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									n c   s c e n i c   b y w a y s

                                     h caroli

                                ce           y

                                       c bywa

                                 North Carolina
                    Department of Transportation
                       Ta b l e o f
    Click on Byway.
    NCDOT Programs
    Rules of the Road
    Cultural Resources
    Blue Ridge Parkway
    Scenic Byways State Map
                Waterfall Byway
                Nantahala Byway
                Cherohala Skyway
                Indian Lakes Scenic Byway
                Whitewater Way
                Forest Heritage Scenic Byway
                appalachian Medley
                French Broad Overview
                Historic Flat Rock Scenic Byway
                Drovers Road
                Black Mountain Rag
                Pacolet River Byway
                South Mountain Scenery
                Mission Crossing
                Little Parkway
                New River Valley Byway
                I-26 Scenic Highway
                u.S. 421 Scenic Byway
                Pisgah Loop Scenic Byway
                upper Yadkin Way
                Yadkin Valley Scenic Byway
                Smoky Mountain Scenic Byway
                Mt. Mitchell Scenic Drive
                Hanging Rock Scenic Byway
                Colonial Heritage Byway
                Football Road
                Crowders Mountain Drive
                Mill Bridge Scenic Byway

Ta b l e o f C o n T e n T s

          uwharrie Scenic Road
          Rolling Kansas Byway
          Pee Dee Valley Drive
          Grassy Island Crossing
          Sandhills Scenic Drive
          Birkhead Wilderness Route
          Flint Hill Ramble
          Indian Heritage Trail
          Pottery Road
          Devil’s Stompin’ Ground Road
          North Durham Country Byway
          averasboro Battlefield Scenic Byway
          Clayton Bypass Scenic Byway
          Scots-Welsh Heritage Byway
          Blue-Gray Scenic Byway
          Meteor Lakes Byway
          Green Swamp Byway
          Brunswick Town Road
          Cape Fear Historic Byway
          Lafayette’s Tour
          Tar Heel Trace
          edenton-Windsor Loop
          Perquimans Crossing
          Pamlico Scenic Byway
          alligator River Route
          Roanoke Voyages Corridor
          Outer Banks Scenic Byway

State Parks & Recreation areas
Historic Sites
For More Information


         The N.C. Department of Transportation has designated 51 scenic byways
    to give visitors and residents a chance to experience North Carolina’s history,
    geography and culture, while also raising awareness for the protection and
    preservation of these treasures. Byways are carefully selected to portray the
    diverse beauty and culture of the Tar Heel State and provide travelers with safe
    and interesting alternate travel routes.
         These byways are intended as an alternative to the faster-paced traffic
    and commercial areas found along our state’s major highways and interstates.
    Following the byways, motorists will see some of North Carolina’s most
    breathtaking scenery, from the Blue Ridge Mountains in the west to the fertile
    plains of the Piedmont to the crystal blue shore of our coast.
         The routes are clearly marked with N.C. Scenic Byways signs (shown below).
    Please follow the maps and route descriptions carefully and understand that the
    maps on each byway page are not to scale and are given as a general guide
    only. For this reason, a N.C. State Transportation Map is recommended for use in
    conjunction with the maps in this book.
         Portions of some routes are not suitable for various types of vehicles. Special
    symbols have been inserted in the text to draw attention to these restrictions.
    Alternate routes are noted when available. A few routes may be briefly interrupted
    by commercial or municipal areas. In such cases the scenic byway may temporarily
    end, but directions are given to help drivers resume the route.
         Approximate travel time and mileage are also included for each byway to help
    motorists plan their travels accordingly. These times are intended as a general
    guide. Please allow extra time to visit some of the specific sites referenced in the
    byway descriptions.
         N.C. Scenic Byways vary in length from three to 173 miles, and in character
    from curvy mountain roads to ferry rides across coastal sounds. Motorists will see
    little or no development along the routes, enhancing the natural character and
    quality of the byways.
         If following the byways in reverse order from the descriptions given, please
    keep in mind that the directions will reverse.
         Enjoy exploring North Carolina’s less traveled roads.

    NCDOT — Scenic Byways Program
    1557 Mail Service Center
    Raleigh, NC 27699-1577
    Visit our Web site at

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                  Scenic Byway directional sign

                  Scenic Byway Route



                  Points of Interest


        64        U.S. Route

        58        N.C. Route

        40        Interstate Route

        1111      State Secondary Road (S.R.)

                  National Scenic Byway - “All American Road”



                  North DIRECTIONAL Arrow

                  large or recreational vehicles
                  NOT RECOMMENDED

                  Ferry along route

         2        Historic Site (Open to the public.)       *
                  State Parks and Recreation Areas                    *
                  North Carolina Rest Area

        W         North Carolina Welcome Center

         V        North Carolina Visitor Center

        *    Historic Sites and State Parks are noted on the byway
             maps and referenced in the back of the book. Please
             contact them directly to find out their exact location
             or to receive visitor information.

            nCdoT programs

Highway Beautification                            Aviation
     The NCDOT Wildflower Program                       With more than 300 privately owned
creates colorful landscapes along the              and 74 publicly owned airports, heliports
state’s roadsides                                                            and other landing
with flower                                                                  areas, aviation is
plantings. The                                                               a vital part of the
department’s 14                                                              state’s economy.
highway divisions                                                            More than 43
plant 200,000                                                                million passengers
daylilies annually                                                           fly to and from
and maintain 2,500                                                           North Carolina
acres of wildflower                                                          each year, and
seedbeds.                                                                    commercial and
The program                                                                  general aviation
is supported                                                                 airports generate
through federal                                                              about $12 billion

enhancement                                                                  annually for the
                         N.C. Wildflower Program, Mount Airy
funds, citizen                                                               state. For more
donations and proceeds from personalized           information on aviation in North Carolina,
license plates.                                    visit
     Motorists will also travel along
thousands of miles of litter-free highways         Ferry
maintained by some 6,000 groups totaling                The ferry system includes 22 ferries
100,000 citizen volunteers in North                that operate 365 days a year on seven
Carolina’s Adopt-A-Highway Program. The            routes along the coast. Ferries provide a
groups pick up about 4 million pounds              vital link to many coastal residents and
of litter from 12,000 adopted roadside             take visitors to unforgettable attractions
miles, saving taxpayers nearly $4 million          such as lighthouses, pristine beaches,
annually in roadside cleanup costs. Show           world-class fishing, romantic getaways,
support for the state’s anti-litter efforts        historic sites, kayaking, windsurfing and
by purchasing a “No Litter” license plate          more. Reservations are available on several
through NCDOT’s Division of Motor                  routes. For more information, call
Vehicles. For more information about our           1-800-BY-FERRY (293-3779) or visit
highway beautification programs, call    
1-800-331-5864 or visit www.ncdot.

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Public Transportation                           the list of available maps at www.ncdot.
     Getting North Carolinians where they       org/transit/bicycle.
want to go is the mission of the state’s
public transportation systems. Urban,           Governor’s Highway Safety
rural and regional public transit systems       Program
provide mobility for citizens without a             NCDOT’s Governor’s Highway Safety
vehicle and for those who prefer to let         Program oversees initiatives related to
someone else do the driving. At work in         highway safety, such as seat belt use,
all 100 counties, public transportation         driving while impaired, speeding and
provides access to employment, education,       aggressive driving. The office works closely
medical services, shopping and recreational     with the National Highway Traffic Safety
activities. Safe and efficient public           Administration, N.C. State Highway Patrol
transportation means better mobility,           and numerous other state and local
continued economic growth, a cleaner            agencies. GHSP is best known for its public
environment and improved quality of life.       awareness campaigns, including “Click It
For more information, visit www.ncdot.          or Ticket” and “Booze It & Lose It.” For
org/transit/transitnet.                         more information about GHSP and North
                                                Carolina’s highway safety initiatives, go to
North Carolina’s Amtrak Service       
    With four passenger trains providing
daily service to 12 cities and towns, North     Rest Areas
Carolina’s Amtrak is your connection to             North Carolina’s highway rest areas
Raleigh, Greensboro, Charlotte and many         offer opportunities for convenient, brief
towns in between. The Winston-Salem             stops and provide easy roadside access
Connector offers shuttle service between        to public restrooms, drinking water and
the High Point train station and downtown       telephones seven days a week, 24 hours a
Winston-Salem. Local transit is available in    day. Visitor centers and welcome centers
most cities along the route.                    are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
    For train schedules, fares and ticket       Information about North Carolina’s 60 rest
information, call 1-800-USA-RAIL (872-          areas, including photos, directions and
7245) or visit For             amenities, is available at www.ncdot.
best fares, book early.                         org/~restarea.

Bicycle and Pedestrian
    North Carolina has an extensive system
of more than 5,000 miles of cross-state,
regional and local mapped and signed
bicycle routes along lightly traveled, scenic
roads. These routes connect the state’s
towns and cities, as well as other points
of interest. Call (919) 807-0777 or check
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         rules of The road

Move Over/ Fender Bender                      Helmets
Laws                                              Helmets are required by law when
    Under the “Move Over” law, motorists      riding on a motorcycle or moped. Children
are required to move over one lane, if        up to age 16 are required to wear a helmet
possible, or reduce speed for stopped         while riding a bicycle.
emergency vehicles with flashing lights
on the shoulder of the highway, including     Safety Belts and Child
public service vehicles with amber lights.    Passenger Restraints
The “Fender-Bender” law requires                  All vehicle occupants including those
motorists to move their vehicles to the       in the back seat are required to wear seat
shoulder of the road following minor,         belts. Front seat passengers who violate
non-injury crashes. Failure to abide by the   the law will receive a $25 fine. Back seat
“Move Over” law could result in a fine of     passengers will receive a $10 fine. Children
$500. Violation of the “Fender-Bender”        up to age 8 and weighing less than 80
law could result in $110 in fines and         pounds must be secured in a safety seat
court costs.                                  while riding in a vehicle. Older children
                                              must transition to booster seats before
Cell Phone Use                                graduating to an adult safety belt. Drivers
    Drivers younger than 18 are prohibited    who fail to properly secure their children
from using a mobile telephone while           face $125 in fines and court costs, as well
driving except in the case of an emergency    as a two-point penalty on their driving
or when talking to a parent or spouse.        record. For more information about seat
Violators pay a $25 fine, but receive no      belts and child restraints, visit
driver license points, insurance surcharge
or court costs.
                                              Traffic Crashes
Headlights                                        Traffic crashes involving death, personal
    Motorists are required to use their       injury or property damage of $1,000 or
headlights from sunset to sunrise and         more must be reported to the nearest law
when light conditions restrict visibility     enforcement officer or agency. Failure to
to 400 feet or less. Motorists are also       make this report may result in prosecution
required to use headlights while              or driver license suspension.
operating windshield wipers during
inclement weather.                            Driving While Impaired
                                                 Motorists with a blood alcohol
                                              concentration at or greater than 0.08
                                              percent are charged with driving while
            BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                  BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
impaired. Minimum punishment is a                • Pay close attention;
possible fine of up to $200 and a possible       • Don’t tailgate;
term of imprisonment ranging from 24             • Don’t speed;
hours to 30 days. Maximum punishment             • Be patient; and
is a possible fine of up to $4,000 and a         • Limit distractions.
possible term of imprisonment ranging
from 30 days to two years. A person           Travel Information
convicted of DWI will also have his or her        Motorists can dial “511” for travel
license suspended by NCDOT’s Division         information 24 hours a day, seven days a
of Motor Vehicles for at least one year.      week for an easy-to-use, voice-activated
Persons with a prior DWI conviction may       system. The toll-free service is available
be subject to punishment as a felon and       from landline and cellular phones
their vehicle may be seized and sold.         anywhere in North Carolina (wireless air-
                                              time charges may apply). The system may
Work Zone Safety                              also be accessed by dialing 1-877-511-
    Everyone plays a role in work zone        INNC. (For TDD-TTY, call 711 and ask for
safety, from professional truck drivers,      1-877-511-4662.) The 511 service provides
everyday motorists and officers enforcing     information on highway construction,
traffic laws to the workers on the roadway.   major traffic accidents, weather-related
As partners on the highway, NCDOT             travel, North Carolina tourism, Blue Ridge
reminds motorists to “Drive Smart. Do         Parkway travel, Great Smoky Mountains
Your Part” when traveling through the         National Park travel and more. Travel
state’s work zones.                           information including road conditions,
    More than 100 people have been killed     NCDOT traffic cameras, rail, transit and
in North Carolina work zones in the last      aviation links, and weather updates are
three years, the majority of whom were        also available online at
motorists. It is important to remember that   traffictravel.
driving hazards may be present in work            When using 511, dial 88 at any time
zones even if workers are not.                to switch from the voice response system
    As conditions in a work zone can          to touch-tone features. Also, users familiar
change quickly, it is especially important    with 511 can give their answers before the
for motorists to pay attention and reduce     questions are completed.
speed through these areas. In North
Carolina, the penalty for speeding in a       Mile Markers
work zone is $250 plus three driver               Mile markers are a valuable tool when
license points.                               referencing specific locations on North
    Following these work zone safety          Carolina’s highways. The small green
driving tips can help save lives, including   signs with white numbers are located on
your own:                                     highway shoulders. Most often, they are
    • Stay alert;                             located at each mile along the highway,
    • Expect the unexpected;                  though in some urban areas they are
           BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                  BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
posted every tenth of a mile.                  officials that may result in the safe recovery
    On north-south routes, mile markers        of an abducted or endangered child.
begin at 0 at the furthest point south         When the Amber Alert System is activated,
and increase heading north. On east-west       information about the child, abductor and/
routes, mile markers begin at 0 at the         or the abductor’s vehicle can be distributed
farthest point west and increase heading       via radio, television and electronic
east. Exit numbers also correspond to          highway signs as well as through 511,
the nearest mile marker to help motorists      North Carolina’s travel information line
judge distance.                                and NCDOT’s travel information Web site
N.C. State Highway Patrol                      with information that might help with the
     To contact the N.C. State Highway         recovery of the child are instructed
Patrol while on the road, dial *HP (*47)       to dial *HP (*47) to reach the State
from any cell phone. For more information,     Highway Patrol.
                                               N.C. Silver Alert System
Incident Management                                To help protect an increasing
Assistance Patrol                              population of individuals that suffer from
     NCDOT sponsors the Incident               dementia or other cognitive impairment,
Management Assistance Patrol, a                North Carolina developed the Silver Alert
statewide fleet of 60 drivers who monitor      program to quickly locate missing persons
North Carolina’s most heavily traveled         who may be endangered.
corridors, assisting stranded motorists and        The Silver Alert program was designed
helping clear incidents on the highway.        to quickly disseminate descriptive
IMAP drivers are trained to respond to         information about the missing adult, so
a variety of needs such as changing flat       that citizens in the affected area can be
tires, providing gasoline and moving stalled   on the lookout for the endangered person
vehicles out of travel lanes. IMAP assists     and notify local law enforcement with
disabled motorists, but also provides a        any relevant information. The program
greater service to the traveling public by     is a cooperative effort among local and
preventing minor incidents from causing        state law enforcement and the N.C.
major congestion and delays, reducing the      Center for Missing Persons, with voluntary
chance of secondary crashes.                   participation by radio and television
                                               broadcasters and NCDOT.
N.C. Amber Alert System
    The N.C. Amber Alert System
is a cooperative effort between
law enforcement, criminal justice,
transportation and broadcast agencies.
The system enlists the aid of the public to
provide information to law enforcement
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      CulTural resourCes

Historical Markers                                Cultural Web-Based
     Throughout the state, more than 1,500        Driving Trails
silver state highway historical markers               For interesting side trips off of N.C.
describe important stories about North            Scenic Byways, consider visiting the
Carolina including the history behind duels,      following Web sites:
libraries, churches, railroads, American
Indian tribes, Civil War battles, the civil
rights movement and more. Each marker   
features Global Positioning Satellite   
coordinates to help orient you as you   
explore these stories.                  

N.C. Arts and Culture
    It is easy to combine arts and culture
while traveling. A great place to start is
“Exploring Cultural Heritage Online,”
at The Web site is
managed by the State Library of North
Carolina. While traveling through North
Carolina, look for brown highway signs
that lead to 27 state historic sites and eight
history museums. For more information
on history, the arts and cultural travel, visit
the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources
Web site at

                                                           Historical markers on N.C. 82 near
                                                           Falcon, along the Averasboro Battlefield
                                                           Scenic Byway

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        b l u e r i d g e pa r k w ay

    The Blue Ridge Parkway is often                   recreational opportunities. The
referred to as the original “scenic byway.”           internationally recognized drive blends
The parkway’s 252 miles in North Carolina             landscape architecture and engineering,
are recognized as                                                                               while protecting
an “All American                                                                                and proclaiming
Road” by the                                                                                    mountain
Federal Highway                                                                                 culture.
Administration.                                                                                       Activities
The route                                                                                       such as camping,
provides                                                                                        picnicking,
                       N.C. Travel & Tourism

spectacular                                                                                     hiking, boating,
mountain and                                                                                    fishing and
valley vistas,                                                                                  sightseeing
quiet pastoral      Blue Ridge Parkway                                                          are available
scenes, sparkling waterfalls, and colorful            along the route. Along the way are five
flower and foliage displays.                          campgrounds for overnight visitors, as well
    Construction began in 1935 under                  as 72 trails and 25 tunnels for exploring.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New                 The parkway’s highest elevation is at                                          Mus
Deal program. During President Ronald                 Richland-Balsam Gap, more                                                       Mi
Reagan’s administration, the last mile was            than 6,000 feet above                                                Meadows
                                                                                                             Mount Mitchell      340
completed around Grandfather Mountain.                sea level.                                                State Park
An effort of 52 years, nine presidents and                                               Scenic                  360
                                                                                    26 Byway                          128
$130 million resulted in the 469 miles that                                                       Craggy

connect the Shenandoah National Park in                         French               19
                                                                                     23 Weaverville
Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains                           Overview

                                                                                        Folk Art       Black Mountain
National Park in North Carolina.                                                         Center

    Visitors from around the world
                                                                                 240                                 9
enjoy the parkway’s leisurely                  Appalachian
                                                                                                 Biltmore     74
                                                           40                                     Estate

drive and scenic views that               209
                                                                                               25           Drover’s
                                                                             400                            Road
provide a temporary                                 19
                                                    23 110                                    26
escape from the                     276
hustle and bustle                                                         Mount
of everyday life.
The parkway
                                               * *

                                           440          215

                                                                   Forest Heritage
offers various                  19                                 Scenic Byway
cultural, natural,                     23
historic and
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                                                                                                                                                               58         77
                                             Point of Interest                                                                                                221

                                                                                                                                     58    Galax                        Fancy
                                             City or Town                                                                                                                        200

                                             NC Scenic Byway                                                                                        89

                                             Blue Ridge Parkway                                            VA

                             *               Exit along Parkway                                            NC                         18
                                440                                                                                                        220                             77
                                             Distance Marker                                         221

                                             (mileage begins in Virginia)                                                                        Cumberland

                                                                                          Laurel Springs                                           Knob

                                                                         New River                                       Brinegar
                                                                         Valley Byway           88
                                                                                                                 Doughton Cabin       21
                                                                                         16                        Park
                                                  New River

                                                  Valley Byway
                                                                   U.S. 421 221
                                                             194   Scenic Highway                    16
                         Julian Price                                                E.B. Jeffress

                                                     Boone                 280
                         Mem. Park                                                       Park
                     Mission                        105

                                                                         Moses H. Cone
                                            300                          Memorial Park
                              184                                Blowing Rock


                Linville                           Little
                                                   Parkway         321

                     *                 181

seum of
h Carolina               Linville
inerals                    Falls                  Pisgah



                     For more information on the Blue                                                      To find out more about the nation’s
                     Ridge Parkway, contact the National                                                   other All American Roads and
                     Park Service’s Blue Ridge Parkway                                                     National Scenic Byways, visit
                     Office at (828) 298-0398 or visit                                           
                                            BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                                                       BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
                                                                                                                    Alleghany       W                  22
                                                                                                        34                                                                 220
                                                                                               321       Ashe               55                       52        Stokes
                                                                                     31 Watauga                        Wilkes

                                                                       M                      51              421                           Yadkin                   158
                                                                        itc     Avery                                                                      Forsyth
                                                          26         32      ll                 28

                                                 2                        19
                                                                                                         50 nder
                                                                19                                              a
                                                    Madison     23   Yancey         221         41 Caldwell Alex Iredell                40     Davie                         220
                                        W                 19                                    Burke                                                                      Randolph
                               47           40                                  V         40                                                          85
                                                                          5                                         Catawba             30                                       4
                                                                                                48                                                  Rowan        52
       8                                             18                                                             321
                           33                                   26
                                                                               Rutherford                    Lincoln                          Cabarrus
                                                                                                                                                                        16       220

            Graham                   Jackson               Henderson Polk                                      Gaston
                                19                                                         74

                       Macon   129
                                                           64                                                                                       44

Cherokee                             53                ania
                                                                                                Cleveland                                                      39    Montgomery

                          V                        sylv         23     37                                    W

                                               Tran                                                                 12
  74            Clay
                                               54                                                                          W
                                                                                                                                                          74                Richmo
                                                                                                                                            Union                   20

                              Click on green location dots to take you to specific Byway.

                       norTh Carolina
                        s C e n i C b y w ay s
   	 1.	 Alligator	River	Route	(pg.	150)                                            	21.	 Green	Swamp	Byway	(pg.	126)
   	 2.	 Appalachian	Medley	(pg.	34)                                                	22.	 Hanging	Rock	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	76)
   	 3.	 Averasboro	Battlefield	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	112)                              	23.	 Historic	Flat	Rock	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	39)
   	 4.	 Birkhead	Wilderness	Route	(pg.	99)                                         	24.	 Indian	Heritage	Trail	(pg.	103)
   	 5.	 Black	Mountain	Rag	(pg.	43)                                                	25.	 Indian	Lakes	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	28)
   	 6.	 Blue-Gray	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	120)                                           	26.	 Interstate	26	Scenic	Highway	(pg.	54)
   	 7.	 Brunswick	Town	Road	(pg.	128)                                              	27.	 Lafayette’s	Tour	(pg.	134)
   	 8.	 Cherohala	Skyway	(pg.	26)                                                  	28.	 Little	Parkway	(pg.	50)
   	 9.	 Cape	Fear	Historic	Byway	(pg.	130)                                         	29.	 Meteor	Lakes	Byway	(pg.	124)
   	10.	 Clayton	Bypass	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	114)                                      	30.	 Mill	Bridge	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	87)
   	11.	 Colonial	Heritage	Byway	(pg.	79)                                           	31.	 Mission	Crossing	(pg.	48)
   	12.	 Crowders	Mountain	Drive	(pg.	85)	                                          32.	 Mt.	Mitchell	Scenic	Drive	(pg.	70)
   	13.	 Devil’s	Stompin’	Ground	Road	(pg.	107)                                     	33.	 Nantahala	Byway	(pg.	23)
   	14.	 Drovers	Road	(pg.	41)                                                      	34.	 New	River	Valley	Byway	(pg.	52)
   	15.	 Edenton-Windsor	Loop	(pg.	141)                                             	35.	 North	Durham	Country	Byway	(pg.	109)
   	16.	 Flint	Hill	Ramble	(pg.	101)                                                	36.	 Outer	Banks	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	155)
   	17.	 Football	Road	(pg.	83)                                                     	37.	 Pacolet	River	Byway	(pg.	45)
   	18.	 Forest	Heritage	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	32)                                      	38.	 Pamlico	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	146)
   	19.	 French	Broad	Overview	(pg.	37)                                             	39.	 Pee	Dee	Valley	Drive	(pg.	93)
   	20.	 Grassy	Island	Crossing	(pg.	95)                                            	40.	 Perquimans	Crossing	(pg.	144)
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                    V         11                                                                W                            WNor                                              V

      220                                                                                                                                                            Gates           13


                                                                                                                                                                       Cu m
                                                    Person                                      85                     158            tha                                            17

                                                                                                                                                                         rri de
      Rockingham                                                                                                                         mp


                                                                                                                                                                             Per ans
                   29                                                                                                                      ton

                         Caswell                              158





158                                                                                                                                                                                 17            158


                                                                                       1                                                                   13

                                                         Durham   85                                                                                       17
                                                                                                                                                                  15           40


                    85               40                                                    Franklin         Nash                                 Bertie                                                  V

                                                    46                                                64                                                                                 V           V         43
                   17           Chatham
                                                                                                                        Edgecombe                                               64
n                                                                                                                                                                   Washington Tyrrell
                                                    64                                                                                  49             Martin

2           4           13                                  Wake                        10                                                                                           1
                                                                                                       95     Wilson
                                    421                                         40                                                264                       Beaufort            Hyde
     16                                       Lee                                                           Wayne                        Pitt                                                                      12
            220              45                                                         Johnston
                                                      Harnett                                                                                     17
                                                             3                                                               Lenoir                                                          38
Montgomery          42          1
                  24                                                                                           6                                                Pamlico                                       36
       Richmond                     Hoke                                                                                                Jones
                                                         Cu                                                 Duplin
20                                                         mb 24

                                                                and                                                         24

                                                                                         29                                                                                    12

                                                    95                                                                                                          V   Carteret
                                                                                                              40                                    24
                                    W                                                                                            17
                                                                                     21                                 9
                                                                                                                       Hanover                     N.C. Scenic Byway
                                                                                    Brunswick                                                      Interstate & N.C. Primary Road                        95
                                                                               V                                   7                               Major Urban Area
                                                                                                                                                   Ferry Route
                                                                                                                                                   National Scenic Byway

                                                                                                                                                       W         North Carolina Welcome Center
                                                                                                                                                       V         North Carolina Visitor Center

                  	41.	 Pisgah	Loop	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	59)
                  	42.	 Pottery	Road	(pg.	105)
                  	43.	 Roanoke	Voyages	Corridor	(pg.	153)
                  	44.	 Rolling	Kansas	Byway	(pg.	91)
                  	45.	 Sandhills	Scenic	Drive	(pg.	97)
                  	46.	 Scots-Welsh	Heritage	Byway	(pg.	115)
                  47.	 Smoky	Mountain	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	67)
                                                                                                                                          	53.	 Waterfall	Byway	(pg.	19)
                  	48.	 South	Mountain	Scenery	(pg.	46)
                                                                                                                                          	54.	 Whitewater	Way	(pg.	30)
                  	49.	 Tar	Heel	Trace	(pg.	139)
                                                                                                                                          	55.	 Yadkin	Valley	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	64)
                  	50.	 Upper	Yadkin	Way	(pg.	62)
                  	51.	 U.S.	421	Scenic	Byway	(pg.	57)
                  	52.	 Uwharrie	Scenic	Road	(pg.	89)
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m o u n t a i n                          r e g i o n


Waterfall Byway                   19
Nantahala Byway                   23
Cherohala Skyway                  26
Indian Lakes Scenic Byway         28
Whitewater Way                    30
Forest Heritage Scenic Byway      32
Appalachian Medley                34
French Broad Overview             37
Historic Flat Rock Scenic Byway   39
Drovers Road                      41
Black Mountain Rag                43
Pacolet River Byway               45
South Mountain Scenery            46
Mission Crossing                  48
Little Parkway                    50
New River Valley Byway            52
I-26 Scenic Highway               54
U.S. 421 Scenic Byway             57
Pisgah Loop Scenic Byway          59
Upper Yadkin Way                  62
Yadkin Valley Scenic Byway        64
Smoky Mountain Scenic Byway       67
Mt. Mitchell Scenic Drive         70
           w aT e r f a l l b y w ay

    The Waterfall Byway winds 98 miles        miles east of Cashiers.
through five of the state’s western most          The town of Cashiers, located at the
counties and earns its name from the          intersection of U.S. 64 and N.C. 107,
200 waterfalls that                                                   is about 10 miles
surround the route.                                                   from Toxaway Falls.
In fact, Transylvania                                                 Pronounced “cash-
County, where the                                                     ers” by locals, the
byway begins, is                                                      town is one of
known as “Land of                                                     the oldest resort
the Waterfalls” for                                                   communities settled
the many waterfalls                                                   by Low Country
and trout streams in                                                  South Carolinians
the area.                                                             who wanted to
    Beginning at                                                      get away from the
the intersection of                                                   coastal summer heat
U.S. 64 and N.C.                                                      and humidity. South
215 near Rosman,                                                      Carolina Gov. and
travel west along                                                     Confederate Gen.

U.S. 64 and cross                                                     Wade Hampton’s
                          Cullasaja Falls
the French Broad                                                      summer home, “High
River, whose name means “racing waters”       Hampton,” was located south of Cashiers
in Cherokee. Continue on U.S. 64 West         and is still a favored resort. The headwaters
seven miles to the curve where U.S. 64        of the Chattooga River are within the
crosses the Toxaway River at Toxaway          town’s limits.
Falls.                                            From Cashiers, travel four miles
    The beautiful Toxaway Falls are on        to Cowee Gap. From the gap, at the
the left with Lake Toxaway on the right.      headwaters of the Cullasaja River, it
Be careful not to park on the shoulder of     is eight winding miles into Macon
the road as it is unsafe for both motorists   County and the town of Highlands, the
and pedestrians. Nearby local merchants       highest incorporated community on the
provide limited parking for motorists to      East Coast. Follow U.S. 64 through this
enjoy the falls. From Toxaway Falls,          quaint resort town.
travel three miles into the Sapphire              Founded in 1875, Highlands was
Valley resort area. Also, pass Fairfield      located here because it lies at the
and Sapphire lakes, both privately            intersection of imaginary map lines formed
owned, and into Jackson County before         from Chicago to Savannah and from
crossing the Horse Pasture River, 1.5         Baltimore to New Orleans. Highlands was
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designed by Charles Hutchins and Samuel           glimpse of the Cullasaja River below as well
T. Kelsey of Kansas, who also designed the as views of the Great Smoky Mountains
resort community of Linville.                     and the Pisgah and Nantahala national
     Cross Lake Sequoyah on the                   forests. Observant visitors may spot falcons,
outskirts of Highlands and continue               which are known to inhabit the trees along
for two miles to the 120-foot drop of             the gorge. The community of Gneiss,
Bridal Veil Falls. The water from this falls      named for the metamorphic rock that
flows into the Cullasaja River to the south.      abounds in this area, is two miles past
Use the provided parking area just west of        Cullasaja Falls.
the falls to enjoy beauty from either side            The Cullasaja Gorge ends about
or underneath, where the old highway              five miles from Gneiss in the Cullasaja
ran. Nearby Dry Falls is so named because         community. From this small town,
visitors can walk underneath the roaring          travel 2.5 miles to the U.S. 23/441
water without getting wet. The U.S. Forest interchange with U.S. 64 in Franklin,
Service also provides a parking area for          the Macon County seat. This town is best
visitors to explore and enjoy this waterfall.     known for the treaty council held here
     The byway enters the Cullasaja               between Sir Alexander Cuming and the
Gorge six miles west of Dry Falls. The            Cherokee Indians in 1730. The Cherokee
Cullasaja River formed the gorge as it            were defeated in 1761 by a force of
flowed west into the Little Tennessee River. settlers, Chickasaws and Creeks. The site of
The Forest Service has designated a portion an early American Indian village, Nikwasi, is
of this route as the national Mountain            marked by a mound in Franklin.
Waters Scenic Byway. Four miles from                  Follow U.S. 64 West/U.S. 23/441
Dry Falls is Cullasaja Falls. Located on          South for 7.5 miles to the community
the left heading west, this impressive
cascade drops 310 feet in one-half
mile. The drop may be difficult to
see, so look carefully behind                    28
the trees toward the lower                                                                    Blu        74
                                                   R                 Dillsboro                   eR
part of the gorge.                            G                                                     idg
                                                19                                                      eP
     While in                                                                       107

the gorge,                                                   28              23
catch a                                                                                              281
                             19        74                                 Cullasaja
                                129                                   4     Gorge
                                                         Franklin                                Lake
                                               Cartoogechaye                    Bridal         Toxaway
             2                                                                   Falls          64
 Murphy             64                                                 Dry
                                 Hayesville                         23
                                                                   441 Falls
   19                    1135                                                                        281
         3                                      64                                 Highlands
             1134   1      Brasstown                                        Lake               107
                    1100   (see inset) Lake                       V       Sequoyah

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                                   Murphy / Brasstown Inset




                                                                O ld U

                                                 1558                                1135



                                                        Creek. American Indian lore tells of an
                                           n R d.
                               B r a s stow
         of Cartoogechaye, (pronounced                  overweight maiden from nearby who ran
          “car-toogi-chay”). The nearby mountains       away to get married without her father’s
          are part of the Nantahala range in the        permission. The dismayed thinner maidens
          Nantahala National Forest. After about        of the tribe gave her the nickname
          four miles, cross Winding Stair Gap,          “Chunky Gal.”
          one of the early western passages along           Shooting Creek is 8.5 miles from
          the Appalachian Trail.                        Hayesville, the Clay County seat. Four
              Continue two miles through the            miles east of Hayesville the byway
                   community of Rainbow                 passes Lake Chatuge, which is known
                        Springs and then nearly         as the crown jewel of the Tennessee Valley
4                           two miles to Black          Authority lakes. The water is now part of
    215                        Gap on the Macon/        the Hiawasee River. Hayesville was named
                                Clay County line.       in 1891 for the town’s founder, George

                                This portion takes      Hayes. Fort Hembree, one of the gathering

   y          Brevard           motorists 10 miles      places for the Cherokee who were

                         5       along the ridge        forced to leave this part of the country
                                 lines of the Chunky    for Oklahoma on the “Trail of Tears,” is
             Rosman              Gal Mountains,         located in town.
                                 where there are a          Continue for six miles. Turn left
  Toxaway                        number of scenic       onto Settawig Road (S.R. 1135)
     Falls 178                   overlooks before       and follow it for 2.5 miles toward
                                  the byway passes      Brasstown. While in Brasstown, visit the
                                  through Shooting      John C. Campbell Folk School, where
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visitors learn trades such as pottery,           Mountain Railway. Don’t miss Murphy’s
weaving and blacksmithing. From                  marble courthouse, one of the area’s best-
Settawig Road briefly turn right onto            known landmarks made entirely out of
Old U.S. 64.                                     marble from a local quarry.
     At this point, you have two                     Because the route follows winding
options. You may continue on Old U.S.            mountain roads, travel time may be slow
64 to the intersection of U.S. 64, then          along the route and may also vary by
turn left to continue four miles into            season.
the town of Murphy. Construction of this             The Nantahala Byway (pg. 23) begins
new section of U.S. 64 was completed in          north of Murphy in the town of Marble.
2009, and offers motorists striking views        The Forest Heritage Scenic Byway (pg. 32)
of pristine mountain forest, agricultural        ties in at the beginning of this route.
bottoms and lofty mountain ranges,                         Length: 98 miles
including the Valley River and Snowbird                    Drive Time: 3.5 hours
Mountains. The route also crosses the                      Counties: Cherokee,
Hiwasee River in two locations. As early                             Clay, Jackson,
                                                                     Macon and
as 1540, the river was mined for gold as                             Transylvania
evidenced by old tunnels, shafts, Spanish              Note: Tractor-trailer trucks
cannon balls, pistols bearing the Spanish              are prohibited on this road
coat of arms and coin molds found along                and it is not recommended
the river banks. The bridge that spans the             for recreational vehicles
                                                       or buses.
second river crossing east of Murphy is the
largest single steel span bridge ever built in
North Carolina, measuring 331 feet across.
     The second option is to turn left
onto Brasstown Road (S.R. 1564) from
Old. U.S. 64, and follow it briefly
before turning right onto Harshaw
Road. Follow Harshaw Road for
6.5 miles where the route ends in
Murphy at the intersection with U.S.
     Murphy, the Cherokee County seat,
is the site of Fort Butler, a frontier fort in
the early 1800s and a temporary stockade
for Cherokee along the “Trail of Tears.”
Located at the junction of the Hiawasee
and Valley rivers, the town was also an
early trading post. Additionally, it serves as
the southern terminus of the Great Smoky

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        n a n Ta h a l a b y w ay

    The Nantahala Byway’s southern              the community of Nantahala, founded
terminus is in the Cherokee County town         in 1882. This is where the gorge’s true
of Marble, founded in 1911 and so named nature begins. Notice that the U.S. Forest
because it is near                                                       Service’s Mountain
the state’s largest                                                      Waters Scenic Byway
marble deposit. This                                                     merges with this
marble, in addition                                                      byway just prior to
to other mineral                                                         Nantahala.
resources found in                                                           The Nantahala
this area, is of such                                                    Gorge was called
high quality that it                                                     the “Land of the
was used extensively                                                     Midday Sun.” From

at Arlington National                                                    this phrase, the
Cemetery. From          Whitewater Rafting on Nantahala River            Cherokee Indians
Marble, leave town and take U.S.                derived the name Nantahala because of its
19/74/129 east through eight miles of           depth and steep walls. It is a world-class
farming valley to Andrews. The valley has       whitewater rafting location. During the
rich soil, which was deposited by the Valley warmer months, many rafting companies
River that flows on the valley’s eastern side   provide tours, while kayaking and canoeing
toward the Hiawasee River in Murphy.            enthusiasts enjoy the river well into the
    In Andrews, turn right onto U.S. 19         winter. Occasionally, slalom gates are visible
Business and drive through this early 20th for races held on the river. For those who
century mountain town that is named for         prefer a less energetic ride, the main boat
Alexander Boyd Andrews, who founded             drop point near the southern end of the
the Western North Carolina Railroad. The        gorge provides the calmest water.
byway rejoins U.S. 19/74/129 north                   The byway occasionally provides
of town where the road becomes                  glimpses of the Great Smoky Mountain
two lanes.                                      Railroad, which snakes through the gorge
    From Andrews, travel seven miles to         paralleling U.S. 19/74. The railroad offers
the community of Topton. The Indian             visitors a different perspective of the gorge.
Lakes Scenic Byway (pg. 28) intersects at       The railroad operates daily from 9 a.m.
this point and runs north on U.S. 129. For      until 2 p.m., and reservations
the next 20 miles, the byway passes             are recommended.
through the Nantahala Gorge by first                  Continue traveling seven miles
crossing the Nantahala River. At the Clay/      through the gorge to the community
Macon County line, look for the 360-foot        of Wesser, named for a hunter who lived
Camp Branch Falls just before entering          here. At Wesser, the Nantahala River no
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                       Tuckasegee                                                                              19




             Bryson City             74

                                                                             M     74
                                                                                             Nantahala River
                                                  129                19
                     Marble                                         129


         3              64

longer parallels the road. The byway                     Mountain Range.
crosses the Little Tennessee River two                       From the exit, turn left onto
miles north of Wesser before entering                    Franklin Street (S.R. 1159), also known
Lauada one mile later.                                   as Spring Street and Bennet Road,
    From Lauada, the byway continues                     and follow for about one-half mile
four miles on the four-lane divided                      to the stoplight at U.S. 19. Proceed
highway portion of U.S. 19/74 to the                     onto U.S. 19 South (Main Street) and
second Bryson City exit (Exit 67). Bryson                travel a short distance to Slope Street
City was founded in 1887 and is the Swain                (S.R. 1323). Bear right onto Slope
County seat. It sits in a bowl formed by                 Street, cross the Tuckasegee River
the Tuckasegee River and the Cowee                       and turn right onto Gibson Avenue,
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                                                             From Everett Street, turn left at the
                          Cherokee                      Swain County Courthouse onto U.S. 19
                                          19            North (Main Street). Follow about two
                 19                                     miles and turn right onto Hyatt Creek
ee River                        1195

                     1168          1531                 Road (S.R. 1168). For the next three
                                       Whittier         miles, follow Hyatt Creek Road as it
                Bryson City                     74      parallels the Tuckasegee River just above
           74    (see inset)                   441
                                                        its banks. At the stop sign, turn left to
      Lauada                                            continue on Hyatt Creek Road.
                                                             Here, the byway passes through
                                                        portions of tribal lands of the Eastern
                                                        Band of Cherokee, also called the Qualla
                                                        Boundary. Qualla is a Cherokee word
                                                        meaning “old woman” after an old
                                                        Cherokee woman who lived on these
                                           23           lands. Established in 1838, it is the largest
                                                        reservation east of the Mississippi with
                                                        more than 63,000 acres.
                                                             Turn right onto U.S. 19 North
                                                        after crossing the Tuckasegee River.
                            4                           Continue on U.S. 19 for about a mile,
                                                        then turn right onto Old U.S. 19 (S.R.
                            Franklin      64            1195), and cross the Oconaluftee River
                                                        just above its junction with the Tuckasegee
                      441                               River. Follow Old U.S. 19 for nearly
                                                        two miles into Jackson County where
                      V                                 the state road number changes to
                                                        1531. The byway ends one mile later
                                                        in the town of Whittier at the U.S. 74
                                                        intersection. The Waterfall Byway (pg. 19)
           also known as Bryson Walk (S.R.              is located to the south.
           1321). Turn right again onto Everett                    Length: 43 miles
           Street (S.R. 1364) at the Great Smoky                   Drive Time: 1.5 hours
           Mountain Railroad station.                              Counties: Cherokee, Graham,
               In Bryson City, notice the monuments                          Jackson and Swain
           for Tsali, a Cherokee warrior who was
           executed in 1838 for resisting the removal
           of his Cherokee people from the Southern
           Appalachian Region, as well as Yonaguska,
           chief of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee
           who lived here in 1839.
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       C h e r o h a l a s k y w ay

     The Cherohala Skyway is a national         forest, one of the finest stands of its type
scenic byway often compared to the              in America, includes poplar, hemlock and
Blue Ridge Parkway because of its scenic        oak. Some tulip-poplars have grown in
attractions                                                               excess of 100 feet
and natural                                                               high and 20 feet
topography. The                                                           in circumference.
skyway serves                                                             More than 100
as a connector                                                            species of trees
between the                                                               can be seen here
Cherokee                                                                  while hiking on
National Forest                                                           more than 60
in Tennessee and                                                          miles of trails.
the Nantahala                                                             Contact the U.S.
National Forest in                                                        Forest Service
North Carolina,                                                           or the Cheoah

thus the name                                                             Ranger Station
Cherohala. The         Cherohala                                          for further
route is located in rural western Graham        information on the forest, the adjoining
County and is designated as N.C. 143.           Slickrock Wilderness Area and nearby
     American Indians first occupied Graham     Lake Santeetlah.
County before the progression of settlers           The byway begins at Santeetlah
reached the territory in the early 1830s.       Gap and ascends along Cedar Top
Early homesteaders followed American            Mountain. This peak joins with Little
Indian paths and game trails into this land.    Huckleberry Knob, Hooper’s Bald, Laurel
     The route is accessible by driving         Top and John’s Knob to form the backbone
on N.C. 143 West from Robbinsville              of the byway. The route weaves
for 12 miles. A scenic overlook and             westward through these southern
sign mark the beginning of the scenic           Appalachian Mountains. They are
byway. An information kiosk at this scenic      considered to be some of the oldest in the
overlook offers motorists an opportunity        world, formed more than 200 million years
to enjoy the tranquil view while learning       ago. Many overlooks, trail access points
about the development of the skyway and         and pull-offs are along the drive. Motorists
its recreational opportunities.                 should be alert for both pedestrians and
     Also at this overlook, visitors can view   bicyclists along the route.
the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest, which             Hardwood and coniferous trees abound
was dedicated on July 30, 1936, to the late     throughout these mountains thanks to
author of the poem “Trees.” This pristine       the U.S. Forest Service. Following the Civil
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  War, large lumber companies moved in                    Motorists may turn around at this overlook
  and systematically cleared large swaths of              or continue into Tennessee on S.R 165.
  forest. In 1911, the federal government                 The Indian Lakes Scenic Byway (pg. 28) is
  began to acquire and protect these lands.               located nearby.
  The forests’ destruction is evidenced by the                             Length: 20 miles
  number of balds along the route. These                                   Drive Time: 45 minutes
  bare, grassy, rocky and partially barren                                 County: Graham
  knobs mark some of the highest points
                                                                        Note: Tractor-trailer
  along the route. Hooper’s Bald, at 5,429                              trucks are prohibited on
  feet, is the highest spot along the skyway.                           this road and the route
      Hooper’s Bald was once the location                               is not recommended for
  of a private hunting preserve stocked with                            recreational vehicles
                                                                        or buses.
  buffalo, wild boar, elk, mule-deer, bear,
  wild turkeys and pheasants. The gameland
  preserve failed, but the wild boars still
  in the area attest to its presence. From
  Hooper’s Bald travel 5.5 miles to the
  Beech Gap Overlook at the Tennessee
  state line, where the skyway ends.

                       Nantahala National Forest


                                   Joyce Kilmer



   Gap                                Forest

165                                                                              Lake
                                                      Santeetlah 1127          Santeetlah
                                hC                          Gap                                     129
                       Santeetla reek
John’s                                 143                                               Robbinsville
       143 Little
Knob                                            Cedar Top
           Knob                                 Mountain 1123

Top                                   Squa
                                          lly Cr
                                                e ek
  TN C
          Hooper’s Bald                                           k
                                                          C   ree
    N                                                 alo
                                                 uf f                  To learn more about the nation’s
                                             le B
                                        Litt                        other All American Roads and National
                                                                  Scenic Byways, visit the U.S. Department of
                                                                          Transportation’s Web site at
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                    indian lakes
                    s C e n i C b y w ay
     The Indian Lakes Scenic Byway takes    lakes, covering 10,530 acres. This remote
its name from the many lakes along the      body of water is a popular spot for fly
route with Indian names. It follows N.C.    fishing, swimming and boating.
28 from its                                                               Continue
intersection                                                         two miles down
with U.S.                                                            the road to
129 near the                                                         Fontana Village,
Tennessee                                                            a present-day
border for                                                           resort community
57 miles to                                                          originally built for
the town of                                                          the 6,000 workers
Franklin. The                                                        who constructed
byway begins                                                         the Fontana
near the end of                                                      Dam. There have

a famously curvy                                                     been two other
stretch of road                                                      Fontana villages
known locally                                                        near the existing
as “Tail of the                                                      site. The first
Dragon,” which                                                       was built as a
is a favorite                                                        logging camp in
destination for                                                      the 1800s and
motorcycles                                                          is now buried by
because of its                                                       Fontana Lake. The
serpentine shape. Cheoah Dam and Powerhouse                          second was built
Use caution as                                                       for copper miners
you navigate the sharp, hairpin turns found at the turn of the 20th century.
along the first part of the byway.              As you continue driving past the
     As the road straightens a bit you will Stecoah community, watch for large pipes
pass by the byway’s first major landmark,   shooting up the sides of mountains. These
the Fontana Dam. Completed in 1945, it      surge pipes take water overflow up the
was the fourth highest hydroelectric dam    mountain for storage when overflow gates
in the world and the highest in the Eastern are closed at the hydroelectric dams seen
United States. The dam was built by the     along the route. When water levels are
Tennessee Valley Authority in response to   low, water in the surge pipes is released
the federal government’s need “for aid      and flows down the mountains to turn
in the development of atomic power.”        turbines in the dams’ generator houses.
Fontana Lake is the largest of the TVA          Past Stecoah, continue down
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N.C. 28 into Graham County passing                    byway follows the river as it bisects the
through the Stecoah Panther Divide                    ancient town of Cowee, the principal
and Calf Pen Gap before crossing the                  commercial and diplomatic center of the
Nantahala River into Almond. Along                    Middle Cherokee in the 18th century. Just
the 23-mile stretch, take advantage of                past Cowee one can see a portion of the
the many overlooks with views of rural                historic West’s Mill Village. The byway
Western North Carolina and plenty of                  ends near historic downtown Franklin,
parking for roadside picnics. Numerous                which is billed the “Gem Capital of the
creeks along the byway feed into the Little           World” because of nearby ruby mines.
Tennessee River. Used for centuries by the                         Length: 57 miles
Cherokee and their predecessors, the river’s                       Drive Time: 1.5 hours
first European exploration was in 1540 by                          Counties: Swain, Graham
Spanish Explorer Hernando DeSoto as the                                         and Cherokee
first tributary of the Mississippi River.
     The town of Almond, founded in 1905,                        Note: The route is
                                                                 not recommended for
is located near the intersection of N.C. 28
                                                                 recreational vehicles
and U.S. 74 just north of the Nantahala                          or buses.
Gorge. Continue past this intersection
on N.C. 28, traveling south toward
the city limits of Franklin. This stretch
of the byway
parallels the Little                                 TN
Tennessee River as                                   NC
it flows through          129             Fontana
the unique valley                     28               Fontana Lake
between the
Nantahala and              Santeetlah      Fontana
                           Dam              Village                    19
Cowee Mountain                                              23
                           & Lake                  143 Stecoah         74
Ranges. Visitors                                                     Almond
will pass by the
                                                 129          Nantahala
Needmore tract, a                                         Topton
4,500-acre state-                    19
                                    129                       Nantahala
owned property                                                Dam & Lake
that houses the
southern Blue Ridge Mountains’ most
intact eco-system and features a series of
stunning vistas. After several miles, the side
slopes of the rugged Cowee Mountains
give way to scenery more pastoral in its
feel with rolling hills and farmland. The

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             w h i T e w aT e r w ay

    Whitewater Way provides motorists              Shortia, which is only found in this area
with access to some of the most beautiful          and in Japan. It grows from a slender single
waterfalls in the Eastern United States.           stem and blooms white or pink in late
The route gets its name                                                 March or early April.
from Whitewater Falls,                                                      Continuing along
which at 411 feet, is                                                   N.C. 281, the byway
the highest waterfall                                                   passes through the
east of the Rockies.                                                    Nantahala National
    The byway begins                                                    Forest. First established
at the intersection                                                     by Congress in 1911,
of U.S. 64 and N.C.                                                     this forest now contains
281 in the village                                                      nearly 1.4 million acres
of Sapphire. This is                                                    of Western North
also the intersection of                                                Carolina. Large stands
the Waterfall Byway                                                     of hemlock and spruce
(pg. 18). This quaint                                                   are found along this
mountain town is                                                        portion of byway. In the
                           N.C. Travel & Tourism

named for the intense                                                   spring, native azaleas,
blue sky and water                                                      rhododendrons and
observed here, as well                                                  mountain laurels light
                             Whitewater Falls
as for the gems found                                                   up the understories of
in this area. Follow N.C. 281 South for            these trees. Some privately owned land lies
two miles before reaching the access area          along the route where a mix of homes,
for Horse Pasture River and Falls.                 farms and craft shops can be seen.
    At the access area, trails lead visitors           About 8.5 miles from Sapphire,
along the river to a series of falls including     the byway passes the entrance to
Horse Pasture, Drift, Rainbow, Stairway and        Whitewater Falls Scenic Area. Follow
Mist. Drift Falls is a popular place for sliding   the signs to the trailhead parking lot
and caution is recommended. Rainbow                and take a five-minute stroll to the falls
Falls is 150 feet high and has a back              overlook. Additional trails lead farther
spray of mist that shows a rainbow when            along the falls or deeper into the gorge.
illuminated by the sun. Stairway Falls has             Once back on N.C. 281, it is less
seven steps averaging 10 feet each, while          than a mile through a brief portion of
Windy Falls is known as an ominous place           Jackson County to the South Carolina
of swirling spray. Footing can become              line, where the byway ends. Motorists
treacherous along the trail. Close observers       may want to backtrack along the byway or
may spot a rare and beautiful plant called         continue into South Carolina along S.C. 130.
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  Length: 9 miles
  Drive Time: 20 minutes
  Counties: Transylvania and

 Note: The route is
 not recommended for
 recreational vehicles
 or buses.




                                            64        Sapphire                Toxaway
                           National                                                               Ri
                            Forest                                                                 ver
                                                              r se




   hit                                                                        er
                                            pson er




                            Whitewater                   NC
                               Falls                     SC

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               f o r e s T h e r i Ta g e
                 s C e n i C b y w ay
     The Forest Heritage Scenic Byway              seeping out of the mountain across the
allows motorists to explore North Carolina’s stone. Travel 2.5 miles north and pass
rich forestlands. Begin following the              Sliding Rock Falls. In the summer, many
byway from its                                                            visitors enjoy a cool
northern end by                                                           slide down the rock
traveling U.S. 276                                                        into a pool under
North from the                                                            the supervision of
U.S. 64/N.C. 280                                                          lifeguards. A bathhouse
intersection near                                                         provides a place to
Brevard. Established                                                      change clothes.
in 1861, Brevard is the                                                        The Cradle of
Transylvania County                                                       Forestry is on the right,
seat and was named                                                        three miles from Sliding
for Ephriam Brevard,                                                      Rock. It is the birthplace
who drafted the                                                           of scientific forestry
Mecklenburg Resolves                                                      and forestry education
of 1775. A pair of stone                                                  through the work of
                           N.C. Travel & Tourism

pillars built to honor                                                    Dr. Carl A. Schenck in
Transylvania County                                                       1898. Dr. Schenck was
residents who served                                                      the forest supervisor
in World War I lies at        Biltmore Forest School near Brevard         for George Vanderbilt’s
the beginning of the byway. They also              100,000-acre Biltmore Forest and founded
mark the entrance to the Pisgah National           the first forestry school in the United States
Forest, which was established in 1916 and          at Biltmore, near Asheville.
encompasses more than one million acres.                Near the Cradle of Forestry is the
A U.S. Forest Service information center is        entrance to the Pink Beds, an upland bog
located about two miles from the pillars.          with a dense growth of pink blooming
     West of the information center is the         rhododendrons and laurels. About four
Pisgah Forest National Fish Hatchery, which miles from the Pink Beds, is the first
raises trout to be released in mountain            of two Blue Ridge Parkway crossings.
streams. Just past the hatchery on                 The first crossing is at Wagon Road Gap.
U.S. 276 is the breathtaking 85-foot               The gap was named for the vehicles that
Looking Glass Falls. A pull-off is provided crossed the mountain on the trail from
for visitors to safely enjoy the view. The         Brevard towards the Pigeon River Gorge
falls are named for the mountain above             and Tennessee. To the left is the Shining
Looking Glass Rock. Its monolithic granite         Rock Wilderness. Accessible only by foot
face gleams like a mirror from the water           trails, this primitive area is a unique natural
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treasure. From here, continue along U.S. and follow the U.S. Forest Service byway
276 North for 14 miles following the        north to Brevard.
East Fork of the Pigeon River through                       Length: 65 miles
rural mountain villages and farmlands                       Drive Time: Two hours
to the community of Bethel.                                 Counties: Haywood,
     The nearby community of Woodrow,                                        Transylvania
                                                                             and Jackson
just north of Bethel, was named for
President Woodrow Wilson. Turn left                         Note: The route is
                                                            not recommended for
at the stoplight onto N.C. 215 and                          recreational vehicles
follow the West Fork of the Pigeon                          or buses.
River 18 miles until the byway reaches
the second crossing of the Blue
Ridge Parkway at Beech Gap. Along 40                                    40
                                                                               To Asheville
this portion of N.C. 215, pass by more
mountain farms and numerous
streams and waterfalls. Six miles
from Woodrow, is a local
reservoir, Lake Logan. The
                                   276                            Pisgah
community of Sunburst, located                                 National                         ille
along its shores, gets its name                                   Forest                   Ash
                                                                                ay     To
from the swiftness of the sun as                                           arkw
                                                          276           eP
it rises over Cold Mountain to                                      Ridg
announce the morning. This is                                     e

the fictional setting of the book            Shining
and movie “Cold Mountain.”             215
                                                                          Cradle of
     About 8.5 miles from the
Blue Ridge Parkway is the                             Sliding            Looking
Balsam Grove community near                            Rock                Glass
                                                                r          Falls          280
Balsam Lake, which feeds into                            n i ve
                                      215          i dso R                          6
the French Broad River. The river              Dav           Pisgah
was named for the French who                                  Fish
inhabited the territory during                              Hatchery 5
the 18th century. The last eight                                                  Brevard

miles of the byway parallel

the North Fork of the French                                   64
                                                           d Riv

Broad River. The route ends
at the intersection of N.C. 215

with U.S. 64 near Rosman.
     To follow the Waterfall Byway         64             Rosman
(pg. 19) travel along U.S. 64
West from this point, or turn left                     178

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                       a p pa l a C h i a n
      The Appalachian Medley engages the      The creek was named for a scout who was
senses and recalls the past. It has been      buried in its icy waters. The scout’s brother
appropriately named for the rich history      placed his body in the creek to preserve
of local                                                                      it until the
music, which                                                                  spring thaw.
is illustrated                                                                However,
by the rise                                                                   when the
and fall of                                                                   brother came
the beautiful                                                                 to retrieve
hills along                                                                   the body, it
the byway                                                                     was nowhere
— a melody                                                                    to be found.
of greatest                                                                   The byway
proportions.                                                                  enters

      The                                                                     Madison
                   French Broad River
byway                                                                         County at
begins on N.C. 209 at Exit 24 on I-40         Betsey’s Gap four miles after crossing
near Lake Junaluska and Waynesville.          Fines Creek. Hebo Mountain can be seen
Begin following the route by traveling        to the south and Pug Knob to the north.
north along N.C. 209. After 1.3 miles,            The byway, from this point north, is
the byway crosses the Pigeon River,           escorted by Spring Creek. The community
which derives its name from the large         of Luck is less than five miles up the
flocks of pigeons that once lived along its   road, and as the locals say, “with Luck
banks. After crossing the river, continue     comes Trust.” Trust, a small community
two miles to Crabtree. Beginning a            with a general store and cafe, is 1.5 miles
half mile after Crabtree, the byway is        past Luck. Guests are welcome to stop in
closely bordered by the Pisgah National       St. Jude’s Chapel of Hope.
Forest. This forest covers 12 counties and        Following N.C. 209, the surrounding
more than one million acres in North          landscape opens into a picturesque valley.
Carolina. Also, it is the birthplace of the   Max Patch Mountain is on the left.
scientific study of American forestry.        The Appalachian Trail lies across the top
For more information about the Pisgah         of this mountain bald. Travel a little
National Forest, contact the U.S. Forest      more than four miles to the Rocky
Service. (Contact information is provided     Bluff Recreation Area, which has picnic
on pg. 168.)                                  facilities, restrooms, campsites and
      Five miles from Crabtree, the           hiking trails.
byway veers right near Fines Creek.               Hot Springs is about three miles
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beyond the recreation area. Two scouts,                   markets in South Carolina and Georgia.
Henry Reynolds and Thomas Morgan, first                   In those days, the area had a rough
discovered the springs in 1778. Originally                reputation and was known for lawlessness.
known as Warm Springs (changed to Hot                     Toll roads with regular stagecoach traffic
Springs in 1886), it was a main stop for                  and private carriages slowly changed the
drovers that led cattle, hogs and horses to               character of towns such as Hot Springs,

                                           TN     25
                                            NC    70
                                                     Hot                 70
                                         Rocky Bluff
                                       Recreation Area                                      Walnut

                                            Max Patch               1153                       25

                      Tra                               209

                hia             Pisgah


      Appalac                  National
                                                                                            Riv e


                                  Pug                         63
                                  Knob                 Luck
     Pi g
         e on                  Fines
                               Creek               Betsey’s Gap
            Ri v

                               1338                    Hebo


                                                  Crabtree          40

                               276 Lake                        19
                                  Junaluska                    23
                                      19               Waynesville
                                             74          276

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  and the drovers’ stands were converted to       in 1905. The byway ends here, but
  accommodate a higher clientele seeking          motorists may continue south to Marshall
  the healing waters of the springs. The          and the intersection of the French Broad
  history of this area also includes the          Overview (pg. 37).
  first golf course in the Southeast, the
                                                            Length: 45 miles
  imprisonment of German merchant sailors                   Drive Time: 1.5 hours
                                                            Counties: Haywood and

        Appalachian Trail Crosses U.S. 25/70

  during World War I and the development
  of the Appalachian Trail. While in Hot
  Springs, take a side trip on Paint Rock
  Road (S.R. 1300). This leads to the area’s
  best known landmark, a sheer rock cliff on
  which early settlers found painted images
  of humans and
  wild animals.
      Turn onto U.S. 25/70 and travel
  three miles outside of Hot Springs
  where the Appalachian Trail crosses
  the road via an overhead bridge. Then,
  follow U.S. 25/70 to Walnut, once
  called Jewell Hill before it was incorporated
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                 frenCh broad
     The French Broad Overview begins           near the community of Alexander.
just north of Asheville in Weaverville, first   Established in 1828, Alexander was named
settled in the 1700s. This small town was       for the owner of a local stagecoach tavern.
called Pine Cabin until                                                    This road, like many
its incorporation in                                                   others in river valleys,
1850. It is also the site                                              was built following old
of the Vance Birthplace                                                Indian trading paths
State Historic Site.                                                   that led to trading
Zebulon B. Vance was                                                   posts and villages in the
North Carolina’s Civil                                                 Tennessee and Ohio
War governor from                                                      River valleys. Note the
1862–1865. He also                                                     palisades, or sheer rock
served in the U.S.                                                     walls, that line the right
Senate and U.S. House                                                  side of the road. Over
of Representatives. In                                                 time, the wide river cut
addition to information                                                away at the rock valley
about Vance, the                                                       walls. Migrating animals
historic site offers                                                   and American Indians
presentations on early                                                 used this passage to

mountain settler life.                                                 cross through the
                            Downtown Marshall
     Begin following                                                   Eastern United States’
the byway by taking I-26 West from              tallest mountains. When European settlers
Asheville to Exit 19 in Weaverville.            arrived, they also followed the river valleys
From the interchange, take the                  and paths set by those before them and
U.S. 25/70 Bypass toward Marshall.              widened the paths into roads. With the
Turn left at the first stoplight onto           arrival of trains, river valleys again provided
Monticello Road (S.R. 1727).                    the path of least resistance.
     Follow Monticello Road for three                While following the French Broad River,
miles through a rural residential area          a railroad is visible on the other side of the
until it ends at N.C. 251. Along this           river. Near Marshall, the tracks cross the
road, notice the French Broad River as it       river and parallel the road.
makes its way west. The river was named              Continue following N.C. 251 after it
for the French who inhabited this region        joins U.S. 25/70 Business into Marshall.
during the 18th century. During the             Established in 1852 and named for former
summer months, the French Broad River           U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John
is a popular site for white-water rafting       Marshall, it is the Madison County seat.
and canoeing. Turn right onto N.C. 251          For the best view of the courthouse, turn
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left at the stoplight, cross the river, turn                                          Length: 17 miles
around in the school parking lot and                                                  Drive Time: 25 minutes
re-cross the river to see this community                                              Counties: Madison and
perched upon the banks of the river.
     Turn left at the stoplight in front
of the courthouse to continue on the
final portion of this byway. Follow U.S.
25/70 Business as it winds up the hill
past a beautifully laid stone wall and
meets with the U.S. 25/70 Bypass one
mile later. The route ends here.

                        Walnut                                                        23
                        70                                  Mars Hill
                              Marshall             213
                                                 70                               19


                       Alexander                                        7
                                           French Broa
                                                      d Rive

                                                                    13                240
                                                                9        10

                                      40                            8

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        h i s T o r i C f l aT r o C k
             s C e n i C b y w ay
     The Historic Flat Rock Scenic Byway historic mountain neighborhood with
consists of several roads in the Flat               unique architecture. At Kanuga Road,
Rock community. The main road, U.S.                 turn around and backtrack to U.S. 25
25, runs north and                                                      to continue following
south through Flat                                                      the byway.
Rock. The second                                                             After turning
road, Little River                                                      right onto U.S. 25,
Road (S.R. 1123),                                                       look immediately to
proceeds west four                                                      the right to see the St.
miles from U.S. 25.                                                     John in the Wilderness
The third road is                                                       gothic revival church.
Rutledge Drive (S.R.                                                    Built in 1836, it is
1164), which runs                                                       considered the oldest
west from U.S. 25                                                       Episcopal church in
one mile to Kanuga                                                      Western North Carolina.
Road (S.R. 1127).                                                       Numerous people have
     The community                                                      worshipped there, from
of Flat Rock is named                                                   wealthy and politically

for a large expanse of                                                  influential landowners
granite once used as a       St. John in the Wilderness Episcopal       to slaves. One-half mile
                             Church Cemetery
meeting and ceremony                                                    further is “the great
site by the Cherokee. The village was also a flat rock.” This local landmark was
popular haven for affluent Charlestonians,          frequently used as a meeting place for
Europeans and plantation owners. These              pioneers and merchants. It is now a
visitors left evidence of their stays in the        meeting place for the Flat Rock Playhouse.
many beautiful historic homes in town.              Called the “State Theater of North
History enthusiasts may be intrigued with           Carolina,” the playhouse is considered
the lineage of Southern aristocracy found           to have one of the best “summer series”
among the tombstones in the St. John in             productions in the country.
the Wilderness Episcopal Church Cemetery.               At this point, motorists may
     From Hendersonville, the Henderson             follow Little River Road to the right or
County seat, take U.S. 25 South to                  continue along U.S. 25. Following U.S.
Highland Lake Road (S.R. 1783), where               25 just beyond the Playhouse entrance,
the byway begins. One road further,                 the Old Flat Rock Post Office, established
turn right onto Rutledge Drive and                  in 1839, is on the left. Next is Blue Ridge
drive slowly through one of Flat Rock’s             Road (S.R. 1812), which leads to the
residential areas. This route highlights a          community of East Flat Rock and the area’s
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first railroad station. Further along U.S. 25           The byway continues along a winding
is the Woodfield Inn (formerly known as             pattern of woodlands and fields. Further
the Farmer Hotel). Built in 1852, the hotel         down the route, Sally Caps Rock, which
has been a popular retreat for coastal              scales three-quarters up the side of Glassy
South Carolinians for more than 100 years. Mountain, is visible. Many historic homes
A view of Glassy and McAlpin mountains              and beautiful areas extend beyond the
follows. Across from the Kenmure Golf               reaches of this byway and are waiting to
Course is “Argyle,” built in 1830 as the            be explored. This section of byway ends
summer home of Judge Mitchell King.                 at Kanuga Road.
King was one of the founding fathers of                                                         26
                                                                Length: 8.3 miles
the St. John in the Wilderness Church                                            To Asheville
                                                                Drive Time: 20 minutes
and Hendersonville. This portion of                             County: Henderson
the byway ends at Pinnacle
Mountain Road (S.R. 1114).                      191
     Turning on Little River
Road, the byway passes
another entrance to the                               64
Flat Rock Playhouse. On                Hendersonville
the left is “Connemara,”
the Carl Sandburg National

Memorial Site, home to                                                   176

the renowned author for

22 years. It was built in                 1127
1839 by Christopher                                                                         .
                                              Rutled                                 ke Rd
G. Memminger,                                        ge Driv
                                                             e            Highland La 1783
first secretary of                                             1164
the Confederate                                                                 Highland Lake
                                                                     104                             17
Treasury. Just
beyond the                             Littl                   Flat Rock
                                            e River Rd.        Playhouse
memorial site is                             1123
Saluda Cottage.                                                           Flat Rock
                                                                  17                   .      1812
Count Joseph Marie                                                                   Rd
                                                                          Blue Ridge
Gabriel St. Zavier de
Choiseul built the home
in 1836. As the French                             Mountain
consul to Charleston, S.C.                                                               King
and Savannah, Ga., the count                                   McAlpine     25
was drawn to the area’s natural                                Mountain
beauty and social landscape.
Glassy Mountain is also visible from
                                                  Pin nacle Mtn. Rd.
this road.
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                   drovers road

      The Drovers Road byway passes                   a National Register Historic Site, the inn
through Hickory Nut Gap, one of two gaps is now maintained as a private residence
in the Blue Ridge Mountains used by early             and is visible from the wide curves
eastern settlers to                                                            between Ferguson
reach the beautiful                                                            Mountain and
Asheville plateaus.                                                            Tater Knob. The
Many farmers                                                                   hillsides along the
drove flocks of                                                                byway are covered
market-bound                                                                   in stands of mature
livestock through                                                              trees. During the
this gap, giving the                                                           spring and early
byway its name.                                                                summer, motorists
      Though this                                                              are treated to a
                     Mary Jane Hunter

area has changed                                                               visual symphony
considerably                                                                   of flowering
during the past        Historic Sherrill's Inn along the byway.                trillium and
century, its beauty                                                            mountain laurel.
still abounds and the paths blazed through                Descending from the gap, the
this region a century ago are the same                byway passes into Hickory Nut
avenues of choice today.                              Gorge. Bearwallow Mountain is on the
      The byway’s western end begins                  right. Hickory Nut Creek (also known
along U.S. 74 Alternate at the Blue                   as the Rocky Broad) parallels the route.
Ridge Parkway, just north of Fairview                 Five miles from the beginning of the
as the highway works its way through the              byway is the quaint village of Gerton,
mountains from Asheville. Traveling south,            previously known as Pump. As the story
notice Little Pisgah Mountain (elevation              goes, the town’s original name came from
4,412 feet) on the left. This peak was once the frequent practice of thirsty patrons to
known to the Cherokee as Konnatoga.                   leave money by a local water pump. Upon
      Little Pisgah Mountain marks the                their return, they would find a jar of clear
beginning of the climb up and through potent liquid unique to these hills. The
Hickory Nut Gap. This gap was once                    drive through this area offers several craft
known as Sherrill’s Gap after a historic inn          shops, stores, campgrounds and roadside
and tavern located nearby and owned by                stands. However, the infamous pump
Bedford Sherrill. The inn, open between               is gone.
1834 and 1909, was a well-known                           The high, steep sides of the gorge are
comfort stop for weary travelers, settlers,           covered in a cascade of rocks, trees and
drovers and Civil War soldiers. Listed as             rhododendron. In the spring, travelers
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may see trees with deep lavender blooms                                          Length: 16.5 miles
scattered along this drive. George                                               Drive Time: 25 minutes
Vanderbilt originally brought the Paulownia                                      Counties: Buncombe and
tree, also known as the Empress tree, here.
Since first introduced, the seeds of this tree                                   Note: The route is
have been spread throughout this area                                            not recommended for
by birds. The byway ends in Bat Cave,                                            recreational vehicles
                                                                                 or buses.
where U.S. 74A intersects with N.C. 9
and the Black Mountain Rag (pg. 43).

                            12        Blue Ridge Parkway
                     23 11                   40
                9           10


                                                  Fairview       Little Pisgah

                            26                                        Blue Ridge
           ch Broad RIver

                                                                74A         Hickory Nut
                                                                                              B r o a d River

                                                           Mountain                                             9

                                             Blue Ridge                                                         Bat
                                             Mountains                                                          Cave
                                                                                                                       Lake Lure

                                                                                                                 Chimney Rock
                                                                                      64                          State Park
                                                                                           Hickory Nut
                                                                                           Gorge & Falls

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            b l a C k m o u n Ta i n
    Earning its name from an old fiddle            Flowing to the right of N.C. 9 the
tune, the Black Mountain Rag, much             Broad River, which ends at the community
like the traditional rag song style, is full   of Lake Lure, is joined by Hickory Nut
of twists, turns, ups                                                 Creek near the
and downs.                                                            intersection of U.S.
    The Black                                                         64, U.S. 74 and N.C.
Mountains were                                                        9. To visit Lake Lure,
deemed “black”                                                        turn left and follow
because of the dark                                                   U.S. 64/74A/N.C.
green foliage of the                                                  9 East. Departing
Lauda Firs that cover                                                 Bat Cave, take
the mountainsides                                                     U.S. 64 East to
in this part of the                                                   Chimney Rock. Be
state. To visit the                                                   sure to keep an eye
Black Mountain resort                                                 out for the historic
community, take Exit                                                  Chimney Rock,
64 on I-40 at Black                                                   which is on the right
Mountain. Another                                                     along the three-mile
                       N.C. Travel & Tourism

interesting site near                                                 span between the
the byway is Mount                                                    communities of Bat
Mitchell, which is the                                                Cave and Chimney
                           Chimney Rock
highest mountain east                                                 Rock. Chimney Rock
of the Mississippi River and may be reached    is a weathered granite monolith that rises
from the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway.            from Chimney Rock Mountain. Motorists
    Begin traveling the byway south            may want to take a side trip to Chimney
along N.C. 9 from the town of Black            Rock State Park to visit this unique rock
Mountain. Along the sharp curves and           formation, which overlooks Hickory Nut
hairpin turns of N.C. 9 lies the town of       Gorge and Lake Lure.
Bat Cave, which was aptly named for a              Hickory Nut Falls, cascading more than
nearby cave inhabited by these winged          400 feet into the Broad River, add to the
mammals. This portion of the byway is          beautiful mountain scenery and have been
not recommended for recreational vehicles      featured in a number of movies including
due to sharp curves. Motorists driving         “Fire Starter,” “Last of the Mohicans”
recreational vehicles or buses should          and “A Breed Apart.” Just past the falls,
take an alternate route following I-26         settlers once crossed the high mountains
East from Asheville to U.S. 74 East to         of Hickory Nut Gap to reach the Asheville
access the Lake Lure and Bat Cave area.        plateau. In fact, historians believe that
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Spanish explorer Hernando De Soto passed                      U.S. 64 toward Hendersonville. Along
through here around 1540. Continuing                          this six-mile route, enjoy the beautiful
on N.C. 9, pass through Hickory Nut                           masses of mountain laurel and some
Gorge. The gorge runs southeast from                          of North Carolina’s finest apple orchards.
Hickory Nut Gap and drops 1,800 feet                          This area was settled in 1830. The Black
before ending at Lake Lure.                                   Mountain Rag byway ends at Mills
    The resort community of Lake Lure                         Gap Road (S.R. 1586). Nearby is the
was established in 1927 and provided the                      resort community and Henderson County
scenery for the movie “Dirty Dancing.”                        seat, Hendersonville. To visit poet and
Before crossing Pool Creek, where                             author Carl Sandburg’s home, drive
N.C. 9 and U.S. 64/74A split, notice                          along the Historic Flat Rock Scenic
the historic resort hotel on the right. Pool                  Byway (pg. 39).
Creek is home to North Carolina’s famous
                                                                        Length: 31 miles
bottomless pools. The erosion of ancient                                Drive Time: 45 minutes
rock formed these unique water features.                                Counties: Buncombe,
This is a privately operated site that charges                                    Rutherford and
an admission fee.
     To continue following the byway,                                   Note: The route is
backtrack along U.S. 64 West eight                                      not recommended for
miles to Bat Cave along the winding                                     recreational vehicles
edge of Lake Lure. In Bat Cave, follow                                  or buses.

                                                    Mount Mitchell            16     15
                                                    State Park
                                                   14                                 Old Fort
                12                                           Black Mountain
               10 11
                                                                        Chimney Rock
                                                                        State Park
                                               Bat Cave            Rock                        To
                                                                                   Lake Lure  Ruth
                          26                                                                          rdto
                                                                                             64             n
                                                        64               64
                                                                                   Lake Lure          Riv
                                                   Edneyville                  9
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                                 pa C o l e T r i v e r
                                      b y w ay
       The Pacolet River Byway begins                                  Natural Heritage Site, near Saluda, is a
  at the South Carolina state line and                                 259-acre botanical wonderland where
  traces U.S. 176 through the Tryon                                    visitors may hike, bird watch or picnic.
  Thermal Belt,                                                                                 The byway
  an unusual                                                                                    ends where
  microclimate                                                                                  U.S. 176
  area ordinarily                                                                               crosses High
  free of dew and                                                                               Bridge at the
  frost, to the                                                                                 Henderson
  town of Saluda.                                                                               County line.
  This valley road                                                                              The Historic
  crosses the                                                                                   Flat Rock
                      N.C. Travel & Tourism

  Pacolet River                                                                                 Scenic Byway
  several times                                                                                 (pg. 39), which
  and parallels                                                                                 passes the
                      Downtown Saluda
  the Saluda                                                                                    Carl Sandburg
  Grade, the steepest mainline railroad                                National Historic Site and Flat Rock
  grade in the United States.                                          Playhouse, is located nearby.
       Old railroad depots, log cabins, a
                                                                                   Length: 10 miles
  vaudeville/movie theater and several                                             Drive Time: 20 minutes
  other historic buildings are in the towns                                        County: Polk
  of Saluda and Tryon. Pearson’s Falls

            Hendersonville Mountain
Flat 104                                                                                        Columbus
Rock                Saluda                    1103                        Warrior 1135    108
  17   25                                                               Valhalla
                                                              176                                   26
    Pearson’s Falls
   Natural Heritage                                    Pacolet River
         Site               Melrose
                                                                NC                                                 W

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           s o u T h m o u n Ta i n
    The South Mountain Scenery byway             from local cherry trees — brewed here
offers motorists a transitional drive            after the Civil War.
between the piedmont and mountains.                  The South Mountains are an isolated
To access the                                                              range located in
byway’s southern                                                           Burke, Rutherford
terminus, travel                                                           and Cleveland
along U.S. 74                                                              counties. The
West from                                                                  Cherokee Indians
Shelby and take                                                            called them the
N.C. 226 to the                                                            Oakanoahs. South
community of                                                               Mountains State
Metcalf, where                                                             Park and the
the byway                                                                  South Mountains
begins. Shelby,                                                            Wildlife
the Cleveland                                                              Management
County seat,                                                               Area offer

was named for                                                              interesting side
                       South Mountains State Park
Isaac Shelby, a                                                            trips. The state
Revolutionary War commander. Cleveland           park is 16 miles south of Morganton off
County was formed in 1841 and named              Old N.C. 18 (S.R. 1924). Both the state
for Col. Benjamin Cleveland, a hero of the       park and wildlife management area are
Battle at Kings Mountain.                        located in Burke County. To get to the
    From Metcalf, follow N.C. 226 to             park, take I-40 to Exit 104. Travel north on
Polkville, located in the First Broad River      Enola Road (S.R. 1922) for one-half mile.
Valley. Here, look for glimpses of the South Turn right onto Old N.C. 18, follow this
Mountains ahead to the right. Along the          road south back over I-40, and follow signs
way, enjoy the upper Piedmont farmlands          from there.
and spectacular mountain views. Corn and             Continuing on the byway, pass
apples are some of the crops that may            through the Dysartville community,
be seen from the road. This part of the          named for the family who settled this area.
route is in Rutherford County. Formed in         While driving the last 10 miles toward
1779, the county was named for Griffith          Marion, glimpses of North Carolina’s
Rutherford, a member of the Provincial           Appalachian Mountains are visible from
Congress and a Revolutionary War general. the route. The byway ends at the
Cherry Mountain lies to the southwest and intersection with Henredon Road
earned its name from the production of           (S.R. 1819), just before I-40 and south
liquor and “cherry bounce” — produced            of Marion.
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   Marion, the McDowell County seat,                                    Length: 33 miles
was named for South Carolina’s Francis                                  Drive Time: 45 minutes
Marion, a farmer and Revolutionary War                                  Counties: Cleveland,
general. McDowell County, formed in                                               Rutherford and
1842, was named for Joseph McDowell
who fought at Kings Mountain and was
a member of Congress. Another beautiful
(and close) scenic byway is Black Mountain
Rag (pg. 43), which begins on N.C. 9 just
south of Exit 64 on I-40.

                     Marion                                               40

                                                  n                18
               40                               ou


                                                      South Mountains
                      221                                State Park

                               64               226
               74                                                 182

   Rutherfordton                           Polkville
                                                            21     20
                                         74                             Shelby
                                                                        23               Gastonia
                      NC                                                         85
                      SC                                                         W

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           mission Crossing

    The Mission Crossing byway, which             better-known resorts.
begins near the Avery County community                 Just past Banner Elk, continue
of Cranberry, guides motorists along N.C.         along the byway by turning left from
194 through                                                                   N.C. 194 onto
North Carolina’s                                                              Old Turnpike
ski country and                                                               Road. This
the northern                                                                  stretch of the
range of the                                                                  byway follows
Roan Mountains                                                                one of the
in Pisgah                                                                     last remaining
National Forest                                                               original highways
before ending at                                                              of the 19th
Vilas in Watauga                                                              century. The
                   Shannon Hendrickson

County.                                                                       route, originally
    First called                                                              a game trail
Cranberry Forge                                                               and foot path,
                     Mast General Store in Valle Crucis
for the iron                                                                  connected the
mines believed to have been worked by             settlers of Valle Crucis and Banner Elk with
American Indians, Cranberry was founded           Tennessee. The turnpike was a toll road,
in 1850 and named for the abundant local and able-bodied men who lived on or
cranberries. The mines once supplied iron         near the road volunteered their labor for
to the Confederacy and are still in use           six days out of the year in return for free
today.                                            access. Today, seven-tenths of a mile of the
    Just down the road at the byway’s             original unpaved road still exists.
southern end is Elk Park, founded in                   Old Turnpike Road also played an
1885 and named for the elk that formerly          important part in history. During the
roamed the region. It is located on the           Civil War, the road was a link in the
Elk River, which begins in Banner Elk. The        Underground Railroad and served as
byway follows N.C. 194 through the Elk            a route for smuggling escaped Union
River Valley from Elk Park through the            prisoners and Confederate draft dodgers to
community of Heaton to Banner Elk.                Tennessee. The road now serves as a place
    Banner Elk, also known as                     for motorists to reflect on our nation’s
Shawneehaw, is the home of Lees-McRae             history and stop to admire the scenic Big
College. The town was named for the               Bottom of the Elk Valley.
Banner family, early settlers on the Elk               After just over a mile, Old Turnpike
River. Above Banner Elk is Beech Mountain, Road connects back to N.C. 194. Turn
which at 5,506 feet, is one of the region’s       left to continue following N.C. 194
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north through the communities of                      Hix, means “Valley of the Cross” and is
Balm and Bowers Gap before crossing                   named for the creeks that converge with
into Watauga County. The creek                        the Watauga River in the form of a cross.
paralleling the road is called Craborchard                  Before leaving the valley, be sure to visit
Creek, which joins the Watauga River near             the Mast Farm Inn. The farm, established
Valle Crucis.                                                                          in 1812, is one
     Shortly                                                   421                     of the best

after passing                                321                                       preserved 19th
through the                            Valle Crucis                      26            century farms
community of                       Beech                    27        24    421        in Western
                      19E        Mountain
Matney, the                                       194              Boone               North Carolina
route begins                      Elk                     105
                                                                                       and is listed in
                                  Park Banner Elk arkway 25
descending                            (see inset)         e  P                         the National
                    Cranberry                          idg
into the                           Grandfather

Watauga                19E          Mountain                    Blowing                of Historic
                                 194                            Rock        321
River Valley.                                            221                           Places. Stop
The name                                                                               at the Mast
Watauga is                                                                             General Store
derived from the         Banner Elk Inset                                     in Valle Crucis to see
American Indian                   Old                      d                  an
                                                                             194 authentic general
                            194                        oa
                                          r n pike R               184

word for “beautiful                                                194        store that opened in
water.” On the left                                   Banner Elk 184 1882. Take a right on
is the mission from                                                           Broadside Road to
which this route got its name. To the                 see the Mast Farm Inn and General Store
right is Dutch Creek, which meets with                Annex.
Craborchard Creek below.                                    Continuing on N.C. 194 after
     The mission played an important part in leaving Valle Crucis, notice the unusual
the history of Valle Crucis. In 1842, Bishop          barn on the right while climbing out of
Stillman Ives purchased 3,000 acres of land the valley. The Baird Barn, built in the late
and founded a divinity school that became 19th or early 20th century, is an excellent
the first Anglican monastic order since the           example of a transverse crib barn.
Reformation. In 1852, the divinity school                   The byway ends in the community
and monastery were forced to disband.                 of Vilas at the intersection of N.C. 194
By 1895, Bishop Joseph Blount Cheshire                and U.S. 321/421 north of Boone.
revived the Episcopal church’s work by
                                                                     Length: 17 miles
opening a mission school that remained in                            Drive Time: 45 minutes
operation until World War II. The mission                            Counties: Avery and
is now operated by the Episcopal Diocese                                         Watauga
of Western North Carolina as a camp and                              Note: The route is
conference center.                                                   not recommended for
     Valle Crucis, settled in 1780 by Samuel                         recreational vehicles
                                                                     or buses.
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                                       l i T T l e pa r k w ay

     Known as the Little Parkway or the            The upper and lower falls, accessed from
Yonahlossee Trail, U.S. 221 connects the           the Blue Ridge Parkway, are 12 feet and
resort towns of Blowing Rock and Linville          90 feet high respectively. Linville Gorge
and forms                                                                           is among
the Little                                                                          the nation’s
Parkway                                                                             largest
byway. Built                                                                        gorges and
in 1889 by                                                                          is located
man and                                                                             in one of
mule as a                                                                           the wildest
toll road,                                                                          uninhabited
the Little                                                                          areas in
               N.C. Travel & Tourism

Parkway                                                                             the Eastern
winds along                                                                         United
the side of                                                                         States.
Grandfather Moses Cone’s Flat Top Manor                                                  Majestic
Mountain.                                          Grandfather Mountain is located along
     This road was one of many privately           the byway between the two towns. It
owned roads in the state and served as             was named because the mountain, when
the link between Blowing Rock and Linville         viewed at a distance, resembles an old
before the completion of the Blue Ridge            man’s profile against the sky. Grandfather
Parkway in 1987. Work began in 1935                Mountain, or Tanawha, as American
on the 470-mile Blue Ridge Parkway in              Indians called it, is the highest point in
North Carolina. The route follows the crest        the Blue Ridge Mountains. Because of its
of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the               height, Grandfather Mountain provides a
Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia to the            habitat for special mountain plant species.
Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina.               The Linn Cove Viaduct, the final link
     The byway begins at the                       in the Blue Ridge Parkway, is visible from
intersection of U.S. 221 and N.C. 105              the face of Grandfather Mountain. The
in Linville. Follow U.S. 221 North                 viaduct is five miles north of Linville and at
towards Blowing Rock. Established in               the time of its construction was the world’s
1883 and designed by Samuel T. Kelsey              only bridge built from the top down. This
of Kansas, Linville is located on the Linville     innovative construction method assured
River. South of Linville are Linville Falls and    that no heavy equipment was placed
Linville Gorge. All were named for William         on the face of the mountain to protect
and John Linville who were killed below            the mountain ecology. For more detailed
the falls by American Indians in 1766.             information about the construction
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process, visit the National Park Service’s                       park through the main gate on the Blue
information center just off the viaduct on                       Ridge Parkway). The 3,516-acre park is
the Blue Ridge Parkway.                                          named for the textile manufacturer whose
    While traveling to Blowing Rock along                        estate comprises the park. Flat Top Manor,
the byway, watch for signs marking the                           named for the mountain rising above
Eastern Continental Divide. Also, notice                         the home, is now a museum and craft
the residential areas along the edges of                         center. Tiffany windows are among the
the Pisgah National Forest through which                         many unusual aspects of this house. Take
this road passes. On the left, near Blowing                      advantage of the great picnic and hiking
Rock, look for a large colonial revival house                    areas, as well as breathtaking views of the
with huge columns on the front. Called                           Blue Ridge Mountains.
Westglow, the house was built by Elliott                              Continue past the park one-half
Daingerfield and used as his summer                              mile to Blowing Rock, settled in 1870.
residence. One of North Carolina’s most                          Blowing Rock was named for the nearby
renowned artists, Daingerfield has work                          cliff rising above the Johns River Valley from
displayed at the Metropolitan Museum                             which air currents rise to allow light objects
of Art in New York City and the National                         to be blown back to the sender. This resort
Gallery in Washington, D.C. To see one                           community, the only incorporated town
of his best pieces, however, continue into                       on the Blue Ridge Parkway, has seasonal
Blowing Rock to view the “Madonna of                             festivals in the park. The byway ends at
the Hills” hanging in St. Mary’s-of-the-Hills                    the U.S. 321 Business stoplight.
Episcopal Church.                                                            Length: 18 miles
    After passing Westglow, continue                                         Drive Time: 45 minutes
1.5 miles and pass the Moses H. Cone                                         Counties: Avery, Caldwell
                                                                                       and Watauga
Memorial Park, (visitors must enter the
                                                                            Note: The route is
                                                                            not recommended for
                                                                            recreational vehicles
                                          421        194
            321                                                             or buses.
                                                24         421
                     Vilas                             26 221
     194 Valle Crucis
                          27            105 Boone 221
       Grandfather                           ay   321
        Mountain                    e   Parkw 25

    194                         221
                    Linville                           321


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                     new river
                    va l l e y b y w ay
     The New River Valley Byway gives              which rises near Boone, flow to Ashe
motorists the opportunity to see some              County where they join to form the
of the most beautiful mountain scenery             New River.
and the largest                                                                    Continue on
concentration of                                                              N.C. 194 along
Christmas tree                                                                what had been
farms in the state.                                                           called the “Old
The route travels                                                             Buffalo Trail,”
north from Boone                                                              named after the
to Laurel Springs                                                             migration path
through the Stone                                                             of buffalo herds.
Mountains in the                                                              The area between
New River Valley,                                                             Boone and Todd
which forms a                                                                 is the site of a
                     N.C. Travel & Tourism

common boundary                                                               Revolutionary War
between North                                                                 engagement. Todd
Carolina and                                                                  lies at the junction
                        North Carolina Christmas Tree Farm
Tennessee.                                                                    of Big Elk Creek
     The byway begins at the                       and the South Fork of the New River.
intersection of N.C. 194 and U.S.                  Settled in the mid-1800s, it was a bustling
221/421 in Boone, the Watauga County               logging community until the mid-1930s.
seat. The town is named for Daniel Boone, Be sure to look for the Todd General Store
who was known to have camped in this               on the right while passing through town.
area, and is also home to Appalachian                   From Todd, continue along the
State University.                                  byway into Ashe County and Baldwin
     Leave Boone on N.C. 194 North to              where the route temporarily ends at
begin following the byway from its                 the intersection of U.S. 221 and N.C.
southern terminus. This road winds as              194. To resume following the byway,
it crosses mountains and passes over rivers        continue toward West Jefferson and
and streams through the New River Valley.          Jefferson, the Ashe County seat, on U.S.
The New River is North America’s oldest            221 North. Cheese lovers will want to
river and the only large north-flowing river       visit the cheese factory in downtown West
in the country. It is one of the first rivers      Jefferson. It is the only cheese factory in
in the world; in fact, scientists estimate         the state and is located one-half block
that only the Nile River in Africa is older.       southeast of Main Street on Fourth Street.
The North Fork, which rises in northern            Settled in 1803, Jefferson was named for
Watauga County, and the South Fork,                then president Thomas Jefferson.
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    The byway resumes at the N.C.              Parkway. Brinegar Cabin, built in 1880, is
16/88 intersection just east of the            located within the park and is accessible
Jefferson town limits. Follow N.C. 88          from the Blue Ridge Parkway.
to Laurel Springs while passing through
                                                                Length: 35 miles
a popular canoeing and whitewater rafting                       Drive Time: 45 minutes
area. Travel through the community of                           Counties: Watauga and
Ore Knob, chartered in 1875 and named                                     Ashe
for the booming copper ore mine. The                           Note: The route is
scenic byway ends at the intersection                          not recommended for
                                                               recreational vehicles
of N.C. 18 and 88 in Laurel Springs
                                                               or buses.
about 2.5 miles from the Blue Ridge
Parkway. Laurel Springs was settled in 1859
and named for the nearby spring flowing
from laurel-covered rocks.
    Nearby attractions include the Blue
Ridge Parkway, Mount Jefferson State Park,
New River State Park and Doughton Park.
Doughton Park, the largest recreational
area along the Blue Ridge Parkway,
was named in honor of North Carolina
Congressman Robert L. Doughton who
worked to establish the Blue Ridge

                                                           e Par
                                              Blue R

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      i - 2 6 s C e n i C h i g h w ay

     Located in some of North Carolina’s       Located two miles farther to the right,
highest terrain, the Interstate 26 Scenic      is the first of two scenic overlooks along
Highway in Madison County takes                the highway. In addition to sweeping
motorists                                                                   views of the
straight through                                                            Madison County
the heart of the                                                            landscape,
Appalachian                                                                 careful observers
Mountains and                                                               will spot the Blue
offers stunning                                                             Ridge Parkway
views, as well as                                                           across the valley
engineering and                                                             and the tiny
environmental                                                               California Creek
wonders.                                                                    Church below
     Traveling                                                              the highway.
north from                                                                       Near the

Asheville, take Scenic view along I-26                                      overlook, but not
U.S. 19/23                                                                  visible from the
North to Mars Hill. This highway is also       interstate, is one of two wildlife passages
designated as Future I-26. The byway           constructed underneath the highway.
begins at Exit 9 (U.S. 19/23A North).          These eight-foot by eight-foot concrete
     Originally called Pleasant Hill, this     culverts allow bears, deer and other
area was first settled around 1790.            wildlife to safely cross the highway corridor
The community grew up around the               without entering the roadway.
establishment of the French Broad Baptist           Continuing westward, the highway
Academy in 1856. In 1859, the school           passes a N.C. Welcome Center, located
was chartered as Mars Hill College after a     alongside the eastbound lanes. The
Biblical reference in Acts to a location the   center was constructed to resemble a
apostle Paul visited. The town itself did      typical mountain farmstead. In addition
not receive a charter until 1893,              to restroom facilities, travel information
changing its name to Mars Hill to reflect      and vending machines, the center
the influence of the college. Further          offers exhibits related to mountain life
information on the history of Mars Hill and    and culture. Inside the welcome center,
Madison County is available at the Mars        travelers will find displays of local arts and
Hill College Rural Life Center, about one-     crafts as well as an exhibit outlining the
half mile from the highway.                    construction of this segment of I-26.
     Continue on I-26 West and pass Exit            The second scenic overlook is also
9, where U.S. 19 departs the interstate.       located at the welcome center. From the
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observation point, visitors can view Mount               point, Buckner Gap. At nearly 5,000 feet
Mitchell, the highest peak east of the                   above sea level, this is the highest elevation
Mississippi River, as well as Black Mountain,            on any interstate in North Carolina. Near
Grandfather Mountain and the Blue Ridge                  the top of Buckner Gap is one of NCDOT’s
Parkway. Below the observation area,                     first monarch butterfly sanctuaries, which
visitors will find an educational display on             is not easily visible from the highway.
the chestnut tree, which is indigenous to                The unique wildlife habitat was created
this area.                                               to enhance the environment along the
     Passing the welcome center, the                     highway’s roadsides.
highway climbs until it reaches its highest                   At mile marker three, the highway

                                                        NC TN        To Flag Pond                   Tra

                                                                                             i an
                                      Pisgah                       Sams
                                     National                      Gap              Ap

                               213                                              19
                                                                Mars Hill

                                                Fre       25          19
                                                   nc     70          23


                                                                          240             40

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crosses the Laurel River
near the Wolf Laurel
community. This part of
the state is known for
winter ski resorts. At
235 feet, the Laurel River
bridge is the tallest in
North Carolina. Because
of its height and the
severity of winter weather
in North Carolina’s higher

elevations, the bridge
was designed with               N.C. Welcome Center on I-26
an automatic de-icing system. Careful
observers will notice several nozzles on the
bridge’s sides that are part of this system.
The highway’s second animal crossing is
also located 1.5 miles past the bridge.
    At this point, I-26 approaches Sams
Gap and the Tennessee state line. At the
state line, there is a pull-off for truckers
that provide information about highway
safety and the runaway truck ramps
located along the highway’s eastbound
lanes. The Appalachian Trail runs under the
highway through an underpass at the state
line. A small parking lot was constructed
here for trail hikers. Though the scenic
highway ends at the Tennessee state line,
travel five miles to the first Tennessee exit
at Flag Pond to return to North Carolina.
           Length: 9 miles
           Drive Time: 15 minutes
           County: Madison

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    u . s . 4 2 1 s C e n i C b y w ay

     The U.S. 421 Scenic Byway travels          the Appalachian sound throughout the
through Watauga County’s portion of the         world until Merle’s untimely death in 1985.
Blue Ridge Mountains. The byway offers              Continuing north along U.S. 421,
sweeping views of the valleys, woodlands        the byway passes the intersection
and mountains                                                                 with U.S. 221
between                                                                       and enters
Deep Gap                                                                      the New River
and Boone.                                                                    Watershed. In
It also runs                                                                  1999, President
near the home                                                                 Bill Clinton
of multiple                                                                   named the
Grammy Award                                                                  watershed as
winner and                                                                    one of the
cultural icon                                                                 first American
Doc Watson.                                                                   Heritage rivers.
     Begin                                                                    American

following the                                                                 Heritage rivers
                   Farmland along U.S. 421 between Deep Gap and Boone
byway along                                                                   are designated
U.S. 421 North at the intersection with by the U.S. Environmental Protection
the Blue Ridge Parkway. The parkway             Agency to receive special attention for
crosses U.S. 421 on a bridge covered with       natural resource and environmental
native stones to reflect the beauty of the      protection, economic revitalization, and
area. Often called “America’s Original          historic and cultural preservation. The
Scenic Byway,” the National Park Service’s      northward-flowing New River is believed
Blue Ridge Parkway travels 252 miles            to be one of the world’s first rivers. In fact,
through North Carolina and provides             scientists believe that only the Nile River
exceptional views of the Appalachians.          is older.
     Just after passing the Blue Ridge              The byway then ascends a ridge,
Parkway, the byway enters Watauga               providing motorists with panoramic views
County near the town of Deep Gap,               of Snake Mountain and Elk Knob, which
home of Doc and Merle Watson. Arthel L.         are a part of the Amphibolite Range. Along
“Doc” Watson, who was born blind, is a          the way, motorists can take in views of the
recording artist known for his unique music area’s hardwood and mixed forests, as well
that blends traditional Appalachian styles      as horse and cattle farms. Also visible are a
with gospel, bluegrass and country. His son number of Fraser Fir Christmas Tree farms.
Merle joined him in his music career during Watauga County is a leading national
the late 1960s and together they spread         producer of these firs.
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   After continuing through the                      State University. The Little Parkway (pg.
communities of Brownwood and                         450), Mission Crossing (pg. 48) and New
Laurel Springs, the byway ends at                    River Valley (pg. 52) scenic byways are
the South Fork of the New River and                  located nearby.
the Boone town limits. The New River
                                                                    Length: 8 miles
provides recreational opportunities such as                         Drive Time: 15 minutes
canoeing and fishing. Boone, the Watauga                            County: Watauga
County seat, is the home of Appalachian


                                  Snake Mountain                 Baldwin
           TN                              Elk Knob
                                              South Fork
                                               New River             Deep
           321                                                        Gap


            Pisgah                                                                  421
                                                   dge P

            Forest                   25
                                               e Ri

                          221             Blowing Rock


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                                        pisgah loop
                                       s C e n i C b y w ay
    The Pisgah Loop Scenic Byway gives              point to the Upper Creek Falls.
motorists an opportunity to view some                   Turn left at N.C. 183 in the Jonas
of North                                                                          Ridge
Carolina’s                                                                        community
most beautiful                                                                    just prior to
and remote                                                                        the Blue Ridge
landscapes.                                                                       Parkway. The
This 47-mile                                                                      Linville Falls
loop route                                                                        National Park
around Burke                                                                      Service Visitor
               N.C. Travel & Tourism

County offers                                                                     Center and
motorists                                                                         Campground
unparalleled                                                                      can be
views of         Stream in Pisgah National Forest                                 accessed
Western North Carolina and a section of             by traveling south on the parkway at
byway recommended only for four-wheel-              this point. Continuing on the byway,
drive vehicles.                                     travel four miles on N.C. 183, which
    To access the byway, travel north               runs parallel to the parkway, past a
along N.C. 181 from Morganton, the                  rare montane, or mountain, wetland.
Burke County seat. Motorists will notice            At this point, the byway crosses the
stone-topped mountains that form a                  Linville River above its raging descent into
natural barrier to the west. These routes           the Linville Gorge.
have changed little since early settlers and            Turn left onto Old N.C. 105 (S.R.
Revolutionary and Civil War units were              1238), also called the Kistler Memorial
challenged with the prospect of crossing            Highway, at the Avery County line. This
into the lands beyond. The byway begins             15-mile stretch of road is mostly unpaved
at the intersection of N.C. 181 and Fish            and left natural to protect the Linville
Hatchery Road (S.R. 1240).                          Gorge National Wilderness Area that
    Travel north on N.C. 181 for 17                 follows the east side of the road. Four-
miles along Steele Creek, which follows             wheel-drive vehicles are required past
the route of Kirk’s Raiders in the Civil            this point. Travelers are encouraged to
War. The raiders used this route after a            tread lightly along this part of the byway
successful attack on the Confederate Army           for safety and to protect the pristine
Camp Vance outside Morganton. The                   conditions of the wilderness.
byway rises and winds up into the Pisgah                Old N.C. 105 winds along the crest
National Forest with views of Table Rock            of a line of mountains, providing
and Hawksbill Mountain, and a trail access          unmatched views from both sides of the
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vehicle. Motorists may enjoy the scenery              Likewise, motorists view the clear
at the parking area and trail access for          blue water of Lake James upon reaching
Linville Falls and Wiseman’s View. This area      the Linville Public Access Area. The access
provides a short, handicapped-accessible          area is the site of the fort battle and
trail, which reveals the true natural             canoe scenes from the movie, “Last of
splendor and beauty of this area. From the        the Mohicans.”
overlook, visitors have an eagle-eye view             The byway continues a short distance
of the rock faces of Table Rock Mountain,         and turns left onto Fish Hatchery Road
Hawksbill Mountain, the Chimneys and              (S.R. 1254 and S.R. 1240). The road is
other rock faces as the Linville River roars      named for the Table Rock Fish Hatchery
through the gorge hundreds of feet below.         operated by the N.C. Wildlife Resources
     Continuing past Wiseman’s View,              Commission halfway down this six-mile
the byway crosses Dog Back Mountain,              segment of the byway. Fish Hatchery
which gives motorists sweeping views of           Road gives travelers a glimpse of Western
Lake James as the route begins its descent        North Carolina’s past by providing views
into the Catawba River Valley below. This         of historic foothill farms tucked in among
section of byway intersects and parallels         blooming mountain laurel, mountain
the Overmountain Victory Trail, used by           streams and views of Table Rock Mountain.
patriots in the American Revolution en                Upon returning to N.C. 181,
route to a crucial victory over forces loyal to   motorists may turn left and travel
the English at Kings Mountain.                    to Brown Mountain Road to visit the
     Turn left on N.C. 126 and travel             Wilson Creek Wild and Scenic River in
five miles. This portion of the byway is          neighboring Caldwell County, or turn
part of the Overmountain Victory Trail            right and return to Morganton to visit
Commemorative Motor Route and is used             the Quaker Meadows historical site or
by reenactors wearing period costumes             take a stroll down the miles of riverfront
each year to commemorate the crossing             greenways along the Catawba River.
of the mountains to reach the Battle of
                                                            Length: 47 miles
Kings Mountain.                                             Drive Time: 2.5 hours
     Lake James State Park encompasses                      County: Burke
most of the property on the right side
of the highway from this point to the                       Note: The route is
                                                            not recommended for
Linville River. The park includes the largest               recreational vehicles
waterfront acreage in a state park in                       or buses.
Western North Carolina. The byway crosses
the Linville River as it exits Linville Gorge
                                                            vehicles required for
and enters Lake James, the uppermost lake                   unpaved portions.
in the Catawba River system. After the
wild and scenic journey through the Linville
Gorge, the river calms itself in the vast,
pristine waters of Lake James.
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                      B l u e R i dg e P

           Linville                                                               Pisgah National
                                   1238                                                Forest
                                                   ville R

Table Rock                                                       Mountain                           181


 Pisgah National
                          Dog Back





                                                                                           126                         Oak Hill

                                               126                   Lak
                                                                                                            Morganton 107



                                                                                         a River

                         Nebo                                                                               40

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         u p p e r ya d k i n w ay

    The Upper Yadkin Way byway takes                 Not far from N.C. 268, in southwest
motorists on a scenic adventure through         Wilkes County near the town of Ferguson,
the state’s northern foothills. The route’s     is the grave of Thomas C. Dula. He is
eastern                                                                  perhaps best
terminus is near                                                         remembered in
the W. Kerr                                                              the folk song
Scott Reservoir                                                          “Tom Dooley,”
in Goshen at                                                             and was hung in
the intersection                                                         Statesville for the
of N.C. 268 and                                                          murder of Laura
Resevoir Road                                                            Foster in 1868.
(S.R. 1178).                                                             Patterson, founded
Follow N.C. 268                                                          in 1851 with
west toward                                                              a textile-based
Goshen. The                                                              economy, was
reservoir was                                                            named for Samuel
formed in 1962                                                           F. Patterson, a
for flood control                                                        prominent state

and recreation        Headstone at grave of Thomas C. Dula               official. The
and named for                                                            Morgan School
North Carolina Gov. W. Kerr Scott, who          at Patterson Reserve is named in honor
served from 1949 to 1952.                       of Samuel Legerwood Patterson and
    Pastures and farmland can be seen           located on the plantation lands he gave
along this segment of N.C. 268 between          to the school.
Goshen and Ferguson, which follows the               The upper Yadkin River in Caldwell
Yadkin River from the mountains through         County is known as “Happy Valley,” and
the foothills. The Yadkin River rises in        was the site of prominent early settlers’
Watauga County, near Blowing Rock, to           residences. South of Patterson is Fort
the west. It eventually becomes a part of       Defiance, the restored 1790 house of Gen.
the Pee Dee River bordering Montgomery          William Lenoir, a Revolutionary leader and
and Stanly counties.                            hero at the Battle of Kings Mountain. The
    Wilkesboro and Wilkes County were           house stands on the site of a frontier fort
named for John Wilkes, an English political of the same name. It is open for tours the
leader who supported American rights in         first and third Sundays of the month from
the Revolutionary War era. The county was April through November.
formed in 1778 and nearby Wilkesboro,                The byway’s eastern end is located
the county seat, was laid out in 1801.          at the intersection of N.C. 268 and
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U.S. 321 north of Lenoir, at the edge
of the Pisgah National Forest. Now the
Caldwell County seat, Lenoir was named
for Gen. Lenoir. A few miles to the north
is the resort community of Blowing Rock.
(See the Little Parkway on pg. 50 for more
information on Blowing Rock.)
          Length: 25 miles
          Drive Time: 40 minutes
          Counties: Wilkes and Caldwell

                      Vilas 26                221
          321                      221
                        24         421                                   18
                  Boone                              ay             16
                                        e        w
            194          25           dg P a r k                                         268
                                                       421                     31

                                                                          29        Wilkesboro
                              B lu

                                     W. Kerr Scott Reservoir
                Blowing                                                                 421
                  Rock                    Ferguson                              115
                        321                             r
                                                     ive Goshen
                                          268 adk
                                                 in R
                      Patterson               Y                 16
                                               30            18
                                              Lenoir               64

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      ya d k i n va l l e y s C e n i C
                 b y w ay
     Located in the                                                until it ends at Old
western part of North                                              U.S. 421, reaching
Carolina, the Yadkin                                               the southern end
Valley Scenic Byway                                                of the Western
gives motorists the                                                Appalachian Vine.
opportunity to see                                                 Take a left onto Old
everything from gently                                             U.S. 421, which is
rolling farmland to                                                the beginning of the
foothills and mountain                                             Central Appalachian
terrain. The byway                                                 Vine. Go one and a
begins in downtown                                                 half miles and Laurel
Elkin at the U.S. 21/Main Street/North        Gray Vineyards is on the left.
Bridge Street intersection. Within                Continue for another nine miles
walking distance of this point are the        and the route will pass through
Foothills Art Council, Brushy Mountain        Doweltown, just outside the Town of
Winery, Elkin Public Library and Crater       Yadkinville. Continue for half a mile
Park.                                         and turn left onto North Lee Avenue.
     Travel south on U.S. 21 to the           Cross over U.S. 601 onto Country Club
Gwyn McNeil Bridge, which crosses             Road and go for three miles until it
over the Yadkin River. Follow this road       intersects with Rockford Road and
for one mile until the Swan Creek             turn right. After a little less than three
bypass and take a right. Follow the           miles, RagApple Lassie Vineyard and
bypass and turn left on Swan Creek            Winery will be on the right.
Road.                                             For a large portion of the route,
     Until recently this area was known for   motorists can see the unique knob of
its tobacco. Now the area is transitioning    Pilot Mountain. The mountain, which rises
into the wine industry. Vineyards and         1,400 feet, was dedicated as a Natural
wineries present along this route add a       National Landmark in 1976. The knob
tremendous cultural asset to the driving      marks the center of the Pilot Mountain
experience. For those interested in           State Park.
sampling locally made wine, the Swan              Continue on Rockford Road for
Creek Wine Trail gives motorists a great      about one mile, passing through the
opportunity to tour several vineyards. Just   Barney Hill Community. Richmond
make sure to have a designated driver.        Hill Law School is located two and a
     Continue on Swan Creek Road              half miles from Richmond Hill Church

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Road after the Rockford/Richmond Hill         Road.
Church Road intersection.                         This point marks the end of the Central
    Continue on Rockford Road for one         Appalachian Vine. From here, motorists
mile, passing into Surry County over          can choose from two different routes.
the Yadkin River. In southwestern Yadkin      Follow the Western Appalachian Vine
County, travelers can stop at one of two      back to downtown Elkin or go on to the
local general stores operated by the local    Northern Tendril, the mountainous route of
Amish population. The stores are known        the Yadkin Valley Scenic Byway.
for selling fresh produce and other various       To get back to downtown Elkin,
goods from the Amish. This region has a       turn left on Zephyr Road and go
number of old-fashioned country stores        one and a half miles until Zephyr
which give motorists a taste of the local     Road becomes Poplar Springs Road.
Yadkin Valley culture.                        Continue approximately eight miles
    Continue on Rockford Road for             until the intersection with U.S. 21.
another mile and pass through the             Grassy Creek Vineyard and Winery is
Historic Village of Rockford. After four      located approximately one mile north
miles, the road intersects with Stony         of the U.S. 21 Bypass/Poplar Springs
Knoll Road. Stony Knoll Vineyards is          Road intersection.
less than half a mile down the road on            To get to Klondike Road and
the left. William Cornelius Vineyard is       Winery, turn right on the U.S. 21
located to the right one mile off the         Bypass and go a quarter mile before
main route.                                   taking a left on Klondike Road. After
    Continue following Rockford Road          three quarters of a mile, the winery
into the town of Dobson on U.S. 601           will be on the left. Stay on U.S. 21 to
business. Travel about one and a half         get back to Elkin’s downtown area.
miles to the intersection with Kapp               To access the Northern Tendril,
Street and turn left. The Historic Surry      travel down Kapps Mill Road for close
County Courthouse is located at this          to two miles until it ends at River
intersection. Fisher River Park is two and    Road. The Historic Kapps Mill and the
a half miles to the north on U.S. 601         Historic Kapp House, which was built in
Business.                                     1840, are located here.
    Continue half a mile until Kapp               Turn right on River Road and go
Street becomes Zephyr Road and                three and a half miles until it ends
follow three miles to the intersection        at Haystack Road. Turning right on
of Twin Oaks Road. The Salem Fork             Haystack Road and continuing for four
Community and Shelton Vineyards are           and a half miles until it intersects with
located about two and a half miles            Fisher Valley Road brings motorists by
down Twin Oaks Road.                          the Historic Edwards-Franklin House, built
    Continue for two miles to where           in 1799.
Zephyr Road intersects with Kapps Mill            Continue on Haystack Road for

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another three and a half miles until                                       Peak Church Road.
it ends at Beulah Road. Turn right on                                         Go one and a half miles to Round
Beulah Road and immediately turn                                           Peak Vineyards. This is the end of the
onto I-77 northbound. Continue on                                          Northern Tendril and the Yadkin Valley
I-77 for two miles and exit at N.C. 89.                                    Scenic Byway. Follow the signs to get
Turn left onto N.C. 89. Go a half a mile                                   back on I-77.
on N.C. 89 and turn right on Round                                                           Length: 65 miles
                                                                                             Drive Time: 1.5 hours
           Warrior                                                                           Counties: Surry and Yadkin
N. F





                         Mountain                                                      74
        he iver
          ll R

                                                        77                            601

                                                  Zephyr Ro ad
                                     gs Road

                                                                              Rock f o
                               Sp rin

                                                                                      rd R

                             opla r


                              BYP                                      Yadkin Rive

      Swan Cree k Road



421                          O ld                         Brooks
                                      US 4              Crossroads

                                                                                       601       Yadkinville
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           s m o k y m o u n Ta i n
              s C e n i C b y w ay
     The Smoky                                                             pioneer buildings
Mountain Scenic                                                            moved from
Byway offers visitors                                                      throughout the park
a unique driving                                                           and permanently
experience through                                                         preserved at this
the Great Smoky                                                            location.
Mountains National                                                             Proceed
Park. The nation’s                                                         down U.S. 441
most-visited national                                                      one half mile to
park is renowned                                                           Mingus Mill, an
for its diverse plant                                                      1886 turbine mill
and animal life, and                                                       that for more than
a trip along the                                                           50 years ground
byway puts visitors                                                        corn into meal
in close proximity                                                         and wheat for the
to some of North                                                           Mingus community.
Carolina’s most                                                            The National Park
captivating wildlife. Historic landmarks         Service rehabilitated the mill in 1968 and
along the byway also provide a glimpse of        it is operated during the summer as a
the Southern Appalachian pioneer culture         historical exhibit.
that once dominated the area.                         Past the mill, the byway starts its ascent
     The byway begins at the                     through cove hardwood, pine-oak and
intersection of U.S. 441 and the                 northern hardwood forest into the Great
Blue Ridge Parkway near the Qualla               Smoky Mountains National Park. The Great
Boundary of the Eastern Band of                  Smoky Mountains form the boundary
Cherokee Reservation. The Oconaluftee            between North Carolina and Tennessee,
Visitor Center, located a half mile from         bisecting the park in an unbroken chain
this intersection, features a bookstore and      that rises above 5,000 feet for 36 miles.
exhibits dedicated to the Great Smoky            The more than 800 square miles that
Mountains National Park. The center gets         encompass the park are home to 17,000
its name from the scenic Oconaluftee River       species of known wildlife, and scientists
that parallels part of the byway. The river is   estimate as many as 100,000 species may
a popular spot for fishing, with brown and       reside here.
rainbow trout in abundance.                           Approximately 12.4 miles from Mingus
     Next door to the visitor center is the      Mill is the Webb Overlook named for Sen.
Mountain Farm Museum, comprised of               Charles Webb of North Carolina, a staunch

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supporter of the park’s establishment.
Travel 2.4 more miles on U.S. 441 to reach
the Oconaluftee Valley Overlook with
spectacular views of the Oconaluftee River
Valley below.
    The Smoky Mountain Scenic Byway
culminates less than a mile away at
Newfound Gap, an evergreen spruce-fir
                                                                Weaver Mountain 441
forest that straddles the border of North
Carolina and Tennessee. It was here that                            d.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt officially                   Do m
                                                      a   ns
dedicated the park in 1940. The location is        gm
now the site of the Rockefeller Memorial,
built to memorialize the support and $5
million donated by the Rockefeller family
to help establish the park.
    At the end of the byway, motorists
may turn around to return to
Cherokee or continue along U.S. 441
into Tennessee, which leads into the
popular tourist town of Gatlinburg on the
other side of the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park.
          Length: 16.5 miles
          Drive Time: 35 minutes
          Counties: Swain



      Nattie Creek Bald


                          Newton Bald

                                                           Corner Cemtery

                                         Mt. Stand Watie

                                                      Queens Cemtery

                                                  Floyd Cemtery

                                                Mingus Creek
                                                                              Ri d

                                                                     441     Bl




                                                                        Owl Knob
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      mT . m i T C h e l l s C e n i C
    Every mile                                                         Big Tom Wilson.
of the Mount                                                           These peaks were
Mitchell Scenic                                                        protected through
Drive is packed                                                        the efforts of North
with exceptional                                                       Carolina Gov. Locke
vistas of natural                                                      Craig, who in 1915
and geological                                                         secured legislation
sights, boundless                                                      to create the first
recreation                                                             state park. Mount
opportunities and                                                      Mitchell State Park
rare glimpses into Appalachian mountain         was established to return the mountains
culture and history. The route is a natural     to nature and intercede in the exploitation
outdoor classroom, encompassing                 of the industrial scale lumbering that was
everything from the East’s highest peaks to     destroying the East’s tall summits.
the historical Nu-Wray Inn, built in 1833           A short quarter-mile walk from
and exemplifying mountain hospitality.          the summit leads to the parking lot
    The 52-mile route begins at the             and N.C. Route 128. Follow N.C. 128,
summit of Mount Mitchell, the highest           the highest highway in the East, as
peak in both North Carolina and the             it winds nearly five miles through Mount
entire eastern United States at an altitude     Mitchell State Park, providing a glimpse
of 6,684 feet. Mount Mitchell is one of         at the recreational opportunities offered
16 peaks over 6,000-feet tall making            by the park and the educational insights
up the Black Mountain Range, which              of this high mountain environment. From
accounts for more than one-quarter of the       N.C. 128, turn left onto the Blue Ridge
6,000-footers east of the Mississippi River.    Parkway, which offers expanding vistas
    The Black Mountains themselves,             of the Black Mountains. Bears, deer,
with peaks such as Mitchell, Big Tom and        raccoons, turkeys, foxes, coyotes and many
Craig, reflect the history of the exploration   other animals may be seen by sharp-eyed
and ultimate preservation of these lofty        observers. A birder’s paradise, the eco-
mountains. Elisha Mitchell, a professor         zones found at these elevations provide
from the University of North Carolina,          opportunities to see raptors only found in
documented and established the peak             more northern climates
which now bears his name as the highest             Just past Mile Marker 345 and the
in the United States in 1844. He was led        Twin Tunnels, exit right off the Blue
to this peak by local guide and bear hunter     Ridge Parkway and then turn left onto

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N.C. 80, where the scenic drive descends       Glen Raven Mill on the right, take the
several thousand feet into the South Toe       gentle right on to East Main Street. Just
River Valley. The South Toe River drains the   down this road is the town square, a true
eastern slopes of the Black Mountains,         mountain treasure replete with a statue
which can now be                                               of Captain Otway Burns,
viewed by looking up                                           naval hero of the War
and to the left from the                                       of 1812, standing guard
valley floor. Here the                                         over the mountains. Also
Mount Mitchell Scenic                                          found at the town square
Drive passes through                                           is the 1833 Nu-Wray Inn
the Appalachian District                                       and the Burnsville Sundial,
of the Pisgah National                                         the largest vertical sundial
Forest and the Carolina                                        in North Carolina and the
Hemlocks Campground.                                           only quilt-block sundial in
Just five miles away is                                        the world. Continue onto
the Black Mountain                                             West Main Street and
Campground with the                                            look atop the hill behind
trailhead for the Mount                                        the Visitor Center to view
Mitchell Trail, which climbs from the valley   the historic McElroy House, which served
floor and ascends nearly 4,000 feet to the     as the Western Headquarters of the Home
summit of Mount Mitchell. More than 70         Guard during the Civil War.
miles of hiking trails are within 15 minutes       Continue on West Main Street as it
of the Mount Mitchell Scenic Drive,            rejoins U.S. 19 on the west end of town.
including some leading to spectacular          Colorful squares hanging on the sides of
waterfalls such as Roaring Fork Waterfall      barns and businesses are part of the Quilt
and Setrock Creek Waterfall. Fishing           Trails of Western North Carolina project.
opportunities are also numerous, with trout    Each block represents a different quilting
predominant in the cool mountain streams       pattern reflecting the heritage of the place
and small-mouth bass further down in the       where it is located. Homesteads, farms,
rivers.                                        pastures, churches and small communities
     As the drive nears the small              dot the landscape in this rural area of
unincorporated town of Micaville, look for     Yancey and Madison counties. The scenic
signs of old mining operations. Micaville      drive continues to drop in elevation,
is appropriately named, as the area is         finally ending more than 4,500 feet
known for the huge sheets of mica mined        below where it began at Exit 9 on
here. Turn left at Micaville for a short       Interstate 26 about 15 miles north of
distance and turn left again onto U.S.         Asheville.
19 which heads left into the historic                    Length: 52 miles
town of Burnsville. At the town limits                   Drive Time: 1.5 hours
of Burnsville, with the still operating                  Counties: Madison and Yancey

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                                                                                                                 Cane River

                                                                                            Pisgah National Forest


     Mars Hill
                                                                                                      Rocky Knob
                                                                                                                     Ogle Mea

                                                                                                      Coxcomb Mountain
                                                                     Moody Knob
                                        Nofat Mountain                                                                     ev
                        19                                                                                              Ash
                        23                                                                                           To
                                                                                                                           Flat S
                    To Asheville

                                                                                                                          Big Bu

                                                                                                                          Little B

 Burnsville Inset                                                                                                  ille
                                                                                  197                   To A

                S        tre                             19E
       W. M

                                                                        Pisgah National Forest

72           iver
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                                                                                                                        South Toe Ri ver

            197                Murchison


Spring Knob

utt Mountain

 Butt Mountain

        Walker Knob                                        MT. Mitchell
                                                                                    wa            Big Laurel Mountain


                 Blackstock Knob


                                                                                                           Big Laurel Gap


                 ge            Potato Knob                            Bl                     Big Craggy
                         rk   wa
                                                                               Green Knob

                                         Bald Knob
                                                                               Deep Gap


                                                  Glass Rock Knob

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 p i e d m o n t                      r e g i o n


Hanging Rock Scenic Byway           76
Colonial Heritage Byway             79
Football Road                       83
Crowders Mountain Drive             85
Mill Bridge Scenic Byway            87
Uwharrie Scenic Road                89
Rolling Kansas Byway                91
Pee Dee Valley Drive                93
Grassy Island Crossing              95
Sandhills Scenic Drive              97
Birkhead Wilderness Route           99
Flint Hill Ramble                  101
Indian Heritage Trail              103
Pottery Road                       105
Devil’s Stompin’ Ground Road       107
North Durham Country Byway         109
Averasboro Battlefield Scenic Byway 112
Clayton Bypass Scenic Byway        114
Scots-Welsh Heritage Byway         115

                 hanging roCk
                 s C e n i C b y w ay
     By traveling the Hanging Rock Scenic         Register of Historic Places. Founded in
Byway, motorists can explore the ancient          1849, Danbury is located on the Dan River
Sauratown Mountains in North Carolina’s           at the foot of the Sauratown Mountains.
rolling northern                                                           The community was
Piedmont. This                                                             originally a Native
byway includes a                                                           American village,
long loop so that                                                          which became
travelers will have                                                        a trading post
to retrace one                                                             called Crawford.
part of the route                                                          North Carolina’s
to see everything.                                                         tribute block in
To access the                                                              the Washington
byway take Exit                                                            monument came

118 from U.S. 52                                                           from an area quarry.
and follow N.C.          Cascade Falls at Hanging Rock State Park          Today, Danbury is
65 East through                                                            the seat of Stokes
Rural Hall, an area settled by Germans            County. The town has several restaurants
after the Revolutionary War. At the               and many historic points of interest,
intersection of N.C. 65 and N.C. 66,              including: the former Stokes County jail;
turn left and follow N.C. 66 North. The the Danbury Community Church, which
byway begins where Denny Road (S.R. was created in 1893; the Wilson-Fulton
2000) intersects with N.C. 66. Proceed            House, a.k.a. the Brick House, which
2.3 miles, passing through Mount Olive            was built in the 1850s and is now a local
in Stokes County, a small community               museum; Danbury Town Center, a two-
named for a local church that should not          story frame building typical of 19th century
be confused with the town of Mount Olive offices; and the Moody Tavern, a two-story
in Wayne County. Bear right on to Flat            frame house built around 1860, which
Shoals Road. Proceed five miles, then             was the headquarters for Union General
turn left on Mountain Road. Look to the George Stoneman’s troops during the last
left for excellent views of Hanging Rock          days of the Civil War.
along this section of the byway.                      Just past Danbury, motorists
     After four miles, turn left on N.C.          have two options. To follow the first
8/89. This stretch of road passes one of          option, turn left on Hanging Rock
the best-preserved structures from the            Park Road and follow it as it becomes
antebellum period in North Carolina, the          Moores Spring Road. This seven-mile
Moratock Iron Furnace, and the town of            stretch of road offers various entry points
Danbury, which is listed in the National          into Hanging Rock State Park (including
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                                     103    VA                          8
              52          104
                    35                      NC                                      704
             89           33
                  601           Shelton                        89
                   Mount                                      1001
                    Airy                       Gap                                  Danbury
                                                                                      (see inset)
                    268              52     Mount                           Hanging Rock
                                                                             State Park
                            Pilot         Olive
                         Mountain      34                                   8
                         State Park Pinnacle             66                           65

                                           Rural Hall                65

                                                        Salem                         40


State Park Road), a beautiful, 6,192-acre               starts. Along the way, motorists will pass
preserve named for an unusual natural                   the community of Gap, where visitors can
quartzite outcrop, which is a part of the               enjoy horseback riding or zip lining.
ancient Sauratown Mountains. Geology
enthusiasts will be interested in the                                                      89            Danbury
deposits of itacolumite, a flexible sandstone
                                                                       Rock Park Ro
found only here and in Brazil. Also in the                       ng

                                                              Ha      oad                                 89
park are the Cascade Falls, which have                             gR
                                                               S prin

a double drop of 200 feet in the upper                                                                          oa
                                                                                                       t ai

cascade and 60 feet in the lower cascade.                                                            un
Lewis David Von Schweinitz, a Moravian

mycologist and botanist, discovered the
falls. Look for Tory’s Den, a cave below                       at



                                                                          oal s R
the Moores Knob bank, said to have been
occupied by Tories (colonists loyal to the
king) during the Revolutionary War.                        The second option motorists
     Where Moore Spring Road ends,                      may elect to take past Danbury is to
turn left onto N.C. 66 and proceed                      continue on N.C. 89 for 25 miles to
five miles back to the Mount Olive                      the byway’s western end at Airsville
community where the scenic byway                        Rd (S.R. 1896) in the Shelton Town
             BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                                      BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
community east of Mount Airy. Mount
Airy is home of “The Andy Griffith Show’s”
fictional Mayberry, and many tributes to
this show may be found here. A sheet
granite quarry is located on the northeast
side of town. Granite from this quarry
was used in the Wright Brothers National
Memorial Monument in Kill Devil Hills on
the state’s Outer Banks. Nearby attractions
include Pilot Mountain State Park and the
Blue Ridge Parkway. The isolated peak
of Pilot Mountain is actually a quartzite
monadnock remnant from the erosion of
the Sauratown Mountains. It was once
called “Mount Ararat,” from which the
Ararat River flows. The closest access to
the Blue Ridge Parkway is about 15 miles
north of Mount Airy at Fancy Gap, Va.

          Length: 38 miles
          Drive Time: One hour 8 minutes
          Counties: Stokes and Surry

        C o l o n i a l h e r i Ta g e
                  b y w ay
     Colonial Heritage Drive provides                Follow Flat Rock Road for 5.7 miles,
an impressive tour of 18th and 19th              then turn left on U.S. 29 Business. Turn
century history in North Carolina. Begin         right on Elm Grove Church Road, then
on Scalesville Road                                                 turn right on Mizpah
at the Guilford/                                                    Church Road. This
Rockingham county                                                   section of road loosely
line near the town of                                               follows the alignment of
Summerfield. Proceed                                                the colonial road known
1.4 miles, bearing                                                  at the time as Dick’s Ferry
right on the Church                                                 Road, which connected
Street Extension.                                                   to the Great Wagon
Turn right on U.S.                                                  Road. It was along this
158 East and follow                                                 route that General Earl

it to Flat Rock Road.                                               Cornwallis conducted
                               Orange County Courthouse
(For a quick side trip,                                             part of his futile hunt
turn left on Meadow Branch Road.                 for the main American forces under the
Follow it 2.1 miles, bearing left as it          command of General Nathanael Greene as
becomes Monroeton Road. This stretch             they raced north, toward the Dan River, in
of road passes a highlight of the route,         the early winter of 1781. Today, the area
the former location of the Troublesome           is marked by rolling farmland, intermixed
Creek Ironworks which was used at various with hardwood forests and open pasture
times as a campsite by American and              land. Working farms, as well as historic
British troops. General Nathanael Greene         farmsteads, are scattered along the route.
retreated to this site after the battle of           Turn right on N.C. 87 to the
Guilford Court House in 1781. Ten years          unincorporated town of Williamsburg.
later, President George Washington visited       Turn right on N.C. 150 and proceed 4.2
it as he retraced General Greene’s journey       miles before turning left on Osceola-
on his tour of the South. Bear right             Ossippee Road. (For another quick
onto Iron Works Road and proceed                 side trip, continue on N.C. 150 to
2.3 miles. This goes past the historic           the town of Monticello.) Take a left
Speedwell Church. With a history dating          on Brann Road and travel 2.3 miles
back to the 1750s, the church has a              before turning left onto High Rock
cemetery with many old graves near the           Road. This leads to a historic highlight
sanctuary, which was constructed in 1844.        of the route, High Rock Ford, which is
To rejoin the byway, turn right on               marked with a plaque. An easy crossing
U.S. 158 West, and follow it 3.1 miles           point on the Haw River, it long figured
before turning left on Flat Rock Road.)          in the commercial and military history
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                                                                                        Milton                                 NC
                                                                          86                                             Semora                               501
                                                        29                                      62
                                                                                                                                        Hyco Lake                            49

                                                            Yanceyville                                                                     57
                             Reidsville              158
                             40                                                                                                                               Roxboro
                                                        150     Hill                                 Hightowers                                                     158
              Monroeton                                                                                 (see inset)
               (see inset)                                                                                                             49
                                                  Williamsburg            62

Summerfield             Monticello                                                                                  Hill
                         (see inset)                                                                                                                        501



                                                                                                                                 48         Eno River
                                                                 62                                                                         State Park
                                                                                                                                       36                                    Falls Lake State
                                                                                      70                                                                           47          Recreation
                        39     43                   Burlington                                                          37                                                         Area
                                             85                                                                                                                                        85
                             44                                                                                                              70
                                                                                                        Hillsborough                                          Durham
               29                                      62                                                         (see inset)                                        45
                             40                                  49
                             85     Greensboro                                                                                                                 751                70
                                                                                                        40                                            15                38
               85                                                                                                                                     501
                                                                                                                                                                   42 41

 of the area. Colonial Governor William                                   Somers Loop. Turn right on N.C. 150,
 Tryon, who built a lavish palace in New                                  following it for nine miles through the
 Bern, camped his forces there on June 12,                                community of Locust Hill. Turn right on
 1771, after having put down a rebellion                                  U.S. 158 East and proceed five miles
 over taxation and local control by a                                     into Yanceyville, the Caswell County
 group known as the Regulators at the                                     seat. Established in 1791 as Caswell Court
 Battle of Alamance. Known as the War                                     House, the name was changed in 1833 to
 of Regulation, it is considered an opening                               honor then state legislator Bartlett Yancey.
 salvo in the fight for independence. Ten                                     In Yanceyville, turn right onto
 years later, American General Nathanael                                  Main Street (S.R. 1163). Continue on
 Greene established headquarters here                                                                                                                                         158
 in the late winter of 1781 before the                                                           Inset

 Battle of Guilford Court House. There                                                                                                           d.
 is also the ruin of an old mill run near                                                                                               rk

 High Rock Ford. Continuing down High                                                    Wo    r ks Rd.

 Rock Road, motorists will pass a historic
 African-American congregation, High
 Rock Baptist Church, which was organized


 around 1900, and a lovely private home,                                                       Br
                                                                                                 an c
                                                                                                                            eton Rd.

 High Rock House and Farm, that was built

 around 1808. After three miles, High
                                                                                                        Flat Rock
 Rock Road becomes City Store Road.                                                    158

 Continue 1.2 miles then bear right on
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                                                                an unexpected collection of colonial era
                                                                institutions and homes, including the James
                                                                Malone House. Turn left onto Ridgeville
                                                                Road and follow 3.8 miles. Turn right
                                                                on Griers Church Road and proceed 2.5
                                           150                  miles past Griers Presbyterian Church,
                                                                listed on the National Register of Historic
                                                                Places. Turn left onto U.S. 119 for 1.5
                                                                     At N.C. 86, turn left and travel
                                                                south nearly 24 miles. This portion of

                                                                the byway provides a glimpse of Piedmont
Main Street and turn left onto N.C. 62

                                                                dairy farms and rural life. Look for a white
North to continue the byway. While
                                                                brick building to the right while passing
traveling north on N.C. 62, look for many
                                                                through the Hightowers community and
older houses and barns dating back to the
                                                                a red brick building to the left in Prospect
1800s, especially in the town of Milton.
                                                                Hill. These are examples of general stores
Prior to the Civil War, this town was a
                                                                of the mid-1800s and are still in use today.
booming community with two newspapers
                                                                     Just north of Hillsborough, turn left
and a branch of the state bank. In Milton,
                                                                onto Governor Burke Drive (S.R. 1619).
turn right at the traffic signal onto N.C.
                                                                Stop and look carefully before crossing
57 South toward Semora, where the
                                                                the intersection of N.C. 57 where the
byway turns right again onto N.C. 119
                                                                state road number changes to 1556
                                                                and becomes unpaved. The grave of Gov.
    Travel three miles before turning
                                                                Thomas Burke, who served from 1781-
left onto Osmond Road and proceed
                                                                1782 as the third North Carolina governor
two miles past Hyco Lake, a man-made
                                                                elected by the General Assembly, lies in a
reservoir that draws numerous tourists
                                                                tree grove to the left about three-quarters
each year to enjoy swimming, fishing and
                                                                of a mile from N.C. 57.
boating. (For a quick side trip, through
                                                                     When the road ends, turn
rolling terrain with lovely rural vistas
                                                                right onto Miller Road (S.R. 1555)
featuring a mix of hardwood forests,
                                                                and continue 1.5 miles through a
open pastures and farms, continue on
                                                                residential area, crossing U.S. 70. Turn
N.C. 119 past Osmond Road and turn
                                                                right onto St. Mary’s Road (S.R. 1002),
right on Stephentown Road, which
                                                                which becomes East King Street (S.R.
ends at U.S. 158. Turn right onto U.S.
                                                                1150). Settled in 1754, Hillsborough, the
158 West and travel 1.7 miles to return
                                                                Orange County seat, was once North
to N.C. 86. Turn left to rejoin the scenic
                                                                Carolina’s summer capital. Public tours of
byway.) Turn right onto Solomon
                                                                the historic district begin at the visitor’s
Lea Road and follow 3.8 miles. Turn
                                                                center located on the corner of King and
right onto U.S. 158 which passes
                                                                Cameron streets.
through Leasburg, a quaint village with
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    Drive three blocks on East King                                     Durham Country Byway (p. 109) is located
Street and turn left on N.C. 86 South/                                  just off I-85 north of Durham.
U.S. 70 Business East (Churton Street)
                                                                                  Length: 92 miles
at the stoplight. After crossing the                                              Drive Time: 2.5 hours
Eno River, follow U.S. 70 Business for                                            Counties: Durham, Caswell,
three miles until it rejoins U.S. 70.                                                       Guilford, Orange
Follow U.S. 70 East. The scenic byway                                                       and Rockingham
                                                                                  Note: The route is
temporarily ends as U.S. 70 passes                                                not recommended for
under I-85. Continue on U.S. 70 East                                              recreational vehicles
                                                                                  or buses.









to the first stoplight and turn right
onto N.C. 751 South, where the byway
    Follow N.C. 751 for approximately
three miles through Duke Forest, an
educational/training forest for Duke
University students, to U.S. 15/501 in
Durham, where the byway ends. Durham
was first established as a railroad stop
on donated land from Dr. Bartlett Snipes
    Nearby attractions include Eno
River State Park, Falls Lake Recreational
Area and Bennett Place State Historic
Site where Confederate Gen. Joseph F.
Johnston surrendered to General William
T. Sherman, ending the Civil War in the
Carolinas, Georgia and Florida. The North
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                fooTball road

     Named for the route Triad football        Carolinians who wanted to see the
fans used to travel to football games at       government regulated to prevent further
the University of North Carolina at Chapel     extortion and corruption.
Hill, Football Road showcases the beauty           As the byway enters Alamance
of North Carolina’s                                                      County, the road
piedmont                                                                 name changes to
between the                                                              Old Greensboro
Triad and Triangle                                                       Road. Continue
metropolitan areas.                                                      another seven
     To access                                                           miles to Snow
the byway, take                                                          Camp, where the
Exit 126 off                                                             road becomes
I-85 Business                                                            Sylvan School
in Greensboro                                                            Road. Turn left
and travel south                                                         onto Drama Road
along U.S. 421                                                           (S.R. 2407) and
to Alamance                                                              follow it for a
Church Road (S.R.                                                        short distance
1005). Turn left                                                         before making
onto Alamance                                                            a left back onto

Church Road and                                                          Sylvan School
travel eight miles Snow Camp                                             Road (S.R. 2360)
to the intersection of                         before turning right onto Snow
Blakeshire Road (S.R. 3334), the               Camp Road (S.R. 1004). Originally a
byway’s western terminus.                      Quaker community, Snow Camp was
     Traveling along the byway, motorists      settled in 1749. The local outdoor drama,
will see small dairy farms, creeks, ponds      “The Sword of Peace,” portrays the
and bicyclists, since most of the route        plight of Quakers in this area during the
is designated as a recreational bicycle        Revolutionary War.
route. At the N.C. 62 intersection, history        After passing through Snow Camp,
enthusiasts may want to take a quick side      turn right onto Greensboro/Chapel Hill
trip to the Alamance Battleground State        Road (S.R. 1005) and follow it for eight
Historic Site located about 4.5 miles east     miles. The byway crosses the Haw River
along N.C. 62. The Alamance Battleground       at the Alamance/Orange County line. This
is the 1771 site where the North Carolina      river rises in Forsyth County and flows 130
militia, led by Gov. William Tryon, defeated   miles before merging with the Deep River
the Regulators. Regulators were North          to form the Cape Fear River.
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    In Orange County, the road name                                          Length: 37 miles
changes back to Old Greensboro Road                                          Drive Time: 45 minutes
(S.R. 1005). Travel another eight miles                                      Counties: Alamance, Guilford
                                                                                       and Orange
and veer left after crossing a small
lake, onto Jones Ferry Road (S.R. 1005).
Follow Jones Ferry Road into the town
of Carrboro where the byway ends at
the intersection with N.C. 54.

                                           87           49
                                                         Burlington                         501      85
        39   Greensboro            40
                      3334                62
                                   49                                              40             Durham
       40        44                                             54
            43           1005                          87
                                           49                                                  Chapel Hill
             62               Kimes-                                      1005                            40
                               ville                                                    Carrboro
                                            Snow                                  15
                                            Camp                     87           501
                                           (see inset)

                                        Snow Camp Inset


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             m o u n Ta i n d r i v e
    The Crowders Mountain Drive                 Crowders Mountain State Park. The
takes motorists by Crowders and Kings           park showcases the local mountains, which
mountains in Gaston and Cleveland               are remnants of the ancient Appalachians.
counties.                                                                      Outdoor
To begin                                                                       enthusiasts will
following                                                                      enjoy hiking or
the byway,                                                                     rock climbing
take Exit 10                                                                   in the park.
from I-85 and                                                                  Continue
follow U.S.                                                                    following
29/74 to the                                                                   the byway
community                                                                      by turning
of Mountain                                                                    right to stay
View.                                                                          on Sparrow
Exit onto                                                                      Springs Road
Sparrow                                                                        for two miles,
Springs Road                                                                   and then
(S.R. 1125),                                                                   right again

where the                                                                      onto Pinnacle
                  Canoeing at Crowders Mountain State Park
route begins.                                                                  Road. The first
    Follow Sparrow Springs Road and             mile is gravel.
turn right onto Pinnacle Road (S.R.                  Formed in 1841, Cleveland County
1104) as they wind around the base of           was named for Benjamin Cleveland, a hero
Crowders and Kings mountains. Crowders          at the Battle of Kings Mountain during
Mountain, named for a local settler, is         the Revolutionary War. Kings Mountain
one of the peaks in the Kings Mountain          National Millitary Park, located in South
Range. The mountain range is about three        Carolina, is the site of that decisive British
miles long, extending from the southern         defeat in 1780. The valley is also known as
end of Gaston and Cleveland counties in         Sherrars Gap and separates the Pinnacle
North Carolina into York County, S.C. The       from the rest of the Kings Mountain Range.
highest peak, called the Pinnacle, marks the         Pinnacle Road changes to Lake
northern end of the range. Its weathered        Montonia Road (S.R. 2292) at the
granite cap, called a monadnock, stands         Cleveland/Gaston County line. Follow
above the other peaks as a king stands          this road for about one mile where
above his people.                               it intersects with N.C. 161. Turn right
    Continue on Sparrow Springs Road            onto N.C. 161 North for one-half mile
as it veers right into the area around          to I-85 where the byway ends. For an
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interesting side trip, continue into South
Carolina to the Kings Mountain National
Military Park by turning left onto N.C. 161
South and driving four miles into South
Carolina to the park’s access road.
            Length: Eight miles
            Drive Time: 20 minutes
            Counties: Gaston and

                                          161                           29

                                                74                   View

                                     85        Mountain      1125
                         V                     State Park
                                          2292 Kings
                                                Mountain               1106

                                   161           1104


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                                                                  mill bridge
                                                                s C e n i C b y w ay
     The Mill Bridge Scenic Byway passes                                  one of the central landmarks in the area,
through land that has a long tradition of                                 Kerr Mill. A grist mill built in 1823 that
farming and                                                                                               was renovated
a rich cultural                                                                                           in the 1970s,
history. With                                                                                             it now serves
a population                                                                                              as a museum
               Photo courtesy of Yadkin/Pee Dee Lakes Project

density of                                                                                                featuring
only about 50                                                                                             pieces of early
people per                                                                                                Americana.
square mile,                                                                                              Continue on
this area is                                                                                              N.C. 150 West
marked by                                                                                                 and turn left
open spaces,                                                                                              on Caldwell
fields, streams Kerr Mill at Sloan Park                                                                   Road to
and working                                                                                               rejoin the
farms dotted with well-preserved historic                                 byway.)
homes, out buildings and barns.                                               After approximately 27 miles, turn
     The 38-mile byway begins south of                                    left at Belk Road. At the end of Belk
historic Salisbury at the intersection                                    Road, turn right on Centenary Church
of N.C. 150 and Sherrills Ford Road                                       Road. This stretch of the byway passes
(S.R. 1526) in Rowan County. Travel                                       near the Rankin-Sherrill House, a complex
along Sherrill’s Ford road for 27 miles.                                  of silos and buildings that includes a
Located along this stretch is the Piedmont                                smokehouse constructed in 1853. Turn
Agricultural Research Station, a test-                                    left on N.C. 150 East. On the right is the
farming facility operated by N.C. State                                   Lazy 5 Ranch, a privately-owned animal
University and an excellent example of                                    park featuring 750 animals from six
North Carolina farmland. (For a quick                                     continents, including kangaroos, giraffes
side trip, turn left onto White Road                                      and rhinos.
(S.R. 1737) and pass over a one-lane                                          Turn left on Jones Road and
bridge before continuing for three                                        continue until looping back on
miles to the community of Mill Bridge,                                    Centenary Church Road. Follow until
named for the flourmill built by Dr. Samuel                               intersecting with Brown Road (which
Kerr. This Scotch-Irish settlement features                               turns into Lyerly Road) and proceed
Thyatira Church, one of North Carolina’s                                  east. (For a quick side trip turn left at
oldest Presbyterian churches. At the end                                  the intersection of Brown Road and
of White Road, turn left on N.C. 150                                      then turn left on Back Creek Road to
West and pass Sloan Park, which includes                                  see the Back Creek Presbyterian Church,
           BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                                               BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
which was established
in 1805 with its present
day building constructed
in 1857. It has many old
tombstones older than the
church building.) Turn right
on Kerr Mill Road. Turn
right on Sloan Road and                   70

right again on N.C. 150
West.                                                 801                                                        70
    Turn left on Caldwell                                                                       1526

Road. Turn right on                      801
Millbridge Road and pass                                              Mill Bridge                      150

Patterson Farm, which                          1768
                                                       Kerr Mill
                                                       at Sloan Park
cultivates hundreds of acres                      1350
of tomatoes, strawberries,
pumpkins and poinsettas.
The farm offers tours and               152
“pick-your-own” fruits and                                      153
vegetables. Turn right on                                                                                                                             152
Corriher Springs Road,                                                29A
which will merge with                                                        29

Corriher Grange Road.                                                       601

Turn left on Bradshaw
Road and continue until it intersects
                                                                Mill Bridge
with Millbridge Road, where the byway                              Inset

ends.                                                                                                                          yerly Rd.

                                                                                                                                             Ka rr Mill Rd.

         Length: 38 miles                                                                                  Rd
                                                                                                   w   n
                                                                       n t e n ary Rd .

         Drive Time: 1 hour 10 minutes


         County: Rowan
                                                            lk Rd .




                                                                                            Moores v i l



                                                                                                                                     lb r

                                                       150                                                      dsh
                                                                                                                                          idge Rd.

                                                                                                                       Rd .

                                                                                                                        prings Rd.
                                                                                                                  her S

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                           sCeniC road
     The Uwharrie Scenic Road takes              flows into the Yadkin River near Morrow
motorists through both the Uwharrie              Mountain State Park to form the Pee Dee
Mountains and the area known as the              River. A variety of crops such as corn and
“Carolina Slate                                                          winter wheat can be
Belt” along N.C.                                                         seen throughout this
49 between                                                               region.
Charlotte and                                                                (History buffs
Asheboro. Begin                                                          will also enjoy a
following the                                                            side trip to the
route at the                                                             Denton Farm Park
byway’s northern                                                         in Davidson County.
end at the                                                               The park features an
intersection of                                                          impressive collection
N.C. 49 and U.S.                                                         of restored buildings,
64. Travel south                                                         including country
along N.C. 49                                                            stores, a church, post
toward Concord.                                                          office and gristmill,
Many buildings                                                           and is also home to

and fences seen          Reed Gold Mine
                                                                         the annual Threshers’
throughout these                                                         Convention, a large
rolling hills were built from slate, a type of   steam, gas and electric farm machinery
metamorphic rock.                                show. To get there from N.C. 49, turn
     South of Asheboro, travel through the       left onto Cranford Road (S.R. 2521) and
Uwharrie National Forest and view the            head north. Denton Farm Park is less
Uwharrie Mountains. These isolated peaks         than a mile on the left.)
were formed several hundred million years            Turn right from N.C. 49 to N.C. 109
ago by volcanoes, and the mountains              and proceed north 5.5 miles to the
have survived erosion and weathering over        town of Denton. The town was first
the centuries. “Uwharrie” is believed to         built up around the intersection of N.C.
have originated from an American Indian          109 and N.C. 47, an area once known as
word possibly meaning “rocky soil.” The          Finch’s Crossing for the seasonal throng of
federal government bought the Uwharrie           migrating birds that converged on a grove
National Forest in 1934 and designated it        of sycamore trees at the intersection. Turn
as a national forest in 1961. It now covers      left on East Salisbury Drive (S.R. 2351)
more than 200,000 acres in Randolph and          and proceed three blocks through
Montgomery counties and a small portion          downtown Denton. The Denton central
of Davidson County. The Uwharrie River           business district boasts a well-preserved
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collection of historic buildings, including                          left on Stokes Ferry Road. Rejoin the
many good examples of early 20th century                             byway by turning right on N.C. 49.
architecture. Turn left on South Main                                The Uwharrie Scenic Road continues past
Street (S.R. 2501) and continue four                                 Mount Pleasant toward Concord, ending
miles until it becomes Lick Creek Church                             on N.C. 49 at its intersection with Old
Road (S.R. 2501). Continue 5.1 miles                                 Charlotte Road (S.R. 1157).
to the intersection of Bringle Ferry                                     (For another interesting side trip, visit
Road. The Lick Creek Baptist Church, one                             the Reed Gold Mine State Historic Site,
of Davidson County’s oldest landmarks,                               the site of the first authenticated discovery
is located near here. Records indicate                               of gold in the United States. Gold was
meetings were held at the church as early                            found on the Reed family farm in 1799.
as 1787. This section of the byway passes                            The discovery helped North Carolina lead
over Tuckertown Lake, built by the Carolina                          the country in gold production until the
Aluminum Co. for hydroelectricity and                                California gold rush in 1848. Reed Gold
recreation in 1917. It is also known as                              Mine is located about eight miles south of
Narrows Reservoir because it was formed                              Mount Pleasant. To visit the mine as a
by flooding a narrow pass (now under the                             side trip, follow Mount Pleasant Road
lake’s waters) in the Uwharrie Mountains                             (S.R. 1006) south from N.C. 49. Turn left
at the Narrows of the Yadkin River. The Pee                          onto N.C. 200, and follow it for one
Dee Valley Drive (pg. 93) begins nearby at                           mile and then turn right onto Reed
the southern point of Badin Lake in the                              Mine Road (S.R. 1100)).
community of Badin.
                                                                                       Length: 50 miles
     To return to the Uwharrie Scenic                                                  Drive Time: One hour
Road, turn right on Bringle Ferry Road                                                 Counties: Randolph, Davidson,
and then turn left on River Road. Turn                                                           Rowan, Stanly

                                               85                                                 220
                                                           8                              64                     49
                                         Spencer                                                           64
                         57                                                                          Asheboro
                    53         59                                     109                                  N.C.
                              Salisbury                                                                  Zoological
                         54                                                       49
                                   60                                                                      Park
              85               52                         Tuckertown                                     73
              Mount Pleasant
                                                           8            Badin
           Kannapolis 49                                                Lake 109                           220
                                                                     740                          Troy            24
                                    73                          58                 Uwharrie
     29 55                                                                                                        27
          1157                           Albemarle
                                                                                 24 Forest
                              56                    24     52               73              109

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                    rolling kansas
       NCDOT            b y w ay

               Bethel Bear Creek United Church of Christ graveyard

    The Rolling Kansas Byway passes                                  Length: 9 miles
through an area known appropriately as                               Drive Time: 20 minutes
                                                                     County: Stanly
“Rolling Kansas,” so nicknamed because
of its hilly terrain and turn of the century
farms and windmills.
     Access the byway from U.S. 52 in
Richfield by turning onto South Main
Street (S.R. 1134), which becomes
Millingport Road. Follow the road
for six miles through the wavering
countryside with panoramic views of the
western piedmont. Turn right onto Bear
Creek Church Road (S.R. 1428) and
cross a bridge. The byway then passes
near Bethel Bear Creek United Church
of Christ and its graveyard, which has
tombstones dating to the 1820s and is
among the oldest cemeteries in Stanly
County. The byway ends at the Cabarrus/
Stanly County line.

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              Gold                                49
                                                            1134                   740

                                                                           New London



          Bear Cree

                           le Bear C


                                           1134                      Albemarle


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                       pee dee
                    va l l e y d r i v e
     The Pee Dee Valley Drive parallels the                             Dee River Valley located several miles to
route of the Pee Dee River as it flows                                  the east. The Pee Dee River, formed at the
southward from Badin Lake to Lake                                       junction of the Yadkin and Uwharrie rivers,
Tillery. To access the                                                                       flows into and through
byway’s northern                                                                             South Carolina,
terminus, follow N.C.                                                                        where it empties into
740 from Albemarle                                                                           the Atlantic Ocean.
to Badin and turn                                                                            Sometimes called the
onto Nantahala                                                                               Great Pee Dee River,
Street (S.R. 1714).                                                                          the name originates
Shortly thereafter,                                                                          from the Catawba
                       Photo courtesy of Yadkin/Pee Dee Lakes Project

turn right onto                                                                              Indian word for “smart,
Henderson Street                                                                             capable or expert.”
(S.R. 1720). The                                                                                  A quick side trip
byway begins at                                                                              on Morrow Mountain
Badin Elementary                                                                             Road (S.R. 1798) takes
School on Henderson                                                                          motorists into Morrow
Street. While traveling                                                                      Mountain State Park.
south the road number                                                                        From the upper parking
                            Town of Badin
remains the same,                                                                            lot, visitors can enjoy
but the name changes to Valley Drive at                                 a panoramic view of Badin Lake to the
the intersection just past the elementary                               north and Lake Tillery to the south. Badin
school. Follow Valley Drive (S.R.                                       Lake was built by the Carolina Aluminum
1720) for 5.5 miles south toward the                                    Co. for hydroelectric power and recreation
intersection of N.C. 24/27/73.                                          in 1917.
     Badin was established in 1913 by                                       Morrow Mountain State Park was
French industrialist Adrian Badin as a                                  established in 1935 on land given to the
company town for the aluminum reduction                                 state by James McKnight Morrow. The
plant he operated nearby. Today, this plant                             park has more than 30 miles of hiking
is owned by the Aluminum Corporation                                    and equestrian trails open to the public.
of America, or Alcoa. Badin is listed on                                Visit the restored residence of Dr. Francis
the National Register of Historic Places                                Joseph Kron who had a medical practice
and is noted for its unique French-inspired                             here in the early 1800s. Until that time
townhouses (called quadreplexes), which                                 the mountain had been called Naked
are among the earliest examples of                                      Mountain because a tornado stripped the
townhouse architecture in North Carolina.                               mountain bare. There are three peaks:
     The byway travels through the Pee                                  Sugarloaf Mountain, Mill Mountain and
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Tater Top Mountain. The peaks
are each less than 1,050 feet
high and part of the Uwharrie

Mountain Range. These mountains

were created in a prehistoric

collision between the African and                           740
North American continents. They
are considered to be the oldest                                         Badin                  Uwharrie
mountains in North America.                                            1720
     After visiting the park, turn                              1714

left to continue along Valley
Drive to the intersection of N.C.
24/27/73 East and turn left. This
section of highway is part of the
Sandhills Scenic Drive byway (pg.                                                 Morrow                          r

                                                                                                           Dee Rive
82). Follow about two miles             58                                       State Park
before turning right onto Indian
Mound Road (S.R. 1740). Follow

Indian Mound Road (not to be
confused with Town Creek Indian                            24
Mound, along the Indian Heritage
Trail byway, pg. 103) for six miles
along Lake Tillery to Norwood.
     The byway’s southern end is
on U.S. 52 in Norwood. Founded
in 1826, Norwood was named
for William Norwood, its first
postmaster. The town is located near
Lake Tillery, which has sometimes
been called Lake Norwood.
          Length: 14 miles
          Drive Time: 30 minutes                        1740
          County: Stanly
                                                      52                                    Til
                                                                       52        731

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                                      grassy island
     The Grassy Island Crossing byway           North. Travel an additional mile before
is named for Grassy Island, a group of          crossing the Pee Dee River, formed by
earthen masses in the Pee Dee River north       the junction of the Yadkin and Uwharrie
of Blewett Falls                                                             rivers in
Lake along                                                                   Montgomery
the Anson/                                                                   County.
Richmond                                                                     Flowing
County line.                                                                 south along
The byway’s                                                                  the Anson/
western                                                                      Richmond
terminus is                                                                  County line
located at the                                                               and into South
                Lindsay R. Whichard

intersection                                                                 Carolina, the
of U.S. 52                                                                   Pee Dee River
and Pinkston                                                                 empties into
River Road          Pee Dee River                                            Winyah Bay.
(S.R. 1627) in Anson County.                        Cross the river into Richmond
     Travel south on Pinkston River             County. Travel 2.5 miles and turn right
Road through the pines, hardwoods,              onto a different Grassy Island Road
swamps and farms along the banks of             (S.R. 1148). This 13-mile road features the
the Pee Dee River nearly five miles             geological transition between the lowland
before turning left onto Grassy Island          piedmont region to the Uwharrie Mountain
Road (S.R. 1634).                               expanse. Blewett Falls Lake lies to the
     For an interesting side trip, visit the    south and west. There are boat ramps
Pee Dee National Wildlife Refuge located        and fishing access points on the lake. The
on Grassy Island Road. The refuge, North        byway’s eastern end lies northwest of
Carolina’s only inland wildlife refuge,         Rockingham at the intersection with
features a self-guided auto tour and hiking     Holly Grove Church Road (S.R. 1146).
trail through a migratory bird habitat. A                  Length: 26 miles
waterfowl observation blind allows for up-                 Drive Time: 40 minutes
close viewing of bird species native to or                 Counties: Anson and
passing through the region. The refuge’s                             Richmond
office and visitor center are located on U.S.
52, three miles south of Ansonville.
     To continue following the byway,
travel 4.5 miles along Grassy Island
Road and turn left onto N.C. 109
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                                             Mount Gilead

               52                                 73
   cky                                                                                              220
                   1627                                                              73        65
   Cedar                               109               River
   Hill                                             ee

                                                                                          Ellerbe     73

                                                                        1148                          74

Ansonville                    1634
        Pee Dee                                                                               66
                          1627                         Blewett Falls        1146
                                                          Lake                     To Rockingham

  Wadesboro                                  74

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                                      sCeniC drive
     North Carolina’s Sandhills are a series of Killets Creek, which is named for an early
low rolling hills located between the Cape         settler who lived west of town. Soon
Fear and Pee Dee rivers. Settled by Scottish after, cross McLendon’s Creek and
highlanders                                                                     continue
about 1740,                                                                     another
the area was                                                                    seven miles
named for the                                                                   to the
coarse, sandy                                                                   community
soil prevalent                                                                  of Garners
in this region.                                                                 Store, where
The Weymouth                                                                    the Pottery
Woods                                                                           Road byway
                Lindsay R. Whichard

Sandhills                                                                       (pg. 105)
Nature                                                                          crosses on
Preserve in the                                                                 N.C. 705.
Moore County        N.C. 24/27 crossing the Pee Dee River/Lake Tillery          From this
town of Southern Pines houses the last             crossroads, it is 14 miles to the town of
remaining cluster of ancient long-leaf pines Biscoe.
in this area. These pine trees covered the              Incorporated in 1901, Biscoe was first
Sandhills until they were nearly destroyed         known as Filo. The name was changed in
by logging in 1895. The pines are a                1895 to honor a local businessman. From
showcase for the preserve’s hardwood               Biscoe, travel four miles to the Little
swamp forest, which also contains rare             River, which flows south to join the Pee
plants and animals. The former long-leaf           Dee River. From the bridge, continue for
pine forests have regenerated with the             three miles to the town of Troy.
faster growing short-leaf pine.                        Troy is Montgomery County’s seat and
     Begin following the byway in                  was incorporated in 1843. It is believed
Carthage, the Moore County seat, and               that the town was named for either Robert
take N.C. 24/27 West to Biscoe. Along              Troy, a member of the House of Commons,
the way, enjoy views of fertile farmlands          or John B. Troy, an educator and member
and rolling hills while passing the state’s        of the N.C. General Assembly. Troy is
pottery center to the north and golf resort        located on the eastern border of the
communities to the south. Founded in               Uwharrie National Forest, purchased by
1796, Carthage is located in an area               the federal government in 1934 and
settled by Scots from the Cape Fear region         established as a national forest in 1961.
in the mid-18th century. After leaving             The forest covers more than 200,000 acres
Carthage, travel 1.5 miles and cross               in Randolph and Montgomery counties
 97                                                                                       97
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and a small portion of Davidson County.                  this byway joins with the Pee Dee Valley
     Leave Troy on N.C. 24/27 West and                   Drive (pg. 93) between Indian Mound
travel through the Uwharrie National                     Road (S.R. 1740) and Valley Drive (S.R.
Forest for the next 11 miles to N.C.                     1720). From Valley Drive, it is a little
73. Approaching the Pee Dee River, both                  more than a mile to the intersection of
Horse Trough and Shelter Mountain in the                 N.C. 24/27/73 at Sweet Home Church
Uwharrie Mountains are visible on either                 Road (S.R. 1731) where the route ends
side of the route. These isolated peaks                  just outside the Albemarle city limits.
have withstood erosion and weathering                    Albemarle is the Stanly County seat and
over thousands of years. (For more detail,               was named for George Monck, Duke of
see the Uwharrie Scenic Road on pg. 89.)                 Albemarle and a lords proprietor of the
     Also on N.C. 24/27, about eight                     Carolina Colony in 1663.
miles past Troy, pass the trailhead                          For a side trip from Albemarle into
for the 20-mile Uwharrie Trail. This                     Montgomery County (about 15 miles),
national recreational trail follows a north-             take N.C. 109 or N.C. 73 South to Mount
south route and passes over the Uwharrie                 Gilead. From there, travel along N.C. 731
Mountains. It is the longest hiking                      East to Indian Mound Road (S.R. 1542),
trail located between North Carolina’s                   which leads to Town Creek Indian Mound.
mountains and coast.                                     For more information on this state historic
     After passing the trailhead, cross the              site, see Indian Heritage Trail (pg. 103).
Pee Dee River and Lake Tillery into Stanly                            Length: 46 miles
County. Lake Tillery, to the left, is used                            Drive Time: One hour
for hydroelectric energy and as a popular                             Counties: Montgomery,
                                                                                Moore and Stanly
recreational destination. While crossing the
river, notice that Stony Mountain frames
the path of the Pee Dee River’s west shore.
About one mile after crossing the lake,

            Morrow Mountain
               State Park                                            705
            740           109                      220                           Carthage            501
                                    Troy                       24
Albemarle              Lake
            58         Tillery                Biscoe                             62             27
 24         73           27                                                       15
 27                                                                               501
                              109                                          211          63
          52                                                                                       Woods
                                             731                    Pinehurst/                211 Sandhills
                                 1542                               Southern Pines                 Nature
      Norwood                           64                                               15        Preserve
                                                    65    73                     1      501
                  52       Mount              73          74
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          wilderness rouTe
    The Birkhead Wilderness Route Scenic            within the vicinity of Lassiter Mill. The
Byway features the Uwharrie Mountains,              Birkhead Mountain, Robbins Branch and
considered                                                                           Hannah’s
by some                                                                              Creek
experts                                                                              trails wind
to be the                                                                            through 10
oldest                                                                               miles of the
mountains                                                                            wilderness
in North                                                                             area.
America.                                                                             Evidence
This byway                                                                           of pioneer
is specifically                                                                      settlement
named                                                                                – old

after the                                                                            homesteads,
Birkhead         Bailed hay along the Birkhead Wilderness Route                      crumbling
Mountains Wilderness, a remote section              chimneys and gold mining activity – can
of the Uwharrie National Forest covering            still be seen here. To reach the trailhead of
5,160 acres in southern Randolph County.            Robbins Branch Trail, within the Birkhead
The rugged area offers a more remote                Mountain Wilderness, turn right onto
experience with fewer visitor amenities             Lassiter Mill Road (S.R. 1107). Parking and
than other sections of the Uwharrie                 the trailhead are on the right, two miles
National Forest.                                    north of the crossroads.
    The Birkhead Wilderness Route                         (For a side trip, just before reaching
Scenic Byway begins along the                       Lassiter, turn left on Pisgah Covered
northern reaches of the Uwharrie                    Bridge Road and follow it for 3.5 miles.
Mountains at the intersection of High               As the road crosses the west fork of the
Pines Church Road (S.R. 1143) and                   Little River, the Pisgah covered bridge is
Hopewell Friends Road (S.R. 1142) in                visible on the right. One of two public
Randolph County. Follow High Pines                  covered bridges remaining in the state,
Church Road for 9.3 miles to Lassiter               the 51-foot-long structure was built in
Mill Road and the crossroads community              1911 for $40. Continue nine miles to
Lassiter. This section of road through the          the community of Ulah and then turn
Uwharrie National Forest crosses a well-            around.)
preserved mix of hardwood forests, open                           Length: 14 miles
pasture land and numerous native rock                             Drive Time: 25 minutes
outcroppings.                                                     County: Randolph
    Several hiking trails can be accessed
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                                                                         73             N.C.
                                                                         74           Zoological
                           Mechanic                                                     Park


                1143                      Branch                                     220

                                           Trail                1114


        New                                           1112                    iver
               1181               1107
                                          Uwharrie      Covered
                                          National       Bridge

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                                           flinT hill
    The remote yet beautiful Flint Hill             Continue along Flint Hill Road a
Ramble begins on Flint Hill Road (S.R.          short distance to a turn-off on the left.
1306), just northeast of the Uwharrie           A quick stroll from the car will lead to what
community in                                                           is locally known
Montgomery                                                             as “Jumping-Off
County. To access                                                      Rock.” This rocky
the byway,                                                             bluff overlooks a
turn onto Ophir                                                        cascading stream
Road (S.R. 1303)                                                       and the surrounding
from N.C. 109 in                                                       Uwharrie National
Uwharrie. Travel                                                       Forest. For safety
along this road                                                        reasons, jumping
five miles before                                                      off “Jumping-Off
reaching the Ophir                                                     Rock” is strongly
community. This                                                        discouraged. The
area was settled                                                       Flint Hill Ramble
in the mid-1800s                                                       ends where Flint
during the area’s                                                      Hill Road intersects
                     Lindsay R. Whichard

gold boom. Ophir                                                       with Lovejoy Road
is named for the                                                       (S.R. 1310). Turning
Biblical place where                                                   right onto Lovejoy
                           “Jumping-Off Rock”
gold was produced                                                      Road will lead back
for King Solomon’s temple. Once in Ophir,       to N.C. 109 and the town of Troy, the
turn right onto Flint Hill Road. This           Montgomery County seat.
road’s turns along with its scenic views give              Length: 5 miles
motorists the feeling that they are riding                 Drive Time: 10 minutes
in the Great Smoky Mountains. A shaded                     County: Montgomery
parking area and trailhead for the Uwharrie
National Recreational Trail is located two
miles down this road. The trailhead marks
the northern end of the 20-mile trail that
begins on N.C. 24/27 along the Sandhills
Scenic Drive (pg. 97). A short hike up
the trail reveals a striking view of the
surrounding Uwharrie Mountains, believed
by experts to be the oldest mountain chain
in North America.
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                                               “Jumping- 1307
                                               Off” Rock                  1311
                                       Ophir    1306
                                                                  Flint                                                 73
                                                                                                        1349            74
                                        1303                      Hill

                                                                                                 t Fo

                            ie R







                                                                                                          Little R




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            i n d i a n h e r i Ta g e
     The Indian Heritage Trail Scenic Byway     iis located to the right.
explores a part of North Carolina’s rich             The Historic Ellerbe Springs Inn and
Native American heritage. To begin the          Restaurant, home of a once-famous
byway from                                                                  mineral spring
its eastern                                                                 resort and spa,
end, travel to                                                              is located one
Millstone Road                                                              half-mile farther
(S.R. 1452)                                                                 north on U.S.
in Richmond                                                                 220. The byway
County and                                                                  continues
follow it into                                                              11.5 miles
Ellerbe. Once                                                               on N.C. 73
                  N.C. Travel & Tourism

known as the                                                                North through
“Fair Grounds,”                                                             the Piedmont
Ellerbe received                                                            heartland and
its present name Town Creek Indian Mound                                    passes by the
after W.T. Ellerbe developed the nearby         farm of one-time professional wrestler and
recreational and health facility, Ellerbe       legend Andre the Giant. Turn right onto
Springs.                                        Indian Mound Road (S.R. 1160) and
     In Ellerbe, turn right onto U.S. 220       cross into Montgomery County where
North (Church Street) to follow the             the state road number changes to 1542
byway. With one of the state’s most             (Town Creek Mound Road).
extensive Native American collections, the           Town Creek Indian Mound, the
Rankin Museum of American Heritage              oldest North Carolina State Historic Site,
is a quick side trip easily accessible by       is located1.5 miles down the road on
continuing straight across the intersection     the right. This archeological site was an
of Millstone and Church streets. The            important ceremonial center for the Creek
museum is two blocks further on the left.       Indians of the Pee Dee culture some 300
     Traveling north on U.S. 220 from           to 400 years ago. Visitors can tour the
Ellerbe, motorists will pass through North      reconstructed temples and see various
Carolina’s prime peach-growing region.          exhibits. Continue on Town Creek
Depending on the season, several fruit          Mound Road (S.R. 1542) for one mile,
and vegetable stands may be open along          then bear left onto 731 West and
this section of byway. Leaving Ellerbe,         follow it four miles until reaching
travel one mile and turn left onto              the end of the byway in Mt. Gilead.
N.C. 73 North. A N.C. Department of             Included in the National Register of Historic
Transportation rest area, with picnic tables,   Places, Mt. Gilead’s historic downtown
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features good examples of turn-of-the-
century commercial buildings and historic
homes. Other attractions include the Mt.
Gilead Museum and the Piedmont Center
of the Arts as well as a large outdoor wall
mural celebrating the culture and traditions
of the Pee Dee Indians.
          Length: 18 miles
          Drive Time: 35 minutes
          Counties: Richmond and

               Mount Gilead

                       1542       64
       109                       1160                                               220

                1148                                                           73
                       D   ee ive r                     73                220
                   e                                                 65               Maness

                                                                66    Ellerbe
                                                              1309                        1452

                                        Blewett Falls


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                  poTTery road

    The Pottery Road byway takes                 “Cedar Lane.” Continue on N.C. 705
motorists from North Carolina’s Sandhills        West for nine miles to the intersection
to its Piedmont through an area known            with N.C. 24/27 in the Garners Store
worldwide for beautiful                                                community. At this
pottery. The route’s                                                   intersection the byway
southern terminus                                                      crosses the Sandhills
begins near the golf                                                   Scenic Drive (pg. 97).
resort community of                                                    Continue three miles
Pinehurst in Moore                                                     north to the town
County. Pinehurst,                                                     of Robbins.
established in 1895                                                         Formerly called
and named for its                                                      by a variety of names
location in a pine                                                     including Mechanicks
forest, was the host                                                   Hill, Mechanicsville,
of both the 1999                                                       Elise and Hemp,
                         N.C. Travel & Tourism

and 2005 U.S. Open                                                     Robbins was settled
golf tournaments.                                                      sometime prior to
In the 18th century,                                                   1828. The earlier
seven families from          Potter at work                            names came from a
Staffordshire, England, the pottery center       mechanic and gunsmith who lived here.
of England, settled within a five-mile radius    Located on the old plank road (built
of each other near the northwest corner          between 1849 and 1854) from Fayetteville
of Moore County. Today, their descendants        to Salem, Robbins was given its current
continue to make both traditional and            name in 1943 for the owner of a local
modern pottery forms. There are nearly 80        textile mill. The town is also near the site
potteries in the vicinity of this byway and      of what was once one of the world’s
several directly along the route.                largest talc mines. In Robbins, watch
    From Pinehurst, begin following the          carefully as N.C. 705 makes a turn
byway by taking N.C. 211 North for               that can be difficult to see. Leaving
11.5 miles to the intersection with              Robbins, travel three miles west on
N.C. 705 near Eagle Springs. Established         N.C. 705 to North Howard Mill Road
in 1890, Eagle Springs was named for a           (S.R. 1456). Here the byway intersects
mineral spring owned by the Eagle family.        with the Devil’s Stompin’ Ground Road (pg.
Turn right onto N.C. 705 West and note           107).
the old cedar trees lining the first part of         From this intersection, continue
this route where the byway begins. This          nearly 4.5 miles to the community
portion of the road is known locally as          of Westmoore. A rest area is located

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just prior to the town on the left. It was                     N.C. Pottery Center can provide detailed
near Westmoore that the first potters                          information on the numerous local potters
settled. Located 2.5 miles northeast of                        in Seagrove.
Westmoore on Jugtown Road (S.R. 1420)                              Seagrove is about nine miles south of
off Busbee Road (S.R. 1419) is the Jugtown                     the N.C. Zoological Park in Asheboro and
community. It was established in 1920                          is accessible by taking U.S. 220 North to
by Raleigh artist Jacques Busbee, who                          N.C. 159. Other attractions near the route
made and distributed his pottery nationally                    include Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature
from here.                                                     Preserve in Southern Pines. The preserve
    From Westmoore, continue 5.5 miles                         houses the last remaining stand of ancient
west on N.C. 705 into Randolph County                          long-leaf pines, which covered the sandhills
and the Whynot community. Whynot                               until they were wiped out by logging
received its name because residents could                      in 1895. The preserve is a showcase for
not decide on a name for the post office                       hardwood swamp forests and includes
—“Why not this?… Why not that?…                                unique plants and animals, some of which
Whynot!” Travel one-half mile west                             are endangered species.
to Seagrove, where the byway ends.                                             Length: 43 miles
Seagrove was incorporated in 1913 and                                          Drive Time: 50 minutes
named for a local railroad official. The                                       Counties: Moore and

                   220    Asheboro
         64                                                64

              49                   N.C.
                         159     Zoological
                               N.C. Pottery           22
         Seagrove                                              902
                               73         24                      62
                               74         27
                                     Eagle 211                  501
                                     Springs               2      63
                                    220        Pinehurst               Pines
                                                           5          61

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              d e v i l ’s s To m p i n ’
               ground road
    The Devil’s Stompin’ Ground Road                South to Goldston and then following
extends from the courthouse in the                  signs to the house. Built around 1770, the
Chatham County seat of Pittsboro through house is named for its location in a bend
the farmlands                                                             along the Deep River
and forests of the                                                        and is the site of a
lower piedmont                                                            Revolutionary War
and across N.C. 22                                                        skirmish between the
to N.C. 705, north                                                        Whigs and the Tories.
of Robbins in                                                                 After crossing
Moore County.                                                             the N.C. 22/42
    Begin the                                                             intersection, N.C.
route from the                                                            902 ends and the
Chatham County                                                            road becomes Jerry
Courthouse in                                                             Frye Road (S.R.
Pittsboro by                                                              1164). Follow Jerry
following U.S. 64                                                         Frye Road into
Business West                                                             Randolph County,

and turning                                                               where the state road
left onto N.C.           “The Devil's Stomping Ground”                    number changes
902 West. Travel by Round Top Mountain              to 2280. One quarter of a mile inside
across the Rocky River and through an area Randolph County, the byway will
known as “The Devil’s Stompin’ Grounds”             intersect with Howard Mill Road
near the community of Bear Creek.                   (S.R. 2877).
    The legend behind the byway’s name                  Turn left onto Howard Mill Road
begins with a tale of a worn, circular              and travel two miles to the Moore
path in a local clearing. According to local        County line, where the road name
residents, the path is worn because of the          changes to North Howard Mill Road
devil’s pacing and his plotting of new forms (S.R. 1456). Continue on North Howard
of evil to afflict the good in the world. The       Mill Road for four miles through the
clearing itself sits off the byway, and local       beautiful Moore County countryside. The
residents can provide specific directions to        byway ends at the intersection of
the site.                                           N.C. 705, which is also designated as the
    Continue to follow the byway and                Pottery Road (pg. 105).
cross over U.S. 421. This portion of the                        Length: 43 miles
byway passes 10 miles north of the House                        Drive Time: 50 minutes
in the Horseshoe State Historic Site. The                       Counties: Moore and
house is accessible by traveling U.S. 421
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                                                                                     Jordan Lake
                                                                                   State Recreation
                            49               421
                                                                                   67         64
 64                                     64                              64B
Asheboro                                                                       Pittsboro
                                              Bear             902
  49                                                                         15
                  42                          Creek                          501
           220                                            42
                 Seagrove        1164
                             2877                                                  Sanford
       Westmoore                 1456                    68
                                             22                                         421
             73 Robbins                                          15
             74                                                 501
                       24                          24
                       27        705               27

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                norTh durham
                C o u n T r y b y w ay
     Durham County is famous for being               Center, travel almost four miles, to the
the home of the Research Triangle Park,              town of Bahama (pronounced bah-hay-
Duke University and N.C. Central University.         ma). The byway then turns right onto
It is also known                                                                 Bahama
for its beautiful                                                                Road (S.R.
countryside,                                                                     1616/1607).
waterways                                                                            Bahama’s
and historic                                                                     name originates
plantation                                                                       from the first
farmlands. The                                                                   two letters of
North Durham                                                                     three prominent
Country Byway                                                                    family names
gives motorists                                                                  in the area
                   Lindsay R. Whichard

a glimpse                                                                        — Ball, Harris
into Durham                                                                      and Mangum.
County’s history                                                                 Bahama Road
as well as its       Stagville State Historic Site                               travels by the
forests, lakes and rivers.                           tranquil waters of Lake Michie (pronounced
     To access the byway, take Exit                  mik-ee), which offers recreational
182 off I-85 and travel north on Red                 opportunities including boating, hiking and
Mill Road (S.R. 1632) for 4.5 miles. Be              picnicking. Travel 3.2 miles to Mount
alert, as the route briefly turns right              Tabor United Methodist Church —
onto Teknika Parkway (S.R. 1794)                     the final resting place of Gov. William B.
and then left at the first stop sign to              Umstead, who served from 1953 until his
continue on Red Mill Road. Turn right                death in 1954. Continue another 2.5
on Old Highway 75 (S.R. 1004) to                     miles and turn left onto Red Mountain
begin following the byway near the                   Road (S.R. 1471).
historic plantations of Fairntosh and                    Alternate Route — While
Stagville. Today, a variety of preservation          on Bahama Road, an alternate
and African-American history studies are             route is available through the Hill
conducted at Stagville, a state historic             Demonstration Forest. After traveling
site that was once among the largest                 a little more than 3.7 miles on Bahama
plantation holdings in the South.                    Road, turn left onto Hampton Road
     Travel along Old Highway 75 (S.R.               (S.R. 1603), travel 1.5 miles, then turn
1004) for 1.5 miles before turning left              left onto the second Wilkins Road (S.R.
onto Stagville Road (S.R. 1615). After               1613). A quick right puts the route
passing the Horton Grove Commercial                  onto State Forest Road (S.R. 1614)
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and into Hill Demonstration Forest.                         Hill. Established in 1929, the 2,400-acre
Watch for water on the road and a one-                      forest straddles the Flat River and includes
lane bridge on this route. State Forest                     a one-lane bridge with views of the river.
Road leads to Moores Mill Road (S.R.                        Motorists may see a wide range of birds
1601) and back onto the byway. The                          and rare plant species. More than 200
forest was developed from lands donated                     species of birds live here, including egrets,
to N.C. State University by George Watts                    herons, ibis and osprey.

                                  Rougemont Mountain

                       501                                                          Hill
                                                                             1611 Forest

                      Roost                      Riv         1607
                   1464 / 1461

        1003                                      1615        Michie

                      1002             1628

                                  Little River
                          501                                  1004             Falls
                                 47    Eno River


                                      38          45
                                           41                  70

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     Continuing on Red Mountain Road,           Length: 27 miles
motorists will enjoy a 4.5-mile segment         Drive Time: 45 minutes
                                                County: Durham
of rural life. Pass the Flat River, offering
kayaking, fishing and hiking opportunities.
Turn left onto Moores Mill Road (S.R.
1601) and follow the rolling hills to
U.S. 501. After turning left onto U.S.
501 South, motorists can catch a glimpse
of Quail Roost, which was organized
as a hunt club in 1875 by influential
Durhamites. It became one of the nation’s
leading stables and dairy farms and is
now the training stable and home of both
Duke University’s equestrian team and the
Rougemont Red Mountain Hounds Hunt
Club. After traveling 1.5 miles, turn
right onto South Lowell Road (S.R.
1461/1464). This five-mile drive weaves
in and out of rolling terrain with frequent
views of farms. The byway temporarily
ends at the intersection of N.C. 157
(Guess Road) and South Lowell Road.
     To experience the last portion of
the scenic byway, turn left onto N.C.
157 and travel a little more than a
mile. The Great Indian Trading Path ran
through this area along present-day Snow
Hill Road (S.R. 1631), St. Mary’s Street and
Mason Drive (S.R. 1992). The path was a
famous Piedmont fur and deerskin trading
route that began in 1670 and was used by
European explorers, hunters and settlers.
Turn left onto Mason Road (S.R. 1002).
Follow this road to U.S. 501, turn
left and very shortly thereafter turn
right onto Orange Factory Road (S.R.
1628). The byway resumes here and
continues three miles past Little River
Lake and the entrance to Treyburn
before ending at the intersection with
Stagville Road.
av e r a s b o r o b aT T l e f i e l d
        s C e n i C b y w ay
    The Averasboro Battlefield Scenic              rivers. This geographic feature is the reason
Byway takes motorists through the heart            Sherman marched his troops through the
of one of the Civil War’s last battlefields.       area after leaving Savannah en route to a
Located about                                                                      Confederate
two miles                                                                          munitions
from I-95, the                                                                     depot in
byway follows                                                                      Goldsboro.
the route of                                                                            Along
Union Gen.                                                                         the byway,
William T.                                                                         motorists
Sherman’s                                                                          will notice
march                                                                              a number
through the                                                                        of historical
Cape Fear                                                                          markers.

River Valley                                                                       These markers
                  Children explore the Averasboro Battlefield Museum grounds.
just north of                                                                      tell the story
Fayetteville in Cumberland and                     of how Southern troops tried in vain
Harnett counties.                                  to stop the advance of Sherman in the
    Access the byway by taking Exit                Averasboro community. Along the route,
65 off I-95 and follow N.C. 82 West                three plantation homes were used as
through the community of Godwin.                   hospitals, two for Union forces and one for
The byway begins just after passing                Confederates. While none are open to the
through town. A N.C. Scenic Byways                 public, the William Turner Smith House,
sign marks the beginning of the route, near the intersection of N.C. 82 and Ross
which then continues nearly five miles             West Road (S.R. 1801), is under renovation
through the battlefield along N.C. 82.             for use as a transportation museum.
    While the byway’s history primarily            Cannonball holes are still visible in the walls
involves the Civil War, this route was an          throughout this house.
important part of the plank road system in              While the area surrounding the byway
the early 1800s. French Gen. Marquis de            today is expansive farmland, during the
Lafayette traveled along this road on his          Battle of Averasboro this region was
way to Fayetteville during his 1825 tour of        primarily woodland. Just before the
the United States. As the byway begins,            Cumberland/Harnett County line, a
motorists will notice the small farms and           re-creation of the original trench lines
patches of woodland that dot the route.            is visible. Further along the byway is the
This area forms a small plateau between            Chicora Civil War Cemetery, featuring
the floodplains of the Cape Fear and Black         a restored slave cabin from the Smith
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Plantation, to which the land along the                    Museum about two miles from Erwin off
byway once belonged.                                       U.S. 421 in Dunn. The Meteor Lakes Byway
     The Averasboro Battlefield Museum                     (pg. 124) is also located nearby.
is just past the cemetery, which houses                                 Length: 4.7 miles
exhibits of the Battle of Averasboro. Each                              Drive Time: 15 minutes
year a reenactment of the battle is held                                County: Cumberland and
on the museum grounds. About a mile                                             Harnett
past the museum on the right in a grove of
trees, is the red-roofed Lebanon Plantation
house. This now private residence was once
used as the Confederate Civil War hospital.
     The byway ends about a mile from
the Lebanon Plantation house. Continue
to follow N.C. 82 West to the town of
Erwin, or backtrack to return to
I-95. Military enthusiasts may choose to
visit the Gen. William C. Lee Airborne




                            Creek                                301

          Lillington                    55

                          401             Dunn 95
                                  108                      421

                                          Godwin                       Spivey’s
                                                      13               Corner

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 C l ay T o n b y pa s s s C e n i C
             b y w ay
     The Clayton Bypass                                             long straightaways that
may be the most                                                     provide distant views
unlikely scenic byway                                               of the surrounding
in North Carolina. It                                               countryside. This
is one of only two                                                  surprising gem of a
freeways that have                                                  byway, which offers
earned the designation                                              a unique encounter
and many motorists                                                  with much of the
will access it directly                                             undeveloped farmland of
from a highway,                                                     Johnston County, ends
Interstate 40. Begin at the Intersection           at the intersection of U.S. 70 and U.S.
of I-40 and U.S. 70 at the Clayton                 70 Business in Johnston County.
Bypass. Follow U.S. 70 East past rolling                           Length: 10.7 miles
hills and open pastures peppered with                              Drive Time: 9 minutes
woodlands. This section of road offers                             County: Johnston




To leig
   Ra h                           42

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  s C o T s - w e l s h h e r i Ta g e

     The Scots-Welsh Heritage Byway travels   snaking through beautiful forests as well as
through Orange County along trade             rustic homesteads that have log cabins and
roads used by American Indians and early      historic farms. Some of the farms, such as
backcountry                                                                   the Finebar
pioneers.                                                                     Farm, are still
The king of                                                                   in use today.
England gave                                                                  After crossing
much of the                                                                   Dodson
land along                                                                    Crossroads,
this byway to                                                                 Arthur Minnis
18th century                                                                  Road becomes
Scotch-Welsh                                                                  paved again.
settlers.                                                                     On the left
Generation                                                                    side of the

after                                                                         road, notice
                 Maple View Farm
generation                                                                    the pole barn
has lived and farmed this land, each          and the “Sunflower School.”
leaving its own mark, making this byway a         Shortly afterwards, turn left on
unique journey through American history.      Orange Grove Road (S.R. 1006). After
     To begin the byway from I-40, take       about one mile, Kirk’s Dairy and Sawmill
Exit 261 (Hillsborough) onto Old N.C.         farms will be on the right, followed by an
86. Head south on Old N.C. 86 away from       active livestock show a little further down.
Hillsborough. Old N.C. 86 appears on          Another mile down the road, the Cane
colonial maps dating back to 1770. Not far    Creek Baptist Church Cemetery is on the
down the road is a scenic vista of farmland   right. This mid-1800s cemetery is home to
known as Currie Hill, where the elevation     several Civil War soldiers’ graves.
goes from about 500 to more than 800              Turn left onto Dairyland Road (S.R.
feet above sea level. The hills form a        1104). Originally a part of an American
horseshoe-shaped valley near a tributary      Indian trading path, Dairyland Road has
of New Hope Creek.                            remained an important route through
     Crossing over New Hope Creek, turn       the years. The road passes weathered
right on Arthur Minnis Road (S.R.             farmhouses like the one nicknamed
1129). Pass Union Grove Church Road           “Old Stagecoach.”
(S.R. 1111) and cross over New Hope               At the corner of Dairyland Road and
Creek two more times. After passing           Rocky Ridge Road is the Maple View
Rocky Ridge Road (S.R. 1113), Arthur          Country Store. The store, which is known
Minnis Road becomes a gravel road             for its homemade ice cream, is a local
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favorite. Views of the historic Nutter Farm
can be enjoyed from the store’s front
    Continue following the byway
by turning onto Rocky Ridge Road
through the Orange County countryside.
Turn right onto Arthur Minnis Road
and left onto Old N.C. 86, which leads
to I-40 and the end of the byway.
Three miles past I-40 on Old N.C. 86 is
the town of Hillsborough. Founded in
1754, Hillsborough is a small town with
charming brick buildings and a clock that                        oad
the king of England gave to the town in                      v eR

the 1760s. Both the Colonial Heritage

Byway (pg. 79) and Football Road (pg. 83)

are located nearby.

           Length: 10 miles
           Drive Time: 20 minutes
           County: Orange

                                                                   la n d R o a d


                                              Duke Forest                                             40



                                                                            Old N
      New Hope Cre                                                      h

Ar thu r Mi
                i s R oa


                          e Roa

                                               ov e C hurch Road

                    y Ridg

                                       Union Gr

                  Dairyland Road

                                                         Bohn Cr


                                                                ee k


c o a s t a l                    p l a i n


Blue-Gray Scenic Byway            120
Meteor Lakes Byway                124
Green Swamp Byway                 126
Brunswick Town Road               128
Cape Fear Historic Byway          130
Lafayette’s Tour                  134
Tar Heel Trace                    139
Edenton-Windsor Loop              141
Perquimans Crossing               144
Pamlico Scenic Byway              146
Alligator River Route             150
Roanoke Voyages Corridor          153
Outer Banks Scenic Byway          155

            b l u e - g r ay s C e n i C
                      b y w ay
    The Blue-Gray Scenic Byway reflects      from the rear because of a flood. The
the significant impact the Civil War, which  Confederates were able to escape after
was fought between 1861–65, had              their defeat.
on Eastern North Carolina.                       In the community of Bentonville,
    The byway’s                                                              one-half
western                                                                      mile farther,
terminus is                                                                  Confederate
located near                                                                 forces kept
Smithfield,                                                                  naval stores of
the Johnston                                                                 tar, pitch and
County seat.                                                                 turpentine,
From I-95,                                                                   which they
take Exit 90                                                                 burned
                N.C. Travel & Tourism

onto U.S.                                                                    after their
701 East.                                                                    retreat from
Immediately                                                                  Bentonville.
after turning Reenactment at the Battle of Bentonville                            From
onto U.S. 701, turn left onto Devil’s        Bentonville, continue 1.5 miles and
Racetrack Road (S.R. 1009), which            veer left at the fork in the road.
parallels the Neuse River and Hannah’s       Proceed an additional mile to Harper
Creek. Local legend says people traveling    House Road (S.R. 1008). Turn right
this road could once hear the footsteps      and follow the road for three miles
of a horse carrying the devil as he rode     to reach the Bentonville Battlefield
through the area; however, no one has        State Historic Site. This 1865 Civil War
ever seen the horse or its rider.            battle slowed Sherman’s march through
     Follow the course of the Neuse          the state and was the bloodiest battle ever
River to the left and Hannah’s Creek to fought on North Carolina soil with nearly
the right for the next 8.5 miles before      5,000 total casualties. Reenactments of
finally crossing Hannah’s Creek. The         this historic battle are held each March.
road continues over Civil War battle sites,  Reminders of this battle may be found on
noted on the many historic markers along     both sides of the road. The Harper House
both sides of the road. About one mile       was used as a Union field hospital and is
after crossing Hannah’s Creek, the byway     included in the site’s tour.
crosses Mill Creek where Confederate Gen.        After visiting the battlefield, backtrack
Joseph E. Johnston’s troops were prevented three miles to Harper House Road
from attacking Union troops under the        and turn onto the third road to the
command of Gen. William T. Sherman           right, St. John’s Church Road (S.R.
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1196). Follow this road three miles               when a fault shifted thousands of years
into Wayne County, where the road                 ago. Over time, erosion exposed the multi-
name changes to Bentonville Road (S.R.            colored sedimentary layers in a formation
1205). At the stop sign, turn left and            that enables laurel and other mountain
travel north on U.S. 13 alongside Falling         plants to grow here. Nature trails and a
Creek. After four miles, turn right onto          museum are available to park visitors.
Grantham School Road (S.R. 1006)                      Travel south along N.C. 111 and
in Grantham, which is located between             turn left onto Indian Springs Road
Falling Creek and the Neuse River. This           (S.R. 1744) to continue on the byway.
community was settled in the 18th century.        Follow Indian Springs Road and turn
     Follow Grantham School Road                  left onto N.C. 55. One-half mile down
three miles then turn left onto                   N.C. 55, turn left again onto Spring
O’Berry Road (S.R. 1120). Follow this             Street (S.R. 1739).
road about 7.5 miles and cross U.S.                   This well-groomed gravel road takes
117. Continue into the community                  motorists by the Seven Springs Hotel,
of Dudley, settled in 1837 and named              above the Neuse River. Now a privately
for Gov. E.B. Dudley. At this point, the          owned residence, this hotel was named
road name changes to Sleepy Creek                 for the surrounding mineral springs and
Road (S.R. 1120). Dudley is located               was once the site of a Victorian resort
about 10 miles south of Goldsboro, the            that operated between 1881 and 1944.
Wayne County seat and home of Seymour             From Spring Street, turn left onto Main
Johnson Air Force Base.                           Street (S.R. 1731) toward the Neuse
     About 2.5 miles east of Dudley, turn         River. A state Civil War marker denotes
right onto Eagles Nest Road (S.R. 1933)           the site where the Confederate ironclad,
and follow it for about three miles.              the C.S.S. Neuse, was built. This was also
Cross over Sleepy Creek, which received           the site of an early Civil War skirmish, the
its name from the Saponi Indians, who             Battle of Whitehall, where Union troops
thought the waters had medicinal qualities        damaged the Neuse, which is now housed
because they would drink the water and            in Kinston. Seven Springs was originally
fall asleep on the banks of the creek. Turn       named Whitehall after the plantation built
left onto Indian Springs Road (S.R.               by William Whitefield, a prominent pre-
1744) and continue nearly four miles              Revolutionary War settler, in 1741.
to N.C. 111. The rich farmlands in this               Continue to the right on Main
area are part of the Neuse River Basin.           Street (S.R. 1731) in Seven Springs,
The fertile soil is the result of thousands of    climb the short hill and turn left onto
years of flooding and changing patterns of        N.C. 55. Follow N.C. 55 for 4.7 miles
the river and creeks that feed nearby. Take       into Lenoir County. In Strabane, named
N.C. 111 North one-half mile to Cliffs            for an early Irish settler, turn right after
of the Neuse State Park.                          the mill onto Smith Grady Road (S.R.
     The park features cliffs that rise 90 feet   1152) and follow for 3.5 miles. As the
from the Neuse River and were formed              road makes an elbow turn to the left,
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stay right on Old Pink Hill Road (S.R.        miles to the Trent River and another
1111). Look to the right for the              three miles into Trenton along N.C. 58.
180-acre Tulls Mill Pond, formed in 1875         Trenton, the Jones County seat, was
at the head of                                                   established as Trent
Southwest Creek.                                                 Courthouse in 1779
    Turn left onto                                               and named for the
Lidell Road (S.R.                                                river, which itself was
1143), toward the                                                named for the Trent
farming community                                                River in England.
of Deep Run, which                                               By 1784, the name
was established                                                  Trenton was adopted.
in the 1880s with                                                The route ends near
the opening of a                                                 the mill and pond
turpentine distillery. It                                        on the south end of
was originally called                                            town at Mayfield
Red Town because the                                             Road (S.R. 1165).
community’s houses                                                   Nearby places of
                      N.C. Travel & Tourism

were painted red. Deep                                           interest include New
Run is nine miles south                                          Bern and the beaches
of Kinston, the Lenoir                                           of the Crystal Coast.
County seat.                Harper House                         New Bern, the colonial
    Continue straight for two miles
from Deep Run as the road name
changes to John Green Smith Road
                                                                            70               301
(S.R. 1141). Turn right onto Big Oak
Road (S.R. 1138). Travel one-half mile,                             Smithfield          95           Wayne
                                                                                                     State P
then turn left on Sandy Fountain Road
                                                               40                  Ne
(S.R. 1137). Continue one mile and stop                                              us
                                                    Benson             95              eR
at U.S. 258, cross the road diagonally,                                        1009       iver
and continue on Lightwood Knot                                              701       1008
Road (S.R. 1925) nearly five miles. The                  301                     70   Bentonville
land to the south between Deep Run and                                                1196
                                                                                              1006     Dud
this point is part of the upland swamps                                                                  112
of the Bearwell Pocosin. Possibly named                  Newton Grove
for Thomas Burwell, who lived in the area                              13
about 1750, the Bearwell Pocosin empties                       Spivey’s                 40
                                                                              701                        11
into the Trent River south of here.                            Corner
    Turn left on Vine Swamp Road (S.R.
1922) and make a right on N.C. 58, one
third of a mile later before crossing
into Jones County. From here, it is nine
          BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                   BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
         and state capital from 1746–1792, is 25
         miles northeast of Trenton. About 35 miles
         southwest of Trenton are Bogue Sound
         and beach recreation areas. Follow N.C. 58
         East for an interesting alternative to U.S.
         70 en route to Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach
         and Beaufort.
                            Length: 82 miles
                            Drive Time: Two hours
                            Counties: Jones, Lenoir,
                                      and Wayne


              75   Goldsboro
         74                                   258
                                    Cliffs of
                      70            the Neuse            58
 13                                 State Park
dley                                                73          72
       1120                 1731   Seven                             Kinston                              17
       1933    1744
                      1739         Springs                      71

                               1152                                        70
   Mount 55                           1111    1141       1925

17 Olive              111
                                   Deep      1138
                                                          1922                    41
                                   Run 11    1137                                                      New
                                                    258                                          17
                                                                           41   1156

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       m e T e o r l a k e s b y w ay

    The Meteor Lakes Byway showcases                                      decomposed organic material over the
North Carolina’s fertile farmlands.                                       years to create the fertile farmlands along
Beginning in Elizabethtown, the                                           this route. With the exception of Lake
Bladen County                                                                                            Waccamaw,
                 Photo courtesy of Highway 242 Beautification Committee

seat, travel                                                                                             each is located
north on N.C.                                                                                            in the Bladen
242 from N.C.                                                                                            Lakes State
53. The county                                                                                           Forest.
was named for                                                                                                From
Martin Bladen,                                                                                           Jones Lake
the state                                                                                                State Park,
commissioner                                                                                             the byway
of trade and                                                                                             passes
                    Mural in downtown Salemburg
plantations from                                                                                         through
1717 to 1746. Elizabethtown, settled                                      the Turnbull Creek Valley. The fields
in 1773 and possibly named for Queen                                      to the right are part of the Big Colly and
Elizabeth I, was the site of the 1781                                     Cypress Creek bays. On the short drive
Revolutionary War Battle of Elizabethtown,                                through Cumberland County, founded
where Whigs broke the Tories’ (colonials                                  in 1754, notice the Big White Pocosin to
devoted to England) power by driving                                      the left. It was named for the Duke of
them into a ravine, now known as Tory                                     Cumberland, a son of British King George
Hole, along the Cape Fear River.                                          II, who was successful at the Battle of
    Just outside Elizabethtown, cross                                     Culloden. Ironically, the area was settled by
the Cape Fear River and enter the                                         Scottish Highlanders, the people defeated
Bladen Lakes State Forest. About four                                     by the Duke of Cumberland. At the
miles north of the river is Jones Lake, the                               Cumberland/Sampson County line,
closest of the meteor lakes to N.C. 242.                                  cross the South River and continue
Originally named Woodward in 1734 for a                                   to Roseboro.
local justice of the peace, the lake’s name                                    Sampson County was named for
was changed later to Jones in honor of a                                  John Sampson, a member of the House
prominent local landowner.                                                of Commons under North Carolina’s
    Jones Lake, as well as White Lake,                                    royal governors. Roseboro was originally
Singletary Lake and Lake Waccamaw,                                        established in 1839 as Owensville. In
are known as meteor lakes or Carolina                                     1891, the name was changed to honor
bays. These oval depressions are believed                                 George Rose, chief counsel for the Cape
to have been formed by ancient meteor                                     Fear and Yadkin Valley Railroad. North of
showers. They have gathered water and                                     Roseboro, cross Little Coharie Creek
           BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                                               BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
and travel to Salemburg. The town                                       the home of the annual Hollerin’ Contest.
was founded in 1874 and named for                                       From Spivey’s Corner, travel U.S. 421 North
Salem Academy, located in the town. The                                 to I-95 in Dunn. The Averasboro Battlefield
school was the forerunner of the North                                  Scenic Byway (pg. 112) is located nearby.
Carolina Justice Academy where state law                                            Length: 39 miles
enforcement officers obtain advanced                                                Drive Time: 45 minutes
education. A mural depicting the heritage                                           Counties: Bladen,
of the area is displayed in town.                                                             Cumberland and
     The byway ends at the junction of
N.C. 242 and U.S. 421, four miles south
of Spivey’s Corner in Sampson County.
Located at the headwaters of Little Coharie
Creek, Spivey’s Corner is well known as


                        Dunn                       242
                                                         Corner           Newton Grove

                        95                    13
                           South River


                       210                                                     Clinton           24

       Bakers            Lake                              411      701
                     Horseshoe 242                                                               40
     Jones Lake                               Bay Tree Lake               41                Wallace
     State Park
        Elizabethtown                         701
                                                         White Lake
                41                                                                        421
                                                pe     53 Singletary
                                                     a       Lake

                                                             State 210


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                         green swamp
                            b y w ay
     Begin following the Green Swamp          miles southwest of the county line.
Byway at its southern end, one-half               The byway passes near Lake
mile north of Supply in Brunswick             Waccamaw State Park near Bolton in
County on N.C.                                                           Columbus
211 North. At                                                            County. Lake
more than 140                                                            Waccamaw,
square miles,                                                            like other
Green Swamp                                                              nearby lakes,
is composed of                                                           was formed by
peat and muck                                                            ancient meteor
timberland                                                               showers. The
because it has                                                           park offers an
little surface                                                           abundance of
water and                                                                recreational

extensive tree                                                           opportunities
farms. In 1795, Green Swamp                                              and is an easy
the state of North Carolina granted more      side trip. (For more information on North
than 170,000 acres of this land to three      Carolina’s meteor lakes turn to the Meteor
businessmen who used the swamp for            Lakes Byway on pg. 124.) The Green
cutting lumber and peat.                      Swamp drains into Lake Waccamaw,
     An isolated community named Crusoe       which was named around 1733 for a local
Island is located on the edge of the vast     American Indian tribe. Columbus County is
swamp. Political refugees from French Haiti   named in honor of Christopher Columbus.
founded Crusoe Island in 1806. Today, the         After passing Lake Waccamaw,
swamplands are owned by several large         continue to Bolton. Settled in 1889,
pulp and paper companies.                     Bolton was named for a lumber company
     Traveling north from Supply on N.C.      that once operated in the area. Farther
211, cross the Royal Oak Swamp after          north on N.C. 211 the byway passes
two miles. Royal Oak Swamp is fed             through the Friar Swamp, which feeds
by the Green Swamp and flows into             into Lake Waccamaw. Continue into
the Lockwoods Folly River. From the           Bladen County through large pine
intersection of N.C. 211 and Little           forests, planted for pulp and paper use,
Macedonia Road (S.R. 1343/1448),              toward Bladenboro. About three
drive through Green Swamp for                 miles north of the county line, the
the next 23 miles to Bolton. At the           road turns and parallels the CSX
Brunswick/Columbus County line, cross         railroad line.
Clear Branch Creek. Crusoe Island lies 15         From here, it is 12 miles to Clarkton,
           BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                  BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
a community incorporated in 1901,
which has also been called Brown Marsh
Station and Dalton. The byway ends at
the intersection of N.C. 211 and N.C.
242 east of Bladenboro, eight miles
northwest of Clarkton.
            Length: 53 miles
            Drive Time: One hour
            Counties: Brunswick,
                      Columbus and



      Bladenboro           Clarkton                rR


                  701              211

                             74                 Bolton         74
             Whiteville      76
                                                               76                    140

                            Lake Waccamaw
                               State Park
                                             Swamp                        17
                                                        211                                421
            NC C


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            brunswiCk Town
     Brunswick Town Road may be one of          Town State Historic Site, where the
the state’s shortest scenic byways, but it is   byway ends. Settled in 1725, the town
rich in history. The byway begins at the        was named for King George I, the Duke
intersection of                                                               of Brunswick
N.C. 133 and                                                                  and Lunenburg.
Plantation                                                                    In addition to
Road (S.R.                                                                    being one of
1529) near                                                                    North Carolina’s
Southport                                                                     primary colonial
and follows                                                                   ports, it was
Plantation                                                                    home to Govs.
Road toward                                                                   Arthur Dobbs
the Brunswick                                                                 and Benjamin
Town State                                                                    Smith and was

Historic Site.                                                                the county seat
     Shortly        Orton Plantation                                          from 1764 to
before the byway begins, N.C. 133               1779. St. Philips Anglican Church was built
crosses Allen Creek, once known as              here in 1751. Its ruins are surrounded by
Lilliput Creek for the plantation at its        the Civil War bunkers of Fort Anderson.
headwaters. Granted to Eleazar Allen in             Brunswick Town, in ruins since 1830,
1725, Lilliput Plantation was named for         has a long history — from attacks by the
the imaginary country in Gulliver’s Travels.    Spanish in 1748, to Revolutionary and Civil
Allen Creek joins the Cape Fear River           War battles. Resistance to the Stamp Act
near Orton Plantation.                          occurred in 1765 at the Russelborough
     Orton Plantation, built around 1725        House, the ruins of which are located
by Roger Moore, overlooks the river on          north of the Brunswick Town Site.
Orton Point. It was later owned by Royal            Fort Anderson was built here during
Gov. Benjamin Smith, who is buried nearby       the Civil War to help protect the port of
at St. Philips Anglican Church. Admission       Wilmington. The fort was evacuated in
is required for tours of the privately          1865 after a devastating Union attack that
owned plantation.                               led to the fall of Wilmington. Another
     The byway passes Orton Pond, an            battery, Fort Lamb, was located just south
artificial pond built in 1810. Alligators can   on Price’s Creek.
sometimes be seen sunbathing near the               For additional travels, continue south
road at this point.                             on N.C. 133 to the town of Southport,
     Turn left onto Tryon Palace Road           named for its location as the state’s
(S.R. 1533) and follow it to Brunswick          southernmost port at the mouth of the
           BACK TO TABLE OF CONTENTS                     BACK TO BYWAYS MAP
Cape Fear River. Southport was built in                      A state ferry runs from Southport
1748 as part of Fort Johnston, named                     across the river to Fort Fisher. Now a state
for Colonial Gov. Gabriel Johnston.                      historic site, Fort Fisher protected the river
The fort, which burned in 1775, was                      during the Civil War and was the site of
rebuilt around 1800 and later used by                    the largest land and sea assault by U.S.
the Confederate Army, though only the                    forces prior to D-Day in World War II. A
officers’ quarters remain.                               museum, as well as one of North Carolina’s
    The Cape Fear River’s headwaters are                 three aquariums, is located at the Fort
located in the Piedmont region of the                    Fisher State Recreation Area.
state. The river was discovered in 1524 by
                                                                       Length: Three miles
Giovanni da Verrazzano. It has had several                             Drive Time: 10 minutes
names, but “Cape Fear” became the final                                County: Brunswick
designation because the southern tip of
Smith Island (now Bald Head Island), at the
river’s mouth, was the site of many narrow
escapes from navigational mishaps.

                                                           Allen Cree          Carolina
                                                                      k         Beach
                                                                              State Park

                                                               Orton Plantation
                                                                  & Gardens
                                      133                         77
                                                 d               1533
                                           on Pon                                421

                                       Sunny Point

                                      Army Terminal

                                                                   ar R


                                                               e Fe


                                                                            Fort Fisher
                                                                            State Recreation
            211                                      Y        421           Area
                                                   RR                  Aquarium
                         87                   LL


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        Cape fear hisToriC
              b y w ay
     The Cape Fear Historic Byway in             Fear River. Driving south on North
downtown Wilmington guides motorists             Third Street, the byway first passes the
through one of the most scenic urban             site of the planned 1898 Memorial Park,
areas in the                                                                   which will bear
nation as                                                                      witness to
it travels                                                                     racial violence
beside the                                                                     that occurred
tranquil                                                                       near this
Cape Fear                                                                      location on
River, along                                                                   Nov. 10, 1898,
thriving                                                                       an important
colonial-era                                                                   event in
streets and                                                                    Wilmington’s
through                                                                        history. The

the majestic                                                                   byway will
                Tourists enjoy downtown Wilmington
Greenfield                                                                     turn right on
Park and Gardens.                                North Front Street, where motorists
     Known as the Port City, Wilmington          are greeted with a sweeping view of the
was incorporated in 1739 and sits on a           Cape Fear River.
peninsula between the Cape Fear River                Turn right onto Red Cross Street,
and Atlantic Ocean. The city contains            which becomes North Water Street,
North Carolina’s richest collection of           which then changes to South Water
19th century urban architecture and              Street after passing Market Street.
still maintains the original grid pattern        The waterfront area features the federal
finalized in 1743. Wilmington was                courthouse; Wilmington’s Riverwalk, a
built, for the most part, by commission          well-maintained pedestrian promenade
merchants and prosperous businessmen             that extends the length of Water Street;
who indulged themselves in the                   and many unique shops and restaurants.
extravagances of the culture of the late         The U.S.S. North Carolina, which played
1800s. Today, the city is home to about          a major role in a number of Pacific
100,000 people and is the largest city on Ocean battles during World War II, rests
North Carolina’s coast.                          just across the river. The ship, now a
     The byway begins at the                     state historic site, offers tours for a fee.
intersection of U.S. 74/N.C. 133                     At the entrance to Chandler’s
(Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway) and Wharf, a colonial seaport-turned-
North Third Street, adjacent to the              shopping area featuring oyster shell
Isabel Holmes Bridge over the Cape               streets, turn left onto Ann Street
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and follow it for one block, then             By briefly turning right off the byway
turn right onto South Front Street.           onto Market Street, motorists can visit
This residential avenue features some         Bellamy Mansion, First Baptist Church,
of the city’s most exclusive homes. Turn      the Kenan Memorial Fountain and both
left onto Castle Street and then              the Sen. George Davis and Cornelius
again onto South Fifth Street. These          Harnett monuments. Continue along
two streets comprise the heart of the         Third Street, which changes from
Wilmington National Register Historic         South to North at Market Street,
District, an antique district that once was   back to U.S. 74/N.C. 133, where the
the home for workers at the city seaport.     byway ends.
    At the end of South Fifth Street,
                                                        Length: Eight miles
the byway enters Greenfield                             Drive Time: 40 minutes
Park and Gardens. This scenic park                      County: New Hanover
surrounding Lake Greenfield is home
to a wide variety of trees and plant life.
While in the park, the byway passes the
world’s largest Rotary Club International
sign and the Greenfield Lake Park
Ampitheatre, which hosts summertime
Shakespeare performances. Continue
following East Lake Shore Drive
around the lake for 2.5 miles. The
road name then changes to West
Lake Shore Drive. Follow for 1.3
miles before briefly turning right
onto U.S. 421 North and then right
onto Willard Street.
    Follow Willard Street two blocks
before turning left onto South
Fifth Street, passing again through
the historic district. Continue nearly
a mile before turning left onto
Castle Street. Two blocks later, turn
right onto South Third Street. This
stretch of roadway is home to the city’s
government buildings as well as many
historic churches. Also along this section
is the Thalian Hall Performing Arts
Center. The Soliders of the Confederacy
Monument is located at the intersection
of South Third Street and Dock Street.
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        Greenfield Lake

                                                 Red Cross Street

                                                                                            Market Street

 74 . Bo

                                                                                                                               Castle Street
             ard                                                                   113
                                 N. 3rd Street                                            114               S. 3rd Street

                          N. F                                                                               S. Front Street
                              ront                                  112   N. Water Street
                          Fear R

                                       421                                                            421

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          U.S.S. Battleship North Carolina
                         Greenfield Street

                                                                   W.            Drive
                                                                      Lake Shore
                                             Willard Street


                                                                                                          re Dr
                                                                                                    e S ho

                                                                                               . La


S. 5th Street

                                                              Greenfield Parks
                                                              and Gardens                                                   d
                421                                                                                                 h   Roa

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             l a f ay e T T e ’ s T o u r

    The Lafayette’s Tour byway takes              Street), turn left onto U.S. 401.
motorists through several of the                      Warrenton, named for Joseph Warren,
communities that French Gen. Marquis de           a soldier killed at the Battle of Bunker Hill,
Lafayette visited                                                             is the Warren
on his 1825 tour                                                              County seat.
of the United                                                                 Enjoy views
States. The city                                                              of historic
of Fayetteville,                                                              antebellum
in southeastern                                                               houses while
North Carolina,                                                               driving through
was named for                                                                 the town or
this famous                                                                   take a pleasant
                    N.C. Travel & Tourism

Revolutionary                                                                 stroll on the
War hero.                                                                     courthouse
    The byway’s                                                               grounds. Gen.
western end is        Owens House in Historic Halifax                         Lafayette stayed
located in one of North Carolina’s richest        at a plantation south of town between his
historical areas. Note that North Carolina’s      speeches in Halifax and Raleigh.
early development was not limited by                  Warrenton has been home to
political boundaries, as explorers and            many famous people such as journalist
settlers from Virginia and North Carolina         Horace Greeley and John A. Hyman,
crossed the present state line to share           North Carolina’s first African-American
culture and trade. In many cases, this part       congressman, as well as the Bragg
of North Carolina and the southern part           brothers, who were both politicians and
of Virginia are nearly identical in economy,      soldiers. One block later, turn right
architecture and regional dialect.                at the courthouse onto N.C. 43/58
    To access the byway, travel U.S. 1            (Macon Street). Follow N.C. 43 when
to Henderson, the Vance County seat,              the routes split about four miles later
take the exit onto Warrenton Road                 in the Liberia community. Continue on
(S.R. 1001), and turn right. The byway            N.C. 43 nearly 11 miles across rolling
begins here and travels 11 miles to               hills to Essex. Incorporated in 1891,
Warrenton. Although the state road                Essex was the center of a free African-
number remains 1001, the road name                American settlement prior to the Civil
changes to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.             War. Descendants of some of the original
Boulevard at the Warren County line. At           families live here today.
the intersection of Dr. Martin Luther                 Past Essex, make a sharp left turn
King Jr. Boulevard and U.S. 401 (Main             onto N.C. 561 East and follow it for
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seven miles to the community of                              Assembly. Laid out in 1757, Halifax was
Brinkleyville. Outdoor enthusiasts may                       named for the Second Earl of Halifax
want to visit nearby Medoc Mountain                          George Montague, who helped expand
State Park by turning right onto N.C. 4/48                   colonial commerce while serving as
and following the signs. Sidney Weller                       the president of the Board of Trade
named Medoc Mountain, a high hill on                         and Plantations. The Halifax Resolves
Little Fishing Creek, for the vineyard he                    were signed here in 1776 as one of
established there in the late 1800s. He                      the first actions taken by a colony for
introduced America to a system of grape                      independence, and Lafayette spoke in this
culture and named his vineyard after the                     town on Feb. 27, 1825. Several historic
wine-producing area of Medoc, France.                        buildings are part of the tour in Halifax.
Medoc Mountain is an elongated ridge,                            Leaving Halifax, backtrack south
the remnant of an ancient granite core                       along U.S. 301/N.C. 125/903 for
of a mountain range formed in the                            about three miles and turn left onto
Paleozoic Era.                                               N.C. 125/903. Travel 4.5 miles to the
     Continue along N.C. 561 East for                        community of Crowells Crossroads,
nine miles, crossing I-95 near the                           settled by Edward and Joseph Crowell
community of Beaverdam located                               in 1730. Stories say these men, relatives
on the Beaverdam Swamp. From                                 of Oliver Cromwell, escaped during the
Beaverdam, settled in 1770, travel 7.5                       English Reformation by dropping the letter
miles to U.S. 301 Business. Turn left                        m from their names.
onto U.S. 301 Business to venture into                           Follow N.C. 125/903 for another 10
Halifax, a half mile north.                                  miles to Scotland Neck. Scotland Neck
     Now a state historic site, Halifax                      was first settled by Scotsmen in 1722.
was once the colonial seat of the State                      From the intersection of N.C. 125/903

                W                                                             W
    Kerr Lake                                   NC
                85                                                Roanoke
                                Lake Gaston                       Rapids
                1    80                          158
                          43                                    903              301         158
           1001           58                           48
     Henderson                        43                              95          Halifax
    Greystone                  58                                                            Rich Square
               401                                       561
Kerr Lake                           Essex
State Recreation                                 Medoc                                 125
Area                                            Mountain                   301
                                                State Park
                                           43           4
                                                       48                  Scotland Neck

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and U.S. 258 in downtown Scotland              to the north of Main Street. Gen. Lafayette
Neck, turn left and follow U.S. 258            stayed in Murfreesboro on Feb. 26, 1825.
North six miles to the Roanoke River.          Famous former citizens include Dr. Walter
Commissioned in 1864, the C.S.S. Ram           Reed, former head of the U.S. Yellow Fever
Albemarle was built near here and              Commission in Cuba and the doctor who
outfitted in Halifax with machinery            discovered a cure for the disease; Richard
and guns. An early trade route, the            J. Gatling, who invented the gatling gun
Roanoke River Valley is home to many           and several agricultural tools; and John W.
colonial plantations.                          Wheeler, minister to Nicaragua and state
    Continue on U.S. 258/N.C. 561 over         treasurer during the mid-1800s.
the Roanoke River and then for 6.5                 In town, turn right on U.S. 158
miles to Rich Square, which was settled        Business (Main Street) and follow
by Virginia Quakers in 1750 and named          to the U.S. 258/N.C. 11 stoplight.
for its fertile soil. From Rich Square,        Turn onto U.S. 258 North, cross the
follow N.C. 561 nearly 11 miles through        Meherrin River and continue nearly
Eagletown, an early Quaker settlement, to      three miles to Barrets Crossroads.
St. John, which was settled around 1722        At the crossroads, turn left onto
and was originally named Douglas Ordinary      Statesville Road (S.R. 1310). Four miles
after a local tavern.                          later, turn right onto Foushee Railey
    At the large white church in St.           Road (S.R. 1315) and right again two
John, turn left onto Menola-John               miles later onto Buckhorn Church Road
Road (S.R. 1141) and then turn right           (S.R. 1316) in the Britts Store community.
1.5 miles later onto Flea Hill Road                Follow Buckhorn Church Road two
(S.R. 1142) after crossing through             miles into the community of Como.
Cutawhiskie Swamp. The Cutawhiskie
Swamp and the Potecasi Creek, located                                                     VA
                                                                   W                                       Meh
three miles farther north, flow into the                                                  NC
Chowan River basin to the east. Turn                    Roanoke
                                                        Rapids                                       Murfr
right after nearly three miles onto
Woodland Road (S.R. 1160), which                          903
becomes Benthall Bridge Road after                                     301
crossing Potecasi Creek. Follow this                        95           Halifax
road into Murfreesboro.
    Settled in the early 1700s,
Murfreesboro was first known as Murfrees                                                       258    Rich
after the family that owned the land
                                                                             903   561               Squa
                                                                 301                             Ro
upon which the town was built. The                                                                    an
nearby landing on the Meherrin River was                                Scotland


known as Murfrees Ferry in 1770 and by                                                         903
                                                                               258       125
1787 the town received its current name.
Murfreesboro has a notable historic district
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              Named for Lake Como, Italy, the town                                          Turn left onto Parker Ferry Road
              was established in 1883. Turn right onto                                  (S.R. 1306) and travel one mile south
              U.S. 258. Look closely for old plantation                                 through the Union Camp Paper Co.’s pulp
              homes while traveling south along this                                    forest to the Parkers Island Cable Ferry,
              short stretch.                                                            one of the last two-car ferries operating in
                                                                                        the state.
                                   Britts Store
                                                                             VA             NOTE: Recreational vehicles are too
                                                                             NC         large for the ferry and should continue
                                                258                                     along U.S. 258 South to U.S. 158 and
                               1315      1316
                                                                                        follow it to Winton.

                                                                                            Take the Parkers Island Cable Ferry,


                                                                                        which has operated across the Meherrin

                             258                               Cable Ferry              River near its junction with the Chowan
                                        rrin Rive
                                   Mehe          r                                      River since the early 1900s. Across the
           Murfreesboro 158                          1175           158           158   river, the byway continues along
                                                                                        Parkers Fishery Road (S.R. 1175),
                                          for RV’s               Winton                 which is unpaved, for 1.5 miles before
                                                                                        intersecting with U.S. 158.
                       1142              11                                                 At the intersection, turn left.
                       1141                                                             Continue along U.S. 158 South over
                                   561                                                  the Chowan River in Winton, the Hertford
                  St. John                           Ahoskie                            County seat. Built on the land of Benjamin
                                                                                        Wynns in 1766, Winton was burned to
                                                                                        the ground in 1862 by Union forces. C.S.
           (see inset)
her                          258
    r in                                                                          32            V
         River               Como               13          Easons
                                                            Crossroads                     Lynch’s 17
                                              158                                          Corner
 158                                                                                    158
                                                              1403                                      Morgan’s Corner
                 11                                         1400                         Great
                                    Winton 81                                           Dismal            17
  258            St.                                 Gatesville                         Swamp            158
                 John                                                                                               158
                               Ahoskie                                                            Elizabeth 78
 561                                                                                                 City
h                                                                                        37
                                                              Chowan Riv

are                            13
                                      Merchants                        32
                                      Millpond                                Hertford
                                      State Park

                                                                                                                 nk Riv

                                                                                  Edenton                Pasquota

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Brown founded Chowan Academy,                   unclear, in 1728, Col. William Byrd II was
one of the earliest schools for African-        one of the first people to survey the North
Americans, here in 1886. The Chowan             Carolina/Virginia state line through the
River, named for                                                          swamp and provide
the Chowanoc                                                              an extensive
Indians, was                                                              description of
explored around                                                           the area. George
1585 by Ralph                                                             Washington
Lane and again in                                                         surveyed this area
1622 by explorers                                                         in 1763 for a canal
from Jamestown.                                                           to drain part of

It was a major                                                            the swamp for
trade access route Parkers Island Cable Ferry                             lumbering.
for residents of the northeastern corner of         The byway ends 16 miles later in
the state.                                      the Pasquotank County community of
     Cross into Gates County and                Lynch’s Corner at the intersection of
continue three miles before turning             Lynch’s Corner Road (S.R. 1356) and
right on N.C. 137 East to Gatesville.           U.S. 158. This intersection is four miles
Settled in the 1700s, Gatesville was first      west of the Morgan’s Corner community
called Bennetts Creek Landing when              and U.S. 17. A Civil War battle was held
it became the county seat in 1779.              at the Great Dismal Swamp Canal locks
From Gatesville, follow N.C. 37 South           at nearby South Mills when Confederate
for three miles before turning left             forces were prevented from blowing up
onto Mill Pond Road (S.R. 1400).                the locks to keep Union supplies from
Follow this road north to Merchants             coming down the canal.
Millpond State Park. To continue on                 From Morgan’s Corner, it is a short
the byway, veer right onto Pond Road            drive to the North Carolina Outer Banks.
(S.R. 1403) and travel to the Easons            For more information about this area and
Crossroads community.                           the Outer Banks, visit the N.C. Welcome
     Turn right onto U.S. 158 along             Center on U.S. 17, just three miles south
Lassiter Swamp that feeds Merchants             of the Virginia border.
Millpond into the Great Dismal Swamp.                      Length: 173 miles
Thought to be more than 9,000 years old,                   Drive Time: Four hours
the Great Dismal Swamp has decreased                       Counties: Vance, Warren,
in size since the arrival of Europeans
because of drainage and logging. This                                 Hertford, Gates
forested wetland was shown on maps as                                 and Pasquotank
early as 1647 and is a 210,000-acre area                   Note: Recreational vehicles are
of marsh, lake and cypress swamp. It was                   not permitted on the cable ferry
                                                           and will need to follow an
first named the Dismal Swamp in 1715.
                                                           alternate route.
While the origin of the swamp’s name is
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                Ta r h e e l T r a C e

     The Tar Heel Trace byway winds              Hickory Grove and Toisnot Depot merged
through North Carolina’s Coastal Plain from in 1849 as a result of the construction
Wilson to Williamston and takes its name         of a new rail line. The new town was
from the pine                                                             named for Louis
tar industry that                                                         D. Wilson, a state
once thrived in                                                           senator and early
this portion of the                                                       advocate of the
state. “Tar Heel”                                                         public school
                    N.C. Department of Agriculture

is the nickname                                                           movement. Wilson
given to the state’s                                                      was killed during
residents by British                                                      the Mexican War
Lt. Gen. Lord                                                             of 1846–48.
William Cornwallis’                                                           The byway
                       Soybean fields are common along this byway
troops after they                                                         begins in the midst
emerged from the nearby Tar River with tar of the Toisnot Swamp, some of which has
stuck to their boots. Another story says the been filled for development. Travel nine
ground alongside many of the state’s river       miles from the byway’s beginning
fronts was covered with tar that spilled         to the Wilson/Edgecombe County
from rafts bringing the product to market.       line. Pass through the communities of
     Pine trees are found in great quantities    Wilbanks and Bridgesville, both of which
across North Carolina, particularly in the       were established at the turn of the century.
coastal plain. Early residents found that        Shortly after crossing the county line,
it was simple to cut these trees and pile        turn right onto N.C. 124.
the light or fat wood into piles and cover           Follow N.C. 124 for 3.5 miles to
them with soil after setting them on fire.       the town of Macclesfield. Incorporated
The piles, called tar kilns, were then left      in 1901, Macclesfield was named for
to smolder causing the pine resin to run         the town in England from which the
out as a dark tar. Tar was used extensively      ancestors of the town’s founder had
in the shipping industry. The tar was            come. Leaving town, cross Bynum Mill
distilled into turpentine and was used to        Creek and continue east for 5.5 miles
waterproof rope and wood in the form of          crossing U.S. 258 before reaching the
either pitch or tar.                             intersection of N.C. 124 and N.C. 42.
     The byway’s western terminus                    Turn right onto N.C. 42 and follow
is the U.S. 301/N.C. 42 interchange              two miles to Old Sparta, established in
east of Wilson in Wilson County. From            1830 and incorporated in 1876. Cross the
here, travel east along N.C. 42. Wilson          Tar River immediately after passing
was formed in 1849 when the towns of             through Old Sparta. Legend has it that
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the river was named for the tar produced           County, where the route ends. Along
in the counties through which it flowed,           this portion of the route, notice the
while others suggest that the river’s name         numerous peanut sheds and silos. Peanuts
is derived from a American Indian word.            are this region’s main crop.
    Continue on N.C. 42 for almost six                 Williamston, named in honor of
miles passing by vast farms to the town            Col. William Williams who fought in
of Conetoe, (pronounced Cuh-knee-ta),              the Revolutionary War, is located on the
incorporated in 1887 and named for the             Roanoke River and is the Martin County
nearby Conetoe Creek. Continue on N.C.             seat. Settled in 1779, the town originally
42, cross U.S. 64, and travel eight miles          was called Skewarky for the plantation on
to the Edgecombe/Martin County line.               which it was built. From Williamston, it
Many of the vast fields the byway passes           is 14 miles to Windsor on U.S. 17 North
produce soybeans and peanuts.                      where the Edenton-Windsor Loop Scenic
    Continue another 2.5 miles to the              Byway (pg. 141) begins or 23 miles to
N.C. 42/142 intersection with N.C. 11.             Washington along U.S. 64 East to the
Go straight at the stop sign to follow             western terminus of the Pamlico Scenic
N.C. 142 for 2.5 miles to the community            Byway (pg. 146).
of Hassell. Hassell, settled in 1878, was
                                                                Length: 53 miles
known as Dogville Crossroads until 1903.                        Drive Time: One hour
Continue on N.C. 142 through Hassell                            Counties: Wilson, Edgecombe
3.5 miles to the intersection of N.C. 142                                 and Martin
and N.C. 125. From Hassell to Williamston,
the road crosses land drained by the
Conoho Creek, a tributary of the Roanoke
River located to the north.
    Turn right at the stop sign onto
N.C. 125 and continue for nine miles
to the Williamston city limits in Martin

                     Mount                          125    903     42

                                Tar River                                      no
                                                                                    ke River    13
                                                     142                                        17
                                  64                               142               87
                                                     42         Hassell        125
                              Tarboro 85
   95              301                                                                     88
                                                                          64          83 86
                                                Conetoe                        Williamston
             82                                                     903
                         42     124     Old               13                              17
               Macclesfield            Sparta
        Wilson 264                                         11

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    The Edenton-Windsor Loop is a                 learn more about the history of the area,
figure-eight loop that begins and ends            visit the Historic Edenton State Historic Site.
in Edenton, the Chowan County seat.               Tours begin at the Barker House on the
Beginning at the                                                        waterfront in Historic
intersection of N.C.                                                    Edenton.
32 (North Broad                                                             At the
Street) and U.S.                                                        intersection of
17 Business (West                                                       U.S. 17 and U.S. 17
Queen Street), follow                                                   Business, turn left
U.S. 17 Business                                                        onto U.S. 17 South
South across                                                            and follow one mile
Pembroke Creek, one                                                     to the Chowan River,
of the two creeks that                                                  named around 1657
forms Edenton Bay.                                                      for a local tribe of
    Settled around                                                      Algonquin Indians.
                          N.C. Travel & Tourism

1685, Edenton was                                                       The Chowan River is
laid out in 1712                                                        nearly two miles wide
and incorporated in                                                     at this point.
1722. It was named          Cupola House in Historic Edenton                While crossing
for provincial Gov.                                                     the bridge, if the
Charles Eden. Visitors will notice numerous water is low enough, travelers may notice
historical markers identifying the town’s         regularly placed poles in the water near
Revolutionary War leaders, as well as             the shoreline, which were used during the
signers of the Declaration of Independence. early seine fishing industry. Just after the
    Edenton was one of the most                   bridge, pass through Edenhouse. This
prosperous ports on the trade route in            community was the home of governors
the 18th and 19th centuries. The pirate           Charles Eden and Gabriel Johnston and
Blackbeard made numerous stops here.              was founded around 1671. Continue
Some of North Carolina’s best public and          another five miles to the intersection
private architecture also may be seen in          with N.C. 45 and turn left.
town including the Cupola House, built                 After three miles, turn right onto
in 1757 and considered the south’s finest         Sans Souci/Woodard Road (S.R. 1500).
example of Jacobean architecture.                 Sans Souci is French for “without care or
    Boston was not the only Revolutionary         worry” and was the name of a plantation
War city to host a “tea party.” Penelope          located nearby. After crossing N.C. 308,
Barker and several other ladies in town           continue on Sans Souci/Woodard
held their own such “party” in 1774. To           Road nearly two miles. Automobiles
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may cross the Cashie River on the Sans          century residential architecture. Cross the
Souci Cable Ferry, one of the last two-car,     Cashie River and follow U.S. 17/N.C.
cable-operated ferries in the state. NOTE:      308 for the next 1.5 miles before
Since this ferry cannot accommodate             turning right to stay on N.C. 308.
larger vehicles, recreational vehicles should   Continue along N.C. 308 for the next
not follow this leg of the route. Instead,      11 miles as the byway again parallels
backtrack to N.C. 308, turn left and travel     the Cashie River.
to Windsor.                                          At the stop sign, turn right and
    The community of Sans Souci is just         follow N.C. 45/308 across the Three
across the Cashie River, which is one of        Rivers Bridge, which is located at the
the few rivers in the nation with its           mouth of Bachelor Bay at the confluence
complete course in one county. Travel           of the Cashie, Middle and Roanoke rivers.
nearly four miles to the community of           Bachelor Bay forms the head of the
Woodard, and then seven miles to the            Albemarle Sound and was the site of a
U.S. 13/17 intersection.                        Civil War battle won by Confederate forces
    Turn right onto U.S. 13/17 North            in 1864.
and follow it for almost 1.5 miles                   Continue on N.C. 308 another seven
before bearing right, then turning left         miles through Mackeys (known locally
onto U.S. 13 Business North (South              as Mackeys Ferry). This community
Granville Street) into Windsor. Named           was originally the southern terminal of
for Windsor Castle in England, Windsor          the Albemarle Sound ferry, which once
was settled in 1722 and is the Bertie           operated where the railroad now crosses
County seat. It was the site of Gray’s          the sound. The earliest recorded ferry at
Landing, a colonial trading point. Prior to     this location was known as T. Bell’s Ferry
the Civil War, Windsor was a major U.S.         in 1733. Settled in 1765, Mackeys was
port of entry and business center on the        named for Col. William Mackey, a local
road to Halifax. The main streets in town       landowner who bought the ferry from Bell
are King, York and Queen, with the cross        in 1735.
streets named for the Lords Proprietors.             Turn left onto N.C. 32, and pass
Northwest of town is Hope Plantation,           Rehoboth Church built by slaves in
the home of Gov. David Stone. Built circa       1853 and located near the Skinnersville
1800, it is an impressive example of federal    community. This chapel is built on the site
architecture. Admission is charged to this      of an earlier colonial Anglican church and
privately owned home in the National            is also listed in the National Register of
Register of Historic Places.                    Historic Places.
    South Granville Street becomes                   The byway then joins with N.C.
Granville Street at the intersection of         94 and crosses the Albemarle Sound.
U.S. 13 Business and N.C. 308. Turn             Europeans explored the Albemarle Sound
right onto N.C. 308 (King Street).              as early as 1586, when it was called
While in town, enjoy views of some of           the Sea of Roanoke. Named for George
North Carolina’s finest 19th and early 20th     Monck, the Duke of Albemarle, most of
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North Carolina’s earliest settlements may                                              Length: 87 miles
be found along its shores.                                                             Drive Time: Two hours
                                                                                       Counties: Bertie, Chowan and
    One mile after crossing the                                                                  Washington
bridge, turn left onto N.C. 94
(Soundside Road). This six-mile road                                                   Note: Recreational vehicles are
                                                                                       not permitted on the cable ferry
follows a route built by early settlers along                                          and will need to follow an
old American Indian trails that ran along                                              alternate route.
the shores of the sound. Called Soundside
Road for more than 200 years, early
plantations were found along its path.
Follow this road until it intersects back                                              13
with N.C. 32.
    Turn left onto N.C. 32. One mile                                                                     Windsor Inset
later, cross Queen Anne Creek, the                                               13
second of two creeks that form Edenton                                                 13B
Bay. Enter Edenton on East Church                                                                        308

Street, North Carolina’s first provincial

capital, one mile after crossing the creek.
    The byway ends where it began
at the intersection of N.C. 32 (North                                                                        er
Broad Street) and U.S. 17 Business                                                                       iv
(West Queen Street).                                                                     13           1500


          Ca                                                                     32
            sh                                                                                       17
                                            13                    45

                      308                                                                      37
                                       91                                               1114
                                                             17                                              Sou
                            Windsor                                                     Albemarl
                   (see inset)                         308 1500        45                            32
       Roanoke River
                                            13        1500                       308
                            87              17                                                Mackeys 64B
       125                       84                                    92
                                                                                  32                64
                      83               88
          Williamston                 86         64
                                                        Sans Souci 32
                                  17                    Cable Ferry

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    The Perquimans Crossing takes               the river and county come from an
motorists through some of North Carolina’s      Algonquian name, Pequaimings. The
oldest inhabited lands. To begin following      byway crosses the Perquimans River on
the byway at its                                                           a unique truss
northern terminus,                                                         bridge. Crossing
travel south                                                               the river, the U.S.
along U.S. 17                                                              17 Bypass bridge is
from Elizabeth                                                             on the left.
City 14 miles.                                                                 Settled in
Exit onto U.S.                                                             the early 1700s,
17 Business                                                                Hertford was
South to begin                                                             named for the
following the                                                              Marquis of
route.                                                                     Hertford when it
    Continue                                                               was incorporated
south on U.S.                                                              in 1758. First called
17 Business as                                                             Phelps Point for
N.C. 37 joins                                                              the owner of the
the route near                                                             town’s site, it was
Winfall. Near                                                              an early colonial
                   N.C. Travel & Tourism

here, the byway                                                            port of entry
crosses Mill                                                               around 1701. The
Creek, which was                                                           county courthouse
                       Newbold-White House
originally known                                                           holds records from
as Vosses Creek and was named for the           the late 1600s and includes the Durant
family who owned the land before 1700.          Deed, the oldest deed on record in North
By the end of the 19th century, it was          Carolina, dated March 1, 1661. Residences
called Brights Mill Creek for the local         of early political leaders may be found
mill owner.                                     near town.
    Continue south following U.S.                    Continue straight on Church Street
17 Business around the head of the              (S.R. 1336) across Raccoon Creek. This
Perquimans River through Hertford,              creek was known during colonial times as
the Perquimans County seat. The                 Castleton Creek and was named after early
Perquimans River empties into the               land owner George Castleton. The water
Albemarle Sound about 10 miles southeast        it carries from Bear Swamp in the south
after crossing the length of the county         meets the Perquimans River on the left as
that bears its name. Both the names of          the byway crosses the bridge one-half mile
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before the route ends at the U.S. 17
Bypass intersection.
   To see one of the oldest houses in
North Carolina, continue along Church
Street for about 1.5 miles. The
Newbold-White House was built about
1730. Located on land granted to Joseph
Scott in 1684, it is now a local historic site
with tours available.
           Length: Three miles
           Drive Time: 10 minutes
           County: Perquimans

                                           37                 17


                                                37     Pe
                                     1336                rq
                               17B                         uim
                                                                 s   Riv
                                     17              93                 e   r



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                       pa m l i C o
                  s C e n i C b y w ay
     Beginning at the Washington             unique 18th century layout, though few of
waterfront, the Pamlico Scenic Byway         the original buildings remain due to fires
follows the Pamlico River to the             during the Civil War.
Pamlico Sound at                                                        From the
its junction with the                                               intersection of U.S.
Croatan Sound. The                                                  17 and Main Street
Pamlico River begins                                                in Washington,
west of Washington at                                               begin following
the Beaufort County                                                 the byway along
line where the Tar                                                  the waterfront east
River and Tranters                                                  on Main Street to
Creek meet.                                                         Stewart Parkway.
     Pamlico was the                                                Turn right on
name of an American                                                 Stewart Parkway
Indian tribe that once                                              as it curves
lived in the area. The                                              around waterfront
river, first explored by                                            warehouses and

Europeans in 1584,                                                  becomes Water
extends 33 miles from St. Thomas Episcopal Church                   Street. Turn left
Washington to the Pamlico Sound, which       onto Harvey Street and then turn right
is 80 miles long and 15 to 30 miles wide.    back onto Main Street and pass the
It covers more than 1,800 square miles       municipal park on the Pamlico River
and has a maximum depth of 21 feet.          while continuing east to N.C. 32 on the
The Pamlico Sound drains water from the      eastern edge of Washington Park.
Albemarle Sound along with the Neuse             Follow N.C. 32 for 5.5 miles to
and Pamlico rivers through the Ocracoke      the Broad Creek Bridge and the
and Oregon inlets to the Atlantic Ocean.     intersection with Harvey Road (S.R.
     The town of Washington, located         1331). Turn right, and continue
at the head of the Pamlico River, was        by farmlands four miles to the
originally called Forks of the Tar River.    intersection with N.C. 92 and U.S. 264
In 1776, the town founder changed            in Jessema. Follow N.C. 92 nearly six
the name to honor his friend George          miles past the entrance to Goose Creek
Washington. Therefore, Washington,           State Park and into the town of Bath.
N.C., has the distinction of being the first     Settled in 1690 and incorporated in
town in the United States named after        1705, Bath is the oldest incorporated town
the legendary George Washington. As the      in North Carolina. Virginians and French
Beaufort County seat, Washington has a       Protestants settled the area around Bath
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when it was called the town of Pamticoe          4.5 miles to the bridge over the
(an early version of Pamlico). Located on        Intracoastal Waterway, which offers an
what was called Town Creek and is now            impressive view of the waterway for
known as Bath Creek, Bath is home to             miles to the northeast.
the oldest church in North Carolina, St.             After N.C. 45 joins the byway,
Thomas Church, built in 1734. Royal Gov.         continue four miles to Scranton, named
Charles Eden had a provincial capital at         for a lumber mill owner from Scranton, Pa.
Bath while Edward Teach, better known            who settled here. Just past Scranton, enjoy
as the pirate Blackbeard, is said to have        a beautiful stretch of road where drainage
made his home on nearby Plum Point.              canals and trees on both sides of the
Bath is now a state historic site with several   route form a unique and protective seven-
restored buildings open to the public. Take      mile tunnel with views of vast fields and
a walking tour of the town to appreciate         tree farms on either side. While passing
its 18th century flavor.                         through the community of Rose Bay,
     After touring Bath, cross Back Creek        travel parallel to the Swan Quarter
and continue along N.C. 92 about five            National Wildlife Refuge, which covers
miles to its intersection with N.C. 306          the Pamlico Sound coast near the town
where the road becomes N.C. 99. From             of Swan Quarter.
here, the road turns north to skirt Jackson          Turn right 2.5 miles after Rose
Swamp to the northwest and the Pungo             Bay onto N.C. 45 and follow it into
River to the east. Follow N.C. 99 seven          the town of Swan Quarter. Settled
miles to the bridge at Pungo Creek.              before 1836, this fishing community is
The creek and the river both derive their        the Hyde County seat. Travel through the
names from Machapunga, an American               town on N.C. 45 to the Swan Quarter
Indian name given to them as early as            Ferry Terminal, which carries passengers
1733. From here, travel 3.5 miles to             to Ocracoke Island and the Outer Banks
the Pantego Creek and Belhaven                   Scenic Byway (pg. 139).
town limits.                                         To continue along the Pamlico
     At the stoplight in Belhaven, turn          Scenic Byway, leave town by way of
right to follow U.S. 264 Business                Main Street (S.R. 1129), which leads
through town. Located on the site of a           back to U.S. 264 East. The farms on both
American Indian village called Aquascogoc,       sides of the road are on lands reclaimed
Belhaven was settled in 1890 and                 by draining the surrounding swamps. This
incorporated in 1899. The town derives           practice, called “swamp busting,” is no
its name from the French words belle and         longer allowed as these wetlands are now
haven — meaning “beautiful harbor”. It is        protected for the vital role they serve.
a major stopping point for boats traveling           Continue east on U.S. 264, but be
the Intracoastal Waterway. Join U.S. 264         cautious of the elbow curves before
East and continue 5.5 miles to the               and after Haw Branch Road (S.R. 1129)
Pungo River Bridge at the community              near Swindell Fork. At the second curve,
of Leechville. Continue another                  the road begins to follow the southern
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shoreline of Lake Mattamuskeet, a natural      of the Wilmington newspaper. NOTE:
freshwater lake of about 50,000 acres          Engelhard is the last stop for restrooms or
discovered in 1585. Its name is derived        fuel until Manns Harbor, 40 miles away.
from a American Indian word that means              Leaving Engelhard, look to the right
“moving swamp” or “shallow lake.” This         to see the Pamlico Sound. Continue on
is appropriate, since the deepest point        U.S. 264 through the wetlands and
in the lake measures only five feet. Near      maritime forests of the Alligator River
the community of Lake Comfort is the           National Wildlife Refuge. From the Far
intersection of U.S. 264 and N.C. 94, the      Creek bridge, travel 11.5 miles to the
southern terminus of the Alligator River       Dare/Hyde County line.
Route (pg. 134).                                    Stumpy Point Bay and the fishing
    From this intersection, travel 8.5         village of Stumpy Point are 13 miles from
miles to Lake Landing. This area marks         the county line. Founded in 1733, the
the state’s largest rural historic district.   village is about two miles from U.S. 264.
Watch closely for older buildings along
this stretch, including the octagonal house                       17
known as the Ink Bottle House. In addition
to the historical aspects of this section,                                                                 Albema
observe the vast farmlands that attract                                                                         64
numerous hunting clubs. Between the                                                              92
communities of New Holland and Lake
Landing, Lake Mattamuskeet is visible                  64
on the left.                                                 Williamston
    The community of New Holland,                                                                     99
settled in 1910, was named for the                           17                                            45
development company that tried to drain
Lake Mattamuskeet. Lake Landing was the                                                                         99    45
site of the Hyde County courthouse from                                          32
                                                 264         Washington
1820 to 1836.                                                     94
    Watch for another sharp curve                                             Jessema
                                                                  32                                       99    Belh
near the community of Amity, about                                                         95
                                                                                92         Bath                    Scr
four miles east of Lake Landing at the                                    Pam
                                                                              lico   Riv    92
intersection of U.S. 264 and North Lake

Road (S.R. 1311). From here, the byway                         Goose Creek                       FERRY
                                                               State Park
turns away from the lake’s shore. It is
one mile to the village of Engelhard.
Located on Far Creek between Lake
Mattamuskeet and the Pamlico Sound,                                                        Aurora
Engelhard was first named Far Creek
Landing. In 1874, Engelhard was given its
current name in honor of the publisher
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            The bay was once a lake, but now opens                                  Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. For
            into the Pamlico Sound. A major portion                                 more historical and recreational attractions,
            of the commercial fishing fleet that comes                              visit Roanoke Island and the Outer Banks.
            through Oregon Inlet is based here (the
                                                                                                   Length: 127 miles
            rest are based in Wanchese on Roanoke                                                  Drive Time: 3 hours
            Island). The U.S. 64 intersection with U.S.                                            Counties: Beaufort, Hyde
            264 is another 13 miles from Stumpy                                                              and Dare
            Point. This intersection of U.S. 64/264
            marks the end of this scenic byway.
                Note the old U.S. Army and Navy
            bombing ranges nearby along U.S. 264.
            Also, be sure to watch for red wolves (an
            endangered species) along the last portion
            of the route while traveling through the

      S   ou n d                                                                                   99        158
ar le                       Columbia                                                                    98
                                                                                                   V                Whalebone
                             V          Pan
                                      Landing                                 Mann’s              Manteo
                                                            Alligator River

                   101                                                        Harbor                                     ISLA
 Phelps                                                                                                                   ND
  Lake                   Pettigrew
                                                                                                        Oregon Inlet
                         State Park
                                  94        Neck                                                     Stumpy                 12
                    Kilkinney                                                                        Point
           Alligator                                                                                                            97
             Lake                                                                        264
5                                                                                                            Rodanthe
 64                                                                           100
           45                          uskeet      Engelhard
haven              Rose    Lake Mattam

 ranton            Bay                          Amity
                                                                                                                                 HATTERAS ISLA

                                        264 Lake
                               1129        Landing

            Swan                                                                           u
            Quarter                                                                      So                        Avon
                                       TO                                                   Hatteras
                                            LL                                            FREE                     103
                                                      RR                                 FERRY
                                                                                                 Hatteras Inlet

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             a l l i g aT o r r i v e r
    The Alligator River Route allows          Wildlife Refuge borders the lake’s shores
motorists to explore some of coastal          and provides waterfowl a safe haven.
North Carolina’s most rural areas as it           Fairfield, located on the north shore
travels through                                                            of Lake
expansive                                                                  Mattamuskeet,
wetlands and                                                               was
open farmlands.                                                            incorporated
From the                                                                   in 1885. It was
byway’s                                                                    named for the
southern                                                                   “fair fields”
end, at the                                                                of reclaimed
intersection of                                                            swampland
U.S. 264 and                                                               located nearby.
N.C. 94 in the                                                             Five miles
Hyde County                                                                north of

community                                                                  Fairfield the
                      Lake Mattamuskeet
of New                                                                     byway crosses
Holland, follow N.C. 94 North across          the Intracoastal Waterway, which
Lake Mattamuskeet, a 50,000-acre              follows the length of the Eastern Seaboard.
natural freshwater lake. Discovered in        Construction of the waterway began as
1585, this lake is the largest natural lake   early as 1856 and was completed during
in North Carolina. Its name is derived from   the 1940s.
the American Indian word for “moving              Just north of the Intracoastal
swamp” or “shallow lake,” which is            Waterway, the byway crosses the
appropriate given its maximum depth of        Alligator River into Tyrrell County.
only five feet.                               Seven miles west of this point is Alligator
    Attempts have been made over              Lake, known locally as New Lake. Named
the years to drain the lake to create         around 1624, the lake covers 3.5 square
farmlands, but they have failed because       miles and drains surrounding swamplands.
the lake sits just three feet below sea       The Alligator River and N.C. 94 follow a
level. Mattamuskeet’s old pumping plant       parallel path for the next nine miles. The
is now used as an observation tower to        byway crosses the west fork of the
view wildlife. The N.C. 94 causeway spans     Alligator River about one mile south
nearly six miles across the lake and offers   of Gumneck Road (S.R. 1321), which
an opportunity to view migratory birds        appropriately leads to the community of
throughout the year. Located along the        Gum Neck.
Atlantic flyway, the Mattamuskeet National        The byway then passes Frying Pan
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Road (S.R. 1307), located 7.5 miles              established to protect a unique pocosin
north of Gumneck Road, which leads               habitat and restore wetlands for native
to the community of Frying Pan Landing,          and endangered species. Look carefully
named for an unusually shaped bay along          for wildlife in and near the drainage canal
the Alligator River. The flat lands at this      alongside the highway. The community
point on the byway comprise part of the          of East Lake is one mile from the
Hollow Ground Swamp. Some of these               bridge. From here, continue 13 miles
lands were claimed through a former              through the swamp to the intersection
process called “swamp busting” to create         of U.S. 64 and U.S. 264. Turn left and
farmlands. Now prohibited, the process           follow U.S. 64 for 1.5 miles to the
had allowed landowners to drain swamps           stop sign.
by constructing canals and drainage                   Turn left again onto U.S. 64 and
ways to direct the water away from the           drive through the fishing village of
fertile soil.                                    Mann’s Harbor, settled in the 19th
    Columbia, the Tyrell County seat,            century and named for a German fishing
is located seven miles north of Frying           captain who sheltered here during a storm.
Pan Road. Columbia was founded in                Note the tiny white frame post office
the early 1700s as a trading post on the         on the right while traveling through the
Scuppernong River. At the traffic light in       community before crossing the Croatan
Columbia at U.S. 64, continue straight.          Sound on U.S. 64 to Roanoke Island.
At the next block, turn right onto                    The Croatan Sound, named for
U.S. 64 Business and drive through               an American Indian tribe, connects the
downtown. Turn left onto U.S. 64                 Albemarle and Pamlico sounds by way
and continue east.                               of the bridge. Roanoke Island was the
    An area of straight marsh or slough          site of the first English settlement in
named the Big Savannah covers the area           the United States, located one mile
from Columbia to Alligator, a community          after the bridge at the Fort Raleigh
eight miles down the byway. The canal            National Monument and Elizabethan
alongside U.S. 64 was constructed to             Gardens, where the byway ends. This
provide drainage for the highway. Alligator      English settlement, sponsored in part by
Creek (which is not visible from the route)      Sir Walter Raleigh for Queen Elizabeth I,
flows east as it parallels the road to the       was established in 1587. By 1590, it had
north. From Alligator, travel five miles         vanished. During the summer months,
to the Alligator River. While crossing           visitors may see productions of “The
the river, look left. In the distance is where   Lost Colony,” an outdoor drama about
the Alligator River enters the Albemarle         this settlement.
Sound. The 2.7-mile bridge is an active               Visitors may also want to visit the
drawbridge, so be prepared to stop.              Elizabeth II at Roanoke Island Festival
    Across the river, the byway enters           Park in Manteo, just down the road.
Dare County and the Alligator River              Representative of the type of ship used
National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge was         during the 1585 voyage to Roanoke, the
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 Elizabeth II is a living museum of the 16th                                   Length: 71 miles
 century and is located on Shallowbag Bay.                                     Drive Time: 1.5 hours
                                                                               Counties: Hyde, Tyrrell
 For those interested in marine life, visit the
                                                                                         and Dare
 N.C. Aquarium on Roanoke Island, also
 in Manteo.
     Other points of interest may be found
 elsewhere along the Outer Banks, including
 the Wright Brothers National Memorial
 and Jockeys Ridge State Park, the largest
 active sand dune on the East Coast.
 Other nearby scenic byways include the
 Roanoke Voyages Corridor (pg. 153), Outer
 Banks Scenic Byway (pg. 155) that runs
 south from Nags Head along N.C. 12 to
 Beaufort, and the Pamlico Scenic Byway
 (pg. 146) that travels from U.S. 264
 to Washington.

                                 ound                                   Roanoke
                           arle S                                               So
                      Albem                                                       un
                                                                                    d       158
                                                                       Mann's 64 99 98
                 Columbia           64B   Alligator                    Harbor    V     117
                 64            64   Frying                                     Manteo
                         V                                              64
                                     Pan                                             64
                                                                East                      Roanoke
                                              Alligator River

          Creswell                   Landing

Phelps   101


               State Park             Gum                                       264


    Alligator                         Neck                                                                  12



               Kilkinney         ter
                                     w                                                                           97
                               Wa                                                              Rodanthe
                Intrac                                                                            Waves
                 Fairfield                                        100                             Salvo
                                     et                 Engelhard
                      Lake Mattamu
                                                    Amity                               d
                                        Lake                                          un
                   264               Landing                                    o
                          New                                                lic
                         Holland                                          Pam

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           r o a n o k e v o ya g e s
     The Roanoke Voyages Corridor carries        beautiful waterfront with many shops and
motorists by monuments of time and               restaurants. Cross over the bridge at the
history as it travels across Roanoke Island in   waterfront and visit the Roanoke Island
Dare County.                                                                    Festival Park,
The byway                                                                       home of the
follows U.S.                                                                    Elizabeth II,
64 across                                                                       a restored
the island                                                                      16th century
from the                                                                        transatlantic
Croatan                                                                         vessel. Or
Sound                                                                           travel to
Bridge to                                                                       Wanchese, a
               N.C. Travel & Tourism

the Roanoke                                                                     quaint fishing
Sound                                                                           village located
Bridge.                                                                         south of
     Roanoke       Elizabeth II
                                                                                Manteo along
Island, named                                                                   N.C. 345 on
after an early Indian village, was the site      the mainland.
of the first English settlement in North             Other attractions on the island include
America. This attempt proved disastrous          a multi-use trail, the N.C. Aquarium,
when returning colonists to the island           wildlife viewing, boating and fishing.
found that the English men, women and            Stay here and explore Roanoke Island or
children who had established this first          continue driving to the Outer Banks. Follow
colony had vanished. The “Lost Colony”           U.S. 64 East to connect to the Outer Banks
is still a mystery today, but visitors can       Scenic Byway (pg. 155) at Whalebone
experience this historic unsolved tale by        Junction or travel on U.S. 64 West to meet
attending the state’s longest running            the Pamlico Scenic Byway (pg. 146) and
outdoor drama, “The Lost Colony.” The            Alligator River Route (pg. 150) in
Waterside Theater is located within the Fort     Manns Harbor.
Raleigh National Historic Site along with
                                                           Length: 9 miles
the enchanting Elizabethan Gardens.                        Drive Time: 15 minutes
     The island also offers the quaint                               (allow additional
villages of Manteo and Wanchese, named                               time to stop and
                                                                     see the attractions)
for two friendly Roanoke Indians carried                   County: Dare
back to England and enlisted by Sir
Walter Raleigh to gain support for further
travel to the new world. Manteo has a
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                                                                                         Kitty Hawk


                                                                        Jockey’s Ridge
      Mann’s                                             117
                                                                        State Park
                                                               N.C. Wildlife
                                                               Public Boat Ramp



                                        AN                                          u
                                             E                                    So
                                                 ISL                         ke
                                                       D                  ano

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                    ouTer banks
                    s C e n i C b y w ay
    From Whalebone Junction in Dare              Island, Hatteras Island, Ocracoke Island,
County to Beaufort in Carteret County,           Portsmouth Island, Core Banks, Shackleford
the Outer Banks Scenic Byway traces the          Banks and Bogue Banks. Wind and water
easternmost parts                                                         shift the sands of
of North Carolina                                                         these islands, which
along the state’s                                                         makes them transient
barrier islands. The                                                      not only in location
unique maritime                                                           but also in name.
culture shared by the                                                     Weather rules life
21 coastal villages                                                       here, and the families
along this route led                                                      that have lived
to its designation as a                                                   along the byway for
national scenic byway.                                                    generations have
    North Carolina’s                                                      great stories to tell.
barrier islands extend                                                        Whalebone
from the Virginia                                                         Junction, along
border south to Cape                                                      N.C. 12 where the
Lookout. They are                                                         byway begins, is
separated from the                                                        located near the

mainland by six broad                                                     site of New Inlet.
                           Ocracoke Lighthouse
yet shallow sounds —                                                      This inlet opened
from north to south, Currituck, Albemarle,       in the 1720s and closed periodically until
Roanoke, Pamlico, Core and Bogue. These          its last closing in the 1930s. In the early
sounds range from three to 40 miles wide.        1930s, Alexander Midgett hauled a 72-foot
Pamlico Sound is the largest sound along         whale skeleton in the back of his Model T
the U.S. East Coast, covering more than          truck from nearby Pea Island and plunked
1,800 square miles. It is visible to the west    the skeleton down at the junction, giving
along many portions of the byway. The            the place its name. The junction is at the
byway crosses its waters when taking the         end of Currituck Banks, the northernmost
ferry from Ocracoke Island to both Hatteras      barrier island in North Carolina. Beginning
and Cedar Island.                                at the stoplight where U.S. 64/158
    Currently, nine major islands, or            and N.C. 12 intersect, follow N.C. 12
banks, protect the mainland coast from           South into the Cape Hatteras National
the Atlantic Ocean’s onslaught of winds          Seashore on Bodie Island.
and water. From north to south, these                 Continue past the Bodie Island
barrier islands are: Currituck Banks,            Lighthouse, which was built in 1872 to
Bodie (pronounced “body”) Island, Pea            replace the original lighthouse destroyed in
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the Civil War. Its 150-foot black and white
banded stripe can be seen for several miles.
A swimming beach and recreation center is
located nearby at Coquina Beach.
    Eleven miles south of Whalebone
Junction, the byway crosses over                                                                                                                   64
Oregon Inlet onto Pea Island. Oregon                                                                Plymouth
Inlet opened in 1846 during a hurricane
and was crossed mainly by ferry until 1963
when the Herbert C. Bonner Bridge was                                                                                                 99

opened. Pea Island is entirely a National                                                                                                  45
Wildlife Refuge and Migratory Waterfowl
Refuge. The small wooden structures with                                                                        32                           99
stairs facing the natural freshwater ponds                                  Washington Goose Creek                                                96
are wildlife observation stands.                                                                         State Park                   264
    After leaving Pea Island National                                                                    Jessema                           99
                                                                                      32                                                           B
Wildlife Refuge, continue toward Cape                                                                    92             Bath
                                                                                               Pam                           95
Hatteras through the communities                                                                   lico                               92
of Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo. In                                                                                                   FREE

Rodanthe is the Chicamacomico Coast
                                                                  Cedar Island
Guard Station, which operated from 1874                           National Wildlife
to 1954. The historic station is now open
for tours. Pea Island is sometimes called                                                  ofare
                                                                                                          Lookout Point

Chicamacomico Banks, which comes from
                                                                                                   Hall Point
the Algonquian word for “sinking down
sand.”                                                                                                          Dr
    From Salvo travel 12 miles to the              70                  70               Atlantic                          et

community of Avon, established in 1873                               Sealevel
as Kinnakeet. From there, drive six miles

                                                                                               e                                                  er
to Buxton, known as “The Cape” until                                                                                                        Riv
it was incorporated in 1882 as Buxton.                                                                                    FREE
Buxton is home of the famous Cape
Hatteras Lighthouse and is the easternmost
point in North Carolina.                                                                                                               101
    At 208 feet, the Cape Hatteras
Lighthouse is the tallest masonry lighthouse                                                             70
                                                                                                                             Beaufort 102
in the United States and is listed in the                                                                                         V
National Register of Historic Places. Built
in 1870, its black and white candy-striped                                                               Theodore
                                                                                                         Roosevelt State
tower is visible for several miles. The original                                                         Natural Area    Fort M
lighthouse was decommissioned in 1936                                                                                    State P

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                                                                                                                           Jockey’s Ridge
                                                                                                                           State Park
marle                                                                                Manteo 99 158 Whalebone
                     Columbia                                                    Mann’s 64 V       Junction

                                                                                                                                       BO ND
4                                                                                          64

                                   V     Frying Pan                                            117                BYP


                                                           Alligator River
     Phelps                                                                                                                                  PEA ISLAND
      Lake                  Pettigrew                                                                                                         NATIONAL
                            State Park                                                                                                        WILDLIFE
                                                Gum                                                                     Oregon Inlet           REFUGE
                                       94       Neck                                                                    12
                       Kilkinney                                                                           Stumpy
                                                                                                           Point                                97
              Lake                          y
    45                                   rwa                                                                     Rodanthe
                                 tal W
                            coas                                                                                   Waves
    264                                                                                                            Salvo


                                                                                                                                                    HATTERAS ISLAN
                              Lake Mattamuskeet             Engelhard
Belhaven                                                 Amity
  Scranton                                  264      Lake Landing
                               Swan Quarter                                                     un
                                                                                 m                                 Buxton
                                                                               Pa                            Frisco 103
                                                  TO                                            FERRY                       110
                                                               RR Ocracoke                                        Hatteras Inlet
                                                                                                      N       D
                                                RY                                  AC
                                             FER                                 R
                      Cedar            T OLL                                  OC
                      Island                                                 Ocracoke Inlet


                                (see inset)



                                                                                                                       THE STRAIGHTS

2                                                                                                                            MOUTH
    Smyrna (see inset)                                                                                                        BAY
                                                                                                                    Harkers                   EAST
    120                                                                                                             Island                   MOUTH
                      Harkers Island                                                                   BACK
 Park                                                                           * Harkers Island, Straits, Gloucester and
                                                                                  Marshallberg Loop
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and was replaced with a more powerful         names derived from the Algonquian word
beam to warn ships away from nearby           for “enclosed place.” One of the oldest
Diamond Shoals. The shoals’ turbulent         operating lighthouses on the Atlantic
waters caused                                                              coast is located
ships to wreck,                                                            on Silver Lake,
giving the area                                                            a tidal basin
the infamous                                                               and harbor in
nickname “the                                                              the village of
Graveyard of                                                               Ocracoke. The
the Atlantic.”                                                             75-foot-tall
The lighthouse is                                                          Ocracoke Island
operated by the                                                            Lighthouse was
                 N.C. Travel & Tourism

National Park                                                              built in 1823
Service and is                                                             and is North
open seasonally                                                            Carolina’s only
                     Beaufort waterfront
for tours.                                                                 operational
     After passing through Buxton,            lighthouse within a town. Ocracoke Inlet,
travel five miles to the community of         once the state’s primary trade inlet, was
Frisco, settled in 1795. Six miles farther    the site of the death of the notorious
is the village of Hatteras. Throughout        pirate Blackbeard, who was killed on Nov.
these small villages reside “hoi toiders”     22, 1718.
(high tiders), people who have retained an        From Ocracoke Inlet, take one of two
Elizabethan dialect due to their relatively   tolled ferry routes.
isolated residence on these islands.              To continue along the Outer Banks
     To continue on the byway, cross          Scenic Byway, take the Cedar Island
Hatteras Inlet to Ocracoke Island on          ferry to Cedar Island in Carteret
the state’s free ferry. The crossing time     County. Or travel the Alligator River
is about 40 minutes. The present Hatteras     Route (pg. 150) or Pamlico Scenic
Inlet opened in 1846.                         Byways (pg. 146) by taking the Swan
     Upon arriving on Ocracoke Island,        Quarter ferry to Swan Quarter.
follow N.C. 12 for 13 miles across the            NOTE: Reservations are recommended
island to the village of Ocracoke. Along      for both ferries, especially in the summer
the way is a pony pasture. The horses         due to high traffic volume and tight
that live here are called Bankers Ponies,     time schedules. More information about
descendants of horses brought by early        reservations and schedules can be found
explorers on ships wrecked in the Atlantic.   at or by calling
A herd is also maintained on the islands      1-800-BYFERRY. The crossing time to
south of Beaufort.                            Swan Quarter is about 2.5 hours and the
     Ocracoke was first called Wococon in     crossing time to Cedar Island is about 2
the 1500s (when it was an Indian village)     hours and 15 minutes.
and has since gone through a series of            Just after departing for Cedar Island,
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look to the east (left). On a clear day,        a community draped in windblown
Portsmouth Island may be visible in             oaks with beautiful homes and a rich
the distance. Settled in the 1700s and          commercial fishing heritage. Sea Level
incorporated in 1753, Portsmouth was            is another maritime village found along
one of North Carolina’s busiest ports of        this stretch. At the end of Seashore
entry and a resort before the Civil War. It     Drive, turn around and travel back on
was known at one time as the “shipping          Seashore Drive to U.S. 70.
capital of the Outer Banks.” The town                Follow the byway along U.S. 70 to
was named for Portsmouth, England. The          the community of Stacy, once home to
few remaining buildings on the island           many of the area’s best known waterfowl
are the houses, church, post office and         carvers. This tradition is celebrated today
school of the townspeople, the last of          with annual events and a museum.
whom left in 1971. The Cape Lookout             Continue to Davis, where the Cape
National Seashore manages the island and        Lookout Lighthouse may be visible over
allows a limited number of day visitors         the water. Built in 1859, the Cape Lookout
(accommodated by private ferry) to explore      Lighthouse is distinct with its black and
the island. Portsmouth Island is a National     white diamond pattern covering the 160-
Register Historic District.                     foot tower. After Davis, pass through
     The ferry docks at the northern end of     Williston, a winding community of old
Carteret County on Cedar Island. From           homes that captures the small coastal
Cedar Island, continue south on N.C. 12         community way of life with easy views
for six miles through the spectacular           of Core Sound and a rich history of
salt marshes of the Cedar Island                commercial fishing.
National Wildlife Refuge, home to                    Continue along the byway, turning
waterfowl on their winter migration. N.C.       left at the town of Smyrna onto
12 ends and the road becomes U.S. 70            Marshallberg Road to follow the
West about 12 miles south of the ferry          22-mile Harkers Island, Straits and
terminal. The body of water to the left         Gloucester Loop (see Insert B for map).
is the Core Sound, named for the Coree          Three miles from U.S. 70 is the maritime
Indians who once lived in this area.            village of Marshallberg, which features a
     At the junction of N.C. 12 and U.S.        county park at the end of the main road
70, turn left onto Old Cedar Island             with picnic tables and a wonderful view of
Road (S.R. 1387) to follow the nine-            Cape Lookout Lighthouse. To continue
mile Atlantic and Sea Level Loop (see           the loop, follow Marshallberg Road
Insert A for map). Follow to Shell Road         (S.R. 1347) and turn right onto Star
(S.R. 1378), turn right. Continue to            Church Road (S.R. 1346), continuing to
School Road (S.R. 1380) and turn left.          the intersection of Piggott Road (S.R.
Follow School Road until it ends and            1343). Turn left and travel through
turn left on Seashore Drive (S.R. 1417          the community of Gloucester where
and old U.S. 70). This road meanders            the road circles back to Straits Road
past old workboats that fill Atlantic Harbor,   (S.R. 1375). Continue on Straits Road
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across the Harkers Island Bridge                designated byway continues for six miles
causeway where wildlife viewing, pier           before ending at the city limits of Beaufort.
fishing, boat launching facilities and public       Beaufort was laid out in 1715 and
access for swimming are available. Once         settled soon thereafter. It was incorporated
on the island, Straits Road becomes             in 1723 and named for Henry Somerset,
Island Road and passes through the              Duke of Beaufort and a lords proprietor.
community of Harkers Island. Side roads         The town is located on the site of an earlier
here lead visitors to a trail of island homes   Indian village. A walk through historic
and small businesses dedicated to local         Beaufort and along the waterfront provides
decoy carving, model boats, fresh seafood       a great place to stretch and enjoy a historic
and the island’s famed boat building            coastal community. From whaling to salt
tradition. At the end of Island Road,           works, with military battles in between,
the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum &               Beaufort is rich in history.
Heritage Center celebrates North Carolina’s         NOTE: In warmer weather, this byway
waterfowling, boatbuilding, commercial          is a well-traveled road. Plan for extra time
fishing and community traditions Down           to make the ferry connections and to
East. The museum and heritage center is         accommodate bicyclists and other tourists.
located on the left when entering Cape          Also, park only in designated places as
Lookout National Seashore. The distinct         sand is more difficult to drive out of than
black and white diamond pattern of the          ice and snow.
Cape Lookout Lighthouse, a 160-foot                       Length: 142.5 driving miles
tower built in 1859, can be seen from the                 Drive Time: 6.5 hours
museum’s four-story tower. Cape Lookout                   (including 3.5 hours on
Lighthouse is accessible by private ferry                 two ferries)
                                                          Counties: Dare, Hyde
from Harkers Island. At the Cape Lookout                            and Carteret
National Seashore, hiking trails connect the
museum with the Harkers Island Visitors
Center. The center features exhibits as
well as picnic areas and excellent sites
for windsurfing and kayaking. To return
to U.S. 70, turn around at the end
of Island Road and follow until it
becomes Straits Road back across
the causeway through the town of
Straits. Turn left on Harkers Island
Road (S.R. 1332) and follow back to
U.S. 70, turning left. Continue along
U.S. 70 through the communities of
Otway and Bettie before crossing the
North River. At this point, the national
scenic byway designation ends. The state-
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                                      s TaT e pa r k s &
                                  r e C r e aT i o n a r e a s
                                                                   developed park facilities including a tunnel
                                                                   and elevator to the rock summit, a visitor
                                                                   center, nature center and a network of hiking
                                                                   trails to geologic points of interest and the
                                                                   404-foot-tall Hickory Nut Falls. The state
                                                                   purchased the park in 2007.

                                                                   Address: U.S. 64/74-A, P.O. Box 220
                                                                   Chimney Rock, NC 28720
                                                                   (800) 277-9611 or (828) 625-9611

                                                                           Cliffs of the Neuse State Park
                                                                           Witness the effects of the forces
N.C. Travel & Tourism

                                                                           of erosion, which have carved and
                                                                   chiseled cliffs in the west bank of the Neuse
                                                                   River. Here ancient mountain communities
                                                                   meet coastal ones and mountain galax grows
                        Camping in North Carolina
                                                                   on rich slopes overlooking coastal trees
                                                                   draped in Spanish moss. The river and its
                                                                   banks are a haven for fishing and canoeing.
                               Carolina Beach State Park
                                                                   Creative dioramas and audio visuals in the
                           Spot the Venus Flytrap and other
                                                                   museum depict the geology and natural
                           species of insect-eating plants. Wind
                                                                   history of the region.
                  your way through a variety of habitats along
                  intriguing trails and stop to identify more
                                                                   Address: 345-A Park Entrance Road
                  than 30 species of coastal trees, shrubs and
                                                                   Seven Springs, NC 28578
                  flowering plants. Our full-service marina will
                                                                   (919) 778-6234
                  enhance your enjoyment of the Cape Fear
                  River and adjoining waterway where
                  excellent fishing and boating await the                  Crowders Mountain
                  sports enthusiast.                                       State Park
                                                                            Climb rugged peaks rising 800 feet
                  Address: 1010 State Park Road,                   above the surrounding countryside and watch
                  P.O. Box 475                                     raptors soar in the wind currents. Rocky
                  Carolina Beach, NC 28428                         ledges and outcrops are the perfect seats
                  Office: (910) 458-8206                           from which to view the panorama below.
                  Marina: (910) 458-7770                           Travel trails on foot for a closer look at this
                                                                   highland environment.
                               Chimney Rock State Park
                          Chimney Rock has been a tourist          Address: 522 Park Office Lane
                          destination in Western North Carolina    Kings Mountain, NC 28086
                  since a crude stairway was built to the rock’s   (704) 853-5373
                  summit in 1885. In 1902, Lucius B. Morse of
                  Missouri bought the site. The Morse family
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        Dismal Swamp State Park                           Falls Lake State
         Feel your daily stresses melt away as            Recreation Area
         you cross the historic Dismal Swamp               Moments away from the hustle and
Canal and walk along the 300-foot boardwalk       bustle of the Research Triangle, this 12,000-
into this geological wonder. Experience           acre lake and 26,000 acres of woodlands
firsthand the lush swamp forest and get           offer a variety of activities. Come for the day
up close and personal with the wide variety       and bring along your fishing gear and picnic
of wildlife. Discover the uniqueness of a         basket. Put your boat in the water. Take a dip
million-year-old habitat at the Dismal Swamp      in one of the designated swimming areas.
State Park.                                       Or spend a few days in the family or group
      For the adventurer, there are 16.7 miles    campgrounds. B.W. Wells, U.S. 50, Holly
of hiking and mountain biking trails. Or, enjoy   Point, Rollingview, Beaverdam, Sandling Beach
a leisurely paddle down the Dismal Swamp          and Shinleaf, as well as the privately operated
Canal in your canoe or kayak.                     Rollingview Marina, will fit the bill no matter
                                                  what your fancy.
Address: 2294 U.S. 17 North
South Mills, NC 27976                             Address: 13304 Creedmoor Road
(252) 771-6593 or (252) 771-6582                  Wake Forest, NC 27587
                                                  (919) 676-1027
        Elk Knob State Natural Area
        Elk Knob State Natural Area is one                Fort Fisher State
        of the newest additions and is in the             Recreation Area
process of being developed as a state park.                Spend the day away from the crowds
Visit to learn more               on a four-mile stretch of undeveloped beach
about the amenities available at this new
                                                  where shell-seekers still find treasures and
                                                  nesting loggerhead sea turtles still find
                                                  seclusion. Watch pelicans and other colonial
Address: 5564 Meat Camp Road
                                                  nesting birds swirl and turn with the wind and
Todd, NC 28684
                                                  waves. Licensed four-wheel-drive vehicles may
(828) 297-7261
                                                  travel on the beach in designated areas for
                                                  access to excellent surf fishing.
        Eno River State Park
         Test your skills in a raft or canoe.     Address: 1000 Loggerhead Road
         The spring and fall months often         Kure Beach, NC 28449
bring swirling rapids to the Eno. Try your luck   (910) 458-5798
fishing along the river banks or stroll across
the swinging bridge for a hike through the               Fort Macon State Park
woods. Backpack primitive camping offers                  Enjoy all of the sun, sand, sea and
refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.            history you can soak up in a day. Even
                                                  Blackbeard the Pirate used to drop by once
Address: 6101 Cole Mill Road                      upon a time. After a day of beach combing,
Durham, NC 27705                                  cool off on a tour of the restored fort that
(919) 383-1686                                    stood guard over Beaufort Harbor during the
                                                  Civil War.

                                                  Address: 2300 E. Fort Macon Road,
                                                  P.O. Box 127
                                                  Atlantic Beach, NC 28512
                                                  (252) 726-2295                            163
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        Goose Creek State Park
          Canoe the unhurried creeks or cast
          your line into the Pamlico River.
Stately live oaks draped with Spanish moss
form the perfect backdrop for outdoor
relaxation. Experience the mysterious
wonders of marsh and swamp from
wooded trails and two observation decks.

                                               N.C. Travel & Tourism
Address: 2190 Camp Leach Road
Washington, NC 27889
(252) 923-2191                                                         Fort Macon

        Gorges State Park                                                           Hanging Rock State Park
         Plunging waterfalls, rugged river                                        Visit the “mountains away from
         gorges, sheer rock walls and one of                                      the mountains” and choose your
the greatest concentrations of rare and unique                            accommodations from cabins to campsites.
species in the eastern United States are found                            Sparkling mountain streams, waterfalls and
within Gorges State Park. An elevation that                               cascades travel over rugged terrain. Encounter
rises 2,000 feet in only four miles, combined                             more than 300 species of mountain plants
with rainfall in excess of 80 inches per year,                            along miles of nature and hiking trails. The
creates a temperate rain forest and supports                              observation tower atop Moore’s Knob offers
a collection of waterfalls.                                               rewarding panoramic views.

Address: N.C. 281 South,                                                  Address: 2015 Hanging Rock Park Road,
P.O. Box 100                                                              P.O. Box 278
Sapphire, N.C. 28774                                                      Danbury, NC 27016
(828) 966-9099                                                            (336) 593-8480

        Hammocks Beach State Park                                                   Haw River State Park
         Accessible only by passenger ferry or                                    Located near the headwaters of
         private boat, there’s just one thing at                                  the Haw River, Haw River State
Hammocks Beach that’s crowded — the list                                  Park and Summit Environmental Education
of things to do. Stroll the beach with laughing                           Center is situated on nearly 300 acres of
gulls and sandpipers. Cast a baited hook into                             piedmont forest, fields, wetlands and uplands.
endless rows of foaming breakers. Discover                                Haw River State Park was authorized by
tiny specimens of marine life in tidal pools                              the General Assembly in 2003 and is in
and mudflats. Use a camera or paintbrush to                               development for future public use.
capture the green and gold grasses that color
the salt marshes. Spend the night among the                               Address: 339 Conference Center Drive
sand dunes, or simply bask in the sun and do                              Browns Summit, NC 27214
nothing at all.                                                           (336) 342-6163

Address: 1572 Hammocks Beach Road
Swansboro, NC 28584
(910) 326-4881

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        Jockey’s Ridge State Park                          Lake James State Park
        Go fly a kite on the highest sand dune             Tucked away in rolling hills at the
        on the East Coast. Orville and Wilbur              base of Linville Gorge is Lake James,
Wright were the first to take advantage of the     a 6,510-acre lake with more than 150 miles
area’s prevailing winds, ranging from 10 to 15     of shoreline. This impressive waterway is the
miles per hour. The ridge, a favorite spot for     centerpiece of Lake James State Park. Here,
playing in the sand, offers an exhilarating view   nature offers scenic vistas of the Appalachian
of coastal North Carolina. Fascinating facts       Mountains and beckons to those with an
about this magnificent pile of sand can be         appetite for recreation.
learned at the museum.
                                                   Address: P.O. Box 340
Address: P.O. Box 592                              Nebo, NC 28761
Nags Head, NC 27959                                (828) 652-5047
(252) 441-7132
                                                           Lake Norman State Park
        Jones Lake State Park                               At Lake Norman State Park, fun is
        Picnic under a canopy of old cypress                just a matter of scale. On one hand,
        trees or go for a dip in the cool,         there is the largest manmade lake in the state,
tea-colored lake. Jones Lake is one of the         Lake Norman. When filled to capacity, its
few remaining Carolina bay lakes, the              surface area is 32,510 acres with a shoreline
origin of which has long been a subject of         of 520 miles and a main channel 34 miles in
speculation and debate. Enjoy the lake while       length — thus its nickname, the “Inland Sea.”
rowing or fishing, or stay for a while in the      Thirteen miles of the shoreline are in the state
family campground.                                 park, which provides boating access.
                                                        On another hand, the park boasts
Address: 4117 N.C. 242 North                       its own 33-acre lake where fishing and
Elizabethtown, NC 28337                            boating are enjoyed. And with hiking trails,
(910) 588-4550                                     picnic areas, interpretive programs and
                                                   campgrounds, there is more to Lake Norman
        Kerr Lake State                            State Park than merely water.
        Recreation Area
         Set sail for Kerr Lake. One thousand      Address: 159 Inland Sea Lane
family campsites in seven recreation areas are     Troutman, NC 28166
home away from home to boaters, skiers and         (704) 528-6350
fishermen. Of course, there is plenty of reason
to come just for the day. Special events held              Lake Waccamaw State Park
throughout the year include a spring art show,                Discover one-of-a-kind aquatic
amateur striped bass fishing tournament                       animals found nowhere else on earth.
and the Governor’s Cup Invitational Regatta.       The lake is home to the Lake Waccamaw
Tucked along the shoreline are some of the         killifish and a number of other unique fish
best fishing holes in North Carolina. Picnic       mollusks. Spend an evening in the primitive
spots are plentiful. Two commercial marinas        campground or enjoy a picnic under stately
offer full service for boaters and campers,        trees hung with Spanish moss.
including cabins.
                                                   Address: 1866 State Park Drive
Address: 6254 Satterwhite Point Road               Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450
Henderson, NC 27537                                (910) 646-4748
(252) 438-7791
(919) 438-4441 or (919) 492-1426
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                                Lumber River State Park                          Medoc Mountain State Park
                                 Lumber River State Park contains                 Canoe the creeks or hike the trails
                                 8,438 acres of land and 115 miles of             to appreciate the beauty of this
                        state natural and scenic waters, 81 miles of      unusual mixture of plant and animal life.
                        which are also designated national wild and       Not really a mountain, but a granite ridge,
                        scenic waters. The park’s recreation activities   Medoc Mountain is the remains of an ancient
                        are currently centered at two access areas,       mountain range formed by volcanic action.
                        Princess Ann and Chalk Banks. Princess Ann        A rewarding experience in any season, but
                        overlooks a unique reverse flow area named        especially in the spring when the bluffs and
                        Griffin’s Whirl. At the access, a bend in the     ravines are covered with the blossoms of
                        river opens to a long, straight vista that        mountain laurel.
                        beckons paddlers to take a ride.
                                                                          Address: 1541 Medoc State Park Road
                        Address: 2819 Princess Ann Road                   Hollister, NC 27844
                        Orrum, NC 28369                                   (252) 586-6588 or (252) 586-6476
                        (910) 628-4564
                                                                                 Merchants Millpond
                                                                                 State Park
                                                                                  Discover one of the state’s rarest
                                                                          ecological communities. Massive cypress
                                                                          and gum trees covered with Spanish moss
                                                                          form a canopy for the dark, acid waters of
                                                                          the millpond — a wilderness sanctuary for
                                                                          wetland wildlife. Paddle quietly through the
                                                                          pond and creek and encounter beavers, otters
                                                                          and owls.
N.C. Travel & Tourism

                                                                          Address: 71 U.S. 158 East
                                                                          Gatesville, NC 27938
                        Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains                (252) 357-1191

                                Mayo River State Park                            Morrow Mountain State Park
                                  Authorized by the N.C. General                   View the skeletal remains of a once-
                                  Assembly in May 2003, the Mayo                   mighty range of peaks. Located along
                        River State Park is in the early stages           the Pee Dee River and Lake Tillery, Morrow
                        of development for future public use.             Mountain features miles of mountain trails
                        Construction is expected to begin in late         to wander on foot or horseback. Visit the
                        2008. Plans include a visitor contact station,    historic Kron House, which was the residence,
                        picnic shelter, rest rooms, maintenance           greenhouse and hospital of an early 19th
                        facility, and improvements to parking and         century physician. Stay for a while in a cabin
                        the entrance road.                                or a campsite and enjoy a dip in the pool or a
                                                                          boat ride on the lake.
                        Address: P.O. Box 100
                        Mayodan, NC 27027                                 Address: 49104 Morrow Mountain Road
                        (336) 427-2530                                    Albemarle, NC 28001
                                                                          (704) 982-4402

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                                Mount Jefferson State                              New River State Park
                                Natural Area                                       Canoe more than 26 miles of the
                                 Broaden your horizons with scenic                 national wild and scenic south fork of
                        vistas and colorful displays of mountain flora.    the New River, one of the oldest rivers in the
                        You can see forever on a clear day. Stroll the     world. Embark upon this gentle river from any
                        short nature trail through the magnificent         of four access points for fishing, picnicking
                        forest, a National Natural Landmark.               and inspiring mountain scenery.

                        Address: P.O. Box 48                               Address: P.O. Box 48
                        Jefferson, NC 28640                                Jefferson, NC 28640
                        (336) 246-9653                                     (336) 982-2587

                                Mount Mitchell State Park                         Occoneechee Mountain State
                                  Explore miles of hiking trails and              Natural Area
                                  reward yourself with breathtaking                High scenic views and mountain trails
                        views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Ascend          await you at Occoneechee Mountain State
                        the highest peak east of the Mississippi, riding   Natural Area. This piedmont monadnock
                        to 6,684 feet and watch the world take on          has been recognized as one of the most
                        a new perspective from the observation             important natural areas in the Triangle. It
                        tower. Visit the museum and learn about the        is the highest point in Orange County at
                        natural and cultural history of North Carolina’s   867 feet, and the oak forest, pond, field,
                        first state park. The famished hiker or the        heath bluff and river habitats found on the
                        hungry tourist can enjoy a relaxing meal in        mountain support species that are rare and
                        the restaurant.                                    significant in this region. With 190 acres
                                                                           and nearly three miles of trails, visitors can
                        Address: 2388 N.C. 128                             experience a wide variety of the area's natural
                        Burnsville, NC 28714                               surroundings and wildlife.
                        Office: (828) 675-4611
                        Restaurant: (828) 675-9907                         Address: 6101 Cole Mill Road
                                                                           Durham, NC 27705
                                                                           (919) 383-1686

                                                                                   Pettigrew State Park
                                                                                    Reel ‘em in at this 16,000-acre
                                                                                    angler’s paradise, teeming with
                                                                           largemouth bass, yellow perch and various
                                                                           panfish. Lake and wind conditions make
N.C. Travel & Tourism

                                                                           Lake Phelps ideal for shallow-draft sailboats,
                                                                           canoeing and windsurfing. View displays of
                                                                           prehistoric Indian culture and take a journey
                                                                           back in time, or visit Somerset Place — a
                        Mount Mitchell State Park
                                                                           state historic site.

                                                                           Address: 2252 Lake Shore Road
                                                                           Creswell, NC 27928
                                                                           (252) 797-4475

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       Pilot Mountain State Park                                                  South Mountains
        Imagine a majestic pinnacle rising from                                    Hike the rugged trail to High Shoals
        out of nowhere, 1,400 feet above the                                       Falls and enjoy the crystal clear waters
surrounding countryside. Experienced climbers                             as they plunge 80 feet into a large pool. For
may climb Little Pinnacle Wall while others                               a true wilderness experience, backpack
explore the adjoining woodland corridor on                                through the woodlands for primitive camping
foot or horseback for a memorable view.                                   or fish for trout in 12 miles of sparkling
                                                                          mountain streams.
Address: 1792 Pilot Knob Park Road
Pinnacle, NC 27043                                                        Address: 3001 South Mountain Park Ave.
(336) 325-2355                                                            Connelly Springs, NC 28612
                                                                          (828) 433-4772 or (828) 433-4686
       Raven Rock State Park
        Here, the forest reigns as each year                                      Stone Mountain State Park
        the timeless cycle of growth further                                       Stone Mountain is not immediately
heals age-old wounds inflicted by man. Nature                                      visible upon entering the park that
triumphs as plants compete in the stages                                  bears its name, but this magnificent 600-foot
of forest succession and the woodlands are                                granite dome is well worth the wait. Test
restored. High above the Cape Fear River                                  your fly-fishing techniques in more than 20
stands Raven Rock, its austere beauty a                                   miles of designated trout waters. Designated
testament to the forces that have shaped                                  as a National Natural Landmark in 1975,
the land.                                                                 Stone Mountain is bounded on the north by
                                                                          the Blue Ridge Parkway and on the west by
Address: 3009 Raven Rock Road                                             the Thurmond Chatham Game Lands. More
Lillington, NC 27546                                                      than 14,100 acres of mountain beauty offer
(910) 893-4888                                                            opportunities for outdoor activities of all kinds.

                                                                          Address: 3042 Frank Parkway
       Singletary Lake State Park
                                                                          Roaring Gap, NC 28668
        For canoeing, swimming and nature
                                                                          (336) 957-8185
        walks, bring the group to an area
designed for organized camping. Two group
camps contain mess halls, kitchens, campers’
cabins and wash houses. Rangers will conduct
special nature programs for your group and
explain the unique phenomenon of the
Carolina bays.

Address: 6707 NC 53 East
Kelly, NC 28448
(910) 669-2928
                                                  N.C. Travel & Tourism

                                                                          Fishing at Umstead Park

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                                Weymouth Woods Sandhills                    William B. Umstead State Park
                                Nature Preserve                               Tucked between the growing cities
                                 Imagine the trees of Weymouth,               of Raleigh, Cary, Durham and the
                        England as you view the longleaf pines.     corporate world of Research Triangle Park is
                        Listen for the endangered red-cockaded      an oasis of tranquility, a peaceful haven —
                        woodpecker, a permanent resident of the     William B. Umstead State Park. Here, two
                        Sandhills region. Tour the nature center    worlds merge as the sounds of civilization
                        museum where the region’s unique features   give way to the unhurried rhythm of nature.
                        are studied, interpreted and protected.     Highways fade in the distance as trees,
                                                                    flowers, birds and streams form a more
                        Address: 1024 Fort Bragg Road               natural community. William B. Umstead is a
                        Southern Pines, NC 28387                    place to escape the pressures of everyday life,
                        (910) 692-2167                              a place to picnic in the pines, to wait for a fish
                                                                    to bite, to take a hike or horseback ride on
                                                                    trails through the woods.

                                                                    Address: 8801 Glenwood Ave.
                                                                    Raleigh, NC 27617
                                                                    (919) 571-4170
N.C. Travel & Tourism

                        Hiking in North Carolina

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                  hisToriC siTes
  1    John C. Campbell Folk School
1 Folk School Road
Brasstown, NC 28902
(800) 356-5724, (828) 837-2775
Folk School, established in 1925 and
modeled upon Danish tradition of
Folk Schools.

  2     Cherokee County Historical
        Museum (NR)
205 Peachtree St.
Murphy, NC 28906
(828) 837-6792
                                              N.C. Travel & Tourism

The museum reflects Cherokee Indian
life before and during displacement. It
also depicts the early white settlers of
                                                                      Artisan at John C. Campbell Folk School
the county.
                                                                     Brevard Chamber of
        Harshaw Chapel (Old                                             5
  3                                                                  Commerce Building
        Methodist Church) *(NR)                               35 W. Main St.
806 Valley River Ave.                                         Brevard, NC 28712
Murphy, NC 28906                                              (800) 648-4523
(828) 837-28777                                     
Handsome brick church with strong                   
Greek Revival influences. There is some                       A 1900 structure located in the center of
original furniture and an old cemetery.                       town and used as an information center.

  4     The Pendergrass Building
                                                                 6 Allison-Deaver House *(NR)
        *(NR)                                                 Intersection of U.S. 276/U.S. 64/N.C.280
6 Main St.                                                    Pisgah Forest (near Brevard)
Franklin, NC 28734                                            (828) 884-5137
(828) 524-9758                                      
Originally a retail store building, now                       Claimed to be the oldest extant frame
a museum displaying local historic and                        house west of the Blue Ridge in North
cultural artifacts and photographs.                           Carolina. It will be opened as a house
                                                              museum and heritage education center.

  * Handicap Accessible
  (NR) National Register of Historic Places
     State Historic Site

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                               Gov. Zebulon Vance                              Estes-Winn Memorial
                          7                                            10
                               Birthplace                                      Automobile Museum and
                        911 Reems Creek Road                                   N.C. Homespun Museum
                        Weaverville, NC 28787                                  *(NR)
                        (828) 645-6706                                111 Grovewood Road
                              Asheville, NC 28804
                        vance.htm                                     (828) 253-7651
                        A reconstructed 1830s mountain      
                        farmstead with a log house and                The Estes-Winn Museum is an English
                        six outbuildings; birthplace of the state’s   cottage-style building, housing a
                        Civil War governor and later                  collection of automobiles dating 1913-
                        U.S. senator.                                 1957. The N.C. Homespun Museum
                                                                      is also in a 1919 English cottage-style
                          8    Biltmore Estate *(NR)                  building and features the history of
                        1 North Pack Square                           the Biltmore Industries handweaving
                        Asheville, NC 28801                           operation in film, pictures and artifacts.
                        (800) 543-2961
                                             11    The Thomas Wolfe Memorial
                        A 250-room French Chateau which                      (NR)
                        contains original artwork and furnishings     52 N. Market St.
                        surrounded by 75 acres of elaborate           Asheville, NC 28801
                        gardens and landscaping.                      (828) 253-8304
                                Biltmore Village Historic             wolfe.htm
                                Museum *(NR)                          Boyhood home of author Thomas
                        7 Angle St.                                   Wolfe. A Queen Anne-style dwelling
                        Asheville, NC 28803                           which provided the setting for Look
                        (828) 274-9707                                Homeward Angel.
                        A museum of Biltmore Village, a local                Smith-McDowell House
                        historic district containing three Richard           Museum *(NR)
                        Morris Hunt buildings.                        283 Victoria Road
                                                                      Asheville, NC 28801
                                                                      (828) 253-9231
                                                                      Tours, programs and exhibits are
                                                                      featured in this 1840s brick
                                                                      plantation home.

                                                                       13 The Old Depot *(NR)
                                                                      207 Sutton Ave.
                                                                      Black Mountain, NC 28711
                                                                      (828) 669-6583
                                                                      A small town train station built
N.C. Travel & Tourism

                                                                      about 1893.

                        The Biltmore House
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  14 Carson House (NR)                          18 Historic Webbley *(NR)
1805 U.S. 70 West                             403 S. Washington St.
Old Fort, NC 28762                            Shelby, NC 28150
(828) 724-4948                                (704) 487-0616
The 19th century plantation house is
now a repository for pioneer artifacts        historicwebbley.html
and furnishings.                              Built in 1852 in Italianate style by
                                              Augustus Burton, this home has been
        Mountain Gateway Museum               visited by every N.C. governor at
        and Heritage Center *                 least once.
102 Water St.
Old Fort, NC 28762                             19 Kouris Warehouse *
(828) 668-9259                                200 W. Warren St.                Shelby, NC 28150
A museum of Western North Carolina            kou.htm
frontier life with two restored early         A Colonial Revival brick warehouse
log houses.                                   housing the Shelby Farmers Market.

        Carl Sandburg Home                           Former Post Office of Shelby
 16                                            20
        National Historic Site                       *(NR)
81 Carl Sandburg Lane                         111 S. Washington St.
Flat Rock, NC 28731                           Shelby, NC 28150
(828) 693-4178                                (704) 484-2787                              A Colonial Revival post office built in
The home of Carl Sandburg during              1916 which has been converted into an
his later years. The house is built in low-   arts center.
country plantation style. Books
and memorabilia.                                     Well House *(NR) Court
       Cleveland County Historical            Shelby, NC 28151
       Museum *(NR)                           (704) 481-1842
Court Square                                  Formerly an open, brick-arched well
Shelby, NC 28150                              house, it now houses the Historic
(704) 482-8186                                Shelby Foundation.
tourism/attractions.htm                         22 Shelby City Hall *(NR)
A Classical Revival courthouse housing        300 S. Washington St.
historical artifacts pertaining to            Shelby, NC 28150
local history.                                (704) 484-6801
                                              A Georgian Revival brick building
                                              constructed in 1939 used as city hall
                                              and firehouse.

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                                                             26 Hickory Ridge Homestead *
                                                           Horn in the West Drive
                                                           Boone, NC 28607
                                                           (828) 264-2120
                                                           This late-18th century log house is
                                                           representative of the period and has
                                                           exhibits with local emphasis. Site for the
                                                           outdoor drama, “Horn in the West.”

                                                             27 Mast General Store *(NR)
 N.C. Travel & Tourism

                                                           3565 N.C. 194
                                                           Valle Crucis, NC 28691
                                                           (828) 963-6511
                         Carl Sandburg Home
                                                           Well preserved late-19th century general
       The Stecoah Valley Cultural                         store set in picturesque valley. Built in
 23    Arts Center                                         1883 and still in operation.
121 Schoolhouse Road
Robbinsville, NC 28771                                       28 Chapel of Rest
(828) 479-3364                                             1964 N.C. 268                                Lenoir, NC 28645
Located in a renovated schoolhouse,                        (828) 726-0323
the Stecoah Valley Cultural Arts Center          
provides cultural arts resources to                        Constructed in 1887 and rebuilt in 1918.
Graham County and promotes Southern                        A beautiful country chapel and cemetery
Appalachian mountain culture.                              with special church services and Sunday
                                                           afternoon concerts.
  24 Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608                                                    Historic Robert Cleveland
(828) 262-3117                                              29     Log House                             203 N. Bridge St.
html                                                       Wilkesboro, NC 28697
The museum, housed in the                                  (336) 667-3171
contemporary University Hall, offers             
exhibits on the development of culture                     This log dwelling was built in 1779
in the Blue Ridge region.                                  by Robert Cleveland and features
                                                           period furnishings.
        Flat Top Manor, Moses
        H. Cone Memorial Park
Blue Ridge Parkway
Blowing Rock, NC
(828) 295-3782
Mountain retreat of Greensboro
industrialist Moses Cone. Now a
craft center.
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  30 Fort Defiance (NR)                         Horne Creek Living Historical
1792 Fort Defiance Drive                        Farm
Lenior, NC 28645                         308 Horne Creek Farm Road
(828) 758-1671                           Pinnacle, NC 27043                   (336) 325-2298
The 1792 home of Revolutionary 
War Gen. William Lenoir featuring        horne.htm
original furnishings.                    A hands-on display of turn-of-the
                                         century farm life in the piedmont area of
  31 Old Wilkes Jail Museum (NR)         North Carolina.
203 N. Bridge St.
North Wilkesboro, NC 28697                      The Robert Smith House
(336) 667-3712                                  *(NR)
www.blueridgeheritage.                   615 N. Main St.
com/artsandcrafts/museums/               Mount Airy, NC 27030
oldwilkesjail.html                       (336) 789-4636, (800) 576-0231
Built by Mr. Shipwash (also the first
escapee), it contains furnished living   1910 Colonial Revival home formerly
quarters and the jail cell where Tom     housing the Mount Airy Visitors Center.
Dooley was incarcerated.
                                          36     The Alexander Dickson
  32 Andy Griffith Playhouse *                   House *(NR)
218 Rockford St.                         150 E. King St.
Mount Airy, NC 27030                     Hillsborough, NC 27278
(336) 786-7998                           (919) 732-7741          
A renovated theater and arts center      Late-18th century piedmont farmhouse.
named for North Carolina’s most          The small office to the rear was used
famous actor.                            by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston at the
                                         time of his surrender to Union Gen.
 33    The Gertrude Smith House          William T. Sherman.
708 N. Main St.                            37 Ayr Mount (NR)
Mount Airy, NC 27030                     376 St. Mary’s Road
(336) 786-6856                           Hillsborough, NC 27278                    (919) 732-6886
A 1903 Victorian home with     
period furnishings.                      Beautifully restored 1817 brick
                                         plantation house with excellent
                                         decorative arts collection and
                                         pastoral setting.

        Bennett Place State Historic        42 Duke University Chapel*
        Site *(NR)                        101 Chapel Drive
4409 Bennett Memorial Road                Durham, NC 27708
Durham, NC 27705                          (919) 684-8150
(919) 383-4345                            Beautiful Gothic church on main Duke
bennett.htm                               campus, worship services and tours.
Reconstructed farmhouse where Gen.
Johnston and Gen. Sherman met to sign       43 William Fields House *(NR)
the largest surrender of the Civil War.   447 Arlington St.
                                          Greensboro, NC 27406
  39 Blandwood Mansion (NR)               (336) 272-6617
447 W. Washington St.,                    A Gothic Revival dwelling featuring
Greensboro, NC 27401                      steep gabled roof and arched
(336) 272-5003                            former windows.
html                                       44    Greensboro Historical
Former house of N.C. Gov. John M.                Museum *(NR)
Morehead. The addition designed           130 Summit Ave.
in 1844 by A.J. Davis is the oldest       Greensboro, NC 27401
remaining example of Italian Villa        (336) 373-2043
architecture in the United States.
                                          Museum complex contains buildings
 40     Chinqua-Penn Plantation           dating as early as 1892. It includes a
        (NR)                              renovated church, two historic houses
2138 Wentworth St.                        and local history exhibits.
Reidsville, NC 27320
(336) 349-4576                              45 Hayti Heritage Center *(NR)                       804 Old Fayetteville St.
A 1920s country manor filled with         Durham, NC 27701
eclectic art treasures on 23 acres with   (919) 683-1709
formal gardens.                 
                                          Constructed in the Hayti community
       Duke Homestead State               in 1891, the old St. Joseph’s African
       Historic Site and Tobacco          Methodist Episcopal Church, one of
       Museum *(NR)                       Durham’s oldest ecclesiastical structures,
2828 Duke Homestead Road                  houses a heritage center which
Durham, NC 27705                          promotes the understanding of the
(919) 477-5498                            African-American experience.
An 1852 vernacular piedmont
farmhouse with outbuildings and
a museum.

 46     Historic Stagville Center             50 Snow Camp Historic Site *
        *(NR)                               126 Sylvan School Road
5825 Old Oxford Highway                     Snow Camp, NC 27349
Bahama, NC 27503                            (336) 376-9433
(919) 620-0120                    
www.historicstagvillefoundation.            A replica of a historic Quaker community
org                                         featuring log houses and Quaker
Plantation seat of the Bennehan and         meeting houses with some period
Cameron families featuring a late-18th      furnishings and artifacts.
century dwelling, rare four-room
slave houses and a massive timber            51     Eastern Cabarrus Historical
frame barn.                                         Society Museum *(NR)
                                            1100 N. Main St.
       Hugh Mangum Museum of                Mount Pleasant, NC 28124
       Photography/McCown-                  (704) 436-6612
       Mangum House (NR)                    An 1855 Greek Revival boy’s school
5101 N. Roxboro Road                        displaying memorabilia and artifacts.
Durham, NC 27704
(919) 471-1623                               52     Historic Cabarrus County
Modified Greek Revival dwelling                     Courthouse *(NR)
restored to its late 1890s appearance       65 Union St.
contains the works of Hugh Mangum,          Concord, NC 28026-0966
a 20th century photographer, as well as     (704) 786-8515
contemporary exhibits.                      Built in 1876, the building contains
                                            a museum displaying artifacts from
 48     Orange County Historical            the Revolutionary through the
        Museum (NR)                         Vietnam wars.
201 N. Churton St.
Hillsborough, NC 27278                        53 Josephus W. Hall House (NR)
(919) 732-2201                              226 S. Jackson St.                  Salisbury, NC 28144
Museum houses a fine collection of          (704) 636-0103
pre-historic to Civil War period            Large 1820 antebellum home.
household goods.                            Tours given by guides in 1860s
                                            period costumes.
 49     Alamance Battleground
        *(NR)                                      Archibald Henderson Law
5803 N.C. 62 South                                 Office (NR)
Burlington, NC 27215                        201 W. Fisher St.
(336) 227-4785                              Salisbury, NC 28144           (704) 638-5207
Site of the 1771 battle between the         An 1825 Federal-style law office.
forces of the Regulators and Royal Gov.
William Tryon. On the site is an 18th
century log house that belonged to John
Allen, containing some original furniture
and period artifacts.
 55     Memorial Garden                             N.C. Transportation Museum
36 Spring St.                                       at Historic Spencer Shops
Concord, NC 28025                                   *(NR)
(704) 786-8009                              411 S. Salisbury Ave.
A former graveyard for First Presbyterian   Spencer, NC 28159
Church founded in 1804. It was              (704) 636-2889
established as a memorial garden in
1930 and has floral displays throughout     The museum interprets the development
the botanical garden.                       of transportation in North Carolina at
                                            the site of the old steam repair facility
 56     Reed Gold Mine *(NR)                for the Southern Railway.
9621 Reed Mine Road
Stanfield, NC 28163                                ”Old Stone House” (NR) or
(704) 721-4653                                     Michael Braun House          2077 Robin Road
htm                                         Salisbury, NC 28144
Site of the first documented gold find      (704) 278-3000
in the United States. Tours of the mine,    A large 1766 stone house built by
stamp mill and panning operation.           Michael Braun, an early German
                                            immigrant. Only pre-Revolutionary War
 57     Rowan Museum/Utzman-                dwelling in Rowan County.
        Chambers House (NR)
116 S. Jackson St.                                  Malcolm Blue Farmstead and
Salisbury, NC 28144                                 Museum *(NR)
(704) 633-5946                              1177 Bethesda Road
An 1814 townhouse featuring two             Aberdeen, NC 28315
period rooms and six other rooms            (910) 944-7685
with historical collections — costumes,
military, toys and china. Also a 19th       Mid-19th century farmhouse, grist mill
century formal garden.                      and windmill, and a museum featuring
                                            Scottish heritage, agricultural and
       Snuggs House and Marks               local history.
       House *(NR)
245 E. Main St.                             	 62   Joel McLendon Cabin/James
Albemarle, NC 28001                                Bryant House (NR)
(704) 983-7316                              3361 Mt. Carmel Road
The Snuggs House is an 1870s two-story      Carthage, NC 28388
farmhouse with a museum. The Marks          (910) 947-3995
house is a completely restored and          Furnished early-19th century farmhouse
furnished mid-19th century dwelling.        and late-18th century log building.

  63 Shaw House Properties (NR)              68 House in the Horseshoe (NR)
100 S.W. Broad St.                         324 Alston House Road
Southern Pines, NC 28387                   Sanford, NC 27330
(910) 692-2051                             (910) 947-2051             
Three houses representing life in the      horsesho.htm
early years of the Sandhills from the      Plantation house dating to 1770,
1700s to 1840s that are now used for       containing period antiques and
business offices.                          surrounded by a lovely garden in
                                           the spring and summer.
       Town Creek Indian Mound
       *(NR)                                       Gov. Charles B. Aycock
509 Town Creek Mound Road                   69     Birthplace (NR)
Mount Gilead, NC 27306                     264 Governor Aycock Road
(910) 439-6802                             Freemont, NC 27830         (919) 242-5581
Reconstructed 13th century Indian          aycock.htm
ceremonial center.                         The 1846 coastal cottage is the
                                           birthplace of the former governor. An
  65 Ellerbe Springs Inn *(NR)             1893 one-room schoolhouse is also on
2537 U.S. 220 North                        the site.
Ellerbe, NC 28379
(800) 248-6467                                     Bentonville Battleground
                                            70                             (NR)
Victorian inn built by H. E. Bonitz        5466 Harper House Road
of Wilmington.                             Four Oaks, NC 28366
                                           (910) 594-0789
        Rankin Museum of         
        American Heritage *                bentonvi.htm
131 W. Church St.                          Site of one of the last great Civil War
Ellerbe, NC 28338                          battles. Also site of the Harper House,
(910) 652-6378                             which was used as an improvised                       hospital after the March 1865 battle.
A 5,000-square-foot building housing
Indian artifacts, an African exhibit and           Caswell-Neuse State Historic
related artifacts.                          71     Site
                                           2612 W. Vernon Ave.
 67     Chatham County Historical          Kinston, NC 28501
        Museum *(NR)                       (252) 522-2091
Courthouse Square                
Pittsboro, NC 27312                        neuse.htm
(919) 542-3603                             An 1862 ironclad-ramming Confederate          vessel sunk during the Civil War and was
html                                       pulled from the Neuse River in 1963.
Built in 1881 by T. B. Womack,
this courthouse dominates
downtown Pittsboro.
         Community Council for the              77 Brunswick Town (NR)
 72      Arts *(NR)                           8884 Saint Phillips Road S.E.
400 N. Queen St.                              Winnabow, NC 28479
Kinston, NC 28501                             (910) 371-6613
(252) 527-2517                                                  brunswic.htm
Community Council for the Arts                Archaeological remains of a major
features six galleries, shopping and          pre-Revolutionary port along the Cape
artist studios in a historic downtown         Fear River, including the ruins of St.
commercial building.                          Phillip’s Church.

  73 Harmony Hall *(NR)                         78 Museum of the Albemarle *
100 S. King St.                               501 S. Water St.
Kinston, NC 28501                             Elizabeth City, NC 27909
(252) 522-0421                                (252) 335-1453               
The house contains 18th and 19th              Museum housing exhibits and artifacts
century period furnishings.                   dating back to the earliest settlements in
                                              North Carolina.
  74 Wayne County Museum *
116 N. William St.                              79 Cherry Hill (NR)
Goldsboro, NC 27530                           N.C. 58 Box 98
(919) 734-5023                                Warrenton, NC 27589               (252) 257-4432.
Neo-classical museum housing local art.       1858 Italianate plantation house
                                              attributed to builder John Waddell.
  75 Old Waynesborough Park *                 Site of concert series and other cultural
801-B U.S. 117 South Bypass                   activities in spring and fall.
Goldsboro, NC 27530
(919) 731-1653                                  80 Jacob Holt House *(NR)                122 S. Bragg St.
Park constructed on the site of the           Warrenton, NC 27589
original county seat, Waynesborough, to       (252) 257-0337
preserve the tradition, history, structures   1857 Italianate residence of Warren
and artifacts of pre-1875 Wayne County.       County builder, Jacob Holt, who is
                                              credited with building many plantation
       Lake Waccamaw Depot                    homes in the area.
 76    Museum *(NR)
203 Flemington Drive                                  Old Gates County
Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450                         81    Courthouse *(NR)
(910) 646-1992                                115 Court St.
The Depot Museum features exhibits            Gatesville, NC 27938
highlighting the history of the area          (252) 357-0110
surrounding Lake Waccamaw.                    A rare example of a Federal-style seat
                                              of local government, now serving as a
                                              county library with exhibits.

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 82    BB&T (Arts Council of
       Wilson) *(NR)
124 E. Nash St.
Wilson, NC 27893
(252) 291-4329
A 1903 Neo-Classical bank building now
converted into an arts center.

  83 Asa Biggs House (NR)

                                          N.C. Travel & Tourism
100 E. Church St.
Williamston, NC 27892
(800) 776-8566
history/biggs.htm                                                 Cupola House in Historic Edenton
Early-19th century house with Greek
Revival additions.                                Old Martin County
                                                  Courthouse (NR)
        Fort Branch — Confederate         215 E. Main St.
        Earthen Fort *(NR)                Williamston, NC 27892
2883 Fort Branch Road                     (252) 792-3562
Hamilton, NC 27840              
(800) 776-8566                            history/courthse.htm            Built in 1885, an unusual example of late
Confederate fort with museum,             -19th century architecture, combining
original cannons, local Indian and        Italianate, Medieval and Victorian
colonial artifacts and an annual battle   elements in a castle-like structure.
reenactment in November.
                                            87 St. Martin’s Church *(NR)
         Blount-Bridgers House/           South First Street
   85 Hobson Pittman Memorial
                                          Hamilton, NC 27840
         Gallery *(NR)                    (252) 798-5561
130 Bridgers St.                          Built in 1874, this Gothic Revival
Tarboro, NC 27886                         church contains unique English stained
(252) 823-4159                            glass windows.
1808 plantation home of Thomas
Blount. Historic period rooms on the             Williamston Historic
first floor and permanent collection                              88
                                                 Commercial District (NR)
of N.C. artist Hobson Pittman on the      P.O. Box 506
second floor.                             Williamston, NC 27892
                                          Includes parts of a seven-block
                                          downtown area bounded by Main,
                                          Watts, Church and Haughton streets.

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  89 Edna Boykin Cultural Center                 93 Newbold-White House *(NR)
108 W. Nash St.                                151 Newbold Road
Wilson, NC 27893                               Hertford, NC 27944
(252) 291-4320                                 (252) 426-7567                   
A 650-seat proscenium theatre with an          North Carolina’s oldest brick house, built
exhibition gallery in its lobby, the EBCC is   in 1730, featuring leaded casement
Wilson’s home for the performing arts.         windows, Flemish bond brickwork and
                                               period furnishings.
  90 Historic Edenton Tour (NR)
116 E. King St.                                  94    Atlantic Coastline Railroad
Edenton, NC 27932                                      Station & Warehouse *(NR)
(252) 482-3400                                 108 Gladden St.                           Washington, NC 27889
Tour starts at 1892 Ziegler House              (252) 946-2504
(Visitors Center), goes to 1767 Chowan         The first stop on Washington’s historic
County Courthouse; 1757 Cupola                 walking tour. Built in 1906, it features
House, finest Jacobean-style house south       bi-monthly art exhibits.
of Connecticut; the James Iredell House,
home of a prominent 18th century                95    Historic Bath State Historic
North Carolinian; the Penelope Barker                 Site *(NR)
House; and St. Paul’s Church (Episcopal),      Carteret Street
the second oldest church in the state.         Bath, NC 27808
                                               (252) 923-3971
  91 Hope Plantation (NR)            
132 Hope House Road                            htm
Windsor, NC 27983                              Four buildings featuring colonial, federal
(252) 794-3140                                 and late federal styles. Each displays                         aspects of early life of the oldest town in
Mansion built circa 1803. King-                North Carolina, incorporated in 1705.
Bazemore and Samuel Cox homes also
on grounds. View Agrarian Society and           96    Belhaven Memorial
rural domestic plantation life.                       Museum*
                                               210 E. Main St.
  92    Port O’Plymouth Roanoke                Belhaven, NC 27810
        Museum *(NR)                           (252) 943-3055
302 E. Water St                      
Plymouth, NC 27962                             museum/Belhaven.htm
(252) 793-1377                                 An early-20th century structure, which
Historic train depot is now a                  houses a collection of “everything”
museum housing exhibits about                  — like browsing through your
the Battle of Plymouth in 1864 and             grandmother’s attic.
Washington County.

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        Chicamacomico Lifesaving
        Station (NR)
23645 N.C. 12
Rodanthe, NC 27968
(252) 987-2401
1911 lifesaving station is a museum of
the lifesaving service. Several buildings
date to 1874.

         Roanoke Island Festival Park
         — Home of the Elizabeth II *
N.C. 400 (opposite Manteo waterfront)
Manteo, NC 27954
(252) 475-1500
                                            N.C. Travel & Tourism
A full-scale reproduction of a sailing
vessel typical of those that brought the
first colonists to America.
                                                                    The Lost Colony Outdoor Drama
       The Lost Colony Outdoor
       Drama *                                 101 Somerset Place (NR)
1409 National Park Drive                    2527 Lake Shore Road
Manteo, NC 27954                            Creswell, NC 27928
(252) 473-3414                              (252) 797-4560             
Waterside theater is home to the            somerset.htm
nation’s first and longest running          Collins family rice plantation, including
outdoor drama, “The Lost Colony.”           1830 home built for Josiah Collins
                                            III. One of the largest antebellum
       Octagon House Restoration            plantations in North Carolina at 1,400
  100 (NR)                                  cultivated acres. It is located on the
30868 U.S. 264                              grounds of Pettigrew State Park.
Engelhard, NC 27824
(252) 925-5201                                102 Beaufort Historic Site (NR)
One of the few octagonal houses in          130 Turner St.
North Carolina — it serves as home to       Beaufort, NC 28516
the Chamber of Commerce and has a           (252) 728-5225
local museum.                     
                                            A tour of authentically restored and
                                            furnished houses and public buildings of
                                            the 18th and 19th centuries.

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         Frisco American Indian                      City of Morganton Municipal
  103 Museum and Natural History               107 Auditorium
         Center (NR)                         401 S. College St.
53536 N.C. 12                                Morganton, NC 28655
Frisco, NC 27936                             (828) 438-5294
(252) 995-4440                               (828) 433-SHOW      
American Indian artifacts, historical and    The City of Morganton Municipal
educational exhibits and self-guided         Auditorium offers more than 100
trails through woods.                        entertainment events each year
                                             including musical acts, theatre
         St. John in the Wilderness          performances and lectures.
  104 Church (NR)
1905 Greenville Highway                              Averasboro Battlefield
Flat Rock, NC 28731                            108 Museum
(828) 693-9783                               P.O. Box 1811                      Dunn, NC 28335-1811
This church was established in 1836 and      (910) 891-5019
is the first Episcopal Church in Western
North Carolina. Many well-known              Museum with exhibits covering the
members of Southern Aristocracy have         history of the Civil War battle of
family plots in the church yard.             Averasboro in March 1865.

       Churches of the Frescoes-                    Gen. William C. Lee Airborne
  105 St. Mary’s                               109 Museum
N.C. 194                                     209 W. Divine St.
West Jefferson, NC 28694                     Dunn, NC 28334
(336) 982-3076                               (910) 892-1947
Created by native North Carolinian Ben       www.generalleeairbornemuseum.
Long. Mary, Great with Child; John           org
the Baptist; and The Mystery of Faith        Museum honoring the life of Gen.
grace the sanctuary. Creations by Long’s     William C. Lee and the development of
students also line the walls of this early   airborne warfare in the United States.
-20th century church.

        Churches of the Frescoes-
  106 Holy Trinity Church
195 J.W. Luke Road
Glendale Springs, NC 28629
(336) 982-3076
Features the Fresco of the Lord’s Supper
by Ben Long, a North Carolina native.
Holy Trinity dates to the early 1900s.
Other works include Jeffrey Mims’ Fresco
of Christ’s Departure.

       Graveyard of the                                                    113 Thalian Hall
  110 Atlantic Museum                                                    310 Chestnut St.
P.O. Box 191                                                             Wilmington, NC 28402
Hatteras, NC 27943                                                       (800) 523-2820
(252) 986-2995                                                           Performing Arts Center that has been in
Museum dedicated to the preservation,                                    continuous use since 1858.
advancement and presentation of
maritime history and the shipwrecks off                                     114 Burgwin-Wright House
North Carolina’s Outer Banks.                                            224 Market St.
                                                                         Wilmington, NC 28401
  111 U.S.S. North Carolina                                              (910) 762-0570
P.O. Box 480                                                   
Wilmington, NC 28402                                                     Built in 1770, the house with gardens
(910) 251-5797                                                           is the oldest museum house in
Restored World War II Battleship,                                        southeastern North Carolina, with décor
located on the Cape Fear River in                                        and exhibits highlighting colonial living.
downtown Wilmington.
                                                                            115 Bellamy Mansion
       Cape Fear Coast Convention                                        503 Market St.
  112 and Visitors Bureau                                                Wilmington, NC
24 N. Third St.                                                          (910) 251-3700
Wilmington, NC 28401                                           
(877) 406-2356                                                           One of North Carolina’s most spectacular
Information center providing information                                 examples of antebellum architecture built
about the Cape Fear region of                                            on the eve of the Civil War by free and
North Carolina.                                                          enslaved black artisans. Now, the house
                                                                         is a museum focusing on history and
                                                                         design arts.
 N.C. Travel & Tourism

                         U.S.S. North Carolina and downtown Wilmington
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       Cape Fear Museum of History                    Core Sound Waterfowl
  116 and Science                               120 Museum & Heritage Center
814 Market St.                                1785 Island Road
Wilmington, NC 28401
                                              Harkers Island, NC 28531
(910) 798-4350                        (252) 728-1500
  117 Outer Banks History Center              A special place to explore Down East’s
1 Festival Park Blvd.                         maritime heritage through living
Manteo, NC 27954                              traditions, community exhibits and
(252) 473-2655
                                              exploration along the Willow Pond trails
A museum dedicated to preserving              that connect the Museum with Cape
history of the Outer Banks.                   Lookout National Seashore Visitor Center

        Blue and Gray Information
101 East New Bern Road, Kinston, NC
28504 (on US 70 near Route 258)
(252) 522-0004
This area visitor center stands on the
site of the 1862 First Battle of Kinston
and is a few miles west of the Battle
of Wyse Fork, fought in the waning
days of the war in 1865. Information
and exhibits describe both battles. Also
find information about the CSS Neuse
and many other of the area’s Civil War
resources. Open daily.

        Ocracoke Preservation
  119 Society Museum
49 Water Plant Rd
Ocracoke, NC 27960
Ocracoke Island, NC 27960
(252) 928-7375
Museum in the historic, century-old
David Williams house showcases village
history. Porch talks on historic topics are
offered in the summertime.

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1557 Mail Service Center                 Division of Parks and Recreation
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N.C. Bed & Breakfast and Inns
509 Pollock St.
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N.C. Campground Owners Association
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N.C. Restaurant and Lodging
6036 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 844-0098


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