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									                              Introducing the New KOHLER 17RES Residential Generator

Recognized Product Superiority
KOHLER generators are known throughout the industry for extraordinary reliability and performance. And that recognition is growing as the
KOHLER 12RES was named a “Best Buy”—as well as the highest-rated generator—in a leading consumer magazine in October 2006.
The new KOHLER 17RES residential generator is based on that premium level of excellence in design, so now you can enjoy the same
award-winning performance in a larger air-cooled generator.

The Smart Choice in an Air-Cooled Residential Generator
Kohler has packaged the most desired features with our incomparable performance to bring you the best air-cooled products available.
Here are just a few of the advantages you’ll find in the new 17RES—advantages that should be found in the generator that is protecting your
home and family:

     Safer Power for Sensitive Electronics
     •    Many power sources can damage and degrade sensitive home electronics due to unstable power quality or high levels of total
          harmonic distortion (THD). KOHLER residential generators protect all of your valuable appliances and sophisticated electronics
          with cleaner, safe and stable power that meets strict utility requirements and IEEE standards for THD.

     More Powerful Performance
     •    Kohler’s exclusive PowerBoost™ technology provides greater motor starting capability for large loads such as central air
          conditioners while still running other home appliances and electronics. The new 17RES will easily start a 5-ton central air
          conditioner and can run a 4-ton air conditioner at the same time.

     Quieter Operation
     •    Quiet operation: 65 dB(A) at 7 m, similar to a typical central air conditioner
     •    Sound enclosure maintains neighborhood solitude whether you are in self-test or full operation mode

     Faster Response
     •    While many competitive products can leave you in the dark for 30 seconds or more during an outage, the KOHLER 17RES
          generator restores power in as little as 10 seconds—3 times faster.

     More sophisticated diagnostic self-test
     •    While some competitive products perform a short, reduced-speed exercise each week, KOHLER residential generators perform a
          20-minute full-speed exercise cycle and self-diagnostic test weekly to ensure your generator is ready to run when you need it.
     •    Our quieter operation eliminates the need for less robust exercise cycles.
     •    Sophisticated fault codes on Kohler’s exclusive Advanced Digital Control let you know where service may be needed.

     Easier Service and Installation
     •    Unlike most competitive products our engines include hydraulic valve lifters for reliable performance without routine valve
          adjustment or lengthy break-in requirements
     •    The new 17RES is designed with a hinged roof for easy service access.
     •    Kohler’s new easy-connection terminal block provides faster, flexible installations
     •    KOHLER air-cooled generators include an integrated polymer pad for easier installations

     Superior five-year limited warranty included
     •    KOHLER residential generators are commercial grade and have the warranty to back it up. The 17RES generator is supported by
          a premium five-year limited warranty.

Basic Spec Chart: (note that complete specification sheets will be available online soon)

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