Business Technology Applications Course Syllabus

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					            Business Technology Applications Course Syllabus

Course Description:
Business Technology Applications is a one credit course designed to assist students in
developing technological proficiencies in word processing, database management, spreadsheet,
presentation, communications, Internet use, ethics, career research, and E-mail. Students are
also offered opportunities to identify ethical issues pertaining to information systems and to
gather information about careers in technology. Communications and critical thinking skills are
reinforced through the use of software applications. Simulations and projects promoting
teamwork and leadership skills offer further opportunities for application of knowledge and skills.

Program: Business/Marketing Education

Program Goals:
    To encourage critical thinking skills
    To promote educational values including economic understanding and consumer
    To promote character growth and development including human relations, good
      work habits, positive attitudes, and ethical standards
    To provide a realistic understanding of the work environment
    To enhance employability skills
    T reinforce basic skills in such areas as communications, mathematics, and
    To stimulate interest in career development

Instructional Philosophy:
Students will be expected to meet course goals listed below and will be able to
demonstrate their understanding of the required competencies. Students will be held to
safety and quality standards expected on the job.

Course Goals:
    The student will be able to use a PC with the Windows operating system.
    Understand computer basics
    Understand the History of the Computer
    Demonstrate correct data input techniques with acceptable speed and accuracy
    Be able to analyze the functions of an operating system
    Explore Technology Career Opportunities
    Be able to describe ethical considerations resulting from technological advances
    Format a variety of documents
    Learn database application, spreadsheet application, publication application
    Learn presentation software and usage
    The student will be able to use Internet skills like browse and search the Internet, and
     send E-mail with attachments.
Assessment Procedures:
Classwork                     25%
Tests                         25%
Projects                      25%
Participation                 25%
Total                         100%

90 – 100%                     A
80 – 89%                      B
70 – 79%                      C
60 – 69%                      D
59% and below                 F

Exercises may consist of Word, Excel, and Internet activities and labs. Due date/time
will be assigned when the exercise is assigned.

Tests will be announced a week prior to the test date.

If you are absent then it is your responsibility to get your make-up work or missed notes.

Make sure that the following information is on each assignment you hand in:

Your Name                                                            Class Period
Lesson                                                               Date

    No eating or drinking
    NO cell phones.
    Any cheating or plagiarism will be dealt with severely. At the instructor’s discretion, you
     may be given an F for the test or assignment, or an F for the class.
    NO Chat Rooms allowed
    All Sites and Language must be School Appropriate
    You must abide by all the Safety Rules
    Respect Everyone

There is a required (by the County/School of Technology) $15 fee for Business Technology
Applications Career Technical class.

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