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Meet & Greet with Fortune 100
Employers Online

     October 22 – November 5, 2008

                                       Secondary Information
                                        October 22-November



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      Learn more the industry & current market dynamics

      Gain insights about company culture and MBA hiring

      Meet & Greet recruiting contacts

      Ask questions!

  Coming Events: here
 Headline for slide Virtual Corporate
Company Host               Presentation Schedule
Citi                       10/22, 5-6pm
IBM                        10/23, 5-6pm
J&J                        10/27, 6-7pm
John Deere                 10/28, 5-6pm
E&Y                        10/29, 5-6pm
Goldman Sachs              10/29, 6-7pm
Bank of America            11/3, 5-6 pm
Wachovia                   11/3, 6-7 pm
Merrill Lynch              11/4, 5-6 pm
Chevron                    11/4, 6-7 pm
MetLife                    11/5, 5-6 pm

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Headline for slide MBA Webinars
   Financial Services FAST Track
   Online Panel: Interview Do’s & Don’ts
   Monday, November 17 -- 5:00 to 6:00 pm EST
   Are you getting ready to start the interview process? Need a
   refresher course on how to make a great first impression? Not sure
   what to expect given the economy?
   Citi, Deutsche Bank and Goldman, Sachs & Co. want to help
   you maximize your interview opportunities>>
   --What to do before, during, and after the interview
   --Review typical types of interview questions and the content for a
   ½ hour interview
   Learn how to market yourself
   from these leading recruiting experts!

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    Gaining the Competitive Advantage—Increase Comfort in the Stretch Zone
    Kathryn Mayer, CEO, KC Mayer Consulting
    February 17, 6pm EST
       As women advance, they need to become career savvy which means that these women
       leaders know what smart career risks to take and how to manage them successfully. Smart
       risk taking comes from understanding the three zones of performance: comfort, stretch, and
       yikes; and learning how to thrive in the stretch zone.

    The Balance Equation: Combining Work and Life without Subtracting Life
    Judith Finer Freedman, Founder of The Balanced Worker Project
    April 21, 6pm EST
       Join in on this web seminar where you will learn the essentials for balancing work and home
       demands without compromising your career path. Judith will provide you with winning
       strategies for communicating your personal needs to managers, establishing equity as a
       new hire, and understanding best flexible practices in the field.

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                      MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

  •   MBA Women’s Conference
      June 26-27, 2009
      New York, NY
  •   Career Fair
      June 26, 2009
  •   Dialogue With Leadership Luncheon
      June 26, 2009
      Deirdre Connelly, President, Lilly USA
      Pattie Sellers, Editor, Fortune

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                          Power Tools!
   Forté’s job finder, resume database, and online directory

                         Upload your resume today!

      Post your resume in our Power Tools job bank and browse job openings
       posted by leading organizations.
      Take control of your job search by using Forté’s Network of Women
       Leaders directory to identify job contacts or potential mentors.

 Presentation Format
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          25 minutes – company presentation
          5 minute – live survey
          15 minutes – Q&A online via the Q&A section on
           the lower right hand corner of your computer
          5 minutes – close session

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   Let’s Get Started!

   IBM's goal is to be the premier global employer of women with a special
   commitment to working mothers. They focus on increasing their recruiting
   efforts among women; nurturing their careers once they're hired; and
   multiplying the number of women in their executive ranks.



 Speaker Introduction
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   Ricki Silveria
   University Hiring Manager, Sales & Distribution Division, East Region

   Ricki works as the East region university hiring manager. In this
   role she recruits and trains new sales talent for the IBM Sales and
   Distribution division. These new sales representatives go on to sell
   IBM solutions consisting of hardware, software and services to all
   of IBM’s client base along the Eastern seaboard and as far west as

   Ricki graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and currently
   resides in Charleston, SC with her husband and dogs.

An IBM University Recruiting
Ricki Silveria

IBM... A View from the Top

     When people turn to IBM, what are they

     Companies, institutions and individuals trying
     to imagine what the world might be are looking
     for a unique capacity to conceptualize
     opportunities, to analyze developments, and to
     tackle and overcome grand challenges. At the
     most basic level, IBM's defining value over the
     years has not been our assets, our size or our
     offerings. It has been the way we think.
Innovation that Matters… for the World

“IBM’s Five in Five”

                                 The Genographic Project

                              World Community Grid

                                       The World in 2050
 Live Survey
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   See pop-up box.

  Where is IBM?
      Corporate headquarters: Armonk, NY

      Serving customers in 170 countries worldwide

                                A few of our IBM US Sites…..

                                                                                    Research Triangle
Thomas J. Watson                                                                          Park
Research Center                            IBM Corporate
                                                                                      Raleigh, NC
Yorktown Heights, NY                        Headquarters
                                            Armonk, NY

                 IBM Manufacturing Plant                   IBM Silicon Valley Lab
                     Rochester, MN                          San Jose, California
IBM Means Recognized Leadership

            Perfect 100 Corp.
            Quality Index, 5th year
            in a row
            Human Rights Campaign
                                      Ranked #9 in 50 Best Internship
  IBM Named No. 2 in
 Top Global Diversity
         Companies                                   IBM Named
          Diversity Inc.                             Working Mother
                                                     100 Best
                                                     Companies for 21
                                                     years - Top 10
              IBM Named #4 in ―Best                  Every year
              Places to Launch a                     Working Mother
IBM… Patently Impressive

    In 2007, IBM earned 3,125 US
    patents, representing the work of
    more than 5,200 inventors

    Helped establish Eco-Patent
    Commons, committing
    environmentally responsible
    patents to the public domain.

    IBM Interns on 31% of Research‘s
    submitted patents & 25% of
    original filings in 2007.
What‘s in the Box?

 More than 400 IBMers worked on the Xbox project along with several Microsoft
   employees bringing the three-core microprocessor from concept to finished
   product in less than two years.

 IBM owns the 'Triple Crown' of the gaming world, with Power Architecture the
   choice of all three major gaming platforms for next-generation systems: Microsoft
   for Xbox 360, Sony for the PlayStation 3 game console, and Nintendo for
   Nintendo Revolution.

 The CPUs are manufactured both by IBM in East Fishkill, NY and by Chartered
   Semiconductor, an IBM development and manufacturing partner, at a Chartered
   fab in Singapore.

  Fortune magazine says gaming is a $7 billion-a-year industry, with an
   estimated 200 million people worldwide playing online in rich graphic
  environments. "Gaming is pushing the limits of real-time graphics and
 leading to sophisticated, highly immersive user interfaces, new forms of
                                                                            Employees in Burlington, Vt.,
   multi-user collaboration, and other innovations with crucial non-game      test play an Xbox 360
The Summit Program:
Developing High Performance Leaders
  Acquire renowned sales and leadership training that is respected

  Manage clients and engage top level executives on exciting thought
   leadership projects

  Solve complex business problems across a diverse, team-oriented

  Develop skills that will propel you into leadership roles and provide
   career flexibility

  Earn compensation based on your contributions to IBM’s performance
         In 2007, Fortune magazine recognized IBM with a top 10 position
               in its rankings of Top Global Companies for Leaders.
The Summit Program:
Foundational Elements
                                       3 to 5 years of relevant work experience preferred
  1   Attracting top talent            MBA degree preferred
                                       Sales & leadership experience preferred

                                         Organized start group/cohort
  2   Assimilation into IBM culture      Connections Coach for on boarding
                                         Expert Sales Mentor assigned
                                         Access to Sales Leaders & Regional Executives
                                         Networking events and forums

                                       Formal training over first 12 weeks
      Developing high performance        • Attend Global Sales School which includes scenario-based
  3   leaders                              sessions with experienced IBM personnel
                                         • Detailed product training: Top Gun / Navigator
                                       Informal training (client calls, account planning, etc.)

                                       Challenging learning scenarios with ongoing feedback
  4   Measurable performance           4Q Projects that build pipeline and/or generate revenue
                                       Short-term training goals and long-term career development
IBM Go to Market Sales Coverage Model: Accounts

                                                       All IBM Accounts

       Integrated                    Aligned                                          General Business Accounts
        Accounts                    Accounts                                                    (SMB)

    Large, global

                                                     Financial Services
                                                                                      Enterprise           Mid Market

                                                                          Public    1K or more           Under 1K
                                                                                     employees             employees
                                                                                    Complex IT           Smaller IT Staffs
                                                                                     requirements         Less self-
                                                                                    Require industry      integration
                                                                                     knowledge             capability
                                                                                    Prefer to buy IBM    Prefer Business
                      Large accounts                                                direct                Partner
                      Aligned by Industry
IBM Go To Market Sales Coverage Model: Roles
                                    Client Representative or Territory
                                          Sales Representative

       Systems & Technology (STG)                                            Coverage Software
             Sales Specialist                                            Sales Representative (CSSR)

Systems & Technology (STG)                                                     Brand Software
    Technical Specialist                     IBM Client                        Sales Specialists

            Global Financing                                             Brand Technical Software
           Representative (IGF)                                              Sales Specialists

                                           Services (Consulting)
                                           Sales Representative
• HR
  Paperwork                                                             The Summit Program:
• Your IBM
• Systems /
  Software        Global Sales School (GSS) Kickoff
                                                                        Formal Training Section
  Overview            Save the Deal Challenge

               Week 1:            Week 2:           Week 3:                Practice Sales Calls
               •Kickoff           •Team Work        •Learning Lab                                                    Prepare
               •Team Meetings                                                                                         Act
               •Team Work                                      Develop a Winning Proposal Challenge                    Reflect
              Brand education:                                Week 3:           Week 4:       Week 5:
               Top Gun / Navigator                           •Kickoff          •Team Work    • e-Deliverable    Completed over 12 Weeks
               Industry                                      •Team Meetings                    Assessment
               Services                                                                                         • Seller‘s Workplace
                                                                                                                 • Signature Sales
                         Feed the Pipeline Challenge                                                               Leadership Cadence
                Week 6:           Week 7:            Week 8:                                                     • Client Business Value
                •Kickoff          •Team Work         •Learning Lab                                                 Reports
                •Team Meetings
                •Team Work                                      Develop a Winning Solution Challenge             • Client Relationship
                                                                                                                   Management Tools
                                                               Week 8:           Week 9:       Week 10:          • Pipeline Management
                                                               •Kickoff          •Team Work    • e-Deliverable
                                                               •Team Meetings                    Assessment      • Deal Hub
                    Close the Deal Challenge
                           GSS Close                                                                             • OnTarget
                                                                         Other education:                        • Unit Content
                 Week 11:           Week 12:
                 •Kickoff           •Learning Lab                         Global Business Services
                 •Team Meetings                                           Prospecting Training
                 •Team Work
                                                                          Sales Tools
The role of marketing at IBM

Nearly 4,500 Marketing Professionals in IBM delivering
customer-focused strategies to:

  Increase brand value

  Drive differentiated customer-relevant offerings

  Enable our sales channel

  Build strong customer loyalty and high satisfaction
We are here today to recruit for the IBM Market
Insights Discipline.

  Market Insights
                                Mission: To drive IBM
  Market Management            to take better actions by
                                delivering trusted,
  Marketing Operations
                                integrated insights and
  Integrated Marketing         recommendations to
 Communications                 improve IBM
                                performance and fuel
IBM Market Insights offers diverse, consultant-like
job roles supporting the business.
                                                   Functional Teams
    Senior                                         Client Research
                                                   Knowledge Services
    Sales                      Segment Analyst
                                                   Market Analysis
  Executives                  (Market)
Communications   Relationship Market Data          Competitive Intelligence

    Strategy                  Strategist (Client
                              Info)                Analytics Consulting
     Legal                                         Database Marketing

                                                    MI Practices
Teams work together to embrace new methods and
technologies and to provide strategic insights on client
requirements, competition and market dynamics.

                             Segment Analysts
                                               responsible for client
                                               relationship with IBM
                                               business unit

      Functional Teams                        Market Data Strategists
       create new “assets” and capabilities   delivers behavioral insights
       that contribute to decision making.    about clients and partners
                                              from IBM data
Join Market Insights and participate in our orientation
and leadership development program.

 This program will allow new hires to:     ―The program is an excellent
                                           way to network with new MBA
  Get better acquainted with IBM          students, recent hires, and
                                           senior managers. It was
                                           inspiring to discover new
  Work on high-level strategic projects   areas of MI and opportunities
                                           to grow my skills and enrich
  Network and collaborate with other      my career at IBM.‖
    new MBAs and executives                           -Tor Steiner, IBM
                                                      Market Opportunity
  Take executive education courses                   Analyst
                                                      PSU MBA ‗06
  Demonstrate leadership
Market Insights: Driving growth for IBM
Offering competitive internships

                                                    ….“ I found IBM to be quite
  Small project teams of interns work on a         opposite to conventional
  strategic project aside seasoned IBM mentors      wisdom. Not only did I work
                                                    on and influence the
                                                    direction of one of the
  Individuals build skills for consulting and/or   challenging projects that
  client facing roles                               had real business impact,
                                                    but also, I thoroughly
  Get the opportunity to demonstrate project       enjoyed a rigorous and
                                                    rewarding summer at
  results to senior IBM executives and hiring
                                                    Vishwa Kolla,
  Exposure to future job opportunities             Carnegie Mellon
                                                    (2008 Intern)
                                                    Reference: Start@IBM

       Apply today @ ibm.com/careers (ref: jobpost #: CHQ-0187560)
Do you have what it takes to join MI?

   Preferred experience:           Required skills
                                    Analytical Skills
    Marketing                            Quantitative
                                          Qualitative
    Consulting
                                    Business acumen skills
    Market Research
                                    Consultative Skills
    Specialized skills – data            Problem-Solving, Decision
     analytics, primary research
     and data strategists
                                    Communication skills
                                          Informal - interpersonal
                                          Formal -

                                    Leadership Skills
 Live Survey
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   See pop-up box.


► IBM Global Business Services is the world’s largest consulting organization, exceeding its
    nearest competitor by more than US$1.3 billion in revenue, according to Consulting News.

► Management and Consultant International ranked IBM as the number one global consultant.
► At $54B in FY07 revenue, IBM Global Services represents 54% of IBM’s total revenue.
                                           But don’t take our word for it. The best
                                           way to learn what it’s like to be a
                                           consultant – is to hear directly from
                                           recent grads –who were in your shoes
                                           not so very long ago.

                                           To learn more about our service lines
                                           and career opportunities, visit our
                                           Careers Web site for Grads.

IBM was ranked by FORTUNE in the top
ten Best Places to Launch Your Career in
2007 and 2008.
Human Resources @ IBM
HR Disciplines:
►     Benefits                                                                        Key Development Experiences:
►     Compensation                                                                    ►     HR Partners Supporting Business Units
►     Employee Relations                                                              ►     Headquarters/Corporate HR
►     Workforce Research                                                              ►     Global Responsibility
►     Global Executive & Organizational Capability                                    ►     International Assignment
►     HR Information Technology                                                       ►     Managed Business Process Services
►     HR Generalist                                                                   ►     Human Capital Consulting
►     Learning & Professional Development                                             ►     Mergers & Acquisitions
►     Well-being & Health Benefits                                                    ►     Outsourcing Deals, HR Engagements
►     Talent Management                                                               ►     People Management
►     Diversity and Workforce Programs

HR Leadership Development Program:
►   Three year rotational program: Corporate Staff, Business Unit Support, Global Responsibility
►   Developmental Opportunities: Executive Roundtables, Executive Shadow Program, Peer-to-Peer Quarterly Mindshares, Career Coach

Peter Laird                                                                                                                         Alana Buckner
peter.laird@us.ibm.com                                                                                                          abuckne@us.ibm.com
An Internship Experience of a Lifetime…
IBM Extreme Blue

  Immersive internship program in our research labs around the world

  Small project teams that include business and technical students
   aside seasoned IBM mentors

  Access to leading technology while working on projects in emerging
   areas of the business

  Provide teams with the opportunity to demonstrate project results to
   senior IBM executives and hiring managers
IBM‘s Intranet, w3… a Workplace Playground

  Customized workplaces
  Homegrown instant
     messaging tools
  The River – our internal
    10,000 internal blogs
    1M hits/day to WikiCentral
    Intern generated ―Intern
    Beehive, an opt-in social
     networking site for IBMers
      A Closer Look at Beehive…

Work Hard… (Social) Network Hard
             IBM has over 24,000 Facebook users!
              Check out the new ―START@IBM‖ Fan Page
Work Hard… (Social) Network Hard
             IBM has over 155,000 LinkedIn users!
80% of Gen Y wants to work at socially responsible
company… and so does every IBMer!
  In 2008, we announced IBM Corporate Service Corps, a program to
   increase its global influence, improve employees’ leadership skills, help
   local communities, and foster the economies of emerging markets. In
   sending some 600 employees on volunteer assignments overseas, we will
   spend as much as $250 million in time and services over three years.
  IBM’s On Demand Community is a first-of-its kind initiative to encourage and
   sustain corporate philanthropy through volunteerism by arming employees
   and retirees with a rich set of IBM technology tools targeted for non-profit
   community organizations and schools.
  Project Big Green is a $1 billion investment to dramatically increase the
   efficiency of IBM products. This will not only make companies and public
   organizations' data centers more environmentally friendly, it will dramatically
   cut down on energy costs.
                                                           IBMers spend over 1
                                                            million hours each
                                                                 year doing
                                                           community service &
                                                             volunteer work!
Staying Flexible…
In Places Other than the Traditional Office (OTTO)

   Options on Where to Work
      –   Traditional office
      –   Customer site
      –   Mobility centers
      –   Home

   Options on When to Work
      – Individualized work schedule
      – Compressed / flexible work
      – Part-time / reduced work          More than 40% of IBM’s
        schedule                          workforce uses flexible
      – Leave of absence
                                          workplace practices
Our Rewards

                    Competitive, Performance-Based Pay

              How IBM does it…
                  – Business results drive pay investment
                  – Pay ranges based on extensive market research
                  – Managers evaluate your performance and
                    contributions to IBM’s success each year

              Your opportunity…
                  – Targeted investments in pay competitiveness
                  – Annual top contributor rewards for highest performers
                  – Sales and services incentive plans reward those who
                    deliver best results
                  – Growth Driven Profit-sharing program returns a portion
                    of revenue and profit growth to employees
Project View

What is Project View?
 Project View is IBM’s national diversity recruitment program, focused on
  hiring candidates from under-represented diversity groups
     –   University recruits
     –   Individuals within 18 months of graduation

Who are the candidates for Project View?
 Project View candidates are selected across all degree levels
  and disciplines
     –   Under-represented minorities, women, and people with disabilities
     –   Individuals of any specialty – technical, business, etc.

How it works
 Managers sign-up online for an opportunity to interview
   pre-screened candidates that meet their skill requirements
     –   Students are flown to the event and all costs are paid by IBM!

          In its 20 year history, Project View has been the cornerstone of diversity
                              recruiting for university hires at IBM!
What‘s Next? References to Apply

  How can students apply for university job opportunities?
     – ibm.com/start – search jobs for co-op/intern

  Where can students go for additional information?
     – Check out IBM’s Facebook Fan Page – “START@IBM”

  How can students apply for Extreme Blue?
     – ibm.com/extremeblue

  How can students apply for Project View?
     – Send your resume as an attachment to projectview@us.ibm.com

  How can students learn about other university initiatives at IBM?
     – ibm.com/university
     – ibm.com/education/students
For additional information or questions…

       <Insert Recruiters Name>
What IBM New University Hires Have to Say…

            Join                      Motivate                 Great Place
  Opportunity to leverage    Flexibility                Flexibility
  technical knowledge /
  interest                    Challenging work           Opportunities – growth,
  Opportunities – growth,                                 career, global
  career, global              Opportunities – growth,
  Company reputation          career, global             Innovation
  Flexibility
                              Technology                 Caliber of people
  Previous successful
  Respect shown me during
  recruitment process
  Salary
  Tuition reimbursement
  Global Opportunity
           Opportunity, Flexibility, Technology & Innovation attract,
              motivate and retain IBM’s New University Hires!
IBM Virtual in Second Life

                              IBM is in Second Life now
                                  –   Software development
                                  –   Strategy sessions to define policy & approach
                                  –   Greater IBM Connection- alumni interaction
                              In Meetings
                                  –   Business unit team meetings
                                  –   Virtual Block Party
                                  –   Developers
                                  –   WW Brainstorming-3D Jam concurrent with Innovation Jam
                              Education
                                  –   Advanced Business Institute classes
                                  –   Innovation Initiative
                                  –   Fresh Blue-internship program (China)
                                  –   GCG Sales On-line Game – sales training
                                  –   Onboarding around culture and values – in certain countries

                              And much more - check out IBM Island!
 Q&A Session
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   Type your questions in the online chat box.

 Closing Remarks
Headline for slide here

   --Thank you IBM!

   --Slide deck and recording of session will be posted on our
      online events web page.

   --Thanks for attending!

 Speaker Information
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   Ricki Silveria
   University Hiring Manager, Sales & Distribution
   Division, East Region


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