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                         INNOVATE. PLAN. EXECUTE.

    CPG Forecasting & Planning Innovation
     May 11/12, 2011 The Wyndham Hotel Chicago, IL
Hear Experts. Share.
Speakers include:
Carl Offhaus, Director Supply Chain, Stanley Black & Decker
Mark Springhetti, Senior Manager, Plan4Demand
Josh Marder, Director WW Field Solutions & Enablement, Endeca
Georgia Grant, Principal, VMG Group
Dorothy Allan, CEO & President, Allan Retail Group
Sheng Liu, VP Business Intelligence, Crossmark
Ian Yolles, Chief Marketing Officer, RecycleBank
Karen McKernan, Sr Manager, Demand Planning, Sara Lee Corporation
Eric Kallstrand, Sr Manager, Demand Planning, Sara Lee Corporation
Fred Baumann, Vice President Industry Strategy, JDA Software &
Colleen Crum, Managing Principal, Oliver Wight
Ken Olsen, Sr. Manager, Deloitte Consulting
Nayan Shah, Sr. Manager, Deloitte Consulting
Matt Said, Director Sales Operations, Reynolds Consumer Products
Joesph Andraski, President & CEO, VICS
Donna Warton, VP Global Supply Chain Planning, Dell
Erik Vlugt, Vice President, Product Marketing, Integrated Systems, VeriFone
Ajit Silvadasan, Global VP & GM Web Sales & Marketing, Lenovo Corp
Rob Jelinek, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Robert Rothchild Farm
Tina Tuccillio, VP, Marketing, Glory USA
Gerald O’Sullivan, Director Value Chain Planning, Oracle
and more.....

 Innovate. Plan. Execute.
                                                                                  Supply Chain
                                                                               Demand Planners
                                                                                         & you

 Effective planning is central to business success. In the modern business
 environment technological developments and the advances of globalization
 have created unparalleled opportunities for businesses to expand their
 markets. But new opportunity has opened the door to new challenges.

 As competition intensi es, businesses have never been under as much
 pressure to consistently provide the products their customers want, when and
 where they want them. Shifting customer expectations and the increasingly
 global nature of supply chains and partnerships place formidable demands on
 planning, as the number of relevant variables balloons and the predictability of
 data becomes increasingly uncertain.

 In this context, businesses are turning to a variety of business processes,
 techniques and technologies to identify and capitalize on the challenges of
 modern markets. This summit will focus on the solutions offered by innovative
 strategy, demand planning, S&OP and business forecasting. The Summit will
 comprise of learning objectives, illustrated intermittently with a number of
 illustrative case studies.

Rapid Supply Chain Assessment

A strategic imperative resulting from the integration of Stanley and Black & Decker is to grow our Group’s international
business by 100% over the next 3 years. This necessitates a rapid supply chain assessment, development of project value
propositions, and the prioritization thereof in the face of limited resources.

Our approach was accelerated by:
    • Using a quick assessment to target broad areas of opportunity
    • Using an in depth assessment to determine the most impactful projects
    • Tapping into consulting partner resources and
    • Developing detailed value propositions on the most impactful projects to obtain internal and external resources
                      Carl Offhaus, Director of Supply Chain, International & Baldwin, Stanley Black & Decker Hardware &
                      Home Improvement Group

                      Mr. Offhaus has been with Stanley Black & Decker for 8 years where he currently is responsible for
                      developing a scalable supply chain infrastructure to support the doubling of the Hardware & Home
                      Improvement Group’s international business over the next 3 years. His previous responsibilities with
                      the Hardware & Home Improvement Group include Demand Planning, CPFR, Supply Planning,
                      Customer Service, Consumer Service, Transportation and Indirect Material Sourcing. His prior
                      experience includes 7 years as a Supply Chain consultant with Ernst & Young, 7 years in various
                      engineering roles and the development of a non-pro t organization.

                      Mark Springhetti, Senior Manager, Plan 4 Demand

                      Mr. Springhetti is an accomplished Supply Chain and Operations executive with 20 years of
                      progressive multi-functional experience in Consumer Products and Food industries. An executive with
                      outstanding accomplishments and experience providing strong leadership roles in all areas of supply
                      chain management; Outsourced Manufacturing, Logistics and Distribution, Manufacturing &
                      Operations, Demand Planning and Forecasting, Supply and Inventory Planning, Strategic
                      Planning ,Procurement and Business Integration. As a supply chain executive with Natural Products
                      Group, Jarden and Kraft Foods, he successfully managed multiple projects responsible for the design,
                      development and implementation of multiple operational, business standardization, technology and
                      Strategy projects.

                    Ian Yolles, Chief Sustainability Officer, Recylebank

                   Mobilizing the Eco-Curious: Tapping into the Action-Oriented Consumer to
                   Motivate Positive Environmental Change
                   A major shift is occurring in how consumers and brands think about sustainability and the impact their
                   everyday choices have on the environment.  Sustainable consumption – considering both the product’s
                   environmental impacts and the production and consumption process -- has become a top priority. 
                   Consumer engagement is a huge factor, as consumers shape the economic and environmental
landscape through product choices and their online and offline networks.  Most still need a “nudge” to change how they use
and dispose of products; this session will explore the role of behavioral economics in motivating behavior change, and
examine innovative ways to build consumer engagement.

Recyclebank is a green living community that rewards people for taking everyday green actions. As chief sustainability officer,
Ian oversees Recyclebank’s sustainability agenda and is responsible for ensuring it is integrated into all aspects of the
organization’s brand strategy, consumer experience and partnerships. Prior to joining Recyclebank, Ian was co-founder and
Vice President of Marketing and Brand Communications at Nau, an innovative social venture apparel company in Portland,
Oregon.  Prior to Nau, Ian worked as a marketing professional at two of the most successful sports apparel companies in the
world, Nike and Patagonia.  
                    Donna Warton, VP, Global Supply Chain Planning, Dell

                    Dell’s Supply Chain Transformation

                    The technology industry has revolutionized our lives, bringing to bear ideas that fundamentally alter the
                    way we live, work and compete. Dell has been a disruptive in uence in this landscape throughout the 26
                    year history of the company with its direct customer interaction and supply chain model. Today, Dell is
                    again at the forefront of supply chain innovation as they have deployed a new segmented supply chain
                    that is designed to optimize product ful llment based on what customers truly value.

                    Donna Warton joined Dell Computer in 2009 and is currently Vice President of Global Operations Planning.
                   Her responsibilities cover Global Operations Planning and Performance Management. Her focus at Dell is
to enable best in class Sales & Operations planning while executing Dell’s segmented supply chains that align to what
customer’s value and optimize operations performance. Since joining Dell, Donna has led the S&OP planning transformation
which has signi cantly improved customer lead times and delivery performance while reducing operations cost. Before joining
Dell, Donna was Head of Global Supply Chain for Mettler-Toledo International, a $2 billion precision balance and scale
manufacturer for laboratory, retail & industrial markets. While at Mettler, Donna created global category management,
streamlined operations and launched a global outsourcing strategy.

                     Rob Jelinek, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Robert Rothschild

                     A Foot In Two Worlds: Keeping a Specialty Food business “Special” While Broadening Availability
                     and Awareness

                     More than thirty years after the start of Robert Rothschild Farm, they continue to produce gourmet
                     products with bold avor and expert blending. They focus on providing a solution for “Entertaining Made
                     Simple”.  Their product line consists of gourmet dips, sauces, mustards, preserves and sweet toppings. The
                     company’s distribution model has been focused on niche specialty stores and gift shops. This discussion
                     will focus on the strategic choices and challenges of the shift as Robert Rothschild Farm sales and
                     marketing efforts move more mainstream - keeping a foot in the traditional business and maintaining
                     revenue while driving growth by stepping closer to their consumers.

Rob Jelinek is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Robert Rothschild Farm – a purveyor of gourmet Dips and Sauces.
Rob is a graduate of the University of Georgia. Rob started his career with Procter & Gamble – working there for 18 years – the
last eight of those working internationally. Prior to joining Rothschild, Rob was President of Polk City Directories – a division of
infoUSA and ran his own Sales consultancy business.

                     Georgia Grant, Principal, VMG Group

                     Thinking Outside The Metrics
                    Effective planning, in the fashion industry, depends on the integration of strategic planning , nancial
                    planning, sales forecast and production planning. But all planning functions must synchronize with the
                    merchants and marketers for maximum results. Planning departments function under an operations
                    umbrella, in a silo of numbers, graphs and algorithms. Merchants work in another silo, that of fashion,
                    color, trend/style forecast, and sales analysis. Marketers focus on direct and effective communication with
                    the end consumer, yet rarely communicate with planning. Every area sits on a wealth of information, yet
true integration remains elusive, except at the highest level within an organization. Information integration must happen at all
levels. But how can we make this happen? What steps are needed to evolve to a fully integrated, efficient and pro table
business unit?

Georgia Grant has held several positions in the Apparel and Accessories eld of the fashion business, starting out in retail with
Neiman-Marcus and Foleys and then moving onto wholesale brand management with Liz Claiborne, TUMI and Kipling. Georgia
introduced the concept of “pre-line” which partners retailers with wholesale brands in the product development unit planning
forecast process. Georgia used her strategic vision to grow existing fashion labels into large important brands by sound
business planning and sharp execution. She is now a consultant with the VMG group, which focuses on strategic planning,
business forecasting, and merchandising and marketing.
Diamond Planning – Synchronizing Aggregate of Executive Led S&OP/IBP and Detail-Level Planning

Some companies implement and operate Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), or Integrated Business Planning to best
practice standards. The monthly aggregate planning process is executive led and the focus is on strategies and tactics over at
least a 24-month planning process. Troubles arise in executing the aggregate plans. The culprit is that companies have not
deployed a process of connecting aggregate planning to detailed level planning. Some people in the industry call this
connection the Diamond.   Using a Diamond planning model, the aggregate demand and supply plans and translated into
detailed plans. The connection point in keeping aggregate and detail level planning and execution systems synchronized is the
Master Planning and Scheduling process. This presentation addresses the best practices of synchronizing aggregate and detail
level planning. In doing so, considerations in designing a best practice process, the capabilities of tools to support the
processes, and the behaviors required to make the processes work will be addressed.

Fred Baumann, Vice President Industry Strategy, JDA
Fred Baumann leads global industry strategy for the Life Sciences vertical at JDA Software.  Fred has been
instrumental in driving JDA’s collaborative trading community strategies and launching the company’s
CPFR and S&OP offerings including the collaborative forecasting and replenishment programs deployed
at three of the top ve drug retailers in the United States. Fred’s previous career experience includes an
application-training role at IBM and eight years experience with The Pillsbury Company where he served
as a Value Chain Manager.  Fred was responsible for starting the collaborative inventory program with
Wal-Mart for Pillsbury and executed other numerous value chain strategies. 

                      Colleen Crum, Managing Principal, Oliver Wight

                      Colleen “Coco” Crum, a managing principal and board member with Oliver Wight Americas, is considered
                      a thought leader and innovator in demand management and sales and operations planning. She has
                      helped develop methodologies enabling companies to successfully implement S&OP and demand
                      management and achieve quick time to nancial bene t. She has assisted companies across the
                      manufacturing spectrum, including chemicals, consumer goods, electronics, biotechnology, and
                      aerospace and defense. Coco has co-authored three books: Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning,
                      Demand Management Best Practices, and Supply Chain Collaboration, and participated in the
                      development of a best practice model for grocery supply chain replenishment resulting in the
                      publication of a book on ECR by Canadian food industry trade groups.

                     Dorothy Allan, Vice President, Business Intelligence, Crossmark

                     It is all about demand – and you don’t have to boil the ocean to nd it.
                     Finding growth today requires a   fresh perspective   to the store and insights into how it operates. 
                     Focusing on the right stores in areas with the highest affinity to your brand is one component. 
                     Understanding  the  stores propensity to engage in retail merchandising tactics is another piece of
                     information brands can use to drive demand and maximize their spend in-store.  Building your own data
                     sets or leveraging proprietary data sets can help you brand nd demand, drive sales and deliver growth to
                     your business.
Dorothy Allan is a Shopper Marketing/Retail Consultant. She provides thought leadership and retail expertise to help brand,
insight and sales teams identify the “now what” for their largest retail partners.   Insights are currency and brands have a
plethora learning to apply in the retail space.   Research has identi ed the so what, retail expertise can identi es the now what?
Leveraging the Sales & Operations Planning Process To Enhance Demand Forecasting   

Ensuring Sales and Operations Planning and demand Forecasting process alignment becomes critical to performance
enhancement. In Sara Lee North America's maturation, we have leveraged the S&OP process to drive detailed operating plans,
including demand plans. Our efforts look at process development, process control and process results.

                      Eric Kallstrand is a Sr. Manager of Demand Planning at Sara Lee Corporation, a global manufacturer and
                      marketer of high-quality, brand-name products for consumers throughout the world.   Mr. Kallstrand is
                      responsible for the direction of a team of demand planners, which support several brands and over $2
                      Billion in annual revenue in North America.  His group partners on a daily basis with marketing, sales,
                      supply chain, innovation, and nance to drive the optimization of the various operating resources.  In his 3
                      years at Sara Lee, Mr. Kallstrand has taken a leadership position in driving the forecasting process as a
                      leverage point for better integrated business planning activities. 

Karen McKernan is a Sr. Manager of Demand Planning at Sara Lee Corporation, a global manufacturer and
marketer of high-quality, brand-name products for consumers throughout the world.   Ms. McKernan is
responsible for the direction of a team of demand planners, which support several brands and over $2
Billion in annual revenue in North America.  Her group partners on a daily basis with marketing, sales,
supply chain, innovation, and nance to drive the optimization of the various operating resources. 
Her Supply Chain experience has varied across multiple industries, concentrating in strategic forecasting/
demand planning and Sales & Operations Planning.

                    Ajit Sivandasan, Global VP & GM, Web Sales & Marketing, Lenovo Corporation

                    OMG This Is Crazy! - How To Remain Sane Managing An eCommerce 4P

                     eCommerce as a route to market has been gaining traction for the past decade and threatens to become a
                     mainstay of how people buy and sell their wares for the foreseeable future, some would say, that’s already
                     here. Successful eCommerce systems have to deal with signi cant amount of data on all kinds of things
                     ranging from sales information, customer preferences, CSAT metrics, shipping and logistics performance,
                     site merchandising results, conversion rates, usability results based A/B testing, multivariate testing that
                     allows for testing individual variables, so on and so forth. This discussion will examine some of the above
                    fundamentals within the context of an eCommerce business management system not only, from an
operational sales and marketing standpoint, but also from a longer term strategy standpoint, ultimately aiming to handle such
complexities more seamlessly. We will also brie y examine challenges faced by contemporary eCommerce organizations relative
to competitive pressures, dealing with channel con ict, tools and capabilities needed for making real time decisions and the
latest thinking on customer behavior, both on the site and off of it. Overall, the discussion should help practitioners and
followers to appreciate the complexity of the environment and the various factors that they can control and manage to be more

Ajit Sivadasan is the head of global Web Sales and Marketing at Lenovo Corporation. Lenovo is the one of the world’s largest PC
vendors with estimated sales of $19B in 2010-11. In his current role as VP and GM of Web Sales and Marketing, Ajit manages
Lenovo’s extensive web presence and strategy across 70 countries. Additionally he manages a sales P/L that includes web,
phone and chat based sales for home and home office customers in seven major markets globally. Ajit’s primary areas of interest
and experience on the web includes managing site experience based on customer preferences from a behavioral and
psychological standpoint, building best of class web capabilities utilizing the best of Web 2.0 technologies and developing tools
and infrastructure to support rapid improvements to customer experience.
                     Erik Vlugt, Vice President of Product Marketing, VeriFone

                     The Mobile Commerce revolution: how it affects consumers and advertising

                     Over the past 30 years, the way we pay has changed. Cash and checks has been replaced as the leading
                     form of payment by card-based payment. We are now on the brink of the next revolution in payments.
                     Cards will make way for the mobile phone with NFC technology. Loyalty and couponing will never be
                     the same. So how does that affect the way consumers interact with products and advertising? We will
                     explore the past, present, and future of payments and where our focus should be to leverage this

                      Mr. Vlugt joined VeriFone in 2004, serving as Sr. Product Manager for Customer Facing Devices. In this
capacity he helped de ne and drive the development of the MX line of products. In 2006, Mr. Vlugt was promoted to Director
of Product Management for Integrated Solutions to help drive and execute the global product strategy for integrated
products. In 2009, Mr. Vlugt accepted his current Vice-President of Product Marketing position. He is currently responsible for
product marketing for VeriFone’s Integrated Systems group, which includes the retail and petroleum segments. Prior to
joining VeriFone, Mr. Vlugt held various consumer electronics product management and technical marketing positions at TDK
Corporation and ShareWave, which was later acquired by Cirrus Logic. Mr. Vlugt is a native of Holland and he obtained his
degree in Computer Science and Business in Amsterdam. Follow @verifone_erik on Twitter

                     Sheng Liu, Vice President of Business Intelligence, CROSSMARK

                     Winning The Race Of New Item Speed To Shelf

                   New products are a key component of any CPG manufacturer’s growth strategy.  However, it would be a
                   company’s nightmare if its new items are not available on store shelves in a timely fashion for consumers
                   to purchase, after millions of dollars spent on product development and millions more planned for
                   media advertising.  The million-dollar question is what could you do to secure the success of your new
                   items’ Speed to Shelf (STS)?  We show in this presentation that STS successes are not by chance, but three
                   disciplined steps that one should take.  We will rst review the STS performance of a variety of new
                   products launched in 2010, then provide an in-depth analysis of three best practices, and conclude with
a summary of the key steps one should take to ensure new item’s success in speed to shelf.

Sheng Liu is Vice President of Business Intelligence at CROSSMARK.  She founded an Innovation & Advanced Analytics group
that focuses on building frameworks to understand and address complex issues in the consumer goods industry.  Some of
her recent researches include Predictive Out-of-Stock Solution, Retail Brand Health, and Industry Competitive Dynamics. 
Before joining CROSSMARK, Sheng was at Procter & Gamble for eight years with increasing responsibilities.  While at P&G,
Sheng earned her MBA with high honor from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  Sheng also holds a Ph.D. in
Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University and B.S.E.E. from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China.

                     Tina Tuccillo, Vice President, Marketing, Glory USA

                     Customer Engagement: Why, When and How

                   Customer interaction is key for companies to be successful in today's environment. Positive and frequent
                   interaction help differentiate brands, collect product development requirements and market to an
                   increased audience. Marketing campaigns need to explore the many new resources available such as
                   social media, case studies, user forums and micro sites and determine when and how to incorporate
                   them into an integrated plan. Marketing campaigns need touch points to customers and metrics to track
                   their effectiveness to be successful today. Uncover the importance customer interaction plays in
                  business today in both B2B and B2C environments, when a company should interact with their customers
and when to engage customers.

Tina is Vice President of Marketing for Glory USA Inc., the leading world manufacturer in the design, manufacturer &
distribution of technology solutions for banks, nancial institutions, the gaming industry and retail. Prior to joining Glory, she
was Vice President of Strategic Marketing & Product Development for Noritsu Corporation & Vice President of Marketing for
Toshiba Consumer Products. Trained by the Six Sigma Academy, she was the rst transactional Black Belt assigned to the
corporate office of Toshiba Products.
                       Joseph Andraski, President & CEO, VICS

                       “Doing Business in a Vacuum will lead to Failure”
                       Peter Senge in his book, “The Fifth Discipline: he quotes a 1983 Royal Dutch/Shell study which found that
                       one-third of the rms in fortune “500” in 1970 had vanished. Shell estimated that the average lifetime of
                       the largest industrial enterprises is less than forty years, roughly have the lifetime of a human being. How
                       many companies in James Collins’ Good to Great, published in 2001 are still in business today.  What are
                       your chances of beating the odds?  If your company has not adopted a collaborative mindset, the end is in

Joe is the President and CEO of VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions) Association. Prior to joining VICS, Joe held
several positions with Nabisco Foods, Inc. Those positions including; VP Supply Chain Management, VP of Customer Marketing,
and VP of National Sales. He has been active with Grocery Manufacturers Association, serving as the Chair for the Logistics
Committee, and was a member of the Efficient Consumer Response Operating committee. He also served as a Senior Vice
President of OMI, a retail software provider. Considered to be one of the prime movers of Collaborative Planning Forecasting and
Replenishment (CPFR®), he created and launched the VICS CPFR® Certi cation Program.

                      Linda Peel, Director, VCP Applications Solution Group, Oracle

                      Integrated Business Planning – Transparency to Insights Real-Time

                          Synchronize “reality based” and pro table demand to delivery projections..a real-time approach to
                          •        The ebb and ow of the economy continues to impact customer wants and needs
                          •        Companies are struggling to best meet volatile demands pro tably
                          •        Ability to rapidly evaluate supply chain decision scenarios with a clear line of sight to pro t and
                                   strategies has never been more important.   
                          •       Leveraging demand signals to proactively drive insights across short horizon tactical and longer term
          strategic Planning and Exception management is key to "game changing" capabilities in a straightforward approach.
•         Receptiveness to these real-time insights is driven by executive lead alignment to common results
Linda has spent over 25 years in the Consumer Products industry working at and consulting to several leading Consumer
Products companies from the shop oor up to leading all of major functional areas for major manufacturers selling into through
multiple channels.  Linda has spent the last 15+ years consulting at the top global consulting rms focused on assisting
Consumer Products companies in the areas of Sales, Promotion and Marketing Planning, Sales & Operations Planning, Demand
Planning and Supply Operations Planning including integration Financial Budgeting and Targeting.  Linda is an industry leader
working with Gartner and key Sales and Demand Associations to de ne core metrics to be used by various go to market
Consumer channels.  She has assisted organizations select and has personally deployed many of the known Trade Promotion
and S&OP solutions.

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