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					                      Winter 2006

    Merry Christmas
  & Happy Holidays
from the Corporate Office!
A Message from...
                                    The President
                                        Roger Lowe Sr.
    	 The	success	of	our	company	would	not	be	possible	without	the	hard	
    work	put	forth	each	day	on	the	front	line	at	retail	taking	care	of	the	
    boss,	“The	Customer”.		At	this	beautiful	time	of	year	(Thanksgiving,	
    Christmas,	 and	 New	Years)	 it	 makes	 it	 easy	 to	 remember	 to	 say	
    thanks	for	your	support	and	for	your	commitment	to	make	Lowe’s	
    grocery	family	great.
    	 We	will	remember	this	past	year	as	one	that	brought	about	a	few	
    challenges.		There	is	no	doubt	that	the	work	set	before	us	was	not	
    easy.		First,	energy	and	fuel	costs	were	at	an	all	time	high.		Second,	
    our supplier was having difficulty in hiring experienced truck drivers and warehouse workers.
    They also installed some new technology that has taken some time to adjust to and benefit from.
    Third,	we	have	grown	our	company	by	about	25%	this	past	year.		Fourth,	we	continued	to	have	new	
    competition in our markets. However, we have met the challenge with a great deal of confidence
    that	we	still	can	be	the	Customer	Company	continuing	to	do	the	things	that	matter.		We	will	develop	
    people	of	tomorrow	to	serve	and	strengthen	our	company.		Also,	we	will	continue	to	do	business	
    based on knowledge, judgment, and integrity. Let’s go forward this next year by helping to continue
    to	create	a	foundation	for	success	that	has	been	our	culture	and	heritage	of	the	past	four	decades.

                                    The Spirit of Christmas Recaptured
    	 By	rewinding	the	past,	we	can	gain	momentum	for	the	future	as	this	occurs	at	Christmas	time,	we	
    find ourselves joyously rejuvenated.
    	 Deut.	32:7			Remember	the	days	of	old,	consider	the	year	of	many	generation:		ask	thy	Father,	and	
    He	will	show	thee;	thy	elders,	and	they	will	tell	thee.	

    God	bless	you	during	this	season,

    Roger	Lowe,	Sr.

A Message
                                                                             Vice President & General Counsel
                                          from...                                                  Lezlie Lowe
                                                                                     Happy Holidays
                                                                                  To All Our Teammates:
             Vice President / CEO                                            	 As	 General	 Counsel	 for	 Lowe’s	
                    Roger Lowe Jr.                                           I	 have	 had	 the	 pleasure	 of	 working	
                                                                             hand	 in	 hand	 with	 some	 of	 you	 and	
                                                                             have	been	impressed	with	the	level	of	
         The Joy of Giving                                                   professionalism	 I	 have	 encountered	
	 It	is	that	time	of	year	again	when	joy	                                    as	 we’ve	 worked	 through	 legal	 issues	
and happiness fill the air. The holidays are                                 together.			As	the	Holidays	approach,	I’d	
a	special	time	of	the	year	for	our	family.	  	                               like to express to all of our teammates
My children are always excited about                                         my	appreciation	for	the	wonderful	job	
Santa	Claus	and	receiving	gifts.		But	do	
we	miss	 the	mark	of	 what	 Christmas	 is	
                                                                             you	have	done	and	are	continuing	to	do	in	addressing	issues	and	
all	about?		Christmas	is	about	sharing	and	                                  concerns	involving	customers	and	each	other.		If	we	continue	
giving,	not	receiving.		It	is	about	reaching	                                to	treat	our	customers	and	our	fellow	teammates	with	courtesy	
out	 to	 those	 in	 need	 or	 simply	 sharing	                               and	respect	our	workplace	will	remain	the	positive	environment	
what	we	have	with	one	another.                                               which	you	have	all	help	build.			This	positive	environment	makes	
	 I	recently	read	a	very	interesting	story	                                  Lowe’s	a	great	company	to	be	a	part	of	and	makes	it	less	likely	
about	a	man	that	is	referred	to	as	SECRET	SANTA.		As	a	young	man,	           that	everyday	disruptions	will	escalate	into	legal	issues.
SECRET	SANTA	grew	up	very	poor.		He	remembered	one	Christmas	
walking	in	the	streets	looking	in	the	window	of	a	toy	store	when	an	         	 Around	the	holidays	and	everyday	–	Let’s	continue	creating	
older	gentleman	reached	down	like	he	was	picking	up	something	               this	 positive	 atmosphere.	 	 Thanks	 to	 all	 our	 Teammates	 for	
off	the	ground.		As	he	looked	down	at	the	man,	the	man	handed	him	           making	Lowe’s	a	great	place	to	work	and	shop!
a	$20	bill	and	said,	"I	think	you	dropped	this."		The	joy	he	felt	was	       Sincerely,		
incredible	because	he	had	nothing.		Some	years	later	the	man	married	        Lezlie	Lowe		
and	started	his	own	business.		The	business	went	bankrupt	and	the	           Vice-President	/	General	Counsel
man	and	his	family	ended	up	homeless	on	the	streets.		Once	again	
people	from	a	local	church	reached	out	and	helped	the	man	and	his	
family.		After	he	got	back	on	his	feet	and	started	working,	he	and	
his	family	were	able	to	buy	a	home	and	start	over	again.		He	still	
did	not	have	much	money,	but	he	remembers	on	Christmas	giving	
$20	to	an	attendant	at	a	local	store	and	it	changed	his	life	forever.	
All	his	life	he	had	received	until	now.		The	joy	he	felt	overwhelmed	
                                                                         	    Management Awareness Director
him	and	he	started	giving	and	giving.		Pretty	soon	he	started	his	                                Duane Brown
own technology company. This time his company flourished and
was	very	successful.		Today,	he	spends	much	of	his	time	handing	
out	$100	to	people	in	need	all	over	the	United	States.		To	date	he	          	 It	 is	 very	 important	 to	 me	 to	 give	
has	given	away	well	over	a	million	dollars.		During	the	holidays	
he	dresses	up	like	Santa	and	hits	the	streets	handing	out	money	no	          all	 the	 Glory	 and	 success	 to	 my	 Lord	
matter	where	he	is,	thus	why	he	is	called	SECRET	SANTA.		He	                 and	Savior,	Jesus	Christ.		My	blessings	
does	all	this	without	taking	any	credit	or	wanting	anyone	to	know	           out	weigh	my	misfourtunes	10	-	1	and	
his	real	identity.		He	understands	the	JOY	OF	GIVING!                        I’m	 truely	 thankful.		 Thank	 each	 and	
	 God	gave	us	the	best	free	gift	we	could	ever	receive	when	he	sent	         everyone	of	you	for	being	a	teammate	
his	son,	Jesus	Christ,	to	die	on	the	cross	for	our	sins.		My	hope	is	this	   and	I	hope	that	in	the	year	to	come	that	
holiday	season	that	we	remember	the	true	meaning	of	Christmas,	
                                                                             I	 might	 be	 able	 to	 serve	 you	 in	 some	
Christ’s	birthday,	and	that	it	is	a	season	of	giving.		Try	it.		Walk	up	
to	someone	in	need	and	give	them	what	you	can	afford	however	big	            way.
or	small.		Find	the	real	joy	in	Christmas-Giving!!!                          	 Freedom	 lies	 in	 knowing	 that	 when	 we	 fully	 commit	 to	
God	Bless	You	and	Your	Family	During	This	Holiday	Season,                    God’s	sovereignty	in	our	lives,	we	can	trust	Him	to	meet	all	our	
Roger	Lowe	Jr.                                                               needs.
Vice	President/C.E.O                                                         God	Bless!
Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you          Duane	L.	Brown
in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall
receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38                                Management	Awareness	Director

A Message
                                                                                          Director of Insurance
                                           from...                                                   Pepper Grey
                                                                                   How to Manage Anger
                                                                            	 Constantly	blowing	your	stack	not	only	
         Human Resources Director                                           alienates	others,	it	can	contribute	to	health	
                                                                            problems,	 including	 headaches,	 stomach	
                        Angela Evins                                        upset	 and	 heart	 attack.		 To	 take	 control,	
                                                                            consider	the	following:
                                                                            COUNT to 10:
	 Well	 it	 is	 the	 season	 for	 giving	 and	 a	                             When	something	angers	you,	give	your	
time	for	stress	for	most	of	us.		I	have	some	                                 body	 time	 to	 defuse	 before	 you	 react.	 	
tips	to	help	you	relieve	your	tension.		The	                                  Take	 three	 or	 four	 deep	 breaths.		Ask	
following	moves	can	help	relieve	tension	                                     yourself,	“Will	this	really	matter	a	year	
around	 your	 head,	 neck,	 shoulders	 and	                                   from	now?”
hands.                                                                      DISTRACT yourself:
•	 The Scalp Soother: 	 Place	 thumbs	                                        Example: In a traffic jam, play soothing music or listen to a
    behind	 your	 ears	 and	 spread	 your	                                    relaxing program instead of pounding the horn. At work, dive
    fingers on top of your head. Move                                         into	a	task	to	turn	negative	energy	into	positive.
    your	scalp	back	and	forth	slightly	by	making	circles	with	your	         KEEP a log:
    fingertips for 15-20 seconds.                                              Monitor	 hostile	 thoughts	 to	 discover	 how	 frequently	 your	
•	 The Eye Easer: Close your eyes and place your ring fingers                  temperature rises. Benefit? You will help sort out the real
    directly	under	your	eyebrows,	near	the	bridge	of	your	nose.	        	      causes	of	your	anger,	which	are	often	things	over	which	you	
    Slowly	 increase	 pressure	 for	 5	 seconds,	 then	 gently	 release.	      have	no	control.
    Repeat	2-3	times.                                                       WALK it off:
•	 The Shoulder Saver:		Place	your	left	hand	on	the	right	side	                Go for a short stroll until you calm down. It is helpful to find
    of your neck by your shoulder. Press fingers firmly into the               a	quiet	place	where	you	can	think	out	loud	and	take	a	second	
    muscle	while	tucking	your	chin	in	toward	your	chest.		Hold	                look	at	how	you’re	reacting	to	a	situation.
    this	position	for	10	seconds,	release,	and	then	repeat	on	the	left	     ASK for help:
    side.                                                                     If	managing	outbursts	seems	impossible,	don’t	be	afraid	to	
•	 The Palm Pleaser: Lace your fingers together, leaving thumbs               try	 counseling,	 meditation,	 lifestyle	 changes	 or	 other	 kinds	
    free.		Slowly	knead	your	left	thumb	into	the	palm	of	your	right	          of	ongoing	psychological	help.		Your	health	may	depend	on	
    hand	for	20-30	seconds.		Then	repeat	on	your	left	hand.                   it!!
I	hope	these	tips	help	and	you	are	able	to	have	a	Holiday	Season	           	
that	is	stress	free.		
Merry	Christmas!
Angela	Evins
Human	Resource	Director

          Meet Your...
           Managers                                                                       Eddie Marquez, Manager
                                                                                             #10 - Dimmitt, TX
                                                                                      					As	some	of	you	know,	we’ve	been	
                                                                                      going	through	some	big	changes	here	
                                                                                      in	 Dimmitt	 (store	 #10).	 We’ve	 gone	
                                                                                      through	 a	 whole	 remodeling	 of	 the	
                                                                                      store	 including	 laying	 tile,	 resetting	
                                                                                      the aisles, and building a new office up
                                                                                      front.	Guests	and	teammates	are	proud	
                                                        of	their	new	store.	Morale	is	high	and	everyone’s	looking	forward	
                                                        to	the	coming	new	year.	From	everyone	at	the	Dimmitt	store,	have	a	
                                                        happy	and	safe	holiday	season.

                                                                                           Saul Figueroa, Manager
                                                                                             #33 - Muleshoe, TX

Lonnie Clark, Area Manager

            Stan Lancaster, Manager
                 #5 - Earth, TX
           	 I	just	want	to	thank	the	crew	at	#5	
           for	making	this	a	great	year.
           Stan	Lancaster

                                                                              an k
            Willie Jennings, Manager
                 #7 - Sudan, TX
           	 We	 are	 thankful	 for	 God	 in	 our	

           lives.	 We	 are	 also	 thankful	 for	 our	

           family,	friends,	and	our	jobs!	We	all	
           just	wanted	to	say	Thank	You	All!
           	 We	want	to	wish	everyone	a	Merry	
           X-Mas	and	a	Happy	New	Year!
           Willie,	Amy,	Thelma,	&	Karla

Meet Your...
                                                                                                                 Gabriel Medrano, Manager
                                                                                                                      #13 - Bovina, TX
                                                                                                                 	 It	 has	 been	 great	 working	 for	
                                                                                                                 Lowe’s.	 MERRY	 CHRISTMAS	TO	
                                                                                                                 Gabriel	Medrano

                                                                                                                     Lee Patterson, Manager
                                                                                                                        #17 - Clovis, NM
                                                                                	                                   During this time of year I reflect
                                                                                                                 upon	the	things	that	I	am	most	thankful	
                                                                                                                 for:	the	gospel	of	Jesus	Christ	and	His	
                                                                                                                 atonement,	my	family	and	friends,	a	
                                                                                                                 good	 job,	 etc.	 One	 stands	 out	 more	
                                                                                                                 than	all	the	others	though.	I	am	most	
                                                                                                                 thankful	for	my	wife.	For	all	that	she	
          Greg Baldwin, Area Manager                                            does	for	me,	all	that	she	puts	up	with	from	me,	and	most	importantly	
                    #94 - Tucumcari, NM                                         for	always	being	there	for	me.	Thank	you	dear.
Wow,                                                                            	 May	the	spirit	of	the	season	warm	your	hearts	and	souls.	Happy	
	 Another	year	comes	and	goes.	We	would	like	to	thank	the	teammates	            Holidays	from	Clovis.
at	#94	for	a	great	Year	and	lots	of	memories	from	2006.                         Lee	Patterson
	 We	would	like	to	congratulate	Market	Manager,	Rudy	Lopez,	on	his	
newest	grandson	who	turned	one	on	Nov.	8.	Also,	teammate	Steve	Brown	
on his first grandbaby, a grandson born in February; teammate Cindy Lingle                                          Steve Castillo, Manager
on	the	birth	of	her	very	1st	grand	daughter	in	October,	and	teammates	Greg	                                            #66 - Farwell, TX
and	Tracy	Baldwin	on	the	birth	of	their	1st	Grandbaby,	a	little	girl	born	in	
May.                                                                                                              	 I	am	thankful	for	the	family	I	have.	
	 The	newest	addition	to	Lowe’s	#94	is	our	fountain	drinks.	We	started	                                           After	losing	my	mom	in	February	of	
selling	fountain	drinks,	fresh	brewed	ice	tea,	hot	coffee	and	cappuccinos	                                        last	year	any	time	that	the	family	can	
on	August	18,	2006.	The	cashiers	have	been	doing	a	great	job	selling	them	                                        get	together	is	a	good	holiday.
and	introducing	them	to	our	customers.	We	had	contests	for	the	one	who	                                           Steve	Castillo
could	sell	the	most	drinks	per	week.	The	winners	won	some	neat	prizes.	
They	all	seemed	to	have	a	good	time	with	this	promotion.	We	may	have	
some	other	opportunities	to	win	other	prizes	in	the	future.
	 Several	teammates	at	Lowe’s	#94	have	gone	on	to	learn	new	tasks	this	                                             James Mahan, Manager
year,	and	we	are	very	proud	of	our	teammates	for	being	willing	to	learn	
new	positions	and	would	like	to	congratulate	these	teammates	and	thank	                                              #88 - Tucumcari, NM
you	for	your	open	minded	hard	work.                                             	                             	 	 	 Jim	 Mahan,	 (pictured)	 manager	 of	
	 Lowe’s	#94	would	like	to	welcome	our	new	teammates	from	Big	8	to	                                           Lowe’s	 Ace	 #88	 in	 Tucumcari,	 New	
the	Lowe’s	family	and	look	forward	to	hearing	from	ya’ll!                                                     Mexico, stands outside of Lowe’s first
   Catch ya on the next LoweDown!!                                                                            stand-alone	Ace	 Hardware.	 	 Open	 for	
                                                                                                              just	over	two	years,	this	store	is	rapidly	
                                   David Figueroa, Manager                                                    becoming	 the	 most	 popular	 hardware	
                                                                                                              store	in	town.	“The	community	has	really	
                                          #3 - Friona, TX                                                     embraced	us.	Our	hours	of	operation	have	
                                                                          made	the	difference.		We	are	available	when	no	one	else	is.	Plus	our	wide	
                                  	 I	 am	 thankful	 for	 another	 great	
                                                                          selection	of	product	and	accessories	are	important.”
                                  year.	Thankful	for	my	health	and	my	 	 Tucumcari	is	a	town	too	small	for	a	Wal-Mart	and	over	80	miles	from	a	
                                  family.                                 larger	city.	“Many	customers	have	commented	what	a	blessing	our	store	is,”	
                                  	 P.S.	 Thankful	 for	 my	 06’	 GT	 Jim	says.		“Now	when	they	are	in	the	middle	of	a	project	on	Sunday	afternoon	
                                  Mustang.                                and need a few parts to finish the job, we are only minutes away.”
                                                                             Jim and his staff wish to welcome our new teammates in El Paso, Texas.

Meet Your...
                                                                                                                    Leroy West, Manager
                                                                                                                     #84 - Lubbock, TX
                                                                                                               			My	name	is	Leroy	West.	I	am	the	
                                                                                                               Ace	 Hardware	 Manager	 at	 #84	 in	
                                                                                                               Lubbock,	 TX.	 I	 have	 worked	 for	
                                                                                                               Lowe’s	for	4	½	years.	I	would	like	to	
                                                                                                               thank	all	of	the	team	mates	at	84	for	
                                                                                                               all	of	their	hard	work.	I	could	not	do	
                                                                                                               it	with	out	them.	I	also	have	included	
                                                                                some	pictures	of	our	store	and	would	like	to	wish	the	Lowe’s	family	
                                                                                and	all	of	the	Lowe’s	teammates	a	Merry	Christmas.
                                                                                Leroy	West

                                                                                                    Bill Hiitola, Manager
                                                                                                      #37 - Odessa, TX
                                                                                 	 First	I	give	thanks	to	God	for	giving	me	the	strength	to	do	my	
                                                                                 job.	We	thank	all	the	employees	of	store	#37	for	working	as	team	
                                                                                 mates	and	God	Bless	all	this	holiday	season.
                                                                                 Bill	Hiitola
           Roy Pittman, Area Manager
                                                                                                  Barbara Wren, Manager
                                    Terressa Isbell, Manager
                                                                                                      #9 - Plains, TX
                                        #34 - Odessa, TX
	                             	 	 	 I	 would	 like	 to	 take	 this	 time	 to	
                              thank	the	Lowe’s	for	their	guidance	                                  Keith Reker, Manager
                              and	 support	 over	 the	 past	 13	 years.	                              #32 - Odessa, TX
                              The	past	2	years	have	especially	been	
                              trying	times	and	without	the	Lowe’s	
                              and	 God’s	 presence	 in	 my	 life	 it	
                                                                                                  Kevin McBride, Manager
                              would have been a lot more difficult.                                  #36 - Odessa, TX
I’m	also	thankful	for	the	help	and	understanding	of	Roy	Pittman,	
Angela	Evins,	and	Keith	Reker.	God	bless	each	and	every	one	of	the	                                 Jerry Ables, Manager
Lowe’s	family	thru	the	coming	holidays.
Terressa	Isbell                                                                                      #40 - Seagraves, TX

                                   Kenneth Mangus, Manager                                        Abel Melendez, Manager
                                       #35 - Odessa, TX                                              #81 - Lubbock, TX

                                                                                                    Larry Fisher, Manager
                                                                                                      #82 - Lubbock, TX

                                                                                                Christopher Snow, Manager
                                                                                                    #85 - Lubbock, TX

Meet Your...
                                                                                             Manuel Hinojos, Manager
                                                                                               #89 - Santa Fe, NM
                                                                                           	 Thank	 you	 to	 my	 son’s	 doctors,	
                                                                                           especially	Dr.	Gibbel	and	Dr.	Davis.
                                                                                           Manuel	Hinojos

                                                                                                 Paul Vigil, Manager
                                                                                                 #91 - Las Vegas, NM

     John McAnally, Area Manager                                                              Ron Martinez, Manager
                  Gilbert Torres, Manager                                                      #92 - Las Vegas, NM
                      #22 - Gallup, NM
                	 First	 of	 all,	 I	 would	 like	 to	 thank	
                God	 for	 all	 of	 His	 blessings	 He	 has	
                brought	 to	 me	 and	 my	 family,	 and	
                also	for	giving	me	&	my	teammates	
                the	 opportunity	 to	 be	 a	 part	 of	 the	
                Lowe's	 family.	 Seasons	 Greetings	 &	
                God	Bless!
                                                                                                Keith Garcia, Manager
                                                                                                 #93 - Espanola, NM
                  Michael Chavez, Manager
                                                                		                        				As	2006	is	coming	to	an	end,	I	am	so	
                     #23 - Gallup, NM                                                     very	“Thankful”	for	so	many	things.	
                 	 I	 would	 like	 to	 thank	 the	 Lowe	                                  First	 I	 must	 give	 thanks	 to	 Father	
                 Family,	 all	 of	 the	 people	 in	 the	                                  God	 for	 allowing	 me	 the	 honor	 of	
                 corporate office, all of our teamates,                                   knowing	him	as	“Father!”		At	times	
                 and	most	of	all	our	customers.                                           many	of	us	only	concentrate	on	the	
                                                                                          positive	things	of	life,	but	rarely	do	
                                                         we	embrace	the	hardships	that	are	placed	before	us.		In	July	of	this	
                                                         year	my	14	year	old	daughter,	Aly	was	found	to	have	a	tumor	in	her	
                                                         Pituitary	gland	(diagnosis	Prolactonemia).	Like	most,	when	we	heard	
                      Larry Vigar, Manager               these	 words	 “tumor”	 we	 were	 scared.	 But	 through	 our	 Father	 we	
                        #56 - Belen, NM                  quickly	consecrated	her	illness	to	Father	God.	Through	our	faith	and	
                                                         through	many	prayers	we	have	seen	truly	the	hand	of	God	move	in	
                                                         my	Daughters	behalf.	Currently	her	condition	is	under	control,	and	
                                                         in	Gods	time	she	will	be	off	all	medications.	Through	this	hardship	I	
                                                         have	seen	so	many	of	my	fellow	teammates	stand	by	my	side	to	offer	
                                                         support	and	guidance,	and	to	all	of	you	I	must	say	Thank	you.
                                                         Keith	Garcia
                                                                                    Managers continued on page 9.

                                                                        Meet Your...
Managers continued from page 8.

                                  Joe Archuleta, Manager
                                  #98 - Albuquerque, NM
                               	 First	and	foremost	I	give	thanks	to	
                               the	 Lord	 for	 giving	 me	 health	 to	 be	
                               able	 to	 still	 work	 and	 thanks	 to	 the	
                               Lowe’s	for	giving	me	the	opportunity	
                               to	work	for	them.
                               Joe	Archuleta

                                  Laurence Sena, Manager
                                  #99 - Albuquerque, NM
                              				I	want	to	say	"THANK	YOU"	to	
                              my	 teammates	 here	 at	 Lowe's	 #99.	 	
                              We	 have	 been	 open	 for	 five	 years	
                              now	and	I	still	have	a	group	of	people	
                              that have been with me for those five                      Tim Cotton, Area Manager
                              years.		I	want	to	thank	them	for	making	
                                                                                 As we approach this time of year it causes me to reflect on the
                              our	store	a	safe	and	pleasant	working	
                                                                              things	I	am	thankful	for.	First	of	all	I	am	thankful	that	we	live	in	the	
environment.		This	year	I	was	chosen	as	one	of	the	Top	Guns	for	our	
                                                                              greatest	country	in	the	world,	and	we	have	freedom	to	worship	and	
company,	and	I	can	say	that	I	would	have	not	received	this	award	
                                                                              free	speech.
without	all	of	my	teammates.
                                                                              	 I	am	thankful	for	my	Family	and	I	am	Thankful	for	a	great	place	
Thank	You	all	very	much!
                                                                              to	work	and	to	be	part	of	a	great	Team.
Laurence	Sena
                                                                              God	bless	you,
                                                                              Tim	Cotton
                   Lola Robinson, Manager
                      #21 - Gallup, NM                                                                             Gary Butler, Manager
                                                                                                                   #57 - Las Cruces, NM
                   Richard Land, Manager                                                                      	 To	all	my	teammates	at	Lowe’s	57,	
                   #24 - Window Rock, AZ                                                                      thank	you	for	all	your	hard	work	and	
                                                                                                              making	 our	 store	 successful.	 Have	
                                                                                                              a	 blessed	 and	 wonderful	 holiday	
                                                                                                              Gary	Butler

                                   Gary Butler, Manager                                                          Benny Rivera, Manager
                                    #59 - Tularosa, NM                                                            #58 - Las Cruces, NM
                              	 I	 am	 thankful	 for	 my	 Family	 &	                                          	 Just	 want	 to	 wish	 all	 my	 Lowe’s	
                              Friends.                                                                        team	 members	 and	 their	 families	 a	
                              Thank	you,                                                                      safe	and	happy	holidays.
                              Will	Smith                                                                      Happy	Holidays,
                              (Fresh	Prince	of	Tulie)                                                         Benny	Rivera

Meet Your...
                                                                           Buddy James, Manager
                                                                            #27 - Clarendon, TX
                                                                        	 I	give	all	thanks,	glory,	honor,	and	
                                                                        praise	 to	 God.	 Everything	 that	 I	 am	
                                                                        and	 that	 I	 have	 is	 His.	 	 “For	 other	
                                                                        foundation	can	no	man	lay	than	that	
                                                                        is	 laid,	 which	 is	 Christ	 Jesus.”	 (1	
                                                                        Corinthians	3:11)
                                                                        May	God	Bless	You	All,
                                                                        Buddy	James	

                                                                           Mike Bowden, Manager
                                                                              #28 - Borger, TX
                                                                        	 This	time	of	year	(we	should	every	
                                                                        day)	 I	 can	 think	 of	 only	 one	 who	
                                                                        deserves	 our	 thanks	 and	 that	 is	 our	
                                                                        Lord	and	Savior,	Jesus	Christ.
                                                                        Mike	Bowden

                                                                           Kevin Keener, Manager
        Jeff Gallaway, Area Manager                                           #29 - Fritch, TX
	 I	give	thanks	to	God	who	is	the	provider	of	all	things.		I	am	also	
thankful	for	working	with	such	great	people.		May	God	bless	you	
this	holiday	season	and	all	year	long.
Jeff	Gallaway

                                  Paul Lopez, Manager
                                    #1 - Perryton, TX
                              	 My	 name	 is	 Paul	 Lopez,	 manager	
                                                                            Ron Gibson, Manager
                              of Lowe’s #1 in Perryton, Texas.               #64 - Spearman, TX
                              I’ve	been	with	Lowe’s	since	January	      	 Thanks	 to	 all	 our	 loyal	 customers	
                              1,	1989.	I’m	very	proud	to	be	a	part	     for	 their	 continual	 support,	 Ron	 and	
                              of	 such	 a	 successful	 company	 as	     all	Lowe’s	employees.
                              Lowe’s.	I’ve	seen	this	company	grow	      Ron	Gibson
                              through	 the	 years.	 Thanks	 to	 all,	
                              Happy	Holidays	and	God	Bless.
                              Paul	Lopez

                             Jimmy Allensworth, Manager                    Don Holliman, Manager
                                 #26 - Iowa Park, TX                          #67 - Dumas, TX
                              	 I	would	like	to	give	thanks	to	God	
                              for	the	many	blessings	he	gives	to	me	
                              each	and	everyday.
                              Jim	Allensworth

Meet Your...
                                                                                   Gilbert Salas, Manager
                                                                                       #49 - Tulia, TX
                                                                               	 I	 would	 like	 to	 wish	 everyone	 at	
                                                                               Lowe's	a	Merry	Christmas	and	God	
                                                                               Bless	everyone.
                                                                               Gilbert	Salas

                                                                                 Jeremy Mosely, Manager
                                                                                     #63 - Canyon, TX
                                                                               	 I	 am	 thankful	 for	 my	 family	 and	
                                                                               my	job.	Without	my	job,	I	could	not	
                                                                               provide	 things	 for	 my	 family.	 My	
                                                                               family	is	my	life.
                                                                               Jeremy	Mosley

    Shannon Steelman, Area Manager
	 I	am	very	thankful	to	be	associated	with		all	of	my	teammates	in	the	
Lowe's	organization.	I	believe	that	one	could	search	to	the	ends	of	the	
earth, and not find a finer group of people to work with. I appreciate
each	and	every	person	that	makes	up	the	Lowes	team,	and	wish	you	
a	very	Merry	christmas
Shannon	Steelman

                                   Gilbert Juarez, Manager
                                      #46 - Hereford, TX
                                	 I	 am	 thankful	 for	 Roger	 Lowe,	
                                Sr.	 and	 Roger	 Jr.	 for	 giving	 me	
                                the	 opportunity	 to	 manage	 the	Ace	
                                Hardware	 in	 Hereford.	 I	 am	 also	
                                thankful	for	my	family’s	health,	my	
                                health,	 and	 for	 having	 a	 wonderful	
                                working	crew.
                                Gilbert	Juarez

                                  Monty Gafford, Manager
                                    #47 - Hereford, TX
                               	 I	 have	 a	 lot	 to	 be	 thankful	 for	 in	
                               2006	 but	 most	 of	 all	 I	 would	 like	
                               to	 thank	 God	 for	 all	 His	 incredible	
                               blessings	that	He	has	gave	to	me	all	
                               my	life.
                               Monty	Gafford

Meet Your...
 Managers                                                      Sergio Rojo, Manager
                                                                 #71 - El Paso, TX

                                                                David Lara, Manager
                                                                 #72 - El Paso, TX

 Kevin Satterwhite, Area Manager
                Jesse Crawford, Manager                       Joel Quezoda, Manager
                    #68 - El Paso, TX                            #73 - Odessa, TX
              	 I’m	 thankful	 for	 all	 that	 God	 has	   	 We	would	like	to	thank	the	Lowe's	
              given	me.                                    family	 for	 allowing	 us	 to	 be	 part	 of	
              Jesse	Crawford                               something	very	special	,	Lowe's	Pay-
                                                           and-Save,	Inc.	We	would	like	to	wish	
                                                           all	of	our	co-workers	and	their	family	
                                                           Happy	Holidays.

               David Menehaca, Manager                        Andy Gabaldon, Manager
                   #69 - El Paso, TX                             #74 - El Paso, TX

                Robert Garcia, Manager                        Louis Morales, Manager
                  #70 - El Paso, TX                              #75 - El Paso, TX

                                   Frank Mendoza, Manager                                                        Gloria Narro, Manager
                                       #76 - El Paso, TX                                                           #96 - El Paso, TX
                                                                                                             	 I	 would	 like	 to	 thank	 the	 Lowe’s	
                                                                                                             family	 for	 the	 opportunity	 to	 be	 a	
                                                                                                             member of this fine organization.
                                                                                                             Gloria	H.	Narro

                                  Javier Gutierrez, Manager
                                       #77 - Odessa, TX                                                       Filiberto Carrasso, Manager
                               				Just	want	to	give	thanks	to	my	wife,	                                            #97 - El Paso, TX
                               kids	and	family	for	their	support	on	                                     	 	 	 I,	 Filiberto	 C.,	 am	 ever	 thankful	
                               this	 new	 transition.	 I'd	 also	 like	 to	                              to	 God!	 For	 giving	 me	 the	 great	
                               thank	 Lowe'	 s	 Pay	 and	 Save,	 Inc.	                                   fortune	 to	 be	 associated	 with	 such	
                               for	 the	 opportunity	 to	 learn	 more	                                   a	 great	 group	 of	 people!	 Such	 a	
                               and	 thanks	 to	 the	 trainers	 who	 did	                                 great	Company,	with	strong	and	fair	
                               an excellent job. Thanks and happy                                        fundamentals!	 Under	 God	 and	 the	
holidays	from	all	of	us	here	at		Lowe's	Big	8	on	northloop.                                              leadership	of	Great	Men	as	are:	Mr.	
Javier	Gutierrez                                                              Roger	Lowe	Sr.	and	Mr.	Roger	Lowe	Jr.
                                                                              Thank	you,	God!
                                   Robert Benoit, Manager                     Filiberto	Carrasso
                                     #80 - El Paso, TX
                                                                                                  Rudy Garcia, Manager
                                                                                                    #90 - Anthony, TX

                                 Ruben Rodriguez, Manager
                                     #83 - El Paso, TX
                                	 I	am	thankful	for	my	wife,	my	son	
                                and	daughter,	my	family	and	friends	
                                that	 God	 has	 given	 me	 alot.	 I	 wish	
                                all	 of	 you	 a	 Happy	 Thanks	 Giving.	 	
                                Thank	You,
                                Ruben	Rodriguez

                                  Brad Litzenburg, Manager
                                      #95 - El Paso, TX
                                	 I	 am	 thankful	 for	 Family	 and	
                                Friends	 and	 for	 the	 opportunities	

                                                                              Thank You!
                                Bard	Litzenburg

Meet Your...
                                                                                                    Steve Thompson, Manager
                                                                                                           #14 - Jal, NM
                                                                                                   	 I'm	 thankful	 for	 my	 family,	 my	
                                                                                                   employees	and	for	those	soldiers	and	
                                                                                                   their	families,	past	and	present,	who	
                                                                                                   have sacrificed in order for us to enjoy
                                                                                                   our	freedom.
                                                                                                   Steve	Thompson	

                                                                                                       Ralph Foust, Manager
                                                                                                        #45 - Monahans, TX
                                                                                                       			These	past	few	years	I've	lost	some	
                                                                                                       people	who	have	meant	a	great	deal	to	
                                                                                                       me.		I	thank	God	that	He	has	allowed	
                                                                                                       these	people	to	touch	my	life.		I	am	
                                                                                                       also	 thankful	 that	 by	 the	 passing	 of	
                                                                                                       those	 who	 were	 close	 to	 me,	 I	 am	
                                                                                                       learning	more	and	more	to	appreciate	
                                                             any	time	I	can	spend	with	my	friends	and	loved	ones.		We	never	know	
                                                             if	that	phone	call	or	hunting	trip	or	Boy	Scout	campout	will	be	the	
                                                             last	time	we	get	to	be	around	the	special	people	in	our	lives.
                                                             	 	 	 	 	 I'm	 learning	 that	 last	 'I	 love	 you'	 or	 'I	 really	 appreciate	 your	
                                                             friendship'	 can	 help	 us	 to	 gain	 closure	 later	 on	 because	 we	 didn't	
                                                             hold	it	in	and	said	it	while	the	other	person	was	still	alive	to	hear	it	
     John Garcia, Area Manager                               for	themselves.
                                                             Thank	you,
                 Mike Bundick, Manager                       Ralph	Foust
                    #4 - Eunice, NM
               	 Thanks	to	the	Lowe’s	family	for	the	                                                 Paul Willhelm, Manager
               last	 27	 years.	 For	 the	 good	 and	 bad	                                               #31 - Kermit, TX
               years	and	for	having	faith	in	me	and	
               my	store.	Thanks	to	John	Garcia	for	
               helping	me	be	all	I	can	be.	Pray	for	
               the	troops	in	Iraq.	Have	a	great	day	at	
               Mike	Bundick

                   Mary Cave, Manager
                    #12 - Kermit, TX

Meet Your...
                                                                                             Albert Moreno, Manager
                                                                                                #15 - Lorenzo, TX
                                                                                           	 I	feel	blessed	to	have	the	opportunity	
                                                                                           to	be	able	to	be	a	part	of	a	company	
                                                                                           that	is	so	family	oriented.
                                                                                           Albert	Moreno

                                                                                               Nick Muniz, Manager
                                                                                                #16 - Lockney, TX

                                                                                              Frances Taylor, Manager
      Johnny Summers, Area Manager                                                               #61 - Matador, TX
                                    Junior Vasquez, Manager                                 	 I	 would	 like	 to	 thank	 my	 family,	
                                                                                            Johnny	Summers,	Lowe’s	teammates,	
                                          #2 - Hart, TX                                     customers,	and	God	for	supporting	me	
                              1.			Our	Lord	Almighty.                                       all	year.
                              2.			Thankful	for	my	family	and	all	of	                       Thanks,
                              my	grandkids.                                                 Frances	Taylor
                              3. Our troops who are fighting for our
                              country.	God	bless	them	all.
                              4.				The	Lowes	family	–	good	company	
                              to	work	for.
5.			God	bless	everyone	&	their	families	these	holidays.
                                                                                               Alfredo Nunez, Manager
6.			And	a	Happy	New	Year.                                                                         #62 - Hale Center
7.			Go	Cowboys

                                 Noe De Los Santos, Manager
                                     #11 - Abernathy, TX
                                  			 I	would	like	to	thank	God	for	all	His	
                                  blessings.	There	is	 not	 enough	 words	 to	
                                  say	 thank	 you	 for	 all	 He	 has	 done	 and	
                                  all	that	He	is	doing,	and	all	He	is	going	        Joe Champion, Manager
                                  to	do.                                              #19 - Petersburg, TX
                                  	 	 	 	 I	 thank	 God	 for	 my	 mom	 and	 dad,	
                                  brothers	and	sisters,	and	all	the	in-laws.	I	
                                  thank	God	for	my	wonderful	wife	and	our	          Nora Trevino, Manager
children	and	grand	children.	
	 Two	years	ago	we	moved	back	to	the	South	Plains,	to	the	Lubbock	area,	               #65 - Crosbyton
to	be	closer	to	family.	I	thank	God	I	landed	a	job	with	Lowe’s	and	I	really	
thank	God	for	the	Lowe’s	motto.	God	First,	Family	Second,	Work	Third.	
That	is	the	only	way,	and	if	God	is	with	me	who’s	against	me?
Thank	You
Noe	De	Los	Santos

Chamber	of	Commerce	-	Cheeseburger
                                   Lowe's Gives Back
                                             Jubilee	King	&	Queen	-	St	Francis	Parish     Temple	Baptist	Church                     Friona	Head	Start
Sacred	Heart	Jamaica                         Inter Tribal Ceremonial Office               City	of	Dumas                             Catholic	Youth	Organization
LHS	Cheerleaders                             Iowa Park Firefighters                       Dumas	Demonette	Volleyball	Booster        Cub	Scouts	Pack	641
Juneteenth                                   Golden	Plains	Comm	Hospital                  Morningside	Elementary	School             Dimmitt	PTO
First	Baptist	Church                         Muleshoe	Athletic	Booster	Club               Moors	County	Chamber	of	Commerce          Our	Lady	Queen	of	the	Apostles
LHS	(Panhandle	Plains	Basketball	Ads)        Compassionate	Care                           Dumas	Band	Boosters                       Old	Conchas	Lake	Golf	
Lamb	County	Car	Show                         Butterfield Festival                         Texas Dept of Health                      County of McKinley Fire Officer
Lady	Tigers	Fastpitch	Softball	Tour          Corner	Stone	Chapel                          Christ	the	King	Cathedral                 Navajo	Nation	Temprorary	Assistance	
St.	Isidore	Catholic	Church                  James	Canyon	Fire	Department                 Holy	Spirit	Church                        Lorraine	Watchman
San	Jose	Catholic	Church                     Fraternal	Order	of	Eagles                    Coronado	High	School                      Zuni	Education	and	Career	Development
Petersburg	Little	League                     Flickinger                                   Monterey	Varsity	Cheerleaders             Battered	Families	Services,	Inc.
CHR	Ourtreach	Program                        Flickinger	Center                            Las	Vegas	Arts	Council                    Tsyatoh
Gallup	High	School	Basketball                Sertome	Scholarship	Pageant                  Disabled	American	Veterans                Gallup	Community	Service	Center
Pinnacle	Bank	-	American	Cancer	Soc          Disabled	American	Veterans                   Nara	Visa	Cowboy	Gathering                Valleyview	4-H
San	Juan	Center	for	Independence             Belen	Police	Dept                            Albuquerque	PD                            First	Baptist	Church
Navajo Nation Fair Office                    Mescalero	Tribal	Fish	Hatchery               AAA	All	Star                              Donley	County	4H
Clarendon	outdoor	Entertainment	Assoc        West Texas Youth Football League             Solid	Rock	Outreach                       Spring	Creek	Elementary
Clarendon	Fireballs                          Canyon	Fire	Department                       Amherst	Booster	Club                      Borger	Elks	Lodge
Borger	Football	Booster	Club                 Parmer	County	Crimestoppers                  Witharral	PTA                             Borger	ISD
Fritch	Arts	&	Craft	Club                     Farwell	Ladies	Golf	Assoc                    Our	Place                                 Faith	Covenant	Student	Ministry
Celebrate	Seagraves                          Texaco Firefighters                          Anton	Homecoming                          Celebration	Family	Church	Fritch
Monahans	Chamber	of	Commerce                 Ladies	Golf	Tournament                       Lamb	Healthcare	Center                    OHS	Bronchettes	Pep/Pom	Squad
Ward	County	Historical	Commission            Cactus	Elementary                            South	Plains	Community	Action             Permian	HS	Girls	Basketball
Big	Brothers	Big	Sisters	of	Hereford         Hospice	Volunteers                           LHS	Advertisement                         Loop	ISD	Class	of	2007
Habitat	for	Humanity                         Coronado	HS	PTA                              City	of	Lorenzo                           SHRM
Relay	for	Life                               Heartfelt	Ministry                           Lorenzo	Volunteer	Fire	Dept               Cub	Scouts	Pack	641
Relay	for	Life                               Cooper	High	School	Band                      Fumc	Preschool                            Monahans	High	School	Swim	Team
Boys	&	Girls	Club                            West	Carlisle	EMS                            Chee	Dodge	Preschool	                     Swisher	County	4-H
Junior	Rodeo                                 Diamondback	Booster	Club                     St.	Francis	Church                        Tulia	Satelite	Center
Club	Scouts                                  Nativity	of	the	Blessed	Virgin	Mary	Church   ZECDC                                     Roman	Catholic	Diocese	of	Las	Cruces
Conlee	Elementary                            New Mexico Grocers Association               Family	and	Friends	of	Tanya	Bach          Peralta	Elementary	-	PTC
Lubbock	Hispanic	Chamber                     Friona	Chieftain	Band                        Gallup	Squadron	-	Civil	Air	Patrol        ABATE
Our	Lady	of	the	Guadalupe	Church             Cargrill	Meat	Solutions	Health	Dept          Gallup	Crisis	Pregnancy	Center            Tularosa	High	School	Cheer	and	Dance
Faith	Baptist	Church                         Prison	Doors                                 Boy	Scouts	of	America                     Tularosa	Athletic	Department
County	of	Otero                              Eunice	Rotary	Club                           Hope	2006	Silent	Auction                  Chi	Omega
Mescalero	Apache	Tribe                       Floydada	tiger	League                        Borger	High	School	Band	Boosters          Reeves	Higher	PTA
Holy Name of Jesus - Happy, Texas            Floydada	Chamber	of                          Hutchison	County	Sheriffs	Dept            In	His	Hands	Child	Development
First	Assembly	of	God	-	Youth                Littlefield Wildcats                         Hutchison	County	Child	Welfare	Board      Citizens	for	a	Drug	Free	Community
Bovina	Chamber	of	Commerce                   Littlefield Bassmasters                      St.	John	the	Evangelist	Catholic	Church   First	Street	Church	of	Christ
Hart	Baseball	Little	League                  Nazareth	ISD                                 Celebration	Family	Church                 FUMC	Ladies	Group
Golden	Spread	Scottish	Rite	Club             Abernathy	Chamber	of	Commerce                Muleshoe	Heritage	Foundation              Dumas	Tennis	Association
Tom	Burnett	Memorial	Library                 Bovina	Junior	Riding	Association             Lions	Club	of	Seagraves                   Moore	County	Resource	Center
North	Plains	Christian	Church                Jal	Buyers	Club                              Homeland	Security	Band                    Demonette	Basketball	Boosters
Moore	County	Rodeo	Arena	Committee           The	Merimon	Family	Search                    United	Way	of	Deaf	Smith	County           Dumas	Takedown	Association
Community	Engagement                         Clovis	Cross	Country                         Tulia	Lions	Club                          Rotary	Club	-	Dumas
American	Cancer	Society                      Petersburg	Athletic	Booster	Club             Alamogordo	Lady	Tiger	Soccer              Waters	Elementary
Cactus	Library                               Gallup	HS	Bengal	Girls	Dance	Team            Alomogordo	Athletic	Dept                  Bennett	Elementary	School
FCCLA                                        First	Indian	Baptist	Church                  Boy	Scouts	of	America                     St.	Peters	Highschool	Group
West Texas Youth Football League             Navajo Nation Fair Office                    Belen	Model	Railroad	Club                 Cooper	Band	Boosters
Firefighters Benefit Golf Tournament         Navajo	Nation	Dept	of	Fish	&	Wildlife        Immaculate	Heart	of	Mary	Cathedral        Slaton	Police	Department
Flames	of	Fire	Ministry                      Navajo Nation Fair Office                    Palo	Duro	Cowboy	Church                   Preston	Smith	Elementary
Mario	Estrada	Memorial	Softball	Tournament   Boy	Scout	Eagle	Project                      Lions	Club	Amarillo	Law	Inforcement       Coronado	Booster	Club
Alzheimers	Association                       Girls	Soccer	Team                            Randal	County                             Greater	St.	James	Baptist	Church
Los	Duranes	Community	Center                 Bronco	Parents                               Phi	Delta	Theta                           Agape	Temple
3rd Judicial DA's Office - Art Contest       Lake	Meredith	Small	Fry	Fishing	Tourn        Farwell	High	School	Band                  Slaton	Police	Department
Miss	Hart	Pageant                            Harmony	Home	Children's	Advocacy             Dumas	High	School                         Frenship	Tiger	Baseball
St.	Teresa's	Catholic	Church                 Seagraves	Chamber	of	Commerce                Moore	County	Senior	Center                Bowie	Elementary
St.	Mary	Magdalen	Catholic	Church            MKJ	Designs                                  Moore	County	Resource	Center              Brown	Elementary
Sudan	Athletic	Booster	Club                  Littlefield EMS                              Moore	County	United	Way                   Evans	Festival
St.	Anthony	Youth	Choir,	Anton               Keep	Odessa	Beautiful                        Dumas	Juior	High	Team                     Lubbock	High	School	Volleyball
VFW	Olton	-	San	Hills	Days                   Alamogordo's	Children	and	Family             Roscoe	Wilson	Elementary                  United	Way	of	Quay	County
Annual	Lions	Club	Tournament                 St.	Jude	Catholic	Church                     Anthony	Lions	Club                        Dona	Ana	County
Lubbock	Avalanche                            Mayhill	Fire	Department                      CROP	Walk                                 New	Creation	in	Christ	Ministries
Littlefield EMS                              Alamogordo	Downtown	Lions	Club               Knights	of	Columbus                       Catholic	Daughters	of	the	Americas
Mark	Stargel	-	Buffalo	Springs	Lake          Opportunity	Center                           Department	of	the	Army                    Espanol	Valley	Toy	Run
Bovina	Cheerleaders                          New Mexico Department of Labor               Amantes	de	Flores                         Chimayo	Boys	and	Girls	Club
George	Blocker	Memorial	Golf	Tournament      Christian	Harvest	Celebration                Tucumcari	Booster	Club                    Bosque	School	Team
Lorenzo	-	National	Night	Out                 Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation          Old	Conchas	Lake	Golf	&	Improvement
Rage	Boys	U16	Slowpitch	Softball	team        Boy	Scouts	(Eagle	Project)                   Robertson	High	School
Iyanbito	Veterans	Association                Demonette	Volleyball	Booster                 Cristo	Rey	Catholic	Church

                                             all in the family

                   Lowe's Corporate                                                                           #14
                       Littlefield. TX                                                                     Jal, NM
                                                                                     TRUSTEES OF THE JAL PUBLIC LIBRARY FUND

      Thank You Lowe's                                                                                    P.O. BOX 178
                                                                                                    JAL, NEW MEXICO 88252
                                                                                                     Telephone 505 395-2464

                                                                             Lowe’s	Pay	N	Save	
                                                                             PO Box 1430
                                                                             Littlefield, TX 79339

                                                                             To	Whom	It	May	Concern:

                                                                             	 Recently	 we	 have	 had	 guests	 in	 Jal	 from	 Minnesota	 and	 from	
                                                                             Ontario,	 Canada	 and	 I	 would	 like	 to	 pass	 along	 compliments	 we	
                                                                             received	concerning	our	Pay	N	Save	grocery	store,	its	management	
                                                                             and	staff.
                                                                             	 Both	of	our	guests	shopped	in	the	Jal	store	and	said	the	prices	were	
                                                                             very	competitive	and	one	even	went	so	far	as	to	say	“I	don’t	know	
                                                                             why	you	need	a	Wal	Mart	when	the	prices	in	your	little	store	are	so	
                                                                             good!”.	They	both	commented	on	how	clean	and	well	stocked	the	store	
                                                                             is...and	how	nice	and	friendly	the	employees	were!	I	might	also	add	
                                                                             that both of these families travel extensively throughout the winter

                   Lowe's Corporate                                          months	all	over	the	United	States!
                                                                             	 I	 have	 always	 thought	 that	 the	 manager,	 Steve	 Thompson	 and	
                        Littlefield. TX                                      his	 assistant	 managers	 Melba	 McCravey	 and	 Jo	 Pilcher,	 just	 do	 a	
                                                                             wonderful	job,	but	of	course,	I	live	here.	To	have	someone	who	is	
                                                                             traveling	through	say	nice	things	is	quite	a	compliment!	They	just	
November	15,	2006                                                            go	out	of	their	way	to	be	of	service,	as	do	the	checkers,	sackers	and	
                                                                             stockers	and	all	are	always	very	friendly.
Fall	Festival	Auction	Donor;                                                 	 In	this	day	and	age	of	larger	corporate	stores	and	shopping	centers	
	 Lazbuddie	 Longhorn	 Pride	 would	 like	 to	 thank	 you	 and	 your	        it	is	a	blessing	to	have	Steve	and	his	staff!	Jal	is	a	town	full	of	retirees	
business	for	your	contribution	to	this	year’s	fall	auction.	Your	gift	was	   and	elderly	people	who	totally	depend	on	that	store	and	it’s	nice	to	
greatly	appreciated,	and	will	be	used	to	reward	students	who	qualify	        know	they	are	well	cared	for.	As	is	apparent	from	our	monthly	bills,	
for	our	Longhorn	Pride	Program	through	good	grades	and	behavior	             the	Jal	Senior	Center	certainly	depends	on	that	store	for	supplies.
at	 school.	 Our	 previous	 Longhorn	 Pride	 rewards	 have	 included	        Thank	you	for	maintaining	our	Lowe’s	Pay	N	Save	here	in	Jal!
trips	to	the	symphony,	museums,	zoos,	and	businesses	that	are	of	an	
education	setting	that	will	help	them	prepare	for	their	future.	These	
events were specifically chosen to reward students for taking care of        Sincerely,
grades	and	behavior	while	offering	unique	education	opportunities	           Karen Norwood, Office Manager
at	the	same	time.                                                            Jal	Public	Library	Fund
	 We	will	be	placing	an	ad	in	the	local	papers	to	publicly	acknowledge	
your	support.	Your	company	is	to	be	commended	for	your	generosity.	
Thank	you	again	for	your	contribution.
John	E	Jones,	Principal	of	Lazbuddie	School

                                     all in the family

               Lowe's Corporate                                                                #31
                   Littlefield. TX                                                     Littlefield. TX

  Off the charts
 ‘Lowe’-down and lean
                                                                           Lazy J Jalapeno
                                                                            Breakfast Pie
   Established in 1964, Lowe’s Supermarkets, operates five                      Recipe submitted by: Paul Willhelm
 distinct formats in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, the          Ingredients:
 majority	of	which	are	price-impact	stores.	That’s	a	market	      1-deep	dish	pie	shell
 stance	that	leaves	little	margin	for	error.                      8-10	oz.	slided	pickled	jalapenos	(drained)
 	 “Our	biggest	challenge	in	price	impact	is	to	offer	low	        1-lb	pork	sausage
 prices and still make money,” explains Roger Lowe Jr.            1-cup	shredded	colby	jack	cheese
 “We’ve	created	a	hybrid	EDLP	(everyday	low	price)	and	           8-eggs
                                                                  ¼	tbsp	salt
 Hi-Lo format with a Hispanic focus, and it’s been extremely
 successful.” The stores are supplied by Amarillo, Texas-         Preparation:
 based Affiliated Foods.                                          Place	Jalapenos	on	bottom	and	up	sides	of	pie	shell.	Brown	
 	 Lowe	says	that	operating	a	successful	price-impact	format	     sausage,	drain	and	crumble	on	top	of	jalapenos.	Beat	eggs	lightly	
 starts	at	the	top.	“For	us,	the	key	is	to	keep	management	       and	pour	on	top	of	sausage,	Top	with	cheese.	Bake	at	325	degrees	
 and overhead costs low, and become efficiency experts,”          approx. 30-40 minutes or until brown. Test doneness by inserting
 he	says.	“We’re	also	technology-driven,	and	push	to	be	as	       knife in center. Pie should be firm with no liquid remaining.
 paperless	as	possible.”                                          Very	Delicious!
 	 The	structure	is	lean,	but	the	dividends	are	real.	“We	have	
 no	corporate	buyers	on	staff,”	notes	Lowe.	No	buyers	on	
 staff,	for	a	90-store	chain?	“We	allow	our	warehouse	to	be	
 a warehouse, and they do the buying for us,” he explains.
 “We	focus	on	selling.”                                                                  Borger, TX
 	 Colleagues	are	also	“often	surprised”	to	learn	that	Lowe’s	
 does	without	district	manager.	“Instead	we	designate	area	         Just thought the home office would like to see what’s going on at
 managers.	These	folks	are	responsible	for	running	a	store,	      the	Borger	Store!	We	love	our	pumpkin	patch!	Annadon	and	Joyce	
 yet	they	oversee	a	total	of	eight	stores	in	their	marketing	     did	a	great	job	on	this!	Hope	everyone	there	is	doing	great!
 area.	They	work	alongside	our	associates	and	customers	          Greg
 every	day,	and	don’t	lose	touch	with	retail.”

   The following article was excerpted from Off the charts.
Reprinted	with	the	permission	of	Progressive	Grocer	Magazine,	
    Jane	Olszeski	Tortola,	Editor	of	Independent	Retailing

            all in the family

                   Tulia, TX

       Halloween at #49        	 Good	Morning	everyone	
                               at the corporate office. My
                               name	 is	 Gilbert	 Salas	 the	
                               manager	 of	 store	 #49	 in	
                               Tulia,	TX.	I	just	wanted	to	
                               share	some	pictures	of	our	
                               Halloween	Dress	up	Day.	
                               We	 had	 what	 they	 call	
                               Fright	 Night	 sponsored	
                               by	the	Tulia	Chamber	of	
                               Commerce.	 We	 here	 at	                Gilbert Salas
                               Lowe’s	got	to	participate	
                               and	 had	 a	 lot	 of	 fun	 with	 it.	 We	 gave	 the	 kids	
                               of	 Tulia	 a	 safe	 place	 to	 go	 Trick	 or	 Treating,	 it	
                               worked	pretty	good.	We	also	had	prizes	for	the	Best	
                               Dressed	teammate,	customer,	and	child!	I	hope	you	
                               had	as	much	fun	as	we	did	here	at	Lowe’s	#49.
                               Have	a	great	day	and	Happy	Halloween.

Lori    Michelle     Don       Gilbert Perry                      Tyrell

                                   all in the family

                                               Alamogordo, NM

                      Halloween at #55

Pharmacy Staff (Left to Right): Fannie Shannon, Pharm Tech; Maria Strecker,                Mary Lou Kno
Pharm Tech; Amber Vidal, Pharm Tech; Pat Reynolds, Cashier Rx; Gail Watter,                               wlton

                                                Robert Strecker, Asst Manager, making sure we get out case counts. Daniel Burke,
                                                lead stocker and Shauna Burke, Scan Coordinator.
                  Mary Quappe

                                        all in the family

               Lowe's Corporate                                                                  #96
                    Littlefield. TX                                                        El Paso, TX

                                                                         Welcome To The New
   Thank You Lowe's                                                  Management Staff At Lowe’s #96
        for your donation to
Weidel Baptist Church. Littlefield, Tx.
 	 We	the	members	of	Weidel	Baptist	Chruch,	Sassy	Lady,	and	
 Mr.	Van	Ashley,	would	like	to	thank	you	for	your	generous	
 donation	for	helping	us	bring	the	Luther	Barnes	and	The	Sunset	
 Jubilaires concert to Littlefield, Texas.
 	 Luther	Barnes	and	The	Sunset	Jubilaires	are	very	famous	
 gospel	singers.	They	have	preformed	many	times	for	the	Lord.	It	
 was	a	blessing	from	God	to	have	them	here,	in	our	most	thankful	
 city of Littlefield, Texas. We want to thank you again from the
 bottom	of	our	heart	for	your	most	appreciated	donation.
 Our	“Special	Thank	You”
 Weidel	Baptist	Church
 Sassy	Lady	–	Lottie	Spencer                                        (Left to Right): George Melendez – 1st Asst. manager, Mike
 Mr.	Van	Ashley                                                     Gutierrez – Asst. Manager, Gloria H. Narro – Store manager, Alfred
                                                                    Galleeds – Market Manager, Jose Sandoval – Produce Manager

                             #55                                                                 #14
                 Alamagordo, NM                                                               Jal, NM
                                                                     	 Steve	and	Sharon	Thompson	are	proud	to	announce	the	birth	of	
                                                                     their first grandson, Travis Jon Monroy Jr. (T.J. on October 3rd,
                                                                     2006 in El Paso, Texas to daughter Kristy and husband Travis. T.J.
                                                                     weighed	6	lbs	8	oz.	and	was	19	inches	long.	He	was	welcomed	home	
                                                                     by	big	sister	Isabel	Nicole.

                                                                      The Lowe Down will be published quarterly by Peel,
                                                                      Inc. of Littlefield, Texas. The next publication will
                                                                      be March 2007. You may send articles and photos
                                                                      directly to Peel, Inc. via e-mail: LoweDown@Peelinc.
                                                                      com; Fax: 800-687-6444; or Mail: P.O. Box 886,

Congratulations Daniel!                                               Littlefield, TX 79339. The deadline for submissions
                                                                      for the next issue is February 23, 2007.

                                       all in the family

                            #44                                                                     #4
                  Ft. Stockton, TX                                                         Eunice, NM

                                                                  	 Here	 at	 Lowe’s	 #4	 in	 Eunice	
                                                                  N.M.	we	want	to	welcome	our	new	
                                                                  cashiers.	 Stan	 Terry	 was	 hired	 for	
                                                                  market	 manager	 and	 Lupita	 Saenz	

      Thank You!
                                                                  moved	 from	 cashier	 to	 produce	
                                                                  manager.	They	both	are	doing	really	
                                                                  great	 jobs.	 Beatrice	 Fabela	 came	
                                                                  back	as	2nd	assistant	manager.
                                                                  	 We	 celebrated	 Mike’s	 birthday	
  Mr.	Garcia,                                                     on	Sept	27	with	a	surprise	pot	luck.	
  It	is	always	nice	to	see	you.	Your	always	so	pleasant	and	      We	want	to	thank	Mike	for	being	a	
  nice.                                                           great	boss.	He	works	with	us	when	           Lupita Saenz,
  Thanks	again,                                                   we	need	time	off.	He	is	there	to	help	     Produce Manager
  Henry	Beth	Hogg                                                 us	when	we	need	help.
                                                                  	 We	also	want	to	thank	the	people	
                                                                  of	the	enrichment	facility	for	helping	
                                                                  our	town	to	grown	and	the	increase	
                                                                  of	sales.

                             #3                                   	 Congratulations	 to	 Mike	 and	
                                                                  Gail’s	 youngest	 son	 Wayne,	 for	
                      Friona, TX                                  the	 upcoming	 marriage	 to	 Jessica	
                                                                  Painter	on	December	28,	2006.

                                                                                     Pictured right:
                                                                        Stan Terry Market Manager.

                                                                                     Lowe's Corporate
                                                                                          Littlefield. TX
                                                                      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
                                                             	 The	2006	Holiday	Coat	Drive	was	a	huge	success	and	many	were	
                                                             	 It	 would	 not	 have	 been	 successful	 without	 your	 help!	 We	 are	
                                                             thankful	for	God’s	blessing	and	we	are	thankful	for	you	allowing	the	
                                                             use	of	your	business	space	for	the	collections.	We	appreciate	your	
                                                             warm	heart	and	your	willingness	to	help	those	in	need	of	a	warm	
                                                             	 Blessings	to	you	this	Holiday	Season	and	the	coming	year.
                                                             Your	friends	&	neighbors	at	the
                    Halloween Lowe’s #3
                                                             16th	&	D	Church	of	Christ
Erandy Lara, Gloria Ecobodo, Alonzo Perez, Marisela Padilla,
                                                             Janet	Claborn,	Chairman
Rudy Rios, Yolanda Legarreta
                                                             2006	Holiday	Coat	Drive

                 all in the family

                     Lubbock, TX

  Gets Ready
for Christmas!

        all in the family

           Corporate Office
             Littlefield, TX

     halloween horrors

all in the family

                                                  all in the family

                                                                Ft. Stockton, TX

                                  Promotions at #44
            Congratulations to Angie, Claudia and Carla for their
            promotions back in June. Angie is the Assistant Mgr., Claudia
            is the 2nd Assistant Mgr., and Carla is at the Service Center.

	 Hello!	My	name	is	Angie	Aranda,	age	29.	               	 Hello!	 My	 name	 is	 Claudia	 Cervantes,	         	 Hi,	my	name	is	Carla	Ramirez,	I’ve	been	
I	 have	 been	 working	 at	 Lowe’s	 marketplace	         age	 22;	 I	 came	 from	 El	 Paso,	 TX.	 I’ve	       working	at	Lowe’s	for	3	yrs,	going	on	4	yrs.	
#44	 for	 almost	 eight	 years.	 I	 started	 out	 as	    been	living	here	in	Ft.	Stockton	for	about	4	        I	started	out	as	a	Sacker,	then	a	Cashier,	and	
a	 cashier	 and	 worked	 my	 way	 up	 in	 to	 the	       years.	I	started	working	at	Lowe’s	#44	as	of	        now	 I’m	 at	 the	 Service	 Center.	 I’ve	 really	
service	 center.	 I	 then	 got	 assigned	 to	 be	 the	   09/09/2004.	 I	 started	 as	 a	 cashier	 and	 was	   enjoyed	 working	 here	 and	 being	 able	 to	
scan	coordinator.                                        moved	to	the	freezer	dept.	Later	I	was	moved	        meet	new	employees	as	well	as	customers.	
	 Throughout	 the	 years,	 I’ve	 worked	 in	 the	        to	the	service	center.	Throughout	the	months	        Have	a	Happy	Thanksgiving,	and	a	Merry	
receiving	 dept.	 I’m	 in	 charge	 of	 ordering	         I	also	worked	as	scan	coordinator,	stocking,	        Christmas,
certain	aisles	in	the	grocery	dept.	I	have	lots	of	      ordering,	closing	and	opening	the	store.	In	         Thank	you,
experience in stocking, resetting and cleaning           June	 of	 2006	 I	 was	 moved	 up	 to	 second	       Carla	Ramirez
sections	of	the	aisles.	I	was	promoted	to	Asst.	         assistant	 manager.	 I	 have	 enjoyed	 working	
Manager	 in	 June	 of	 2006!	 Like	 people	 say	         here	and	learning	all	new	things	throughout	
“hard	work	pays	off.”	I	enjoy	working	here	at	           the	years.
Lowe’s	because	I	feel	at	home.	Our	customers	
                                                         Thank	you,
are	friendly	and	also	our	employees.	We	all	try	
                                                         Claudia	Cervantes
to	work	as	a	team	to	get	the	work	accomplished	
and	of	course	to	make	our	customers	happy!
Happy	Holidays,

  all in the family

      Monahans, TX

Halloween at #45            Happy	Halloween	from	Lowe’s	#45
                     	 Once	 again	 Bea	 Martinez	 and	 myself	 (Vicki	
                     Dalton)	got	into	the	mood	of	the	upcoming	holiday.	
                     So	we	did	a	little	bit	of	decorating.	Just	thought	
                     that	you	might	like	to	see	what	we	came	up	with.	
                     The	picture	of	the	orange	door	I	took	fun	foam	and	
                     cut	out	ghost	and	put	all	the	employees	name	on	
                     them.	In	the	picture	of	the	ghost	on	top	of	the	ice	
                     machine	look	at	the	pumpkins.	I	made	them	out	of	
                     dryer	vent	hoses.	I	always	try	to	have	some	home	
                     made	decorations.	The	customers	really	like	what	
                     we	have	done.	You	should	hear	them	talk.
                     Vicki	Dalton.

                            PRSRT STD
                           U.S. POSTAGE
                            PEEL, INC.

   1804 Hall Avenue
Littlefield, Texas 79339

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