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 VO LUME XX VI, N UMB ER 11                                                                        NOVE.\ I BEH. 196 1

                                                                                         Wide Wor ld Pholo
             WA R IN LAOS continues . Berlin crisis is not the only trouble spot b oiling under
             commun ist pressure . Here , troops patrol streets a gain st Red in filtra tion as strug gle
             in Southeast Asia spreads to South Viet Nom .
Page 2                                                 The PLAIN TRUTH                                                   November, 19 61

                    Personal                                                                  PlAU~

                                                                                                a magaz ine of understand ing

             with the Editor
                                                                                           VOL. XXVI                              NO. 11
                                                                                          Published momhly at Pasadena, California; london,
                                                                                          Eng.Jand; and Melbourne. Australia, by Ambassador
                                                                                          College . @ 196 1. by Radio Church of God.

      H IS  is being written at sea. Mrs.       Back in my pre -conversion years I                            EDITOR
T      Armstrong and I are return ing to
       America on the world's fastest
                                             was, for some little time, the "Idea Man"
                                             on the edito rial staff of America's larg-
                                                                                                  H ERBERT     W.   A RMSTRONG

                                                                                                        EXECUTIVE EDITOR
passenger line r, the S.S. United States.    est trade journal. I was trained to look               Garner Ted Armstrong
This morning I was reading a news item       for ideas, and to adapt them to a par·
                                                                                                       MANAG ING EDITOR
in yesterday's Paris edition of the New      ticular problem or circumstance. It has,
                                                                                                        Herman L Hoeh
York H erald Tribune. Ir provoked rhis       rhrough the years, become habit to apply
                                                                                                          SEN IO R EDITOR
little chat with our reade rs.               a thought or idea to altogether different
                                                                                                     Roderick C. Meredirh
   Th is is our first morning Out at sea     categories.
on the present voyage. Yesterday morn-          This news story from Washington,                       Associae Bditors
                                                                                          Albert ]. Porrune          David Jo n Hill
ing, in London, we left a group of           D.C., in The Herald T ribune, concerned
friends waving, as our special boat tra in   the Secretary of De fense, Me. Robert S.                 Contributing Editors
                                                                                          C. Paul Meredith            Basil Wolve rton
puffed Out of Waterloo Statio n. At 1: 00    McN amara. But to me , it concerned          Jack R. Elliott        Clint C. Zimmerman
P.M. we left another group of fr iends       YOU!                                         Ernest 1. Martin        Charles V. Dorothy
and relatives wavi ng at SOuthampton            The dispatch stated that the Secretary                New! Bureau Director
docks, appearing to shrink smaller and       is popular almost everywhe re except in                   Gene H. Hogberg
smaller in the distance as this big line r   the department he heads, in the Penta-                    Research StaR
slowly got under way. We docked ar Le        gon. Pres idem Kennedy, it stated, con-      Donald D. Schroeder          Jack M. Pyle
                                                                                          C. Sherwin McMichael       Joyce F. Sefcak
Havre, France, about 7:00 P.M., where        siders him the "most useful" cabinet
I picked up the newspaper tha t stimu-       officer. The news men have come to ap-            Editorial and Production Anistant
lated this talk. T he ship got under way     prove him. He is liked by Senators and                   James W. Robinson
again about 1:00 A.M. while we were          Congressmen. His populari ty rating is                Regiona l Editors Ab road
asleep in our room .                         high with the public.                          United K ingdom: Raymond F. McNair
   Last evening after din ner, as we were       T hen why the lack of enthusiasm              Australia : Gera ld D . Waterhouse
                                                                                              South America : Benjamin 1. Rea
docked at Le Havre, the chief steward        among the Army , Navy, and Air Force
of the Ballroom and Lounge on the            top brass? Well that brings us to the                     BUSiNESS MANAGER

Promenade deck came to our room to           point I want to make. It seems there is                   Vern R . Mattson
shake hands with us. He said he and          a lack of a well-rounded sense of bal-                  Circulation Managers
                                                                                                  United States: Hugh Mauck
his wife have been reading The Plain         ance in the rival schools of military           United Kingdom : Charles F. Hunting
Trutb for years, and their children have     service. And this is typica l today, in              Australia: Gene R. Hughes
                                                                                                 South America: Leon Walker
The Bible St ory almost memorized.           almost all profess ions and phases of                 Canada: Dennis Prather
Their lives, he said , have been com-        life.                                        YOUR SUBCRIPTION has been paid by urhers .
pletely changed, and they are a most            You may not have realized that there      Bulk copies for distributio n not given or sold.
                                                                                          ADDRESS ALL COMMUNICATIONS to the Editor .
happy family . They live in New Jersey,      is keen rivalry between the variou s         Box Ill . Pasadena, California.
and hear The WORLD TOMOR ROW on              branches of the armed forces. Many Air       Canadian readers should address POSt Office Box
                                                                                          44 . Station .A, Vancou ver 1. B.C.. Canada .
our New York stations. It was an in-         Force Generals, and some Navy Ad-            Our readers in United Kingdom. Europe. and
                                                                                          Africa should address rhe Editor, B.C.M. Ambassa -
spiring start for the ocean voyage!          mirals, are advocates of the "over-k ill"    dor. London W.C. I.
                                                                                          Readers in Australia , t he Philippines. China and
    The news item I was read ing, which      and "counter-force" tactics. Some Army       southeastern Asia should address the Editor. Box
                                                                                          34 5. North Sydney. N.S.W., Australia.
sent me to this typewriter, struck me        and Marine Generals demand that the
                                                                                          SECOND CLASS POSTAGE paid at Pasadena, Cali-
as an instance of more or less common        nation's safety be encrusted to the          fornia.
unbalance of attitude. It started a train    "mobility-flexibility" program of de-        BE SURE TO NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY of any
                                                                                          change in your address. Please inclose both c ld
of thought.                                  fense. Other high officers are "drop -the-   and new address. IMPORT ANT!

    I began to wonder about YOU who          bomb" advocates. Some want to rely
read The Plain Truth. Do you think           almost who lly on the missile program.          It is the same in most fields. Th is is
about the things you see, or read, or        Others disag ree with all this , and de-     an age of specialization.
hear? And do you try to maintain bal-        mand specia lizatio n on ly on supersonic       Glance, momentarily, at other fields.
ance of mind ? Do you avoid prejudicial      bombers.                                     In medicine, the day of the family doc-
extremes? You may nor have thought              Each is a specialist, Each thinks his     tor and genera l practitioner is about
much about these things-but they are         one specialty is the "cure-all" that will    gone. Those still in practice (that word
very im portanr to you.                      win all wars.                                      (Please continue 01l page 27)
               WAR WITH RUSSIA
                                       This Year?
                     We're closer fhan ever since World War /I fo a frightening
                     NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST! WILL if begin this year? Some
                     experts doubf if-ofhers are apprehen sive, worried. The Bible
                     answer is NOT WHAT YOU THINK! Read fhe amazing
                                         prophesied oufcome.
                                                     by Garner Ted Armstrong

" PO R C E WILL B E M ET WITH                     President Kennedy says the W est            many is SURE to be the dominant po wer
         F ORC E!"    screamed Nikita          WILL NOT gi ve up its access rights to         in a United States of Europe.
           Khrushchev at the West. With        Berlin.                                            Deep in the Russian heart is the chill-
the frightening cri sis over Berlin, the          With the tWO big powers aga in re-          ing memory of how Ge rman panzer
resumption of nuclear bomb testin g, the       suming nuclear testi ng, flexing military      di vision s lanced through the vital heart
unbelievable Ru ssian successes in the         mu scles, calling up reserve uni ts, step-     of Ru ssia like a sharp kni fe through
race for conquest of space, the world          pin g up the dr aft, stim ulat ing def ense    hot but ter in two world wars! H e re-
looks fearf ully at ominous WAR CLO U DS       programs, a frighteni ng war of 1     1en'es   memb ers it was only the severity of the
on the horizon!                                is un derway.                                  R ussian winter that stopped them.
   The gath eri ng sto rm is now reac hing        But WHY? lV h)' the sti r over Berlin?          H e knows a NUCLEAR-ARMED Ge r-
Southeast Asia!                                What, exactly, does Khru shchev WANT?          many, at the head of a UNITED STATES
   Is it really com ing?                          Your newspapers and other news              OF EUROPE, a power to surpass eve n the
   Are we going to WAR soo n?                  media look upo n the Berlin crisis as          United States or Russia, wou ld spell
                                               onl y on e more incide nt in a series of       almos t certain DOOM to his plans for
            The Berlin Crisis                  maneu vers aro und the world to keep           world conquest !
   Several articles in recent issues of        t he W CS t 00 the defensive, to keep the          K hru shchev is not ignorant of the
T he PLAIN TRU TH have g iven you the          cold war going, to keep Khrushchev's           FANTASTIC tr adi ng gai ns of the re-
straightforwa rd, on-the-spot repofts of       policy of bluff, thr eate n and frighten his   surge nt Ge rm an ind ustrialists, of the ir
the real meanin g of th e Berlin crisis-       enemies go ing. This is partl y tru e-s-but    tre mendo us and growing economic and
written from Berlin .                          there is an even BIGGER reason whi ch          po litic al power in Africa, Sout h and
   A peace treaty with the East G erman        YOU HAVE NOT HEARD!                            Cent ral Amer ica, throughout Europe,
regi me would me an immed iate nullifi-                                                       and in the Uni ted States.
                                                      Khrushchev is Frightened!
cation of any agreements betw een the                                                             H e FEARS a reunification of Ge rmany,
four wartime occup ational powers on             Why the big hurry ? Why is rhe Com-          wi th the up risings which woul d almost
free access to \'<!est Berlin. Access          munist boss in such a hurry to force           certainly follow in captive H ungary,
through the existi ng highway, rail and        the issue over Berlin?                         Poland, Czechoslovakia, and ot her cap-
air corr ido rs would imm ediately be in-         Because he's scared !                       tive comm unist -dominated sta tes!
 terpreted as a flagrant violation of             H e sees what YOU 00 NOT! He                    Yes-Mr. Khrushchev is a very
 national sovereignty of the East Germ an      und erstands some thin g the W est does        FRIG HTENED MAN! TH AT'S wh y he's in
government.                                    not ! H e fears something of which the         such a hlt rry ove r Berl in! H e's despe r-
    You have seen th e plain trut h of what    western world remain s in alm ost TOTAL        ately gambling agai nst ti me, hop ing to
WILL happen over Berlin, if you r ead          IGNORANCE!                                     eng ulf W est Berlin, thu s KILLING the
 those vi tal art icles. You have heard the       He sees, JUSt across th e borders of        livin g SYM BOL of a hope d-for German
 vo ice of the Ge rman peopl e themselves      his capt ive slave sta tes, a glitte ri ng,    reunifi cati on-breaking the German
 who say they will deal with Moscow on         gigantic, burgeoning, indu stri al, boom -     sp irit! H e hopes to solidi fy his control
 their own terms if the W est backs down .     ing EUROMART! H e KNOWS, as do west-           over East Ge rmany, tig hten the iron
    Th e West Ge rma ns fervently hope         ern officials, the frankl y ad mitted ro-      curta in between East and West Germa ny
 their oton govern ment will step in at        UTiCA L goals of Eur omart . H e is in a       -and swa llow up West Berl in into the
 any signs of further wea kness from the       position to really FEAR a corning UNITED       d rab, colorless, grey, monoton ous pattern
 weste rn alliance, and seoe their new-        STATES OF EUROPE!                              of the rest of his slave empi re!
 fou nd p rosperi ty from certai n destru c-      Mr. Khrushchev KNOWS that by vir-
 tion.                                         tue of her econom ic strengt h, her lead-      BerJin Cr isis Speeding Political Un io n
    Khrushche v has said his position will     ership, her indu stri al kn ow-how, her           Yes, Khrushchev is scared-and yet
 110t change.                                  geographical posi tion that West Ger-          his stirri ng up the Berlin Crisis is
Page 4                                                  The PL AI N T RUTH                                             N ovemb er, 1961

hasten ing the very thil1g he jean!              H ave you ever om iced- how yo/{           ret   future at tack R ussia is   to   make-
    As past articles have apdy reported ,     usua lly habitually ignore certain nations,   allied with a host of Others!
the Berl in crisis is [orcing' the Germa n    or even who le continents? Your mind             "Son of man , set thy face aga inst
people one mo re giant step rewa rd a         is focused on ly upon certain area s [hat     Go g, the land of Magog ( the Mongols ) .
NEUTRA L po licy, w ithd rawal from the       arc seem ingly more and morc in tbe           the chief prin ce (better translated
Nort h Atlantic T reaty Organiza tio n        neun.                                         "p rince of ROSH," margin ) of Mcsbech
 ( N AT O) , and a non -aggression paCt          Co nseq uently, you arc j/{st not atoare   and Tu bal, and prophesy against him"
wi th Russia!                                 of certain count ries, and porc nria l         (Ezek. 38: 2 ). Th is striking prophecy
    H as the who le world forgotten JO        trouble SpotS, intern ational conflicts       is int roduced even more clearly in the
J OOl1 that a NON-AGG RESSION pact be-        de veloping. up risings underfoot, rcvo-      Moffarr versio n, "Son of man , turn to
twee n Germany and Ru ssia was one of         lutio n brewing, racial tens io ns mo unt-    Gog (i n the land of Magog ) , the pr ince
the maj or [orernnners of World \X'ar         ing, o r wars begi nni ng-UNTIL THEY          of ROSH and Meshek and T ubal:'
II? Germany had to protect her back           HAPPEN!                                          ROSH is identifying RUSSIA, with
door ! She had to have the guarantee of          Larely-c-you have all but FORGOTTEN        Meshech the or iginal word from which
protection f rom Russi« bef ore lau nch-      about Fo rmosa, the Pcscadores. abou t        "M uskva" and finally Alosco'w are only
ing her agg ressive war. Hi d er gav e the    Japan 's burgeonin g Industrial comeback      derivatives. T uba l is seen roday in the
Russians part of Poland in ret ur n for       - even bigger proportionate ly than           for m of "Tobo lsk," ano ther ma jor Rus-
keepi ng hands off wh ile he fou ghr his      Cerm an y's-c-abo ur Indonesia, Pakistan,     sian ciry. Here are included the \'V'hi tc
battles in the lowlands, Fra nce, and         Nepal, Tha iland, Sour h Viet N am.           R ussians and the tWO branches of the
against Bri tain.                             Cam bod ia, Laos. Probably your mind          Great Ru ssian peopl es.
    M r. Kh rushchev will not LIK E a non -   isn' t focused m uch on the Ph ilippines,        But notice the amaz ing alliances God
aggression pac t between G ermany or a        Malaya, or Bur ma.                            says are sure to form! "0 Gog, prince
United Scates of Europe and Russia, but          But in THIS vast part of the wor lJ.-      of Rosh and Meshek and T ubal, I am
he will be FORCED into it.                    someth ing rea lly GIGAN TIC is bre wing!     agai nst you , I will bri ng you along,
    Germany, or the United States of             In THESE teemi ng, heavily popu lated      with all your army, horses and horse-
Europe w ill then be on e of the really       nati on s, PROP HECY MARCIIE ON!S             men , in full armou r, a mighty host all
big NEUTR AL powers.                             Believe it or no r, }'our Bible shows      armed with shields and rarges and all
    K hrushchev knows the hordes of           Ru ssia and Com mu nist Chi na will COl1-     wielding swords , warriors from PERS IA,
 peop les in white Russia and eastern         tinne to make ma jor advances in Sou th-      KUSH (NOT "Ethiopia" as appears mis-
Europe desp eratel y need the tons of         cast Asia-dud in other t,j'a/ areas!          translated in the King James version )
commodities-the production of Ge r-              Ru ssia is ident ified in Ezek iel 38.     and PUT . .. all the hordes . .. in the
many's vast and fast-gr owing indu stry .     Her e, the proph et Ezek iel was commis-      far nortb, and MANY ANOTHER NA-
H e wants the TRADE lanes open to the         sioned to wr ite a vivid descripti on of a          (Please continue 0 11 page 11)
W est for now.
    lVhen Th e U nited Scates of Europe        Imprisoned inside Red China are the se pe as a nt wo me n. Six hund re d million
eme rge s, and WHEN the trea ties have         peop le like them are now capti ves of communis m- unwitting tools of a Moscow-
been signed, K hrushchev will then turn        d irected moster pio n to conquer Asia, the n the world!
                                                                                                                        W id e Wor ld Pho to
 his greatest atte nt ions to AS IA!
    A geop oliticia n once said the closest
 roure to the W est from Europe was
    Mr. Khrushchev heartily bel ieves JUSt
 that .
      G iant Even ts Ahea d in Asia
   Staggering tho it may seem, the Corn -
munist boss w ill soo n beg in concen-
tra tin g MUCH more to the East in the
years JUSt ahead! When Germany
mo unt s the [ulcrmn betw een the east-
west teeter-totte r, playing her OW l1 game
of po wer po litics, Russia will be ur -
geml)' aware of her critical need to com-
pletely consollda rc the seemi ngly limi t-
less manpower and potentia l of the
teeming nat ions to the Ease.
   Yes-c-let's nor be deceived! Let's nor
focus our eyes on o nly ONE CRISIS!
     The Autobiography of
             Herbert W. Armstrong
                     After four t rying years , t he broadcast expands into another
                         major population area-now on the air in Seattle!
          INSTALLMENT 39                          As a matter of pe rsona l interest, I         world, nor of this world's religious activ-
                                              have just had a check-up made over at             ities-all of whom, so far as we know ,
            "lean years" continued on

       through 1938 and the succeeding        the Ambassador College Press on th is             either beg for money on the air or put
                                              ratio, as it is roday. Ir has not changed.        a price on their literature. But the true
       decade . It was constant struggle,
                                              Not counting the 50,000 names on the              original Gospel of Jesus Christ is a FREE
hardsh ip. Growth seemed so very slow.
                                              mailing lists at the London and Sydney            Gospel. It offers a FREE salva tion. It is
Yet, viewed today il) retrospect, expan-
                                              offices, there are now some 270,000-plus          not commercialized or SOLD like mate-
sion has been consistently rapid. Occa-
                                              names on the yearly subscription list at          rial merchandise! \'{!e have nothing to
sional sec-backs were discouraging. But
                                              the Pasadena office, beside an additional         sell. God's way is g iving, not getting or
always the forgings-ahead were far
                                              30,000 copies of the magazine on re-              taking. We GIVE Christ's TRUTH to the
greater than the slips back ward. Actu-
                                              serve which will be sent Out duri ng the          world, as He gave it freely to us-and
ally, few act ivities engaged in by man,
in our time , have enjoyed as consistent      following 60 days to new subscribers.             as voluntary Co -Workers contribute
                                              Of this 300,000 in rhe Un ired Stares             freely to pay financial costs.
and rapid a growth Over more than a
                                              who will receive the current issue, only             Back in 1934 many rold me it could
quarter century duration.
                                              29,000 are Co-Workers. Slightly less              nor be done. They said people wou ld
   By June, 1938-four and a half years
after The Plain Trutb starred as a mim -      than one in ten has ever sent a contribu-         never support a ministry that dares
                                              t ion for the support of this now great           preach the unva rnished TRUTH-that
eographed "rnagazine"- the first twO
                                              work.                                             tells people their SINS-that refuses to
primed editions finally had been pro-
                                                  And today , the policy still is the same.     be muzzled. I answered that Alm ighty
duced. Old files examined since the pub-
                                              The orher 27 1,000 penple on our sub-             God is able to provide for H is own
lication of installment 38 have shown
                                              scription list (or to be put on within            work. True, only about one in a thou -
that the May-June, 1938, number was
                                               60 days) not on ly have scm no COntri-           sand listeners to anyone broadcast will
not actually the first, but the second edi-
                                               butions-they beoe l1et-'er received .w)'         even write in a req uest for The Plain
tion to come off a real priming press.
                                               request, dire ctly or ind irect ly, for finan-   Trttth or other free literature. And only
And they were only 8-page editions. Un-
                                               cial support.                                    one in each ten of those joins us in sup-
til then all issues had been ground om
                                                  Every month a few send us money to            port ing God's \Vork. That's about one
on a hand-fed, hand-cranked, antiquated
                                               pay for their subscriptions-but this             in ten thousand reacbed w ith Ch rist's
 ncosrylc, ancestor of the mimeograph.
                                               money is promptly returned! When we              Gospel. Think of it! Each ind ividual Co-
       Back ro Mimeographing                   say that Y01lr subscr iption has alread}'        Worker gets the Gospel to TEN THOU-
   Bur the expense of producing those          been paid for you-that you cannot pay            SAND OTHERS! Today 33,000 students
two primed issues threw us into a finan-       for your own-we mean precisely that !            are enrolled in the Bible Correspondence
cial hole again . So back to the frail old        From the first, this work of God has          Course. And, beside all this , each do llar
neosryle we went, hand-producing a             been supported by sheer faith in GOD to          today per forms other vital work, such as
combined July-August, 1938, issu~,             supply every financial need for His own          comributing its portion to the colleges
which finally was mailed July 28th thar        work . The 29,000 who do suppcrr th is            in Pasadena and in England, train ing
year.                                          work with their honest tithes and free-          men and women for their part in this
   With that number a letter was mailed        will offerings became Co-If" arkers vol-         great and growing world -wide work of
to the little Co-Worker list. An inter-       nnrarily.                                          God.
esting statement in that letter explained        This present world-wide activity                   So, after all, it is remarkable-almost
that only one in ten of those on The          started. in 1934, with less than a hun -           incredible-how much each single dollar
Plain Truth mailing list had ever senr        dred Co-Workers. Through the years                 does accomplish when placed at GOD'S
a contribution of any kind toward the         they have been joined by hundreds, then            disposal for use in H IS work. Frankly, I
expenses of the work. And they had            tho usands of additional Co-Workcrs                know of no other use for money where
never been asked . The few contributors       whose hearts are truly in the work of              so MUCH is accomplished with so little!
had become Co-Workers voluntarily,            Gon-e-for, as Jesus said, where one's                 It was the same , back in 1938. The
without solicitation. The other nine in       treasure is, there w ill his heart be also!        differ ence is merely expansion. The
ten had never received any solicitation          Many are astonished. Many cannot                work operates on a vastly multiplied
for contributions.                            understand this. It is not the way of the                (Please continue on page 7)
Page 6                                                           The PLAIN TRUTH                                                     N ovember, 1961

                                                      RADIO LOG
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               5 :30 a.m. , Mon. thru Sat.,                      Mon. thru Sat .                                 - 9 :00 p.m. every night.
                E.S.T.                                  KWTo-Sprinp;fie ld. Mo .-S6o on                K\'-" JJ - Po rtland-IOBO on d ial-
      WSPD-To led o. Ohio- I370 on dial                          dial-7:00 p.m. daily.                            10:00 p.m., Sund ays: 9 :00
               -9 :05 p.m - every nigh t.               KXEN-St. Loui s, Mo .-lO tO on dial                      p.m., Mon. th ru Sat .
      WADC-Akron , O hio-1 350 on                                12 :00 noon, Mon . thru Sat.,         KUG N - Eugene- 590 on d ial- 7 :00
               dial-9: 30 p.m. every n igh t.                    10 :30 a.m. , Sundays.
                                                        KFH-Wiehi ta, Kansas-1 330 on                            p.m. ever y nigh t.
      WIBC-Ind ianap olis. Ind.- I070 on                         dial-8 :30 p.m. , Mon . th ru         KFQD-Anchora ge, Al aska-7 30 on
                d ial-1O :30 p.m., Sunday.                       Sar. : 9 :30 a.m. Sun.                          d ial-9 :00 p.m., nightly.
      \'<'J IlK- Detroit , Mich .- I SOO on             KX F. I.- W aterIo o. low a-1 540 on           KULA-Hnnol ul u, H awaii -690 on
                dia l-9:30 a. m., Sun.                           d ial- 8 :00 p.m., Sun.; 9 :30                             O
                                                                                                                 d ial- IO:O p.m. eve ry nigh t.
      \VSM-Nashvi lle, T enn .-6S0 on                            p.m. Mon . thru Sat.                  In Span ish-
               d ial-l2 midn ight Mon . rhr u           KRV N - Lexin gton, Nebr.- WID on              KALJ- Lm Angeles, Ca lif.- 1430 on
                Fri .; 1:00 a.m. and 9 :00 p.m.                  dial- IO:30 a.m. every da y.                    dia l-4 :4S p.m. Sun.
               Sun ., C.S.T .                           WOW-Omaha, Nebr.-590 on d ial
      W I.AC-NashvilJe, T enn .- 15 10 on                        -9 :30 p.m. Sun.: 5:00 a.m.                          TO EUROPE
                dial-7 :00 p.m.• daily ; 5 :00                   Mo n. th ru Pri. : 10:30 p.rn.        In Engl ish-
                a.m. Mon. thru Sat. , C.S.T .;                   Mo n. th ru Sat.                      RADIO LUXE MBOURG -20B
                1O : ~0 a.m . Sun .                     KFYR-Bisma rck, N . Dak .-S50 on                     metre s (1439 kc.)-Mondays
      WPTF-Ral eigh, N .C.-680 on dial                           dial- 7 :00 p.m. every nig ht .             and Tuesdays : 23 :30 G.M .T.
                -5 :30 a.m. and 8 :05 p.m.              WNAX-YanklOn, S. Dak.-570 on                   In French-
                Mon . thru Sat .; 9 :30 a.m. Sun .               dia l-8 :30 p.m. nightly.             RADIO LUXEMBOURG -1293 me-
      W G UN -Arlant a, Ga.-IO IO on dial               Kl.Zc-Denve r, Culo .-S60 on dial-                   tres-S :40 a.m . Mon .
               - Mon. thru Sat . II :00 a.m.,                    10 :4S p.m. Sun . thru Fri.:          EUROPE NO. ONE-Fel sberg en
                Sun . 4 :00 p.m.                                 10: 30 a.m.• Sat .                          Satre, German)' - 182 kc.
      \V~1JE-M i a mi , Fla .-1 140 on dial             KCPX- Salr Lake City, Utah-1320                       (J 622 m.) -Wcd. S:45 a.m.
                - 8:30 a.m. Sun. ; 12 noon                       on di al- 7 :00 p.m. ever}' nialu .   In German-
                Mon . thru Eei.: II :30 a. m. Sat .     KBOI-Bo ise. Idaho- 950 on dial-               RADIO LUXEMBOURG--49 me-
      WGnS-Miami, Fla .- 7l 0 on dial-                           7 :30 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. : 9 : I S          tr es ( 6090 kc.) and 208 me-
                10:.\0 a.m. Sun.                                 p.m. Sat . and Sun .                         tres (1 439 kc.)-Sun.• 6: 0S
      KWKH - Shreveport, I.ou isiana -                  KPHO-Phoenix. Ariz .-910 on dial                      a.m.; Wed., 7 :00 a.m., M.E.T.
                 1130 on di al-9 :15 p.m. Mon.                   -6:30 p.m. every day .
                thru . Fri. ; 11:00 a.m. and            CFRN-Edmonton. Alberta-1260 on
                                                                 dial- 7:30 p.m. ever}' night.                        TO AfRICA
                11: 30 p.m. Sar. : 10:30 a.m.                                                          RADIO LOURENCO MARQUES.
                an d 10 :30 p.m. Sun .                          '
                                                        CKI.\X -\V indsor. Ontario-BOO on
                                                                 dial-7 :00 p.m. Sundays.                   MOZAMBIQUE - 330 1 kc.
       \v:\'O E-Nt:w O rleans, La.- I060 on                                                                 and 4925 kc.-1O:00 p.m.,
                di;d-9 :30 a.m. Sundays.                CFQC-Saskatoon. Saskatchewan -
                                                                 600 on d ial-10: 30 p.m.• Sun .            Saturdays: 10 :30 p.m., Men-
       KTHS-Li trIe Rock, Arkansas-1 090                         rhru Sat .                                 days and Tuesdays.
                on di al- 9 :IS p .m. Mon . rhru        In French--                                    RADIO ELIZABETHV ILLE
                 Fri.; 8 :00 p.m. Sat .: 9:30 a.m .     CKJL-St. Jerome, Quebec-900 kc.                     (The Congo) - OQ2AD -
                and 8 :15 p.m. Sun.                              - 10:30 a.m. Sunday.                       S980 kc. (60 m.), 10:00 p.m.,
       XERF-Del Rio, Te x.- I S70 on                                                                        Sun . thru Fri .
                dial-IO: OO p.m., Mon . thru
                Sar.; 11:00 p.m., Sun .                       HEARD ON PACifiC COAST,
                                                                                                                        TO ASIA
      K CTA -CoCJ~u s Christi , Tex.-1030                         ALASKA AND HAWAII
                                                                                                       RADIO BANGKOK-HSI J5--461.5
                on dia l-12 :30 p.m. Mon.               KGO-San Francisco-RIO on dia l-                     metres (6 5 1 kc.), Monday
                thtu Fri . ; 4:30 p .m. Sat.; 2: 00          9 :30 p.m. Mon. theu Sat.-                     10 :3S·1 1:OS p.m.
                p.m. Sun .                                   10:00 p.m. Sun .                          RADIO T AI W AN (FOR MOS A)
       XELO-BOO on dial -every ni~ht ,                  KSAY- San Frandsen, Ca lif.-IO IO                   "Th e 3rd Network. B.c.c."-
                B:00 p.m., M.S.T., 9 :00 p.m.                kc.- 7 :00 a.m. every day.                     BED 23 Taichunl-:     1380 kc.;
                 C.S.T.                                 KRA K-Sacrame nto, CaJif.- 1140 on                  BEDs 2 Ch iavi        14(,0 kc. ;
       XEG- IOS0 on dia l-every ni ghl .                     di al- IO:OO p.m. Mon . th ru                  BE0 79 Kaohsi un~ 1220 kc.
                8 :30 p.m. C.S.T.                            Sat .; 10 :30 p.m. Sun.                        - 18:0 0 T. S.T., Wed . a nd Fr i.
N ovem ber, 1961                                              The PLAIN TR UTH                                                        Pa~e   7

                                                                                                 Point Campa ign," mentioned in earlier
                                RADIO LOG                            (Continued)                 installments, was conri nu ing. This can -
                                                                                                 sisred of almosr constan tly holding pe r-
      RADIO O KINAW A -KSBK- 880                  4BK -   Brisbane, Q ld. - 1290 kc. -
           kc. Sundays : 12 :06 noon .                   10 :15 p.m . Mon . rhru Th urs.;        sonal evangelistic campaigns in Oregon
      ALTO BROA DCASTI NG SYST EM                        10 :30 p.m. Frl.: 9:30 p.m. Sun.        and W ashing tOn-usually six nights a
           -PHI LIPPINE ISLAN DS:                 4CA- Cairns, Qld.- lOl O kc.-lO :OO
        DZAO, Manil a - 620 kc. - 9 :00                  p.m. Sun . thru Fr i.                   week- in addition to the radio program,
           p.m . Sunda y.                         4T0 -To wnsvill e, Qld.- 780 kc.-              and the issuing of The Plain Truth. A
        DZRI , Dagupan Cit}'- 1040 kc.-                  10 :15 p.m. Mon. rhru Sat.
           9 :00 p.m . Sunday.                    4KQ-Brisbane , Qld.-690 kc. -                  summa ry of rhose campaigns might be
        DZRB, N aga City- 1060 kc.-9 :00                 10 :30 p.m. Sun.                        of inte rest here.
           p.m. Sunday                            4\"VK - Warwic k, Qld. - 880 kc. -
       DXA \V', D evao City-640 kc.-                     10 :00 p.m. Mon . thru Sat.                Th ese evangelistic campaigns had
           9 :00 p.m. Sunday.                     6GE-Ge raldton, \Y/A- I OIO kc.-               starred, as exp lained earlie r, April l sr,
                                                         10 :00 p.m. M on. thru Fri .;
       TO A USTRALIA AND NEW ZEALA ND                    9 :30 p.m . Sun .                       1934, in dow ntown Eugene . T hat cam-
      2 KY -   Sydney, NSW - 1020 kc. -           6KG-KaIgood ie, W A-860 kc.-                   paig n, held only three nights a week,
              10: 15 p.m. M on. rhru Thur s. :           10: 00 p.m. Mon . tbru Sal.
              10 :45 p .m. Fri. and Sat.          Ci PM-Pcrt h, WA- IOOO kc. -Io :I S            Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nigh ts,
      2AY - Albury, NSW - 1490 kc. -                     p.m . Mon. rhru Fri.; 10 :00            carr ied on until about Septem ber . W e
              10 :30 p .m. Mon. thru Fri. ;              p.m . Sun.
              10 :00 p.m. Sun.                    6AM -Northam, WA - 980 kc. -                   learned that three rimes a week was nor
      2GF - G rafton, NSW - 1210 kc. -                   10: 15 p.m. Mo n. thru Fri.;            effective.
              10 :30 p.m. Mon . rhru Sat.                10 :00 p.m. Sun.
      2GN - G oul hu rn , NS \'X'- 1380 kc. -     7A D- Devonp(}cl, Tas.-900 kc.-                   Begin ning Oc rober 14rh, 1934, the
              10 :00 p.m . M on . th ru Sat.             3 :30 p.m. Su n. th ru Fr i.            second campaign was started ar the A l-
      2H D-Ncwcas de, NS\V'-1140 kc.-             7SD-Sco us dale , T as.- S-iCl kc.-
              10 :03 p.ru. Mo n. thru T hurs.;           4 :00 p.m. Sun. thru Fri.               vadore school aud itor ium, I S miles
              10 :50 p.m. FrL : 10 :-"0 p.m .     2XM - G isbo rne, N ew Zealand -
              Sun .
                                                                                                 northwest of Eugene. Th is was a six-
                                                         U SD kc.-8 :30 p.m. W ed.:
      2KA-Kawo mba , NS\X'-780 kc.-                      9 : 15 p.m. T hurs.: 10 :00 p.m.        nights-a-week camp aign. It carried on
              10 :00 p. m. Mon. ihr u Sat .              Sat .                                   to rhe end of 1934, and was resumed
      2KM-Kempsey, NS \V'-980 kc.-
              10 :30 p.rn. Mon . th ru Sat.                 TO LATIN A MERICA                    beg inning january 13:h, 1935.
      2M\'<I'-Mu rwill umbah, N SW - 1440         In Eng fish -c-
              kc.- IO:30 p.m. Mon. thr u                                                            Beginning May 5th, 193 5, a shorr
              Sat.                                RAD IO SWAN- Swan Island- I 160
                                                            kc.- S:30 p.m., C.5.T. Sun.          two week' s campa ign was carried a ll ar
      3AW-Melbo urne, Vi c.-U80 kc.-              RADIO AMF. RICA- Lima. Peru-
              10:.,0 p.m. Sun .                                                                  the Clear Lake schoolhouse, betw een Eu-
      3B0-Bend igo, Vic.-960 kc.- IO:30                     1010 kc.--6 :00 p. m. Sa tur days.
                                                  HO C21. Pan ama Ci ty- I l lS kc.-             gene and Alvadore. Beginning Decem-
              p.m. M on-Fri. and Sun.
                                                            7 :00 p.m., Sunda ys.                ber 1, 1935, the campa ign was opened
      3CV-Maryborough, Vic.- 1440 kc.             lIPSA, Panama C ity- Ul/O kc.-
              -10:30 p.m. Men th ru Fr i.                   7 :00 p.m., Sundays.                 at the Eldrid ge school, twelv e m iles
              and Sun .                           HOK, Co lon, Panama--640 kc.-
      3H A-Ham ilto n. Vic.-IOOO kc.-                                                            nort h of Salem. T his lasted, I believe, six
                                                            7 :00 p.rn. , Sundays .
              10 :30 p.m . Mo n. rhru Fri . and   H P5K, Colon, Panama--600; kc. -               weeks. Meanwhile there had been meer-
              Sun.                                          7 :00 p.m., Sunday s.
      3KZ- McJbou rne, Vic.- 1180 kc. -                                                          ings held in a schoo lhouse at Goble,
                                                  RAD IO CARAIBES-Sama Lucia,
              10:4; p.m. Mo n. rhru Thurs.:                 W. 1.- 840 kc.- IO:OS p.m.           O regon, about 50 miles north of Por t-
              10: 15 p.m . Fri. ; 10 :30 p. m.              Thu rsda ys.
              Sun.                                                                               land, campa igns of six weeks or more
                                                  In Sna nis h-c-
      3MA-M iIdura, V ic.- I·i7() kc. -3 :30      RAD lO SW AN - Swan Islan d- l 160             each time ar our own "little church at
              p.m. Mo n. thru Fri . ; 10:0 0                kc.- 9 :00 p.m. , Sat. and SUlI.
              p. rn. Sat.                                                                        the end of \'V' CSt Eighr h Avenu e, in Eu-
                                                  RADI O LA CRON ICA- I.ima, Peru
      3SH- 5wanhiIl, Vi c. - 1330 kc.-                      -1010 kc.- 7: 00 p.m. Sun.           gene." At Other rimes special evangelis-
              10:30 p.m. Mon . rh ru Fri . and    RAD IO COMUNE ROS - Asuncio n,
              Sun.                                                                               ric Sunday nigh t services were cond ucted
                                                            Parag u3}  '-970 kc.- 8 :30 p.m.
      3SR-Shcpparcon . V ic,-1 260 kc.-                     Th ursdays.                          there .
              10 :,30 p.m. Mon. thru Fri. and     RAD IO SPO RT -CX A I9 - Mon te-
              Sun.                                          vide o. Urug uay-llfl3; kc.-           T hen about the first of J une, 1936,
      3U l. - Wa rrag ul, Vic.- f!80 kc. -                  ·1 :0 0 p.m .. Sunda ys.             a big rent campaign of six weeks was
              10= 30 p.m. Mo n. rhru Fri . and    RA[)[ O CARVE-eX I6, 8 50 kc..
              Sun.                                          and C XA l ~-\, 6 156 kc. -
                                                                                                 held six nights a week in Sp ri ngfield, a
      3YB-W'a rrna mboo l, Vic.-UlO kc.                     Mon tevid eo, U rug uay - 3 :30      sisrer city adjo ining Eugene on the east.
              - 10:30 p .m. Mon. thru Fri .                  p.m. , Sat urdays.
              and Sun .                           In Fre nch-
                                                                                                 I have recounted in earlier insta llm ent s
      4AK-oaker. Q Id.-1 220 kc. - IO: IS         I~ A D I O     CARAIBES-San la Lucia ,         how the big rem was taken from us in
              p.m. Mon . thru Thurs.: 10:3 0                Wcst Ind ies-840 kc.- 9 :45
              p. m. Fri.; 9 :30 p.m. Sun.                   a.m., Mon.: 10:0; p.m. \X'ed.
                                                                                                 the middle of this campaign. We fin-
                                                                                                 ished wi th a small rent rhar held a third
                                                                                                 or less of our crowd.

            AUTOBIOGRAPHY                                                                          Then beginni ng J une 15th, 1937,
                                                                                                 there was a six weeks' campa ign in the
                                    [Continued from page 5)                                      big rem in Eugene. October 19th to
scale today. In fact, the lett er sen r to Co-    reached weekly. T he power of th e work        23rd , inclusive, 1 held a five nights'
Wo:kers ]uly 28t h, 1938, estimated               has multiplied 160 ti mes in 23 yea" .         evangelistic service ar a Community
100,000 bein g reached each week with                                                            Church somewhere near Eugene. This
the broadcasr. Today, by the same means                     Eva ngelist ic Ca m pa ig ns         has gone from my memory-l do nor
of calculation , some 16 million arc                 All rhroug h these years, the "T hree-      remem ber where ir was located- bur
Page 8                                                       The PLA IN TRUTH                                                November, 196 1

there is a han db ill record o f it in the        an d will last for several years, for $65 .     That old Gr aham blew con-rods every
old files.                                        There is nor one cem available for the          few thousan d miles . But it was dest ined
   Also the re is a han dbill o f evangelis-      mi meograph, un less some of our fr iends       co suffer some real p un ishment, w ith
tic meetings beg inn ing Januar y 16th-           can send in a special and add it ional of -     week ly trips clear to Seat tle, before we
the year is not show n, bur ap pa rently it       feri ng jusr for this purpose."                 could replace it!
was 1939-at Townsend H all, in Cor-                   [Jy Apr il 5, 1939, a letter to Co-            God has promised to sup ply all ou r
tage G rove, about 30 m iles sout h of            W ork ers found in an old file says: "A I       NEED. Out duri ng these years it was
Eugen e.                                          last, after ma ny unavoid able delays, we       surely bare need, not wa ncs-and the
   Later, evangel istic mee tings \....ere held   are send ing you T be Plain Trmb. This          needs were not always as g reat as they
in Portl and, Seat tle and Va ncouver and         issue goes to abo ut o ne thousand NEW          appea red [Q us.
Everett, W ashing ton- an d, in 1942, in          READERS. It is still mimeographed, be-             H ow many of our reade rs, today,
the Biltmore Theatre in down town Los             cause we have not enoug h fun ds to pri nt      realize how much mo re tha n bare needs
Ange les.                                         it, as we d id two issues last year. It is      y OIl atc enjoy ing? Not man y have had
                                                  a tremendo us cask, and nearly all the          co struggle along with real bare needs,
         New Facilities N eeded
                                                  work is done by M rs. Arm stron g, our          as we d id through those lean years!
    As the work expa nde d, throug h 1938         da ughter Beverly who is office secret ary,
                                                                                                   U, S. of Europe and War Predic ted
and in ro 1939, a few items of new                and m yself."
equipment beca me an impera tive need .              In spire of inside office, lack of ligh t      The February-March, 1939, issue of
I do not mea n convenient uJ,mts-but              or venrilarion, lack of desks , filing cab-     Tbe Plain T nab contai ned anot her
absolutely ncccessary needs.                      inets and office eq uipment, the work was       article on the resurrection of the Roman
    Accordi ng to usual office standa rds,        GROWIN G! The Plain T rstb circula tion         Emp ire to come. We have warned our
w e mi gh t have thought we needed a bet -        was growing. W e were not able to get it        rad io listen ers o f this pr ophesied event
ter office, with sunlig ht and vent ilation.      out eve ry mon th, There were seven             since the first year we we re on the air -
Remem ber , as describ ed earli er, we were       issues in 1938. The Jun e numb er was           1934. W e have shour ed this prophecy
wo rk ing all these years in a small inside       only the third d ur ing 1939 . It was issued    ever since 1934 in The Plain Tru th. T his
office, without windows or ven tilat ion .        as often as there was enough money for          issue carr ied a full -page map, which I
\Y./e migh t have thought modern steel            paper, ink and postage. Y et already thi s      sketched and traced on the mim eograph
filin g cabi nets were a need. 1 was still        litrle m imeogr aph ed "magaz ine" was          stencil, showi ng the terr itory of the
using cardboa rd canons, obtained free            bein g read by a few tboesend. people-          or iginal Rom an Empire.
at the grocery store, as recept acles for         and a hund red thousand o r mo re were              This ma p circled four of the sea ga tes
keep ing corres po nde nce files. W e mi gh t     heari ng the ver y Gospel Christ Hi mself       whic h control sea-access to this ent ire
have thought that office desks to work            preac hed eve ry wee k-s- besides almost        terr itory. The article stresse d the Iul-
on, if only second -hand, were need ed.           con tinuous evangelistic cam paigns reach-      fillmenr o f the prophecy of Ge nesis
But we were ab le to work, these years,           ing hund reds.                                  22: 17 and 24:60, show ing how the
on a few old cables we found in our                   The few d imes , quarters, and dollars      U.S.A. and Br ita in were to possess the
little, stuffy, 55 pe r mo nt h office room .     we re p rod ucin g frui ts that were to last    sea gates of enemy nati ons. This was
    Bur when the old antiquated neosryle          for eter nity!                                  pare of the nat iona l domi nance promised
finally was weari ng our-about ro lay                 But now our old second -hand car was        Ab raha m for his descenda nts. But the
down and cease fun ctionin g because o f          abo ut to lie dow n and d ie of old age         artic le also pointed OUt that our peo -
old age-a nd we we re still obliged to            and mu ch use.                                  ples. since receiving this Dirchright in -
cra nk OUt Tbe Plain T ruth by hand on                Nea r the borrom of this letter o f         herita nce, have tu rned fro m our God-
 this piece of primitive mec ha nism, the n        Ap ril 5, 19 39, I find thi s: "Anot her       our na tion al sins have increased-an d
a new mimeograp h became an absolute              serious need is a new car. The pr esen t        God is go ing to punish our nati on s at
need --{)r else Tbe Plain Tmtb had to             one, five years old, is in an Albany ga-        the hand of this comi ng resurr ected
cease p ublication, and d ie a narural dea th      rage for lack o f a $50 rep air bill. We       Rom an Emp ire, with invasion , cap tiv ity,
alc og w ith the neosrylc.                        are tota lly dependent on ou r car to tra ns-   and slavery. T hese four vital sea gates,
    So ir was, that on Feb ruary 4, 1939-          POrt the six o f us (se lf and singers) to     the article explai ned , must be taken
five years after the first issue o f Tbe           Port land and back for the Sunday broad-       from Br itain before the "Beast" power
Plain Trrab, a lerrer to our few Co-              casts. \Y./e have to dr ive 600 mi les every    - revived Roma n Em pire-can ri se.
 W ork ers said : "I will have to tell you         week- 2,500 mil es a monch- in Go d's           Brita in has, as of today, lost Suez, and
 that we are VERY SE RIOUS LY IN N EED             wo rk. T he pr esent car wo n't hold Out       exerc ises no real COntrol over the ocher
o f a new mimeograp h mach ine. The                lon ger. W e arc do ing the very best we        three.
pr esent one is about worn Out, and we             can wit h what we have to do with."                 This tre mendous p roph ecy wal ful -
 are pr od ucing th is issue of Tbe Plain             T his referred 10 the 19.>4-model used       filled, in the form of the insignificant
Trmb under di fficult ies. I can get a very        Gra ham car we had p urchased as a re-          "sixth head o f (he Beast," by Mussolini
 good used m imeogra p h, alm ost new , one        sult o f Mrs. Starkey's letter sent our         very short ly after th is arti cle appeared.
 capab le of tu rn ing out the large amount        Decem ber 2 1, 1937. Bur we were nor            But the all-irnpo rranr sevent h and last
 o f work that is n<.'Cessary in this office,      to be ab le to get anot her car unt il 1941.         (Please continue on page 21)
    Will They OUTGROW It?
                      Should you EXP ECT your children to be hateful, rebellious? Is
                      it merely a PHAS E when children have temper tantrums, shout-
                      ing d efia nce at their parents? Read these SHOCKING, and
                      UNB ELIEV ABLE quotations from the real culp rits behind our
                                       mounting wave of child crime!
                                                       by G a rne r Ted A rm st ro ng

"W            HAT do I. do when my c. ild
              screams I HAT E YO U! to
                                         h         predi ctab le stages.
                                                   "K nowledge o f the se g row th stages
                                                                                                     never been taught the MEANING of
                                                                                                     obed ience, and has been turned our co
               me," ask dis traug ht parent s.     can help you a good dea l and in a                "pasture" like any an imal, rather than
"N ot h ing much ," answe r the child psy-         great many wa ys. To begin with,                  reared by h is pa rents.
chologisrs-"excepr perhaps sympathize              it can g ive you an idea of what [()                  Let's really UNDERSTAND.
with him, rell him how much )'011 used             expect." ( p p. 3-4, Cbitd Behavior.                  By havin g already carelessly ASSUMED
[Q hate your parent s when you were to ld          I1g & Am es ) .                                   any means of punishment or com ro l
to do something, and he'll soon outgrow                                                              over a child to be harmful, rhe child
                                                   Should You Expect D isobed ien ce ?               psychologists have labor iously catalog ued
it-he's JUSt going through a 'phase'
wh ich he'll soon pass."                            Let's notice th e sym ptoms o f som e of         the "behavior" patterns of children-
   Such arc th e almost UN BE LI EVABLE          these sup posed "predi ctabl e stages."             by me rely OBSERVING them ,
q uotations you arc abou r to read!                 "The eigh reen-mo o rher walks down                  T hey have, instead of TRAINI NG the
   Today, rebellious, kicking, screaming,           a one-way str eet, though this one-              children, seeing how positive meth ods
tant ru m -throwi ng chi ldre n arc actually        way street can be rapidly rever sed.             of real teaching , instmcsion and disci-
bein g ENCOURAGE D co throw d emoni -               And this street more ofte n than nor             pline will work , merely "o bserved" the
acal RAGES at th eir parents, becau se              seem s co lead in a direction exactly            little ch ildren mu ch in the same manner
modern ch ild "psychology" has assured              oppos ite to that wh ich the adu lr              as watching mon keys in cages. They
a comp lete ly g ullible age this is merely         has in mind. Asked to 'come here,                have busily mad e note s, and co llected
a " PH ASE" through whi ch th e child is            dear' he either stands still or runs             sage obse rvatio ns. As a result of these
      •   1
passmg.                                              in the op pos ite d irection. ( H e may         widespre ad "obse rvations,' th e modern
                                                    even lik e co walk backwards. ) Ask              child psycho logi sts have caref ully docu-
  The Mythical Phases of Chi ld hood                 him co put something in rhe waste -              rnenred certain defini te PHASES in the
   In the last number, we saw withou t               basket, and he is more likely CO                acti ons o f children.
que stion wh ere th e real gui lt lies for           emp ty our what is already in it.                    Let's noti ce care fully, how ever , tha t
our burgeonin g problem of crim inality              H old ou t your hand for th e cup                thes e pbases ar e me rely the INEVITABLE
among yout h, and our he inous methods               wh ich he has JUSt drained , he will             react ions of UNtr ained children, UNdi s-
of pe rm issive ness in reari ng ou r chil-          d rop it on co th e floor. Give him a           ciplined children, wh o have been
d ren. We saw teac hers, law enforce-                second sock to pUt on, and he will               OBSERVED instead of tra ined! Ask a dog
menr o ffic ials, and the very word o f              more likely than no t rem ove the                who has been TRAIN ED co "come here! "
Go d ind ict the PAR ENTS wh o have                  one which is alr ead y on h is foot .            and it will OBEY! Give a hor se a com-
swallowed the sp ineless teach ings of               H is enjoyment of the op pos ite may             mand when it has been TRAINED, and
UNeducated THEORISTS.                                be the reason why it works so well,              it will OBEY! But , assure th e child be-
    N ow, we need to com e [0 clearly see            if he is r unning away from you , to             hav iori sts, you cannot ex pect such
the false concepts behind th e "n o pun·             say 'bye-bye' and walk away from                 obedience from th e infinitely mor e
ishment" school of "child behavi ori sts."           bim. Then he may come running,                   int elligent, far superior hum an mind !
    Almost wi thout fail, modern books               "Nor only docs he nor come when                      My own l Svrncnrhers, wh en asked co
available on ch ild psychology w ill g roup          called-he seldom obeys any verbal                "Come here , de ar!"-carne here! When
ch ildren, accord ing to vario us ages, into         command . 'No' is his chief word "               asked co p ut something in th e waste-
certa in " PHAS ES" or "STAG ES" o f g row th         ( p , 22, Cbild Bebauior, I1g &                 basket-s- they immediately put it in the
and development.                                     Ames ) .                                         wastebasket , When holding out my
     For a general view of th ese pattern s,         To State the "eighreen-rnonrher" doe s            hand for the cups they had drained ,
 let's notice the followi ng quotation ,          all these di sobed ient acts sim ply by              they immediately gave them co me.
    "Ou r observations of child beh avior         virtue o f bein g l Svmonrbs-old is a               Given a second sock, they always puc
     have led us co believe tha t almos t         piteous di splay of id iocy!                         it on!
     any ki nd o f behavior you can thi nk            The l Scmo n rhc r ,,' ILL do th ese things,        Why?
     of . , , develops by mea ns of re-           ONLY if he has been left with out ((lly                 Simply because they had been
     remarkabl y patt ern ed and largely          superv ision, has never been trained,               TAUGHT co do th ese things!
Page 10                                                    rhe PL AIN TRUTH                                                November, 1961

    T his entire qu otation will be discussed    the fath er is a truck driver, lawyer , or       cult two-a nd-a- half tu rns th ree"
late r, revealing the rea lly serious con-       the Pr esident of th e " U nited States           ( p p. 25·2 7, Child Behavior, I1g &
sequences which may be reaped by any             comp letely revolves around, waits on,           Ames ) .
fam ily foolish enough to believe it.            is ordered according to, adapted to, and         Fantastic, isn't it? T he littl e two-a rid-
    Later, the authors of this particula r       adjusted to the CHILDISH WHIMS of a          a-ha lf-year-old is extremely dom inee r-
work, in breaking down one o f the sup -         little toddling two-and-a -half-year-o ld    ing and demandi ng- and HE MUST
po sed "stages " through which all               baby!                                        GIVE THE ORDERS! H E mu st make the
child ren arc to pass ( with varying                Can such qu ot at ions really appear      decisions for the family ! If HE DECIDES,
differen ces acco rd ing to their own            even credible? Isn't it even a little        THAT ill S MOTHER SHOULD PERFORM
indi viduality ) the aut hors state:             UNBELIEVABLE that adult human beings         SOME TASK FOR HIM, he will not accep t
    'Two and a hal/lea rs: This is an            COULD POSSIBLY ADVOCATE such a               "da ddy" as a subsriru te! T hus, gullible
    age abo ut whi ch parents may need           heinous, mo nstr ous, rott en, ABOMINA-      parents are assured that rhese cha rac-
    warning because so m uch tha t rhe           TION in rhe sight 0 1 G od ?                 teristics o f a two-and -a-hal f-year-old
    child now does naturally, alm osr                IVhal IVould a parent do il he had       child are jusr as su re, JUSt as irrevocable
    inev itabl y, is d irectly contrary to       SERIOUSLY FOLLOWED these idioti c and        as an approachi ng cold front our o f the
    whar his parent s wou ld like to have        sp ineless teachings in some o f the fol-    N orth! There is nothing they can do
    him do. The 2Yl- year-old is nor,            low ing eventualities?                       about it-it just IS "that way"!
    temperam entally, an easy, adaprable             Suppose a little "eig hreen-monrher"         These empty theories are sim ply
    member o f any social group.                 was toddli ng off rhe curb, int o the path   untrue.
    "The cha nge in behavior which               of rumbling, swiftly-moving traffic! IF          T o promote the concep t t hat the
    rakes place between two and two-             HE IS TO BE NORMALLY EXPECTED TO             "dom ineering and dem and ing," "order
    and -one-half can be ra rher over-           "RU N THE OTHER WAY " I F YO U DARE          givi ng," "extremist;' "im possib le to
    whelming, perhaps to child as we ll          TO COMMAND HIM TO "COME HERE!"               deal wi th," "vigo rous, en th usiast ic, ener-
    as to the adul ts who surround him.          THEN WHAT ARE YOU TO DO?                     ge tic," "rig id," "stubbo rn " child of
    T wo-and-a-half is a peak age of                 "Surround him with interesting ob-       two-and-a-half will CHANGE Il\tM. EDI·
    diseq uilib r ium. Par ents often say         jects" as the psycholog ists recomm end ?   ATELY, and enter anotbor phase when
     that they can't do a thing wit h the         How - Is THERE TIME?                        he is THREE is pretty poor com fort to a
    ch ild of this age.. . . First o f all,          D o you merely accept the already        frustrated, worried, ap pr ehe nsive, be-
     two -and-a- half is rig id and inflex-       quoted tho ugh t that the child simply      leag uered parent wit h a mon strou s little
     ible. H e wants exactly wh at he             "CANNOT WAIT A WHILE" and rhat he           REBEL he seem ingly is u nab le to control.
    wan ts when he wanes it. H e cannot           "SELDOM OBEYS ANY VER BAL COM-                   Ca n you see? Ca n you really compre-
    adapt , give in, wait a lit tle while.       MAND" and then res ign yo urself to his      hend what is BEHIND this false concep t?
     Everyth ing has to be done JUSt so.         i M M EDIAT E DEATH???                            T he behavior ists have me rely p ut
     Every thing has to be in the rig ht             T he authors cont inue :                 together the carna l, natural REBEL LION
    p lace he considers its proper place.            "Seco nd, he is extrem ely dom ineer-     in a ch ild ioitb his obv iously increased
     For any dom estic routine, he sets              ing and dem and ing. He mu st g ive      ene rgies , co-ord ination, scope of activ -
     up a rigi d seq uence of events which           the orde rs. H e muse ma ke the de-       icy, increased mot or facility, longe r
     m ust follow each ot her always in              cisio ns. If he decides, 'mummy do '     reach, and growth in all phJSical
     the same manner: '                              dadd y can not be accepted as a sub-     capacities.
     H ere we are assured, the littl e, tiny         seirure. , . . Tw o-and -a-half is an         OBV IO USLY a REBELLIOUS, UN-
 toddlin g two-and -a-half-year-old hum an           age of violent emotions. There is         TRAI NED child o f FOUR will be ge tti ng
 baby, wh o is rorally carnal, ent irely             little modu lat ion to rhe emotional      into even MORE tr oubl e th an a rebellious
 selfish, and yet a very swee t and lovable          life 0 1 r he child ar this age.          child of ONE and ONE HALF! OBVI-
 littl e repr odu ction o f our ow n selves is       "Furt hermo re, it is an age of oppo·     OUSLY the eighreen-monrher, who is
  just BOUND to acr in thi s pr escribed             site ex tremes. , . . Tot al all these    alread y REBELL IOUS, and has nor had
 fash ion-sim ply because he has reached             cha racteristics toget her and you        th at rebell ion driven from him.. and who
 one of the "ste ps" along the ladder of             have a child who is not easy ro deal      has No w LEARNED TO RUN, will r1m
 life-the "stage" at two-and-a-half                  with. Vigorous, ent husiastic, ener-      from his pa rents' commands! The child
 years o f age. Pa rents are assured this            ge tic, the typical two -and-a-half       psychologi srs can very SAFELY predict
 child CANNOT ADAPT! That means, if                  may be. Bur he is not an easy per -       these "beh avior patterns" in untra ined ,
 parents attempt to get him ro "ada pt"              son to have around the house.             rebellious, resen tful , hosrile, MONS-
 they may run the d ire r isks of "break-            H owever , moth ers will find that        TROUS little child ren who have never
  ing his sp irit ," "g iving him a complex,"        g reat patience. a real under standing     really kn own all)' autbo rit yl
 or any number of perfectly horrib le                of the difficult ies of the age and a          Yes, let's really look at what we 've
  results. Parent s arc assured the little            willin gne ss to use endless tech-        read-l et's really ge t PRACTICAL w ith
  two-and-a -half -year-old todd ler can not          niq ues to get around rigidities and      it, and ask some tr uly basic questions.
  possibly "give in" or "wait awhile"!                rituals and stubborn ness will help       Isn't it pr etty poo r comfort to tell a
  Therefore, the ent ire household , whe ther        get through the time till the d iffi.-             tPlcae continue 0 11 page 18)
N ove mber, 196 1                                       The PLAIN TRUTH                                                   Page 11

                                                                                         the far away "Yankees" with customs,
             WAR WITH RUSSIA?                                                            languages and religions so totally dif-
                                                                                         ferent from their own.
                              (Contin ued from page 4)
TION     in your train" (E zek. 38:3 -6,       Think of it! These striking prophe-                   T he D ie is Cast
Moffatt ) .                                 cies, long hidden and concealed from            Experts note the trends in Laos today
    P ERSIA is still in the same area as    most, are laying bare the shocking facts     as definite indication of the way things
anciently. It is the modern nation of       of coming Communist success in Asia!         will continue to develop in Southeast
Iran.                                       Y our Bible means what it says!              Asia. The present conciliations of the
    T he "Ethiopia" of the King James          The Asiatic mind is totally different     western powers to Russia will only
version is translated from the original     from the occidental mind. It doesn't         mean, they say, a partitioning of yet
Hebrew word "CUSH ." Herodotus, the         reason in the same manner. Try though        another country! That is 110W a virtual
Grecian histo rian , says Cush became       we may to delude ourselves into be-          reality hi Laos. Germany is divided,
divided between the east and west. To-      lieving our dollars, trade missions,         Korea is divided, Indo-China is divided
day, in the highlands to the north of       military advisors and arms shipments,        -and Laos has been divided berween
India, we find the "Hindoo-cUSH"            our hospital ships, our missions, our        a Communist puppet state and, at best,
mountains! The eastern Ethiopians or        food supplies are helping stem the tide      a Juke-warm "neutralist" government to
Cush are the bulk of the people of India.   of the advancing threat of Communism         the south, and maintains an unrealistic
    God goes on to single out PUT, false-   in these eastern natiOnS-WE ARE              "cease fire" between the rwo opposing
ly labeled "Libya" in the King James        FA ILING!                                    governments.
version (see margin ), but having noth-       These simple peoples are impressed            Here again is the same old story!
ing whatsoever to do wit h the modern       with STRENGT H, not talk. They feel a           The Russians now have their trojan
nation of Libya in northern Africa. PUT     much closer kimhip with other peoples        horse firmly lodged within the gates
 is also identifying INDIA!                 of the Asian sphere than they do with        of Laos-and are ready to settle down
                                            Whil e Reds accu se US of a iding Asi an s, they secr etl y-and here open ly-fly in
                                            sup plie s to na tive co mmunist guerrillas.                          Wide World Photo
Page   12                                                  The PLAIN TRUTH                                                  November, 1961

to   subvers ion, political int rigue, eco-         H ave you already forg otten the fore-          Thi s is go ing to lead to further
nomic pressure , propaganda methods,             boding mood of the Japanese nation,             WEAKENING of our economy.
gue rr illa fora ys, and all the ot her tools    only so recently beaten int o complete             It will mean FURTHER WEAKENI NG of
of revolut ion to finally take over the          surr end er by the western powers? Have         our nati onal prid e and spiri t.
entire country!                                  you already forgotten that our former              It will mean we will cont inue to be
   Yes-the d ie is cast! The Uni ted             president had to cancel his proposed            concent ra ti ng almost entirely on RUS-
States now finds itself in the d istasteful      visit of sta te in rout and ignominy when       SIA, on CHINA, and on COMM UNISM
and unt ena ble situa tio n of being vir-        his press secreta r y had to be rescued         ( WH ICH   IS   A BESTIAL ENEMY OF THE
tua lly forced to accept COMMUNIST               from scream ing Com m unist mob s in            UNITED STATES AND FREE DOM-LOVING
PARTICIPATION in all levels of Laos              the st reets of T okyo?                         MEN -B UT NOT TH E ONLY ENEMY)
Gov ernment!                                        Th e Japanese are pr esent ly flooding       instead of on a porenrially GREATER
                                                 western markets with manufactur ed              enemy!
            What It's Leading T o
                                                 goods. Japan is again one of the big-              Yes-inconceivable as th at may
   Bur th is isn't the worst of it!              gest industri al power s of the world!          sound to your ears- we are now threat-
   The years-old struggle to get Com-            Bm J apan is not satisfied with markets         ened by an even greater enemJ' than
mu nist Chi na adm itted to the U.N .            to the W est ONLY! She realizes she is          Commtr nismi This by no means infers
has been abett ed consid era bly by the          tied by ancie nt bonds, by color, par-          Communi sm is not to be looked upon
Communist successes in Sout heast Asia.          tially by religi on and espec ially by          as an enemy, nor Com m unist domina-
T he pressure is on the United States            geograph ic proximity to ASIA! "Asia            don to be feared as the ma st detestable
now from its ow n allies abroad to make          for the Asiatics" screamed the Japanese         thi ng that could befall a free people-
conci liatory gestures toward th e Com-          warlord s in W orld War II.                     BUT COMMUN ISM IS NOT TH E ONLY
munisrs-c-ro co nti n ue trying to TALK            W ho hal Asia now?                            ENEMY!
wi th Chinese leaders ove r the COnt ro -           Recognition of China by Jap an cou ld
versial issues of Formosa, the Pesca-            weaken seriously the pr esent shaky                        What the Bible Says
dores and the offshore islands.                  po litical and economic tie s betw een             N ot ice aga in the sta rtling pr ophecies
   T he arguments are tha t once Red             Japan and the United States. It would           in Ezekiel 38!
Ch ina has ga ined ad mis sion to the U .N .     lead co ultimate Com munist domina-                God reveals thi s huge, powerful
she cou ld the n be held accountable for         tion of JAPAN, KOREA, and LAOS!                 amalgama tion of eastern nations under
any fu rthe r acts of aggress ion in Asia-          But that's only the beg inning!              the Com munists will start a gigamic
any attacks against the Pescadores or               Th e Philippi1leJ wnuld Strongl y favor      war.'
Formosa could then be brought into               neutralism-weakening ties w ith the                Bur that war is NOT against the
the ope n and deal, with according ly!           U nited States! Commu nism is alre ady          United States !
   BUT IT WOULDN'T '«'ORK OUT THAT               deeply ent re nched in the Philippines.            "After many days thou shalt be vis-
WAY!                                               Here's what would e1Jenttlallj' happetl!      ited. In the latter years [the "end rimes")
   W hen will we AWAK EN to the fact                J apan, Korea, Thailand, the Phil ip-        thou shalt come int o the land that is
that the Commun ists are the deadly ,            p ines, Ind on esia, and eve n INDIA would      brougbr back from the sword, and is
sworn , arch-enem ies of free men ? W hen        corne und er the insidi ous, slimy red          gat hered our of man y people, against
will we begi n to fully realize their            tentacles of the monstrou s greed of the        the mountain s of Israel, which have
leaders DO NOT EVEN REMOTELY DE-                 Freedom -strangling Communist O      CtopUS     been always waste (Moffatt : "A per -
SlRE PEACE?                                      that is encircling the teeming mill ions        petual desolation ") bur it is brought
   They want disruption , chaos, unr est,        of the East!                                    forth Out of the nations, and .. . thou
po litica l instability, violent revolu tion ,      Ynur Bib le SAYS thi s will happen!          shalt ascend and come lik e a storm . . .
the threat of war, and war itself to                                                             thou , and MANY PEOPLE WITH thee
                                                    WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO
achieve their goals! If Red China is                                                             _ . . and thou shalt say, '1 will go up
                                                     THE UN IT ED STATES?
admitted to the U.N. , whi ch it almo st                                                         to th e land of unwalled villages, I will
certai nly w ill be-it spells the most               T he U nit ed States has had its great -    go to them that are at rest, that dwell
serious defeat ever for the Un ited States       est headaches since W orld War II over          safely, all nf them dwelling without
 in the "cold war!"                              the Berlin crisis, and has lost face be-        walls, and havi ng neither bars nor ga tes
                                                 fore many of the big neutralist coun-           . . :., ( Ezek. 38:8-11) .
     Reaching Staggering Proportions
                                                 tr ies. H avin g adva nced virtua lly to th e       Y es-this describes a huge Com mu-
   You ar e go ing to be lhoc"ked at the         brink of anot her "Ko rea-type" war over        nist advance AFTER THE COMING OF
all-inclu sive, MONSTROUS propo rrions           Laos, the United States would almost            CHRIST!
towa rd which these recent dev elop -            certa inly have to fight a major battl e            God describes how Hi s peopl e Israel
ments are leadi ng!                              in eithe r Th ailand or South Vie t N am-       ar e to be taken into CAPTIVlTI-their
   T he moment Red China is adm itte d           where, say the experts, the risk of war          cities destroyed ( Ezek. 6 :6) . One THIRD
to the U.N. , Japan will almos t certa inly      is eve n greate r than in LaOS-IF all of         are to die of famine and disease, wh ile
officially recog nize the Red Chinese            Southeas t Asia is to be kept out of            anot her th ird are to be destroyed by a
government!                                      the Com mu nist orbit!                          huge armed attack, with nuclear weap-
N ovember, 1961                                                Th e PI.AI N TRUTH                                                     Page 13

 ons. T he rema in ing o ne-th ird o f help-
 less refugees are [() be caned off to
 forei gn cc unui cs-c-to live as SLAVES
 of a ruth less co nq ue ro r! ( Ezck. 5: 12 ) .
      But-just as a g ia nt war between                                 1-
 a rev ived NAZI-FASCIST po wer and th e
 COMMU NISTS ge rs unde rway, God w ill
 in terven e!
     Jesus said , " And excep t th ose days
 we re SHORTENFD there would 110 flesh
 be saved !" ( Mal. 24 : 22 ), B ur G od WIL L
 "shorte n" the days-He w ill SEND
 CHRIST to Stop this ea rth-destroy ing
 war ! "For (he ELECT'S sake-those d ays
 shrill be sho rtened" ( Mat. 24 :22 ) .
      Christ will then GAT HER H is people
 - the cit izens of the U nited Stares and
 Gr ea r Britain . of Canada, of South
  Afr ica, o f Australi a and N ew Zealand
 -yes, H is people ISRA EL! H e wil l bring
  them "fro m (he fo ur corners of the
 earth." N oti ce it : " And in that d ll)'
  (describ ing the beginn ing o f the MIL-
  LENNIUM- RE/ D it in your Bible be-
  g inni ng in the 1 l th Chapter of Isaiah )
  the re shall be a root of Jesse, wh ich
 sha ll sta nd for an cn sign of the pe op le,
  to it sha ll the GE NTl LUS sec k [T h is is
  NOT hap pen ing now-nor has it EVER
  happened befo re-this is a pro ph ecy
  abo ut the happen ings JUSt afte r th e
  second com ing o f Chrisr!) and H is rest
  shall be g lorious. And it shall come to
  pass IN THAT DAY, that the Lord shall
  set H is ha nd AGA IN THE SECOND
  TIM E [ It happ en ed ONC E ONLY so far
                                                                                                                              Wide Wo rld Photo
  - in ancie nt Egyp t] to recov er the
                                                    Communists con tinue th eir pressures on anti -Red Asic . Here wounded Chinese lie
  remnant [the last end -rime ge ne rarion)         on dock a waitin g eva cua tion following she lling of Quemoy by Reds .
  of H is peop le, which shall be left, from
   Assyria [Germany] and from Egy pt, and          Egypt , from Sout h Am eri ca and Africa       is NOT FROM RUSSIA! Ru ssia will NOT
  from Parh ros ( Up per Egypt ) , and from        - fro m all parIs 0/ the world!                be their captors- bur Germany, and
  Cush ( Ethiop ia ), and fro m Elarn ( East-         "Therefo re, be hold, the da ys come,       other maj or nations allied with her,
. ern Europe ), and fro m Shinar ( Iraq ) ,        sai rh th e Lord , that they sha ll no mor e   WILL!
  and fro m H amath (in Syr ia ) , and fro m       say, T he Lord liveth , wh ich b roughr            This is T eal, it is TRUE.
   the islands o f the sea. And He sha ll set      up the ch ildren o f Israel our of the             Everywhere Israel is me nt ioned in
   lip an ensign fo r the nati ons, and sha ll     land o f Eg ypt ; b ur, the Lord liveth,       con nec tion w ith the second coming of
   assemb le the outcasts [ the re fug ees, the    wh ich b roughr up and wh ich led tbe          Cbrist , Israel appea rs in a stale 0/ cap-
   sldl·cs) o f Israel, and gather together        reed of tbe bouse 0 / lsrael 0 ,, 1 of tbe     lil"il)"- u nde r th e A H)" riall peo p les-
   the dispersed of J udah fro m the four          NORTH comury, and from all count ries          mod ern Germany!
   corners of the earth . . . and there shall      wh ither I had driven them , and they
   be an lIlGII\VAY for [he rem nant o f                                                               A D efinite Sequ en ce o f Events
                                                   sha ll dwell in th eir own lan d" ( j er.
    H is people, wh ich sha ll be LEfT, from       23:7·8) ,                                         Pro ph ecy sets no dates!
   ASSYJUA , like as it was to Israel in th e         N oti ce i[ ca ref ully! Your Bible            But p rop hecy ODE show a defin ite
   da y rhat he came up our o f the lan d          prop hesies o f an END·TIME EXODUS             seq uence o f events! R ight NO\V, as you
   nf Egypr' ( Isa, 11:1 0 · 16 ) ,                from cdptir'ity o f God 's peoples o f the     read th is art icle, ma jor world ha p pen.
       YeS- ANOTHER EXODUS is com ing!             Un ited States and the British Com mo n-       ings arc weav ing an intricate pattern
       Bur TillS rim e, God 's peop le w ill       wealt h!                                       of eve nts wor king ou t the P LAN o f
   come from Eu rop e, from Asia, from                Bur th at ma ss exod us from cap tivity           (Please continue 011 page 40 )
Page 14                                                     T be Pl.AIN THUTII                                             November, 1961

                                                                                                 may have his own personal copy upon
LETTERS TO THE EDITOR                                                                            request. No magaz ine retains its value
                                                                                                 as The PLA IN TRUTH does.
\X at er Cris is Real                            azine seeme d to upSet me terr ibly. I          Min ister St aggered
                                                 never read more than a page or two, in
"Dear Mr. Armstrong :                                                                               "Your PLA IN TRUTH feU into my
                                                 a month. Th e news makes me !'ery
   "Havi ng just return ed from a cross-                                                         hands in a doctor's office, I read it and
                                                 ner vous. I feel it's about all I can endure.
section al tour of Canada's pra irie prov-                                                       subscribed. I am a Method ist minister,
                                                 I have my own small world to reckon
inces, I foun d the ar ticle, 'T rag ic U.S.                                                     approximately 90 years old , 61 years a
                                                 wi th, and am unable to do anything to-
W ate r Cri sis H ere N ow! ', ver y inf orma-                                                   prea cher. Your all-comprehensive art i-
                                                 ward world situations. JUSt hearing how
tive and interesting. Can ada's wate r                                                           cles stagger my br ain ."
                                                 dreadful the conditions are ove r the
pr oblem is very critical also. People                                                                      Man from Arab , Alab ama.
                                                 whole earth makes me lose much of
everywhere told me wells were going
                                                 what small energy I have . Being JUSt a                     l
                                                                                                 Agnost ic \X onders
d ry for the first time in me mory . An
                                                 woman with hom e and husb and to do                "Lasr Sunday evening on WOW I
80-year-old man in Manitoba said that
                                                 for takes my strength. Recently I have          heard you discuss prophecies made
1961 was th e driest and hottest year
                                                 had a heart attack whi ch putS more             nearly 2700 years ago by men who were
ever. Crops are very poo r to non-exist-
                                                 str ain on my nerves . So please take my        supposedly inspired by some supreme
ent. Large areas of tree s are dying Out.
                                                 name off you r list of subscribers."            Being. For over 20 years I have been an
People were una nimous in decla ring
                                                                   W oman from Kan sas.          agnostic. I must confess I was stu nned
tha t another such dr y and hot year
                                                 Editors C01n71le11t : Running from real-        at the impact of you r program. Th e real-
would mea n disaster:'
                                                 ity never has helped anyone. God com-           ization that these prophecies also em -
      Man from Winnipeg, Manitoba,
                                                 ma nds you to be conversant with world
                                   Canada.                                                       braced our era left me q uestion ing my
                                                 affairs and trust H im for deliverance.         own established beliefs. For this reason
\X a rnin g to \Xfise                            God help you 110t to follow this one-           I am writing to ask you upo n which
   "You r art icle in the J uly PLAIN            time subscriber's example,
                                                                                                 sections of the Bible do you base your
TRUTH on 'W hat do You Mean-Sal-                 Interest Co ntinues to In crea se               theory that within 10 or 15 years we
vatio n?' is a masterpi ece. I have read it                                                      will witness the Lamb's conq uest of Hi s
at least 8 times. It should be read by all          "Since you sen t me my first copy of
                                                                                                 enemies . I do not ask this idly. I am
who even th ink of the futu re:'                 The PLAIN TRUTH some 18 months ago,
                                                                                                 deep ly interested: '
    Man from South H aven , Michigan.            my int erest in each succeed ing copy has
                                                                                                           Man from Carter Lake, Iowa.
                                                 increased beyond my own imagi natio n.
Autobi ography Reassures Fa ith                  As I finish one copy, i eage rly look for-      \X'ants Co r respo ndence Co urse
   "M r. Armstrong's aut ob iog raphy has        ward to the next . Never in all my days,        Imme diate ly
confirm ed my faith in Ambassador and            could I have believed that a magazi ne             "I hear you r programme over Broad-
The WORLD T OMORROW. The way he                  could enthrall me as much as The PLAIN          cast ing System from The Phili ppine
has had to fight , it is a sure thing he did     T RUTH does."                                   Islands almost every day. I enjoy them
not do it alone . G od had to be with him                  Man from London, England.             very much. Your pr og rammes are so in-
for him to stay on top and for th1'iigS          Than kful fo r Ser vice                         spiring that I intend to join your Am -
to turn Out as the y have. H is life story                                                       bassador College Bible Correspondence
surely has given me a lift."                        "As a subscriber to your amazingly
                                                                                                 Course immediately. I hope you will
    Man from Bloomington, Indiana.               genuine maga zine, I feel impelled to
                                                                                                 dispatch my firsr lesson of The Bible
                                                 send you my most ardent thanks for
\V anes Lifetime Subscription                                                                    Course by return of POSt:'
                                                 the phenomenal service you have ren-
                                                                                                             Man from Bombay, India.
   "I am very thankful for the cont inual        dered by spreading the veritable truth
supply of Th e PLAI N TRUTH to me                of God. Every issue of your magazine            Begins to See Meaning
during the past year. It is the only maga-       grips me. I do nor feel easy until I have       of Salva tion
zine whi ch, as long as it remains in            gone through its last page ."                      " I have received the 6t h lesson in the
publication , I would wish to read. I am                Person from Karachi, Paki stan.
                                                                                                 Correspondence Course. The more I
beginning to und erstand the Bible,                                                              learn , by doing (he Course, reading T he
                                                 T wenty-fou r Re ad ers
which did nor seem to be an irnereseing                                                          PLAIN T RUTH and ot her articles and by
book at all before. J was suffering from            "Thank you for The P LAI N T RUTH.
                                                                                                 listening to your pr ogrammes, the mo re
lack of understanding."                          Not only do I look forward to getting
                                                                                                 I realize how confused I really was be-
  Man from Lusaka, NOrthern Rhodesi a,           it each month, but about 23 ot hers do
                                                                                                 fore. I thought I was a Christian until I
                                    Africa .     too, I read it and then pass it on to an-
                                                                                                 realized what a Christian really is. I
                                                 Other. It cont inues throug h 23 people
Os tr ich l l '                                                                                  always rold my friends and my fam ily
                                                 befor e I get it back."
                                                                                                 how I was 'saved ', littl e rea lizing what
  "I am not well, and have not bee n for                    Man from Ch icago, Illinois.
over a year and what was in your mag -           Edito r's comment , Each of the se people            (Please continue   0 11   page 30)
         What the Holy Spirit
          Can Do For YOU!
                      Do you know what the Holy Spirit really/S? Do you realize
                              the POWER it can make available to you?
                                                        by Rod erick C. Mered ith
 .A RE YO U    p lag ued wit h [ears, worries     is truly spiritual experiences the bl ess-            So to recei ve God's Sp ir it, you mus e
.n.       and p erson al [mstrations? Do
          you have bad habi ts w hich seem
                                                  ings of life and peace-a type of fu ll
                                                  life and real p t"ace of m ind which carnal
                                                                                                    REP ENT    of b reak ing God's law in the
                                                                                                    le tter and in the spi ri t as ir was magni-
almo st im possible to br eak ?                   p eop le are nc r able (Q fathom or und er -      fied by Jesus Christ. Then you must be
   D o you have an exci ti ng, challe ng ing      sta nd.                                           BAPTIZED in water as a sym bol of your
PU RPOSE in life? O r are you often                  Wh y d oes the carnal mind end up in           wi llingn ess to BURY your old self and
despo ndent ov er th e em p tiness and bore -     death? "Because the carn al mind is               rise up to wall in newness of life wicb
dom o f th e ro ut ine existe nce in w hich       EN M ITY against Go d : for it is not sub-        Chrisr ( R om, 6 :3 -4) ,
you find yourself?                                ject to tb e LA W of God, neither indeed              Ac rs 5 : 32 spea ks of rhe H oly Sp ir it,
   T he Chr isr of your Bible said : "I am        can be" (verse 7) . H ere, in p lain lan -        " whom God hath g ive n to chern that
come that th ey mi ght have LIF E, and            g uage , Go d shows th at th ose wh o are         OBEY h im ." You mus t come to KNOW
that they mi g ht ha ve ir more ABUN -            rebelli ous agai nst obey ing His LAW have        that G od exi sts as the SU P RE ME SP IRIT
DANTLy" (John 10 : 10 ) ,                         "carna l" minds-minds H OSTIL E and               P ERSO NA LITY who sits at the con trols
   Jesus also seated : "G od is Sp irit: and      ANT AGON IST IC against the taw and Uh lY         o f this universe-that H is wa y is right
they chat wo rsh ip H im must wor ship            of Alm ighty God ,                                and good, and beg in to OBEY H im ,
H im in spirit and in truth" (John                   A Spirit-led mi nd, the n, by contrast,        before you are g iven H is H oly Sp irit.
4 :24 ),                                          would b e one th at is submissive and
   A re yo« ABLE to wo rship G od "in             obedient to the laws and ways of AI·                     Go d 's Sp irit BLESSES Y ou
sp irit" ? Do you know what the H oly             mighty God the Creato r. As this p as-              N ow notice the direct blessings,
Spi ric really is? Do you fathom th e             sag e clearl y ind icates, it is led in th at     guidance and strength th at you can re-
POWER that is available to bless and en-          wa y by the H oly Sp irit, A nd, as Paul          ce ive th rough the very Spirit of Go d.
rich your life through tha t Sp irit?             sta tes in ver se 14: "For as man y as are        Jesus said: "If ye love me, k eep my
   These are vital q uestions you need to         led by the Sp iri t of God, they are th e         commandments and I will pray the
UN DERST AN D!                                    sons of Go d"- they are true Chris tians!         Father, and he shall g ive you anothe r
                                                                                                    Comforter, th at he may abide wit h you
      A Christ ia n M UST Have the                     H ow to R eceive God's Spi rit
                                                                                                    forever ; eve n the Sp iri t o f tru th ; wh om
               Holy Spi ri t                          But if th e true Chris tia n is one who       the worl d cannot recei ve, beca use it
  Spe ak ing th ro ug h th e Ap osrle Paul,       is OBE DIEN T to God and H is law thr ough        seerh him not, neith er know eth h im;
G od says in R om an s 8 :9 : "N ow if any        the H oly Sp irit in him , how does he            bur ye know ' h im for he dwellerb with
man have not the Spirit of Christ , he is         receive the H oly Sp irit in th e first pl ace?   you, and shall be IN you " (John 14 : 15-
NONE    0/ His,"                                      In the firsc insp ired sermon of the          17).
   In other words, if a ma n does not             New T esta ment Church , Peter showed                It is a sp irit of TRUTH tha t we re-
have God's own Spirit, he does N OT               th e peo p le th at they had re jected G od,      ceive fro m Go d . It gu ides us to see
belon g to G od or co Ch ris t, he is NOT         Hi s prop hers, and k illed the very Mes-         and understand truth. It is also called a
converted, he is NOT tr uly a Chr istian.         siah , T hey asked : "Me n and b reth ren ,       "Comforter ." In t his for lorn, loveless
   Do YO U have God 's Sp irit?                   wha t sha ll we do?" ( Acrs 2:37),                age, the com for t and PEACE that is g iven
   Thro ughour th is ve ry 8th cha p te r of          "T hen Peter said unto them , REPENT,         th ro ugh a real k now ledg e of G od and
R omans, the Ap ostle Pa ul is contras ting       and BE BAPTIZED everyone of you in                H is Sp irit is truly a wo nderf ul rhing.
the Spirit-led m ind with the carnal, or           th e name of J esus Ch rist ·for the re -            Lat er , Jesus stated : "If a man love
natural p hysical m ind of man wh ich is           mi ssion of sins. and ye shall recei ve the      me, he will keep my wo rds : and my
ba sically in rebell ion agai nst God. N ot ice    gift of th e H oly Spi ri t" ( verse 38) ,       Father will love him , and we will come
verse 6: "For to be carnally m ind ed is               To receive G od 's Sp iri t, one must        u nto hi m, and make our abode with
deatb: bur to be sp iritually m inded is           complete ly REPENT of breaking God's             h im " ( verse 23 ) .
LIF E and PEACE."                                  Law! For b apt ism is pe rfo rmed "for the           But H OW are Ch ris t and th e Fath er
    O ne who is carnal-c-cu'r OFF ill re-          remission of sins," and the Bib le states:       go ing co dwell toitbin each ind ivid ual
bellion against God and His way, is                "Sin IS tb e transgressi on 0/ the j,IW I1       Ch ristian wh o keeps and obey s thei r in-
go ing to end up in DEATH . But one who             (l John 3: 4),                                  spired words? It is thr ou gh th e very
Pa,:;e 16                                                  He PLAI N TRUTH                                                   November, 1961

Spirit of C od-e-th e Comforter-whom             The first and most important result of           they do nor know wher e to turn! God' s
Jesus said shall come "that he may abide       God 's Spi rit in the life of a human              Spirit will impart a sense of KN O~'ING
wi th you forever" (verse 16 ) .               bei ng is LOVE. This is a worl d based on          God- a personal comac/ wi th H im that
   Christ conti nued : "But the Comf orter,    compe tition, selfishness, greed and HATE.         cannot be obta ined any other way. For
which is the H oly Spirit, whom the            W e are approach ing the v ery epi tome            Hi s Spirit is Hi s vcry nature that He
Father will send in my name , he shall         of hare-human annihilation through                 places in us so that we can call Hi m
[each you all thi ngs, and bring all th ings   the next world war! The result of God 's           "Abba, Fath er."
to your remembrance, whatsoever I have         Spirit is exactly the oppotisei                       The quality of "meek ness" is me n-
said unro you" ( verse 26 ) .                    The love that we receive through                 tioned next. In this age of bate and
   Th e Holy Spirit is [ 0 TEACH us God's      G od's Spir it is not just another form            i-iolence, this characteristic of hum ility,
truth and help us understand the PUR-          of !J11111t111 love, but , "the 101 (1 of GOD is
                                                                                1                 and (he realization of one's own shorr-
POSE of our lives and of human exist-          shed abroad in our heart s by the Holy             com ings is very sadly needed. It is a
ence, It will help us rem emb er the Bible     Spiri t wh ich is given unto us" ( Rom,            quality which enables one to see himself
and the spiritual lessons we sho uld have      S:5), What is thi s divine love that               for wha t he really is- and thereby en -
learn ed,                                      comes from G od ?                                  ables him to grow and become what he
   In ot her words , God' s Holy Spirit           The inspir ed answer is foun d in I             should be in the purposes of his Maker.
will help you UN DERSTAN D [he Bible ,         Joh n 5:3: "For [his IS [he love-of God ,              Last of all, bur far from least, is tem-
remember it, and LIVE it! It will also         {hat we KEEP HI S COMMANDMENTS:                    peran ce, or SELF·CONTROl.
help you GROW in understandin g of             and His commandme nts are not                          Do you have the STRENGTH of char-
spi ritua l trut h and of th e amazing         grievous."                                         acter to overcome personal weaknesses,
proph ecies of the Bible that are now                                                             bad hab its or a rott en temper! T his
                                                   How God's Love Is Channeled
being worked Out here below! "Howbe it                                                            qua lity of God's Spirit gives you the
when he, the Spiri t of truth, is come ,          Th e love of {he true Christia n, then,         POWER [0 control yourself! Th is is one
he will gu ide you INTO all trm b: for         is expressed in OB EYING the comma nd-             of the most imp orr anr att ributes tha t
he shall not speak of him self; but what -     ment s of Almighty God. Th is love runs            could be given to any hu man being!
soever he shall hear, that shall he speak :    down the riverbed or cbannai of the ten               The wisest man who ever lived was
and he will ShO Ul yo« tb ings / 0 come"       commandments. First, ir is expressed               insp ired to wri te: "He tha t is slow to
 (John 16: 13) .                               in outgo ing concern , adorati on and              anger is better than the mighty; and he
   On e reason more professing Chri stians     WORSH IP toward our Heavenly Father.               that rulerh his spirit tha n he that taketh
aren't able to GROW constantly in grace        For Je sus said that the first and g reatest       a city" ( Prov, 16:32 ) .
and kn owledge and unde rstanding of           commandment is to love God with all                    This d ivine gift of SEL F·CONTROL
prophec)' is that they are not EM-             one's bei ng ( Mat. 22:37).                        enables the dru n·kard to quit dril1ki"g,
 POW ERED by God's Holy Sp irit [Q grasp          N ext, this div ine love from God is            the smoker to qnit smoking, {he man
and understa nd the Bible and to over-         expressed in compassi on, concern, kind-           who is weak [Q become STRONG. It gives
come themselves in living it.                  ness and service toward fellow man. For            spiritual backbone and POWER to men
                                               the second great comma nd is: "T hou               and women who have surrendered their
     The " Fr uit " of God 's Spirit
                                               shalt love thy neigh bor as thyself' ( Mat.        lives to the rrue God and are faithful ly
   People today WAN T t be . blessings         22:39 ).                                           relying on HI S strength to help them
that would come from God and His                  T hrough exp ressing (he divine LOVE            live the balanced, hap py, ABUNDANT
Spirit . But they want to ge t.these bless-    of God in keeping His comma ndments                lives whi ch He has pro mi sed!
ings their oum way.' T hey fail to realize     - in concern and serv ice toward God
that only by SURRI3N DER [() their Maker                                                                The "Gi fts" of God 's Spirit
                                               and fellow man---eomes deep-d own JOY
and God and thr ough receiving His             and peace of a nature tha t is never ex-             The 12th chapter of I Corinth ians is
Holy Spi rit can they have th e deep inner     perienced by selfish, carn al-minded men           devoted to describing and explaining
happine11, peace of mind and JOY in            Cut off from God and the true purpose              the "gi fts" or sp iritua l TOOLS whi ch
life wh ich everyone craves so much.           of their lives. Th e qua lities of long-           God gives    to those in H is Chu rch to
   Bur if on e has sur rendered to God in      suffering, gentleness and goodness are             do the WORK of rhe body d Christ, [he
REPENTANCE and BAPTISM, he is                  simply an added exp ression of that                true Church of God.
promised to receive the very Spirit of         divine love which need nor be ex-                     Paul states: "Bur the ma nifestation of
God-the very UFE and NATU RE of                pounded here. Notice that FAITH is                 the Spirit is given to every ma n to
God wh ich is placed in H is begotten          one of the frui ts of God 's Spirit. Again,        profit withal" ( verse 7 ). In ot her words,
chi ldre n.                                    here is something the world has precious           these sp iritual gifts are given to each
   Not ice (he won derful "frui t" or RE-      little of today. Peopl e seem co be1 ie\"~ in      man in orde r to profit the whole bod)1
SULT of God's Spiri t in the minds and         nothing but themselves! And they have              - [he whole Churc h of G od.
heart s of hu man beings. "But the /"'it       become mighty discouraged in that vain                Not ice these gifts that come thr ough
0/ the Spirit is love, jo,', peace, long-      p rocess. They do n ot really KNOW God.            God's Spirit : "For [0 one is g iven by
wlJeril1g, gentleness, goodness, faith,        They nrc drif ting about in an empty .             the Spirit the word of wisdo m; to an -
m eekness, temperance" (Gal. 5:22-23) .         black world. Th ey a re H ELPL ESS and yet        ot her the word of knowledge by the
November, 1961                                           Th e PLAI N T RUTH                                                       Pal';e 17

same Spirit " ( verse B) . T he word           And last of all is ment ioned the g ift of         T he Power to Actu all y Live as
"wo rd" in this verse comes from a Greek       t ongues and the interpretati on 0/                        Ch rist Lived
expression meaning utterance or f orth-        tongues. T his supe rnatural gi ft embodies
                                                                                                  Today peop le OJe fearful, Thcy are
telling. The emp hasis is on the m inister     the ability to speak through super -           [rmtrated. T heir lives are empty and
in God 's Church be ing give n the ab ility    nat ural help a foreig n language one has
                                                                                              l or/om. T hey do not love oth ers and
10 Ipeak or utter WISDOM or KNOWL-             nor physica lly and menta lly learned ,
                                                                                              they themse lves crave affection. M illions
EDG E-as the case mar be. Noti ce that         and help preach the Gospel in th is way.
                                                                                              are mixed up and have weird ideas
wisdom is put FIRST. It is m ost im -          As the end of this age approaches and
                                                                                              about religion and politics. Th ey are
portant, for a great deal of knowledge         even the beesben and those of languages
                                                                                              "blown about by every wind of
wit hout wisdom could be a very dan -          not normally taught in schools and col-        doct rine."
gerous thing. 1f?isdorn is the ability to      leges must be reached as a last witness,
                                                                                                  Peop le don 't know WHER E they came
understa nd all of the facts bearing on        th is gift will undoubtedly be seen and ex-
                                                                                              from , WHY they are here, or WHERE they
any situat ion and make the right DE-           ercised its true U'tlY more and more.
                                                                                              are going. T hey DON'T KNOW GOD         !
CISION as to what course of acric n
                                                 God's Spirit Impar ts Hi s N at ur e             But the Apos tle Paul shows us that
should be followed. A true m inister, or
                                                                                              the very Spirit and nature of God is NOT
one in high office of aut hority such as            T he Apostle Paul said : "Let this
                                                                                              one of fear or confusion. Rat her, it is the
the President of the Uni ted States or         m ind be in you, which was also in
                                                                                              spiri t of POWER-spiritu al STRENGTH
the Pr ime Mini ster of G reat Britain,        Christ Jesus" ( Phil. 2 :5 ) .
                                                                                              to master our human weaknesses and
needs a great deal of wi sdom . And deep            The vcry MINDand NATURE of Christ
                                                                                              the temptations of the world and the
spiritual wisdom comes 011 from GOD            and God are available to the true Chris-
tb roagb H is Sp irit!                         tian through the POW ER of God 's Holy
                                                                                                  It is the spirit of LOVE- the atri-
                                               Spiri t. W e can come to have better
   Knowledge. Faith and Healing                                                               rude of worship and obedience and
                                               WISDOM, and KNOWLEDG E, and FAITH.
                                                                                              adoration toward ou r Father in H eaven
   This is also true with spir itual kn owl-        As the Apostle Peter stat ed : "Whereby
                                                                                              who made us and put us here, and of
edge. This involves a grasp of the laws        are given unrc us exceeding grear and
                                                                                              concern and kindueu and service toward
and p rinciples of the Bible-s-a real          precious promises: rhar by these ye
                                                                                              our fellow man made in Hi s image.
KN OWI N G of God's will and purpose,          might be partakers of the DIV INE NA-
This is something that many men have           TURE, having escaped the cor rupt ion              Th e Holy Sp irit is that of a SOUN D
soug ht after their whole lifetime with-       tha t is in the world through lust" ( II       MIND--a mind that gras ps the real
OUt ever finding it! But it can come           Pet. 1:4 ) ,                                   purpose of hum an existence in relation-
thro ugh surrender to God and the re-               As the begott en child of Almighty        ship to the plan and will of Almighty
ceiving of H is Holy Spirit.                   God, you can receive H is very NATURE          God , and sees each trial and test and
   Th e oth er gifts mentio ned are faith      and CHARAcrER-juSt as a human                  phase in li fe in relationship to tha t
-which comes only through G od's               baby receives the exact natu re of his         purpose and has the WISDOM to make
                                                                                              1 ight decisions accordingly.
Spirit. T hen the gift1 of heali/lg- the       parents! You will come to think as God
God -given office and am horily to heal        th inks, love as God loves, have the               W ould you like to have the tre-
the sick as Jesus Chr ist and H is apos tles   powe r of SELF-CONTROL as He does and          mendous UNDERSTANDING of God and
did when on this earth . If you are in         - more and more have Hi s divine                life and the unparalleled sr_ngth of
doub t as to whether God has taken this        KNOWL EDGe, Hi s UNDERSTANDI NG of             CHARACTER that can be had only
gift away from H is people, wri te im-         spi ritual th ings and Hi s WiSDOM to make      through the power of God's Sp irit?
mediately for Me. Arm stro ng's free           the rig ht decisions throughout thi s life         Th en OBEY your Maker! R EPENT
booklet: "D oeI G od H eal T oday?"            now and all eternity!                           and BE BAPTIZED by a true servant of
   T he wo rking of miracles is anot her            Thi s should give the true Christian a     the Living God as He has comma nded!
gift that the world will soon come co          tremendous confidence and FAITH in              Carefully read the articles ever)' m onth
realize is still in God's true Church and      God and in Hi s POWER working through           in T he PLAIN TRUTH magazine to find
 that He will intervene even ph)'Iica/l)'      those who surre nder the ir lives to Hi m       OU t more of the details of God's will and
 in our lives and affairs when we ask          that is unsurpassed in hum an expe-             to prove to yourself WHERE God is
 H im to do so in [aitb accordi ng to Hi s     rie nce!                                        working today!
 will. T he gift of prophecy or inspired            Th e young evangelist Timothy was             Don't "kid" you rself. Be honest with
 preachin g is anot her gift very much in      written the following inspired words by         God and with the Bible. Seek God and
 evidence in the true Chu rch of God           the Apostle Paul which apply to us              H is Spirit with all your might-in dili-
 wh ich is carrying Hi s message to this        today as well: "W herefore I pur thee in       gent Bib/e Swdj', in prayer and [astin g,
 world as a last witn ess in real POWER.       remembrance that thou stir up the gilt          and obey each spiritual truth as God
 T he discerning 0/ IpirilI- the ability to     of God wh ich is in the e by the putting       reveals it to you!
 discern the attitude or spirit of a person    on of my hands. For God hath not give n             Seek God 's Spirir with all your mig ht.
 - wherher it is of Satan or uf God.            us the spirit of fear ; but of POWER,          Exercise il. Use it. If yOll truly j'ield
 T his should also be possessed by those        and of LOVE, and of a SOUND MIND"              yO/melf to God and H is will, you will
 who call themselves Chr isrians today.          ( II Ti m. 1:6-7) .                            recei ve it-and it is POWER UNLIM ITED!
Pa ge 18                                                 J'b , PLAIN TRUTH                                              November, 1961

     Will They OUTGROW It?                                                                        You are in a nice restau rant with
                                                                                              your wife and children . Johnnie, aged
                                (Cot/tit/tied from page 10)                                   2 liz, become s angry ar rhe food you've
                                                                                              chosen for him . While you are trying
parem with the little two-a nd-a-ha lf-        daily routine? A ridic ulous suggestio n-      to poli tely give the waitress your order,
year -old already described that he            to say the lease! An d yet, this is the        Johnnie begin s to SCREAM with anger!
should be willing to use "endless tech-        EXACT advocat ion of ma ny who would           He shou rs, ar the top of his high -pirched
niques" and develop "understanding" to         assure you they are foremost authorities       voice, "No ! No! No! I DON 'T WANT
help him survive the time until his            on how to rear children.                       THAT!" and, throwing him self to the
little 2 ~ year-old turns three?                   It is reasoned that children also need     floor, begi ns to kick, cry and scream in
   Apparently, my own children were            to "unwind"! Bur, since their minds            a frenzy of unbridled emotion!
so ignorant of these "Stages" through          are not yet inrelligen r enough to lead            Do the parent s merely calmly smile,
which they have been growing they for-         them inca other recreational activities        placidly ignore Johnnie, and go rig hr on
got to express the characteristics that        or diversions , they oftentimes throw a        ordering?
these "stages" shou ld have demanded           "tempe r tantrum"! Th is, assure the               IF THEY SHOULD-I DOUBT IF THE
of them! At any rate, our child ren, at        child psychologists, is mer ely a method       OW N ER OF TH E RESTAURANT PERMITS
the "stage" of "two-a nd-a-half" never         of "letting off steam" and should be           TH EM TO REMAI N IN HI S PLACE OF
were domineering and demanding-                patiently ignored by the parent!               BUSINESS!
they never tried to give orders-they               "A nger and resistance are the                Well, then, do they "somehow inter-
never made the decisions-they ' were               natural responses to being blocked .       est him in the new thing" they want
never given to temper tantrums- they               Children show thi s by having              him to do, and "avoid a scene?"
were decidedly flexible and nor at all             temper tantrums when th ey have to            N ot really very PRACTI CAL , is it? Do
 RIGID. T hey were able to adap t to any-          be interr upt ed to be washed,             YOU .think the empty the or ies advocated
thing, rhey were able to give in con-              dr essed, or taken to the toiler.          by roday's generatio n of authority-haters
s/dntly-in fact, several times a day,              Th ey burst ou t if they are int erfered   are really WORKABLE?
 and the y were able towait--even days             with at play. Hunger and fatigue              Here again, the authors assure us a
 or mont hs should that have been neces-           are oth er kind s of thwarting situa-      negative reaction to commands is com-
 sary! But more of th is later.                    tion s tha t p roduce anger" [em -         m on at tbis particular agel
    T he chi ld psychologists, whom J .            pha sis ou rs] ( p. 356, Th e Com-            This is tru e-ONLY if rhe child has
 Edgar Hoover says, "have substituted              plete Book of Mothercraft, Paren ts        not been trained corr ectly from birch!
 indulgence for discipli ne"! all seem to          Institute ) .                              It is true ONLY if the parents have not
 concur on the gene ral unrul iness, balki-        Yes, anger and resistance are the          punisbed rhe child, have not had right
 ness, temper ta ntrums and exp losiveness      NATURAL responses to being blocked!           and correct discipline, have not know n
 rhar supposedly accompany rhe ch ild of        That is, they are the CARN AL responses.      HOW to rear th eir children properly,
 from 1Y2 to three years of age! But            But simply because they are the "na-          but have merely been "observing their
 bebind it all is one of the most impor-        tural" responses to auchoriry-c-a cer not     children growing up " instead of really
 tam miscalcu lations of the modern             make them right!                              actively rearing them! Otherwise, if the
 school of child training.                          "At about the age of "WO, child ren       ch ild of rwo years of age has beet/
                                                    show ange r more often tha n they         trained, has been shown the proper and
  Do Child ren " Sto re U p" Emotions ?             are likely to when rhey are older.        deep LOV E, consideratio n and care, but
    Frequently, you hear of adulrs spea k-          . . . If we can somehow int erest          at the same rime authoritative discipline
 ing of "gett ing unwound" by means of              him in the new th ing we wane him          given from love, and in love, he will
 recreation or other activity. We talk of           to do, we may avoid a scene.... A          NOT, under any circumsta nces, at any
 being "te nse" or "high-strung" or                 negative reaction to comm ands at          time, burst into anger and shout "no!"
 "keyed -up"! So far, so good. T his, ro a          this age is so common that the             at his parents. I have the living PROOF
 degree, is absolutely tr ue.                       foresight ed mother tri es to avoid        of th is fact in my own home!
    Every adult, especia lly engaged in the         conflict by g iving as few orders as          "It has already been poi nted Out
 type of occupation which demands high-             possible and ma king requests in-             that a child berween rhe ages of 18
 tension me ntal concentrat ion, needs a            stead" ( p, 356· 357, The Complete            months and thr ee years tends to
 "change of pace" once in awh ile-to                Book of Mothercraft, Parenrs                  say 'no' to every suggestion, If he
 "unwind"! But wouldn't it be a strange             Insti tut e ) .                                is nor consta ntly being given direc-
 society if the adults were given to weird          What an unbelievable quotation!                tions and commands, he has less
 emotional out bursts, in whic h they            How does a parent in a restaurant, or            chan ce to build up rhis habi r of
 seized a gu n, shot dow n five or six help-     in a public market or shop, really put           balkiness.
 less bystanders , cudge lled a policem an       these empt y the ori es int o practice?           "If parenrs could only train rbern -
  to death , and then, their feeling s           How would you apply rhis ridic ulous              selves nor to be shocked when their
  assuaged, lap sed into their ordinary and      suggestion in the following circum-               young childre n express their ange r
November, 1961                                              The PLAIN TRUTH                                                           Page 19

    by saying '1 hare you' or by calling         potent ially won derful minds of our             serious consequ en ces in a spiriMal
    them nam es, they wou ld improve             inn ocent yout h, FR USTRATING them,             sense-of which the child psychologists
    their rel ati on s w ith the ir childre n.   1WISTING the m, PERV ERTI NG them,               know nothing. Such a child will very
    The avera ge father and mother               allowing rhem to be filled wirh DE·              defini rely build up a HABIT of rebellion
    have forgott en the feelings of re-          MONIACAl RAGES, HATREDS, TEMPER                  coward aut hor ity, d isobed ience, temper
    senrmem they had in early life               OUTB URST is a GIANT, GARGANTUAN
                                                             S                                    tantrums, and hatr ed. The th ol<ght o f
    to ward thei r ow n pare nts . , . , A       SIN!                                             allowing a riny roddling boy of barely
    chi ld drains off his rese ntment if he         The wages of sin is DEATH ( Ro m.             over twO years of age to shout and
    is allowed to express . .. if he if          6:23 ) . God is goi ng ro PUNISH, in no          scream at his own parents "I HATE
    made to feel gllilt)' over these             uncerta in terms, for any such great             you!" and even encouraging hi m in it
    natural reactions, if he has to Sllp-        crime aga inst pl iable young m inds as          is the EXACT thing J . Edgar H oover
    press them or be punished, his               you have seen the modern ch ild psychol-         talked abo ut whe n he said our society
    feeli ngs may be in a mrmoilt But            ogisrs advocare! May G od really HELP            has been subs titu ting "indu lgence for
    if his par ents can say to his exp res-      some of you to SEE it in its dear light!         disc ipl ine!..
    sions o f HATE, 'Of course you feel                                                               H uman emotions do not have "in-
                                                             Habits of Hatred
    that way. I used to, too, whe n                                                               trinsic worth." Ign orant theorists assume
    someone made me do somethi ng;                  As has already been po inte d OUt,            th e exp losive outbu rsts and temper
    he doesn't STORE UP gui lt ove r his         childre n learn by th e formation of             tantru ms of children are actually less-
    confli cti ng feel ings about his fath er    habits! The aut hors of this particular          ening the "pressures" with in the child,
    and mot her." ( p. 359, The Com-             work contradict th em selves whe n th ey         rather than encouraging the SIN of
    plete Book of M othereTaft . Parents         say:                                             rebellion! It is as if you had a bag of
    In stitute ) , ( Em p has is ours] .            "Pare nts are someti mes afra id a            marbl es, they the orize, each marble
    Not ice it! Parents arc encouraged to            young child who is allowed ro talk           label ed "b arred "! As you dip into the
actively aid and abet the ir child ren in           back when he is ang ry will form              bag and subtract each marbl e, you have
BREAKING God's fifth com mand ment!                 the bebit of doing rhis. Actu ally,           fewer marbles left in the sack! Thus,
Go d says. "Honor th y fath er and moth er ,         being allowed whil e very young to            they reasoned , as a child is allowed co
thar rhy days may be long upon the                   LET OFF STEAM thi s way, without             "express him self " in crazed fits of
land which the Lord thy G od giveth                  reproach, may pr event the forming           screaming anger, he has in creasingly less
thee!" and, "Ch ildr en OB EY th y par ents          of worse habits of sulkiness and             chan ce of doing it again!
in the Lord , for this is right!" Bur                obstinacy,"                                      "The mother who says she cannor
"modern" parents are to ld to Sll)' to               In a section alrea dy quot ed, the y             ign ore a scream ing, kicking youn g-
their OW Il children "I used [0 hate m y         ste rnl y warn ed that a child must not be           ster usually means she has not
pare nts, roo!" and tell their little            giv en ver y many direction s and com-               found out how co use ign oring as a
todd ler s they "understand " why th eir         mands or he may b uild up a HABIT OF                 constr uct ive method. Leaving him
own children arc shout ing and scream-           BALKINESS! Bur NOW they assure us,                   and go ing abo ut her business may
ing in a fit of temper , throw ing them-         ON THE SAME PAGE, that there is no                   work bet ter than she thinks it will.
selves on the floor, kicking and p rac-          worry of a child formin g the habit of               T he m inute he hasn't an aud ience
tically fror hing at the mouth while the y       talk ing back when he is angry!                      his pleasure in the perform ance
scream "I HATE yo u !"                               But does a child really "let off steam"          begins ro d ie down. N atu rally, if
     The explanation that has been given         and "drain off his resentment" if he is              she herse lf is so angered by his
 in this quotation is so fr ightfully stupid,    allowed to exp ress it?                              temper that he r attitude in ig noring
so horrifyingly naive, and so shockingly             Let 's unde rstand! T he emotions in a           him is hateful, ignori ng will only
 idiotic that it leaves one in a ver itable      tiny child are not like compressed air               cause him to feel mo re hostile.
quandary.                                         in a bot tle. Child psycholog ists have             But if she can treat his anger as nor
     Listen! The RIGHTEOUSLY INDIG-               followed the theor y tha t huma n emo -             tOO serious a m atter , if she is pre-
NANT voice o f the A lmighry God THUN·            tions are m uch like com pressi ng air in           pared. for it JUSt as she is p rep ared.
 DERS at such insipid and SATANIC                a bottle. T he more it is compressed, the             for ot her primiti ve waYJ of acti ng
 teachi ngs from the reach es of His very         mo re resistan ce against a cap . J USt lik e        in early childhood, like eating with
 THRONE IN H EAVEN! GOD IS ANGRY                  a pressure cooker, or a boiling pot o f              fingers, it will be mo re likel y to
 with such swill.                                 water o n the stove , they theor ize that            subside." [emphasis ours}. ( p. 358,
     You can't afford to take these things        resentment and reb ellion , buildi ng               T he Complete Book of M other·
  ligh tly!                                       op wir hi n the child, needs ro "explode"            cra'[t, Parents Insrirure ) .
     The greatest respons ibility eve r placed    and to "let off stea m" eve ry now and               Par ents are cold this is merely a phase
 on a hum an bein g is that of form ing ,         then! Actually, rhey are in tot al error!         rhrough wh ich the child is pa ssing , and
  shap ing, teaching ot her human minds!             The child who is supposed ly allowed           he will soon get over it all.
 God warns aga inst many becoming                 to "dr ain off his resentment" in this               "In most families the ph ase In
 TEACHERS, saying rhey will receiv e              fashi on is the child who could well be              which tantrums are most likely to
 even sterner judgement! To take the              opening up his mind co extremely                     occur passes and is forgotten, If
Page 20                                                 The Pl.A IN TR UT H                                                       November, 196 1

  tantrums are continuous, however,
  or recur past the age of five, they
                                                during the pre -adolescent period, I
                                                assure you the days of actual pun-
                                                                                             HOW              YOUR PLAIN TRUTH SUB-
                                                                                                              SCRIPTION HAS BEEN PAID
                                                                                                  So many ask : ·· H O W does il happen th at I find
                                                                                             my subsc ription price for The PLAIN TRUTH h as
  may be a signal to seek help from a           ishment will be over long ere your           alread y beell fhHd? HOW can you publish such a
                                                                                             high class magazine wiehcue adveuising revenue? "
  child-guidance counselor equipped             youngsters reach thei r teens . But               T he an swer is as simple as il is as[onishing! II is
                                                                                             a par adox . Chr iSl·s Gospel canne r be sold like
  to discover underlying causes" ( p .          if for any reason you have failed in         mer ch andise. You can no t bu y salvat ion. Yet it does
                                                                                             COSI mon ey [0 publish Cb rtu's TRUTH and mail it
  548-549, Tbe       Encyclopedia    of         the earlier years, and your children         to all cc n un ems on eanh. It does have to be pJid
                                                                                             l or! This is Chri st's work. We solve th is prob lem
   Cbildcare and Gu idance, Gruen-              have attained adolescence wi thout           Christ's WAY!
                                                                                                 Jesu s said, "This Go spel of the K ingd om shall
   berg ) .                                     learning self-control, then I admen-         be preached ( and pubhshed-e--Mark 13 :1 0 ) in all
                                                                                             the world for a wuness unto all uadocs" ( M ac.
   ". . . We see that the bab y protests        ish you nor to depend exclusively            2 4 : 14 ) " I thu Jim., juSl bef ore me en d of Ibis age.
                                                                                             A PRICE mu ll b. paid for the ma gazine. ehe br ead -
   against unple asant exp eriences by          upon these new-fangled psycho-               cast. rhe Co rr espo nd ence Course. o r ot h er literarnre.
                                                                                             Bur HOW? Ch riS[ forbids us co u // it 10 those wh o
   crying. These responses may be               logic notions or on any fantas tic           receive it : "Freely ve have recei ved," said Jesus to
                                                                                             H is diKi ples wh o He was sending to pr ocla im Hi s
   considered as emanat ing from the            interpretati on of Freudian ph ilos-         Gospel , 'fretly GIVE!" " It is mo re bl.u ed," H e
                                                                                             said , " 10 GIVE t ha n 10 receiv e."
   instin ct of self-preservation.              ophy, and refrain from chastise-                                             a
                                                                                                  God 's WAY is the .... y o f LOVE_od !lUI is
                                                                                             the wa y of xil'i"t. God expects every ch ild of H is
   "The response             . cont inues       ment through fear that your                  10 gil" free-will o ffer ings and 10 tilhe, as Hi s m eans
                                                                                             of l)aying the cose of carrying Hi s Gos pe l to olh ers.
   thr oughour life . This crying of rhe        children will nor develop leadership .       We. therefore. sim      :r.ly UUSt our Lord jescs Christ 10
                                                                                             lay it o n the min s and hearts of His foll o.... rs 10e
   baby becom es the tem per tantrum            Leadership--bah! Who want s a boy             ~i \'e ~e nerously . t huS. payin g the COSt of pUlling me
                                                                                             preci ou s Go spel TRlITH in ehe hands o f others,
   of rhe older child and a parr of rhe         to grow up {Q be a leader of a crim i-       Yet it muse go o" /y to th ose wh o "Ii /0' ;t /0'
                                                                                             th emstI f'II.' Each mu st , for h imself. suburibe--and
   life-long figh r for independence. As        nal gang? Indeed , if we go on after         hi s su bscript ion has th us ahtoldy b, en ()did.
                                                                                                  Thus Ihe living dyn ami C Ch ri S[ Himself enab les
   such it represents one of the strong-        this fashion, we can truly say               us 10 broad cast. wo rld -wide, without eve r asking for
                                                                                             ro neri bueions e ver the air ; c enroll many tho usands
   est impulses resp onsible for human          'what pri ce leadership!' " [emphasis         in the Ambassad or Co llege Bible Cc rrespondeece
                                                                                             Course with full tuirion cosr "l"ad., Pdid: to send
   behavior : ' ( p. 28, III Dejense of         ou rs] . ( p. 14 1, Piloting Modem           your PLA IN TRUTH on an "I"ady pa;J basis .
                                                                                             God 's way is GOOD!
   Childr en, Beverly ).                        Y outb, Sadler) .
   This very aptly titled book assures          Sound advice, indeed! Read it again!
parents temper tantrums are nothing
more than the natural outgrowth of                       Sta g es of Grow th
the first wails of a tiny baby, expressi ng      The chi ld psycho logists, observing
his need for "independence!"                  the growth of hundreds of children,
   These theories are simply untrue.          have quickly recognized there really are
Temper tantrums show a complete lack          various "stages" through which children
of self-disciplille-and far from being        pass.
merely a STAGE through which rhe child           These pha ses represent increased
is growing, are gravely serious warning       moror acti vity, g row ing bodies , acquired
signs of a child totally lacking in selj-     skills , new mean s of expression and the
control. It is JUSt such thoughtless          widening horiz ons of all children!
teachings as rhcse that have led thou-           OF COURSE there are "phases!" A
sands of children pa st the bars of           rebellious child of 8 months may onl y
justice across our land, and have made        wail and scream- finally sucking his
hopeless emotional u-recles our of            thumb for comfort ! The same child,
uncounted milli ons of others.                still rebellions, may shout "NO!" to
   R ather than goin g through a "stage"      ever y parent al command and throw
of child development, which rhey will         violen t temper tantrums at age two!
gro w OUt of, childre n allowed to ex-            Bur childre n are 11 0t caged beasts-e-
press insane rage at their parents are        ro be "obser ved" as they grow. They are
buil ding a" mat ure habit of haIred.'        preciou s hu man lives capable of build-
    N ow norice a refreshingly sound           ing real character , and they must be
qu otation for a change:                      trained!
    "Let us-parents, teachers, and all            NATURALLY, an undisciplined, unre-
    o thers having ro do with the rrain -     stra ined child is goin g to beg in to shout
    ing of youth-see to it that adole s-       "no!" to every command at along about
    cent s acq uire sell-control. Let us       the age of two! He will do this-not
    save them from the injurious effects       simp ly becam e he is "two " and is there-
    of this new-fangl ed idea thar young       fore going through a PHASE whi ch de-
    people can grow up to do as they           maud! thi s type of action-but because
    please. Confusion worse con-               he has ncr been raughr to respecr and
    found ed will be the state of the          fear (Iulhoril)', and because his in-
    next generation if it is generally         creased physi cal size, increased knowl -
    accepted. If you , as a parent, have       edge of the Engl ish language, his in-
    done your duty in the nursery and                 (Please cont isme on page 26)
          Novembe r, 1961                                       Th e PLAIN T RUT H                                                  Page 21

                                                                                                         In to 1940-St il1 a Str uggle
                    AUTOBIOGRAPHY                                                                     Th e uphill srruggle-c-c limbing con-
                                                                                                   stantly in gro wth of the work in sp ite
                                        (Con tinued fr om page 8)                                  of inadequate facilities and financial
                                                                                                   backing, continued into the year 1940
          "head" is being formed, today, before          "Finally, remember this war is mere-
                                                                                                   - and throughout the decade of the
          our very eyes! It is rising Out of the      Iy a resumption   01 the world trar, It is   Iorties.
          Common Market in Europe-s-our of            nor, so far as present events are con-
                                                                                                      Th e March, 1940, Pla;1I T rtab was
          which ten nations or groupings of na-       cerned, directly and specifically men-
                                                                                                   the first since November, 1939. It was
          tions will combine to form a new U.S.       rioned in the Bible prophecies at all.
                                                                                                   still mimeographed. More than 100,000
          of Europe!                                  Bill und oubtedly if is pat'illg the way
                                                                                                   people were listening to the message
             During March and April, 1939, 1,000      lor prophesied events .
                                                                                                   weekly. The Plain Truth circulation was
          new requests were received for annual          "One of tWO things may happen : 1)
                                                                                                   2,000 copies. Expenses were being held
          subscriptions to Tbe Plain Truth'! The      the allies may go on to smash H itler,
                                                                                                   to 5300 per month-i nclud ing our
          work was GROWING!                           possibly with the help of either or both
                                                                                                   lamily living 01 less than $85 per month.
             The August issue 01 The Plain Trznb,     ul the United States or Italy; 2 ) Italy
          1939, contained an article captioned:       might yet come in on the side of Ger -                 Boys Growing U p
           IV arld tVar May Come IV itbin Six         many-the battle secto r shifting at once
                                                                                                     Meanwhile, our four children were
           IVeeks. The war starred September I.       ro the Medit erranean, especially Egypr
                                                                                                   growing up . The two girls now were
              In an article in the November, 1939,     (the Suez canal gate), and Palestine, (as
                                                                                                   twenty and rwenry-rwo, The boys ten
          Plain Trntb on 'The European IVar,"         described with maps in the Februa ry-
                                                                                                   and eleven-Dick about twelve. For the
          a paragraph or tWO m:ty be of inte rest:    March Plain Tm/I; ) ."
                                                                                                   bars, this, I believe, is the happiest age
                   Reproducti on of pages 3 and 4 of the mimeog raphed Feb ..                      ever enjoyed by any person . Surely noth -
                   Mar . 19 39 issue of the PLAIN TRUTH . Map pa ints out key                      ing to compare is experienced by girls.
                   gateway s Musso lini had to ca ptu re from G re a t Bri ta in.

-'   ..
PaJ:e 22                                                 1"be PLAIN TR UTH                                              November. 1961

    I remember so well when I was              Mother ever knew.                             brink of the mighty rushing McKen zie
eleven. My only sister, Mabel, died thar          During the sum mer of 1940 we were         at one of its [astest, deepest po ints ,
year in an att ack of spinal men ingitis, at   recurnin g to Eug ene along the Me-              "H aving know n only a little about
age 9. H owever, a year later my bro ther      Kenzie H ig hway alongside the swift-         fishiog-I did know you had ro get the
Dw ight Leslie and his twin sister Mary        flowing McKenzie River. Th e boys             bait down to where the ru b were, \Ve
Lucile, were born . During those years,        wanted rc do some fishing. Finally,           had no split sho r or weig hts, no leaders
with o ther boys of the same age, I took       after m uch pleading, we Stopped at a         on our lines, no reels, so casti ng was
up wre sding-thesc were the days of            country store, bought a small roll of         impossible.
our "heroe s" Frank G otch and "Farmer"        fishing line, a few hooks , and a bottle         "Morn picked our the spar w here it
Burns; we went swimming, skating in            of salmo n eggs.                              was SAFEST-instead of letting us go
the win ter, sledd ing. We dug caves. We          O ur elder daugh ter, Beverly, and her     whe re we tho ught we m ight find a fir/;,
had white mice and ferre ts, and prob -        fiance, Ji mm y Gon , were w ith us, and      T here we sat , with the sha ft line, a
ably we stuck frogs in our pockets. I          jim Cut tWO big "fishing poles" from a        tiny gold sing le-egg hook and a bri ght
rode a bicycle everywhere.                     willow tree and tied the lin e ro rhem .      red salmo n egg-skipping frantically
    At eleve n and twelve a boy has few           From here on, I will let Garner Ted        along the tOp of the gigantic rush of
respon sibiliries-c-devores him self pri-      recount for you in his own wor ds the         to ns of blue-white water, on the edge
marily to "fun"-and yet, he does n ot          humiliating experience he and his             of one of the fastes t and deepest rap ids
altoge ther take a vacatio n from disap-       brother Di ck suffered- all because of        along the l\fcKe nzie !
poinrrnenrs, humiliation and painful           the "besr Mom in the world:' Just be-            "T here wasn 't the [ainten, remotest
suffering. Hi s prob lems arc far more         for e rushing to the broadcast stud io for    chan ce of ever catching a trout under
serious [0 hi m than they are [0 Dad or        roday 's \'C'ORLD T OM ORROW prog ram ,       those cond itio ns-and we both knew it
Mom or orher grow n-ups .                      Ga rne r T ed Ar mstrong rap ped our the      -but at least, we were SAFE!
    1 have recoun ted how, when younger,       follo wing on his typewriter :                   "As a result-we had pretty sour
Ga rner T ed ha d g iven me a big kiss-           "W e were on the way returning co          expressions! ( I had already caught nu-
and when I asked wh at he was af ter           Eugen e from a tr ip, I believe to Blernis'   merous trout in the Molalla River up on
now, he repl ied that was for pi cking         home, or else lip to Belkn ap Springs-        Grandmas farm-and had do ne so by
our far him the best mother in the             bur at any rate, up rhc Mclccruic             wading to the head of a rim e, and drifr-
worlJ. H e still feels that war . Only I        highway.                                     ing grass hop pers, cric kets , salmo n eggs
didn 't "pick her out "- \V both have              "Dick anJ I (I mos tly, I believe )            UH
                                                                                             o r C lp pi eces of chub into the q uiet
always known, some how, that God                pleaded and pleaded, and finally, we         pools behind large rocks-so 1 knew it
chose us for each ot her. But if our boys      stop ped ar a count ry sto re, and boug ht    wou ld be a mir acle if there were any
had "the best Morn in the world " she          a small roll of fishing line, a few hooks,    fish whatsoever in this frantically rush -
was best, except for JUSt o ne or tWO          and a bo tt le of salmo n eggs.               ing pan of the river-they were acru-
 th ings- at age ten and eleven.                   (t'Bcv and J im were along, I remem-      ally about rwo hundred yards farth er
     For one thing, they had a mot her                                          ut
                                                ber definit ely- because J im C us tWO       down , resting in the natural 'feeder
who wanted the m to swim--only she              big club- like 'fishing poles and ried the   poo ls where the riffles quiered.)"
d id not wane them to go near the water        lin e ro rhem.}
                                                                                                        No H allucination s
 umil after they had learned how to                "So-we were carefully herded over
 sw im, This pr ob lem was far more             the rocks, wi th dee p pools sw irl ing        On April 2, 1940 , I had to wr ite
 serious [0 young grow ing boys than            aro und thr ough un der- cur areas, to the   Co-Workers : "The on ly way I have

FISHING- where the re were no fish ! At left is Richard David
and at right is Ga rner Ted , ages 12 and 10 % respectively,
N ovem ber, 196 1                                         Th e PLAIN TR UTH                                                         Page 23

managed to keep the work going has             office recently , announ cing loudly, "I am      ing of that p rophecy. 1 knew of no Other
been by pe rsonal sacrifice-taki ng            Jesus Christ!"                                   prea ching of THIS VERY GOSPEL. No-
money inte nded for our family living,            All self-importa nt vanity had been           wher e else was this prophecy being ful -
letti ng my family suffer. One of my           rudely knocked OUt of me by the suc-             filled. 1 saw, now, that THIS MESSAGE
daughters has had to stOp school. We           cessive business reverses, bein g knocked        was to go world -wide-to ALL NATIONS.
are about to lose our home . We have           down repeatedly, and made for years to           I did ncr yet envision that this very
gone with out badly needed clothing. 1         bite the dust of poverty and humil iation.       work would be used of God in its ac-
could tell you more , but do not want          But I had come to receive a new con-             complishment. But 1 did now see clearly
to talk about ourselves-s-our heavenly         fidence. It was based on faith in CHRIST         that we should step up our energ ies,
Father knows. We are willing and glad          - not in self. It was the faith of Christ,       and as far as it was Goo's will to use us
to make any sacrifice. BUT THE POINT           which God had given as one of the                in this fulfillment, to expand the work.
IS, WE HAVE NOW COME TO THE EN D,              gif ts of His Spirit.                                I began, much more intensely than
UNLESS SUBSTANTIAL HELP COMES AT                                                                before, to focus atte ntio n on expanding
                                                First Vision of \X orl d-\Vide Scope
ONCE. The work cannot be held up by                                                             the broadcast into Seattle. Almost a year
this meth od of personal sacrifice any             But in May, 1940, God had begun to           before I had taken a trip to Seattle to
longer. As long as it was only us who          bri ng into my mind a glimpse of the             explore possibilities of obtaining a good
suffered, I said nothing. But now the          future world -wide destiny of thi s work,        time on a Seattle station. But no door
Lord's WORK will Stop unle ss subsran-         for the first time . We could not know,          opened, then. An d, in 1939 it was
tia l help come s qu ickly. For the work 's    then, whether World War II, already              financially impossible .
sake I mu st appeal to our helpers. 1          under way in Europe, would continue on
                                                                                                      A Hea rt-to uch ing Sacr ifice
would starve befo re 1 would ask one           into Armageddon and the END of the
cent as charity for myself . But I'm will-     world. We could not know , then, tha t              The Seattle broadcastin g was started
ing to humil iate myself in any way for        God would grant another recess in the            by an unusual sacrifice made by a man
the Gospel's sake."                            world war-and for the very purp ose              and wife in Clarke County, W ashington,
     D uring the early years of this minis-    of allowing this WORK OF GOD to ful-             liste ners over KWlJ. This fami ly had
try, as 1 have noted before, no illusions      fill Matt hew 24: 14 of preaching and            lost all they had in the great drough t
of grandeu r flooded my mind. 1 had no         publishing Christ's Gospel of God's              of i 934 and 1935. They then migrated
grandiose visions of conduct ing a great       KINGDOM to all the world as a witness ,          from South Dakota, and had made a
earth-girding work reaching ma ny mil-         just before the END of this world and            down paym ent on a small farm a few
 lions on all continents . If anyone had       the coming of Christ!                            mi les outside Vancouver , W ashington.
 then suggested that this work wou ld              But the sense of im minence of the           The man and a son had man aged to
 grow to even a tenth its present scope        END--COmbined with the knowledge                 build the outside shell of a house. The
 and power, 1 wou ld have rega rded it as      that this very Message must first be             siding was not yet on. A second floor
 an empty pipe-dream.                          proclaimed-inspired a let ter to Co-             had been partially laid-just the sub -
     This work has nor grown to its pres-      Workers dated May 23, 1940, which                flooring. There was no stair-way as yet
 ent proportions because 1 planned it          asked , in part :                                -and no partitions either upstairs or
 that way-but because Goo planned it,              "Dear CO-WORKERS : We ente r, now ,          down-c-jusr one large room on each
 expanded it, empowered it.                    the most CRUCIAL peri od of our co-              floor. The children slept upstairs, gain-
     1 was not without vision. When the        labors together in the powerful pro-             ing access by climbing up a ladder.
 broadcast first started, in J anuary 1934,    claiming of the GOSPEL. The ZERO                     T his man had, over twO or three
 I did envisi on a work reaching the en-        HOUR has struck ! Whatever is to be             years' time, saved up 540 over and
 tire Willamette Valley and probably            done , we must do quickly . Soon we shall       above bare family expens es and getting
 Portland. After we reached Portland,           nor be permitted to carry on this great          this much of a home builr. The $40 was
 I did envi sion going on to cover Seattl e,    work . . . . But now, as never before,          saved to buy lumber for the partitions
  and the entire Pacific N orthwest. As the     people WILL HEAR! People are STUNNED            for separate rooms in their house.
  work grew, the vision for the futu re ex-     by the war events in Europe! Every-                 When these peopl e heard we were
  panded with it. But this ministry was         where, people . . . are now turning              trying to get started on the air in Seattle,
  not started with any such hallucinations,     eager ears to hear! They are beginning           they sent me tha t $40, explaining how
  spawned in self-pride, vanity and ego-        to realize the Bible prophecies are being        they had saved it, and for what purpose.
  tism, as a few ne'er -do-wells who have       fulfilled-that we are in the VERY LAST           Since we were driving to Portland every
  come to me, announcing : "Mr. Arm-            DAYS! . . . Now is the time when Jesus           week for the broadcast, I drove O to  ut
  strong, I have come to annou nce to you       said 'this Gospel of the KINGDOM' -              their little farm , to return the money.
  that I am Elijah tha t was prophesied to      the Good News of the comi ng GOVERN~                "I JUSt couldn't take this mone y," I
  come ;" or, "Mr. Armstrong, God has           MENT BY J ESUS CHRIST, the KINGDOM               said, "when you have struggled so long
  shown m~ in a dream that 1 am to be           OF GOD-'shall be preached in all the             to save it so you could have a home to
  your right-hand man , and soon to take        world for a witness unro all nations;            live in."
  your place." On e mental off-balance          and then shall the END come!' "                     Tears filled the woman's eyes. She
  walked int o Garner T ed Armstron g's             For the first time, I saw th e real mean-    shook her head, refused to accept th e
       Page 24

      mooey back. "Mr
                                                                                                 nle PLAI N       "rn
     s,ud, "of COUf . '                 Armsrrong "                       h                                       • " UTf/
     ro                sc rr  would b. ' • s e
          get up parr hio n s J e nICe fUf us                      I realized rh
                                                               G '            , eo th            .
      rooms_bu r rhat ' an have separare                      H 0 0 S W IL L rhar rhis a r rr was really             firu rh K                   November, 1961
     N EED W '               I S nor a            b              IS GOSPEL_and' money be U                sed for            e IN CDQ l\
    i.     . e JUSt co/tid                  n a solure
    ,or ~ temporar)' 1JIat"o: ,use rhis money                 ~ere acrually rec'C' , rhar rllese people              al v 1
                                                                                                                           a ues-and h
                                                                                                                                         I O F GOD-- I       '
                                                                                                                                                     r re spuiru.
                                  rJa                        l1Ig "                 1\'1Og a      "                 shall be ADDED r e m arerial THINGS
    rr will hel p ger eh ,e              h o1lie when    ?         10 g Jving ir rh       f.  sPJ ruual bless.
                             Il st'S Message of              ma rerial benefit far " OUrweighed rh                  them '            . God al ways <1
   HOM E FOR At                                                                                                           .                             Oes add
   KI N GDOM        L ETE RNln' IN G                    ,a  selve / '             0     llS10g . ,             e
        •       to mtlJl ) ' II                     OD S
                                                                  s. nCJdcn rall               rr ror them.
  P1e! .                        J
                               1 OI/f{lIlds     [           bleSSed               y, these p           I                    On the A '
                                              a pea.                  ma rerially af             eop e were           W                It-SEATTLE '
                                                           nor roo 1  0               rer rhar and '                     hen 1 sen r                    •
                                                                        ng unril rh '          ' • U Was
  Below a                                                  plered, afrer all ]       ctr hOuse Was com.            Workers relling of OU~ a lener to Co.
 Jetin      !'peors the C
      . wh,ch to ld [ o· w ork e rs' B /                                      , esus Christ          '<1
                                                                                                  Sa J , seek     NEED to ge r on therh~s ~acrifice, and the
sta tIon a            a th e n                      U •
ro w'       pe ned to The W ew Se attle                                                                           Was a Surpr ' ,        au 10 Seatrle h
                                                                                                                               IS10g resp              , r ere
       'n 1940,                     arid Tomar.                                                                                           onse W
                                                                                                                                                                         .   e received

                 ou"m 0                                             .         .

     ".lIJI LL'E'TlltY
                 it   ,.   ,i   c...   h.   • ,   j :.       ,I   I.e :       "1 . .   29 "._&_:,""   5,,' ,•.i,: t,t   :s...:•.,.,         t" .h, , . • ,.1

     VOL. 1.                 r-=.
                       Numbe:.: 2                                                                                         September 17th, 1940

                       Publ i shed every little whi l e , by your r adio-pastor
                       editor, Her bert W Armstrong, Box Ill, Eugene, Ore.
                       to br ing spiritual edirication and encouragement
                       t o our little ramily or Co-workers who make possi-
                       ble the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAII/ TRUTH.

                           E.. 0       W O N T H E A I R I H SE A TTL .E ~

               GID.'ET I NGS ~ , Co-Workers, rrom Seat t l e ~ The true Gospel---God 's
      last warning me s sage- - - i s now O TIlE AIR, IN SEATTLE~

                 That ror whi ch we have prayed so long, and worked so hard---
      t hat r or which some or you have sacririced so much---is now an accomp-
      lished f'ac b ,

                The RADI O CHURCH OF GOD was on the air ror the rirst time in
     Seatt le l a st Sunday , Sept embe r 15th, over station KRSC, 1120 kilocy-
     cle s, with a powe r cr 1,000 watts---twice the power or our Portland
     ~t at ion ~1JJ - - -and at the same time, 4 o'clock in the afternoon. We
     wi ll now be on KRSC at this same t ime eve ry Sunday.

                                             How                  ~       Ha s Answered                P RAY E R

                           I want to tell our r amil,r or Co-workers some or the inside
      story       or       our rinally get t i ng on the air here in Seattle---ror this
                  ,p       The BULLETI N is being printed and sent to you rrom Seattle.
                                      ' ~-o +'hi ng or the problem we had to solve, the
                                                         ~ ,~ went berore us, answered pray-
N ovember, 1961                                             Tb e PLAIN TR UTH                                                        Pag e 25

one day in the mai l the largest sum we          more, and the pr ice was JUSt double           who le world is IN ARMS! God now calls
had ever received-SI OO, for bro adcast-         what we pay in Portland.                          Hi s chi ldren , TO ARMS! T HE WARN-

ing in Seat tle. Ir too k our breath!                "It looked d iscouraging. Bur I decided    ING MUST GO!"
  But , a few days later, two more S100          to see the owner of KRS C agai n. H e            Th e next installment w ill sho w how
sums came, three cont ributed S50 each,          audit ioned one of our progr ams. He be-       we finally d id expand CO Los Ange les.
and sever al sent in sing le do llars.           came interested, said we had a splend id
  And so, finally, thr ee long years after       program that would attract a large
the broadcast expanded from Eugene               listen ing aud ience. H owever, he would
only int o Port land , it now leaped into        nor take an y outside relig ious program
Seattle!                                         un less approved by the Seat tle Cou ncil
   From Seattle, I mimeograp hed a new           of Churches. He then called the ir sec-
Co-Workers' BULLE     TIN, the second such       reta ry by teleph on e to his office to hear
BULLETI N in new form and d ress, dated          one of our programs auditio ned. This
September 17, 1940. T he leadin g cap-           ma n was well impr essed w ith our pro -
tion state d the news: "N ow ON THE              gram, and also wit h Tbe Plain Trntb.
AIR IN SEATTLE!"                                 which he caref ully exam ined. Ir hap -
   The program sta rred there Sund ay,           pened that he was familiar wi th the
Sep tember l Srh, over l ,OOO-watt sta-          t rut h of our national identi ty in rhe
cion KRS C- twi ce the power of our              H ouse of Israel, and he was glad to see
Por tland station, KW]]-and servi ng             [his truth pu blished in The Plain Truth
a larger populat ion.                            magazine.
   T he exciting story of how we finally             "So the ow ner side-cracked a 4 o'clock
were ena bled to add the Seattle area            Sunday af tern oon news broadcast so we                                    n
to those of Portland and Euge ne in the          cou ld have the same time we have over
broadcasti ng work was cold in thi s             KW JJ in Portland, and then made me a                                •t        ."
BULLETIN I and can best be told her e            rate just $ 1.40 mo re per broadcast tha n                             I
in a conde nsation of that BULLETIN:             we pay KWJJ! Since this station has
   Th ere was a sub-head, "How God               do uble the powe r of KWJ], and is the
Has Answered PRA Y ER."                          high est class independent station in
   Th en : " 1 wa nt to tell our fami ly of      Seattl e, I'm sure you' ll realize how
Co-\V ork ers some of the inside sto ry of       fort un ate we were .
our finally gen ing on the air here in               "There is but one expla nation. God
Seat tle. I want you to know something           H imself worked it all our. It is sure ly
of the pro blem we had to solve, the             an answer to prayer. Mr s. Armstrong and
d ifficulties in ou r path, and how God           I will remain here until after next Sun-
we nt before us, answered prayer, and            day's broadcast, which I want to conduct
worked our everything so perfectly.               in person , then we shall return hom e.
                                                  While here, we are broadcasting by
            An swered Prayer
                                                  cranscri ption from KWJJ. \'Qhen we re-
    "Radio stations, especia lly in Seat tle,     turn hom e we w ill send transcrib ed
do nor want religious programs o n thei r         broadcasts to Seattle."
stations. I learn ed tha t a year ago when           T he next sub-head in this BULLETIN
1 was lip here. I knew norhing bu t               was capt ioned : " Los ANGELES NEXT!"
prayer co uld open the way for us, but I             Th e vision of the miss ion to which
bad faith God want ed us to speak Hi s            God had called us, and in which the
Word faithfully in th is Seattle dist rict,       livin g CHRI ST was using us now ex-
and I knew H e would not fail us.                 panded. W orld events made it clear.
    "Mrs. Armts rong and I arrived in                 Th e BULLETIN continued:
Seattle lace \X'edn esday afternoon . I d id          "T he Lord will ing, we hope now to
not feel we could afford the high cosr            add a rad io sta tio n in Los ANGELES
of one of the five larger 5,OOO-w3u sta-           next. Such a station wou ld add a
 tions here. T his reduced our possibil iti es    QUARTER OF A MILLION people to those
 to two stat ions. O ne, KRSC, has never           now hearing the true Gospel of the
 raken religious programs, and its owner           Kin gdom.                                     little Miss Mabel Armstrong, yo u ng e r
gave me no encouragement whe n I saw                  "As I wrote in the lase Bulletin,          siste r of Mr . Herbert W; Armstrong,
 him a year ago. T he other station, same         Goo's TI M E HAS COME for this last            shortly before she died , ag e 9, from
                                                                                                 attack of spinal men ingitis. She is
 power, was th rowi ng all relig iou s pro -       warn ing Message to go---and to go to         mention ed on page 22 in this insta ll-
grams off their sta tion, d idn't want any         the m illio ns, wit h great POWER! The        ment.
Page 26                                                  The PLAIN TRUTH                                              November, 196 1

                                                                                                later, when he is arrested for steal-
     Will They OUTGROW It?                                                                      ing a car, that society is against
                                                                                                him and he is being persecuted.
                                (Coil/inned fr om page 20 )                                  5. "Pick up everything he leaves lying
                                                                                                around-books, shoes and clothing.
creased energy and vigor, COMBINED                enrs. Children at this stage of               Do everything for him so he will be
WITH his increased REBELLION asserts              growth profit by hearing good                 experienced in throwing all respon-
itself in this fashion! T he same holds           stories. It is time for A esop's              sibility on to others.
true for all of the theoretical "phases"          Fables. In these simple stories            6. "Let him read any printed matter
of unbridled emotion, lack of discipline.         there is drama; evil is there and so          he can get his hands on. Be careful
self-willed disobedience and a destruc -          is good and the struggle between              that the silverware and drinking
tive pacifism advocated by the child              them is solved co one's satisfaction"         glasses are sterilized, but let his
psychologists. W e should thank God                (C LI P PI NG, by Angelo Parri ) ,           mind feast on garbage.
Joseph and Mary did a better job in               T he answer given this distraugh t         7."Quarrel frequently in the presence
rearing Jesus Christ of N azareth than         parent is so lugubrious as to be                 of your child ren. In this way they
thor advocated by rhe modern child             obvio usly and com pletely a roral im-           will nor be tOO shocked when the
psychologists of roday!                        becilic miscalculation. It has condemned         home is broken up later.
    A parent, upset over child rearing         ITSEL F by its very natu re. SURELY our       8. "G ive a child all rhe spend ing
d ifficulties wrote a child counselor who      terrifyi ng crime wave, our mounting             money he wants. Never let him
write s a column for newspapers. The           juvenile del inquency, the tons of evi-          earn his own. W hy should he have
parent wrote:                                  dence being made available to the                thi ngs as rough as yOU had them?
    "<  Lately our small boy, aged 4,          public through our various media of           9. "Satisfy his every craving for food,
    has begu n to threaten us-ridicu-          mass commu nication have by now be-              dr ink, and comfort. See that every
    lously, of course. 'I' ll kill you, you    gun co convince some of us of the real           sensual desire is gratified. Denial
    old so-and-so.' 'I' ll shoot you dead;     DANGER of these obviously destructive             may lead to harmful frustration .
    and the like silly talk. Sometim es        tidbits of child-psychologists' theories!    10. "Take his pan against neighbors,
    he adds bad words such as no de-               N ow norice what those who arc really         teachers and policemen. T hey are
    cem person uses. H e has never             face to face with the pro blem advocate.          all prejodiced against your child.
     heard them at home. And he has            H ere, given sarcastically by a leading      11. "W hen he gets into real troub le,
     never heard such threats . What is        police department is a SUMMARY of                 apologize for yourself by saying, 'I
     to be done with him?'                     what WILL happen if the "UNBELI EV-               never could do anything with him.'
    ANSWER : Norhing much. T ry                ABLE QUOTATIONS" you have read in            12. "Prepare for a life of grief. You
     laughing at him good naturedly.            this number are followed!                        will be apt to have it."
     'My, my, here's Dennis the Menace.
    Sure enough. Gue ss we lost our nice            The Formula for D elinq uency             Quit Categorizing Your Ch ildren
     little boy. We'll have to find an-           Here, according to the Houston police        T he belief in the "ages" and "phases"
     other one. Maybe Georgie from             department is a perfeer formula for          of children is more widespread than
     Au nt Mary's.' Usually, by this time,     rearing a delinquent child! Remember,        you may think . Frequently, you may
     especially if mothe r or father has       it is nor only the delinquent wit h whom     hear parents talk of their ch ildren as
     been doi ng something interesti ng        we are concerned, but the mi llions of       being "a mama's boy" or a "daddy's
      ro attract his attention, the tantrum    others who, thoug h not actually running     little girl!" Bur this is only a part of it.
      has evaporated. O ne thing nor to        afoul of the law, are disobedient, re-       Children are frequently "categorized."
     do is to show shock or anger. Thi s       bellious, and hostile toward authority.         T his is nar hing more than the par-
     child is tense for some reason or         T he Houston police department has           ent 's excuse used in expla ining away
     ocher-fatigue, anger at the loss of       pub lished twelve rules for raising de-      certai n wrong habits, rebellious ten-
      a roy, annoyance at being inter-         linquents. Th ey are as follows:             dencies, or lack of self-control and self-
      rupted -and, having no words to            I. "Begin with infancy co give the         reliance. Parent s use the ph rase "boys
      express his feelings adequately in            child everything he wants. In this      will be boys!" to justify their children
      adul t terms, uses what he has. The           way he will grow up to believe the      acting like wild heathens, being gen-
      words do nor convey to him the                world owes him a living.                erally destructive, wasteful , dirty and
      meaning the adult takes from them.         2, "When he picks up bad words,             noisy! Frequently, an emotionall y dis-
      They are explosive and his emo-               laugh at him.                            turbed child who is drawing withi n
      tions are discharged in them-e-ex-         3. "Ne ver give him any spiri tual          himself, lacks any degree of independ-
      plosively. Accept this as an indica-          training. Wai t unti l he is 21 and     ence, and is headed toward complete
      tion of his growth and develop-               the n let him 'decide for himself'.      inrroversial tendencies is dubbed "shy"
      mem o In time it will be d isplaced        4. "Avoid the use of the word 'wrong.'     or "bashful."
      by anorher form of expression, a              It may develop a guilt complex.             Some children are said to be "per-
      little more accepta ble to his par-           Thi s will conditio n him co believe,    feet!" Othe r children are said to be "Im-
November, 1961                                            The PLAIN TRUTH                                                        Page 27

possible!" Th e parents thu s categorize        ma nipulating the spine. T he naturopath       brilliant intellectual student-professor
these children, lening all and sundry ,         has faith only in diet, and none seems         type; <1 former professor at H arvard
in th e few moments of conversation,            to have faith in God-except a di min-          Business School, a former "whiz-kid,"
know of these "categories' into wh ich          ishing few.                                    forging his way finally in the Ford or-
their child ren fit. In this manner, they           In the field of law, the re are corpora-   ganization to become President of the
hope, when their ch ild dest roys the           tion attorneys, divorce lawyers, criminal      Ford Motor Company, from which office
neig hbor's ch ina or his furniture the         lawyers and a host of othe r specialists.      he was appointed to his present job. He
neigh bor will patien tly unde rstand-          In England there are the various solici-       is pa inted as sup remely self-confident,
because he has been imelligend y fore-          tors, and the barristers.                      decisive, aut hori tative,
warned that this pa rticu lar child was             Look at the field of religion. Not only       It seems no past Defense Secretary
"impossible."                                   do we have hundreds of differing and           has been able to bring a unified order
   Possessing a dog that is known to            disagreei ng religions, sects and denorn -     our of the rival contentions of compet-
bite, the owners are instructed to keep         inations, bur within Protestant denom-         ing military services. But, after hearing
him muzzled ! H aving a child that is           inat ions there arc the modernists and         the various views of Chiefs of Staff, the
given to biting, th e parents assure their      the [undamenralists-c-and even among           Hew Secretary is likely to starr with
neighbors their child is "a little biter"       them the evangel icals-and the con-            three words: "1 beve decided . . .J.'
but that he will soon Outgrow this par-         servat ives. Among Jews there are the              If you will pardon anorher digression
ticular "phase!" Man y and varied are               O
                                                tW broad div isions of orthodox and            here , rh is reminds me of what happened
the mythical phases of childhood! If you        reformed , beside minor differe nces. And      at the end of the first Cabinet Meeting
want to tear a child who will defy every        many of these, tOO, have their hob bies        held by President Abraham Lincoln. Mr.
supposed "stage" throug h which he is           and pe t doctr ines on wh ich they place       Lincoln was regarded by [he important
obligated to grow, according to the chi ld      most of the emphasis.                          men of New Yor k and the east as a
psycholog ists, simply rear him God's               Th is trend toward specializa tion ex-     SOrt of back-woods second-rater. Presi-
way.' He will not throw things at one,          erts a pu ll toward narrowmindedness--         dent Lincoln had selected for his cabinet
kick you at one-and-a-half, scream "no !"       toward mental unbalance. It is causing         the biggest, most competent men he
at two, throw temper tantrums at rwo-           men to adopt as an app roach to all prob-      could find. T hese well-know n and im-
and-a -half, bite the neighbor's childre n      lems and questions the narrow concept          portant men were full of sympathy for
at three, run away from home at three-          of a single fetish. Men, supposing them-       the plight of the country, now to be
and-a-half, be over-bold at four, or neu-       selves to be highly educated, are becom-       steered by such a "weak " perso nage as
rotic at five! Rather, at all these ages,       ing lop-sided.                                 Mr. Lincoln. However, they agreed that
he will be lovable, obedient, belpful , Jelf-       Now this news story about the Sec-         they, together, would "save the country"
reliant, reJpect!fll toward authority, and      retary of Defense is probably totally          by virtually taking over, and running
will, most of all, be living proof that          irrelevant to your own pe rsonal prob-        the government themselves.
the insipid theor izing and demented             lems or interes ts. Yet, as a result of           At the very firsr cabinet meeting there
arguments about his "phases" arc tota lly        these many years of training in adapt ing     was a conflict of ideas. The new Presi-
untrue!                                          ideas or applying principles to other         dent took a vote. There were seven
   Let us ask a final question of the            circumstances, I saw in it opportu nity       cabinet officers at the time. They were
chi ld psychologists : "If our child ren         to expla in to our readers two things:         unanimous against the President's pro -
don't scream "NO!" at 2, run away at             1 ) the value of thinking about what you       posal. Mr. Lincoln then announced terse-
 three-and-a-half or show other signs of         read, observe or hear, and appl}'ing the       ly: "The vote stands seven nays, and one
 these 'stages' of growth-are they sick?"        pri ncip le or the lesson to Other prob-       aye. The ayes have it.' I will notify you
                                                 lems or circumstances, and 2) the im -        when I decide to call another cabinet
                                                 portance of over-all broad UNDERSTAND-         meeting. Good-day, Gentlemen,"
          Personal                               ING-of balance--of soundness of mind.
                                                     It is literally true that most people,
                                                                                                   Seven important men were left trying
                                                                                                to catch their breath. They had JUSt
      with the Editor                            today, are unba lanced. They lack vision.      learned who was running the govern-
                                                 Their view is narrow . T hey tend to see       ment.
        {Continued from page 2)
                                                 on ly one pha.re of a thing, and to go to         It seems the J oint Chiefs of Staff
"practice" is so truthful! ) often call in       one extreme or the othe r, in their think -    have learned who is running the nation's
heart specialists, kid ney specialists, eye-     ing, thei r plan ning, and thei r actions.     defense program-sub ject, I think, to
ear-nose-and -throat specialists. For child-         In connection with this news story,        the President's OK.
birth one goes to the obstetrician, and          I chanced on a magazine article about             But the important thing, so far as
employs also the anesthetist, the pedia-         the Defense Secretary. Mrs. Armstrong          Secretary McNamara is concerned, is
trician, and perhaps othe rs.                    had brought to our room a copy of the          whether he takes a limited, narrow, one -
   Then look at the so-called "healing           current week 's Saturday Evening POIt,         sided view, or whether he has the vision
arts" as a whole . Med ical men believe          wh ich she purchased at the ship's news        to take in the WHOLE PICTURE-to see
onl)' in drugs and knives. T he chiro-           stand. In it, Contributing Editor Stewart      all of the factors concerned, and in their
praetor tries to cure everything by               Alsop reveals Mr. McNamara as a super-        true perspective and relative importance.
Page 28                                                    The PLAIN TRUTH                                                November, 1961

And also whether he is able to view a            leaves. Th at way, when I finally set at-      in Christ and His sacrifice testified by
majo r problem, wherei n all of our lives        tenti on to examine the smaller details,       baptism, we may be reconciled to God-
may be at stake, free from prej udicial          they are comprehended in their true            the branch is connected to the main
concepts. Does he have BALANCE-                  perspective s and relationships.               Vioe , and the ROOT ( God) , and then
sound m indedness-wisdom ?                          N ow apply that pri nciple to the cir-      the life -giving, fruit-producing "sap"
    President Ke nnedy has surrounded            cumsta nces of LIFE.                           flows thro ugh the branch .
himself with a perso nal staff of "inrel-                                                           In oth er word s, God promises, under
lectuals" of the college-professor vari-                Correct View Important
                                                                                                these circumsta nces of reconciliatio n,
ety. I am not includ ing Amb assador                 First, take a view of the whole forest.    our justification of sins that are past,
College pro fessors when I say there is          This "fores t" includ es all tha t has to do   and that inro us shall FI.OW Hi s gift
a tendency for college prof essors to be         with your existence here on earth -of          of Hi s H oly Spirit.
narrow and unbalanced. In education,             the worl d, the ent ire universe--of the           N ow look at thi s world, its profes-
as in o rher fields, we have "p rogr essed "     PU RPOS E of life-its objective and            sions, its sciences, educators, business
into the era of specialization. T he av-         potenti ality.                                 men and politicians. They, tOO, have
erage professo r knows, according to                 When }'Oll view thi s "forest," if you     followed the course of rivalry--of com-
cu rre nt ly accepted theories, his own field.   really see it all with out blindness or        petition and su ife--of vanity and greed.
Outside of tha t he may know li ttle.            prejudice, you have to see, first of all,      In other word s, they have transgressed
    Education, eoo, has evolved largely          its First Cause- its Crcaror-c-Gon, be-        God's Law. T he" are cut off from the
into the realm of speculation. T he tre nd       cause this "forest" is God's CREAT ION,        living GOD! Many of them do not be-
has been to arrive at a pet theory, wh ich       It is He who makes it GROW. N ext you          lieve He exists. T o the rest of them He
may be far from tru th; and then , by in-        have to comprehend that God not only           is unrea l. Th ey are totally unacquainted
duct ive processes, to reason and to search      created-He is, by the very fact of bein g      with Him. Thus they are CU t off from
for suppon ing evidences to back up the          Crea tor, also Sup reme RULE R over all        Hi s all-impo rtan t revelation of vital,
theo ry.                                         the forces, powers, and circumstances          essenti al, basic KNOWLEDGE. This is the
    Few classroom professors are pr acti-        that exist,                                    knowledge of the PURPOSE of life-c-of
cal men. Their th ink ing is limited to              Th e "t rees," in this case, may repr e-   potential hum an desriny--of THE WAY
the narrow confines of class-roo m, and          sent all the stars and planets, and the        to PEACE, to universal prosp erity, to
 to books wri tten by ot her hum an theo-        people and nations of the eart h. The          happiness, and the full, abundant life,
 rists. For the sake of all of us, it is hoped   Bible someti mes views nations, sym-           as well as life eternal.
 that these whiz-boys now occupying              bolically, as trees. And God is picrured           They may see a for est. Th ey ma y
seats of vast power in W ashin gton are          as the ROOT from whi ch the life p ro-         reali ze the [crest is in existence. But
 not of thi s class.                             ceeds. Israel is the olive tree, in Romans      they do not know HOW it carne, or what
     But of immedia te importance is the          II , and the Ge ntil e nati ons are wild       imparts life and motion and growth.
 matter of how YOU view things.                  olive trees. People are the branches.          The y may see the trees, but not the
     Do you really T HINK about what you             So )'0# are a branch, or a twig. Th e      roo ts. So, they specialize. They climb
 read, or hear, or see? Do you try to             main branch of the tree, in Ezekiel 17,       out O   nto their favorite little branch or
 avoid pre judice? Do you try to see the          is the king or human ruler. The top-           twig. T hey become very learned in the ir
 WHOLE pi ctur e? Are you able to apply           most twigs are his chi ldren-the princes       specialized knowledge of every insig-
 the principle invo lved to ot her circum-       and prin cesses, the latter being "tender"      nificant detail of this limited area.
 stances?                                         tWIgS.                                            But when you see the roots of the
     Compare the viewi ng of any circum -             Jesus spoke sim ilarly when He com-        trees of the forest- you see G OD. And
 stance or prob lem to looking at a tree.         pared us to branches of a vine-perhaps         to those who get to know God, comes
  First of all, many peopl e get so close to      referring to a gr ape vine. He , Himself,      the realization th at the most necessary
 the tree they can not see the forest. The        is the main Vine-comparabl e to the            knowledge-cca n be acq uired only by
 tree should be viewed in its true pe rspec-      trun k of the tree. What we produce by         God's special revelation to mank ind.
  tive and relation to all the other trees,       being alive-if anyth ing- is th e "fruit."     God has given thi s in the Holy BIBLE,
 O ne reason they cannot see the other            If we are cut off from the Vin e, Chri st,     But the natural mind, without G od's
  trees is that they do not even see but a        we cannot produce anything worth-              Spirit, cannot UNDERSTA ND the Bible.
 part of a small branc h, or a tiny twig.         whil e, just as a branch severed from the      To most scient ists, and world leaders,
 T hey focus the whole at tention on this         gra pe vine cannot produ ce grapes.            and even to many leading mini sters of
 tiny dera il- perhaps unimportant.                   Other Scriptures show that all have         religion, it is largely myth and legend.
     I began, years ago, to train myself to       sinned- tra nsgressed agains t God's Law       Their "spec ializing" mind s are closed
 see first the ent ire forest-then the tree;      - reb elled aga inst G od's RULE-<lnd           to its truths.
 and then to take into th e scope of vision        thus they are cut off from God. In                As a major example, the brilli anr
  the W HO LE tree; and to p roceed, in more      Roman s 11, even all natural born               former Whiz-kid, the outstanding, self-
  deta il, from the roots and tru nk to the        Israelites have been cue off of their          assured, intellectual new Secretary of
  ma jor branches, then the sma ller               natural olive tree by sin. But, by real        Defen se does not ktlow that wars are
  branches, and, finally the twigs and             repentance from the heart, and faith           not won by arm aments or military
N ovember, 1961                                               Tb e PLAI N TRU T H                                                     Page 29

strategy. H e does not kn ow, as the tr uly        Certain ind ividuals have failed here by        righteousness, ignorant of the RIGHT-
enlightened mind may know fro m what               tur ning to empt y arguments . . . they         EOUSNESS OF GOD. T his is H IS
is revealed in th e 33rd Psalm, that The           have no idea either of the mean ing of          righteousness-not ours. It comes by
Etern al looks down from heaven, be-               the words they use or of the themes on          H IS LOVE, given us by His Sp irit, ful-
hold ing all mankind-that H e who de-              which they harp." (i T im. 1:3-7 Mo f-          filling His Law.
signed and created human minds note s              fatt translation).                                  But of course we have to subm it-
all that peop le and na tion s do--that H e            In study ing anyone verse or chapter        we have to make the decisio n-we have
bring s to nothing what NATIONS plan               in the Bible, always be sure to under-          to SEE K H is Spiri t and His R ig hteous-
-that H E, alone, determ ines the Out-             sta nd it ill its setti1tg-its true relation-   ness.
come of wars-that He rescues th e in -             sh ip to the whole chapte r-the whole               In Christ we become a NEW CREA-
dividu al or nati on that relies o n Him           Book-the whole Bible.                           TION-a creat ion of holy, spir itual
from def eat or destruc tion.                          J ust one exam ple of that: O ften you      character-and Goo is the Creator of
    If you have listened for any length            hear quoted the Brh and 9t h verses of          this new character-this new person
of tim e to The WORLD TOMORROW or                  the second chapter of Ephesians: "For           living by His Law. We are thus H IS
read Tbe Plain T ruth, you may have                by grace are ye saved through faith ; and       workmanship-HIS creation. And we
noti ced that in pr esentin g any sub ject         rhar not of yourselves: it is the gif t of      are created UNTO "good wor ks"-that
we try to keep to the trttn k of the tree          God : not of wor ks, lest any man sho uld       is, UNTO obedience, and divine RIGHT-
first, always m indful of the ROOT-and             boast:'                                         EOUSNESS produced by GOD'S SPIR IT in
then pro ceed from there to the ma jor                 T hey fail to read th e 10 th verse,        us, b'y Christ living in us. God has or-
branches, then th e minor branches, and,           whi ch com pletely reverses the meani ng.       dained that we should walk in these
finally, the twigs. But I do tr y to pre-              Stopping, as they do, with verse 9,         good works-that is, in God's own
sent the little twigs in their true per-           th ey use this partial passage to teach that    righteousness, GIVEN as HIS GIFT.
spective and relationship {Q the whole             "rhere are no work s," as they express              This , then, is the true MEANING of
tree and the ROOT.                                 it, to salvation-that is, it is not neces-      Ephesia ns 2:8·10, when considered in
    So many people becom e confused,               sary to obey God.                               rruc relat ionship to the whole chapter,
mixed up , unbalanced, by closely scruti-              Verse 9, whe n you read it in its ser-      to the whole Book, and to the who le
nizing a small br anch or tin y twig, bur          ring, does not teach that there are "no         Bible.
fa iling to see the tree. Reli giou sly, lTI any   works"-bur rather that the "wo rks"                 T he relig ious teachers who see only
make a hobby of a few isolated doctr ines          do not earn salvat ion-tha t salvation           [he little twig of verses 8 and 9 alone,
or religi ou s ideas. And , faili ng to see        comes by grace through faith, and that          drawing their own false conclusion from
their pla ce in the whole tree, th ey dra w        even this faith is supplied by God. Verse       them Ollt of their own reason and thei r
 false conclusions and come to believe             9 is not do ing away with wor ks-it is          own spirit of rebellion against their
fables. The IMPORTANT matters they                  merely show ing what good works do              Maker, assuredly fail to see the whole
ut terly overlook.                                 not do-they do not earn salvation. God           tree and the ROOT of it-and the whole
    Perh aps it is largely became Go d has         is not required to PAY us salvat ion, as a       forest.
caused us of The WORLD TOMORROW                    debt.                                                In the news dispatch which started
 and T he Plain T ruth staff to keep pretty             WH Y cannot good wor ks earn salva-         me on this train of thought, I saw the
 close at all times to th e basic fund a-           tion? The answer is in verse 10: "For           narrowness of many military specialists .
 menta ls th at He has enabled us to be             we are HI S workm anship, created in            T hey lim it their vision to their one pet
 Hi s instr ument thru wh om H e has                Chtist Jesus UNTO GOOD WORKS,                   bra nch of [he serv ice. Apparently the
 made H is TRUTH clear and PLAIN to                 which God betb befo re ordained tbat            new "boss" over the services does see
 thousands of our readers and radi o                we should walk in them." Good works             the whole TREE of military orga nization
 listeners. Thus God has giv en many of             - righteous ness-cannot EARN salva-             w ith all its departments-A rmy, Navy,
 you a clear and balanced UNDERSTAND-               tion , which we th ereupon have a right         Air Force, Mar ines, Coast Guard, etc.
 ING.                                               to DEMA ND of God-for the simple                But does even he see the ROOT of the
     Speaking of the education and the              reason that WE ARE H IS WORKM ANSHIP.           tree? Is he not in total ignorance of the
 science of this world, the Apo stle Paul           We are the clay. H e is the Master Pot-         relationship of the living Creator GOD
 was inspired by ' God to write co T im-            ter. W e are the work of H is hands.            to it all?
 ot hy:                                                 T he keep ing of God's Law is right-            I saw in the news story this principle.
     "Warn certai n indi viduals against            eou sness- good works. But it is a spirit-      In this little personal char with you
  teaching novelti es and studying my ths           rial law, and the on ly love that fulfills      readers, I have perm itted myself to
 and inte rminable genealogies; such                it is the LOVE OF GOD, which God gives           ramble a little, but I hope it has been
  studies bear upon speculations, rather            us by H is Holy Spirit. So, as our own           helpful.
  than on the divine order .which belon gs          faith cannot save us-bur rather the
  to FAITH. Whereas th e aim of th e                faith God gives us, so our own right-             We re g ret tha t spa ce in this issue
  Christian discipline is the LOVE that             eousness, says God, are as filthy rags to      p reven te d appeara nce of " THE SICK
  springs from a pure heart , from a good            H im. Paul said the Jews were going           AMERICAN"-a striking arti cle o n U. S.
  conscience, and from a sincere faith.             about try ing to estab lish tbeir own          he a lth p roblem s. Re ad it nex t issue!
Page 30                                                   T he PLAIN TRlJIH                                               November, 1961

                                                                                              boredom, sickness, and death-yet they
    It Won't Be Long, Now!                                                                    wam THAT WAY to lead them to peace,
                                                                                              happ iness, prosperi ty, abundan t and in -
BRICK ET WOOD, ENGLAND                          protect God 's work, and God's money.         teresting livi ng, and real cont inuous
    written in August.                             Business contacts are often a matter       J OY. Th ey want to run directly away
                                                of harassing stra in and struggle. It         from the blessings they crave, and yet

T      HIS morning I was listening to the       seems no one want s an honest, fair deal      run smack int o those blessings!
       BBC News. Mr . Khrushchev was            --everyone is "our for himself"-to get           Sometimes I think the man who said
       still threatening trouble over Ber-      more than he ough t to have-to give           every unconverted mind is CRAZY was
lin that could lead to nuclear war. He          less than is rig ht.                          rig hr!
also dro pped a bombshell, fraug ht with           T hat is the way of this world. Busi-         J esus Christ cold us co pray for God's
danger CO France. H e p rom ised to visit       nessmen flatter, assure you of their          Kin gdom to come. T he longer I live,
the trouble-spot in Tunisia in person,          sincerit y and honesty, and their devo-       the more diligently and earnestly I pray
and to give "all forms of aid" against          tio n to your interests and service, then     for that !
the French at Bizerte.                          scheme to take every advantag e. Out of          It's a sorry business-a nerve-shatter-
   The news, in shan , was full of striv-       the same mouth they puff you up with          ing experience, with no rest, having to
ing, nerve-sharrering tensions. This            flattery and compliments, and lie to you.     be in and co deal with this world.
world is literally full of crosspurposes,          And yet, the masses of ordi nary carnal       But' Jesus Chri st, who has gone on
struggles of man against man , business         people seem to love this evil world!          before us that we might follow Him
again st competitor, parent against chil-       Th ey resent and put up a hostile guard       inca the brilliant energized GLORY of
dren and children against parents, social       against even heari ng about the peaceful,     God' s K ingdom , counted the sufferings
climber against social climber, armed           happy , prosperous, int erest-packed, joy-    in this world as noth ing compared to
nation against armed nation .                   ous WOR LD TOMORROW which the gov-            the indescribable glory H e has inherited.
    In my per sonal capacity in God's           ernme nt of GOD is going to brin g.           Likewise, OUY sufferings now are not
great work, I have to deal consrantly              God Himself says the carnal mind is        worthy to be compared to the GLORY
with the world . And , mor e often than         hostile to God, and is utte rly emoilimg      that shall be revealed in us!
nor, these contacts are full of str iving-      to be sub ject to HIS laws, or HIS way of        So, let's count it all JOY when tr ials
of offense and defe nse-of thrust and           life- H IS rule by H is laws! Thi s way       and tests come. W e are on the way to-
patty.                                          of GOD is the way to everythin g every-       ward the glorious Kin gdom of GoD !
    In the purc hase of add itio nal property   body 1OantJ-and the only way.                 And every day, now, it is one day
for the expanding work, where ver in the            It is hard to unde rstand! People want    nearer!
 world, more often than not it is a nerve -      these blessings which can come only by           IT WON'T BE LONG, NOW! And then
wracking business. Th ose who have the           God's inexorable laws and through            we shall REST from these useless and
property to sell use every argument, every      God's Spirit. But people do not want          stup id strivi ngs and settle dow n to
 tactic, to get a higher pri ce than the         them that wa),. They want to go the          TREMENDOUS achieveme nts and accom-
 property is worth-as much higher as             way that leads only to frayed nerves,        plishments in PEACE, and HAPPINESS,
 they think they po ssibly can "take us          fears and worries, tensions, wars, fight-    and J OY!
 for." I have to parry these thrus ts to         ing and violence, heart -aches, emptiness,       For ALL ETERN ITY!

                                                                                              min istry. I have received seven issues of
          Letters to the Editor                                                               Th e PLA I N TRUTH with out being billed
                                                                                              or solicited for payment . I feel com-
                                  (Continued from page 14)                                    pelled to contribute th is sum to an
the word 'saved' actually meant. Now I          \X1atches W orld Situation                    organ ization such as yours. \V hat a re-
have seen the truth . I know it is the                                                        lief ' 0 find someone who is trusting in
                                                  "I am requesting the Bible Corre-
tr uth because I can prove it. But to see                                                     God exclusively and not looking toward
                                                spondence Course, because I have heard
the truth is a joy which cannot be de-                                                        man to supply the needs."
                                                you speak many times about the 10                           Person from Pennsylvania.
scribed with words. N ow I know what            nations in \"'(' estern Europe. Last week I
it is co be really happy."                      was reading T ime magazine and found          Ti th ing Self -Defensive
     Person from Durban, Republic of            what you have been saying for a long             "I am happy co enclose my tithes for
                             S. Afri ca.        time. I think that I had better study my      last week. .My income has again in-
Editor's comment: T hose who have nor           Bible a little more."                         creased and I know it can only be due
read Mr. Armstrong's recent PLAIN                     Man from Montclair, California.         to my new faith and relat ionship with
TRUTH art icle, "What do You ?-.Ie an-                                                        Almighty God. My wife is still rather
Salvation ?" should be sure to request a        Received N o Bill s
                                                                                              skeptica l, but she cannot possibly deny
copy. It is now in booklet form .                  "Enclosed find a gift coward your                (Please continue on page 39)
  rite J6ible StOfl/
                                  by Basil Wolverton

                               CHA PT E R THIRT Y- SEV EN

                 QUAIL FOR TWO MILLION

A        CRY of horror and grief went up from the people of Israel. God's sudden, aw-
ful punishment reminded them of the manner in which the Creato r had struck dur ing
the time of the Passover one year previously. Then the victims had been Egyptians.
Thi s time there also were Egyptians, because Egyptians who had come in the mixed
multitude wirh the Israelites were in part to blame. Bur a large numbe r of the offenders
were now Israel ites.

                                Israel Cries for Mercy
      Because the shoot ing, explod ing bolts of fl ame struck offenders in every part of
all the camps, Moses was quickly aware of what was going on. Immediately, however,
there was a rush of officers from all the camps to tell Moses what was raking place,
and to inform him that the people were screaming for mercy and asking for Moses to
pray to God to Stop the liery explosions. (Numbers 11:2.)
      When Moses learned rhat so many people had already been slain by the lire from
God, he immediately went into his tent, fell on his knees and begged the Creator to
stop killing the people.
      Th e deadly spur ts of flame gradually disappeared after Moses' diligent prayer.
Terr ified people who had raced wildly about the camps eventually returned to their
tents to count their dead.
       Nex t day was a bitter one for the Israelites. Many blackened bodies were buried
in the shifting sands of the high desert country. God's wrath had such a deep effect on
many of the people that they named the area Taberah, which meant "a burning."
Page 32                                       T he PLAI N TRUTH                                      Novembe r. 196 1

               But in spi te of this terrible warni ng to complainers, many of the people conti n-
          ued to murmur about their condit ions. Most of them were the stra nge rs who were
          among the Israelites, but their bitterness spread throughout the camps like some aw-
          ful, contagious diseases.
            The ma in food of the peop le was still
          ma nna, a wonderful, energizing        food
          direct from God . At Sinai, the gathering
          of manna wasn't much of a task, inasmu ch
          as the peop le had plenty of time for doing
          it. But since leaving the Sinai valley, some
          felt that it was a burde n to have to get up
          very early to gather the manna, and then
          stan to travel. T his, therefore, was one of
          the things the complainers began to be
          bitter about. Although those slain by God
          had been buried only a short time, manna
          became a subject loudly and sarcastica lly
          discussed by increasing thousands. T he
          poisonous tho ught promoted by these
          complainers was that manna was a poo r
          substit ute for the food they had enjoyed
          in Egypt.
             "Ma n na doesn't give us e noug h
          strength for th is tiring journey," was the
          unhappy comment from the grumblers.
          "W hat we need is meat!" ( N umbers
          11:4. )
            Mankind then, as now, was very prone
          to the powe r of suggestion. More and
          mo re Israel ites who had the best of inten-
          tions fell victims to the influence of the
          lustful, untruthful    rema rks circuiating
          about the camps.
             "Manna can't take the place of the food
          we had in Egypt ," the whiners kept saying.
          " If we don 't have more of a variety of
                                                             Some of the people loudl y bega n to
          food, we'll lose ou r appetites and become         demand fle sh to e a t.
November, 1961                                      rs,   PLAIN TRUTH                                        Page 33

                 thin and weak! Probably many of us will even die!
                      Such foolish remarks caused an increasing number of Israeli tes to doubt that
                 man na was anyt hing more than what was requ ired to barely keep people alive. At
                 the same time, the comp lainers kept remind ing others of the wonde rful foods they
                 had en joyed in the past.
                      "Remember the crisp, succulent cucumbe rs anti the swee t, mellow , mouth-water-
                 ing melons we liked so well in Egypt?" they asked of all who would listen. "If God can
                 give us so much of this tiresome man na, why can't He also produce foods like those?
                 \\7hy are we denied simple, delicious vegetables like garlic and onions' Or even leeks,
                 those plants with the un usuall y luscious flavor? We need such things to bui ld our
                 morale, and we need meat to build our streng th!" ( N umbers II ;5-6.)

                                                    Bitterness Grows
                      When reminded by his officers of the ill feeling that prevailed, Moses was dis-
                 tressed. He knew that some of the peopl e wou ld always complai n, regardless of what
                 the conditions were. But so much complaint, t ight on rhe heels of the mass slaying
                 by God, pointed to nothing but growing trou ble.
                      The bitter attitude grew by the hour. Offi cers came to Moses more frequently
                 with reporrs that there was even wailing and crying by Israelites who felt that God
                 was being unmerciful to rhem by denying them the foods they craved-c-especially
                 meat. A wave of self-pity and semi-hysteria seemed to be passing over all the camps.
                      Moses was sick with discouragement. He told his aides that he didn 't wish to be
                 disturbed for a wh ile, and went into rhe inne r parr of his tent to ptay.
                       "What have I done," he asked God , " to cause this trouble to come on me? How
                 can I be a fathe r to all these thousands of unruly people ? Must I try to carry them,
                 like babies, to the land You have prom ised them ? How can I stop their grow ing de-
                 mand for other kinds of food?"
                      "Do you feel," God asked Moses, "th at this cask I have given you is too great?"
                      "I only know," Moses replied, "that the wild demands of thousands of people ate
                 roo much for me. I can't see any way of taking care of wha t they ask for, a t of han-
                 dling them while the y are in such an extreme state of mind. If I fail to give them the
                 foods they are dema nding, they are likely to get entirely out of cont rol. If You allow
                 that to happen, then please take my life now. I don't want to be here to witness such
                 rebellion." (Numbers 11; 10-15. )
                      "T he people are overcome with false pity for themselves," God told Moses. "You
                 must nor be likewise. If you feel that your responsibility is tOO great, then choose sev-
                 ent y of the strongest leaders and most honorable men among the older men of Israel
Page 34                                      The PLAIN TRUTH                                           N ovember, 1961

          and have them come to the tabernacle. T here I shall meet you, and shall give them
          the special understanding I have given you. They will then realize how you are being
          troubled by the people. They will help you by pointing out to the people that you are
          right in what you requ ire of them, even though those requirements may at times seem
          harsh ." (Verses 16-17. )
               "Will this cause the people to cease their complaining?" Moses asked God .
               "No," God answered. "But from then on none of them can honestly say that
          I haven 't given them fair warn ing for anything tha t may come because of their dis-
          obedience. Warn them to Stop their complain ing and prepare for a feast of flesh. Tell
          them that this feast won 't last just one day, two days, five days nor twenty days. Tell
          them it will last a whole mont h, and that they shall have so much flesh to eat that it
          will become sicken ing to them. Te ll the m that as they have comp lained so much
          because of not having anything but manna, they won't be able to hold the flesh on
          their stomachs."
                "But how can you provide' meat for over two mill ion people for a whole month?"
          Moses inqu ired. "M ust all our flocks a nd herds be slaughtered to take care of the appe-
          tites of the people for flesh! Or do You have some way of bringing in a huge amount
          of fish from the Red Sea?"
                "W hy do you seem to doubt that I have power to take care of these matters?"
          God inquired. "Go do as I have commanded, and you shall soon witness what I have
          planned." (N umbers 11: 18-23. )
               Moses at once told his officers to tell the people that God had been greatly moved
          by their comp laints, and would send them so much flesh that they would wish they had
          never asked for it.
              This news broug ht great excitement to nearl y every camp. Many people ran
          from tent to tent , loudly and joyfully repeating what Moses' officers had told them.
          Thi s, they imagine d, was something to celebrate. Before long musicians had gathered
          here and there, and there was singing and dancing in many areas.
              Most of the celebrants were interested on ly in God 's pro mising them meat for
          a whole month. Very few seemed to be concerned by His remark that they would
          regret asking for it.

                                           Seventy Elders Cho sen

                Meanwhile, Moses chose the seventy elders who were the most capable, and called
          for them to meet before the tabernacle. After the group of carefully picked men had
          arrived, Moses went into the rabernacle and fell on his knees to await God's pres-
          ence. It wasn't long before the cloud settled down over the tabern acle.
November, 1961                                     Th e PLAIN TRUTH                                        Page 35

                      "From this moment on," God said to Moses, "the seventy men you have picked
                 will have a special gift of understanding. They will have greater respect for Me. They
                 will realize with out any doubt that you are My chosen servant, and they will have
                 greater respect for you. They will have a better attitude and more correct outlo ok
                 on matters having to do with the peop le's reaching Canaan. They will have the .abil-
                 ity to show at least some of the Israelit es how wt ong they are in complaining against
                 you. Thus you won't feel that you are so alone in YOut stru ggle to keep the people
                       It happened JUSt as God had foretold . The elders began to talk among them-
                 selves with great harmony and understanding. When Moses came Out of the raber-
                 nacle to join them in hours of brotherly conversation, there was a most unusual spirit
                 of harm ony and wisdom . Later, when the elders went back to their various camps,
                 their special understanding greatly enabled them to help the people in many mat-
                 ters. (Numbe rs 11:24-25 .)
                      Two of the seventy elders chosen by Moses, Eldad and Medad, weren't able to
                 get to the tabernacl e. But they, as well as the others, were at the same time imbued
                 with the special understandi ng that was a gift from God. Fired with inspiration, these
                 two men walked out among the peop le and made moving remarks proving God's and
                 Moses' authority.
                      "W hy do you comp lain and why do you listen to those who complain?" they
                 asked the people. "God is very displeased by what has been going on. Unless there
                 is a great change of att itude soon among the people, man y of you will die within a
                 very short time!"
                      A large crowd gat hered around Eldad and Medad. Bystanders regarded the two
                 with anyth ing from mild interest to amazement as the two elders prophesied of thin gs
                 rhar had to do with God's futu re plan for the Israelires, and in such a mann er that
                 very few lisreners failed to show the greates t respect for them. ( Verse 26 .)
                      Monrhs prev iously, when Moses had earnestly prayed for the Israelites to     W in

                 in a long battle with at tacking Amalekites, a youn g man by the name of Joshua had
                 led the Israelites' army to battle while Aaron and H ut held up Moses' hands as
                 Moses prayed. (Exod us 17 :8-13.) Thi s same young man happened to be present when
                 another young man ran and told Moses that Eldad and Medad were speaking to the
                 people. J oshua realized at once that the two couldn't have spoken so well and in such
                 an informed m anner without inspiration from some source.
                     T his troubled Joshua. ~e felt that two men making such an impression on the
                 people might cause the Israelires to seek a new leader.
                      "You should send men to stop rhem, sir!" Jos hua warned. "Otherwise, rhey could
Pag e .%                                      rt«   PLAIN TR UTH                                      Novembe r, 1961

           cause many people to regard them as leaders, and th is could cause trouble for you at
           this time when the peop le are showing so much disobedience."
                Moses wasn't worried, however. He realized th at this was a case of God having
           given Eldad and Medad special understa nding along with the sixty-eight other elders
           who had been chosen to help bear a part of M oses' responsibility.
                "Don't be concerned that they'll be any trouble to me," Moses told J oshua. "In
           fact, I wish every Israelite could be insp ired with their G od-given understandi ng of
           what it means to all of us to obey." (Numbers 11: 27-30. )

                                              T he Quail A rrive
                After the elders had retu rned to th eir camps and Moses had gone to his rent , a
           strong southwest wind came up. It increased to such velocity that the people began
           to be concerned about their tent s being blown down. Most of them forgot abo ut the ir
           tents, however, when they noticed a peculiar dark streak gradually growing larger on
           the south west horizon. This strange sight caused great concern among the people. Some
           thought it was merely a low cloud or a bank of fog, thoug h fog in that desert area
           would have been quite unusua l.
                Even Moses was puzzled when his atte ntion was brought to it. But when he
           noticed an increasing number of birds flying swiftly to the northeast, he abruptly
           realized how G od was about to supply the meat the Israelites had been dema nding.
           He remembered how G od had sent flocks of quails (Exo dus 16: 11-13 ) when the
           people had first comp lained about having to steadily eat mann a.
                "Have it annou nced to all the camps at once that G od is now providi ng all the
           flesh for which the peop le have been begging ," Moses instructed an aide. "T ell them
           that God isn't giving it to them to supp ly any need, but tha t He's giving it to them
           as a lesson of obedience they'll soon und erstand."
                The dark cloud grew more swiftly. It was on ly a littl e while later that the sky
           became blackened with a tremendous flock of quails. Man y of them flew only three or
           four feet above the ground. Many fell to the gro und exhausted and ran about the
           ground, trying to get their tired bodies int o the air again.
                W hen the amazed Israelites realized that they were being set upo n by such tasty
           fowl, they seized the nearest useful ob jects, such as sticks and spears and boards, and
           started beating low-flying birds to the gro und, and stri king those exhaust ed birds
           which scampered about in all directions.
                While some excitedly slaughte red birds, others hastily plucked them. In spite of
           the strong winds, the camps soon became alive with an unusually large nu mber of
           fi res over which quails were hastily roasted.
No vem ber, 19C1l                                      Tb e PLA IN T HUTH                                     Pa,L:C 37

                         After months of existing mostly on mann a, the Israelites were so excited because
                    of receiving meat rhar rhey tore and bit and chewed at the flesh of the birds as though
                    they had been starved. They took turn s catch ing, roasting and eating, but it required

                                Man y of the Israelite s w olf ed do wn the roasted meat as tho ugh
                                they we re starving!
Page 38                                      Th. PLAIN TRUTH                                          November. 1961

          many hours for all of rhem ro ger their fill of the roasted quail.
              All rhar day the strong wind persisted, and flocks of quails passed over the
          camps continuousl y. T he excired people flailed away at them, knocking the birds ro
          rhe gro und, snatching rhem up ro swiftly prepare them for roasring or ro pluck and
          salt them for earing later.
                As sundown approached, ir was expected that the wind would die down and thar
          the birds-if they continued ro pass over- would manage ro fly ar high er alrirudes.
          But the strong wind continued all night. And all nighr , by rhe light of bright camp-
          fires, the Israelites went on barring down all birds within reach.
                 N ext morn ing the wind still hadn't abated. Flock after Rock of quails skimmed
          over rhe camps. There were so many fowl that they were seen fifteen ro twenty miles
          on both sides of the cam p areas. The wind continued all thar day, and hordes of birds
          with it. There seemed ro be no end ro them. By th is time many people were still down-
          ing them, but not with the eagern ess of the preceding day.
               Near sundown the wind fi nally srarred ro subside. The flocks of quail s became
          smaller and smaller, unti l no more , even single stragglers , were seen ro pass nver.
               T housands of weary quai l-catchers slumped upon their beds. Regard less of their
          obvious desire to get even mo re fowl than they could use, they were relieved when
          there were no more ro try ro get. After two days and one night of bird-bagging, the
          camps were full of thou sands and thousands of rons of fowl. Besides the milli ons of
          quails already eaten, ther e were piles of them between tents, count less num bers strung
          up ro dry and huge amounts being roasted, boiled, fried or barbecued.
               N ot everyone had tried his hand at bagging the quails because nor all the Israel-
          ites had lusted for meat. But there were more than a half-mill ion ab le-bodied men in
          the camps, and few of them refrained from the spa rr of quail-catching. On e can get
          some idea of the amount of fowl broug ht out of the sky by using rhe figure 500,000
          -rhe num ber of men who probably ga thered the birds-and mu lrip lying it by the
          smallest amount of birds bagged by anyone duri ng the time the quails passed over the
          camps. The smallest am ount was what ten burros could carry!
              The taste of roasted, succulent quail flesh was a welcome treat ro the Israelites.
          But perhaps it wasn' t quite as wonderfu l as ma ny had expected. When one builds up
          a lustful, consuming desire for something, ir of ten rum s our to be more desirable in
          one's imagination than it does as a reality.
               Thus it was with so many of the lustful ones of Israel and their quails. Those
          who had been so birrer, unr easonable and anxious in demanding meat were the very
          ones who starred gorging themselves even before the birds were ready to eat. They
          seized the half-raw, smoking fowl in both hands and set abour devouring them as
November,   1961                                      rs,   PLAIN TRUT H                                                  Page 39

                   starving vulrures would attack a newly discovered carcass. There were even a few
                   who were craving mear so strongly-and these were mostly among the srrangers
                   wirh Israel-that they rore the feathers off the birds as soon as they were caught
                   and proceeded ro consume them raw.
                         As for God's promise ro supply the Israelites with meat for a whole month , the
                   Creator more than kept His word, Th e huge amounts of birds bagged by the Israelites,
                   if properly preserved, would have lasted much more than a month-even if eaten
                   greedily by the more ravenous Israelites,

                                                  The Punishment Comes
                        But something began ro happen ro cause the Israelires ro suddenly lose interest
                   in quails,
                        People began ro ger sick,
                         From all points in the camps came the increasing moans and groans of those
                   who had gorged themselves. Th eir digestive sysrems, used ro the mild manna month
                   after month, were heavily over-taxed by the great amounts of half-chewed flesh that
                   had been swallowed hour after hour.
                         To the horror of friends and relatives who helplessly watched them, the scream-
                   ing, agonized victims rolled convulsively in their vomit, then lapsed into unconscious-
                   ness that was soon followed by death,
                        More and mate died this horrible death as the hours wore on, By the rime the
                   self-inflicred plague had come ro a hair, an area not far from rhe camps had become
                   a vast graveyard!
                                                (To be continued next issue)

                                            surely isn't false."                          He ars Broad cast Again
   Letters to Editor                         Reader from Lenoir, N orth Carolina.
                                                                                             "I used to be a listener o f Herbert
       (Continued from page 30)             Editor's comment: All of us need to
                                                                                          W. Armstrong 15 years or more ago. I
the way in which myself and family          prove the \X'ord of God . A man's opin-
                                                                                          lost contact with the radio sermons be-
have prospered since I have begun to        ion of another individual is JUSt that -
                                                                                          cause of interference on the radio sta-
repent."                                    an opinion, Remember, only the W ord          tions. Then I heard Mr. Armstrong's
         Man from H orden, County           of God is the test for truth .
                                                                                          son preach this morning and was so
                  D ur ham, Eng land                                                      much impressed that I'm nor going to
                                            Finds Hi s Purpose in Life
Pro ves All Things                                                                        miss a broadcast if 1 can help it. 1 was
                                               "At this time last year 1 was wonder-      also very happy to know Herbert Arm-
  "I  received The PLA IN TRUTH on          ing what was the purpose of life . De-        strong is still living and preaching."
Monday. And I say if more people            spi te my attendance at church services,            Man from Nashville, Tennessee
would take the time [Q read it, they        I felt hollow; but today life is different.
would be astonished co learn what the                                                     Learns She W as W/rong
                                            OU f H eavenly Father has revealed to me

Bible really says. Some tried co tell me    the purpose of life, and the great plan         "I thought 1 was a good Christian
you were a false preacher. But 1 know       He has for mankind is being unfolded          before I heard any of your broadcasts,
when Mr. Garner Ted Armstrong g ives        before my eyes through the Correspond-        but have learned that I was a long \vay
us a message 1 have my Bible and always     ence Course:'                                 off the track."
follow him in the Bible reading. He            Man from Sierra Leone, W est Africa.                   Woman, Ontario, Canada
    Page 40                                                  TbL' PLAIN T_'l UTH                 Novembe r, 196 1

                   WAR WITH RUSSIA?
                                   (Continued from page 13)                                              0

    God here below. The coming o f Our
    Lord and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST OF
                                                  HEINOUS   and MONSTROUS personal and
                                                  national sins-e-eoc W ILL ALLOW OUR
                                                                                                         - ..

                                                                                                         -       :r

                                                                                                         .. ."
                                                                                                         I       m
      Ezekiel writes in surprising tim e
                                                     Make no mistake! America and Bri t-
                                                  ain are truly in mortal danger-NOw!
                                                                                                         ... Z
                                                                                                         . .     J>
    order.'                                          GIANT happenings 0'£ GARGANTUAN
       In his 36th chapter, God iospired
    him co describe the regathering of cap-
                                                  proportio ns are JUSt around the corner!
                                                     GREAT \\"1 ARS arc YCt ahead-and YOU
    tive Israel. The 37th chapter pictures        need protection! Yo ur family, YOUR                    0
    the end-time RESURRECTION of physical,        home, YOUR children need nor suffer!                   ::l

    national Israelites to be given a tim e       God shows a wa)' of p rotection for YOU                S'
    of trial and test. and have a FIRST oe-       A ND YO Un s !
    PORTUN lTI' for salvation. Then, in the          As we have been reporting in the
    38th and 39th chapters, God reveals           P LAI N TRUTH       magazi ne for over 27
    WHEN, and        WHEHE RUSSI A WILL           years, our peoples arc standing in mortal
    STRI KE!                                      danger.'
       Think of it!                                  \'(Ie are being gu llibly "taken in" by
       CHRIST will be on eanh-scni ng u p         a ve ry real fear 0/ C011l11l1miwl , which
    H is WORLD-RU LING government!                SHOULD be feared , bur all th e whil e al-
       The WEALTH of the world. the               lov ing tha t fea r to BLI ND us to an eve n
    abunda1{ce of the worl d will be in           mor e IMMI N ENT dange r- a GIAN T NE W                      - l ' r :;:
    Palestine. The Asia tic hordes will covet     woni.o PO W ER tha t is arising in Euro pe                   - -...l:>~
                                                                                                               ?- ~;<>
    that wca hh-c-rhcy w ill attemp t to TAK E    rigbt tbis minute!                                           r.c- -<
                                                                                                               p, ~
    ir, by FORCE! But God says, ", .. I w ill        It is p lainly IN YO UR BIBLE! God has                    -<            r
    turn thee back, and leave but the SI XTH      SPO KEN! H is word is SU RE! If/tl t e); the                         "':1-....
                                                                                                               .".     ~         ..
    PART of rbee, and will cause thee to                                          /
                                                  months and years ahead ! lY atcb how                         :» -<:»
                                                                                                               ;.() :J:.! ;v
    come up from the north parts, and             Russia will begin pay ing m uch more                         ;;<."
    will bring thee upon the mountains o f        arrc nrion to the major eastern cou nt ries,
    Israel . , . rhou, aod all thy bands . . .    how tens ion gradually lessens in central
    and I will give thee unto the ravenous        Europe, how a time of "peaceful co-ex-
    birds of every SOrt, and to the beas ts o f   isrence' begins between a coming
    the field [0 be devoured. 1110U shalr fall    United States of Europe and R ussia, how
    upon [he open field. , . And [hey that        a great economic deal is spa wned be-
    dwell in the dries of Israel shall go         tween this coming world power and
    forth, and .. . shall burn the weapons        Russia!
    with fire, and they shall spoil those that       Yes, 'X'ATCH! LISTEN! Be AWARE of
    spoiled them, and rob those thar robbed       world happenings-and know what YO U
    them, saith the Lord Eternal" (Ezek.          can do in these terrifying times ye[
    39: 2, 10 ).                                  ahead.
       Read ALL of botb these amazing                To those \\ ho are actively performing
    chapters of Ezekiel!                          the very " 'ork 01 God on earth, J esus
       Can your mind comprehend it? Can              'S,
                                                  S3} "Because thou hasr kept the wo rd
    you begin to really understand?               of my patience, I also will keep thee                                lJ'
       Surprising though it may seem, Rus-        Iron . 'he hour of temptation, which shall
    sia will NOT attack the United States.        come -on all the world, to try them
    Nuclear war \v irh Russia will NOT come       that dv.~\. 'I upo n the earth . Beh old . 1
    over the Berlin Cris is. But another, un-     come q/fi ckly!" ( Rev, 3: 10-1 1) .
    recognized but reT)' real enemy, WILL             R EM EMB ER the admon itio n of your
    arrack the United Stares and Britain!         Saviour! "WAlCH ye therefor e, and
       Unless our peoples come to their sens-      PR AY A I.WAYS . chat ye may be accou nted
    es, tu rning to their CREA TO R in real re-   WOrt h)' to ESCAPE all these th ings that
    pe nrancc . w ith heart- rending pr ayer,     sha ll come to pass, and to sta nd befor e
    aski ng God's FOHG IVENESS for the ir         the Son o f Mall" ( Luke 2 1:36),

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