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									                   TRIP REPORT:


                            Prepared by: 	   Wilma H. Lynn, JHU/PCS
                                             Regional Program Coordinator

                            Dates of In-Country Work:
                            Zimbabwe: 	    January 6-17, 1986
                            Kenya: 	       January 20-24, 1986
                            Gabon: 	       January 27-29, 1986

                            Population   Communication Services
                            Population   Information Program
                            The Johns    Hopkins University
                            624 North    Broadway
                            Baltimore,   Maryland 21205
                                             TABLE OF CONTENTS


Executive Summary .........                           .........................                                        i

List of Abbreviations        ......                 .......................                                . ..        ,

Purpose of Trip ..........                           ..........................

Section 1:     Technical Assistance to the Zimbabwe
               National Family Planning Council .....                                       ............               2

Section l:     Activities in Kenya          .........................                                                  5

Section III:    URTNA   2 6 th        General Assembly           ....             .............                   .   10


      A:     List of Contacts
      B:     Text of NCP Population Statement
             Weekly Review - January 24, 1986 - pages 17-27
      C:     Agenda for the 2 6 th General Assembly of URTNA
             Libreville Gabon - January 27-29, 1986
      D:     List of Activities for Phase II - AF-KEN-02
      E:     Newsclipping on ZNFPC Film Sunday, January 5, 1986
      F:     JHU/PCS brief address to the 2 6 th General Assembly of URTNA
      G:     Cover of URTNA F.H. Bulletin
                                           EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

        Wilma      H.    Lynn,       Regional        Program    Coordinator,       The    Johns      Hopkins
University/Population            Communication           Services     (JHU/PCS)      visited       Zimbabwe,
January 6-17, 1986;           Kenya,       January 20-24, 1986;              and     Libreville,         Gabon
January 27-29, 1986.

        The 	 following was achieved:


        Technical       assistance     was provided        to the Mass Media             Manager     of the
        Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) for the production of a
        Pilot Radio Soap Opera series.


        1. 	 Meetings were held with the Head of the IEC Unit of the National
            Council on Population and Development (NCPD).

     2. 	   Technical       assistance         was     given   to    Union   of    National    Radio      and
            Television      Organizations        of Africa (URTNA)           in the final editing and
            production        of       three         demonstration      radio      programs        for     the
            URTNA/JHU/PCS series entitled "URTNA Family Health Program."

     3. 	 Technical assistance was provided to RETCO for the Family Planning
            Film    Evaluation       project     in the development of summative evaluation
            activities related to the project.

     4. 	   Project      monitoring     was provided           to the AF-KEN-01          project    for the
            development of a series of videos.


     Contact was made with heads of broadcasting organizations from 20 African
     nations attending the 26th General Assembly of the Union of National Radio
    and Television Organizations of Africa (URTNA) in Libreville, Gabon.
 Major Recommendations


 1. 	   A proposed JHU/PCS/ZNFPC project document will be finalized. However,
        because of the JHU/PCS financial situation, additional funds will not be
        available for the project activity until possibly late 1986.   In the interim,
        JHU/PCS will continue with the project proposal review process.

 2. 	   The ZNFPC is to decide on the timing for further technical assistance to
        the IEC Unit for the "Male Responsibility" film and notify JHU/PCS through
        the USAID/Mission.

3. 	    No further   technical assistance for the production of the radio drama is
        anticipated.    However, ZNFPC is to request technical assistance for a
        formal summative evaluation of the seires after it is broadcast.


1. 	    JHU/PCS will continue to demonstrate program capabilities to the IEC Unit
        of the National Council on Population Development (NCPD) by providing
        samples of international project work and maintaining contact with
        Mrs. Kirika, the Head of the Unit.

2. 	    Project funds are to be disbursed immediately for the evaluation phase of
        the AF-KEN-02 project. (Done)

3. 	    A final 60-minute copy of the AF-KEN-01 video entitled "Don't Rush Me" is
        to be sent to JHU/PCS for transfer to 16mm film.

4. 	    Stellagraphics will provide JHU/PCS with costs for English subtitles for the
        video, which is now in Swahili.


        JHU/PCS should foster close       relationships with URTNA through increased
        travel between Dakar and Senegal for project monitoring and strengthening.
        Also, with improved financing,     JHU/PCS should utilize URTNA to advance
        program activities in individual countries.

                        LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS

AED       - Academy for Educational Development

FP        - Family Planning

FPAK      - Family Planning Association of Kenya

IEC       - Information, Education and Communication

IPPF      - International Planned Parenthood Federation

JHU/PCS   - The Johns Hopkins University/Population Communication

NCPD      - National Council on Population Development

PCMA      - Protestant Churches Medical Association

TA        - Technical Assistance

RETCO     - Research Evaluation and Training Consultancy, Ltd.

URTNA     - Union of National Radio and Television Organizations of

ZNFPC     - Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council


        Wilma     H.   Lynn,       Regional    Program        Coordinator,     The   Johns    Hopkins
University/Population          Communication        Services      (JHU/PCS),    visited   Zimbabwe,
January 6-17, 1986;            Kenya,       January 20-24. 1986;         and    Libreville,    Gabon
January 27-30, 1986.

        The 	 purpose of the trip was to:


        Provide technical assistance to the Mass Media Manager of the Zimbabwe
        National Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) in the production and pretesting
        of a Pilot Radio Soap Opera series.


        1. 	 Provide technical assistance in the final editing and production of three
            demonstration         radio programs for the URTNA/JHU/PCS series entitled
            "URTNA Family Health Program."

     2. 	   Provide technical assistance to the Family Planning Evaluation project in
            the development of activities related to Phase 2 of the project.

     3. 	   Monitor project AF-KEN-01 for the development of a series of videos.


     Meet       with   heads      of broadcasting        organizations   from 20 African      nations
    attending the        2 6 th   General
                                 Assembly of the Union of National Radio and
    Television Organizations of Africa (URTNA).


                  PLANNING COUNCIL (ZNFPC)

 Technical Assistance for Radio Socio-Drama

      In accordance with a series of pre-production activities left with the Mass
 Media Manager at the end of the October technical assistance, (see Lynn
 October 1985 trip report) 13 scripts, 15 minutes in duration, have been developed
for the pilot radio drama series. The talent (three artists - two male and one
female) had been identified and were ready to begin rehearsals and production.
However, actual production for pretest of three sample tapes could not be con­
ducted because of several factors: a) studio time for production could not be
purchased because of a ZNFPC budgetary hold-up; and b) one of the key actors
was ill.      Efforts to do a rough tape for pretest purposes were later abandoned
because of poor production quality and absence of key actors.  As a result,
activities related to the radio drama series were confined to providing the
following assistance:

       I. 	   Developing an opening and closing Signature Tune/Billboard for the pilot

       2. 	 Developing a follow-up list of activities for the pretest exercise to be
            conducted by the information, education and communication (IEC) staff.


1. 	   As discussed and agreed with the IEC staff, all 13 episodes of the social
       drama scripts for "The Beauty of the Flower Is There Because of Its Roots"
       will be translated from Shona to English.

2. 	   All scripts should be formally reviewed by ZNFPC management and approved
       before studio production commences.

3. 	   Tasks, as outlined by Wilma Lynn and left with the Media Manager for the
       pretest exercise, should be reviewed and approved by the IEC Unit and
       relevant staff; that is, unit managers and the ZNFPC program coordinator.
       (Outline of tasks given to K. Kasambira, January 7, 1986.)


4. 	       The pretest questionnaire which was revised with the IEC staff, should be
           translated into Shona. (Done by K. Kasambira.)

5. 	       For the actual production of the programs, the pilot should be done only in
           Shona since it is a pilot program and because 75 percent of the Zimbabwean
           population speak Shona.

           Specific production recommendations are as follows:

           - Two episodes in the series should be aired twice weekly if possible; that
             is, if there is money to allow for this. If not, the weekly episode, to be
             aired   on   Radio 2,   should be repeated    on .Radio 4 during the   regular
             ZNFPC radio slot.

       -     No commercials should break an episode.       Commercials can be aired at the
            beginning or close of episodes so as not to break the drama.

       - The IEC Unit should conduct its own promotion of the pilot series three
         weeks beiore actual airing.     An item can be carried in Parade*
            notifying readers that the soap episodes will be serialized monthly after
            they are aired on radio.    Interviews related to the program should be
            taped for     radio   and television with actors    and IEC staff as well as

       -    The Council      should further   heighten   listenership and test for program
            popularity by promoting the "soap" through quizzes and short promotions.
            Give-aways,  such as ZNFPC calendars can be awarded in on-air promo­
            tions until other promotional items such as posters and bumper stickers
            are acquired.


      The pilot radio drama series is an innovative use of radio in Zimbabwe for
further public education of family planning issues. The theme chosen, that of

           Parade is a monthly magazine.       The IEC staff has been given free pages
           for each edition.

 "Male Responsibility in Family Planning", is timely for the socio-cultural scene in
 Zimbabwe.  From the outlined episodes in the series provided it is evident that
 topics in the theme hav been tastefully and sensitively chosen and dealt with.
 Informal comments on the scripts all give the impression that the scripts have
 been excellently written.    I feel that the IEC Unit will again make significant
 strides in achieving its program's goals through this production.

 Other Technical Assistance to the ZNFPC

 1. 	   A proposed JHU/PCS/ZNFPC project document was reviewed with the IEC
        staff and ZNFPC Coordinator. However, because of the JHU/PCS financial
        situation, additional funds will not be available to fund proposed activities
        until possibly late August-September 1986.     This delay may be opportune for
        the IEC staff, since task and personnel demands on the Unit may have made
        it difficult for the staff to efficiently and effectively carry out program
        activities both under the Bilateral project and a separate JHU/PCS project.
        A delay in project implementation will allow for staff to complete key
        activities under the Bilateral program and may coincide with the recruitment
        of an intern for the IEC Unit. In the interim, JHU/PCS will continue with
        the project proposal review process in view of possible funding in mid-1986.

2. 	    Forms to recruit an intern for the IEC Unit have been filed and are to be
        sent to relevant agencies by the ZNFPC.         JHU/PCS will continue its
        assistance to the Council in this area as per Council requests.

3. 	    JHU/PCS will make another copy of the ZNFPC slide-set for the Council and
        forward same with new slides as soon as possible. (Done)

4. 	    The Council will decide on the timing for further technical assistance (TA)
        to the IEC Unit for the new film.   TA should be provided for setting up
        the "treatment" of this new film and assisting the Unit staff in all pre­
        production activities.   (Billy Mutta, former film consultant to the ZNFPC, is
        available for TA in June 1986.     ZNFPC will be advised of same.)

5. 	    No further TA for the radio drama is anticipated at this time.     TA is anti­
        cipated for a formal summative evaluation of the series.     The ZNFPC is to
        request TA when needed.



         Assistance was provided      to Dr. George Eshiwani, Project         Director of the
 AF-KEN-02 Family Planning Evaluation project, in developing a detailed workplan
 for the second phase of the project i.e., the summative evaluation of a series of
 family planning videos developed under the AF-KEN-01 project with the Kenyan
 firm, 	 Stellagraphics (see Appendix E).
                                       Based on our discussions, modifications are
 to be made in the evaluation questionnaire used for the pretest exercise. Also,
 some 	 Kenya-based donor agencies, NGOs and the IEC Unit of the NCPD will be
 included in the summative evaluation exercise.    Mrs. Gathoni Kirika, Head, IEC
 Unit, 	 NCPD, has been provided with a copy of the AF-KEN-02 pretest report and
 has been involved in discussions on its conclusions.

      A review was also made of the family planning videos produced under the
 AF-KEN-01 project.   Based on the results of the pretest findings, the drama
 video "Don't Rush Me", is to be edited and cut back from 90 minutes to
 60 minutes.      Revisions are also to be made to two of the short comedy programs.
 Stellagraphics will investigate the costs and local technical capabilities of pro­
viding English subtitles for the video drama "Don't Rush Me." The final edited
version of this video will be forwarded to JHU/PCS for transfer to 16mm film.

Follow-up Activities

 1. 	   Evaluation preparation, that is, site selection, Research Assistant training,
        questionnaire revision, etc., are to begin in January. (See workplan.)

2. 	    The Office of the President is to give approval for this Phase II activity.
        (Approval    was   obtained   from   this   office   for   Phase I activities.)   The
        responsible person for this activity is Dr. George Eshiwani.

3. 	    JHU/PCS has recommended that Mrs. Kirika,              Head IEC Unit, be formally
        invited by the Project Director, Dr. Eshiwani, to participate in the Phase II
        evaluation activity.  Dr. Eshiwani worked with Mrs. Kirika on the Kenya
        Radio Language Arts Project.

4. 	    JHU/PCS is to disburse project funds immediately for Phase II activities in
        AF-KEN-01. (Done)

 .5. 	    The video drama, "Don't Rush Me", is to be 60 minutes in length, not 20 as
          initially authorized. No additional charges are to be made to JHU/PCS for
          the added length.

 6. 	    A final copy of the video drama is to be sent to the JHU/PCS for transfer
         from video to 16MM film.

 7. 	    One of the comedy videos, "Pregnant Man", is to be re-done. Minor revi­
         sions will be made to other comedies. All videos are to be completed by
         the end of January and handed over to AF-KEN-02 for summative eva­

8. 	     After the summative evaluation       is completed   and findings discussed and
         approved with the NCPD, the USAID Mission and JHU/PCS, the videos will
         be handed over formally to NCPD for their use.  Films will be handed to
         the Mission and NCPD by JHU/PCS when transfers are completed.

9. 	     JHU/PCS will provide assistance to NCPD in promoting and utilizing the
         video, if requested.

10. 	    Stellagraphics will provide JHU/PCS with costs for English subtitles for the
         video.   URTNA may be able to assist JHU/PCS in the technical production
         of the subtitles.    This will be explored with URTNA.

       With a view towards fostering opportunities for future JHU/PCS technical
assistance, meetings were held with Mrs. Gathoni L. Kirika, Head of the IEC Unit
of the NCPD. Two meetings were held with Mrs. Kirika during the course of the

The 	 outcome of the meetings is as follows:

I. 	     AF-KEN-01 and AF-KEN-02 project grantees were once more encouraged to
         work closely with Mrs. Kirika, the Head of the NCPD IEC Unit.    Good
         relations have been built with AF-KEN-02 [Research Evaluation and Training
         Consultancy, Ltd. (RETCO)] personnel. This should be encouraged and main­
         tained since Mrs. Kirika is very open to the idea of utilizing RETCO and
         project personnel for on-going NCPD research and evaluation activities.

 2. 	    Mrs. Kirika is interested in JHU/PCS's work with the Zimbabwe National
        Family Planning Council (ZNFPC).  Interest has been expressed in exchange
        visits between Kenya and Zimbabwe counterparts for the benefit of Kenyans
        observing key aspects of the ZNFPC's IEC program. While I feel exchange
        visits and site observations are good, nonetheless, I cannot at this time
        recommend a visit by a Kenyan group to the ZNFPC.           Currently, the
        ZNFPC Uni. staff and Council executives are overstretched and are not
        keen on having visitors because of time and staff constraints. However, an
        initial exchange of program materials from the IEC Unit of the ZNFPC to
        the NCPD should be encouraged in lieu of an observation visit later this
        year or in 1987.   Mrs. Kirika was given an outline of the radio pilot soap
        opera series that was worked out with the ZNFPC.       Additional materials
        will be sent to her in due course and as they are developed in the field.

3. 	    Mrs. Kirika was given        the opportunity to listen to some family planning
        demonstration      tapes produced by URTNA             with assistance     from JHU/PCS.
        (These tapes will be made available to the Mission and NCPD by URTNA
        after JHU/PCS approves their dissemination.) Mrs. Kirika is to receive a
        complete set with background information directly from URTNA.

4. 	    JHU/PCS will send Mrs. Kirika samples of JHU/PCS international work. The
        JHU/PCS Media/Materials Collection will place her on the mailing list for
        all materials.

5. 	    Mrs. Kirika      has   expressed   interest     in   having   technical   assistance   from
        JHU/PCS for the Voice of Kenya Radio Soap Opera and TV series. Such
        assistance will most probably fall within the scope of work of the IEC com­
        ponent and workplan of the USAID Bilateral program with the NCPD.
        Mark 	 Lediard,    AED staff member,          will be in Kenya to discuss this com­
        ponent in late February 1986.



 Family Planning Association of Kenya (FPAK)

      Although a formal request was made prior to my visit, no meetings were
 held with representatives from the Family Planning Association of Kenya (FPAK,
  s anticipated. One reason for this is that -during--the week- of.. my visit,--FP-A-K
staff were involved in strategy meetings as a result of the IPPF cut-off of funds.
As understood from Moses Mokasa, Regional Head of the International Planned
Parenthood Federation (IPPF), as of December 31, 1985, IPPF had cut off all
funding to FPAK.   Mr. Mokasa alleges that the FPAK staff is leaving; however,
he feels that there will be no real change in FPAK leadership for the time

Protestant Churches Medical Association (PCMA)

      Two   meetings   were     held   with   Protestant   Churches   Medical   Association
(PCMA)       representatives,      Dr. R. C. Irvine,       Project    Coordinator,     and
Mr. Samuel Irungo, Field Project Officer.

      PCMA appears to be strongly involved in population and family life educa­
tion outreach at two levels:

    Level 1, or Part A as it is known, relates to information, education and
communication (IEC) training.

      Part B relates to service delivery through a network of PCMA hospitals,
clinics, and dispensaries.

      With regard to PCMA's IEC program,             activities relate to four projects.
One in the Gibiunguri District, another in the Kiamboa District; a third in the
Kapaste District and a fourth in the Nairobi area. The PCMA IEC program seeks
to train a cadre of teachers, youth and church leaders from a given area. These
cadres are then expected to return and carry out their own training exercises.
PCMA training is supported by flipcharts and two workbooks entitled "Youth:
Information and Education Towards Responsible Adulthood."             The workbooks are
used in two phases of the training cycle and contain information on human deve­
lopment, i.e., puberty, sexual inheritance, common problems facing youth and
social issues related to population and society. Part IV of the workbook presents
actual lesson exercises to be done by individual students.

      In each of PCMA's four project areas, some 80-100 teachers are trained to
work 	 in 100-150 schools. However, according to Dr. Irvine, PCMA is in trouble.
It has "no resources to do anything."        The Association desperately needs
 materials, both for its service delivery and IEC training programs. However,
 PCMA admits to being so overextended that it is considering recommendations
 that it obtain project development assistance for management needs. Nonetheless,
 PCMA would welcome some individual IEC tools and materials to support their

        Dr. Irvine is to send a copy of PCMA's position paper to Laura Slobey and

Wilma Lynn when it is finally completed.

National Christian Council of Kenya

     Correspondence was sent out to the key officers of the National Christian                     )
Council of Kenya. However, they were all out of the country during my visit.


1. 	    Follow-up from JHU/PCS Baltimore and AED, with Mrs. Kirika.

2. 	    Review     overall      observations      and     discussions   with   Mark Lediard   in
        Washington, D.C. in view of his forthcoming visit to work with the NCPD in

Work 	 with the URTNA/PEC

        Some     time     was     spent    with         URTNA/JHU/PCS      Program    Assistant,
Mrs. Rachel Ogutu, on reviewing aspects of the URTNA/JHU/PCS project. Final
production input was made to a series of URTNA family health programs which
will be distributed to URTNA member countries in February 1986.

        Discussions also pertained        to the printing of the English version         of the
JHU/PCS-funded          URTNA    Family Health and Communication Bulletin for broad­
casters and the URTNA mini-grant project.



      Wilma H. Lynn visited Libreville, Gabon as a special invitee of the Union of
National Radio and Television Organizations of Africa for their 26th General
Assembly meeting January 27-29, 1986.

        The 26th Genera,        Assembly      brought together    delegates from 21 member
countries in Africa representing Ministries of Information and Broadcast authori­
ties.     Also participating in the four-day proceedings were representatives from
URTNA       association     member      countries    from Belgium,   Germany       (F.R.)   France,
Holland, Ireland, Yugoslavia, Portugal and Switzerland.              In addition, a number of
international     and     private    broadcasting    and   communication      organizations   were
represented.      These included:

        The United Nations

        United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

        Food and Agriculture Organizatio            of the United ilations

        The International University of Broadcasters

        The Japan Broadcasting Corporation

        The Pan-African News Agency

        German Television Broadcasting

        International Telecommunication Union (CCIR)

        Frederich Eichbert Foundation

        Yugoslavian Broadcasting Corporation

        TRANSTEL (German Te!evision Network)

        Red Cross

        ALTERVISION (A private African TV network)

        Africa Number I (A private radio network based in Gabon)

        The Johns Hopkins University was the only United States agency represented
at the general assembly.            The following countries were represented at the URTNA
General Assembly:

        Algeria                          Egypt                        Kenya
        Angola                           Ethiopia                     Malawi
        Benin                            Gabon                        Mauritania

Burkina Faso                    Gambia                               Nigeria
Cameroon                        Ghana                                Senegal
Chad                            Guinea                               Tunisia
Congo                           C6te d'Ivoire                        Zimbabwe

JHU/PCS and URTNA Observations and Conclusions

       JHU/PCS      received    a     warm        response    from   both      the    Anglophone   and
Francophone representatives of URTNA.                    This was because at least half of the
country representatives attending the general assembly had attended one or both
(e.g., The Gambia) of the JHU/PCS/URTNA workshops. Also, at some point in
time, a Regional Program Coordinator has held discussions with these

      Judging from the interest paid in the deliberations to the JHU/PCS/LJRTNA
radio programs and broadcaster bulletin projects, it is fair to say that URTNA is
pleased with its relationship with JHU/PCS.                  This relationship is also significant
when    viewed     against    the background         of the     General     Assembly rejection      of
involvement with two African organizations, AFRICA Number 1, a broadcasting
network similar to Radio Free Europe, and ALTERVISION,     a private African
television network. URTNA was very lukewarm also to a project with The Japan
Broadcasting     Corporation        and     the    Columbia     Broadcasting         Systems/USA   for
advancing African technological input into High Definition Television.

    JHU/PCS should make a concerted effort to strengthen this relationship with
URTNA.   Travel between Dakar and Senegal should be increased for program
moniLoring and strengthening.             If possible, and with improved financing, JHU/PCS
should utilize URTNA to advance program activities in individual countries.                        For
example, in Zimbabwe where JHU/PCS has a strong program with the ZNFPC, the
URTNA member station ZBC should also be included in some capacity to ensure
that   ZNFPC     radio and     TV programs          can be aired free of charge.              This is
definitely the type of relationship that JHU/PCS and URTNA can explore and

Brief Summary of Discussions With General Assembly Participants

UNESCO: 	               Mr.    M. Thiam,          UNESCO      Regional    Information     Officer for
                        Africa, based in Dakar, Senegal, has asked us to keep in

                     close contact with him and provide him with an up-to-date
                     overview of our activities.

               Mr. Guy-Paul Hazoume, Charg6 Regional de l'Information de
                     la Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
                     pour l'Afrique, has asked for an overview of JHU/PCS opera­
                     tions in Africa and a synopsis of JHU/PCS dialogue with
                     FAO officials in Rome. (See Lynn Trip Report on visit to
                     FAO, Rome - October 1985.)

Red Cross:           Ingrid Flaks, Development Communication Officer in Charge
                     of the Red Cross Africa Region, is very interested in the
                     JHU/PCS program.

CBS/New York:        Rupert   Stow,        Director,      Production and   Development,     CBS,
                     has   asked    us     to keep        in contact   with CBS in      view of
                     possible collaborative opportunities in production,                materials
                     dissemination, etc.

World Telecommuni­
 cation Forum:       Werner        G. G.       Wolert        (Executive     Director,      World
                     Telecommunication          Exhibitions     and    Chairman,   Management
                     Committee  WTF, ITU) war,.s to keep in contact.                    We will
                     send him a copy of the JHU/PCS Annual Report.

Mauritania:          Ms. N. Gaede Alassane, Director General Adjoint, Mauritania
                     Radio and Television,          :.;   very keen on JHU/PCS working in
                     Mauritiania and wants as much literature on JHU/PCS acti­
                     vities as possible.

Ivory Coast:         Ms. Ekone, Director of Broadcasting, wants JHU/PCS to work
                     in the Ivory Coast and wants as much literature on JHU/PCS
                     activities as she can get.

Malawi:              Mr. Tony Dandiero, General Manager of Malawi Broadcasting
                     Corporation, thinks that the time is opportune for JHU/PCS
                     to visit Malawi and is willing to smooth the way for a visit.

Zimbabwe:     The ZBC with JHU/PCS assistance is to explore opportunities
              to work more closely with the ZNFPC on radio and TV pro­

The Gambia:   Margaret     Parlato,        former    JHU/PCS      Regional       Program
              Coordinator, has already had some discussions with Gambian
              broadcast representatives with regard to their needs.

Tunisia:      Mr. Abdelkader Marzouki,          former       Secretary    General     of
              URTNA, has worked for JHU/PCS as a consultant in Jordan.

Egypt:        The   Head    of   Egypt      Rural    Radio   is   very   interested   in
              obtaining    samples    of     radio    programs    and    other    M/MC
              materials.   (M/MC to send relevant materials.)


                                                      APPENDIX A

                                LIST OF CONTACTS


Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council
Harare Hospital Grounds

Box ST 220

Southerton, Harare


Telephone: 67656/7/8

Dr. Esther Boohene, Programme Coordinator

Ms. Kumbirai Kasambira, Mass Media Manager

Mr. Martin Kwaramba, CBD Unit


Research Evaluation and Training Consultancy, Ltd.


New Stanley House

4th Floor

P.O. Box 59325

Nairobi, KENYA

Dr. George Eshiwani, Project Director

National Council on Population and Development
P.O. Box 30478
Nairobi, KENYA
Telephone: 28411 Nairobi
Mrs. Gathoni L. Kirika, Head IEC Unit

University of Eastern Africa
P.O. Box 2500

Eldoret, KENYA
Telephone: KAPSABET 10

Dr. Jon Green, Chairman
Department of Education

Protestant Churches Medical Association

Dr. R.C. Irvine, Project Cnordinator
Mr. Samuel Irungo, Field Project Officer
List of Contacts
Page Two

Union of National Radio and Television Organizations
 of Africa/Programme Exchange Centre
P.O. Box 50518
Nairobi, KENYA
Telex: 96322675
Telephone: 332383
Mrs. Rachel Ogutu, Program Exchange Officer for the JHU Project

URTNA 26 th General Assembly Contacts
Alioune Mbodji Dione
Ing~nieur des T6lcommunications
Union International des T6lcommunications
39 Route de Frontenex
1207 Geneve
Telephone: 36 19 39
Pierre Du Bourg
Video Presse
34 Blvd. de Grevelle
Paris 75015
Programmes Frangais et Anglais

Abdoulaye Malick Traore
Directeur G~n6ral
Rue de L'usine Bata
B.P. 3907
Lome - (Togo)
Telex: 5131
Telephone: ASAFED:    21-63-16
Ingrid Flaks
Conseillre Technique
Communication au service du d6veloppement
17 Chemin des Crets
Telex: 22555 LRCS CH
Telephone: (022) 34 55 80
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Guy-Paul Hazoume

Organisation de Nations Unies Pour

 L'Alimentation et L'Agriculture

Charg6 Regional de L'Information

De La FAO Pour L'Afrique

P.O. Box 1628

Accra, GHANA

Telephone: 66851-4

Ext. 240

Rupert L. Stow
Director, Production System Analysis
Engineering and Development
CBS/Broadcast Group
CBS Inc.
555 West 57 Street
New York, New York 10019
Telephone: (212) 975-3795
Masimango N'Dyanabo
Docteur en Sciences Agronomiques (Gembloux)
Department de L'Agriculture
Et du Development Rural
Programme National Engrais - FAO
P.P. 3325
Telephone:   25764

N. Gaed6 Alassane
Directeur G~nral Adjoint
de l'office de Radiodiffusion
Television de Mauritanie
B. 521.64
Telephone: D. 516.94
Telex: 515 MTN

George M. Rose
Sales Manager
West Africa
Sony Broadcast, Ltd.
Belgrave House
Basing View, Basingstoke
Hampshire RG21 2 LA
United Kingdom
Telephone: (0256) 55 0 11
Telex: 85 84 24
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Werner G.G. Wolter

Executive Director

International Telecommunication Union

World Telecommunication Exhibitions

Place des Nations

CH-1211 Geneva 20


Telephone: + 41 22 99 52 43 ITU

Larry Atiase
Redacteur/Traducteu r/Interprete
Union des Radiodiffusions et Televisions
 Nationales d'Afrique (URTNA)
B.P. 3237
Telephone:   21.59.70 - 21.16.25
Telex:   650 SG
M. Moctar Thiam
UNESCO 	 Regional Information Officer
 for Africa
B.P. 3311
Telephone: 217118
Telex: 410 SG
M. Abdelkader Marzouki
Directeur de la T6lvision Tunisienne
71 Avenue de Ca Libert6
                                                                                                                                                             ernmen " f KenU~

                                                                                                                                                                       M. R : .       4            '
                                               .......        -j-           NT      .

                       ptie                                                   a farsMreM
                                                                              h   ef  .'r                     i. b       ,reBeent                                           Kenya reQMh toe'
                                                                                                                                                                                    ~~Apt high
                                        .s-                                         "'-"                                           t         -         Semaled                                f
                                 i[            p~.r      *!                 pp!aiation,,_                                    ~     ~             "%          ilte-blt grot

              SI97-'-98)     d r th     P .                *    "  " "-                In e y1960s,a                                                                         gon          riyate Kenyan
             'follonwing-is the full text of the          ouncil fo Population and, i*
         'Development's..'opulation Policy Guidelines"lP:nt      g. ,
                                                                Vn      e   tae      ss-ya nm.
                                                                                       Adsociaetion                                                    sKe            .na      wihwsag

        ,mmtister for home affairs Mr. Mwai Kibakilst~wek                    ~''
                                                                                 3        an"de                                                                                    thIli~'h

                                 ~4~;~r                ~            .   *     6' ~j;                                                                                  ~196                             titled
                                  ~ ~
                           ,I.~Pi~ambe:                  ~programmre of, inforiigand edudaing r
        :::'tKENYA's 4th         evelopnimeft "Plan'                        actial 'arid. pote*,'.ti,         'p *' t'*.r~e'
                                                                                                                          r'           ,f~i ,**         Pldh-hzng.in erosohfdelomn
                                                                                                                                                         ndher ph                    s a~goefi'
        :.~(1979 1993)' states'mnder the -Populatidhn                        hebehefits                                                               'int esNtm ento le y'
                                                                                                                                                          ea;                        i ioa19ola
         Policvr(p.61 Oard 2,156)tihat:!-In Kenvia'                         ticulal                                      I        o 144                 a~id h~p i~qio'6jy',xafdye"I&pmn-gave-,
          decisions on familysizerestwth parents*educated women is found to be higher. "                                            vera strategy for develok' zpt..The
        jT          d       ns taken tgetherdeter'ine Family ;plani                          s rices:. vill be:made                 itethn dmnma[hdg 'Icl ehpaper
         -h6',,iate Vf 6ppulation'" givth.' ir 'the'        2      vavilable'm"inly" In the rural areas, bv, -was: the 'need te l         n                     ppnd:coptrol~t          s

         ,rinnation.   While the'ov ernient is                 zncfrcsiihd                    bi ohoncer  et         ii       of esou         sf
                                                                                                                                              . optirnhbenefitoa
          id.about •the rapid .- :,," .. .
            -., ..,         .... .... ,". rate                     ffpo-ulat .
                                                                             .            p.            ........... ".,. I.. ". ns -b h.~ o 
c m
                                                                                                  ... sn c               "f';t',        -ey I
                                                                                                                                           ,T4                 u              r
            mwth inKenyagtisalso            &convinced that              nuber.tof.traie .personnel, to, "population g" thTr                                   'iipato
             r e concerns come'to be.dderso6d. provide these services,                                                        resur
                                                                                                                   "d :0opment s' d tI) "die'f                                      was
         iitertns -ofeffects on familyw'elfare and                    efore"'the;:abe:p'iy tatemenx'ted                       h .
       t quaity of hife,- pa~ren s wil             u theirwere formulatedu                     any iactiiwties had u
         1d c'isions nfaourf                   lf       e      t                 ipace            e          popoflaoi * ,--.The "'growth.ad the highrate-of pop­
                                                                                                                              t lat n 6nceribout s"'ffecto. conoic
         *Th durrnt beudofiWt 'Plan'1084-1988' Aw"reness whic culmiatd in'th'ra*' deelopment ,*,romp
                                                                                                " ""
              -a'tesfUrther ' Sfni~' 6the r'ate'of po'pula- i 't *,,till....'h ... "')l. t~" . o. nd'"'o P ...
                                                           ,:-   ..
                                                                     n...o          N , ion,a           "         p          'go em" "o'u6' . omnca' ,.-o uai""...
                                                                                                                             ......... m nt i
                                                                                                                                       m  ',
                                                                                                                                                         .... . h            Ke  enya'
                    ,'goem       ,.
          tih'growth is mavinIydeternin'edbv deci.i            tion and ,D"oelopmen                               82.                     advis          st
         lisio'hs itaken"' by:, parents"on fa ils sie, isI I ................... " ........ .. :... ..
                                                       size. " ""i'" p o t
                                                                     .x'hportarit                 .
                                                                                                'un'*'erstandI                 f"
                                                                                                                               """ ";" '"
         tduing th .. Plan'.'period the 'governmnent           backgrotiud;' t                           l on     e"ss& Partly p=mpteld
                  "          hem'ssmnsepo                  r
         :in':co~operhtion'-withion-government t.nce'                                 t 1ha[            mndepende" c. .theintonal
                                                                                                               ..                               fmly". lann
       ,,,oorga nisat ins,.wil :.in ten fy ,. s-  ni                 nt        1 at              y s.ff]c"ll
                                                                                                                             w 6o ii
                                                                                                                                                 be g ni 1967.Faiilylax
                                                                                         J,.                  t.     ,

4 ts4 i It

               Newbornable            eislonson family size rest with parents'                       ~   ih        W'p
                                                                                                                    -               U"'m,

                                        '~~~~~~~""~~~~~                                                            ~     *4~..'                       ~      $,}                           7-*.*
                                                                                                                                                                                       7 T.~(1
   P0PULATION                                                                                                                          4"                   ,'.                                                      -

                                                                                                    nurses in fam'ilyplanning, and                                                     ,           Developin 198 The council is now expec
                                                                                          (d) To intensify, informiation'. and'                                                                    ted to co-ordinate the activities, of* th
                                                                                                    education activities through. 817.                                                             governm t ministries ,and noni
                                                                                                    family health field 6ducators (to be*                                                          goernmental organisatiori'. involved in
                                                                                4A related health objective was to recruit ing progr.amm'e. .,*,,,-:,.
                                                                              640,000 newy family'planning acceptors," 2.,1he                    'h.

                                                                              and thereby to avert s'ome...'+ si.derable . i~Ken~ +oj'su++ of the Council +ie
                                                                                    +*+,+,:~            +.+ 150,000 births. .
                                                                                                         m        ++, + -          K n a 0,opuation Is7a niiog-

                                                                               +The program me 	                            a     st,
                                                                                                                                    ..              ,,.+ hi*..*.. .
                                                                                                                                                             . .      .        ­
                                                                              activities'.~,Between '1975-79,. 'the: IrvMCH grt           'paeosdrate,            confsizii
                                                                                                                                                                    tr ini
                                                                              performancewasv e 'y encuragig:It i              on escialaneco nomic, oi:
                                                                                                                                        't                         etp      .
                                                                                          e ri
                                                                                        'es tm centfthe i6 'ri n tw. ed ..
                                                                                                           pregnantinowth      goals. Some " the effects u 

                                                                                                                                               f                ti p
                                                                                                                                             rate have already'manifested
                                                                              estimat~d that            p~gi~xnme                        ocae
                                                                              and 19 per cent of children .beween"ages 
 gonwth 'to aveboncdvlin
                                                                       -~~           .                                                                                         *
                                                                             0-5 .during the plan'priod. AI bthe
                                                                                              e f97he p'riod,
                                                                                                   p	                          hgselves in ocial problems
                                                                                                                      v 1ad hip'nd. growing dependenc'a burdei
                                                                                  builtan                                                                                  n.'
                                                                                                           pu                 unemployment, unplannied pareithood
                                                                             dehIive ry 6f the'services. -and
                                                                                            delnfths~Me~. ~             ,+.­
                                                                                                                         ~    and increasing demand on basic services:
                                                                                                     it,     4%               such ai h~alth edction             trion aanon
                                                                                Ho.w_+.er+;' : ,-,,           ~               s helter. ,Over the last tw 6 dcades. these'
               Vlc'-Pe's                                                     -. Hwve, h
                                                                    famil plainnng compo-" polinhave,,increasing]y.,.become' the'
                                             nn~aKbk*enthad iriiitd success.'Iprdicting a key'concernofhgveneL
                                             de-ne"n 	 h--pop
  ning 	 was ra.~ Acep
   .. ..      integrted withmate 	                                                 t J..    epI te' Ihis ,'corice'rn 'and.th    on
          ' -1helth~'iid ...... haltlrwas 	
                  he	 mnistrof
                            or'iipei~ig              3-ly~W .. .. i7ng 3.'0Piow-hrat.e ' the iesl 	
                                                      ... cit, (in'19150 F6
                                                       33 pii            aterf
                                                                                   percnt.id sdi ge'etiot'wisikirfph"'r basT Con­
                                                                                             i~'a Ie 'achievemnients.
                                                                                                          .                  e
       hathe e t'"riiit       ohelh'a         b19), thefjVeye'ar'plan"
                                                                                                                              "' 	                                                             .
                                                                                   s m-e
               the ~ 	 ~      ~ ~ ~ Ii~rmi.:cetneo-aiy rat Nni 50'i6O47 Pertgoverniment -in'he'alth imi. e r~.t and
                                            - decline 'in 'birth"                                                      oemen
                                                                                                                                 e                                                                       '' 	                                 '''
               planin srvieswasto
                             ewoll~i~olr>thoiusand a'hd 6 deathzr~'ateof 17 P'eirihoii.
                                          :                               n    '               eeffvson.r tnrai
   * 	.taxy, indivfdual < istoms and values
         and                                 *:sand
                                             sn thiough oUit sth pla
                                             o'd.uesr w                        i,e .......p.ast
                                                                        e , liadv 'torily, dealt with .problems n.ave
                                                                                                         ...    . .s.sati fa

   wr           fullyrestctd and em.phasis- fobe. ,.                                                                :,eanat
  were 	                 f	                    The'                  ..             fromahigh 0pula'tion growihrate                                               ,
                                             The.1979                                                                                                                                                                                                             #
  wa 	                                                  rti yielded
                                  and .2.ea bjrtrIn zensus" inestimated
                                            ,rudebicrdthn e".',"eiz 	
                                                 de                                       a renewed effort in 1982, the govern
 spacing ofchildren. ~".: 	       ~      ~                                   rdcin'r h te c~u *
                                                                             r'd uciio++n,,1,n* ud                                          th rt t+'to"boiit                                      net establ ,ied theNational
 ,,,-Due 	to' the lack.of an'effective health'                     eo
                                                                                                +                                    d ea            +  '                 Couni h++ o
  infra str          ii         ack.of trained person..pt                                                                         Popuatn a.dt                        omel6 untci e'
                                                                                                                                                                    tDe           T
                                                                       •          .... .nd
                                                                                     sn,.,,fi 	 '                    %f +. coulati
                                                                                                                            a'                         apopula
 helfthaidpendedn',Pvatee ministy of	 decliiulatnn increase" occurred that ra e a
   el n familn pla'inhethe manisations                                                                     growth                              was set up0epop
                                                                 significat                                         rais''d tion policies 'arid trategies,"ad -to co-'.
                     'health dep 	
                          d on                                   the 'rate to'ab6dt 3:8 p z'ent in 1979.                          O rdinate ' population 'oriented . activities
 like                           PlaPiied Parenthood. 	
                           PInternatibi,'al 	l
                                  Feerti                                                                               'be amed at reducing Kenya's'population
      -Federatio'1IPPF-	                                                                                                                      atIPreuig'eyat'ou
         Asolto AoKenyatoa
                                   zFmil Plan n 	
                                                                   .In' partthese shortfalls                            e         growth ra'te (see Council's termst of
                                                           rid expl aindbth assumptions 'made'Lin                                 gro 	                                    Ia u
                                                                                                                                                in Appendix I). THis document I
 expAiria6 staff to..... f'''setit 	
                           :ore out 	 ..........

                  'ixig'wdrk.    ., ~                                ++.
                                                           ~ :timeiv'e th t 'rPFtinfihPlihe
                                                                         of 	 s
                                                                                             ar I"Isai -- h a
                                                                                                    ion,,;Pln"the'                            outs"rejear'aa'
                                                                                                                                              s           *p                      and
                  '*p                                 'coy

                  ing 	                                                                                                             emihdtos                    t'faiif..
        + 196 7he+;1969+ -++ j,+,
               ... c +uk ;
    , 	+h ........           u.....                              Governmet'sr:f mmiment '.ito
                                                                 Go rrfirm'edr s co                         to streng e'i ....
                                                                                                                    . 1....       recommentidatlonnscou c....,i.....
                                                                                                                             1 	 achieve ment'of thie      ...u.....+faciitte +te (.,
                                                                                                                                                               o...l,goals. .the

                                                                                                                                                                   c s          ..
earlier 	 findings about high if lity'i                        'thefamilyi:lannng :progran.me w                                      , .... 

t e asi o th.s 	 o..a.i.	 te..... .	 is
          ' ......
             cidr t   hide t.                                                            A'bnhiioir:i
                                                                                             . i', 	
                                                                                                   ....                 it        3. lThePop ulation..e. . .... .+ ,
                                                                                                                                                         t Problem: ...
                                                                 apthin 'the Pla'n' ~o'iid         'enf'r'aea iekly. cin'             3.1, The Past'nd Currint Population
               ve..... !;,19799
     .ive-year'(75'1979 )	i+
 gr+	        a rn me;,w 

                                                 mendihct' thi       esupplyI            o 	famiy p anning instead Situaa4n.LTh6 1979. "........                   Censgra . :d

was't6 sere ai..:: m ~ ~ o ia 9 expanision' ..................
hana fam l 	 ..... ion .. :an .........
                         the basis'for 	 ,,
                             _~.C         the 	                    f~~tigY.... .,... g s6
                                                          ._t-io, 	- - , :
                                                                     ~                       e~J~ 'c .......                       m"          iwith '. a a g o t e t 0

                                                                                                                                   htKn~s~plto~h'~~h~j3                '..
and in               iof'serices, and 'tprovide:_ programmes iamed at, .                                ha-ng                        i
op ertional tar.et ,"insf Y'hich                                                                                                                                            -'th

                                                               ,size. 	                                                           about 3.8
  mesu're ahevemen."The specific: g                           lie'd +ecs'eyn ah'is' ,
                                                               sealtheas the                       to ac                            admhted th"..haent.2she
                                                                                                                                     o-4'indIly both the
           " " hper e

                                                                                                                                                            a in-Absl
                                                                                                                                                                          u' 'el'rs%

  of hupginin~wrto help Thdcucb the'~ ~h~lh '''" ":."-'' '- ' Ia-it ..                             iilje- ost
                  of 	~'royvere                 i~cr~as of h 	i n....r......... Wvas it'6e.
                                                                        herce ............... to tap and annual rt'fg~h"n16,fr

                                                                       *~tives     anoportunity .. ..,

                                                                                                                                  goi g r
                                                                                                                                     I in                 t -fgidlyn199'
f pulati'n-from 3.3 pertodto(irn*1975)i' 	
p                                                                                                                            n             ce,,the
 	pop'ulation wasl. 9 millidn
                                                           f a nourcvenm enf ro n '                                        .. withan- nal gr latof                        3 per cent

30 kr *6f+boniot~ t'impr6'vethe'
   hlth'. cent.(1n1979) th i:s anrdecildren"-	
                                  aid                                                  r ei og iri',
 	   Wtha                                                 thao                 h
                      bea 1thC'f..bJth    a         i                         wt           achidre'......il.i.. nd
                                                                                                    ihe'                          As' 6an be seenfrom fthe table"below the
   uri	 r,.the d g'ag:Of .ve,years.'-The
      e               ,ag of
                         h                              T        . mprove ora
                                                                iPJ               *%* 1.. ;abv''iiAti'on..... +the 

                                                                                                           '0-                   economy.-of.Kenya is:not. growing, ft
      grme+ had,                 # following 
                                                                         e4 	 pi,'e, 'ntatal-
                                                                                          thah         e.     re
                                      ,I.                       kena                       th-l:~"                   t.;-f       'e'nouigh 'to,keep up With thb iT+e- of the
      sponalbilhties:. 	 .+++en, "d                                     a 'jL•v. thetablishimenhi t e .opulation gr,
                " tt s                                          National Cuc                              pulaio         d,               .lag between te6 ozmioi gi0wth'                  *The
        Welfare-Cent're 'wrth a technical                                                  RE                    S     F       DP.tGRW/TH 	
            Ijiifporti '
                              :" v'isi''s    ,.   .   ''c" fl                             '..
                                                                                          .,di             ;.:
                                                                                                           +      *.     *,.. o,
                                                                                                                               .                s                              f               ,'93+*                .
   '	       idTo
             establish 00 M CH/FP daily.,' 	                                                                                                ':.'+,.98.,3,l                                               '       2 !,;
                                                                                                                                                                                                             , \1.- -.                               .­
                                    . s" .. an ..
                                       .     .      . .. .
                              point 17 "part-
        iime services rendered 	 andmobile
                                                             . .   .             .        .     .      .     .      .     .           .	    .        .                .    .       .
                               ...by                                        ;                                    1**,,                                                                     .      .
                                                                                                                                                                                               ,.**             .        .   8 2*rg.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             .    .

        c)earns, at some'190 clinics. + ...++ '
 + I)+ ev .ie& 80) 	 1"'.71                     S'il
                       ... +''+'....+
                         ..............  + ""I
                                            +.                (19
                                                     Pa(1983+.+,.'+54                                                                                '.83
                                                                                                                                                                          15..-.8                            -1              6-7.      ~69~~~
           'p rovide in -s
                         ervic e c o u rses r.fo
iSe 72 for data
                  __        	 ......
                       _,_ ..........       .R
                                                                                              evisd.19 80),
                                                                                                ised ( 1932)
                                                                                                                                                                      V 30                     ".3. 0                                  8' 4'

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   , +'..,..,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ,2 43* ,' " ?
p'age Kenya Fertity Sur and 1977/78 Vol. 1,+
                on women    page75ordata                                             "'                               PaperNo.4"f 4198'.....
       ~~ ::'~~ouce 	                                                                          *'Ses
                                                                                                                      l P~pe    aNdo.~"
                                on mn.                                                                     ib 	ev lopm                 m -rosp                    cts and                  oli ies - . 5 G overnment of K enya.
     7 .	 .,oP8.,
                              ___________                  ',-'K   .......                  .....               '4   d'
                                                                                                                      '=;     ,.   .<*           ,i                  --         .    '" 4      '

                  h,.e, 	                     January24, 1986.

;.1 	 ,an'd pootherefo                                 imiesl                    add i-lchild.~                            womnen- into marriage      ';rocreationnd
        i-i   theOonmy
                thati                         creasngly'faces                     ,iDechine m      hortality
                                                                                                       has been'one of the other adult roles, individual achievement
         ;rbil 	                                   raow gp,                      majortfait6rs ,eponsible forthe current: thruh its'f          assae was emphasised.

                 unlchanges fertihpypanurl 	 popula-J estimated cruide death 'rate (CDR) at 14"
                  .,th'ire'rocbsses* bywhic                                   ationgrowh Te
                                                                          9igrnups                                                                    he'dsbo rs 0b"ThCI~iii    e'lers "while'
       ~~ Lan h               ftlit~'~i ri6rtality, are jer'I'1000' in 1979* show a considerable                                                      woe              arental- coahinfro n
                                    nt.         counmpr igra
                                                    try                         declineo        the,1948 figureof 25 'per                               mote          hdd old "roles from
                  ..... not anismpora facior in Keny
                  i s .... "'"expectanc
                          ...                                                ', 1"(o I"5"  6ula n.. 'tThisdecline has.  a _.                           ,bo._ their1h
                                                                                                                                                              -I i   iate hafiily a
                                                                                                                                                                                  adsoc ey."
                  pulion~change,        , internaliira
                                       Tut                                      reslted n a -r       oefis e c
                1 7 is"tioin~
                         an 	         fa c         or                           birt 	 froma figure'of35years in'1948to55t                            :As , oi uencO lce; ages arriages
                                                                                                                                                       w                          aig
                                                                                                                                                                           sexes; women ls
              Afrian yanpopuato egiAsials                                        motlt I 	 'ledsilhgr~aiet'*~srelte                               socalO,,.m
         .<p'6lation changes.The ipact of9 non-
                                            1'                                   years in .1979. 	Despite the past declin~s, I chieve4d high age at first birth.
                                                                                           .... ..                           1      I    esl,
                  'Europeans is'minimal. from a taijetd  (aog'..h..
                                                          lthuh                                                                           ........
                                                                                    els With 'improvementin. changes. the ,socialising"ro.le-'of the                                 ,,
                                                                                                                                                                                    ...... 'c....

              fn'o6graphic, 'point bf vew ah                    hhalth and .the rise in t e'stanimmediate                          familyand the coIn ty has
       11hieir'role 'in 	 'the hlimted' international living m                       it i6xcie*dt decline. bean weakened bythe encr6achment oo
             mn'rat 	         'ns  of' some s ignificance           u ier.                                     :
                                                                                                                    .  i.s it;ti'n s'churches o
                                                                                                                                      ut    ..    s'ctO',*
       *especiall'in: the" loss'-of technicially'                   Althoughigration is not animportanti media and factors such as u-bAisation,
          trained workforce) .... .nof 	
            *                                                                         the atio                 ion, it migration' and premaita births:
           '.Reerit. estimates-of fertility' indicate; is an' n                            eterminantof 	inea
                                                                                          portant 	          inaml     "'ag reies sweepr rr tosall
                                                                                                                                 faile wer prf.rred                 i
         -that the average number of children per' pmpulatiori                        v m0eents,i.e. rial-urban        ...      ..Prefeih- s'for ?m'ole bffsprings
       'w omaI .iabout 7.9 ' S' *'cofiaredwith a' and rural-rural iigratioiM 'a 'result. of tended to riein'force the large fa'iily norm
        '     irespoldiiig hi re'bf 7.6*in 1969, giving' 'natural in6ase*,and the influence t e si.                            a...ie ... ""o .j
                                                                                                                                               .....         r ation so
                        :,~ ~, ..
            "ani'izicriSe.bf.~ 3.9 'eFc it~ ..... ....... 	 inga ,trnsrom ruri _ioV'iir
                                        ~ ,,.. between th
                                                    ~~~h.. ....           i, 	 f                             eas, -te lona'm'ale 'ciild wranotreivre
                                                                                                                   te                           'ras'it'dlve.A
        *to's               o uil!     etw* 	~'20 an d amonig' r' urban ll~ opulationin creas~i from'about s
                                              h           .t               p           g........a;''ed       e         '    h "         .. "'. ... ca.......... . .. due


         young                        eween       and 34.n 	            i            1"i 22 inillionpeople in to inheritance ights and carin onthe
            1AKenya: hadifferint rriarriake laws, i.e. 1979. This ives an annual urban pp                               amily.me.' Women were generally seen'
           Musim'--'stnh'ry Christiai'aiad" tio i'ow-th iat of abotit2percen                                           as mairyink 'off to .other 'families and
        'Hindu:' The 	 e'e                                          The          devdence           sereprehensed
                                                                                                            'bythe excluded fron ihetance nd eventually
                                                om.               diica
                                                                    emographn factsa""... ..... scssed'
                                                                                       ' thadt .differ." in* this severin'g rights of 6wriersbip of 
        -Ho          r;6'A'6ith averag'e",'Knyan women section indica t                         tfhheir
                                                                                              'that mnjpp awfmenI family fiidn Homoer

           n ryat thd'aje of 18 years but this varies tioni..,c, oh.             oent"that ,'illd'were                      valued as'a lide pride'fok their male'
     I         th6 tandard'6f                    aductioi'hn'8 K
                                                      a'rea of 	                                           in futured siblings A,uhmiar hin extending family'
                                                                                                                                     a- alin
4:' 	 reside'nce 'Women 'ith' pbt-primary' 'i's'feilityFut e~forts'I~'eppl­ a- ti" r                 to'"aPP                                ages.:-, - .
         educdtion tend .to-m arry at the .age of 23.5 ti rv . th' ate"' ll'cn trad,.soiaistin,.,aamly1
                       . ,         ...              . . ..                    .                     e6i fertility.
                                                                                                      .                ,,h        ' "
                                                                                                                                  h o a a'.T'r...    nIya mfe
            ,years, "as compared with"-'tho~i with 'not ~ 3-. j
                                                           ..                                               he .~toiLjCutdrat                         educa tiori wa' taught to chlr                       n~d
                education .whfo mna'rryit tlie"Ag6of 16.5                                             .a.t.rs.-.Traditionally,
                                                                                                                      the family' was" yung people.by bo'th 'parents and
 ,;'        years on the average. 'Woftieri residing in'* the ':main :reproductive, ':-e'onomic 'and,                                                 grandparen'ts,'3peers                 and society.' This
         urban areas many at aje 19.2 bIars on the sodialisation ' unit.' .:Within ;'the 'Afican         centred on a wareness abao't physical
         average,'whereas ruial women 'marry 'at; context, these'-functions were founded on.'changes occurrin' g -duing'individual's
                                           1awi'der                kinship social network beyond the' .ath tm'ntUHty, parenthood roles, aind
         womenr h v a pre ,
                        a           t bi th: "f           imm diate family.The family and the             esp6 ibil t .    .oc'ety:.              . f,,'"
                        men marry at'o der ages than         m n           cialised ,on thevalues        , in 	nmdemn times, the'family continues
        -women onth e aver'age. It has been'shown m                'b                               the t6 b'* the' alient 'institftionfor the
         that abou t 60              er.. b *911 'first' basis for'their continuedfu
                                                                             '              inctng as a socilsation of the young.'Howevernew
        'marriagesi men are about 10 years older: society. The falnil i also'ristituted a divi-          institutions"'u'ch .'ai 'the'ischo61,.the.
         th n their wives,'abotit"18 'er cent of ioi"!af.?laboir "bns'ed 'on"'geinder roles.' church                  t          a
         marriag'es iiv'v6'iiien 'Who are'mo're than' Childrenwer'traned to tak               secific     v'
         20 years 6lde thah their 'spouses. 2Can-, 'roles""and'iesponsibilities"'that'. qnsured family"'ii'd 'ktrducd iiewvalues and
         tr ceptivei e' u'age".a'ng'Kenya'women
                                                         ......... '
                                                                            df        "Ifain 	
                                                                              ' urv ival' of society"""'pattens. . 'behavour .... "to e .nt. ay

                                                                                                                         . . ...
        -'w It isestimated th'f only'5.8 per cent Prod6ation' afnd 'survival -were ensured societies$'7viewof thew'de range of
            0of womren are currently 'Using 'Modem con-                          throiigh the7 institution of u'arriage, both, poulatio'-e ate'dprobe Abin

       ~'r::~~i~e         A ditoalfv' e cn                                        olyganioui .nd 'monogamo'us.- Marriage experienced by bath'the youth'and adults,

                  traditional birth' pacing methods.(                            was geared t6wards Achiev inefit of large strengthening sog
                                                                                                                                           .iime.'f' the
            aga' 30'arid over is 14 per c'ent as cam-,                           ec0nonic, ocial and psych6logical needs" 'noformal ieducational :institutions to"
            pared 'Wthfour per cent a.ong women,                                 of the family -,.",:,'          ,
                                                                                                               ".,, ,"                                ad     s    a        p            curring
                g unde9 yearswhole,                                                                there were several factors                         a both the family and societMl levels is of
        ;';*.                'per     cent of th               fecund              iiich led t
                                                                                   iSity-eight small familiesperwoman, for                            major'importan'ce.   .

 ~' women indicate they would like to have a                                     ex,ample, *high mrortality .rate Is among                              3.3        Effects o6f'Rapid Population

            child in addition to theonesthey have.                                    ts and children. In order';to ensue                             GrowtIh 'n Soc'a'I and Economic Develop.

            Seventeen 'per cnt indicate they do not                              proper spacing iind child survival, many                             ment. Four major areas characterise the
            wanit "another chl-~i                h       rs          r             fia              oieties were practising absten-                   effects of.high rates of population growth
            Undecided. It is only'among women who                                tion fro'm-intercourse                     prolonged breast          at the national level, increasing pressure
                 already had nine or more children,
                 .hav.e                                            nd sendingthe wife away from'                                                      or land high dependency burden; rapid
                      ~te prcetae o 	 woenwhodo 
 her husband' 'utlthe'child was at least
                         were                                                                                                                         labour force growth and rising demndfo'
            not.            'another 'birth exceeds
                        'expect                          three to four years. For nonmamed, pre-                                                      basicservices.""
            Oportion of those who want an                                        marital sexual intercourse' was almost                               3.31        Population and land.Kenyas
            K             t S.u'-"land
                      'nyaalways                                                            prohibitede                                                               'space Iisa582,646 square'
        ,:,'Kenya Fertility Survey Vol 977/78 page 107                           '''
                                                                                       In 'order 'to, sociahise bot
                                                                                                                                                       '	    '"koitrsfwhconly                         17.5''"<4
                                                                                                                                                                                                     .4     per~   '"

                                          4          "'~"~7­
                                            .2-                                           ....                                                                                                                              TheI *ee'klT
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ...                            evew, Jiua                             ry ,24 1986 .
                                  i              'ceht
                                          cult.iibe                      the      *a mom          '       nt               ',em                     o         d'Veifrra
                             iS bultW
                            cent            the                                                                                                                    in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 n-pp                  lto

                           " to  "    . pulatton density                                                                              ould           i id.as' absolutely                                                                                  "h"rea                                                   the ratio
                        ,.s17j,,,op :      eper,,.,quawas                                                                             ,6pre'per. he last decade Kei.as sil
                                                                                                                                                                 Kenya                                                                                        'ih
                 : jr ~ i, ~
                    . ~;                 "' h l
                                   T h ' onpesquare.fe                                                                            'lf ,aeno 6''      i               ~                                        '        '                  "   ~ r ~ uc' " e e                                                  ' '             ~ '
                             0I ro
                              re                                                                                                          ,5.per,,centow: a' :annum
                                                                                                                                                i t g per .........
                       hguiesof m e e.t 154 i&n1969 in
                                ii0and correspond                            co tii d d ~ l ro ' ; a rate of                                                      "f                                                             *                resources ncessary o, pr6vie

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ad eq at c- e       m
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      d i., alp e son ­
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    .nd.       ......
                                                                          5per cen't 'nthe' ghties.-Un r                                                                                                                                        *"ne Ian'd services
             -         1979, irespecti" v e
                        ..           "
                                  ,........ .  e' Ifir"s           :k'-.he cu6rrenit rates of p0.p<
                                                                       f;                           -"ulatio,("                                                                                                                                       ,l-ion".n i h gh rte o

                                                                 i                                                                        *A.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        'conti, dUe "
                       J dict.... excd'ie ind 'cres' "....',growth
                                                    .....                       ther' dom estic pro6du'
                                                                                    .ross                                                                                                                                                                                 -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        d 'aI"o l i
                                       xcs.e n fd
                                     on jadin           io                  d-bxe'e4d -,to," "                                                                                                                                                   'deteorati
                        armtton                                        .s.owerpace,thid              fii h                                                                                                                                                                               n            r
                           dedi a i enru6 si eroson*
                                                                             ',ne                  )a
                                                                                             uaoour usoptv   litt
                                                                                                                                                         ba                                                                      "*:bs
                            Vd'liid'settlemient                                                                                 Ain
                                                                                                                      3he7' .,Hoe             -Th'A rai rateo
                                                     asen                               greater unemployment
                     .u..t. .,. outpud: b *
                       n:grcultural               ,tto                                                                                                    te
                                                        ,              ri . ,'tb -ation iurl
                                                                                          S "                            *.:.
                 3.3.2            ng " Dee en dec'
                                              'e                     Jt .n o n creasea ,demanfd 'for' th                                          r
                                         Ke - "  y "
                                                                  * ,provision of' asira 'ed' '
                                                                                                               'th ed          iiiurbanP6lionlr nb.expansion
                                                                                                                                                 u ent!          ?e-
                   Bu e '.!           a. s :.;economically.           p         s                           sevies
                       ~a pltiii
                        e tiv                     ..                            ... , . .... ..                                                     ra
                                                                                                                                !o- The.curiennual rate of     n
                     1-59) num'ber7 : li1i6[b
                      .41                               1:1~* LIM tI: ~ ~~iii~ ...'1.
                                                                I                    ~                   ".      .                           of te urban' population
                                i5 7.2millionj6L ia,                                                  *
                                       o eneant" . yes 3.3...
                                                   '            ~ 'food**~ntEducation.- urrently .' , I !
                                                                               and housing.:,
                                                                                                         ,                              .-      ...
                                                                                                                                           er cen         .. ed ,toncon
                                                                                                                                                          ai     to                                                                  *.

                   ... . tian those aged
                           .e.....                      ander
                                                      15arper                 centIgoes to: the             vi-iopofsourban
                             *        A ar                              "1'..... ..         'h                "                                 d' "'...... ... o       fUlat
                                            '                         5a
                                                                                                        totherapd               .......... r .. t       '
                     h 113' ds e    e np nt                          .,'the       ",,iofteschool dusingldunppopula.                        ande      ts e rnics fi-the
                   ,        °,..,,ud      eubac                                                                                   tn     e tability
                                                                                                                                               ce                                    rbe :nCilpe1 tar
                    eco                     i~dhhh'rsnce
                                                                                                                                                                                               ....                                              .........'hocal . .. .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ..                                     ofhthe
                                                                                                                                      '  ' "ti  .......                              ie'r..........t......~.eced>te ~                                                                        cpe ,w 'i~
       ,,4             oi          noeall ,... - I . e. is
                                        ,  ga                                                                               ),              e,
                                                                                                                                        , .,I em
                                                                                                                            :':that~the .r                                           age populati
                                                                                                                                                                                      *                                                          dete rir tlso
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ychoo ,ion,...... n ,s irit.co ..... 1 -,the....
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ti             '
                                  ' " "th 'i"illy tiv pg'owt                                                                :,wouldcxe                                                   53 illiui"bit                                             .........    ........
 . .....
                                                                                                                                             nij -,                                   1 ,1 ., .-,
                                    r             aar g e a.-                                                         c                           ~d~
                                                                                                                           r ..... e.t.....ij....... r.
                                                                                                                                t c d ,.....                                        .i....
                                                                                                                                                                                        i..,,i ....... ..                                      t .pren :- " I.. ­ ,Nil- s and t e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 bo~tItH c'urren ...
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ,ei'ai l

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 housi is also a need nvzro
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  :;1nere                        to improve
                                                                                                                                           -....  ,,,
                   t                                                                                                       ..                    ie .ion ...
                                                                                                                                3 m lon i 1984,andreach 5.5
                                                                                                                                   "ghand                                                                                                                                                                          net
                 : the.needs of the dependants aidon                                                                       ; ..
                                                                                                                          :...highe dut. ....
                                                                                                                                     .                "n 'as' ..                                                                                                                         h                             d
                   henice Ci ip
                 l-''I"I -retard gainsainon, sb~i hn
                         r                standards'of
                                           i    t 'a!th                                                              [=                           ' =.:ti f,
                                                                                                                             also increased be i ~. h ma°rk{
                                                                                                                                             t'         a                                                                                        .                     s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  :,~ h(1"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ..... .................

                      te     grehxacbeeed~''"                                                                               t prob d e 4.mi lli~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 V "i m.....in
                                                                                                                     *    ;h.capacity, ,Thi a's'e to highsi                                                                                                                                    ril         l
                       theconsequences of a, high pop
                         i                                                                                           ~          suitable                                                                              a:                                                 t'.' genera1ojectoes

                          as n.t e
                         in r",,fle'a orking age pop.,: ~                                                             6 r ~~ . Ith, ZThe Governmentd
                                                                                                                          !=:rst,,th                                                                                                                               uc
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                . .... ..on of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         to)!ensure: provisionsu .ofdm
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  fci n
                   thby li a - the  de9mlhon by 1988/:,d                                                                   high.,'excu io aidri n~iri'iis                                                                                         se a i qatie,                 s,' in~
                   I                       r
                             or 8y'p i bn th U:p' !
                                             o e
                                                    .                                                                        ....... "
                                                                                                                                                ... "
                                                                                                                                                    ......                                                                                          T e is lso a ;-'es.              r oe

                                                                                                                                          I    e h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       n.v " rodu. ace
                    ''-i    '' •   "n   .....     r                                                                                                                                       n                                                           ;"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           :t     .,     It

                 -s es                t            .,
                                                  o-.. i,,e... fro,, i,,-.,,
                                                                         ...                                                 ' fa~i ily,plann ng vi e                                               elIdry                      *,lem.                ent f d rlus Lo g a at}h­
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       6 '
                  is etimate Ato '        e7.5'i llon'
                                                  d                                                            '      'Y? lver         andpt                                                                                                         14
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ;ant od levl. ,,,..-,-,,,, 1,,l: -
                  under ithe: ureont in platio'                                                                     Thd'practitioned-)u 'supbr1'qa lht'6l                                                                                       foe m                         a .                                              o>
      'a          g'm~~rwth 3 rate.I :1979 themoderW                                                           '         acilities
                                                                                                                         ."                                                                                                                                                  n~r'li~') i
                                                                                                                                             e                                                                                                                                       *t**v,,         .*.ti~r

                per c nt ' f a hil lab6Cfr th'ehfponsuent !c.Despite. ',ons" i er pi 1 s;4o'
                                                       fo nc   l          p a u c* ii dl
                                                                                     is                  t                    amoi r
                                                                                                                      .- OcuSbe'dreep fants ;a' viio.a
                                                                              d                                *               iA             e's      lac          nei
    "'S           h rest of h a                oe                :F':',   met in bt e oio n and
                                                      childeands. e.
                             y.atoni r. oceco - ";;
                             he;!a                                       'delult3r - tio i on doctorlih
                                                                           -.-a..n...... sctrs..hel
                                                                             'i u~o orm
                                                                                 ..           .....
                                                                                                                                quor             fr','rat.efcen-,
   ""KnyGaet' oN5-prcent                  321         Heathstit~abutionsp ,000 polsd                                                                   A
          lnsttutlnsin co en ' *e
                 the ~ llon ou   Ocoe "59 1*2nrefrW~i'250pol
                                 '15                   dis'- isint
                                                    W ere high *amprovements~are constrained Ae
                                                                                    rate, 6r:'poiiilatiOzig6t byl
                                                                                                                              pwionn ofseood ndte or.
                                                                                                                                     efor to           to iiiymet
                                                                                                                                                                      '                                                                                                                                                                 ~
                        *             "~~                        '~tt'*
                                                                    ~ *~,The health"i******i; -
                                                                                                                       [ i "'" :thel ico intry,' "a oig'iharfi 1ow I
                                                                                                                            8of e                            j                                                                                  "';
                                                    .,,~,-,               r                                '                            f'" i" i bothr ur" 'b'
    ''~k       K~0                                     gi       e'
                                                                     ',KKK 'fro           pw              3K
                                                                                                                 a.urs ,' sand tli a :an
                                                                                                                                      ireas;.,anid .in
                                                                                                                                                                     I    'ri                            K'K               K~
A at.'n;t t 1,..ii '! 6.ripins,-T
        '                    j.4,i4'.1ati~s'tllill'                                            hi
                                                                         shortage"of d'shrh.mssos[erisede byla      n ;.':'am . clot2 -expo...... eanh or
                                                                                                                    ,       ,,,some2 areas . Hc'.... r
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             ftK    d.           .           .                     K   f

                                                                                                 m                  ..... as..cropped,',ate:the     to~ ep       a,'"
                                                                                                                                                               ense of.
 i 8 ; ce. a                 o
                             mi       i '.i n
                                      d                  '       K
                                                                 t   ,   6    1
                                                                                  a   .   l
                                                                                              pop-                 3nd            u
                                                                                                                             nel ath-' s iserce'
                                                                                                                                         ",   6     i     3    .   -      i     t    'f a c l ' i   s;    ,       t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      tdeh.ver"                       d.'.y",
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     "fod" " ..... "
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             . I   ' ,t "   nd       J   l "i              i   "           i

   W'esn     fneSse',ce                                                                                                                                                                       provos                        , ,. ., ',i.~artOfthereasoningbehind the

   X\I -o.°".,upplement,
 and 1979 census :-
         N'                                                                                                                  and financi hmnitmins.At the                                                                           f
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                :,,;, oud-related problemi~ s the high;                                                              ~'''
           V~he Weekly Review Jad624421
                                      ~   r   ~    j       ~
                                                           ~*         ,   ,     .        ..   . ..P
                                                                                                                                                                  O PULATI O N
                            .+ s .. iirequirements, 1 sel freely -ppiictis~c ,dt!i'ade
                             ofa+on    b...                                                  6: ()                                          ~'ete fec. " +c!+"" govennm me i

                                                                                                                                                         .-of, speyic" ........
                                                                                                                                                                        o e ....
                       cuty-5:                    e
                                                  nth' o i FP re u r i d 461 ,           or' dpte                                             oici es (e.g.;n a nd a d j ld on )
                                                                                                                                                                        ui a
                                                             th'~~s~ib           Ariitiieratedto'                                                            ProbI
                    U.-Ls                             trp               ..oP        soh                                                        the household fertilitdecisions,
                                ~'4ii                           arites          and edcai             M
                                                                                                       ant gnishiebe                        Oee~ e'nl'neo
                                                                                                                                              T                      .i c-isatitu­
                           een 'pooulalinn
                                 .+~    ~                         ~       ~~~~Idnn;- theleted6'acept 1ticiiolnf
                                                                             i,i .ub..  ,(e-g.i an, unt"oll-,aclf:n!ertlit~i#..t
                                                                                           l                            re igion"                                       i.i+i. nato
                                                  eii i_                  A         ll
                       ''l ~          thihoncer itof
                                                         l recogni    oon heneed fdr sttainee A1a uethee non us6e o -aillforms'of
                                                                         t    ee                      iiiihe fatlb'i~iprbe ' rlieti
                                                         nI                    the-gid

                                                                                      Jd ti 
                  .,m t.. ba .. -resource ee dso
                         t-e . ic                          iy panning'and ther-.Poulatioij      -'(it
         '17a.0 ),tJj.b.:tb- a,A.!
                          p                      rthe activities'
                                                               ,        contp he,,Natonal
                                                                             ryd.                     ­
                                                                                                          .infe.ii"it d subfertility nd....
          lb""If6Y4 sehold; liVil V  th~lonunis to                 oulation anDeivelopment'
                                          meenct th.ai bai         e                              't)! The etent bf ab.ortioiand its corn.
                                                                                                                        -hea th.and i is6i
                   nmerh bers, the*6 vb"diffeiPnly in'    ora ti"'dn upo
                                                                    ... "iingI'oodntn/                 e.;psychol6gica:       2
                       agn tude. A't h h ~    *U d **d43                                 Aani'.atibnnatnnsuppor areas.!ftM-T n.%!M

                                                                                                         syhinagtia                        "
           ~.r~TV ue'A
4          ,7
                4            pressureo                 adstrerigthening
                                         durs thel ?adJ--vi~o~ hh
                                                          -             -"
                                                                              e,'paicip ating:
                                                                                                          the.,I.ECprogramnmes              jF~u6 WE
                   f PO litdea&                        (ounc'li* ....-. . ;e'ehe e eifsited
                                                                  'sli :.... sew    "twrates eg~i~'
                                                                                    cia' .....                      !i "!'i ~i :s i
                                                         mncY;dstdead  :,achi       -btegies "            iii        d"
                                                                                                     :Population education;-hoeer, h.:
    4q   _Cupreritaid proj'cted,.opopulatinon
    Fuotl th burden.at bothiiie likely to inten-
         :sifyh, tei f6r grw
                         Kexiya theina'tional
                                                i .".ci,   -.   .iwiII.+:r.
                                                        ~ Poptilation
                                                               P YdT.u-af~*~*
                                                                                             o on.     e            o
                                                                                                                . ot_'oher t
                                                                                                  ~ benacamd -les :n, tan es
                                                                                                                            iqn5r uc.ohal
                                                                                                                                 'd ot

                                                       ;re'cseeras.g 1Actvtis. rde
      [the' )hdus'ehold '!levels.r.Si.c........... hvrae" 
                                  o, 1'o.ducra oe ps. ,saih tiodid "l~;~
                                                                                                      res ,
                                                                                                       'I        tna s     u
                                        "both                        t
                                                           ;Tmznlstries inon-governmental                             ca be......
                                                                                                       am iy.eucati 

                                                                                                              l        ex"'du"ation,
           fiiueproviding ba'i needsfortheespec,1
                    ~~~~~~~, ~~         ~                           ldoas
                                                  l.ieeuesntoaloiistades ry
                                                   ~ du9 i            A'indi go ,earsh

                                                                        5~ying out. esearcht~ . 'I o .various groupsw hieLa.ming at
                                                                                                          ~       ~
            ive members,natio lpoh es toaddress,
             h     olato ng         rowth
                                       +ratesra the            lprogrammes inpp ln      ain+dhe,,conse qenceso on 9toec
                                                                     acivities.. The activities of                       thefapi
                                                                                                      wth ofelop

f         fiitioiial level should have'parallel mall
         ?iiiis at the'hoiisehold level to ad p deci
          ve agnce pooled prgam%. "           nnt'd~~6 hbenfin oL
                                                                     gnoqbj         ito d               ..                           1an
                                 rnd enp at I.,trhe'
       tifNmily;.norms'iind Phls+++e ;;a iy
                     iem"dT      '1
                                      .rE..u   nsequntly,'sm all
                                              ).......                       i.
                                                                                -o .. po U,cies :':inderi; .'Whc 'he
        Je'els has"manifehsted i +Jt:_ famly
                                                                                                    ch'the atstseumrptions;
         t enan t
                                                  tl -ri;he                           ,,i                                                              WtioAi ° n"
                                                                                                                                                            nt"a h p"ed that...'"
                                                                                                                                                             4tj                          f*
                                                                                    en                 which h c  thed" +Vh j IT io.. .....
                                                                                                                                        J "       ro           ~csss.
           A l:f  h          anlfh its+f-in                    o w                  erate ;can bedscussed. In order to .a
                                                                                         p                                                     i takes a

        ing                     -I       e iin-
                                        'oble                                                                                                                           . jA
                            m,. in a s ..... ltyh in ea         f tA                           g       tie . inatherarea oofr'
                                                                                       f stiI.;.. .tW . dUcu -- ar. aifia iP b c .
                                                                                                              _"           ,. 2                         h plins .h'iitogh
        i-ed,'dha AIt frA t+. adelcquate diet,
                f       e        )rovision of 1
                                          .                It er4                          nrA pocp
                                      +ultin -    1           ,1"                                  tegrat'e- thi :, ar-ious_            t         cyc e. Ts , there neet
                                                                                                                                       pe lif ,v . +........... is .

      '            a
             dsalisaAth iioiA Thsl                  stima tel                  .tiy6tzes.aecs y.i'.wha+
                      11,4 .... q' .
                              1'++ in A.
                   m t{esecteatO    ,          conceepin andddual
                                                         neeo .+F;.                         1g ipop~ulgtion problems,
                                                                                                              gactie                  b n         fan m+learn s amte ,'
                                                                                                                                                                    ied ife,' diffeily
          elth~an eprudathn                                                                                                                      . , . .                         yf
                                                                     n                                                          '91 as
      ,i:, ou senosero....,atio,     in,Jhefof.th'eke,,n,.. i                                                                                     ei;idiio                  .tohr
                                                             .                                                       pof
            o me-
                  .atne ,+.w nt Th

                              1 iUltimtel, ,+ t.l
                               rconcern, l
                              economic6;pioducw e                                          "l .. ',the ,te
        faffdely areibet'rdeTrhm paauiatelt           he                           titJr g~j'sg.+i+.eapsue elop dIt w'o ha' s:itihron'u'
                                                                                 minstres~d,~NGOicapatan d,,.. zmasnla to ia;a .*i diig:;0:+oh'
                            '       "
                                      . ,f                  ...
                                                              .y                      e                            lia ,,a<,. q,tr.
                                                                                                                  olati n+:,0 . sodti d uingpeeuL. ne desire
                                                                                                                         n                           1  11
                                                                                                                                                    .i~-:                s
                                                                                                                                                                         ho~cm    h
      bM;           ,dhzlouse o ~lvsan ,, -"rogrammes 1
                          > .t                 o            thir~hilren
                                                ald ncrasiglyibiitis                                  tndeced.a
                                                                                                   tnsi                  ~of 1swi so-resis T ! h opi~e get fro
                                                                                                                      avi t                    the eain~  .nsrbughf'a
                                    nd                           n       .,i1jjments from NCPD.                                      .o                              r      e eed    tc.,
       yon Yal afiThe'e
               is. ..-
               g1.-., ,mot l :t°.01. ,rt ,I1:" ,%~   irs,'a-m 1;
                                                 oa.'ptyon d't    an              *"apdleshandiNGta e, n a "
                                                                                        bl "" s         ....
                                                                                                              goveerenementt-.tn ahereforehors
                                                                                                                ....."                     the       fro
                                                                                                                                                      sch arch .tonfind out
                                                                                                                                   I~,~~inwih~~bascudb nl,,':ae Suc-tifor-, I          he"an
                                                                                   in                       isd1' 10 -               +- w e
                                                                                                                                       ',...... ,,   nd.'what" km of
                 e, lv                              ' ncreas.

                                         .A,.)~.., rtreio.rchildren,llwin..e......
                                                                ~*..                          thei.r.,.
                                                                                             ioi..,rt. iio              t.......e.yune

                                                                             , .esp nfogvthefuncti ec. proite
                                               U4 .~.-s.                      .
             .,vrtrt becm   e.. i'it  r"o"". i~ide'ndA
                            dfmly:.Vresources.rea y"     . .t    .                bre n nf.,t     deho his a                     ,ri.imashmt .,taeh g, legetfri
                                                                                                                                   q'ty           o ;!~rlgo~,scvc ..
                                                               --The,        . ... ..... r bepcD sse
                                                                                   s +.-- N     ....: p develop-:        he           rvriu nentflon,,a en'ts 'a -nd

                                                                                                                                                             i vbjc
                                                                                                                                    +,.':asm hc teeagns oudb T      hs.iuch asn~
      Wii          bl?I. ed hasbsen
                              ez            iprdihI2 AeoranhvTo'a
                        'ren .r"-y' r ani othir'sk of
     -chi(heylclanutiidmeingcnci     , wi the
                                      -antal i._ree efae,
                                                                          i The inthene of hp ulia!
                                                                                                                 sh N.                   ttlobtorbnng -Dnnn,,.,- sied
                                                                                                                                     ts socaion
                                                                                                                                      q*p'Put ion-'?ch ines e.IiSvthought
                                                                                                                                           j  ed .             abouthoe
                                                                                                                                                            , iy..........
                                                                                                                                                             .....                  I

        liiiiry                                                                                  i niTh,               4ora       =,:i that varlusd hIltifiedu ation
     .- d ~ are n.... o oif-sii er
               udlnl        .fxd fe '
                                       .....  6i6y.cao!                                           eslt erti li an itss' ­ c:,' -'a 't''t i hevaa'yo'us n n
                                                                            i c paru 'lt reas on wen e stdau
                                                                                                    b,      t                                      l          elsl
                                                                                                                                            r               and h uo from  t'
                                                                                    totvariou grbpeo                              ~~~:wy         inti~ 

                  *'- 1"
                       f          resources.                                !i   .dm orares, 
                             sss ,-, "at.ai ed,,t,
            u-nvJswomen,                                                  %c -floindrethe ,a                                                                       con--i                  I
                                                                                                                   ,' ~ch
                                                                                                                       prirtes' ,Keiimhe aiihs
                                antlth                                                    t                        ,',ie                         £     eit~
           ;AT owthlmps f hrt e are
                r.                                                        I    :h:
                               + ......
                                        indout.....  ,o                    ho se ol          -andteache......
 ~ ec ld i-.e.r i
                                                                                                                                    ;tA sO at

                 . ..
             and'otheiT .... . .1+
            .4and:+;+ fixed;-famil -.-          :I.-                          60..The+:'+.'

                                                                                       relatonshi             we
                                                                                                          be++++ d hesa           ,: ,,-t      ai     slves    *

                                                                                                                                                             + ++,+:
                                                                    22                                                                                    The We~~ekly Review, Jnay2,18'

                            traepteervicesincl uing coun'               (ii) To tran            n        ur
                                                           up eafollowg-h and ,other ,contraceptive                   , going activitiesparticularly,, th
                                                ew,d                                               'nplncontracep.      related to'family planning e      the                                                                  i

                                                       asily.the-aning:.(v)T be vigilaitbout the type and              ~            ~eia o
                               ,.Llietswit of 6-jhotvation. il .	
                              k,                  w) fa        pl.....
                        r1d   aiilit               srif
                                                    seithe ease of           quvT-o         cnrceptives, being        ~         ,ep~iv              rblm                                                                           ''apio

                           _k       vi                isthit 

                                                      isrecomnded                      An 	
                                                                             provi ed4ther
                                                                              'rode              ervice' delivery'. d ,nd'a service   de lvr pr, rgame                                                     '.

                                         ,,ov n-of :q 	
                                                                                                                               ...~ -
                                                                                                                     	 s ......... 

                                                                                Curren ~a t~:>ure( P p lati 0:l -,. .'.h' Idbe."t".si'i~'e n t
                                                                              .C irrv"',_-. n Ft
                                    of-''prov i 	 quaility'services-
                                              io -                                            -uue            ' 'I;
                                                                                                                                                                  'on+ ir
                                                                                                                                                                      b    h an d
                                                                                                                                                                     ministry s capabiiytcletdt~
                                                                                                                                                                                                     in.  ..
          "KA              thighalpssible outlets in the, ~r ~~~iii ear ieeiral agencT.~~
                                                                                       ,~':   ......
                                                         y         "',"As-tated                                                                                      nbrhsddeth norder ocive,'g
                                     ;Cormunity' based dis.ivtis 	
                         h-*country.vhioontraceptves ia new              b      e er, se
                                                                                                                            theabilitytoelaeproision o
                               method 'Whihsh.old be enco.raged             in                                  fhalth             aii'd relatedservices to mor­
                             and t ing and -supervii          on of the               .             :do............ 

                                                                                                 + +alit.+.+,er..ity.........
                                                                                                                    1	                                                                                                '   <.

                                                                                    oraton*t                         (ivy)Producton .ofH~ltEduc~it
                                                                                                                        -       er '1'* *"         .,ducation'atir
 ~   ,~             .      a distributo*       ecarried 'ut 	by the'~ tnt~sc~a~iiis~A'
                             Ministryn fa     health' in collabo                                          aa                 a            Th'ealtEdi
                             with +
                              'i+        h~iter service-providing' 	
                                            *                                  'o                   hichare being'                        of
                                                                                                                           rdctin.+ hely'-. ..... ,
                          -.-agencies. 	                                .       g.lth +ie -+-d
                                                                                    '	                                    productionofhea.. to,-+
                                                                                                                              ie i l           ti'
                                                            *..........          mple
                                                                                ,i           by ix     ot
                                                                                                           and two                a in"-            n   organising
                                f	                                           "'inth"'''b'tk        b:
                                                                          ''M'fteerjects to~ e'undertaken.                seminars: Such materials wouldibe",
                                                                                                                          roretdt'icldeseii'p­                                                                                              ;
                  viewothe p~r'blems 'iee dabove,'
            'the" following' joals 'to uiie poa and                                        byea~hf theagencies and future                                                    K
                prgam                                aii~         are sugstd                activities'ire aV follows- ::W:" '. :.~~:u~~'                    .   .
                                                                                                                                     :relationiship~ between :~health' and
                                                                        fl'L  f . ~      ~~                                     a
                                                                     5.1.~iemgra,&icoas.                                                            co iiponents to popjula­
                                                                                                                                     other related -,t
 ti+ fact rs.+In~ .th pro....~


                             To reduce p.pulatioi6wth at
                              i                                                                ,The:'cuncil has .poved funds
                             fm'the current3.8 ldr ce'n-tto 3.3.      .percent.by 'following activities ,* to be.
                                                                            for.- the                                                               *..       ... i ipopulation 'related d
                                                                                                                                                                        ti nctr1nt             ction o
                                                                                                                                                                                         materials, the

                                        i# ( 	
                                        1988        nix 2);,.           ....  ihi'ertaken by thi xnistry                                                            division would liaise with the ree
                        (ii) To" encourage' Kenyns to' have a           '(a) 	 Production and distribution of ,tn
                                                                                                               a,                                                  .agencies'                         in.,
                          small family, 	                                       newsletter aimed at wfmotivating'                                                    ant participatig
                                                                                                                                                                 ii( e+       - +'+unfit
                                                                                                                                                                             +.The til             awlsod

                    (iii) To ru              rtili'    level that,              ministry sstaffand others,,   +
                                                                                                              : 	                                   ..         ..educati      a
                                                                     (b) Production of mass media iaterias                                                         ,ervices.         ui
                            stains *the'highFate'ofppul'ation
                                                    as" -we''"
                                                    ""Y'O:+ assist         lannings ivces;:'+,-. 	
                          gi th and at the,Siitime 11+!. .ainied at giving details,of local famiilyc                                                              : " ..        ....
                           7 t o s e - 6u p les ""th~e~w~li ..ss	 ~lnni~sezvics'w ,
                                                           eV a
                                                      s9 cupl~.-~'a'                                                              '                           f*~lr'semination 'of;dhe .population'::
                                                                                                                                                                l .related iform ation,+., v +,
                          individuals'-who deire -but are *(c)Strengthening family planning clinics
                                  '                                                                                                                            . ......
                          iinb.. have childre' ;r i, m~taiity aid providing 'extensive education
                                    to                                                                       (v) Provision 	of Information -The
                                                                                                                  Fam iy.'Planning Servke's. 'ad
                                                (iv To'reu*6 ar-, '."''th~ug p~dutio ofcor"Maer"ls
                             ticularly thd infani~and child mor-	   r.    ip' harts; lsters and workshops,            -,
                                                                                                                 '.ristr     'ould expand its ability to
                              ;a     !-ty
                                     "because   'such 	 reductions   secificallf0r the"Mhinistry'st aff, and  i          r. ate populatio 'related
                                                                                                                          o I
                                     ultimately lead. tolowering *(d)'MalsiTedia iupport for family plann-
                            -analwould                                                                             ia]fIto'       at      the"servc
                        ''-fthe fertility,                         ~ngitr~snal '6mmunication
                                                                     i~;~.h 6'           .
                                                                                                                "d -Hdli loints Mobil uisad
                                                                                                 o points
                                                                     through loca services deliery u . I 	      : the pnaryuhealthlcareprojects e   m to,"
                                           -v)       and ruralto'
                             To reduce rural-urban help to createl  ~o:Opeing'of new*campaigns                                         lscent and                               -

                             rural migration which                                                                 cater or mo e uado
                                                                                    *nception-'on family                                                                 ainistry' y6uld also encourage
                         y.the .unplanned, settlements in 	 -"and dispel miscon                                                                                 ',The

                                                to help ease the: .r-'laninh.'g In,
                           -marginal lands anid bscnesevcsi'"In ,addtton,"th'e' ivision "of 'Health'i.tum         '~''~'J                                             n uevs "ofcontraceptives
                                                                                                                                                                     distribution +o .cnrc
                         '-pressureon bd
                              both the ruralandi rbanareas
                                               u                                             Edoc tion Unit '! Integnra.d Rural.:'
                                                                                                             the                                                            u -       h ,training of the dis'
                                                                                        theAdmiii'is'trition W~ tibutors       .'"9aY
~'~i''i              (vi) TO otivate Ken~yamales-to adopt' H~alth' Pr~,-        rjc
                    ,a;..,and practic GoEd:.t planning.
                                         family io              -' 	 1Sdipprt"Unit aind the Nation,~ramily'. '*"Since'there i ll both :+p serice +::
                                                                                                    'i Family                      be several 'and
                                   a         l ca vo     -14O 	
                                52 Eduationa1Goal~:iii &~4:          Welfare Cen~tre should play'c'entral role'~ deliverypof.bth ulian
                       (i) To improve the status 'of w'omen, in 'carrying out the followingreomien-~               rvte, the: c6un irecom endsa
                           through equal' access' and oppor-         dation:'-'                             .t           iform charge forcontracep-'
                              tunities id higher education train-	                                                                                  otives                  be establisheLd" 	           Y,:'             ,.
                           .ing            and remunerative employment,-                     -,'."'"shouild be, integrated into the*                                     'Aiiisiry'shoi6ild x -amine
                        (ii) To imurove 'general education'                                       -eexisting 'uriclu,         at all levels of 	                                       "d          ''l                    i
 4r*,attainment                                               levels~fort both males           --,! training>I'bf ;'medical 'nd                                   jttig the.Yequired 	cbrtaceptives
                                             ?and :'e'nlia ce the
                                       and females                                            .paramedical                  , '
                                                                                                              personnel.':,-.duty-freeir                                               order to'enhance'easy
                              educational institutions capacity to 	                          (ii) Maternal Child Health and Farniy                                             both th
                                                                                                                                                                        icce :st&                    issan he.
                         ~"avprovide relevan sklsfr h                             uh               Plannin'g (MCH/FP) The'                      ipe~e~iggni~ ~.i                   ~1
                                     + ,sand ,;" +,,:-,+ 	
                                      a,   "    *'          +                                      ministry has plans to strengtheth     6trof               Finance and Plan
                        (iii) To provide the youth with informa-'                                  programme aimed at improving the'                  Th, council has approved
                             ''tion and education conceing pop-                                    health of the mother and the child      ' 	 ;fundsfo'rthe 'establishment of a
                                                                                                  aby establishing 	 more ruralt health: ' ),J'd6'curentation centre within Trai
                5.3 	 ClinicalServices                             Goa,                           (failities and expanding the i'Services,                 ordination and

                         (i) Toensure availability of contracep-                                    of health personnel. The aimUnit (RSCTU) in the ministry.
                             'tivesservices for those tavailab and
                                                       women                                                           j,jjThis *centre.will be respon sible'for +'
                                                                                                        to le to t o such, e h are
                                                                                             i ''be -nm ensurethatewhoo nservices m I
                             menwo areready.ifor'andee
                                                o                                                                      w        collection, ' procee-ing, storage
                                      in           .       2   ''''       (iii) Research: and. Evaluation.-The' ;'arid diss'miination of information to
                                  'o(ii)ToLensure. adequate counselling,; A..mministry~hopes-to undertake a drop-         . aious participting'- agencies.. In
                              Seamination 'nd a follow-up'of         the.       i t study -offamily planning accep, * 	 ' "collecting.:anddisseminating 'the

                              contraceptive users, '+.
                              a.,       '4  ' '4 ,   "'.cot...........
                                                       rs";+'+          i
                                                                       ',            ofMCHI FPRInadditionthe 	
                                     information,. RSCTU:shouldliaise
                                                                          +4ff7                             + 	             ++"       +=+                     44ag      4         4         '< 	         'P, 4'   '    '-44+
          :F'he Weekly Review, January 24 1986                                                                        "              .23          ,.-.......                                                                  ...
                                                                                                                 -         ...
                                                                                                                     ,.,..*,,.                     PPULA TION
               ;7 1,,with thecUncilli t sure that the                                65'Protestant-.    Churches MedcaI
                     agencies receive 'relevant. informa-
                                                                                         -Assocfatwn (PCMA)-.-Th e council 69. ion*
                                                                                                                                               w '
                                               h is,'iel a.
                                          traniaJ- h                                      t.hn whiiclaim at~proiin o
                         aa.;~~~~~~~~~a~ i:.
                  The roeSCTU t              "                            '           ..     udngi*to'                      ~rf,'"i.i
                                                                                                                                   several government ministries,
                                   e ie ,rann                                                         i t vn           ula-                  religious bodies which
             .. .,hrainin       throiig its fiel                                           in eau~cation'to youth bohi
                                                                                           ini~c                   ohi zd !           ol ly key roles in assisting theT
                                                                                                                                          l.                   '
                 stic devel6 ment teams),;should                                           ou't'.out
                                                                                                o scho6;i'io eventually reduce  ,~'onclahieve the'goals. Some'of
       ~rJ lsoencurage-i6tilisation of pop'ula
      >~ j
                                                                                    '2' mcidences fTpegnances            mog       th'ancs aekono''~
           'r tidri'ida for. ffetie, lainning at                                     j ._ -the'youth.;.p                       .ppu tineaed'a'tite
                   district ministry '1bv;.~'iI
            s" 's'~ thelevel .s' is iresp nl e
                     ce                                           ....
                                                                                             .......... is of the ..... ... J:;'taIthough details'of such. activities'
                                                                                           " The council ;..... opinion.'. tht
                 'rt'zSne'hrni           'iieonbe                                                  the organisaton should broaden the'                                  are not fully known. In this context
               i,,.'for co-ordination and formulation
               a ''a,      .f                                                               rpopulation         informiiti n through                       ,        ;'thoughithe.Dir.cto.ate of Person­
                    i,',,the -natinal'-develonmefit 'plans                               !,.'rnore 'iitilisaition .'of    clei'inics.                                    ~elMaiiakem 't (DPM)the Kenya
               '*,;:inclu'di       ,t       e     national                                    These clinics should alsobe utilised                                        In's t't f Administra                       s
                      '.strategies, p'olicies and programmes                            i7...ore'in thepr.o'vin offamily plan-      i.inc rp'orate-. ad ,co-6rdinate the
                     .il.this twill ..assist other ;'ministries/
                                                             e                   T Lning services, training, nd popula-.
                        departments 'in the formulation of                                                                                          eduation      th the"
                                                                                    , .tion educatin.          .. -trainin'actiities                    of e 'onnel from
           *          -development,.plais that "would                           66.. :,SalatiionArmy'($A).-The council                both, thegovernment and other par
                .C,t     facilitate the inclusion of population*                            "'has approved funds' for a project-to                                 '"..; ticipatingagencies:i.' ,,­
                        .i.ayictvities in their programmesh                                               young people the importance                                                 of t epresident should
                            ',-The Central Bureau of Statistics,                                   offamilyplanning                                                      encourage,.the, use of the National
                        i'department of the same ministy                                                                                    .
                                                                                                 The .council recommends that                                                   Serv
                        'C- o ordinates 'all     statistical -work                               s
                                                                                    "               I     -I                 d a                                     .                               t
     a~.a-""'withi               thegovernment."It-' under-*
                                the' -production* of economic'1                              .stronger popuihation education com-                                         hne~              :"~'~
                                                                                          1 "'ponntetoj e a le"'tthe:youth
              .L,'n'akes                                                                                                                                                                                 .
                                                                                                             n                                                 .         .   ,,u.the           provincial
                        sureys sand 'reports, national                                        understain
                                                                                              u                th
                      nsample surveys, .pip6lation census
                       g.                                                                   . betwe'en':populat on aelationship       growth and               i.       administraion ':the district.
                                                                                                                                                                    .'development -pommittees at the
                 .(includin   interrcensal     vtireyOs)
                                                     and             :dl6i'efr  "  'd    th'e role of t.:he, '                                                          Ioc level shoull a'sist in orienting
                                                 report"'statistical                         a'twhile the
                                                                                           tensu                                                                           e ,ocat eaders -in" opulation
            .,  iCBS is expected to contin e givin '!                 p
                                                                        eople s' ' '. ei nangered                                                                     -­issu'n" how o i'c'0poate 'these
             '4u.the same:vth~amesr~cS l
                            services: .- ,: ! [.:                4"-
                                                                      bW th'e?~" h Yae -.6f' populati"t
                                                                                igh           p~ui .              .*t..~                     :
                                                                                                                                                                       into tei"....
                                                                                                                                                                                  "reveiopmen tprojects.:'..
                                                                                                                                                                                   d .................. ',
          63        ena CatholicSecrtariat(KCS).                S growth there.are serious conse               60 Te            i tr    'EaU cation
               ',, The council has provided funds                     quences to thenati nas a whole.
                   t enable the secretariat'                                                ssociationtoromte.
                                                                                                                              '.:n try   of: gy.ucThon
                                                                                                                    traditional scialisation functions
                ,a better und,,rstanding of the Chris-                Keny _(FPAK) .-­ council is
                                                                                        7The                        of the nuclear family has largely
              ,:;tian 'marr4,ge":,.jthe      dignity.-of             fnigfveprojectsjto, beunder.- ~~.hfe oisiuin uha
             .1;marrie d person            thenatural           ' taken"by this organisation. iwo staff          ishol, the church the media etc
                  methods'of family planning and the             .'o.development projects, Ir.1materia I                 t                society, the
                     -:,meaning'd prtcno                        uan                         :0rodtuction.,vqpd rdistribution,.                                      .q
                                                                                     S       seminar 'fo.Private medical prac--                                      -individual,          righ't from the    infanc
                                                                                                                                                                                  ito.adulthood, :was socialised and
               S'1     iodeffor this"rgaisationtobe
                        !                                                                       oners 1and :evaluation of the                                                         b the family and
                 yJ'more effective, -,'he -council thinks                                                                                                                                                             com
                              ithis'orgnisation      hould                                           he  ncil re'ommends that the.                                       to    alise thechild 'today is
                     rbroaden    its viewof the populatinon                                              pouato       c.,oetmainly                                            adrn early~ifnyadt
                        problem-to-facilitate the teachin                                                                                                                                 'infaicy and to
                                                                                                should be broadened to include                                           'somewhat ieduced 'duratin
                        of population education including                      ~                  oe'1frain~n~h                                                               uringealcidh6';
                          suhtopics as sexcuality: The Kenya                  'I2
                                                                               r                 eainhip between- population"
                                                                                                I"                                                                                 - .    1 .
                      moilic..S ere tari'
                      Cai                                  "'         d
                                                 hhu I                                                            and , .service                                    "i, science and technlogy 'iin charge
                        ..................   *.... ...o*                                     elivery..i.ts should be utilised as
                                                                                                    s                                                                *,.,of pre-primary, primary and all
                      motivate the. public ini matters                                      :*eneft:ie' cannels for ....
                                                                                                  !                  providing'                                           os pmaryedUciation. inclding
                -related to the family and society..-              c_%i'etaynsiuoss*haste
                  National Christian,%..ouncil os .                    nfr        atn . O                                                                        trgeriizati 'teach'athin
                                                                                                                                                                            -sain ,s
                              CK),-Th                     of6 8 Maendeleo ya Wanaae ranz                                                                   ,..university     an'tahYtraing
                                                                tione                Te c(MYWO),
                                                                                           council 'is                                                           college. As subhthe ministry has
"a         "t.:zfunding ,activities ' aimed 't                      digitvte yti raia                                                                          .nmportant iole to lay:n the                                             9
                ti'providing        Alife ,'education 'to
                                   'family                           aimed At pro Ividing family plan-'                                                    :~ ~edu'cation '  and s~ocialisation of
           i!' -adults and youth who are in and out ~
           T!!ir".of school.iTo. make: these activities               information to.Maendeleo ya
                                                                Wanawake women's         ,niiigN
                                                                                                   the                                                                    ia     uh
                                                                                                                                                                      X. The schooling period is, a line of
                  rmore effective, the National Chris-                                          ive dstricts ofeastern:Province:
                                                                                    -                                                                                      h bg physicaly *socially
                ."--tian Council -of;Ken asho'uld                                    I            itui, MachakosEmbu, Meru n                           and                'psy'chologically and it is at
                   organise and
                  .. ...... expand the contentsof                                                             ..                                                      ti.'ta' hat te Youth, needs
             .their,message's to ijiclude other pop-         ~rThe rcouncil ":hopes that the
                                                                                fj                                                                                   "gdance -ini all aspects -of life.,';,
     a    f~.Z'ulaion reae;ise               uha         .1.,members of tis ranisaion will be'       There is no doubt that'the'Keniya
         a''                 hip between pouato"       _ij.u'ie jr6.ie 'to ;reach mor rural      'a"""'outh'should be' awa're­
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            '   a

                          '~A'and 'eveopmntow his~~
                                         nd                  amilies wih,,population .related  ~     iprance and problems' or
      Vt ,-:.rela'tion'ship .,affects .their,,;.target,"f message Thi oraisation should                                  raidpplto                 '''j;-ipcaonof
      A    - groups. Thea NOOK should mobilise"             als deis method of: prahn
                                                                                   a"~         ~~ growth In h onr Provided.
                ~ 'uter    i~me cuchst assti             1 th     omnprbes, from a family,           y~~:'ith the information on how pop­
                       -'i~temotivation the 'Public in
                                    :of                     point of view, rathe than sepaate  :" i ulation change''aiid the,*miieasures,                                                                                           a
                  ater'related to' the family, and 'co;. individual.The oranistin shoul           .,rwhich an individual, ,the family              '

                                                 "'i.   '~~'                   -,a:.,also play a vitl                  oein mal motiva~~.                                 n       the 'commntcatkeo                                 a
                     at a'a"                                                                                 1                   n    I
                                                                                                                                                                          nd_'uit                            n   ta       e   t
                                               slow the hii, 	                             .ioi'NC         avitiespro d e"r
                                                                                                                   ppopulat                         is       e'iat-creating
                   kowth, the youth will no'doiibt be'
                   g                                                                                    f
                                                                            i:!C--l~'ralise programmes on'.,popul]a-I                      -!il-awareness'.apoflg, workers on the
                   %'1"more-aware I-albout .1
                         I	                              n
                                                 ulattiorr                        9
                                                                   tion'~dieml ated activiies-through         same problem, as well as introduc                                                        .        .

                          t    d willbei       nedto do       ktlCdisci'isi h - conferencesI inter-gpop
                    t.'~~mething about it I-'b      thcdis    ±ripdia'hd"              ther e porint. 4:r,'famnily -health -.-ervicess.,: h
                                                                                          m                                                  I
                -1*,Vthe             points tard 	
                                      dfolowing                                      lreo
                                                                        ia'a-nmdnistry'          foeth .t                rahould
                                    ~J              &.4.  .. iE~,~u~al besefl 	 4'                        ,z4*cgrogram mes ,of i training'byV
                                                                                                           I                                                                                                        T!~
                      a                 c Lain    siuuv 	                   ministry should b r dc5 ' or .r.iincluding~        lpopuation and faiil'
                                                                                                                                for..t. taff~and
            ~~   ~~unititfon exisIingcoursesat a1 

                                              education 	                          lat    a'c uleve n d       trainees. In addition tsstf'.nd
                                                                                                              lf euctinfoi                                                                         .
                                                                  .boths           shool h                   ,but:f                       theministry

,t.              7~'~of school ink'empi h~sisini               a-               r~II~ut~~~hntoa                               id                   ze2 laour,-th 'ug* its occupational                     .

                      ulation change processes (i.e.                    .                      '       4:pj.        i heailnhc-sarrlanguages.'
 plant 'or
                                                                                                                            althse vices., at.,the'
                                  Y, mlor aity tand                'Min, str~f"
                                                             6.12 fi                       iAgrcultu*rond 	
                                                                                                        edi                              sstrylevelshould
                                                                            Liv~ick Ievlopm      nent.- T       e~aGam 0.	  onpro
                                                                                                                       .isionoafionloplan                        .. ;
               'T'migration) ' and the 'conse             - %,"-itI
              I ~~eq ee of such changes'to the                          iit       ~h~uhits -jxt6n'sion' .\;, li'"ning services.~ This ministry should
        ti1ttiri.dividual,"C'ofim'initY-                ahd....workers and'training pr'agraiinmes; .!o rncget,!to Athe :workers through the'
                       tthe nation, teimlicati6i             -    'h6uld        infuie 	 populatiozneduca- 'h! (Ceritral ':O(nia.......d.
                                                             0L4-'tion actiVitieswo.. activitieste           of       fr..Unions which should rallyits mem
                       lunplannied'..d he 	 6tfu
              12V! fami'
                                         lis"                        exten~n' .. inthe anid .population bersh"p to
                                                                               T ,wres     rkers
                                                                                          "introdu.e      -the	
                                                                                                   tr a

                                                                                                      t n                   d family ilife .education into
                                                                                                                        !.      . . it
                    'ulation 	 educatio fisho.uld also-ir 	 ) !p~~~~~~~rarmmes. irn.f 	 .to:equip
 .. "',1.programmestargeted ,at :workers

                                                                   .......... ..             oer'......  eu'p
                       aim at reinforing'the"uths                       tdoth         '	    er perso'ieI with          e	              t                 ..
                            to apeiate. a' anfhi lCmily          -poptilation,      educatioa anid r61evant 6.15.,.Min.try of Co-operativeDevelop­
                         na whthi fieai fr both' 	 t * skillssffficient to enable them to ';iiji.iment This *ministry
                              'iid                                                                                                                  has 4a co.
                                     1ithd 'ih'di~idual'                                    probleiis'torural 	
                                                                                              .	 .	
                                                              Q:W,':,relatepopulatio t l~ ,i.n.at,.!                      op7erative edati .. ..
                ;-.,develoopm ent 1-1,-4 	. :-ii
                      :,''   *national'                         ...	 e eopm6n a
                                                               -.... ... .... a..ctivities.'' . . ""
                                                                      develo e
                                                                             ..                              :', ;        well as a manco              ord ...

                                                                        ...	 10ertaindepaitments of
                                                                                    f.Culture cj"oi 	
                                                                                                                        (-and ~~~~oversee    ucing'fo­
                                                                                                                                    the h ftioninguof Co
    (b).The teacher,                       "tr'in um in.
                                              curnc                      ..                                        1*:,noperatives in the 'rural sector'
                                             "      a '.....
                                train "n ........ 
 ng                Sevic
                                         rrate astrontrairing'umbrella, 	

        .	  6pulatin e,ucatin ,ectin'rth;                              h       n w sb~uld help NCPDin
                                                                                                  stane:hhould "
                                                                                                                           ..         d
                                                                                                                                     .. if'the "operative

         will ena'ble the:teacers to.get...                            ,ious            ,For
             ac uainted w th relevant p ulation               ....,..m'ily. li e and com mnunity:? , .. : . ,: .....-,..... workers'
                                                                      f..a wt                                   i.        curnculurnto acuimtiits ,...'

                                                                                                                            th population'issues and how
                                                             .      ,. tegis ~ , d ~ .~d . "shouldi ... ~~related to'-ruriil developnmet ir'
                                                                    ,, .......
                                                                    iifi~      t-d;ih
                                                                   ?.?"developert programmes
                                                                                                  ..... .
                                                                                                  ~      ~~~~0 ' '.. vi .
                                                                                                        l hi
         -knovedge 'ahd enfable 'them t 'ffer; 

                revuired crse'ht th"' iai levels
                                   'p         a                   i 	 ntegrat :ai'd develop pbpulatio'i:w:soteto              rela... riirold evelpe ... ' t.

           (c tent o..n r.                                                                                    dprbblemsto              w ich the cd-op..ativ
                (c devlopngeparatmeiaii 	
                In~iwoe 	                                                                                                       fcolr        ~icontent should be'-Bufficientl~y
        .:conte t 'for: ....
                       .intc'rafion*ito   the                                                     f.munityde.ve.opmneit in ti            '- d; " developed to enable 
 'the co
      Id existing curricular, deliberate  rot-                                                 be orat        assistance to'-                 i1terati-6ffie'peisn'lto

          ,sliduldbe-made'to-tedethat'this is                                          ,I NCPD ifollowing 'up the oin                          ,,.; te 	 office -personnel to
                                                                                                                                                 ''.include 'population'information
         i         -in' 6'                                                            1 -i'unity'affairs'"at the"lodatonal,                 **,,    into the working framework of the
                  heir                            .tr'e.*
                                          ' 1and-divisional                         'iZ"                         ,levels wihere" Comn-       kilIros co .ope ratives and to help,
                 (d rder tod6nietheisistbncy of                                     ''-.unt
                                                                                                 (CDA) could lpen4Asitns
                                                                                              i,6iihidreai'...e	 be used as one of the
                                                                                                                                                                  realise how benefits
                                                                                                                                           .	 t.ije-tmembers, partiiioin
                                                                                                                                            ii',m:acciig into                      co
                 *e' is  66a'tis              nsho
                 parent teachet association' (PTA) an 	                                                                                                  t                         nContaci

                                             s7                                                              he deprtmen of aduet  .aB

                 "children's'educatioinands oh
                               Id b"                          on                                            The.   b ni6uaedaduput '16'u demonstrate
                                                                                                                          ofmuh 6D        n isoy                              of.'a..'­
                    sb6thath       nd i hol                                             "':':include p.pulati  and 'family..."...... h'.             .. "    t                                "

      S(e)iTh&ministr sh Idbid'e         't all 	
                                          hat                                                  anni       iin'her 'literac      ..

                                                                                       ' l' mjrgei.,"-The "dpartment of
                                                                                      Jlolytllhnics,'                         "'e ducation programmes
        .. 6theiinstitutions. (e'g*i                                                                                       ',- .r'i'to. dtidi'hip-p betw een tthe

      '.".institut.es of science.and technology, 
                                       ...  youth            coi.ged
                                                                                                          .... .should
             :fte~hnical,             colleges'and'other'training                   '~l.VrCiinclude in their training informa,              -'3.11deficiency of reslrces'such as fuel,

                                                                      concerning :populatnnan                                                   ,platidhe                         9'p
           4o:'institutions,'university,'"etc.) 'under- '.,'d.tion
                                                                                                                                                                             .The ministry:
                                                                                                                                                                 opulatioh. programmes to
~          '~Kto~in their'syllab., :;-.i:t" , 	 t~dvlp~tand' s a'the shouldofThg
            '0tmn in'th,".dn " populatio'fi'educa-'
                i	                             2J "todn   cf:':" t'discuss 	 issue
                                                                  y:"           .

K   .(f)         It' is' 'recommenrded titt"jKeiya'                                  1**' ulation"as is related ts'them andXw               JiOf''de ihonstriite'!.the ireliitionship.
            National' Union 'of: Teachers' use its 	                                  'ent.'          %........... ... .Ahe.e..vir         'aitadp

                                                                                                  -should 	 be                                        pojects
            s?1tructures 4'd' facilities 2iid 'oppor-          :rni,'1The--c'UltiraI divisio* throigh' '-2-;rDbtion increase' uing wter
                                                                      (I rma 	and darc6
                                                                                                                    u in     rural aeas.':      rduci ...
          'tinities to infuse population 


         1ion aiioig teachers
          -          also         . The organisationa ' 	~ encouraged to stage'plays'concern. 6.17.'"iiitrY"rof,;Environrntent.,and
                 Ishotd run in-service courses an                           -
                                                                                        '....flthe the a dNatur
                                                                                              ,                                      Resources.     a'inity

                                          r                     reacnersria 'ooeath'the ,'relevant '? 'd'should take initiative to esa
                                                                     ,deCialingd ' .....
          7: 'seminars t '- 'e'cm'
       ~"i~ I.t's             opulation matters "                 'U'niarilfom'te tra'ditions~' . i61pjrogramiies',to ':educate :people,,
                                                                      texisting'in 'soci
                                                         l':ib,, tfo, raa"n piy~hud lo        These material          .','daboudepeirniiefnatal        soce
~      6.11A-'1:finiistry ,of, Information
               Soadcastng -This                 inii                '   '"b'nd
                                                                                       d	                                           pletof natulresources
                                                  oake ~ 	 i1' reflicithe
                                                    f-the'                    tlrealit a itist                   '4 d     .'forest:     reouced),,ac' a dct
               -should                I
                          t'"                    h	
                                          s',' ashould                           of Labour.'-The'miistry 	 n'4B i4'result'of -excessive-.rpopUlation
                                                              6.6M1nst1 orient itsown staff on'the                            tling in margina areas.
                                        ~Ctiik"6i~i~ 	~'"a 	    1 IJ0relationiship 'between l'ab~ui          i'' C'        10nvirnmetal education
                                                                                                                           inand                                                                                         .'",

                              y:,u         hgtns                                                 thandtthe
                                                                                                        at                shod be developed and taughti"
                                                                                                                               U              ed and taugh i                                                         its "
                  T:h Weekly                          eveauay2,                                    1986k ~Z                               I~ih:*~~25'

S,,'jr'iall          training programmes.                      nq aimed'at-alle 4 a64i infertility *an(l Natio"~.. Ir        toi'B.ad)n _,ay
                                  iniq                                           h~ iirtalitytrn        .,6thersregard toeqsed,_ .". ... eciiiIly
                                                                                                       y wtht      a~n. be .motivation,elp,~~
   ';~,            ~ rnm; eat .Thmnitry 62. infan
            Ji~,Mi ~stY23,ofP                         r
                                                 iLnoio    iii
                                                                      f~cio.in'                                                                    "ii
  ~ 4..~4t~.concentrate. -                Jts eff~js to'~ dtiGeniral.         -ithe :NCPD will-.need' 
 informatio'n inmatersr'li ,t.p              ua*"
                                                                                                           itinid.dfamidyi p annrng
                        rb n cl.n-cut oun- tfT-64b rioirtion~obirhs,'bffice tpf-'nd', their role -theircn~bto .ot~vuly

                                                                                           deaths                                             ,'t
                    ~       ~cI's~oplati~n ithin
                                            .~                  iia ~ "sfioi:the.                  -!he"
                      ;pxistiii*!                               i',;.istrar-gein'eal.Since law " affe c 'satvtew                    e6at 'ji'.. :i . ''
          )1~           copa~ni.cireveopmen          -by                           a~pp~to manner,-
                                                                                    i iqrent                      Rs
    4,~~                       :)             ex
                                      h.j esn i stn
                                   ,*~, e                 bI       te~fi6,It            bye-a -ge ncl.
                                                                                            the                         se n t s ,-- InA.tu   '

                                            :o             .        .    ..--                                                           b             bf;      b'66curc1.                ""tjD"-..         -   -'

                                             .~    ~i~i~
                                                    ~                                    '         ~        ~b etwe ~ the ~sio'con~& &ct jnnd tha  i                                  M.lrlv~tinistries,
                   bIr~anesW          Jnmth sttlfin                                                      4i-4. enuen: y'artitoei ls pd              ~     i'tio sNhigI iI i
                            tterentshou ddevs ways'
                     i~~ 'sbJj~                                                                           - mpohcies andtheuaw..(              ~~: - 416.!-3  kub cO~lC,  th"(an flxei~t.oyry.. o.f
                                              puain re                                                                            .., ,                       nnTj            I fi .S       A
                        program .mes:oThe~atvt~.q~                                                                                      ecognisesuc        ,r                      a!Eos                ,
                       ~~'        ~          ~        o~f he                                             i XibV~itY.=71'T     biiwcil '          3'i ~rshul
                                                                                                                                                   _                   ~7'j~osb
                             amme .'sipnit s,,emn                                                                         n~~~rb
                                                                                                                           c-                           (i lhbbtihiii                    Rma: in
                                          . ione6 tiof th s
                                         .rl                                                                                          it e.eK~ t~
                                                                                                                                             is ii                   uJY'ti'rE
                               -. ,Prgrowth'e                                                                                                  es     j~T.O,icotnta "di
                                                                                                                                                      1TrJnyri(4iTh.rnx       'tes e in
                                         an~~shd:.incl ofean                                                              tani~
                                                                                                                   t~n CTex
                                                                                                              .. b6ceeac
                                                                                                                                          thKe1yatL L"'
                                                                                                                                             governpn                    ofag.                  *hc
          '~; ~       :.
                               ~ assessied.puuatu
                                         ,yi.t e
                                          pn'                                                                        t.d.Nfs#X nechee'
                                                                                                                     :                                        ow.'
                                                                                                                                                                 .te,' uaou anr oJct
                                                                                                                                                                            i    r

                                                                                                                                                                research-pg'andnes        M.of.. tm.
                                             in.,An.tepia con f the'j~
                                            Jk-IN-pgr                                                                                         r-ri          g Ic                                xl                                     fed

                                                 4etl                                                                        c. s tacyM                     ~is 4 con'-
                                                                                                                                                             tth                            Lagenisi r   de          AVei.msae

                                                                                                               ~~tl ~ithb                                                  in                                   t1eII
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   iniid.                e
                           ,       pocesbywhih
                                    hqid P                              .u;bapopac             tioh
                                                                                                  s           It                                            d1.stiuteild'nld~su
                                                                                                                                                                   i          'ij-pt4mpa          0nth    igabimy, teris                     *

   .,             4j t o~. ~
                        0'                thet.a~
                                                          p psoj's-ryhul&
                                                                                                      At ,cbn6, Ucet i'h on
                                                                                                                     fdridyi~~~i~' thi
                                                                                                                                  il loold
                                                                                                                            ejrleac                                                          4"

                                                  d       Iithe*                                                            rlt~'o      the                                           ..         miate4~bt
                                                                                                                                                                                             herfa h.4iitis~d                  tlsgY
                                                                                                         V,     ~      ivte
                                                                                                       b~~c~'.j~~ouncal'sU. a..adito?                                                    atra ro                                   (
                                                  strat21.'Minis-r.fi'dj                       as                                                      6pch'church is
                                                                                                                                                              V tn be                 the.,icunife.stalsh                               ed
                                                    'lop     t i~
                                                       progameame                                                                            c
                                                                                                                      agrded th bic~i'ii, i;'o
                                                                                                                          gi                                                          do~etato7cnr't~a~,eal
              'i               d                 iptn
                                               ;hn~            't                                              a.jprgto mati        afecin loiij
                                                                                                                                      'W                                                :J 4hy -t .h~uct
                                                                                                                                                                                                    raiinngeth r~pla
                                           9.laib i'iid~aso,    T!                                                          iil Rf 'dhe'
                                                                                                                                  " t                  h 'mniy
                                                                                                                                                      as ey ''                t
                      ",'d                                         qtlier                                41              d71,'rarlte to tie devekp m
                                                                                                                                             n                 4itiI     g      c5
                                                                                                             6.7itidAfgnaaan                     'Thereci                                                       eaauremc6a
                                                                                                                '-         ato-oeroiiei
                                                                                                                              -atosi                  eio'_      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~id~~
                                                                                                                                                                  1 i~K NQi

              -   4    (.ia t*uldio u ai 'rura urmen
                          tf                      a                                                                                     --.                           i.                                            ,6ei
                                                                                                                   rsbod 'educatingaan                                                       roram!s 9 th
                                                          ..                                             'is6cato'
                                                                                              Li~ Nus'sIM.               Ker        lical'                                              - ppib..ct.-d                     ..

                                   _qti               t   he ;mhinjtkp                       i-p Aso ito                enriat si                            ,~nul

                  i&r                      ib~hc    ubn o'lto                                                            jdbitoni                 e          sho as
                                                                                                                                                                  h            ~~d~                                 Li~dUi s
              I                           ~ ' iiiiZi hlbspo*-- '"               ___Z_-
                                                                                                         ~               ~      e~nin                           olo wers ian~ad                                                if7 Men'opthe,

                                            ld, e-v4eopjApo
                                                   -                                                                                                  2-a22K         I.l''Y c.- Id~                            -j        It
                                                                                             _pulati64        It,.'an             -so                                      l                                                     -uc
                                                                                                                                                                           anuav 	 24 198
          ~t~       in~      giing lraisin.al                                '11has~twen 'minly on.,women in the' past
                         S~ .~~~~ ra~i 'dlonii 	
                                           ~t~their                            '.Cmedical 	                   asrai~lireas*,as.,n~ ......
                                                                                                                      wil be             . NATIONAL%
                                                                                                                                                POPULATION CONpL                  ,.
                                1 <:{Prspctveevls$Jf:
                                        ,."                                   ~~-iteka              developnientV wl be               tnAND DiVELWpMENT 2 V~
                   (c)Th Co'i~ftb -7P ltifi
                               Niin'al.                                      bimproved to.ensure survival of children                   -I~TERNIS OF REFERENCE 'r'.
       --an* eve                         ni detkte                         -. '.order iio; all y--'pa ntiaI -ears- and>              dnr~

          tranig.an               de~ op'men t ,of                          .1!rtherefore.-eniura ge -h :-,adoptzoofj 	i                          i,,odtrir'**~~ii~-ti-ie            :1~
      11'.ea ers l'po               a ion 'and farniil'                                                             It
                              in'order to support the' 	                                                                           family panfing ancA'p rtfields:f;:
                                                                            (e) Certain .ethicaI,. ohsider~tions should; ffanent              ite's1 EnK'Oa-- i reIa o 0
                S1C                                                             15rne in -mind-,by all. those w~ho are, the soial'inaecnb'im-
             (d -The~
                 oermnma nery.-for rural                                   ra expected to deal with.finily plannin * '.n-*~ ,,
                                                                                                                                                                   blFqicies'. of then
                      d&i~oiitwil nfuue e aedo                             1yini- Kenya         prticuilar the.'ollowing - 2.TTol hidvise -th
    ') t'he i-ri~"o'''!'' Fr-this' reason                                                                                                                                      ,o'*.
                                                                                Pcu arqrelIev ant. -C!;
                                                                                p is
 t. 4 allttheier'j            afe
                              atlo~al-level would                             ~iNondvda] iho~ild be",coerced nainajiiAt01phy~~ ildngnrl                          A
 3.l inblediw"6pul~ion and8 family
   .,be                                                                       4
                                                                                  opacice any metho of famil                141Y~
~;P'plannirz.,'wrk.throuilh -rtheir -local                                        ianigicnf.entwtsuhS1T
        ttlevelopienii ;., czuiittees., These                                                                                                                     iiibf&th':
   *                                                                       -)i a      n.:)3- n d i.v i du'al Is, Cim oral          scpean di           fibf ill'faffil i nig

  - .. ­ iattes .hif0ud';b' i teratd               ith                     fd Jff' p-hilosophical, pr'religioius beliefs. 	                       --.'        met ..
           *~h~issies."dis 	                                                'sdad.mlmn-(i), i"g ac'tivitjes, "shouild
                                                                                  Family :.plan                                     nPputiiaVopetcivisn.
                                                  *f                                 - 1.*                 - -                           1
          72Th Ro'Ifdcto.4j~o                 I              6i1.afeguards;-th6 righti;-health '  '                   4'  op~i::pervise andc'6ria

                   ecgie'ta iditon                               wehosfareiof, alL~individuials 4ho take and d~ " ,: ~~ j 
                                                                                                                    -2 ;education .progrrme-
          zanid valuees hliV6% IJWi e'*6U'de                                                                                                            hifed- at
                              sl.sb'ft-%' 	 '' ~~ in~g~apar'ioylin   -*
                                                             ik.a ie 	
                                                                 e ;progran 	 mes
                                                                     *                           j1. 4 tr
                                                                                                                  i'i*ri                a~jan'nlyjgk'nioxijiinge ad     %*t
                                                                                                                  prictice 'ai the Iiprbv-mi      eif'mater-.1
        '.qfreW~s Van',to ail hrge            fotiiiQisibhl.'
                                                     enekteIdue                                                   nal and child heilth'ih Ken-ya !WiiAG !­
           ex~c4~aml &ti~~i~~h
             pes 9d f6ofi    
                                                 ptnnn                     toth     "5c
                                                                                                                  E'To'0ano       mte-'ibi dtfaily
       lJ!~ion -in~the'.sch:66:lC* j "s' u                  .c~~O special fqes or incentires of any.pann jja~Wl


      !                           be mde~nbthe 
 A .±kil                        qhu d be used ,to~women to'         i ~
                                                                 a~lhwcoerce        motivat temi'to have                   a~            ~ids6'oua
                    lsdhool curricu I         mut- be                                     IAaorios
                       I~& ~a~6f
           j~~~~x~~~iK.~~-             ~
         i~         (iv) 'All fom1"of sriclsterilisation I.~id~game~,
                                                    ~~~ ~~~~.9~~~~~r~i -l voluntary;afterthe cliet
                                                                           be                                    slced 
 r na                     ig jnsfo
                ~~ ~~                                     *~~:tfk' uhive be .-iven 'all the, relevanttegvrretgniY~d~te
                                                                                                                                                                                                       -.        -,

           ~ in~n'~ rid mo             l                                              A wnt'e'n ~nsent           the' gr~istoviisen -Agchdiiie
                                                           ;..deel             .informaton.
                                                                                                                                                             to heU

   N4:       e              h uldb   b                     -6i an
 laige a-client unddrstands a-nd
               ~uations oid 	 ifi'ation 	
                               fre                                                                  *,ny~p.          BT rthe c6iilobet's'I
                       -.     young popetowards 
 ~iT'speakss.Imust;Aei igned.,!by :each -,iv hnoFid reseacito'ddjehtrep
                                so 	                                                                                                      c&giroate
                                                 ation ­                                                                         gy.an. qncouhaitb n Kena~
                    r                           . with 	   JY:W:p aj.'ii.indidto ard j                     ,plan T-i-rba Wiy pI ad'ni
                                                                                                                 u- l tbais'                       nien           a
                                                           ~~~.-   Te. ol.                aserfseb us~ia-Te.                         ~hidii                       h -dn1t~ib
                  .eA~rvothilliten~ried-I .i~ 	          .iiu                              jfrmtonadniobilaiin                pbga
               s.:* r             .assl1'h~daAawt
                                                           h 6t pfc~  ayMth.comuni 	         an                 :.-19-T liiiWtidnR' ad,-paciolte
                                                                             o a" .teror e~~;.b                     ~
                                                              i., 1 	 a)J goerfme.n proii nepopr- edp
 (. 1 11:. le,6v i~I- ent      ..          ;i-A -
                                                                                                           us              n      -
                                                                                                                                             ei.-fa            udtheuse
                                              t of'ou
                                                                             e                        ng        .'*                                 *      *   '~~
                                                                                                                 prjqsni              '   a.                            Z..~,
                            iiifdjtuiili6                !cosl ~
                                                         .                fndt~p$~tio nactmoilitie
                                                                                    rie~                        aciiis .. p gran                 te~cuci
                          q.nt-     fid. 	                                            y                 *.--.ae r"0 To**..
    gi aw in, It erete*epatinsje 	                                            .                                           c'rinhe"iig                       o the
                                                                                                          -In     uppriereesdo~
                                                                                                                             -                        u
                                     r, s     6ef                      1	                   iN h* I i.of
                                                                                                     o                                 rl[*uii2. i
                      iiI mentnal          tc 	                       thed.no
                                                                          necessary                                                                      dviecie        goeamnco h
                  li'~~an nsslow 	 	 loune
                        t-'ramL ily' kT'o'w tthe,~,~vrig
                               m" ~ro~th,.            Ij,,tosundorthIe provuded t, ite.                                                 1nu1',budgo.'!
                ~~ ~e~bf
                     ~o~ul~atiori4                    ,,?3~~,pooe j.o pi                                                          -                                   rruiremns othe
                                 -~.W'n~rasi~ly I "bith,ye ij~o i o ioetn oen.
                                      i'~         Lm n t5bii to
                                                       -     -J..rt  ­        .if~f.. p p                                             *atvte1	
                                                                                                                                      ~   ~ s~tup                    mo.tcni ngl             rala

                     jrcaedt1 hheniyjd 	                                       ~      ~ WhileQ'6 iti
                ~ V~ri'~rivs ae epani~g~ her
                                                                                                              'tb)         ~~.z:
                                                                  es~~-i    'vA
                                                                              i' s-98              programme            '98~
          $1 nin
                            theiqua  kri, 	                         Io~ni Ay,Nnpae;
                                                                                Gvi~2O.~2 I3,7 e 65s
                                                                              '~I? ' 59,3b1~~
                                                                                        6303             30w7   31   74

                *   ~     ~,e ispaeain ~ ,;e..'r.e	 :
                                  ~           n
                                                          .rstt~ 2a                              69.7 66,7      61127 72
                                                                                        4682 49,3 2 1,803'vi 544e44 '566 93p -_
                                                                                                                   2          t.3
                *~moivton.            hss~on
                                      o e~ i.         ~
                                                      .'~~;3 t- ~~~nu1~~ S,76
                                                                         ~     114	

                                                                                         7224,28 3129,46 31 	 82
                                                                                                 34,2    43,4   4240*'iu~~

                                                                                                                                                                                       .-.    I;
          Weel                                       1986
                                                        __ve__J__ary_24_                                                                                                                                  -27
                                    tai3arY24,POPULATION: Rvie,

   pogramme.         ...                     birth rate of 43.8 per 1,000 for the female                                                     achieved by'on going .users of'previous
      WTo liaise with both local a&d inter. .population',was estimated to correspond                                                         years and those in that 'particular 'year.

   hatna organisations enga'ged in popula- to the' female population growth rate of                                                          Using this.jact, the'number.of acceptors

   t+"'un d'v'e'ormen' c'Ut ' ooni''i i":
         tioloent ac
                  e      ivite s "ula         ': ,per ': "pser annum,
                                                   pthe cent                                                       *e
                                                                                corre-. .requiredo.., nachi 4 et he-trgtbitss

                                                                             e....                                        irth
    -16., -thI:the a.rpro th e r t                    to a
                                                98)windpopulation growt o                                           fr 'e     ye r.
   serviesof eprs. or,.,
       n t ean
                                          ,in per, cent 'Since te ..female. popul f-ageI9h-9t
                                                     h rate
                                                                                " t on' (e T al3. stin 't t ' '' ..~
                                                                  beiiuae the'lowir                   y   rb t d-dm - "...........

                                                                                                           miti                 i
                         ehe erIous ft
                                Kin                                                                     is ee mber- f acceptors by
     ~ii              e-comn mite-e or,
  -cc i lj ex'ec ut ive       '                                                                                                                                  iv
                                                                                                                                             agetti~ an ,fong
               i inii"'h
           fu'iionfz par
                                   any           te cud b h th             em ertc                                                                                          ptors by

               t hk"g
          stedbia ven et             M,,.:  -birth 'nrate eachyrtfthe erfa
                                                            in                     94-'                                                               were-ass-um'ed. The n.mber of
                                                                                                                                             m 4)ethod 

    , 16. 'With'h'e      3roi t'                1988)        obtained as showdonTile3.                                                       acceptors of.thedifferent 'methods were

           ItATEa                                    'desire'd crRuEdebirthatwhiii'                                                          o         assuming that the proportion*

                                                                                                                                                   ed by
    ~is(iri the-ichi- exei
                       -         fth 'nhcils                  utilised to findthe ,*numbeiof'eirea, !of each of thernethods accepted in'1979

         jcis. bh'"~~~~~~
                  an %,.tej  '"i" ntosa   4                     rhiiu~in 'henc thku
                                                                  t s,"and          h-ufbko brss.A"will b6- ainiaIne'd idu rig rthe' iriod'
                                                                                               o i                           iie
   requested byv the-' *vinfriinnr ! -'                               needs to be averted. (&etab'3.
                                                                                            s             (18 9 ).i&         '

                                                             'The*'number of ac*              e dceptors*' Th"ftibr'o us"ilsunmisdi

                                                                                                 e ee.
           ;MCCEPTORS AND USERS A' '!4
                .    .........                          rat'd
                                                  these.....             siin f&'       f'-            ecef-&eerSwhbare s~tillin the
                                                                                             ormePrewOus wecauledy 

        it REQUIREDT  TOACHIEVEi&Jt        'tceptiveiuse......
                                               mt        y wasted due.. mfert~t"' rrr
                                                                        eo196,979 "         p"
                                                                          tof..... assuminnghe            Teii'       b~~tdb

                                             H Tlaf'         average effectve use, 'hl atey ''   6the            '#'           "':
                                          'acceptor heach o the .age
                                                                  thevferatiltypfrteogrowjhfhrates reduced
                                                                          .- ' - "'" (
               g h ra per cent per"annum 'ithe ,rfectt' 'e se, he bitt
                  m                                       u
                                                                                      "!{is!n ng
                                                                             ' '"7" asum pe ctersni
                                                                              n-.-...2..,4.                 '19:     1 988, frim'lty
  The phito 3, per cent per annm mIiV
   'i 1984   3                    n 1'988
                                  tima.te                      each 'aep ,t e w.e e "de ot.
                                                                fvenyear tori pe
                                                                    b                   ,                                                 ji
                                                                                                                                        per: hve births .,6.0 live u ... '...,
                                                                                                                                                    -- t        ...berthe.iv                                   9

   the level 'ofto avaceprt theea use nee~ded to i ........ .., .,-'A,e"E"ED ','r*o.e" +-:. 
     4 U16~ithe :em*6g a le qg MEeee
                 contraceptive        opulathn        , +r + "TAL .,pyin f..
                                                              *';      ,"'' 'ag
                                                                       c                        th    ....
                                                                                                          w ...gow hraeisidu e                                                                          .,"I- -    .   IL
    ahieve this'goal, the number'ofbirths to ... r.2, '*, .-. '
                                                    ,' T             "          ;v - -.    a i;a:a , --    w. i';:~  -Female 

                                                                                                                     .:'-"                                                                               -"

  'be averted and the contraceptive'ccep-               Ya      ':, : , -:, :   Ex
                                                                                rpected3; !Desired,.1           .'   r....Bith                                      'B

  't:First the 'rmarr'ied.i          rod, ~ea    asumd ..pre
                                                        e              'fei'
                                                              -0849          "~9S16~i1425~ 1~ Wtl
                     bi       cee fom 5 4 th efAgt'v'e use,
                               u'n                            't    ts"  e"e                                                                  4'9516.
                                                                                                                                             ft&i .3tli.'cent*.:ran
                                                              :;.: , 1303                                                                 . :,                       /V i;  a"
  ~'ein 19 tdi'. the irti88 and 1988,.'' ~ .da"-".
          iI I
             to Tb''I'97the        u*minO           ~       .&~         2'S 958                                                                      ~
                                                                                                                                             }9f.80,4647,,    '                     V~fV~j29, ...

                                                                                                                                                                                       i25,3 '8:,,
  -Te puroef thispecion iser tobtine            .9          ~~"436'
                                                                 ti~                                                                                    "~9        W.'144O                           f982

                                                                       ,                       ' r:;'            iiI181                       74   ~i1.4....,

         roai'ithrted      cotachetve thicep
              'bavand the e's6machevel bith po~                       iear                                                                                                                    ulBrt
'Aciv          ths1ol                                                                              ~       AV''
                                                                                                           "           "       '    "                              r;~­

                                                q ':i
                                           ,th bx bi "                                    .l m/ .:n,,- .;..-ths
                                                                                          • .. ';'a                                                               ..- .,
                                                                                                                                                                    ......                 it,,Tot
        ,.,H.I   r,..i..,1't6
                         .. 96iL ;98ITYRATES.. '!zi'           4,i,, : ,+,--,,. ,,,                              ,, .
                                                                                                           ....O..... ...-                           ' ': .......

  ~~I ij~~gebpecitic M~~~Aritl F;ery Rte r ''~                   ' "'''                   '"                ~          ,'          '94         19.       ~t8                   '1

    ;.: ye to ah "jO' kotie r'"Ms frt ~
~ ~ ... g T,airt:~al"'' MfeRilit .8be; :'e
  acheVxic          : ars F         MI      h''
                                          rri.T                       .v~TABLE'-2 1 6344'
                                                     ,..... '"" ...".'.........O '...
                                                           ,                    :"i'                BCtEs;R' EEaD 584W4,,AGEPS
                                                                                                   8002           b -148           813 8
                                                                                                                                       '....1"0                                                        '~


    co;ntiuneuede 6.,h+ i+r~il~s~, + f¢5' .+-TAB: : . . :h- .++, .. :' IS ooKil. oe .... :'..:..e- " '
             'fe                    rd
                          :+i, bt~ii+il il        :t+,v,.:+,,..
                                                      . .".  ... !'                  , ..... tr, '
                                                                                "L64Z+ CC
                                                                                      ...                         4: .... .S]a,
                                                                                                             .. ''..
                                                                                                              2....9,t          - l4,ROlUP
                   tin985 7 33per c t oo,4", .... mN.w.J& +,:,,',c '' 256169'
                    a t2'f  f'3 .                            -+-"73                         2     ,                                 j...9     ..
               atm                      lif
                   bit in',rea' 'es47ro'm               g, .,n9of+
                                                  ,,ta.,,                       - ?-:                4t+                             ,
               tor'+'a+                                        4,.+ i +++ u~c.
                                                 in*.31199791+1::029+.'."  +t ++ ....          23,i+                                       8'+i


                                   day + +(+++ +i
             pond '++o++":orre in
           +++P ...mbe+ +; thei:*ov
                          +'o             .go+'...... .7  +++"+ +:' + +
            , .'41692++0+13i0;+0+++. 0 ;86,                     29+' ­
                   'Th2s n +' i +'+*++
                     Obta      d:++ +U ll :l      i++I"+;+i: U++:+:+++ ++2+.+(+
 +,+++5+,-                                               12.012+"++,a

  ti 1 W'l'r9'.e'e
  I , orrea pnd g oth find1
                in                   the
                           to e+aobove+ e              . . 6r       T A '+ it 180,510 72 '29769j d,; 36
                                                                  . ,i'in'+"-    '0491*2389      'i4't,    40e5          '14 ,0868     9 8
        population ' eand he.......
    A L l +++ ...........
 .       ... ...
                                          7a ge      W..   ,p,1..
                                                       ) 11

                                                                                              . .. .......                 '6..1 4. ... .......


     ipciim r       talertilty    aes; ~.abe,
                                      (w r          , 4   t-cue metK2                          c ~
                                                                                     p-74g 1211 odoselIaln!ec::+ -mll,       0.
                  n'""'             group was                   .we.                ''"        "       '
                 henm erc.brh - deedo . .    +Zi +
                                  Ty L -I 'i b                 i.~5... 19,,,
                                                                  +       ,                *., -': "'.,+   m;               + ++   4547       5881 +'t784~''9
                                                                                                                                                      +  ++ ,                          3
                                                                                                                                                                                     9 C)        19961++

                                                                                                                tn      - , '
                 popula 1). Thi' tion
                             modlea              d the e'-       "
                                                             ',sabe   'w m                         c                               n      mto00   ,531
                                                                                                                                           1wce50yp                 313 ., 0
                                                                                                                                                                         50'                  -i54     q1 i''
                                              In     i-mo              rtl                 ;

  iSo,,                                                                                                     ;, ;++             +
                                                                APPENDIX C

                $1'                    URTNA

         26' Session Ordinaire de I'Assemble G~nrale
                          (Libreville, Gabon, 27 - 29 Janvier 1986)

          26 th Ordinary Session of the General Assembly
                          (Libreville, Gabon, 27- 29 January 1986)



                 Concours de programmes prix URTNA 1985.
                 1985 URTNA prize programme contest.


                Assembl6e G nrale/General Assembly


09H00           Mise en place des dBlgations.
                Arrival of delegations
10HO-11HOO      Ouverture solenn3lle sous le haut patronnage de son Excellence Monsieur le
                Pr6sident de la R~publique Chef de I'Etat Secr~taire G6nbral Fondateur du Parti
                D~mocratique Gabonais.
                Official opening by his Excellency the President of the Republic of Gabon

11HOO - 11H15   Suspension/Break
11H15 - 13H00   S6ance de travail/Working session

                             DEJEUNER LIBRE/LUNCH BREAK
15H00 - 16H30   Sance de travail/Working session

16H30 - 16H45   Pause-ca f6/Coffee break
16H45 - 18H00   Sance de travail/Working session
18H30           Reception offerte par le Directeur Gn6ral de la RTG.
                Reception offered by the Director General of RTG        /

09H00 - 10H30     Seance de travail/Working session

 10H30 - 10H45   Pause-caf6/Coffee break

 10H45 - 12H30   S6ance de travail/ Working session

                               DEJEUNER LIBRE/LUNCH BREAK
15H00 - 16H30    S6ance de travail/Working session

16H30 - 16H45    Pause-caf6/Coffee break
16H45 - 17H30    S6ance de travail/Working session
18H00            Cocktail offert par son Excellence Monsieur le Ministre de I'Information des
                 Postes et T6l6communications suivi de la Pr6sentation de la T616vision , Haute
                 D6finition 6 l'Okoum6 Palace.
                 Reception offered by his Excellency the Minister of Information, Posts and
                 Telecommunications of Gabon at Okoum6 Palace.

09H00 - 10H30    Seance de travail/ Working session

10H30 - 10H45    Pause-ca f6/Coffee break
10H45 - 12H30    S6ance de travail/Working session

                               DEJEUNER LIBRE/LUNCH BREAK

15H00 - 16H00    S6ance de travail/Working session

16H00 - 16H15    Pause-caf6/Coffee break
16H15 - 17H30    C6r6monie de cl6ture/Cosing ceremony
18H00            Remise du prix, URTNA par Son Excellence Monsieur le Ministre de l'Information
                 des Postes et T616communications.
                 Distribution of URTNA prize by his Excellency the Minister of Information, Posts
                 and Telecommunications of Gabon.
20H30 	          Diner offer! par Son Excellence, Monsieur le President de la Republique Chef de
                 I'Etat au Palais R6novation.
                 Reception offered by his Excellency the President of the Republic ofgabon at the

07H30 	          Excursion 6 Boou6/Excursion to Boou6

                 Visite du chemin de fer Transgabonais.
                 Visit to the Transgabonese Railways
13H00 	          Dejeuner A Boou6.
                 Lunch inBooud

                                                                       APPENDIX D


      The following is a schedule of activities for Phase II of the FPF Project.
This is based on the assumption that Hilary Ng'weno will have the films ready by
end of January as promised.    We commenced some of the activities in order to
save on time.

January 1986           -   Redevelopment of the summative evaluation question­
                           naire based on the findings of the pretests.

                       -   Visits to selected evaluation sites based on the findings
                           of the pretests.

                       -   Meetings with agencies involved in family planning
                           activities in Kenya to make arrangements for some of
                           the officers in these agencies to view the films for

                       -   Recruitment of 3 Research Assistants to replace 3 RAs
                           that were used in the pretesting exercise.

February-Mid March     -   Rental of AV equipment.

                       -   Summative Evaluation Fieldwork.

Mid-March-April        -   Data Analysis and Report Writing.

                      -    Submission of summative evaluation report with recom­
                           mendations to Stellagraphics, NCPD and JHU/PCS.

      Please note that most of the work on the questionnaire is complete.      We
shall mail the questionnaire to you during the last week of January 1986. The
questionnaire will be slightly shorter than the one used for the pretest.     The
first part of the questionnaire will seek information on the biodata and socio­
background data on the viewers. It has also been designed in such a way that
the data can easily be computer analyzed for more sophisticated analysis such as
cross-tabulations.   We may request for a little money for computer analysis, but
this is not critical at this moment. In our evaluation, we hope to show the films
to selected officers involved in family planning activities to obtain their com­
ments regarding their views on the effectiveness of the films.

      Finally, Hilary Ng'weno has told me that he will produce two versions of
the drama: a 20-minute film and a 60-minute film. We will evaluate both films
to determine which of the two is the most effective.

      As far as the methodology is concerned, we plan to tape the conversation
with some of the respondents.    This was not done during the pretesting. These
tapes will form part of the presentation of the findings on the films.
 *	                                         Fim helpsfm~~
                                            plannIng training

Mail Reporter
                                           TE Zimbabwe National             order in Zimbabwe
                                                                                   'he 	3 0                      response
                                                             a P uncil     documentary                                 p                h

                                         has been given the man-                             film      de- c
                                                                           ucr,bes the demographic attempts                                      sec

   " ....
   U.        ,      .                    date 	 to train all medical                                                          to d
                                :        and non- medical per-             CLracterlst          Of
                                                                           Zimbabwean                  the
                                                                                             Population Uou mpts aod

         .,-   :, " ,,
                   -" :,..... -,        sonnet In-family planning.         a                                               and f      . oncep­
                                           The Minlstry of Healuh Olvidualsencourages                     -          a 
               y plan­
     -.-                                 through its policy of pro-                    and couples to              It was shot in Ma
    .. .. 

                            '           'noting primary health            plan families accoriling to shonaland
                                                                           their resources,
                                                                                                                land 	 in both 	rural
                                                                                                                              and Matabele.
                             care has Identified family
              Planning as an essential              The film, which is In urban
  . _- .
 -.....                                                          the country's three mai 
                            ra            and
           component of                                                            uly       areas, .between
                                       and child health,maternal                  ges     shows      the Jyn
                                       determined             and 	 is    internal 

 ,...	                  to 	 expand       the 	 council and the of
                                       family planning services           mand created for 	 de-wFUddfOr the film
                                       t3 all Zimbabwean fatai-                                      the 	                   d       th      il
          lies 	 to ensure the health       various services offer
                                                                                                               ted 	 States Agency for
                                       of mothers and children.           by eacii department
                                                                            It also shows the                 International Development
                                             -The nistry of Cam-                                               	
                                                                         volvement and support In. which also provided the
                                                                                                        r 	 Makg
                                      munUy Development and                                                      chlnical t 	 tanc            in
                                      Women's Affairs through            the Government in family
                                                                        p I an n In g programmes making the film.
                                      ipt olicy of community                                                     The 	film was produced
                                                                         through the ministries of by 	
is involved                                                     Fillmcom, with the
:".n'        ,...'.. 
                                                  Healt       and Community ZNFPCBs
                                      in mobilisIng rural com-          Development and Wo- manager, mass                               media
                                                                                                                            Mrs Kumblrai
                                      In famly planning in
                                                                            It touches on the sen- duction
                                                                                                               co-ordinator and
                                     status Ofthe 
                     s         stiv of they and
                                                                               problems youth lace. ducted                               Con­
                                        A 1-minute 
 documen.          Teenage pregnancies are
 who                    by Mr Billy Mutta,
                                    'tary 'film, which is en-                                                       Is the head of Film
                                                                       highlighted as a healLh
                                     titled       "Transformation                                            Production Training De­
                                                                       risk 	 for the young girls.
 .     '.      -Through                                                                                      partment,        Kenya        In­
                                                   Family to be
                                     nin", is the first Plan-          Through the Youth
                                     proauced by 	 the Ztm-            visory Services Ad-'                   tlitute of
                                                                                                   De- municatlon, mass Com­
                                     babwe National                    partment, the ".NFPc                                     through

                                    Planning Council Family helps young people It,
                                                              after out 	 of school to             and          Triig
                                                                                                ma'e in the film to show     s highlighted
    L                               independence
 and                                                                                     the
                                    message is a testmony its responsible decision,
                                                                 of regarding ex.
                         Ministry of Health's col­
                                        new social and political                                            laboration        with     other
                                                                             e i        depicts       health institutions. Th
                           7 .
 : ._ ', 

                               .,                                                                          "NT" 	PC was 
given the
                                                                                                           In1date .to          train all
                                                                                                           medical and non-medical
                                                                                                          ning. The in family plan.
                                                                                                                            courses that
                                                                                                           are offered vary accord­
                          ::  ':", .,.. .. 

                                                                                                         family the differentide of
                                                                                                                 art medical         levels.
                         1 .: ." ": " ,: ' . ""ca 

                                                                                                                                  Is taken
                                                                                                              re o f b y the Medica l
                                                                                                         Clinical             Department
                                                                                                         which         runs     over     25
                                                                                                         clinics. However
                                                                                                        are available in allserviceshealth

                                                                                                        Institutionz In the coun.

                                                                                                            The Information,

                                                                                                            ry.Education and    Com­
                                                                                                           munication     Department
                                                                                                           of the ZN'FPC is respoa­
                                                                                                          media coverage of the
                                                                                                          -council,including radio,
                                                                                                          and television pro.
                                                                                                                       f IIm
                                                                                                          shows and        all   printed
                                                                                                            In the film strong en­
                                                                                                         dorsement for the family
                                                                                                         planning programme
                          ......fState ~c

                               . '...                                                                    comes from the Minister
                                                                                                                      (Community De.
                                                                                                         velopment and 	Women's
                                                                                                        Affairs), Cde Teurai Ropa
                                                                                                        Nhongo, and the 	 Sec­
      -           " . " 

                       .' " "..'" ", .;

 for 	 Health, Dr
                                                                                                              C ldede.
                                                                                                        phaises Nhongo         em­
                                                                                                                  the 	 Importance

            .       "                                                                                   of men's participation in
                                                                                                        family also
                                                                                                               planning matters.

                                                                                                               to plan families in
                                                                                                        order to free themselves
                                                                                                        for participation in

                                                                                                        national development ac­
                                                                APPENDIX F


                               WILMA LYNN, JHU/PCS

     Mesdames et Monsieurs, it is indeed a great pleasure for the Johns Hopkins
University to be invited to this important session. I thank you.
     The Johns Hopkins University, Population Communication Serv;-'es is pleased
to be working in collaboration with URTNA in developing a number of program
and project activities aimed at strengthening development communications in
URTNA member countries.
      Over the past 18 months, our relationship has already seen the execution of
a number of important program activities in the region. For example, out of our
first series of activities, Broadcast workshops in Nairobi and Senegal bringing
together technicians and broadcasters to collaborate on issues and program
development related to family health issues...we have seen the generation of
meaningful radio and television programs froi, workshop participants in Nigeria,
Kenya, Zimbabwe and Swaziland just to name a few .... Indeed, our workshops were
so successful to our Nigerian participants that we are now working closely with
health workers and broadcasters in that country in an effort to conduct a
statewide broadcasters workshop similar to the URTNA model in Nairobi.
      Our relationship has also spawned another innovative program which is the
development of a ready-to-air bulletin for Anglophone and Francophone
broadcasters. The URTNA Bulletin, entitled "Sante Familiale and CommLnication"
brings attention to health issues throughout the continent and invites input from
broadcasters in the region, making it truly an URTNA broadcasters operational­
on-air bulletin.    The English version wil! soon be ready to share with our
Anglophone colleagues.
      Also our collaboration is providing funds for small-scale radio and TV
program development in LIRTNA member countries through a small grants program.
I am also pleased to report that we are in the advanced stages of a series of
radio productions, coordinated by URTNA/PEC for program exchange throughout
the region.
      Altogether, our relationship has been characterized by growth and
achievement that will undoubtedly strengthen and heighten URTNA involvement in
social development communication issues.     We thank you for allowing us the
opportunity tr work with you in this endeavor.

                                                                                     APPENDIX G

                                    Bulletin d'information de I'URTNA
                                    & I'usage des radiodiffusions africaines


 Un bulletin pourquoi?

         ingt cinq ans apres les independances des
         annees 60, la situation de I'Afrique, malgre                                                                  ".

         de notables amelicraticns, est des plus pr6­
 occupantes, Qu'on en juge. Le continent africain,
 a lui seul, compte sur scn sol 29 des 36 pays les
 plus pauvres du monde. L'Afrique est aussi le
 continent o6 I'on enrecistre les taux de mortalit                               '         "-­
 infantile tes plus eleves, de m rne que les taux de                                                            --
 croissance de la population les plus rapides. Les
 populations afrlcaines cnt aussi I'esperance de            e
                                                            est necessaire de cefinir une pohtque de population avec un

 vie la plus ccurte du monde...                           programme bien elabore et des ressources suffisantes.

Ces ccnstats, parmi d'autres, dcnnent un relief
particulier aux prcblemes de sante familiale, de
planificaticn familiale et de population du conti-        Les informations de 1Sant6 familiale et

nent. Lacuite et I'amp;eur de certains de ces pro-        Communication i seront reparties entre les

blemes acpellent. de la part des gouvernements,           rubriques suivantes: Echos, Spots, Mini-drame,

des orgarisaticns intergouvernementa!es et non            Ccnte, Guide pour Table ronde et Bon ,t        savoir. La

gouvernementales et des pcculaticns, une mobili-          diversite des formats de production devrait per­
sation constante et un surcrot d'effcrt.                  mettre, nous l'esp6rons en tout cas, de faciliter

                                                          I'exploitation et l'utilisation des differents elements
L'Union des Radiodiffusions et Televisions Natio-
        du bulletin.
nales dAfrique (URTNA) a chcisi, pour sa part, 
          Ainsi, nous avons voulu faire en sorte que, cha­
d'apporter sa contribution en mettant en place un 
       que information de a Sante familiale et Com­
projet destine ,a  accrcTtre le flux des informations 
   munication ,,      puisse Ctre utilisee seule ou inse­
diffusees en Afrique sur les problernes de sant6 
        roe dans d'autres emissions.
et de p~opulation.                                        Par ailleurs, des 6l6ments
                                                                                           d'un m~me numero ou
 Une des princifcales compcsantes de ce projet            de plusieurs numeros de wSant6 familiale et
 qui est realise avec le soutien financier de 'Uri-       Communication ) peuvent 6tre agences pour
 versitb Johns Hopkins de Baltimore aux Etats-            constituer un dossier.
Unis est le bulletin cSante Familiale et Com­
 munication i qui se fixe pour objectif spec;fi-          Certains des articles fournis peuvent aussi tre
que, de fournir aux journalistes de radio des infor-      judicleusement complets par des informations
mations prates a tre diffusees et portant sur la          recueillies aupres de personnes competentes.
sante, la planification familiale et la population.       Par exemple, un article sur a rehydratation par
Journal pour les journalistes, producteurs et reali-      voie orale peut tre enrichi et complete par des
sateurs de radio, aSant6 familiale et Corn-               informations suir a fabrication de Ia solution su­
munication ) se veut un moyen pour renforcer              cre-sel-eau.
les capacites des radiodiffusions dans leurs mis-         De mtme, un proverbe du pays, une parole d'un
sions d'information, de sensibilisation et de vulga-      personnage populaire, d'un sage, une analogie
risation. aSanto familiale et Commu'nica-                 peuvent souver., illustrer un propos, renforcer
tion v souhaite aussi e.tre une source privilegiee        une idee, la rendre plus vive.
d'informations et d'idees, grace a un aoort cons­
tant d'informations credibles.                                                                        (Suite page 3)

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