T. Ching
Michael D. Carsey                                                        Dennis and Wanda          Je rey A. Contreras        James D. Cortese         Timothy A. Crandall          Curry
                          Donald H. Chambers    Roberta J. Ching                                                                                                                                                        17
The Carson Family                                                         Cobb                                                                                                     Richard M. Curry
                          Henry and Cheryl      Alleah Chinn                                       Patricia D. Conway         Andrew T. Corwin         George and Linda
Bobby L. Carter                                                          James M. and Lisa V.                                                           Crandell                   Susan M. Curry
                           Chambers             Beom Joon Choi                                     Catherine M. Cook          Carole L. Cory
Elaine E. Carter          Nathan O. Champlin                                                       Frank L. Cook              Mitchell D. Cosentino    Melissa M. Cran ll          Stephene J. Curtis
                                                Mable Marie Choice       Aaron J. Cohen
Ira S. Carter             Je rey D. Chan                                                           Larry and Jane Cook        Art Costa                Gregory and Carla           Virginia Ann Curtis
                                                Sabas Chois              Laura C. Cohen
Robin W. Carter                                                                                                                                         Cravalho                   W. T. Curtis
                          Joyce W. Chan         Anna Chow                                          Leonda L. Cook             David A. Costa
                                                                         Robert L. Cohen                                                               Amanda J. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen      Karen Joyce Chan                                                         Margaret A. Cook           Maury and Dianna                                     David C. Curtright
                                                Laura A. Christensen     Steven L. Cohen
  E. Carter                                                                                                                    Costa                   Maryann H. Crawford         Kenneth V. Custodio
                          Susan Yee Chan        Pennylee Christensen                               Steven T. Cook
Jeffery and Kathy                                                         Beverly J. Coke                                                               Virginia C. Crawford
                          Wayland W Chan                                                           Leslie A. Cooley           Gary F. Costamagna                                   Patricia I. Cutler
  Cartwright                                    Thomas J. Christensen    Deborah J. Colberg
                                                                                                                              Michael and Sally        William and Nancy           Richard and Loraine
                          Willard Chan          Kenneth E.                                         Mr. and Mrs. William
Kevin D. Carunchio                                                       Charles Cole                                          Costello                 Crenshaw                    Cutting
                          Christopher M.          Christiansen                                       M. Cooley
Anthony Caruso                                                           Matthew A. Cole                                      Mr. and Mrs. David G.    Patrick G. Crew             Dina L. Dailey
                           Chance               George A. Christie                                 Carol A. Cooper
Nicole C. Casias                                                         Tamara C. Cole                                        Cote                    Timothy M. Crick            Jeremy L. Dailey
                          Kevin M. Chang        Irene W. Chu                                       Charlotte S. Cooper
Lea H. Casita                                                            Bobbie J. Coleman                                    Deanna K. Cotter         Dorothie Jean Crim          Jewel Dailey
                          Fam S. Chao           Nora Y. Chun                                       Ilene L. Cooper
Jenifer E. Cassady                                                       Brian H. Coleman                                     David C. Cottle          Kristin C. Criner           Steven G. Dalcino
                          Ellen M. Chapman      Andrew B. Chung                                    Leroy C. Cooper
John J. Cassidy, Jr.                                                     Charles F. Coleman                                   Mary E. Cottor           Earl C. Crispell, Jr.       Josephine A.
                          Patricia J. Chargin   Thanh A. Chuong                                    Lynn B. Cooper
Jack T. Cassinetto                                                       Colette and Jerry                                    Jeanine Counselman       Brenda L. Cromwell           D’Alessandro
                          Janet L.              Sara Jane Church                                   Malcolm and Mary
Renee J. Castagna                                                         Coleman                                             Jon Courtway             John A. Cron                Elana S. Daley
                           Charley-Maxwell                                                           Cooper
                                                Barbara K. Ciarlo        Dennis R. Colestock
Dan R. Castanho           Jerry M. Chase                                                           Stephen K. Cooper          Marshall R. Cousineau    Mark Cronenwett             Kevin M. Daley
                                                Jose Cintron             Kathleen A. Coll
Angela J. Castanon        Lawrence J. Chase                                                        Thomas and Suellen         Dorothy Elaine           Eric V. Crook               John Dalke
                                                Richard Cionco           William H. Collard                                    Cousins
Esther E. Castellanos     Cathryn K.                                                                 Cooper                                            Raymond Crosby              Fredric and Victoria
                                                Frank and Doris Cirill   John G. Collet                                       David L. Covin                                        Dalkey
Gene Castillo              Chase-Mason                                                             Andrew K. Cooter                                    Richard E. Crow
                                                Matt P. Claiborne        Joshua L. Collins                                    Judy Covin                                           Dolores S. Dallosta
John G. Castillo          Bonnie B. Chat eld                                                       Andrea G. Cope                                      Robb D. Crowder
                                                Kathleen C. Clancy       Kevin M. Collins                                     Mark W. Covington                                    Ellen L. Dambacher
Julie A. Castillo         Manuel C. Chavez                                                                                                             Monet R. Crowley

                                                                                                                                             S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                   continued
                                                    Mitchell and Heather
                                                    David and Connie
                                                                             Ralph and Ingrid
                                                                             Dean T. Discher
                                                                                                     Eva Doris
                                                                                                     Bill and Pat Dorman
                                                                                                     Larry R. Dotson
                                                                                                                               Carol E. Dunbar
                                                                                                                               Pat Dunbar
                                                                                                                               Paul D. Dungan
                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Dennis J.
                                                                                                                                                       Donald R. Edwards
                                                                                                                                                                                Valerie M. Engelmann
                                                                                                                                                                                Dorothy A. Engelstad
                                                                                                                                                                                Evelyn A. Engelstad
                                                     DeRosa                  Ruben V. Disuanco       Nancy Riley Doty          Anne L. Dunlap          Frank L. Edwards         John S. Engle
 Juanita D. Danger eld     Mr. and Mrs. Robert J.   Dennis and Mary Jane     James A. Dixon, Jr.     Mairie Doufexopoulou      Andrew S. Dunn          Paul C. Edwards          Jeannine L. English
 Allen and Virginia         De Cicco                 DeRoss
                                                                             Pamela B. Dixon         John F. Dougery           Gary L. Dunn            Susan E. Edwards         Rhonda English
  Daniels                  Stephen Aladar de        Dereen P. Deschryver
                            Keczer                                           Virginia L. Dixon       Patricia S. Dougherty     Dennis G. Dunnett       Alexis Egan              Del Anthony Enos
 Stephen T. Daniels                                 Roger R. Desrosters
                           James and Ella De                                 Richard M. Dobbins      Dennis K. Doughty         Brandi L. Dunphy        Gerald T. Egan           Phillip H. and Carol
 Teresa E. Daniels                                  Troy A. Dest no
                            Leon                                             Mona Jo Dobson          Carrie L. Douglas         Phillip and Orene       LisaLee Egbert            Ensley
 Valerie Daniels-Carter                             Sandra L. Detwiler
                           Brett A. de Leuze                                 Lorena Dobusch          William Tom Douglas        Dunzweiler             Susan Eggman             Randyl D. Entrican
 Daniel and Giovanna                                Mary Elizabeth Deuel
  DaPrato                  Betty De Pauw                                     Timothy A. Dodd         Robert Douglass           Mary X. Duong           Autria Egnew             Joseph E. Erbes
                           Paul H. Deal             Beverly E. Devereaux                                                       Mr. and Mrs. John       Daniel A. Ehlers         Kevin K. Erdelt
 Steve L. DaPrato                                                            Amanda L. Dodge         Thomas R. Dovi
                           Jay R. DeAlba            Alisa A. Devine                                                             Dupen                  Kenneth F. Ehrman        Howard W. Erdman
 Ian K. Darley                                                               Thomas A. Dodson        Richard L. Dowdin
                           Barbara Dean             George A. Devine                                                           Julia R. Duran          Gerard A. Ehrmann        Elizabeth B. Erickson
 John R. Darling                                                             Toni Dodson             William Timberlake
                           Judith A. Dean           Jon C. DeVisscher                                 Dowell                   Richard A. Duran        Manuela M.               Linda I. Erickson
 Charlotte Y. Darlington                                                     Carrie S. Doerning
                           Renee’ A. Dean           John Payne and                                   Carole Slief Dowling      Mr. and Mrs. Vernon      Eichenhofer             Tom W. Erickson
 Aleck and Nancy Darr                                                        Mary Doherty
                                                     Kathleen Devitt                                                            Durham                 Adam R. Eisner
 Gary and Elaine           Don Deary                                         Elizabeth Dokimos       Norma Elaine Doyle                                                         Richard and Connie
                                                    Sally J. DeVol                                                             Kenneth Durr            Deborah L. Eldridge       Erlich
  Darrow                   Juliane M. Deary                                  Albert Dolata           Catherine M. Drachnik
                                                    Robert G. Devore                                                           Patricia E. Dustman     James D. Eldridge        Andrew W. Ervine
 Ted and Marian            Yvonne E. Debeauville                             Christine               Kerry Drager and Mary
  Darrow                                            Je rey J. Dew                                     Summers                  Melvin and Donell       Montez Eleazer           Deborah Ann Erz
                           Roberta K. DeBolt                                  Dolcemascolo
                                                    Janet M. Dewolf                                                             Duvall
 Miriam Darvas             Daniel R. Decious                                 Karl W. Dolk            Christopher and                                   Joel J. Elias            Jeanie Esajian
                                                    Ben G. Di Benedetto                               Sabrina Drake            Joan Dworkin
 Joye Deborah Dashiell     Freda E. Deckard-Pace                             David P. Dolson                                                           Joan L. Elich            Joseph F. Eschleman
                                                    Ernesto Di Giordano                              Dawn D. Drake             Christopher and Linda
 Robin E. Datel            James L. Decocq                                   Eugene A. Domek                                                           Gale L. Ellingson        Rosa M. Escutia
                                                    Shayna Diamond                                                              Dyer
 David Datsko and Jan                                                        Matthew J. Domek        James H. Drake                                    Mary G. Ellingson        Allison M. Espinosa
                           Robert DeCubellis                                                                                   Jennifer J. Dykes
  Toberer                                           Jeronimo Diaz                                    Roy and Diana Draper                              Charles M. Ellis         Evio V. Espinoza
                           Randy R. Dedini                                   Thomas and Karyn                                  Richard D. Dymalski
 Michael and Margie                                 Kathy V. Diaz             Domich                 Cristofer Dresch                                  Brian W. Elliston        Margarita Espinoza
                           Tatyana S. Dees                                                                                     Linda M. Earley
  Daugherty                                         Rocio Diaz-Lara          Paul J. Domyancic       Thomas L. Dresslar
                           Enos Del Anthony                                                                                                            Marryan Elorduy          Christina Carol
 Allison B. Davini                                  James and Carol                                                            Donna L. Eash
                                                                             Charles R. Donaldson    May I. Drobny                                     Michael J. Elorduy        Estabrook
                           Kristina M. Del Moro      Dickson                                                                   Wanda T. Easley
 Dennis E. Davis                                                             Robert Donaldson        Susan Dron                                                                 Sarah A. Estrella
                           Suzette I. Del Mundo                                                                                                        Richard Dorman
 James J. Davis                                     Marrietta L. Dickson      and Persis Chapple                               Richard D. Eastlick
                                                                                                     Craig A. Drummond                                  Elorduy                 Laurie A. Etcheberry
                           Patricia G. Delao        Mary J. Diebert                                                            Deborah Anne Eavis
 Kenneth M. Davis                                                            Mr. and Mrs. David J.   Herbert W.                                        Rosemary C. Elston       Betty Ann L. Ettinger
                           Mireya R. Delgado        David R. Diel             Donati                                           John and Linda Ebell
 Mr. and Mrs. M. J.                                                                                   Drummond, Jr.                                    Mr. and Mrs. Mason L.    Beth A. Eubanks
  Davis                    Candace S. Delgardo      Linda A. Diers           Kirkwood W. Donavin                               George and Luz
                                                                                                     Andrew R. Drysdale                                 Elvrom                  Angela R. Evans
 Ramona E. V. Davis        Albert L. Delisle        Suzanne G. Diers         Andrew J. Dong                                     Ebling
                                                                                                     Joel Dubois                                       Joseph M. Elwell III     Brian J. Evans
 Reeshemah L. Davis        Daniel Dellaserra        Jennifer M. DiFalco      Margaret P. Donlon                                Michael D. Eby
                                                                                                     Joseph R. DuBois                                  Maureen K. Emerson       Casey M. Evans
 Rose-Mary R. Davis        Richard A. Demarais      Doug Dillard             Linda M. Donnelly                                 Ernest L. Echelbarger
                                                                                                     Terry C. Dudley                                   Mark R. Emmerson         Joan K. Evans
 Sharon Patricia Davis     Peter DeMarco            John and Joyce Dille     Nadene Donner                                     Kevin P. Eckard
                                                                                                     Anthony R. Dudsak                                 William J. Emmerson      Nan Evans
 William R. Davis          David Demetral           Mathew J. Dillender      Lynette H. Donohue                                Willis L. Eddy
                                                                                                     Cynthia M. Duechting                              Allen J. Emmett          Stacie M. Evans
 Erin R. Davis-Stiles      James Demetre            Gavin P. Dillon          Carol A. Donovan                                  Rachel G. Edelson
                                                                                                     Robert H. Duensing, Jr.                           Marianne Elizabeth       Patricia M.
 David and Jeanne          Carolann DeMoss          Professors William and   Charlene E. Doolittle                             Patricia Joanne Edgar    Empey
                                                                                                     Patricia L. Du us                                                           Evans-Bechtold
  Davoren                  Pam S. Dempsey            Marsha Dillon           John and Rebecca                                  Noelle G.               Sheila R. Enders
                                                                                                     Dennis D. Du y                                                             Mamie Everett
 Carole J. Dawson          Martha V. Denk           Vivian O. Dillon          Doolittle                                         Edginton-McCrum
                                                                                                     Peggy Dufour                                      Raymond J. Endres        Elizabeth Sue Ewing
 George Dawson             Selene L. Denney         Nathalyn E.              Richard C. Doom                                   Arthur H. Edmonds
                                                                                                     Stephen and Barbara                               Maureen P. Eng           Robin J. Ewing
 Gloria R. Dawson          Bernard C. Denton         Dill-Watkins            Dennis W. Dore                                    Nancy A. Edstrom
                                                                                                      Dugal                                            Gustav Alan              Dan Exon
 Mr. and Mrs. Duane        Clarence L. DePew        Lina L. Dimas            Nancy K. Dorgan                                   Andrea J. Edwards        Engbretson
                                                                                                     C. Duhon                                                                   Vance and Cheryl Ezell
  B. Day                   Peter J. Derania         Robert S. Dinsmore       Elaine L. Dorie                                   Christine A. Edwards    Richard R. Engel
                                                                                                     Lora L. Dumont                                                             Michael P. Fadelli
 Stephanie N. Day
                                                                                                                                                                                           ✦ Deceased

Stephanie A. Fain         Ronald and Patricia    Violet Y. Fields         Stephen W. Fleming     Mabel Fong                Robert Fossgreen         Linda L. Frank              Daniel J. French
Reuben J. Fair             Fay                   Danuario L. Figueroa     Mr. and Mrs. Michael   Melvin Kamku Fong         Lori V. Foster           Norman                      Daniel and Kecia
Gay Lee Faivre            David and Susan        Claudia S. Fike           Fletcher              Niya Z. Fong              Robert E. Foster          Frankenberger               Freschi
                           Fechter                                        Perry D. Fletcher                                                         Robert A. Franklin          Robert Fresques
Christopher M. Falcy                             Terry Filliman                                  Roger G. Fong             Eugene D. Fotos
                          Carol E. Feenstra                               Suzanne P. Fletcher                                                       Virginia D. Frantzreb       Dr. and Mrs. Dwight D.
Christopher L. Fallbeck                          Kevin P. Finerty                                Rose Marie Fong           Kevin and Amy
                          Glen A. Feigelman                               Michael L. Flock                                  Fournier                Judith E. Franz              Freund
Howard S. Fallman                                Mrs. William M. Finger                          Thomas Fong
                          Paul B. Feldman                                 Monica L. Flood                                  Richard J. Fouts         Dennis J. Franzen           Gil B. Fried
Michelle A. Fannon                               William A. Fischer                              Timothy P. Fong
                          Craig M. Felix                                  Brenda Ann                                       Louel R. Fowler          Virginia R. Franzi          Mr. and Mrs. Morton L.
Ray K. Fanselau                                  Carol A. Fish                                   Brian K. Fonseca
                          Benjamin V. Fell                                 Flora-McDonald                                                                                        Friedman
Ghulam Fareed                                    Alan L. Fisher                                  Manuel L. Fonseca         James D. Fox             Barbara J. Fraser
                          Joshua L. Fender                                Abraham Flores                                                                                        Robert S. Friedman
Michael J. Farmer                                Carolyn S. Fisher                               Elaine Fontana            Nancy A. Fox             Donald H. Fraser
                          Vincent Fenequito                               Doris E. Flores                                                                                       Gerald L. Frincke
Tonya C. Farnam                                  Louise Fisher                                   Kevin E. Fontes           Nancy P. Fox             Nancy Marie Frazier
                          Dianna Dell Ferguson                            James M. Florian                                                                                      Steven A. Frisch
Scott M. Farrand                                 Robert A. Fisher                                Jack and Judy Foote       Sandra Lee Fox           Steven W. Frazier
                          Lynn R. Ferguson                                Rebecca Lee Flournoy                                                                                  Andrew Frishman
Mary F. Farrell                                  Lynda Fithian and                               Timothy and Janice        Bahman Fozouni           Catherine L. Frazitta
                          Steven Ferguson and                             Edward Flowers                                                                                        Paul E. Froman
Michael A. Farrell                                Paula Hanzel                                    Foote                    David Fraga              Susan R. Freas
                           Susan Maienschein                              Mari Shepherd Floyd                                                                                   Carole Elizabethe
Paige E. Farrell                                 Theresa L. Fitts                                Gina Foppiano             Nancy Frahm              Leon K. Freeburg
                          Jesus Fernandez, Jr.                                                                                                                                   Frost
                                                 Tim Fitzer               Robert K. Flye         Daniel James Ford         Ken Fraley               Joan I. Freedman
Deborah A. Farris                                                                                                                                                               Derek Frost
                          Robert C. Fernandez                             Carolyn S. Flynn
Sherilyn Marie Farris                            Andrea J. Fitzmaurice                           Gregory R. Ford           Miranda Fram             Stephen J. Freeland
                          Jawad M. Ferouz                                                                                                                                       Garth P. Fryer
                                                 Daniel E. Flanary        David J. Flynn         Jack and Kathryn Ford     Michael J. Frame         Elizabethanne J.
Esther Farrow-Boyd                                                                                                                                                              Robert A. Fuenzalida
                          Mohammad and Atifa                              Constance M. Foley                                                         Freeman
Arthur Farver                                    Kevin R. Flannery                               Linda L. Ford             George Lido
                           Ferouz                                                                                                                                               Dennis Masaki Fujii
                                                 Patrick D. Fleck         Curtis R. Foley        Martha Ford                Franceschini            Kathleen M. Freeman
Marie C. Farver           Marian Ferrante                                                                                                                                       Diane R. Fujii
                                                 Benjamin and             Michael J. Foley       James and Marreth         Peter and Merri          Monica G. Freeman
Eugene T. Fassiotto       Timothy J. Ferreira                                                                                                                                   Lynn W. Fujikawa
                                                  Maryann Fleming         Richard C. Fonbuena     Forsty                    Francis                 Randy W. Freeman
Jerry Fat and Perla       Richard L. Ficenec                                                                                                                                    Brian R. Fujita, Jr.
                                                 Janice L. Fleming        Patricia A. Fong       Karla Esther Forte        Mr. and Mrs. Ben         Tracy R. Freeman
                          Karen R. Fiedler                                 Kushida                                          Franco                                              Kevin K. Fujitani                    19
Mark R. Faull                                    Kenneth W. Fleming                              Hillary Fortes                                     Michael R. Freese
                          Anne Field                                      Betty Y. Fong                                    Rudy Franco                                          N. Fukasawa
Linda L. Fawx                                    Michael J. Fleming                              Berenice L. Forward                                Shelley A. Freese
                          Je rey S. Field                                                                                  Virginia A. Franco                                   R. Michael Fukunaga

                                                     SACRAMENTO STATE STUDENT:                   Umaru Haruna
                                                     MA JOR: Business Administration, with a concentration                   ACTIVITIES: Haruna has been active in the Elk Grove
                                                     in Accountancy                                                          Community Service District, the Run to Feed the Hungry, the
                                                                                                                             Race for the Cure, Toys for Tots and the accounting honor
                                                     EXPECTED GRADUATION DATE: Spring 2012                                   society Beta Alpha Psi.

                                                     SCHOLARSHIP: Robert S. MacIntosh Scholarship,
                                                     established by alumnus and Pier 39 CEO Robert MacIntosh                 Appreciation:
                                                     (‘61, Accountancy)
                                                                                                                             “As a business student who has questioned himself on his
                                                     GOAL: After graduation, Umaru plans to complete the CPA                 academic ability, being recognized by an individual who has
                                                     exam before heading to Southern California to attend graduate           been in the industry for many years has made me realize I am
                                                     school at UCLA. “I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it all happen     on the right path. And it has motivated me to excel throughout
                                                     immediately after graduation,” he says. “But it will happen.”           the rest of my college career.”

Umaru Haruna                                                                                                                              S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                 continued
                                                 Constance L. Ge ert
                                                 Donna L. Genetti
                                                                          Je P. Giordano
                                                                          Erika S. Giorgi
                                                                                                 Kevin M. Goodnight
                                                                                                 David and Kathleen
                                                                                                                         SACRAMENTO STATE DONORS:

                                                                                                                         Nadeen Ruiz and
                                                 Barbara Green            Michelle M. Gisler
                                                  Genovese                Alison Biddle Gist     Myra F. Goodwin
 Timothy E. Fulton       Norma Herrera Garcia
                                                 Je rey T. Genovese                              Aaron Goody
 Detdra F. Fulwood
 Kwokkeung Fung
                         Phil and Marlene
                          Garcia                 Jane A. Gentry
                                                                          Kay M. Gist
                                                                          Elizabeth Githinji     Mr. and Mrs. Matt
                                                                                                                         Bob Thiele
                         Rosalie C. Garcia       Dan Georgakas            Richard and Ruenell
 Otto W. Furlow                                                                                  Gary L. Gordon          OCCUPATION: Ruiz is a professor in the University’s
                         Rosendo S. Garcia       Shirley L. George         Givans
 Mr. and Mrs. Louis L.
                                                 Walter D. George         William M. Glasgo      Helen Heightsman        Bilingual/Multicultural Education department and
   Fusco                 Ruben Garcia                                                             Gordon
 John A. Gable           Sandra P. Garcia        Christopher Georgis      Kathy A. Glasmire                              director of the Serna Center. Thiele is a partner in
                                                                                                 Susan M. Gore
 John and Jacquelyn      Stephen and Yolanda     Peter Geremia            Larry D. Glasmire                              the mechanical engineering rm R&A Engineering
                                                                                                 Paul D. Gorley
   Gabriel                Garcia                 Phoebe German            Mistie J. Glass                                Solutions.
                                                                                                 Bertha G. Gorman
 Lillian W. Gabriel      Susan Garcia            Ryan L. German           Barry D. Gleason
                                                                                                 Michael J. Gorman
 Mariann L. Gabrielli    Virginia C. Garcia      Michael P. Gerrity       John P. Gleason
                                                                                                 Susan J. Gossard        PROGRAM SUPPORTED: The Ignacio Ruiz
 Narayana V. Gaddipati   Yvonne J. Garcia        Don and Bev Gerth        Arthur E. Glidden
                                                                                                 Charles W. Gossett      Scholarship for Future Bilingual Teachers, funded by
 Janice R. Gagerman      Charles A. Gard         Patricia Geyer           Ben Glovinsky
                         Dennis A. Gardemeyer    Kalil and Charlotte      Robert J. Glyer
                                                                                                 Becky S. Gould          a charitable gift annuity the couple established in the
 Amandeep S.
   Gahoonia                                       Gezi                                           Sue E. Gould            name of Ruiz’s late father. Ruiz’ parents were the rst
                         Drew and Mary                                    Greg R. Gmahling
                                                 Mohamad F.                                      Margaret Perry
 Geraldine C. Gail        Gardner                                         Kenneth C. Goeke
                                                                                                                         in their families to nish high school, and they then
 Emanuel Gale            Florence Gardner         Ghamrawi
                                                                          Linda J. Go                                    made sure that each of their four children earned
                                                 Elham Ghazanfar                                 Kimberly A. Govi
 Mr. and Mrs. Paul E.    Marguerite E. Gardner                            Ralph L. Goings
   Galindo                                       Stephanie A. Ghisletta                          Mr. and Mrs. Fred J.    college degrees.
                         William and Nancy                                Renee Golanty-Koel      Goynshor
 Daniel A. Gallagher      Gardner                Giorgos
                                                                          Joyce M. Gold          Michele Demaio          WHAT THE GIFT WILL PROVIDE: Ruiz, a former
 Dennis M. Gallagher     Patrick M. Gardner       Giakouminakis
                                                                          Raymond S. Goldbar      Grace
 Ilisa D. Gallant        Rebecca A. Gardner      Christine F. Wrona                                                      elementary school teacher, wants to increase the
                                                  Giallongo               Annelise Golden        Kevin and Rene Grady
 Janet L. Gallaway       W. V. Gardner                                    R. Goldhammer          Gary Graening           number of teachers with a vocation to work with
                                                 Kelly A. Giannini
 Sam Gallina             Shari M. Garger                                  Louis M. Goldich       LaVerne R. Graf         English language learners. The hope is that college
                                                 Patricia A. Giannoni
 Eleanore C. Gallo       Frank Garosi                                     Jay L. Goldstein       George D. Graham        students who bene t from the scholarship will go on
                                                 Elizabeth R. Gibboney
 Lorry L. Galt           John C. Garretson                                                       Lisa A. Graham
                                                 Fred and Nancy           Bruce and Nancy                                to assist English language learners in elementary and
 Anthony Galvez          Kym L. Garrison          Gibson                   Goldstone             Ann C. Gran
                         Virginia M. Garton
                                                                                                                         secondary schools and perhaps encourage them to
 P. Galvez                                       Je rey and Diana         Jessica Gomez          Alfonso O. Granda
 James A. Gamache        Charles D. Gary, Jr.     Gibson                  Frances Prieto Gomez
                                                                                                                         pursue higher education as well.
                                                                                                 Truman L. Grandy
 Jason E. Gamble         David Gary              Judith Ann Gibson        Susan Gomez            Chester D. Grant
 Lori A. Gandelman
 Brittney Z. Gandy
                         Erika A. Gasser
                         Ronald A. Gatten
                                                 Mary A. Gibson
                                                 Margaret A. Gidding
                                                                          Turan Gonen
                                                                          Stephanie Gonos
                                                                                                 Gregory P. and Linda
                                                                                                                         Why We Give:
 Donita M. Gano          Thierry and Tawn        Jason Gieger             La Verne Gonzales      Claudine Granthem       “I’ve been with the University since 1992, and the
 Mary M. Gano             Gauthey                Larry Gilbert            Shari L. Gonzales      Robert J. Granucci
                         Deborah Zoe Gauthier                                                                            highlight has been the students,” Ruiz says. “I have
 Jason S. Gantt                                  Retta Adamson            Enid T. Gonzalez       Richard C. Graves
 Rachel Garafola         Ruth M. Gay              Gilbert                                                                been so impressed with their passion for learning and
                                                                          Magda A. Gonzalez      Phyllis Nadine Gray
 Isabelle C. Garber      Lorrie L.               Paul Giles               Alexander and Gloria   Steve Gray              work ethic.” They selected the charitable gift annuity
 Scott M. Garbett                                John Gilgun               Gonzalez              Clyve L. Greaves, Jr.   as the planned giving vehicle for their gift because of
                         Carol W. Gebel          Edgar L. Gill            Mauricio Leiva and
 Alejandro Garcia                                                                                Jaime M. Green          its long-term payo . “Rather than giving a gift each
                         Je rey I. Gebhart       John W. Gill              Priscilla Gonzalez
 Jesse V. Garcia                                                                                 Loraine M. Green        year, we saw this as a way to leave a legacy in the
                         Janice M. Geddes        Robert A. Gillette       Susan Monroe
 Loretta H. Garcia                                                                               Mona J. Green
                         Kay J. Gee                                        Gonzalez                                      name of my father, to create a lasting tribute even
 Maria A. Garcia                                 Rodney A. Gilliland                             Sharon Greenberg
 Maria T. Garcia
                         Mark and Linda Geery    Don Gillott
                                                                          Jeanne Good                                    after we’re gone,” Ruiz says.
                                                                                                 Cindy L. Greene

                           James W. Greene, Jr.    Linda C. Gu n               Claudia M. Hallissy
                           Sharon D. Greene        Jean M. Guinn               Athena D. Hallock
                           Gordon Greenwood        June M. Gulyassy            Gregory J. Halloran
                           Steve V. Gregorich      Cynthia Gunston-Parks       Robert E. Halseth
                           Jane Greif              Elizabeth F. Gurev          Hoeun Ham
                           Audra K. Grellman       Harry Gustafson             Corinne J. Hamer
                           Mark A. Gresko          Sylvia P. Gustafson         David R. Hamer
                           Evelyn Grevelink        Maria D. Gutierrez          Billie R. Hamilton
                           Deborah Louise          Victoria S. Gutierrez       Helen J. Hammer
                            Grexton                A. R. Gutowsky              David E. Hammond
                           Michael Z. Grice        Donald and Cathy Guy        Dawn C. Hammond
                           Kelly R. Grieve         Michael and Lori            Lauren R. Hammond
                           Colleen A. Gri n         Guynn                      Laurel M. Hampel
                           Eric W. Gri n           John I. Gyurics             Raymond A. Hampson
                           Geneva Sanders          Tuong-Vi V. Ha              Jay Hampton
                            Gri n                  Rodney K. Haack             Rubby D. Hampton
                           Christian F. Gri th     Lori D. Haase               Gregory J. Hamway
                           Harry L. Gri th         Michel L. Habbestad         Barbara Gong Han
                           Patrick E. Gri th       Carol Ann Hackley           Debra A. Hancock
                           Marie L. Grigg          Melissa R. Hadden           Eldon R. Hancock
                           Mark T. Griggs          Nathan N. Haese             Marlene R. Hancock
                           Virginia R. Grillo      Ann G. Ha er                Lee M. Hanger
                           Marvin E. Grim          John and Darlene            Laura L. Hanki                       21
                           Shea Grimm               Ha ner
                                                                               Dennis G. Hanks
                           Lynda M. Grindsta       Terry A. Ha ner
                                                                               Jennifer D. Hanley
                           Stephen J. Grippi       Gerald F. Ha ich, Jr.
                                                                               Betty Taylor Hannah
                           Stanley E. Groh         Rosanne J. Ha ich
                                                                               Martin W. Hanneman
                           Gail A. Gronert         John P. Hagan
                                                                               Joseph and LaRena
                           Gregory Grose           James C. Hagedorn            Hannon
                           Roberta J.              Cheryl L. Haggard           Tyler N. Hanrion
                            Grossglauser           Robert A. Hagopian          Christopher W.
                           Marc R. Grossman        Vic N. Hagopian              Hansen
                           Rodney D. Grossman      Daniel P. Hahn              Eugene F. Hansen, Sr.
                           Linda Parenzan Grotke   Gee B. Hahn                 Gordon Hanson and
                           Sherrin Grout           Brenda J. Hailey             Lyla Ferris-Hanson
                           Merrill D. Grove and    Linda J. Hakimi             Warren and Patricia
                            Loretta K. Sublett ✦                                Harada
                                                   Barbara J. Hale
                           Ronald L. Grove                                     Walter and Barbara
                                                   Lynn A. Hales
                           Robert D. Grow                                       Harcos
                                                   Charles W. Hall
                           Lisa A. Grumann                                     Crystal Harding
                                                   Donald Hall and Carol
                           Andrew Grundman                                     Katherine M. Harding
                           Richard P. Guarienti                                Patricia Ann Hardy
                                                   Joanne P. Hall
                           Stephen L. Guasco                                   Gerald and Laurel
                                                   Robert C. Hall
                           Eric Z. Guerra          Geraldine Louise
                                                                               Roxanne G. Hargrove
                           Vanessa Guerra           Halley
                                                                               Diane L. Harkey
                           Chad A. Guest           Tim S. Hallinan

                                                                                           ✦ Deceased

Bob Thiele & Nadeen Ruiz                 S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                  continued
                                                  Je rey M. Henderson
                                                  Judith M. Henderson
                                                  Mark T. Henderson
                                                                           Robert and Tracy
                                                                           Beatrice Hildebrand
                                                                                                   Sharon L. Hofer
                                                                                                   Karen L. Hoff
                                                                                                   Don C. Ho editz
                                                                                                                             Miriam Houghton
                                                                                                                             Vance Houghton
                                                                                                                             Richard A. Houk
                                                                                                                                                     Charles and Lenny
                                                                                                                                                     Greta A. Huseth
                                                                                                                                                                               Carolyn E. Jacobs
                                                                                                                                                                               Joan A. Jacobs
                                                                                                                                                                               Mary Lou Jacobs
                                                  Robin Adell              Robert P. Hilder        Barry J. Ho man           Diane E. Houlton        Mofeid Hussain            Edward T. Jacox
 Joseph H. Harralson       Terry Hay
                                                   Henderson               Rachael D. Hileman      Richard L. Ho man         Laurel S. Housh         Melissa A. Husted         Nancy L. Jaeger
 Sheila Marie Harrigan     Shuki Hayashi
                                                  Raymond G. Hendren       Jeremy L. Hiles         Robert C. Ho man          Timothy and Emily       Lindalee G. Huston        Margaret L. Jagla
 Aaron Harris              Shotaro F.
                            Hayashigatani         Elizabeth A. Henley      Harold and Betty Hill   Mary Jean Hogg             Howard                 Gordon E. Hutchings       Steven and Marilyn
 Adam R. Harris
                           Carole Hayashino and   Richard J. Henne         Larry R. Hill, Jr.      Bruce E. Hohenhaus        Rosemary Cecelia        Lauretta Hyatt-Chan        Jahr
 David and Donna
                            Kyle Tatsumoto        Cheryl Pavic Henner      Leland J. Hill                                     Howard                 Jean Hollen Hyde          Ravi Jain
  Harris                                                                                           Robert Hokanson
                           Ryan E. Hayes          Maria D. Hennessy        Patricia L. Hill                                  Timothy J. Howe         James J. Hyland           Julie C. Jamieson
 Joseph H. Harris, Jr.                                                                             Mark and Karen
                           Gary and Deborah       Dorothy A. Hennings      John L. Hilliard         Holaday                  Carey L. Howell         Judith A. Hyman           Niria Arellano Jara
 Josh G. Harris
                            Haynes                Jose C. Henriquez        Ernie M. Hills          William and Lynne         Lorelei S. Howton       Cheri L. Ibes             David J. Jaramillo
 Michelle K. Harris
                           Jorge B. Haynes, Jr.   Jay W. Henry             Judith L. Hill-Weld      Holden                   Kenneth G. Hoyle        Sumiko W. Ichikawa        Richard W. Jarvey
 Pamela Marion Harris
                           Russell D. Hays III    Paul C. Henry            Silvia Hilt             Mary Sullivan Holden      Cara L. Hoyt            Eileen Ikeda              Tyra A. Jarvis
 Virgil and Betty Harris
                           Matthew D. Hazlett     William F. Henry, Jr.    Thomas and Kimberlie    Susan L. Holl             Stephanie C. Hrones     Rodney Imamura            Michael A. Jassowski
 Alice B. Harrison
                           Shirley H. Hazlett     Jonathan B. Hensley       Hiltachk               Terry L. Holland          Jane Hsii               Linda Imrie               Dean T. Javier
 Mark L. Harrison
                           Thera T. Hearne        Nu K. Her                Alan L. Hilton          Barbara Ellen Hollinger   Leigh Hua               Edward Imwinkelried       Jerrold Jee
 Mary A. Harrison
                           Steven Hearst          Barbara Herberholz       Nancy A. Hilton         Christopher V. Holm       Anthony Y. Huang        Tim Inderbitzen           Wally Je ery
 Michael J. Harrison
                           Justine Heartt         Mary Herkenrath          Scott K. Himmrich       Warren F. Holman          Robert D. Hubbell       Aaron Ingram              Lucene Je ries
 Tara J. Harrison
                           Eileen Heaser                                   Madalynne McCurdy        and Stephanie B.         Susan Y. Hudgens
 Kirk A. Harry                                    Lisa A. Herlocker                                                                                  Persis Ingram             Sandra Je ries
                                                                            Hinderstein             Holman ✦
                           Jackie L. Heath        Irving L. Herman                                                           Dean T. Hudson          David T. Inouye           Raymond R. Jellison
 Carla Hart                                                                                        Patricia A. Holmes
                           Russell W. Heath                                Kurt F. Hinton                                    Angela R. Hueckel
 Marla A. Hart                                    Leland and Mary Ann                                                                                Cathyann Intemann         Lisa A. Jenkens
                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Michael    Je rey L. Holt
                           Elizabeth A. Hebel      Herman                                                                    Dennis K. Huff           Lauren Y. Ioka            Christopher C. Jenkins
 James and Susan                                                            D. Hinton              Lynn E. Holt
  Hartigan                 Grant and Colleen      Christy M. Hernandez                                                       Frank D. Hu man         Michael P. Irwin          Jack C. Jenkins
                            Heck                                           Mary McCarthy Hintz     Willard Chin Hom
 Nina M. Hartley                                  Guadalupe Hernandez                                                        John H. Hughart         Julie R. Irwin-DiLoreto   Kathryn Jenkins
                           Frances A. Hector                               Carol J. Hintze         Brian G. Homer
 Walter Hartstra                                  James Hernandez, Jr.                                                       Anne S. Hughes          Ernest Isaacs and         Marie L. Jenkins
                           Cheryl Ann                                      Joanne Peterson Hintz   Carol A. Hondlik
 Arthur V. Hartwell                               Juan D. Hernandez                                                          Kim W. Hughes            Emily Wright             Marjorie Lee Jenkins
                            Heddleston                                     Karim Hirani            Maynard L. Honesty
 Mr. and Mrs. Curtis R.                           Mary B. Hernandez                                                          Shaun M. Hughes         Phillip and Marilyn       Terry Lee Jenkins
                           Kahlil J. Hedrick                               Valerie L. Hironaka     Gerald H. Honma                                    Isenberg
  Harvel                                          Michelle Hernandez                                                         Joan P. Hughson                                   Venice A. Jenkins
                           Terry P. Heenan                                 Phil and Sally          Carol W. Honnold                                  Joey Takeshi Ishihara
 Arthur C. Harwood                                Stephanie Hernandez                                                        Albert J. Huh                                     Wendy A. Jenkins
                           Steven C. He el nger                             Hitchcock              John A. Hook
 Nurul Hasan                                      Francis Alfred Herrera                                                     Eileen J. Huhtala       Margaret Ishimoto
                                                                           Glendon M. Hithe                                                                                    Richard G. Jenness
                           Laurel G. He ernan      and Ramona Anderson                             Susan W. Horelick                                 Donna M. Ishmael
 Ronald E. Hasbrouck                                                                                                         Benjamin Man-Bun Hui                              Ricky D. Jensen, Jr.
                           William G. Hegg                                 Lawrence and Susan      Joyce M. Horizumi
 James R. Hastings                                Michael L. Herrera                                                         Julianne A. Hultgren    Bobby A. Ismail
                                                                            Hiuga                                                                                              Wayne C. Jensen
                           Duane and Barbara      Amy R. Hertz                                     Donna L. Horn                                     Colleen Isono
 Julie D. Hatcher                                                          Janet K. Ho                                       Donald H. Hummel, Jr.                             Terry Jewell
                            Heglie                Andrew S. Hertzo                                 Peter S. Horn                                     Eugene M. Itogawa
 James C. Hathaway                                                         John R. Hoaglund                                  Jerry G. Hummel                                   Kirandeep S. Jheeta
                           Lorraine Heidecker     Theodore Hettinga IV                             Philip M. Hornbostel                              Betty L. Ivery
 Robert and Rose Mary                                                      Dang M. Hoang                                     David F. Humphers                                 Hsing-Pang A. Jian
  Hathaway                 Eric A. Heim           Holly A. Heyser                                  Marianne S. Horowitz                              David S. Jablonsky
                                                                           Nhan and Maryam                                   Alicia J. Humphrey                                Babette D. Jimenez
 Kathy C. Haubner          Ralph A. Heim          Patrick and Eleanor                              Christopher A.                                    Adam Jachniewicz
                                                                            Hoang                                            Karen M. Humphrey                                 Celia Martin Jimenez
                           John B. Heintz, Jr.     Hickey                                           Horsting
 Naomi R. Hauge                                                            Trong Hoang                                       Lawrence Hung           Anne M. Jackson
                           Mark S. Helmar                                                          John A. Horwedel                                                            Abhinesh Jit
 Thomas Hause, Jr. and                            David W. Hickok                                                                                    Armstead C. Jackson
                                                                           P. Gail Hoban                                     John D. Hunt                                      Lisa M. Jitner
  Carla Baker              Mercedes Mary          Gregory S. Hicks                                 Deanna G. Hose
                                                                           Becky Lashbrook                                   Rosanna S. Hunt         Naren and Daralyn
                            Helmar                                                                 Ethel R. Hoskins                                                            Ann W. Johnson
 John R. Hauselt                                  Larry Hicks               Hobgood                                                                   Jackson
                           Robert F. Hemberger                                                                               Douglas K. Hunter                                 Anne M. Johnson
 William Paulson                                  Mark A. Hicks                                    Julie Hoskins                                     Donovan T. Jackson
                                                                           Sally Ann Hodgdon                                 Jaye M. Hurt
  Hausman                  Brian J. Hendel                                                         Connie S. Hough                                                             Daniel and Barbara
                                                  Mark N. Hicks            James A. Hodgson                                                          Theodore L. Jackson
                           Fred J. Henderson                                                                                 Aurelio and Deborah                                Johnson
 Daniel and Terri                                 Jack F. Higdon                                   Lynne M. Houghton                                 Timothy L. Jackson
                                                                           Gerald E. Hoertling                                Hurtado                                          Charles F. Johnson
  Haverty                  Gwen Kille Henderson                                                    Michael J. Houghton
                                                                           Je and Elly Hoever                                Gordon J. Huseby        Ismael Jacobo
 Brittany M. Haworth                                                                                                                                                           Columbus Johnson, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                                          ✦ Deceased

Craig R. Johnson         Frances A. Johnston   Randy C. Jones           Je rey P. Jurach        Cecile K. Kaplan       Harry Masato                                   Jeffery L. Keller          John C. and Lesley
Curtiss R. Johnson       John E. Johnston      Robert G. Jones          Debra Jurgens-Lewis     Feraidoun               Kawahata, Jr.                                 Brett and Lara Kelley      Kemp
Eric E. Johnson          Michelle Johnston     Roni J. Jones            Robert E. Just, Jr.      Kardanizadeh          Richard Shizuo                                 Christopher D. Kelley     Nicholas Boehm
                                                                                                Jeri A. Karges          Kawahata                                                                 Kemp
Gina C. Johnson          Robert L. Johnston    Stephen C. Jones         Dominic K. Kaanaana                                                                           Fred Kelley
                                                                                                Annette A. Karle       Julie E. Kayne                                                           Norman and Jane
Isabel Johnson           William D. Johnston   Mirna J. Jope            Naomi B. Kabakov                                                                              Jean T. Kelley
                                                                                                                       Marjorie R.                                                               Kempster
Jody L. Johnson          Karen Renee Jolliffe   Howard B. Joplin         Janice M. Kabel         John and Vickie                                                       Kevin W. Kelley
                                                                                                 Karsten                Kayser-Watkins                                                          Randel M. Kendall
Jody S. Johnson, Jr.     Susan E. Jonas        Timothy and Barbara      Peris Kabuitu                                                                                 Donald C. Kellogg
                                                                                                Rob and Julie Kassan   Ali Kazemi                                                               Rowena K. Kendall
Judy L. Johnson          Adeline B. Jones       Jordan                  Dr. and Mrs. Albert                                                                           Colleen Oryme Kelly
                                                                                                Deborah A. Kassis      Judy Keaton                                                              Donald Kendrick
Kimberly A. Johnson      Bridget J. Jones      John F. Jordan            Kahane                                                                                       Craig A. Kelly
                                                                                                William and Roberta    Laura L. Keber                                                           Douglas E. Kendrick
Matthew E. Johnson       Budd B. Jones, Jr.    Sharon E. Jordan         Gerald and Linda Kahl                                                                         Emery L. Kelly
                                                                                                 Kassis                Audrey B. Keebler                                                        Daniel Kennedy and
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H.   Dale B. Jones         Mr. and Mrs. James P.    Doris P. Kaiser                                                                               Erwin L. Kelly
                                                                                                Kathryn O. Kastama     Todd M. Keefe                                                             Alicia Patrice
 Johnson                                        Jorgensen               Daniel R. Kalal
                         Denise A. Jones                                                                                                                              James A. Kelly            Dennis L. Kennedy
                                               Lisa J. Jorgensen                                John H. Katayama       Richard D. Keegan
Oscar L. Johnson, Jr.    Edward and Gloria                              Mark R. Kalenscher                                                                            Jill Kelly
                                                                                                Kathy A. Kato          Blaise A. Keenan                                                         Faye Kennedy
Patricia I. Johnson       Jones                Carl R. Josephson        Karen L. Kalkowski                                                                            Joanie J. Kelly           Sharon Kennedy
                                               Dr. and Mrs. James                               Potis Katrakis         Mike and Nora Keenan
Patricia Wells Johnson   Fred L. Jones                                  Richard H. Kallett                                                                            John B. Kelly
                                                A. Joye                                         Brian V. Katz          Katherine L. Keene                                                       Allie Beth Kenner
Selma J. Johnson         Jean S. Jones                                  Yiorgos Kalogeras                                                                             Kerry Ann Kelly
                                               Kristina R. Juarez                               David N. Katz          Michael D. A. Keesee                                                     William and Nola
Vicki K. Johnson         Jennifer K. Jones                              Merja Helena                                                                                  Patricia A. Kelly          Kenney
                                               Glenn W. Jue              Kamarainen             Hardeep Kaur           Mary F. Kehew
William Sundstrom        Lillie M. Jones                                                                                                                              Rick and Cynthia          Kelly E. Kent
 Johnson                                       Gretchen Jung            Saburo J. Kaneko        Kirandeep Kaur         Mark Kelada
                         Marc C. Jones                                                                                                                                 Keltner                  Joan R. Kerfoot
Darrell L. Johnston                            Felicia C. Juntunen      C. D. Kannan            Kathryn Lee Kavooras   Philip W. Kell
                         Morgan M. Jones

SACRAMENTO STATE DONOR:                    The Estate of David Steinberg                                                                                                                                                             23

PROGRAM SUPPORTED:                                             to achieve.” The Steinberg endowment also supports
The Voula Steinberg Memorial Mathematics                       several e orts to prepare future math teachers,

                                                                                                                                       PHOTO BY ???????????????????
Endowment, named for the benefactor’s wife, an                 including an outstanding math student award and
acclaimed math teacher at John F. Kennedy High School.         scholarships for students in the Blended Math Program
The program is funded by the largest estate gift the           and the fast-paced math program.
University has ever received.

                                                               Why He Gave:
The $2.6 million endowment supports a number of                David Steinberg was not going to remember his wife
Sacramento State programs, including the accelerated           in any small manner, says Doraiswamy Ramachandran,
learning summer program Academic Talent Search.                the mathematics and statistics professor who helped
Samantha Warner, an Academic Talent Search alum                Steinberg set up the scholarship programs. “There
who returns each year to teach in the program, says that       would be a gleam in his eyes when we would discuss
while the Steinberg awards help students directly, they        the Taj Mahal,” which Shah Jahan built in tribute his
also bene t the teachers. “The students are so willing         late wife, Ramachandran says. “I consider the Voula
to learn that it’s really enjoyable to work with them to       Steinberg scholarship program to be a ‘living Taj Mahal’
reach their potential and the goals that they are trying       that David instituted to honor and memorialize his wife.”
                                                                                                                                    » Academic Talent Search alumna Samantha
                                                                                                                                      Warner is now a student teacher in the program

                                                                                                                                    S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E                         | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                 continued
                                                  Michael Koewler
                                                  Dale M. Kohaya
                                                  Robert P. Kolker
                                                                          Perry J. Krueger
                                                                          Paul A. Krumhaus
                                                                          Edward A. Krumrei
                                                                                                   Jill N. Lambert
                                                                                                   Douglas H. Lampe
                                                                                                   Thomas E.
                                                                                                                         Theresa L. Leach
                                                                                                                         John W. Leahigh
                                                                                                                         Kelly D. Leal
                                                                                                                                                Susan B. Lerman
                                                                                                                                                Alice Everett LeRoy
                                                                                                                                                Julie A. LeTendre
                                                                                                                                                                         Michael J. Linenberger
                                                                                                                                                                         Martha L. Linney
                                                                                                                                                                         Cynthia A. Linville
 Keith K. Kermoade      Kim M. Kirkish            Alicia I. Kolstad       Robert and Nancy Ku       Landerholm           Eric H. Leas           Matthew K. Lettau        Gary S. Lippner
 Judy and Ken Kerri     Norman L. Kirsch          Arito and E edean       Laurie Kubicek           Jo Jene Landon        Blair and Judy         Kenneth and Winnie       Alan Lipton
 Jeff Kester             Alison G. Kishaba          Komure                 Delores F. Kuchenriter   Julie A. Landres       Leatherwood            Leung                   Bart Liriano
 Allen and Kathleen     Robert and Diane          Alena Kondryux          Elizabeth Kuehner        Rosella A. Lane       Janet I. Leclair       John and Carren          Julie A. Lisenby
  Ketchum                Kissinger                Harmon A. Kong                                   Sondra L. Lanford     Rosalinda V. Ledesma    Leuthe
                                                                          Gerald A. Kuehner                                                                              Marie K. Liston
 Fawzia A. Keval        Raymond and Ellen         Mae Ling Kong                                    Curtis V. Lang, Sr.   Gregory H. Lee         Svetlana Levkovich
                                                                          J. M. Kuhns                                                                                    Harry C. Littell
 Shabad S. Khalsa        Kissinger                                                                                                              Dorothy M. Levy
                                                  Dorothy C. Konrad       Gary and Sandi           Ellen J. Lange        Li-Mey Lee                                      Joan W. Little
 Hina H. Khan           Cody T. Kitaura                                                                                                         Paul Levy
                                                  Sheila Kopf              Kukkola                 Richard A. Lange      Melissa A. Lee                                  Robert L. Little
 Zaim A. Khayat         Dimitri Kitsikis                                                                                                        Susan and Richard
                                                  Mary E. Kopsa           Akihiko Kumagai          David A. Laporte      Michele D. Lee                                  Marsha A. Littrell
 Khosrow P.             Joseph C. Kitts                                                                                                          Levy
                                                  Bradford and Billie     Roy J. Kuraisa           Nancy D. Lapp         Patricia Hweihwa Lee                            Gary S. Litzsinger
  Khosravifard          Tracy L. Kitz              Kordic                                                                                       Linda Lew
                                                                          Eric O. Kurtz            William C. Laquard    Scott A. Lee                                    Gerald L. Litzza
 Virginia Kidd          Beth Kivel                Cindy L. Koren                                                                                Frances Louise Lewis
                                                                          Jessica M. Kurtz         Janet M. Larsen       See V. Lee                                      Jianxin Liu
 Thelma H. Kido         Kent and Judith                                                                                                          Munroe
                                                  Richard Kornweibel      Jerry T. Kushner         Elena C. Larson       Sharon Lee                                      Craig Livaich
 Kristin M. Kieffer       Kjelstrom                 and Gay Kornweibel ✦                                                                         Brian Lewis
                                                                          Lee Eiso Kusumoto        Georgia B. Larson     Teri S. Lee                                     Gary A. Livaich
 Lewis Kiehn            Evelyn G. Klaas           Kelly Vasquez Korver                                                                          Carole O. Lewis
                                                                          Professor and Mrs.       Joan B. Larson        Terry E. Lee                                    Willis A. Livesey
 Douglas C. Kikumoto    Rachel C. Klasinski       Frances M. Koscheski                                                                          James Lewis, Jr.
                                                                           William F. Kutzer       Rik T. Larson         Yang Lee
                        Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L.                                                                                                   Kenci Y. Lewis           Cleve and Virginia
 Rachael K. Kilshaw                               Mr. and Mrs. James S.   Stephanie L. Kvasager                                                                           Livingston
                         Klavetter                                                                 Stephen J. Larson     Michael Leedom
 Lewis P. Kimble                                   Koshiyama                                                                                    Linda Diane Lewis
                                                                          Elaine Y. Kwong          Susan M. Larson       Richard Leeds                                   Mark W. Livingston
                        Stephen F. Klein          Leandra P. Kouklis                                                                            Micaela C. Lewis
 Yuri Kimura                                                              Jennifer Kwong                                                                                 Glenda A. Lloyd
                        Jesse R. Kleinow                                                           Ted Lascher           Lane W. Lees
 Nanci J. Kincaid                                 Nancy N. Koulouris                                                                            Richard R. Lewis
                                                                          Sandy U. Kwong           Barbara J. LaTeer     Lynette Lee-Sammons                             David Lo
                        Jeff Klink                 Sharon J. Kowall                                                                              Stephen W. Lewis
 Allison A. King                                                          Delphin B. Kyubwa                                                                              John S. Locey
                        Mark A. Klink                                                              Lori Lau              Roger and Judith
 Brian S. King                                    Richard J. Kozlowski                                                                          Theron K. Lewis
                                                                          Gail C. La Fortune       Doretta C. Laudari     Leezer                                         Edward Locke
                        Diane C. Klippel          Ard K. Kozono                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
 Carol A. King                                                            Frances C. La Torre                            Rene F. LeFevre                                 Robert H. Locke
                        Barry B. Klopfer                                                           Jennifer G. Laude                             Lewis
 Deborah J. King                                  Thomas S. Krabacher
                                                                          Marian M. LaBar          Lily T. Lau-Enright   Werner Lehenbauer                               Sandra J. Lockwood
                        Dorothy M. Knable         Ronald H. Kraemer                                                                             Jinsheng Li
 Gerald Pierson King                                                      David and Cecilia                              David Onen Lehtimaki                            Terry M. Lodge
                        Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.                                                    Dennis M. Lauritzen                          Terry W. Libby
 John D. King                                     Donald A. Kraff           LaBranch
                         Knapp                                                                     Gaye C. Lauritzen     Denise N. Lehtola                               Arleen M. Loewen
                                                  Melody Kragh                                                                                  Maria C. Licoscos
 Kathryn A. King                                                          Edward D. LaBranch                             Mr. and Mrs. Olaf S.
                        Gregory and Starla                                                         Wallace R. Laursen                           Catherine M. Liddicoat   Kathryn M. Logaburn
 Mattie D. King                                   Suzanne M. Krale        Denise Lack                                     Leifson
                         Knapp                                                                     Roy Mikko Alfredo                                                     Anthony T. Logus
                                                  Craig A. Kramer                                                                               Lynn K. Lidstone
 Pamela L. King         Martha Knapp                                      Ronald J. Ladage          Lautamo              William E. Leigh
                                                                                                                                                Lawrence H. Liese        Gina M. Lombardo
 Peggy Lou King                                   Rob Kramer              Nicole R. Ladner-Pace                          Manuel A. Leija
                        Thomas J.                                                                  Thomas E. Lavenda                                                     Sky Lomendehe
                                                  Jesse and Simona                                                                              Ron N. Lifton
 M. F. King-Dawkins      Knickerbocker                                    Walter and Patricia      Lynette M. Laverone   Susan A. Leith
                                                   Krebs                                                                                        Larry G. Lighty          Jo A. Lonam
 Rodney Kingsnorth      Erik E. Knierim                                    LaFranchi                                     Thomas Leith
                                                                                                   Catherine Law                                                         Mary J. London
                                                  Robert and Wilma        Eduardo B. Lagman                                                     Susie Yee Teng Lim
 Stephen A. Kinloch     Ron E. Knierim                                                             Mark B. Lawler        Richard S. Lemasters
                                                   Krebs                                                                                        Johnny J. Lin            Kenneth L. Lonergan
 Mikel S. Kinser        Pamela M. Knox                                    Brian and Jennifer                             John Lemmon
                                                  Daniel K. Krekelberg                             Donna Rae Lawrence                                                    Barbara D. Long
                                                                           Lagomarsino                                    and Susan             Vincent W. Lin
 Adam and Tami Kint     Mel D. Knutson                                                             Joseph E. Lawrence
                                                  Ronald and Delva        Paul M. Lagomarsino                             Woycheshin-Lemmon     Martha G. Linares        Robert E. Long
 Judith Ann Kintzing    Thomas Knutson             Kremer                                          Gregory C. Lawson
                                                                          Katerina Lagos                                 Lucy L. Lemus          Debra M. Lind            Nancy J. Long-Hine
 Ken Kinyon             Glenn Hiroshi Kobata      John Kristensen                                  H. James Lawson
                                                                          Erica Suk Lai                                  Melissa J. Lemus       Julia Ann Lind           Marc D. Longwood
 James E. Kinzer        Gary H. Kobayashi         Virginia A. Kristo                               Adrienne S.
                                                                          Kenneth and Leslie                             Janet J. Lenau         Joanne Claire            Melanie W. S. Loo
 Karol L. Kinzly        Kevin J. Kobza            Lillian M. Krocheski                              Lawson-Thompson
                                                                           Lake                                          David J. Leon           Lindevald               Daniel A. Lopez
 Mr. and Mrs. Alan W.   John F. Koch              Barbara A. Kronick                               Nikolaos Lazaridis
                                                                          Viviam K. Lam                                  Felipe D. Leon         Karen A. Lindh           Francisco R. Lopez
  Kirby                 Maria Kochis                                                               Susan H. Lazdins
                                                  Barbara H.              Darren M. Lamb                                                        Heidi A. Lindner         Judith M. Lopez
 Marilyn A. Kirby                                                                                                        Calvin R. Leong
                        Barbara J. Koeberlein      Kropacek-Hall                                   Annie Jo Lazzarotto
                                                                          Christina Lambert                              Hilario Lepe           Donald N. Lindsay        Marcella L. Lopez
 Margaret L. Kirk       Michael B. Koenig         Lorraine R. Krueger                              Thu T. Le
                                                                          Edward Lambert

Mike P. Lopez           Tuyet Mai Luu           Toni Maestri            Jeanette L. Mar         Gerald L. Martinez      Professor and Mrs.        Alfred and Janet           Brian K. Meiller
Romulo and Roseanne     Le Ly                   Alejandra Magana        Afshin Marashi          Katherine R. Martinez    Floyd McAlister            McGorry                  Frederick H. Meiller
 Lopez                  Donna Lyall             Timothy R. Magill       Marjorie March          Debra L. Martorelli     Robert W. McAllan         James M. McGowan           Lester P.
Sonia Lopez             Brandon A. Lyles        Je M. Magley            Stephen J. March        Marie A. Martz-Mort     Robert R. McAndrew        Robert S. McGown            Meisenheimer
Terry A. Lopez          Rachel V. Lyman         Gilbert and A.I.        James A. Marchand       Paul Maska              Cheryl L. McBeth          Ed McGrath                 Raymond Kibbe
Heather L. Lord                                  Magness                                                                Kevin L. McCarl           Colin E. McGreal            Meister
                        Ernest L. Lynch                                 Theodora L. Marchand    Jess G. Mason
Paula R.                                        Darin S. Maguire                                                        Michael F. McCarthy       Derek M. McGreal           Dixie L. Meixner
                        Susan H. Lynch                                  Tyrees Marcy            Matthew Mason
 Lorenz-Campbell                                Kenneth R. Maguire                                                      Mary McCarthy-Hintz       Ian and Patricia           Steven B. Melavic
                        Christine Lynn                                  Milton H. Mares         Angela M. Mastagni
Sharon A. Loris                                 Anita R. Magures                                                        James H. McCartney          McGreal                  Eugene C. Melcher, Jr.
                        Rae-Vinnette L. Lynn                            Melanie Margetts        David Masters and
Marian J. Love                                  Ramzi J. Mahmood                                 Lynn Pulliam           Councilmember Kevin       Stuart and Patricia        Robert and Lisa
                        Brandie E. Lyons                                Stephen C. Marianos
Robin C. Lovering                                                                                                        McCarty                    Lundy McIntosh            Meline
                        Thomas and Renee        Curtis E. Main          Robert E. Marin         J. C. Masters
Corbett M. Loving                                                                                                       Jackson R. McClain        Michele L. McKay           Mr. and Mrs. Garth J.
                         Lyons                  Heather P. Mains        Kevin R. Maris          Melquiadez Mata, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                  Richard McKeague            Mellick
Albert Low              Lesli M. Lytle          Tsang S. Mak                                    Richard                 Tina Louise McClara
                                                                        Stephen and Sarah                                                                                    Delta Pick Mello
Walter E. Lowe                                                                                   Mathew-Rogers          James and Betty           Robert and Joan
                        Gary E. Maass           Shanon B. Makinson       Markoe
                                                                                                                         McClaskey                  McKechnie                Catherine L. Melter
William H. Lowe         Gail Ann Mabbutt        Ronald Kazumichi        George G. Marks         Heyman Matlock, Jr.
                                                                                                                        Jody E. McClellan         Elizabeth A. McKee         Daniel L. Melzer
Louellyn Cohan Lower    Thomas Mabie             Makishima              Patricia A. Marks       Nancy J. Matson
                                                                                                                        Matthew L. McClellan      Pamela D. McKee            Philip N. Menard
Richard Lower           Marie S. Macaulay       James D. Makowski       Margaret Nancy          Wesley M. Matsuura
                                                                                                                        Angus and Erin            Patricia A. McKelvey       Jose M. Mendez
Mary Elizabeth Lower    John MacCready          Michael and              Markson                James E. Matthews
                                                 Candance Makrakis                                                       McClure                  Catherine M. McKenna       Janene L. Mendoth
Paul A. Lozancich       Clark L. MacDonald                              Jon and JoAnne          Lois Harper Mattice
                                                Milena M.                Marquardt                                      Edward J. McConnell       Mr. and Mrs. John F.       Elias and Marisol
Janice A. Lucas         Adair W. Maceachern                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
                                                 Maksimovich                                                            James L. McCormack, Jr.     McKeon                    Mendoza
David J. Lucchetti                                                      Reed E. Marquardt        R. Mattos
                        Evelena M. MacFarlane                                                                                                     Shannon M.                 Mr. and Mrs. Mike
                                                Jennifer Malana         Norman P. Marquis       Edward and Carol Ann    Carol W. McCormick
Andrew Luchansky        Donald G. MacGregor                                                                                                         McKinnon                  Menees
                                                Carrie L. Malenab       Anne-Marie Marquiss      Mattos                 Cornelius McCormick
Maria C. Lucht          Stephen and Vicki                                                                                                         Gary L. McKinsey           Steve J. Menicucci
                                                John and Eurnice        Carolyn H. Marrah       Douglas and Jennifer    Bob and Laura McCoy                                                                       25
Nancy C. Lucia           Machado                                                                                                                  Lorinne Taglio             Laura Margaret Menke
                                                 Malkasian                                       Mattos                 Cindy M. McCreary
Carol J. Lucido         Teresa P. Machado                               Mr. and Mrs. Edgar R.                                                       McKnight
                                                Natalie Malkovich                               Coach Bob Mattos ✦                                                           Susan Menthe
                                                                         Marroquin                                      James A. McCulligan
Barbara Hodgson Luck    Elena V. Macias                                                          and Maureen Mattos                               Carolyn M. McManigal       Dale R. Mentze
                                                Stephanie A. Maloney    Cynthia Diane Marsh                             Marion E. McCurdy
Dirk Lueders, Jr.       Richard G. Macias                                                       Regina Maucieri                                   Robert B. McMillan         Laura G. Menz
                                                Victor Malta            Christina M. Marshall                            and Sidney R. Wong
Kendra Lui              Robert Stewart                                                          Vesta A. Mauck                                    Curtis McMillian           Manuel and Jeanne
                                                Karen L. Manatt         Maureen K. Marshall                             Debbie L. McDaniel
June B. Lujano           MacIntosh                                                                                                                Laura A. McMullen           Meraz
                                                Elsie Louise Mancebo                            Deborah M. Maurer       Gerald and Ulla
                        David A. Mack                                   Michael and Yen
Janette P. Luke                                                                                 Eric M. Mauss            McDaniel                 Frederick E. McNally       Lee Mercer
                                                Yvonne Annette           Marshall
Gregg and Sally         Jimmy Mack                                                                                                                Suzanne McNaughton         James B. Merk
                                                 Manford                Steven and Donna        Allen B. Mauzy          Tara A. McDaniel
 Lukenbill              Gail S. Mackenroth                                                                                                        Louise McNeal              William and Sydney
                                                Alfred J. Manfredi       Marshman               Scott W. Maxwell        Mike C. McDermott
Roger E. Lumm           Dennis and Vivian                                                                                                         Dawson E. McNew             Merkel
                                                Dorothy S. Mangnall     Tod R. Marston          Donna L. May            Mr. and Mrs. Aaron L.
Kingsley C. Lunden       Mackrel                                                                                                                                             Jon I. Merker
                                                Jon Y. Manji            J. Lynn Martell         Gregory and Christine    McDonald                 Maureen E.
Jennifer A. Lundmark    Stephen L.                                                                                                                  McQuestion-Rolfs         Anthony R. Merlonghi
                                                Paul J. Mankowski       Patricia M. Martens      Mayer                  Barry Brooks
Ingrid E. Lundquist                                                                             Shirley C. May eld       McDonald                 Kimberly M. Meador         Tim A. Merri
                        Lillian M. Macleod      Beth A. Mann            Carol L. Martin
Gloria S. Luney                                                                                 Roy Mayhugh             Kelly K. McDonald         Vernon J. Medeiros         Robert E. Merritt, Jr.
                        Douglas C. Maclise      Larry C. Mann           Daniel Martin
Carlos A. Luningning                                                                            Donna Lasher Mays       Brian Kent McDowell       Karen Jolene Meek          William C. Merritt, Jr.
                        Raymond D.              Tania L. Mannion        Douglas R. Martin
Xinping Luo                                                                                     John A. Mazzei          Carol L. McElheny         Minsun P. Meeker           Marcia Merriweather
                         MacMahon, Jr.          Je rey C. Mannisto      Je rey R. Martin
Pedro A. Lupercio                                                                               Joseph T. Mazzuca       Lynne McElhern            Judith F. Meeler           David E. Mesple
                        Paul C. MacMillan       John T. Manns           Jennifer M. Martin
Charles A. Lushbaugh                                                                            Denise J.               Liz McFadden              Manuel and Maria           Robert H. Metcalf
                        Bill Macriss            Evelyn S. Mann-Wilder   John and Maxine
R. Je rey Lustig                                                                                 Mazzucca-Barrett       Joan C. McFarland           Mego                     Charr L. Metsker
                        Christie R. Maddox      Tim and Annette          Martin
Richard and Elizabeth                                                                           Norman R. McAdams       Richard T. McFarland      Irene M. Meha y            Douglas W. Metz
                        Kathleen H. Maddox       Manolis                Linda Martin
 Luttrell                                                                                       Susan A. McCombs        Howard F. McGill          Ryma J. Meier              Mary Ellen Meuel
                        Gracie R. Madrid        Sandra L. Mans eld      Linda C. Martin
Carl J. Lutz                                                                                    Julie McAbee            Maria L. McGill           Je rey and Jane            Sheree L. Meyer
                        Nanette D. Madsen       Knarik Manukyan         Phyllis D. Martin
Michael Luu                                                                                                                                         Meikle
                                                Joe V. Manzella         Sheila A. Martin                                Susan M. McGinty                                     Virginia C. Meyer

                                                                                                                                                                                         ✦ Deceased

                                                                                                                                       S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                  continued
                                                   Geraldine M.
                                                   LaWanna E.
                                                                           Julie A. Moss
                                                                           Rebecca L. Moss
                                                                           John and Elizabeth
                                                                                                  Robert and Kinzie
                                                                                                  Kirk R. Murphy
                                                                                                                           Ingrid G. Neighbors
                                                                                                                           Robert O. Neighbors
                                                                                                                           Patrick J. Nelle
                                                                                                                                                    Ray J. Nielsen
                                                                                                                                                    Max and Susan
                                                                                                                                                                              Barbara L. O’Connor
                                                                                                                                                                              Doyle Richardson and
                                                                                                                                                                               Maureen O’Connor
 Michael A. Meyers        Thomas J. Miller          Montgomery              Moulds                Ste anie G. Murphy                                Scott Miyoshi             Robert S. Oden
                                                                                                                           Charles G. Nelson
 Maria E. Meza            Timothy I. Miller        Todd A. Montgomery      Fedik Movsisyan and    Joann Murphy-Ma                                    Nishihara                Jayson T. O’Donahue
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Dan
 Daniel J. Michael        Craig A. Milligan        Jose L. Montiel, Jr.     Donna Oglethorpe      Earline Murray            Nelson                  John G. Nitti             Michael P. Oei
 Lawrence D. Michaels     John L. Milliken, Jr.    Robert Montoya          Ann P. Mower           Richard D. Murray        Derek R. Nelson          Jeanne E. Nobriga         Patrice B. O enhauser
 Linda B. Michalowski     Thomas A. Mills          Kenneth and Elaine      Carmelinda             Valerie Murray           Donna Nelson             Walter Nochez             Nancy A. Ogrod
                                                    Moody                   Moy-LeCureux                                                            Christopher Y.
 Ti any N. Michaud        Rita R. Millsaps                                                        Rebecca A. Muscat        Douglas B. Nelson                                  Hunter H. O’Hair
                                                   Pamela J. Mooney        Janeen Mucci                                                              Nodohara
 Alfredo and Irma         Katherine H. Mine                                                       Elaine A. Myer           Gloria Emily Nelson                                William J. O’Hair
  Michel                                           Darrin T. Moore         John R. Muehleisen                                                       Antoinett S. Noel
                          Thomas F. Miner                                                         Barbara Gayle Myers      Michael D. Nelson                                  Leslie O’Hanlon
 Roy W. Michel                                     Diane Sparks Moore      Joseph M. Mugartegui                                                     David C. Nokes
                          Verne L. Miniaci                                                        Donna M. Myers           Philbert A. Nelson                                 Kurt N. Ohlinger
 Cynthia R. Micheli                                Kay M. Moore            Susan M. Muir                                                            Kevin M. Nolan
                          Sylvia S. Minnick                                                       Leslie D. Naake          Rebecca I. Nelson                                  Deborah JoAnne Ohrn
 Jane Schuhr Mickus                                Kendra K. Moore         Jonathan H. Mulder                                                       Robert W. Noren
                          Karen J. Miranda                                                        Michael J. Nacey         Tom Nelson                                         Ester M. O’Keefe
 Wolfgang Mieder                                   Mavis Anne Moore        Joseph C. Mulholland                                                     Jerry P. Norgol
                          Jeanne M. Miskel                                                        Susan Nader              Tonia L. Nelson                                    G. Samuel Oki
 Charles E. Mier                                   M.J. Moore and L.C.     Michael W. Mulkerin                                                      Albert E. Norman III
                          Antonio Mitchell                                                        Charles E. Nagel         Stephen E. Nemeth                                  Lillian H. Okihiro
                                                    Bollinger              Ben and Kathryn                                                          Gladys M. Norman
 Susan R. Miesner         David Lind Mitchell                                                     Ridhima Naidu            Heidi Nesheim                                      Mark J. Okimura
                                                   Noreen L. Moore          Mulkey                                                                  Barre L. Normann
 Joyce A. Mihanovich      Glenn L. Mitchell                                                       Jayaseelan A. Naiken     Terri L. Neufeld                                   Arlene K. Okino
                                                   Christina M. Mora       Tracy M. Mullen                                                          Mr. and Mrs. James E.
 Joyce M. Mikal-Flynn     Mary Janis Mitchell                                                     Ahmad J. Najjar          William R. Neuman                                  Winifred E. Okumura
                                                   Timothy E. Moran        Wesley and Andrewa                                                        Norvell
 Eileen K.                Mr. and Mrs. Robert M.                            Muller                Leslie J. Nakagiri       Carlos Nevarez                                     Cynthia M. Okusako
  Mikami-Takeda                                    Susan M. Morasci                                                                                 Nancy E. Norwood
                           Mitsch                                          Margo W. Muller        Nancy A. Nakamura        Donna C. Nevraumont                                Lynda Oldenburg
 John W. Miksa                                     Donna L. Moreno                                                                                  Louanne S. Nourse
                          Barbara E. Mittnacht                             Rosemary Kerr Muller   Marla M. Nakano          Charles and Paula                                  Steven A. Oldham
 John R. Miles                                     Matthew and Linda                                                                                Cynthia H. Nover
                          Charles K. Miura                                                        David T. Nakashima        Newcomb                                           Mary Margaret Oleson
                                                    Moreno                 Wayne C. Muller                                                          Linda A. Novi
 Margaret A. Miles        Gary S. Miura                                                           Tonya R. Nakashima       John C. Newhall                                    Janet D. Oliver
                                                   Miguel Moreno           Sherri T. Mullins                                                        Stanley T. Nowinski
 Allen and Marilyn        Joyce H. Miyagi                                                         Kimberly L. Nalder       Phillip M. Newport                                 Juana R. Oliver
  Miller                                           Robert J. Moreno, Jr.   Beverly Mullnix                                                          Nicholas and Alice
                          Mike I. Miyama                                                          Michael and Janette      James A. Newsome                                   Lynne Marie Olivieri
 Amanda K. Miller                                  Carol J. Morey          Henry A. Mumm                                                             Noyes
                          Fusae M. Miyamoto                                                        Nall                    Jim Newton and Ann                                 Anita Ollero
 Anne L. Miller                                    Linda C. Morgan         Philip A. Mundo                                                          Bonnie K. Noyes
                          Darren T. Mizuno                                                        Philip C. Nash II         Gennuso-Newton
                                                   Stacy A. Morgan         Timothy M. Munneke                                                       Ronald E. Nugent          Lacey A. Olsen
 Brian R. Miller                                                                                  John and Jo Nastal       Gregory B. Newton
                          Mary J. Mochihashi       Steven and Sylvia       David T. Munoz                                                           Thomas Nulton             Robert and Linda
 Christine M. Miller                                                                              Greg Nathanson           Andy T. Nguyen                                      Olsen
                          Janet A. Moe              Morgan                 Jorge C. Munoz                                                           Judith A. Nuttall
 Christopher Ward                                                                                 Kimberly M. Nava         Do Thuc Tang Nguyen                                Crystal L.Olson
                          Joseph and Shirley       Janet I. Morris         Jose R. Munoz                                                            Kit and Susan Oase
  Miller                                                                                                                   Katrina Nguyen
                           Mohamed                 Larry L. Morris                                Sylvia C. Navari                                                            Deborah L. Olson
 David H. Miller                                                           Susana Munoz                                                             Russell S. Oase
                          Selby Mohr                                                              George L. Navarro        Namphuong Nguyen                                   Keith A. Olson
 Eileen Miller                                     Michelle L. Morris      Judith K. Munro                                                          Buzz Oates
                          Suzanne M. Mohr                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.   Robert L. Nguyen                                   Robert E. Olson
 Gary and Sandra Miller                            Thomas V. Morris        Anthony G. Munso                                                         James and Norma
                          Naomi L. Mojica                                                          Naylor                  Tien N. Nguyen                                     Lynn A. O’Malley
 Heather K. Miller                                 John and Susan          Akop Muradyan                                                             Oates
                          Stephen R. Molica         Morrison                                      Zolili U. Ndlela         Tuan H. Nguyen                                     Tim O’Malley
 Lealan I. Miller                                                          David Muradyan                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Phil Oates
                          Miguel P. Molina         Joseph G. Morrow                               Marcia E. Neale          Gregory L. Nicholas                                Margaret G. O’Meara
 Linda L. Miller                                                           Makiko S. Murakami                                                       Diane K. O’Brien
                          Mildred L. Moller        Dave Morse ✦                                   David J. Nealon          Michael J. Nicholls                                Chelsea O’Moore
 Michael J. Miller                                                         Candis M. Murawski                                                       Dolores O’Brien
                          Laura Steele Monahan      and Jane B. Morse                             Thomas Neary             James L. Nicholson III                             Robert D. Omoto
 Michael and Cheryl                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jim P.                                                      Kenneth J. O’Brien, Jr.
                          Phillip L. Moncrief      Timothy H. Morse                               Gary L. Neatherlin       Robert R. Nicklen                                  Daniel J. O’Neal
  Miller                                                                    Murdaca                                                                 Nina Dolores O’Brien
                          Peter and Linda Moniz    Terre A. Moshe                                 Joshua L. Neely          Thomas E. Nicol                                    Jackie L. O’Neil
 Michael and Nancy                                                         Lee R. Murdock                                                           Susan E. O’Brien
  Miller                  Kathryn A. Monk          Brenda Mosley                                  David and Janet Ne       Jim D. Nicolaou                                    Bob O’Neill
                                                                           Clara J. Murguia                                                         Janet A. Ochikubo
 Robert C. Miller         William and LaVonne      Martha M. Mosman                               Joan Neideknox           Barbara Turner Nicolas                             Kelly E. O’Neill
                                                                           Catherine Murnighan                                                      Jessica A. Ochoa
                           Monroe                  C. Michael Mosness                             Matthew T. Neiger        Roger W. Niello                                    Mary J. O’Neill
 Robert M. Miller                                                          Candace M. Murphy                                                        John R. Ochoa
                          Catherine S.             Noel P. Mosqueda                               Christine M.             Billie J. Nielsen                                  Stephen W. O’Neill
 Sherman J. Miller, Jr.                                                    Cheryl D. Murphy                                                         Lucy Ochoa
                           Montemayor              Don F. Moss                                     Neighbors               Donavan J. Nielsen
                                                                           Kevin Murphy                                                             Barbara O’Connor          Stewart J. O’Neill
                                                                                                                                                                                        ✦ Deceased

Randolph H. Onitsuka   Magda R. Padilla           Kshama V. Patel           Joaquin M. Pereira
Robert L. Opp and      George Paganelis           Mukti N. Patel            Craig and Ann Perez
 Fern Wallace          Carleen Paganucci          Heather E. Paterson       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Arlen     David M. Paganucci         Douglas X. Patino          Perez
 Opper                                                                      Leticia Perez
                       Patricia W. Paine Irving   Eugene J. Patterson
Neil D. Orchard                                                             Lori D. Perez
                       George A. Paine            Monica E. Patterson
Brad T. O’Reilly                                                            Maria A. Perez
                       Mr. and Mrs. James R.      Marcus H. Patton
Benjamin D. Orejel      Paine                                               Stephen J. Perez
                                                  Kermit Paul, Jr.
Daniel C. Orey         Tracey A. Paine                                      Michael and Betty
                                                  Citrea L. Pauletto
Joseph F. Orgon        Phyllis A. Painter                                    Perkins
                                                  David E. Paulson
Barbara E. Ormsby      Sheryl Lynn Painter                                  Terry D. Perkinson
                                                  Gerald M. Pauly
Benjamin D. Ormsby     Carol A. Pair                                        Carolyn M. Perry
                                                  Martin and Dixie
David M. Ortega        John Paneka                 Pavlo                    Herbert A. Perry
Jon E. Ortiz           John Panenka               Lonie E. Paxton           Gretchen A. Persson
Ramey Osborne          Mary R. Panero             Caryn Paylor              Stephen C. Pesis
David R. Osburn
Carol D.
                       Michelle Panizzera
                       Judie Fertig Panneton
                                                  Debra Payne
                                                  John R. Payne
                                                                            Jennifer L. Pessa
                                                                            Richard and JoAnn
                                                                                                     Silvia De La Cruz
 O’Shaughnessy                                                               Peter
                       Jaime M. Pantoja           Muriel Hopkins Payne
Kevin E. O’Shea                                                             Lorna G. Peters
                       Damian V. Pantoya          Cherril A. Peabody
Berdi K. Oshidari
                       Georgios                   Melinda A. Peak
                                                                            Rebecca A. Peters        SACRAMENTO STATE STUDENT:
Don Michio Oshima       Papadopoulos                                        Dean and Laura
                                                                                                     Silvia De La Cruz
                                                  Nora E. Peak
Sylvia A. Oshima                                                             Petersen
                       James M. Pappas            Leona Fleischer
Steve and Stacy                                                             Joyce B. Petersen
                       David W. Paquette           Pearce
 Oshinski                                                                   Roger J. Petersen                                                                                                                27
                       Timothy M. Pariani         Claudia D. Pearson                                 MAJOR: Criminal Justice                          protecting the rights and security of
David C. Osmundson                                                          Carl R. Peterson
                       Sandra L. Paris            Thomas Peavy                                                                                        citizens. Eventually, she would like to
Jonathan and Alison                                                         David L. Petite II
                       Gerane Wharton Park        Crystal Pech                                       EXPECTED GRADUATION DATE:                        work for the FBI.
                                                                            Marjorie E. Petralli
                       Julie O. Park              Dawn L. Peck                                       Spring 2012
Bruce A. Ostertag                                                           Thomas and Sheila
                       Professor and Mrs.         Raymond and Ellie                                                                                   ACTIVITIES: Though only a sophomore,
Kolleen J. Ostgaard                                                          Pettigrew
                        Brian P. Parker            Peck
Stan J. Ota                                                                 Walter and Mary Pettit   SCHOLARSHIP: The Alumni                          De La Cruz has been a counselor and
                       Catherine Parker           Patricia S. Peck
Stephen C. Ott                                                              Jeanne E. Pfeifer        Association Scholarship                          mentor in the Educational Opportunity
                       Daryl L. Parker            Philip K. Peck
Craig M. Ottersen                                                           Margee K. Pfitzer                                                          Program, held leadership positions in
                       Evelyn D. Parker           Mary J. Pedigo
Joanne M. Otway                                                             Hung D. Pham             GOAL: One of 10 siblings, De La Cruz
                       Jayne C. Parker            Dario J. Pedrotti                                                                                   the student advocacy group MEChA and
Lee Overstreet                                                              Sarah Frances Phelan     says she sought out scholarships to help
                       Jill M. Parker             Julia Peila                                                                                         volunteered as a math and English tutor for
Kathleen Marie                                                              Boyd and Linda           her parents a ord her education. “I am
                       Carol A. Parks             Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.
                                                                             Phelps                                                                   an after-school program.
Jana Ly Oyog
                       Sheila J. Parks
                                                                            Stan J. Philipps         trying my best to maintain good grades
                       Piyush R. Parmar           Susan Gaile Penney
                                                                                                     in order to improve in life and convince
Alpesh Oza
William L. Ozment
                       Sabrina M.
                                                  Glen E. Pennington
                                                  Joseph C. Pennington
                                                                            D. C. Phillips
                                                                            Jennifer Piatt           my parents that their hard work and              Appreciation:
Joe and Masami Pach                                                         Doris Pichly             struggles were worth it. I’ve learned that
                       David N. Parrish           Scott W. Pentzer                                                                                    “This scholarship award will help me
Gerald G. Pacheco                                                           Lucia M. Piedra          nothing is impossible in life, and putting
                       Bridget Parsh              Paula Jan Peper
Kenneth L. Pacholke                                                         Virginia L. Pier                                                          academically and nancially. It motivates
                       Brad W. Parvin             Bonnie B. Peppas                                   in a lot of e ort will take me where
Lolene C. Pacholke                                                          Eric D. Pierce                                                            me to continue with my goal of pursuing
                       Vincent M. Pascual         Barbara A. Pepper                                  I deserve to be.” After obtaining her
Kyle J. Packham
                       Barry and Katy Pasini      Nancy E. Pera
                                                                            Bert B. Pierroz                                                           higher education. I am so appreciative
Claire E. Padgett                                                           James C. Pierson         bachelor’s degree, De La Cruz plans to
                       Paula L. Paskov            Pamela Pera                                                                                         of the Sac State Alumni Association for
Barry C. Padilla                                                            Michelle J. Pile         pursue a job in criminal justice, preferably
                       Anna M. Pasqua             Maurya R. Perazzo                                                                                   granting me this helpful resource.”

                                                                                                                                  S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                 continued
                                                Sharon M. Puricelli
                                                Richard D. Purvis
                                                Ann F. Putallaz
                                                                         Joe L. Ramos
                                                                         Marilyn Ramos
                                                                         Rosalia Ramos
                                                                                                 Peggy Sue Reichmann
                                                                                                 William J. Reichmann
                                                                                                 Douglas H. Reid
                                                                                                                        Joseph C. Reynolds
                                                                                                                        Sandra P. Reynolds
                                                                                                                        Kenneth J. Rhodes
                                                                                                                                               Robert Richardson
                                                                                                                                               Ronald K. Richardson
                                                                                                                                               Ronald P. Richardson
                                                                                                                                                                        Araceli Rivas
                                                                                                                                                                        Pantaleon and Irene
 David A. Pimentel       Kenneth L. Posey       Cornelia F. Putallaz     Lee Ranch               Jason T. Reider         and Ann K.            Susan K. Richardson      Leticia M. Rivera
                                                                                                                         Lane-Rhodes                                    Manuel S. Rivera
 Karen E. Pimlott        James C. Potter        Maxima Putnam            Faust Randall           Sylvia A. Reilly                              Sandi J. Richerson
                                                                                                                        Karol J. Rhody                                  Robert H. Rivinius
 Katherine J. Pinch      Susan A. Potter        Tress M. Putnam          Charles E. Randell      Traci Peartt Reilly                           Seth W. Richman
                                                                                                                        Annie R. Ricard                                 Harold and Gloria
 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick    Karen A. Poulter       Tony A. Pyara            John E. Rankin          Sarah M. Reinheimer                           Leister W. Richmond
  J. Pipp                                                                                                               Vivian L. Ricci                                  Roach
                         Farzan Pourrahimi      Nazish Qayyum            Stuart J. Rankin        Donald and Jane                               Jennifer A. Richter
 Gordon and Lynne                                                                                 Reinmuth              Vonda Ricciardi                                 Pamela A. Robbins
                         Kari R. Powell         Heather L. Quamme        John and Ann Ranlett                                                  Esther M. Rico
  Pistochini                                                                                     James and Marilyn      Mr. and Mrs. John C.                            Barbara R. Roberson
                         Matt Powell            Dora A. Quan             M. Kevin and Pamela                                                   Laureen A. Riddick
 Anita R. Pitamber                                                                                Relles                 Rice                                           Je rey and Anna
                         Larry and Delores      Howard Quan               Rappleye                                                             Joyce Caryn Rietz
 Karen L. Pitassi                                                                                Kristin Remillong      Scott A. Rice                                    Roberts
                          Powers                Gary and Judy Quattrin   David and Susan                                                       Paul S. Rife
 John Pitcl                                                               Raske                  Je P. Remington        Kit Rich                                        David and Brenda
                         Mark A. Powers         James F. Queirolo                                                                              Marlene Rifkin
                                                                                                                        David L. Richards                                Roberts
 Christine A. Pittman    Purna P. Prasad                                 Jannelle W. Rattigan    Mary E. Renison
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Joe A.                                                                            Mark T. Riley            Norman and Cindy
 David J. Pitts                                                          John and Valiere Rauh   David C. Rennie        Desma L. Richards
                         Sharon Lee Prassa       Quetone                                                                                       Susan R. Riley            Roberts
 Joe Pivas                                                               Judith E. Ravarra       Eunice L. Requenez     Kathleen Mary
                         David A. Prato         Dolly L. Quevedo                                                                               Elizabeth E. Rios        Daniel M. Roberts
 Anthony M. Platt        Lon A. Pray            Daniel F. Quigg          Darrel R. Rawlings      Thomas P. Reusser
                                                                                                                        Joann Joyce            Sam Rios, Jr.            Douglas M. Roberts
 Steve and Vicki Pleau   Anna Presler           Janet A. Quinlan         Lionel and Chiaya       Rafael M. Reveles
                                                                                                                         Richardson            Geo rey D. Risse         Douglas W. Roberts
 Stella Plukchi                                                           Rawlins                Leroy M. Rey
                         Constance L. Presley   Martha Ann Quinn                                                        Kevin A. Richardson    Jim A. Rist              Edith N. Roberts
 Jill C. Plumb                                                           Jack E. Rea, Jr.        Pedro A. Reyes
                         Paul and Judy Press    Patricia L. Quinn                                                       Philip Strobe          Lee W. Ritchey           Marc M. Roberts
 Alice Marie Plymell                                                     Raymond L. Read         Lori C. Reyna
                         Jan M. Presser         Albert W. Quint                                                          Richardson
 Margaret Frances                                                        Norman A. Readdy, Jr.
                         George H. Preston      Richard L. Quintana
  Pobywajlo                                                              Timothy F. Reardon
                         Linda Lou Pretz        Gail K. Quintel
 Duane D. Podhola                                                        Derrick E. Rebensdorf
                         Carolyn E. Pretzer     Troy A. Quirollo
 Terrea L. Poehland                                                      Susan Recely
                         Charles F. Prewett     Otto G. Raabe
 Ray K. Poer                                                             Adam Rechs
                         David W. Price         Tania Rabbani
 Doug N. Po nbarger                                                      Ana R. Recinos
                         Debra L. Price         Anita R. Rabe-Uyeno
 Linda                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Jorge A.
                         Peter E. Price         Rachel R. Radekin
  Poggenburg-Chaix                                                        Recinos
                         Steven S. Price        Noreen Rich
 Robin Pollock                                                           Janice Carol Redford
                         Judith A. Prima         Rademacher
 Christine H.                                                            Wayne H. Red-Horse
                         Adam C. Primas         Priscilla Rader
  Pommerenck                                                             Jason R. Redman
                         Christian P. Prince    Steve J. Radman
 Camille S. Pond                                                         Rick Redman
                         Cecilia Prior          Michael Radov
 Gary D. Pool                                                            Timothy Reece
                         Corinne M. Pritchard   Mr. and Mrs. Don H.
 Joan Sara Pool                                                          Beverly J. Reed
 George C. Poon          Diana M. Proctor
                                                James D. Rae             Gregory and Gail Reed
 Pamela M. Poore         Noel Gaebler Proctor
                                                Molly V. Ragland         Pamela Ann Reed
 Douglas and Monica      Susan E. Proctor
                                                Tena R. Raglin           Barbara A.
  Pope                   Judy Marie Pruitt                                Reed-Houck
                                                Majid and Maryam
 Charles and Mary        Nyaothia Pruitt                                 Christopher K. Reefe
  Porter                 Michael A. Pugh
                                                Dorothea R. Rahn         Herbert Reents
 Richard Porter and      Philip R. Puhl
                                                Stephen G. Raines        Jesse L. Reese, Jr.
  Michele McNamee
                         Samuel J. Pullaro                               Sarah E. Reeves
 Roman G. Porter and                            Imran Rajwani
                         Richard A. Pullen                               Marilyn A. Regalia
  Viridiana Diaz                                Nancy J. Raley
                         Theodore E. Puntillo                            Linda L. Regnani
 Steve D. Porter                                Adrian Ramirez
                         William and Kathleen                            Julie A. Rehman
 Ellen Porter-Cheechov                          Suzanne V. Ramirez

                                                                                                                                                                  » So a & Angelo Tsakopoulos with a
                                                                                                                                                                      Leones scholarship recipient (center)

Mary E. Roberts        Marco and Elva         Betty L. Ronayne        Morry and Marcy        Ruben I. Ruiz             Edgar D. Sackett         Teresa L. Sammis            James A. Saum
Maurice C. Roberts      Rodriguez             Sharon Kay Rooker        Rotenberg             James O. Rumelhart        Sam Saechao              Alyson P. Samson            Larry G. Saunders
Victoria S. Roberts    Judith M. Rodriguez    Marcia F. Rooney        William K. Rothaus     Susan D. Rumph            Nailin Saelee            Jordan C. Samson            Lee H. Saunders
Je N. Robertson        Ophelia A. Rodriguez   Sterling A. Rorden      Harry M. Rotz          Andrea M. Russell         Pardeep K. Sahota        Nancy B. Samuelson          Milton C. Saunders
Kay L. Robertson       Ramon Rodriguez, Jr.   Ada Roscoe              Paul J. Rotz           Dale and Beatrice         Akiye Sakamoto           Barbara D. Sanders          Donna K. Sauter
Shawn Robin            Sue Ann Roediger       Bonnie L. Rose          Tacy R. Rouen           Russell                  Norman G. Salas          Charles R. Sanders          Paul and Patricia Sax
Jane A. Robinson       Jennifer Roese         Dean and Janis Rose     Sara J. Rouse          William Russell, Sandra   Carol J. Salatino        Dean C. Sanders             Chana Say
                       John Rogers and                                Harold E. Rowe, Jr.     Russell and Alice
George A. Robles                              Deborah M. Rose                                                          Maria D. Salazar         Erica Sanders               Catherine A. Sbranti
                        Robin Stolk                                                           Hopkins
Herschel Roby                                 Julie Rose              Lillian Rowett                                   Sean P. Salazar          Alyce I. Sanderson          Elizabeth Scaletta
                       Norma L. Rogers                                                       Vinson F. Russo
Jean Roche                                    Wanetta A. Rose         Leslie J. Royal                                  Luis F. Salcedo II       Edwin D. Sanderson, Jr.     Corey R. Scalise
                       Robin L. Rogers                                                       Therese G. Ruth
Laura A. Roche                                Karen L. Rosenkilde     Kieu T. Rubb                                     Vince A. Sales           Stanley Teruo Sano          Kenneth V. Scanavino
                       Kristen L. Rogowski                                                   Bobbi K. Rutherdale
W. Martin Roche                               Guillermo Roses         Marion H. Rubinstein                             Wendy J. Salgado         Jose and Terilyn            James H. Scanlon
                       Brad J. Rollins                                                       Amy L. Rutschow
Eileen Marie Rock                             Nancy J. Roszkowski ✦   Mina Louise Rucker                               Ernestine S. Salinas      Santos                     Karen L. Scarborough
                       David Rollo                                                           Michael and Marlene
Michael Rock and                              Jason M. Ross           Steven C. Rudy                                   Jacob Saljenzoa          Rebecca R. Santos           George O. Scarfe III ✦
 Courtney Krakie       Carol Ann Rolls                                Steven J. Rudy                                                            Aaron R. Sapien              and Marajean
                                              Ryan M. Ross                                   Thomas A. Ryan            Nona G. Sall
Marsha Rocklin         Manuel R. Roman, Jr.                           Michael E. Rue                                                            Thomas T. Sapunor            Stevens Scarfe
                                              Scott and Annette                              Mary J. RyanConnelly      Ashley M. Salm
Susan J. Roddick       Bruce L. Romani         Ross                   Mr. and Mrs. John J.                                                      James Sarti                 Mark and Tanya Schaal
                                                                                             Diane E. Rykken           Jon R. Salmi
Herb and Lynn          Gladys R. Romasanta    Teresa E. Rossi-Long     Rueda                                                                    Dennis G. Sartini           Professor and Mrs.
                                                                                             Robert Saari              Joy L. Salvetti
 Rodebaugh             Dante L. Rome                                  Ronald and Nancy Ru                                                                                    John Schaeuble
                                              Armond L. Rossiter                                                       Marcee S. Samberg        Mr. and Mrs. Darrell
                                                                                             Chris Sablynski                                                                Gregory E. Schafer
Michael L. Rodrian     Nora A. Romero         Michael A. Rossiter     Juanita Ruiz                                                               Satchwell
                                                                                             Sam J. Sacco              Sergei S. Samborski
                       Candace A. Ronan                               Nadeen Ruiz                                                               Christy Lee Sat eld         Georgianna R. Schales
                                              Patrick F. Rossitto
                                                                                                                                                                                        ✦ Deceased

SACRAMENTO STATE DONOR:                   So a and Angelo K. Tsakopoulos

The Anthony and Soula Leones Scholarship Program, which bene ts 25                   and Angelo’s daughter Chrysa Tsakopoulos. “It was not only the
low-income, rst-generation and farmworker-family students each year.                 information garnered from books and instruction, but learning
                                                                                     to carve a perspective of the world based on one’s studies and
WHO BENEFITS:                                                                        experiences. It brings immeasurable honor to the Leones family,
So a and alumnus Angelo Tsakopoulos (‘60, History) established the                   the Bertolina family, the Tsakopoulos family, the Burke family and
scholarship in honor of So a’s parents to o er assistance to students during         especially to Anthony and Soula’s memory, knowing that all who
their studies at Sacramento State. In return, the recipients of the Leones           benefit from the scholarships strive to better society through their
Scholarship are asked to share their gift of learning with the community.            service to others in need.”

Why They Give:
“My grandparents Anthony and Soula Leones truly believed in
America. For them, education was the gift of dreams,” says Sofia

                                                                                                                                      S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                  continued
                                                  William J. Sewell
                                                  Robert Seyfried
                                                  Gregory Shackelford
                                                                           Richard K. Shirai
                                                                           James E. Shoch
                                                                           John F. Shoch
                                                                                                     Param J. Singh
                                                                                                     Philip R. Sinykin
                                                                                                     Marianne Sippel
                                                                                                                            Mark W. Smith
                                                                                                                            Mark W. Smith
                                                                                                                            Matthew B. Smith
                                                                                                                                                   E. Darwin Spartz
                                                                                                                                                   Kurt Spataro and Kitty
                                                                                                                                                                            Marlena Steinbach
                                                                                                                                                                            Henry W. Steinbeck
                                                                                                                                                                            Martin B. Steiner
                                                   and Denise Barragan     David Shoemaker           Daniel J. Siroskey     Paula M. Smith         Linda J. Spaugh          Patricia R. Stelwagon
 Forrest R. Schall        Carol L. Schulze        Connie E. Shanhols       Robert Shook              Kathleen M. Sirovy     Warren and Rhonda      Cynthia Agnes Speed      Joseph M. Stepansky
 Penny J. Schatzel        Gina Schumacher         Usha Shankar             Cynthia D. Short          Jennifer R. Sisson      Smith                 Edward B. Speegle, Jr.   Marian E. Stephan
 Andrew Herbert           Barry and Cynthia       David D. Shannon         Elizabeth M. Short        Janet Sitts            Steve Smith            Aaron D. Spencer         Donna M. Stephens
  Schauer                   Schurr                Gary P. Shannon          Leslyn M. Shortes         Donald L. Skelton      Suvi M. Smith          Delmy G. Spencer         Scott Stephens and
 Karen Schauer            Mark S. Schutz          Karla Jo Shannon         Lisa M. Shrock            Danise Irene Skewis    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas    Lawrence C. Spencer       Mary Gross
 Lynn A. Schefcik         Howard L. Schwartz      Antonia Sharp                                                              W. Smithson           Matthew J. Spencer       Lloyd Stepp
                                                                           Larry Shumate             Tamara J. Skiens
 Edward G. Sche           George J.               Carol Jean Sharp                                                          Linda F. Smothers      Sally A. Spenker         Francis D. Sterba
                                                                           Lannie and Renne          Marlena
 Joseph M. Scheimer         Schwartztrauber       Eric J. Sharp             Shurden                   Skoula-Periferaki     Lori D. Snaif          Dick and Helen           Denise M. Stevens
 Donald M. Schell         Jean Schwarzkopf        Je rey M. Sharp          Douglas H. Shurtz         Ludmila S. Skryabina   Lloyd Snelson           Sperbeck                Jeanne Marie Stevens
 Jeanette Schemel ✦       Reba R. Schwilk         John G. Sharp            Marselo B. Sianez         Keith A. Slagerman     William H. Snelson     T. Marshall Sperbeck     Raymond A. Stevens
 Donald E. Schetter       Joseph Sciandrone       John J. Sharples         John and Nora Sibilsky    Debra A. Sleigh        Susan A. Snider        J. William Speth         Susan J. Stevens
 Linda Schetter           Judith M. Scollay       Linda Juanita Sharples   Je rey and Jill Sickler   Donald B. Sloggy       Michael and Charlene   Janet Spilman            William Stevens and
                          Anthony Sorci and                                                                                  Snow                  Olive N. Spilsbury        Susanne Roessler
 Michael T. Schiele                               Dr. and Mrs. Peter H.    Azam Y. Siddiqui          Bret L. Small
                            Ana Sandoval           Shattuck                                                                 James K. Snyder        Donald D. Spindler       Lynne Leslie
 Debra H. Schi lea                                                         Javed Tahir Siddiqui      Eugene Smargiassi
                          Brent Scott             Roger A. Shaul                                                            Susan Hart Snyder      Edward Spitzer            Stevenson
 Eric V. Schill                                                            Rebecca K.                Aaron E. Smart
                          Linda Can eld Scott     David and Sharon          Sidebotham                                      Dr. and Mrs. Ronald    Rosario C. Splawn        Steve Stevenson
 Angela M. Schilz                                                                                    Susan M. Smart
                          Lois H. Scott            Malone Shaw                                                               Sockolov                                       Eloise A. Steward
 Catherine E. Schlieter                                                    Kermell L. Sidney         Lashauna Smedley                              Michael W. Sprague
                          Otis L. Scott           Greg Shaw                                                                 Loretta T. Soignier                             Alexander and Joni
 Gary Schlussler and                                                       Tom and Carol Siebe       Adelyn A. Smith                               Susan W. Sprague
                          John and Mary           Jenna R. Shaw                                                             Kenneth L. Solak                                 Stewart
  Jania Hodges                                                             Jeremy M. Siemiller       Michael and Alice                             Rodger and Patti
                            Seabury               Megan E. Shaw                                                             Gloria B. Solomon       Springsteen             Carolyn C. Stewart
 Cathy S. Schmalle                                                         Jon R. Siepmann            Smith
                          Ned Seale               Michael and Lorna                                                         Randolph J. Solorio    Heather A. Sreenan       Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J.
 Ivadel L. Schmaus                                                         Edwin D. Sievwright       Barbara Ann Smith
                          Zahara D. Seals          Shea                                                                     Victor C. Solorzano                              Stewart
 Stan G. Schmutz                                                           Kamili Y. Siglowide       Becky L. Smith                                Mike Sta ord
                          Darleen R. Searcy       Phillip N. Shea                                                           Clara Soltero                                   Robert K. Stiens
 Sue E. Schneckloth                                                        Joseph H. Siino           Bernard A. Smith                              Debra L. Stallworth
                          Susan Ellen Searcy      Francis A. Sheehan                                                        David A. Sommers                                Robert N. Stillwell
 Carl J. Schneider                                                         Janette A. Silbernagel    Beth L. Smith                                 Michael D. Stamos
                          Michael E. Secky        Susan R. Sheeran                                                          Marie Raeburn                                   Michael G. Stoddard
 Harold Schneider                                                          Ernest Lenhart Siller     Bruce A. Smith                                Clark E. Stanage
                          David L. Sedin, Jr.     Charles E. Sheidler                                                        Sommers                                        Victoria M. Sto ers
 Mary M. Schneider                                                         Duarte Silva              Chad L. Smith                                 Nancy E. Stancik
                          Lyle W. Seeband         Colin B. Sheldon                                                          Vian Somo                                       Wayne and Lynn
 Mary E. Schnetz                                                           Robert Silva, Jr.         Dale and Debra Smith                          Alaine R. Stanco
                                                                                                                            Roger and Freda                                  Stokes
                          Sarah L. Segerstrom     Mr. and Mrs. Michael                                                                             Debra C. Stan ll
 Marie Carol Schoe                                                         Sandra Lee Silva          Diane L. Smith          Sornsen                                        Abigail Stone
                          Irma S. Segoviano-Jue    B. Sheldon
 Kathleen S.                                                               W. Alan Silva             Dianne Lee Wine                               James A. Stanger
                                                  Susan J. Sheldon                                                          Adan R. Sotelo                                  Allison Z. Stone
  Schoendoerfer           John Seibert                                     Robert and Judith          Smith                                        Robert D. Stanley
                                                  Joseph Sheley and                                                         Joseph Soto                                     Dennis P. Stone
 Pete Schoener            Marcella A. Seitz                                 Simas                    Gerald C. Smith                               Deena J. Stapleton
                                                   Bernadette Halbrook                                                      Anthony F.                                      William J. Stone
 Sharon A. Schoenfeld     Thomas J. Sekul                                  Rodney J. Sime            James V. Smith          Southworth            Ronald J. Stapleton
                                                  Edward J. Shelley                                                                                                         Kilburn D. Stoner
 Ted M. Schoenfeld        William W. Selah                                 Robert C. Simerson        Janice L. Smith        Teresa Anne            Matthew Starke
                                                  Tyson J. Shene eld                                                                                                        Norma Knott Stordahl
 Robert E. Scho eld       Dena D. Self                                     Leslie E. Simmonds        Je rey C. Smith         Souvignier            Kurt J. Starman
                                                  Anthony G. Sheppard                                                                                                       Brandie J. Stowe
 Suzanne Scholl           Donna Selnick                                    Aaron G. Simmons          Jim A. Smith           Victoria V. Souza      Allan Starosciak
                                                  Lia Sherfy                                                                                                                Milton G. Stowe
 Brad L. Schottle         Carolyn Seo                                      Jeanette M. Simonson      John M. Smith          Dustin J. Spacht       Jeanette S. Stedifor
                                                  Susan Sherry                                                                                                              Matthew and Staci
 Mr. and Mrs. David L.    Phillip R. Serna                                 Sally S. Simpson          John and Terry Smith   Audrey D. Spall        Donald and Dorothy        Strahl
                                                  Timothy and Michelle
  Schreck                 Estela S. Serrano                                T-Ante D. Sims            Warren and Judy        Carol Spanel            Steed
                                                   Shestek                                                                                                                  Virginia K. Stratford
 Taeko Schroeter          Olga I. Serrano                                  Gerald and Barbara         Smith                 K. Allen and Maria     James A. Steele
                                                  Candice T. Shibata                                                                                                        Harold B. Strauch
 Leo H. Schuering, Jr.    Anthony Servin                                    Singer                   Kirsten N. Smith        Spannuth              Stephanie M. Steele
                                                  Janene J. Shields                                                                                                         Karen M. Street
 Eric W. Schuler          Helene A. Setness                                Donna M. Singh            Krishna L. Smith       Alan G. Sparks         Roy D. Stegall
                                                  Douglas H. Shinoda                                                                                                        Sisene S. Strehl
 Margo Schulter           Robert J. Seto                                   Harjot Singh              Dennis Smith and       Rodney D. Sparks       Catherine M.
                                                  Eileen B. Shipman
                                                                           Irwinder Singh             Laura Mason-Smith     Victor P. Sparks        Steinbach
                                                                                                                                                                                        ✦ Deceased

Mr. and Mrs. John L.     Verlenda M. Sutton      Richard R. Tarbell      Steven C. Thompson       Jill M. Trainer         Princep V. Uclaray       Michael Vann                Hilary B. Vos
 Stremple                Hristo S. Svatovski     Joe Tarrer              Susan Kelly Thompson     Cyndi C. Tran           Randy C. Uda             John M. VanZander           Liliya Y. Voshev
Pamela H. Strieter       Greg Swain              Linda J. Tascon         Mr. and Mrs. M. M.       Tonhi T. Tran           Dace L. Udris            Francisco J. Vargas         Carolyn E. Voss
Al Striplen              Alice J. Swanson        Norman A. Tavalero       Thon                    Tuan M. Tran            Maud Emelie Udvardy      Nancy E. Vargas             Melanie L. Voss
Shaun D. Strobridge      Betty B. Swanson        Edith Darknell Taylor   Jill D. Thorne           Susan G. Trant          Cheryl J. Uhl            Rajeev A. Varghese          Gerrit and Kcammee
Dennis J. Stroiney       Clark and Sharon        Judine Taylor           Christina T. Thorntona   Mary M. Treacy          Christopher V. Ulep      Phyllis A. Varney            Vreman
Mr. and Mrs. James G.     Swanson                Lawrence R. Taylor      James M. Thorp           Dennis T. Treadaway     Darrel L. Ulrich         Richard T. Vass             Diana L. Vriend
 Strong                  Eric P. Swanson                                 Mary H. Thorpe                                                            Ruth E. Vaughn              Chuan V. Vu
                                                 Pamela S. Taylor                                 Kathleen M. Treece      Linda Umeda
Robert and Rosemary      Shirley I. Swanson                              Melissa Alexandra                                                         Remie C. Vea                David E. Wachtel
                                                 Randolph J. Taylor                               Jim and Tina Treis      David L. Underwood
 Strong                                                                   Thurber                                                                                              Debra A. Wacker
                         Robert S. Swanton       Richard D. Taylor                                Maria Trejo             Lenora C. Underwood      Michel Vega
John U. Strother                                                         Terry T. Tice                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Douglas
                         Arlyn Gordon            Robert L. Taylor                                 Amy V. Tresler          Charlene Ann             Pete R. Vega
Sally June Strubinger     Sweeney                                        Maria White Tillman                                                                                    W. Wacker
                                                 Roderick K. Taylor                               Jamilyn D. Trillo        Ungstad                 Jon A. Veis
Elisa Struebing          Joanne R. Sweeney                               Candace F. Timoney                                                                                    Cherylann A. Wada
                                                 Ronald A. Taylor                                 Teresa G. Trimble       Darshit Upadhyay         Elaina K. Velasquez
Karen L. Strumillo       Lynn R. Sweeney                                 Mary B. Titus                                                                                         Alan D. Wade
                                                 Stella S. Taylor                                 Jennifer N. Troia       Clarence and Ti any      Igor Veligan
Carrie C. Struthers      Deborah A. Swenson                              Phuong L. To                                      Urness                                              Cordia C. Wade
                                                 Joey Tchang                                      Wladyslaw Troka                                  Charles and Carla
David E. Struve          Ian R. Swenson                                  Shirley Toback                                   Andre A. Urquidez         Vento                      Juanitta Wade
                                                 Heather Fuller Teague                            George and Lana
William A. Stubble eld   Jennifer L. Swiden                              Bradley A. Tobeck                                George Usi               Andrea Verdon               Marjorie D. Wade
                                                 Stephen T. Tebbs                                  Trovao
June E. Stuckey          Carol Swift                                     Beverly Tobey                                    Ernest E. Uwazie         Gregory P. Verdon           Steven G. Wade
                                                 Keith Teeters                                    Brian Trudgeon
Michele H. Stuckey       Dawn M. Swinson                                 Edward S. Tobey                                  Ronald G. Uzelac         Benny Morelle Veteto        Tanya N. Wade
                                                 Janet Rae Teghtmeyer                             Renee V. Truitt
Bob P. Studer, Jr.       Tanya R. Swygert                                Stephen and Roxann                               Brenneta Vaa             Steven P. Viani             George and Judith
                                                 Francie F. Teitelbaum                            Tamara U. Trujillo
Kathleen C. Styc         John C. Syer                                     Tobias                                          Debra S. Vaca                                         Waegell
                                                 Emydius P. Tellers                               Thuy Vy N. Truong                                Steve and Kathy Vickers
Kenneth G. Styc          Douglas R. Sykes                                Mark Tobin                                       Madeleine G. Vadenais                                George W. Waggoner
                                                 Joan Ann Tempas                                  Robert M. Trygar                                 Caryl A. Vickers-Harper
Jason W. Su              Joseph A. Sylvester                             David F. Todd                                    Zachary A. Vail                                      David and Chris
                                                 James K. Tennant                                 Angelo K. Tsakopoulos                            Dahlia S. Victorio
Yun-Ling Suen                                                            Mary J. Todd                                                                                           Wagner                              31
                         Kentriko I. Symvoulio                                                    Hoi Tse                 Susana Valdez            Manuel Villa
                                                 Amy S. Terrell                                                                                                                Bob and Diane
Scott D. Suftin          Julia E. Synhorst                               Terri L. Todd                                    John R. Valencia
                                                 Julie A. Theriault                               Chien-Chun Tso                                   Valerie A. Villa             Wagner
Jesse L. Suggs           Amie M. Szeto                                   David Toise                                      Luz D. Valenzuela
                                                 Robert J. Thiele                                 Geraldine S. Tsukiji                             Nancy G. Villalobos         Michelle A. Wagner
Ralph T. Sugimoto, Jr.   Kathleen Taheri                                 Je ery S. Tokunaga                               Christine E. Valine
                                                 Ellen and Wayne                                  Carolyn M. Tucker                                Christina Villaruel         Terence F. Wagner II
Mr. and Mrs. Alan F.     Andrew D. Tait                                  Julie B. Tomasin                                 Roger and Marie
                                                  Thivierge                                       Ellen B. Tucker                                  Oscar E. Villegas           John and Therese
 Sullivan                                                                Grant T. Tomioka                                  Valine
                         David J. Takacs         Terry and Glenda                                 Perry K. Tudor                                   William M. Villegas II       Wagner
Bill Sullivan                                                            David and Christina                              John A. Vallandigham
                         Marilynn A. Takagishi    Thomas                                          Anthony D. Tuosto                                Roseline N. Vincent         Fawzi I. Wahhab
Janeta M. Sullivan                                                        Tomlinson                                       Rosalind Van Auker
                         Marjorie S. Takahashi   Howard R. Thomas                                 Barbara A. Turner                                Theresa A. Vinciguerra      Suzy R. Wahlborg
Michael and Kristine                                                     Bradley A. Tonks                                 James W. Van Heuit
                         Sandra H. Takaki        James and Kay                                    Daniel Key Turner III                            Rose Leigh Vines            Christopher and
 Sullivan                                                                Nancy and Chris
                         Beverly P. Takizawa      Thomas                                                                  Bruce L. Van Houten                                   Jacqueline Wait
Marilee J. Sullivan                                                       Tooker                  Daniel and Sarita                                Deborah J. Viney
                         Nancy Talamantes        John D. Thomas                                    Turner                 Gerard Van Koersel                                   Sharon A. Waite
Petra S. Sullivan                                                        Marc and Lillian Tool                                                     Joel J. Violett
                         Valerie L. Talley       Ronald B. Thomas                                 Julie Turner            Diane E. Van Maren                                   Karen S. Waldemarson
Timothy L. Sullivan                                                      Dennis H. Tootelian                                                       Louis A. Vismara
                         Je rey L. Tally         Treva Y. Thomas                                  Kina Turner             Donna B. Van Noy                                     Albert and Carolyn
Karen C. Sumida                                                          Geilan K. Toppozada                                                       Robert L. Vitale
                         Lucy Tam                Wanda G. Thomas                                  Rosemary A. Turner      William G. Van                                        Walden
Delores L. Summers                                                       Jean E. Torcom                                                            Kirt S. Vitt
                                                 Donna L. Thomason                                                         Velkinburg                                          Clare M. Walejko
                         Doreen Tamayo                                                            Ralph D. Turrentine                              Anita C. Vivanco
Susan A. Sundell                                                         Mr. and Mrs. John W.                             Jerrie Van Vliet
                         Ryu and Amy Tanaka      Norma L. Thomason                                Anthony and Candace                                                          Gloria B. Walker
Sandra F. Sup                                                             Torgerson                                                                Eric and Leticia
                                                 Erin Elaine                                       Tutt                   Wim L. Van                                           Jan Walker
                         Eleanor Y. Tanaka                               Eric D. Torguson                                                           Vodden
Kelli Surawski                                    Thomas-Rose                                                              Warmerdam
                         Victoria R. Tanforan                                                     Robert E. Tuttle                                 Jean R. Voegele             Joan Walker
Jessica L. Surprenant                                                    Thomas G. Tornell                                Elizabeth E. Van Zandt
                                                 David S. Thompson                                Sharon J. Tuttle                                                             Jon R. Walker
                         Gary W. Tang                                    Marie A. Torregrosa                                                       Robert B. Vogel
Kenneth H. Susskind                              Deborah C.                                                               Ronald J. Vance
                         Harriet A. Taniguchi                                                     Charlotte Tyler                                  Christopher J. Voight       Kathleen McCray
Patrick L. Sutcli e                               Thompson               Ernesto P. Torres                                F. Cardinal and C.
                                                                                                  Mitchell A. Tyler                                                             Walker
                         Anthony J. Tannehill                            Richard J. Torres                                 VanCowenberghe          Joy Z. Vollmer
Michael B. Sutter                                Mark D. Thompson                                                                                                              Larry F. Walker
                         Elvis Tanson                                                             Celeste Tzikas                                   Ruben G. Volta
Nannette T. Sutter                               Rebecca Thompson        Richard R. Toubman                               Jan C. Vandewetering
                                                                                                  Virginia S. Uchida                                                           Les J. Walker
                         Jesus G. Tarango                                Barbara J. Tracy                                 Bill Vang                Elizabeth von Werlhof

                                                                                                                                         S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Individual donors                 continued
                                                  Ann T. Weldy
                                                  Bill H. Welker
                                                  Cheryl A. Wellington
                                                                         Robert P. Wichert
                                                                         Evelyn T. Wicks
                                                                         Kathryn L. Widenmann
                                                                                                 Kathryn A. Wilshusen
                                                                                                 Betty J. Wilson
                                                                                                 Bonnie J. Wilson
                                                                                                                          Caren K. Wong
                                                                                                                          Cli ord C. Wong
                                                                                                                          Eric W. Wong
                                                                                                                                                  Chre Xiong and Kia
                                                                                                                                                  Ia Xiong
                                                                                                                                                                           John and Mary Young
                                                                                                                                                                           Karen C. Young
                                                                                                                                                                           Leah A. Young
                                                  David S. Wells         Myrtle Eklof Widmark    Craig B. Wilson          Fannie F. Wong          Sai Xiong                Martin H. Young
 Matthew and Marian      Robert W. Wassmer
  Walker                                          Linda C. Wells         Donna J. Wiese          Daniel L. Wilson         Gilbert D. Wong         Randolph K. Yackzan      Carl E. Youngstrom
                         Randy Watanabe
 Timothy M. Walker                                James H. Wenckus       Eugene and Dorine       Gwenell L. Wilson        Jack Wong               Joyce Carol Ya e         Dr. Salah Yousif
                         Sandra J. Waterman
 Dale Wall                                        John A. Wendell         Wiese                  Je rey Wilson            Janet Wong              Patrick J. Yager         Richard R. Yrigoyen
                         Richard M. Waters
 Corrine E. Wallace                               Phyllis E. Wendt       Frederick and Judy      John T. Wilson           Janlee Wong             Lena Yakovlef            Steve Cho-Sui Yuen
                         Alice Katherine
                                                                          Wiesner                                                                 Kay Yamada
 Gary W. Wallace          Watkins                 Deborah L. Weninger                            Joyce M. Wilson          Johnny A. Wong                                   Terri K. Yuen-Chan
                                                                         Tami A. Wiggins                                                          Fusako Yamamoto
 Kevin and Pamela        Molly A. Watkins         Luella K. Wenneker                             Keri K. Wilson           Lana F. Wong                                     Gary F. Yung
  Wallace                                                                Suto Wijoyo                                                              Helen K. Yamamoto
                         Sarah E. Watkins         Francine C. West                               Nancy R. Wilson          Raymond Wong                                     Bill S. Yurong
 Mary D. Wallace                                                         James J. Wilburn                                                         Victor K. Yamamoto
                         Karen E. Watson          Karl A. West                                   Stephen M. Wilson        Regan S. Wong                                    Peter and Cheryl
 Nancy Lee Wallace                                                       Rashidah T. Wiley                                                        Dr. and Mrs. Tohru        Zakskorn
                         Marjorie Bunett          Vearis Westbrooks                              Todd and Teri Wilson     Jack F. Woo
 Scott M. Wallach         Watson                                         Rayburn D. Wiley                                                          Yamanaka                Panagiota Zaloni
                                                  Tina M. Westerhold                             Todd Wilson              Phillip S. Wood
 Nancy H. Wallinder      Susana Watson                                   Thomas E. Wiley                                                          Nancy Nim-Chi Yan        Celia A. Zamora
                                                  Susan Westerlund                               John J. Wilt II          Shelley J. Wood
 David A. Wallis         Marcellene L.                                   Todd M. Wilhite                                                          Yvonne H. Yanes          Angela J.
                                                  Jodi L. Westfall                               Amber L. Wiltermood      John and Carol
 Denise M. Wall-Parilo    Watson-Derbigny                                Susan Jane Wilke                                  Woodhouse              Bruce A. Yarwood          Zamora-Castillo
                                                  Alice Westreich                                Mary F. Wimberly
 Judith E. Walls         Josephine E. Watts                              Jean Willeford                                   Kevin D. Woodruff        Keith Yarwood            Mark A. Zampella
                                                  Lorna L. Westrick                              Mike and Carolyn
 Billie J. Walters       Madeline A. Watts                               Grant H. Willes          Wimple                  Henry C. Woodrum, Jr.   Juliana G. Yaser         Denise Y. Zanders
                                                  Sean T. Westrick
 Michael S. Walters      Joe Waugh III                                   Carol L. Willett        Jenine L.                Gina D. Woods           Mr. and Mrs. Michael     Sally A. S. Zanotti
                                                  Judy E. Wettstein
                         Katherine E. Waugh                              Gregory and Karen        Windeshausen                                     W. Yatabe               Thomas J. Zanze
 Pamela E. Walton                                 Gregory M. Wetzel                                                       Margenia Lynette
                         Barbara Ruth Wauters                             Willett                Melvin D. Windley, Jr.    Woods                  Christy Yates            Donna M. Zaru
 Kenneth J. Wambach                               Steven G. Wharton
                         Paula D. Weatherby                              Annie H. Willey         Marlene Ellen Winegar    Virgil W. Woods, Jr.    Dianne P. Yauch          James A. Zarzana
 Sonny C. Wan                                     Barbara C. Wheeler
                         Gary V. Webbenhurst                             Daren S. Willey         Amalia E. Winegardner    Patty Woodward          Inna Yavniy              Gary D. Zavoral
 Grace L. Wang                                    James W. Wheeler
                         Ronald C. Weethee                               Barry William           Geo rey M. Winford       Mary J. Wordlaw         Dennis E. Yeast          Joyce C. Zdyrka
 Hong Wang                                        Richard A. Wheeler
                         Hua Qi Wei                                      Gay William             Julie Ilene Wing         Burky Hindman Worel     Alice O. Yee             Adam and Katherine
 Terry L. Wanless                                 Tim Wheeler
                         Ruth Sta ord                                    Clivetta Williams       Christopher M. Wink      Harriette H. Work       Daniel and Rosalie Yee    Zedonis
 Lauren Wantland                                  Kristen G. Whipple
                          Weidenman                                      Cynthia D. Williams     Je rey A. Winston        Maria Workman           Donald J. Yee            John D. Zeltin
 Ann L. Ward                                      Edward D. Whisler
                         Christina Weidinger                             Bernard K. and Judith   Kevin J. Winter          Nathalee Workman        Edwin G. Yee             Mary D. Zeppa
 Lavina M. Ward                                   William and Nancy
                         Karl and Heidi Weiland                           A. Williams                                                             James W. Yee             Mr. and Mrs. John A.
 Lida S. Ward                                      Whitaker                                      Margery H. Winter        Patricia C. Worley
                         Lou Weintraub                                   Lavonne Williams                                                         Joseph Yee and Mary       Zetz
 Marine Warden                                    Merry L. Whitcomb                              Michael H. Winter        Janet L. Wright
                         Louis Weintraub                                 Phyllis J. Williams                                                       Ching                   Joe Zhou
 Jeline H. Ware                                   Arthur N. White                                Susan E. Winterlin       Julie A. Wright
                         Kim and Sharon Weir                             Rachel O. Williams                                                       Michael P. Yee           Mr. and Mrs. John B.
 Jennifer D. Ware                                 Dolores E. White                               Marilyn B. Winters       Kathleen Graham
                                                                         Roy G. Williams                                                          Jody L. Yepson            Zieminski
                         Daniel A. Weiser                                                        Robert and Meesook        Wright
 William N. Ware                                  Donna F. White                                                                                                           Gail Ann Zimmerman
                         Marsha                                          Stanley and Mary         Wissmath                Lois Wright             Janean A. Yingling
 Anita L. Warmelink                               Geneva A. White         Williams                                                                                         Gilbert A. Zimmerman
                          Weis-Niegmann                                                          Laura E. Witwer          Michael T. Wright       Kenneth and Francine
 Charles L. Warren                                Katie S. White         Trayce L. Williams                                                        Yorde                   Patricia A. Zimmerman
                         Paula H. Weiss                                                          William and Susan        Pam F. Wright
 Harvey L. Warren                                 Sharon A. White        Arthur Williamson                                                        Donald and Angela        William H. Zook
                         Brian Weitzel                                                            Wohle                   Patti L. Wright
 Nancy A. Warren                                  Tori M. White          Charles K. Williamson                                                     York                    Frederick P. Zscheile
                         Diane Deneen Welch                                                      Marilyn D. Wolf          Robert W. Wright
 Patrick M. Warren                                Wilderich A. White     Mr. and Mrs. John A.                                                     James P. York            David and Claudia
                         Geri M. Welch                                                           Judy and Frank Wolfe     Rollin A. Wright
 Paul W. Warren                                   Kenneth D.              Williamson                                                              Trevor and Joleen York    Zuercher
                         Kenneth P. Welch                                                        Richard A. Wolfe         Kellie M. Wuchter
 Richard J. Warren                                 Whit eld, Sr.         Ronald and Susan                                                         Kerry M. Yoshida         Stanley W. Zumbiel
                         Ray Welch                                                               Diana M. Wol             Cecilia I. Wycko
 Eric W. Washburn                                 Thomas J. Whit eld      Williamson                                                              John S. Yoshikawa        Constance L. Zupan
                         Rose Welch                                                              Mary A. Wol              Charlotte Xanders
 Christina A.                                     Franklin Whitman       Cheryl S. Willis                                                         Matthew Youell and
                         Barbara A. Welcher                                                      Vaughn R. Wol e          Wen Xia
  Washington                                      Rebecca L. Whitman     Lindsey Willis                                                            Dana Mazza-Youell
                         Larry and Jean                                                          Dean E. Wolford          Xiaoying Xie
 Marlene Washington                               Mary Louise Whitsell   Gerald R. Willmett                                                       Evelyn L. Young
                          Welden                                                                 Lynda Won-Chung
                                                  David J. Whittington   Sharon M. Willocks                                                       Joel C. Young


S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
Matching Gift
Donors employed by matching gift companies can double the
value of their gifts. The matching gift program can help build
and preserve strong educational programs.

Aerojet                            Intel Corporation
American Express                   McAfee, Inc.
AT&T Corporation                   McDonald’s Corporation
The Bank of New York Mellon        Merck & Company, Inc.
                                   National Semiconductor
Bechtel Group, Inc.                 Corporation
Cardinal Health, Inc.              NML Northwestern Mutual
Cargill, Inc.                      PG&E Corporation
Chevron Corporation                Principal Financial Group
The Clorox Company                 Progressive Insurance
Duke Energy Corporation            Charles Schwab & Company,
Ecolab, Inc.                        Inc.

Edison International               Sealed Air Corporation

Franklin Templeton                 Shell Oil Company
  Investments                       Foundation

GAP, Inc.                          State Farm Companies

GenCorp                            Teledyne Electronic
General Electric
                                   Tesoro Corporation
The Guardian Life Insurance
 Company                           Tyco International
Hershey Foods Corporation          Verizon Communications, Inc.
IBM                                Wells Fargo & Company

                                                                  John Zeltin

John Zeltin
(’64, Psychology)

OCCUPATION: Marketing Manager at American Express’
corporate headquarters

to create a scholarship when he found out two of his college
pals—Bob MacIntosh (‘61, Accountancy) and Bud Travers (‘64,
Economics)—had done so.

PROGRAM SUPPORTED: The Eleanor and John Zeltin
Scholarship, named in honor of his parents. “One of the things
they valued most was education,” John says. “And they passed
that on to my sister and me.”

BONUS BENEFIT: Because his employer, American
Express, is one of more than 40 companies that take part in                                                                                 35
Sacramento State’s matching gift program, Zeltin’s initial
$5,000 gift to the University doubled, resulting in a $10,000

Zeltin’s parents went to college, the scholarship will bene t
 rst-in-family students. “I wanted to give it to students who
need help, who didn’t come with a lot of nancial support,
but are willing to work hard and get an education to better
themselves personally and nancially.”

Why I Give:
Zeltin says he wanted a way to repay the help he
had received while pursuing his own education. “I
had a lot of advantages along the way—all of us
did. I fortunately have the resources and am able
to give back.”

                                                                 S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
       e University Foundation at
     Sacramento State Annual Report
     The past year was an active and productive one for        colleges, as well as several institutional scholarships,    of University Development, meeting one-on-one
     the University Foundation Board of Directors. In an       were awarded because of the Foundation’s support.           with potential donors to strengthen ties between the
     e ort to be more closely involved with the University’s                                                               University and the community.
                                                               “ D R E A M S T O D E G R E E S”
     advancement activities, the Board took on a number
                                                               SCHOLARSHIP RECEPTION                                       PLANNED GIVING
     of initiatives designed to support the fundraising and
     stewardship capacities of the campus.                     In April, the Foundation hosted the inaugural “Dreams       Nearly 200 people attended Estate Planning 101
                                                               to Degrees” reception, which brought together               workshops last year—led by board member Mark
     D I V I S I O N O F N U R S I N G E X PA N S I O N        scholarship donors with the student recipients of           Drobny—resulting in an increase in the number
     The University Foundation Board is taking a strong        their gifts. At the event, which will become an annual      of campus and community members expressing
     leadership role helping to raise funds for the Division   gathering, a video presentation was shown which             interest in making planned gifts. The Planned Giving
     of Nursing’s relocation to, and renovation of, Folsom     featured students from the Guardian Scholars and            Advisory Committee, which serves as a resource for
     Hall, the former CalSTRS building. In response to a       Veterans Success programs as well as donor and              trends and developing additional leads for planned
     $500,000 grant from The Frank M. and Gertrude R.          Foundation Board member Muriel Johnson. President           gifts, added new membership that strengthened its
     Doyle Foundation, the Board vowed to raise $500,000       Alexander Gonzalez and donor Dale Carlsen also              expertise in investments and retirement planning.
     in matching funds for the nursing program.                addressed the gathering. The students had the
                                                                                                                           ENDOWMENT FUNDS
                                                               opportunity to personally thank their benefactors,
     BRIDGE FUNDING                                                                                                        The year saw the creation of more than 20 new
                                                               and those donors were able to see rst-hand that
     The endowment managed by the University                   the investments they had made was going to a very           endowments and scholarships. The College
     Foundation, like endowments across the country,           worthy cause.                                               Assistance Migrant Program, the Department of
     continues to deal with lower-than-hoped-for                                                                           Music, Guardian Scholars, the College of Education,
     earnings. To ensure that quali ed students in need        CO M M I T T E E AC T I V I T I E S                         Intercollegiate Athletics and the One Book program
     of nancial support were able to progress toward a         In addition to raising funds for the Division of Nursing,   were among the recipients of the funds.
     degree, the Foundation again provided more than           several members of the Board of Directors are assisting
     $38,000 in bridge funds to enable the campus to           in other e orts such as the Foundation’s Audit,
     meet all its scholarship commitments. Thirty-six          Investment and Donor Relations committees. Board
     scholarships, representing students from each of the      members are also working in concert with the O ce

     For more information on the University Foundation at Sacramento State, visit www.csus.edu/universityfoundation.

The University Foundation at Sacramento State                                                            THE UNIVERSITY FOUNDATION AT SACRAMENTO STATE
                                                                                                         Board of Directors 2009–10
The University Foundation at Sacramento State         The funds designated for endowment provide
was established in 1986 as a 501(c)(3) auxiliary      perpetual support for scholarship, academic        Alexander Gonzalez, President               Muriel Johnson
of the University. It is the University’s primary     and campus programs. The principal of the          George M. Crandell, Chair                   Ann Perez ’78 and ’88
philanthropic auxiliary and partner in achieving      endowed fund is invested, and a percentage of      Carole Hayashino, Secretary                 Holly Tiche ’89
its annual philanthropic goal.                        annual earnings is expended in support of the      Pam Stewart, Chief Financial O cer          Patricia Clark-Ellis, Faculty
                                                      endowment’s purpose.                                                                           Representative
Donors may give gifts to The University                                                                  Bill Campbell ’67, MBA ’70, Chair,
                                                                                                         Investment Committee                        Ann Stoltz ’91, ’95, Faculty
Foundation at Sacramento State for speci c            The University Foundation at Sacramento                                                        Representative
                                                                                                         Fred Teichert ’95, Chair,
campus purposes and obtain tax bene ts in             State is annually audited by an independent
                                                                                                         Development Committee                       Austin Sihoe, Student
accordance with State of California and United        public accounting rm to ensure compliance                                                      Representative
                                                                                                         Tina Treis ’80, Chair, Audit
States federal laws.                                  with corporate governance requirements of          Committee
                                                      the State of California and the California State                                               Ex-O cio Members
Expendable funds cover a broad range of                                                                  Sonney Chong
                                                      University system.                                                                             Craig Barth, UEI
uses—from such purposes as scholarships,                                                                 William Collard ’57
                                                                                                                                                     Mike Lee
faculty development and the expansion of              For more information on the University             Brian Cooley ’98
                                                                                                                                                     Vince A. Sales
academic and student programs and services,           Foundation at Sacramento State contact             Mark Drobny, Planned Giving
                                                                                                         Advisory Board Chair                                                         37
to the construction of new facilities—and             (916) 278-7043.
they include the “annual funds” that provide
discretionary support for departments and
colleges on campus.

                                   2006-07           2007-08             2008-09           2009-10

  CAPITAL ASSETS                      17,399           28,330               24,563           18,466

     EXPENDABLE                    9,393,334         6,920,889           4,367,958        5,368,328
     ENDOWED                       9,212,779        12,030,672          12,732,041       15,785,579

  UNRESTRICTED FUNDS                 614,712          285,279              345,803          440,540

  TOTAL NET ASSETS               19,238,234         19,265,170          17,470,365       21,612,913

                                                                                                         Back row, from left: Ann Perez, Mark Droby, Craig Barth, Sonney Chong,
                                                                                                         President Alexander Gonzalez, Tina Treis, Fred Teichert, Bill Campbell and
                                                                                                         Vince Sales. Bottom row, from left: Muriel Johnson, Pam Stewart, George
                                                                                                         Crandell, Patricia Clark-Ellis, Carole Hayashino and Holly Tiche.
Summary of Philanthropic Support for 2009-10
                   To supplement the basic support provided by the State, each                      Philanthropic support is received through the University and its primary
                   campus in the California State University system is expected to                  philanthropic partner, The University Foundation at Sacramento State,
                   raise private support and to meet an established philanthropic                   as well as other auxiliaries such as University Enterprises, Inc., which
                   productivity goal. This philanthropic productivity goal is set                   manages grants for the University, Associated Students, Inc., and Capital
                   based on the campus’ annual State appropriation and represents                   Public Radio, which is licensed through Sacramento State.
                   a percentage of its general operating budget. At Sacramento
                                                                                                    Alumni, business and community supporters, and other friends of
                   State, philanthropic support includes gifts (both cash and in-kind),
                                                                                                    Sacramento State again showed their support for the University over
                   pledges, grants from private foundations, and testamentary
                                                                                                    the past year, providing nearly $10 million in private contributions in
                   commitments through estate plans.
                                                                                                    spite of the tough economic times.

DEVELOPMENT GOALS AND RESULTS                                 SOURCES OF SUPPORT                                           DISTRIBUTION OF GIFTS
                                                                         11%                             3%                                                                   27%
$ 20,000,000
$ 16,000,000
$ 14,000,000                                                    21%                                                                                                                    5%
$ 12,000,000
$ 10,000,000
 $ 8,000,000
 $ 6,000,000
 $ 4,000,000                                                                                                                                                                      38%
 $ 2,000,000
                    2006/7        2007/8   2008/9   2009/10
                                                                      ■ Friends of the University   ■ Alumni                       ■ Campus and College Programs   ■ Endowments
               ■ CSU Goal                                             ■ Foundations                 ■ Organizations                ■ Capital Public Radio          ■ Current Use Scholarships
               ■ Total Gift Commitments                               ■ Corporations

                                                                                              New Endowments
                                                                                               & Scholarships
                                                                                                    The following new named scholarships and
                                                                                                  endowment funds were established in 2009-2010.

                                                                                                   Dr. Armando Ayala Memorial Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                           Chevron CAMP Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                Chevron Mathematics and Statistics Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                      Professor Robert J. Else Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                           Fine Arts Piano Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                          John C. Gist Book Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                  Dr. Gordon Glabe & Dr. Stanley Hughart Memorial
                                                                                                              Scholarship Endowment
                                                                                                     Jamie Gonzales Memorial Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                         Robert S. Guardino Scholarship Fund
                                                                                              Julianne Marie Huerta Memorial Scholarship Endowment
                                                                                            College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                Ose Family Honors Program Scholarship Endowment
                                                                                                      Dr. A. Maurice Poe Memorial Endowment
                                                                                                 Sacramento State Mayoral Internship Program Fund
                                                                                                             Otis L. Scott Scholarship Fund
                                                                                               Sleep Train’s Ticket to Dream Scholarship Program Fund
                                                                                                           John Smith Baseball Endowment
                                                                                             Sociology Student Activity Support Fund Scholarship Fund
                                                                                                  Voula Steinberg Memorial Mathematics Program
                                                                                                                  Fund Endowment
  This honor roll re ects all who have contributed gifts to Sacramento State recorded
                                                                                                     Students with Disabilities Scholarship Fund
   between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010. We have made every e ort to ensure the
                                                                                                              Verizon One Book Program
accuracy of each name. Please accept our apologies for any incorrect listing or omission,
                                                                                                      Eleanor and John Zeltin Scholarship Fund
and let us know about the error by sending an email to Sue Garcia, garcias@csus.edu, or
       by calling the Development O ce at (916) 278-6989.    Thank you.

                                                                                                     S AC R A M E N T O S TAT E   | H O N O R R O L L O F D O N O R S 0 9 -10
                               California State University, Sacramento   Non-profit Org.
                               O ce of University Advancement             U.S. Postage
                               6000 J Street                                  PAID
                               Sacramento, CA 95819-6026                 Sacramento, CA
                               76800102                                   Permit No. 47

Giving the Gift of Education
         c s u s . e d u

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