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                               Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007
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   Hooked on
   big band
 Knoxville’s Eloise McMaster
  singing strong at age 75
E2        The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.       Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

Keep inventory to fall into Pumpkin dip offers all the benefits, little of the fat
 healthier eating habits
                                                                                  BY CHRIS WILLIS           of healthy skin and hair.                       reduced fat cream cheese
                                                                                   Clinical Dietitian       It is also important for                          1/8 tsp.garlic powder
                                                                              It is that time of year       preservation of mucous                            2 tbsps. taco seasoning

                                                                            when we think of pump-          membranes (important for                        (optional)
     t is autumn                                                            kins and other autumn           fighting against infections                       Optional additions: dried
     — almost. I simply                                                     harvest foods. Did you          such as the common cold).                       chipped beef
     love this time of the                                                  realize just how healthy        Most notably, vitamin A
                                                                                                            is known for its effect on                        Chopped red, yellow
     year — the beautiful                                                   pumpkins and other deep-
                                                                                                            healthy eyesight, especial-                     and/or green sweet pep-
                                                                            colored squashes really
colors that abound from                                                                                     ly for night time vision.                       pers
                                                                            are? Let me enlighten you.
our trees, the crisp, cool                                                    Pumpkins are our              Another important role of                         Mix all together until
air, the colorful mums;                                                     best source of naturally        vitamin A is maintenance                        smooth. Serve with
the pumpkins, squash
                                                 C W               occurring beta carotene         of strong bones and teeth.                      fresh veggies, crackers,
                                                C D          (vitamin A). They only            Pumpkins are one of                           chips, pretzels.
and the array of fresh                     OSF S, M M C      pack about 40 calories per      those vegetables that is                          You also could skip
apples. It is the season                                                                                    easily overlooked and,
                                                                            half-cup serving. They are                                                      the taco seasoning and
for football and hunting,                                                   fat-free and sodium-free as     unfortunately, only really
                                       What I can do well is                                                                                                garlic and replace with
and the opening season                                                      well. Additionally, they are    tastes good when made
                                       keep track of how many                                                                                               cinnamon and nutmeg
for ice hockey. Go Red                                                      a great source of fiber.        into pie, bread or other
                                                                                                                                                            spices to taste. Then it
Wings! Let us not for-                 servings of fruits and                 The recommended               higher-fat, higher-sugar
                                                                                                            treats. Nonetheless, you                        works well as a spread
get the fun and magical                vegetables I had in a                intake of vitamin A is
                                                                            800 to 1,000 milligrams or      can still acquire the health                    on bagels and apples,
holiday Halloween, my                  day as well as ounces of                                                                                             graham crackers, etc.
                                                                            Retinol Equivalents (REs)       benefits of vitamin A in
favorite! What is there                milk or other fluids. I                                              any pumpkin product you
                                                                            per day. Just a half cup
not to love about this                 intuitively know how to              of pumpkin contains over        eat.
time of year?                          balance the diet to make             2,700 milligrams of vita-         Here is an example of
   Fall is a time of reflec-           it work for me — both                min A. It is suggested that     an easy to make and deli-
                                       physically and mentally.             all Americans consume           cious (tried and true)
tion, when the summer                                                                                       snack dip using pumpkin:
                                       You see, you are what                at least one good source
blossoms die, only to                                                       of a vitamin A food every
                                       you eat and you feel                                                             Pumpkin Dip
be replaced by a more                                                       other day. Vitamin A is
                                       what you eat. Our food                                                 3/4 cup canned pumpkin
vibrant color scheme—                                                       important for the forma-
                                       is a fuel source and you                                               8 to 12 oz. of fat-free or
almost like a renewal                                                       tion and maintenance
of life. It should mean                need to fuel with high-
a time for change. A                   octane foods first before
change in wardrobe for                 you fuel with the lower                                    Because You Never Outgrow
                                       octane sources.
sure, but what about a
reflection of, and change                My suggestion to you
                                                                                                  The Need For Dental Care…
in, your own eating hab-               is this: keep a food inven-                                      Dr. Kandy Sayrs offers                                Hospice Settings
                                       tory for at least a week.
  Do you need to fall into             Refer to the example                                               Senior Discounts!                                    We provide care wherever the
                                                                                                                                                                    patient may reside
a new and healthier way                below. Simply review the                                              Your teeth need continual care, regardless       • Private Residence
of eating?                             “standard serving size”                                               of your age.                                     • Assisted Living Facility
                                       list for each food group.                                                                                              • Nursing Home
  Keeping track of num-                                                                                      Cavities come to teeth of all ages, dentures
bers has never been                    Then, when you consume                                                need to be checked regularly and gum            Join us Thursday, Nov. 15, 3-5pm
                                                                                                                                                            at The Oaks for a Soup Supper and
my forte, whether it’s                 the food or beverage,                                                 disease can be controlled with good oral
                                                                                                                                                            informational seminar on Hospice.
balancing check books                                                                                        care and regular dental checkups.                    R.S.VP. (309) 648-8869
or balancing calories.                             See INVENTORY, Page E3                                           KANDY S.
                                                                                                                   SAYRS, DDS
 ON    THE    C OVER                                                                                            FAMILY DENTISTRY
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                                       CELEBRATING 25 YEARS OF SERVING THE GALESBURG AREA.

                                WIL, PT                                                                                           MELISSA, PT
                                 Founder                                                                                                  President
                             Started the Azer                                                                                          Part of the Azer
                              family in 1982                                                                                          family since 2002
                                    872 West Dayton Street, Galesburg • 309.344.3400 •
                                                                                                                         The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007        E3

From Page E2
                                   FOOD I NVENTOR Y
                                     How many servings of each food group did you eat today? Place a check
                                   mark on the line when you eat or drink from each food group listed below.
                                   Add them up at the end of the day. See which food group you over-ate and/or
                                                                                                                                          Senior savvy
simply place a check mark
                                   under-ate and try to improve upon it the next day.
                                                                                                                                A battle over food with aging father
on the line next to the food                                                                                                        BY DEBBIE GITNER
group. From this inven-
                                     Meats/Protein alternatives:                                                                                                of seniors is to allow
                                                                                                                                   AND LINDA SULLIVAN
tory determine which
    ,                                Fruits:                                                                                      GateHouse News Service        their parents the abil-
food groups you need to              Vegetables:                                                                                                                ity to lead their life they
improve upon — whether                                                                                                        Q: My father keeps                way they want. Children
it be quantity or quality  .                                                                                                food out on the counter             want to change their
                                     Added fats:
  For example, if by the                                                                                                    even when the weather               parents and take over
                                     Candy, sweets, dessert items:                                                          is very hot, and I worry            but it is most important
end of the week you real-
ize you have only had two
                                     Water:                                                                                 about him becoming ill.             to remember they can
vegetables, then I would             Unsweetened tea, diet pop or diet/sugar free drinks:                                   How can I convince him              make their own choices
encourage you make an                                                                                                       to change his ways?                 even if we as the chil-
                                      Each Line represents “one serving.”                                                     A: Unfortunately you              dren do not agree.
effort to incorporate more            One Serving of Milk = 8 oz. (1 cup)
vegetables into your daily                                                                                                  cannot change your                    Q: I am so confused
                                      One Serving of Meat/Protein = 1 ounce of fish, poultry, beef, pork, cheese,
diet. Perhaps you could            1 egg white, 1 T. peanut butter                                                          father and his habits. He           and so completely lost
strive for four vegetables,           One Serving of Fruit = 1⁄2 cup canned, 1⁄2 cup juice, 1 small fresh fruit the         still feels that he is in           in trying to provide
at the least, during the
                                   size of a tennis ball or 1 cup cubed melon                                               charge and able to make             care for my father. Can
                                      One serving of Vegetables = 1⁄2 cup cooked or 1 cup raw                               his own decisions. What             someone help me find
next week. Better yet,                One serving of Starch/grain = 1⁄2 cup cooked potato, rice or pasta;
strive for the optimal                                                                                                      has worked for years                the right resources and
                                      1 slice of whole grain bread; 1⁄2 cup peas or corn or sweet potato; about 6
intake of at least 2 1⁄2 cups      crackers; 1 oz. of chips; 3⁄4 to 1 cup of whole grain cereal.                            will continue to work.              relieve me of my stress?
each day! And what better             One serving of fat = 1 teaspoon of butter, margarine, oil or mayo.                    Just continue to remind               A: In addition to your
time than now to include                                                                                                    him of the heat and the             father’s primary care
those harvested veg-
                                      Goal intake of each food group per day (minimum):                                     risk involved in having             physician, who most
                                      Milk/yogurt: 3 cups                                                                   food sitting on a counter.          likely has limited time
etables while including               Protein group: 5-6 ounces
the newer varieties such                                                                                                    Maybe he will only take             to help with these mat-
                                      Fruits: 2 cups
as the winter squash and              Vegetables: 2 1⁄2 cups                                                                out what he will eat and            ters, geriatric care man-
pumpkin. Instead of pota-             Grains: 6-8 (whole grains)                                                            leave that on the counter           agers are able to provide
toes at a meal, serve up
                                      Fats: 3 teaspoons or at least make sure you are choosing heart healthy                and no more than that.              an individual care plan
                                   fats such as olive oil and vegetable oils, nuts.                                           One of the most dif-
some squash. Use canned
pumpkin to make a low              ever you go. They come in                 The goal here is to strive                     ficult things for children                        See SAVVY, Page E6
fat dip by adding light            their own neat package!                   for healthy eating pat-
cream cheese and other                             ,
                                   And amazingly they seem                   terns which can enhance
seasonings.                        to get even better when                   your overall well-being
  As for fruits, this is the
time of year for apples
of all varieties. Simply
find creative ways to
                                   sliced or made into apple-
                                   sauce or even diced and
                                   added to hot cereal.
                                     The food inventory is
                                                                             and health. I wish for you
                                                                             to Fall into a healthier
                                                                               Chris Willis, M.S., R.D.,
                                                                                                                                                 Seminary Manor’s
include them. Apples are           just another means by                     C.D.E., is a clinical dieti-                         20 Anniversary Celebration
one of the easiest fruits I        which you can easily iden-                tian and certified diabetes
know that are so portable          tify diet trends without                  educator at OSF St. Mary                               and Village Family Picnic
to take with you wher-             keeping track of numbers.                 Medical Center   .                                                 Sunday, Sept. 30th
                                                                                                                                                   11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
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                                                                                                                                          • Entertainment                 and Tours
                                                                                                                                          • Door Prizes
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E4        The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.    Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

Can diseases’                        It would be wonderful
                                     if there was a cure — or
mysteries be                         at least something that
unlocked?                            would be very helpful for
          BY RYAN ORI
     GateHouse News Service
                                       The number of demen-
                                     tia patients in the United
  PEORIA — Dementia                  States could more than
can torment a family for             triple by the middle of
generations.                         the 21st century.
  Juanita Dell, a 73-year-             Alzheimer’s is the most
old from Washington, has             common cause of demen-
watched the devastating              tia.
progression from differ-               The Alzheimer’s Asso-
ent perspectives.                    ciation estimates there
  Just like her mother               are more than 5 million                                                                                           DAVID ZENTZ/GateHouse News Service
did, Dell is caring for              Americans living with                 Donald Dell, 77, and his wife Juanita Dell, 73, of Washington consult with Dr. Larry Lindahl at OSF’s
a husband suffering                  dementia. The organiza-               Institute on Aging. Donald Dell, who suffers from Alzheimer’s as well as Parkinson’s and diabetes, is par-
from Parkinson’s and                 tion estimates it could               ticipating in research on dementia at the institute.
Alzheimer’s diseases.                reach 7.7 million by 2030             than just the medical                 They are patients of               part in several types of
Juanita and Donald                   and as many as 16 mil-                community.                          Dr. Larry Lindahl, a geri-           research.
Dell, 77, also have three            lion by mid-century.                    “Right now in this                atrician at the Institute              The Institute on Aging
daughters who are baby                 The association esti-               country there are about             on Aging. Located within             does dementia assess-
boomers, a generation                mates the direct and indi-            650,000 people under the            the OSF Saint Francis                ments on the about 235
expected to swell demen-             rect costs of dementia at             age of 65 with Alzheim-             Center for Health in Peo-
tia statistics in the com-           $148 billion annually.                er’s disease,” Vulgaris             ria, the institute takes                          See DEMENTIA, Page E5
ing decades.                           “It’s a major, major cri-           said. “By Jan. 1, 2011,
  That’s why the Dells,              sis,” said Nikki Vulgaris,            10,000 baby boomers a
and millions of oth-                 executive director of the             day will turn 65 — and
ers, have their eyes on              Central Illinois Chapter              10 percent of those will
dementia research.                   of the Alzheimer’s Asso-              have Alzheimer’s.”                                     ATTENTION
  “Anything like that is
important to help people
                                       According to Vulgaris,
                                                                                                                              MEDICARE PATIENTS!
                                                                           Institute on Aging
in the future, if not                about 70 percent of
us,” said Juanita Dell, a
retired nurse. “There’s a
                                     Alzheimer’s patients are                The Dells are playing
                                                                           a small, indirect role in                    N ew Therapeutic Shoes
                                     cared for by family, plac-
lot of research going on.            ing a burden on more                  eliminating dementia.                            for Diabetic Patients
                                                                                                                                • Helps protect against foot ulcers
                                                                                                                           • Reduce shock on your feet • Lightweight
                                                                                                                          • Maximize comfort • Extra depth toe boxes
                                                                                                                             • Heat-moldable inserts for an exact fit
              Wednesday, September 26 • 1-3pm                                                                               Covers
                   Enter thru KCCDD, 2015 Windish Drive, Galesburg                                                         Diabetic
                                                                                                                          Shoes For
                                               Free and open to all caregivers!                                            Qualified
         Sponsored by:                                                                                                    No out of
                                                    *10-minute chair massage *Beauty and skin care tips                pocket expense
 Gordon Behrents Senior Center                   *Foot care/massage *Proper lifting techniques & exercises                                12 Public Square, Galesburg
                                                                                                                       after deductible
                                                        *Healthy eating for you and your loved one
   For more information,
       call 344-2520                                                                                                        (309) 343-9168 or (309) 343-4044
 Partially funded by a grant from WIAAA.
                                                                                                    The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.        Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007               E5

Dementia                                                                                                                                       Clinical trials
                                                                                                                                                 A third way the insti-
From Page E4                                                                                                                                   tute is contributing to
elderly patients who visit                                                                                                                     science is by taking
annually.                                                                                                                                      part in clinical trials of
  Patients are tested for                                                                                                                      experimental drugs.
short- and long-term                                                                                                                             Current drugs —
memory, language,                                                                                                                              including Aricept, which
simple math, puzzle solv-                                                                                                                      Donald Dell takes — slow
ing and attention span,                                                                                                                        the decline of cogni-
among other telltale fac-                                                                                                                      tive function but do not
tors.                                                                                                                                          extend a patient’s life.
  “Sometimes it’s very                                                                                                                           “You can’t really cure
evident that a patient                                                                                                                         this, but if you can slow
is having difficulties                                                                                                                         the progression this
in those areas, and it                                                                                                                         gives families greater
doesn’t take much testing                                                                                                                      quality time with their
to confirm that,” Lindahl                                                                                                                      loved ones and, impor-
said. “Sometimes the                                                                                                                           tantly, more time to plan
difficulties a patient is                                                                                                                      for the future — health
having are very subtle,                                                                                                                        care needs, wills, living
and it takes sophisti-                                                                                    DAVID ZENTZ/GateHouse News Servic    wills, all the things you
                             Donald and Juanita Dell of Washington visit with Dr. Larry Lindahl at OSF’s Institute on Aging. Donald            want to talk to someone
cated testing by a neu-      Dell, who suffers from Alzheimer’s as well as Parkinson’s and diabetes, is participating in research on
ropsychologist to really     dementia at the institute.                                                                                        about while they’re still
confirm that a patient is                                                                                                                      alert enough to compre-
having troubles with cog-    decline,” Lindahl said.             chemistry in different               the creepiness factor                    hend,” Oertley said.
nitive processes.”           “It certainly has, in the           ways and eventually will             and understand why it’s
                             past decade, made us                require different treat-             important that we study                                See MEMORY, Page E6
  The institute is one of
27 sites in Illinois feed-   realize that Lewy body              ments.                               this, a lot of people are
ing data to three regional   disease is more common                Brain autopsies are one            willing to do this,” said
centers collecting demen-    than we once realized. It           way to study the differ-             Marilyn Oertley, man-
tia information. OSF         helped us realize that is           ences in dementias.                  ager of the Institute on
sends its information to     the second-most common                Among Institute on                 Aging. “There are great,
Southern Illinois Uni-       cause of dementia.”                 Aging patients, there                valid reasons for the
versity-Springfield. The       Because of similar
                             symptoms, Lewy body
                                                                 were 12 brain donors in
                                                                 2006. The facility is on
                                                                                                      individual family as well
                                                                                                      as society as a whole
other regional centers
are Northwestern Uni-        dementia is often mistak-           pace for a similar num-              to take part in that
versity in Evanston and      en for Alzheimer’s. But             ber this year.                       research by donating a
Rush-Presbyterian-St.        the diseases affect brain             “Once they get past                brain.”
Luke’s Medical Center in

  The Illinois Depart-
ment of Public Health
uses demographic infor-
mation to plan, develop         � �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������
and fund programs for           �
                                � ���������������������
senior citizens.                   � ��������������������������� ���������������
                                      � ����������� � ���������������������
Brain autopsies                          � ���������������� � ������������
  A few families of
dementia patients also                                DAVID SIMPSON
                                                   • S.                                                                                                    David J. Pedersen
                                                                                                                                                           Financial Advisor
have given consent to                            • CAROL M. SIMPSON                                                                                        4-L Plaza Suite 23
brain autopsies per-                                                                                                                                       200 Blk. N. Broad St.
                                               • GEORGE HENNENFENT                                                                                         Galesburg
formed at SIU’s Spring-                                                                                                                                    (309) 342-9055
field campus after a                              • THOMAS G. WEST
patient’s death.                               • ROGER L. WILLIAMSON
  “Part of their study is
to confirm whether it                 ���������                         ���������
was indeed Alzheimer’s                            �
                                      ������������� ��������            ���������������
disease or some other                 ��������             ��������
disease causing the                    ����������������������������
E6         The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.                    Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

Savvy                                                 Memory                                                   Because pharmaceuti-
                                                                                                             cal companies prefer
                                                                                                             dementia patients with-
                                                                                                                                            that’s going to help
                                                                                                                                            with this disease. That
                                                                                                                                            concern about future
                                                                                                                                                                                        skills around the house.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Recently, he suffered
                                                                                                                                                                                        several falls.
From Page E3                                         From Page E5                                                                                                                         Overwhelmed as
                                                                                                             out other ailments, can-       generations certainly
                                                        Although symptoms                                    didates are limited.           is a part of why they                       Donald’s primary care-
to help you find the                                                                                           In clinical trials, Lin-     decide to participate in                    giver, Juanita is in the
right care for your                                   can be slowed, there is
                                                      no cure for Alzheimer’s.                               dahl is unaware which          studies.”                                   process of hiring an
father. A geriatric                                                                                                                                                                     agency to assist in daily
                                                      In the future, phar-                                   drug is being tested
care manager has                                                                                                                            Day-to-day                                  activities such as bath-
                                                      maceutical companies                                   but is provided with
knowledge of avail-                                                                                                                                                                     ing and dressing her
                                                      hope to create vaccina-                                information on drug              Because of extensive
able resources, is able
                                                      tions against Alzheim-                                 interaction and possible       medical problems, also                      husband.
to make recommenda-
                                                                                                             side effects. He also is       including diabetes and                        “Everybody is just
tions, visit your father                              er’s, as well as drugs
                                                                                                             unaware which patients         heart problems, the list                    clamoring for informa-
and be there as a sup-                                that can reverse the
                                                                                                             are taking the drug and        of Donald Dell’s medi-                      tion about dementia
port to you. Geriatric                                disease’s effects after
                                                                                                             which ones are using           cines resembles a gro-                      right now,” Oertley
care managers are                                     onset.
                                                                                                             placebos.                      cery-store receipt. The                     said. “It’s a big topic on
able to allow you time                                  Although no cure
                                                                                                               Those patients are           Dells enjoy time with                       everyone’s mind. The
with your father, and                                 appears imminent, Lin-
to visit as a daughter                                                                                       required to visit their        their 10-year-old Shih                      research is so aggres-
                                                      dahl said he is more
or son rather than                                                                                           doctor more frequently         Tzu, Annie, and daily                       sive on this. There’s
                                                      optimistic when taking
the visit turning into                                                                                       and to undergo longer,         walks with the dog are                      the potential for phar-
                                                      a long-term view.
a negative experi-                                                                                           more detailed testing          a rare chance for Juan-                     maceutical companies
                                                        “There’s certainly the
ence. They can also                                                                                          of cognitive function.         ita to enjoy some fresh                     to do very well if they
                                                      hope, and a lot of work
help find the right                                                                                          Findings are sent to           air.                                        come up with a preven-
                                                      in progress, toward                                                                                                               tion or a medication
resources to help care                                                                                       a facility hired by the          But Donald, retired
                                                      developing a vac-                                                                                                                 that will significantly
for your father without                                                                                      pharmaceutical com-            from heating, air con-
                                                      cine that may indeed                                                                                                              slow the process.
you having to take too                                                                                       pany to conduct drug           ditioning and electrical
                                                      some day markedly                                                                                                                   “It has big impact all
much time off from                                                                                           research.                      work, no longer can
                                                      reduce the presence of                                                                utilize his handyman                        the way around.”
work.                                                                                                          “For the most part,
                                                      Alzheimer’s disease,”
  ElderCare Resource                                                                                         it’s a good experience
                                                      he said. “That may be
Services is a partner-
ship of geriatric nurs-                               10 years down the road,                                for the patients and
                                                                                                             their families, and
                                                                                                                                            HOME CARE:
                                                      but if some break-
es and social workers
                                                      through takes place                                    they’re appreciative           Compassionate Health Care
that helps families
to investigate, assess                                it may be sooner than                                  of being in the stud-             Delivered to Your Doorstep.
                                                      that. There’s good work                                ies,” Lindahl said.
and recommend medi-                                                                                                                                                     Healing Hands, Loving Heart
                                                      being done in that area,                               “Of course they’re
cal and non-medical
care and resources for                                and one can be at least                                anxious to be part of
                                                                                                             finding something
                                                                                                                                               WE HAVE ALL YOUR MEDICAL
                                                      somewhat hopeful.”
seniors.                                                                                                                                    EQUIPMENT & OXYGEN SUPPLY NEEDS
                                                                                                                                                                 Lift Chairs, Scooters, Wheelchairs,
            ���������������������������������                                                                                                                    Walkers, Canes
      ���� �� �������������������������� ��������������������������                                                                                                Liquid & Gas Oxygen, CPAP Machines,
      � � ����������������������������� � �������������� � ������������������
      ��                                   ��                   ��                                                                                                 Portable Nebulizer
      ��                ��               ��                      ��           ��
      � � �������������� � ������������� � ����������������� � ������������� � ������������
                                                                                                                                                                   Breast Prosthetics, Bathroom Safety
      ������������ ������������������� ����������������������������������������
                                  ��                        �
      � � ���������������������������������������� � ������������������������ � �����������������
      ��                     �                    ��                        ��                                                                                    Supplies, Diabetic Supplies
      ��                      ��                  ��
      � ��������������������� ����������������� �������������������������������������������������
      � � ����������������������������������������������������������������                                                ���������������
      � � ���������������������������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                                            NURSES • AIDES • THERAPISTS
      ����������� �� ������������������ ������������������������                                                                                     Registered Nurses
      ��                         ��                    ��
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                                                                                                                                                                 Midwest Regional Home Care
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                                                                                  1320 N. Henderson, Galesburg                                                     Mon.-Fri. 8:30-5pm
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                                                                                            The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007             E7

           Senior eye care a personal issue for doctor
Notes two common              getting inside the eye.      plain about faces the
                              “You can’t see the white     most,” he said. “It both-
diseases that can             lines on the road,” he       ers them and some get
make driving difficult        said.
                                The second of these dis-
                                                           afraid to go out in pub-
      MARY DAVIDSAVER         eases is Age-Related Mac-      Dry AMD is slow to
    GateHouse News Service
                              ular Degeneration. AMD       develop and currently
  GALVA — Senior eye          occurs when the cells in     there is no treatment
care is an important          the macula, an area in       other than nutrition and
issue for Dr. David Pool      the back of the eye, break   prevention. “When I see
and not because of his        down and there is a loss     a patient in their 50s and
profession.                   of vision in the central     60s who is at risk for
  “When you have par-         part of the visual field.    AMD I feel it’s important
ents, you see them get          Heredity is a major risk   for me to tell them about                                              MARY DAVIDSAVER/GateHouse News Service
older, you see them strug-    factor, with AMD being       vitamins and nutrition,           Dr. David Pool checks the macula of Lois Jean Johnson during an
gle with their vision, and    more common in people                                          exam at his office in Galva. The macula is displayed on the monitor
                                                                       See EYES, Page E10    at left.
you start to appreciate       with lighter colored eyes.
how important it is to        The vision loss usually
them,” he said. “It wakes     occurs slowly and pain-
you up.”                      lessly over many years.
  “My grandmother               About 10 percent of
didn’t drive,” he said.       AMD patients will devel-
“But today’s grandmoth-       op a leaky blood vessel
ers all drive.” A lot of      under the macula. This
the eye problems in older     “wet” form results in
people will leave them        a rapid and severe cen-
afraid to drive, especially   tral loss of vision if not
at night when glare is        treated promptly. New
a big problem. The last       treatments include spe-
thing they want to do is      cial lasers and intraocu-
lose their independence       lar injections.
and be dependant on             “I see lots of ‘dry’ and
other people.                 ‘wet’ AMD around here,”
  There are two common        Pool said. “It’s because
diseases of the eye that      of the large Swedish
make driving difficult.       population, the fair skin
The first is age-related      and blue eyes.”
cataracts. Starting             AMD leads to other
around age 60, we all         difficulties besides prob-
get them to some extent,      lems in driving. People
although it can occur at      lose the ability to read
any age. It causes a lot      without magnification
of glare at night because     and can’t recognize                Our Garden Court
there isn’t as much light     faces. “They will com-
                                                              Dementia Care Program
                                                               is now being offered %
                                                                 in Assisted eSdABE -21 10 Senior Discount
                                                                            R Living
                                                                                            Sept. 19              Every Wednesday!
                                                               Our newest neighborhood, Memory Lane, is especially for residents with
        Seniors age 60 or more will receive a                Alzheimer’s and Dementia disorders who are not yet in need of nursing care.
        10% discount off all items purchased!
                                                                                                        at Seminary Village

                                                            2245 N. Seminary St., Galesburg • 343-5050 •
                                                                                         Monday - Friday 9:00 am-4:30 pm • Sat. 9:00 am-4:00 pm
E8       The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

     Bob Clark, director of the Rootabaga Jammers, shares a laugh with Eloise McMaster following an instrumental duet of “Georgia on My Mind,” a song with McMaster
     also sings, during practice. McMaster mostly sang gospel and country music before she was exposed to big band music.

               Starting a singing career at age 68
                                                                Knoxville woman                   anyone else can tell, I            said. “We didn’t have a
                                                                                                  am the oldest woman                radio back in those days
                                                                hooked on big band                actively singing this type         and didn’t have a car or

                                                                     You can tell a whole         of music as we knew it,”           money but we had each
                                                                     life in a song,” Eloise      McMaster said.                     other.” Friends and rela-
                                                                     McMaster said with             McMaster, of Knoxville,          tives would drop by to be
                                                                     a smile. “I ought to         has always had a love              entertained by the sing-
                                                                know. I have more years           for music. The second of           ing siblings.
                                                                behind me than I have             seven children, McMaster             “We could really sing
                                                                ahead of me.”                     grew up in household in            harmony,” McMaster
                                                                  McMaster is 75 — or 59          rural Maquon with par-             recalled. “I played the
                                                                for the 16th time as her          ents who instilled music           piano and some of my
                                                                friend Jack Larson says           appreciation early on.             siblings played violin and
                                                                — and may be the oldest             “My mother was edu-              guitar. My father and my
                                                                female big band singer in         cated in music and my              three brothers sang in a
     Dick White and Eloise McMaster sing a duet during an                                         father was a natural
     evening practice at First Presbyterian Church on the       Illinois.
     corner of Ferris and Prairie streets in Galesburg.           “As far as I know, or           musician,” McMaster                             See SINGING, Page E9

                                          Story by SUSAN KAUFMAN  Photographs by BILL GAITHER  of The Register-Mail
                                                                                                 The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007    E9

Singing                                                                                                                       well, it has taken a lot of good
                                                                                                                              friends,” McMaster said. “I
                                                                                                                              wouldn’t be doing what I love
From Page E8                                                                                                                  without the encouragement
gospel quartet and my sisters                                                                                                 and support of Dick and Arleta
had a trio. I filled in wherever I                                                                                            White, Billie Butts, and my spe-
was needed.”                                                                                                                  cial friend Keith.”
  McMaster sang everywhere                                                                                                      McMaster said she also owes
she could and anywhere people                                                                                                 gratitude to those who gave her
allowed.                                                                                                                      the opportunity to sing: Niel-
  “I married in 1949 and sang                                                                                                 son, Jack Larson, Clark, the
in the church choir, for wed-                                                                                                 Jammers and Tourlentes. “The
dings, and in lodges,” she said.                                                                                              people of Galesburg have been
“Friends would often ask me to                                                                                                very good to me,” she said.
sing for Christmas programs
and anniversaries.”                                                                                                           The future of Big Band
  She mostly sang gospel and                                                                                                    Tourlentes retired from the
                                     The hands of Eloise McMaster glide over the piano keys during a rehearsal at First       Jammers this year due to a
country music in those days          Presbyterian Church on the corner of Ferris and Prairie streets.
before she was exposed to big                                                                                                 bad back. Other members have
band music. But once she heard       McMaster sing and asked her to              Family ties                                  come and gone over time and
big band classic songs such as       be in the group.                              McMaster tried to instill a                the group currently has a few
“It Had to Be You” and “Unfor-         “Eloise has so many songs                 love of music in her two chil-               empty spots to fill.
gettable You,” she was hooked.       that are wonderful,” said Clark.            dren, Georgia and Fred, and                    White lamented the future of
  It was at the Moose Lodge one      “In fact, her torch song is ‘What           four grandchildren. She said                 big band music. “This kind of
Saturday night when McMas-           a Wonderful World’ and it is                her two-and-a-half-year old                  music is about over. The kids
ter said she was discovered.         amazing every time.”                        grandson, Jace, sings the Nat                today just don’t like it, but we
“A man I went to Frog Pond [a          “Bob and I have a deep respect            King Cole song, “Straighten Up               try to keep it alive,” he said. “I’ll
country school] with had his         for each other what we bring                and Fly Right.”                              go on as long as I can, well as
band playing there at the lodge.     together,” McMaster said. “We                 “I am teaching him right,”                 long as they tolerate me.”
He asked me to come on stage         also have these great fans that             McMaster said about the appro-                 McMaster had similar senti-
and sing a few songs.”               are at every performance to sup-            priately titled song.                        ments. “I am going to keep sing-
  McMaster belted out a tune.        port us.”                                     McMaster was busy raising                  ing big band as long as I can,”
The crowd loved it and so did          At rehearsal one evening,                 her family in the ‘50s and ‘60s              she said. “I am still strong yet,
she.                                 Clark asked McMaster if she                 but did not get a her high school            and you know what they say. If
                                     would like the addition of                  diploma, a regret she had for                you don’t use it, you lose it.”
                                     another singer to perform with              many years. “Other things were                 The Rootabaga Jammers per-
A new opportunity                    the band. Dick White had been               more important to our family                 form at the Lake Storey Pavilion
  Soon after, Bob Nielson was        playing in bands for several                                                             on the last Thursday of every
                                                                                 back then,” she said.
organizing a band of 12 to 15        years and was tapped to join the                                                         month from Sept. to May. The
                                                                                   A friend told her there was
musicians to perform in the          group.                                                                                   performances run from 7 to 9
                                                                                 still time to do something
first U.S.O. Show for the Stea-        “I thought, ‘Oh golly, I’ll have                                                       p.m. and there is a $5 admission
                                                                                 about it, so at age 33, McMaster
rman Fly-In at the Orpheum           to work hard to sing with him’,”                                                         fee.
                                                                                 enrolled as a junior in Yates
Theatre. Nielson asked McMas-        McMaster said. “But we have                                                                Jack Larson, who has hosted a
                                                                                 City High School. Her daughter
ter to be the female singer for      a great relationship and enjoy                                                           big band radio program for the
                                                                                 was a sophomore at the school
the group. “Bob told me he liked     singing some duets together.”                                                            past 26 years, said McMaster is
                                                                                 at the same time.
my projection and presenta-            McMaster said White has                                                                both an asset to the community
                                                                                   “I gave it my best shot,”
tion,” McMaster said.                encouraged her to work on more                                                           and his goal to keep big band
                                                                                 McMaster said. “I even sang in               music alive.
  She performed with the group       difficult music arrangements and
for that annual event over the       songs. They perform one duet                the boy’s choir.” She earned her               “Eloise has a lot of fans,”
next three or four years.            together but hope to add more to            diploma and put an end to living             Larson said. “Anytime we had
  “About that time, I was invited    their repertoire in the future.             with regrets.                                to put on a show and needed
to join the Rootabaga Jammers.         “Eloise can really harmonize,”              “I have endured some tough                 someone on vocals, she was
I was thrilled. It was a dream       White said. “It is unfortunate              things in this life,” McMaster               always on the front burner, so
come true,” McMaster said.           she didn’t get into big band                lamented. “But I have always                 to speak. And I knew we would
  The Rootabaga Jammers              singing earlier in life. She loves          loved life and have spent all                sell a lot of tickets having her in
were formed in 1979 by Mona          it and has a real talent for it.”           those years loving music too.”               the show because she has quite
Tourlentes as a class at Carl          The Jammers, with vocals                    McMaster credits her family,               a following.”
Sandburg College. The same           by White and McMaster, are                  particularly her grandson Brett,               McMaster said her following
five people kept signing up and      in the process of recording a               for their support of her later-              is strong but credits the Jam-
the college eventually made the      CD of big band songs. The CD                in-life singing career. “Brett               mers for bringing in the crowds.
class an activity.                   is titled “I Hear Music” and                always believed in me and my                 “We have a great fan base but
  Bob Clark, director of the         will be available locally in the            music,” she said.                            there is always room for more,”
Rootabaga Jammers, had heard         next few months.                              “To begin again at age 68,                 said McMaster.
E10       The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

Eyes                                 Other risk factors,
                                   such as sunlight and
                                   smoking, can be dealt
                                                                         What’s Up Doc? Compression fractures
From Page E7

to delay the onset or
                                   with by using common
                                   sense. Hats with brims
                                   are making a come-
                                                                                 subtle but common
slow the progression                                                         BY DR. JEFF HERSH       the back but also help                      common in post-meno-
                                   back and sunglasses                      GateHouse News Service
down.”                                                                                               us walk and do many                         pausal women). If this
                                   are widely available.
  Carotenoids, a group                                                    Q: My aunt is 80 and       other activities. The 12                    becomes severe enough,
                                   Unfortunately, smoking
of antioxidants, are the                                                was having low back          thoracic vertebrae are                      the vertebrae can become
                                   can be difficult to stop
focus of many research                                                  pain, so she went to see     smaller than the lum-                       so weakened they col-
                                   or avoid.
studies. Two of these,                                                  her doctor. Her doctor did   bar vertebrae, but they                     lapse into themselves,
                                     It is interesting that
lutein and zeaxanthin,                                                  X-rays and told my aunt      are stabilized by the                       either from minor trau-
                                   protecting oneself
are the only pigments                                                   her spine was broken         ribs and are still quite                    ma or “under their own
                                   from cardiovascular
found in the macula.                                                    and squished. My aunt        strong. In young people                     weight” from the normal
                                   disease also has ben-
  The best sources for                                                  said she did not fall and    it takes severe trauma to                   stresses placed on them
                                   efits for your eyes. “As
these are found in dark                                                 has had no accidents or      break these very strong                     from the muscles that
                                   it turns out, anything
green leafy vegetables,                                                 anything. She said her       bones.                                      attach to them or from
                                   that is good for the                                                Many things can weak-                     the normal stresses they
such as spinach, kale                                                   doctor told her that her
and collard greens.                heart, such as a heart                                            en our bones, including                     are put under doing daily
                                   healthy diet, is good                spine had just collapsed
“In the old days, these                                                 on its own. How can this     cancer and even some                        activities. This results
were called ‘garden                for your eyes and pro-                                            rare infections, but by                     in a shorter height of
greens.’ The antioxi-              tects you from AMD,”                                              far the most common                         the bones (calling them
                                                                          A: It sounds like your
dants in these vegeta-             Pool said.                                                        thing that does this as we                  squished or compressed
                                                                        aunt has compression
bles go straight to the              He went on to note                                              get older is osteoporosis                   is a good description)
                                                                        fractures of her spine,
macula,” Pool said.                that there are many                  and that is what I will      (thinning and weaken-                       and can lead to other
Studies show increas-              diseases of the aging                discuss in today’s col-      ing of the bones, usually
ing antioxidants slow              eye and people with                  umn.                         in older people and most                                         See DOC, Page E11
the progression of                 diabetes also face                     The lumbar spine, in
AMD.                               increased problems.                  the lower part of the
  Kale can be difficult              “We are too afflu-                 back, consists of five
to eat, because the                ent; we like food that               vertebrae that are the
stem is bitter. “Sepa-
rate it, shred it and add
                                   is bad for us and we
                                   don’t exercise enough,”
                                                                        largest and strongest of
                                                                        all the vertebrae of the        AARP Driver
to salads,” he recom-
mended. “It’s the most
nutritious ‘green’ you
                                   he said, as he again
                                   stressed the need for
                                   good nutrition for eye
                                                                        spine. The strong mus-
                                                                        cles of the back anchor
                                                                        into these vertebrae, and
                                                                                                       Safety Program
can eat.”                          health.                              not only help stabilize
                                                                                                         THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11TH
                                                                                                                            8:00am to 4:30pm
                                                                                                                                     Cost: $10.00
                                                                                                        OSF St. Mary Medical Center, Conference Room 4-A
                                                                                                       Do you want to continue to drive but know that your reflexes, hearing and
                                                                                                       vision aren’t what they used to be? Would you like to pay a little less for your
                                                                                                       auto insurance? You are invited to attend a community education program
                                                                                                       co-sponsored by OSF St. Mary GoldenCare program and AARP. All automobile
                                                                                                       insurance companies in Illinois are required to provide a premium discount
                                                                                                       to graduates of the course who are 55 and older.

                                                                                                                                         Reservations are required.
                                                                                                                                                      Please call
                                                                                                                            ext. 1252
                                                                                           The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007   E11

Doc                           one-third the lumbar-
                              thoracic spine. It is esti-
                              mated that 25 percent of
                                                            medications (including
                                                            steroid medications) and
                                                            many others.
                                                                                            can cause many other
                                                                                            problems in the elderly),
                                                                                            as well as treatments
                                                                                                                                 success rate of 70 percent
                                                                                                                                 to 90 percent), kypho-
                                                                                                                                 plasty (where a balloon is
From Page E10                 post-menopausal women           The evaluation of ver-        for other symptoms as                used to create a cavity in
potential complications.      in the country have com-      tebral compression frac-        needed. Physical and/or              the vertebrae so it can be
This is what is meant by      pression fractures. This      tures (usually confirmed        occupational therapy are             filled with acrylic cement
vertebral compression         rises to as many as 40        by X-rays) includes a his-      also helpful for many                with restoration of the
fractures.                    percent of women over         tory and physical exam          people. Since osteoporo-             vertebral height, also
  Although many people        age 80. This condition is     to determine what symp-         sis is the main cause of             with a high success rate
with vertebral compres-       also a major health issue     toms exist and what limi-       compression fractures,               of 70 percent to 90 per-
sion fractures have no        for men, although at a        tations and concerns they       it is crucial to treat this          cent) or other treatments
symptoms (although            much lower rate. There is     are causing the patient.        underlying condition                 may be considered.
they may note they have       some evidence that this       The treating health care        when it exists.                        If you have severe back
gotten shorter — the          condition is under-diag-      provider will determine           The vertebrae that have            pain you should see your
shrinking some people         nosed since many older        if the fractures are stable     had compression frac-                health care provider.
make light of as they         people assume their back      (are not displaced by           tures will not return to             They can evaluate the
get older), possible          pain or other symptoms        ordinary physiological          their normal prefracture             possible causes of your
symptoms include back         may be due to arthritis       forces or movement). For-       state, however most peo-             pain. If vertebral com-
pain (the most common         or other conditions, and      tunately, an overwhelm-         ple who suffer symptoms              pression fractures are the
problem), bowel prob-         hence do not discuss this     ing majority of vertebral       from stable vertebral                cause, the good news is
lems (such as constipa-       issue with their health       compression fractures           compression fractures                that most people improve
tion and even blockage),      care provider.                are stable.                     will improve with con-               with conservative ther-
decreased mobility and          The risk factors for          The initial treatment of      servative treatments in                  .
                                                                                                                                 apy However, vertebral
independence, breathing       vertebral compression         stable vertebral compres-       six to 12 weeks. For those           compression fractures
problems (especially if       fractures mirror those        sion fractures is the same      people with severe symp-             are one of the hallmarks
the thoracic vertebrae        of osteoporosis. These        as for most other causes        toms that do not respond             of osteoporosis, so treat-
become involved) and          include advancing age,        of back pain: conserva-         to conservative therapies,           ment for this underlying
others.                       female sex, history of        tive (that is, non-surgical)    interventional treatments            condition, when it exists,
  Vertebral compres-          other fractures, family       treatments. This includes       such as percutaneous                 is crucial to prevent
sion fractures are very       history of osteoporosis       pain medication, pos-           vertebroplasty (where                other fractures.
common. In fact, over         and/or fractures, tobacco     sibly a couple of days of       acrylic cement is injected             Jeff Hersh, Ph.D.,
50 percent of all frac-       and/or alcohol abuse,         bed rest (more prolonged        into the collapsed ver-                            .,
                                                                                                                                 M.D., F.A.A.P F.A.C.P  .,
tures from osteoporosis       certain kidney diseases       bed rest is usually not         tebrae to stabilize and                        .,
                                                                                                                                 F.A.A.E.P can be reached
occur in the spine, with      or kidney failure, cer-       recommended since it            strengthen them, with a              at
one-third involving the       tain liver diseases or
lumbar spine, one-third       liver failure, insufficient
the thoracic spine and        physical activity, certain



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E12     The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.     Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

Healthy Heart: For the baby boomer generation
           uring your 50s                                               ing around the abdomen                       One of the main risk                     studies have found that
           and 60s, gen-                                                is a major risk factor                     factors for men in their                   taking a baby aspirin
           der can be a                                                 for heart disease, and                     50s and 60s is high blood                  regularly can greatly
           major factor in                                              a waist circumference                      pressure, also known                       reduce a man’s chance
your risk for developing                                                of more than 35 inches                     as hypertension. High                      for a heart attack. It is
certain types of heart                                                  is considered high-risk.                   blood pressure is often                    important to consult
disease. Many people at             P P M.D.          Women also need to con-                    considered a “silent                       a doctor before start-
this age often think of                      I M/         tinue eating healthily                     killer” because one third                  ing any type of aspirin
heart disease as primar-                   C D       and try to get moderate                    of people with the disor-                  regimen. Because men
ily a “man’s disease”                      C M P        exercise for at least 30                   der do not realize they                    naturally tend to gain
or a “woman’s disease”                                                  minutes a day.                             have it. Uncontrolled,                     weight around their
and fail to realize that                                                  Although a woman’s                       it can lead directly to                    abdomen, it is important
though heart disease                Women who go through                risk of developing heart                   stroke, heart attack,                      that they pay attention
itself is not gender-spe-           early menopause are                 disease increases with                     heart failure, or kidney                   to what they eat, main-
cific, it affects men and           twice as likely to devel-           age, it is never as high                   failure. It is especially                  tain a healthy weight,
women very differently,             op heart disease as                 as a man’s risk. As the                    important for men to                       and try to get 30 minutes
especially during middle            women of the same age               number one life threat                     regularly check their                      of moderate exercise per
age.                                who have not yet gone               to men, heart disease is                   blood pressure and keep                    day.
  Heart disease is the              through menopause. It               responsible for 28 per-                    track of significant                         While the risk fac-
number one killer of                is extremely important              cent of male deaths. A                     changes. Blood pressure                    tors differ for men and
women. One in three                 for women, especially               fourth of these deaths                     can be easily controlled                   women, it is important
American women die                  those who have already              occur before the age of                    with medication, but if                    for people in their 50s
from it and two thirds              experienced some form               65. If a relative has had                  left undiagnosed, can be                   and 60s to realize heart
of women who have                   of heart disease, to take           heart disease before                       deadly.                                    disease can affect any-
heart attacks never                 preventative action.                the age of 55, it greatly                    In addition to paying                    one, regardless of gen-
fully recover. The age at             By taking a proactive             increases a man’s risk                     attention to risk factors,                 der. Being aware of risk
which women are gen-                approach to cardiovas-              of also developing heart                   men should take pre-                       factors and warning
erally considered at a              cular health, women                 disease.                                   ventative action. Some                     signs saves lives.
higher risk for heart dis-          can greatly reduce
ease is 55. This risk con-          their likelihood of
tinues to grow with age.            heart disease. Women
Women in this age range             should regularly check                         ����������������������������������������
typically begin experi-             their blood pressure                        ���������������������������������������������������������������������������
encing the symptoms                 and cholesterol levels.                         ������������������������������������������������������������������������
of menopause. Because               Keeping track of body
their bodies produce less           mass index and waist
estrogen, menopause                 circumference can also
greatly increases their             be important to heart
risk of heart disease.              health. Body fat build-

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               * Community Garden Patio with Grill
           * On-Site Beauty Salon * Shuttle to Shopping                 � ������������������
       * Downtown Location * Great Views * Large Closets                � ���������������������
                                                                        � ���������������
                       Large One Bedroom                                � ����������������������������������
                 Apartment Homes Perfect Location                       � ��������������������������������������                                                          � �������������������
                      Call 309-342-6493
                   Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8-5

      Rent is 30% of your adjusted income!
                                                                        � ���������������������������������
                                                                        � �������������������������

                                                                              � ������������������������������������������������������� � �����������������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                      �               ��                         �
                                                                                                                                                                          � ������������������

             Affordable, Independent Living at its best!                                             �������������������������������������������
                                                                                                     ������� ������� ����� � ��� �������� ������
                                                                                                      ����� ����� � ����� ��� � ���������� ��������
                                                                                                         The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007        E13

                                         Healthy Heart: 70s and Over
         y the time they                                                   and lead to heart disease.      include chest discom-               failure, or other cardio-
         reach their                                                       By knowing these levels,        fort, especially as an              vascular problems, is
         golden years,                                                     controlling them, and           uncomfortable pressure              one of the best preventa-
         many people have                                                  recognizing any sudden          or pain, discomfort and             tive measures you can
stopped being proac-                                                       changes, you can help           pain in other areas of              take. Many people rec-
tive about preventative                                                    prevent many common             the upper body, shortness           ognize warning signs as
health care. Retirees                                                      heart problems.                 of breath, and nausea or            they happen, but do not
often mistakenly believe
                                       P P M.D.            It is important for           lightheadedness. These              always go see a doctor
                                                 I M/                                        symptoms may develop                right away. Being famil-
it is too late to prevent                                                  everyone, especially
                                               C D
further health problems.                                                   people who have already         over time. Be sure to               iar with the warning
                                               C M P
However, prevention and                                                    experienced heart dis-          make your doctor aware              signs can greatly help
knowing the warning                                                        ease, to pay attention          as any new symptoms                 your ability to recognize
signs of heart disease                 heart disease build upon            to the “ABC’s” of heart         develop. Remembering to             heart disease before
can be very important for              each other, so one of               attack prevention: Avoid        talk to your doctor about           symptoms worsen.
continuing good health,                the easiest ways to stop            tobacco, Become more            warning signs you may                 Heart failure, a condi-
especially after previous              potential problems before           active, and Choose good         experience, especially              tion in which the heart
heart problems.                        they start is to know               nutrition. Smoking after        if you have already had
  For people over the age              your overall health, the            a heart attack doubles          a heart attack, heart                             See HEART, Page E16
of 70, heart health is a               risk factors that apply             your chances of having
very important issue,                  to you, and the ways you            another. Regular physi-
since 83 percent of peo-               can best control them.              cal activity eases stress,
ple who die from coro-                   Health screenings,                helps control weight, and
nary heart disease have                especially blood pressure           lowers blood pressure
reached retirement. Risk               and cholesterol levels,             and cholesterol levels.
factors for heart disease              are very important for              Eating healthfully will             Enables you to live independently in your own home.
include things you can                 predicting and prevent-             also help control your                        Call today to get your Lifeline!
control, such as choles-               ing heart disease. High             weight, blood pressure,                                  309-342-9428
terol, obesity, and stress.            blood pressure and cho-             and cholesterol, as well
Other factors, such as                 lesterol can be very dam-           as help your body heal
heredity, gender, and age,             aging to the cardiovascu-           from the first heart
cannot be controlled.                  lar system. Uncontrolled,           attack more quickly.
These risk factors for                 they can cause damage                 Heart attack symptoms

 Travel with friends!
    Join Joyce Lieber and members of the 50 and More
         Club as they enjoy these upcoming trips…                                            I’m Susan Meisinger, Admissions and Marketing Coordinator at Marigold
                                                                                             Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center. I invite you to stop by Marigold for a
  Nov. 29-Dec. 2 ~ Kansas City Christmas                                                    visit to discuss how our facility and staff can help your loved one.
  Join F & M Bank as we experience Kansas City, Tour                                                                                                      Susan Meisinger
  Hallmark, the Arabia Steamboat Museum, Longview                                             At Marigold, we take a personal approach to meet the physical,
  Lake Park Christmas Lights, Cabela’s show, “The
  Night Before Christmas” and much more.                                                      medical and emotional needs of every resident, whether they are here
                                                                                              for short term therapy after an illness or surgery or for long term care.
           For complete details,                                              Susan Meisinger
          contact Joyce Lieber at
  F&M Bank, 1230 N. Henderson Street                       Joyce Lieber         Specialized Alzheimers Unit | Long Term Care | Pathways Rehabilitation Unit
                                                        50 and More Club
   or call her at 309-343-0002 ext 504.                    Coordinator
                                                                                                 Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center
  See Joyce for all of your deposit, loan or annuity needs as well!                                      275 E. Carl Sandburg Drive, Galesburg
E14       The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

                               Looking for the fountain of youth?
Doc shows seniors                   here and not expect any-            important,” said the 71-
                                                                                                     FAST FACTS
                                    thing from you.’ But,               year-old Pittsford resi-
what to do                          the day after you turned            dent. “I’m a very social     Dr. Roger Landry, an expert on successful aging, suggests 10 tips
         BY BRYAN ROTH              65, you didn’t feel any             person myself and I’ve       for healthy aging:
      GateHouse News Service
                                    different. The same                 realized that doing           1. Use it or lose it —“It’s miraculous what happens when you
  PITTSFORD, N.Y.                   things made you tick.”              these things with other      don’t use your muscles,” he said. Landry suggested making sure a
— With the senior citi-               Throughout the pre-               people helps.”               fitness center you can use is near where you live.
zen population expected             sentation, Landry                     Landry pointed out          2. Keep moving — “Refuse to rust out,” Landry said. “Challenge
to more than double                 highlighted a point                 that a big factor in         yourself physically.”
over the next 40 years              that the aging process              aging well is living          3. Challenge your mind — try physical and mental activities like
to numbers close to 90              mostly depends on an                in active communi-           ballroom dancing, learning a new language and doing crossword
million, more Ameri-                individual’s lifestyle              ties because, as people      puzzles.
cans will soon be facing            and not his or her                  tend to get older, they
                                                                                                      4. Stay connected — “It’s more than fun to be with people,” he
issues regarding medi-              genes. Focusing on                  also tend to isolate         said. “It’s in our DNA.”
cal expenses and quality            several tips for healthy            themselves. By staying
                                                                                                      5. Lower your risks — staying active can decrease chances for
of life.                            living, he encouraged               in contact with other
                                                                                                     disease and disability.
  On Aug. 29, the Clover-           listeners to stay active            people, Landry said it’s
wood senior community               and challenge their                 easier to stay healthy        6. Eat for the long haul — Landry suggested eating plenty of fruits
in Pittsford addressed              body and mind to stay               because you have more        and vegetables: “We are machines and we need to run well,” he
                                    sharp.                              of an emphasis on being      said. “It’s critical we use the right fuel.”
those potential prob-
lems with guest speaker               Pittsford resident                active.                       7. Never act your age.
Dr. Roger Landry, a Har-            Helen Murfin said that’s              “Being (at Clover-          8. Where you are, be there — live in the present and enjoy life.
vard-educated preventa-             something she’s been                wood) has been helpful        9. Have children in your life.
tive medicine physician             trying to do. As a mem-             to do the kind of things
                                                                                                      10. Laugh.
who spent time as the               ber of various women’s              that he’s recommend-
chief flight surgeon                clubs in the area and a             ed,” said resident Mary
in the Air Force. More              gardening club, she said            Lyons. “We do try to
than 200 residents of               at 81 she’s trying the              stay healthy and keep                            Anyone can call themselves
Cloverwood and the sur-             best she can to follow              ourselves going for a                               a financial planner.
rounding community                  Landry’s advice.                    long time.”                                             �
                                                                                                                                � �����������������������������������������������
                                                                                                                                  � �������������������������������������������
attended two lectures                 Elaine Fuller said she              Landry said that is
                                                                                                                                                                              � ��������������
focusing on where and               also agreed with every-             what is most important.                                                                                  ������������������
how you live affects how            thing Landry had to say.              “You should be out in                                                                                         �����������
                                                                                                                                                                              � �������������������������
you age.                              “Staying connected                the playing field of life    David Webster                            ��������                           ���������������
  “At 65, we ‘pasturize’            and remaining physi-                and not in the bleach-                               One Stop Shopping -
                                                                                                                                                                              � ��������������������
                                                                                                                              “Not just your Tax Guy,
people,” Landry said.               cally active and having             ers,” he said. “It’s never      This area’s                                                              ������������������
                                                                                                           only                      your IRA Guy, too!”
“We say, ‘Hey, we’re                people do this (attend              too late to make a sig-        CPA and CFP
                                                                                                                        Day & Eve. Appts.                                              2505 Costa Dr.
going to put you out                the lecture), this is               nificant difference.”                           Securities Offered Through American Portfolios Financial Services, Inc. Member NASD/SIPC.
                                                                                                                                  Webster Tax & Financial Services is Independent of American Portfolios.

  Potential Volunteers call
  Jody Rinker at 344-3161,
                                                      Monday, Oct. 1, 10am
    ex. 1252 to register.                                                Conference Room 1B

                                                                 Volunteers needed for
  On the web at:                          ALL POSITIONS AND ALL SHIFTS!
                                                                                            The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007      E15

               No such thing as a ‘free lunch’ for seniors
‘Free lunch’ seminars ply seniors with food, golf, but perils lurk, regulators say
      BY MARCY GORDON              cial Industry Regulatory    2006 to June 2007, was        spokeswoman for the                  priate authorities for pos-
       AP Business Writer
                                   Authority, the securities   conducted in seven states     Securities Industry and              sible enforcement action.
  WASHINGTON, D.C.                 industry’s self-policing    with large numbers of         Financial Markets Asso-              Fraud against seniors
— “Free Food. Free Golf.           organization.               retirees: Alabama, Ari-       ciation, Wall Street’s big-          also can occur, for exam-
Free Drinks.” “Dinner                While their promoters     zona, California, Florida,    gest lobbying organiza-              ple, in the sale of oil
is On Us!” “Act now!”              paint the “free lunch”      North Carolina, South         tion, said the group had             and gas partnerships or
Investment seminar                 seminars as educational     Carolina and Texas.           not yet read the report              phony promissory notes.
pitches like these abound          sessions, sometimes           By law, the sales pitch-    and had no immediate                   People 60 and older
in areas with large popu-          promising that nothing      es made at the seminars       comment on that finding.             make up 15 percent of
lations of retirees, and           will be sold, “they are     and the materials provid-     Association President                the country’s population
regulators are warning             designed to sell — either   ed to participants must       and CEO Marc Lackritz                but account for an esti-
seniors to be wary.                at the seminar itself or    be approved by a broker-      did say in a statement               mated 30 percent of fraud
  A probe of the meet-             later,” said Lori Rich-     age or investment firm’s      that “flimflam artists and           victims. An estimated $16
ings has uncovered high-           ards, director of the       supervisors and submit-       fly-by-nighters with their           trillion — three-quarters
pressure sales pitches             SEC’s Office of Compli-     ted to review by FINRA.       gimmicks and come-ons                of the nation’s consumer
for unsuitable products,           ance Inspections and          But nearly 60 percent       undermine the public’s               financial assets — is held
misleading claims and              Examinations. “They’re      of the 110 investment         trust and have no place              by households headed
even outright fraud, fed-          not educational events.”    firms and branch offices      in the financial services            by people 50 or older,
eral, state and securities-          The investigation con-    examined showed evi-          industry.”                           and regulators expect an
industry regulators said           ducted by the SEC, state    dence of weak supervi-          Indeed, 14 of the 110              increase in scams target-
Monday.                            regulators and FINRA        sion of the employees         examinations showed                  ing retired baby boomers.
  The Securities and               found the use of scare      running the seminars,         apparent instances of                  In the past two years,
Exchange Commission                tactics to get seniors to   according to the inves-       fraud, such as liquidat-             the SEC has brought
held a “seniors summit”            question their current      tigation’s report. That       ing accounts without a               more than 40 enforce-
on investment fraud and            investments, claims of      is significant, Richards      customer’s knowledge or              ment cases involving
abusive sales practices            fantastic returns with      said, and indicates that      consent, or selling bogus            alleged fraud against
with the North American            no risk, and “ringers” in   many firms putting on         investments — and have
Securities Administra-             the audience who would      the seminars need to          been referred to appro-                           See LUNCH, Page E16
tors Association, which            stand up and offer tes-     “immediately step up”
represents state securi-           timonials of how much       their supervision of
ties regulators; AARP,             they had earned.            salespeople. The firms
the advocacy group for               The investigation,        were not named.
seniors; and the Finan-            which ran from April          Jeannie Bunton, a

      Seniors 65 or Better                                                  Immediate                 � �����������������������
  Need help to maintain your independence?                                  Apartment
            You may qualify for the                                         Availability
                                                                                               � ������������������ � �������������
                                                                                               �                      �
     Illinois Supportive Living program.                                                            �
                                                                                                    � ����������������������������
         The program enables you to...
 • Live in your own private apartment
                                                                                                        � �������������������
 • Receive the personal assistance you need
 • Enjoy the companionship of friends & neighbors
 • Benefit from the availability of three buffet style                                                  ������������
   meals, housekeeping and laundry service
 • Participate in social, recreational & educational
   Seniors on Medicaid or who only receive minimum
           Social Security payments can qualify.
                                                                                               � ��������������������������������������������������������
  The Kensington is Affordable
      for all income levels.                                                                           �
                                                                                                       � �����������������������������
  311 E. Simmons, Galesburg
                                                                Call for a tour and
  309.342.2577                                                 complimentary meal.                      � ���������������������������������������
E16       The Register-Mail, Galesburg, Ill.   Sunday, Sept. 16,

Making emergency contact information available
  If medical personnel              This would allow para-
have access to your medi-           medics or other medi-
cal history during an               cal personnel to imme-
emergency, it could mean            diately know who to
the difference between              contact in the event of
life and death. But if you          an emergency. The cam-
are injured or in shock,            paign was started by a
you may not be able to              paramedic in the United
provide that information.           Kingdom and has spread
To solve this problem, a            to the United States. For
number of systems have              more information, visit
been developed to help    
make important contact
and medical history
                                      To get the most out of
                                    an emergency contact,
                                                                     2007 Impala
information available to            you should make sure
emergency medical per-              the person you choose as
sonnel.                             your emergency contact                   29 HWY
  ICE Contact. A cam-               has agreed to act in this                  MPG
paign is encouraging                capacity, knows about
people to put their emer-           any allergies or other
gency contact informa-              factors that could affect                                                                                                                    #70419

tion in their cell phones           your treatment, and
under the heading ICE               knows who to contact on        MSRP          $21,860
(In Case of Emergency).             your behalf.                   Yemm Discount -$1,000
                                                                   Rebate        -$1,500

Heart                               ure develops gradually.
                                    Pay attention to changes
                                    such as difficulty breath-       2007 Lucerne
From Page E13                       ing, tiredness, and swell-                                                                                                                      #70237
cannot pump enough                  ing.
blood through the body,               Although many in
is also a concern for               their retirement years
this age group. With                think it is too late to
more than 550,000 new               prevent new health                                                                                                               Over
                                    problems from develop-                                                                                                          To Cho 20
cases diagnosed each
                                    ing, you can extend your                                                                                                         From! se
year, heart failure is the
number one reason for               golden years by watch-
hospitalization of people           ing for warning signs,
over the age of 65. Know-           having regular screen-
ing the warning signs of            ings and check ups, and        MSRP                        $30,205
impending problems is               alerting your doctor to        Yemm Discount               -$1,250
important, as heart fail-           any potential problems.        Rebate                      -$1,500
                                                                   Bonus Cash                  -$1,000

Lunch                               seniors who lost money
                                    on an investment attri-
                                    bute that loss to being                             100,000 mile                                •POWERTRAIN LIMITED WARRANTY
                                                                                                                                            •ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE
From Page E15                       misled or defrauded,”
                                    said Mary Schapiro, FIN-                            /5-year warranty                                          •COURTESY TRANSPORTATION
                                    RA’s chairman and chief

seniors, many in coordi-
nation with state authori-          executive. “This concern
ties. In addition, FINRA,           is real, and confronting
known until recently as             it will require a focused
                                    regulatory effort.”                                                                                                         “Buick” Beyond Precision
the National Association
of Securities Dealers,                Among other things,
has filed cases against             FINRA is examining
a number of brokerage               whether brokers are
                                                                   HOURS: MON. and THURS. 8 a.m.-8 p.m.; TUES., WED. & FRI. 8 a.m.-6 p.m.; SAT. 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
firms and individual                using so-called “profes-       See: Andy Pecharich, John Voss, Tyler Nelson, Jesse Perez, Mark Hanson, Dan Bailey, Dennis DeCrane, Mike Nelson, John
employees.                          sional” designations to        Horaney, Dan Griffith, Loren West, Kevin Carr, Dave Sparks, Jeff Jones, Mark McLaughlin, Steve Miller, Rick Yemm
  “Our research shows               mislead and defraud                   WEB SITE: E-MAIL:
that almost one in five             senior investors.

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