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					                          JON PHILLIP STEVEN PENNYCOOK
                                               BSc (Hons) MBCS MInstP
                                             Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22
                                                  Tel: 07504 612 239


Desired Location:         Southern England                                          Nationality:     British
Security Clearance:       SC                                                        Place of birth   Leicester, UK


An adaptable, ambitious and intelligent problem solver with wide-ranging experience in all aspects of IT. A persistent
and innovative trouble-shooter who uses analytical and research ability to identify existing problems and implement
appropriate solutions. Relishes the challenge of a pressurized, goals-led environment requiring a proactive approach and
a positive response to pressure. A supportive and positive team player who also enjoys assuming responsibility in a
personal performance role, demonstrating initiative, innovation and a willingness to further enhance experience.


        ●        Integration of off-the-shelf and in-house applications for Windows and Solaris
        ●        SC Clearance (2007-2017, issued by Defence Vetting Agency)
        ●        Operating systems: Microsoft Windows Server NT4-2003, some Windows Server 2008 R2, some
                 Linux (Red Hat, SUSE), Solaris
        ●        Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Group Policies
        ●        Messaging: Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5-2003 with some 2007, Lotus Notes/Domino R3-R5 and
                 some R7, MailSweeper, Microsoft Live Communications Server 2005, Nexor
        ●        Anti-virus: McAfee VirusScan, ePolicy Orchestrator (EPO) and Sophos
        ●        Mail filtering (both “in-the-cloud” and local)
        ●        Web proxy products including BlueCoat ProxySG, Squid
        ●        DNS on Windows NT4-2003 and BIND on Linux
        ●        Telecoms (fixed line, mobile, non-geographic) management
        ●        Firewalls (mainly Checkpoint, McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention/HIPS client firewall)
        ●        Mobile email
        ●        Working as part of geographically-separated teams
        ●        Team Leader

Fujitsu Services                                                                             Oct 2007-Present
Integration Team Leader                                                                              July 2010-present
Senior Integration Engineer                                                                           Oct 2007-present

        ●        Secure Messaging (main customer: Ministry of Defence)
        ●        DII/C Legacy Infrastructure (customer: MoD)
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                        JON PHILLIP STEVEN PENNYCOOK
        ●       Public Sector Flex (customers: Cabinet Office, CAFCASS, HM Treasury)

        ●        Review of proposals, project plans, designs, and other documents
        ●        Workload allocation
        ●        Presentations at regular meetings to other Team Leaders and to project head
        ●        Assigning engineers to service desk support and live server monitoring rota
Meetings with suppliers to discuss requirements
        ●        Integration of off-the-shelf (COTS) packages and policies for WinTel servers and clients
        ●        In Secure Messaging: integration of applications developed in-house with COTS products (e.g.
                 Exchange, Outlook, Boldon James, Nexor) onto WinTel, Solaris/UNIX servers and WinTel clients
        ●        Customers operating at different security clearances, with multiple domains
        ●        Worked on customer demonstration rig, based on VMWARE, to build a proof-of-concept environment
        ●        Operating to tight deadlines, and willing to work far beyond normal office hours
        ●        Troubleshooting (at 4th line) during implementation of applications
        ●        Hands-on experience with installation in a secure data centre and at customer sites
        ●        Assisting other integrators with products they were unfamiliar with
        ●        Use of own initiative to solve problems not covered in design

        ●       Appointed to Team Leader during reorganisation of Secure Messaging, remained a hands-on Integrator
        ●       Integrated multi-forest instant messaging system (LCS 2005), server anti-virus (McAfee), client
                firewall (McAfee HIPS) policies, Group Policies
        ●       Integration of Microsoft IAG to allow access to email and documents from a system with lower
                security clearance than their data, by only allowing data at the security clearance of their connection
        ●       Spent roughly a week, including weekend, in a secure data centre to assist the installation team
        ●       Awards for delivering first successful customer demo and delivery of product to deadline
        ●       First successful demonstration to customer, and subsequent demonstrations as other customers signed-
        ●       Operated a stand at the company's Defence and Security Open Day, demonstrating to potential
                customers in other sectors
        ●       Seconded to a bid, responsible for building infrastructure for demo rig, consisting of a rack of servers
                and 10 clients, and installing software as it arrived from third party developers
        ●       Worked on Public Sector Flex from early stage – projected user base around 10,000 users
        ●       Worked on DII/C during final stages
        ●       Worked on Secure Messaging during upgrade of installed products for both main customers

Infotec Europe BV (division of Ricoh Europe)                                              Dec 2003-Oct 2007
formerly Danka Europe Ltd

European Messaging & Security Specialist                                                           Dec 2003-Oct 2007

        ●       Europe IT department, reporting to European IT Infrastructure Director
        ●       Migration to single Active Directory/Microsoft Exchange forest.
        ●       Integration of European subsidiaries onto MPLS WAN/IPSEC VPN, with Checkpoint firewalls,
                integrated into global WAN.
        ●       Maintenance, evolution, and 3rd line support for AD, messaging (Exchange, Outlook, mobile email),
                WAN, VPN (both site-to-site and client), web proxy, antivirus, DNS across Europe.
        ●       Main point of contact for providers/maintainers: MPLS WAN, Internet, Checkpoint firewalls, VPN,
                BlueCoat web proxy, mail filtering, DNS, telecoms (UK - mobile, fixed, non-geographic).
        ●       Change approver for firewalls, proxy, and WAN
        ●       Part of design team for splitting a multi-domain AD Forest following demerger from Danka group.
        ●       Part of design and implementation team for 20,000-seat infrastructure rollout to support Oracle rollout.

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                       JON PHILLIP STEVEN PENNYCOOK
       ●       Work with virtual 2nd/3rd line support team based in multiple countries.

       ●       Designed and implemented migration of 10+ disparate, disconnected, legacy mail/logon/DNS systems
               into single, 3,000-seat, Europe-wide Active Directory/Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 system, part of
               global AD Forest
       ●       Server rollout, 1st line IT training, and initial client migration across Europe, involving around 8
               months working away from the UK
       ●       Assisted with negotiations with potential European WAN and Internet providers
       ●       Worked with WAN and Internet provider, firewall maintainer, and local IT managers to build Europe-
               wide WAN based on MPLS and IPSEC VPN
       ●       Designed and implemented European BlueCoat web proxy solution
       ●       Replaced LAN equipment (aging hubs and switches) with new in UK HQ, improving network
               performance and reliability
       ●       Implemented "in-the-cloud" email filtering (spam, virus, content) solution which reduced Internet
               bandwidth wastage, improved security, and reduced storage requirements, as well as improving end-
               user experience
       ●       Implemented McAfee EPO/VirusScan Enterprise, Sophos Enterprise Console/PureMessage for
       ●       Implemented mobile email solution (Visto – aka Vodafone Business Email) for Symbian and Windows
               mobile devices in multiple countries following competitive trials by end users of both Visto and RIM
       ●       Compared suppliers and negotiated mobile phone contract for UK subsidiary, and assisted 1st line IT
               with mobile phone porting process
       ●       Developed and maintained standard hardware and software configuration for servers, desktops, and
               laptops in order to reduce costs and complexity, and improve support
       ●       Selected supplier, and managed migration between fixed-line telephony providers, including lines,
               calls, and non-geographic numbers, at short notice following contract dispute
       ●       Migrated external DNS to single supplier across Europe
       ●       Assisted in disaster recovery following destruction of Hemel Hempstead office

PSION Group                                                                               Jul 1999-Nov 2003
Project IS Manager                                                                              Apr 2002-Nov 2003
Group Messaging & Groupware Specialist                                                           Jul 1999-Apr 2002

Project IS Manager

       ●       Working in Engineering department, reporting to Integration and Test Manager
       ●       Responsible for specialist IS requirements of new mobile phone software development start-up
               company (Psion Software, now part of Visto), particularly from the Engineering and Marketing
       ●       Responsible for Telecoms (both fixed and mobile) and Internet Connectivity for multiple offices of the
               Psion Group.
       ●       Select suppliers, and manage account relationship, for Internet and Voice Service Providers, Firewall
               and PBX maintainers
       ●       Manage a Checkpoint Firewall 1 on Nokia IP platform and connectivity to mobile network operator
               APN (access point node).
       ●       Manage the Development and Demonstration LANs for the Engineering and Marketing functions of
               the company, and build all the servers (Windows, Exchange) required by these growing teams.
       ●       Worked with Software, Test, and Release Engineers, in order to ensure that the software developed
               would have a real-world application
       ●       Install and manage multiple Active Directory/Exchange environments for developers and QA
       ●       Hardware/Software purchasing

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                       JON PHILLIP STEVEN PENNYCOOK
       ●       Prior to achieving this position, produced a report showing the state of play in the mobile email market
       ●       Managed a consolidation of the company's mobile phones from a mix of suppliers and networks onto
               one supplier and one network with customized billing, bringing cost-savings and ease of
               administration. Also negotiated a significant discount plan on top of the cost savings.
       ●       Managed consolidation of fixed-line telecoms onto a reduced number of suppliers for ease of
               administration and cost-savings. Also managed rollout of Customer Services contact numbers through
               Western Europe and America including revenue-generating Non-Geographic Numbers.
       ●       Managed a second change of ISP, which included evaluation of suppliers to find one supplier suitable
               for all our sites, including our Co-Lo facility (hosting web servers and specialist applications).
       ●       Helped to plan an office move with only 3 weeks notice, which later fell through. However, voice and
               data were scheduled to be available at the new location in good time for the projected move date.
       ●       Planned another office move, focusing on the company’s communications needs, both Internet and
               Voice, plus the requirements of the Engineering and Marketing Departments for the move of their
               specialist equipment and LAN. Also selected supplier to install network cabling in new building.
       ●       Set up VPN to mobile network operator before receiving training
       ●       Set up a Linux-based Mail Relay (sendmail) and Web Proxy (squid)

Group Messaging & Groupware Specialist

       ●       Working in IT Department, reporting to Group IT Manager
       ●       Responsible for overseeing the Groupwide Lotus Domino messaging and groupware system, plus
               company MIMESweeper-based mail relay.
       ●       Main contact point with Internet Service Providers and maintainer of firewalls, including defining
               security policies for firewall.
       ●       Responsible for anti-virus policy and software (McAfee) in UK companies.
       ●       Technical contact on Group Intranet committee, responsible for the Domino-based Intranet server.
       ●       Minor development and bug fixes on Notes database applications developed in-house and by external
       ●       Maintaining other systems such as remote access, VPN, Usenet News, DNS, SSH (for remote access)
       ●       Responsible for Telecoms (fixed and mobile) for multiple UK subsidiaries.

       ●       Replaced ageing, inadequate and improperly managed Lotus Notes database system and Lotus cc:Mail
               messaging system with a Notes/Domino R5 messaging and database system across Psion Group.
       ●       Member of a team responsible for the integration of IT Systems with an acquisition.
       ●       Set up centralized DNS infrastructure and migrated from legacy systems
       ●       Departmental representative on Redundancy Consultation Committee.
       ●       Instrumental in the integration of Unified Messaging System with Lotus Domino R5 Email system.
       ●       Assisted in the move of servers and infrastructure to new head office.
       ●       Developed new Acceptable Usage Policy for Email system.
       ●       Managed a change of ISP.

SEI MACRO Jan 1998-Jul 1999
formerly Macro Marketing Ltd

Applications Support Analyst & Development                                                         Jan 1998-Jul 1999

       ●       Comms Connectivity and Systems team, reporting to Systems Manager
       ●       Lotus Notes/Domino system administration, minor development plus user support.
       ●       Systems administration and user support of Intranet.
       ●       Main point of contact for Internet Service Provider.
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                             JON PHILLIP STEVEN PENNYCOOK
         ●           Applications software support (mainly Microsoft).
         ●           Remote users support: laptop hardware, software and connectivity.
         ●           Help desk cover on an ad hoc basis to provide optimum cover.
         ●           SQL/COBOL development on Tandem system.
         ●           Hardware/software purchasing.

         ●           Overhauled e-mail system to enhance reliability and client-independence.
         ●           Gained in-depth understanding of new Lotus client-access licensing system.
         ●           Negotiated and maximised discounts from key suppliers.
         ●           Closely involved in software licence audit.

         ●           Member Institute of Physics
         ●           Member British Computer Society

University of                                                                                       1996
Leicester               BSc (Hons): Physics with Astrophysics
                        Including workshops: Digital & Analogue Electronics, Fortran-77, Careers,
                        Microprocessors & Computational Physics
                        Project: Computational Modelling of Dust Clouds in Quasars
Bourne Grammar
School                  A Level: Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics               1993
                        RSA: Information Technology                                                 1993
                        AS Level: Physics                                                           1992
                        AS Level: Mathematics                                                       1991

QA Training /          System Administration for the Solaris 10 Operating System, Part 1 (SA-200-   2010
Oracle University      S10)
Fujitsu (in house)      Windows Powershell Fundamentals Course                                      2008
MIS Corporate           Bespoke course on Checkpoint Firewall 1/Nokia IP platform                   2003
Defence Solutions
Tech-Connect           Implementing and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory              2003
Tech-Connect            Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange 2000                           2003
Tech-Connect            Supporting Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server                   2003
Psion (in house)        GPRS System Overview                                                        2002
QA Training             Internetworking with TCP/IP                                                 2000
QA Training             Domino Programming Update R5                                                1999
QA Training            Domino R5 Administration Update                                              1999
QA Training            Introduction to LotusScript in Notes/Domino                                  1999
Trainers Ltd           Domino R5 Development Update                                                 1999
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                       JON PHILLIP STEVEN PENNYCOOK
In house          Communication with Confidence                                                      1999
In house          Tandem/SQL/COBOL Development                                                       1998
QA Training       Lotus Notes/Domino R4.5 System Administration                                      1998

           ●   Reading, particularly science, space technology, and science-fiction
           ●   Listening to music and visiting live concerts
           ●   Cycling and walking

REFERENCES                                                                            Available on request

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