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					          Azalea Sales Training

Wireless Market – Background & Perspective
Azalea Company Overview
Product Overview
Competitive Positioning
Challenge: Capacity
Challenge: Video Transport & Performance
Challenge: Mobility & Roaming
Customer Examples
   Top reasons for installation problems
Distribution Channel Program
On-Line Tools & Aids
   Budgeting a System
   Qualification Questions
                            Wireless Market…..
                         Background & Perspective

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Wireless Network Topologies

           Point-to-Point                         Multipoint

                                    Mesh Networking

                        2.4 Wi-Fi
    4.9 Public
Safety Access
     Wireless Broadband……A Timeline
              MMDS 2.5Ghz; AT&T, Sprint BB….Expensive, no business
Mid 1990s
              case, installation issues

              Indoor Wifi “packaged” outdoor; i.e. Orinoco
Late 1990s    Outdoor “fixed” BB proprietary products; Alvarion, Proxim
              Outdoor PTP products; Microwave, Western Mux

              Outdoor “fixed” BB proprietary products; Moto-Canopy,
                      Trango, Alvarion, Proxim
              Outdoor Mesh products; Tropos, BelAir, Strix, Mesh
2001 - 2004           Networks, Firetide (Start of Muni Wifi)
              Less robust mesh products: Fluidmesh
              Outdoor PTP products; Microwave, Western Mux
              Less robust PTP products; MicroTec

              Outdoor “fixed” BB; WISPS
2005 - Now    Outdoor Mesh BB; application focus
              Outdoor PTP products; high-end enterprise needs
              WiMAX; carrier play
        Radio Spectrum – North America

2.4 Ghz “unlicensed”: 802.11b/g/n(Wifi), Mesh, PTP, Fixed BB, other uses

5Ghz (5.1, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7) “unlicensed”: 802.11a, Mesh, PTP, Fixed BB, other uses

900Mhz “unlicensed”: Fixed BB, Mesh, other uses

2.5Ghz “licensed”: WiMAX, proprietary products

3.5Ghz “licensed”: WiMAX, proprietary products

Future (2011):
700 Mhz: Carrier (LTE)
         Wireless Network Topologies

        Applications: Wi-Fi, BB Data Access, Video, VoIP, Mobility
        Players: Azalea, Firetide, BelAir, Cisco, Strix, Motorola, Tropos

        Applications: Wisps (Cable, DSL replacement)
        Players: Motorola, Alvarion, Trango

        Applications: Enterprise connections
        Players: Dragonwave, Ceragon, Redline, Motorola, Exalt, Proxim
                         Company Overview
                          “Elevator Pitch”

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
    Bringing network intelligence to broadband wireless
   through an innovative wireless routing technology that
       sets new standards in price and performance

 Azalea-at-a-Glance
    • HQ in Silicon Valley and R&D in Beijing       Major Markets
    • 120 employees worldwide, 50 engineers         • Service Providers
                                                    • Government
    • Nine patents pending; two issued              • Industrial Enterprise
 The Azalea Difference
    •   Scalable capacity
    •   Broadcast quality video                     •   Wi-Fi Mobility
    •   Seamless mobility                           •   Video Surveillance
                                                    •   Public Safety
    •   Delivering superior performance and price   •   Last Mile Access
  What is Unique about Azalea Networks?
A Next Generation Solution……
  ONLY mesh solution with true “Layer-3
   & Routing” design for network
   intelligence and superior performance
                                            Major Markets
                                            • Service Providers
                                            • Government
  Higher capacity and scalability across   • Industrial Enterprise
   multiple hops
  Only network transport designed for      •   Wi-Fi Mobility
                                            •   Video Surveillance
   video                                    •   Public Safety
                                            •   Last Mile Access

  Integrated seamless roaming & mobility
                                            Flexible & Scalable
  Best price-performance available               Design

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
               Wireless Video Surveillance with AVTTM

                Azalea’s wireless infrastructure delivers capacity and

                 optimized transmission for video surveillance
                Flexible and rapid placement of cameras
                   • No in-ground cable laying necessary
                   • Scales to support large coverage areas
                   • Broadcast quality, real-time images
                Patent-pending AVT (Active Video Transmission )
                   •   Deep packet inspection to prioritize video traffic
                   •   Adaptive jitter removal
                   •   In-network retransmission
                   •   Automatic buffering
                   •   High quality multicast ability
               Azalea Wireless Enabled Video Surveillance

                Surveillance Center,                                                                     Office,
                 IPTV Dist. Center              Mesh Network                                           Residence

                                                                                                       City Streets
                                                                                                        Oil Fields,
                                                                                                      Factory floors


                                       Mesh Backhaul           Mesh Access (fixed and mobile video)
               Industrial Strength Wi-Fi HotZones

                Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Coverage

                   • 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi access
                   • Indoor and outdoor coverage
                   • 16 SSIDs for each radio
                Supports Multiple User Groups
                   • Virtual LANS
                   • Quality of Service
                Highly Security
                   • Authentication
                   • Access control
                   • AES, TKIP encryption
               High Speed Mobility with MotrixTM

                                       High-speed mobile access over a Wi-Fi

                                        mesh Network
                                         • In-vehicle routers link to mesh and support
                                             local Wi-Fi connectivity
                                         •   Public Wi-Fi access within transit vehicles
                                             allows roaming by riders of trains and buses
                                       Layer-3 IP Roaming and fast handoff
                                         • Seamless vehicle roaming at up to 60 mph
                                         • Fast roaming across IP subnets ensures
                                             scalability and metro-scale deployment.
                                         •   Security provisions separate public users
                                             from municipal agency traffic
                                         •   Allows mobile vehicle to act as access point
                                             for portable voice, video, or data devices
                                             outside vehicle… particularly useful for first
               Emergency Response Wireless Networks

                Support for the 4.9 GHz public safety spectrum

                Temporary & disaster recovery networks
                VoIP Communications
                Video Surveillance

          Video Surveillance       Data Access            Reporting   Incident Response
Compelling Markets for Wireless

                                     Oil & Gas Exploration and
    Campus Settings

    Construction                     Chemical Production & Refining

    Iron Works & Steel Mills         Mining & Quarrying

    Lumber & Paper Processing        Airports

    Municipalities – Public Safety   Ports & Transportation Logistics
                         Azalea Products

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Flexible and Scalable Network Deployment

                Point-to-Point                      Point-to-

                          2.4 Wi-Fi

         4.9 Public

 • Self-forming mesh expands coverage area
 • Long range between wireless routers
 • Load balancing across multiple wired gateways
                         The Azalea Product Family



                                                                                         Four radio outdoor
                                                                                          mesh router for
                                                                   Two radio outdoor       network core
                                                                    mesh router for      backhaul & access
                                               Single radio          network edge
                                              outdoor mesh         backhaul & access
                          Two radio indoor   router for video
                           mesh router for      backhaul
                           Wireless LANs
                              $1,350          $1,400-1,600             $2,400 - $2,500      $3,400 - $3,500
Azalea Architecture
                     Edge Access


                    Mesh Core


MSR2000 Outdoor Wireless Router
High Performance Edge Wireless Router

 Features
    • Two software configurable radios: 2.4 , 4.9 - 5.8 GHz
    • Two product versions:
        • 2 x 100mw, or
        • 1 x 100mw and1 x 400mw (b/g only)
    • Single 10/100 Ethernet Interface
                                                        Wi-Fi              Video Surveillance
    • Ruggedized enclosure: -40 to 55 ℃               HotZone
 Major applications
    • Wi-Fi edge coverage                                  Wi-Fi Access
    • Video surveillance

                                                 Directional antenna for    Two directional antennas
                                                 backhaul and an omni         for mesh backhaul
                                                antenna for Wi-Fi access
MSR4000 Outdoor Wireless Router
High Capacity Core Wireless Router

 Features
    • Four software configurable radios: 2.4 , 4.9 - 5.8 GHz
    • Two product versions:
        • 4 x 100mw, or
        • 3x 100mw and 1x 400mw (b/g)
    • Ruggedized enclosure: -40 to 55 ℃
    • Two 10/100 Ethernet interfaces
 Major applications
    • Large-scale wireless coverage
    • Video surveillance
    • Government multi-use networks

                                                    Directional antennas for
                                                     backhaul and an omni
                                                    antenna for Wi-Fi access
MST200 Multi-service Terminal Device
Designed for dedicated, optimized outdoor video surveillance transmission
 Features
    •   2.4G or 5 GHz models
    •   400mW transmit power
    •   30 degree built in antenna
    •   Two 10/100 Ethernet Interfaces
    •   Operating temperature: -40-55℃
 Applications                                            Video
    • Optimized for video surveillance transmission    Surveillance
    • Long range transmission of up to 6 miles             Long-range
    • Mobile applications with external antenna

                                                       Camera connected
                                                        Via Ethernet Port
Web-based Configuration
NMS1000 Network Management System

 Full Network Management
   • Automates major management tasks
   • Automatic discovery of network topology
   • Automatic collection of traffic data for reports
     generation, charting and analysis
   • Remote upgrades images in batches
 Performance and Client Monitoring
   • Traffic throughput and link quality
   • Historical performance
   • Network client information
 Fault Management
   • Network events & alarms
   • Alarm filtering & management
                         Competitive Positioning

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Evolution of Mesh Networking

                                                                           4th Generation
                                                                          • Multi-radio
                                                                                                         Citywide Zones,
                                                                          • Directional antennas
                                                                                                         High-res Video,
Performance & Scalability

                                                                          • Layer 3 Routing
                                                                                                         Voice, and Mobility
                                                         3rd Generation
                                                         • Multi-radio
                                                         • Directional antennas                    Hot Zones,
                                                         • Layer 2 bridging                        Low-res Video

                                       2nd Generation
                                      • Dual radio
                                      • Omni-directional antennas                           Indoor & Outdoor
                                      • Layer 2 bridging                                    Hot Spots
                            1st Generation
                            • Single radio
                            • Omni-directional antenna                               Indoor Access
                            • Layer 2 bridging

                                                                 Technology Evolution
  What is Unique about Azalea Networks?
A Next Generation Solution……
  ONLY mesh solution with true “Layer-3
   & routing” design for network
   intelligence and superior performance

                                            Major Markets
  Higher capacity and scalability across   • Service Providers
   multiple hops                            • Government
                                            • Industrial Enterprise

  Only network transport designed for
   video                                    •   Wi-Fi Mobility
                                            •   Video Surveillance
                                            •   Public Safety
  Integrated seamless roaming & mobility   •   Last Mile Access

  Best price-performance available
     Competitors….Azalea Selling Points
Firetide – Higher priced, Layer-2 bridge, multiple box design, lack of scalability
(25 max), performance across hops, weak channel, challenges with video &

Motorola – Higher priced, Layer-2 bridge, 2 radio and 4 radio design, lack of
scalability, performance across hops, weak channel and direct sales,
challenges with video & mobility

Strix – Higher priced, Layer-2 bridge, lack of scalability, performance across
hops, weak channel, challenges with video & mobility

Tropos – Higher priced, Layer-2 bridge, lack of scalability, performance across
hops, weak channel, challenges with video & mobility

BelAir – Higher priced, Layer-2 bridge, large, carrier focused, weak channel,
challenges with video & mobility

Cisco – Higher priced, Layer-2 bridge, weak acquisition, lack of scalability,
challenges with video & mobility
                         Capacity and Performance

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Azalea AWR Maintains Network Integrity


                        Wi-Fi                                     B
                                                Wi-Fi         Wi-Fi

                                                                          AWR : True Layer 3 Peer-
                                                                          to-Peer Routing
Traditional Mesh:                                                            Full network intelligence
Tree Architecture                                                            Fast convergence
                                        Wi-Fi                                Radio-aware
All traffic goes through a
 gateway                                                Gateway              Proven higher performance

Non-optimal routes, latency

Single point of failure

                       Wired Backhaul                         Tree routing path between node A and B
                      Optimal paths to the gateway           AWR routing path between node A and B
                      Alternate back-up routes
Solving the Capacity Challenge
With typical “bridging” single backhaul radio networks user throughput
 and critical video quality degrades dramatically with just a few hops
Solving the Capacity Challenge

Azalea’s routed multi-radio, multi-channel architecture and AVT ™
ensures virtually no image quality degradation over multiple hops

                Scalable and most cost-effective
Industry Leading Capacity
                         Video Transport & Performance

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Video Packets over IP Networks….Challenges

          Source                            Destination
                                           B    A   E     C   D
                                           Out of order packets

                                           B    B   C     C   D
  A   B    C   D    E
                              IP Network
                                           Duplicated packets
Constant rate video packets
                                                B         D   E

                                           Lost packets

                                           A B          CDE

                                           Various delayed packets
Azalea’s Video Transmission Architecture
                              Routed Azalea
  Ingress Point               Wireless Network
    ( Video is
 Processed here)

         MSR or
                                                              Egress Point
                                                          ( Processed Video
                                                          is recovered here)
                                                 MSR or


            Per link video transmission quality guarantee
       ONLY wireless system with “Video Aware” capabilities
What is Unique?
………Active Link Transport (ALT)
  Presentation           MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264

  Session                RTP/RTCP

  Transport              TCP/UDP              ALT
                                               Implemented in each
  Network                IP/DiffServ          router to ensure video
                                              smooth transmission
    • Layer 2.5 Protocol                      Designed to minimize
    • Operated in each link                   wireless packet loss

                                              World’s first “coordinated”
  Link                   802.11a/b/g/n        video transport

  Physical               2.4GHz/5.8GHz OFDM
What is Unique?
…….Active Video Transport (AVT)
  Presentation          MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264    AVT
                                             Only network transport to
  Session               RTP/RTCP             understand video

    AVT                                      Build in reliable frame
    • Layer 4.5 Protocol                     transport protocol
    • Operated end to end
                                             Video decoder timing
  Transport             TCP/UDP

  Network               IP/DiffServ

  Link                  802.11a/b/g/n

  Physical              2.4GHz/5.8GHz OFDM
Presentation Layer Video Technologies

Presentation     MPEG2/MPEG4/H.264

                                      1. Deep Packet
                                         Inspection (DPI)
Session          RTP/RTCP             2. Adaptive Jitter
                                         Removal (AJR)
Transport        TCP/UDP              3. Packet Loss
                                         Avoidance (PLA)
Network          IP/DiffServ
                                      World’s 1st Layer-7
Link             802.11a/b/g/n           technologies in
                                         wireless transport
Physical         2.4GHz/5.8GHz OFDM
                                      Optimizes digital video
                    Roaming & Mobility Management

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Solving Mobility Challenges With Motrix™
                         Fast roaming at up to 70 mph
                         Seamless roaming across IP
                            subnets ensures scalability
                           In-vehicle routers link to mesh
                           Security provisions separate
                            public from government traffic


Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Beijing Olympics Wireless Network
CECT-Chinacomm Deploys “Wireless Beijing” Municipal
Network with Azalea

                                       Cover 50 km2 of
                                       Further expansion is
                                       Wireless services
                                         • Wi-Fi broadband
                                         • Mobile patrol access
                                         • Video surveillance
Video Surveillance at Lakewood Mall, CA
Lakewood Mall increases security for shoppers with Azalea

                             Increased security in parking areas by deploying
                             13 cameras with an Azalea wireless network
                               • Limited line of sight and crossing major public roads
                               • No costly trenching of fiber
                               • Rapid deployment and ability to expand network

                                                    36         149
                       149                                                       157   153


China’s Largest Oil Producer Goes Wireless
Azalea Networks Selected by Daqing Oilfield Company to Deploy the
Largest Industrial Wireless Broadband Network in China
                             Deployment covers over 80 km² of China’s
                              largest oilfield; expanding to 180 km²
                                • Sixty Azalea Wireless Routers Deployed
                                • Transmits remote oil well information
                                • Video surveillance backhaul at 30 frames per
                                  second over 6 mile links
                                • Support for VoIP communications
                                • Mobile wireless access for inspection teams
                             Benefits
                                • Real time and accurate SCADA information
                                • Reduced downtime by providing remote
                                • Improved communications
     Installation Lessons Learned

Proper planning for scope/size of project
Site acquisition
                         Azalea Distribution Channel
                            Program… Mesh360

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Mesh360 Channel Program

 Mesh360 Advantage for VARs
   •   Great profit margins
   •   Customer value
   •   New opportunities
   •   Differentiate your business
 Program Benefits
   •   High-touch sales engagement and sales tools
   •   Increased discounts
   •   Technical support and Certification Program
   •   Demo Program
   •   Marketing campaigns and leads

The Azalea Certified Training Program

    3-Day Certification Course
    Learn to sell and install the Azalea wireless network solution
        •Product overview
        •TCP/IP overview
        •RF and antenna basics
        •RF network design
        •Labs and exam

               •   February 10-12, Denver, CO
               •   February 24-26, Atlanta, GA
               •   March 10-12, Anaheim, CA
               •   March 24-26, Boston, MA

        Visit www.azaleanet.com/customer-support for more info
                         On-Line Tools & Aids

Brian Carlson
VP & GM, North America
Capacity, Scalability and Performance

Azalea’s Layer-3 routed, multi-radio architecture delivers the cost
efficiency of wireless with superior capacity, scalability and performance

 Industry Leading           Flexible Architecture for     Proven Performance for
 Scalable Capacity            Ease of Deployment              Voice & Video

True Layer-3 peer-to-peer     Self-selectable radios in
                                                                End-to-end QoS
     network routing            2.4, 4.9 and 5 GHz

Minimal degradation over      Point-to-Multipoint and       Spectral efficiency and
 multiple wireless hops          mesh topologies            interference mitigation

 Load sharing between        Long range links between         Video and mobility
   network gateways              wireless routers           optimized infrastructure
Your Azalea Contacts

 Frederick Harris, Director Channel Sales & Management
 408-582-1333, fharris@azaleanet.com

 Brian Carlson, VP & GM North America
  847-910-6491, bcarlson@azaleanet.com

 Paul Gassett, Director Worldwide Marketing Communications,
 314-842-1716, paul.gassett@azaleanet.com

 Thank You!

   Brian Carlson

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