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									The Voice of Local 92
 Winter Issue 2011

       Toledo Firefighter                                         Editor’s Notes
           Newsletter                                            By Dan Desmond
           Local #92
President      Wayne Hartford (12)
V. Pres.       Dan Desmond (11)             Greetings all,
Sec. Tres.     Lt Susan Cervantes (12)
Sgt-at-Arms    Jon-Paul Thibert (11)        I want to apologize for this publication being so late. We were in
                                            transition of editors and logistically things did not work out. A
Executive Board                             couple of other things have grabbed my attention since then (see
Jamie Ferguson (11)                         front cover). Thanks to everybody who submitted things for this
Shane Gasper (13)                           publication. Please take this opportunity to put thought to paper
Ed Herrick (12)                             and get heard. I know this newsletter circulates to approx 1200
Jeff Koenigseker (11)                       people. Thanks –Des-
Jeff Romstadt (12)
Robert Wiciak (13)

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Jeff Romstadt
Sue Cervantes
                                                  President’s Page
                                                 By Wayne Hartford

Brothers and Sisters,
         We are in the middle of old man winter. So far not so good. Pretty extreme . Good thing is, Spring is creeping
         We have a new Ohio Governor (dictator) in Columbus. Along with a majority in the Ohio House and Senate
there is not a lot of resistance to decision making in our state. Our pensions and our collective bargaining are being
attacked. A collation started at the grass roots level has formed to combat those who feel we are not worthy of a
comfortable retirement after a lifetime of risking our lives saving life, limb, and property of others who have spit on,
ridiculed, and generally bitched about what we do for a living.

         Many of these hi rollers were enjoying their elevated lifestyles and building up their nest eggs only to watch them
fall due to a great recession their greed caused. We the public sector employees, who are represented by the tortoise,
have moved along slow and steady to gather what comforts we could to support our families. We are now being looked
upon as greedy, self absorbed union thugs who want more and more.

        If only those non believers could be around at 3 a.m. pulling bodies out of crashed autos, or recovering remains
of fellow firefighters, seeing the agony of families when a loved one dies, maybe just maybe they would say we have
earned our pay.

         This letter was not meant to be doom and gloom, but just a wake up to you that our job is affected by the world of
politics.  Be aware, sometimes we have no control and other times we can have a direct effect on our own world
         I would like to welcome our new class of recruits. As you strive to complete the academy, just keep in mind, you
are about to enter into and be encompassed by a new family. Our family is a little different than most families. It consists
of long standing traditions. A somewhat bizarre and often times misunderstood sense of humor. A kind of camaraderie
that is unmatched at any level. You will like some of your family members and you will find yourself having mixed
feelings about others. Keep in mind though, they will always be there. You can depend on them and lean on them in
good times or bad. So welcome aboard and don‟t forget the ice cream.

       We also have ten additional members due to a political merger with the Village of Ottawa Hills. I hope we can all
remember that these individuals are IAFF brothers. They were caught up in a situation even they could not control or
were expecting. These guys have done everything the City has asked of them. Both Mayors‟ offices supplied very little
information as to how or when these employees were to be absorbed into our department.

        I know some of you are angry. The Executive Board members of your union are still working to make sure things
work out with as little harm as possible to either side. We are all of the same thought, that we as a union should have been
a more intricate part of the decision. The mayor‟s office could have made this a much smoother transition by involving
Local 92 in early discussions. This has been a very unique situation testing the relationship between our union and the

        In closing I would like to say, this is still one of the best jobs in the world. It is worth the fight to keep it that way.
In the meantime, keep doing what you do, take care of each other, be safe and laugh at least once every day. It‟s great

Yours with unity,
                                                                                              James P. Graven
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                                                                                   SECURITIES ARBITRATION ATTORNEY
                        of the Toledo Firefighter is
                        May 13, 2011
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                                                                3        Fax (419) 246-5764                       Toledo, OH 43604
                                     Secretary-Treasurer’s Page
                                         By Sue Cervantes

Public employees have really taken a beating over the last few years. As our IAFF General President stated in
an article posted in USA Today, that some politicians would lead the public to believe we are public enemies
and not public servants. It would seem that we‟re being hit from all directions, those trying to add more
responsibilities yet wanting us to do it with less, those questioning the pay and benefits we make and finally
those questioning our pensions and DROP.
There was also a report put out late last year by the Buckeye Institute suggesting our pensions are dipped in
gold. This report would you make you believe we are all retiring as millionaires. It also claims the DROP is a
secretive program allowing public safety officials to double-dip. The DROP program is perfectly legal and any
suggestion that is unethical is just plain wrong. The DROP program is just a way of redistributing how we
collect money that is owed to us.
When the economy was going gangbusters, there were no complaints about our pensions or our DROP program.
It was not until the stock market tanked and our economy took a nose dive that the finger pointing began. The
“have nots” decided some employees were actually going to make it through relatively unscathed (from a
pension standpoint). Now, we as public servants have been demonized for their failures. Look to Wall Street
and the banking industry for the downfall not us.
Where does this put us? In the fight for our lives. Hopefully, when the dust has settled, the true facts will come
to light. The IAFF, OAPFF and Local 92 are working hard for your rights. You too, can help, just by getting
informed and being involved. I know you may be tired of hearing that, but it does make a difference.
Unfortunately, this is going to be a long hard battle.
Sue Cervantes

                                             LODD Barbados
Good Day

My name is Tim Boaden and I served on the Toledo Fire Department from 1975
until my retirement in 1999. Some of you know me but I am sure most of you
do not. I am still a dues paying member of Local 92 and always will be.
For the past 30 years I have been escaping the winter cold by going to the island
of Barbados were I have become friends with several members of the Barbados
Fire Service. Just before my most recent visit I was informed that the Fire
Service had incurred their first line of duty death. A veteran of several years‟
service was electrocuted at the scene of a fire.
Since the island nation of Barbados is an independent country with a population
about the size of Toledo‟s and the Fire Service consisting of about 250
firefighters and 6 stations there is very little financial compensation for a
firefighters family. I was appalled to learn, after a meeting with the Chief Fire           Christopher Edwards
Officer, that this family would only be getting a portion of his pension. A
pension that is of course based on a salary that is much less than a firefighter in North America makes.
A temporary checking account has been set up at the Toledo Firefighters Credit Union to assist this fellow
firefighter‟s family. Donation can be made to the Christopher Edwards Memorial Fund. Every penny donated
will go to assist FO Edwards‟s family.
Thank you for your assistance.

Tim Boaden

                                             Thank You
To Toledo Firefighters Local 92,                             Curtis Johnson took the time at the funeral home to
To all my fellow firefighters and Local 92, my family        ask me to let all the members know how appreciative
and I want to thank all of you for your help and             he was of the support he received from all the people
flowers with the passing of my mother (Norma Roslin)         of Local 92 –Des-
Thank you again,                                             Thank you so very much for the beautiful flowers you
Randy Roslin                                                 sent in memory of my father. My family and I really
                                                             appreciated the kind gesture and support.
To Fellow firefighters,                                      Amy (John Schnorberger)
Thank you so much for the beautiful floral                   The Meier Family
arrangement for my mother’s funeral. The expression
of sympathy with cards and visitation was much               I’m so sorry this is so late. I just found these in with
appreciated. Mom would have been proud. She was              my Dad’s papers, I thought I had mailed these long
always a supporter and fan of the Toledo Fire Division       ago.
since 1967.                                                  Thank you for the beautiful flowers.
Sincerely,                                                   Andy Rakay Family (Cindy)
Daryl & Tammy Ray
Jerry Ray & Family                                           Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement for
                                                             the death of my mom.
The family of Mary Obrien (Grandma) acknowledges             Ron Murd 6-A
with deep appreciation you kind expression of
sympathy.                                                    A HUGE THANK-YOU TO ALL WHO RANG
Greg Segura’s Family                                         THE SALVATION ARMY BELL AT KROGERS
                                                             DECEMBER 1ST AND 2ND:
Dear Local 92,                                               Jim Swartz, Dave Soldner, Pete Traver, Andre Tiggs,
Thank you so much for the flowers and to the many            Dale Pelz, Rick Syroka, Phil Cervantes, John
friends that visited the funeral home after the recent       Kromenacker, Cary Garnett, Eric Buczkowski, Dave
death of John’s father. Your kindness is greatly             Gorman, Bob Krause; Brian, Pam, Ben, and Brian
appreciated.                                                 Byrd; Dave Henninger, Ron Murd, Dan Desmond,
John, Teri, Amber, Kristin & Whitney McCormick               Sharyl Close Jeff and Linda Romstadt, Kim Hood and
                                                             Brody, Matt Newhouse, Karen Marquardt, and Len
The Family of Jean Raether would like to thank you           Baker.
for the floral arrangement! And acknowledges with
great appreciation your kind expression of                   I would like to thank everyone who wished me
sympathy.Vic Heuring                                         condolences on the passing of my Dad, Jack L. Walton
                                                             Jr. Whether you called, stopped by, emailed, sent a
Thank you so much for the very nice arrangement . It         message on Facebook, sent a sympathy card, or told me
really meant a lot to see the planter come.                  in person, I really appreciate the support, all the
The Lester Family                                            prayers, and your concern. Also, a special thanks to my
                                                             crew at 5-C (and others) for contributing to my Dad's
                                                             Memorial Detroit Tigers game. And thank you to the
                                                             Flower Fund. Sincerely, Brandon C. Walton and
                                                     Project Database
               Notice that the list is growing!! If you have a project or specialty that you do on your days off and
               would like to be added, please let me know! We have a department and surrounding departments
               that have very talented, knowledgeable individuals. Let’s support our own! Thanks!
               Meredith Hill
               419-467-4930 C

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                               Governors are singing the wrong tune
                                     By Harold Schaitberger

An increasing number of governors are joining New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s anti‐worker

Too bad they’re all off key.

Wall Street’s recklessness, not public employee pensions, caused our nation’s financial collapse.
Scapegoating workers won’t solve anything. We so desperately want easy explanations for
complicated problems. We want someone to blame. So when Governor Christie began pointing
fingers at public employees, many people were eager to accept his fiction as fact. But the governor
conveniently neglects to tell people that his state routinely failed to make payments into their pension
plans. Workers made their payments without exception, but since 2001 the state of New Jersey has
never made more than 58.8 percent of the required annual pension contributions to the pension fund
for police and fire fighters, and it completely skipped making payments from 2001‐03, starving the
fund of $304 million during that period. That should be illegal, but it’s not. Too many states have
robbed people of their retirement security, but they are blaming workers for the crime.Newly‐elected
Governor Rick Scott, in Florida, has followed Governor Christie’s lead, blaming public employees for
that state’s problems. He also conveniently neglects to mention that his state’s pension fund for fire
fighters is 90 percent funded.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, another Christie disciple, conveniently neglects to mention that
his state’s pension fund for fire fighters is funded at 105 percent. The governors and others who want
to use the recession as an excuse to skewer public employee pensions are opportunists with little
regard for the truth. They are taking their direction from greedy Wall Street bankers, who desperately
want to convert defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans so they can have access to the
billions of dollars of retirement savings that they can’t touch now. In 2005 they tried the same thing
with Social Security – which most fire fighters are prohibited from collecting – and we barely fought
them off. Now they’re setting their sights on fire fighters and other public employees. Like so many
governors, Newt Gingrich also is using the recession as an excuse to take aim at public employees.
He believes that letting states file for bankruptcy so they can abrogate collective bargaining
agreements with public employees to skewer wages, pensions and benefits will solve our nation’s
problems. But it’s a recipe for disaster. The former House speaker’s bankruptcy scheme would cause
more fiscal carnage than the economic devastation we’ve witnessed over the past two years by
destroying the retirement security of middle class workers, the economic foundation of our great

Our nation needs a conversation about important issues that affect the middle class. We need to
create jobs. We are public servants, not public enemies. But a growing chorus of anti‐worker
lawmakers and Wall Street bankers want to convince the nation that workers are the problem. We
don’t like the sound of that.

       Harold Schaitberger is general president of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

             (Register at & for updated National & State information)

                                                  Letter to the Editor
Received my newsletter today and was shocked to see it being used as a left wing rag. It always amazes me when I see a
list of candidates in union papers and on union propertys that there is never a republican candidates name. Seems to me
that not all democrats are good and all republicans are bad.But I guess when you go up in the union and go to all of their
fancy conventions,and drink all of their booze,that is paid for with the dues of the rank and file firefighters,it becomes
easy to push the lefts agenda.I canceled my blade subscription when I moved out of Toledo and Lucas county,I should
have cancelled your so called news letter also. Let this letter be that cancellation. Feel free to print this letter in your rag ,if
you have the guts.
Jerry Burdick Ret.

                                 Do you find yourself bringing the
                                  stress of work home with you?
                             Sometimes it can be difficult to leave the stress from work at work.
                                         If left unchecked, this can cause unneeded stress in your
                                        personal life. Your Employee Assistance Program can help
                                     you keep work concerns in their rightful place so that you can
                                                             enjoy the time you have away from the
                                                                            workplace to its fullest.


                                                                                                                        Nomination for th
                                                                                                                        the John Branchea
                                                                                                                        until April 15, 201
                                                                                                                        send your nomina
                                                                                                                        (419) 244-2795 or
                                                                                                                        These awards will
                                                                                                                        Retirees Associati
                                                                                                                        the annual retiree‟
                                                                                                                        next page)
                                                                                                                        Dave Gorman

                                                                                                                        Thomas Dugan A
                                                                                                                        firefighter for Out

                                                                10                                                      John Brancheau A
                                                                                                                        firefighter for outs
    Local 92
                  Annual Retirees Dinner

                                                 Friday, May 6th
                                                     (A Shift)
                                                 St. Clement Hall
                                              3030 Tremainsville Rd.

      Cocktails 6:00 PM                            Dinner 7:30 PM
$12.00 Admission for active firefighters
$ 7.00 Local 92, 2011 Retirees Associations dues will be collected at the door.

   Free Beer                                    Mixed Drinks 50¢

                                            Keep calm and carry on
                                         Eric Pinkham LS4/C and Mike Nicely Rel/C

Your body is a boat you lay aside when you reach the far shore.
- William S. Burroughs

Before us lies a convoluted and open future. The last of those who went on strike for what we have now have reached the
far shore of their careers. Projections predict a quarter of the department will be replaced by 2013. This type of turnover
creates an irregular cyclic pattern based on the money woes of Toledo.
         Remember the time when we were shiny and new like some of these Boots? Nobody knew our names, just as we
don‟t know theirs. These vast pools of rookies are going to be watching us, the remaining veterans, to see how it is done;
just as we did when we were in their positions.
         Firefighting has a rich history replete with examples of bravery and heroism. Running in to a building while
everyone is running out, a refusal to give up until every person is accounted for, having each others back in all
circumstances; these are the traditional hallmarks of the job. Thankfully these days, horrific fires, harrowing rescues and
life threatening situations are fewer and farther between.
         While the likelihood you may have to risk life or limb to rescue a civilian or a fellow firefighter has diminished,
the measure of a good firefighter has adjusted with the times. Nowadays, having your firefighter brethrens back is
exhibited in smaller, less grand ways like doing your share of housework, stepping up when called on to take your turn in
the barrel and having a sense of pride and professionalism even when the situation is clearly not going to make headlines
or lead stories on the evening news.
         Talk around the station houses lately revolves around the amount of retirements. Some of us sit there and wonder
where they might go when all of these vacancies come to fruition. Promotional hopefuls can‟t help but scrutinize the
retirement rumors and extended sick lists like grinning hyenas. It‟s just the way the system is now.
         It‟s natural to think of yourself and your career during this transitional period. What will happen when the dust
settles by 2012? Who will become the new pillars we lean upon and build from as we go about the rest of our careers?
How will they instill pride and dedication in the job and not just in pride of the paycheck?
         There must be a constant and consistent sharing of experience and knowledge on this job. Firefighting is a
profession, not just a job. We must always come up with new strategies and weapons to slay the ever evolving dragon that
is Fire/EMS. We must create a self motivated atmosphere, fertile and open to learning and growing. We can‟t just come
in, collect a check and think we are “doing-it”. This is selfish and detrimental.
         One time we should say “I” is “I” want more knowledge and experience so I can help our civilians and my
brothers and sisters on the job. To achieve an environment of sharing of experience and knowledge we must change the
“me” attitude that rears its ugly head at times. No matter how hard it is some days with all that is going on politically; we
must always strive to maintain pride in the job. We must become better at helping find solutions to problems, not just
complaining about them.
         A prime example of “me”-itude? Anyone who calls in sick on a holiday. You know full well someone is going to
be forced in, on a day that is their legitimate day off. Thanks to Herr Rajner‟s Magical Far-Seeing Time Map (aka the
credit union calendar) supplied to every firefighter every December, you know, two years ahead of time, what shift works
that day. Instead of spending the time to arrange alternatives, the „Big Plan‟ is to call off and force a guy in who most
likely had to work the previous holiday or is scheduled for the following year.
         A Brotherhood only if convenient? Is this what we want the Boots to see as an example? We must seriously
consider what do we do want to pass along. What work ethics and traditions do we consider the “right way”? There is
going to be a vacuum, and we all know nature abhors that. Are we going to step up to the challenges like the previous
generation did? Are we going to pass along the traditions of the old school which are honorable and give this job that
greater than the sum of its parts feel? Or are we going to do allow the apathy-inducing ambulances and city politics detach
us all?
         A lot of our pending future here on the department depends on the preparation and mentoring we have acquired
from the veterans that are about to leave our side. We‟ve seen the how-to‟s and how-not-to‟s. How will we choose to fill
the void?

        On the other side of the coin, it is not just the veteran‟s job to prepare/mentor the future. These incoming classes
are going to have to want to be engaged, so when it‟s “their time” they can step up and pass the torch along to the next
generation…one tour at a time. Who‟s up to the challenge?
                                            Sebring Reunion 2011
The 21st Annual Toledo Fire Fighters Retirees Reunion             of golf at the beautiful Turtle Creek golf course. The
was held in Sebring, Florida on January 28th and 29th.            men played a scramble format, with the winning team
As in the past Bob Delrue and Dan Gring hosted the                consisting of Norm Tanber, Danny Thetford, Bill Brown,
event.                                                            and Jim Markland.

On Friday the attendees enjoyed a noonday banquet at              On Saturday afternoon Bob Delrue and his lovely wife
the Quality Inn. Thirty-nine firefighters and twenty-             Rosie, hosted a Hobo Dinner for all attendees at their
seven wives enjoyed the luncheon.           Plenty of             home in Sebring.
handshakes and hugs were exchanged, as some of the
guys had not seen each other for many years. Bill                 The ladies threw Rosie a surprise “Grandma‟s Baby
Williams provided the lunchtime prayer.                           Shower”. She thanked every one for their kindness and
                                                                  generosity. Bob stated, “For my part it just confirmed
After the meal, Bob Delrue made several announcements,            my belief that there are still a lot of good people in this
bringing the group up to date on the health of some of            world.”
our brothers who could not be with us this year.
Mentioned was the well-liked Carl “Banjo” Frank. He               First time attendees included Roger & Connie
had sustained a head injury because of a fall. Bob                Vorraber; Mike and Pat Segura, Bob Meyers, Don Klein,
reported that the physicians prescribed Viagra for Banjo          Rich Duffey, Jim Brennan, Gordon and Betty Gosses.
with the hope that it would “help straighten him out”.            Bob Delrue welcomed all newcomers to the event. Bob
                                                                  and John Berger are the only people who have attended
After the luncheon, everyone retired to the hospitality           all 21 reunions.
room for refreshments. Some of the wives went
shopping having tired of hearing the guys fight the same          Towards the end of the afternoon group pictures were
fires over and over again One of the wives did note that          taken and people started to head home.             Another
it seemed that the fires just keep getting bigger and             successful reunion completed, with many good
bigger every year.                                                memories and hearty laughter. We all want to thank
                                                                  Bob and Dan for putting this together for us each year.
Dan Gring arranged for a golf outing on Saturday                  So, if you are ever in the neighborhood (Sunny Florida)
morning. There were seventeen firefighters and seven              the last weekend in January, stop in for a great time with
ladies who played a round                                         good friends from the past and present.

                                        7th Annual
                               DUGAN MEMORIAL OPEN
WHEN:        June 6, 2011
WHERE:       Bedford Hills Golf Club
TIME:        Shot Gun Start 9:30 am; Registration beginning at 8:30
COST:        $75.00 per golfer- $300.00 per foursome

Price includes steak dinner, draft beer on course, prizes for closest to pin, longest
drive and longest putt, betting holes, 50/50 and prize raffles.


Contact: Jim Brennan (419-380-0057), Don Klein (419-292-0525), Matt Brixey, or

Tom Bartley. Mail or Drop off form and money to: Pat at Union Hall, Jim - 3701 Perlawn
Toledo OH 43614, Don - 3548 Rushland Toledo, OH 43606 or Matt or Tom. Please Do
Not Take To The Credit Union, PLEASE).

Because of your support, The Dugan Open has been able to donate over $15,000 to different
groups. These groups include Special Olympics, Fire Museum, Local 92 Charities, Make-A-
Wish, MDA, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome and The Matt Dugan Fund.

Fill out form below for golf or sponsoring a hole. We could really use volunteers, so if you
can‟t golf, please sign up to come out and help. It‟s a lot of fun and includes free beer and lunch.

Make check payable to: Dugan Open

       Golfer              Hole Sponsor                Volunteer                Donations

                                           To My ‘Fellows’ In the Cellar
Cellar: definition…1. underground shelter, basement; 2. last place or lowest level, especially in competitive standing. Personally, I
thought of a cellar as a dark place, a basement as Webster states, but such was not the case on cold, wintry day in December at the
Toledo Fire Museum. Quite the opposite of a dark place, actually, as I was invited to “come down and have lunch” with the „cellar
dwellers‟ there.

I was hungry  so the invite was welcomed…but I was also unaware of and a little unsure of whether I should participate.
From the little knowledge I had of the ‘cellar dwellers’, it was that of a bunch of retired, older men who sat around and ate
and talked about ‘fire stuff’.
How pretentious of me, right? Yes, and to the contrary it turned out to be! I did go, nervous and slightly intimidated by the
experience that surrounded me. The abundance of history and knowledge in that room, that ‘cellar, was overwhelming!
Ret. Chief Schwanzel, ‘Renzo’, John Repp, my fellow retired firefighter ‘George’ (from 11’s), current fellow firefighter
Ferguson, just to name a few. (Pinkham, where were you?)
Of course, I cannot forget Whitaker-the Cook. The tantalizing and delicious Stuffed Cabbage was delightful to my palate.
Thank You again! The saying goes: The family that ‘eats’ together, stays together. Hence, at the station and as I now
know, in the cellar as well. It was one big, happy family that day down there.
They told me stories, of course, and some very interesting ones about my Father when he was a rookie and in his
younger years of his career. Their mellifluous nature had me engaged to everything they said. They offered sound and
practical advice on how I can and should contribute to the success of the department as a whole. They were not biased
to the fact that I was a female, my age, my ethnicity or anything otherwise. In fact, they were warm-hearted, jovial,
accepting and cordial. Some were reserved, but as a whole, I had a joyous experience.
I am awaiting the opportunity to return, as my schedule permits. It is my desire to learn all I can and contribute in
whatever way I can to the department and the Museum. Thus, from the bottom of my heart: Thank You! To everyone who
was there that Tuesday afternoon in December. To all the guys who came out in the freezing cold weather to make my
experience worthwhile, I say Thank You! Looking forward to future meetings.

Humbly yours,
Komako Goolsby

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                                               Vice President Page
                                                By Dan Desmond

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

There will be no post mortem. I am not going to chastise anyone or dwell on the election last November. I would just like
to provoke a little thought. If you had the opportunity to read my last Vice Presidents page you would see some of the
things I wrote are coming to a head in SB5, not to mention H.B. 69. I am not omniscient, and cannot predict the future.
You should see the 2010 NCAA tournament bracket I filled out, it would validate my last sentence. I have however been
asked to serve in a position with the OAPFF (district 1 legislative committee representative) where it is my duty to be
educated on what is happening in state governmental affairs. I was asked by Roy Hollenbacher to take this responsibility.
You can read the letter to the editor on a previous page, that some may think there is some sort of personal gain union
officials get for supporting those who support us. I have not nor has anybody I know. My expenses are covered but there
is no salary involved. I do this to be involved, informed and to be insightful. It is my job to report back to you (the Local)
as to the political climate in the State. There is no personal reward if I send the message of the OAPFF back to you. If I let
you know that Ted Strickland is the person most likely to have your interest at hand I don‟t get a personal advantage.
What I get is the benefit of having a Governor who is looking out for the working people of this State. Which is our
collective benefit. It is our bond, our tie, our link……our Union.

Senate Bill 5 is a bill that originated in the Ohio Senate by Senator Shannon Jones. It guts the right for public employees
to collectively bargain. It was rammed through the senate and it presently sits in committee in the Ohio House of
Representatives. It was in committee in the senate where 8 republicans and 4 democrats sit. The bill is killed if it is not
voted out of committee. The republican caucus expected it to be voted out of committee because of the majority it held.
The day of the vote the republicans knew two of their Senators were not going to vote this bill out of committee. The
morning of the vote the Senate president went to the office of Sen. Seitz (R), and informed him he was off the committee.
He was replaced by Sen. Hite, who was given his order to follow the caucus. The bill passed out of committee 7-5. It then
went to the rules committee. Where yet another republican was replaced, to get it out of committee. It then passed the
whole Senate 17-16. Like I said it now lies in committee in the house where hearings are scheduled this week (3-14-2011).
From what we gather it will pass through the house, back to the senate if there needs to be a consensus vote and on to the
governor, for signature. Our recourse will be referendum. We have spoken to a number of republican representatives and
from my perception the message is yes there is a lot of bad things in this bill, but I am going to vote for it any way. One of
them even went as far as saying this bill‟s intent was to weaken the unions. I reminded him this bill was supposed to be
for economic recovery. He looked me in the eye and stated he “wasn‟t going to bull sh#% me, this bill‟s intent is to
weaken the union.”

There is much work to be done for referendum. I spoke with Wayne and we are going to organize shifts to disseminate
information and get the grass roots effort underway. See the photo on the opposite page and you will see just a fraction of
the involvement that will be needed. Please check your email and Facebook and Local 92 website every day. Register at and for updated information. Become friends with Jim Carney of the OAPFF on facebook. If you
don‟t have a facebook page create one (or have your children do it for you). Please call the union hall with email address
and cell phone number for text messaging. If you belong to an organization and would like someone to speak to them we
will make ourselves available. Check the web for sites that have organizations who support Kasich. Stay tuned and pay
attention, we are going toe to toe with this one..

“strike them they will cry, cut them they will bleed, starve them and they will wither away and die. But treat
them with respect and decency, give them equal access to the levers of power attend to their aspirations and
their grievances and they will flourish and grow and join together to form a more perfect union.” Attributed to
Thurgood Marshall

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Columbus Rally 2-9-2011

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