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					               Self-Guided Walking Tour                                                                                                   The University of Texas at Austin

In 1839 the Congress of the Republic of Texas ordered that a site be set aside                               more than 350 acres, but you’ll still hear many people refer to it as “the
to meet the state’s higher education needs. Some 40 years later the state                                    Forty Acres.”
legislature called for the establishment of “a university of the first class”
that would be located in Austin.                                                                             This Self-Guided Tour offers you a personal view of the Forty Acres. You’ll
                                                                                                             get a little bit of history, a little bit of insight, and a lot of firsthand views of
In November of 1882, construction began on the original Main Building,                                       campus buildings, common areas, and art and architecture.
and less than one year later, on September 15, 1883, the university was                                                                                ity

formally opened with one building, six schools, a law department, eight                                      Walking the Forty Acres may take     Tr an hour or more. Please wear comfortable



professors, a proctor and 221 students. Today, the university is home to                                     shoes and weather-appropriate clothing.


about 50,000 students, 15 colleges and schools, more than 100 under-



graduate and 170 graduate degree programs, and more than 3,000 faculty.                                      (A more detailed map and directional assistance is available at the General

                                                                                                             Information Desk on the first floor of the Main Building, the Tower.)

The university’s main campus began on forty acres set aside on College

Hill when Austin became the state capital. Today the main campus covers

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                                                                                                                                                          © The University of Texas at Austin • Office of Admissions • May 2010
  1     Littlefield Memorial Fountain / Harry Ransom Center / South Mall

Littlefield Memorial Fountain (LLF)                     Harry Ransom Center (HRC)                               South Mall
Major George W. Littlefield donated the fountain        One of the world’s finest cultural archives, the        The grassy area directly south of the Tower and
to the university as part of the Littlefield Memorial   Harry Ransom Center houses 36 million literary          north of the Littlefield Fountain is known as the
Entrance Gate. The fountain contains three              manuscripts, one million rare books, five million       South Mall. Students use the area to relax between
concentric pools on different levels with jets          photographs, and over 100,000 works of art.             classes and several campus events take place here
of water spraying on a bronze group featuring           Highlights include the Gutenberg Bible (c. 1455),       throughout the year (Commencement, Forty Acres
Columbia returning home victorious from World           the first photograph (c. 1826), important paintings     Fest, concerts, etc.). The South Mall is surrounded
War I on the bow of a war ship. In her right hand       by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, major manuscript       by six bronze statues of men who influenced
is the Torch of Light and in her left is the Palm of    collections (including James Joyce, Ernest              southern history; the statues form an honor court of
Victory; the young men to her sides represent the       Hemingway, T.S. Eliot, D.H. Lawrence, Isaac             sorts to the Main Mall Terrace where Jefferson Davis
army and navy and the sea horses symbolize the          Bashevis Singer, and Tennessee Williams), and the       and Woodrow Wilson stand opposite each other,
surging ocean. This fountain is often the site of       collections of Robert DeNiro and Woody Allen. The       facing south (this is said to represent the unification
student shenanigans and goings on, from detergent       Center is used extensively for research by scholars     of the north and south after the Civil War). The
in the fountain to live, large, dangerous reptiles.     from around the world and presents numerous             George Washington statue was later erected by the
                                                        exhibitions and events showcasing its collections.      Daughters of the American Revolution in the State
¾ Facing the Littlefield Fountain, look at the white    Exhibitions and events are free and open to the         of Texas.
building to your left through the trees.                public.
  .                                                                                                             ¾ Walk north toward the Tower; stop between the
                                                        ¾ Walk up either set of steps next to the               two flagpoles.
                                                        fountain onto the grassy area.

 2     Main Building / Tower / Capitol / Main Mall / Garrison Hall / Battle Hall

Main Building and Tower (MAI)
The Main Building and its Tower were constructed        quarter hour. The University Carilloneur plays          The Tower is lit orange on special occasions such as
between the years of 1932 and 1937; its beige           ten-minute concerts weekly (MWF from 12:50-1            commencement, Forty Acres Fest, or the awarding
limestone bricks were quarried in Bedford, Indiana.     p.m.) and evening concerts for special occasions.       of a Nobel Prize to a UT professor and in recognition
The consulting architect on the project was             The carillioneur has been known to play “Chopin’s       of athletic and academic victories.
Frenchman Paul Philippe Cret. The Tower, which          Funeral March” during finals week and “Let it Snow”
stands majestically at the top of what was formerly     in the middle of the summer.                            The southern façade of the Main Building features
known as College Hill, has 30 floors although only                                                              the University’s seal in the southern archway and
27 are accessible by elevator. The Tower is 307 feet    Slightly beneath the massive clock faces is the         this quote from the Gospel of John 8:32: Ye shall
tall, while the Texas State Capitol is 311 feet tall.   Tower observation deck, which was crowned by            know the truth and the truth shall make you free.
Texas Law makes it illegal for anything to be built     a stainless steel lattice when it was reopened          Two dates are also on the southern façade: 1836,
that would obstruct the view between the Capitol        on September 15, 1999. The Tower observation            the year Texas gained its independence from
and the Tower.                                          deck has held the nation’s attention throughout         the Republic of Mexico, and 1936, the projected
                                                        its history. One of the most tragic instances in        completion date of the Main Building.
¾ Look south toward the Capitol.                        university history occurred on August 1, 1966 when
                                                        a sniper barricaded himself on the observation deck     The main admissions office is located in the Main
The University’s official timepieces are the Tower      and killed or wounded 48 victims within 90 minutes.     Building in room 7.
clock faces which are trimmed in gold leaf and have     The Tower Memorial Garden, the grassy area just
an impressive diameter of 14 feet and 8 inches.         north of the Tower near the Turtle Pond, is dedicated
A 56-bell carillon, Knicker Carillon, crowns the        to the victims of the shooting.
structure, chiming the Westminster Peal every
Main Mall                                                     Garrison Hall (GAR)                                     Battle Hall (BTL)
The open area between the grassy South Mall and               Completed in 1962 and named for George P.               Completed in 1911, Battle Hall was designed
the Main Building is known as the Main Mall. This is          Garrison, one of the first faculty members of The       by Cass Gilbert, a renowned architect who also
the location of several annual campus-wide events             University. On the façade of the building, famous       designed the Woolworth Building in New York
including Gone to Texas, Texas Revue, and pep                 brands of Texas ranches as well as the names of         and the United States Supreme Court Building in
rallies (The Torchlight Parade and the Hex Rally)             Texas pioneers can be seen. Currently houses the        Washington, D.C. This was the first building on
against our biggest rivals: OU and Texas A&M.                 History Department.                                     campus to be completed in the now signature
                                                                                                                      Spanish Renaissance style. The external façade is
¾ Look to the southeast corner of the Main Mall               ¾ Look west across the Main Mall.                       decorated with the signs of the Zodiac. The building
at Garrison Hall.                                                                                                     currently houses the Architecture Library, which
                                                                                                                      served as a library for the entire campus at one
                                                                                                                      point; it is connected to the West Mall Building.

                                                                                                                      In 2007 the American Institute of Architects
                                                                                                                      announced that Battle Hall was included on its list of
                                                                                                                      America’s Favorite Architecture.

                                                                                                                      ¾ Walk toward Battle Hall and take a right; proceed
                                                                                                                      until you reach the area with two walkways with
                                                                                                                      large planters in the middle.

 3       West Mall Planters / Cesar Chavez Statue / Flawn Academic Center / Union / The Drag / Architecture

West Mall                                                     Cesar Chavez Statue ( )                                 The Flawn Academic Center (FAC)
(area directly east of Guadalupe Street, The Drag, and west   (between Battle Hall and the planters)                  (the building across the West Mall from Battle Hall)
of the Tower)
                                                                                                                      The Flawn Academic Center is a state-of-the-
Several student organizations use this space to               A statue honoring Cesar Chavez, the late civil rights   art technology and collaboration facility at The
advertise their programs, recruit new members,                activist and labor leader, was unveiled in early        University of Texas at Austin. Offering flexible
or to protest the issue of the day. The area was              October 2007. The bronze statue is located in the       study spaces, multimedia services, and upgraded
originally a grassy knoll. The decision to pave it            heart of the UT Austin campus on the West Mall–         computer labs, the FAC is designed to support the
and place plant beds in its center caused much                one of the busiest areas on campus.                     academic and research goals of our entire campus
controversy; however, the area remains a rally                                                                        community.
space for students and faculty.                               The statue project was initiated in 2002 by several
                                                              student organizations who succeeded in obtaining
                                                              funding for the project primarily through student       ¾ Walk west toward Guadalupe Street.
Texas Union Building (UNB)                               The Drag                                                   Architecture Buildings: (GOL, SUT, BTL)
(west of Flawn Academic Center)                          Guadalupe Street was nicknamed “The Drag” by               Goldsmith Hall, Sutton Hall, Battle Hall
Constructed in 1933, this building has long been         University students. It is a popular strip for retail      (across the west mall from Texas Union)
the center of student activity. Currently, it houses     shopping, picking up the latest UT paraphernalia,          Goldsmith, Sutton, and Battle Halls constitute
several restaurants, meeting rooms, dance-practice       or grabbing a bite to eat. After big athletic victories,   The University’s prestigious School of
rooms, The Cactus Cafe, a small campus store,            students are known to cruise The Drag honking              Architecture. Goldsmith houses several studios
a bowling alley and pool hall, a movie theatre, a        horns in celebration.                                      and classrooms; it was completely renovated
ballroom, the Informal Classes Office, and the                                                                      in 1986 (students contributed to the design).
Texas Union Program Office. Tickets for a tour of        Looking for souvenirs?                                     The School of Architecture is ranked among the
the Tower observation deck can also be arranged          The Co-Op located on the Drag across from                  top ten Architecture programs in the country by
through the Union Information Center. Much               campus offers a wide variety of UT memorabilia.            DesignIntelligence (2008). The school is home to
attention was paid to detail when the building was                                                                  approximately 350 undergraduates in four different
being constructed—characters from the Mayan                                                                         areas of study.
calendar can be found on the tiles on the stairs
leading from the West Mall to the Presidential
                                                                                                                    ¾ Walk north through the Union patio between the
Lobby; ornate woodcarvings of former Presidents
                                                                                                                    Union and the Flawn Academic Center until you
of The University can be found in the Presidential
                                                                                                                    reach the large live oak trees at 24th Street.

  4      The Battle Oaks and the Barbara Jordan Statue / Littlefield Home

The Battle Oaks                                          Barbara Jordan Statue ( )                                  Littlefield Home (LFH)
(large trees north of the Union and south of 24th St.)   (northeast corner of the Battle Oaks)                      (Victorian-style architecture)
These three intertwined oak trees have existed           Nestled beneath the Battle Oaks is a statue of             Completed in 1894 at a cost of $50,000 and
since the Civil War. When word reached Austin that       Barbara Jordan, the latest addition to the Forty           donated to The University in 1935 by Major George
northern troops were advancing from Galveston,           Acres’ noteworthy landmarks. Ms. Jordan was the            W. Littlefield, a member of the Board of Regents
all oak trees in the area except for the Battle Oaks     first African American woman from the south to             and an important benefactor who lived in the house
were cut down so that a fortress could be built          serve in the U.S. Congress. Her career spanned four        with his family for several years. The first floor
on the hill to protect the capitol. Another threat       decades and her passion for her country’s ideals           has been restored to resemble its late nineteenth
arose almost fifty years after The University was        and her rousing oratory style brought her success          century appearance; the building is no longer open
founded when plans to construct the Biology              as a politician, a champion of civil rights, and a         for public tours. The attic is said to be haunted by
Laboratories would have destroyed the majestic           professor at The University of Texas at Austin.            Mrs. Littlefield.
trees. Dr. William J. Battle, for whom the trees are     The statue was dedicated and unveiled on April 24,
named, initiated a movement to save the historic         2009.                                                      ¾ Walk north on Whitis Ave. toward Dean Keeton
trees—he succeeded, and the building was moved                                                                      Street.
to its current location. Today the trees are a popular   ¾ Walk across 24th Street.
meeting spot for students. The University’s 4500
trees are valued in the tens of millions of dollars!
 5      Honors Residence Halls / Jesse H. Jones Communication Center / GIAC / Kinsolving / Duren Hall

Honors Residence Halls (AND, CRD, BLD)                    Jesse H. Jones                                           Graduate and International
(Andrews, Carothers, and Blanton Residence Halls are on   Communication Center (CMA)                               Admissions Center (WWH)
the east side of Whitis Ave.)                             (southwest corner of Whitis Ave. and Dean Keeton St.)    (northwest corner of Guadalupe and 25th St.)
Andrews Residence Hall, named for Jessie Andrews,         This three-building center, named for a publisher        The Graduate and International Admissions Center
the first female faculty member, currently provides       of The Houston Chronicle, was completed in 1973          (GIAC) is housed in Walter Webb Hall. Graduate
housing to 118 men and women who are in Honors            and houses the College of Communication, TV              school applications and graduate and undergraduate
Programs. Carothers, connected to Andrews via             studios, lecture halls, research labs, the KLRU TV       international admissions applications are processed
a breezeway, provides housing for 124 men and             station, The Daily Texan (the most award-winning         by GIAC.
women. Blanton Residence Hall was named for               college newspaper in the nation) and The Cactus
Annie Webb Blanton, a professor of education              Yearbook offices. The College is recognized for          For more information call 512-475-7390 or visit
and the first woman president of the Texas State          its mix of technology, music and film. Specialized (for graduate information)
Teachers Association. She was also the first woman        units, including the Annette Strauss Institute for       and
elected to state office in Texas. The building houses     Civic Participation, the Telecommunications and          (for international undergraduate information).
270 men and women. The university offers over 60          Information Policy Institute, the Knight Center for
honors opportunities for UT students.                     Journalism in the Americas and The University of
                                                          Texas Film Institute provide opportunities for faculty
¾ Walk north on Whitis Ave. toward Dean Keeton            and students to engage in scholarly activities that
Street; stop at the corner.                               benefit society.

Kinsolving Residence Hall (KIN)                           Almetris Duren Hall (ADH)
(northeast corner of Whitis Ave. and Dean Keeton St.)     (southeast corner of Guadalupe and 27th Street)
Named after Bishop George Kinsolving, this all            Duren Hall is the University’s newest residence
female residence hall houses 776 students and was         hall, housing 576 men and women with private
opened in 1958. The building has a large dining           bathrooms. The facility was named for Almetris
facility, two open-air patios, a two-level sundeck,       “Mama” Duren, a house mother and mentor to
several lounges, and community and connecting             young African American students during UT’s
bath facilities. The Division of Housing and Food         first years of integration. Mama Duren influenced
Service is located on the south side of the building      students’ lives for 24 years as a UT staff member.
and can assist with on- and off-campus housing
information.                                              ¾ Turn right onto Dean Keeton Street and walk to
                                                          the Southwest corner of University Ave. and Dean
Thirsty?                                                  Keeton Street.
Visit Kin’s Korner for convenience store items
on the ground floor of Kinsolving.
 6      Littlefield Residence Hall / Student Services Building / College of Pharmacy

Littlefield Residence Hall (LTD)                         Student Services Building (SSB)                          Pharmacy Building (PHR)
(on the southwest corner of Dean Keeton Street and       (on the northeast corner of Dean Keeton Street and       (on east side of University Ave.)
University Ave.)                                         University Ave.)
                                                                                                                  Completed in 1952 and renovated in 1981 and
Littlefield Hall, the oldest residence hall on campus,   The Student Services Building was completed in           home to the oldest Pharmacy college in Texas. On
accommodates 155 women. It was built in 1927             1997; it houses several important offices, such as       view throughout the building are the contents of
and is a place full of history and tradition. Freshman   University Health Services, the Office of Student        an apothecary shop founded in 1864 in Jefferson,
female residents are immersed in an environment          Financial Services, the Multicultural Information        Texas. Also on display are the interior fixtures from
which provides a perfect transition from home to         Center, and the Office of the Dean of Students.          the Clesi Desire Drug Store in New Orleans (circa
school. The residence hall was named for Alice                                                                    1871) and a complete antique drug store moved
Littlefield, the wife of Major Littlefield.              ¾ Turn right on University Ave. and walk toward          from Cuero, Texas. This was the first building on
                                                         24th Street on the left side of the parking lot.         campus to have central air-conditioning, a must
Ready for a quick snack? Visit the Littlefield Patio                                                              in Texas!
Café to satisfy that hunger.
                                                                                                                  ¾ Follow the sidewalk on University Ave. to the west
                                                                                                                  of the Home Economics Building; turn left onto 24th
                                                                                                                  Street and walk to the corner of 24th Street and

 7      The College of Natural Sciences / The Cockrell School of Engineering

The College of Natural Sciences (WEL)                    The Cockrell School of Engineering
(several buildings on 24th Street house CNS classes)     (MBB, RLM, ECJ, PAT, WRW)
The College of Natural Sciences has several              (The Engineering complex is on the northeast corner of
exemplary programs that consistently rank                24th Street and Speedway.)
in the top 25 among public institutions. The college     The Cockrell School of Engineering is among the
offers a Bachelor of Arts degree with nine majors        country’s top engineering schools. Faculty members
and forty-six Bachelor of Science degrees in the         are recognized worldwide for their expertise. The
undergraduate degree programs. Natural Sciences          School ranks fourth in the number of faculty who
offers honors programs, advising for undergraduate       are National Academy of Engineering members, and
health profession students, opportunities for            members have earned more than 70 young faculty
undergraduate research and interdisciplinary studies     awards from the National Science Foundation.
along with other unique programs designed to             Every Wednesday night while UT is in session, the
enhance learning experiences.                            astronomy department sponsors free public star
                                                         parties on the roof of Robert Lee Moore Hall, the
¾ Walk across 24th Street; stop on the                   tallest building in the Engineering complex, home
southwest corner.                                        to the university’s 16-inch telescope. Take the
                                                         elevators in RLM to the 17th floor and follow the
                                                         signs to the telescope. (Notice the telescope on the
                                                         roof of RLM.)

                                                         ¾ Walk south on Speedway; stop at the east steps
                                                         leading toward the Tower.
  8     East Mall / MLK Statue / Jackson Geological Sciences Building

East Mall /                                               Jackson Geological Sciences (JGB)                       Beyond the East Mall Fountain in the distance are
Statue of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ( )                                                                         The College of Fine Arts, the Performing Arts
                                                          The Jackson School of Geosciences is both old           Center, and The Lyndon Baines Johnson Library
(grassy area east of the Tower)                           and new. It traces its origins to a Department of       and Museum.
The statue of civil rights leader Martin Luther King,     Geology founded in 1888 but became a separate
Jr. was completed and unveiled in an emotional            unit at the level of a college only on September 1,
                                                          2005. The school’s formation resulted from one          ¾ Continue walking south on Speedway; notice
ceremony in September of 1999. It is the second                                                                   to your left the upper-deck of the Darrell K. Royal
statue of the civil rights leader to be erected on a      of the most generous gifts in the history of higher
                                                          education when the late John A. and Katherine G.        Texas Memorial Stadium, and stop at the corner of
college campus.                                                                                                   Speedway and 21st Street.
                                                          Jackson bequeathed endowments and assets to
This is the first of several statues to be erected in     the university presently valued at over $300 million.
honor of 20 th century leaders.                           This is the University’s newest academic college
                                                          which unites one of the largest and most
The East Mall is also home to the campus’ infamous        respected academic departments of geological
albino squirrel, said to bring good luck to test-taking   sciences with two world-renowned research units,
students if they see it on their way to class.            the Institute for Geophysics and the Bureau of
                                                          Economic Geology.

  9     Gregory Gymnasium / McCombs School of Business / Jester Center / The Perry Castañeda Library

Gregory Gymnasium (GRE)                                   McCombs School of Business (CBA)                        Jester Center (JES)
(northeast corner of Speedway and 21st Street)            (northwest corner of Speedway and 21st Street)          (southeast corner of Speedway and 21st Street)
The gymnasium was named for Thomas Watt                   One of the largest and most distinguished business      Named for a former governor of Texas, Beauford
Gregory, one of the first 13 graduates of The             schools in the country. With strength in all major      H. Jester, who was also a member of the Board of
University of Texas. The gymnasium was built in           business disciplines, the school is especially known    Regents, Jester Center was completed in 1969. It
1930 at an approximate cost of $500,000 and at            for its strong record of job placement in finance,      provides living accommodations for about 3,000
its onset was one of the pioneering projects for          consulting, and marketing, and for innovative           students and houses the UT Learning Center,
the advancement of the campus. Gregory Gym                programs in technology, management, and                 the Career Exploration Center, a campus store,
has served as the home to various athletic teams,         accounting. The McCombs School of Business is           and several dining options. Several classrooms
including basketball, swimming, and currently             the highest ranked business school in Texas and the     (including an auditorium), a game room, a TV
women’s volleyball.                                       Southwest. The Business School was renamed after        lounge, and volleyball courts are also located in
                                                          San Antonio businessman, Red McCombs, who               the complex.
Facilities include a spectacular outdoor aquatic          gave a $50 million cash gift to the Business School
complex, handball, squash, and racquetball courts,        in 2000.
a climbing wall, and a café. Gregory Gym’s 1997
multi-million dollar renovations added a work-
out theater to the facilities in addition to modern
recreational equipment.

The Hook ’em Horns sign was introduced in Gregory
Gymnasium during a 1955 pep rally by head yell
leader Harley Clark, Jr.
The Perry Castañeda Library (PCL)
(southwest corner of Speedway and 21st Street)          ¾ Walk south on Speedway across 21st Street and
Named for Dr. Ervin S. Perry, the first African         stop at the grassy area where the street ends.
American appointed to the academic rank of
professor at The University, and Dr. Carlos E.
Castañeda, a professor of Latin American History
and a developer of The University’s esteemed Benson
Latin American Collection. Since 1977, the PCL has
been renowned as one of the most used-for-research
libraries in the United States; it houses 2.5 million
volumes. This academic establishment includes 9.3
acres of carpeting and 70 miles of shelving. A great
view of the top of the PCL can be seen from the
observation deck of the Tower.

Need a boost?
Drop into Prufrock’s Coffee Shop for a little java.

 10     Blanton Museum of Art / George Sanchez Building: College of Education

The Blanton Museum of Art (BMA)                         George Sanchez Building:                              East of the Blanton Museum and Jester Center you
(complex on both sides of grassy area)                  The College of Education (SZB)                        will find the school of Social Work located on San
                                                                                                              Jacinto Street and southeast of that you’ll find the
The Blanton is the largest University art museum in     (south of the PCL and west of the Blanton Museum)
                                                                                                              School of Nursing located on Red River Street near
the nation. Today the Blanton’s collection of modern    Since 1891, when the College of Education was         MLK Jr. Blvd.
and contemporary American art is a significant          founded at The University of Texas at Austin, its
resource of more than four thousand paintings,          mission has been to be a leader and a symbol of
prints, drawings, sculptures, and works in new                                                                If you would like to return to the place where your
                                                        excellence in education, research and service on
media from the mid-19th century to the present.                                                               tour started, please follow 21st Street west to its
                                                        both the state and national level. Ranked eighth
The Blanton has 17,000 works of art.                                                                          intersection with University Avenue. From there you
                                                        among public institutions in the U.S., the College
                                                                                                              will be able to see the Littlefield Fountain and the
                                                        aims to revolutionize learning and redefine the
The museum was named for Jack S. Blanton, former                                                              Tower, the first stops on your tour, to your north.
                                                        boundaries of knowledge by combining cutting-edge
chairman of the UT System Board of Regents.             methodology with a commitment to teaching and
                                                        a scientific approach. The innovations discovered     We hope you enjoyed your tour of campus. If you or
                                                        by researchers in the College are being shared with   someone you know is interested in learning more
                                                        educators and communities around the world.           about admission to the university, please visit the
                                                                                                              Freshman Admissions Center at John Hargis Hall,
                                                                                                              located on the southeast corner of Red River Street
                                                                                                              and MLK Jr. Blvd. You may also visit Be a Longhorn
                                                                                                              ( and consider
                                                                                                              participating in an on-campus event or visit.

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