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					How to Become Millionaires without Working

This is the REAL way to become rich without working and possibly become rich over night. Ever dreamed of becoming a millionaire? Well, with the right mindset you could be one by following the steps outlined in this ehow article. Being a millionaire takes determination and hard work. Before you can be a millionaire, you need to think like a millionaire. Millionaires did not become wealthy by spending their money lavishly. You need to have a defensive and an offensive strategy for building your wealth.

Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things you’ll need: 1. Step 1 Prepare an amount of either $5 or $10. The amount of money depends on how many lottery tickets you want to buy and also how much they cost. You could also bring spare money in case you want to buy a candy bar or snack of your choice considering that lottery locations always have some sort of sweet that may give what the ole sweet tooth needs. 2. Step 2 Go to local lottery and buy lottery tickets. You can either buy the scratch ones or just the daily lottery. Also, Powerball tickets can win you much more money than your state lottery. 3. Step 3 Cross your fingers real hard and take part in many good luck superstitions as possible before lottery. (rabbit foot, horseshoe, etc)Dont step on any cracks or break any mirrors because that could result in some bad luck. Ads by Google Stop Working So Hard... This Is Easy. Make A $1,000 A Day. Work 60 Minutes A Day. See Proof! Buy your tickets online Win millions of pounds sterling payable anywhere in the world!