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									                        2010/2011 Choral Booster Event Outlines

Eleventh Hour CD Release Party (TBD, 2010)
Every year, our a’cappella group, Eleventh Hour, produces a professional quality CD. The recording process is a
week long exercise that requires the group to work together and brings home the “working band” concept
they have been working toward all year long. The CD that is produced needs a good kick off to stimulate sales
through the year. Create a buzz. The A’capella Booster Parent Reps set the location, date and times depending
on the arrival of the CD and the student’s schedules.

      Publicity (press release, posters, flyers)
      Raffle items
      Set up & clean up
      CD Sales

All Choir Concert (Oct 20, 2010)
This is the first concert of the year. All three curricular choirs and FEC groups perform.

      Parents to help students back stage and make sure robes get put back in their proper place
      CD Sales
      A’cappella Festival concert ticket sales

A’Cappella Festival (Nov 12 & 13, 2010)
                       All Choir Booster families are required to participate at this event

We bring in other high school a’cappella groups from around the area for a day of fellowship, clinics and
critiques. The day concludes with a concert by a professional a’cappella group. The students involved talk
about their music with one another and share techniques. The festival includes clinics from our visiting
professional group and fun things for the students to participate in. One visiting student was heard to say,
“This was the best day of my life”.

      Security
      Food service
      Ticket sales
      Ushers
      Publicity for Evening Concert (press release, posters, flyers)
      Stage Manager
      Hospitality
      Set up & clean up
      CD Sales
Middle School Tour (Nov. 23, 2010)
Every year a group of Fairmont choir students visit the Kettering Middle Schools (KMS and VB) to perform and
get the middle school kids excited about the high school choir program.

      Help with storing the students lunches and drinks
      Chaperones for bus

Holiday Show (Dec 8, 2010)
This is our annual extravaganza to celebrate the holiday season. We turn the Fairmont Commons into a winter
wonderland and during the intermission of the show have desserts and fellowship. This is a Kettering tradition
dating back many years. We have raffles and silent auctions before the show and during the intermission with
the winners announced before the second half of the show.

      Ticket sales
      Publicity (press release, posters, flyers)
      Decorate Commons
      Transport desserts to Commons
      Sell 50/50 tickets
      Donations for silent auction
      Plate desserts
      Clean-up
      Parents to help students back stage and make sure robes get put back in their proper place

OMEA Preview Concert (March 1, 2011)
This concert is used by Mr. McDonald and Mr. Phan to fine tune the choirs’ performance in preparation for the
Ohio Music Educators Associations contest. This is a very valuable learning experience for the choir students.
Come out and listen to the choirs as they prepare for contest.

      Parents to help students back stage and make sure robes get put back in their proper place
Show Choir Invitational (Feb 25 & 26, 2011)
                      All Choir Booster families are required to participate at this event

Fifteen Show Choir groups come to Fairmont to perform their show and compete for the Grand Champion
Trophy. This will be our 24rd annual event and the Fairmont Invitational has become one of the premier stops
on the high school show choir competition circuit in Ohio with the top groups competing. Planning for the
Invitational begins in May and continues through February.

All booster families are required to participate. The good thing is there are so many fun things to help do that
it is really easy to get involved.

      Auditorium door monitors & ushers
      Publicity (press release, posters, flyers)
      Ticket sales
      Concession
      Merchandise sales
      Security
      Stage hands
      Administration office duties
      Medical help
      Hospitality
      Parking lot manager
      Excel expert (forms used for scoring)

Spring Musical (April 21-23 2010)
Fairmont’s Spring Musical has consistently been the areas not-to-miss performance. Auditions begin in
December and rehearsals are nonstop until opening night.

      Help with costumes
      Stage construction crew
      Ticket sales
      Publicity (press release, posters, flyers)
      Snacks for performers during rehearsals
      Ushers manager
      Historian (someone to snap pictures and videotape the performance)
OMEA State Contest (April 29, 2010)
All the hard work for the choral students pays off as they attend the state contest. Everyone is invited to
attend to cheer on the Firebirds!

      Chaperones for busses
      Pull robes trailer

Varity Show (May 18, 2010)
The Varity Show is Fairmont’s talent show. Students audition for positions on the stage. Any student at
Fairmont can audition any type of act from playing an instrument or singing even a comedy skit.

      Ticket sales
      Publicity (press release, posters, flyers)
      Ushers
      Merchandise sales

Choral Awards (May 22, 2010)
This end of year celebration is for the students. Awards for outstanding performances and “Best Ofs” are
awarded. We say good-by to the seniors and enjoy a little fellowship afterwards.

      Organize trophies & awards
      Organize snacks
      Help produce year end picture slide show

Choral Department Video Historian
   Through photographs and videos, capture the 2009/2010 school year in the choral program

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