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					The Altamont        Enterprise - Thursday, September 23, 2004                                                                                                                                                                       31

                    Classified Ads                                                ^ Lights shine down brightly on Dutch
                                                                                                  By T i m M a t t e s o n              Colonie, 3-0," Newton said. "We                   on Friday and played to a score-
                                                 1649 H E L D E R B E R G TRAIL
       GARAGE SALE                          |    (Rte. 443), Berne Village Estate.
                                                                                            GUILDERLAND — T h e                         hit some nice balls into the attack               less t i e with Averill P a r k on
                                                                                         Guilderland girls' soccer players              in the second half. The first half it             Tuesday.
                                                 Sat. Sept. 25,9:30. Raindate: Sun.,     were under t h e bright lights of              was pretty even, b u t in t h e sec-
GARAGE SALE C L E A R A N C E .                                                                                                                                                               The Dutch have a 4-2-1 record
                                                 Sept. 26. Antiques, collectibles,       the football field on Monday                   ond half we just went with it. We
Sat., 9/25, 9-3, 55 Becker Road,                                                                                                                                                          so far this season. They have to
                                                 vintage clothing and hats. 9-piece      night a n d they were definitely               had nice plays all over t h e field.
Knox. Second house in from Rte,                                                                                                                                                           make           up a game                 with
                                                 mah. din. rm., ephemera, tin            prime-time players.                            On the defensive half, we a r e not
156.                        9-lt                                                                                                                                                          Shenendehowa t h a t was post-
                                                 types, misc.                   9-lt        The Lady Dutch beat Colonie,                panicking."                                       poned on Sept. 11.
BARN SALE; FRIDAY OCTO-                          SATURDAY, S E P T . 2 5 , 8 a.m. t o    3-0, using a n impressive second-                 Colonie w a s playing without                      Beating Colonie should give
B E R 1st 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Sat-              1 p . m . Coffee table, microwave,      half performance.                              its star player, Caitlin Colfer.                  t h e • D u t c h more confidence
urday October 2nd 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.               printer, T E A C H I N G MATERI-           "This     is a nice w i n , "                  "It had an effect on our team,"                heading into t h e h e a r t of their
House, shop and barn clean-out!                  ALS!! 242 Concord Hill Drive,           Guilderland Coach Barb Newton                  Newton said. "We would have                       schedule.
Snowshoes, fishing e q u i p m e n t ,           Windmill Estates.             {Kit      said. "These a r e always big b a t -          had one person pay attenion to                        "I hope so," Pezze said. "I think
audio books, antiques, crafts, syn-                                                      tles with Colonie. It's nice that we            her. Our team has not worked on                  it will."
thetic saddle, toys. Marcus Rd 3                 TREASURES AND TRASH.                    don't have a game come down to                  matching up like that. Caitlin is                    "This is the best performance
miles east of Gallupville or 8 miles             Many 25(2 items, beauty supplies,       the last minute. They knocked us                an impact player. We were more                   of t h e year," Newton said. "I
west of Altamont off Rt 146. 9 - I t             household, old and new. Route 443,      out of sectionals last year a n d               relaxed. We weren't panicking."                  think we are ready to start turn-
                                                 E a s t Berne, next to Heldeberg        this is nice payback."                            Guilderland goalies J e n Mihok
MULTI-FAMILY, 9/25, 9-4 p . m .                                                                                                                                                           ing it on."
                                                 Bluestone. Sat. 9/25 9-4+.    9-lt         The teams played to a score-                 and Lyndsey Gillis split time in
1655 H e l d e r b e r g T r a i l , B e r n e                                                                                                                                                The Lady Dutch played Burnt
(across from Town H a l l ) . Col-                                                       less draw in t h e first half, but the          the goal. Gillis made five saves in               Hills on Wednesday a t home.
lectibles, holiday, something for
                                                       BUSINESS                          Dutch took control in the second                the second half and Mihok made                   G u i l d e r l a n d t h e n t r a v e l s to
everyone.                              9-lt          OPPORTUNITIES                       40 minutes.
                                                                                            Guilderland had plenty of op-
EAST B E R N E AUCTION! Satur-                   ALL C A S H V E N D I N G R O U T E     portunities but couldn't get a ball
day, 25th, 11 a.m. Contents of shop,             F O R SALE. 50 high trafic loca-        to reach the back of the n e t until
80 Main St. (Rtes. 443 & 157A).                  tions. $3-6,000 a n n u a l income.
Collectibles, Griswold, pewter,                  Cost $5,000. 1-800-568-1392 or
Pfaltzgraff, beer signs, ceramic        7-2t
dolls, tools, h a r d w a r e , e n a m e l
paint, Ford van, children's toilets,
                                                 ALL CASH CANDY ROUTE. Do
jewelry, much more! Held outdoors,               you earn $800 in a day? Your own lo-
bring chairs, boxes. Info: 872-2340.             cal candy route. Includes 30 machines
                                     9-lt        and candy. All for $9,995. CALL 1-
                                                 800-814-6323.             (NYSCAN)
MULTI-FAMILY                      GARAGE
                                             E A R N U P T O $550 W E E K L Y 28:40 remained in the game.
S A L E . C h i l d r e n ' s i t e m s , com-                                                 Junior Bianea Germain got the
                                             Working through the government
puter, double stroller. 427 Bullock
                                             part-time. No experience. A lot of tally after a beautiful crossing
Rd., New Scotland. Sat.'Sept. i g | ,
                                             o p p o r t u n i t i e s . 1-800.-493-3688 pass by sophomore Lynn Tran.
9-12, Sun., Sept. 26, 1-3.                9-lt                                                 Tran kicked t h e ball into t h e
                                             Code V-95.                         (NYSCAN)
SALE-9/25, 8-3 & 9/26, 8-1. 557                                                              penalty area and it looked to be
                                             MAKE U P T O $4000 WEEKLY! h e a d i n g into t h e goal, b u t
Bozenkill Rd., 1/10 mile from Bell
                                             Exciting weekly paychecks! Writ- Germain got h e r foot on it and
and Bozenkill Rds. Tools, electron-
                                             ten guaiar.tec! 11 year Nation- made sure it got by Colonie goal-
'£?• household and kids.              9-lt
                                             wide Company Now Hiring! Easy keeper Theresa Zeggers.
P R I N C E T O N BARN/GARAGE work, sending out our simple one                                           "Pressure on"
SALE. Fri. a n d Sat., Oct. 1 & 2 page brochure! Free postage, Sup-                             "At halftime we talked about
(9-3). Something for everyone from           plies! Awesome Bonuses! Free In- how great we did in t h e first
household items to farm machin- formation. Call Now! 1-800-242- half,". Guilderland Senior co-cap-
ery and tractors. 1061 So. Kelley 0363 ext. 3400.                               (NYSCAN) tain Ashley Pezze said. "We didn't
Rd., off Rte. 7 east of Duanesburg.                                                          want a letdown. We were really
                                                                                             strong in the second half."                    Ready to kick: Guilderland soccer player Taylor Stringer (2) gets
                                       9-lt       MISCELLANEOUS                                                                             ready to kick the ball in Monday's game against Colonic.
                                                                                                Pezze's pass to Tran set the en-
D E R RD. off Rte. 146 West. Sat-            H A R R Y ' S B I C Y C L E & A N - tire play and helped t h e Lady
urday, Sept. 25, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.            T I Q U E S . Looking for glass collec- Dutch score.
                                             tors. We have something for every-                 Guilderland continued with
                                             one. 1415 State Route 443, West the intensity t h a t added more
                                             Berne, 872-9644. Fri., Sat., Sun., pressure to the Colonie team.
  CRAFTS & BAZAARS Mon.,J_0-5 or call forappt. 9-6_t T h e L a d y D u t c h h a d
                                                                                             numerous opportunities to score
H U D S O N VALLEY G A R L I C P O W E R                             W H E E L C H A I R S , but just missed the shots.
FESTIVAL Join 30,000+ garlic Scooters and Hospital Beds at ab-                                  Pezze added to the score with a
lovers September 25-26. Cantine solutely no cost to you. Call Toll goal that came with 15:20 left in
 Field, Saugerties, NY Admission             Free 1-800-708-9301. (NYSCAN) the contest.
$5. Tons of garlic, food, fun! Info                                                             Teammate Kayla Best took the
845-246-3090                          ADOPTION                          corner, after t h e ball went over
                              (NYSCAN)                                                       the endline off a Colonie player.
                                             A CARING C O U P L E LOOK-                         Best made a great kick t h a t
                                             ING T O A D O P T A BABY. Will stayed in t h e a i r and allowed
                     Sell It                 provide a loving, secure home. Deanna Wachtel to head the ball
                   With A n                  Fxpenses paid. Please call Louise toward the goal. Zegger.s made
                                             and Steve toll-free S66-223-5858 the save on t h e ball but it re-
             E n t e r p r i s e Ad!         pin 0893.                      _ (NYSCAN) bounded out. Pezze w a s able to
                                                                                             get to it and kick it into the goal
                                                                                             for the score and put t h e Dutch
          HIGH TENSILE FENCING SYSTEMS                                                       up, 2-0.
                                                                                                "When we got that second goal
       Livestock Fences—Electric and Non-electric                                            the whole game changed,"
             Free Estimates • Supplies • Custom Construction                                 Newton said. "We kept the pres-
                                                                                             sure on. It w a s kind of nerve-
    Valley View Farm                                                                                                                                                                                  The Enterprise — Tim Matteson
                                  John O'Pezio                          872-1007,            wracking. After t h e second one,
  i&     W. Berne
                                                                                             we continued to attack and get               Night soccer: Guilderland soccer player Carolyn Powers runs to
                                                                                             confidence."                                 the ball before a Colonie player can get to it on Monday night. The
   • •••••••••••••••••••••••I
                                                                                                "We were p u m p e d a n d ex-            Lady Dutch beat the Garnet Raiders, 3-0.
      THIS PLUMBER IS                                                                        cited," Pezze said.
           EASY TO GET                                                                          Laura Driessen scored the final                           three in the first half, in combin- ahead," Newton said on Monday.
                                                            872-9200                         goal of t h e game for t h e Dutch.                          ing for the shutout.                   "We have Burnt Hills and then
      Call Howard Brent — anytime
        456-2560 Serving all areas                                                           Her tally came with 7:47 left.                                   "We didn't have to play in Shen on Friday. That's a tough
     evenings & weekends same price
                                                      Loucks Brothers                           Wachtel got t h e assist after                            overtime a n d score in the last one."
       plumbing & gas heating repairs                 General Contracting Company            hitting a nice ball in front of the                          minute," Newton said. "This is a
         gas & electric water heaters                                                        goal and Driessen kicked the ball                            big win for us."
                                                     Your Home - Our Pride
                drain cleaning                                                               into the net for the score.                                      The last two games t h e Dutch
                                                            Windows, siding, roofs,
     Licensed - 46 years experience                           decks, additions and              Guilderland's dominance was                              ,played had gone into overtime. Median at Oneonta
            Faucet Repair Special                      complete remodeling, porches,         apparent in t h e final statistics.                          Guilderland beat Columbia, 1-0,
                                                                                             The Dutch outshot Colonie 21-8.                              N i s k a y u n a on T u e s d a y and   GUILDERLAND              — Jill
                $59.50 + parts                             garages, concrete work.
                                                                                                            Big win                                       plays a t Shaker on Thursday.          Meehan h a s made her presence
              MC ¥ VISA Accepted                                  Ted Loucks
   • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •                                                    "I don't remember ever beating                                "We h a v e a t o u g h w e e k known as a member of t h e State
                                                                                                                                                                                                 University of New York College

                                                                                         i .i -.A VA =i = t - * v ; ^ ^ k j-^rri                                                                 at Oneonta.

                   CASH NO
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Meehan, a 2002 g r a d u a t e of
                                                                                          Cloverleaf Transportation, Inc., the premiere shorthaul carrier
                                                                                          is GROWING, and we are looking for qualified drivers.                                                  Guilderland High School, h a d
                                                                                                                                                                                                 some big games in t h e Red
                                                                                           COMPANY DRIVERS wanted - (Sign-On Bonus)
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dragon Invitational earlier this
           FOR STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS,                                                          To run NY, NJ, PA, CT, NC, VA, MD and DE
                                                                                                                                                                                                 season. The junior, had 12 kills Lo
                                                                                           WILTON, NY DEDICATED DRIVERS wanted -
          ANNUITIES and INSURANCE PAYOUTS                                                       TorunNY,NJ,PA,MA,NH
                                                                                                                                                                                                 lead t h e Red D r a g o n s over
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Hartwick. She also h a d 12 digs
                                                                                           OWNERS / OPERATORS NEEDED -
                    (800) 794*7310                                                              TorunNY,NJ,MD,DE,NCNJ
                                                                                                $1.00 per mile loaded or empty; fuel surcharge on loaded miles only
                                                                                                                                                                                                 and four aces.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Meehan led t h e team against
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Ithaca College as well. She h a d
                                                                                          Excellent pay and benefits. All employees must have clean
               J.G. Wentworth means CASH NOW                                              CDIA two years or more verifiable road experience in TT                                                15 kills.and 13 digs. S h e w a s
                                                                                          and current DOT physical. For more info, call Ed at                                                    named to t h e a l l - t o u r n a m e n t
                   for Structured Settlements!                                            (877) 877-9669 or (845) 469-5920.                                                                      team.

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