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          The University
          otre Dame’s founding can perhaps best         erful social and historical forces.
          be characterized as an outburst of            Just as the University was being
          missionary zeal. How else can one             established, the first waves of
describe the action of Father Edward Sorin, the         European immigrants, overwhelm-
28-year-old French priest of the Congregation           ingly Catholic, were reaching
of Holy Cross who —with $310 cash and three             America’s shores, and Notre Dame’s
log buildings in various stages of disrepair in         location — though seemingly
the middle of the northern Indiana frontier —           remote — in fact put it within easy
had the temerity to christen his enterprise the         reach of cities like Chicago, Detroit
University of Notre Dame du Lac?                        and St. Louis, all of which soon
   Notre Dame at its founding was a name in             would have large immigrant
search of, or perhaps in anticipation of, a uni-        Catholic populations. The growth of
versity. The wonder is not so much what the             the University of Notre Dame and
University has become more than a century and           the immigrant experience would be
a half later, but that it survived at all in those      inextricably linked.
early years of beginning almost literally from             A number of forces were at work
nothing.                                                in this relationship. The American
   In his book, The University of Notre Dame: A         Dream was coming into being, and
Portrait of Its History and Campus, historian           with it the hope and expectation
Thomas Schlereth of the American studies                that, through hard work and edu-
department has described the odds the                   cation, children would enjoy
University was up against: “Only nine other             greater opportunities than their
Catholic colleges existed when Notre Dame was           parents. At the same time, anti-immigrant and the University that its charter claimed it was.”
founded, but that number had grown to 51 by             anti-Catholic sentiments were open and perva-         Zahm was not without evidence to support his
1861. Presently only seven of these antebellum          sive in American society, creating barriers to faith in Notre Dame’s potential. On this campus
institutions still exist. One historian estimates       immigrant Catholic students. Equally strong in 1899, Jerome Green, a young Notre Dame sci-
a mortality rate of approximately 80 percent            sentiments among many Catholics regarded entist, became the first American to transmit a
among Notre Dame’s contemporary secular                 public schools at any level as dangerous places wireless message. At about the same time,
institutions. Yet Notre Dame survived …”                where young people might lose their faith. For Albert Zahm, Father John’s younger brother,
   The University’s survival of those early years       all these reasons, education — primary, sec- was designing the first successful helicopter
is a tribute not only to the faith of Father Sorin,     ondary and higher education — became the and first wind tunnel and was launching the first
but also to his pragmatism and wit. In the begin-       centerpiece of American Catholicism.                man-carrying glider from the roof of a building
ning, his institution’s only admissions require-           Though it may not have seemed so at the on campus. The University also had established
ment was the ability to pay — some payment, at          time, this great historical movement of peoples the nation’s first architecture, law and engineer-
least, and not necessarily in currency or coin;         and the creation of the American melting pot ing schools under Catholic auspices.
livestock or the services of a tradesman or some        dramatically enhanced the odds of Notre Dame’s        The debate over Notre Dame’s future was
other “in-kind” payment also were cheerfully            survival. What still had to be decided, however, effectively ended in the two decades following
accepted. Nor were admissions limited by reli-          was precisely the type of insti-                                    the First World War. In 1919,
gious preference. Father Sorin’s mission and            tution Notre Dame would                                             the University installed its first
inspiration were thoroughly and indisputably
                                                                                                    2004 NCAA               president to have earned a
                                                        become. How could this small
Catholic, but from the beginning he made it             Midwestern school without              Graduation Rates             Ph.D., Father James Burns,
clear that would-be students of any religious           endowment and without ranks All Student-Athletes                    C.S.C., and the changes he ini-
persuasion were welcome; indeed, that Notre             of well-to-do alumni hope to 1. Duke                                tiated were as dramatic as
Dame’s student body eventually would become             compete with firmly estab- 2. Notre Dame                            they were far-reaching. The
overwhelmingly Catholic was more a reflection           lished private universities and        Northwestern    87
                                                                                                                            elementary, preparatory and
of American culture than of parochialism on the         public-supported state institu-        Stanford        87
                                                                                                                            manual labor programs were
University’s part.                                      tions? As in Sorin’s day, the 5. Rice                  82           scrapped; the University’s first
   Sorin was equally flexible when it came to his       fact that the University pur-          Virginia        82           board of lay advisors was
University’s academic offerings. While a classical      sued this lofty and ambitious 7. Boston College        81           established with the goal of
collegiate curriculum was established early on,         vision of its future was testi-                                     creating a $1-million endow-
so too were elementary and preparatory pro-             mony to the faith of its leaders Male Student-Athletes              ment, with a national cam-
grams as well as a manual labor school, and for         — leaders such as Father 1. Duke                       88           paign conducted to achieve
several decades the collegiate program never            John Zahm, C.S.C.                   2. Stanford        84           that goal; and the first annual
attracted more than a dozen students in any year.          As Schlereth describes it: 3. Notre Dame            82           giving program for alumni was
As Notre Dame’s chronicler, Father Arthur Hope,            “Zahm … envisioned Notre         4. Northwestern    81           launched. With this impetus
C.S.C., has written, “If (Sorin) was to begin at all,   Dame as potentially ‘the intel- 5. Rice                78           established, between 1919
the head of this new college had to be mightily         lectual center of the American                                      and 1933 the University would
concerned about frostbite and empty stomachs.           West’; an institution with large Female Student-Athletes erect 15 new buildings and
The more elusive problems of intellectual devel-        undergraduate, graduate, and 1. Northwestern           96           triple the numbers of both its
opment would have to wait.”                             professional schools equipped 2. Duke                  95           students and its faculty.
   If Notre Dame in its infancy was the child of        with laboratories, libraries, 3. Notre Dame            94              Also during this period, a
Sorin’s vision and will, its subsequent growth and      and research facilities. Notre      4. Virginia        92           new and utterly unanticipated
development were the products of large and pow-         Dame should strive to become 5. Stanford               91           element was added to the ethos

194                                                                                                                   Notre Dame Stadium’s 75th Anniversary
      Irish Athletic Programs Excel Under NCAA’s New APR Standard                                           throughout its history, Notre Dame’s position in
                                                                                                            American culture mirrors that of the Catholic
   All 22 athletics programs at Notre Dame           programs that fail to earn an APR scored of 925        Church. The world is very different from the one
exceeded the new academic performance stan-          or better will be barred from replacing a schol-       encountered by Father Sorin on his arrival in
dard introduced in February of 2004 by the           arship athlete who leaves the institution while        this country. The tangible barriers faced then
NCAA, and 13 Irish teams scored a perfect            academically ineligible. Programs with chroni-
                                                                                                            by Catholic students and scholars have largely
1,000.                                               cally poor academic records based upon a
                                                                                                            been removed, and today one may find such stu-
   The Academic Process Rate (APR) uses a            rolling four-year rate ultimately will be barred
                                                                                                            dents and scholars at Harvard and Stanford and
series of formulas related to student-athlete        from postseason competition, in addition to los-
                                                                                                            Duke, as well as at Notre Dame. American
retention and eligibility to measure the academ-     ing their scholarships.
                                                                                                            Catholics are firmly implanted in the American
ic performance of all participants who receive a        Notre Dame registered an overal APR of 979,
grant-in-aid on every team at every NCAA             and among Division 1-A schools it had the third        mainstream.
Division I college and university. It replaces the   highest percentage of teams with perfect scores.          At the same time, the secularization of con-
annual graduation rates report that previously       The national average for Division 1-A institu-         temporary American society is an undisputed
was issued by the NCAA. Beginning in 2005-06,        tions was 944.                                         fact, and with that transformation has come a
                                                                                                            weakening of common values, an antipathy to
                                                                                                            belief, and a resistance to the very notion of
of Notre Dame, and the University forever after         During the 18-year presidency of Father
                                                                                                            underlying truths. One expression of this view-
would be a national institution. That new ele-       Edward Malloy, the University has continued to
                                                                                                            point is the contention that a Catholic university
ment was, of course, the game of football. But       grow in stature. Endowed faculty positions now
                                                                                                            is a contradiction in terms, that reason and
for Notre Dame and for its legions of ethnic         number more than 190, the student body is
                                                                                                            belief are somehow mutually exclusive. The
American loyalists — most, but not all, Catholic     among the most selective in the nation — with
                                                                                                            Catholic intellectual tradition and the Western
— the cliché was true: Football was more than        a third of entering freshmen ranking among the
                                                                                                            university tradition itself stand in opposition to
a game. Through its academic program, Notre          top five students in their high school graduating
                                                                                                            this contention, as does Notre Dame.
Dame already was part of the striving of ethnic      classes — and the graduation rate annually is
                                                                                                               It is a telling act that throughout Notre
Americans to earn a place in the American            among the four or five highest in the nation.
                                                                                                            Dame’s history, and increasingly in recent years,
mainstream. Now, even for those who had never        The University’s endowment, now more than $3
                                                                                                            many eminent scholars of various faith tradi-
and would never attend Notre Dame, the               billion, is the 18th-largest in American higher
                                                                                                            tions have made the University their home sim-
University became a symbol, so much so that its      education and campus additions have included:
                                                                                                            ply because they have preferred to work in a
attraction persists literally to this day.           new research laboratories; a graduate student
                                                                                                            community of learning where belief is not
   The national recognition football brought to      housing complex; residence halls for under-
                                                                                                            merely tolerated, but in fact is celebrated.
Notre Dame was a mixed blessing at those times       graduate women (who now comprise more than
                                                                                                               Father Sorin’s dream was predicated on his
when it tended to overshadow the University’s        45 percent of the student body); DeBartolo
                                                                                                            conviction that a university would be a powerful
growing academic distinction, but overall it has     Hall, the most technologically advanced teach-
                                                                                                            force for good in this land that he embraced as
been an almost incalculable boon to public           ing facility in higher education; a 153,000-
                                                                                                            his own. For the University of Notre Dame,
awareness of, interest in and support of Notre       square foot complex for the Mendoza College of
                                                                                                            Sorin’s conviction remains the inspiration, the
Dame. It may be amusing to speculate how the         Business and the new DeBartolo Center for the
                                                                                                            mission and the driving force.
University’s history might have been different       Performing Arts.
without the phenomenon of football, but the             The question for Notre Dame today is, having
University is happy to accept this legacy as is.     become a distinguished American university, to                 U.S. News & World Report
   If the post-World War I era saw Notre Dame’s      what should it now aspire?                                     2005 Top 20 Rankings of
first flowering as a true University, the six           Some goals are self-evident. The University                    National Universities
decades since the Second World War has seen          must strive at all times to bring new vigor to its
the vision of John Zahm reach full fruition.         teaching and to enhance both the breadth and              1.   Harvard
Father John Cavanaugh, C.S.C., began the             the depth of the education it offers students. At              Princeton
process after the war by toughening Notre            the same time, it must strengthen significantly           3.   Yale
Dame’s entrance requirements, increasing fac-        its graduate programs and faculty research to             4.   Pennsylvania
ulty hiring, and establishing the Notre Dame         make ever greater contributions in the quest for          5.   Duke
Foundation to expand the University’s develop-       new knowledge.                                                 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
ment capabilities. Then, during the 35-year             But the institutional mission of Notre Dame                 Stanford
tenure of Father Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C.,          reaches beyond these goals.                               8.   Cal Tech
Notre Dame’s enrollment, faculty and degrees            The higher aspiration of the University of Notre
                                                                                                               9.   Columbia
awarded all doubled; library volumes increased       Dame is to seek out and assume leadership roles
five-fold; endowment catapulted from less than       through which students and alumni, faculty,
$10 million to more than $400 million; campus        interdisciplinary institutes, and professional pro-     11.    Northwestern
physical facilities grew from 48 to 88 buildings;    grams can bring their accomplishments to bear                  Washington University (St. Louis)
faculty compensation increased ten-fold; and         on the most basic and pressing needs of human-          13.    Brown
research funding grew more than twenty-fold. In      ity — for peace and social justice, for human           14.    Cornell
addition, two defining moments occurred during       rights and dignity, for ethical conduct in business,           Johns Hopkins
this period: the transference of University gover-   science and the professions, for a renewal of val-             Chicago
nance in 1967 from the Congregation of Holy          ues in interpersonal and societal relationships,        17.    Rice
Cross to a predominantly lay board of trustees       and for a more enlightened stewardship of the           18.    NOTRE DAME
and the admission of women to undergraduate          environment, to name but a few of the challenges.              Vanderbilt
studies in 1972.                                        This aspiration is incumbent upon Notre              20.    Emory
                                                     Dame as a Catholic university. Today, as

2005 Notre Dame Football                                                                                                                                  195
            Indicators of Excellence
RANKINGS                                                                                                                            • The Notre Dame marching band was founded in 1843 and is
• Notre Dame is rated among the nation’s top 25 institutions                                                                          the oldest college marching band still in existence.
  of higher learning in surveys conducted by U.S. News and                                                                          INTERNATIONAL AND OFF-CAMPUS STUDIES
  World Report, Princeton Review, Time, Kiplinger’s, and                                                                            • Notre Dame ranks sixth in the percentage of students study-
  Kaplan/Newsweek.                                                                                                                    ing abroad among major research universities.
• The Wall Street Journal has cited Notre Dame as one of the                                                                        • Notre Dame offers 27 international study programs in 17
  “New Ivies” in American higher education, along with,                                                                               countries. The two newest programs are in Bologna, Italy,
  among others, Duke, Northwestern and Johns Hopkins.                                                                                 and Beijing.
• Notre Dame ranks eighth in a listing of “dream schools” in                                                                        • Notre Dame’s Keough Institute for Irish Studies is the
  a survey of college applicants and parents by the Princeton                                                                         nation’s foremost Irish studies program, and Notre Dame
  Review. The top seven are NYU, Harvard, Stanford, Yale,                                                                             has the most prominent presence in Ireland of any American
  Duke, Columbia and Princeton.                                                                                                       university. The Keough Notre Dame Study Centre-Ireland,
• Hispanic Magazine ranks Notre Dame ninth on its list of the                                                                         housed in historic Newman House in Dublin, engages in
  top 25 colleges for Latinos.                                                                                                        extensive cooperative agreements with Trinity College,
                                                                                                                                      Dublin, and University College Dublin (UCD).
FACULTY AND PROGRAMS                                                                                                                • At the request of Pope Paul VI, Notre Dame helped found the
• Chemist Dennis Jacobs was selected the 2002-03 U.S.                                                                                 Ecumenical Institute for Theological Studies at Tantur,
  Professor of the Year for research and doctoral universities                                                                        located on a hilltop on the road from Jerusalem to
  by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of                                                                                   Bethlehem.
  Teaching and the Council for the Advancement and Support
  of Education.                                                                                                                     SERVICE
• The Department of Philosophy was ranked 14th in the                                                                               • Community service is a hallmark of Notre Dame. About 80
  United States in a survey of nearly 200 philosophers, and                                                                            percent of Notre Dame students, through the University’s
  Notre Dame and Yale were cited as the nation’s top two pro-                                                                          Center for Social Concerns, are active in social service, and
  grams for the study of the philosophy of religion.                                                                                   at least 10 percent of each year’s baccalaureate graduating
• Faculty in the College of Arts and Letters have earned 20                                                                            class spends a year or more in volunteer service, prompting
  fellowships from the National Endowment for the                                                                                      UN General-Secretary Kofi Annan to say, “Notre Dame rep-
  Humanities during the past six years, more than for any          Hesburgh Library                                                    resents much that is best and most generous in the
  other university in the nation.                                                                                                      American tradition.”
• The School of Architecture is ranked ninth by the National      • Jerome J. Green, a member of Notre Dame’s engineering           • More than 600 Notre Dame graduates have participated in
  Architectural Accrediting Board.                                  faculty from 1895-1914, was a pioneer of wireless commu-           the Holy Cross Associates program since its inception in
• The National Science Foundation has joined with Notre             nication. Guided by the findings of Guglielmo Marconi,             1978. Established by the University’s founding congregation,
  Dame and two other universities to establish the Joint            Green became the first American to transmit a wireless             the program engages young lay people in the congregation’s
  Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics.                               message—from Notre Dame to neighboring Saint Mary’s                service to the poor in the United States and Chile.
• Notre Dame established the first programs in law, engi-           College.                                                        • Notre Dame’s Social Concerns Seminars, in which under-
  neering and architecture at an American Catholic institution    • Beginning in 1907, Notre Dame priest and professor Rev.            graduates spend fall and spring breaks offering assistance
  of higher learning.                                               Julius Nieuwland, C.S.C., conducted research that 25 years         in Appalachia and other impoverished areas, is one of the
• Notre Dame’s Institute for Medieval Studies was the first in      later led to the discovery of the formulae for synthetic rub-      most comprehensive service-learning programs in higher
  the United States, and the University also founded the first      ber. Produced commercially by the DuPont Company under             education.
  publication series dedicated specifically to medieval topics.     the brand name Neoprene, the highly elastic material is          • The University’s Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) sends
• According to the National Science Foundation, Notre Dame          used for products ranging from water-faucet washers to             135 recent graduates to teach in some 90 understaffed
  is one of the top three U.S. universities in low-energy           gasoline-pump hoses to the adhesive strips on disposable           Catholic schools in the Southern, Southeastern, and
  nuclear physics research.                                         diapers.                                                           Southwestern United States and in South Bend. A national
• Notre Dame’s Department of Accountancy consistently             • Germ-free technology developed by professors James                 model, ACE has received the Higher Education Award from
  ranks among the top 10 in the country in an annual nation-        Reyniers and Morris Pollard at Notre Dame’s LOBUND                 the Corporation for National Service for leadership in using
  wide survey of accountancy department chairs.                     Laboratory has played a significant role in bone-marrow            national service resources through AmeriCorps.
• The Department of Mathematics ranks in the top quarter            treatment for leukemia and Hodgkins disease, the preven-
  among all universities that grant a doctorate in the field.       tion of colon cancer, the use of nutrition in preventing        ALUMNI
• The Notre Dame Law School is rated 20th by U.S. News &            prostate cancer, and the development of “statin” choles-        • The University’s network of 248 alumni clubs—including 38
  World Report, and the Educational Quality Rankings of U.S.        terol-lower drugs.                                                international clubs—is the most extensive in higher educa-
  Law Schools places Notre Dame among the top four nation-        • The late biologist George B. Craig Jr. was one of the world’s     tion.
  ally for teaching quality.                                        foremost experts on mosquitoes and their disease-carrying       • With graduates renowned for their loyalty and generosity,
• U.S. News & World Report and Entrepreneur Magazine rank           capabilities. For two decades he studied the genetics of          Notre Dame annually ranks among the top five universities
  Notre Dame’s Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies             Aedes aegypti, the Yellow Fever mosquito, using it to better      in percentage of alumni who contribute.
  among the top 25 in the nation.                                   understand disease transmission and to experiment with          • In alumni satisfaction surveys, Notre Dame ranks among
• The Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory            genetic control techniques. His later work included study of      the top three nationally.
  and Notre Dame have collaborated to create a new Institute        LaCrosse encephalitis in the Midwest and the Asian Tiger
  for Theoretical Sciences.                                         mosquito’s migration from Southeast Asia to the United          RESOURCES AND FACILITIES
• Notre Dame is part of a consortium of universities con-           States.                                                         • Notre Dame ranks in the top 20 among all American col-
  structing the world’s largest telescope in Arizona.                                                                                 leges and universities in size of endowment (approximately
• Two Notre Dame theologians are members of the official          STUDENTS                                                            $3 billion) and in annual voluntary support. Since 1984-85,
  translation team of the Dead Sea Scrolls.                       • Notre Dame’s graduation rate of 95 percent is exceeded by         the University has ranked first in the amount of money con-
                                                                    only Harvard and Princeton.                                       tributed annually by parents. It has the largest endowment
RESEARCH MILESTONES                                               • Notre Dame graduates are accepted into medical schools at         and yearly gift total of any Catholic institution of higher
For more than 100 years, Notre Dame researchers have been           a rate of about 75 percent, almost twice the national aver-       learning in the world.
at the forefront of numerous pioneering developments:               age.                                                            • Notre Dame is one of just 10 major private universities to
• In 1893, 10 years before the Wright brothers’ first flight,     • Notre Dame has one of the highest undergraduate residen-          receive a rating of Aaa from Moody’s Investors Service.
   Notre Dame engineering professor Albert Zahm organized           tial concentrations of any national university, with 80 per-    • A new report puts Notre Dame’s economic impact on the
   the first International Aeronautic Congress in Chicago.          cent of its students living in 27 residence halls. Some 40        local marketplace at more than $830 million annually.
   Based upon experiments on campus, he presented a paper           Holy Cross religious continue to live and provide a pastoral    • The DeBartolo Center for the Performing Arts—a $63.6 mil-
   that proposed the first modern method for launching air-         presence in the halls.                                            lion, 150,000-square-foot complex with five distinct per-
   planes and manually controlling them in flight by using        • Fighting Irish athletics programs have produced the second        formance venues—opened in the summer of 2004.
   rotating wing parts to balance the aircraft laterally and a      most Academic All-Americans among Division I-A colleges
   double tail to control pitching and side-to-side movement.       and universities.

196                                                                                                                                              Notre Dame Stadium’s 75th Anniversary
                                                                                         Campus Leaders
                                 Rev. John I. Jenkins,       University’s annual operating budget of more than
                              C.S.C., took office as the     $700 million and an endowment of more than $3 bil-
                                                                                                                          Notre Dame Administration
                              17th president of the          lion. He oversees human resource activities for a         President
                              University of Notre Dame       work force of more than 4,000 employees – the             Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
                              on July 1, 2005. He was        largest in St. Joseph County – and directs the            Executive Vice President
                              elected by the University’s    University’s construction program.                        John Affleck-Graves
                              Board of Trustees to a five-      A native of South Africa and a naturalized U.S. cit-   Vice President and Associate Provost
                              year term April 30, 2004.      izen, Dr. Affleck-Graves specializes in the study of      Christine Maziar
                                 An associate professor      initial public offerings, valuation and asset pricing     Vice President and Associate Provost
                              of philosophy and member       models, and shareholder value-added methodology.          Jean Ann Linney
                              of Notre Dame’s faculty        He is the author of more than 50 refereed publica-        Vice President and Associate Provost
 Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C.
    University President      since 1990, Father Jenkins     tions and the recipient of numerous teaching              Dennis Jacobs
                              had served from July 2000      awards.                                                   Vice President for Student Affairs
                              until his election as presi-      Dr. Affleck-Graves joined the Notre Dame faculty       Rev. Mark L. Poorman, C.S.C.
dent as a vice president and associate provost at the        in 1986 after teaching and conducting research for        Vice President for University Relations
University.                                                  the previous 11 years at his alma mater, the              Louis M. Nanni
   Prior to his service in the provost’s office, Father      University of Cape Town, where he earned bachle-          Vice President for Graduate Studies/Research
Jenkins had been religious superior of the Holy              or’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.                      Jeffrey C. Kantor
Cross priests and brothers at Notre Dame for three                                                                     Vice President and General Counsel
years. As religious superior, he was a Fellow and                                         Patrick F. McCartan          Carol Colby Kaesebier
Trustee of the University, but he relinquished those                                   was elected the fifth chair     Vice President for Business Operations
posts to assume his duties in the provost's office.                                    of Notre Dame's Board of        James J. Lyphout
   Father Jenkins specializes in the areas of ancient                                  Trustees in May 2000. He        Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
philosophy, medieval philosophy and the philosophy                                     has been a Notre Dame           Scott C. Malpass
of religion. He is the author of “Knowledge and Faith                                  trustee since 1989 and          Vice President for Public Affairs, Communication
in Thomas Aquinas,” published by Cambridge                                             also is a Fellow of the         Hillary Crnkovich
University Press in 1997.                                                              University.
                                                                                                                       Vice President for Finance
   Father Jenkins earned two degrees in philosophy                                        Mr. McCartan served
                                                                                                                       John A. Sejdinaj
from Oxford University in 1987 and 1989. He earned                                     from 1993 through 2002 as
his master of divinity degree and licentiate in sacred                                 managing partner of
                                                                  Patrick McCartan
theology from the Jesuit School of Theology at                 Chair of the Notre Dame Jones, Day, Reavis &            Board from 1991-98. He has served 25 years on the
Berkeley, Calif., in 1988. Prior to entering the                  Board of Trustees    Pogue, an international         University's Academic Council, including 10 years
Congregation of Holy Cross, he earned bachelor’s                                       law firm headquartered in       on its executive committee, and also was a member
and master’s degrees in philosophy from Notre                Cleveland. Cited by The National Law Journal as one       of the Provost's Advisory Committee and the search
Dame in 1976 and 1978, respectively.                         of the country's most respected and influential cor-      committees for the University's two most recent
   Father Jenkins was ordained a priest in Notre             porate trial lawyers, he currently is Jones Day's sen-    provosts. He served as acting dean of the Law
Dame’s Basilica of the Sacred Heart in 1983. He              ior partner, concentrating on appellate litigation and    School from 1991-93 and was an associate dean
served as director of the Old College program for            corporate governance.                                     from 1988-91 and from 1993-99.
Notre Dame undergraduate candidates for the                     A 1956 graduate of Notre Dame, Mr. McCartan               Dutile has served on numerous University and
Congregation of Holy Cross from 1991 to 1993.                earned his law degree from the University in 1959.        Law School committees and is a member of the edi-
   A native of Omaha, Neb., Father Jenkins was               Before joining Jones Day, he served as law clerk to       torial board of the Notre Dame Press. He received
born Dec. 17, 1953.                                          Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Whittaker.            the 2001 James E. Armstrong Award, which is pre-
                                                                                                                       sented annually by the Notre Dame Alumni
                               John Affleck-Graves                                        Fernand N. Dutile,           Association for outstanding service to the University
                            was elected the first lay                                  affectionately known as         by an employee.
                            executive vice president of                                "Tex," was appointed chair
                            Notre Dame in April 2004.                                  of the University's Faculty
                            A vice president and asso-                                 Board on Athletics in 2000.
                            ciate provost the previous                                 Dutile also is Notre
                            three years, he also holds                                 Dame's Athletic Faculty
                            the Notre Dame Chair in                                    Representative to the
                            Finance in the Mendoza                                     NCAA.
                            College of Business.                                          A 1965 graduate of the
                                Dr. Affleck-Graves, the                                Notre Dame Law School
 Dr. John Affleck-Graves                                             Tex Dutile
 Executive Vice President   fifth person to serve                  NCAA Faculty        and a member of the facul-
                            as executive vice presi-               Representative      ty since 1971, Dutile previ-
                            dent, administers the                                      ously served on the Faculty

2005 Notre Dame Football                                                                                                                                                197
      Thank you for your tremendous support of our entire athletics              Dos and Don’ts for representatives in regards to                              • have telephone contact with a prospect regarding permissible
 program. Our 800+ student-athletes, our coaches and administra-              a current student-athlete:                                                         pre-enrollment activities such as summer employment, provided
 tive staff are very appreciative of your spirit and affinity for Notre          (The following lists of examples are not all-inclusive. As always,              the prospect has graduated from high school and signed a
 Dame, in particular intercollegiate athletics.                               ask before you act!)                                                               National Letter of Intent. Also, you must contact the Compliance
                                                                                                                                                                 Office to make them aware that you are making these employ-
      With that, your adherence to all applicable NCAA rules and reg-         Dos                                                                                ment arrangements.
 ulations is essential as we strive to maintain and enhance our                  You may:
 national athletic prominence while protecting the University’s tra-                                                                                           • have a telephone conversation with a prospect only if the
                                                                                 • contact a current student-athlete regarding employment oppor-
 dition of integrity and values.                                                                                                                                 prospect initiates the call. Such a call may not be prearranged by
                                                                                   tunities, however, no contact may be made without approval from
      Our Compliance Office staff stands prepared to assist you with                                                                                             an institutional staff member and you are not permitted to have
                                                                                   the Compliance Office.
 your questions and concerns regarding NCAA regulations. Please                                                                                                  a recruiting conversation, but may exhibit normal civility. You
                                                                                 • provide a student-athlete, not their family and friends, an occa-
 contact us immediately should you have concern regarding any sit-                                                                                               must refer any questions about our athletics programs to an ath-
                                                                                   sional (once a semester) meal at your home.
 uation. Your attention to these matters will ensure that the eligi-                                                                                             letics department staff member/coach.
                                                                                                                                                               • view a prospect’s athletic contest at your own initiative provided
 bility of both prospective student-athletes (“recruits”) and enrolled        Don’ts                                                                             you do not contact the prospect or his/her parents. In addition,
 student-athletes is protected and maintained. Again, many thanks                You may not:
 for your cooperation in this matter and your ongoing support.                                                                                                   you may not contact a prospect’s coach, principal, or counselor
                                                                                 • provide a currently enrolled student-athlete, their parents of
      Go Fighting Irish!                                                                                                                                         in an attempt to evaluate the prospect.
                                                                                   friends any benefit or special arrangement without prior
      The Compliance Staff                                                                                                                                     • continue established family relationships with friends and neigh-
                                                                                   approval from the Compliance Office.
      (574)631-8090                                                                                                                                              bors. Contacts with sons and daughters of these families are per-
                                                                                 • pay for or arrange for payment of room, board or any type of
                                                                                                                                                                 mitted so long as they are not made for recruiting purposes or
                                                                                   transportation for a student-athlete or their family and friends.
                                                                                                                                                                 encouraged by Notre Dame coaches.
                                                                                 • entertain student-athletes or their family and friends.
Who is Representative of                                                           (Exception: NCAA rules do permit institutional staff members
Notre Dame’s Athletics Interests?                                                  and athletics representatives to provide student-athletes (not
                                                                                                                                                                You may not:
   (The following lists of examples are not all-inclusive. As always,              including their family and friends) with an occasional meal
                                                                                                                                                                • write, e-mail or telephone a prospective student-athlete or
ask before you act!)                                                               (defined as once a semester) provided the meal is at the staff
                                                                                                                                                                  his/her parents in an effort to recruit them to Notre Dame.
                                                                                   member’s or athletic representative’s home and not at a restau-
   You are if:                                                                                                                                                  • become involved in making arrangements to provide money,
   • you are an enrolled student or graduate of the University.                                                                                                   financial aid or a benefit of any kind to a prospect or the
                                                                                 • use the name, picture or appearance of an enrolled student-ath-
   • you have ever participated in or are a member of any organiza-                                                                                               prospect’s family and friends.
                                                                                   lete to advertise, recommend or promote sales or use of a com-
     tion promoting Notre Dame’s athletics program (The former                                                                                                  • make contact with a prospective student-athlete and his/her par-
                                                                                   mercial product or service of any kind. Any use of a student-ath-
     Quarterback Club, The 3-Pt. Club, The Fast-Break Club, etc.)                                                                                                 ents when the prospect is on-campus for an official or unofficial
                                                                                   lete’s name, picture or appearance must receive authorization
   • you have ever made financial contributions to the University of                                                                                              recruiting visit.
                                                                                   from the Compliance Office.
     Notre Dame athletics department.                                                                                                                           • contact a prospect to congratulate him/her on signing a National
                                                                                 • provide any payment of expense or loan of an automobile for a
   • you have ever helped to arrange employment of or provided any                                                                                                Letter of Intent to attend the University.
                                                                                   student-athlete to return home or to any other location.
     benefits to prospective or enrolled student-athletes.                                                                                                      • transport, pay or arrange for payment of transportation costs for
                                                                                 • provide awards or gifts to a student-athlete for any reason. All
   • you have ever been a season ticket holder in any sport.                                                                                                      a prospect, and his/her relatives or friends to visit campus (or
                                                                                   awards provided to student-athletes must first be approved by
   • you have ever promoted the athletics programs at the University                                                                                              elsewhere).
                                                                                   the Compliance Office and meet all NCAA regulations.
     of Notre Dame.                                                                                                                                             • pay or arrange for payment of summer camp registration fees for
                                                                                 • provide an honorarium to a student-athlete for a speaking
                                                                                                                                                                  a prospect.
                                                                                   engagement. All speaking engagements must be approved in
    According to NCAA rules, once an individual has been identified as                                                                                          • provide ANYTHING to a prospect, the prospect’s family or friends
                                                                                   advance by the Compliance Office.
an institutional “representative of athletics interests” the individual                                                                                           without prior approval from the Compliance Office.
                                                                                 • allow a student-athlete, his/her relatives or friends to use your
retains that title for life. The University of Notre Dame is ultimately                                                                                         The support of our alumni and friends is welcomed and appreciat-
                                                                                   telephone to make free calls.
responsible for the behavior of all its athletics representatives in rela-                                                                                  ed. We ask, however, that you also help to keep Notre Dame’s tradi-
                                                                                 • provide free or reduced cost lodging in your home to a student-
tion to NCAA rules and regulations. Violations of NCAA regulations by                                                                                       tion of athletics integrity intact by following the NCAA regulations.
                                                                                   athlete or a student-athlete’s family and friends.
an athletics representative could result in the loss of eligibility for                                                                                     Your assistance will help ensure that the eligibility of both prospective
involved student-athletes (e.g. no participation in competitions) and/or                                                                                    and currently enrolled student-athletes is protected and preserved.
severe sanctions against the University (e.g. loss of scholarships, tel-
                                                                              Prospective Student-Athlete                                                   Your efforts to know and follow the NCAA legislation are greatly appre-
                                                                                  A prospective student-athlete is any student who has started class-
evision and post-season bans).                                                                                                                              ciated because violations could affect the eligibility of involved
                                                                              es for the ninth grade. Any student younger who receives any benefits
                                                                                                                                                            prospects or student-athletes and/or result in NCAA penalties being
                                                                              from an institution or athletics representative would become a
Current Student-Athlete                                                                                                                                     imposed on the University.
                                                                              prospective student-athlete. In addition, student-athletes enrolled in
     A student-athlete is any Notre Dame student who is a member of                                                                                             To that end, it should be our goal, as the best alumni and fans in
                                                                              preparatory school or two-year colleges are considered prospective
a varsity athletics team.                                                                                                                                   the country, to preserve and protect each and every student-athlete’s
                                                                              student-athletes. * Note: An individual is considered a prospect
     NCAA regulations apply to all student-athletes, not just those stu-                                                                                    eligibility. All NCAA legislation cannot be covered in a limited space
                                                                              (whether or not they have signed a National Letter-of-Intent) until the
dent-athletes who were recruited or who receive an athletics scholar-                                                                                       such as this brochure. Therefore, any additional questions should be
                                                                              first day of initial collegiate enrollment or the first day they report for
ship. *Note: NCAA regulations concerning enrolled student-athletes                                                                                          forwarded to the Compliance Office in the Department of Athletics.
                                                                              practice, whichever is earliest. Therefore, all NCAA regulations con-
remain in effect throughout the entire year (including summer break).                                                                                       Please remember to ask before you act!
                                                                              cerning contact with a prospective student-athlete are applicable until
If a student-athlete has completed his/her final season of eligibility, all
                                                                              that time.
NCAA regulations must be adhered to until he/she graduates or leaves                                                                                                    Mike Karwoski, Associate Director of Athletics
school.                                                                                                                                                                    (574) 631-4107 or Karwoski.1@nd.edu
                                                                                The Dos and Don’ts for representatives in
                                                                              regards to a prospective student-athlete:                                                  Lisa Deibler, Assistant Director of Athletics
                                                                                 (The following lists of examples are not all-inclusive. As always,
                                                                                                                                                                            (574) 631-8090 or Deibler.1@nd.edu
                                                                              ask before you act!)
                                                                                                                                                                    Allen Greene, Coordinator of Compliance Information
                                                                              Dos                                                                                          (574-631-7358) or Greene.17@nd.edu
                                                                                 You may:
                                                                                 • forward information about prospective student-athletes to the
                                                                                                                                                               God Bless!
                                                                                   appropriate coaching staff.
                                                                                                                                                               Go Fighting Irish!

198                                                                                                                                                                       Notre Dame Stadium’s 75th Anniversary
                                                                               Director of Athletics
                                               The Kevin White Administrative File                                                      student-athletes who enrolled in 1995 – and it also
                                                                                                                                        received the 2003 award for highest overall student-
                                               Year                School                     Assignment                                athlete graduation rate (92 percent of those who
                                               1982-85             Loras College              Director of Athletics
                                                                                                                                        enrolled in 1996). When the NCAA first issued its
                                               1985-86             Loras College              Vice President for                        Academic Performance Rate numbers in 2005, Irish
                                                                                              Student Development,                      teams excelled, with 13 earning a perfect 1,000
                                                                                              Director of Athletics                     score.
                                               1986-87             Loras College              Vice President for                      • The NCAA Division I-A Athletic Directors' Association
                                                                                              College Advancement,                      gave one of its four 2000 awards of excellence to
                                                                                              Director of Athletics                     Notre Dame's CHAMPS/Life Skills Program.
                                               1987-91             University of Maine        Director of Athletics                   • He renewed Notre Dame's NBC Sports contract for
                                               1991-96             Tulane University          Director of Athletics                     televising of home football games for five more years
                                                                                                                                        (through 2010) and its Westwood One contract for
                                               1996-00             Arizona State University   Director of Athletics                     football radio broadcasts for five more years (through
                                               2000-present        University of Notre Dame   Director of Athletics                     2007).
                                                                                                                                      • He oversaw the University’s NCAA re-certification
                                                                                                                                        process in 2004 as Notre Dame went through that
                                                                                                                                        self-study and peer review process for the first time
    Kevin White, one of the most progressive and talented             • Notre Dame won the BIG EAST Conference                          since 1997. The University’s athletic program was
administrators in the intercollegiate athletics ranks, quick-           Commissioner's Trophy for overall athletic success in           recertified without conditions.
ly has attached his signature as director of athletics at the           league play in 2001, ’02 and ‘03 for both men and             With a Ph.D. in education, White currently is a concur-
University of Notre Dame.                                               women – after which the award was no longer pre-          rent associate professor in the management department of
    White previously had been athletic director at Arizona              sented. In 2004-05, 13 Irish squads won either the        the Mendoza College of Business, teaching as part of Notre
State University, Tulane University, the University of Maine,           BIG EAST regular-season crown or tournament (or           Dame's MBA program during spring semesters (he teach-
and Loras College. He brought a combined 18 years (1982-                both).                                                    es a sports business course).
83 to 1999-2000) of experience in those positions with him            His five years on the job at Notre Dame have featured a         White has served on numerous NCAA committees,
to his assignment at Notre Dame.                                    handful of other noteworthy accomplishments:                  including the NCAA Council, formerly the association's
    Appointed March 13, 2000, White agreed to an original             • He helped the Irish athletic program toward its goal of   highest governing body, as well as currently serving as
five-year contract as well as a five-year extension, then in            becoming a top five program in the NACDA Directors'       president of the Division I-A Athletic Directors' Association
December ‘02 saw his commitment extended an additional                  Cup all-sports competition by championing the             and second vice president of NACDA.
two years to 2012.                                                      University's plan to add 64 grants-in-aid in order to         During his coaching career, White served as head track
    White's first five years at Notre Dame saw unprece-                 give all 26 varsity sports the full NCAA complement of    and field coach at Southeast Missouri State (1981-82) and
dented across-the-board achievement on Irish fields of                  scholarships.                                             assistant cross country and track and field coach at
play:                                                                 • He emphasized the need to remain competitive on the       Central Michigan (1976-80). He began his coaching career
    • Notre Dame finished 11th, 13th, 13th, 19th and 16th,              facilities front by commissioning a facilities master     at Gulf High School in New Port Richey, Fla., coaching
      respectively, in the National Association of Collegiate           plan that now provides a long-term plan for upgrading     cross country and track and assisting in football and
      Directors of Athletics (NACDA) Directors' Cup all-                Notre Dame's athletic physical plant.                     wrestling. White also spent a year (1980-81) as district
      sports ratings in those five years, its best-ever five-         • On the academic front, in 2001-02, 25 teams achieved      administrator for athletics and special projects for the Mt.
      year run in that competition.                                     GPAs of 3.0 or higher, including eight Academic All-      Morris Consolidated School District in Mt. Morris, Mich.
    • On nine occasions Irish teams have earned number-                 Americans. In 2002-03, three Irish student-athletes           Born Sept. 25, 1950, in Amityville, N.Y., White earned
      one national rankings.                                            earned recognition as both All-Americans on the field     his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University in 1983 with an
    • The Irish claimed the '01 national championship in                and Academic All-Americans in the classroom. In           emphasis on higher education administration. In 1985 he
      women's basketball, the ’03 and ’05 NCAA titles in                2003-04, Irish teams produced six more Academic All-      completed postdoctoral work at Harvard University's
      fencing and the ’04 crown in women’s soccer.                      Americans, including soccer star Vanessa Pruzinsky,       Institute for Educational Management. He earned his mas-
    • A record 37 Notre Dame athletes earned All-America                who also earned an NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship         ter's degree in athletics administration from Central
      honors in 2001-02.                                                after graduating with a perfect 4.0 average in chemi-     Michigan University in 1976 and his bachelor's degree in
    • In 2003-04 an unprecedented 22 teams qualified for                cal engineering. Six more Academic All-Americans          business administration in 1972 from St. Joseph's College
      NCAA competition, including two (hockey and                       were added to the list in 2004-05.                        in Rensselaer, Ind., where he also competed as a sprinter
      women’s golf) that accomplished that for the first time         • The American Football Coaches Association awarded         in track and field.
      and a third (men’s golf) that made the field for the first        its Academic Achievement Award for 2001 to Notre              White and his wife Jane (she also has degrees from St.
      time in 38 years.                                                 Dame based on its 100 percent graduation rate. The        Joseph’s and Central Michigan) have five children –
                                                                        University received a 2002 USA Today/NCAA Academic        Maureen, Michael, Danny (a Notre Dame graduate), Brian
                                                                        Achievement Award for graduating 90 percent of its        (a senior at Notre Dame) and Mariah.

                  Missy Conboy              Stan Wilcox                John Heisler            Bill Scholl            Boo Corrigan       Mike Karwoski                Tom Nevala
                  Deputy                    Deputy                     Sr. Associate           Sr. Associate          Assistant Athletic Assistant Athletic           Assistant Athletic
                  Athletic Director         Athletic Director          Athletic Director       Athletic Director      Director           Director                     Director

2005 Notre Dame Football                                                                                                                                                                  199
            Statement of Principles
   Throughout its long and                                                                                                                                      pursue the wisdom of our cul-
proud history, the University                                                                                                                                   ture and religious heritage and
of Notre Dame has embraced                                                                                                                                      to experience the human family’s
the philosophy that a well-                                                                                                                                     diversity and interdependence.
rounded athletics program —                                                                                                                                     To accomplish these objectives,
including club, intramural and                                                                                                                                  the University provides to its stu-
intercollegiate competition —                                                                                                                                   dents, on an equitable basis,
comprises an integral part of                                                                                                                                   ongoing opportunities to culti-
Notre Dame’s educational                                                                                                                                        vate their moral, intellectual and
mission.                                                                                                                                                        physical well-being.
   This philosophy reflects the
importance of operating an                                                                                                                                       Basic Principles
intercollegiate athletics pro-                                                                                                                                      1. Any student hoping to suc-
gram that fully comports with                                                                                                                                    ceed at the University needs a
the University’s aspirations as                                                                                                                                  significant level of ability and
a Catholic institution. Notre                                                                                                                                    preparation. Therefore, the
Dame therefore dedicates                                                                                                                                         Office     of     Undergraduate
itself to the pursuit of excel-                                                                                                                                  Admissions will accept into the
lence in intercollegiate athlet-                                                                                                                                 University only those student-
ics within the framework of an                                                                                                                                   athletes who demonstrate, on
academic community commit-                                                                                                                                       the basis of the best available
ted to the University’s educa-                                                                                                                                   academic and character-based
tional and religious objectives.                                                                                                                                 information, the capacity to
   Notre Dame also commits                                                                                                                                       complete a degree at Notre
itself to the unquestioned                                                                                                                                       Dame.
integrity of its athletics programs. All individuals involved,   ascertains the views and concerns of student-athletes. The              2. Even for individuals manifestly well suited for Notre
directly or indirectly, in the athletics enterprise must main-   Board reviews data on admissions of student-athletes and            Dame, the adjustments to the rigors of academic and ath-
tain and foster the values and goals associated with the         on their academic performance, progress towards                     letic life in a highly-competitive university present difficul-
University’s mission as a Catholic institution of higher edu-    degrees, and graduation rates. The Board assesses the               ties. The University recognizes its responsibility to provide
cation.                                                          effectiveness of institutional support for student-athletes.        appropriate assistance to enable student-athletes to meet
   As a Catholic university, Notre Dame espouses                 In addition, the Board sets guidelines for the approval of          the demands of both academic and athletic competition. To
Christian values and principles. These include the devel-        all student petitions for a fifth year of eligibility for athlet-   this end, the University affords its student-athletes suit-
opment of the human person — spirit as well as body —            ics and votes on each such petition. The Board establishes          able academic counsel and support, primarily under the
in addition to the pursuit of excellence in all endeavors,       guidelines for all intercollegiate athletics schedules and          auspices of the provost’s office. Other sources of support,
the nurturing of Christian character, and the call to per-       qualifications for captaincy of all University teams, and it        both academic and personal, include the faculty, academ-
sonal integrity and responsibility. By providing a general       votes on all proposed schedules and captaincy nomina-               ic advisors, the residence-hall staff, coaches, athletics
description of the structures that support these endeavors,      tions. The Board also assesses and revises procedures for           administrators and the Student Development Program.
this document articulates the central values and expecta-        resolving prospective conflicts between final examinations              3. The University strives to schedule practices and com-
tions that guide the University of Notre Dame’s participa-       and post-season championship events.                                petitions so as to minimize conflicts with class periods and
tion in intercollegiate athletics.                                   In its role as a liaison to the broader faculty, the Faculty    other academic assignments of student-athletes. In this
                                                                 Board disseminates appropriate, non-confidential informa-           regard, the rhythm of the academic year and the particu-
PRESIDENTIAL CONTROL                                             tion and initiates discussions on educational issues                lar importance of final examinations warrant special
    Notre Dame adheres to the principle of presidential          regarding intercollegiate athletics and the related con-            attention. All playing schedules remain subject to the
control over intercollegiate athletics. The director of ath-     cerns of the faculty and administration.                            approval of the Faculty Board on Athletics.
letics reports to the president, who exercises ultimate              2. The faculty athletics representative champions aca-              4. Notre Dame expects its student-athletes to maintain
responsibility for the conduct of the University’s intercolle-   demic integrity, promotes the welfare of student-athletes,          the appropriate sequence and number of courses and the
giate athletics program. The Faculty Board on Athletics          and helps ensure institutional control of intercollegiate           grade-point-average necessary to complete a degree with-
serves as the principal advisory group to the president on       athletics. More specifically, the faculty athletics represen-       in the usual time (normally four years), including summer
educational issues related to intercollegiate athletics. The     tative works with the president and the director of athlet-         classes when appropriate. Any exception to this policy
chair of the Faculty Board on Athletics also serves as the       ics to maintain appropriate University oversight of inter-          remains subject to the approval of the Faculty Board on
NCAA-mandated faculty athletics representative.                  collegiate athletics; assists the president and director of         Athletics.
                                                                 athletics in determining institutional positions on pro-
Basic Principles                                                 posed NCAA and conference legislation; serves on search             STUDENT LIFE
    1. The Faculty Board on Athletics nurtures Notre             committees for senior athletics administrators and head                Like other students, student-athletes should have the
Dame’s commitment to academic integrity within the ath-          coaches; oversees decisions regarding eligibility of stu-           opportunity to pursue fully the University’s academic, cul-
letics program, strives to ensure that the University’s ath-     dent-athletes; remains visible and available to student-ath-        tural and spiritual resources. The University holds student-
letics program operates in consonance with Notre Dame’s          letes; and actively participates in all investigations and          athletes not only to the same standard of conduct that
educational mission, and actively promotes the welfare           reports of possible NCAA violations.                                applies to other students, but also to that higher level of
and educational success of the University’s student-ath-                                                                             behavior appropriate to their visibility.
letes. The Board also functions as a formal liaison between      ACADEMICS
the faculty and the athletics department.                           Notre Dame dedicates itself to providing to all of its stu-      Basic Principles
    In carrying out its charge, the Board reviews policies,      dents an outstanding education. The University commits                 1. Student-athletes must comply with all University
procedures and practices that affect the educational expe-       itself to developing in its students those disciplined habits       rules and guidelines, including those set out in both the
rience of student-athletes and advises the president of its      of mind, body and spirit that characterize educated, skilled        student handbook, du Lac, and in the Student-Athlete
findings and deliberations. The Board systematically             and free human beings. Notre Dame calls its students to             Handbook. The Office of Residence Life and Housing

200                                                                                                                                              Notre Dame Stadium’s 75th Anniversary
enforces the University-wide rules according to procedures           3. Notre Dame requires its coaches to adhere to the poli-
applicable to all student disciplinary matters.                  cies and procedures of the University, its conferences and                    Chronology of
    2. The University strives to integrate student-athletes      the NCAA. To that end, Notre Dame provides a comprehen-                      Varsity Sports at
into the student body so that all students may take full         sive orientation to new coaches and suitable continuing
advantage of the educational and other opportunities             education to other coaches. The University treats seriously                    Notre Dame
afforded by campus and hall life. Given the centrality of        all violations of University, conference or NCAA standards
residential life to the University’s mission, student-athletes   and reports such violations according to the applicable            1880s
normally live in residence halls; exceptions to this policy      conference or NCAA procedures.                                     1887 — Football becomes first men’s sport,
remain subject to the approval of the Faculty Board on                                                                                     awards 14 monograms
Athletics. Moreover, Notre Dame provides no separate res-        ADMINISTRATION OF THE                                              1889 — Track and field becomes men’s sport
idence halls or sections of residence halls for student-ath-     DEPARTMENT OF ATHLETICS
letes.                                                              The Director of Athletics and the other administrators in       1890s
    3. The University lists among its primary concerns the       the department of athletics supervise all activities of the        1891 — Baseball becomes men’s sport
physical and mental health of all members of the Notre           athletics program at the University. All aspects of the pro-       1897 — Basketball becomes men’s sport
Dame community. Because of the dangers inherent in ath-          gram must accord with the principles of justice and fair-
letic competition, the prevention of injuries and the provi-     ness. In addition, Notre Dame expects the personal and             1920s
sion of medical care for student-athletes demand particu-        professional lives of its athletics administrators to reflect      1923 — Cross country becomes men’s sport,
lar concern and deserve constant attention. The appropri-        the highest standards of behavior. Athletics administrators               with Knute Rockne as coach
ate sports-medicine and athletics-training personnel alone       also must adhere to the policies and procedures of the             1923 — Tennis becomes men’s sport
determine whether injury or illness precludes a student-         University, its conferences and the NCAA. The University
athlete from practicing or competing.                            treats all violations of such policies and procedures seri-        1930s
    4. Because of the harm that illicit drug use causes and      ously.                                                             1930 — Golf becomes men’s sport
the pressure on student-athletes to use performance-                                                                                1934 — Fencing becomes men’s sport
enhancing drugs, drug-related education and counseling           Basic Principles
require particular emphasis. As a preventive measure, all            1. The University maintains full and direct control of the     1950s
student-athletes remain subject to regular, random, and          financial operations of the athletics department, including        1955 — Wrestling becomes men’s sport
unannounced drug testing according to the University’s           all revenues. The operating budget and the ongoing finan-          1958 — Swimming & diving becomes men’s sport
established drug-testing protocol. University Health             cial activities of the athletics department remain subject to
Services decides the timing of drug tests, determines            the same approval process as all other units of the                1960s
whom to test and administers the tests. The drug-testing         University.                                                        1968 — Ice hockey becomes men’s sport
protocol prescribes the treatment of test results and the            2. Historically, Notre Dame’s athletics program has gen-
consequences of a positive test.                                 erated funds sufficient to cover its expenses, as well as to       1970s
    5. Notre Dame regularly provides chaplains for athletics     provide funds for the University’s general operating budget.       1976 — Tennis and fencing become first women’s
teams. Chaplains’ duties include pastoral care and liturgi-      The generation of revenue must always take into consider-                 sports
cal services for student-athletes, coaches and staff.            ation Notre Dame’s integrity and priorities.                       1977 — Basketball becomes women’s sport
                                                                     3. The University commits itself to the principle of racial,
                                                                                                                                    1977 — Soccer becomes men’s sport
COACHING STAFFS                                                  ethnic and gender diversity in the composition of its coach-
   The University strives to maintain a staff of coaches who     ing and administrative staffs. Notre Dame will make every          1978 — Field hockey becomes women’s sport
represent the best in athletic instruction, who possess the      reasonable effort to promote this commitment as positions          1980s
ability to motivate and inspire, and who take responsibility     are created or vacated.
                                                                                                                                    1980 — Volleyball becomes women’s sport
for the full development of the student-athletes within their        4. Consistent with its overall academic mission and pro-
charge as students, athletes and persons. Coaches, who           gram, its financial resources and the athletic interests of its    1981 — Lacrosse becomes men’s sport
after all are primarily teachers, share with members of the      student body, the University will provide a full and stable        1981 — Swimming becomes women’s sport
faculty and other University personnel the obligation to         athletics program for both sexes. Notre Dame embraces              1986 — Cross country becomes women’s sport
educate, train and otherwise assist in the formation of stu-     the principle of gender equity and will continue to monitor        1986 — Field hockey discontinued as
dents entrusted to them. Furthermore, Notre Dame recog-          its intercollegiate programs in accord with this principle.               women’s sport
nizes the important role each coach plays in the                     5. In considering conference affiliations, the University
University’s overall educational mission and makes this          will assess the extent to which the other institutions             1988 — Soccer and golf become
aspect an important part of both the coach’s position            involved share Notre Dame’s educational philosophies and                  women’s sports
description and periodic evaluation. Because of the public       goals, as well as its commitment to integrity in intercolle-       1989 — Softball becomes women’s sport
nature of their work, coaches represent Notre Dame in a          giate athletics.
highly-visible manner. Their words and actions should                                                                               1990s
therefore reflect the University’s values and principles.        CONCLUSION                                                         1991 — Track & field becomes women’s sport
                                                                     Notre Dame endeavors to maintain a highly-competitive          1992 — Wrestling discontinued as men’s sport
Basic Principles                                                 athletics program consistent with its tradition, heritage          1996 — Lacrosse becomes women’s sport
    1. Notre Dame expects the personal and professional          and overall mission as a Catholic university. It will attempt
                                                                                                                                    1998 — Rowing becomes women’s sport
lives of its coaches to reflect highest standards of behavior.   to excel in intercollegiate athletics, but always in conform-
Coaches’ actions must demonstrate that athletic success          ity with its primary role as an educator and moral guide.
may not jeopardize institutional or personal integrity or        Notre Dame will conduct its intercollegiate athletics pro-
student-athlete welfare.                                         gram so as to support the University’s commitment to edu-
    2. Notre Dame expects its coaches to appreciate the          cation, as well as the letter and spirit of the policies and
primacy of academic life at Notre Dame and to emphasize          procedures of the University, its conferences and the NCAA.
that primacy during the recruitment and education of stu-
dent-athletes and their participation in intercollegiate ath-

2005 Notre Dame Football                                                                                                                                                           201
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                                       University of Notre Dame
                                        Rockne Heritage Fund
                                             P.O. Box 519
                                      Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
• Ticket assistance for home football games begins at the $1,000 giving level.
• All gifts made to the Rockne Heritage Fund are credited toward eligibility for the following year’s Alumni
  Football Ticket Lottery
• When you make a gift to the Rockne Heritage Fund, you are joining a family whose faith in Our Lady’s
  University is unbending, whose vision of excellence never fades and whose footprints forge the path of
  greatness for generations to come.

Contact Information:                       Maureen L. McNamara
                                            Executive Director

202                                                                               Notre Dame Stadium’s 75th Anniversary

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