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									      Green Acres of Kern County Homeowners Association
                           Post Office Box 684
                          Ridgecrest, CA 93556
                              (760) 608-0274

                             October 13, 2011

New Owner
Green Acres Homeowners Association

           Re:   Green Acres HOA Dues & Collection Policy, Rules

Dear Homeowner:

Welcome to Green Acres Homeowners Association. The following
information is provided for your convenience in payment of dues,
following HOA news and information, and your requirements under the
governing documents and rules.

I.    Monthly Dues.
      Monthly Dues for the Unit are $100 per month and are due on the
1st of each month. If your dues are not received by the HOA by the
15th of the month at the close of business, a $10 late fee is charged.

     Please be advised that the HOA enforces its collection policy as
to all members and that no exceptions or waiver of late fees are made
for new owners. [We attach the Collections Policy to this letter.]

     Dues may be mailed to the HOA at its Post Office Box:

           Green Acres Homeowners Association
           P.O. Box 684
           Ridgecrest, CA   93556
           [Please note the correct zip code is 93556.]


You may place the payment in the mailbox located in the Gazebo on the
common area.
New Owner Information Letter
Page Two

Dues continued:
     You may find this information and a downloadable version of the
Collection Policy on the website for the HOA:


      Payment Coupons are available for download on the HOA’s website.

II.  Owner Address for Mailing:
     In order for the HOA to comply with its duties regarding official
mailings of the HOA (annual meeting notice and information,
collections, and other legal notices the HOA is required to mail), it
is imperative that the Owner provide the address which they designate
for official mailings of the HOA.
Please be sure to inform the HOA in writing if your address for
mailing is NOT the Unit address or if your mailing address should

III. Other Information.
     1.) Swimming Pool Key.
     This would be in the possession of the person you purchased the
Unit from and should be given to you in connection with the sale.
$25 is charged to replace lost keys, regardless of whether or not you
have been given the key from the Seller or their agents.

     Swimming Pool Keys are only issued to owners after they complete
the Pool Key Agreement; you may download this form from the HOA’s

      2.) Governing Documents (CC&Rs & Rules).
      These are available for download on the HOA’s website.

     You are required, as a condition of taking title to property
within a homeowners association, to follow all of the requirements of
the CC&R’s, as well as the Rules. The Rules are a separate document
existing under the authority of the CC&R’s. Please make sure that you
are familiar with the restrictions and duties of owners under the
CC&Rs and the Rules, as the HOA is required to enforce the Rules and
restrictions uniformly as to all owners.

     All occupants of your Unit are required to observe the Rules and
restrictions. [If you rent your Unit, please see the section below
for Landlords.]
New Owner Information Letter
Page Three

     Other Information – Continued.
     Please pay very close attention to the rules related to the use
of the Swimming Pool facilities, as this is one of the most common
areas where violations of the Rules arise, as well as for the
consideration of safety for which the rules are intended.

III. Landlord Information:
     1.   Rental Information Form.

     If you rent your Unit to others, the HOA must have this form on
file. Please download this form from the HOA’s website and mail it to
the HOA at our address for mailing. [This information must be updated
for each tenant/tenancy.]

     2.   Rules.
     You are required to provide the Rules to all tenants/tenancies of
your Unit. [The Swimming Pool Rules are a portion of the Rules.
Swimming Pool Rules are also posted in the Gazebo.]

IV.  Meetings.
     The Board of Directors generally meets once a month and we
welcome all Owners to attend and observe the meeting of the Board.
     The HOA observes the “Open Meeting Law”, whereby all Owners may
attend and observe meetings of the Board. A portion of each meeting
is devoted to “Community Forum”, where Owners may present ideas or
concerns to the Board before the meeting is restricted to the Board’s

     Meeting dates are posted in advance of the Meetings on the HOA’s
website and in the Gazebo. [Generally meetings are held on the same
day, each month, i.e., the 3rd Tuesday. Please check individual
meeting dates in the Gazebo or our website, as these may change to
coordinate with holidays and other concerns.]

     We welcome the input and participation of all Owners in the
operation of the Association. If you are able to assist, we
gratefully appreciate volunteer efforts in the various functions and
governing of the Association.

Finally, we again welcome you as Owners/Members and thank you for your
attention to these aspects of ownership in the Association.


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