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									                        Mrs. Smith’s PROCEDURES
Morning Procedures:
  1. Place backpacks, coats, hats, and other belongings on the shelf/hooks
  2. Turn in homework and notes to the bin
  3. Sharpen your pencils
  4. Sign in and choose your lunch put lunch boxes in tub
  5. Do your job if necessary
  6. Read the agenda on the board
  7. Complete the morning work
  8. Expect a Great Day!

Hallway Procedures:
   1. Line up in an orderly fashion behind the line leader
   2. Hands behind back or at your side
   3. Be Quiet and Respectful
   4. Walk in a single file line on the right side of the hallway
   Note: If you are going in the hallway without the entire class you must:
   1. Sign out the hall pass and place it on your desk
   2. Follow hallway procedures
   3. Sign the hall pass back in

End of the Day Procedures:
  1. Organize the items in your area
  2. Perform your job if necessary
  3. Make sure your agenda is filled out completely
  4. Put items in your backpack and gather your belongings from shelf
  5. Wait at your desk to line up at the door

Classroom Library Procedures:
   1. Treat books with respect
   2. You may borrow a book during your free time, in the morning, or at the end of the day
   Note: You may only have two books at your desk at a time. Classroom books are to stay at
   school they do NOT go home unless you ask.
 Group Work Procedures:
   1. Communicate in appropriate, inside voices
   2. Make sure everyone in the group is an active participant
   3. Stay on task
   4. Clean up and put materials away appropriately and correctly
   5. Raise your hand if you have a question
Individual Work Procedures:
   1. Work by yourself
   2. Be Quiet and Respectful
   3. Raise your hand if you have a question

How to use classroom supplies:
  1. Be respectful of supplies
  2. Make sure the supplies do not become a distraction to you or others.
  3. Put them back in the appropriate place when finished using them

How to move about the classroom:
  1. Move quickly and quietly
  2. Be sure not to distract others around you
  3. Be respectful to those working around you

Bathroom Procedures:
   1. Sign out and place the appropriate pass on your desk when the teacher is not talking
   2. Use the appropriate hallway procedures
   3. Be quiet, quick, clean, and respectful
   4. Sign the pass back in
   Note: You may only sign out to the bathroom once a day. If you need to go more than that
   you will owe me second recess.

Snack Procedures:
   1. Keep Clean
   2. Use manners
   3. Throw away trash when finished

Drinking Fountain Procedures:
   1. Use quickly and quietly when teacher is not talking
   2. Be respectful of others
   3. Clean up any water mess

Lunchroom Procedures:
   1. Communicate in an indoor voice
   2. Be respectful to each other and the adults in charge
   3. Make sure your area is clean and all of your waste has been thrown away in the
      appropriate spot.
Indoor Recess Procedures:
   1. Choose appropriate activities
   2. Stay in the classroom
   3. Interact quietly and calmly
   4. Show respect

Partner reading procedures:
Looks Like:
   1. Students sit together
   2. Students look at their book
   3. Students point to words
   4. Students are both reading the book
Sounds Like:
   1. Students may read together
   2. Students may take turns reading
   3. Students help each other with unknown words
   4. Students discuss what they’re re reading
   5. Students use their partner voices

Song Procedures:
   1. Move freely about the room
   2. Walk carefully
   3. Sing, dance, and have fun!

DEAR Procedures:
Looks Like:
   1. Sitting/Reading
   2. Spread around the room
   3. Just reading
   4. Reading by each self
   5. Calm – no goofing off
Sounds Like:
   1. Silent
   2. Silent
   3. Silent

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