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					  My Favorite Way To Make Money
         On The Internet
There are a lot of rumors floating around the Web about whether it is
possible to make money on the internet. The truth is that everything is
possible but - as in everything - you need to work hard to achieve that goal.

People often tell me that internet marketing is just a huge scam and it's just
not worth it. I understand where's that negativity coming from, because
there are indeed a lot of people out there who put up their junk sites or
courses that leave people frustrated. But every specialty, every job has its
black sheep - including internet marketers - so that's why I will show you
one of the best ways to make money on the internet.

Creating Your Own Product and Then Selling It

I can't really think of a better way to make money, rather than writing an
ebook or shooting a video course. I think the only money making strategy
that can surpass that is PPC marketing, but unless you have money to invest
- I wouldn't even try it.

Here are the types of products you can sell:
1) Ebooks - digital information is so popular right now, because it is YOU
who is getting 100% of the profits. The reason is that you do not have to
pay any shipping costs, ridiculous taxes, etc. The only money you will have
to spend is for the product creation.
When people purchase your ebook they just need to download it, and that's
it. They can immediately implement what they've learned into action.

2) Audio - When creating audio courses, you will need to burn it on a CD
and then ship it to your clients; or they can also get the audio file by
downloading it to their PC.

If you decide to stick with audio courses, I recommend you transcribe and
edit them. Afterwards you can just send your clients the resulted ebook.

3) Video courses - It's really easy to create a video product (assuming, of
course, you have knowledge on the subject). You do not have to create a
Hollywood masterpiece and buy expensive equipment. I've seen professional
weight loss- and internet marketing courses that were shot with a simple
digital camera.

Also, you can buy or get a free screen recording software. This way you can
show people how to complete a task by demonstrating it first-hand on your

As you can see, creating a product isn't that complicated.

If you want to find out more about blogging and other ways to make money online
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