Total MMA

                                                                                                        UFC ‘The Ultimate Fighter
                                                                                                        4 Finale’: November 11:

                                                                                                        Martin Kampmann def. Thales
                                                                                                        Leitas by Decision (Unani-

                                                                                                        Charles McCarthy def. Gideon
                                                                                                        Ray by Submission (Armbar)
                                                                                                        in R1 (4:43)

                                                                                                        Scott Smith def. Pete Sell
                                                                                                        by KO (Punch) in Round 2
Matt Serra And Travis Lutter Won Their Respective Divisions At The Ultimate Fighter 4 Finale
                                                                                                        Pete Spratt def. Jeremy Jack-
                                                                                                        son by Sub (Injury) in Round
By Michael Farrow                                initely won every round. Yes, in a close fight, one     2 (1:11)
                                                 combatant could conceivably win all three stan-

      ome might say it was fitting for this zas, but on this occasion each fighter definitely              Jorge Rivera def. Edwin Dew-
      season of ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ to took a round each. Scores of 29-28 in either fight-            ees by TKO (Strikes) in Round
      end in such a way. The disappoint- er’s favour would have led to far less confusion.              1 (2:37)
ment of the absence of Michael Bisping, the
controversy of a polarised split decision in Serra’s frustrating inability to take Lytle down           Din Thomas def. Rich Clemen-
a defensive Welterweight Final and a one- made the fight a difficult one to watch and puts                ti by Submission (Rear Naked
sided Middleweight Final all took the shine into perspective ‘The Terror’s earlier victories.           Choke) in Round 2 (3:11)
off an otherwise decent night of fighting. The New Yorker will now take on the victor of Sat-
                                                 urday’s meeting between Welterweight Champion          Travis Lutter def. Patrick Cote
With Bisping’s visa troubles forcing the Brit to Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre. Unfortunate-       by Submission (Armbar) in
stay at home, the clash between Matt Serra and ly, it appears Serra has little chance against either.   Round 1 (2:18)
Chris Lytle topped the bill and it was sad that
the small amount of drama the two produced Speaking of perspective, if proof was needed over            Matt Serra def. Chris Lytle by
happened after the final bell, rather than dur- just how impressive Pete Sell’s losing performance       Decision (Split)
ing the fight. Undoubtedly each of the three was against Travis Lutter in the semi-finals of the
rounds was close, but nevertheless the judg- competition, the Middleweight Final gave us it.
es’ differing score cards were quite astonish-
ing. Two judges indicated a Serra shutout while
the other decided that Lytle won every round.
                                                                                                        November 18: UFC 65 - Feat.
Lytle must have been devastated to lose in such a      There were positives in this show, but           Matt Hughes vs. Georges St.
manner, although it can be argued that when your       they came from unexpected places                 Pierre
sole aim is not to get beat rather than going on the
offensive, then you have little room for complaint.    and maybe it is easy to be jaded about  “        December 13: UFC ‘Fight
                                                       this season finale, as ultimately it              Night’ - Feat. Diego Sanchez
Aside from the disagreements over the deserved         was the series which came too soon.              vs. Joe Riggs
winner which raged after the bout’s conclusion,
the main contention with the judges’ decision lay                                                       December 30: UFC 66 - Feat.
over the fact that neither fighter can say they def-                                                     Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz

 TUF 4 REVIEW                                                                                                                   PAGE 02
Lutter’s ‘softly softly catchee monkey’ stylefor last. The first round was littered with        stoppage that doesn’t stand up to reason,
made a quick finish inevitable once Patrick   high fives, smiles and congratulations for         but feels right to the referee at the time.
Côté fell into his trap. With a tournament   good jabs and right crosses. The second           Dewees was in a bad spot, but he covered
which has made Lutter look like a re-        stanza was much of the same until ‘Drago’         up and Rivera was not doing any real harm.
freshed and extremely dangerous combat-      led with a body shot that took all the wind       However, Dewees problem was his inability
ant, memories of previous disappointing      out of Smith. However, ever one to quickly        to make any attempt at improving posi-
losses have disappeared. The 33-year-old,    lose his head, the Long Islander ran in for       tion. While he was absorbing strikes with
who has been criticised for being too dull   the kill with his hands down and was caught       his hand, Dewees was stuck and due to his
inside the octagon will now face Middle-     with a perfect overhand right from Smith.         lack of movement cost himself the fight.
weight Champion Anderson Silva, who as       Neither man looked like a winner while they
a non-English speaker has been labelled      were sprawled out on the floor, but this           Like the season itself, the show as a whole
by some as being too banal to hold a belt.   fight did the world of good for both partici-      was a letdown with some surprising high
                                             pants. After all, the majority of people who      spots. For ‘The Ultimate Fighter’, after the
The undercard was punctuated with some watch this sport, UFC management includ-                success of season three, it was back to real-
surprising and thrilling performances, not ed, just like crazy guys who love to fight.          ity with a bump. Perhaps it’s the relentless
least by Martin Kampmann, the Las Vegas-                                                       number of UFC shows every month, but the
based Dane, who handed out fifteen minutes As equally-matched as Smith and Sell                 triumph of the record breaking ‘Fight Night
of punishment to tough Brazilian Middle- proved to be, the Lightweight contest be-             7’ headlined by Tito Ortiz and Ken Sham-
weight hope, Thales Leites. However, with tween Din Thomas and Rich Clementi was               rock now appears to be a distant memory.
Leites almost dead on his feet in the third anything but. Thomas controlled the pace
round, Kampmann must feel frustration bor- of the fight, got on the front foot and stayed       Once again, the UFC returned to the de-
dering on embarrassment at his inability to there. While Clementi seemed to have a             testable Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas,
finish the fight. ‘The Hitman’ belied his name gameplan, he continually undermined it but        which offers little glitz and glamour. The
and despite a seven fight winning streak, trying to get set to exchange. Thomas, one            event was witnessed by another small
Kampmann will have to showcase his skills to of my favourite fighters from the season,          crowd, which not only made for a poor
the maximum effect in his next UFC outing if submitted Clementi with a rear naked choke        visual, but without the partisan fans, was
he is to be accepted by the American crowd. in the second round and is on such a roll,         pretty lifeless from an acoustic perspective.
                                             he even joked about handing out a beat-
Perhaps Kampmann can take inspiration ing to Rogan in his post match interview.                There were positives in this show, but they
from the insane bout between Sell and Scott                                                    came from unexpected places and maybe it
Smith. In a fight where the word “crazy” The first fight of the televised card pitted             is easy to be jaded about this season finale,
was constantly repeated from the lips of Edwin Dewees and Jorge Rivera against                 as ultimately it was the series which came too
colour commentator Joe Rogan, it was fit- each other. This was a forgettable fight               soon. UFC need to heed that warning. We
ting that the craziest moment was saved ending in the sort of bogus, no damage                 are in the midst of a marathon, not a sprint.

Rivera vs. Dewees: Bah, that miserable           kiss-blowing and waving becomes deeply        sumed that would catch on and be a craze
motherfucker Jorge won, damn him. After          uncomfortable for all involved – were par-    of Austin 316 proportions. Lutter had been
the fight, Rivera thanked God, as fighters         ticularly whooping and raucous tonight. It    dubbed ‘The Serial Killer’, to make him seem
often do, then went on to give thanks and        made me think how great it would be if Ste-   less dull, but that name is only appropriate
say hi to a million people, before finally giv-   ve Mazzagatti got a Beatles-esque reception   in a Harold Shipman way, as Lutter presum-
ing a rambling answer to the question put        of screaming and damp underwear every         ably waits until his victims have fallen asleep
to him by Joe Rogan decades previously.          time he was announced.                        watching him fight, and then shoots them up
When they cut back to the crowd for the                                                        with a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs.
next fight, all of the men had Rip Van Winkle     Embracing My Feminine Side: Ooh, Big
beards, as Rivera followed that with even        John, have you lost weight?                     Yves Lavigne: YES! This man is great. I
more “what ups,” and seemed to be giving                                                         know people fear UFC refs who aren’t from
individual shout outs to every single one of     Sell vs. Smith: It’s the ending we’ll see on the big four, but Lavigne is tremendous.
his MySpace friends.                             highlight reels until the end of time, but with From starting the fight with “are you read-
                                                 a heavy price. Yes, fans of ‘The Comeback’, ys?” or “are you ready, sir?” to repeatedly
Clementi vs. Thomas: Rich Clementi had           I hear news from Scott Smith’s doctor that asking where each of his judges are, we can
the crazy eyes before the fight, which is good    he has a long road of rehab and recovery all sleep safe knowing there’s a refereeing
for him, because Din Thomas gave him such        ahead of him, and even then, he may never icon ready to step into Herb Dean’s shoes,
a thrashing they’ll probably be swollen shut     fart again. Godspeed, Smith’s intestines, should he ever be carried into the sky by a
for a week.                                      may you once again expel rancid fecal gas giant bird.
                                                 into other people’s faces.
Whores: The drunken sluts in the crowd                                                           Serra wins!: Tiny hammerfists all round.
– you know the ones, the camera always           Côté vs. Lutter: Côté was without his Go on, even in the balls if you want, today
lingers on them for far too long, until the      chant, which was very disappointing. I as- is a good day.

PREVIEW: UFC 65                                                                                                              PAGE 03


                  Georges St. Pierre Will Face Matt Hughes For The UFC Welterweight Championship At UFC 65 On Saturday

                  By Mike Doyle                          groin injury suffered by the challeng-    has stated on many occasions how
                                                         er, which sidelined St. Pierre from ac-   much he has grown as a fighter physi-
                  It is quite possibly the most an-      tion and saw B.J. Penn take his place     cally and more importantly, mentally.
                  ticipated fight of the year; the long   in September. Nonetheless, Hughes         Yet, Hughes is always looking to wage
                  awaited rematch between cham-          made his seventh successful title de-     mental warfare against his opponents
                  pion Matt Hughes and number            fence in a come-from-behind win over      in an attempt to intimidate them be-
                  one contender Georges St. Pierre       Penn and with St. Pierre now 100%,        fore they even step into the cage. This
                  for the UFC Welterweight Title.        this is arguably the biggest threat the   time is no different. Hughes believes
                                                         Champion has ever faced for his belt.     he still has an edge over ‘Rush’, based
                  However, the showdown has been                                                   on the fact he won their previous en-
                  on hold for two months because of a Since their first fight in 2004, St. Pierre    counter and more recently because he
 PREVIEW: UFC 65                                                                                                                 PAGE 04
finished Penn within three rounds, after        Anderi Arlovski have finally earned the            of unsuccessful takedown attempts, a ref-
the Hawaiian ‘Prodigy’ went the distance       Champion some much deserved respect.              eree stoppage in the second or third round.
with St. Pierre. In spite of that, it ap-      Yet, considering Sylvia’s only two losses
pears Hughes might only be able to con-        are the result of submissions and the fact        If successful, Sylvia could well face Bran-
vince himself he has an edge this time.        that Monson is a two-time Abu Dhabi World         don Vera in his next defence. That is if ‘the
                                               Champion, it’s safe to assume ‘The Maine-         next big thing in MMA’ is able to defeat
St. Pierre has been on an absolute tear since iac’ will be looking to keep this fight standing.   former Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir
UFC 50, which includes a first round destruc-                                                     on Saturday. The hype surrounding ‘The
tion over former number one contender The big question mark surrounding Syl-                     Truth’ is certainly warranted, as he’s un-
Frank Trigg, completely dominating current via continues to be his ground game and               defeated in the UFC as well as his career,
UFC Lightweight Champion Sean Sherk and whether or not he actually has one. Aside                possesses a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jit-
most recently a decision victory over Penn. from his first fight with Arlovksi, no one             su and is a Muay Thai National Champion
During the Trigg fight, the Canadian sensa- has been able to put the Miletich trained             under World-renowned kick boxer Rob Ka-
tion controlled the entire match and at no fighter on his back. At UFC 48, leading up             man. Meanwhile, Mir is just trying to get his
time was he in trouble, something even to Sylvia’s showdown with Frank Mir for the               once promising career back on track after
Hughes can’t lay claim to in his two fights vacant Heavyweight Title, everyone won-               two lacklustre performances, following a
with ‘Twinkle Toes’. Against Sherk, who has dered how Mir would get the fight to the              career threatening motorcycle accident.
been compared to Hughes for his wrestling ground. And to the surprise of many, Syl-
prowess, St. Pierre stuffed all three take- via actually took the fight there himself by          Mir was stopped by Cruz at UFC 57,
down attempts by the ‘Muscle Shark’ and shooting in on his opponent, then making                 before returning to face Dan Christison at
picked his opponent apart with jabs and the mistake of staying inside Mir’s guard.               UFC 61. Appearing sluggish and looking
combinations. In his last appearance at                                                          exhausted throughout the majority of the
UFC 58, St. Pierre battled through adversity Nevertheless, Sylvia remains a very difficult        fight, Mir was very fortunate to pull out a
after being poked in the eye against Penn fighter to take down and has the luxury                 decision victory. If that same fighter shows
and displayed tremendous resilience by con- of turning most of his bouts into boxing             up against Vera on Saturday, he will not only
tinuing to come forward instead of backing matches. Yet, it hasn’t been for a lack of            lose the contest but he could also be forced
up, which disguised the fact he was hurt. his opponents trying; Ricco Rodriguez strug-           into early retirement by the end of the night.
                                               gled to no avail, Tra Telligman couldn’t get
There’s no denying Hughes is one of the past the long reach and when he tried to
greatest competitors to ever step foot in- close the distance was hit with uppercuts
side the octagon, his credentials are impec- and jabs and Assuerio Silva was shutout
cable. Although, just as impressive is how in his attempts as well. One would have
he’s evolved from a wrestler at heart to a to imagine that talented group of fighters              UFC 65 ‘Bad Intentions’: Saturday
true mixed martial artist and that was nev- in Iowa have only helped reinforce this.              November 18: Sacramento, Califor-
er more evident then when he dominated                                                            nia, USA
BJJ legend Royce Gracie on the ground. Besides his submission background, Mon-
However, the most extraordinary thing son is also a very strong wrestler who has                  Championship Bouts (5 x 5 Minute
Hughes embodies is his will to win, as he been improving his boxing skills over the               Rounds):
seems capable of rising to any occasion. past few years by training with the Ameri-
In fights against Renato Verissimo as well can Top Team. In February, ‘The Snowman’                UFC Welterweight Title Fight: Matt Hugh-
as both rematches with Trigg and Penn, returned to the UFC after a four year hiatus               es vs. Georges St. Pierre
Hughes was caught in what looked like and picked up his 14th consecutive victory
fight ending submissions, only to persevere in the process, a first round submission over           UFC Heavyweight Title Fight: Tim Sylvia
and still have his hand raised at the end. Branden Lee Hinkle. Monson displayed his               vs. Jeff Monson
                                               incredible strength throughout the fight and
There’s no question Hughes has become was awarded the ‘tapout’ of the night. Al-                  Main Card Bouts (3 x 5 Minute
more arrogant as of late, maybe it’s be- though in his next appearance he defeated                Rounds):
cause he subconsciously senses his reign BJJ nemesis Marcio Cruz via split decision,
is nearly over. Regardless, on Saturday Monson surprisingly struggled against the                 Brandon Vera vs. Frank Mir
night he’ll have to contend with an op- Brazilian when the two exchanged strikes.
ponent that seems to improve every time Nevertheless, the UFC wanted to ensure                    Joe Stevenson vs. Dokonjonosuke Mishi-
he steps into the octagon and if St. Pierre Monson would be much more dominant in                 ma
is able to peak at just the right time, he’ll his next outing, so they fed him Australian
become only the second Canadian to ever fighter Anthony Perosh. The plan worked per-               Alessio Sakara vs. Drew McFedries
win a UFC Championship. Of note, it was fectly, as Monson stopped his opponent with
fellow Canuck, Carlos Newton who Hughes strikes just over two minutes into the fight.              Preliminary Bouts (3 x 5 Minute
defeated to begin his era of dominance.                                                           Rounds):
                                               In previous bouts, Sylvia’s had a tendency to
Hughes’ Title will not be the only gold up for get lazy with his jab and pull it back a little    Nick Diaz vs. Graison Tibau
grabs on at UFC 65 though as in a classic too slow, where he’s open for his opponent
David versus Goliath battle, 5’9” challenger to counter with an overhand right – see Ar-          Jake O’Brien vs. Josh Shockman
Jeff Monson will attempt to conquer Tim Syl- lovski (twice) and Silva. However, with a sev-
via, the 6’8” UFC Heavyweight Champion. en inch reach advantage over Monson, that                 James Irvin vs. Hector Ramirez
                                               doesn’t appear as though it will be as much
Interestingly, it wasn’t too long ago that of a liability as it has in the past. Expect Mon-      Antoni Hardonk vs. Sherman Pender-
Sylvia believed he was the Rodney Dan- son to get hit with everything but the kitch-              garst
gerfield of MMA, but consecutive wins over en sink in this contest and after a number
 PREVIEW: COUTURE VS. ‘JACARE’                                                                                             PAGE 05

By Robin Jahdi                                    Google Video doesn’t seem to be accept-
                                                  ing money from non-Americans, so at this
With MMA currently riding the crest of            stage your apologetic correspondent is
a rather large and money-filled wave,              unsure how well these rules work or how
numerous promotions are either pop-               fast-paced the ensuing action is. With two
ping up or being reborn of late.                  four-minute rounds (and potential two
                                                  minute tie-break period in the event of a
Some, like WFA, are presenting a regular          draw), though, one would hope the offi-
MMA product, but hoping they can draw             cials do not allow for any time to be wasted.
audiences with big (or expensive, at least)
names such as Quinton Jackson and Heath           And so it seems quite fitting that such a
Herring. Meanwhile, other promotions hop-         young, different professional fighting promo-
ing to make a mark on a landscape cast in         tion is graced with the presence of a veteran
the shadow of the UFC are opting instead to       of the fighting arts, who is familiar to pretty
provide their MMA content with unique sell-       much all extant MMA fans; Randy Couture.
ing points. IFL, with its team-based format
surrounding the super-fights is one and this       The subject of current documentary ‘Fight-
weekend sees the second show from inno-           er’ by Pericles Lewnes, ‘The Natural’ has
vative upstart, the Professional Submission       achieved a lot in his MMA career. The film
League.                                           seems rather a long time coming, as the pro-
                                                  motional blurb describes Couture’s journey
As the name suggests, the PSL is a pro-           to ‘his first UFC championship’. Neverthe-
motion favouring the grappling over the           less, ‘Fighter’ seems at least to take a bal-
striking. So much so, in fact, that striking      anced look at the sport and you never know,
is outlawed from the competition. Instead,        a Total MMA review might be forthcoming.
competitors are free to throw, wrestle and
go for as many submissions as they want.          Couture is a seasoned and excellent overall
The basic gist of the rule set is that, as with   competitor. However, we saw in the UFC that
most MMA, there is no fish hooking, no eye         ‘The Natural’ is not the smoothest applier of
gouging, no small joint manipulation, pinch-      submission techniques. It took him until the
ing, groin attacks etc. As with the UFC,          third round to secure an anaconda choke
‘spiking’ an opponent head first on the mat        on Mike Van Arsdale, who is not known for
is out of bounds. So, other than the whole        submission grappling skills. To make mat-
‘no striking’ thing, the rules are pretty regu-   ters worse for the former four-time UFC
lar. However, it is in that one big change that   Champion, Couture seemed to get rather
a total shift in action should emanate.           winded in that show of intensive grappling.

While ground work should ostensibly be            Were the same thing to occur in this im-
smoother without the crutch of ground             pending fight, against the lighter and
and pound, there does not seem to be              younger Ronaldo ‘Jacaré’ Souza Dos San-
anything preventing someone with a good           tos, the veteran wrestler could find himself
top game from laying and praying. There           in trouble; his weight could work against
is something in the rules about ‘backing          him. Couture made mention in an interview
away from the action’ (and ‘away from             that he was planning on entering the bout
the ground’, which is oddly perplexing. I         at 225lbs (twenty pounds heavier than he
haven’t heard of many fighters levitating          was in the last few years of his MMA ca-
in order to avoid a triangle choke), which        reer and he will be facing a man nearly
provides a spark of optimism in that regard.      two decades his junior, in the much smaller
                                                  Jacaré, who averages around 185-190lbs.
Point scoring is another individual as-
pect of the promotion and are awarded Jacaré is known as one of the premier grap-
as follows (all of the subsequent posi- plers on the planet, having won at the 2005
tions need to be held for three seconds): Abu Dhabi Combat Club Championships,
                                          as well as coming second in the Absolute
• Takedown (knees, stomach or back on the competition. Twice the Mundial BJJ Abso-
mat) – 1 point                            lute winner, the Brazilian has recently dedi-
                                          cated himself to MMA and X-Mission should
• Mount – 1 point                         be a fine nexus for his ability and ambition.

• Back mount (with hooks or body triangle) Of course, this should be far from a regular
– 1 point                                  MMA match, due to the quite intriguing,af
                                           orementioned rule set. With strikes out of              Randy Couture Will Fight On Friday
• Catch (near submission) – 3 points       the window, one would have to favour ‘the
 PREVIEW: COUTURE VS. ‘JACARE’                                                                                                 PAGE 06
crocodile’, on a purely technical basis. The  securing – and avoiding – the takedown.          experience. ADCC 2003 saw Jacaré square
fight ends when there is a physical or verbal  Should Jacaré grab an arm, for instance and      off against Olympic silver medal-winning,
tap, when the referee stops the contest       get in the proper position, he would obvi-       Greco-Roman wrestler, Matt Lindland. This
(either due to damage or points), or when     ously have a good chance at a takedown           was a dominating performance on the part
one competitor fails to meet a fifteen-        point. However, the opening round of Cou-        of Jacaré, as he secured top position early,
count. And the ‘points’ factor is where a     ture versus van Arsdale evinced the Ameri-       controlled well and won via arm bar after a
lot of the intrigue here lies. With sub-      can’s ability to avoid a determined take-        couple of minutes. While Lindland has dis-
missions likely to be well-defended by        down practitioner in fine style. Conversely, it   played more submission skill in his fights than
Jacaré, it is in this area that Couture is    should also be interesting to see what kind      Couture (though most of it was admittedly
likely to enjoy his best chance of victory.   of offence Couture conjures up in a con-         more recently than 2003), he is also a good
                                              text that removes the potential for strikes      deal smaller than Jacaré’s current opponent.
While his submission game certainly wasn’t to set up the takedown and submissions.
the best in MMA, he is however an ex-                                                          And this may be precisely why Couture is
tremely skilled wrestler. One would imag- While Couture was long known in MMA                  not cutting to his almost customary 205
ine those takedown points should accrue circles - and rightly so - as the thinking             pounds. With Jacaré excelling in throws
quite regularly if ‘The Natural’ is presented man’s fighter (arguably second only to            and submissions, and Couture display-
with the opportunity. That said, Jacaré’s Fedor Emelianenko in terms of tailoring              ing great takedowns and power (such as
takedowns are also something to behold. a strategy to his impending opponent),                 those occasions on which he bossed Chuck
In gi-orientated competition, he is able to it seems as though brute strength will be          Liddell and Tito Ortiz around in 2003), it
secure all manner of trips and hip throws, his greatest ally in this fight. Lacking the         might be the weight that makes the differ-
but one wonders how well they would trans- technical expertise of Jacaré, trying to            ence in this imminent, compelling, fight.
late to the no-gi environment of the PSL. power out of submission attempts, or into
Success in ADCC would suggest he should some of his own, might be the way to go.               X-Mission takes place on Friday night in Cul-
acquit himself well, but someone like Cou- Of course, this is not the first time Jacaré has     ver City, California. The show will be webcast
ture has spent much of his life working on competed against someone of Team Quest              live at www.prosubleague.com for $9.95.

By Ross McTavish                               an’s decision loss to Mike Swick at UFC 63. 2 HOT 2 HANDLE

PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS                 Currently ‘The Crow’ is training with Bran- Mirko Filipovic’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach
                                             don Vera ahead of the Heavyweight’s bout Fabricio Werdum earned an impressive vic-
Pride have released a star-studded list of with Frank Mir at UFC 65 on Saturday. tory over Fedor Emelianenko’s brother, Ale-
names detailing who will compete on their                                                ksander, when the two clashed in Holland
traditional New Years Eve show; ‘Shockwave’. WORLD FIGHTER ALLIANCE                      on Sunday.

They include; Heavyweight Champion Fe-         The second show from the recently re-           Werdum won by choke in the first round,
dor Emelianenko, 2006 Open Weight Grand        launched WFA, set for December 9, has           while in another Heavyweight fight Jon Olav
Prix Champion Mirko Filipovic, Middleweight    been postponed until early 2007, with no        Einemo defeated James Thompson by arm-
Champion Wanderlei Silva, Welterweight         specific reason being announced as of yet.       bar.
Champion Dan Henderson, Lightweight
Champion Takanori Gomi and 2005 Middle-       The ‘King Of The Streets II’ card had been       CAGE RAGE
weight Grand Prix Champion Mauricio Rua.      planned under a five match Brazil vs. USA
                                              series and was scheduled to take place at        British promotion Cage Rage put on their
In addition that impressive plethora of ti- the Aladdin Resort and Casino in Las Ve-           first ‘Contenders’ show outside London on
tle-holders; Josh Barnett, Hidehiko Yoshida, gas, Nevada, airing live on pay-per-view in       Saturday, which saw former British Feather-
Mark Hunt, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and America.                                               weight Champion Brad Pickett rebound from
Kazuyuki Fujita will all appear on the card.                                                   his recent loss to Robbie Olivier and defeat
                                              ‘The Texas Crazy Horse’ Heath Herring was        Brett Lee by armbar in the first round.
ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP due to take on Pedro ‘The Rock’ Rizzo in
                                              the main event, while in an additional bout      In the main event Lee Elliot beat Roman
David Loiseau is reporting that the UFC have Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson was going to            Webber by keylock after a titanic tussle full
cancelled his contract, following the Canadi- face Marvin ‘The Beastman’ Eastman.              of fast paced action.

 IN FOCUS: STRIKEFORCE                                                                                                    PAGE 07

By Ross McTavish

In what is shaping up to be a star-
studded affair, knockout artist Du-
ane ‘Bang’ Ludwig will attempt to re-
bound from his recent defeat, when he
squares off with fellow Ultimate Fight-
ing Championship veteran Tony ‘The
Freak’ Fryklund, at Strikeforce’s ‘Triple
Threat’ show from the HP Pavilion in San
Jose, California on Friday, December 8.

The match-up, which will be contested at
170 pounds, marks a step up in weight
for Ludwig, who has spent his seven-year
professional career fighting in mixed mar-
tial arts’ 155 pound Lightweight Division,
as well as K-1’s 159 pound limit ‘Max’ class.

“I’ve always walked around at about 180
pounds and making 155 has always been a
really tough cut for me. I feel good now,” said
the 28-year-old Ludwig regarding the transi-
tion. “I’m eating what I want and I’m lifting
and stuff and doing callisthenics like cross-
training, and I’m holding 185 solid. Some-
times, I go to bed at 190. It’s taken the stress
off of me and put the fun back in fighting.”

Ludwig is looking to steer his career back on
track after being choked into submission by
rival Josh ‘The Punk’ Thomson, on October
7 during Strikeforce’s first-ever fight card at
the Save Mart Centre in Fresno, California.

Four-and-a-half years ago, ‘Bang’ was taken
under the wing of mixed martial arts leg-
end Bas Rutten, who observed the young
combatant’s talent and fighting spirit
during a grappling event in which Lud-
wig was competing. A year after the two
bonded, Ludwig made his first big mark in
mixed martial arts by knocking out former          Strikeforce Returns To Action On Friday December 8 (C) www.strikeforceusa.net
UFC Lightweight Champion, Jens Pulver.
                                              able lesson, however, as Fryklund reeled    tainment superstar, Daniel Puder, will put his
The 35-year-old Fryklund is a former mem- off victories in his next seven starts, in-     perfect professional mixed martial arts fight
ber of Team Miletich, the Pat Miletich-headed cluding a technical knockout over Rod-      record on the line against another undefeat-
elite squad of fighters that includes reigning rigo Ruas at UFC 37.5 on June 22, 2002.     ed up and coming Heavyweight, Mike Cook.
UFC Kings, Matt Hughes and Tim Sylvia.
                                              Fryklund has been successful in three of    “I’m going to come out guns blazing, as
A native of Boston, Massachusetts, Fryklund his four 2006 appearances, stopping three     usual,” said Puder, whose record stands
dove head-first into the world of mixed consecutive foes in a single round of action.      at 3-0 since he submitted Tommy Tug-
martial arts at UFC 14 on July 27, 1997. In His only loss of the year came at the hands   gle in a mere 28 seconds with an arm-
his first effort during the single-elimination of Brazil’s Anderson Silva, who has since   bar during Strikeforce ‘Revenge’, which
tournament format event, Fryklund came been crowned UFC Middleweight Champion.            took place at the HP Pavilion on June 9.
up big, choking out Donnie Chappell in a                                                  That success was added to victories over
minute-and-a-half. The following tourna- “I think he’s more of a stiff striker - not as   Jesse Fujarczyk and Jim McCown, leav-
ment round, Fryklund was dealt the same fluid as I am. I should be able to catch           ing the 24-year-old Puder feeling ex-
fate he had dished out one fight earlier him,” said Ludwig of his opponent. “On            tremely confident ahead of his next bout.
when former 1992 Olympic Wrestling Gold the ground, I don’t think he’s a super Jiu-
Medallist Kevin Jackson submitted him. Jitsu stud, so I should be OK there as well.”
                                                                                  He said: “I’ve been training hard and I’m
                                                                                  in fantastic shape. I could go five rounds
The loss to Jackson proved to be a valu- Meanwhile, Former World Wrestling Enter- easily, but I’m looking for the quick finish.”
 DVD REVIEW: PRIDE 16                                                                                                             PAGE 08

By Chris Brown

Pride 16 started on a low note. It was
the first Pride event after the atrocities
of September 11 2001 and a minute’s
silence was held in respect of those
who died in New York and Washington.

The card was pretty solid for a Pride show
at the time, with the stand-out fights be-
ing the Pride debuts of Ricardo Arona and
Murilo Rua against Guy Mezger and Daijiro
Matsui respectively, the return to MMA of
Don Frye as the fought Gilbert Yvel and a
Heavyweight match-up between the Pride
‘Grand Prix 2000’ Champion Mark Cole-
man and the Rings ‘King Of Kings’ tourna-
ment winner Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

A rematch between Gary Goodridge and
Yoshiaki Yatsu opened the show and al-
though the fight went as one would expect it
to, it finished in an unusual way. After being
trapped in a guillotine choke for all of one and
a half seconds, Yatsu seemingly signalled to
his corner to throw in the towel and then
feigned surprise when they did. Perhaps this
was done in an attempt to save face some-
how, or maybe he was just there for the
payday and wanted out before he got hurt.

Before the debut of Rua, we had a lesson
on the Pride scoring system by Matt Hume.
Hume then joined Stephen Quadros and Bas
Rutten for commentary on the fight, pointing
out when the judges would score a point.

The commentary of Quadros and Rutten
is fondly remembered by many, but it was
                                                   Murilo ‘Ninja’ Rua With A Trademark Footstomp (C) Dream Stage Entertainment Inc.
certainly not without its faults. Of course,
no commentary is, but certain things stood
out. Quadros is not really a ‘play-by-play’        prowess. The Brazilian is certainly aggres-     used to be. He doesn’t like to take chances,
announcer. He spends far too much time             sive on the feet, but his technique has never   but he’s more willing to improve his posi-
saying what fighters should do rather than          really evolved in the same way as his grap-     tion and occasionally even finishes a fight.
what they are doing. What he does well             pling. So while he has more ways to win a
though, is interact with his co-commenta-          fight now, he’s no more dangerous on the      While we earlier witnessed the beginnings in
tor, Rutten. I certainly never thought they        feet than he was five years ago, which is a   Pride terms of Rua and Arona, the main event
were a great comedy duo like some did, but         shame as he’s an exciting combatant to watch saw the end of Coleman as a top level fighter.
there was definitely a good rapport there.          and has a great determination in the ring.   He came into the fight having won his last
                                                                                                six contests, but was completely outmatched
Probably the best thing about reviewing            Arona is a different case, as his techni- against ‘Minotauro’. The bout was simply six
these shows is watching fighters that we’re         cal ability has improved, but has game- minutes of domination and Coleman didn’t
very familiar with now in their early appear-      plan hasn’t. In some ways his single fight again until nearly two years later.
ances and looking at how they’ve improved,         mindedness is to be admired, as every-
or how they haven’t in some instances. The         body knows what he’s going to try to do, To be honest, the event as a whole is noth-
two debutantes here are good examples              but very few can stop it from happening. ing special. If it were being sold on its own,
of both cases, in that they’ve got better                                                       I’d advise to buy it only if you wanted to
in some areas, but are still lacking others.       He continues to stick his chin out when see a few of the fighters ‘before they were
                                                   standing, but his takedowns a far more ex- famous’ as it were. However, the good
‘Ninja’ Rua has undoubtedly improved on the        plosive and he has excellent leg kicks. He people at fightdvd.co.uk are selling it
ground, but you can’t really say the same of       still gets criticised for being too passive, combined with Pride 15 for only £10.99. I
his striking, which is odd given that Chute        but as inconceivable as it might sound to don’t want to sound I’m cheap, but sweet
Boxe fighters are known for their pugilistic        some, he’s far more aggressive than he Christ in a jazz band that’s a hell of a deal.

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